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Horse Ballad Poems | Ballad Poems About Horse

These Horse Ballad poems are examples of Ballad poems about Horse. These are the best examples of Horse Ballad poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Lest we Forget the Horses

When the world practises Tao,
horses fertilize the fields.
When the world ignores Tao,
horses are bred for war.
The Tao Te Ching of Lao Tzu 

 Lest We Forget the Horses

Time speaks of history 
a vast and empty sadness 
washes over me 
watching old newsreels 
Highstepping horses, 
gentle eyes transformed in fear 
valiantly charging
under men that could not yield

Amid the noise of cannons
their beauty- gently haunting
Spirited, obedient, valiant
they charge over the
death-filled  battle-field 

Now the faded image shows
a glory past and gone
Yet we must remember them
And how their courage shone

Sides flecked with foam, obedient spirits,
so far from home, hoofbeats pound, 
crested necks, high dancing steps, 
with jingling bridles they rush as one, 
hearts bursting, falling in their stride,
somehow they know how desperate
 is this final, fatal charge

Faded film of ages gone
Lest we forget the horses
or the majesty of them
Lest we forget them
or the men who spurred them on 

In solemn re-enactment
we must remember them.

 Suzanne Delaney

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Daisy trips and falls apart
The mysterious rider brings her back
And now wonders how she ll find
The way back home cause is its off the line
And runs away leaving the rider alone
He comes back for her 
On the dark dawn
She refuses to go back to his lost life
The angered rider loses control
Cause daisy was the one whom he loved from soul
And for one last time he asks her to go
To the dark den with him for eternal light
For daisy nods no cause she loves her home
Fuming with fury he wins along 
Cause daisy said she will stand her ground
The rider calls in his horse to take  leave
Distressed yet still in love he climbs his horse
Galloping his horse he starts to race
While snatching daisy from her most beloved home
Cautious and anxious she struggles through the ride
Then comes the deepest valley with the bridge
Daisy unknown of the little bit of it 
Tussling and grappling the little doll piece
Falls of the bridge before he could grab her
Bawling for help when taws’ to late for her
And once again
Daisy trips and falls apart
But the mysterious rider on black mare couldn’t save her fall
For he is down with the heart ache of his lost love
And as said so........ 
He wanders on the edge of the bridge you see
In search of his lost love or her screams
not knowing its too late for all her pleas
'Cos the daisy was the one whom he loved from h soul.
And daisy said no cause she loved her home
And so goes the story of one lost soul who took control with her innocent prose

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Grey clumper

Grey clumper Our old grey clumper horse, bit by brown snake, bad egg, The horse stood on him, snake struck a leg, Grey had him pinned, stomped snake to death, Both died, horse fell on the snake inept, (clumpers are half draught horses, we wept) Snake hunting, bull terrier cattle dogs, (cattle dogs eat snakeys brown) Pull down humans goats n frogs, Bitch Damper tore a brownies togs, (hide) She lay there in the water sick, Old man trimmed, the poison bite off bitch, Pinched up the poison, shears in hand, Cut the poison hide to which, Condys crystal poison fix, And she was back a hunting, Death adder one foot long, Death trap, touch him, death belong, Never see him neath the leaves, Chicken wire, fence out, him weaves, Step on him, you are gone! It’s a deadly poison, nong. (dummie)
Don Johnson

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My Bucephalus

I did once find this incredible little mare
When I was ready in life and knew
she was ready for me.
Somehow I was drawn to a place in the South,
Not to find a horse, but to get away from "it all"
to enjoy nature in the fall. The scenery of
orange, yellow and all changing leaves.

To this small little horse farm my husband
and I went
To camp, ride horses and enjoy time spent
Then I saw her and knew right then my life had changed
I was sent Mon Ami in my path by some divine fate
so strange.

Ahh, my two year old, I bought her that day
and had to arrange a ride to me states far away
When she finally came, yes- she was mine!
A prayer answered after so much time.
We began to ingest one anothers soul
through life's breath and many a long stroll.

Oh- no life without my Mon Ami-

At three, we began the reign of riding and glee
A decision to make her an endurance horse
was my goal- and to compete for so may miles
certainly did make her "smile"!
Though diversity is the key, we focus on
obliterating opponents at super long
distance... winning always in the top three

Little bay mare, half Arabian and half Morgan
Has shown me she has more heart than any horse
I have ever rode, owned, or with since parted.
A special bond occurs between woman and horse
when they spend thousands of hours in the saddle
riding the course.
Superb at anything she has the will-
but even if she were crippled, forever 
we'll be together still.

Oh my Mon Ami, you are my desire, my energy
to see you everyday, running about at play
there is no sight more beautiful on this planet
to me
Than my beloved little mare, Mon Ami.

2nd place in  "A Horse is A Horse Of Course..." contest by Tirzah.

A. Green

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Ride a Speckled Horse

Ride a Speckled Horse

Half Moon Bay
My little speckled grey
How unwilling you were
But I'd rented you that day

An apaloosa dream- straining
at the rope
He was  the first choice
worthy of my hope

But he led you out- that
cautious owner of the 'string'
The one I wanted- being feared as-
 too much horse - to tame

No cajoling and no show of force
Could lift your heart to run
Weren't you  used- to-
always being, abused by everyone ?

In shame, at that slap of reins
 across your neck
I  let go - content to feel the 
rythm of your walk and
not the rocking of your canter

Turned your jaded head toward
 a trail down to the sea
Smelt the salt air with you
and felt the wide expanse
 of beach and wind on me

Under the gulls glide
your gait became wide
And like a rocking horse 
beside the rolling sea,
you and I glided,
close to eternity

I could have cantered on forever
when you gave your heart to me
And though I'm sure, 
that many tried
 It's few I know,
have ever  felt,
the magic of your stride

 Suzanne Delaney

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Budgeri The good budgery fella with a bottle of rum, Pretty good bird is the budgery-gar one, Arthur eyeshades came a walking by, One eye one ear one rissole, Looking for the budgery fella, why? A little nip was good as gold, Where are you budgery fella, Ole Yarraman the horse he was, And Milinbri was cattle, If the boss see me a spearing one? cos, good meat yer brain might addle? so duck ya head sidestep away, go into a Magpie smother, flail ya arms like a loonatic hey, don’t go and tell yer mother, Budgeri fella was right here, On his horse he rode away, Sucking on a bottle of rum, ya hear, The pigrooter threw him hey? Don Johnson

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I Took the Dare

There were Indians just over the Brazos
With a buffalo herd in between
They weren’t trying to stay hidden 
They wanted to be seen
The chief of these Comanche
Buffalo Hump by name
They say no one's looked him in the eyes
Was ever quite the same
The COL said go parlay
Invite the chief to sup
I want to look him in the eye
And determine just what’s up

With our white sheet fluttering in the wind
Like the scalps on the big Chief’s lance
We started out across the plain
Taking quite a chance
Our crooked-tooth Pawnee scout
Led the way through the herd
Through the smell of a thousand animals
And the sound that would drown each word
I felt and smelled their hot breath
As I rode my pony near
I turned my pony into the throng
A pathway none too clear
Inching through the buffalo
Blinded by the dust
I held on fast to the reins
Just riding my pony's trust

Once through the thundering buffalo
I glanced up to the rise
The Indians still were waiting there
Much to my surprise
The Pawnee scout then turned to us
Said if they should attack
First take out the big chief
Then that little one in the back
I can understand the big chief
But why the little guy
He said he’s like a badger
He’ll fight until he dies
He said that one's a horse thief
The best you'll ever find
He'll snatch a horse from under you
As if you had gone blind

The big chief started towards us
Shut up the Pawnee said
You young boys keep your damn traps shut
I’ll do the talking instead
The Comanche’s body shone with grease
Had a necklace made of claws
He had a stench about him
That made you gag and pause
My eyes met the chief’s eyes
My hand rested on my gun
He had a look could kill a soul
But I was too scared to run
The Pawnee and Comanche
Spoke in some foreign tongue
I vowed to learn their language
While I was still young

Then all at once the chief turned
And rode on up the hill
Our Pawnee scout turned back for camp
But I just sat there still
For he had pointed at me
With that scalp encrusted lance
And said he’d have MY scalp one day
If he ever got the chance
For last week on the Brazos
Someone had killed his son
And looking me right in the eye
He knew I was the one

Mdailey	2/26/12

1st place finish in contest

For PD’s contest dare.  Chapter 11 of Dead Man's Walk by Larry McMurtry.  It has been years since I read a western but am finding this one interesting.

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Black Caviar

It was far, far beneath the sun
at the glorious Kentucky Ranch
The a proud horseman, Henry Jones
was called to ride the pride of Kentucky
Black Caviar was his name.
This stud lived every day to out-run all he could
34 wins he had to his name
and now he would ride his last 35th

Black Caviar was practicing for his 35th ride
when a fine 2 year old female 
named Sugar passed caviars' way
Well Caviar couldn't concentrate and kept
running over toward the female
and the horseman was having trouble controlling him
So they waited till all the females
were gone from the field.

This last 35th race would be a result
of Black Caviar's meeting Sugar.
He was all pumped up and ready to run.
The gun shot out and the horses jumped
Black Caviar, jumped the farthest
he hurried around the track effortlessly
an won his 35th and last race. 
After the accolades his trainer took 
him back to see Sugar. They hooked up
and Sugar gave birth to a beautiful
black son and they named him Onyx.
Onyx grew up to win 25 races of his own.

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Where the Rockfish Lurk

Where the river runs into the Chesapeake Bay. 
The currents run strong and they say "Beware". 
Many a man has ignored it and sunk to his doom.

On white capped waters beneath a crystal blue sky 
where a thousand men live by the tide, 
one boy drifts and awaits the return of the moon.

In a tiny row boat with a four horse Merc. 
He braves the bay to where the Rockfish lurk. 
Gonna catch him a big one and prove to his Dad he's a man.

When the waters went still and the wind began. 
He was too young to know the mess he was in. 
He never turned back when the bay started yelling it's name.

The boat pitched forward and rocked to the back. 
Waves so high that the sky went black 
but the boy stayed steady and never showed any fear.

A white Bucktail on ten pound test, 
he dropped the line off the side and grabbed a life vest. 
He held on tight to his rod as the storm drew near.

Thunder clapped and the sky lit up. 
The boy got excited when his rod gave a tug. 
He never noticed the water that was filling his boat.

He started reeling with all of his might 
when the angry old bay joined in on the fight. 
Against a boy no longer, a fight against a full grown man.

When the storm passed by and the sky turned blue. 
A boat on the beach with a small red shoe 
and the biggest Rockfish ever landed in the Chesapeake Bay.

In a tiny row boat with a four horse Merc. 
A boy braved the bay to where the Rockfish lurk 
and lived to tell his story over and over again.

The Applethoughtrotten

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A Man Named Kim

I knew a man named Kim.
Who owned a horse named Jim.
And it won! 
It ran wire to wire.
Man! Was that horse on fire.

I'll never forget that day.
When Kim took his horse out, 
for a work out.
And the jockey fell right off the horse.
What a spill! 

But nothing like the day, 
when Jim won the purse.
Of course the horse's name was Jim.
And he was definitely owned by a man named Kim.
Kim has seen better days, and Kim has seen worse.
But nothing like the day, 
when Jim won the purse.
And life goes on..

Horse Story Poem By Kim Robin Edwards
Copyright 2001,2014..
ALL rights reserved..