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Ballad People Poems | Ballad Poems About People

These Ballad People poems are examples of Ballad poems about People. These are the best examples of Ballad People poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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 This one is totally fictional.

Don't cry little guy just 'cause you're moving away
Your daddy's got a brand new job out in Santa Fe
He's trying to make a better life for your mom and you
So, how about holding back those tears
Yes, I'm crying too
So I said goodbye to Bobby like I knew I had to do
But Some things that I told him
Weren't exactly true
I wish I could have told him to stay
If that's where he'd really like to be
I wish I could have told him the truth
About his mom and me
So, I said goodbye
And tried not to cry
And told him to have fun
I wish I could have said to him
Bobby, you're my only son.

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There's a breed of Aussie hero who has served this nation well 
and they don a yellow uniform to face the fires of hell. 
When day temperatures are soaring and the high winds blow a gust, 
and our bushland is ignited it's in them we place our trust.   
Yes, you're all somebody's daughter and you're all somebody's son; 
you are mothers and you’re fathers.  Hard hat heroes everyone. 
When their mates are in the hot seat and they need a helping hand, 
they will volunteer their services from stations 'cross this land. 
Whether country towns or cities or a bush fire brigade; 
they will gladly throw their hats in and will offer their mates aide. 
Yes, you're all somebody's daughter and you're all somebody's son; 
you are mothers and you’re fathers.  Hard hat heroes everyone. 
Do you owe your home or property, your very lives perhaps,     
to the selfless, sincere efforts of these bold fire-fighting chaps?  
Or still sadly you lost everything, but proudly can attest 
to their fierce determination as each brave soul did their best.    
Yes, you're all somebody's daughter and you're all somebody's son; 
you are mothers and you’re fathers.  Hard hat heroes everyone. 
So I ask you all to join me as we stand and raise a glass 
to the courage and the spirit of this fire fighting, class; 
and I'm sure you'd love to join me as this message we impart,  
"You're such true blue hard hat heroes and we thank you from the heart." 
Yes, you're all somebody's daughter and you're all somebody's son; 
you are mothers and you’re fathers.  Hard hat heroes everyone. 

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Romeo and Juliet

When last they kissed, and summer’s lease
fell brief and sweet, and winter's chill would steal the heart away...

Sweet coral days, turned blight to rust, 
and Shakespeare's words,
will wring despair from what will never be.

Behold, your eyes that weep,
and empty arms will flail, for
young lovers swept away on wings so frail...
No other love could ever grieve so well. 
Shall hence, will come a cry, to shatter starry skies
with tragedy to tell

O’ she of flaxen hair, fair cheeks so pale,
His love was as a fever, longing still. 
His sorrow greater than the darkest night
Too cruel to bear, delusion played unfair
Despair, beyond all words could shout
Disquiet of the heart cries out
To death, that calls, from 'yond the distant stars.

Sweet love so rare, a thing beyond compare. 
Where whence their love, once like the lilac full
The blossom fragrant,  so sweet as whippoorwill
Ere' slumber's chain has bound them now.
Thy song has waned, the garland dead
upon the blade, upon the sword, asleep
The swollen heart with anguish weeps…forever is a love to keep.

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Lost in Mind

I am all alone and there is nobody around,
Even in a crown I cannot hear a sound,
The music of intelligence was neither in Maine nor was it bound,
After years of stupidity, I felt as if I would one day drown.

I survived intellectually, living dormant inside my own head,
I retreated inside so that my thoughts would never become dead,
I no longer existed to them, but became happier instead,
I had made a friend and that friend was in my head.

Lack of intelligent conversation can be horrible and cruel,
The idiots around me are like dogs, not even swallowing their drool,
They have their morals mute and not one moral rule,
My own imagination is what gave my sanity it's fuel.

I am no longer in the asylum, locked in a mental cell,
I am no longer stuck inside this immoral hell,
Recovery is happening slow, however, I can surely tell,
Those people are dead to me, and my sanity has returned.

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To love your country,
you must commit yourself indefinetly;
there are no doubts, or fears
when it comes to defend it fervently..
do it for the sake of  your family,
or your countrymen who wish for peace!

They will send you to distant lands,
away from your loved ones...
to uphold freedom and its sanctity,
and you'll shine with bravery!

Anytime peace is threatened,
you'll retaliate and engage in combat,
true soldiers always fight with self-confidence,
never retreat in any circumstance!

There'll be days of fright , of darkness and despair,
and nights to shed tears on cold pillows;
no tender eyes to glance into or arms to embrace,
but  surrendering distorts your honor! 

As the mission comes to its end suddenly,
and you are one of the surviivors to declare victory,
although you'll also grieve for the fallen ones:
you'll wave your flag to the calmest skies!

To love your country,
you must avail yourself of dignity
and protect its borders vigilantly;
be aware of its tremendous cost:
risk your own life,or allow
the enemy to toast!  

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The girl

See the girl living on the streets? does anyone know she is there,
Do you see that girl down in the dumps? and does anyone care.
We don't know the reason that she left her home and do any of us want to know?
She's out in all weathers without any covers in rain, hail and snow.
Does anyone wonder if she's ever lonely when we're all tucked up in our beds,
when she's wet and cold,  and we're warm and cosy does it ever enter our heads.
She might have been beaten when her home she left, she's sad and she's lonely and often bereft. 

Does anyone see me alone on the streets? trying to smile at all that I meet,
asking for pennies for a warm cup of tea, we're not all on drugs, at least not me.
I'm trying to avoid going down that road I try to remember the things I've been told.
Stories of people lying in the gutter, and people passing by all of a mutter.
Do they care, what they see there? I suppose they think it's everywhere !
But I would like to say to all of you . I don't take drugs, I'm one of the few.
So to all of you sat home by your fires, spare a thought for me,
when you pass me by tomorrow, I'd love a cup of tea.

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There's little left now, Lawson, mate, of your home by the hill, 
Except, a guarding sentinel, the chimney stands there still; 
To some it's just another site, for tourists passing through, 
Perhaps they've never read your works - how sad, but maybe true. 
Eurunderee and childhood days, please tell me if I'm wrong, 
Instilled in you mixed memories and feelings, oh so strong. 
Yes, monumental moments mate;  the hardship and the joy. 
They brought to mind old childhood days when I was just a boy. 
Is that your Dad with shouldered axe and wand'ring off somewhere? 
His cross-cut saw with him as well.  I'm sure it's him, I swear. 
The dark haired lady on the log and scribbling on a pad; 
Your Mum I guess at work on verse;  she taught you well my lad. 
Old grandpa Albury's visiting and dons his greasy hat. 
 I know it's him, no other soul could ever shout like that. 
The muck on brother Charlie's face.  It's not Jim Nowlett's brew? 
He surely can't believe that tale, 'cause none of it is true. 
I see young brother Peter mate is tending cows again. 
You mentioned how they liked to stray.  You're right, they are a pain. 
Is that a horseman riding up and pack horse by his side? 
It can't be old Dave Regan.  No!  They told me he had died.  
If Billy Grimshaw's teams passed now, his bales of wool so high, 
He couldn't swear from being bogged;  the bitumen runs by. 
The gold has long but disappeared, though grape vines grow here still; 
Red wine is known around the world;  I know, I've had my fill. 
I can't stay any longer mate I've got a way to go; 
To join up with my poet friends, up Queensland way you know.  
I'm glad though that I stopped a while to reminisce with you, 
Like Banjo mate, deep down within, I saw you as true blue. 

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She Cried

       She cried, She died inside over and over again, She was trapped in herself 
and she had no way of escaping. Taking drugs to dull the mud that's been in her 
for years. She's so far away from reality that it's like she is constantly 
She has to remind herself what's fictional and what's fact because the 
hallucinations wouldn’t  let her breath, they’d lie to her every chance she gets. 
Turning her mom into a monster not butterflies suddenly this high becomes a 
nightmare. One she had been fighting for so long, 16 and still traveling the same 
rode as so many younger than her. She didn't listen to all the voices that tried to 
tell her what she was missing because truly reality is the thing that makes life 
worth living. To her reality was the guy who had raped her constantly when she was 
young, Why choose reality when you could live in a dream world where everything had 
excuses. Not only could she not recognize the girl who cried constantly in the 
mirror but she'd done so many things to herself that even her eyes were a different 
It hurt so bad not to remember so she continued to fade until soon it seemed 
In an idiotical world where there were always smiles, It wasn't until she got help 
that she realized the real world was never always pleasant. It was filled with hate 
and lies and pain but that's something real and something she needed to face. 
Something she needed to open her eyes to, life would never be cake and she couldn't 
have her victory without tasting poison at least once. So when the tears dried and 
the wounds healed she signed up for a special thing a thing called GED and she got 

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This is what my heart says

i swing into dreams
i swim into the deepest sleeps
i never seem to get back in time

now the world seems clearer
my friends say i am getting better
i wonder if those are just words to deny

and a lover of the abyss
you sprang out of the mist
but i cannot give you what you seek

the phone keeps ringing
and my heart keeps doubting
of all the words you have tried to speak

so speak no more.

so let me go.

please dont speak anymore

now i just want you to know.

there are rainbows and clouds
better than what i am right now
you can find them somewhere out there

my heart cannot bear the pain i will send
because i am not mister evil again
please my heart says i want to get out there

my heart says i want to let you go
i just want you to know.
i dont love you anymore.

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life in America

                           her heart is steaming with reason/  he got her body screaming 
with semen/ emotions she's feeling/ is making her/ weak to her knees man/ 
scary temptation is on/ he got a chrome to her dome/as she lays face down in 
the flow/ into her body he goes/ in the air waves/ she/  he/ screams/ curses/ and 
moans/  is it by some body she knows   part two  is coming

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Sing a Song of Roses

Came from California, looking for a place to fall:
Portland’s good as anywhere, and now it’s best of all;
Learned to love the roses, and the rivers full of rain;
California drove me north, and Portland drove me sane.

Leaving all my memories back behind where they belong,
Sang a song of roses, and I let it make me strong,
Lifting up my life inside my hands to make it grow
Tall as any mountain rising mighty in the snow.

Sing a song of roses,
Dreams of me and you,
Portland love encloses
Dreams of me and you, 
Sing a song of roses.

Gentle people welcoming you, with an open hand, 
Mighty people not afraid to fight to keep their land;
City on the river floating ships from overseas;
People soft as roses, people tough as Oregon trees.

Been a long time coming, but I’m here to rest awhile,
Never mind the highway, never mind the weary mile;
You and me and roses, and the salmon in the streams;
Can’t believe were thriving, Portland rain has washed our dreams.

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Lost Free Will

We are all a proud Canadain people,
But as of late, I dont like what i see,
There is no more debate on certain things,
We are just simply told, this is how its going to be.

Prices on everything is going out of control,
With no end in sight.
No one even seems to care,
Or even put up a fight.

We follow along like lost sheep,
Waiting for someone to stand up and say,
Ok.Ok. enough is enough, we cant take no more,
Its time this Gouverment moved in a different way.

At each election , we are promised this and that,
Things will get better they say,
But for those who cant find a job,
It gets harder to live, day by day.

The welfare line keeps growing and growing,
Because there are no jobs to be had.
For a father of five young mouths to feed,
Makes his heart feel awful sad.
I think its time this Gouverment stood up and say,
To the rich people of this land,
You made your money of poor peoples back,
Now it time to give them a hand.

But like most Gouverments , nothing will be done,
Unless we ALL stand up and say,
We put you into power to help the PEOPLE , 
Not just the rich along the way.

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Outer Space

Are we visited from another world?
I think we are ,but we are never told.
They visit some times late at night,
So they are not detected  by our lights.

Our radars they can fool,theres no doubt,
They fly through our air space, in and out.
The only way we know that they have arrive,
Is when they put thier space ship into a dive.

One crashed in the desert , a long time ago,
But it was all hushed up, no one was to know.
It leaked out in the press that very same night,
By people who witness the falling lights.

The army told people to stay away,
To have nothing to say about what they had seen that day.
But we as a people, think all should know,
If you want to visit the site, then you should go.

We often wonder why they would come this far,
From a distant planet out there in the stars.
Is it because we are related in some way,
Or are they just passers by, its hard to say.

Now its our turn to travel to other worlds,
To see if we can meet other boys and girls.
We hope they will be friendly, when we finally meet,
To live with out War , now that would be neat.

I hope they dont see us as a war type,
And have come there to cause trouble and fight.
For its Love and Peace ,that we should share,
Even though we still dont have it here.

Innocent people are dieing here every day,
We know we can stop it, so lets find a way.
We have to bring people togather in love and peace,
So when we get to thier world, we will have a smile on our face.

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We drove by her run-down house
with faded green shingles
and boarded-up windows,
a sad feeling overwhelmed us;
many times we helped her
to cut down the thick grass 
and in return she gave us 
three yellow flowers 
as a token of her gratitude... 
no one else could have cared more!

"These flowers are for you,darlings,because
you helped me plant them in the soil,
and they've grown to be tall and beautiful
in a garden so tidy and nice!" 
she exclaimed in jubilation;
"Remember me by when
I'll reach my dwell
in the presence of the Lord,
and I'll be looking down on you and
pray with all angels to keep you safe and well!'
she gladly said with resignation,
foreseeing what  she couldn't explain...

She told us about her sweetheart,
whom she loved indefinetly:
from the moment they met,
to the day he peacefully died:
a lovely and faithful wife
was all he wanted and dreamed;
and their marriage lasted 
longer than they expected to be...
to be taken with them,
not being afraid of death!

"This is the grand piano I sed to play
for my husband on his last birthday;
he laid his arms on my shoulders
and sang along with me for hours:
on those snowy nights without moon...
when romance was rekindled with kisses
and the sentimental tunes
took away our winter's blues!"
she murmured with deep regret,
until her light eyes became wet...

The decaying house was put up for sale,
and only these kids have a story to tell
about the nicest person on that block,
who once was the prettiest girl-scout...
who loved us as much as her own children;
but did she deserve to be forgotten and die alone?
And if you wonder what her name was,
she was the kind-hearted Mrs Adams!

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When youth sets us beautifully aglow
to soar on the swift wings of a sparrow,
and altough the unknown may frighten us:
we will not stop from living out those dreams,
because we are the constant seekers
bolder than the soldiers of fortune 
willing to stare in the face of events that'll follow, 
be in the incognito and confront fate alone...

Our main reason for being here
is to accomplish unthinkable and amazing things;
to start where the smallest dream begins,
and make it grow by taking the giant steps of an achiever...
We should never fear the challenges that lie ahead, 
but is it worth to step back and not speedly act...
imagining of the wonderful visions 
of the the unseen tomorrow that
rampantly flourish inside our impatient head?

Will we fall from the flaming,crimson sky
and grope our way to a passing cloud above
with the certainty of having found love,
or will we quickly come down to earth and die?
Which one is better:  being a disillusioned dreamer,
who can still dream,or a sullen-looking miser?

Our main reason for being here
is to love with grace and intensity,
and have the willingness to break down
the ugly and horrible barriers of alienation;
and finally let all thoughts flow in without diversity,
to discover who we really are...

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When your day is not going well,
look around to find someone to tell
your problems and worries to...
unless you  lose heart and hope 
and make you empty and blue,
but will you cope with your hurt?

The wonderful joy of being alive:
lies in the secret of facing your struggles,
and change despair into love;
many don't try hardly enough...
they give up and wait for miracles...
others erase their pain with a laugh!

When your day is not going well,
try to say a short and simple prayer:
that'll give you more strenght to bear...
and if misery knocks you down, stand up again,
and start looking at life with new eyes;
all the way through...your courage will arise!

Finding a better way is very pratical,
and when you reach your goal...
you'll lend your kind hand
to even passing strangers,
and love them as your very special friends;
then you won't be lonely and sad!

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Snowflakes don't make me forget 
the lovely places where we lay...
everything that's being covered by
the cold and fluffy snow;
there are many precious things that
won't ever be buried below!

My wishes are small in size,
but big in their meaning...
like the eternal images
of a past Christmas' memory:
laughing and caroling...while 
strolling down the festive streets
of a city that never stops to greet:
the stranger,the dreamer and the seeker!
My wishes are small in size...
that even imagination can't summarize!

Folks are so busy going to 
and from...rushing through the drifting snow,
making sure everyone is on their list;
we are in a different kind of spirit...
the one that lasts through
this merry and thoughtful season of awe:
making wishes that have
true delights and more!  

My wishes are small in size,
but big in their meaning;
as the snow slowly falls, I fantasize...
a Christmas' dream is beginning!

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What constitutes a shoe?

What constitutes a shoe? 
The leather bound tongues of
inglorious pomp,
ambling midst the glades…
pugilistic caffeine panders 
solely to the soul,
ergonomically agile, 
bar the finest detail…

eye-lashed straps 
entrenched in the name, 
toiling syllabic misnomers, 
shorn against the scornful 
blood of erstwhile colonialism,
perpetually in memorandum…


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My Thoughts are Different

My Thoughts are Different
by  Landon Phillips

The things I believe are not the same as what you believe
My thoughts are different and my trust is naive
I can’t say I’m perfect but I can say that you’re not either
So why bother to call names like a griever

Take your time and see the real world
Not too waste or spend time with some useless girl
The shadows of night come out to rest beside you
Be careful what to say or to do

The narrow way that leads you towards the light.
Don’t follow it if it appears too bright.
But you will do what you want- I can not stop you
As for me, I too the world must remain true

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She smells of stale garbage and wine
Her boots all worn and tattered
Stern-faced and stony eyes
Dressed in a tired ol' mink
She shivers as she takes a rest
From pushing her metal cart
Squeaking and overflowing with
Items reflecting her life
She had been warned twice to move
The choice was not hers to make

Today, like all the others
She will walk ten blocks or so
In hope to find a warmer place
To lay down for the night
Just a corner to rest
Is all she will be needing
She knows this will be over soon
The pain gets worse each day
Yet, her hopes live on for one more day
Her deliverance is on its way!


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The Scholastic Mechanic!

Please allow me to introduce,
Without any pardon or excuse,
A man who needs no introduction,
To those he’s given instruction,

A man who has always helped me,
To understand extreme fallacy,
Through guidance and edification,
He spreads his extreme education,

Now he never reserves his lessons,
And always leaves his impressions,
Upon those he teaches his schtick,
For he is our scholastic mechanic,

Always he tinkers under the hood,
To find the best of what is good,
And now without further adieu,
I am proud to present to you,

A man who’s mind always races,
And affords us other head cases,
A view most definitely skewed,
By great wisdom and high I.Q.,

A man whom I proudly call my brother,
Who’s humble wit makes him tougher,
Than my boastful wages however manic,
…Our G-Man the scholastic mechanic!

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I am completely confused, beyond my words,
I am interested in this girl that changes my world,
Change is something I fear but today all is unfurled,
But what do I do when I choose to change the world?

Relationships for me have never been so easy in past,
More than half of my relationships never seem to last,
I work too hard and try too hard to pass,
Then I fall as if forever, right on my ass.

Seeing her in class, she seems not mizzy,
Yet all the time I try, she comes off as busy,
All this confusion is making me feel so dizzy,
So what do I do to change this rampant tizzy.

That is enough, with this confusion I am done,
All these questions are weighing me down by a ton,
Pass me my book before the night has victoriously won,
I'd rather move on from this confusion and just start having fun.

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An eye for an eye

Though I am not considered to be a Christian, [I love most religions] But I lover to read the gospels of Mark and Mathew, so I wrote them all in verse...Peter

Eye for Eye.

Folk were listening to our lord
Such a crowd had gathered round
The news of this enigma
Had spread from town to town.
The multitudes all came to him
To hear the words he spake
He’d been speaking there for quite a while
And the day was getting late.

The lord with Passion in his tone
He told those multitudes
{There were poor and rich, and saints and sinners
The good Lords words, their food}
He said to them “now you have heard
An eye for eye, and tooth for tooth
But I give you another law
So listen to my truth”.

“Do not resist an evil person
When struck on the right cheek
Turn to him the other also
Just hear these words I speak
If someone wants to sue you
And take your tunic too
Then let him have your cloak as well
This, I do say to you”.

If someone makes you walk a mile
Then walk with him for two.
Give what one may ask you for
This be the thing to do.
If someone would borrow from you
Then do not turn away.
Hear ye this, it be the truth
These words you hear me say”.

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Black isn't our name its Beautiful

Being black is not just a figure of speech

Its a noun, adj., & knowing when & when not to turn the other cheek

Many pioneers has lived with the mis representation

While some died fighting to end the civil frustrations

Being black isn't as bad as it may look

Our physical properties don't represent the makings of a crook

Our natural elements are sustainability & resilience

Our original nature made us uniquely

Brilliant enough to handle our own responsibilities

Our culture is design to shine bright so that everyone can see

The Afro American culture sets the tone for a concrete society

And need no help to raise our family

just equality

Even with methods that was used to torment us

"We shall overcome" was a phrase that helped boost us

"By any means necessary" we struggled through the turmoil

Once we began to re "know thyself" the bigots of the world started to boil

Then had to recognize our true uniting potentials

They psychologically uses entertainment to convince us

And install hate inside our mental

Through dis associating our past & segregating our class

Degenerating our creative intentions

Re imagining our mind with criminal inscriptions

So Trust

All we got is us

Our ingredients posses spiritual reasons to teach

They figure since we was enslaved & freed

Afro Americans wouldn't know how to reach

We paved the way to preach

So to prove their unintelligent

They dictated our intellectual & spiritual nature by the color of our butts

Pardon my speech

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When The Wolf Cies

 When The Wolf Cries 
The wolf cries out to the great chief in loneliness, pain and sorrow/ Not because his pack is hungry but because his people are hungry/ He cries because he smells defeat and anguish among his own/ He hears their life, their death and he hears their dreams…….
 The wolf cries out to what seems like nothingness for some thingness/ He cries not because his pack is changing but because his people are changing/ He sees very few cultural leaders left if anymore left and many more young lost souls that continue to follow/ He cries because his very own pack has divided themselves among their own culture and very own way of life…….
 He cries not because his people are now living but because his very own culture is dying/ So he cries out for a leader to step up above all obstacles and bring back the dream of the buffalo so that it may roam again in our minds and our young hearts again/ He yearns for the dream of not one but many leaders to walk up our own staff’s high altitude to humbleness and gratitude/
 He cries because he can see that we are killing each other but more important is ourselves/The eagle seems to be caged and our warriors of many become imprisoned from death and self-destruction which can seem like the end of the trail/ But the day is coming when he will see a young modern day chief walk that less traveled path so that once again his people and their very own dreams on eagle wings fly when the WOLF WILL TRULY CRY……..

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A Selfish Prayer

It's hard when I see so much pain,
Filled with life's many hardships,
All these troubled souls praying,
For miracles through their worships,

Even at home they are lost,
And muddle through their days,
'Release us from our lots',
They cry out from their maze,

Yet I find it even harder still,
When I must stand here and watch,
With neither the way or the will,
To give what little I've got,

So Lord I pray you fill my cup,
Give me the success and station,
Where hope can spring from love,
To answer all this frustration,

Let me afford more than simple words,
Grant me the means to answer prayer,
Lay before me a path true and sure,
To receive great fruit I can share,

My life has taught me so very much,
As my prayers so often are granted,
I know what it means to be touched,
By the charity of the enchanted,

It brings a life of such great hope,
To you and all of those you love,
It helps you to widen your scope,
And great faith when times get tough,

So today Lord I finally pray,
For something I never have before,
I pray for riches so very great,
That I would never need to ask for more,

Vast wealth beyond Solomon or Jabez,
Great wisdom and eternal good health,
The power to shape the will of others,
And all the prayers I leave on the shelf,

And I pray that I remain steadfast,
In service to you through my fellow man,
And you answer this prayer however crass,
Before this poem is written by this hand.

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Tribute to bob Dylan

Tribute to Bob Dylan

I remember well when I was young
And music was my thing
There was Billy, Elvis Cliff Richard
And to me these guys did bring
Wonderful moments in my life
As I bought all of their stuff
But then this other guy came out
And Lord, that was enough

My interest it went to him
Who changed the status Quo
His name it was Bob Dylan
And me I watched him grow
From a young folk star, to a rock legend
He did change music’s face
As he prophesized some potent things
That would touch the human race.

He told us in his screaming voice
[As he played his mystic role]
That all the sons and daughters
Would be out of our control
He sang of the whole world changing
And I’m seeing that come true
Oh Yes, that old Bob Dylan
I loved what he did do.

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Red Beard

Red Beard laughed at this lad
Stumbled on the wrong ship he had

Stowing away on a pirate vessel 
Turned himself in not even a wrestle

Stout young lad must be at least ten
He wasn’t sure of the trouble he was in

To the plank cast him aside!
Then the boys knees buckled….he cried

Red Beard yanked him up and stared deep
Some use of this boy, if I want to keep

To the crew or to the sea? Red Beard thought
A pupil to over see if well taught

“Take him below!” are his orders
“Food and water in my quarters”

The boy moved quickly at the thought of food
Take his mind off of his saddened mood

A feast laid before his weary eyes
Hot bread and large chicken thighs

Warm milk and cool fresh water too was in store
He ate and ate till he couldn’t anymore

It was eve before the Captain appeared
The boy was asleep his mind without fear.

Into his arms the boy went
Carried to the cot for his rent

An orphan too, was this pirate knave
Maybe this child he could save

Schooling was what first struck his mind
A great teacher was hard to find

Sailing and piracy was all he knew
“I want more for this lad. A start anew.”

…..A rapping came to the cabin door
Urgent business he had to make sure

“What is it?” Bellowed a voice
“A British flag and jack a hoist!”

A war galleon was on the horizon 
A battle was on the rising

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Forgiving The Unforgivable

Forgiving The Unforgivable.
I held my peace and sung a song,
that echoed through the righteous hall,
my right, my truth, all put to wrong!
As judgment fine had met the pall.
How can there be a better way,  
to tell the world of foul play,
than those, your words, that captivate,
and that, my looks, you separate; 
your lies, your tricks, my punishment!
In years to come a sure lament;
but life shall only last its days,
until the sun these men does gaze;
then deeds shall bind our spirits such,
would implore it the heaven's touch,
so again shall meet face to face,
when shattered is the time and space,
there I shall pardon and forgive,
as not in this dimension live,
and from this burden be relieved,
that had a trusting friend deceived,
and yes, I have just this to say,
that friends and foes alike decay,
but on that day, you I shall see, 
as an error of mortality.
I hold my peace and sing this song,  
That echoes through the righteous hall,
My right, my truth, all put to wrong!
as judgment fine has met the pall.
R.N.Khan, © 2012

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Deadman Wonderland

Now that you're becoming Undone It's time to have some fun In Deadman Wonderland Khoon Tu Kao Khoon Tu Kao Khoon Tu Kao The setting Red Sun of Kali Shows it's time for your life to Pay We are the Kind to be feared -your friends We look like anyone you see Thuggee--Death's Devotees Face our treachery Bhowanee we must please She needs more--we have found our mark, our mark Won't you be the one to save humanity? Can't you see this is Deadman Wonderland Khoon Tu Kao Khoon Tu Kao Khoon Tu Kao Sacrifice! For The Black-Skinned Queen Sacrifice! For Our Mother Kali Sacrifice! It's Not Enough Sacrifice! No Mercy! This is Deadman Wonderland Deadman Wonderland This is Deadman Wonderland Deadman Wonderland

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A lesson from the Buddha

 A Lesson From the Buddha

The Buddha had been getting round
And listening to the crowd.
He’d often sat there silently
And heard them moan so loud
About their own sad burdens
And all the hurt they’d had.
So he thought up a little plan
That didn’t seem half bad.

He called the crowd together
Said “listen here you guys
I’ve been thinking for a great long while
And I have thought it wise
To grow a special tree for you
And here it lies before you
Now listen well to what I say
I’ll tell you what to do”

He said “this tree before you
It’s to hang your troubles on
Each one of you must go to it
And your troubles will be gone
As you hang them on it’s many branches
Then what you’ll need to do
Is take yourself some others burdens
And make them part of you”

The people thought that this was cool
It seemed a grand old way
To rid themselves of all their burdens
It was a happy day!
As each smiling so broadly
Placed there burdens on the tree
Then they thought for just a while
And they began to see.

As each the truth did hit them
More restless did they get
At least they knew their burdens
So each with no regrets
Did race back to that trouble tree
To grab what they had hung there
The Buddha smiled good humoredly
He had made them all aware.

29 July 2013 @ 1805hrs.

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Starlit night

Starlit Night.

Way up there in the great North West
In a place called Exmouth town
I’m lying on a sandy beach
With sea so vast and grand,
And I’m waiting for the turtles
To beach and lay their eggs,
As the evening’s soft and balmy
And the sand’s a snug warm bed.

No turtles came ashore that night,
Cause folk were everywhere.
With too much foolish people noise,
Oh, so much din was there.
No turtle would be that insane,
It was like a circus show.
So me well I just settled down,
And went me with the flow.

I lay there looking at the skies,
And as the day went dim,
I saw the stars a gleam like jewels,
As me, I dived within.
And Venus glowing like a lamp
Reflected from the ocean.
Aphrodite did shine through her,
I could feel me loves devotion.

And Orion was above my head,
Three stars there in a row.
And above them was that greyish haze,
It was like a milky glow.
And that milky- way poured into me,
As I felt such mystery.
And in that mystic space so vast
I glimpsed me ecstasy.

Two hours passed, my mind was stoned ,
By the beauty of the night.
As the star of love shone so intense,
With no moon there in sight,
And I thanked the all so tenderly,
For the bliss I gained within.
I never saw no turtles there,
But I cleansed my mind of din.


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Souless Society

Yeah Im living in a souless society, 
My people keep doing each other wrong so much its hard to get right with me, 
Its so dark with alcoholic violence that I can no longer see the light in me, 
Survival of the fittest I am no longer because there remains almost no fight in me,
 I struggle with death around one in all forms of variety, 
I am so low at times that there can be no one high as me, 
A lot of non-sense for my body I keep buying me, 
at the same time my own people keep fighting me, 
but its time I just say "**** it" 
and kick all that *****to the curve away in the bucket, 
I hate the truth so much that I start to love it, 
Creating a mind full of knowledge gold, a mind full of many nuggets, 
Now its time I face my own truth even if my own people lie to me, 
I can and I will overcome this souless price that seems too pricey, 
**** all that bull-*****I will rise out my own souless society

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The Artist and The Poet

There aint no other way how to put it or how to say it,Im the Artist and the Poet/
 Through my created creations I show it/ Im gonna rize to the poetic mountain top before you even know it/
 This my poetry and self-made concrete art only I control it/ So all ya critics out there behold it/
 I was gone for a minute locked up and locked down trapped inside concrete/ 
I was at work the whole time my poetic skills only got better they did not sleep/
 Now I arize through shackles and chains I now know true defeat/ 
Im here to stay Im the artist keeper the true se7en poet of keep/ 
I will do what I gotta to be poetically remembered the day I go se7en feet deep/
 But for now my life upon ya'll I lyrically creep/ 
My thoughts are one of a kind they cannot be replicated/ 
Im so relevant now fifty years from now I still wont be outdated/ 
Its your coice you can love it or you can hate it/ Go ahead haters debate it/ 
Still Im the Artist and the Poet thats my motto statement/ 
A whole empire of poetry and artwork since lockdown I have painfully with pleasure created/ NEVER AGAIN WILL MY ART AND POETRY BE UNDERRATED/
 I was nothing before all the time spent in concrete and confinement/ 
Now Im truly poetic with artistic assignments/ Anything I draw I can also rhyme it/
 There are more to my tattoos each one has a story and a meaning behind it/ 
I knew there was hope in poetic art I just had to find it/ 
All I got to say now is "F@#k ya'll who wanna Doubt me/ 
F&%k all dat shyt you judge me like Im on American Idol when you dont even know shyt bout me/
 Your vision of life is blurry and your death thoughts seem to be a lil cloudy/ 
I am a Poetistic Diamond in the rough it was God it wasnt you who found me/ 
Now I know more people from around the way gon crowd me/ where money and trouble again will surround me/
 I was a lost gem on lockdown waiting to shine, waiting to poetyically explode/ 
A natural born poet carving out my own road/ Living by my own F%$#%ckin poetic codes/
 I can't be rhymefest free when I get lost in that poetic mode/ 
My Time is almost here/ I been waiting for this momnet all f&&%&ing year/ 
I cant believe I made through many concrete shed tears and many unheard of outside fears/
 My freedom day is near I will not blow it/ 
This my time now homie I control it/ Im concretely the smartest writer even if you aint know it/

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Starcrossed Tragedy

A Silent Night's Hunt for a Tigress so blunt, Left the Fiend dancing with my Thisbe's Cloack But where was She? Her Drenching blood is all I can see The Night of Sanguine, The Night of Rapture, Tonight was meant to be All Behold This Tragedy ran by Dark Energy, My Lost Lover's Plea A seed of what is to come, In this starcrossed Tragedy, For I can not live without you, My Pyramus, All I need, My reason to Breathe One sight of me bleeding away from reality, started this tragedy and with me It shall Grow The Pain wasn't enough for me, To Live on with me Love without consequence, The Damned Saint, The Angelic Demon The Darkness of the Sea, Carries away with me, In this Starcrossed Tragedy A Star traveling across the moonless Night Sky, In the mid-summer of Verona, Fell from her glorious light, I have lost my guide, My need for Life Every balcony I'll climb for you, Just to Caress you once more But now it is too Late, My Juilet Let the Poison Fill me My Body dyed In silence, Dipped in Paralysis, Forging the Will of God, Feigning the Clutches of Death, My Romeo I prithee to you, See past The Illusion, Caught in the Webs of Love's delusion A Dagger reached my heart once To see you martyr for our love A Dagger reached my heart twice The Pain wasn't enough for me, To Live on with me Love without consequence, The Damned Saint, The Angelic Demon The Darkness of the Sea, Carries away with me, In this Starcrossed Tragedy Once the Morning Retired from her weeping The sun shined into her eyes, then his Lifeless, their dream will live on Every Petal will be Avenged The Pain wasn't enough for me, To Live on with me Love without consequence, The Damned Saint, The Angelic Demon The Darkness of the Sea, Carries away with me, In this Starcrossed Tragedy

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Men were given total dominion
over all living things, and when
they subdued their enemy:
they were granted immortality!

Beside every great warrior of old, 
there was a strong woman of humility,
who gave him a victorious  sword;
and helped him change the course of history! 

Emperess Theodora was one of them to show adversity;
when Noka's revolt broke out:  she decided to stay,
while her hushand, Justinian, fled the city;
what an admirable act of feminity!

Beside every great warrior of old,
there seems to be a look of invincibility,
a defying moment to obtain glory;
and the cost for a golden crown is well-known!

Be the warrior of modern times, treatened by fear and fragility, 
seek out the man you were destined to be;
trust that woman who posseses internal beauty,
and beside this warrior, her courage will guide you with dignity!

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Into the Demiurge

 Darkness envelops 
the city 
  the demiurge is open for business
    hookers on the street 
show their wares
   Speed freaks hearts 
beat like bongo drums
In the shadows 
   a needle pierces flesh 
Night people come out 
   in the shadows 
The smell of stale beer 
      and laughter 
comes from an after - hours club 
    The dark side of the city 
sings and dances as the 
   clouds block the  moonlight 
the night people 
   in the urban shadows

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Back On That Road Again

Yeah I'm back on that same road once more, 
Struggling like litterally I see our very children eating off the dirt floor' 
Who can really give a **** about dollars because where Im from over ninety percent living dirt poor,
 Even down here the struggle remains the same, 
Alcohol remains top dog around here it wont change, 
We want something different yet we keep seeking just a little more money, just a little fame,
 We aint happy with what we got now so we let the bull *****get to the brain.......
 Its sad how our people let even ourselves be lowered to ask for pocket change, 
We dying fast, no not our people but our culture cant you see the blood stains? 
Cant you see the youth playing games, six feet deep is where many of our very own youth sleep, forever trapped in their death beds still laying,
 I just hope I am remebered strong when Im gone confused why sometimes I wont stop praying...........but its alright though because Im back on that road again lost without family or friends......I dont know where to stop but I know where it begins........there's a meaning to everything in the start on this road so lets make this a memorable End......

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The sunny soul of the lion

The sunny soul of the lion.

Our lady of the sun
Never humble, she’s so proud
She loves to organize, and plan
She’s the Queen, this speaks so loud
To be her friend, gain her respect
And never let her down
She’s lovely when she’s happy
But please don’t make her frown.

Creative is her manner
She like to stand right out
When she’s there in any place
She’ll leave you with no doubt
As to who is going to run the show
But she’s very good at it
Anywhere this lady be
She’ll help out quite a bit.

Her sunny personality
Will get her liked by most
But she can be over bearing
And though she’s warm as toast
When she’s got a down on you
You’ll learn a heap on wrath
When that ladies on to you
You’ll do anything but laugh.

11 August 2013 @ 0606hrs.

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Receiving The Lord And Sharing His Word 2

Stumbling I've seen the price,
Of not answering the call,
In touch with the Holy Spirit,
I've seen the love within us all,

I have been in the company,
Of the one who brushed sin away,
He is beautiful, loving and kind,
He asked me if I'd like to shape clay,

Now to this day I have studied,
I have shared in great fellowship,
I have tried to capture the truth,
Praying and fasting in loving worship,

And lessons I learn and share,
Combined with the life I have led,
I hitched over twenty thousand miles,
And people around the world I've met,

I have worked in ivory towers,
Had a radio show across the land,
But I have also been a laborer,
Who worked until I could hardly stand,

Trained in real estate regulations,
Insurance and securities rules too,
But I've also been a garbage man,
And begged for my dinner a time or two,

The blessings of this up and down life,
Where I've been up and down so many times,
I now know the benefits of this strife,
It's helped me understand my crimes,

Those times so full of arrogance,
Where I hurt those who I hardly knew,
But even worse were the sad times,
When I hurt those I professed love to,

I was weak and tired but I tried to stand,
Not worthy but the Lord gave me power,
When I followed his simple loving way,
Then Holy blessings were like a shower,

The more I reach to understand,
What the Lord would have me do,
And to answer the call of the Lord,
I am always led right back to you,

I am not sure what I can share,
For I've seen the world good and bad,
And all people need to be spared,
To be blessed with all they need to have,

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Death of an Innocent Heart

Death of an Innocent Heart

That day I fell,today I lie six feet under.I thought you was the one when we first met you made me laugh you held me when I cried and now We have grown to far apart to even truly remember what we use to be.Then by sad chance by crushing feet by this deadly curse you left me and that day I felt my heart die.I wonder what I would do next should i had moved on would the pain hurt me more I don't think i can handle it,should i end my life here will i have pain no more.But what lie beyond death how do I not know I will leave this pain.That day i jump off the bridge into the lake that day I let myself be swept away I let myself drown in sorrow and pain.When I am reborn i wish to be free like the bird in the sky like the ocean and streams, never to face what it mean to be a human.Today I die for the lost of my love for you,It is what most call the death of innocent love.

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Humanity Lost

Wings spread out, the sun in its face, a scavenger set out hunting, Looking for anything it could find to satisfy its hunger; Down below a little boy lay, barely alive, hardly breathing, His battered face turned towards the lifeless body of his father. The ground around him once dusty and dry, Now wet with the blood of this innocent child… Death hovered over him, lingering, waiting, watching; Time slowed down, the child blinked – and then never opened his eyes. A hundred flies quenched their thirst, the blood now pooled beside them. The vulture circled overhead, now joined by his friends, The table was set, their lunch was served, For the little boy and his father it was a gruesome end! Victims of a war, not that among nations… Rather a war of the human spirit, twisted by false ideals Humans killing humans in the name of religion; Blinded by hate, fuelled by intolerance, humanity’s dark side revealed. The vultures and flies enjoy their fill, While we whisper a prayer for those lost souls; What will it take to stop this madness? What will it take to heal this world? (A tribute to the lives lost in the recent religious conflicts)

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                         People of emotion
                  Love and pain in their heart
               People who's tears tell the story 
                         Of love, life, death
               People with only a touch can see
                        what is in one's soul
               People who smile with children
          And tell what it  is to be young at heart
               People with dreams they wait for
                To see what the future will bring
                People that wish on a falling star 
                       For wishes come true
                People that write word of the above
               They release the emotion from within
                     Read and know who you are
                         People of emotion
                      We are people of soup

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The joy of the pheasant shoot

The joy of the pheasant shoot.

Getting set for the big event
The good folk do their stuff
They beat the earth with sticks, do they?
With their little dogs so tough 
They flush those pheasants from the scrub
So all can have some fun
Killing them with smiling faces
As they fire beloved guns.

Then as the pheasants in a panic
They bolt into the sky
Our hero’s with their guns in hand
Make sure that hundreds die
As the air is filled with the cracking sounds
As birds fall all around
Just so these fools can get there jollies
These corpses cover ground.

I wonder sometimes if these hero’s
Have any souls at all
That they could get such satisfaction
Doing these acts so cruel
Sometimes it leaves me speechless
At the way folk get their pleasure
Killing beauty just for fun
Is an ugly kind of leisure.

10 September 2013 @ 1340hrs

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The Hustler and the Drunk

He stumbled in, as drunk as sin
with a limp and a nose full of red
He ordered cheap gin, and the blood dripped in
As he raised the drink to his head

He sat on the stool,and the drops formed a pool
He could feel all the eyes on his back
He guzzled the fuel, but he kept his cool
As he loaded the balls in the rack

He straigtened his gaze, yet still in a haze
and challenged the room to a game
Then through the maze, with a cigeratte blaze
The surly stranger came

His face was stone, He walked alone
With a beer and a black leather case
with a cue of his own, his cover was blown
On his wrist a tatoo of an ace

He said "I'll take", and he put up his stake
The lushes all gathered around
With a half hearted shake they flipped for the break
While the bartender poured out a round

The stranger broke, with a solid stroke
And down fell the four and the three
This guy was no joke, then he pinched from his poke
and cried out "the next one's on me"!

Ear to Ear grins, as they swilled down that gin
In this stranger, a hero they'd found
They cheered him to win, as he knocked those balls in
they cheered for another free round

He had it won, yes all but one
The eight was final ball
The table run, the lushes stunned
When that sphere refused to fall

Clinching his fist, shocked by his miss
He glared across the table
Like a ship in list from drunken bliss
to stand he was barely able

That drunk cracked a smile, for he knew all the while
That he only needed one chance
In appearance so vile, yet he shot with style
That Gin put him into a trance

His vision was blurred, he mumbled and slurred
Yet to win he would need just one more
And so much as a word, could not be heard
That stranger just stared at the floor

Well he sank that ball, and won it all
and he yelled with a bellowing groan
"before last call just one more tall
And the lushes can all buy their own!"


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Election day

Election Day

Last week was our election
It’s been going on for weeks
From the space where I was standing
It all looked kind of bleak
The chance of labor leaders
Getting the ruling hand
There’d been some inside fighting
They weren’t looking too grand.

But when I thought about it
It didn’t really matter
All these fools, it seems to me
Are only noisy chatter
They promise this, they promise that
And then what do they do?
Nothing, absolutely naught
They say is ever true?

So anyway I was lucky
What by accident, I done
Was muck up on the valet sheet
I failed on every one
Of those boring little boxes
That were staring up at me
But I really did not want to vote
So it was meant to be.

11 September 2013@1720hrs.

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There’s a man I’d like you all to meet whose Aussie through and through,
From his felt hat to his R.M. boots, he ridgy didge, true blue.
He was born in Roma, Queensland, back in nineteen thirty-three
And his parents were from sturdy stock, a pioneer family.
Station life was in this young man’s blood and one can understand
Why he took to writing lyrics based on things he knew first hand;
Those loved tales of some lad’s ‘Silver Spurs’, the ‘Rutland Rodeo’
And ‘A Time When I Was Mustering’ he penned so long ago.

Yes, his heart is in his lyrics this tall man from Injune way
And he’s had his songs recorded by top artists in his day.
Yes, Wave Jackson loves his ballads and mate let me make this clear
 He’s admired in music circles as the Maintop Balladeer.

Old Mac Cormack and Joe Daley both wrote lyrics by the score
And along with Wave and Coster … hell  they made an awesome four.
They all had their songs recorded by Slim Dusty through the years
And these men are all respected to this day by all their peers.
Wave continues this tradition and he still writes to this day
And now picks and strums a Maton in the true bush ballad way.
You will find him at most Musters and he’s happy as can be
As today he shares his talents on his very own CD. 

Yes, his heart is in his lyrics this tall man from Injune way                 
And he’s had his songs recorded by top artists in his day.                     
Yes, Wave Jackson loves his ballads and mate let me make this clear          
He’s admired in music circles as the Maintop Balladeer.

Wave has travelled ‘round Australia and he’ll tell you that he’s sold
On the fact there lots of songs out there just waiting to be told.
He then proved this down in Tamworth when he won a gold guitar
And of all his fine achievements it’s the best he says so far.
It has been a wondrous innings for this gentleman of song
And I hope things will continue and his journey will be long.
He’s a real true blue Australian and they are but far and few
And I’m proud to have him as a mate and share his song with you.

Yes, his heart is in his lyrics this tall man from Injune way                 
And he’s had his songs recorded by top artists in his day.                     
Yes, Wave Jackson loves his ballads and mate let me make this clear          
He’s admired in music circles as the Maintop Balladeer.

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Last night I couldn't sleep,for thinking only you...
As I wrapped in warm embrace,your spirit tinted blue
To oust away thine pangs,in hopes to see thee smile...
I'll yoke ye 'pon my shoulders,to carry through this mile

To trade your tears of sorrow,and see them shed in joy...
I'd jest for thine amusement,and be your favorite toy
For thine malady been expelled,I'd invoke it banished 'way...
Taking it 'pon mine self,so you've strength to seize th' day

Though I'm not an king,nor prince 'pon ivory steed...
Th' possessions I've procured here,are thine if felt th' need
I'll sweep thee off thy feet,if not familiar with th' waltz...
To breathe ye 'cross th' ballroom,as an feather floating 'loft

Mark mine words I state here,and hold me to their true...
I'll prove I 'steem thee precious,as unfeigned I surely do
Just promise me one thing,that next time when your down...
You'll wear these words as armor,'til I mend thy broken crown


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The power of Scorpio

The power 0f Scorpio

Scorpio, she has the power
Her approach is so intense
She’ll delve into her deepest depths
Where her secrets are entrenched
She’ mostly mellow, but look out
She well might blow a fuse
From anger kept held deep within
Self -control she well may lose

She’s the saint, or she’s the sinner
Could be either one of them
But she will want to live her life
Not like the rest of them
Because she’ll like to ponder 
She’ll delve so deep within
Take a look into her dungeon
Get lost within the din.

She’s loyal to her loved ones
And never lets them down
Once she has accepted you
She’ll often take you down
To places most don’t want to go
Introduce you to your soul
Transformation rules her life
It be wrote within her role.

17 August 2013 @ 0633hrs.

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us two

Me and you,its just us two, on days we laze, and gaze.......You and i, we laugh and cry but agree to never say goodbye...why?...........because we know to grow we must let it show all the love of life, with no stress or we just laze, and gaze us two....after all thats how love grew.

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peoples plight

oh it could of been 
the armored car,
or it could of been 
the gun,
instead it was the Germans 
that's were it all begun,

banks in gambling money,
they ignored 
the peoples plea ,
sold off the Irish
 human rights,
to protect their dignity,
the government 
our christian rights,
as they moved 
the vatican out
jobs now ten a penny ,
this reward 
is what we got


tax there is on everything ,
down to air we breathe,
sick they lie 
on trolleys,
as in poor 
St Vincent helps them out,
oh leave us 
a little on the bone,
as our children 
are our future,
ohh whats this bloody nonsense 
taxes on our shite ,
as we all struggle hard 
in life,


we are the fighting irish,
who fought hard 
to keep invaders out,
now tax 
the ruling government 
with wages way to high,
bring back the armoured car ,
and the f---ing gun 
the land of saints and scholars ,
thats were i am from,

we are the servants 
of the rich,
who get very little pay
all we get is cuts and more 
they gamble 
each and every day

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
a song i wrote

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Thus the world was ruined, By the sin of a single man. A tiny twist in the story, Brought about a change in God’s plan. For out of the garden they were thrown With nothing but rags to cover themselves; But with wisdom so dangerous yet powerful That opened the gateway to hell.

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All Alone, 11-19-09

Mommy, I know I left you here.

Ring ring went the phone,

Little did we know never again would I answer

Ring ring went the phone.


I was eating breakfast when

Open slammed the door,

That morning how strongly I would have denied

I would end up on the floor.


I tried to scream, Mom, I really did.

But he had me. . .

He used my garden tools to beat me.

He had me.


Those tools used to bring me so much joy,

But his purpose was to aid him.

I had loved greeting visitors with garden so green

It's not the tools' fault though, I don't blame them.


I shielded my face with my hand,

But soon that was broken. . .

The simple trowel was my doom,

All too soon, my face shattered and broken. . .


There was blood everywhere;

Mom I was so scared.

To stop fighting though,

I never dare.


The sleek black laptop I had

Been given for Christmas

Which held all of my

Favorite pictures of us,


With it and my purse,

He ran away,

Not knowing I wouldn't

Be here today.


The white-washed walls

Of the hospital room

Only all too well reminded

Me of Amontillado's tomb.


I left you in the hospital

Though.  All alone. . .

They caught him, have comfort,

Even if you're alone.


I'm sorry Mommy,

I didn't want to go. . .

But who ever gets a choice?

I had to go.


How little did we know, that

One day, ring ring,

Never again would I answer

That phone, ring ring.

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God simply made man and woman
to be together for the rest of their lives...
it's a blessing this heedless world
has not fully known;
and it's so rare nowdays
to see two people in love,
and promise each other to be faithful!
Is that all so impossible?

Real men don't cheat on their women,
real men give their whole hearts full of gold
to those who really love them;
I've come to know a good man
who did just that for his woman,
and he still loves her although she's old!

Unfaithful men, would you rather have
an unhappy home or feel a joy
as sublime as the sunrise in glory?
Untrustworthy men, give up what you crave;
you can be the strongest man on earth,
and still can't stop the tears gathered inside!

Real men don't cheat on their women,
real men adore and cherish them 'till they're gone;
to be beside them and share a lovely dream,   
to console and encourage them when they're weak!  

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The land of my birth

I left you long ago for a place unknown
Every time I remember how it used to be
My heart is always flooded with memories

It was not always about the running water, electricity or the good roads
It was simply about the rich abiding love that people shared with others
If I did not show up at church, somebody stopped by to check that I was okay
If they did not turn up at a place, it was my duty to be certain that everything was alright

Neighbors were family friends not just people you waved to
Deeds were done not for a fee but out of love and that was the way we rolled
I became a mother for the first time in a strange land, I could not be more lonely
Husband had to go to school, I had no one to turn to

I called my Mama, thousands of miles in Africa, I wept and wept
All she could say was, "baby you can do it"  you go on and be blessed
It was tough, it was hard but I made it
If I did not know God in a personal way, I might have lost it

I miss you Oh land of my birth every now and then
The laughter, the pure joy, the unfailing love I shared with others
The help of others that was always at hand
Everyone looking for what they could give not what they could get 

Though you have your share of woes but you are still the land of my birth
Though you are still developing as a nation, you have qualities that can not be compared
I have found a home in this place, it is no longer strange
I have been blessed with a family and friends that do care

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Toxic Logic

take my soul and crush it... like you do... every day... You've never looked so beautiful as your figure walks away the sad screech of my broken heart as it ceases to play you took me along for the ride of a lifetime, only to throw me away, every single day, and it is a crime, without reason or rhyme, to push me along with your toxic logic,  abandoning me again with an afflicted soul,  and my heart doesn't know that it is your toxic logic that twists me up inside brought on by your reign, and I can't recall my name Once again in my little hell, all by myself, my very essence betrayed, is there any more to tell? Lie after lie has fooled me, but now I'm done But I still love you, so my pain is far from done. You think that I'm inferior to children, that you can't talk to me, though I've been here since day one, why can't you see? that my existence is for you, and no one else,  and the sickest bit of it puts me in a rage... and i try to turn the page...  But I'm trapped in your toxic logic,  abandoning me again with an afflicted soul,  and my heart doesn't know that it is your toxic logic that's killing me inside brought on by your reign, overwhelmed by pain I see the world in black and white, no color left for me, I gaze across the room, and what do I see? I see yet another soul about to be ensnared, by this predator, but I simply don't care. I lost a part of me, and it used to let me love, But it has been snatched from me by this uncaring troll, and here I am, an empty vessel of defeat. I simply don't know, I truly have been beat. But as I retreat... from anger flows heat... Seared by your toxic logic, abandoning me again with an afflicted soul, and my heart doesn't know that it is your toxic logic that branded me inside brought on by your reign... damaged by pain... The last tether to you broke, I'm free at last. an empty part inside remains, holding me fast. I sink to my knees as the vacuum in my soul starts to shrink, loving you brought me to insanity's brink. I slowly raise my head... and gaze ahead... No longer captive to your toxic logic, that abandoned me with an empty soul, and my heart now knows that it was your toxic logic that tortured me inside under your maniacal reign... which gave me nothing but pain…

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O mysterious light
as the eyes of my faithful sweet-heart,
inspire the distant soul
of this poet in distraught...
whose poem is still unfinished;
give him the rhythm and flow
to embellish his heart-felt verse
with sentiment and thoughtfulness!

Beyond the rolling waves,
ships carry secret lovers
who deride and defy their fate 
and set their souls on fire...
without feeling a need in dire,
or admitting an awful mistake!

O mysterious sea...
take their ship away
to a shore where nobody will see,
and let their fornication be 
as crude as the awakening
of everyone who's not afraid of indulging;   
I will take no part or joy
in their pleasure so openly and willingly! 

Could I forget that she ever existed, or
ever loved me with trust and sweetness?
Wouldn't it be unforgivable and wrong...
to waste what was blessed by holiness?
In this era of unfaithfulness,
many choose to do harm to someone else...
thinking only of self-gratification,
breaking the vows of dedication!

O mysterious sea as deep as the love
of my changeless woman,
who contemplates every sunset and dawn
with the purity of a dove:
let no beautiful eyes deceive me,
and sadly erase the innocence of her memory!

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Once upon a time, in a land far, far away— I met the person whom I shall love. It was summer season—in the month of May, when I found my dearest dove— my life; my beloved; my prized; my cherished with no name. In that land far, far away, surrounded by the seas, by the name of Puerto Prinsesa, we tasted the sweet scent of its breeze— I and my cherished with no name— as little seraphs of heaven sang in bliss. Stealing glances, that’s all we had in that land far, far away; and also in stealing glances, our tale has ended, as we witnessed ourselves falling away. The sun never rises without bringing me trances of my cherished with no name; the wind always whistles but I never had the chance to hear the voice of my cherished with no name; and so, my heart desires of revisiting our land far, far away— to bring me back to the scenes, to bring me back to my once upon a time that my yearning heart once has seen.
Author's Note: Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's Annabel Lee

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The soul of Gemini

The soul of Gemini

Gemini be so restless
Boredom be his curse
Coop him up for too damn long
And he will get real terse
He’s friendly and adorable
Until he’s bored with you
Then he’ll be off to seek another
It’s what his kind might do.

He loves to get in arguments’
Debates are dear to him
He’s a cunning, clever little chap
You’d never call him dim
He learns a bit on everything
Then thinks he knows it all
And yet he has a way with words
That could charm one up the wall.

Though fickle in the way he is
He really loves to learn
With all his curiosity
This little guy will yearn
To find out everything he can
He’s kind of nosy too
But mostly folk will like this chap
For the antics he might do.

8 August 2013 @ 1524hrs.

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Apocalypse Williamsburg

From Williamsburg, bright eyes, overseer of the metropolis, witness of endless pulsation, loose walker in green mood sometimes, drinker of emotive cocktails in the summer afternoons, tell me the news my friend but spare me from Eastern Side square puzzles. Let’s stick to our plans as I said, one trip here and there, suffering together, that’s the plan. See, the river keeps flowing despite our  nightmares,  those sidewalks have invited tourists to feel like they were red bugs in the rainforest, fostering projects of little value, breaking mirrors, flying by wingless copper statues, crossing the river in a pure firework boat. I wish I could stop by more often, I wish I could share more tables with you my friend, I wish I could travel the light speed and have a well done negroni with you on a weekly basis. The place from where you are, oh God, I feel like it is mine too, never mind to explain that.   Blessed from North to South, from West to East; Autumn. The so hundreds messages all over the park, who will be next to step over this so blessed grass ?

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I'm a Biker

I have brothers and sisters
Not by blood, by an unspoken bond
Some wear leather some wear lace
We all ride our bikes to and fro

We are a community within a community
We know what one is thinking just by a look
Based on Respect ,mutual trust
We live, love and laugh just like you

We ride the twisted, curvy roads
Wind in our face, no destination
Sound of our engine, appreciating nature
The smell of the grasslands

We're like the indians
With our own reservation
We're like cowboys, who ride a horse
Ours is a steel horse

We protect each other
And will help out anyone
Funds are raised, toys for tots
Breast cancer awarness
A family who just lost a loved one

I'm the sister who saved your daughters life
I'm the brother who protected your son
I'm a mother a father, a daughter a son
A sister a brother, an aunt an uncle

We love the same as you and yours
Our family is bigger, the ties run deep
So next time you see us, remember this
One of us might be the one to save your life

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La Sibylle Blanche du Rhin

La Sibylle Blanche du Rhin La Msytique est la Specatatrice du Divine Elle Parle au mot que je ne comprends pas "Soilel vous deffinissez est mien Pourtant vous, vous laisser il saigner Comme un nouveau vin Triste - ons ne Saurant Jamais Triste - ons ne Verront Jamias" Parle a moi, si prestine La Mystique La Sibylle Blanche du Rhin La Specatatrice du Divine Ton Voix sefane dans Le Chanson entrain de Mourir

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When I was growing UP!

When I was growing up I WAS a ninja turtle
When I was growing up my cry could make blood curdle

When I was growing up I loved race cars
When I was growing up I believed in Star Wars

When I was growing up I played with toys
When I was growing up I kicked it with the boys

When I was growing up girls had cuddies
When I was growing up my fights were beauties 

When I was growing up I made a big mess
When I was growing up I cheated on my tests

When I was growing up parents were mean
When I was growing up I was never very clean

When I was growing up I did crazy things
When I was growing up I wanted wings

When I was growing up I colored in the lines
When I was growing up I destroyed the blinds

When I grew up I realized it was fun
Now I apologize for what I have done!  

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Past The Last December

Inheritance squandered and strewn, appearing to discard his lessons of life, 
He became a wandering fool, starting over again and again, 
The destruction left in his wake, seemed to leave him nothing but torment and strife, 
But lessons learned along the way, secretly were stashed and kept by him, 

Now with greatest potential, finally he commits to redemption, 
Believing it essential, to share the knowledge of what he has learned, 
Our hapless fool now sets out, to design a most worthy commission, 
Which would finally allow, him to teach these lessons he has discerned, 

But now he knows he has gone, long past his last December, 
He’s seen far beyond, what any man should ever see, 
Now he knows much more, than he cares to remember, 
For this life-long tour, defined who he has come to be, 

He is a transient soul, never wary or vigilant, 
Yet ever watchful he grows… in the knowledge of his quest, 
But now is history, and the future is eminent, 
Life’s still a mystery, and he didn’t try his best, 

Where are his straws to grasp, and firm ground to stand upon, 
Should he be called to task, for that which he should or shouldn’t have done, 
Where is the ambition, he should have had all along, 
Just what was his mission, and would he have learned a different song, 

Answers can be all too easily found, once you have past your last December, 
But how can a sage’s logic be sound, as all of life’s lessons slowly fade away, 
And will he actually care, once there is much less to remember, 
As he has less and less to share… ignorance is bliss and this is where he will stay. 

So where does a December go, should you forget Spring, Summer and Fall, 
The stark cold winds begin to blow, hope is all but gone and prayers are hard, 
Might grace be found and faith rewarded, once there is nothing you can recall, 
Life’s passions no longer recorded, life’s last cruel and hard lesson plays its card, 

By keeping all doors open, he appeared the accidental sage, 
Holding the keys to wisdom, but the door opened a touch too late, 
For all he can remember, these lessons far too precious to trade, 
Now past his last December, sadly we watch his redemption fade…

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BOOM yelling BANG

Awakened by the loud pistol shot
A battle commenced blood was hot
“Where am I?” Alexzander thought
Noises progressing where the battle fought

Curiosity took hold, he dressed quickly
CRACK! Up above the sound sickening 
A voice he heard and recognized instantly
“Reassuring” he said admittedly 

Up the stairs sprinted the young lad
Once on deck the vision was sad
Sailors were dead and he was mad
Then tears welled up feelings bad

Something moved to quick to feel
The blade ran through, pain was real
Cold was the sharpened steel
His eyes closed shut, then he kneeled….

As the blade slew through his chest
His eyes caught hold of a man abreast
A shaven man of unknown test
Had regret in mind of his lawful jest

A boy so sickly murdered made the man ill
Took all his fight and spirit still
Then he turned towards the shrill
Of Capitan Red Beards final kill!

Over the planks he stammered over
To the boy with blood filling odor
Then to the man steel now shouldered 
Now it’s his time of death to lower.

A swing of a sword severed his head
A feeling of guilt for a child now dead
I shouldn’t have left my bed
His only tear is now being shed

A witch doctor tattooed from eye to foot
Covered the wound with a grainy soot
“A life still breaths in this crook!”
“Quick my magic and my book!”

12 days and 12 nights his magic cast
The wisdom of his darkened past
Healed the boy his color fast
Dreams were plotting a mind so vast

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Slayer of dreams and reality Bow down to his Therion Majesty Vowed to Be beyond Spiritual Supremacy, But too Frail, but too Weak, Were these words of The Transgressor of Our Argentine Destiny Reigned with Blood And with Blood You shall Fall Never denounce the ways of The Wicked For the Wicked you Have Become I'm Not your gracious Jesus Christ, Saving you from the blood-sodden Ice, But you Are The Beast Therion Majesty Can't control your own destiny The one who used to fight monsters, Became a Monster Himself Look beyond the Book, See the Truth lying there, Gagged and Hooked, Silence screaming to Be Free The Draconian Revelation Will Save thee The same Cold Pressure has erupt inside The Beast dwells in your Pride Dipped in Argentine and Insanity, Captivated by the touch Never looking beyond the Sin, For the Scene remains Empty I'm Not your gracious Jesus Christ, Saving you from the blood-sodden Ice, But you Are The Beast Therion Majesty Can't control your own destiny The one who used to fight monsters, Became a Monster Himself In your mind When the world Falls, Parodiso will open her halls But not for you, Inferno Cries out for you Forever Malaoda will Be your destiny I'm Not your gracious Jesus Christ, Saving you from the blood-sodden Ice, But you Are The Beast Therion Majesty Can't control your own destiny The one who used to fight monsters, Became a Monster Himself

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State of the nation

This world is getting tougher to survive everyday.
The cost of living is more than my pay.
It's going to get worse that's what the old folks say.
The bad times are here and here to stay.
Just look at the shape of the U.S.A.
we're afraid to let our children go out and play.
Maybe we all need to get on uor knees and pray.

Jobs are getting harder and harder to find.
What I own ain't worth a dime.
Inflation is up and so is crime.
Alot of real good people are in a bind.
Can't even get care when your in your prime.
Most everyone you know have fallen on hard time.
I can't help them out when i'm worried about saving mine.

Career politicians keep sucking us dry.
They tax everything we own and anything we buy.
Most of us blue collars will work till the day we die.
While the rich skate through life and don't have to try.
We all have to stop living this goverment lie.
It's about time we let that eagle fly.
Remember who made this country, it was you and I.

We the people can bring her back, and put this nation back on track.
We made her strong and that's a fact, and
Noone will ever be able to take away that.

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I Feel

" I Feel " 

At times I feel like no one's around 
me sometimes I feel upset and always angry.
Though times I feel like I'm all alone
sitting in a dark place where spirits
and evil roam. I feel like people take
me for granted I feel like people at
times they don't understand me.
Sometimes I hate cos my love is a memory
at times I feel so fake pretending to
be happy.

I feel hate I feel pain I feel things
that I can't explain.
I feel hurt I'm not feeling the same
I'm always thinking and my mind is strain
in my brain It's ashame.

I feel tears as they fall down my face 
so many things taking from me that 
can't be replaced. I feel abused and I 
feel used I feel thrown away I feel 

Cos I feel hurt and pain I feel damaged
and stained I feel helpless It's a shame
my hearts been shattered I feel pain.

I feel pain I feel pain I feel pain
I feel pain. I'm so in pain and
it feels like no one gives a damn
cos I feel pain.

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Tylwyth Teg Cader Idris

Tylwyth Teg Cader Idris Tylwyth Teg Cader Idris Tylwyth Teg Cader Idris Sleeping atop a Mountain Far from Greenwood village enthralling people of Folly Under calamity Thou Doesn’t notice Thou Do not take notice of Tylwyth Teg Cader Idris veiled as Travelers Believe they’re always here So pay Heed and forever be benevolently And Fortuna pursue thee provide them with Strife They will show Thee what adversity fills our world Light-Hearted-Ale Intoxicated trickery singing blissfully Awaiting Audience, Wait and see shown Thy Hospitality With Bread and Cheese O' Morgan ap Rhys Play the Harp so Enchantingly All Will dance Until death bestowed following the Revenging road Abuse the will Of The Unseen Tylwyth Teg Cader Idris Thy gift made thou so blithe With retribution Thou Couldn’t see how enchantment Curses Evil For In the Night All Will Disappear

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Stalking Snake

Creeping, crawling
Slithering snake
Listening to what's not yours to hear
Gathering, spying 
Lost in your own 
Walking tall, so you think
Like you'll never fall
You know not what they do
Creeping, Crawling
Stalking your victim
Not knowing your victim
Who knows you stalk

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Breaking bread

Tiny dirty hands layered in filth, grim under the nails, what dread do you face as you toil and toil throughout the long frightful day?

There is no comfort behind broken walls, no comfort in mothers arms, no safety offered to your wondering soul. Tiny hands scavenge for food, finding only aged bones with little meat, few scraps to feed your aching abdomen. Those hands so small, so cold, trembling uncontrollably, wrapped around your petite frame, your mind replaying “How will I survive today?” But you toil, toil on.

The water there is none. Only blackened pools of thick mud and how you long to taste the cool refreshing drips on your tongue, to soak your calloused and bruised toes, but that fantasy has long been gone.

Feeling as though you where made to suffer, made to grieve, want and never  to obtain you start to weep. Those hands, those tiny dirty hands reach up and gently push aside the free falling tears that seem to never stop.

Though you can’t see her, her pain is real.
A child of hunger, a child of fear, her wanting is palpable, honest, and correct, no lusting just dreams all shattered by circumstance and sadly she is not alone.

So as you sit in your homes surrounded by loving faces, grand objects and perfectly set dinner places, give thanks as your hands, clean and untouched by poverty break bread.

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She danced wildly amidst the crowd taunting man and woman alike
Though she was playing at all of our wants tonight

She possessed everything men like in a girl 
And the charisma of man to make the girls whirl

I say well done at such a feat
Her smile enchanting her voice sweet

Her hair a flame of yellow and black
Cut short to not hold her back

Her body lean and not lacking 
Her eyes a blue like a wave attacking

Bejeweled ears and a posture that was so
Captivating hearts began to slow

My gaze shifted head to toe in awe
Of this maiden that seemed to me all…

Then I awoke from my reverie to realize
That I will have to go with out this prize

To sea I go to conquer my fears
As I leave lifes gems behind with no tears

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To you A whole

I can’t say it yet, but I will
When I can effect you and instill 

My mind and emotions you destroy
Like a soul you own. Like a toy

One day I will defeat you!
Punch, kick, and beat you

The bruises and cuts sting right now
I want to get you away, but how?

All I hear from you is pain and torment
It is a waiting game for the one single moment

Learning hate and dismissal with indifferent tones
While I sit in a bed weak and alone

Brings me to my resolve and what I must do
Get ride of the demon and ass whole in you

My days of suffering come to an end
When I make that phone call and bring you in

Relief in the eyes of my mom and brothers a real
We made it through this whole ordeal

Most of all I except the role you failed and didn’t deserve
Bread winner in a house that can finally be heard!

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Population Control: a murder ballad

A grim occupation was his indeed
And was one that the world thought it didn't need
Which is why this ballad chooses to extol
Not "murder", but "population control". 

One Killer chose to hide his true name
By taking another's; he felt no shame,
For then he's be free to pick and choose
Someone to kill, and have nothing to lose.

A child perhaps, or reven a father;
With helpless infants he did not bother
But mothers, he would leave alone
(They reminded him too much of his own).

So much blood had he already spilt;
Despite this fact, he felt no guilt
He felt he was destined for this task;
Helping the world, though it didn't ask.

One shouldn't laugh at his self-given job
Though his resume was rather macabre,
He helped evolution by doing his best
To weed out the weak and spare all the rest.

Though murder is certainly an evil crime,
And murderers should pay for it with their time,
Consider the benefit this man had to give
By removing the weak from the strong that still live.

For science keeps the weak and diseased from death
And holds onto poor souls stuck on artificial breath.
So consider this man's actions with silver lining,
Or when the world gets overcrowded--stop whining.

But don't misunderstand what is being said here;
This poem makes light of something that's feared
And don't be surprised when someone takes role
Over humanity as "population control".

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Laugh when you cry
Dance when you mourn
Fight when you make peace
Fly when you can’t jump
Call a fool Solomon
Put on your clothes when you take a shower
Work and never ask for your wages
How about planning to steal from a police station
A monkey and an angel getting married
What about saying thank you to an atm machine after dispensing you cash
Imagine an elephant falling in love
And a bamboo tree dancing
It’s a crazy world
Even mental people rule over countries
A world where the foolish rule over the wise
Isn’t it funny how intelligent people become servants to the supposedly never do wells
Why do good girls love bad boys?
Why do bad things happen to good people?
Some bad people even live longer than good ones
Messy divorces leave you wondering if there was ever love
Crazy when you see a husband beating a wife almost to death 
Again I wonder why getting married
Gosh why bother
Take a stroll
I assure you there is plenty madness everywhere
It’s called the upside down world.

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year of remembrance

21christimase, annum as gone, am still staring at the sun there, I mean down
there goes my day youth:
tendering, losing difference type of dream, imagery unfulfilled with pain and agony.
! O ribcage, catalyst of my misery why thou you follow plangent of life, a blessing, nemesis
how would i change my destiny with time, in the day of death, friend goes away when am i
ready for the next bosom war of heart, that fall fragile without no nature to pick it up.
dear poltergeistics, nonreciprocal spouse forgive my sermon impediment am a mouse.
am like a rain which fall on people plant, for more manure.............
am like a sun who shine in human, head hat....................
am like a dream thy woke up and edifice is future............
'I can feel my ticker beating, like a drum, when am sad people are like a solace to me
thou blithe of earth thy full of sorrow, tergiversate, but people try to termagant, thy way of
tilting to the face of the earth.
'I can hear the tinnitus from the Island, for thou not judge me by my sombre, cause i need a
smidgen rain to dwell my feelings.

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Dreamer, never give up on
the unrealized dreams of yesterday;
and with nothing but hope...
you can imagine them shine,
even brighter than the furthest star...
when your sky has no other light!
Dreamer, don't put them away;
see in strides:  a courageous heart!

Lay them out on the pathways...
where everyone can see them with a clear view;
dreams are lived out by those  
who are free to trust and love anyone of their choice...
to let emotions speak with an inner voice;
dreamer, you can have them, too!

You could think of a possibility,
and turn it into a certainty;
never passing up that chance...
to paint the unrealized dreams of yesterday
with lively colors that can only 
be found in a rainbow that delights all senses!

Aliveness comes form a surge of profound awareness...
that awakening to life may seem an illusion,
so dreamer realize the dreams of yesterday
with all thoughts and joys set on tomorrow, 
and let them swirl within and immensely grow...
by not letting others interfere with your happiness,
which is often threatened by another intrusion;
dreamer, hold them in your grasp...don't let them get away!     

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Drama King

Fire, fire burning out of control. 
It started like a dimly lit candle
A spark went astray
It grew and grew
Until it raged out of control
Lives were lost along the way
Those who survived moved on
To better their life
The rest left behind
Broken hearted
Still no clue did they have
It was their own fault

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One night a man said to his son your friend is really sick
The child pondered this and asked can he be fixed

It isn’t as simple as that my boy
Why he’s not a doll or a simple toy

Secondly the child pondered what was the matter
Stomach swelling and cerebral contusions from a Horrible clatter 

A drunk man going home one eve
Didn’t mind help or watching his speed

So he was just in the wrong place
The boy was young and chase

A bruise was all the drunk man suffered and mental grief
Now the boys friend now enjoys a painless Eternal sleep

A grown man one day entered a grave yard and promised
A point that he nearly missed

The point of is statement was that he would never let a man do this
So he set about securing himself as a prohibitionist

The young man accomplished a good many laws indeed
Until he found that a drink was all he would  need

He got sick, ill rather more like a severe headache
Aspirin was out of stock and if not treated could result in a state

So he new that a drink would thin his blood to relieve pain
That was against his word, promise, and his claim!

So he did! Later found out that drink saved him
He had a blood clot in the brain would have slain him

He sought to utilize his skills to bring back alcohol use
Though not to over exceed or abuse

He won his endeavor with prohibition and drank responsibly
Taking away keys and driving licenses to the weak and wobbly

Though that man thinks of his friend he can’t take back his factions
Every night asks forgiveness for this transaction


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Mother's Nature

I was the water beneath their feet, the Warm breeze that swept past them as They took their first steps to The Promise Land. I moved them forward with little persuasion, Their minds racing with the anticipation of Life being given by my gentle hand. The trees twisted before their eyes; The sounds of the past filling their souls As my warm breath filled the air. The coyote called to you, the sky blushed, The ancient faces of years gone by, Gathered, their whispers hushed. Your faces, I remember, to this day, Were filled with dread and joy, But I knew the future you had ahead; To fight, loathe and destroy.

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My Pain

Life is an array of twists and turns
Nightmares to conquer and dreams to burn

Why must I wait
for the opening of the gate
The world outside is a forest and dark
and the people are it's bark

The lies
To dust
Cries for something more
and they drag you in because they must

What's the point?
You work to meet them
then work harder to defeat their memory
To undo their damage
and disconnect the joint

One man that knew no better
Didn't mean to make me any upsetter
When he said it was better this way
But I'd love to forget it any day

For years I've seen it
So many tears I've tasted for it
Betrayal never gets old
ask me sometime and the story will be told


All the things I disgust
and leave the taste
that leaves me to a further distrust


So many I can name
So many I can blame
So many I can claim at one point
and deny me what I want

But if you don't know, you don't know me

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From my northern city full of rain... 
I came to this splendid island of Capri,
and through the blue eyes of Emily,
that constantly remind me of that southern sky,
I saw the beautiful expression of a true smile,
a smile that drove this man insane!

" Ci vediamo a Capri, " 
she said to mer sadly...
trembling and trying not to cry; 
and though the April' breeze was  so warm,
she shivered...reaching for my  hand to hold!  
Oh, Emily that wasn't a goodbye!

O island so full of fragrant, pretty roses...
waiting for those passionate lovers:
I must depart from you with sadness,
hoping that tomorrow I will be back! 
Oh, sweet darling...oh, lovely Emily:
I won't be gone for long...from you and Capri! 

" Ci vediamo a Capri, " 
I told her with an emotion, so hurt and deep,
that brought me to tears...until I couldn't breath!
" Ci vediamo a Capri, " 
I said aloud as I caressed her face so soft and young,
a face that I would remember in my Neapolitan song!

" Ci vediamo a Capri," I shouted over the calm sea!
" Ci vediamo a Capri," was my promise to Emily! 

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Life Without You

Life without you couldn't be right.
No hugging, kissing, or pillow talk at night.

Life without you just wouldn't be fair,
I'd have all these feelings too good to spare.

Life without you would be kind of lame,
Things would be dry and always the same.

Life without you is a horrible lie,
I'd probably break down and have to cry.

Life without you can't really be
For I would be very painful and insane to me.

Life without you is a bad dream,
You and I are one, the most formidable team.

Life without you.

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Veterans Honored Everywhere

My daddy served till I was six.
A Navy man.  He loved his ship.

Rejecting Hero he would proclaim.
"Those who died should have that name."

Sailed many times across the waves.
Rescuing prisoners from cells as graves.

A Coxman warning of things to come.
That sound still echos to setting sun.

Blow the whistle as bugals blare!
Today Veterans shall be honored everywhere.


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Night before battle

Optio's! Centurions! Lend me your ears
But finish your rations and down your beers

For tommorow awaits the adventure of a life time
We battle our enemies for many bloody crimes

So tonight go home and bed your wives
Because some of you will lose your lives

Fill your bellies and admire your friends
For they will follow you to all your ends

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Being born in the postwar fifties,
after darkness and catastrophe
ascended on all Europe,
I didn't experience cruelty and horror... 
but hope came from the defenders of freedom
from North America and England;
and their military supremacy crushed
Hitler's vanity and his inhumane empire!
I was given birth by a courageous mother,
who saw bombs drop on buildings,
and escaped to the countryside with a few belongings...
dragging grandmother to safety!

Fear was everywhere...people had to hide,
and liberty was a forbidden cry;
even in the Vatican City, and rumors...
if not facts, confirmed that some
were afraid to speak against this evil,
but continued to tremble,
and in doing so they let many die!
Wasn't God angry at their hypocrisy;
and if they had taken a stand against the evildoers...
wouldn't it spared many?

It's my turn to protest the evil
that destroyed the life of big and small
for their faith, religion and race;
those voices are still ignored,
but  they are finally heard;  
their thirst for peace and justice
will be quickly quenched!
It's my turn to heal their wounds
with sweet and consoling words of kindness,
and alleviate their fears that what happened yesterday...
must not be repeated in our history;
and wil I be able to do this without facing controversy?
It's my turn to use the written word,
to outshine everyone whose interest is greed! 

Nobody more than I
was saddened by this tragedy,
so powerful and overwhelming,
to promptly modify the traits of my personality;
to be more considerate and caring,
and partake in Humankind's destiny!
An Aquarius has many
distinguishing qualities
and talents, and I intend to use them wisely...
listening to their struggles 
with much sympathy!
It's my turn to use the written word,
to declare war on the state of unfair things,
proceed with caution on flapping winds...
to land where I am welcomed,
and see every hand touching mine;
only when the their joy returns, I can certainly smile!

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Books are a way of learning a trade
Books tell us stories, poetry, and plays

Books entertain our vast minds to the fullest
Books are in my opinion the coolest!

Books describe people of the past
Books are abundant at home and in class

Books bring home dragons and ghouls
Books aren’t apart of uneducated fools

Books represent a means to an end
Books are there when you haven’t a friend 

Books are hard and soft sometimes
Books are in brail to educate the blind

Books will be here and with me forever
Books without you doesn’t bring us together

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Taking hope out of a gloomy day
is like living without a hopeful heart;
and waiting for miracles without praying
is bringing on a specter of infidelity,
which disrupts my daily living...
making me ponder faith with distrust!

Before it rains, I hope for a rainbow at five...
believing that it will there for me to admire,
not merely imagining, but envisioning its beauty;
what is hidden from the eyes shouldn't be a mystery,
and this Humankind has created myths and legends
for the ones lacking the sixth sense!

Embarking on that journey of incognito,
solely relying on this overburdensome ego,
causes me to experience inquietude
in a most unfovarable latitude;
and freedom is confined in short miles,
when my ship comes to an halt for guidance!

Before it rains, I'll see myself securing the anchor,
and step on the pier of the safest harbor...
waving at the fading rainbow over the refulgent horizon;
taking pride and remembering the grueling fright
of a captain who never displayed a doubt...
even when the storm dashed the agitated ocean!

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The Drunk

He drank himself to sleep again.
Hoping that it will be better tomorrow.
Always the same story,
Feeling so sorry, but not to worry
It will be ok.

He wasn’t always like that.
Things were better before.
Back then, he still felt sorry for a whore.
When he sees them now, he gets a sly smile.
‘cause when you’re drunk & gone,
It’s always a little fun.

Slapping them around
‘till they’re silent & sound.
Playing his games,
Oh what a shame,
He has become such a lame.

Tomorrow when he’s sober
He’ll feel so ashamed.
It’s too late now
Last night is gone & over.
Never to repeat itself again.

Poor guy,
He was always so shy.
Now he’s just a drunk
& no one wants to help,
‘cause his life already sunk.

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My number #1 true friend in the world a.k.a @ Oklahoma and school. She is always there for 
me no matter what happens and she always listens to you and whenever you ask her for her 
help she’ll help you. And we talk just bout everything and whenever we get a chance. And 
we’ve known each other about 5 years now and forever and ever ? and every friendship 
has a story and always has a up or down problem so you not alone not even close. And if 
you wanna know people just start talking to them so you could get to know them a little 
better than ever. And negative people look up to us because how close we are and true 
friends do everything together. And we get along with other people no matter people say to 
or about us because we don’t care at all because it doesn’t hurt us at all and if people claim 
to be one of your friends and they talk bad behind you to be honest that’s not a true friend 
at all. These girls a.k.a Amanda and Serenity are true friends they talk to each other, there 
for each other and they have more sad and upset moments with each other no matter what. 
And they always put everything to the side so they could find out the problem is or what 
happened or sais to them these are true friends no lie ? and you cant find no one else out 
there like us ?. And you have to be honest at all times so they we could understand the 


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Summer is real and stress free for children
The kind of stuff I would like to feel again

Magic days of battles and fun
Stories at camp and hills to run

Sports and invention were there always
Lounging in the pool taking in the warm days

No worries and cares even entered my mind
Now a days it gets harder to find

The same feelings I used to get when
My hair waved hello and goodbye to the wind

Barbeques and board games are a kind jest
To all your friends and make them the best

Spray of the hose and water guns made me laugh
Our fishing poles were at the ready to cast

These days are getting tough with work and bills
One day I will find a way back to a time that fills

With Summer

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A Smile Summit True

A Smile Summit True

Oh, the young do await the game;
They put off ‘til the morrow,
The weight of dreams to bear;
They blunt the anguish and sorrow,
Draw near my sullen few;
I’ll whisper in your ear: the neon
Glow, the murmur low calls one
On to chase it; yet such love
Is lame;
A dirty shame;
Our scars will never show it,
In heaven they all know it.

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The Battlefront Soldier

Tall and strong;
Always pushing on.
Never once looking back,
Straight up and stiff back.
My heart was and is yours,
But you turned me down and sent me away.
You might be military, baby,
But I don’t care.
Hold me and love me, but leave my heart there.
I want you to be mine, but distance is your barricade with which you hide.
I fear you’ll hide behind it forever,
With or without my dreams.
I see you walking away or standing on enemy lines,
Looking back onto my side of the fence and wondering to cross it or not.
You have your gun, you have your uniform, and you have your armor. 
You doubt me because of what happens with others, and you ignore the others who have succeeded.
Why not give me a chance?
Let me show you I can be who you want.
Ignore just letting me be a distance away. 
Please; please I beg you; don’t walk away and leave me as I am. 

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Modesty is for the one not seeking more,
I came crashing like a wave to rage 
my battle over the undeserving one;
I declared my right and proclaimed it on stage..

Give a crown, not a trophy...
I struggled through years of obstinacies,
while others celebrated their life with garb:
nothing was given to me, I earned every degree;
when courage was scarce, I clinged to myself,
hoping that a better day would come!

Riches can make an individual's life free of needless pain,
and from that inheritance I never received a dime:
my careless dad squandered it on a wicked woman,
whose lust for pleasure was as lurid as her mind;
and my quest for a brighter tomorrow remained silent,
but this inner voice was guide my step!

Give a crown, not a trophy...
I outran everyone tripping and falling,
and my stamina got me to the finishing line;
my sweat felt like warm rain  
and its raindrops seemed the jewels on that crown
that I had dreamt of winning!
Give a crown, not a trophy;
and do I ask much for this formidable try?

Wealth keeps many from being famous,
it may be rooted in laziness, or a life-style of comfort:
I have neither felt it nor enjoyed it...or even come close;
it isn't given without a must be earned without haste,
and if it is a crown you are after,
put away all your stubbornness and dare!

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September 11th

Today’s the day
When it all went down.
The pain and sorrow,
And the worlds big frown.
It shouldn’t have happened,
All those innocent people,
Who had to be there,
Now have God as their keeper.
It wasn’t their time to go.
I feel horrible for their families.
I just want to ask you,
 To pray for them please.
The terrorists that did this
Will get what they deserve.
They’ll get Satan’s kiss!
They must be heartless
To even think of this!
There are people to thank
Like the firemen and cops,
And a lot of people gave blood.
Even if it was just drops.
When the towers got hit,
The world thought it was an accident.
No one would’ve guessed
That it was really terrorists.
So don’t forget this day.
Its part of our painful history.
It’ll be in the books.
But why it happened,
Will always be a mystery.

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Small Town Big People

I look in the mirror and see the years gone
I can look beyond the glass out the window
To the yards of my childhood
I can smell the flowers and feel the grass ‘neath my feet. 
I can hear the music blasting on the radio
Mama callin’ me for supper.  

I yearn to go back to that danged town
I fought to get away and never look back,
I never wanted to live there again. 
I guess there’s a piece of me
There in that little town. 

The town is small and so are the events
You’re everyone’s business 
You can get a break and can’t get away
You don’t even have a say
You go to and from and people protest
And those same people will still put you to the test

I yearn to go back to that danged town
I fought to get away and never look back,
I never wanted to live there again. 
I guess there’s a piece of me
There in that little town. 

I made it to the big town K.C, 
Got myself a husband and a son and a place to live
Settled in and made a life, got a career
I swear I’ll never return to my best friend
Comfortable where I stand, 
Happy where I am 

I yearn to go back to that danged town
I fought to get away and never look back,
I never wanted to live there again. 
I guess there’s a piece of me
There in that little town. 

Well times are hard,
And people are ruthless in this cut throat time
Jobs are scarce and bills run high
You never know what you’ll hear at night
The people are small in this big town
Yeah people are small in this big town

I yearn to go back to that danged town
I fought to get away and never look back,
I never wanted to live there again. 
I guess there’s a piece of me
There in that little town. 

I guess the town is small
Just good ol’ boys and girls havin’ fun
Small place, small town, small world
People may talk and people may watch
But the biggest thing in that small town
Are the people after all. 

I yearn to go back to that danged town
I fought to get away and never look back,
I never wanted to live there again. 
I guess there’s a piece of me
There in that little town. 

-Heather Birdwell 9/22/2009

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A tender child is sleeping in a warm manger
watched by a sweet,happy mother;
joy bells ring in glory,
in the blue Heavens
shines a yellow star!
This night is too cold for the sheperds
watching their sheeps over the hills of Bethlem;
the Angel of the Lord will surprise them:
as they'll tell them,"The King has come!"
That star will lead them,
and they will find the little King...there;
kept warm by the breath of his mother Mary!

Joy bells ring in glory;
the Wise Men are coming from the East,
to bring Him the precious gifts of destiny...
to worship that humble child
sent from a caring God:
to show the hearts of men His love at last!

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bone sparks

cold ogre universe
engulf tender stars 
spit out the bones-see the sparks... 
everyone looks toward the sky
says how pretty they are
complimenting the slaughter
how endearing and naive.

Pot black sky means the ogre is idling,
fattened by star fillets, it sleeps.
New stars are born,
honed with their shine
but when ogre awakens
the bone sparks will fly
once again- 

Birth and slaughter
hungry and saited
pinwheels of time
turns oasis to wastland:
This is the natural course of things,
purity always ravaged
by green toothed savage
while the masses chew on 
the cool glass
of indifference...
whispering bloody lipped to the ID,
"glad its not me."
how endearing and stupid
can these IDiots be.

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Friends, Fools, and Fame

Chad is the musical genius battling with wits
Kevin is the Thespian that quotes every script
Travis engineers botanical gardens menacingly quick
Dawn brings our savagery down with a kick

Roommates - learn from them and heed their lesson
For you can progress if you master their blessing
Don’t get caught slipping or even resting
For its your skills that they are constantly testing

Remember what has been done good and bad
Memories of events will be all you ever have
Though maybe in a way that is sad
But what ever happens be grateful and glad

One discovers mysterious things when people happen
Like what you really find absurd or what’s hot and crackin’
Quirks, fidgets, and repetitive behavior eat at your factions
Just remember ones blunders are noticed too through action 

Community and partnerships form up around this deal
Apart of a common wealth are now deemed real
Study this observantly and notes you’ll steal
Around ones friends you develop and feel

Outside this commune one has another view
About the responsibility of another cast and crew
Life views some as stars others as a tool
But to those one lives with be the mindful fool

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I arise in love with love it grows its fruit out of my wings love makes my heart sing, romance. love makes me selfless in a state of agape. love keeps me thinking in isolation, hoping in dejection. love makes me express on bed of roses entangled an intertwind in bliss woven passions that rejects lust, yet invites love. the necter is sweet as pleasures trancend and ravish my trinity oh love is faithfull, willing and definately able. oh definately able! Love existed before Cain killed Abel It will bring joy to it's possessors Captivating it's keepers Uplifter of weepers Bringing pleasure to those who express it, who grow it live it make it.

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In Debt Blues

My cheap wine is the only thing I buy 
I'm so broke I can't afford to cry 
I'm so deep in debt, such a long way to get out 
The in debt blues is what I'm singing about 
I work for the man, I'm as poor as can be 
I have no chair, no couch or tv 
You can never win, if you always lose 
I've got them bad, the in debt blues 
Debt relief says give them a call 
I'm so stressed I light my last Pall Mall 
I need help, so many bills, I'm so confused 
Someone please help me get rid of those in debt blues 
Cabinets are empty, not a crumb in the house 
Slim pickens for all, including a mouse 
Cabbage water to drink, cabbage to eat 
I can't recall the last time I tasted meat 
No socks and worn out shoes 
I just can't seem to walk away from those in debt blues 
Bill collectors calling me each and every day 
You have to face up to your issues, can't just run away 
now I'm reaching out, hope it's not too late 
I pray I haven't sealed my own fate 
I ask what is a broke and poorly educated man to do 
Let me cleanse myself and wash away these in debt blues

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Ballad In A Graveyard

Behold my brother, MDG
Handsome, gifted, crazy
Living his days in drudgery
Thoughts unfocused, hazy

He takes his hat off in the rain
Looks down upon her grave
He sinks to earth in melting pain
Her life he could not save

He loved her then, still loves her now
Helpless as he sits here
She gave to him her lifelong vow
That he should never fear

Her going before him in death
He was the older one
He’d be first to draw the last breath
That promise, now undone

Leaves him lonely to start new life
He does not know how to
Begin afresh without his wife
He struggles to bow to

What he cannot comprehend –
Shorn of his beloved
Filled with a grief that never ends
Life? How can he live it?

Now he feels enraged, quite angry
Nothing’s fair about this!
So he sets out, mean and hungry
To try to make right this

Situation (aberration 
Is more like it he thinks --)
To refuse death’s sad invitation
He shakes his head and blinks

For there, before him, standing tall
A shadow figure waits
From its petrified fingers fall
First closed, then open gates

One portal to the unknown days,
The other, portal past
He shifted back and forth his gaze
Then suddenly, he gasped

Through portal past he saw himself
Lost, grave side, deep in pain
And then that scene resolved itself
In pouring, golden rain

Through the portal of unknown days
He sees her peaceful face
And seeks to trust God’s unknown ways
On earth, in time and space

He decided not to fight it
Or beg his lover back
No need to undo or right it
He saw there was no lack

Her peaceful face shone in his mind
Her spirit touched his soul
His vision cleared, no longer blind
His heart was healed, made whole

The pouring rain lets slowly go
The earth that holds the grave
His mind fills up with Spirit’s glow
He’s clean, reborn and brave

He can now face his life alone
Until his time to die
He knows her soul’s not trapped in stone
She’s always by his side

He’s happy now, with many friends
Who understand his peace
He lost his need to make amends
Their love will never cease

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A Mariner

A mariner leaves for months at a time
With a wind in his sails and a goal in mind

He doesn’t know what lies ahead
And he eats lots of fruit with dry wheat bread

The adventure calls and ignites his soul
But Mother Nature bawls and takes her toll

Hurricanes and wind tear at his nerves
After he makes it he finally learns
The lesson taught by life itself
Your stories not finished till it’s on the shelf

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A Walk in the Clouds

The day is met
The dream lost
windows sleeping cry
A  land where heros have died 
A bird swin pertch slips away
The sky plundered in air filled sighs
with a road of a blank notion in blaket of devotion
A time I spend here is natalicly splintit
A war to high too see
A night to cold for me
a walk in the clouds

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My Best Friends

They are the ones that I met
They are the ones that I have found
They are still here and I am Glad
Because I would never want to go down

They are the laughters and smiles
They are the sky and the sun
They are the ocean and wind
They are the only ones

They are my best Friends
They are the people who I hang on to
They are my best Friends
We are not just some bunch of Fools

Susan is feminine but she's the daisies in spring
Her eyes sparkled and she is strong in what she thinks

Mat is a flirt but he is the joker of the group
He never likes girls to treat him some kind of a fool

Susan loves fashion designs and talks like any other girl
Mat loves himself to flirt with the girls around the world

And I dont care for what they are
And I am just glad that these are the people that made me come this far
And I would not make a mistake in pulling ourselves apart
We will keep ourselves in daylight when we beginning to feel the dark

And I love them more than everyone can see
They feel like they are more than just a family

Because they are all i have in me

All I Have in me..

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The Battle Begins

Now sleep I may,
Into the night,
For the spirits and tomatoes
helped set things right.

I know I shouldn’t have,
For my meds don’t allow it,
But is too late now,
Please don’t you try it.

Was something I needed,
The pressure within,
Oh how I wish,
To start over again.

But she will not have it,
I do not fit in.
Her schedule is hectic, 
No time to mend.

I call her up,
No time for me,
She says just give up,
Please leave me be.

How I hate spirits,
How do you people drink this stuff?
But I am not finished,
I haven’t had enough.

For there are things inside me,
We have to get out,
Scratches on my back,
I could live without.

So deep and hurting,
Attacking my heart,
This day has been coming,
It is not a new start.

I knew from the beginning,
That this could not be,
But always an ending,
To set you free.

Now in total darkness,
The lights are so bright,
What will become of me,
On this fateful night.

The black wolf approaches,
I can sense his fear,
He can smell my scratches,
As he comes near.

Death is our battle,
We will fight tonight,
Our hearts will rattle,
To see who is right.

Deeper and deeper,
I am going down,
His blows are a killer
So profound.

He knows where to strike,
To make the best hit,
I try with all my might,
But deeper into the pit.

A loosing battle I fight,
I wanted to win,
But this is not the night,
What a night it has been.

I have a cold and feel terrible. What did you think?

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He wasn't like any other ordinary boy
of his own age, but an explorer so passionately
enamored with the sea,
 which once almost drowned him; 
he was criticized and mocked for his idea,  
and yet he tried to persuade them
that the earth wasn't flat, but round...
and they called him crazy!

The redheaded explorer, with a rugged face,
continued to persue that dream,
through rejection and impatience,
he pushed forward to accomplish his mission
with his brothers on his side,
and God to guide him through his struggles;
after years of persistance and persuasion,
he was finally granted his wish!

He had an unbreakable trust in God,
and often asked his men aboard to pray,
and a miraculous circumstance
suddenly hindered his munity;
visible weeds from the coastal waters,
and shrilling fowls flying overhead
 had sure  and immediate signs of land...
and Columbus looked to Heaven in praise!  

The redheaded explorer lived in a time of constant change,
and he changed the destiny of many
by discovering a rich land...
different from the one he had ever imagined;
and he was certain of having found
a westward route to Asia...
but he wasn't aware that his discovery
was another continent later to be named," America." 


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Lord, use me
to accomplish your purpose,
and make a sower out of me...
to multiply these scattered seeds;
miracles come in many forms:
in blessings of prosperity!
What I gave was all I had,
and what I will receive
will be more
than abundance!     

Defying danger and changelling death, 
I walked straight into the wilderness,
but nothing scared me in my pursue; 
afraid of  turning the pages of the Bible
and not feeling sympathy for myself,
I ventured all and got lost...
my innocence turned into lust,
which gave me pleasure without any rule!

Lord, use me 
to drive many away from foolishness, 
and as You forgave me of my impurities...
they will see Your mercy
as clear as morning;
and reject sin as a hateful thing!   
Lord, use me     
to declare the freedom that came with change,
and anyone can be part of it...regardless of age;
Lord, use me and let me love in humility!

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Many wonderful voices are heard...
the brighest star is seen;
o joyful bells ring in glory!
In the blue Heavens....see
the angels proclaim God's Word;
this night is cold for those 
sheperds watching their restless sheep
on the Bethlehem's hills.

A shining angel startles them,
as he tells them...the Child
prophesied long ago, 
has born! And that star will lead 
them to the manger, where He
sleeps so calm and mellow;  
doesn't Mary know that Her baby
will soon save Humankind?

O joyful bells ring in glory!
Let every angel praise
the glorious birth of a Prince,
who'll be the Sheperd of many...
whose hearts have longed for real joy!
O sweet child sent from God,
you've come to redeem the sinful world!
O joyful bells ring in glory!

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Where were you - 2

Cont... from Where were you - 1

Ah, if only they could see the terrible truth,
Of the plans they have to steal power,
From each and every nation on earth,
Are all foretold; Just not the day or hour,

So you just sit back and take it easy,
For these terrifying things can’t be stopped,
They are written, and we from sea to shining sea,
Have no hope except for our lamps to be held up,

Hold the lamp of your faith in our Lord high, 
Let all see that you care, love and follow,
The Lord’s two commandments we live by,
To Love God… and Love all people now,

Pray for all as we pass through this test,
Of our faith in our Lord being rewarded,
Which will cause much doubt and unrest,
In those without complete faith in our Lord,

And remember that our job does not change,
As true disciples and as true Christians,
We are to gather the harvest we obtain,
As believers who nonbelievers may shun,

The light is now rising and coming from the East,
And the remnant from every Christian Church,
Must stand together against the terrible beast,
And yet love the new kings who will run the earth,

For each of them will still be God’s children,
And by turning even one of their hearts,
We may be able to save one of them,
And their terrifying plan may fall apart,

But the wars, the disasters and sheer greed,
Will not stop and indeed will increase,
To the point where people can’t eat,
And lands will be consumed by disease,

And when all of this has come to pass,
When we learn how the rapture worked,
And the Lord saves the sinners ‘til last,
Those of us who failed to live by the Word,

So in the future when the people ask,
‘Where were you when this happened?’,
Burning questions which will take us to task,
‘We were too busy to worry about the end.’.

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Memory Lane

I’m about to go drink away
Friends lost down memory lane
Some died of age
Others gone by actions of vain

One thing is certain
Their memories shall last
When a man starts drinking
He thinks of the past

Friends of new
And friends of old
Some friends feelings
Have even grown cold

Down memory lane
They shall always be
Down memory lane
The good times is all I see

Yet it hurts so much
For some were stolen
Yet  one still lives
And that friendship was golden

Stolen it was
By a thief in the night
And I did what had to be done
To make things right

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Confessions of love

         Confessions of  Love

As a nation in mourning,prepares for the war,
A way of life is changing,it can't be like before.
People feel sorrow,for all that has died,
Thousands of people dead,thousands of tears cried.
I listen to stories,as the visions are still fresh in my head.
Confessions of love,were the last words said..........
One brief second,to say goodbye,
Then the next moment,the people just died.
The dying words of many,was to say I love you.
To comfort their loved ones,when they could see it was through.
I think of those phone calls,the final goodbyes,
As a nation vows vengence,for all that has died.
Monuments of progress,lie in ruins on the ground,
As they sift through the wreakage,the bodies are found.
I think what was,and what's up ahead,
I try to understand,just too many dead.
As the leaders plan,their coarse of attack,
A sorrow starts to grow,there's no turning back.
I think of those last words,a phone call back home,
Then the spirits were extinquished,the loved one's left alone.
People light candles,hope for the best?
What happens next,is anyone's guess........
The mighty fortress of civilization,is now rubble on the ground,
More people dead,more bodies found........
The bell starts to toll,as the death toll grows higher,
Yet their dying words,were those of desire.
To try to comfort the upcoming loss,
Confessions of love,by the souls that were lost.
I think of what happened,it's just stuck in my mind,
I wonder of the future and cry for mankind.
When will all of this destruction just end?
I see it become perpetual,with intentions we send.
The acts must be punished,but when will it stop?
Then confessions of love,just rise to the top.................

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Many wonderful voices are heard,
the brightest star is seen...
o joyful bells ring in glory;
in the blue Heavens...see
the angels proclaim God's Word!
This night is cold for those
shepherds watching their restless sheep 
on the Bethlehem's hills!

A shining angel startles them,
as he tells them...the Child,
prophesied long ago,
has born! And that star will lead them
to the manger, where He
sleeps so calm and mellow.
Doesn't Mary know that her baby
will soon save Humankind? 

O joyful bells ring in glory!
Let every angel praise
the glorious birth of a Prince,
who'll be the Shepherd of many...
whose hearts have longed for real peace!
O sweet Child sent from God,
you've come to redeem the sinful world! 
O joyful bells ring in glory!

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Old ways worked

The Old Ways Worked 

Oh 50 years passed by with the flick of an eye
and our people got so soft don't you see
Back in the fifties people worked oh so hard
just to bring home the bacon for ye 

Well the machines oh they came and the work it all went
till there was nothing to do don't you see
it was better back then when the kids had respect 
for their elders who sired them with glee

Oh the people grow fat for there's nothing to do
no crowbar or shovel for ye
No sweat of the brow of a days work well done
and a cold beer at sunset for me….

Minority groups have stuffed up the world
full of great ideas so they think 
So now the kids are out of control
anarchy comes to the bar for a drink…

Oh I got the cane at school yes too right..
teachers got some respect just from me..
I didn't steal cars & didn't do time
and I’m drugs and alcohol free?
……..Don Johnson

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My Precious Sister 1992 - 1994

The year was 1994 and it is now 2005
Time has passed and continues to pass!
I can still see her lying in the hospital
I can still see her sweet face
Even though it was drained from the pain
And of course the tears she cried!
I can still see the drips through her nose
I can still see the anguish in her eyes
I can still see the beating of her heart as it races with sadness and regret!
I can still hear the doctors talking though I don’t know what they are saying
Talk, Talk, Talk that’s all I hear
Yes, my precious sister is still fresh in my mind.

Jade, precious is what you are
You are never far away from my heart
I keep you close, ever so close
You are my precious sister and I love you!

My eyes are filled with green, showing my envy
My heart is filled with black, showing my lament
Why lament? 
A state, which we should envy?
Yes because precious you were and precious you are
My precious sister!

In my heart and mind you are
Day in and day out!
I long to talk to you and
Tell you that I love you and
Tell you that you are my precious sister

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I Wonder ? (PAGE NO. 1)

The Word professional according to Webster New World Dictionary(Third   
College Editon)means: engaged in, or worthy of high standards of a profession.
designating or of a school, esp. a graduate school, offering instruction in a 
profession.  earning one's living from an activity, such as a sport, not normally 
thought of as an occupation.  engaged in by professional players.  engaged in a 
specified occupation for pay or as a means of livelihood(a professional writer.  a 
person who does something with great skill.

Well Lord, you know that the only professional attributes that I have is writing, and 
maybe singing.  however, I know that I am lacking in much when it comes to 
actually. being a professional.  I've not attended a college legally.  I never even 
attended a publich school in Her Majesty America The Beautiful.  You know that 
when I sat on Kiemona's lap at age(3), I began to read the Holy Bible to her and 
that's when my formal education began.  Ye, I had tutors(people who came to my 
dad's San Fransico Estate to eaducate me in- the introductory of Algebra, 
Chemistry, Geometry, Science and etc. until I turned 7 years olded.  Then those 
brutal people came and killed Kiemona and Angelo in the summer of 1989.  I 
was the only one who survived a gunshot wounded in the left chest.

Since then its been You, Master who has continued to teach me.  You showed 
me by Your Holy Spirit that you would become my mother and father(psalms 
27:10).  You taught me right and You taught me what was wrong.  All the teaching 
that I was suppose to receive in The Nest(Family  at Home), well the people in 
the street life taught me.  Its only now do I realize that I must shun their teaching, 
because it always seem to cause me pain.

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HE and his ART

Many hearts, each a beat
HE and his Art
Sympathy struck my soul within the Watts Towers
One man, broken, lost
Gave other broken pieces of life another chance to shine
With beauty and grace
Close to his heart
Close to god

Before his hand came down
They were just figures fallen
Pieces hitting
Rock pavement bottom

These objects, that once served propose
Once had value
No longer desired

Used and abused
Broken souls
Left to corrode

Do you know what it feels like to be alone in fear
In shame with no hope
Can’t look in the mirror

Thought to no longer have purpose,
On this earth
To no longer have beauty
To no longer, have worth


Sees art on the ground
His Hand comes down
A man, once broken and scared
A suffering alcoholic with a second chance at life
His heart and soul he bares 

Perhaps it was sympathy,
He felt that day
When he started to create, a place of hope
The skills to cope 
For the pieces left to waste away

Each broken object, each piece of junk
He gave a gift of serenity
To shine and glimmer
To live beautifully,
In company 
Sublime and serene

Surrounded by like others,
Once pieces left behind 
Alone, you seek cover
Together, in time

Is strength, and beauty
A vision of unity
A collective propose
Of vision and purity

What new perspective, from the inside to out 
Changes on the faces of the people about 
Seeing the junk, as a ship not sunk

In the shape of hope
And inspiration, a dream
Where we can go and where we have been

Reflect on this now
Of those who never saw
What the man’s vision was
Love, real and raw
In those broken pieces

With his signature, his heart
Left in different formations
Bottle and plates
Many hearts, each a beat
HE and his Art

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Beautiful and loveable one,
you've vanished into nothing
and left me hanging
with a question in mind:
could I ever find someone...
who's witty and kind?

I am going, like a merry-go-around,
from one lover to the other...just giving
love to anyone who's able to bring
some passion and feeling!

I'd rather go back in time today,
and relive those moments again...
the ones that can take this pain away,
to make me remember the warm rain
coming down.. when spring
gave us another song to sing!  
 I am going ,like a-merry-go-around,
from one lover to the other... hoping
that on the other side someone is waiting!
I have kissed others with selfish eyes
and simply realized what was missing:
 you were unique in everything,
filled me up with joy and surprise...
making me discover another world! 

My long nights are as cold 
as these smooth satin sheets...  
I'll find a better reason to believe
that I can close these eyes tonight and dream!
And if years don't turn into days, I'll wait...
until I have stopped going 
from one lover to the other,
and wasted what you adore!

The sooner you realize my endless need,
the faster I will stop running wild and breath!  

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the steps of boardwalk city

People are like cities
They’re beautiful at first
Cities are like people
They hold on to the worst
People are you and I 
We mirror most of the hurt

I don’t believe in quarters 
Pleasing wishing wells or 
That waterfalls’ never break flow
Children of ruins and run
With no place to go

I miss the things 
That I have forgotten
I can honestly say the most 
For the people who were brought to me 

And you should know
Bed time stories were nothing more than lies
And now you know
Why beggars and grown men with no homes 
Have the best stories to tell

People are like cities
They’re left in ruins 
Cities are like people 
They’re broken in places
I can honestly say the most 
For the people who were brought to me 

Catherine’s in tears 
But she lust for bachelors and ball room curtains
Rebecca moans 
But there no rose petals in this empty city 
Her mirror smiles and tells her she’s un-pretty
Sons of train stops
Children of rain drops 
Orphans of this boardwalk city
Words cannot heal your wounds 
But if helps your more than lovely

“Excerpts from a stranger’s journal”

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Trapped in a Rocker's Web of Lies

The cruel relationship we have is my fault.
It started when I foolishly shook your hand,
Glancing at my trusted friend who surprised
Me with the chance to meet my favorite band.

You grinned and told me your name, which I already knew,
Invited me backstage to meet the other guys.
Every step I took, you would follow me, watching me,
How could I have known that every little word from your mouth was a lie?

When your arm wrapped itself around my waist, I 
Didn't act, didn't think, that maybe just maybe
Something bad was going to happen, Not even
When you pulled me closer, tugging at my clothes,
Calling me your babe.

You showed me the way to your hotel room, 
Pulling me into your trap. Forcing me onto your bed,
Making me play along. I became your plaything,
A toy abused for your entertainment until I was dead.

Now I lay,
Curled up at your side.
Trying to gather myself, trying to think,
Now I know what it's like to be used by your kind. 

I don't know where to go, who to tell.
Please don't make me go near your again,
I don't ever want to see your face again, never hear
Your voice. It'll cause to much pain.

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Blondie was the next door girl,
with a sexy body that made men go wild,
and like them, I fell in love without guilt inside;
I had fun...not worrying about Hell.

Blondie was looking for her sugar daddy,
saying that wasn't wrong accepting money,
gifts, clothes, expensive cars and jewelry!
Blondie, pretty Blondie, with no ethics:
why did you do that to yourself?
Was all that a replacement for your dad?
You certainly had the looks of models,
and that didn't mean hope was dead!
Blondie, pretty Blondie, you sneered and laughed!

There's was a retired veteran down the block,
you volunteered to do errands and clean his house,
and he was a wealthy one, perhaps the one you sought;
and making up lies you got him to give you a fortune...
your baby didn't need any kind of surgery, but John
fell for your trick and gave you fifty thousand dollars,
he had many ships, now he's totally broken and out of luck!  

Blondie, pretty, Blondie, who's going to be
your next sugar daddy?...No, it certainly won't be me!
Blondie, pretty Blondie, get some sleep and reflect on your grave mistake...
look for a normal guy who can take care of you, stop being that spoiled brat!

Two detectives from the local precinct rang her bell today,
and with a warrant in their hands they took her away;
Blondie tried to resist arrest, and they handcuffed her against her will... 
she always thought of bribing authorities with enough water in her well!
Wasn't she even think of that unrealistic monstrosity?
There in a cell, she can't to bend the iron bars without audacity! 

Blondie, pretty Blondie, you had freedom and a loving family,
your mom worked hard and raised your with morals...Blondie, pretty Blondie;
and with hostility, you turned against her and became an escort, joining the night ladies:
snorting cocaine and picking up guys by the hundred...weren't you scared of catching Aids?

Copyright (C) 20210 by Andrew Crisci

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The Unknown

My name is darkness
They are afraid of me
I am associated with evil
Nothing can be seen in darkness
Darkness and Light God created them both
But light is well liked, darkness is well hated
I darkness, the devil has used me to deceive and scare people
I wish I can be understood that nothing evil resides in me
It is just my nature that I am dark and fear of the unknown follows people who encounter or see me
When people die they think that darkness holds their loved ones
OR they are resident there 
Rooms and houses become desolate because it is dark
Darkness or night I am just as friendly as light or day
God created us both not the devil
Crying does not only belong to darkness even joy brings some tear
People even celebrate at night
It is deception and ignorance that brings the fear of the dark
I darkness am not evil God created me. 

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The Scavenger Dog

The scavenger dog

Moving along the dirty streets
With its standing ears down
Sored at both tip. No gametes
At sight sex unknown no proper noun

Running away from stones
Well targeted, thrown by the jocular juveniles
For showing interest in contested bones
They laugh unhappily as their best friend flies

Feasting on the black round faeces
Of well fed fat goats
Or a week old lorry ridden rats or rotten Pisces
Puddle. Lucky when it sees a bone that floats

Playing seriously with Latrine flies
Who always surround its nine vivid ribs
Sucking nectar where it wounds lies.
In its hair dead ticks build their cribs.

Lying comfortably on the puffy street sewage
Allowing the fighting mice to lull it to death
It was after a drink from the drainage
And barking on a scorpion which it later ate.

Shaking helplessly on the road
Till the lead trailer ran pass it.
It was buried by cars and buses full with load
The worms and flies could not just die with it 

It was a pregnant dog. 

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An infamous thief
lived a restless life,
looking out for those
vigilant, shrewd cops;
his crafty hands pulling out
those tools out of the box,
to feed that ego so imprudent:
would he never be caught...
when his instincts coudn't predict?

Escorted to the court-room, 
in hand-cuffs and chains,
he faces the harshest judge
of the In-God-We-Trust-Country...
a female judge who's fair but firm,
and yet so unsympathetically angry;
and she like a fearless preacher warns,
" Whoever thinks has a right
to steal, rob, kill or disturb the peace...
must be punished accordingly to the crime! "

All he wanted was an easy flow of money,
dirty money without a trace of sweat;
and he acted like the richest man of the county...
flashing it around and feeling great!
Did he ever foresee an end to that bliss,
how could he not be harmed by his own mischief?

In the coldest cell, he sits on the sheetless bed...
frowning upon an unsuccessful scheme:
if he were able to bend each bar with those hands,
unlock each door and sprint to freedom...
it would be the end of his loneliness and boredom;
but when reality sets in, he returns to being sad!    

Years and many more years without a voice...
he will spend writing letters to his family,
missing out on holidays and birthdays...
repenting of his greedy and wicked ways
and allowing no other thought for escape;
pain, isolation and tolerance within those walls...
will teach the hardest lesson for his sake:
to make good choices and overcome his misery!!


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I (Inevitably) Did

I really didn't like her, but
her form was suffocating me!
Who'd doubt her beauty was well carved:
a man with sense enough to flee?

If so, such sense eluded me;
I promptly took her vacant hand
and donned my darkest nuptial suit,
surrendering to fate's demand.

My eyes grew pale, expression bland,
with nothing but her brittle smile
to keep my body bordered in
the destined vow I thought worthwhile.

And as we walked that scarlet aisle,
the people showered us with love:
some threw bewitching blood bouquets;
some shed their tears into their gloves.

Her father gave me but a shove
into her needy open arms.
And who was I to disregard
the key to my beloved's charms?

He knew that I could never harm
what grew from his paternal bark;
he too threw prickly patronage
with silver smile, tuxedo dark.

Some close companions left the park;
their sniffles so appropriate;
though, secretly, a few were glad
to know my life was finally set.

My kindred was uncertain, yet
they knew her beauty would go far,
and so they left me in her care,
forever their untimely scar.

I drove away with her; my car
felt cramped from silent air so ill.
It was too late to incremate
our bond: "part ye do death until."

I really didn't like her; still,
I lied in pulpous bed all snug;
she smothered me with watchful eyes,
and furnished me an endless hug.

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Water moves continually Over land, evaporation and transpiration 
common chemical substance 
essential to all forms of life 
 the substance  has a solid state, ice,
 and a gaseous state, water vapor.
About 1,460 teratonnes (Tt) of water covers 71% of the Earth's surface, 
 in oceans and other large water bodies, 
with 1.6% of water below ground in aquifers 
and 0.001% in the air as vapor, 
clouds (formed of solid and liquid water particles suspended in air), 
and precipitation.
Can cause hurricanes when global warming extends 
entire villages left submerged as in people's streets

Earth's water is contained 
within man-made and natural objects 
near the Earth's surface as water towers, 
animal and plant bodies, manufactured products, and food stores.
Water moves continually 
Saltwater oceans hold ing 97% of surface water,
 glaciers and polar ice caps 2.4%, 
and other land surface water such as rivers and lakes 0.6%.
Water moves continually 
 Water moves continually through a cycle of evaporation or transpiration, 
precipitation, and runoff, reaching the sea. 

Water moves continually over land 
Winds carry water vapor over land 
at the same rate as runoff into the sea, 
about 36 Tt per year.
Over land, evaporation and transpiration 
contribute another 71 Tt per year to the precipitation 
of 107 Tt per year over land. 
Some water is trapped 
for varying periods in ice caps, glaciers, aquifers, or in lakes, 
 providing fresh water for life on land. 

Clean, fresh water is essential to human and other life.
In many parts of the world, it is in short supply.
 Many organic molecules as well as salts, sugars,
 acids, alkalis, and some gases (especially oxygen), are soluble in water.
Water is essential for all life on Earth.

Humans can survive for several weeks without food, 
but for only a few days without water. 
more than one billion people
 in low and middle-income countries
 lack access to safe water for drinking, 
personal hygiene and domestic use.
more than 20 percent of the world’s people. 
 close to 2 billion people 
did not have access to adequate sanitation facilities.
leading causes of morbidity 
and mortality in low- and middle-income countries, frequently called developing 

 over 1.1 billion people are currently without safe drinking water.

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Hollow Hearts Beat Too

Depression stains with shades of blue
and clings to crimson beats of life.
The mournful scarlet sanctum bleeds,
cut down by maddening mortal strife.

The world's rejection slowly seeps
into that loving sanctum's core,
corroding human elements
and everything it once adored.

What's left is but a lonely shell
devoid of thought and warmth alike;
such vessels have been long disdained
and left impaled on distant spikes.

To disregard another life
because of such vacuity
is, in itself, unethical,
and it will never cease to be.

Is not there breath in vacancy?
Do not plants grow on rootless logs,
or has such greenery been banned
to live forever lost in fog?

Is not there faith in emptiness?
Does not hope lie in wishing wells,
or are the pleas of passersby
ignored and left alone to dwell?

Is not there tune in spacious voids?
Does not sound ring from empty drums,
or is such resonance reduced 
to lowly insubstantial hums?

The world continues pivoting,
as if its people never knew
the pain they caused through ignorance:

                                                           ...forsaken hollow hearts beat too.

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year of remembrance

21christimase, annum as gone, am still staring at the sun there, I mean down
there goes my day youth:
tendering, losing difference type of dream, imagery unfulfilled with pain and agony.
! O ribcage, catalyst of my misery why thou you follow plangent of life, a blessing, nemesis
how would i change my destiny with time, in the day of death, friend goes away when am i
ready for the next bosom war of heart, that fall fragile without no nature to pick it up.
dear poltergeistics, nonreciprocal spouse forgive my sermon impediment am a mouse.
am like a rain which fall on people plant, for more manure.............
am like a sun who shine in human, head hat....................
am like a dream thy woke up and edifice is future............
'I can feel my ticker beating, like a drum, when am sad people are like a solace to me
thou blithe of earth thy full of sorrow, tergiversate, but people try to termagant, thy way of
tilting to the face of the earth.
'I can hear the tinnitus from the Island, for thou not judge me by my sombre, cause i need a
smidgen rain to dwell my feelings.

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' Legendary ... ' ( Part 1 (of) 4 )

        ‘ Legendary … ’    ( Part  1  (of)  4 ) 

Step with me into History
Step with me, to ‘Days of Yore’ Pageantry
Let Time and Mind, March Back Momentarily
Let Mist and Musings … Merge in Front of Thee …

… On Mare, or Mighty-Destrier … Ride Along with Me
In Rich-Carriage, or Hay Wagon … Come Along with Me
Thru The Forests … See The Hunters, Plying Falconry
Thru The Elms, See Caravan … of A Girl-Gypsy

Over Sunny Knoll, and Shady Dale … Onward We Journey
By, Merchant-Trade, Lo’!... We Made – A Medieval City !
… Now, Hear Drummers, Beat Cadence … Dramatically
Hark, The Trumpets, Blare Forth, Thunderously

… Hear A Herald Invite: “  Hear Ye’ - All Heraldry “
Come to The Ball; Lyre and Mandolin Pluck Persuasively
 a Lone Flute, Floats a Tune … so Melodiously
Perchance … Join The Dance and Step Accordingly

 Twirl and Whirl, Do A Bassa’ … then Bow and Curtsy
Forsooth, from the word ‘Court’, comes such ‘Courtesy’
And Tis’ Adamant, for Manners, Donned in Such Finery
Swirling in Silk Gowns, Vests and Veils with Embroidery

… Gemmed-Cloaks, Headdress and Hose, Bedecked in Luxury
bearing Crested-Medallions and Daggers: There is no Subtlety
amid Scented Candles, Flowered Columns and Alcove Settees
and Banquets, where Sweetmeats and Puddings were made Ready

… also Victuals of Venison, Fruits, Cheese, Wine and Meade Aplenty
for The Wayfarer and Time-Traveler, who Ventures Back With Me …
And Now … may Troubadour … Spin A Tale, So Precisely
Aye … May Bard, Weave Thee Well, into This Tapestry …


           Sweet Wine On My Lips … Drip In Ecstasy
      Sweet Touch On My Hips … Smooth as Warm Honey
            Sweet Love of My Soul … Last An Eternity
             Sweetheart, Be Thou Bold … In Bravery …
… and if Sweet Talk, Be A Token … and Language Be Spoken …
               … Be Legendary … Be Thou Legendary 

                          ( Part  1 (of) 4  )

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I remember seeing you walking downtown,
flashing such a revealing smile in early fall;
and I,attracted by your charm,
could not resist you at all..
because pretty is too incredible
to describe you and not to pray for a miracle!

I've walked in this noisy piano bar...
unawarely of you being there,
and he's touching you with his jealous hands,
giving me such unpleasant glances;
oh, he's making you the center
of his attention...noticing how I stare!

Pretty is too incredible to describe you otherwise,
'cause you deserve a guy who has a sweet voice,
and runs his fingers on your quivering skin so fair:
to make you feel sensations you never felt before...
turning you into a more passionate woman,
who desires the touch of a real man!

I wish you were really free,
so you'd be part of my wonderful destiny;
and with these emotions exploding inside,
there's no hope for me go wild...
having you on those nights, filled with bliss,
until you are in a flood of warm kisses!

Pretty is too incredible to describe you,
and that thought can't keep me apart
from your sad eyes that speak of hurt;
dream of me and I'll dream of you...
let's make believe we are this close,
and that an impossible love we never choose!

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I'm The Forgotten

This is where I thought you would be
This is where I knew I was wrong
My heart could not bear the pain
When I knew I was just a shadow all along

You held secrets I thought I could know
You gave me trust I thought I had
Now, my heart burns with so much sorrow
Could anything get worse than that?

I am the forgotten in your world
I was waiting for someone to let me rise
I am nothing but the air around you
I am broken and my visions became blind

I am lost in between
The forgotten world I have been
This heart that is breaking
It won't stop till I become unseen

Because I am the forgotten

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Old Brass City
with massive gothic chuches,
abandoned rail-roads
and run-down factories...
we still glimpse into that bygone glory
which made your name so famous!

O Waterbury, no Christmas 
can be compared to yours,
when Main Street glitters under the fluffy snow
and everyone hummers a carol!
O Waterbury, those starry nights
are too surreal and make lovers fantasize!

Old Brass City,in ninenteen-forty-two
lads and gals were sent to war to fight the Cruel,
and mothers cried as their sons and daughters
left this once-happy-town of friendly and kind folks!
And despite all the sorrow and pain yet to be,
they proudly marched off to defeat the enemy!

O Waterbury, your monuments inspire hope,
and remind all of your past glory and leadership;
and the brave soldiers who sacrificed all...
became those heroes we've engraved into the soul!
Some returned, many died to seal their fate,
and their courage and valour put an end to all hate!

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Make every moment count...
this is the promise I make to myself,
to deny the certainty of death:
an assumption stripped of all reality;
and it daunts others, not me...
as long as I get that glimpse of eternity!

Be an essential part of the living:
sharing, giving, reveling, grieving and forgiving...
instead of rebelling against society,
and fighting against an invisible adversary;
but if your  aspirations
are the strenght of your goals
everything takes on a new meaning,
even making your story worth-telling!

Make every moment count
by being clever and not indignant;
never live by pride and greed,
or expect a bountiful return...
when nothing is being achieved,
and praise can't be earned!
Be of a keen mind and love patiently...
revive a broken spirit with the kindest word,
and reduce your worries to nothing:
and though the world's vanities cannot be changed,
make an effort to have your voice heard;
what is torn down sadly...can also be built up happily!

Make every moment count
and ignore the ticking of the clock,
to let awareness guide you through anticipation;
time is like roses with thorns:
it pokes you and makes you bleed,and unless
you show meekness and sympathy,
it won't hit  you low...but grant you victory!

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Watch what you say rather it be out of anger, stress or plan cruelty

a persons feelings can be hurt just by saying the least little thing

yes its true we all get mad, up set, angry or what ever we feel

but have you ever wondered how we make other people feel

when we know we hurt other peoples feelings we always say

well i shouldn't have said that or shouldn't have said this

but its not what you say its how you say it

jail cells would be over crowded if we got locked up for things we say

because our words out of anger,stress, and plain cruelty kill people every day

so when you feel you want to tear some body into pieces

well you read the poem think about it

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moment that lasts forever

She is a blank canvas I am the artist Love is the perfect portrait that we make. I search for a moment that lasts forever. Something to express what i feel for her. My unchained emotion, that goes on forever unchained, unlimtied and untamed. You cant cage this animal nor tame this lion in me called love, nor arrest it's cousin, passion or its uncle, emotions. I adorn her earth with kisses ravish the garden called her trinity, each sound turns the grass greener. earth shattering pulsations on this bed love founded on a bed of fresh roses She is a blank canvas I am the artist Love is the perfect portrait that we make. I search for a moment that lasts forever.... That lasts forever. amen

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Mother Mercy Mother Mercy

Mother mecry mother mercy my will 
 Is suculante indeed
Do u not brab the bear thought
Have u not sought to say the meaningless will that sits their blinking in your 
obscure desslate quary
Do not open it with your bulluked breath of transfusion
Read these apized binding words of confusion
have a little heart when it comes too saveing your makers life
Mother mercy mother mercy my will
Began your vantalog pf maseik manner with mercy on u
Mother mercy mother mercy my will
Why do u sit in the sky listening to there artivish cries
When u speack in death's sourt of forbiden law
Working on this trending lie  
or are u slaving my tutorical name in vein
Now I know we where not seeing things the same
As u take the note tantied in blood rememeber me
With the wolrds people in seting plaw
Mother mercy mother mercy my will
 How do u live through these over-shades with no care or reason for these  
I was the first to suffer with no care in mind
Today i sit here with nothing
And because of u mother of mercy I can't be saved
Now tell me why did your angels inflickting madane steal my lifes intent
Oh and mercy may u might u shall not shine bright
Hay to tell u the truth all theses spirits that have been stripted of purpose bye your 
angels and all
belong free to do what they please
lust, forgiveness,envy, vanity, freedom, truth,trust etc..............
These things are more than the guidelins to make u who u are
Now tell me why should a group people have these things
they all have there own voice in your lives even u
in the silents they can be found 
spending time with your self
Mother mercy mother mercy my will
 i do not forgive u

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He keeps a very low profile,
afraid of the the horrible secret he hides;
hooked on a daily dosage of cocaine...
seeking an instant relief from his acute pain!
His cramped den is the stench
of smoked substance bought on drug-infested streets,
and filth is the undeniable evidence:
one can surely tell that he lives in Hell...
red devilish eyes and sunken cheeks; 
a wasted mind and body meeting their end!   

Restless young man without a name,
wary of the destructible consequences
that stunt your unremorseful conscience;
and what price will you pay and whom will you blame?
Restless young man without a name,
you only existed to fulfill a destiny of shame! 

Day-time is so detestable to him,
more than the viciousest enemy;
night-time changes his personality...  
and he searches for dope down-town,
where the houses are so run-down...
occupied by the crack-heads of East Main!
A limping kid, from nowhere, hands him
a small bag and he exchanges it for some green;
and what started the urge within...
is a deep wound, which can never heal! 

Restless young man without a name, 
intoxicated by the poison that destroys your life and health;
you can't be aware of what distorts your weak senses...
until you are helpless and run out of breath! 
Restless young man without a name,
guiltless and allow death to happily dance!

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As inhuman as a man's heart seems...
hidden inside is a tender side:
a beautiful side seldom seen by others;
and that fear of being sensitive
is a real hurdle for those men sworn in pride,
but manly qualities are judged by his deeds...
A woman's perception of the common man is that
he is lives in an unintentional masquerede,
to hide the sweetness he won't manifest;
and this unconformity won't let his beauty 
 be capturated by intense emotions of masculinity...
will he break the myth and be appreciated?

I have struggled with it indefinitely
and embraced this stereotype unsympathetically,
why are we supposed to be so uncaring and invulnerable,
and outgrow our own resistance and be so invincible;
have we realized that disharmony,
indignation and frustration are not truly noble?

As inhuman as a man's heart seems,
many sacrifice love for an unexplanable cause...
putting vanity before human compassion:
without guilt, regard and trepidation;
have we become so stubbornly persistent...
to lose all self-direction and prospective?   

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Last Stand

Night turns to day
Day turns to night
Past the past
But that’s all right
It has come once at last
Our final calling
Our final stand
We’ve came so far
With the stroke of a hand
With the thought of the mind
Finally shown
 Is the unappreciated sign
Of which one can leave
All the past behind
All that is true
All that is pure
Is now gone
Experts are now sure
The last hour is upon
Now what is to be done?
 Where shall we go?
Time surely will show
Yet what time is available?
What peace is left?
What is next?
Life is a never-ending test
Of our gift of will power
And choice making
Yet the wrong some
Are always taking
Decisions of war
Decisions of peace
Mean nothing
Till the killings cease
Only then shall our race
Find true peace

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To have a repenting heart
which is changed by flowing kindness,
you earnestly need to pray,
and I pray,while others rebel...
ejecting bitterness from their harsh words;
and as sinful as they are:  they still
like to be praised for their formidable might: 
to mock,to insult,and deride in an harmful way!

I pray, while others rebel...
demanding an act of veneration; 
nothing that exposes conviction,
or  liberation from libel!

They continue to look right and holy,
but underneath they cringe...
plotting against the will of God,
bending their ways to fit their habits;
an iron bar will bend 'till it melts
from the intense heat...and so will they!

I pray...while they rebel,
and set their mind on revenge...
their unconvincing glow seems strange;
do I have to resemble them in heart and mind,
speak in the same voice unti I reach Hell?
Haven't they noticed that I'm listening to another sound?

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' Lengendary ... ' ( Part 2 (of) 4 )

‘ Legendary … ' ( Part  2 (of) 4 ) 

And Now … may Troubadour … Spin A Tale, So Precisely
Aye … May Bard, Weave Thee Well, into This Tapestry …

… of Starry Skies, Blazing Fires and Dark Mysteries …
Inside Halls of Castle Walls Built Solidly
Where Banners and Pennants Unfurled Breezily
Come to this Threshold of ‘Once Upon A Time’ and See …

… Here Be:  Glittering Crowns and a Throne of Royalty
Look Upon King and Queen, Sitting In Majesty
… but tis’ not Their Tale, to be Spoken of Verily …
Tis’ of a Maid and Her Knight of Renown-Chivalry …

… of A Silver-Armored Knight, and Cobbler’s Daughter, so Comely

… Twas’ a Masque-Ball, where none knew … Any Other’s Identity
Whence the Knight, took the Cobbler’s Daughter… Adorned as Nobility
Yea … none knew the wiser, behind the Costumes and the Frivolity
… None, except an Earl … who loathed the Knight, Vehemently 

The Earl, wast’ the Knight’s Avowed Foe, in Unmitigated Rivalry
In Jousts, the Earl, could nay Win; for the Knight was best in Weaponry
To the Earl, this wast’ an Affront, to His High-Born Dignity
For the Knight, of Prowess and Fame, was still, Low-Born in Family

… So Upon This Knight, laid the Plight, of Improving His Kin’s Prosperity
To Another, He Had Been Pledged to Wed… for a Wealth-Match Fortuitously
Tho’ the Lady wast’ Fair, The Knight had nay care, saw it as Honor-Bound-Duty
Alas, whence He met, the Cobbler’s Daughter, Beth, Both Hearts bonded Instantly

Now, Both Knew for a Surety, of the Futility, yet still they Loved Hopelessly
Even tried to Forget, whence they met, but twas’ much too much, Melancholy
Many a Fortnight, they did fight … Pangs of Conscience and Substance-Compulsory
But, as it were, each Heartbeat of Theirs, Threatened to Break Terribly

For The Cobbler, had received an Offer for Beth, from One, More Grandly 
So, Neither Family wast’ Abjuring nor Conferring Blessing on Their Unity
But A Love So True and Undying Too … wast’ Worth Any Adversity
… and On Night of The Masque, among Genteel-Guest, They were in Pact, To Marry …


       Sweet Wine On My Lips … Drip In Ecstasy
Sweet Touch On My Hips … Smooth as Warm Honey
        Sweet Love of My Soul … Last An Eternity
        Sweetheart, Be Thou Bold … In Bravery …
 … and if Sweet Talk, Be A Token … and Language Be Spoken …
        … Be Legendary … Be Thou Legendary 

                            Part  2  (of)  4

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'It's A Cold Night - Cowboy'

I was driving home in my Pick-up
When I saw something Strange…
… a Cowboy Sat atop His Horse
Calling Someone’s Name

He trotted on the Moonlit Trail
The man’s Face, held no Shame
As Tears were rolling down His Jaw
I saw this, Very Plain…

I could tell He was A-Hurtin’
Something was Mighty Grim
I pulled up slowly Beside
… and I asked Him …

Cowboy … It’s a Cold Night
Why are you out on the Range?
There aren’t any Cattle Here …
And There are no more wild Mustangs

It’s a Cold Night out here Cowboy
For you to take a Ride
It’s a Lonely Night out here Cowboy
With Nobody at Your Side

It’s Somethin’ you never get Used To
You can Fake it… like You Do…
… But It’s a Cold Night out here, Cowboy… Come Inside…
It’s gonna’ get Colder, Soon… You Better Hide…

… At First, He looked at the Night Sky
and then, He Turned to My Face
and Underneath the Shadowed Brim
His Eyes looked Hard and Glazed

He said, “Hon, I’m a Rare Breed
I get Real Lonely in Town
I’m More at Home, where I Roam
and Hear the Wolf and Rattlesnake – Sound

I was Once a Rodeo – Star
Now, I’m just a Wanted Outlaw
And there ain’t Nothing You Can See
That I haven’t Saw …

… except, My Son,
 By my Ex-Wife – Annie
She Married my Once Best Friend, Sam
They Raising My Boy, Will,  to call Him Daddy …

… and I ain’t Seen my dog, Quickdraw
In 10 Days …
… and You Think, This Cold-Spell, Could Bother Me?...”
and then, He nudged His Horse, and Galloped on His Way…

… Well, by the Time, I made it into Town
There was a Real Big Traffic Jam
Police had Blocked Off a part of The Road
and then, I heard… ‘Bam ! Bam ! … Bam ! …

… it was then, I saw the Riderless Horse
Standing Still … but Untied
And The Outlaw, Clutched His Chest
… as He Died  … …

… and the Dog, Quickdraw, was Whining 
by His Side …

It’s a Cold Night out here Cowboy
The Prairie Breeze was Singing
It’s a Bad Night Out Here Cowboy
The Midnight Stars Were Blinking …

They Knew You were Headed into Town
So You could Face a Final Showdown
To try to find some Heat to Warm Your Heart
… was a Cold Night, when You Decided to Depart

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The lovely thought of being remembered...
rarely crosses the unperceptive mind 
of the uncaring ones who live life all for themselves,
and one day soon...all that will change;
on their last, expiring breath...
they cannot call on anyone who's not standing by!
How I like to be remembered...
is to think of me as simple and wise,
loving as true as anyone else;  no regret
for having been helpful and kind!
And this name will be honored and read out aloud
by a generation that never knew me at all,
and it's the legacy of an undying spirit:
still challenging and vibrant!

Many great men and women have come before me,
and I don't call myself the greatest...most certaintly; 
this decision is left to the lovers of literature;
all they will see is my distinguished signature
on the bottom of each poem and song...
how wonderful it would be to hear them recite and sing along!

On my a country  not of my own, flowers
will bob upon my gleaming grass,
and undearneath the cold soil I will rest;
and my body will become a skeleton without flesh;
it's everyone's destiny to turn into dust,
until we are resurrected by that  Almighty voice!  

Like the very fragile petals of a rose,so perfumed,
that will scatter before the flight of the gull;
I'd like to float as brightly as these after dawn:
to be elevated by my spirituality
and reach that place of profound serenity,
thinking how I like to be remembered...

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The turbid clouds hover mountains
of fluttering maples,spruces and pines
while I am crossing those bridges of wonder,
adjoined by sturdy steel cables
that even an impetuous wind couldn't oscillate;
man's ingenuity outwitting Mother Nature...
a tuneful voice rising from a spirit that perpetuates!

Rageful rivers resent their lament,
as fast currents struggle to find an inlet;
my hard breath surrenders
to an unchallenged fear!
From above danger is like the force of gravity,
I race with a brave face, but the harsh wind 
still whips it with the strength of a twister,
blowing the pristine white sand...
turning it into a whirling dust cloud
only to diminish my visibility!

Let me cross those bridges of wonder,
in spite of lightning and thunder...
I'll brave the fiercest storm,
as long as courage allows me to proceed;
night may come as quickly as frightening thoughts,
but nothing would make my will recede
to a darkness that suppresses the freedom of choice!

When warriors are faced by a threat,
they don't turn back and accept defeat,
no doubt can thwart their plan:
it's either death or glory,
unsurmountable pain or joy;
their ego is hardly broken through dire!
Ah! See them crossing those bridges of wander,
and like me, they rejoice when the battle ends!  

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Marionette Cries

Stumbling, staggering, 
barely managing,
I fell.
Severe, several times,
I continue to 
A marionette bound 
by strings
in the fist of time.

with or without strings.
my eyes glaze over.
unless time tugs hard.

Painted smile on 
fragile wood,
for the audience, I dance.
The lights go off and 
the crowds file out,
over time, fade out

the painted smile.

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the blues of ugly people

Ugly people
We living in a world with a hole in it
We living life ugly
But we make the world go round 

Would you think I was hopeless
If I led you astray with a song
Whom else are you willing to cope with
I’ve gone missing within your arms

The future
It won’t be here to grace your face
And tomorrow just won’t take you in
Don’t you love your poets
Writers from within your storm

Tenderly, I’ve grown so cold
That my days no longer keep me warm
Capsuled in a city of dreary moments
And I’m hearing there’s more a coming 

As indecent as a man who knows not to feel
Searching for a wagon wheel 
Up from midnight and on until
Why don’t you sing with me
See how much time we can kill 

We’re just ugly people
Living in a world with a hole in it 
Don’t you love this ugly person
I don’t do much at all 
Just doing my part, living life ugly
But I make the world go round

“It’s lovely isn’t it
Ugly people, 
We’re beautiful aren’t we”

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When the friendly Devil asks you to dance,
step back...don't grab His inviting hand;
He's very good at the art of deception:
His ways are very charming and tempting that only a perceptive person can tell, 
and He's well-dressed and well-spoken and He comes in the shape of male or female,
to buy more souls for His vindication!

I see Satan in the face of different people,
kinder than anyone...conjuring up conflicts among the faithful;
even those who imitate the Divinity of Jesus will deceive a good soul
with their false kindness and outward holiness!
Many will betray Christ for an instant glance at all that is gold;
and they can be your most trustworthy friends!

When the friendly Devil asks you to dance,
turn away from His alluring smile and seek refuge in the open arms of Jesus!
This fallen angel has drawn a plan for each one joining His network of sinners:
to strip all of their faith, values and dignity,
forcing them to obey His laws of immorality!
Are you one of them following his indecent ways? 

Fancy-free childhood, glorious youth and awaited Golden Years
will be pitifully wasted in the quest for that self-pride;
and all Satan has to do is offer you a free ride!
Fools, become as shrewd and intuitive as foxes,
to fend off all the attacks of the wicked ones;
and can you ,amid them, remain as silent and gentle as lambs?

When the friendly Devil asks you to dance,
challenge Him with your fists of resistance!

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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RUTH C YORK    9/15/07

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What to Believe

Sit here and listen now.
She tells her story well.
You will too wonder how.
That these new changelings tell.
She has her maiden form.
She does have twenty more.
As quick as summer storm.
She will change body’s core.
This is my story true.
I am a changeling now.
My soul has become blue.
I would not ever scowl.
I have the power strong.
To be one creature good,
Or another so wrong,
Would you be if you could?
I chose my current look.
To be your double now,
Since it will surely hook,
Our lives to surely prow,
Do you now believe too?
That there are changelings here,
You would best believe clue.
Or at least boldly fear.

written for
Sponsor Debbie Guzzi 
Contest Name Creepy Irish Creatures  

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I adore modest women,
so soft-spoken and
very elegant,
who aren't looking for men
to seduce without being
atrracted to  them!

There's a shortage of men,
and they try to get whomever they can,
ugly, handsome or good- for -nothing;
all they want is pleasure, not a friend! 

I love simple women
who are fashionable 
and very sleek;
I love women
who can look in their mirror
and say to themselves,
" I'm beautiful! "
Honesty can make any man weak,
enough to give them much more!

Be careful of women who touch their face
when they laugh and pretend to like your kisses,
giving you the illusion of a full moon...
in the middle of a hot afternoon:
you will burn, but won't remember a darned thing;
and all that wasted energy for a quick sling!
I adore modest women
who don't wear lots of make up...
to hide a despised face;
isn't simplicity
another form of beauty?
I adore modest women
who undress you when they're hot...
they make you feel wanted without words:
and that's when my passion starts up,
and I become a real man!

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Ghost of Grendel

You remember the story of Beowulf?
The warrior who came across the sea
Just to kill a deformed demon named Grendel
When this story was told to me

I realized there is still evil in this world
Other than Grendel and his mother
Some people are monsters
And will kill one another

Just so they can get their thrill
And when they're finished murdering this victim
They will look for more people to kill
It's all a matter of the demon

That was in that story
For he does not live in the real world, but in the soul
Of some of the people in this world
He causes them to lose control

When the Anglo-Saxon Bards sung this song
They were not singing it right
They were only getting it all wrong
Grendel will live on forever as a ghost

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Be dauntless
and show a strong spirit
when others stand back...
denying their help;
one is never by oneself,
if courage does exists!

Your rivals have gotten the best of everything,
love,luck, joy and prosperity...
and you still don't envy their riches;
while you stride through your battles,
and feel your anger and their mockery...
your judgement is stripped of all reality! 

Be fearless when confronting adversities,
find sense even in the most compelling strides;
others will show their sympathy
when you're stricken by calamity,
and their soothing hugs are as comforting as words...
with courage, not disperation, you'll head
down the promising road
and somehow you'll find your gold!

A toddler crawls before he learns how to walk,
you followed only your past...
causing you to ponder your regret;
tomorrow awaited others, not you,today
you can change your luck and even your destiny...
learn from your mistakes, be ready to fight!

Dare to be different,
with a strong spirit,
among those who seem dissident;
be that someone who reaches out kindly,
who has no fear in his heart...  
when he is treated humanly and fairly!  


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Handicap People

>>>>>>>>>>>>>Have you ever walked in a handicaps shoes?
                             Each day is a struggle , just to get through.
                             If the people could see them in a different way,
                             Help instead of hinder, or just stay out of their way.

                             They must learn to adjust , not only  to their  habits,
                             But to deal with reticule, prodded like rabbits.
                             They are no different then you or me,
                             Except maybe they cant walk  or maybe cant see.

                             They share feelings that comes from their hearts,
                             Just as you would if a loved one parted.
                             They bleed when cut, they cry when sad,
                             So where is the difference, it makes me so mad.

                             To see normal people treat them so cruel,
                             Goes against Gods golden rule.
                             Bring on to Me your sick and your lame,
                             For they will be cured, and hold no shame.

                             They have worship My name all the days of their life,
                             Never asking for help, never giving up their flight.

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Fading Star (Part One)

Sometimes you are stopped in your tracks and you have to stop and stare,
I saw someone so beautiful, but she was just sitting there.
As the world passed her by in all its majestic glory,
I stopped a stranger and asked of him, ‘Do you know of this girl’s story?’

He stopped and looked at me and bowed down his head,
He told me that she was someone once, but many think she’s dead.
It happened a long time ago, her lover did her a wrong,
The tale he can’t remember but the words are in a distant song.

I wanted to know so much more so I waited there that day,
To see if she would turn towards me or just walk the other way.
But she sat with far away eyes on her sad expressionless face,
I looked around for guidance, but we were strangers alone in this place.

But life wasn’t always like this, I found out in a little while,
There was a time when she laughed and her face always carried a smile.
Everywhere she went, people stopped and stared,
So many people loved her, so many people cared.

Climbing up the wall is now the highlight of her day,
Remembering when to go and never out doing her stay.
Eyes completely open, staring blankly at the wall,
Is she waiting for forgiveness or destiny to call?

I decided to take a chance, I moved across the room,
My heart was beating faster, have I moved to her too soon?
I stopped by her table and asked, ‘Is this seat taken?’
Her sad eyes looked up to me, warming if I am not mistaken.

Words were not forthcoming, but I saw a glimpse of a smile,
I sat down slowly, heart beating faster, my senses were on trial.
I went to say a word, but she stopped me with a fleeting glance,
My whole body mesmerised, it was if I was in a trance.


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Aquarain Dream III- Children of Concordia

Used to be Controlled by a Tyrant of lies Then one day The swift unseen knights Came and stormed all who Deteste the Aquarian Wish Be Free and live long we are the Children of Concordia Nothing shall be in our way Comely as what a Siren signs Bravery of what a Lion brings The Grey Haven lies beyond the mist The Children of Concordia They have no word for trist Will you let me join your world? Will you open up the doors? A people of concord and more than they seem They live in the shadows of an Aquarian Dream A place of Liberty and Harmony Ruled by magic and Lore Deep in the Golden forest of Clarity Filled with enchanting tales Of Immortality and evil’s causalities You can find Eden’s people she said what humans were meant to be Comely as what a Siren signs Bravery of what a Lion brings The Grey Haven lies beyond the mist The Children of Concordia They have no word for TristWill you let me join your world? Will you open up the doors? the safety of your real that could never fall Comely as what a Siren signs Bravery of what a Lion brings The Grey Haven lies beyond the mist The Children of Concordia They have no word for trist Will you let me join your world? Will you open up the doors?

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a Novel Time

Sometimes you learn to look at things
As if they are to get no better

Like single mothers on the first days of January
A hymn for the things you’d love to change 
A prayer for the things you cannot 

There is no new year for people like me 
Only a continuation of stress to be 
Life deals us blows and my songs are tired 

I’ve heard that happiness is a tale untold
In order to pursue this wish
One is required to hide beyond blue skies

Like life is love
Death is a cold hug
I’ll patiently wait 

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Zenith and Cult and Satan

Tec mystical not real zenith like tv, in sky for folklore
but used in WAR to make people afraid to change law
with mystical forklore, and Star WAR of  ARMED for
protection of  us like USOFA in WARs of Nations
tec and people never really believe in our creator
hurting them don't believe because of enviroment
to nice to much food to much of everything, use in
WAR like TV a blue or  dark background and pop
ups like computer tec in sky we could do this but
why, would we , we have other inventions that
that is more useful, for all humanity, we have
always, help humanity and and other countrys
to abet and acost their adversity and verisimilute
of Star WAR nothing to be afraid of  no harm to
us picture in sky,  it look like a bad movie that
all in other words it looks like strength but its
not strength a picture can't hurt you a pop up
can't in sky can't hurt, circumlocution a lot
about nothing, you don't even need God for
this one,

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The Rat Race

The world has a belief new found
That if you put on mask of perfection
All those people around 
Will gift  you with appreceation

No more the true persona counts
As long as you can act
The way situation wants
You can keep your respect intact

All you need to do is flash a smile
Even when you fell like shedding tears
It might seem difficult for a while
But it will become a habbit in few years

Just nod in aggrement
To pretend you know it all
World will praise your intellect
And your progress will never stall

If a colleague of your's goes wrong
Never ever try to correct him
Because to the same game you belong
And he'll have to lose for you to win

This is the rat race the world is running
Without the slightest idea that
No matter losing or winning
Ultimately rats will be rats

So if find a rat overtaking
Just catch it by its tail
Why waste energy in running
When so easily to destination,you can sail

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The Great Lighthouse by the Bay

In all my modest travels abroad,
believe me when I say
’tween the tigris and euphrates I’ve trod,
and seen a Great Lighthouse by the Bay;’

A magnificent construct, endlessly tall,
seemingly to the heavens it rose,
but no light shown in its depths at all.
An empty tower starting to decompose;

At one time a gold behemoth,
but now only vines cover its brick.
Stretching to it’s zenith,
almost with a quality of magic.

An odd design aswell,
no doors or windows on the exterior.
It wasn’t marked on the map pell,
and near lay ruins of those inferior;

The origin was of an unidentifiable race.
With queries in my mind,
we began looking for a trace
of any near mankind;

Deep in the mush,
we found a sort of makeshift native local.
Stepping out of the brush,
we questioned a local;

We were directed to the priest,
upon entering the makeshift temple,
scared eyes darted at us, and released,
he began after apologizing for his whimple;
’Our people have not seen the light for many ages,
but the stories of our ancestors show,
in the distant times of great sages,
that building emitted a saving glow;

My clan had a historic tradition,
rewarding those whose life was pure.
With a testing expedition,
leaving fate to decide for sure;

The prize-a secret spot where lay ancient groves
only believed in tale.
Where gold comes abundantly in huge troves,
and massive feasts that never go stale;

Life’s final test for those who bravely seek,
sailing down a vicious line of coast.
Jagged Rock and decaying trees of bleak,
with all the beasts that dark place can host;

But then one day the structure had appeared,
spreading light o’er the masses.
Allowing those navigators to steer clear
any Rocks or trespasses;

A gleaming gilded monument.
With no operators in sight,
or master crafters that could have beat,
its ornate workings to such a height;

Upon first sight,
the people knew the garden was now free.
By trusting the light,
they could cross safely;

Word of its mysterious walls,
was received by distant kin.
Bread was broke in our hallowed halls.
It united us then;

Over time, those from the city came.
Those slave, peasant, senator and king,
all to rid themselves of mans common shame.
Bringing gold, frankensense, mer and songs to sing;

Our people now thrived,
we quickly became a center of trade.
But most did not predict, what in the shadows writhed.
At our souls it rudely bade;

(Cont'd in part 2)

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Aye 'ee is fierce and hale.
Four mile to work,across the vale;
No slommakin' slattern 'ee,
Okkard as an itching flea.

Eee'd fetch hosses to boss's yard,
Garmed with mud,as thick as lard,
Cla'holt of 'em wiv a rope,
On is own,allus could cope.

Niver sees 'im vexed,or aggled,
Even if drenched and bedraggled;
In lightning 'e wore niver frit,
Though the whole sky wore fork-lit.

Grew peas that kidded well,
Allus 'ad a tale to tell.

Dialect from around Aylesbury Vale ,England in 1940's

Listen to me read this in this dialect on youtube under my pen name ichthyschiro

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Pages Place

Time has an unknown face
down at the pages place
a life in a life, like a weave on a loom

love has a nest embrace
home at the pages place
a beauty, as wild as the mild meadow plume

will it survive this race
the land of the pages base
caught on an ebb, like a web on a broom

heal or be gone to pass
a land that was made to last
beauty to live, like the wild meadow grass

all is a sacred space
all in a pages race
real as the engine of steam and it’s tune

catherine of pages place
how could i forget your face
you were the one that held me
i was the fool that let you go.

(c) s.watts

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Not Giving Up This Battle

Not Giving Up This Battle

On something that was started for me in 
not going to quit until I get the answer 
I want though my question are full the 
answer will answer thing that take me 
to do dumb things.I never listen anymore
to what people have to say I only hear 
thunder when I’m told what to do it thing
that take me to do dumb things. I never 
listen anymore to what people have to 
say I only hear thunder when I’m told 
what to do it. Taking you down and 
anyone else who think they can win.
This battle had started before I was
born I plan to end it before the next 
generation comes.


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In the bible there is a story,about a man ,
who brought his people out of slavery
He led them to a promise land,
So all his people could be free.

In the bible there is a story.
 about a man and his family.
Who built an ark in the desert,
and GOD change the desert into a raging sea.

In the bible there is a story
about a man as strong as he could be.
Until he met this girl,DELILAH.
Who brought him tragedy.

In the bible there is a story,
about a man from GALILEE.
Who shed is blood on the cross,
for all of our souls,such as you and me.

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Gul Zamani

Zaman gul zamani bu yaz
Beklenmeyen heyecan
Goncolanan katmerlerde
Eriyen rengin hasretim kokun
Zaman gul zamani umidim 
Kan kirmizi sevgim diken
Operim yapraklarini aglarken
Zaman gulse umid nefese yagmur
Tirmandi goklere gul yurudu
Alevinde sevginin gul zamanin

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struck by lightning

You were like lightning
That hit me while driving
You spilled all over my senses

To say I was electrified
Is an understatement

Because now i sit and write
Silently wonder about 
My time with you

Where do I go from here
After the occurance
Of you
is gone

Do I pull up my baggy pants and

Fake out my own mind
That nothing occured
Thereby waiting for sleep
To make soft the blow

So that
The shape and the memory
Of your face
Becomes some distorted
Warp in the memory of my dreams

When I said too much 
And you gave a chuckle

As if to say good-bye

And we hit the reset button
For an resplendant reprise

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The Gypsy And The Georgio

She danced around the campfire,
As the flames reached into the night.
It was then that he walked by,
But she knew that he wasn’t right.

Maria was just a gypsy girl,
And with a georgio she fell in love.
But he did not return her affections,
And she had no help from up above.

Desperately she turned to the Devil,
She sold her family’s souls for evil things.
He turned her father into a sound box,
Her mother into a bow, four brothers into strings.

The Devil then took the six souls,
And he turned them into a violin.
Maria quickly learnt to play it well,
And the courtship of the georgio did begin.

The gorgio fell in love with her,
But the Devil had two more souls to claim.
He took Maria and her lover to Hell
And the violin fell to the ground, where it did remain.

A poor gypsy boy found it there,
He played constantly till he got a wife.
And ever since that fateful day,
It has been the musical symbol of gypsy life.

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cindiling cobra

A watch from the berrtes eye
secret silinet  he cryies
through the work of a jugten deed
a world he sit where no one takes heed
the new wind blows ash in dust
a look from wishiling window
showing no aprayven norical forshiven
As the shadow towers over me
I sing a hearts praise to all lost children
awaken and dawriness intent begavaning my eventdence
i shower the the  places of my past
in this overchure of suprise I cradle my last emphise
I work hard to make thing new
I began with this next of kin
A tiped nouse blinking it's fastin
The dull axes couteraction
I wangraond uptichure of my atimasity
Apraganding these two heartbroken lovers
Sore under oath to persert them both
I walk alone to actord my salvage
The presure of this unburn thratise bragging in my face
I object in theses halls of forgatton backlashing
This four hored watch this ucrane
As the mamed game backran her i am avenged
THw wac swocks the tuk bock lock
While i cindle my brushin brides backstab

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As the years and times will change this bustling city,
once almost invisible from Heaven itself,
we'll remember it as it took on the face of death:
giving each other comfort and asking why
would anyone hate so much this nation...
to demolish what took years to build with devotion!

Our presence will greatly attest,
and send a message so strong and sound
that their ears will not miss;
angels still fly over that sacred place,
and watch it with their smiling faces...
to please God with all their will,
because they know too well 
that our sorrows can't be measured!

As the seasons and the days slip away,
only that memory remains timeless:
faint voiced of family and friends
wailing in the thick smoke and burning flames,
and as helpless as they are, where they pray,
they think of us as their Guardian Angels!

Our presence will greatly attest,
but nobody can ever sway us from our achievement:
a tragedy such as this, will not be repeated...
we lost too much to be intimidated!

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unjuggled passionate fact
live for what life is' too u
washin tide blaskin tie cason lie
I wuluck the bare thought of astanished
In  a place noted black
a nagnan ture color
my face norct in flack
A house pertained in dark narshaw
I live
A room spiting tental whispering deaths ceepction
All halls triped with noise

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' Warriors ... The Battle Cry Song ... '

There Are Sounds of Ancient Thunders
There Are Sounds of Ancient Drummers
        Calling … Brave Warriors
         Gladiators and Warriors

And They’re Marching To The Cadence of Their Hearts’ Pounding
Marching, To The Cadence of The World’s Rage Resounding
They’re Going By The Beat of Their Heart’s Pumping
By The Steady Flow of Blood and Bloodlust, Tells Me Somethin’

               … Warriors …
         Courageous Warriors …


But, We’ve Seen These Men, Playing With Their Children
We’ve Seen These Sons and Their Laughter, I’m Hearing
We’ve Seen These Men, Loving Their Babies
And Tenderly Holding and Kissing Their Ladies

               … Warriors …
         Courageous Warriors …

2nd Chorus:

Oh Lord, Please Stop These Warriors’ Battle Cry
And The Battle Cry, Coming From Their Mothers and Wives
The Battle Cry, Coming From Their Little Ones’ Eyes
The Battle Cry, Coming From Warriors … When They Die

               … Warriors …
         Courageous Warriors …

Sticks and Stones, Swords, Arrows and Bombs
Lances, Knives, Hand to Hand Combat, Napalm
God Almighty, Oh, Thy Kingdom Come
Please Rescue Us, From The Kingdom of The Gun …

And Prophecy Is Marching – Listen, All Who Arms Bear
Warriors, Must Beat War Weapons Into Plowshares            ( Isa. 2: 4 )
And When War, Is No More, Then We Will Hear
All Warriors’ Battle Cry, Will Be An Amen Cheer !

              … Gentle Warriors …
            Peace-Loving, Warriors …

2nd Chorus:

Oh Lord, Please Stop These Warriors’ Battle Cry
And The Battle Cry, Coming From Their Mothers and Wives
The Battle Cry, Coming From Their Little Ones’ Eyes
The Battle Cry, Coming From A Warrior’s … Last ‘ Why ? ’

                … Warriors …
           Courageous Warriors …

How Can Flesh and Blood, Mortal-Men, Be So Fearless, I Wonder
Are They Strengthened By Duty, Love and Honor
Facing Danger, Death and Being Torn Asunder
Sacrificing All, As A Fallen Soldier …

                 … Warrior …
           Courageous Warrior …

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We look at what we have this hour of the day,
But where will we be when come what may.
The emblems on the hats and the money for the shoes,
The important pocked tronics
Are these your going tools?
Over priced jeans that are quoted by name,
The fancy cars bought low.
Looking at times like the best there is but,
Lowly thinking even though.
I ask you now with all that you have,
“Is your happiness really there?
If these things are really going to take you,
Can you tell me when and where?”
We have spoiled the child, spared the rod,
And forgot about, “IN THE BEGINNING GOD…”
Boys wanting to know how many babies that can make,
Instead of getting a job for the first one’s sake.
Little girls having boys and watching them rebel,
While thinking that is cute the mother’s aiming them toward HELL.
We have not allowed love to come in but,
Lust has had free course.
The children that are now coming into the world,
Feel all except remorse.
Is your fate in the clothes that are on your back?
Is your strength in the drug that we know as crack?
Are you scaled by the shoes that are on your feet?
Or governed by equipment that is found out in the streets?
You see the Lord has a plan and He knows where you should be
But it’s up to you to seek your “DESTINY”.
Into what are you getting and where are you going,
In whom are you believing and why are you doing.
Everything else is temporal and all is fading away.
Except you find your life in Christ Jesus and,
Be ready for that great day.
This very second as you read these words, chaos is in society,
And even though the LORD ALMIGHTY is still in control,

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Lazy Hound Dog Blues

The alarm goes off, I open my eyes to face the day 
I roll back over to sleep it away 
The wife begins to preach to me 
No work, unemployed, I am free 
I go to the unemployment office and talk to the man 
He looks at my state and says he will do what he can 
The man asks me which of the three jobs I choose 
I don't want a job, I guess I've got those Lazy Hound Dog Blues 
I go outside, sit at the bench and wait for the bus 
I've got nowhere to be, I ain't in no rush 
It's getting to be late in the afternoon 
Getting hungry and will be home soon 
My wife left me a note saying were through 
At the moment I don't care, it's the curse of the lazy hound dog blues 
I tell myself tomorrow I will look for a job 
Gotta clean myself up, no one will hire a slob 
The alarm goes off I hit the snooze 
Not today, I am nagged by those lazy hound dog blues 
My wife calls, says she wants to work things out 
I try to explain, she begins to shout 
She won't listen what's the use 
I tell there is a cure for the flu 
But how do you shake the lazy hound dog blues

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The Great Lighthouse by the Bay part 2

(begins with part 1)

Though some say the tribal council foresaw the next event.
The disappearance of all the seers,
and as they went,
the people looked up with fear;

Finally the last one had gone,
along with the illumination of our paths.
And so, as we waited for the fires to once more dawn,
we again silently suffered from the coastal Rocks’ wrath;

But when word spread that gilded beacon lit no more,
greed overtook our brothers, as they decided on a change of plans.
They attacked us and razed our sacred lore,
building lighthouse others, these, of human hands;

Only, as mighty as it would be made,
however tall the tower,
no matter how many bricks would be laid,
it was no suitable substitute in power;

Frustrated, they then tried to rationalize and disprove the old towers greatness.
And upon hearing our moral gems, they would mock.
Calculating through their path without a real reasonable guess.
Their arrogance sunk them, as they became Rock;

And as friendly nations turned against us in a collective,
we felt the cold hand of civil unrest.
Our enemies took our people captive,
as our people did also oppress;

Many people made their own sect,
and blood was spilled by these cults.
Monuments to themselves, the leaders erect.
As foot soldiers are swept up in tumult;

Our tribe finally splintered,
and to this day the sects still track us as prey.
We are some of the last fundamentalists yet to be conquered,
which I am thankful for everytime I pray;’
He then tensed and pierced me with heavy eyes.

I’ve seen many of my friends hunted down,
and yet I’ve never picked up a soldiers armor.
The only clothes I wear are a priests’ gown
and ritual vestments while at the altar.

Life has indeed given me the chance to make riches,
I thank the opportunity, but always decline.
I think I’ve found where my niche is,
every Sunday, preaching divine.

I could have been wild,
in my younger days.
But perhaps its good and mild,
that can see through the haze.

But everytime I see that golden spire,
I ignite inside with holy fire.

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Pembe Ninem

Acimiz buyuktur 
Pembe ninem
Yuregim  yurudu
Kopruler eksik

Bu ne bitmez hikaye
Ne donme dolap
Yigitlerin agiti
El olur er kisi
Utanir  kendinden 

Kanamis gelincikler
Yolun yarlarinda 
Sicak basmis irkilmis
Kapali odalarin kararlari
Gorunmez isiltili aynalarda

Irlem  terletti acilmamis 
dikenleri gundogana vurrgun
Pembe ninem
Ne yoldur bitmez
Yurumekle  beraber

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Aquarian Dream II- Leaving Kali Yuga

A glimpse in your gilded eyes Tells me all inside your lieing mind How can you Stand without a spine How can you speak without a will Failed to announce the pain Will they realize the illusion Is it all to late? The lies that are so common Have put up a delusion Infront Of the people's mind So deep away from the dark Will we come when father is coming For us, is it all to late? Soft little messenger I dare you to spread the word About our dying world All come far and near Listen to what we have been waiting to hear The walls have broken down The gates have been breached The Keep stormed in Praise and sing They have killed our king Our conformity is on it's last day All Black Skies have been tainted with grey Our flags are now just tinder The palace has all been burned to cinders Our Empire has fell Praise and sing They have killed our king I see the light of a dawning Age Let a new era begin An Aquarian dream a day where we are all free Inside our minds; our hidden refuge But there's no need to hide perfection Concordia shall be our queen Justice, independence, liberty are our only virtues free to be whoever our heart let's us be Go to the tower, strike the bell Soft little messenger And tell of Victory All come far and near Listen to what we have been waiting to hear The walls have broken down The gates have been breached The Keep stormed in Praise and sing They have killed our king Our conformity is on it's last day All Black Skies have been tainted with grey Our flags are now just tinder The palace has all been burned to cinders Our Empire has fell Praise and sing They have killed our king All come far and near Listen to what we have been waiting to hear The walls have broken down The gates have been breached The Keep stormed in Praise and sing They have killed our king Our conformity is on it's last day All Black Skies have been tainetd with grey Our flags are now just tinder The palace has all been burned to cinders Our Empire has fell Praise and sing They have killed our king

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Mr. Smooth's Chauffeur

Mr. Smooth has a splendid social life
He's got adoring kids, a loving wife
He's a well-educated gentleman
Knowing so much, still learning all he can.

He's got a pleasant way of winning friends
The rich and the wretched, the saints and the fiends
So likeable, so popular is he
That he's the guy most people want to be.

       I envy him his fame, his name
       But I don't have much to offer
       I'm just his lowly chauffeur
       At his long limo's steering wheel
       As he gets every winning deal.

Mr. Smooth heads the boardrooms, makes much wealth
Got a sculpted body and superb health
And women swoon when he greets them hello
Threatened machos smile when he had to go.

He's got me waiting a bit longer now
So unusual, much like breaking a vow
The scared guard said Mr. Smooth did decide
To call it quits, then gulped down cyanide!

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Spending an early morning by the iridescent bay,
body delighted by a whipping breeze:
it's humid and hazy under swollen clouds
that foretell an up-coming storm;
on both side of the parkway
cars speed by, and drivers
have no clue that a traffic cop
is scanning it on the radar!
Some may not go far:
there, the flashing lights of the siren;
I am glad that I obey that law,
while some offenders smirk at a fine!

As the wailing wind progresses on,
so does the intensity of the muggy air;
it supposed to be a festy, sunny day
to unwind and enjoy some sun,
but does Nature think that nasty weather is fair
or is it spiteful, unyielding and tricky?

On a rough checker's table made of oak,
I'm writing my observations 
as beach-goers seem to have deserted it;
on a normal day it echoes of music,
of voices so loud and deep!
Now, hungry pigeons and seagulls
feast on wiggling fish,
unmarred by my presence...
that can provoke my appetite,
thinking of a tasteful dish!

Tired of walking the long stretch of beach,
I take off my tinted sunglasses
smudged by dripping sweat;
I'm burning like a lizard in need of relief...
my sunscreen has worn off!
Few more steps, the car door opens:
clothes neatly folded on the back seat,
raindrops hit the windshield as I pick up speed!

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I Remember the Day

I Remember the Day
     By Dane Smith-Johnsen

I can remember the day like yesterday,
When the snowfall brought much glee,
One Florida church made a wish that year.
Flakes of snow they wanted to see.
Praying with hope, they entreated their God,
Asking together on knees. 
“We are so poor and no gifts will there be
For the Christmas tree this year,”
But they trusted in Heavenly Father's love.
I in their eyes great faith saw--
There were dreams that they dreamed and truly believed
“Send Christmas snow, God please.”

To show their great faith in God for the snow,
Paper snowflakes one by one,
Appeared each day in the bright sunlight
Thrilling, enchanting, and fun.
Then, many other people came,
When the snowflakes they did see,
They stayed to pray with those poor that day.
Snowflakes taped where others could see.

Some people not nearly as faithful as these 
Came mocking the poor folks’ glee.
And that was the reason (as many know,
In this place of poverty)
That the snow wish to God was repeated 
Saying, “Snowflakes, send to us please.”

And the snowflakes they cut for the window with care
Were like snowflakes school children make
With glittery paper of white
And one of the mockers that came there to fight
Remembered the good Lord above
Then, joined in the joy shared that night
And helped make many snowflakes with love.

Thus, Christmas never comes that I don't think about
The snowflakes that appeared one by one.
For the wish that they made was like no other wish
Those poor who had faith to believe
And all that they asked for from Father above
Were snowflakes in Florida showing God's love.
And that's what He gave them Christmas Day.
In the snow that God gave children played.

This is based on a true story...  It took place at a State Welfare Office, not a Church.

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Gradma singing her passionate Neapolitan songs 
from a balcony adorned with scarlet roses...her deep voice
not a soprano's, but delightful and expressed in humaneness;
her long golden hair brushed by the summer's aromatic breeze, 
to spark a new passion in her lively blue eyes!
And has she ever told anyone about 
carrying along that secret?

When grandpa left Italy, in clandestine  disguise,
for a long, hopeful jeouney to America in the late thirties,
grandma sacrificed and suffered much;  and when the Nazis
invaded the peaceful town of Baiano,
grandma made trips to the  small mill in Arciano,
to grind grain and make her delicious bread:
encountering many dangers and fears ahead...
making her the heroine History won't recognize! 
Have the historians overlooked her incredible courage,
and let her carry along that secret?

Women  and young ladies, including grandma, adored
the handsome and fearless man Mussolini,
who resuscitated the old concept of the Roman Empire with evil ways...
manipulating the puppet' hands of the loyal Fascisti;
woe to me, if I had lived and rebelled in those dreadful days:
I would have been imprisoned and possibly been killed!
Out of grief and anger, I speak against 
every injustice and not carry along that secret! 

My uncle, Stefano, was taken to England  by the British
as a prisoner of war...a coerced man so torn;
and Emma a kind-hearted English woman ,
and a lovely nurse with an impeccable humanity,
visited him often and brought him a home-cooked dish;
someting wonderful could have bloomed between them...
but all records and details have been lost instead,
and mine rely entirely on faded pictured filled with memory!
What unthinkable steps, the dictators of this earth take, to gain
their day in an unpromising sun:  suddenly power and pride...gone;   
Hitler's land devastated by the armies of justice...
with no shot-down bodies falling into self-dug ditches! 
Powerful people could have prevented this inhumane slaughter with haste,
but  silently watched them die... carrying along that secret!

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With All My Heart

I fell in love with you the moment I laid eyes on you.
The feeling that I have is unexplainable.
I want to be with you forever and ever.
The way that you have promised me.
O the joy that I feel when I am around you is immeasurable.

The way you make me feel better when I am blue.
Makes me want to stay blue.
Just so you can make me feel better.
I look in your eyes and I see heaven.
You make time stop for me when I am down.

When we are together I feel like nothing could ever tear us apart!
The world slows down just like in the movies.
So all the people are just frozen in time.
It's just you and me all alone in the frozen time that is around us.
What happens to the people around us frozen in time?
I don’t know, and I don’t really care.

You are all that matters to me.
You have my heart and soul.
You are the one that makes everything ok.
I have so much to tell you, I don’t know where to begin.
All I am trying to say is this:

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Brittannia ruled the waves,they said
My old school atlas,dotted red;
Cricket its multi-national game
Pageantry & fair-play its claim to fame;
Governed by the privileged few
English,said & written its glue.

Now six decades further on
Its colonial power foever gone;
A damp offshore Atlantic island
Sinking slowly,in PC quick-sand;
Multi-cultures of its past,now abound
Each language of its Empire,here is found.

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Last Will & Testament

To Mr. Otto Osips Ochs
My friend, the dream is exhausted
But as long as you chase it, I will follow
Mr. Dylan Thomas 
Perhaps destiny it’s self will spare us
To yours, mine, our struggle 
Their smiles
Here’s to serenity 
Accept this peace
To those who do not understand 
Perhaps you never will
To Forsythe 
Orange monkeys, brown bricks
To Fallen days 
Summer musk smirks
So we wish upon autumn stories
And still recall a sudden May
The Garden district 
Birds feed, individuals chirp
The sudden closure that lurks
To holidays 
Like people they come, they go
To Knowledge
What is good language?
Ignorance, my southern king
My Etruscan dancer 
Kiss the mistletoe of your beloved tragedy
I beg of you 
Keep your self reliance
So I ask you, what do you do?
When life points all its fingers at you?
To End, despair, and happiness
Why not just coexist within struggles
To the most adorable infants
I insist that you cry
Because in the future 
When things go not your way
Your peers and I 
Will simply tell you to stop whining
To harmony 
I’d rather have your faults than marry
My well wishers
It’s been fun
I insist that you play
Enjoy the withered ways of the hours that fade
When life begins to settle around you
You begin to only focus on 
What you have to do
To the harlots I lay with in
You can do better than me
To those whom stood foot in sand
Wrap your self in a warm memory and let it be
To fatal attraction 
What ever happened to you?
Until the end, my friend
My lord this is as far as we go
To my viewers 
I leave you my despair
My expired whereabouts
My truth in well being
I leave you my absence on days I do not miss
My love
My only beleaguered wish
To life
The darkness I continue to kiss
To my conscience
I cannot get over you
To the world 
The end, all is yours
To our sun
The moon, the blemishing
To Phoebe 
Be eternal, mark, and benefit from it
To relinquishing 
I keep trotting
To this decision in essence
Where will I go? 
For now, I do not know
But maybe that’s the significance in the matter
To Colorado 
I look forward to our rendezvous and tryst
To departure
A lavender scent
To laughter
A soothing melody to present
To my tears 
You are nothing more than failing worries
To Eternity 
Time seems wounded, love please hurry
To Monroe Louisiana 
Maybe I’ll see you all around sometime
As for my will 
I leave none, it carries on within me

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Z Lovely 39

She comes in just before 6:30 
Donald's ride will never be early 
Their relationship is not kept under cover 
She calls him her big brother 
Now they both drive a 300, Donald says his is better 
There is nothing like the smell of leather 
Zena keeps hers cleaner, it holds more shine 
She has a nickname I gave her, Z Lovely 39 
She starts to freeze when the temperature dips below 79 
Her heater is on full blast most of the time 
Palmetto bugs, spiders and snakes 
Zena will run a mile a minute to escape 
Donald said he is thinking about moving his desk out in the warehouse to keep 
from walking back and forth 
5-2-9 suggests Donald buy some Dr. Scholl's cushioned insoles to prevent his 
dogs from getting sore 
Zena just got her new clothing catalog from 1-800-SO-FINE 
It was addressed to her exclusively, Z Lovely 39 
Another day starts with my desk neighbor, new adventures will arise 
Donald will spend most of his day by her desk, comes as no surprise 
He has romantic visions tumbling like a dryer in his mind 
He will always big brother to Z Lovely 39

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The ones who had the whole world

Hour by hour,
Day by day,
Life is like a book,
Some like to say.
Every second, every minuet
A different page is made;
Every year, every decade
Another chapter is laid.
Someone once said,
Or thought just the same,
Life is just like
An extensive game.
There are winners,
There are losers,
There are ones who don’t care,
Yet everyone has supposedly,
A matching pair.
Not every moment,
Is not worthy of glorification.
Especially not some,
In this great nation.
Some men are like gods,
Others like slaves,
Some discard objects,
Others crave.
Yet future is upon us,
And we are doing nothing.
Shouldn’t we leave behind
Our children something?
Yet everyday we kill
Everyday we steal
Everyone doesn’t care
What others feel
In the time of this day
The time of now
We should start changing
Yet some ask “how?”
The only way is this
We start right now
Love, not kill
Give, not steal
Maybe with time
Our hearts will heal
If not our hearts,
Then our planet may
This planet never,
Ever forgets
Rarely does it ever,
Ever forgive
Only we
Are the ones to blame
Only we
Need to claim
The responsibility of such
For we are the ones
the world was ours
do something we must
before this land sours

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Turbine whistling
Until all is green
Time to go
That familiar quickening
Of a heart
Trained in the art of war
To do battle
Rotors spinning
Left and right...
The tech calls
Progressive collective
Rising high
In to the sunlight
Time to target
Five minutes
That familiar quickerning
Switches, set
Terrs, visual!
Lynxes, marking with frantan
Left hand orbit
Time to go...
Heave of cyclic
Nose up
Bleeding off speed
Safeties , off
You hear the snap and click
In a cloud of dust
A fireforce deplaned
For needs must...
Terrs, visual
Max power,
collective to full
Building speed
Skimming trees
Tech, observing
They're running!
Brownings chatter
The cordite smell
The enemy scatter
Watching the fuel
Adjusting throat mike
Ten minutes to bingo
Hearing the battle on the ground
Time to go...
In dusty skies
K-cars and G-cars flew
Skimming across the bush
Purposeful dragonflies
Trained in the art of war
To fight anywhere
That familiar quickening
Turbine whistled
Until all is green
Time to go...

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Your The Star

I remember everything you did to me
these photographs bring back old memories
i still hear everything you said
it's still stuck up inside of my head
as the tides wash in and out
always know what your all about
your fake smile starts to break
and finally you seal your fate.

Your the star
and im standing in line
maybe this movie starts on time.
Your the star
and only you come to mind
and your the one who's right all 
the time.

Like a slap to a tilted face
in my mouth i still have the taste
has this just been all a waste, of
my time.
In an alley against a wall
waiting for the other shoe to fall
by the phone but there's no call,
at all.

Your the star
and im standing in line
but it's fine.
Your the star
but you don't come to mind
for once it's finally not about you
this time.

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Going Crazy

Thoughts going through my mind.

Never knowing what to do.

Wanting to let it all out but not knowing how.

Cutting, burning ,drinking , smoking, and popping pills .

Is that the way to let my feelings out.

What should I do?

Talk to a friend .Sure they can help.

But most friends don't know what I'm going through.

Never knowing what to do.

Till Now..

I laid all my troubles at the foot of the cross.

I am a woman of god ..

God is the reason I make it through the day.

Satan has no control over my life anymore,

God is my one and only...

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The insatiable passion 
inside our blood, out of control,
flowed quicker than a waterfall...
made us profoundly intense;
that determination, not to waste moments,
was affirmed by our earnest intention!

Where will I find pretty Monica?
She can't be replaced by witty Erica,
who forces me to forget...
until there'll be no memory left!

This sky was so crimson and cloudless,
a reminder of those evenings of tenderness;
now this boring rain pours down on that maple tree:
erasing everything we wrote on its bark;
and it even glowed like a star throughout the dark,
inviting us to spend a night...drifting in a dream!  

Where will I find pretty Monica?
Even the beautiful face of Angelica
doesn't offer me hope and consolation; 
she truly was the perfect woman in all creation!

I speak of a name so unheard by others,   
and foolishly fall into the stranger's arms...
those cold arms that can't make me feel comfortable;
I cry out  words that seem impossible
to be said in silence with certainty,
because nobody wants to hear them...except me!   

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Rise Above

Nightmares to day dreams
feel like my brain would freeze
had no ease, no rest and no
The hurt blazing, inferno sky's
fading as none of the light came in
hiding in the corner cowering as words
broke my skin, razor sharp like a tack
or a pin and im sitting here left

If i could rise above your agony
get past this indignity
would i ever get past this angry sea
could i really ever just be me.

Daydreams to nightmares
terror and rage, energy balled up
and trapped in a cage, no way
i could ever relieve the pressure
feeling like the roof caved in.
Ashamed and unaware of being played
this was her favorite game, every lie the same
so im done being the one you play, that's
all i have to say.

If i could rise above your agony
get past this indignity
ever cross that angry sea
finally just get to be me.

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Yakomazlar acti
Vurulmus yildizlara
Bahcemde sardunyam
Sallandi gunun aksamina.
Yarim  elim  elinde
Yurunmemis adim
Alcanak yanaklarim
Konusulmamis aci
Bekledik durulsun agri

Kanayan gundogan
Biber bastik acimiza
Hep bir yoldan
Hep bir agizdan
Sevdik devsirdik
Elele yuruduk
Acinin umutlarina

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Love or Angst

Kiss me, 
Lace your fingers through my hair,
Love me,
Bathe my heart in the open air,
Need me, 
Call me from your high front stair,
And maybe I’ll love you as well,
Maybe I’ll fall under your spell.

In September,
I see you coming near,
In the hallway,
Whisper soft nothings in my ear,
In the morning, 
When no one else is here,
As the sunlight comes streaming through the window,
And you tell me there is nothing left to fear.

The Springtime,
Left much to be desired,
You kisses,
Kept me flying higher and higher,
But walked away on down that road,
Left me to die in my hearts fire,
I thought my heart was my own,
But when in love I lost all the heart I owned.

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Spellbound by the shimmering moonlight by the silent lagoon,
the oldest witness to every lover's secrets in enchanted Venice,
whispering soft words, afraid of being stolen by that stranger
who could be a wanderer or an intruder...
the dry leaves, beneath the drooping pine trees,
will crackle if he attempts to hear them too soon!

Moments lived into a silver night,
when the narrow streets are empty and dark
and the gondolas rest at the quite docks,
are as magical as the warm glow in these cheerful eyes;
and if our hands seem so frantic,
our quick thougths may be less romantic!

Following the trail of the ascending moon,
how loneliness is detected in her glance...
if we stare at her melancholic face!
And should we bring her a little comfort
by singing her the tune of a lovely song,
but how long will her presence loom?

Moments lived into a silver night...
are wonderfully remembered through a lifetime,
even more than that one unforgettable kiss...
while the gondolier rows the gondola through the canals
of a city that still withstands the fury of tides;
will another city be as beautiful as this?

We'll die before Venice will completely
disappear into the Adriatic Sea...
so let's cherish these moments of ecstasy,
and leave something to remember us by;
I'll write the words and the melody,
and you will sing it to her sweetly!

Moments lived into a silver night... 
linger among these strong and old walls of Venice: 
where the legendary Marco Polo slept, 
where ordinary and famous people wept;
fall asleep on my chest and feel the sea-breeze,
by morning we'll be awaked by a brilliant light! 

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sweet tea

A spot of tea for you and me
It makes me ever so happy to see you today
Smile on your face gives me meaning and grace.
I have lost all track of time and place

Sweet sugar in my tea you’re the sweet sugar for me

A tea set reminds me of my inner child
Your beauty makes me go wild
More sugar yes please more sugar for me
Your sweet and kind you help me unwind

Sweet sugar in my tea you’re the sweet sugar for me

I kiss your soft lips it makes me smile
Drink my tea only for a while with you
Earl grey one more please stay don’t walk away
No words left to say I love you

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Go to the Ant

Go to the ant and learn (2x's)
Go to the ant, ant, ant
Go to the ant and learn-  (Chorus)

She digs her house down deep
She builds her house up high
And though she has no king
Her armies stay alive

In the summer she will reap
For the coming winter sky
She gathers everything
Her colonies survive


Consider all her ways
She's small but she expects
Her people stay as one
And she is strong and wise

So number all your days
Prepare for what comes next
And til everything is done
Let no sleep tempt your eyes

Go to the ant, ant, ant (3x's)
Go to the ant  


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Aids Awareness

Ten years later, I didn't think I'd be here
Sitting in the corner, still wiping y tears
How your past comes back to haunt you
How your mistakes come back to hurt you
I was young and in love, promised many things
I had no one, he took me under his wings
Showed me a world I have never seen
He told me that he's never been with anyone
This will be his very first time, I smiled
Joy filled my heart, it was my first time too
I was on cloud nine, nothing could bring me down
Until he decided to stop coming around
I started to hear a lot of things, people started talking
I found out he's been around the block a time or two
But even after all this, I didn't question
Whether or not it was time to go get tested
Four months down the line and my belly started growing
I went to the doctor and he told me I was pregnant
Even so I still didn't want to go get tested
It wasn't until my ninth month that something clicked
It was my responsibility as a mother to go get checked
And I did and it made me feel proud
Until the doctor called and told me to sit down
It seems I have HIV and on top of that
Three other girls, who have been with him have the same disease
But my curse has a blessing, god spared my daughter
Her blood is clear of the disease, she doesn't have HIV
But here I am, ten years later, sitting in my room
Getting sicker as each day passes, there's no cure for this disease
I carry a great burden, my heart is full of pain
Who will take care of my little girl when i'm no longer here, 
How I wish I used a condom, I should have asked questions
I should have been patient and waited, until I got the answers
But I was in love and allowed my flesh to do the talking
If you think your mistakes don't bother the people around you
Your wrong and confused, they feel your pain too
If there is one thing I can say, to bring forth a better day
Don't wait, don't delay, go and get tested today
If you don't know nothing about the disease, get some information
It's available everwhere, It's right there for you to see
It's not stupid, it's the smart thing to do
Don't wait till it's too late
Don't wait until it happens to you

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Have they ever asked themselves
what's the purpose of this life;
and why we are born of a mother
who leads us to a quiter shore?
These are the thoughts of an innocent mind...
questioning the diffidence of the eartly man!

Have they ever seen showers feed
the blossoms of a peach tree?...
Warm raindrops that Nature offers
to magnify the grandness of flowers!
These are the thoughts of an innocent mind...
seeing beauty when all ignore surprise!

Have they ever seen the majestic pine trees sway,
almost piercing the wandering clouds of color rose...
drifting towards the lustrous sunset of May;
can a strayed soul obtain redemption with deep-felt remorse?
These are the thoughts of an innocent mind...
 contemplating creation with the purest feeling! 

Have the ever stopped along the roads
swarmed with mimosa and jasmine and inhale
the fragrance of their tiny flowers,
being totally inhabriated by their smell?
These are the thoughts of an innocent mind...
thrilled by the natural state of the wild!
Have they ever seen those cities made of concrete,
where the errants struggle to breath,
and sunlight is as rare as an uninvited sunset;
there the church bells toll in extreme heat!
These are the thoughts of an innocent mind...
seeking,but not finding spirituality of any kind!

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The silent battlefield has drawn its armorial...
no smoke rising from weapons so unsurpassable;
bodies lying on the bloody grass;
some writhing, many lifeless!

One nation has risen against  another nation...
with the plausible thought that one
will subdue the other and conquer;
but the losses on both sides seem an equal share!

Victory is a vain word,
if it hasn't considered or honored
its noble purpose through peace;
many lives could have been spared...
turning their worth over an unjudicial conscience,
and rid itself of a costly vengeance!

Those daughters and sons will not return to their mothers,
and an acute pain will perforate their helpless hearts;
and they could have become great minds and leaders:
and with their death, their thoughts have perished with their dreams!

Victory is a vain word,
smeared on dead faces that look upright...
for that mercy and compassion the enemy did't give;
they may be dead in body, but not in the spirit!
Look !  I see them walking with God,
who will give them another life for their firm belief! 

Belligerence is the outcome of rampant hatred,
and Man will become a beast in order to accomplish it...
without regard and pity,not compromising, 
but scheming with an uncontrollable wrath!

Now their voices aren't shouting,and their hands
are still stained with unwashable blood;
nightmares are the visitations of demons
who complement their minds with a cruel reward:
victory has lost meaning and ardor ,
nothing can bring them to a calm shore!

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The Heavens Stole My Tears From Me

The heavens stole my tears from me,
and chained them to a gruesome fate;
for if my fragile eyes should run,
the sky would then precipitate.

Whenever I would lose myself
to dismal thoughts and start to cry,
the clouds would waltz maliciously
with spiteful showers standing by.

The heavens stole my tears from me,
and hid them in a turquoise squall.
The world walked on. How could it know,
that anything was wrong at all?

Despicable, this lucid paint
that covered up my mournful hue!
Despite how close they always were,
they never knew my eyes bled blue.

They couldn't see my drops of pain;
they only saw the morbid rain,

                                                       on my weeping heart.

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From his home-made wooden rocker my dad beckoned with his hand, 
as his wasting frame would not allow the dying man to stand 
and he handed me two buttons, that were worn and on a chain, 
then he whispered of their origins while grimacing with pain. 
“These two buttons were my father’s lad and from a prison shirt 
that dad wore because he’d beat a man who’d treated him like dirt. 
He was placed in solitary and that added to his shame, 
so to stay sane in that darkness … well he played this little game. 
“He would throw those two white buttons in the black void of that room 
and he’d search until he found them in his quest to beat the gloom. 
Yes he’d throw those two white buttons and they kept the poor man sane, 
till they finally released him and my dad came home again. 
“When I met your darling mother son I felt right from the start 
that this girl was something special and I knew deep in my heart 
that we’d marry and have family and son the dream came true, 
but it broke me when I lost her, after she gave birth to you. 
“Though I had you to remember her, I nearly lost my mind 
and I’d ask God in my darkened room why was life so unkind. 
But my dad came to the rescue and placed in my hand one day 
two white buttons and revealed to me a game he used to play. 
“Yes I’d throw those two white buttons in the black void of that room 
and I’d search until I found them in my quest to beat the gloom. 
Yes I’d throw those two white buttons and they somehow kept me sane 
till I found a little peace of mind and was your dad again. 
“Still we’ve shared a lot of years since then and son you’re now a man 
and I know you love your family and do the best you can. 
I do not have much to leave you just these worn out buttons lad 
and the knowledge that I loved you and was proud to be your dad.” 

Then his hand slumped off the rocker and dad’s spirit left that night 
and him lying there and free of pain was such a peaceful sight. 
Though at night I’d sit there in the dark, depressed and feeling blue, 
till I took to throwing buttons, just like my dad used to do.   
Yes I’d throw those two white buttons in the black void of that room 
and I’d search until I found them in my quest to beat the gloom. 
Yes I’d throw those two white buttons and they somehow kept me sane 
and I thanked my dad and grandpa for those buttons on that chain. 

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The God's of Greed

Pinnacles rise calling their name
Letters on an index they became
At one time ethics reigned
The slaves had value in some past day
Cast aside no longer having a place till his grave
The God’s finding cheaper more willing slaves
More riches for them to plunder 
Gold for them to save
A new land to take
Humanity they forsake
The God’s of Greed always thunder
That is not their fault that mankind suffer
That any man can be a God of Greed
Provided he serves only his own need
And use the slaves for what they be
Pawns in chess game
Played by the God’s of Greed.

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Fire and Water

Wild Mountains
Cool Breeze
Wild Woman
Your Fire Powerful
My Waters just as strong
Will your Fire put out my waters
Will my Waters douse your flame
The challenge is yours to accept
Fire and Water
Two Passions...Powerful
when married as a force
Are you the one I am to explore
of the least of these? 
The one who will understand my passions
and my actions.
Wild Woman
Firey Woman
Let me douse your flame
Engulf yourself in my waters
Engulf yourself in my waters

Peter LeBuhn

Copyright ©2006 Peter B. Lebuhn 

Peter LeBuhn 

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' Legendary ... ' ( Part 4 (of) 4)

‘ Legendary …’  ( Part  4 (of) 4 ) 

Now, that the Maiden was Unaided, Quickly, ‘He’ Located, Her Craftily
Beth, was in A Flurry, Too Much in a Hurry to Hear Turning of A Key 
Alas’ … The Happenstance of Harm, at the Bower, twas’ Done Most Foully !
Alas’ … The Happenstance of Alarm, Maid twas’ Undone for Shameful Villainy!

 * * *  The Maid so Afraid, for The Earl Waylaid – Her, to His Infamy
He Ravaged and Damaged The Maid … and Took Her Innocency …

And She, in Her Distress and Mental-Regress and Misery
Sat Horrified-Aloof, Sitting in Soiled Proof, of Her Plundered Chastity
There Could Nay be Gathered, Her Tattered-Wits twere’ Shattered, even for Modesty
As The Earl snidely Chuckled, and Boastingly Buckled His Belt, Smirking Heinously

Yea, The Earl had Sated His Dissipated Lust and Gloated – Gleefully
Went Back to The Masque-Ball and Unmasked and Called and Mocked Maliciously
Impugned Beth, to One and All, of Her Downfall from Grace to Impropriety
The Earl Made Sure … The Stunned Knight Would Overhear, The Indecency …

But Much to The Earl’s Chagrin and also Akin to Cowardice and Incredulity
… The Knight Spoke Nay a Word, Only The Hissing of His Sword, Struck Accordingly
The Last Look, The Earl Saw Was … Rage and The Fraught-Gaze of  Insanity !
Yea, The Knight, Smote The Gloat off The Face of the Vile Earl, Most Deservedly …

* * *

Thence, The Knight, in Their Sight, Became Legend That Night as He Fought Mightily
He Escaped Royal Guards, His Heart was Beating Hard, as He made it to The Bowery
And by the Window, He could see by Melted Tallow, a piece of cloth hung Raggedly
caught Wherefore Beth … had jumped to Her Death … and Lay Below Crookedly …

* * *

Now, Tis’ Sad To Recite … They Hung The Poor Knight,  tis’ Further Travesty
For The Earl, tho’ Highborn, wast’ a Cur to Be Scorned … a Monstrosity !
Alas’ …  and Aghast, the hope of Lovers Together at Last, Turned into Tragedy
Fie’ and Fain, lest’ we Forget, this be A Story and yet… couldst’ be Reality …

Yea, Fie’ and Fain, lest’ We Forget, …  Why The Earl, His End Met … 

                        … This Too Was Vanity …   Eccl. 1: 14

‘ … Sweet Wine On My Lips … Drip In Ecstasy
Sweet Touch On My Hips … Smooth as Warm Honey
Sweet Love of My Soul … Last An Eternity
Sweetheart, Be Thy Bold in Bravery …
… and if Sweet Talk, Be A Token
And Language Be Spoken …
Be Legendary … Be Thou Legendary ! ‘

                               The End

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Sing A Song Of People

Sing a song of people
Walking fast or slow;
People in the city
Up and down they go.

People with their hats on,
Going in the doors.
People with umbrellas
When it rains and pours.
People in tall buildings
And in stores below;
Riding elevators,
Up and down they go.

People walking singly,
People in a crowd;
People saying nothing,
People talking loud.
People laughing,smilling,
Grumpy people too;
People who just hurry,
And never look at you!

Sing a song of people
Who like to come and go;
Sing of city people
You see but never know!

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A Call To Arms-Volume One

A call to arms has been issued and all the lyrical guns have been reissued
fierce fighting mothers handing out tissues to dab away at media blasted issues 
while the news just labels and cradles out the issues to misuse without paying 
dues and then we all lose yes i said we all lose while fighting towards the end

Because of men riddled with sin i think it's time to begin again with sentimental 
reason to treason. start rhyming again to turn away the seasons.  Why can't you 
stop, can't you see the beacons?  But oh no, hell no, here comes the saturated 
reasons spouting from our deacons to extinguish all the beacons.

A call to arms has beened released from our fathers that are burried and 
deceased.  Oh no, hell no, the wonders they never decease.  While problems 
they steadily increase time to pick a pocket and do away with that lease.  The 
poor man crying while the fat cat continues to fleece us, with mistrust, thinking 
we aren't tough.  but life gets hard and tough, the people they have had enough.  
So all the people they rise up and stand up, can't stop it up or break it up.  

When the crowd starts pumping, and the cities start thumping, with this lyrical 
something.  Maybe the teen mothers wold stop humping, but y'know something, 
when we wake up this has all been for nothing.  Because the city is a monster 
living in dumpsters, with parents in the house yelling at their kids upstairs, no 
wonder the nation is caught unawares.  We're all frightened by the nightmares, 
but do nothing when the beacons start to blare.  Looking up at empty hands as if 
to plead with the starving air.  Oh god, the answer was but now it's gone and I 
don't where.  Not even the gospels that are out there can tell me where.  But who 
cares?  With all the dope selling and the fathers that aren't there.  

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Master of War

He pauses for effect and pretends to listen and hear,
then proceeds anyway and gives the order to conquer.
Though far is his reach he is really very near,
causing destruction, he brings chaos and fear.

Silhouettes and shadows dance all over the wall
but he heeds not the warning of the impending toll.
From across the ocean he kills, maims and attacks,
he arrests and he tortures, he insults and he mocks.

He drops bombs, launches cruise missiles and planes,
he fires cannons, sends troops on ships and trains.
He barks orders, he wiretaps and he spies,
he fundraises, he schemes and he lies.

He does not hesitate to place fighting men in harm’s way,
yet years ago, when put to the test, he scampered away.
He’s brave and he’s fearless he will do whatever it takes
as long as it’s not his sorry life at stake.

His nation’s best come home in cold, flag-draped coffins,
but not to worry, just statistics, save the cost of morphines.
For the good times roll for the dumb warrior and his base
since November 2000 and it has always been the case.

He turns wives into widows, innocent kids into orphans,
sowing deaths on thousands of daughters and sons.
He cries crocodile tears, even tries hard to appear he’s sorry
in front of cameras for the headlines of the day.

He never fails to attend service with his wife every Sunday,
a black sheep once but claims the Lord showed him the way.
Yet nothing will stop him from character assassination
for his party and, believe you me, in the name of his nation!

We’re spreading democracy, the little boy warrior says,
in press conferences he holds on some occasional days.
While his weary war machine stutters and cranks,
his rich cronies laugh all the way to the bank.

Yes, the Decider smiles, he surveys and he conquers,
he pretends to listen though he does not really hear.
Shame on the whole world, the UN, shame on us all,
for not reining in this evil man and just taking the fall.

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When life was given to me,
from the kindest mother
this ungrateful world ever knew,
I caught my first breath
as my tiny heart started to laugh;
that moment was ingrained in time,
instilled in that child's memory...
for countless years to pull me through,
reminding myself who got me on this safe shore!

To love myself so intensely...
is to honor her degnified memory,
others may have not been so lucky
to have had a mother who had
loved them so passionately;
I heeded her words, listened how she prayed...
even in suffering, she sought the presence of God,
the same God who has been testing a faith so bold!

My righteous mother was an image of holiness,
her pure heart despised ugliness...
a saint who will never be recognized,
and so unknown for her sacrifice!
She had the pity of Jesus's mother,
and the perseverance of a martyr;
had she be living in Nero's time,
she woud have died for Christ!

To love myself so intensely
is to be grateful to her immensely,
and consume that fervent love
in the same way she did;  no stories,
or ballads will be writtten about her...
to somehow remember her,
but with my loving poem everyone will know,
and come to realize that mothers dont' have
to be heroines to go down in History!

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Australian historians, though having penned the tales 
about our nation's bushrangers, who mostly were all males, 
did somehow fail recording facts on one outlandish gang, 
who sneered at all authority and didn't give a hang. 
They terrorised the Warrego in Queenslands far south-west, 
despite the thousand pound reward put up for their arrest.  
This trio of the meanest kind for years had been renown  
for robbing Haberdasheries in almost every town. 
The leader was a buxom lass, the fearless Nellie Wunn, 
and with her rode sweet Nellie Court and doughy Nellie Dunn. 
The Nellies were all hated by the women of the west, 
as they would take the finest clothes and leave them with the rest. 
This gang would use the goods they stole and gate crash any ball, 
and trip the light fantastic with their men folk, one and all. 
Then as the stroke of midnight gonged they simply up and went, 
but left their trade mark lipstick kiss implanted on each gent. 
Though like all those who rode that path and went outside the law, 
the Nellies run of luck ran out and they would ride no more. 
All three would face the hangman's noose, a grisly kind of fate, 
and only by the good Lord's grace could they escape that date. 
By that I mean should it occur the process failed three times, 
the Lord was seen to intervene, which cancelled out their crimes. 
First up to face the gallows was the leader Nellie Wunn, 
but when the trapdoor failed three times her freedom had been won. 
Young Nellie Court was next in line when, strike me don't you know, 
the trapdoor failed three times again and so they let her go. 
Then poor old doughy Nellie Dunn marched up the gallows stairs 
and as the noose went 'round her neck she quickly said her prayers. 

But as the executioner reached down to do the deed, 
poor doughy Nell  cried, "Wait a bit!  Before you do proceed. 
I think I see what is at fault,"  then went on to relate, 
"the lever pin has fallen out and that's your problem mate."

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two lovers

Spark of light in pitch black room
This place of solitude becomes a tomb
Reading writings of great people of the past
Get stuck in a moment forever to last

Open your sweet lips to kill the silence
Two lovers meet by moonlight to fill empty hearts

Piece of pain silent and still
My spirit builds a life of free will
a harmony of notes sound soft to my ear
Inside of a beating heart like a drum I hear

Open your sweet lips to kill the silence
Two lovers meet by moonlight to fill empty hearts

Passion of love echoes through my lips
Above two loves walls hold secrets no one hears
Two lovers in each others arms for years
Two lovers close share their fears
Sitting close they wipe each other’s tears

Open your sweet lips to kill the silence
Two lovers meet by moonlight to fill empty hearts

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Some people have murdered,some people have robbed,
some people have conned their way through,i've done them all.
Murdered my spirit,stole from my soul,cheated and lied all for the score.
Bought and sold and then bought again,
wore out my welcome with those who would lend.
Yet never failed,it was easily found,the new guy in town,who hasn't been around.
Green to the world and driven by greed,
use words of worship and he'll give what i need.
Promising to be loyal and true for my fix,the greenhorn inevitably gets wise to my 
So i run to the ones who unconditionally love, who i know will sympathize with all 
i have done.
I pour out my guilt and i pour out my shame and let them believe they are to 
Now that the show has all come to pass,they hand me the green and i don't even 
I've acted this part again and again, as i walk away i know where it ends.
For years i've managed to keep ignorance afloat
Until one day i noticed a hole in my boat
Slowly i sunk to my rocky bed, where the truth of my being was all i had left.
An existence so rotten and shrouded in shame
                                              a junkie i was
                                         AND THAT WAS MY NAME

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Everyone will have
more love in themselves,
if only they showed
the smallest kindness;
and smiled at each other
like sister and brother!

Only one man in all History
made that ultimate sacrifice...
such a short life
lived in holiness:
to show our hopeless Humanity
its new, wonderful destiny!

If flowers grow by sunlight,
we, too, can grow by faith...
and be as beautiful as they are at night;
If stars are admired for their beauty,
and speak to us of eternity...
we should be brighter than their light!

There's never anything wrong
when it comes to giving of oneself,
because compassion is measured by love...
even the smallest kindness can be so immense;
and they are no doubts when a joyful heart is sure:
nothing could be purer!  

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A cool rain has come down,
and stopped the rising of the sun:
a day of mourning for all in the silent city,
and it feels as sad as it felt yesterday;
eyes cry and mix themselves
 with the falling raindrops...

Console them with song,
with words that don't speak of indignation;
all they want is a possible consolation,
because a loss of someone so loved...
looks for ways of healing through faith,
and if they can't be found...they'll rely on strength! 

I've never seen so many flowers
laid at the site of the memorial,
and thousands of names being read
at the exact time the attacks occurred;
more tears and sobs, but also prayers
will be heard for the brave and exceptional!

Console them with song,
give them your comforting hugs,
and a flag of endless gratitude...
that flag they died for and they truly loved;
and we who are alive must remember their sacrifice
by walking together and being strong!  

Now, those sad faces see a ray of hope, at nine,
shining on them from the parting clouds;
no rain, no sorrow and tears to add to their pain...
only a certain feeling of ease from words
that are exchanged amid the voices of children:
the generation to rebuild what was torn down!

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' Legendary ... ' ( Part 3 (of) 4 )

‘ Legendary …’  ( Part  3 (of) 4 ) 

… Now, The Earl, had Spies, to keep Intruding Eyes On The Tryst of Secrecy
Beth’s Tresses, like Raven Wings and Eyes Emerald-Green, Became His Fantasies
Yea, He erstwhile Plotted, for He wast’ Besotted with the Cobbler’s Daughter’s Beauty
All to no Avail … for Beth Knew Well,  Twere’ None, More Wretched, than He !

So, She didst’ Spurn his Declaration and Protestations of Undying Fidelity
She didst’ Return, His Portrait and String of Pearls and His Poems, Peremptorily
Forasmuch, and twas’ this and such, She Rebuffed all His Pleasantries
In Favor of Her Knight, she Reserved This Right, which Enraged, Their Enemy
 - - - - - - -
Now, Twas’ but an Instant, of Insistent Cajoling, that Beth Pleaded Prettily
To Part with Her Swain, til’ Their Hearts Came, to be Joined For Perpetuity
To Compose Herself, for Their Nuptial-Heft, She twould  Prepare Hastily
And Rendezvous for His View, stating … ‘ I  twould’ Look, My Best for Thee!’

And as She left His side, She was Singing Most Merrily …

‘ …  Carry Me in Thine Arms, to Our Beloved Balcony
To a Bed of Blushing-Rose-Petals and Wild-Tossed-Peonies
A Bed Lover’s Designed … Draped in Damask and Brocade -Satiny
And let Moon-Glow, from Yon’ Window, Bathe Us Both Bodily … ‘

… and The Handsomely Styled, Smitten Knight Smiled, as He Heard Her Warm Gaiety …

… Sweet Wine On My Lips … Drip In Ecstasy
Sweet Touch On My Hips … Smooth as Warm Honey
Sweet Love of My Soul … Last An Eternity
Sweetheart, Be Thy Bold in Bravery …
… and if Sweet Talk, Be A Token
And Language Be Spoken …
Be Legendary … Be Thou Legendary !

                                  ( Part 3 (of) 4 )

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The Ballad of Crazy Joe

He’s stitching the truth within his tome
Pulling the needle with woe
His fertile mind shall serve as his home
Tethers too rigid to sew
All precious detail is rendered there
Memory puts on a show
Clarity finds him out of thin air
He nearly dons a halo

Don’t ever mock Crazy Joe

Maestros get lost during anxious times
Magic strands logic below
He tickles those keys caustic like limes
Never once asking for dough
Within his head he’s never alone
Concertos twisting his flow
Don’t interrupt when he’s in that zone
He lacks roots yet he will grow

No one can stop Crazy Joe

He offers up such unique cuisine
With flavors that overflow
Humus and beans will make you feel lean
Even if you’re feeling low
Don’t pluck your tongue when you get confused
Flax seeds are saying hello
There’s nary a spice that goes unused
Comfort still satisfies though

Don’t fail to thank Crazy Joe

Patience avoids his most ardent gaze
Everyone moves way too slow
He seeks order in random arrays
Gravity too great to throw
Crooked freeways will tug him away
Flying that line like a crow
Mincing his grasp while he goes astray
Where he hides I’ll never know

Crazy Joe, where do you go?

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I will fly away into the night
Look unto the sky as I take flight
Tonight I love you so much
Tonight I want to see you want our lips to touch
Tonight I need you I need you tonight
I can’t run can’t hide want to have you by my side
 chorus x3  tonight tonight tonight
Wanna hold you tonight
Told you I’d treat you right
You’re the fire that keeps me warm at night
What a beautiful sight I see when I look at thee
tonight tonight tonight
I can’t fight what I feel
Take my hand and we’ll go far away
Wherever the night takes me, I’ll stay
As long as you still love me till the end day and night
	tonight tonight tonight

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Ballad of A Looser

he loves to get hi
living a life of his own morals
they blame him for what they cannot understand
they hate him for what they cannot bear
painfull,is what his younger days have been
he still reminisces of the cause that made him what they despise
his mother told him to go out and get paid
the moment she pushed him out of her womb
they name him looser because he makes his money
deviating from the system's rules
but to me he's a hero
for he fights for the cause he belives in
he surely will die for that cause

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My grandmom was a good woman in her time she was born in the depression error the daugter 
of sharecroppers in the deep south of Ms of clinton in the country she didn't finish school she 
clean schools for living it was a job the biggest job was taken care of other people kids I'm one 
of them cause the way she did it was a blessing by being handicapped I was her joy of life by 
getting me up to go to school church to my doctors visit every month she clean other peoples 
houses she gave good avice to people who need it she was there for every body the things that 
she talked me is how to make it in the world on your own when other people is not there for you 
I'm teaching my son the things she was telling me then and now

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He was with God before the world came to be,
and He created with Him our breath-taking Universe;
His name was Jesus,the Redeemer of the Human Race:
and to change and save us was His destiny...

He preached in the Temple, and all Jerusalem listened carefully,
but some didn't like to hear how He spoke against evil so openly;
and they weren't the Romans,the conquerors,
but those hypocrites in high places...

Jesus drew huge crowds by lakes and mountains,
by the country roads and in small towns;
they all came to hear the Gospel with gladness,
and Joseph was one of the priests who heeded those words...

On the lake of Genesaret, Jesus performed another miracle,
telling Peter to lower the net for a catch, but he was skeptical: 
until he saw the boat was about to sink with the heavy load,
and he came to realize the bounty of God... 

As Jesus became popular and all heard Him preach,
the priests and scribes became jealous of Him,
and planned to capture Him and found Him guilty of blasphemy:
by the very hands of Pontius Pilate who feared to condemn Him...  

But the crowd cried out, " Release Barabbas! ",
and those who called out the name, "Jesus,Jesus! "
were beaten and silenced by a mob who had no mercy;
Pontius Pilate had no choice but to deny His liberty...   

The Roman soldiers grabbed Jesus
and took Him to governor's place,
and they stripped and whipped Him 'till he bled;
and worst of all : a crown of thorns they put on His head... 

Along the Via Dolorosa Jesus carried the cross to His death 
as the women wept and men mocked Him with laughs,
never a commotion,so great, was felt in all Jerusalem;
a follower gave Him water, but he was restrained by swords...

The merciless soldiers placed the cross upon Jesus's shoulders,
and Simon from Cyrene finished bearing it behind Jesus;
he really felt the same pain and agony;
and from Jesus's smile, he knew He was relieved...

From the cross at Golgotha, Jesus asked His father
to forgive them as John stood by his mother;
to one of the evildoers He promised Paradise at no cost:
and to all who would believe and follow:  redemption by the cross....

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Prayers are answered by choice or creed...
if faith is stronger than belief;
put that glimpse of imagination to work,
and simply believe in yourself:
it will come to pass while you're awake, 
because determination leads everyone to believe!

Ask for an abundant harvest,
and be specific in your request;
and if it is earnest and motivated...
your wish will be granted!

Look out to the lulling grain and corn fields,
someone has planted their seeds...
soon to be sawed in an abundant harvest;
no one but God has the power to bless!

This truth was egoistically hidden from me,
hypocrites and deceivers told me otherswise:
to try my luck in gambling and giving money away;
what grief and disappointment I accrued from their lies!

Ask for an abundant harvest,
knowing that everything given
won't ever be forsaken;
but don't let folly make you one of the least!

Curse is equal to deserved pain,
because it has the same result,
and guilt is even greater than sin;
consider all before you answer your call! 

Ask for an abundant harvest,
with hands and eyes lifted up;
He will hear you...though you speak in a whisper:
distance won't stop God from opening His door! 

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I cannot turn back
The things I said
I cannot turn back
For, the people I need
Are now dead
What would they think?
Of things I say and do
I need them
Before I sink
When I need them most
I cannot speak
For I need them
For their strength
For, I am weak
I cannot turn back
Things I said
I cannot turn back time
For the people I need
Are now dead
I wish everyday
For a chance
To say
To listen
One more time
To my father
I cannot speak to...
The people I need
For, they are dead
One day
I will meet them
on an Autumns' day
and hear what they say
I live in two worlds
One, where I speak
The other...
Where, I am weak
Which one I am in now?
I cannot tell!

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Dear God Help Us Not See In Color

The world today has so much hatred 
No virtues, nothing is held sacred 
Everyone lives next to strangers, they never get to know 
In apartments condos above or below 
All of us bleed red, you are all my sisters and brothers 
Dear God help us not see in color 
When we see cultures, a lot of times 
We tend to think only the bad in our minds 
We can learn a lot from our children to accept people for who they are 
Our racial tensions should be put away in a shatterproof jar 
Predjudices should be buried in the ground, just like our ancestors next to one 
We have got to stop seeing each other in color 
Never mind the stranger on the bus sitting next to you 
If that person suddenly collapsed, what would you do 
If you take the time to say hello, get to know him or her 
Life should not be lived in a cold uncaring blur 
Love for our fellow humans should not be kept under cover 
Let's all strip away the color

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Red Necks

The deer is a warm and fresh road kill
Will go good with the moonshine from your still
That red neck life style you will always have
Red Necks don't have to have a reason to be mad
You feel that on taxes you always get screwed
Hunting animals doesn't take a mood
Not accepting others for who they are
Gas guzzling huntin' trucks, there are no cars
Your baby never given a passy
Just a hunk of tobbacky
You spit your tobbacky juice in a mason jar
Fertilize the grass, so you empty it in the yard
A bathroom is where you make it
In the bed of your truck, you and your old lady got caught naked
You brag to the Reds at work about your latest run in with the cops
A few beers later, it's time to raid the Goodwill box
As a bona fide Red Neck it is your life's mission
To pass these quality traits to your son, it's a tradition
Red Necks in the south are a dime a dozen
Most marry their next of kin, usually their cousins
Support your local Red Neck, the bumper sticker reads
It fine print it's local chapter 233
In the parking lot outside your favorite bar
Friday night puking, too much PBR
Saturday morning fatback and beans
Coats the stomach, now you can drink
I cannot criticize Red Necks for living this way
What is normal in society these days

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Lay down with nobody,
honor me with your trust;
don't let the delusion of lust...
make you unfree and incomplete!
There are too many false loves,
only mine is pure and real;
once you poor heart shatters into pain:
there's hardly any remedy!

A sweet song, played tenderly, will fall
on these trembling lips
as spring suddenly opens wide its sunny skies:
to  let us slip and fall,
cry and shout with joy...sometime!
Let's avoid being faithless,
let's grab our moments...gliding with happiness;
God will be glad and smile!

Lay down with nobody,
put this thought aside;
never be told of having lied...
of having hidden your stunning secret!
Lay down with nobody,
lest I come short of your expectations;
then, I'll have to live with it,
and bear all the consequences!

Lay dow with nobody,
don't destroy what's so great and perfect;
lay down with nobody...
emotions don't feel right when they're fake! 

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of lust
he plotted
to win and wear
his desires
permeated his

A life of David

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It may sound foolish or even insane
to have a wish for richness or fame,
and it's perfectly normal and human 
to long for things we don't have;
but it's morally wrong to use them
against others...for one's greed and gain!

That conviction comes from inside,
uncovering the unclearness of doubt...
without being afraid of answers so dark;
faith seems worthless without a vision in the mind..
be persistent in seeking gold with an enormous risk,
and many will try a thousand times until they find it! 

A small seed will grow into a rich harvest...
sun-nurtured and rain-quencher before sunset,
and all these things you desire
are obtained through prayer;
don't heed the cynic's advice:
push forward  with endless stride!

A wish for richness has different motives,
discard the unworthy ones, consider the good ones;
curiousity and effort make people successful,
'till their empty basket is completely full!
Never did I see  believers struggle for food;
it was given because they bow down to a true God! 

Real food comes from the fertile earth,
those who eat it will not know early death;
millions of people die from man-made diseases:
cigarettes, drugs, alchool, and promiscuous sex;
if these are to continue, there'll be no one left!  

Be considerate of others...don't do anything
you don't want to be done to yourself;
have the kindest heart overflowing with giving:
never stop at anything, if someone laughs;
your determination is the result of dedication:
let all watch and envy you for your perception!       

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Anytime loneliness 
brings its tidings of sadness...
look deeper inside...
to find a brighter side!

Don't set aside that untried aspiration,
let it come alive with boldness and action;
where others fail, you can easily succeed..
make the effort and fear not to dream!

Discouragement can delay
your flight to freedom by a mere doubt;
your spirit can still soar:
show the boldness of an eagle
and search for a sky
bluer than the rolling ocean!

I embarked on a long jeourney
and was deprived of much sleep,
my lost ship never found a shore;
little did I know about a lingering hope,
and like Columbus who was rediculed a lot...
and even called crazy by some,
I was awesomestruck
by a twist of luck! 

Look deeper inside
and be so glad you've at least tried...
to discern anything that made you worthless;
enunciate your right to live to yourself,
and seek out completion
by not wrestling with perfection!


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Fallen Angel

your life’s in a rut
you’re stuck in second gear
quickly losing all you’ve ever held dear

all your ambitions
all your life’s missions
no longer exist in your mind

the things you’ve done were all in vain
nothing you’ve found eases the pain
you want to end it all this very night

you tried to climb to the top
only failing to see
that maybe making it was never your destiny

you’ve no more strength to carry on
your life’s struggles have lasted too long
the ballad of your life is the saddest song

you dive from up high
flying like a fallen angel at last
letting go of your grievous past

the people finally see you from down below
finally see you drowning in sorrow
your time has now come and passed

as your body rains from the skies
everybody finally hears your desperate cries
but it’s too late to help you now

you’re falling down
falling toward your very end
leaving behind no family or friend

you hit the ground
now the world gathers round
staring in wondrous horror

you lie there in death
having breathed your last breath
suffering your life no more

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Life Goes On

LIfe Goes On isn't long nor short but  just right
Life can be called on anytime
God has been good to us
He gave us life to live
Things to be thankful for
So this is just the beginning
So just enjoy life while you can
Because you can die
today, tomorrow, or anytime
because when you die 
Theres no more turning back
because life is full of ups and downs
that comes and goes
Life Goes On

I pray that all people on earth
goes to Heaven
Thanks to God he wakes us every morning
and we should thank him for that 
While we are awake today
Others are dying
One day one of them could be you or me
So that's why never live a lie
Always ask for forgiveness
Because its never too late for anything
Before there is too late
Life Goes On
And doesn't it goes by fast

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No riches to be accumulated by me,
and no cathedrals to be built and penetrate
the vagrant clouds giving the resemblance
of a reachable Heaven so fuzzy,
because this mind is guided by faith...
and is not controlled by a limited furtherance!

I made big with God, not following the madness
which seeps into our imprudent soul,
and makes us see a false greatness...
forgetting that Man and God cannot be equal!

I've found no joy more thrilling and genuine
than that of our merciful and powerful God:
asking us to choose right and good,
and live without being inflicted by a single pain;
He opens our mind, fraught with danger, to awareness...
not to be obscured by a fiendish influence!

I made big with God, not being fanciful,
frivolous and inconsiderate of others;
offensive, hard-hearted and formidable ...
never incurring perils or losses!  

No violent storm swept me aside,
no intruder attempted to cut short my invaluable life;
I was always shielded by a massive rock,
unable to pierce my body and cause me harm!

I made big with God, unaware that 
He was always present in my thoughts 
deeds and words...controlling every single emotion,
every small step down the path of redemption! 

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Loud Cries and Tears

Jesus offered up prayers and petitions
And He was heard for His reverent submission
But His quiet times were not so quiet in His years
He made His requests known with loud cries and tears
	Unto God who would save Him from premature death
	And for those who needed grace and life Jesus wept
	Unto God who gave Him power and love to cast out fears
	Jesus supplicated with strong crying and tears  [Chorus]

Stir up your spirit like an eagle, get unsettled
Get alone with God all night like the time when Jacob wrestled
He groaned until the morning, He held on and overcame
All his struggles, he was blessed and given a better name

Men ought to pray always and never faint
Being alert and praying for all the saints
On every occasion giving God no rest
With all kinds of prayers and requests


Raise your voices like Apostles until the place is shaken
Pray til something happens for the cause undertaken
Like Elijah prayed seven times for the dry land
The abundant rain poured from a cloud like a hand

Jesus offered up prayers and petitions
And He was heard for His reverent submission
But His quiet times were not so quiet in His years
He made His requests known with loud cries and tears
	Unto God who would save Him from premature death
	And for those who needed grace and life Jesus wept
	Unto God who gave Him power and love to cast out fears
	Jesus supplicated with strong crying and tears  [Chorus]

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Blonde is her hair
It will just make one stare
Green are her eyes
Just by the sight will make one high
Yet her personality is her profile
Her beauty is stunning
And advance is her cunning
She is as sweet
As a bees honey
Smart is the girl
Who may have the whole world
And athletic is the girl
Who could leave ones eyes in a swirl

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From a Hero's Eye's

I’m away from this world 
I cannot follow your sheep
The mourning inside
These elements we prefer to keep

I’m away from your tears
Whispers sound away from my ears
Your smiles linger below my fears
The moments inside
They seem to blossom and hide

Hero’s do not smile
I’m no longer your wandering child
Your Guardian, I cannot be 
Is there anyone who may cherish me? 

Your piano may play
What useless lines this melody may say
I wish that I had flesh
I wish that when I fell
I bellowed out with purity from the chest

I’m away from this world 
I’m away from your tears
Hero’s no longer smile
I cannot follow your sheep
I’m no longer your wandering child

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Lady G

She rides by day,
Carefully side saddled 
With cascading hair
Cleverly poised
To cover her being.
She is a rebel,
Willing to take
Into her own hands
That which others
Would only dream 
Of ever doing,
Yet, feared too much.
She is a lady, indeed,
And can challenge all,
But she remains demure
And so respected.
She is a force
Within her soft skin.
Her name shall live
Through eternity.

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The Good One

To be thoughtful of your soul
Is only paralleled by your goal
You were brought here to be living
Enhancement of our world

We can give you the time, we try to get the cure
You can’t make it on your own
You have to have your band with you
That the part that makes it whole

Everyone tries to get ahead
Sometimes at all cost
There are some around that think that
These things can make us lost

It’s because of the good people in the world
That we can coexist
It’s because of the good thought of others
That we can write like this

The pure heart is the reason for today
The good one is how we get by on life
Don’t believe the hype that always puts you first
It not always because of you that you meet your worth

You are a part of the pure heart
You are the reason for the stars
Thank goodness for your constant Soul

It’s people like you that make our life 
It’s worth living because you’re alive
Your benevolent spirit keeps up in this World

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Sunflowers and lilies fluttering
in the sweet scented breeze...   
seagulls descending
from the clearest sky penetrating,
even further than thought, 
into the tuneless waves
of the peaceful sea;
my coming to this shore
is to sense credibility,
to get a glimpse of creation
before age shows me
the final path,
to witness that all
I created won't  fade into oblivion...

The Country that gave me pride and honor
was more generous than a mother,
alluring me with her charm,
proclaming me her chosen son;
I have wailed her obsence
and at the time of departing, neither
the promise of riches
nor  the vision of prominence
could dissuade me of this sacrifice:
that no other ambition could take me further...

Sorrounded by beauty and infinity,
my first dream gave me the wings of expression...
to go where I dared not go without certainty;
amid storms I would not be lost,
on ascending tides I would not be tossed ashore,
because my courage prepared me for the worst:
while wisdom and knowledge nortured my ego,
my dilemma conflicted with predestination...  

The Country that gave me pride and honor,
long stands for excellence and grandeur...
past glories at every corner,
ruins that still resound of voices,
of ordinary people in the busy markets;
hails bestowed upon the new conqueror
passing underneath the arch of  triumph,
another Caesar declared through the streets of Rome!  

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Among other things...
don't forget to call me...
when you arrive in Rome, Italy;
hold my picture very closely!

Beautiful Italian boys
will steal your innocence on the spot;
they know the secret to attraction:
sweet words and tender looks,
and they woudn't care whom they hurt...
it's all in their inborn passion!

Among other things...
hang my lucky charm around your neck,
don't leave it somewhere else when you wake;
it's more than a promise when someone is faithful,
and resist all the temptations with a call:
love's reached without wings!   

Be only touched with trueness,
ignore that instant sensation, 
because they all promise gratification
by recognizing the signs of loneliness;
keep fighting it off with your fist,
and tell yourself, " It won't last! " 

Among other things...
hold true to your feeling as fond as care,
don't lose something,so precious and rare, 
for an intimate hour that'll go to waste;
it's better to taste nothing
than a false sweetness!

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Oceans Between Us

So long mistakes heart breaks these lonely times will take your place 
We walk separated sands but through these times i understand One
Look one kiss only in dreams would love feel like this.

Your far away but my love grows anyway i wonder right now if you feel
The same way oceans between us but on this day here i say i love you 
I've loved you for so long.

I need you because space and time wont last to long i close my eyes and i'm 
With you never let you go...

Your far away but my love grows anyway i wonder right now if you feel
The same way oceans between us but on this day here i say i love you I've 
Loved you for so long.

Can we carry  on will you be okay on your own sometimes i cant wait to
Hear you breath on the telephone just to make sure tell me again what's
Our favorite song.

( Memories) of you and me a piece of me fade away..
When i think of you i cry on command and all this sadness makes
me a better man.

Your far away but my love grows anyway i wonder right now if you feel
The same way oceans between us but on this day here i say i love you 
I've loved you for so long. I've missed you bright my way cure my lonely day
{Oceans between us}

God please believe me i'm dyeing with out her love don't deceive me 
Because i cant live with out her. My heart is so numb your warm embrace
Will put a smile on my down and out face.

Your far away but my love for you grows anyway i wonder right now if you feel
The same way oceans between us but on this day here i say i love you
I've loved you for so long.

I can be this strong girl it wont be to long....

Cole Hodson (c)

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Once again I am standing
All by myself
For my friends have deceived
And stole in the night with stealth

Yet no matter
How much trust is given
There was no possible motivation
No reason to why they were driven
To the betrayal a friend

Never were they wrong
It seems like a story
Written down in a song
This is a lesson for the future
No doubt about it
I need time to myself
To contemplate a little bit

Trust must be earned
Not just given away
It is written in stone
And is there to stay
Or at least that’s 
What some people say

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SWORD, the anger of truth

The sword, 
buried deep in its' scabbard, 
tempered by fire, 
strength it holds, 
I desire 

Metal fashioned by human hands, 
skill from distant lands. 
Beauty of proportion and line, 
weapon so fine 

For the sword in its' scabbard, 
is like the truth hidden, 
brought out in anger, 
to do its' bidding 

Flash of steel 
I turn and wheel 
arcing round, 
truth be found 

For to be sheathed, 
nobody can hurt, 
no anger unleashed, 
no falldown, in dirt 

But truth must come out willingly, 
now and then, 
rasp of steel,but when? 

The sword always finds home, 
piecing deep, 
this sharp steel i hone 
makes truth weep 
blood and bone 

The truth used as a weapon of war, 
pulled out of its' hiding place. 
These are the things I saw. 
It takes no prisoners,only deaths' face, 
running down the blade 

This truth of metal, 
is in fine fettle, 
for the sword out of its' hiding place, 
with death you must face 
swish of air, 
into battle you must wade, 
heart beginning to tear, 
carry the truth blade 

Flash of steel,I turn and wheel, 
arcing round, 
truth be found 

For the truth 
can be used in rage, 
to wound and maim. 
No wisdom of sage, 
to guide whence it came 

Flame bright steel,you must deal 
with the things you feel, 
for arcing round 
truth can be found 

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Box of Letters

My tears are falling as you get on the bus 
I am lost for words what happened between the two of us 
We both lived a fairy tale about two fools in love 
Anger spilled, accusations fly when push comes to shove 
I got home took time to relax and pull myself together 
I started to clean up and found the box of letters 
These letters were us when we first met 
When things get rough, the bad you see, the good you forget 
There is no turning back time 
But moving on without you seems like a crime 
You said you would call when you get there 
With me I thought you were already somewhere 
You will forever be that sparkle in my eyes 
We both cheated ourselves from love, life's greatest prize 
The storm in my heart will pass and I soon will have fair weather 
But it will return each time I go through the box of letters

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As wrinkles become more furrowed,
and hair turns to a more visible shade
of  perfect silver to symbolize a decaying age,
we certainly ponder over death,
not too sure of what awaits us;
and an almost forgotten thought
reminds us of our lost youth:
that we are only young once...

And although we stumble
to reach a mile to our destination,
yesterday it only took a short time;
not to mention how we fumble
for the key to unlock our door and enter
into a peaceful place of wonder:
where memories still abound inside,
and carry us through without desperation...

Are we so feeble to entrust hope to a broken will, 
and not understand the grand plan? 
We can't stop half way throughout  a battle; 
we are still the warriors who can't be defeated,
and if we fall, we'll get up again: 
to push back the enemies 'till they have retreated...

To be of old age may be unacceptable
to those who look upon us with disgust,
because their minds are stripped of all pity;
to be young, indulgent and full of energy:
is something they relish in their thought,
untill they, too, must confront the inevitable....  

We are only young once to assume
the role of invincibility in a brief kingdom;
and if carelessness is pushed aside,
to let our spirit and conscience run wild:
we'll reap a bundle of  losses and regrets,
to hunt us for the rest of our unpleasant days...

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Guess you can say
I’ll be there today
Yes I’ll be there today

I’ve been 
The same blue moon
So much 
Time decayed this day 
I’d rush you
But tomorrows 
Going to come too soon

The touch of my quill
Has found it’s dry
For you and I 
Seem to have fallen
Over into life 

I guess you can say
I’ll be there today 

It’s been merely
21 years 
And I can’t seem 
To get over the wrong
I guess this song
Is bringing me home

It’s been quite tough today
She brushed here eyes against mine
She said
They still bitter my touch
Startled I 
Lost my thoughts in a way

Guess you can say
I’ll be here today

I see you seem happily today
I guess you couldn’t find yourself 
I see you hid your voice softly today
I assume you seek only those who left
Your side this day 

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                                           Clouds puffed all over the sky
                                    Stars glimmer with a beautiful glow
                                But, something is up there and unknown
                                         Wait a second....It's....... a fish 
                                    swimming next to the birds flying high
                                             But...How could that happen?!

Friends here and there as they always pass by
Where tales are being told everyday
Rumors spread now and then
Yet gossips may shock some from within
                                          But again...How could that happen?!

Today, the unexpected took place
Eyes bulged out due to more than shock
In fact, it was the unbelievable clock
Ticking beside the ear's soft surface

                                         But again and again...How could that happen?!

Unconsciously, a friend crystallizes who she is
The way she acts, her character and personality with a tock
Suddenly, shock might be displayed as a huge bee flock
Losing the strong friendship that once marked as a scar....

This friend is a friend of mine in which I though she was indeed a true friend
A mate always there to talk to
Ready to have some fun too
Yet, she popped out of her shell, showing me what she truly beholds

I can't mention and accept what she has done
Yet, she was a lesson
She was a fable that was told
To kids with kites prepared to fold

So sad you might say 
How friendship can fall apart
How it can be destroyed with words simply said
But, a person's mask has to be revealed to make sure it is..... to trust someone and become true friends.....

I am not upset,
I am not sad,
I am not mad,

                                The unexpected took place.........

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The Sea

The calming of the sea
The very palms
In which 
every man wishes to be
No boundaries, free
Where men fought for hollow trees
With branches, limbs
Bare arms, no sleeves 
With the fragrance of fallen leaves
Upon these times we wish
We dream of molecules
Endless mercury to kiss 
Lain for now and tomorrow
My life, 
The melody,
You have all come to miss
Welcome to the calming of the sea
The very palms 
Inwhich every man wishes to be

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Without a plausible answer,
you let the good dreams live in the achiever...
dreams,not thoughts of an unduly child:
changing domitable ways to wild,
shouting harmful and volatile words!

Brother,you're going down the wrong road,
and that is not going to lift 
some of the weight off;
the barriers won't quickly come down...
they'll cause only division and more grief:
to lay dangers in places so unseen...
that's when everything falls apart,
unable to replace it with something with worth!

Without aspiration or natural passion,
you stop half-way through and stare at others
with envy,anger and defiance;
you feed on your contention
and instead of wishing well to those
who have made it through hard strides,
you deride,mortify and dehumanize anyone 
who has earned what you have not!

Brother,you're going down the wrong road
to make your existence so worthless...
like a stone that keeps rolling down a stream
without knowing where it will lead;
brother,it's not hurting others that matters;
it's depriving yourself of all that's good...
to make your journey safe and painless!

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I've looked for someone real...
who's pretty and has sex appeal;
beside loyalty and caring,
there is also much cheating!

Lots of people still live
in a world of steady fantasy...
they' will never leave...
others take, they don't give;
they hurt constantly,
and they don't forgive anybody!

I've looked for someone real...
who loves and gives to the full;
life's born of hope, too;
it's so wonderful 
good friends to run to...
I've looked for someone real!

I've looked for someone real...
who knows how to satisfy
my wildest desire
without a goodbye;
I can't let despair
take away the plans
I've made and still
make for someone real...
my tomorrow would be
so sad and worthless!

I've looked for someone real...
who's pretty and has sex appeal;
besides loyalty and caring,
there is also much cheating!

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Night time skies 
Night times I really tried 
For a lifetime
Love sincerely tired 
When anytime is no more
As long as silence creeps beneath my door
All things perish 
And all that remains is gone
Against time you decipher life
Still you remain all alone
Seems we co-exit as one in this book of a thousand wishes 
Mainly I was angry
For I come home
And there were no clean dishes
Therefore I granted you 
My love, my scars, my blisters
I pleasured myself 
As I bruised you for not saying mister
As in bedtime 
I would lay you a rest in a whisper
I held your lust at hand 
For I am you husband 
A fallen aspect of your most conceited wishes 
Hugs and kisses 
Eighteen years
Marching children enlisted
The turn in the tide 
We stood and we nearly missed it 
A lasting call
Summoned us all to our doom 
Should I stand, should I fall?
Should I pray as a ghost? 
And over my nightmares hope that smiles loom?
A visualization of things to come
Perhaps my readers
Will now know where I’m coming from
And may we no longer need a book of timeless wishes 

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Did I ever tell you?
Of a time
Of a land
Where we fought
Where we lived
For ideals
When a cause was right
How we never lost
Yet, we faded in to the night
Did I ever tell you?
Of African stars
So bright
As we camped in the bush
Waiting for first light
Did I ever tell you?
Your first contact
The one you remember so vividly
When Mike died
The casevac...
How they tried
They couldn't keep him
The tears
How we all cried...
Did I ever tell you?
Of the bond of men
Sharing our last water
Waiting for resupply
Remember when.......
Did i ever tell you?
That Rhodesians
Are scattered to the four winds
They remember
The Mikes
The contacts
Of African stars
Of African sky
Of dense bush
The 11th of November
Did I ever tell you?
You cannot destroy
What lies in the heart
Many have tried
Rhodesians survive
We can look back
At a time
Of a land
Where we fought and lived
With pride

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Quid Pro Quo

You’re going around town telling all who care to listen
that I’ve got an axe to grind, I’m picking on your brain.
But you know damn well it is nothing like that at all,
you have been nasty and you are acting like a fool.

Remember when you were spreading innuendoes?
so I put you in your place, punched you on the nose.
How did it feel when you were at the receiving end,
it hurt so badly, didn’t it, you back-stabbing fiend?

You’re up to no good, you don’t amount to anything
and you do not realize all the harm that you bring.
You act so surprised why people stay away from you,
how can you be so naïve that you can’t see the clue.

Now you complain that I’m warlike, rough and mean,
yet you go on with your wicked ways just the same.
If you know what’s good for you learn how to behave,
lay off me and just hibernate in your lonely cave.

You sow what you reap and you reap what you sow,
at the end of the day it will always come back to you.
For the karmic wheel keeps on spinning, you know,
you may be up now but you could be down tomorrow.

So listen, buddy, here’s a piece of friendly advice:
try some kindness if you expect people to be nice.
Show some respect and you will get plenty in return,
never play with fire if you do not want to get burned.

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Love Can't Live

Can anybody really love?
Give themselves over completely
Have someone who really know them,
Who can hold them all night?

You see that sign there in the window,
Saying, ‘I heart you don’t let me go.’
Can someone really feel that much emotion,
About someone who’s just another person?

‘Cause I know people come and they go, 
Their nothing special. They’re just on the same road. 
They take their time or quickly pass by. 
But the sharper the look, the harder you ask yourself why. 

So, can anybody really feel love?
Can anybody really dig that deep?
‘Cause you’ll turn around in circles,
All looking for the same things.

And I’ve heard of loving God,
Loving family, and loving your friends.
But I just don’t think a person could ever get deep enough, 
To feel what their dreaming of. 

Love just doesn’t seem easy enough,
Seems like it should always shine through. 
Or is that just an optimists’ point of view,
‘Cause it don’t seem likely that it will happen for you.

Then why is love even a factor,
When no one seems to hold on to the truth. 
How can love even exist in this world,
After all I’ve been through. 

Caring is a beginning,
Helping out, it becomes a fact.
But nothing ever last for love to hold to, 
‘Cause truth is all love has.

And you can love your children, 
You can love your best friend. 
But to just love some person, 
It’s not a realistic end.

So, love can’t last, and if there’s truth in that. 
I don’t want to live in this world. 
‘Cause all these people who were trying. 
Now are crying, and I can’t live with that.

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Sleepless Nights

I once again wake up in the early am
I wonder where all this began
You are the reason why I toss and turn
It's being near you for your love is what I yearn
But here I am alone in the twilight
You are the reason for my sleepless nights
If I had the courage to tell you
Maybe I would sleep past two
But til then I will hide how I feel
Too afraid of rejection if I reveal
How my heart jumps when we speak and I can look your eyes
Once again at night alone and alone I cry
The urge to tell is so strong, even though my tunnel has no light
I thank you for the sleepless nights
Soon you find out from a friend of a friend
So now I can no longer pretend
We talk about how we feel, we agree it must be fate
Now everyday just to see you, I can't wait
We are now engaged and you are a bride to be
I thank you for all in the world you have given me
I still struggle, but now it's with happiness and delight
Thank you my love for the sleepless nights

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Something Good

God is the One who makes something good out of nothing
Speaking light in the darkness covering the face of the deep
And the Spirit of the Lord is hovering over your waters
To give you form, fill your void and breathe you out of sleep   (chorus)

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth
And He saw all He made was very good for His intentions
But soon after the first living souls experienced birth
They chose death and now seek out wicked inventions
	So Adam and Eve again lie lifeless on the ground in sin
	But God raises up the dead because they must be born again

For we are nothing without Jesus Christ and without Him nothing we can do
But with the Greater One living within, Satan can't make 'nothing' out of you


In the beginning Satan wanted the heaven and the earth
He saw every good thing within it and distracted our attention
Until the Seed of the Woman crushed the devil's evil mirth
Through His death, burial, resurrection and ascension
	Now the flaming sword is turning to direct us together
	To reach out and take the Tree of Life, eat and live forever



Once our world was full of darkness
Then bright and shining through came the Light
To those who receive and believe in Him
To be God's children He gave the right
And now He sees you as very good
Every man, woman, boy and girl
Because greater is He that is in you
Than he that is in this world

{bridge and chorus simultaneously}


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Broken Hearts Bar

This is the place where they come to escape the stress in their lives 
A lot is from their husbands and wives 
This place gives them a lift 
The regulars start swooping in at 10 am from a long night shift 
At one time or another, everyone hurts and bears some kind of painful scars 
You can find all kinds of emotional burden here at the Broken Hearts Bar 
The doctors, the suits, the welders, we get them all 
Others escape by attempting to crank out a tune on the piano facing the west wall 
After a few drinks, everybody starts feeling well 
The alcohol numbs and strips away our protective shell 
Everyone enjoys talent night, it makes them feel good 
Distorted by the liquid courage, they believe this is their ticket to Hollywood 
A taxi driver of 23 years, complains about his back 
He has his pain killers with a double shot of Jack 
There is always a place for my down and out guests 
I lend an ear and allow them to get it off their chest 
The winners and losers come here because they are accepted for who they are 
Everyone is welcomed to the city's center of depression, the Broken Hearts Bar 
George tells me tonight he will be visiting for the last time 
He says this every night right around nine 
George takes a moment to reflect on the troubles of his past 
He tells me it's true, nice guys finish last 
So long, my time is near 
I will become a nobody and disappear 
He tells all his friends to keep reaching for the stars 
I smile and tell him, there is always a stool for you at the Broken Hearts Bar 
Yeah, I know here the door swing in and out 
I thought maybe at the bottom of one my drinks I would discover what life is all 
The emotion in the air is thick like tar 
Please come again to the Broken Hearts bar 

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Every where you turn, 
the child inside, 
wants to learn, 
in this maze of fern 

The green 
has once been... 

Only to look above, 
see the love 
Above the green 
Step around, 
seek the sound 

This joyous sound 
is what you seek 
What can be found, 
not for the meek 

Hear the nightingale 
deep in the dark, 
rather than the wail 
Leave the fern 
and dont return 

Seek people of your kind 
Together you will flock, 
side by side, 
you won't mind 
For you are the rock 

The path straight and true 
This maze of fern, 
how it does twist and turn, 
but how you learn 
and you know it too 

Good draws you in 
and so it should 
The battle of fern and childhood, 
all this to learn, 
in this maze of fern 

Lift your eyes, 
stop your cries 
You are this teen 
stuck in the green 
Maze of fern 
of which you must not return 

Now you are all grown 
The ferns you have sown 
Are they straight and true? 
Or do they twist and turn? 
This maze of fern 
which you must not return 

The people of a kind 
are what you must find 
This you must discern, 
in the maze of the fern 
Start to flock, 
for you, are the rock 

Deep in maze of fern , 
to your starting place 
It's easy to return 
look above, 
see your true face, 
see the love 

Lift your eyes 
from this maze 
Look to the skies, 
look for new ways 

Seek only the wise, 
who flock, 
for you can be the rock 
Far from this maze of fern 
of which your childhood 
wants to learn 
and dont return 

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AS EAgles Fly the Creators and Gods

America the beautiful his lady to thee, were eagles fly HI apon and
by the sea's his beauty never dies, Land and Air by clouds up high
the spirts of the creators fly bye and bye, to carry the gun, not against
the good women and son but for the baby in liberty's arms were they
laid, to protect the air, land, and oceans, Bast and all the awesome
creators cried, bye and bye and of course in time they will go bye
to carry them home one day, On the Moutain top were Gaints of 
men small and large men that are all ,of us, a ,gaint in the skys 
Golden godness, that dance on the clouds to carry them home
in the heavens sky, There the thrones of Gods line up for all
of the brave, for thanks, given we may have a party to the divnes on the
4 th of July may be creators brithday in the universary sky, Blast all
we sing our song for ever more Happy Brithday to all. Giving by
angels also and anyone who has a party.

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All About the V Word V stands for vigilante

Roll out the barrel and we'll have a barrel of fun

I would it enjoy it more, if it were 2 barrels from a gun

Shooting a drug dealer, child stealer or a wife beater

This would bring a peak to my entertainment meter

I want to wipe the surface clean from all that is bad

The injustices of good people done wrong is what makes me mad

So I say why ask why

Let's hand them a sentence of a short piece of rope, a tall tree and let them hang 
high and dry

Let's put those on death row in a pool for a swim

Hook the battery cables to 10,000 volts and throw them in

Don't look at me, I'm not disturbed

I just want justice to be served

I believe in an eye for an eye

If you take a life, then you should die

A drug dealer wears a cross of gold

A bullet in the head and feed him to the gators before the body is cold

All these scum bags should be 6 feet in the dirt

It is all about the V word 

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Jenny Coal

I couldn't be much happier than the day you left me
I can go back to being miserable and lonely
It is much more enjoyable doing this by myself
No more stomach ulcers, you leaving me has improved my health
Since you've been gone, I've changed my point of view
It's all about me, it will never again be about you
With you I felt I was always on trial for some kind of crime
You had me sporting a ball and chain doing time
You were the Warden and I was on cell block 7
I was trapped in your hell, never seeing the light of heaven
Then a hurricane west wind swept in
It was a west wind named Jim
That day you told me to pack sand
I walked out to the car waiting for you and shook Jim's hand
I thank you Jim for freeing me at last
She will turn your world upside down and shatter all glass
I advise you to drop her off, don't let her slither in your life
She is worse than the Devil himself, don't make her your wife
Then one day, much later in the years
A knock on the door, it was Jim, you can tell he had too many beers
He ask to come in and says he can't stay long
He said he came home from work one day and made her gone
He looks at me with a smile from ear to ear
No more ulcers, migraines and no more tears
She left my life in shambles, but I am rid of her
From this day forward, I can start all over
I've already notified her next of kin
She got what she deserved in the end
She's in a million pieces, we got our wish
Scattered all over the Atlantic, feeding the fish
I tell him she as evil as they come, you will be visited by her ghost
I go to the kitchen and pull out a couple 24's and say let's have a toast
Let's drink to the woman who had no soul
No other man will ever have to experience Jenny Coal

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Touch the surface, 
and slide through, 
this new  world 
needs exploring too 

New people to meet, 
new things to see 
What will I find? 
things of a similar kind? 

For these people have been here  before, 
done things good and bad. 
Made some people sad, 
some happy, 
for these people have been here before 

Repeated lives relearning, 
past loves,past actions yearning 

White light hurts my eyes, 
white,bright water reflection. 
Shed my skin and past ties. 
Is this  my resurrection? 

For this world is not the same, 
as our own. 
Money,sex and fame 

Touch the surface and slide through, 
join me in this adventure too 

You can enter this world, 
at any time. 
Through action and inaction, 
through accident or design 

The people that you meet 
have no substance to their being. 
You can see right through them, 
you, the all seeing 

I would travel to this place, 
book my ticket on the plane 
but not in my lifetime, 
just in case, 
my life is not on the wane 

For to touch the surface 
and slide through, 
the people you meet 
one touch will confirm 
that they have no substance 

You look as white as a ghost here. 
Dont worry there is nothing to fear, 
for now we are all the same . 
Money sex and fame, 
don't apply here 

For you now ,have no substance 
in this world 
or the last world, 
in this instance 

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Undefeated before the cheering crowds,
colors of green,white and red...
a flag that signifies glorious moments
when the fear of losing
conflicted with the joy of winning;
it took  a tremendous courage and an iron will
to put up that fierce fight...  
frightened eyes invoking a living God
who looked into the praying heart,
to grant the wish to that silent voice!  

Undefeated by the opponent
who committed an act of villainy...
to justify his belligerence,
but there's nothing 
like a long-waited victory...
to hail a triumph with gallantry
and revel at something
that almost vanished!

The merry-making voices
of flag-waving fans...
celebrating in crowded piazzas
all over a jubilant Italy
and other countries around the globe,
resuscitated a sentiment  so deep and mellow
that was lost for twenty-four years...
to spark, in their blood ,a flame of joy!

Undefeated by predictions
of malevolent -wishers
who clung to  pessimism
to repress altruism;
joyful eyes drenched in tears, 
there they proudly stand:
the exultant champions... 
recognized by a stunnned world!!

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Nobody has to know
whatever happened between us                         
that made us glow;
let this remain something of a secret,
this man knows where it lies...
hidden from others, not from us!
And you woman, keep it inside
as long as you's as deep as pride!

Erase my number from your cell phone,
not let him see it...
don't make him suspect
that I even exist in reality:
make it look like a shadow passing...
leaving no traces along;
when I take what's not mine...I feel so guilty,
but it won't stop me from taking!   

Let this remain something of a secret,
let's it confide it to a moon that's so scarlet;
a silent moon who hears the lovers' whispers...
and turns them into real, sweet whishes!

Let's die for a moment's bliss,
deny our reality and hysterically laugh;
this is not cheating on somebody
who didn't finish what he started off...  
we're free and need not to worry,
and if there's a price to pay:  we will! 

We're not kids who are kept from indulgence,
we are responsible for our own tendencies...
challenging those who oppose us with rage,
changing what others can barely change...
to let this remain something of a secret!

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Small heart,
don't stop getting bigger...
beat gladly under my care;
small heart,
you have never been
without kindness...
even when you felt sad
and were set apart!

Small heart,
be still good and kind...
even if some may not like:
the equality you share in your glow,
and the sincerity you show
in each beat!

Small heart,
don't keep me from grieving;
small heart,
listen to the helpless children
who are stripped of their innocence:
to be able of changing
the lustful hearts 
that need forgiving...
while they are punished
for their lewdness! 

Small heart,keep on giving,
and if you suffer...don't say anything;
forget your sorrow and worries for a short while:
even you deserve to be happy,
to stand still and idle away...
to revive your numb senses and really feel alive!

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Blessed is the Man

Blessed is the man
      Who does not walk in advice of the wicked
Blessed is the man
      Who does not stand in the way of the sinners
Blessed is the man
      Who does not sit in the seat of the scornful
Blessed is the man
      And only he will stand	(Chorus)

For in the law of the Lord is his delight
And in His law he meditates day and night
Therefore, he shall be - planted like a tree
By the rivers of water and his green leaf
Shall not wither, but in season he yields his fruit
And God shall prosper whatever he will do

      In His righteous way hearing all God has to say
      He will shine more and more unto the perfect day (because)


But the wicked are not so, they're like the chaff
Blown away by the wind and that's not the half
The ungodly shall not stand in the judgment
Nor will sinners congregate with the righteous
For the way of the ungodly shall perish
But God watches over everyone who'll cherish

      His righteous way and all that they hear Him say
      And they will shine more and more unto the perfect day (because)


Psalm 1

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Hill of the Lord

Who shall ascend into the Hill of the Lord?
Who shall dwell with Him there face to face?
Who shall abide in Your sanctuary Lord?
Who shall stand up in Your holy place?  (Chorus)

He whose walk is blameless
And he does what is right
He speaks the truth from his heart
But with his tongue will not backbite
He does his neighbor no wrong
Against him he speaks no slur
Honoring the God-fearing
He keeps a promise to his own hurt

He shall receive the blessing of the Lord
And righteousness from the God of his salvation
And of those who seek the Lord, who seek his face
Despising what's vile, this is that generation


He who has clean hands and pure heart
And to idols of vanity and conceit
He has not lifted up his soul
He has not sworn falsely with deceit
He does not lend his money with interest
And by him a bribe is never taken
For He who does these things
He shall never be shaken

{channel 2}
He who walks righteously and speaks what's right
The gain of extortion and bribery he hates
He stops his ears against plots of murder
And seeing evil his eyes will not contemplate

For he shall dwell on high
The mountain fortress will be his defence
His bread shall be supplied 
And water will never fail him

But even more than this, if this person is who you are
You shall see the king in all his beauty
And behold the land, the city that is afar


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Broken with eyes missing,
Just as two souls were kissing:
Missing spirits in search of merit.
As the wind rose up into the sky,
Circles of ice and hail formed. 

Upon the whisper's scream,
In the horizon's echo:
A return to the primal.
Instinct desires them,
As the sunset's fire burns through their skin.

A token love casts a spell,
Of black magic onto the throne,
Blood-stained and lined with nails,
She sets her eyes upon his image,
Scarred into woven silk cloth.

Centuries old now;
As if for the first time,
At the feel of sunlight,
She lifted up her veil.
The moon rose up into the descending darkness.

Her eyes looked up to the starkness,
Of yesterday's possibility.
As his eyes told her goodbye,
She flashed her sharp fangs at him:
Her dark brown eyes shocked his whim.

Natural, and to effect, her platinum hair:
She was a tigress;
Who moved like a ballerina.
Grace and extravagance defined her;
The way lines cut by a blade bleed.

The sunset gave meaning to the moment;
To the plans he wasn't scheming;
Over the end he was just dreaming of,
She would wear that black fedora,
Then attend his would-be funeral.

For a decade he would hang on,
To the snow in his image.
The mirror is the sky's vain.
He took her up on an offer,
She made in vain.

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Peaceful and bright night
full of wanderous stars
catch us kissing...
feeling so lost
in the whispering pine trees;
and there's no shame in giving
ourselves to heartfelt joys to stimulate
sensations in our warm souls!

That song our lips sing
comes from the endless love we feel;
faithful woman...steal this childish heart,
longing for dreams never
dared to be sought!
That song our lips sing
was born  yesterday,right here...
when loneliness suddenly
turned into happiness;
when we vowed never to fear
the unhappy and envious
faces of others!

Peaceful and bright night
full of wanderous stars...
fulfill our needs and desires,
because only night was made for love,
for people who never have enough to give:
like that song our lips sing!

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showbiz people threwout the years.
boats have wooden threaters
old red seats and red heavy curtains.
amutures started out this way.
they made very little money but
they learned a lot. today its
straight to the big top and than
the flops start,or by the book 
that is written. these ships that passed
in the night were all along the western frontier.
today we see very little left of these breed.
why we wonder?is it cost, is it just to
little hype of these type people to teach
us new breed up and comming,to de-
meaning,?they still have these show
boats in europe. with all thier splender,
you just want to take a partof these
boats home with you.

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In the early fifties...Elvis
was an unknown singer,
who struggled to be heard...
to be taken to stardom;
so he paid four dollars
for his first record
to cheer up this great nation...
'till its early inflation!

There was a certain provocation and gentleness
in his soft, unique voice...
enough to draw world-wide attention;
if boredom seeped into any soul,
it would turn into a feeling so joyful...
just by listening to his songs!
Ma and gradma finally gave in:
they listened to it without considering it a sin!

The gentless in his beautiful voice,
and the honesty in his warm looks...
couldn't be ignored;
and it was felt from Memphis
to Las Vegas..
from North America to Europe,
and anywhere Elvis' s
golden voice was heard!

Some folks considered rock and roll evil,
my generation idolized it...
it started to give music
an up-tempo that changed it forever;
and when he died,many assumed
that he would be buried along
with his legendary name...
they were so misled and wrong!

It's August...a sad month to remember,
and I sit by an old record player...
sadly playing his vinyl records
as if he were still alive:  frantically dancing,,
and singing his lyrics with ease!
Elvis, all that I remember...
all that I treasure of your rich life,
that ended in tragedy,
is the unsurpassed passion
you put into your splendid career!

Elvis, you didn't go without 
a remembrance or a tribute:
my thoughts are put into words with affection,
and my lyrics are set to music to up-lift me; 
and who's to say...that I am mistaken:
not to be proud  of everything you achieved,
and of the influence you had on me?  

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A Vocie In The Dark

New place of spoken true word
Space open nural verb
Where a dark amusing sencent is shown
The air filled with the mans sentence
his room square  intention
A man see out of pure love 
With midest scent of a women
A wonder about slipping past the distant memory
a look back on an old love flame
walking torards the foolish emotion
escaping the fact that none have found true

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Another Iowa Winter

I see the snow falling again,

Again I must start up ""Old Betsy"" before bed,

Bed brings cold feet and shivers until the
body heat thaws it out,

Out again to start another day,

Day brings kid's hopes of no school,

School radiators pop and moan to warm the

Building up of snow is a potential income
for the young scooping snow for the old,

Old and tiring is Another Iowa Winter.

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Yes, Little Shar, There Is a Santanic Claws!

You bet he's real,
He oft scratches at my door...
Not like Christy's cheesey racoons...
Guess she don't rate the grand tour...
I told him to go stalk Christy...
While she's listening to
Shiveree's "Goodnight Moon"..
(I'd recommend to everyone, on You Tube-
phenomenal tune and video!!! Just ask Christy...)
Some people may say no,
There really is no "Santanic Claws"-
To which I'd say "That's rubbish"!
And give them reason to then pause...
I wish it was a dream....
And I was z'in' logs...
But trust me, there's a cause...
Don't know what is it,
But beware just the same...
Maybe one night...
He'll call out your name...
Believe me,
That would be a shame...
And yes, Shar, 
I live in the forest
Of Hansel and Gretel Cold Cuts,
With witches flyin' about,
Nowadays they use vacs...
Seems brooms are now obsolete,
And they found they were fended
off from their witch attacks...
And now their's a rumor go'in round,
They got that young "Potter" clown...
Knocked him clear off his darn broom,
And he hit the ground....
True, many noises, I do hear,
But let me just say,
It's the people upstairs who
scare me the most...
Even till this late day...
See I live in a trailer...
And no "upstairs" there should be...
I just wonder what it is up there....
That is surely stalking me....
And yes, Heide...
The remote is still gone...
Betcha those witches were involved..
They think me they can con...
Speaking of can con...
Thing I'll visit CanCun,
I better head out real soon...
Surely before the 
Next full moon..
Egads, I just thought...
Halloween is upon us...
And I wish I had bought...
Some garlic clusters,
Or whatever you use..
For protection from witches
'Cause I don't wanna
fall prey...
To those Sons of a B_tches..

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Hold me in the palm of your hand
squeeze me oh so tight
let me ooze between your fingers
and melt into the night.

Wrap me round your little finger
wave me into the light
break my heart in little pieces
all thrown into the night.

Never let me see the woman
God meant me to view
just keep all my passion
ever in worship of only you.

Wear my heart upon your sleeve
always in my sight
begging ever my forgiveness
as you fade into the night.

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Jesus is Coming

In an eye's twinkle
Jesus is coming
For a church without wrinkle 
Or any such thing
So be holy and blameless
Jesus is coming
For a church without blemish
Or any such thing  (Chorus)

If judgment will begin in the Lord's on house
By the cleansing of the Word for a radiant spouse,
Then what will be the end of those whose ways are broad
Who do not obey the very Word of God?

While people are saying, "Safety and peace,"
Destruction will come upon them suddenly
But for you who are walking as children of Light
That Day should not surprise as a thief in the night


And if God's righteous people are scarcely saved,
If God's holy people just barely escapes
The Judgment to come with great terror and fear
Then where shall the ungodly and sinner appear?

[channel 2]
When the heavens pass away with a shrill sound,
The earth with everything will burn to the ground.
Now since the elements will melt with fervent heat,
What manner of godly people should we be?
In an eye's twinkle
Jesus is coming
For a church without wrinkle 
Or any such thing
So be holy and blameless
Jesus is coming
For a church without blemish
Or any such thing  (Chorus)

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Like the dreams in your daily horoscope
that come alive within the pages of an astrology' book...
written by someone who reads into the distant stars:
the roar of a departing airplane, disappearing into clouds,
is your crude awakening to reality...
finding everything else, but me!

I booked my flight in a hurry last night,
everything we  secretly shared lost its sense of delight;
I shouldn't remember when the times
when I came to you and brought you roses!

Like all the words that sound too sweet,
I let them go inside me so true and deep;
another destination, another lonely city...
where I'll settle down and face a clueless destiny!
There I'll find more women easy to love,
making no demands, pretenting to give;
in their arms,with skin smelling of perfume,
I'll  dream of you...when those roses bloom!

Nothing can keep me here,
even pity can't move me;
we started a passion full of flames,
forgetting about our tender ways!
Everything seemed everlasting...
never thinking of a sad ending! 

The loud road of a departing airplane
shouts off the sound of this voice;
I ask for forgiveness with my tears,
but you can't be found anywhere!


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Joseph,a levite from Cyrprus,fair
Displayed his gifts with loving care;
A son of encouragment,he was called
This bold Barnbas of old.
The first advocate for Tarsus,Saul
With words he smoothed the path for Paul;
Then to Antiocn,post haste was sent,
To nuture young Christians he was lent;
A teacher,prophet of the Lord
With the apostles he spread the word,
Enduring dangers he fulfilled his call,
A man of principle...example to all.

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Once upon a time
in a world...
You cannot see,
was a place for you and me

Fields in which to run
Enchanted trees to climb...
In a land of beautiful sun
This was a time...

Long ago, far away
how I ache...
For those days...
When a Heartstone,
lay in my heart,
and I learnt the Wise Ways

The sound of lute filled the air
Magic too
Trees of soft colour,
shaded the castle from view

So many places to play
Enchanted rooms
Nooks and crannies
Finding a hiding way

The changing seasons
Beautiful in their nature
Queens and Kings
The way of things

Such joy and harmony,
amongst the whispering trees
A Stream of Sighs
Watching Heartstone eagles fly
This was a time...

For a young boy,
to lie back in a field of corn
The King of Air sculpting clouds
Watching eagles fly
Faeries being born...
This was a time...

Once upon a time,
in a world you once saw
Behind a secret door...
Is a place for you and me

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Poverty and rage is all he sees
in a furtive,doleful glance,
and the brightly-colored lights
cannot console the wretched soul
of his malnourished,shivering body:
bundled up in rags and visible to all
the hurriendly and careless passerbys,
who seem blind in their own pretense...

He rejects the mournful sounds
interfering with his needed sleep;
and yet,he lifts his drooping head
to peak around the wratful trees
to assure himself that 
the wooden and metal shack
is well-secured and safe;
his numberless doubts delve deep...

In the middle of a furious February,
winter has failed to invite the generous sun 
to warm up his frosty home so run-down;
an impoverished home in which he repulsed luck
that could have turned his life around;
his regret is an unremissible remedy:
consumed by a wishful valor
that ended in bitter squalor....

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Sometimes the wind blows sometimes there's rain
somtimes there are people who don't know your name
Sometimes coincidence is all that you see 
when you walk down that path of curiosity
Sometimes people wish for things they don't have
sometimes there are people who just make you laugh
Once in a while the bells do not ring 
   at the church in the steeple on a quiet city street
            Ever wishing ever wanting sometimes
            looking for an answer of some kind
            Building sand castles on the shores
            of the sea
            As boats sail across the waters that be
                lost in a day dream... 
                   t's not what it seems sometimes
Candles are burning in the still of the night
lighting the way until they turn on the lights
Sometimes you'll be walking until heaven knows 
but you turn around and you walk back again
Sometimes your shadow follows too close
some people talk to you some people don't
The bells started ringing in the steeple today
I'll get up Sunday morning and I'll walk that way

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My Philosophy

Wisdom, the treasure beyond my steps
Here, undo the pleasure behind being left
Perhaps I should paint myself
Sadly here lately, I ain’t been myself
Life is not hard 
It’s just not simple 
Mark the laps of ages 
Forms of life written on tear stained pages
Your coherent view has now been refuted
My template of whispers, merely muted 
Life is not hard 
It’s just not simple
For all the things that beg upon me
A blind song for the average man to see
And if this attempt fails
Then just maybe the thought will prevail 
Life is not hard
It's just not simple 

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I stood aside... 
Holding a door 
Not knowing what is was all for 
So many people passed through... 
In a blur of speed 
I couldn't count them too 

When the world moved on 
I was left holding the door 
I stood aside, 
as it flowed past, 
as it flowed fast 
The speed I saw 

The moon and stars, 
sucked through the open door 
Pulled in, 
swished through like a magicians' cape 
All I could do... 
Stand and gape 

I looked inside.... 
Peeped around the door 
I was astounded at what I saw! 
New worlds, evolving 
New galaxies, revolving 

I held an open door 
For, billions of stars 
People too 
What was it all for? 

What would happen if I closed the door? 
I dare not! 
There seems purpose in this 
A stream of consciousness 
I must learn more 

When is door not a door? 
When you stand holding it, 
wondering what it is  for 

In a world passing by... 
In a blur of speed 
Some, stop and learn 
They can but try, 
To stop a world , 
turn by turn 

The people holding the door, 
stop and think 
Watching worlds and people sink 
They understand that , 
what passes through... 
Is not always right 
Not always true 

When it was my time to learn 
I stood aside 
I held one for a while 
When it was my turn... 
I let go... 
With a brave smile... 
I let it slide... 
Walked on through, 
to the other side! 

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If and when times of desperation
become the daily,intolerant strife 
for so many who have given up their fight 
and their reality is threatened by alienation;
then,by all means, come to their rescue
by being a messanger of truth...

Show your compassion
and good intentions toward anyone;
strangers laugh and just look away...
as if they don't have an ounce of pity!
Don't be like them
who think of themselves,
but put others first;
be happy to be the last,
show your compassion,
because nobody should be turned away!

If and when times of delight
are in favor of those needing light,
be glad for them and share their laughters,
because they've waited for that moment
when the skies would open up... 
to shower them with blessings!

Show your compassion,
instead of indifference and hostility;
they need your strong hands to
lift them out of the abyss they had fallen into;
and it wll take an extraordinary faith 
to accomplish that in any given situation;
begin with one simple step... 
to challenge anyone's credibility!
Show your compassion,
with the truest intention...

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Every heart belongs a Country...
big or small,  with or without prosperity;
a beloved and cherished Country
has its precious name
on each heart loving freedom!

It may have a beautiful ocean or sea,
breathtaking mountains so misty,
or a desert that can never flourish;
it may have raging rivers,
wild forests with sparkling waterfalls...
wealthy or unwealthy it is still a bliss!

Every heart belongs to a Country,
my Country is no different from others...
with a sky ever blue, like the calm sea
hiding islands with a striking beauty;
I walked its flowery and rocky paths,
plunged my looks to the clear deep
to discover what others seek...
nothing She withheld from me!

A foreigner among native inhabitants,
abiding and hard-working,  
thriving in this prosperous Country...
where all are given an opportunity;
and if  everyone starts out
with the simplest dream,
it can bring them financial security...
anything is at their command through incentive!

Every heart belongs to a Country,
it may be mine, yours or theirs;
it may be depraved of liberty or free,
have green forests, open meadows
or barren soil without streams...
but the people's creed 
is sacred and holy!
Loalty and bravery always endure
in every heart that belongs to that Country...
that can inflame their ardor!

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Love the true God,
and let him fight your many
battles for you when you're weary;
love Him and seek His favor...
He is the truest friend
to run to in times of fear!

Ever wonder why most people don't find
a complete and genuine happiness,
if all their energy is wasted on vain things?
And if they ever find it in their lifetime...
it will be unfelt and shallow;
be like the simple friars
who dedicate their lives to the Lord,
and pray earnestly for all sinners!
Love the true God 
with a will so bold...
love the One who's forgiving and patient,
but don't mock Him
with your unkept promises;
let Him teach you His kind ways...
trust Him and be assured that
He will spare you from the approaching storm!

The confusion that religion has created,
has driven Mankind to irrationality:
they declare war for their great god, 
kill their brothers with hatred inside;
amidst fire,smoke,cries and blood,
be the judge of this human madness:
don't partake in their insanity...
look to Him with calm and gladness!

Love the true God,
be a glorious warrior
without swaying your sword...
to clash with the enemy 
standing and waiting afar;
prove you unshakable integrity
by renouncing your belligerency!

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Sidewalk Charm

Standing quietly smiling
In a throng of hurried stress
Contentedly beguiling
In a soft blue gingham dress
Absorbing city sunlight
Like a sponge in Tarpon Springs
While gulf currents swirl and bustle
In  frantic curl and hustle
Not a red hair out of place
With a smile upon her face
Her flashing green eyes sing
As she sees me

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Three kids and a mother
are reunited after 
years of separation,
and who couldn't imagine
the incredible joy
they'll give one another:
to feel the tenderness
they had missed desperately;
and who wouldn't agree
that they deserve recognition?

Three kids and a mother
hugging,kissing and crying out of joy...
a joy that was denied by society;
how could anyone understand
their sacrifice and long-suffering,
if undying love had not been there?

My thanks go to the merciful Lord
who heard the supplication
in my desperate voice;
my sad eyes,once so teary,
are joyful and thankful
to Him who's truthful to His word...
a might word that makes liars tremble;
If evil and untruth were allowed
to harm and cause destruction,
where would justice stand today?

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An apostle of the Lord
Friend & close colleague of Paul,
Proclaiming gospels truths,was no easy call;
Junia,just a lass,Judah was her home,
A martyr for her faith
Whilst incarcerated in Rome.

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I stare at people and know
exactly what they're thinking;
a mind-reader who needs no gessing!
You act out your drama...
like you're starring in a soap opera,
but attention and applause
are the things you crave:
a red carpet for your dreams to glow!

I can never be Leonardo di Caprio,
not as young,handsome and kind;
I am an Aquarius, you are a Leo:
two different  signs, two contradicting minds;
And I should consider myself a conqueror...
to kiss you on the main deck of the Titanic:
glancing at the midnight's stars above,
feeling the strong wind in our waving hair
as we lose ourselves in deep love... 
that seemed so distant and platonic!     

I am nothing out the ordinary,
a simple guy looking for the perfect girl...
living on delusion, feeding on fantasy,
trying too hard to bend your iron will;
let's stay friends,forget what could have been!
Look at the bright side:  life still moves on,
so don't waste anymore of your time;
going down the road you'll see a sign
that tells you not to be in that drama,
forgetting about being as big as Madonna!

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 People look at the world and say, they only see black and white;
But I couldn’t say that honestly, not even with all my might.
When I see the world, I see brown, orange, and cream;
I see colors from the lightest to the darkest and everything in between.
When I look at the world, I see hurting of inisent people;
Doesn’t matter what their are, whether it’s Johnson, or Trepal.
See, they’re still hurting and being judged because of their color;,
But to me, they’re still all my sisters & brothers.
So when someone acts me, when I look at the world, what do I see?
I say I see hurting people, all different colors, just like me.

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Caught In Between

I leave in my pickup to work in town 
Then your men start coming around 
I treat you like a queen as you should be 
When I arrive home, there is nothing for me 
Your arms are cold, your words are mean 
Should I stay, should I go, I am caught in between 
You say let's works things out please don't leave 
I gave you my heart, you give nothing in return, you are a thief 
I am sorry, it's time move on 
Before this you were already gone 
Oh how it hurts to tell you goodbye 
Outside I seem tough, but inside I cry 
Your arms are cold, your words are so mean 
Should I stay, should I go, I am caught in between 
Too little too late, I cannot stay 
Long ago you pushed me away 
Please do not call, do not write 
I have been beaten emotionally, I will no longer fight 
I will run to live another day 
I don't think you care what I do anyway 
I have lived in your world of broken dreams 
Should I stay, should I go, I am caught in between

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My generation 
lived by its own rules,
refused to cope with reality
and grew up irresponsibly...
abusing their bodies
with harmful substance;   
arrogance and pride
were the qualities they displayed!

My generation
looked away...staring into nothing,
no plans,no dreams and no faith 
to make them grow  in spirit;
drunken, indulgent and insecure
they lost the will to endure...
they wasted precious years
chasing after phanthoms
that led them to obscure roads,
where life was so  worthless and cheap!

My generation
put away holiness
and replaced it with foolishness,
and as demons seaped into their weak souls,
they were made powerless by their own rendition;
not empowered by love...they lost themselves!

My generation
could have accomplished great things,
been powerful leaders and inspire others;
their good deeds 
could have been excellent examples
of  their fruition!

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He could weep and be sad,
Evn his own sometimes thought him mad;
Turned over tables,took issue with friends,
Oft-times mixing with the ill-repute-
Wise as a serpent,innocent as a dove,
Speaking th truth with  heart of love.