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Beach Music Poems | Beach Poems About Music

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Details | Dramatic Verse | |

the day you flew to Heaven

           We knew , it was if a moment stopped in time 
              hearing the news before most of the World did
           He loved to fly his plane from Colorado to Monterey Bay
           He was a avid golfer at Pebble Beach respected 

           He had loves and passions from many places 
           deciding to fly low through the overcast red sunset
            Not only did he love music and inspire all 
            He loved his Plane , he will always remain a beautiful Soul

              The next day it was confirmed ..all saddened 
             It was John Denver's plane that went down
             Today in Pacific Grove stands the Memorial 
             So Kiss me and smile for me we will ~
              always in loving memory 
               OH babe ,  do we hate you go ~    

         Inspired by ; contest in Music and Loss of an Artist
                   "Leaving on a Jet Plane "

Details | Classicism | |

Memories of a Beach Boys Concert

They performed again 
       the aging Beach Boys
Conjuring up seaside 
Caught their act 
             years ago 
  at Madison Square Garden 
I remember a pretty young girl 
                   -a bit drunk-
  was kissing me during the 
    The life we led has 
magical moments 
     which face into the box of memroy 
   Remembering days and "nights"(!)
                at the beach 
I pass into a nostalgic haze 
   escape briefly 
from the worlds of science and tehnology 
  into a soft bubbles of joy         -

Details | I do not know? | |

For Bruce Springsteen

for bruce springsteen...

it was a rain-swept monsoon day

way back then, so many moons away

when i felt the music strumming in my veins

setting me free like a runaway horse without any reins

you sang of simple truths, 

your verse spoke to people just like me

in my lonely, wasted, and desolately quiet night

as you screamed out tragic human wrongs, and of everyone's plight

'bobby jean' spoke to me

of that girl down the street

glimpses of whom, we as innocents would furtively meet

and 'the river' that flowed through my ever-barren heart

led me down further roads of thunder

when slowly i finally learnt that the hardest part was fighting on

and never to surrender

to the hard-luck dreams that were born to run

while i danced in the dark 

with memories vivid and stark

even as i whined like that dog who for forever lost his howling bark

and then a 'human touch' came along

and 'better days' seemed real, not just words in a song

and still you sang and swayed and spoke straight into my unseeing eyes

as gardens of secrets were opened, and as your fist punched the skies

in an anger that i too felt and in whose cauldron i too burned

as we saw murder get incorporated, while on its wobbly axis, our fragile world apathetically turned

and then suddenly i was told that i was all grown up

working on a highway of scattered ideals

and absolving myself by sprinkling some coins in a waiting cup

well, after all these years of walking along so many a thorny road

with an armour of your verse covering me, even as i hear them taunt me and even as they continue to goad

but now i can feel myself fading away, into the bleakness of this coming night

just like the ghost of that old tom joad...

Details | Free verse | |

soul dance

spinning round and round till i fly up
and hit ground
turning into sea
pleasing me
i grab the bass fish gliding past
i dive into the eyes of the brown green scales
head first never fails
in the soul of the beast i sit 
my locks float around the fish shell
his hearts beat started to move me
onto my feet
bend my knees
shake my hips
rattle my brain
clap my hands
the soul of the fish is where i spend the rest of my plans

Details | Free verse | |


This breezy island is often visited
by falcons with powerful wings,
as they display the swiftness 
of their elaborate flights; on the gleaming sand,
I'm laid back and pensive, while my curious dog
scampers to and fro, trying to catch them...

Falcons with powerful wings, on my island blasting with sunshine,
forever dwell to multiply your offspring:
no human ever sets foot on it to avoid dire,
for the steaming soil is too arid, and nothing ever grows,indeed;
and  the palm trees can only offer shade
for someone eager to stay,but afraid... 

A sunlight as dense as fire
scorches the soft and low dunes,
on the deserted beach I play my melodious tunes;
a capricious, soothing breeze brushes
my suntanned, golden cheeks...
why is this beach the quietest place that instills every desire?

Falcons, roar until the blazing sky disperses its blueness
which attracts your enthusiasm to induce brazenness, 
but the arrival of shadows brings dreariness and solitude:
for vultures that are raring to go to a brighter altitude;
only the whimpering ravens huddle on the battered rocks, and wait
for the luminescent sunrise, hoping to flutter in the August's intense heat...   

Details | Haiku | |

beach chair peace haiku

in my beach chair peace
listening to john lennon
giving Peace a Chance

Details | Rhyme | |


Its like that perfect sweater 
That keeps you warm on icy days
Like the salty ocean water
Hugging the shore with its waves

Its like that toasty winter fire
That heats your chilly hands
Like the never ending thrill
When you see your favorite band

Its like a little childs laughter
That keeps a smile on your face
Like the sweet soulful music
That wraps you in embrace 


Details | I do not know? | |

Best Friend Letter - PART 2

Who will I be able to goof off with, at ALL hours, when you’re gone? Who will I be 
able to SING with, that can carry a tune, better than anything I can ever do, when 
you’re gone? Who will I be able to sit at the beach with for HOURS and stare at the 
MOON with, when you’re gone? Who will I be able to sit with under the TREES and 
listen to MUSIC in rain or shine, when you’re gone? Who will I be able to have 
MENTAL CONVERSATIONS with just by looking at them, when you’re gone? Who will 
make me LAUGH at the stupidest things, when you’re gone? Who will I be able to 
share CAR RIDES with at 9 in the morning if gods forbid someone where to be in the 
hospital, when you’re gone? Who will I WALK EVERYWHERE with, when you’re gone? 
Who will be my LIFE CHANGING BEST FRIEND, when you’re gone? Looking back at 
some of the memories I have with you, too many to list in one page, I suddenly 
realize that loosing you, would be a disaster. I could never regret meeting anyone, 
but…regret wouldn’t even come close if the lights went out again. I would lose 
myself in the dark forever without you. There’s no ulterior motive in becoming your 
friend. But I love having you in my life. I love having that person to goof off with. I 
love having that person to go to the beach with and people watch. I love having 
that person to sit and listen to music with and sing along with. I love having that 
person who can read my mind when I don’t want to talk. I love having that person I 
can sit across a table from and laugh my head off without him saying a single word. 
I love having that person to talk to when I can’t sleep or am slowly going crazy. I 
love having that person who when all my hope is gone who can give me a hug that 
instantly makes everything better. I found my light, I found my savior from darkness, 
I found him and I might be losing him. So to sum up what I’m trying to say without 
coming across insane. I can’t lose you, so I’ll fight to keep you. I can’t imagine my 
life without you, so I’ll fight to keep you. I can’t imagine darkness when my best 
friend came along, so I’ll fight to keep you. I just can’t, so I’ll fight to keep you.

Details | Quatrain | |


Miles of broken, sunbaked seashells,
resembling pieces of porcelain of lesser value,
lying across a populous beach subdued by misty blue,
as hungry sea-gulls pounce the fiddler crabs..

The beach entertainer draws huge crowds;
singing funny songs and making comic skits
by spicing up his unique modus operandi,
and modestly mocking his modus vivendi...

He has never made lots of money,
but settles for dollar bills to earn their sympathy;
dressed in tight and colorful ministrel's attire,
he amuses the public with his monkey-shine...

And he pulls out his fiddler and the crowds go wild,
awakening, by its high-pitched sound, a dope fiend,
who has built a temporary shack threatened by the blowing sand;
He puts on his sunglasses and disappears in the groovy sunshine...

The beach entertainer follows him, leaving everyone behind, 
saying," Sorry, brother...I didn't mean to wake you up, the bum turns around with sad eyes
and exclaims, " Music doesn't fill an empty and aching belly...and cheer up a feeble mind! "
" Here's all I got...take it and get something to eat!" The beach entertainer whispers.

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci