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Ballad Moon Poems | Ballad Poems About Moon

These Ballad Moon poems are examples of Ballad poems about Moon. These are the best examples of Ballad Moon poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Bloom Not, Wolfsbane

Bloom not, cruel wolfsbane
In this forward spirit of mine
Let the moon dim and wane
For love has diseased my kind 

The girl was luscious in the wake
Rising at break of dawn
If only she knew I was a mistake
Before we made the bond

I grew fond of her everyday
And night gave me loathe and dread
My heart was weak, I couldn’t send her away
But fed in her desires instead

I kissed her in the forest of green
I had forgotten what I am
I gazed into those eyes, so keen!
A smooth and gentle lamb

One day I stopped to think a bit
My stomach wrenched and twirled
Through love I had lost my sense and wit
To a pitiful village girl!

Avoiding her best I could
I hid from beauty’s caresses
But again she found me in the wood
And so grew the obsession

But so grew the moon
And the waning was abstaining
Good night, wonders of the noon
With memories remaining

Alone I wandered in the cold
Knowing it was coming
The sky grew dark, the sun was sold
Behind the madness blooming 

Transforming! Changing!
My mind went all a blur
Rage deforming! Madness deranging!
I couldn’t think of her…  

The time was gone!
The night had come!
I thought I was alone
But then I saw her standing there
Pale and stiff as stone

I woke up that dawn sitting there
On the forest floor
And there lay she all bloodied and bare
The lamb that I adore!

The wounds I found were like a gift
I know they were from my girl
I’m glad she fought her will to live
As I blindly devoured her

An honorable lamb with bloodied hooves
She’ll never leave my vision
Sacrificed for ravenous wolves  
And no cry for jurisdiction 

 Bloom not cruel wolfsbane
In this forward spirit of mine
Let the moon dim and wane
For love has diseased my kind 

-an oldie , hehe
For Pd's Contest : )

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Silently the moon rose 
from, it seemed 
The Whispering Trees 
This, I dreamed 

When all is dark and silent 
A Heartstone Moon shall rise 
It's soft light illuminating 
All you meant 

So many things change 
Never a Heartstone Moon 
New seasons to arrange 
Queens, coming soon 

Such mysterious light 
Filled a castle with wonder and delight 
So close, it seemed 
Such a beautiful thing 
Can only be a dream 

Only an Eastern pink sky, 
can fade a moon 
So perfect 
Long, will it lie 
In your heart 

A Heartstone Moon 
Gathered her stars 
Let them play 
Above, a castle 
That will see the dawn soon 

A moon is for dreams 
Stars for love 
This is why... 
Or so it seems 
A starlit sky 
Castle below 
A Heartstone Moon, 

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The moon

The summer passed so fast
I thought you and I would never last
You told me our memories won’t be just a blast
Ever was I the one to doubt our past.

Clouds were soon hiding the sun
The difficult hadn’t even yet begun
I saw your shadow everywhere I went
I guess that’s just how much you meant.

But even in the darkest hour
The moon was there-a source of power
And each look made you feel so near
A dream to chase the presence of my fear…

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Upon the sea of moonlight

My quiet reflection..........

With the coming of the night

My quiet reflection

Upon the Sea of Moonlight


Upon the Sea of Moonlight

My journey through the night

There is no darkness to fear

For, the light of the moon is here


Soft silver moonbeams.........

More than I can dream

Guides me through the night.......

My journey upon the Sea of Moonlight


The night wind blew.........

Filling my sail..........

Filling me too..........

On my journey's trail


The night wind blew

Far in to the night

The night wind blew

Upon the Sea of Moonlight


For, the sail never flapped

It remained steady

The night wind trapped

Every gust...........

Every eddy


Witnessed only by the night

The silent crossing

Upon the Sea of Moonlight


Within all our dreams

We all take sail

Under moonbeams

The journey's trail


The night wind blows

Upon the Sea of Moonlight


Before dawn

Before the sun rose

The coming of sunlight


The dream world

Travelled at night

With the sail unfurled

Upon the Sea of Moonlight


For some...

The journey never ends right

For  some....

Time to leave the Sea of Moonlight


Your sail, to catch moonbeams

Upon the Sea of Moonlight

To travel, in your dreams

Pushed far into the night


My quiet reflection...........

With the coming of the night

Your quiet reflection

Upon the Sea of Moonlight

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New Year's Eve

Can’t think about the Year that didn’t last
Can’t fight the time and how it passed so fast…
Voices were cheerful that night
Everyone was full of silver light

I heard the sounds but didn’t care
I couldn’t help but only think and stare…
I dreamed of love that possibly I’ll never share
And of life that was just like a fairytale.

In that second of complete despair
I saw the moon and realized it was all a dare
Then your voice whispered in my ear
Promising me all I needed to hear…

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Desire is held in noble dream, inspired by the silence of night,
Willed to the merciless cold of senility, in a chill of evening darkness...
Our hands reach out to the perilous sky to catch a moon so still,
In the breadth of stars no dawn entombs us, as we cry for tomorrow rise

For the moon instills no shadow, nor rays that grace the dawn,
Nor buds of grass that silent grow where sincerity is born;
Like the simple sign of our quick decent into thoughts beyond the night
Or things obscured by spoken words, when a cooler breeze arrives

Come oh sun in solitude, rise children from their sleep,
Allow that that gives a faithful clue, to bid the night farewell,
Listen the call of a mockingbird, note lines on sincerity,
And caresses the daybreak with its early beams of light

By M.Norton

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a Gentle Moon

Gaze into this brighter side                            
Into the transition as autumn passes,
Still in the solitude of what exists
Waits this winters passage
Beneath the ray from a gentle moon 

For all is past, as dusk escaped  
Into once it’s fallen structures; 
To let the dusk bestow itself 
Into the makeup of the darkness
Beneath one ray from a gentle moon

Wait ‘till time in weary sunder  
Appears with the makeup of it’s time,                                                                                                                                         
And morality left to the spirit seen
Is lost and gone astray 
Beneath our gentle moon

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May I

May I ask you for this dance; 
maybe lead to a little romance,  
in the middle of the midnight 
moon light,
After the first may I ask for
the second,  
chances our takin were dancing like?  
You and me in the moon light, 
waiting for sun,
laughing and carrying on,
like two kids with a candy spoon,
wishing and hoping on a shooting 
star for another may I.

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The Ballad of Intimate Darkness

Through light of day and darkness of my heartbeat
My love for you, you shall see
Twelve Angel's smiles beyond this artists' cold feet
Whose legs once belonged to me
The sun and moon can marry not another
More perfect than you to me
And the evening can not break the time we share
My love for you, you shall see
A soft man you gave kisses to walked half the Earth
With legs that belonged to me
Whose only pure thought was that of a dove
To love and set you free

Now this is the time that your eyes may have read
My love for you, you shall see
If I am the shadow that can not move on
With legs that belong to me
The ink I have written will become the blood
And sin will haunt over me
Because of my veins, myself I have opened
My love for you , you shall see

The eyes of men, with envy and magic
Tempted your true love from me
And not to be jealous I smile as the victim
My love for you, you shall see
With feet that the demons or Angel's may swear
Are legs that belong to me

Yet her necklace massages her as if I
Were holding her closer to me
My body more dust than can be
Often my reflection she sees in the mirror
My love for her, she will see
And memories may move her hand to caress
Legs that once belonged to me

For the moon and the sun will eclipse out of love
As the legs that once belonged to me
Through heaven and hell I shall still feel her moisture
On the legs that once belonged to me
From the turning of wind on the teardrops of kin
And the burning with-in of my shadows and sin
Away, free as a bird she shall be
My fond love for her, she shall see

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Yellow moon sea

How startling the clarity,
the sky
Above Yellow Moon Sea
Deepest blue,
of a sky
Above Yellow Moon Sea
A moons' gentle caress
On a sea, so still
Perfect reflections
In me...
In you...
New directions
Somethings are always free
Colour too
On Yellow Moon Sea
On the vastness inside of me
I looked for you
On Yellow Moon Sea
On the vastness inside of me
I looked for you
On Yellow Moon Sea
Gentle loving from me
I took you,
on Yellow Moon Sea
My heart, as liquid
Deep too
What you mean to me
On Yellow Moon Sea
I cannot wait
Yet, I cannot stay
What can be
On Yellow Moon Sea
I will miss you...
If you cannot stay
So completely
On Yellow Moon Sea
So, come with me
Such startling clarity
Such intensity
On Yellow Moon Sea

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The lakes edge 
Shone in silver light 
A moon , so bright, 
in a dark forest night 

The moon rose silently 
In a clear starlight sky 
The creatures of the night 
Came out in a dark forest, 
to play, in moonlight 

Such unnaturally tall trees, 
with no branches in sight 
No leaves 
Stood still 
In a dark forest 
Under moonlight 

As I drew closer 
The tall trees were all in a row 
No branches in sight 
I pulled away the tangled vines 
I could see... 
Masts, spars ropes and lines 

The ships! 
The wood in which a ship is made 
Returned to the dark forest 
Where the keel was shaped and laid 

The wooden ships that carried the Heartstone 
Across a sea, so blue 
Had returned to a forest 
That the timbers once knew 

When a ship comes to die 
It must return 
To where its timbers were born 
A ship to lie.... 
Amongst the trees 
The masts, swaying in a gentle breeze 

The whispering trees 
Took the ships 
Took the wood 
Made it their own 
As any magic could 

In a dark forest 
Graceful ships of wood 
No longer hear the sea roar 
instead of sails they once wore 
They hear birds singing 
Leaves rustle 
Masts creaking 

Ships, run aground 
In a dark forest 
Back to wood 
Back to trees 
Waiting to be found 
Leaves replaced sails 
Spars became branches 
Became something new 

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Moonless drawing

Can't you see,
how the moon beams drunk the spring,
for the blind stars won't look in it?!
Can't you hear,
their slap on the sand,
wcich killed the sleeping buttercup,
because it declined its colour?!
Can't you feel
that the yellow curse
is going to obsess my hair
and kill our love?!
Therefore,wipe out with a rubber
the moon on the picture,
before you have coloured it yellow.

Love is born only in the moonless nights.

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Beautiful Halloween Night

Silver moonbeams shine from the full moon 
On a Halloween night.
Trick or treaters weave back and forth collecting candy
And other assorted goodies on this 
Beautiful Halloween night.
Scary stories are told around a fireplace. 
 A witch flies on a broom across the moon cackling 
On this beautiful Halloween night.
 A midnight breeze blows through the trees 
On this beautiful Halloween night.
A vampire lurks in the shadows looking for prey 
On this beautiful Halloween night.
Feys and faeries dance across the silver moonbeams  
on this beautiful Halloween night

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For Thee


You are my moon 

My sun

 My rock 

For the moon protects me at night 

And the sun guides me through the day 

As the rock keeps me solid 

A voice so gentle, but true 

I look at the land of green 

The sky of blue 

Tis You, Your love, Your hand 

I will pick up the pen and paper for Thee 

And write the sweetest love letter I could ever prepare 

How you carried me through the endless sorrows 

The rivers of tears 

The hopeless hours 

How I dedicate to Thee 

In the morning 

And here we are 

Yes, I'm a fool 

To walk the road without 

I'm empty and useless with myself

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The Stars of the Night

 The Stars of the night tell so much
 but without the bright moon It may not tell all
with the moon, the stars are beautiful and can tell all

The stars show how I Love You as you look up in the night
as we look up from different skys of the night, we know each of us is looking up

The stars of the night skys are so beautiful as the moon shines bright with them!

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I want you

Want you more than anything
want to hold you tight
to shout it from the rooftops
and have you in my sight

To spend our time together
To look upto the stars
the moon thats in the photo
want to share and see it real...

The more we talk and share these things
the harder it becomes,to leave that gentle 
face of yours,the lovely man you are
I will have to be content
with snatches here and there
and memories of all the times
that we,v been able to share

I love the very soul of you
our time together cant compare to
anything before or after time begun

The moon the stars,the sunset sky
I want to share those things with you
places that we,ve talked about 
I want to share with you

But life has not been kind to me
I know that this can never be...
so let us just embrace the chance
and walk together hand in hand
across the memories of times we,ve shared

Those tender loving memories
I close my eyes and dream.....

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Don't tell me you expected love

As the moon pass the dark skys it laugh and said he
expected love love what love, well a dove flew by and
said love he wanted what love well lord above he 
expected love and moon and dark sky's pass by and
said is that the lord above God did he expected love
Well, bless my soul of old we wanted love up above
Whats love got to do with it, and the moon dansin by
said lord above love love love

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Your Breath Sweeps On My neck

Your breath sweeps on my neck as I sigh in relief.
Your eyes show the moon as you look at me. 
I find peace each time you take me in your arms.
I see the sunshine in your smile each morning with you lying next to me.
We are the stars, the moon and the sun, as we entwine together.
The sound of your heart beat in my ears is a sweet melody.
May we never feel the pain of the song of the whippoorwill?
Seeing the light shining in the mist of the morning; you sigh with sweet delight.
In the darkness; sweet love is made.
As your breath sweeps on my neck, as I sigh in relief.
You breathe a sigh of happiness for the love that has been there for so long. 
It has been the eternal time machine taking you from one place to another.
The words and feelings of long ago, relived in one night on the phone. 
Staying in the time of now, will be the challenge.
With the strength of the love over several decades, time can only tell.
The length of time has shown us how much the sigh of love becomes a sweet song to be sung.

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The Golden Moon

What was the reason we sat upon the golden moon?
Here in my heart I know the motion wasn’t sand less dune.
Now I still hear the chiming of that distant brass bell.
Ringing in that soft sad melancholy tone called hell.

The water falls into my hand,
Like the tickling of the pounding sand.
Stinging me with its touch,
But clinging like a cripple to a crutch.
Never leaving my skin,
Such a grassless barren land of sin.
Oh such endurance I can not find to win.

Hear the bell chime louder upon the hour again.
Now the golden moon has sent us a golden shower.
For the whisper of the chime must remain.
Such a yellow softness has made mad men sane.

Screaming, crying out their fear… do you hear?
This is a tune of yester year.
Was it all in my mind?

Search and you will never find.
What was the reason I do not know.
Now he is gown what have you to show?

The baby is crying louder, louder, in the night.
The eagle broke its wing in a soaring flight.
What was the name of my thoughtless man?
Reach for your soul cause no one else can.
You have washed up upon the ocean shore.
Now the golden moon is no more.

When they come with their dogs searching at dawns first light,
There will be a lifeless you who once shivered with a fright.
Mud a crusty cake in your hair.
You were trapped in a golden snare.
To this river I thee wed.
You had to jump, and now you’re dead.

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A childhood lived apart
from the usual existence,
made innocence more intense;
watching raindrops
from unclosed windows...
while welcoming a shivering skylark!

A moon adorned with dreams
gleamed over shadowy hills,
taking me to their forbidden realm;
and as my little arm stretched out
to reach it...the further it seemed
to move deeply into space,
arousing my curiousity
and making me aware of infinity,
of which I measured no distance...
to avoid controversy and doubt!

An entire adulhood being
the jack-of-all-trades, never having
enough time to stop and stare
at a moon adorned with dreams,
whose smile was as alluring as its glare...
with the intention to deceive!

A moon adorned with dreams
arouses my old emotions...
drawing me to its extraordinary charms;
somehow relieving my unspoken grief,
which is as irresolute as of  my belief! 
Its face so dotted and pale
shouldn't be so plausible,
or nevertheless graceful,
but it constantly changes like me...
to find its destined place in eternity!

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The long summer passed 
Dreamy days 
The beginning of a full Moon 
A boy for Autumn.. 

The Spring Queen and the King of Air 
Gazed out to a sky deep with night 
A touch of hand 
The stars bright 
A full Moon 
A baby, coming soon 

A Castle had lost a King 
A boy, to be born soon 
In Autumn 
Under a full moon 

The Autumn Queen came, 
in a swirl of leaves 
Gold and red 
The impending birth 
The Earthen King passed on 
Who will take his name? 

The leaves changed colour 
The moon rose 
Silver light 
Shone a castle, so bright 

The cry of a baby boy 
On an Autumn night 
A full Moon 
Shone bright 
All of Heartstone 
Joy and delight 

A tired Queen looked on 
A boy, so perfect and true 
Her face shone 
The faeries glowed 
A new King for Heartstone 
Under the full Moon too 

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Shadows can cross 
In a heart beat 
Mystic moon 
Deepening heat 

Colours of shadow night 
In your heart 
Mystic moon 
Mystic night 

I held it there 
In my heart 
On the tip of my tongue 
It was always there 
Mystic moon 

What I need 
I need from you 
Mystic moon 
Shadows too 

What are you going to do? 
What I need... 
Mystic moon 
Shadows  fall 
I want you too 

Mysterious night 
Mystic moonlight 
The fall of shadows 
Nobody knows 

In your heart 
Lies a mystic moon 
Your deep shadow light 
To fall... 
Across my night 

To caress 
Slowly across 
Hidden depths 
Fragrance to seep 
A tongue 
Piercing you deep 

In the heat of the night 
The heat of you 
Mystic moon 
Mystic night 
Coming too 

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Black Velvet

Black Velvet, That to which falls the shade of a moon come that of our hearts 
desire engraved from the inside. Is it love we feel or the dark side of our lives we 
hear? After all, isn’t that what we live is the love of the heart? Is it not that to which 
tears us apart is the fallen of a moon? It is that of my beloved that I store there in 
darkness. As my life I seek for that of righteous. It is there the velvet falls as it 
darkens the stage. It is there I have found true love that one day it will stay. It 
soars as high as a mountain breeze but lays low as a soul below. That in a 
cavern beyond some hill I find that of some things to be real. I find in life is to die 
but to live for Christ is a rise. That not only is that road hoed but it’s also rocked 
with love. That in one, I could ever be so bless to have. That he gave me you and 
my veil blew a peep, which in my heart there was a light of keep. It came of fine 
silk and love from end to end. That you blew the veil in the wind as it lay upon that 
of a pond fill hole. Only for you to cross and none other I told. That in my heart laid 
that of a sunlight untold as you reveal that of my deepest soul. You have pulled 
that veil that dried the rain as the darkness fell that to which reins. You have 
found that of a black velvet drape as my deepest soul yarn for that of love’s wake. 
As I know I have found one of heavens born because you have made my black 
velvet worn. That through it you can see that to which is torn. And that’s my soul 
and my love for you is torn. That in you I lay all my cards that one day that velvet is 
torn and I find that of love not torn. That in you I find that shade to be warm as you 
have draped your on velvet across that to which is worn. For this a moon comes 
shade that in you have made my day. As my black velvet gives that of a heart of 
shade as my heart loves that forever in the days. As I love you under the 
darkness of shades.

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Escaping reality
seems the only way
to really feel free;
lying back on a soft meadow,
looking up to see
the scarlet moon 
rushing against another shadow...
before the coming of dawn!

Losing what's not mine,
its very hard of letting go,
because it took more
that faith to get where I am...
and only be left with pride! 

I took a forgotten dream,
and turned it into a vision:
to set the mood of passion...
to steadly touch, not just feel!

Losing what' not mine
makes me doubt the meaning 
of those unconvincing words;
how did I fell for a lie so unforgiving,
too unpleasant to be remembered by time... 
to which everything belongs?

Every star has gone to another sky,
and the pale moon won't leave;
how should I forget about Eve,
if I have no strength to cry?


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Tiger bright, 
Moon light 
Shadows walking 
A moon lit sky 
The stars 
The tiger, 
huff and sigh 
The tiger's eye 
The shadows roam 
Jungle home 
Night sky 
Huff and sigh 
Tiger's eye 
Shadows roam 
Green jungle home 
under moonlit sky 
Tiger bright 
in jungle moon light 
Tiger's eye 
Tiger, huff and sigh 
Shadowy light 
Tiger bright 
Tiger's eye 
Moonlit sky 
Shadowy home 
Tigers' roam 
Swish of tail 
Moonlight veil 
Hunters night 
Tiger bright 
Tiger's  eye 
Moonlit sky

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Hold On

 Hold On
 ....Hold On
As the Moon Shines on you
...Only You  
The moon shines bright
The stars overlooking above
On a clear night
We are seperated afar

Do you think of me
Does your heart beat for thee
Hold On...Hold on Tight
To the One you Love. 

Times of trial abound us
Temptations around
Hold On
Hold on Tight
You must believe what you have is true
Let's keep it simple
What we have will grow day by day
Week by Week Month by Month Year by Year
Hold On! 
Hold On! 

Peter LeBuhn

Copyright ©2005 Peter B. Lebuhn 

Peter LeBuhn 

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Breathlessly taken by a sweet sadness
drifting away with the splendid sunset,
you are still dreaming of him,
whose green eyes remind you with joy
of this lovely spring day;
so dream,beautiful Mary,dream...

Prittier than a soft rose so lonesome,
you wait for his warm hands
to hold it to his faithful heart!
you stay up late,stare at the moon and wait,
now the lights in your empty room are out;
so dream,beautiful Mary,dream...

The valley is getting dark indeed,
and the low hills are hidden by shadows,
gleamig owls gather where the moon glows        
as the eastern wind brings
the mellow aroma of jasmines;
so dream,beautiful Mary, dream...

The evening is peaceful and bright,
by the open window you stare out to a lonely star,
hoping it always be there at night
to confide your deepest feelings to,
when there's nobody to turn to;
so dream,beautiful Mary, dream... 

If your small hand stretches out to take
the loveliest star from the jealous sky,
promising yourself not to reveal...
until you'll have no other wishes to make,
only then you'll have a reason to cry;
so dream, beautiful Mary,dream... 

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Far away in the mountains of the moon 
This is where we shall meet 
A long time travelling.... 
We will meet soon 

Far away in the mountains of the moon 
You will know..... 
I will see you soon 

Far away in the mountains of the moon 
Where our love shall meet 
We have come so far..... 
Following our chosen star 
..........I will be there soon 

For this journey is long..... 
to the mountains of the moon 
Where we belong 
.........I will be there soon 

Far in time.... 
This journey set 
Before we first met 
This irresistible course.... 
This irresistible force 

Far,far away 
in the mountains of the moon 
This is where we will stay......... 
.........I will see you soon 

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At This Heart

A child is dead in the heart of men
a lonely grave sits unattended
who do such a thing I heard them say
to someone they had once befriended
who would have the child abandoned
i look to the gates and the fences unmended
i seek all these answers when i kneel to pray
but what's left to say
despite meaningful words I still dismay
this lonesome grave sees no flowers tended
when the baleful moon rises another day ended
but this grave is still unvisited
sadness and shame to this day
when all good men did nothing but pray
god should have stayed
but remorse is lost on those not here
i speak of course of men ruled by fear
for there is not just one grave unattended
there is more than one sin unmended
down beside this tomb i solemnly lay
when moon rests high and out goes day
this child called integrity is dead
doubt and vanity has taken its stead
this child called Right has been felled by Wrong
this grave is unseen and unknown
i lay here too, because the guilt is also my own
this grave at the hearts of all good men
what once we had we will never have again

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The clouds sped by the Moon 
The wind blowing 
The Moon............ 
Magnificently glowing 

The stars crept through 
The leaves rustled 
The trees whispered too 

Above , 
The Moon........ 
Shining through........ 
Touching me too 
Silver light........ 
Feeling right 

The Moonlight 
Lifting me 
Silently flying 
Deep in darkest night 

How this light.... 
The Moon bright 
Takes me too........ 
Above the night........ 
Into you......... 

The clouds sped by the Moon 
I hear you sigh....... 
Flying high 
The clouds below.... 
You wonder why 

That silver thread......... 
The paths you tread 
The Moon......... 
Glowing soon 
The paths I have led 

The inner glowing 
Wind, blowing 
My guide......... 
In to you......... 
Deep inside 
The path.......