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Bird Name Poems | Bird Poems About Name

These Bird Name poems are examples of Bird poems about Name. These are the best examples of Bird Name poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Scarlet Creature

This is the kind of creature that goes out into the night to steal bricks to build its' niche.
It more than crosses a courtesy line. Happens more in  the winter;other seasons just fly by.
Swift as the bitter wind the creatures must move as the gypsies do. They must borrow as the thieves pulling out every trick up each sleeve. 
Maddened by the stars, they follow them like arrows of direction. Cheaters!
Must be nice having nature direct their worst behavior. 
The Harlot Scarlet of the night is so beautiful any family would give away their hard earned bread, their last. Clearly getting robbed impeccably as
it goes without notice. But what is seen is never told in eyes of gold. 
Another win for creatures of night.

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Bentley and Shadow

My friend had a beautiful bird and Bentley was his name
He was a little cockatiel and he liked to play a game

Where he'd undo a charm bracelet,throw it all around
He'd say his name so loudly then he'd make a giggling sound

She got another cockatiel,a smaller one than Bentley
"Pretty boy Bentley"he'd yell out and look at you intently

She had to name him Shadow for he was a bit confused
He mixed up his identity,his own name he refused

I never was a bird person but these two were such fun!
They'd sometimes fly around the house and have us on the run

Chatterboxes both of them they had alot to say
Like"howdy,whatcha doin',good morning" and "no way"

I tried to teach them my name but they would have none of it
They would say"hey good lookin" so I learned to rise above it!

By Deb Wilson
**for Beautiful Birds Mini Blog Contest
sponsored by Constance~A Rambling Poet~

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Oh CROW- a poem in thy name

The story of the thirsty crow,
heard during  school days as we grew...
How best in it its wisdom used,
to quench its thirst that summer day
An efficient use of available resource,
to realise a fruitful purpose..
A display of prowess in its fullest sheen,
a situational managerial skill !

Relating crow with intelligence is
not just a random chance factor
Research has already proven that-
This ave is witty and wiser!
Strong in memory,mimicry and
understanding humans as well..
How well this bird integrates in our life
with its adaptive behavioural skill!!!

Elegant black and beautiful
dissolved in it every shade...
Leads a gregarious life, 
Shares its food, whenever it finds,
with its kith and kin...
Spreading a message of joy in sharing
and a cordial social life!!!

Chooses a single partner all its life,
Builds its nest, feeds the young,
Protects and nutures them with love ..
Family values and responsibility, I wonder
how it plans and executes so well!!!

Corvus brachyrhynchus- 
this is its scientific name...
Genus corvus has in it species numbering forty
American crow, hooded crow, house crow....
List stretches in continuity!

Oh crow! You have your place in
every walk of life!
Research, religion, ritual,
Mythology, folklore, cultural...
Irish mythology sees in you- Morrigan,
God of death and birth
Hindu religion regards you as 
their departed ancestor!
Tibetian buddhists associate you with Mahakala
Omens of you are believed to bring
signals from the uncanny world!
You are treated as a connecting link in
the cycle of birth and death!
Oh darling crow! Cheers to you!
This poem in thy name!

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In Scotland's mountains this bird lives
and seldom makes a sound.
Big and proud with golden feathers,
it flies to scan the ground.

It has long claws and sharp curved beak
to catch and eat its food.
It has to eat its prey alive
to taste the fresh warm blood.

This bird is big and dark as night
and it will never sing.
It nests in trees as such great height
and is fond of thieving.

Aggressive once its eggs are laid,
a loud caw caw it calls.
Slimy creatures it makes afraid
for it eats worms and snails. 

A little bird bright and yellow,
it sings with voice so sweet.
It loves the morning sunshine glow
which makes it go tweet tweet.

It used to live in paradise
but then was brought to Leeds.
It's really fond of fresh grown rice
but now eats boring seeds.

This bird is either blue or green,
its beak curves like a hook.
A metal cage is where it's seen
and to itself will talk.

It really wants to fly away
instead of perching there.
It rings its bell throughout the day
to tell of its despair.