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Bird History Poems | Bird Poems About History

These Bird History poems are examples of Bird poems about History. These are the best examples of Bird History poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Outlaws' Spirits in Tombstone

Each day in Tombstone as tourists watch
The OK Corral gunfight plays out
Reenactments staged by the locals
The Earps always prevail in this bout

Saunter down to the Bird Cage Theater
Now a museum in this Old West town
Actors aren’t needed to play roles
The original cast is still around

Sixteen gunfights caused 26 deaths
Poker players who were dealt bad hands
Tourists still hear the shuffling of cards
And music from the piano man

Gunshots, images captured on tape
Dancehall girls still perform on the stage
Scents of old ale cling to dusty walls
And card game losers express their rage

Doc Holliday and Clanton Brothers
Look on as Wyatt holds all the cards
Virgil, Morgan glare at the McLaurys
Lawmen and outlaws send their regards

Spirits may rise from nearby Boot Hill
To visit the Bird Cage for a while
Delighting modern-day visitors
With a taste of history, Tombstone-style

To learn more about the Bird Cage Theater hauntings and see photos, visit http://www.ghost-

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Woman of Indiscretion

Proclaim thee a Lady? 
Oh, they of ignorant mind
Neither good or bad, but human, this man
Vexed of own passion, o' cunning love
Keep'st eyes blinded of all thy own wisdom and trust
Lest eyes well-seeing thy lady's foul faults shall find
Thy woman of past indiscretion, hath scarlet ribboned veins
Unknowing from whence cameth thou, she
Fancy fleeting bird be now belied
Wilt he never see her feathered locks,  promiscuity?... 
How  boldly foolish is his name!
That on himself such murd'rous shame commits
What haste and wile steals thy seasoned eye?
Yea, who tamed the sea, yet drowns in thee?
While wed to one, yet flys away
Against tongued wrath, society
Against cruel slander of thy fame
Against the wind, self dignity
Fancy fleeting bird wilt you, fly on scalded wings
With scandal your offerings 
Till own death near, to die in shame 'tis worth the game?
To shun the heaven that leads a man to hell?

"Old English Scandal"  Lady Hamilton

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The priest who wants to rest

Whoever dwells now in that nest?
Or the priest who wants to rest?

Wherever is my cousin, the pest?
With Ted?
Or the priest who wants to rest?

This morning a minor sin I confessed.
To whom?
To the priest who wants to rest.

Look! He is getting undressed!
The priest who wants to rest.

Hush! Quiet or he'll be distressed!
The priest who wants to rest.

You speak Manx? He'll be impressed!
The priest who wants to rest.

I need ants! Who can help in my quest?
Or the priest who wants to rest?

TV shan't get your brain blessed.
Who said so?
The priest who wants to rest.

He claims to have climbed the Everest.
The priest who wants to rest?

Dinner is ready but we're missing a guest!
Which one?
The priest who wants to rest.

Toilet's occupied! I can't hold it! I protest!
Who's in there?
The priest who wants to rest!!!

He's done with his nap. Yes, you guessed.
The infamous priest that you detest.

April 29 2014


Contest: Any Poem # 29
Place # 3.
Sponsored by: Poet Destroyer A

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I heard a song today

I heard a song today
That bird song so sweetly
But whatever did it say
It seems to use an ancient tongue
From a far antiquity
A civilization from a prison sprung
A long forgotten melody

I heard a song today
A score sheet of my pain
My identity in a jar of clay
My history in an unknown refrain
What bird is this
From where now does it come
What ancient shore today
Post bail and give it freedom

I heard a song today
Words from a better dictionary
And yet still strange, strange, I say
This phantom archeology
This flower of a voice
Amidst the scrunching city's noise
Fades on a cold anxiety
But the bird won't go away