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Bio Science Poems | Bio Poems About Science

These Bio Science poems are examples of Bio poems about Science. These are the best examples of Bio Science poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Tom's Flying Saucer! (a true tale!)

Another as-I-go poem-and a true story (Even I still don't believe it!!!)

Three years ago, on a clear, nice sunny day...
By son and I were driving, just on our merry way
For some reason, why I wonder, I looked up and was shocked to see
A classic flying saucer, slowly cruising just above me!

Now, needlessly, I'm sure, you'll doubt what I will say
Even I do, but come what may, and even to this day
I couldn't utter a single word, so much was my surprise
I blinked and blinked, and blinked again, I  could not believe my eyes!

I merely pointed up, for my son to take note
He followed my pointing finger
And, of a joint, he felt like he had a tote
Our jaws dropped open, both of us agape
It might as well been Superman, flying in his cape

Bright metallic silver, silent as a dove
Cruised on by before us, 500 feet above
Headed east over Queens county
at a slow andcomfortable pace,
I guess there's more out there, 
than just the human race

So when next you see a movie
A science fiction tale..
With saucers and aliens too
Don't laugh it off my friend
Cause it is really true!!

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Feeling The Flow

The way
words fit together
is kind of a ritualistic measure,
where word
     and verse
flow rythmicly
     to the cerebral cortex
          and hormones
to cause a response of choice.
You can't think about
how they go,
it's all in
the way that they roll
     out if the mind
and on to paper.
You see
     it's kind of like
a mathematical equation,
this blissful creation,
but they're not all about
      beautiful things,
I write with destructive potency.
I can create
a morbid dreamscape
that can flow into the mind
and reek havoc,
     when its strong enough
I'll make your brain spastic,
turning in it's own juices,
squirming to end the atrocities
that your not reading,
                        but feeling.

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John Merrick
Freak show fascination 
Machine trauma exhumation 
Have you found it? 
Yes, (An awful morbid operation) 
Did you see it?  No. 
One of the curious 
Pay for a peek 
Life is full of surprise's 
Consider the fate 
Consider the life 
Torture as a spectacle 
Deformed and mutated beyond reform 
Rescued by sympathy 
A man of faith  Ugly as sin 
A freak is never safe 
Difference never wins 


(inspired by the David Lynch film of the same title)

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Before technology became widespread
Different ideas every person shed
Experiments were done, executed, conducted
Various discoveries from them resulted

Scientists were known for their countless contributions
Their unending research created new revelations
Genetically modified organisms for instance
Where food, plants or animals they tried to enhance

A sample of this is a modified tomato
The Flavr Savr as we commonly know
It was the first created GMO
Where ripening was made long and slow

Tomatoes are not the only food that's modified
But crops from the farms that they tested and tried
Golden Rice, Bt corn, papaya and potatoes
All rich in vitamins, including the tomato 

Plants weren't exempted from this vast improvement
StarLink ang Weathergard they managed to invent
They can adopt to their surroundings' condition
On terms of resistance to temperature depletion

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Epochs of womanhood


With malar flushes, 
Causelessly she blushes,
In solitude, to herself she smiles,
While walking, aimlessly she tarries.
With a startled look, 
Whom does she seek?


Her blue eyes, 
Reminiscent of skies,
Her golden hair seem,
Akin to a bright solar beam, 
Her limbs tender,
Her waist slender. 
Nature bares the Truth 
Of full-blown-flower of Youth!


Her grown up face, 
Bears a thoughtful grace.
Her warm bosom,
Awaits to welcome, 
A wanted guest,
On her laps to rest, 
Restless, though happy she seems, 
As her heart broods fairy dreams.
Her speech sweeter from the lapse of years-
With a wife's love, and a mother's fears!


Rapturous youth and tranquil prime, 
Withered with a weird dream!
Her gray hair and lusterless skin,
Fading from her eyes a resplendent shine, 

Her flabby shriveled breast, 
She walks with waddling and antalgic gait.
Alas! It's dusk of her womanhood,
It's menopause! A hush in solitude!! 

Dr.Hemant Vinze

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The Sun

The Sun Comes Out All The Time Every
Day Every Sign The Sun Has The Most Heat
On This Planet It will Share It The Sun
Is A Flaming Ball Of Fire So Neat But
Yet To Hot To Even Touch It The Sun
Has Wonders About It you Will Never
Know Because It Is In Fact The Sun. 

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Slow and Painful Joys

Dull hearts have gone astray
My euphoria lights the way 
The conquers will burn their books
Why am I the one in flames? 

Said we’d die holding hands
(I’ll suffered for you)
Now that time is past
(I’ve suffered for you)
I was always dancing in post-mortem  
(I suffered for you)
But now, not quite so fast
(I suffer for you!)

What does it mean to you?
Angels have needles, too
Swift was the madness
Ever is the sadness

Calm is the last word she said
Before she gave into her dread
The mirror always steals its truth
So why is she the one in chains?

Dying stopping someone’s rage
From taking your smile’s place
I will lay this all to rest
For the flies to lay their eggs
(I suffer for you!)

What does it mean to you?
Angels have needles, too
Swift was the madness
Ever is the sadness

Give my afterword a bleeding hole
(What does it mean to you?)
So everyone will know
(Angels have needles, too)
To say themselves and stay away
(Swift was the madness)
I hope you can forgive my suffering
(Ever is the sadness)

What does it mean to you?
Angels have needles, too
Swift was the madness
Ever is the sadness

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Soup's on

I’m sittin’ ‘ere before the screen
surrounded by some friends unseen
A touch or two behind the  scene
With senses  oiled in Irish mist
and memories of those I’ve kissed
In ecstasies of rising bliss
And sweet fantasia’s  emptiness
Of spinning into deeper eyes
That even thee can fantisize
And in this space of aura sense
I feel I cannot recompense
This feeling of belonging
This answer to my longing
So out of touch
And yet so much 
Of ephereal bonding