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Best Friend Baby Poems | Best Friend Poems About Baby

These Best Friend Baby poems are examples of Best Friend poems about Baby. These are the best examples of Best Friend Baby poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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While You Sleep

While you sleep I tell you all of the things I keep inside throughout day.
Now that you can hear but not listen I find them much easier to say.
My hopes, my dreams, my fears, and everything in between
Your subconscious hears so keen, or so it seems.
My tongue is soft; I speak so sweetly 
Knowing your reaction will never greet me.

Tonight will be different in what I want you to know.
It has everything to do with what I can’t help but show.
I hold no claim to any religion but you’ve given me a place for my faith.
Somewhere it will never stale or lose its lavish taste.
You’ve shown me something I can see, touch, and feel, 
And so before it I choose to kneel.

I know I don’t say it but I miss you every day.
Sitting, thinking of the perfect words to be my choice,
Yet when you call I can’t find any of the right words to say.
I’m just happy to finally hear your voice.
Even just a moment is enough to sooth my heavy heart;
Fearing the ends of conversations knowing we’ll have to part.

I’ll never be too far from you, always within arm’s reach,
And in your days of darkness I’ll be the light that you will seek.
I’ll never let you leave too far from me, I’ll stay close behind you in this world;
Secretly protecting what is mine, you will always be my girl.
I only want the best for you so the best of me I will employ.
Faithfully yours, I will always be your boy.

I close my eyes and kiss your soft sweet lips
And see the very best of you in loving bliss.
I see past the physical which makes you attractive
And focus on the things I can’t see in which I’m attracted.
Your thoughts I’d love to hear them all.
Of the things you speak disinterest never makes its call.

My day will come, I know someday I’ll be the only one.
And you I will pursue viciously,
Because I’ve given you the greatest gift I can give, to love unconditionally.
Yes our day will come, I know someday we’ll be as one.
And you I will pursue viciously,
Because I’ve given you the greatest gift I can give… to love unconditionally.

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Teenage Girls clad in the latest fashions,
Do it whenever they meet,
Grown men aren't afraid to show some passion,
When their team's comeback is complete,
They can say hello, they can say goodbye,
And anything inbetween,
If you open your arms and crack a smile,
There is nothing that a hug cannot mean.

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This is me

My knees were the things that 
kept me up and my skin is my 
cutting board my eyes are the 
rain clouds to the fire running 
down my arms and my heart is 
the fire place that keeps me 
burning so calm

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Mom - You are my harmonious World

                       The poem is dedicated to my Mom..My bestest buddy ever..
                                         wrote by Mrs.Madhavi.Suyog.Pagare

 Mom - You are my harmonious World!!!! 

      MOM you are a beautiful angel who always had an great heart of making my problems simpler..just cant compare you with anyone in this world..You have been moonlighting in my life since many are my shadow,you are my strength,you are great friend of my mine..thanks for being the bestest mom ever in my struggled so hard for curving my career,u painted ma life with colourful rainbows,thanks for ur patience when I get panicked,you knw how to handle me..My life will be incomplete without you..I can't spend a single day without having thought abt always shower with an unconditional are the  mesmerised persona..who lime lighted my world..Wish you a very happy birthday and happy mother's day too..Love you mummy..

wrote by:
Mrs.Madhavi Suyog Pagare

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First and Last Kiss

Atop the road by the sea
Thou confessed thy affection for me
By a kiss as thy language of love
Ebbed from the copious desire thou have

A kiss from thee, my first love,
Something at last I have
My first love; my first kiss
I didn’t expect I’ll miss

‘Twas a kiss of farewell
For my love will depart and travel
Didn’t know when we’ll meet again
But I’m hoping it’ll happen

Though it’s heartbreaking,
I have to accept the pain I’m feeling.
The first and last kiss we had
Is the first and last kiss we’ll have?

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Father Daughter Dance

Dad: Ever since I held you when you 
were first born,
I knew that my princess would grow 
to be strong.
Dad: At first I was scared. I know 
how the world works,
I don't wanna see that my little girl 
Daughter: But daddy your here and 
you have my back.
Dad: But if some body hurts you 
daddy will snap.
Daughter: Relax dad I'm smart and 
you taught me well.
To respect my body and at school to 
Daughter: I know what you do is so 
we can live safe.
Dad: When I get locked up out isn't 
Dad: There's two side to this and jail 
is one side
Daughter: I love you more daddy for 
doing your time
Dad: I love you to baby that's not 
gonna change.
Daughter: You'll be home soon dad 
I'm counting the days.
Dad: Please be good for mom she all 
by herself
Do the right thing and give her some 
Daughter: Ok I promise I'll behave 
best I can
If mommy needs help I'll give her a 
Daughter: Your the best dad in the 
whole wide world
Dad: I love you my princess my 
sweet babygirl.

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                             The Apple PASTURE

Oh how I long
To drift into the apple pasture.
Were once was and all well meet.
A pure and dear site.
Where silver reflection cover the still waters that holds the golden
grains of morality and the grazing souls lie young amounce no stars.
Oh how I long
To drift into the apple pasture
Were winds smell of melon and the trees whisper spring corals in the mellow dark and best of light and time creeps into no tomorrow.


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Protect You From The Storm

Baby I know
Before I came into ya life...
You've been through hell,
Well together we're gonna reach heaven.
Baby I know
You cried at night
Hoping that somebody
Could wipe away your tears.
I know you wished that somebody could make your pain go away.
Well im here now
And I'll soak up all
Your tears
Into my heart
and I'll eat your pain.
I'll devour your sadness.. 
And replace it with joy.
Baby I know
that you've been
Heart broken
And your mind
Couldn't face
the emotions that 
You were feeling
Therefore you couldn't control it.
You don't want to be tampered with
You don't want to be played with.
You don't want to be left broken. 
You just want those lovely kisses upon ya heart
And the love you deserve...
And im a sacred
Type of guy,
A man whose down to earth. 
I'll just hold you in my arms
Whenever your hurt
And if its raining
I won't push you to the curb..
I'll just welcome
You home
And protect you from the storm
. If you're ever feeling
Cold.. I'll put you in my heart
Cause that's the only place u love
And its a place that is warm.
Im your knight
And shining armor
I'll protect you from
The storm.

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birthday is the most colorful day for all.....
but for me,
your birthday is more colorful than mine.
its the day which keeps me more happy,beauty and energetic.
be smiling.
the day will be charming.
god will keep you happy,smiling and peaceful throughout the year and life.....

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Just You

	"JUST YOU!!!"

My eyes are still waiting for you
My heart is just beating for you
I could not find anything else
In the world without you
	     except you.....,

You love me? I don't know
I really love you? I don't know
But you are everything for me 
Forever........,just that I know...........

Whenever I listen your tone
My heart beats get fast
When you stand in front of me 
Except you ,I can see none

How one get fall in love
I experienced it now
I got love is what
Sweet n nice feelings a lot!!!

My heart beats get stop
When you look at me
Do you know that........
You are my heart,,,,,just
                                  love,,,,,,,,,,,,a-world for me.........!!
                                            Ashwini Awatare

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Like a rising sun, she is pretty
Unprecedented her beauty
Catchy this ugly duckling
Yet beauty and the beast retelling

Enter oh! Fair moon
Mythic at noon
Elegantly adorned like a garden
Radiant as the blue sky of Eden
Harmoniously hilarious her presence
Obvious in every sense

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      How can a bird fly when its wing is broken
      How can a game play without a token 
      It hurts not bee free to fly or play
      sometimes it hurts when that stupid rock is in the way 

     It hurts when you louse a love one 
     all you ask yourself is what have i done 
     you cry and cry and cry 
     It hurts so much that you try 

   It hurts to see your little one grow up so fast 
   all you do is wish that those days would last
   it hurts to say good bye to your little ones
   it hurts to say good by to your love ones too. 
   so don't think of this as good-bye
    think of it as see you later.

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Roses are red,
violets are blue,
you stole my heart,
when i first met you,
the feelings we feel,
are they really this real,
when we kiss i fly away,
wanting you more and more,
in every which way,
these feelings are real,
so please dont leave or walk away,
sitting and thinking,
dreaming and believing,
is all i do all day every day,
pondering aimlessly,
wondering if ill ever be okay,
your hugs and kisses,
bring me smiling throught the day,
but sometimes u leave me wondering,
will we really be okay..???

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For Saul Autistic Brother

How do you tell someone that being different is wrong. 
Growing up thinking we are what we are but society tells us we need to reform who we are. You got sisters who painted the road to guide you when you fall. We're rebel without a cause, Rule breakers who don't look back at all. 
When you're at your lowest remember that blood is behind at all cost. 
Pick your high up and keep walking tall. 
Some weren't made to follow as other weren't made to lead.
You'll find your place indeed, but if you don't... laugh and walk with me. 

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I'm not speaking
she's not ever
we both assume

I'm not given in
she wont budge
we both rename immature

Someone will talk
no one will listen
if pride didn't hold us
our so call friends would

Its a small annoyance
and we would let it be
if only we assume
we could

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smile of a baby is rain.
crying of a baby is thunder.
walking of a baby is breeze.
playing of a baby is lighting.
milk smell of a baby is sweet fragment.
life of a baby is great.
always be as a baby in heart.
love and affection will spread.
i'm still a baby. 
what about you my dear friends?

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She is the one

In case of loud thunder
In jungles of fears
Starving for happiness
In floods of tears
I look back to her
My beloved mother..

When the world stands against me
When I face discrimination
When I need support
Or a reason for fascination
I sleep in her lap
To feel her kinder tap..

If I need some warmth
In a chilly weather
Or I need to make my problems
Even lighter than a feather
I run for her embrace
To share every difficulty I face..

When I fight a friend
And my frustration doesn't end
When I score low
Or my scar needs a blow
I rush to my saviour
Who tolerates even my dirty behaviour...

Oh! i wonder
I create so many blunders
But I am never left alone
She makes diamonds out of stone..

She comes to my aid
Without any delay
And adds fragrance to my life
Like a refreshing spray..

She stands one-legged
Selflessly for me
Never demands for anything
But does it for free..!!

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RoFin Blending

RoFin Blending...                                                    

So, Our girl 'Ro' and her man 'Fin' ~
as true friends both: hard to beat...
nicest singles one could 'have-in';
and utmost couple, anyone'd meet!

Take  'one-of blend', add to  another -
Single Malts - held high/utmost ~
like purest creation: Father/Mother;
finest produce; from coast to coast!  

Motorcycles, horses & her lover:-
from each and every art, a pleasure;
wonderful combinations: each-other...
now we expect soon: new treasure!

Love and the best wishes, Ewen x