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Ballad Death Poems | Ballad Poems About Death

These Ballad Death poems are examples of Ballad poems about Death. These are the best examples of Ballad Death poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Death of the Poet Destroyer

~The Untold Fatal Attraction Poem~

Mid-morning she sees the sun ahead
Her death flowed in a messaged bottle
Gazing into her brown eyes upon all open sores,
Her conscience dark and gray a never-ending war!
A giant cyclone of a thousand thoughts swirled around this little girl.
Inflicting away the pain, through the comfort of others pen
The way she twisted and twisted life’s perception was out of her control
Inside she knew the glass slipper was never hers to show off
She is baring nothing but a tainted pen, walking throughout eternity’s sand
A prosecutor of misdeeds, accomplishing what, without knowing the way
Departing from her fractured self, she begins to slip into a righteous form,
Twirling her twilight's pen like a baton, spinning it to one final stand
She awakens in a dream, where her sadness does not allow the light to reform
Her body is weak and pale against the birth of her undying sun
Staring down into the deepness of every-bodies abyss
Inside all souls is where she felt lighter, than the retarded sun gives
A crimson sky follows her just to reveal her diminished soul,
A life of shunning out the city glow will always dwell deep inside her
Sleeping under society as one, insulting the taste of innocent blood
Forgetting the vengeance, in a dimension where the pen is mightier than the sword
How did she let it come to this?
In one feeling she fell in love with the spirit of the living rhyme 
Watching from a cave, with a diabolical look
Refusing to grasp the self - nature and kill off the destroyer's will
A price beyond this enigmatic world, craving to be just like them
Condemning her meaning to a blasphemy of white butterflies
Destroying her poetic meaning that was destined to dance a tangle of endless rage
In love with the essence of her deceased will
She clings on to the dimness and brilliance at the same time
All corpses lost beyond the girl in question,
Sympathetic in a bizarre language, she mutters out sweetness
Her heart mended, recognizing all the adoration and poetic addiction
Exchanging the real terror, fixated by the life force of her poetic destruction
Giving birth to a new revelation
Now she will never deceive her love for the making of true art,
Not wanting to belong in this wretched world with her destroying criteria,
Her soul sails looking for a new era where love will no longer generate
As she loathes the love and decides not to destroy this generation with hate

At last, longing this one day with the angel of death
With a closing teardrop, one last thought
My death will not be the end; only the ascension~


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The Ballad of the Poet

*The Dead Poet*

Many blocks along the road, 
Kicking down walls of heavy stones, 
Yet no one could draw through the walls of her lonely bones.
A poet who could not write what's inside. 
Her pen had gone ink dry. 
Her beady eyes lost the feel of an angelic realm.
She tried! 
She tried, until she could no longer cry!
A poet who stuttered with the mind and out came no words.
This poet hangs on a mount with a picture that tells a sad tale.
A poem that broke verses in a Carpe diem dream.
She ruffled her arms once more, as if she could fly.
Still nothing, 
Everything felt dead inside. 

Trap in a mental state that clots the willing vein.
Isolating her form in a room with no door.
She strays this away from the feel of the marvel pen.
To never go back, and feel again.

In the most ominous way,
She lets out a cry, 
A cry, never heard before. 
Running from this evil, that stain her world. 
Words buried deep and behind a new exterior box, 
Her insides gasp all the air of airs once alive. 
A talon drop into the next,
This troublesome poet gave up on everything. 
Had nothing left, but the empty space within. 

She curls herself into a fetal world.
At last, she closes her eyes, to feel no more.
A poet who died the day, joy wiped the glee from her face.


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The Stone

The Tale below was carved one night,
Upon the Stone, by candlelight
...most won’t believe, but some just might
.........most won’t believe, but some just might

.                         Preface

Well James made Beth his lovely bride
(And angels smiled, though teary eyed)
...their bodies bound, their spirits tied
.........their bodies bound, their spirits tied

Upon her hand, a shimmer shone,
As bright as blood, a ruby Stone 
...and brighter still, as love had grown
.........and brighter still, as love had grown

Soon James was sent to man a sail
So Beth removed her wedding veil
...her eyes were bright, her face was pale
.........her eyes were bright, her face was pale

“Well, I’ll be here when you return”
Said Beth to James, who kissed in turn
...a kiss that made her body burn
.........a kiss that made her body burn

.                         BETH’S TALE

1.              The Dream
One night, within a dream deformed,
The cawing of a Crow informed
“...a Ship was stripped where winter stormed
.........a Ship was stripped where winter stormed

Midst winds and waves the thunder boomed
The Ship of Death was surely doomed
...the sea engulfed, the sea entombed
.........the sea engulfed, the sea entombed

Your James... denied by Davy Jones!
His spirit gone, his flesh and bones
...are resting now amongst the Stones
.........are resting now amongst the Stones”

2.               The Quest

Awoken by the ebon Wight
And beckoned by the baneful bight
...I left before the morning light
.........I left before the morning light

Throughout the realm I rode a roan
Until, in time, I reached the Stone
...where shades and dreams in darkness groan 
.........where shades and dreams in darkness groan 

While skipping up and down the sky
A missing moonbeam mocked my eye
...enough to make a Swallow cry
.........enough to make a Swallow cry

For someone stole a star or two
And something else that fate withdrew – jewel of joy, my James Bijou jewel of joy, my James Bijou

The shadows of the evening swelled
Where demons of the dusk had dwelled
...and in the far, a vesper knelled
.........and in the far, a vesper knelled

The Stone, beneath the sky, stood cold –
Between the runes, a vapour strolled
...a cloak of fleecy fog consoled
.........a cloak of fleecy fog consoled

A Raven on a branch, enthroned,
Her wings waved once, a wail intoned
...beyond the bay, a banshee moaned
.........beyond the bay, a banshee moaned

I lay beside the Stone, his bride
I lay beside the Stone and cried
...but were it I, instead, that died
.........but were it I, instead, that died

The rainbow of the moon fell dim
A midnight Swan soon ceased to swim if to hide all hint of him if to hide all hint of him

Between the willows in the swale
There sang a Bird, a Nightingale
...which left me faint and feeling frail
.........which left me faint and feeling frail

3.              Contact

I felt him breathe within a breeze
Responding to my anguished pleas
...and leaves blew by abandoned trees
.........and leaves blew by abandoned trees

“I miss you too, my darling Beth”
Re-echoed from the Ship of Death
...the future buried in a breath
.........the future buried in a breath
The Stone lit up a ruby sheen
And clouds were kindled crystalline
...with consequences, unforeseen
.........with consequences, unforeseen

Above, the wretched Raven soared
To where the Ship of Death lay moored
...beneath, the icy ocean roared
.........beneath, the icy ocean roared

4.               Release

I’m joined with James beneath the Stone,
Though to the Ship my spirit’s flown,
...for nevermore to be alone
.........for nevermore to be alone

.                         Epilogue

That night the wayward winds were weird 
The Ship of Death had disappeared
...coyotes called and mortals feared
.........coyotes called and mortals feared

At dusk, the craven shadows crawled
At dawn, the winds of mourning called
...upon the Stone two names were scrawled
.........upon the Stone two names were scrawled

The Raven sits, with wings outspread,
Atop the Stone which shades the dead sometimes shimmers ruby red sometimes shimmers ruby red

.                         Epitaph

Between the sounds, where silence seeps,
Their love lives on and never sleeps
...and yet, the weeping willow weeps
.........and yet, the weeping willow weeps

inspired by ~fc~

Wight (obsolete): a supernatural being, creature
Bight: a bay or gulf
Swale: a moist depression in a tract of land

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This Song is for my Mother

This song is for my mother
Let her hear me cry
I couldn’t bring myself to write it
‘Til this darkened day arrived
A song about old promises 
Made so long ago
Created and cremated
Ashes of the words I spoke

Long separated by the miles
Distanced from her golden smiles
Memory of a mother
Shared my dreams and really cared

Long separated by the miles
Distanced from her golden smiles
I know I wasn’t there……

For you

Would have placed 
A magic carpet 
‘neath your weak and shaky legs

Would have raised
A strong west wind
Let you breathe with ease again

Would have bribed 
God’s venal angels
Come and soothe your endless pain

Would have vanquished
All the demons
And bring peace to you again

Be the child
I never knew
In a land
We won’t grow old

Be the light
I always loved
Warmed my dark 
And lonely soul

Be the girl
Playing games
In a world 
The sun won’t set

Be the laughter
Calms my heart
I never will forget
I won’t forget, won’t forget

This song is for my mother
Let her hear me cry
Couldn’t bring myself to write it
‘Til this darkened day arrived
Song about old promises 
Made so long ago
Ashes of the words I spoke

I broke my promises, oh mama
Now you’ve gone away 
I’m broken
Drowning in the pain each day

I’m  drowning…drowning...drowning…drowning

This song is for my mother
Let her hear me…….

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		          On the ground…..


		Without a sound…..

Tears are

						As oceans sigh…..
The sun is


                   In her eyes…

The waters stretched their surrounding arms Caressing her precious prints with their saline charms Smoothing her past—an exhalation at last As legacy lavishes the flight of her path Withering and draining, absorbed in the sand Are the tears she once shed—no longer does she stand In kneeled acceptance her deep pulse unwinds As her melodious voice falters in the plague that binds In her serenest solitude have I kept her close As those streams do crash upon my heart-burdened coast I listened to her sing—as the sickness rose Like the tide’s sudden descent, oh how life suddenly goes!
Footsteps Footsteps Heavy now………. Carry her To bury her In the ground………. Oceans In motions WAVES//COLLIDE
…..Someone beautiful….. …..… has died………. ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

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Disturbed Child

That disturbed child
The teen girl with no friends, 
and is rejected by her loved ones
She feels broken inside,
like theres no other choice
She takes the iron razor, 
she puts it to her arm and hopes the pain will fade,
but in the end it only makes her feel worse
She does this to herself not because she is sad, 
but because she doesn't think any one cares
She thinks 
What if I put this razor to my throat,
and ended my life
Would they care then?
She feels like no one cares 
What she doesn't realize is, 
if she died a river of tears would come,
even faster then the blood would run from her
If she only knew life can be brighter 
If she would only see, 
that she is loved
That disturbed child, 
We miss her
and theres no getting her back
What could we have done
Was there any changing her mind
Only God knows

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Johnny Had A Girl

Johnny was my best friend through our early teenage years;
Wherever one of us went the other could always be found near;
Until he found a girlfriend who soon supplanted me,
But because he was my best friend, for Johnny I was happy;
Johnny had a girl
He had a girl
Johnny had a girl
She rocked his world
Johnny had a girl.

Throughout four years of high school I was always the third wheel;
Going off often by myself, leaving Johnny with his girl;
They learned about biology outside the class room walls;
Johnny always had plans with her every time I would call;
Johnny had a girl
He had a girl
Johnny had a girl
Oh, what a thrill
Johnny had a girl.

One week before graduation, coming home from a date,
Johnny never saw the drunk driver until it was too late.
For three months in a coma, I sat by Johnny’s side;
I knew that when he woke up, someone had to tell him she’s not alive;
Johnny had a girl
He had a girl.

I took him to the gravesite so he could see it with his own eyes;
We stayed there for hours so Johnny could say his goodbyes.

Johnny got in his car that day and started heading west;
Nobody has seen Johnny since, I wish him the very best.
I’ve taken care of her graveside for thirty years and more;
If Johnny ever comes home again, we’ll be friends just like before;
Johnny had a girl
He had a girl
Johnny had a girl.

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Once Willows Wept Not

'Tis now known why the Willow weeps, 
a tragedy of love, its memory keeps.
For once a young man and young maid, 
on tender grass, beneath branches lay.
Though pledged by birth to another, 
from clans they hid, to be together.
Thus, the gentle Willow was their choice, 
meeting beneath, till love they could voice.
The Willow held these secret lovers dear, 
so would lower its boughs, when they drew near.
Thus tucked away in the Willow's womb, 
could lay as one, yet this love was doomed.
For jealousy lurked within the pines, 
spying young lovers thus entwined,
behind Willow's curtain of slender limbs, 
He swore the maiden, would yet be his.
Thus, it came to pass one day, 
as young maid softly made her way,
to their Willow, deep within the glen, 
espied the branches did already bend.
Timidly, as she did draw near, 
soft sound of sorrow fell upon her ears.
Parting Willow's branches to look within, 
a dampness did touch upon her skin.
The Willow was shedding sap laden tears, 
for the young man, in death, was near.
'Twas an arrow that had been used, 
a potent poison, the tip infused.
The maiden, now blind with grieving mist, 
pulled out the arrow, held it, in clenched fist.
Whilst cradled in love's arms, did he draw last breath. 
Then, young maid, plunged the arrow, into her breast.
And so it is, that this story is told,
as the Willow's grief would not be consoled.
For unable to stop what had befell,
the young lovers, it had hid so well.
With will broken, as lovers lay dead,
the Willow, its branches, never again spread.
And because it is the memory it keeps,
it is to this day, that the Willow weeps.

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Sweet island girl now in Heaven
The angels separated you from me
You only lived to love and be loved
My one and only Annabel Lee

Death had no power to conquer
Bright eyes made darkness fade
In your sepulcher by the ocean
Until my death every night I laid

Surely now that I'm in Heaven
No more need to dream of you
For just around the next corner
My Annabel Lee will come in view

But the jealousy of winged seraphs
Was even higher in this place
Confronted by such perfect love
Made it impossible for us to face

But a deal was brokered in Heaven
The two of us sent back to Earth
As unknown strangers, separated
And both starting at our birth

In our life we must find each other
Fall in love again or we'd go to Hell
But if discovery and magic happened
Forever in Heaven with a story to tell

For many, many years I've wondered
Drawn to seek a girl by the sea
Is it possible tonight that I met you
Could you be my Annabel Lee?

*A sequel to Edger Allen Poe's "Annabel Lee" poem.  I pray in style and substance I do not embarrass myself or this poet master!

Contest: Linda's "Never Entered Into A Contest #12"
Date: 9-12-14
Poet: Lyric Man

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Lost Love

If only you could see the tears
In the world you left behind
You fill my days, my nights, my dreams
You’re all that’s on my mind
Your laugh I’ll never hear again
Your smile I’ll never see
Memories now are all I have
Since loneliness found me
Time was never on your side
Your short life had to end
Now I'm left in pain without
My love and my best friend
The sadness, the emptiness
The pain I have to face
Will never leave my life
For you’re a loss I can’t replace
Even though the rain will fall
And the sun will still shine on
My life will just exist
Because my whole world now is gone
You are an Angel high above now
Watching over me
But someday I know once again
Together we will be
For when my time on earth is done
You’ll come and take my hand
And guide us to eternal love
Together in God's land..

By Raina Hutchins

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A House On the Cliff's Edge

There is a house on the cliff’s edge,
Around a quiet, unmarked shoreline
At night, the tide lifts high against a foggy moon
In the morning, gloomy clouds settle with the sea
At times, not even the birds are seen or heard
The house is left to nature’s caress

Home-crafted seashell chimes sway and sing with the wind
Crushed sand dollars lie together on the back porch
The shells were once whole, collected by the former owners
Long gone are they now, smiling with the moon
The owners are the very sound of the ocean spray,
Striking the rocks, announcing the cool dawn of day
They are not the dark, empty rooms,
The rooms that nobody thinks of as they go about their lives
The quiet owners are long gone—thought of only by one
A stillborn legacy about as tiresome as the sun,
When the clouds crisp out its beams . . .

A seawater puddle is in the middle of the dining room
Nobody knows it sits there, sinking in the floorboards
It used to be a far larger puddle after a storm,
Stealthily leaking into the house
But now it is small—so small—and the boards are moist,
Moist with its only companion amongst the instilled silence

Nobody thinks of empty, abandoned rooms
Nobody remembers the former owners
They were not much for socials and gatherings
They always lived their quiet, happy lives
Without a care of the outside world,
Far from anybody’s thought
Miles from the nearest home
Where the next generation comfortably lives 

He never finished fixing that leak . . .

Sometimes the puddle gets bigger after other storms
And when it does, there is almost life there again
You can see the chandelier reflected on the unperturbed water
As a crystal dangles and falls from on high
The dark silence following the drop is as deep as thought . . .

Nobody thinks of empty, abandoned rooms
Nobody remembers the former owners
There is merely a house on the cliff’s edge
Around a quiet, unmarked shoreline

-March 21, 2013-

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Dullahan Rides

Walk with me in the dank moonlight
through the chill, rising, storm
so we can grasp the majesty
of Dullahan still born.

Without heads his horse and he ride
across the countryside
His head in hand they roam the land
none live where he abides.

A rush of blood, a gory spree 
will take the sight of man, 
then off they gallop wild and free
Dullahan, head in hand.

Here’s hoping he don’t call your name
for that would be worse by far  
your soul would flee and fly with he
a soul as black as tar.

Carry your gold for I am told 
this alone does he fear
and we can watch as he rides by
come give us a kiss now, me dear.

The winsome lass took his strong hand
and down the lane they walked
as in the distance hedgerows fired
and hooves clapped as they talked.

The sound drew near, a gate flew wide
the lassie shrieked and ran 
so only her randy lad was 
taken by Dullahan.

So, don’t think to woo by moonlight
near the shore in Galway
Dullahan hunts with cruel sight 
each wayward soul a stray.

*While no-one knows for certain how the Dullahan originated, it is thought that he is the embodiment of the Celtic fertility god, Crom Dubh, who was worshiped by an ancient king of Ireland, Tighermas. Each year, Tighermas sacrificed humans to Crom Dubh, and the usual method was decapitation. The worship of Crom Dubh ended in the sixth century, when Christianity came to Ireland. 
* music in About the Poem

Poet: D. Guzzi

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Romeo and Juliet

When last they kissed, and summer’s lease
fell brief and sweet, and winter's chill would steal the heart away...

Sweet coral days, turned blight to rust, 
and Shakespeare's words,
will wring despair from what will never be.

Behold, your eyes that weep,
and empty arms will flail, for
young lovers swept away on wings so frail...
No other love could ever grieve so well. 
Shall hence, will come a cry, to shatter starry skies
with tragedy to tell

O’ she of flaxen hair, fair cheeks so pale,
His love was as a fever, longing still. 
His sorrow greater than the darkest night
Too cruel to bear, delusion played unfair
Despair, beyond all words could shout
Disquiet of the heart cries out
To death, that calls, from 'yond the distant stars.

Sweet love so rare, a thing beyond compare. 
Where whence their love, once like the lilac full
The blossom fragrant,  so sweet as whippoorwill
Ere' slumber's chain has bound them now.
Thy song has waned, the garland dead
upon the blade, upon the sword, asleep
The swollen heart with anguish weeps…forever is a love to keep.

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before i die

four different things i have to do
before i vanish, from the earth without a clue
they will murmur while taking me to my resting place
that i did what i promised to do or at least i did my best
hey you, just listen to my worries
i was a good boy who liked his mama,papa and school
there also was my all time sweetheart 
 they called her rose and she has angel eyes and lips like cherries
i loved her like a innocent lover 
but could not tell her 
someday after she moved to a new town
i stood there weeping and my head was down
i never heard or saw her again
as i am having little time left for me
my first thing to do is find and tell her my feelings soon.
i don't know what i am crying for
don't i believe  there is never an end
in my past i always running for money
i never cared for others 
and now i am suffering for that i am sure.
where are my near and dear ones as i am lying down here alone
where is my son and where is my sweet little girl tory
my second thing to do before i die is
call all of them and tell them sorry.
i loved my wife and she loved me too
she was like the most beautiful flower and i was the tree
we both climbed the success mountain
holding each others hand and promised we never would fall apart
but she died peacefully and set herself free
i was hurt like a wounded bird 
and never went to see her resting place
now i quietly counting the number of years since she was gone
and it is a long time of seven
third thing is to tell her , we will soon meet in heaven
 all of my life i never believed you
never prayed, i never went to your holy home 
 as i became a sad and lonely person
and as my bones became weak and my hairs grey
i understand true value of yours
and last thing i want to do is 
for once i will go to church and pray.

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The Power Of Pride

As I surmise all that is me strewn and cluttered, 
My conscious lies casually shorn and shuttered, 
For here lie the spoils of stubborn iniquity, 
I shuffle and toil, floundering in frailty. 

Oh what great havoc, what conscious so lewd, 
Creates such traffic which now spoils the fruit, 
Of truly righteous deeds committed by a scurrilous man, 
Of whom I could no better know, no better understand, 

For this terribly lost and forever forlorn soul, 
Is none other than me shivering and sniveling so, 
And as helpless as I suddenly appear to be, 
I now understand the strength pride provides so easily, 

For there is purpose in pride, yet none in shame, 
As ambition carries us blind to who’s at blame, 
And just where is the woe when the devil may care, 
For we are soon found alone, our conscious left bare, 

And as I embark into this desolate place, 
My horrors so dark, my fears crimson in taste, 
Forward I race into the perilous pit, 
With none other to blame for this simple life I quit.

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Ballad of a fighting man

Ballad of a fighting man

I’d rode along that dusty trail
For five long days, and more
That sun had beaten down on me
I was a thirsty man for sure
I entered me, Rotgut Saloon
And strolled up to the bar
I said “Bartender give me whiskey
For I have travelled far”

Folk were crowded round that bar
All drinking thirstily
They all looked wary, and afraid. 
They had in them no glee
I needed me, some conversation
So I’m looking all around
And then this voice it growls at me
A cold, and fearsome sound.

I looked into this pilgrims face
I don’t like what I see
Two glaring eyes as cold as steel
They pierced right into me 
I knew this guy meant me no good
He’d never be my friend
That if I did not act real soon
It would surely be my end.

His voice said ‘Draw you mangy dog’
And he went for his gun
His hand it moved like lightning
I knew I’d be the one
To die, unless I moved real quick
My hand was fast as light
Two shots rang out like they were one
And that did end the fight.

I saw his body lying there
It laid still on the floor
Although his draw was lightning quick
 My speed was even more
So Winston Kelly lived no more
While a wound was all I had
Although I was the Victor then
I really felt quite sad.

This man died, oh lord what for?
What a crazy world I lived in
I swore that I’d not fight again
A new life I’d begin
I hung my shooter up forever
And I became a preacher
And, of the ways of our good Lord
I did become a teacher.

11 July 2014 1725hrs.

Written for Jerry's contest 'A town called 'Rotgut'

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Silently I Cry For You

I wander through this land 
Of broken promises and dreams
Clouded by the death of you
Wondering what life means

My colourless existence 
In a world of black and grey
Reflects the person I’ve become
And who I am today

Without you in my life 
I seem to have no life at all
No one here to guide me
Or to catch me when I fall

I almost hear you breathing
I almost feel you near
I almost feel your touch
Sometimes it’s almost like you’re here

This jigsaw puzzle of my life
Has pieces I can't find
For half of me went with you
Leaving half of me behind

I feel so cold and lonely
So battered and so bruised
I feel so insecure right now
Tortured and confused

My life is like an open book
Written but unread
Thoughts I never told you
Words I never said

The voice of hidden truth, I know
Will never now be spoken
Though time may heal my scars
I know my hearts forever broken

Silently I cry for you
Silently I pray
For silence is the loudest spoken word
I never say

I can’t escape the darkness 
I’ve come to know so well
While you are free in heaven
I still reside in hell

And here I will remain 
Until the day my life is through
Until the day God takes my hand
And leads me back to you..

By Raina Hutchins

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rolled Durham smoke - Ballad

It transferred like bequest's constrain;
the ghostly harbor - my sixth sense,
men's goals had died, on lives' expense,
- this notion bothered me again.

Had sent the mail - my filed advice -
the ghosts of gunmen who have died,
on moors they stood yonside old pride,
- the Rider asked his deathly price.

In air he thumped, his rhythm - gust waves;
demanding cruel new death toll;
in town each woman wore black stole,
the 'killed in duel' dwell in graves;

The Rider hummed - our vessel moored
inside this port on Nueces' edge,
much red was shed on cypress sedge
- my instincts sharpened and inured.

Tall stood he on the wharf - I knew
the wind whipped ropes upon head-mast,
- we drew the guns; he lifted fast;
my two guns bucked debt-law to ensue.

I felt the slug - he moved across,
already-a-ghost, on moors he stood;
I tasted blood - got up - I should,
with red drops staining grass and moss.

I saw her standing on the field
amid red poppies and tall trees,
her thought became my holy shield,
bestowed thenceforth, her grace in breeze.

She spread her arms and called me eft,
above the clouds to Astral Halls
athwart stood gunman - fast and deft
in Tombstone, Mobile and Sioux Falls.)

I rolled and lit a Durham smoke
with children watching me round-eyed;
that March, (I thought), a gunman died,
I heard bells' knell and two crows croak.

© G.V. 07-18-2013
(Ballad - Iambic tetrameter)

Sponsor: Poet Destroyer A
Contest Name: Ballad (old/new)
Deadline: 12/28/2013

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To love your country,
you must commit yourself indefinetly;
there are no doubts, or fears
when it comes to defend it fervently..
do it for the sake of  your family,
or your countrymen who wish for peace!

They will send you to distant lands,
away from your loved ones...
to uphold freedom and its sanctity,
and you'll shine with bravery!

Anytime peace is threatened,
you'll retaliate and engage in combat,
true soldiers always fight with self-confidence,
never retreat in any circumstance!

There'll be days of fright , of darkness and despair,
and nights to shed tears on cold pillows;
no tender eyes to glance into or arms to embrace,
but  surrendering distorts your honor! 

As the mission comes to its end suddenly,
and you are one of the surviivors to declare victory,
although you'll also grieve for the fallen ones:
you'll wave your flag to the calmest skies!

To love your country,
you must avail yourself of dignity
and protect its borders vigilantly;
be aware of its tremendous cost:
risk your own life,or allow
the enemy to toast!  

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Death of an Immortal

I was born in a time
When the thrills of a thriller
Did move the bricks
Of the thickest of walls.

I grew in an era
When the dynasty of an empire
Did expand to farthest of lands.

I adapted to a phenomenon
When the existence of a legend
Did drown the fame of mortals.

A fame in immortality
Bearing the impenetrability
Of Achilles himself,
Destined to march
Through the walls of Troy.

I twisted to the strings
Of a guitar, twanging
Spontaneously in my head,
In moves of invisibility.

I was opportune to appear
In a time, when the conquest
Of one king, did crest
Long lasting tattoos
In the hearts of many.

I was fascinated in a time
When the life within a man
Did blossom young,
As he lived unaffected
By the fading of time.

I lingered in an era
When the voice of one man
Could unify the sections
In a complex world.

I flowed in his guidance,
Dined in his glory
As though I existed
In his peak of enthronement,
His conferment of Grammies.

Bedazzled by his flexibility,
I was blessed by his power
To rein in anointed glory,
Unending immortality.

I was born in an empire
Governed by a king;
The king of pop,
A king in the world,
Father of offspring
As multiple as stars.

Electrified by a star,
There shall never be another;
Another motion slider,
Another shining star.

And though he passes on,
I shall live to declare
That I was born in a time
Ruled by a legend,
Guided by an immortal,
A world of Michael Jackson.

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In London, away in a terrace
Half-hidden with elm trees and grime,
Lived young Violet, in her parents' house,
Left alone for near all of the time,

As her mother had no patience to teach her
And her father was working all day,
Violet read to herself through her childhood
Forgetting her seclusion in play,

Any friends she made as a young woman
Would laugh at her stitches and cloth,
For they knew that Violet was quite useless
And so showed their neat needlework off,

Poor Violet kept trying her best, but
Each time everyone ran her down,
She retreated back into her mind's warmth
Far away from that cold-blooded town,

Then one night, as the raindrops were piercing
Through the rueful, restricting twilight,
Violet threw on her Sunday attire and
Did at once in the darkness delight,

So she ran through the alleys and gardens,
Dancing down the pitch-black London streets,
Her beautiful dress flew about her
As she skipped past the other deceits,

Violet's stories swam round in her memory
As she flew through the night and the stars,
And she bathed thoroughly and with relish
Until Violet was cleansed of her scars,

Now her heart was open and happy,
So she laughed and fluttered her tail,
Carelessly gliding free through the water
And onwards to the ocean did sail.

As the weary sun rose on the next day
Her friends could be seen on the pier,
Dabbing at their dry eyes with their hankies,
Voices straining trying to sound sincere,

"It has hurt us so indescribably,
That because of her poorly-sewn hems,
Violet felt she was inferior to us
And has drowned herself in the Thames."

Violet's parents had not yet noticed
The absence of their only daughter,
And they would understand even less
How she came to be dead underwater,

But Violet was now free to prosper,
To swim and to dance and to glide,
And with angels and mermaids to play with,
She would always in her dreams reside.

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My Long Lost Friend

He was my best friend
His name was Snoopy
He was a beagle
My favorite pet.

I got him on Christmas day
He was just a little pup
I loved him so much
Then God took him away.

He was out hunting 
He never came back
He was gone 
Just like that.

I wonder every day
Where is he
Alive or…

I still miss him so
I cry at night
Missing him
Missing him.  

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Martyr for the Unorthodox word

If I had over 10,000 dreams You'd be the only thing my mind could see Judgment couldn't be real Succumbing to the fear of this cold life Find a way to break through The self-destruction of wordly delusions Don't tell me I've lived so long in a lovely illusion Break me down until we find a Nirvanic state Then bring me a savior from transgressions An atoning sacrifice Send down to me a messenger for me to submit to Bring me the truth to break through The delusion Bring me the messenger to explain it all And let me leave behind Sorrow's caressing the earth The caliphate stole my heart Without a will to fight But I have the Means to be free I'll try to go with the word I believe But so many stones to be thrown Stakes to burn, limbs to break Faces to hate, scorns to taste Will I have the will to die Despite all of the tears no one will cry Sorrow's caressing the earth The caliphate stole my heart Broke my will Safetefied my soul Martyr for the Unorthodox word Sorrow's caressing the earth The caliphate stole my heart Without a will to fight But I have the Means to be free I'll try to go with the word I believe But so many stones to be thrown Stakes to burn, limbs to break Faces to hate, scorns to taste Will I have the will to die Despite all of the tears no one will cry Sorrow's caressing the earth The caliphate stole my heart Broke my will Safetefied my soul Martyr for the Unorthodox word

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life in america

in            her heart i n her body she froze  mevmerize by the  time that she had to 
into her body man that dude

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When I Stopped That Day To Pick Death's Rose

I heard a little rumor from
a stranger on the road today;
he wore a heavy veil of dusk
to keep the winter's song at bay.

His face was well concealed; although,
his shriveled hands had drawn my sight;
it seemed like they were withering
and, like the moon, a pallid white.

"A little further down this road,
there lies a curse'd patch of grass
obscured by trees to hide its shame;
for that, I know I am to blame.

The flow of time had left that place,
yet still the living wandered in,
until they saw that wicked plant
whose very growth was deemed a sin."

The frigid notes were ominous,
like most of what the old man said,
and quickly did his coal-coat flee
to leave but silence in his stead.

A trav'ler's prank is what I thought,
but further down the road I saw
an isolated trust of trees
with polished trunks and lively leaves.

Surveying past the tow'ring brown,
I stood in awe at Gaia's gate;
if anything, I had to know
how nature could intimidate.

The grass was like an emerald floor,
a regal rug for royalty,
and aromatic jewels stood proud
amongst the scattered shrubbery.

But then, I sensed a mournful soul
and heard a fright'ning tearful call;
at center grew a single rose,
left weeping within wooden walls.

Its petals were like chimney soot,
but had the most enchanting smell;
its stem and leaves were silver clad,
a gorgeous blossom spawned from hell.

Despite the omens I had heard,
there was a certain beauty here.
If such a flower bred disgust,
I'd shelter it, neglecting fear.

There was no trace of bitter cold,
upon return from curse'd land.
I left that world with fragrant sin
clutched tightly in my mortal hand.

My heart gave forth compassion,
when I stopped that day to pick death's rose.

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I came here with flowers
held gently to my sobbing chest,
to bring them to my dearest;
I have departed from the living,
to come face to face with my ending...

I lay my flowers at this cold tombstone...
engraved with a name too sweet,
and yet so painful to call it out;
the heat in my throbbing veins
could warm it up with a loving wish before dawn;
but who can resurrect someone from death?

This morning is dazzled by an intense sun,
carnations, flags and tombstones
perfectly blend as the swaying pines 
offer their breeze and soothing shade towards noon;
why are the noisy larks hiding,
and melancholically sing?

I rushed here to release these tears
and let them roll from these eyes,
like raindrops falling on this very quiet place:
where tranquility is as eternal as Paradise...

I lay my flowers at this cold tombstone,
feeling a presence so known;
others before me have knelt and cried, 
not to forget whom they lost and dearly loved...

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We drove by her run-down house
with faded green shingles
and boarded-up windows,
a sad feeling overwhelmed us;
many times we helped her
to cut down the thick grass 
and in return she gave us 
three yellow flowers 
as a token of her gratitude... 
no one else could have cared more!

"These flowers are for you,darlings,because
you helped me plant them in the soil,
and they've grown to be tall and beautiful
in a garden so tidy and nice!" 
she exclaimed in jubilation;
"Remember me by when
I'll reach my dwell
in the presence of the Lord,
and I'll be looking down on you and
pray with all angels to keep you safe and well!'
she gladly said with resignation,
foreseeing what  she couldn't explain...

She told us about her sweetheart,
whom she loved indefinetly:
from the moment they met,
to the day he peacefully died:
a lovely and faithful wife
was all he wanted and dreamed;
and their marriage lasted 
longer than they expected to be...
to be taken with them,
not being afraid of death!

"This is the grand piano I sed to play
for my husband on his last birthday;
he laid his arms on my shoulders
and sang along with me for hours:
on those snowy nights without moon...
when romance was rekindled with kisses
and the sentimental tunes
took away our winter's blues!"
she murmured with deep regret,
until her light eyes became wet...

The decaying house was put up for sale,
and only these kids have a story to tell
about the nicest person on that block,
who once was the prettiest girl-scout...
who loved us as much as her own children;
but did she deserve to be forgotten and die alone?
And if you wonder what her name was,
she was the kind-hearted Mrs Adams!

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For Amy

They say she was six
Seductive beyond her years
Hidden behind her childs eyes
A sea of silent tears

What a pretty little girl
They all used to say
Look as she walks
Her hips seem to sway

Someday she’ll be a model
Or a big runway star
With a look like that
She’s sure to go far

Walk like this, baby
And talk like that
Bow to the man honey
He puts the money in the hat

It wasn’t long
Before all knew her name
The pretty little girl
Playing a grown-ups’ game

No time for dolls
Her mother always said
With the price they pay
We can keep us all fed

Now you know, baby
You can’t go out and play
You have to sit for photos
With the nice men today

It’s ok sweet one
Show a little leg
It’ll make the nice men
Stand up and beg

Her soul had been sold
By the time she was ten
The life of a child
She’d never have again

She’s all grown up now
Feeling alone and abused
The marks on her arms
Tell of the things she’s used

Just one more fix
And the pain will go away
She’ll be alright now
Amy died today….

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Oh Death Where Is Thy Sting

Born into tragic reckoning,
We understand that all the bliss we have is but a moment in Creation,
Elation and tragedy come to nothing beneath the last breath our body takes,
And death opens wide to swallow us into that great mystery.
Born into tragic reckoning,
We try and create a memory that lives beyond our countenance,
But that memory is hollow compared to the touch of loved ones,
We grow and live knowing that someday we will lose our parents and friends to that dark dominion,
And yet does death still sting as before?
Born into tragic reckoning,
A man lived in sorrow, hoping and reaching for a better tomorrow,
Born into poverty and oppression,
A man refused to accept the limitations of his age and grew to become like no manner of man that has ever existed.
Born into tragic reckoning, a man grabbed the hand of God and demanded life,
And when it was his time to die he embraced the abyss,
Three days later he rose from death’s clutches and said, “I am that I am.”
The great dream of tomorrow beyond the sting of loss is real and it is rather the sensation that things end which is mistaken.
For there was and is a man, who will ensure that tragedies are transformed into triumphant reconciliation.
For there was and is a man, who guarantees that even in the height of despair there really is no end and all mysteries give way to beginnings of blessing.
Oh Death, because of a man who was, who is, and who will be where is your sting?
Or sorrow where is your victory?
For death can rule no soul.
So into the great beyond, go with courage dear sister, go with courage.

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The Angel We Gave To You

The Angel We Gave To You...

He could have taken anyone
But no one really knew 
Of all the people in this world
God had chosen you

Your little face so beautiful
We loved you from the start
Every tiny part of you
Engraved upon our hearts

Every precious moment 
Every hour that you gave
Every time we held you
Was a precious memory made

We’ll never see you smile
We will never watch you grow
Which makes the time we had with you
More precious that you know

Everyday we'll send you
Love and kisses up above
For nothing’s greater in this world
Than mummy and daddy’s love 

In times of pain and sadness 
When we feel all hope is gone
We’ll know that in your sister, and our hearts
You will live on

And when we go to bed each night 
We’ll close our eyes and pray
We’ll put our hands together  
And this to God we’ll say

“You’ve taken someone special
Who we love more than you know
So brave, but very fragile
So with you she had to go

Please wrap her in your tender arms 
And love her like we do
And cherish every moment
The Angel…we gave to you”

For Ruby  xxXxx

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Something I want to tell you
Something you should know
How much I really love you
Forever together, stay or go

Oh, I hate you are a prisoner 
To this serious physical malady
I know that God will heal you
Either here or in eternity
Want you to know.. God's going to set you free

My trash can is full of paper
So many things I want to say
A million thoughts I'm thinking
Trying to pen a few today

Been my closest confidant  
A part of you lives inside of me
No matter what the future holds
Together forever, we will be
Want you to know.. God's going to set you free

I might not say things well
Not sure what's right to do
I keep coming back to this 
Forever, I'll be loving you

Life is a difficult journey
I know who holds our hand
He'll walk us both to Heaven
Trusting in salvation's plan

So today I imagine tomorrow
In eternity friends we'll be
And here we'll still together
Always going to be you and me
Want you to know.. God's going to set you free

Contest: Elly's "Maybe The Last Letter"
Date: 9-20-14

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The silent sound of a falling tree
The oil that chokes the dying sea.
They push our planet to its ruin.
These foolish powers, what are they doing?
A tree it falls, to a sorry end.
My mystic tree, my dearest friend.
Oh how I loathe the things they do
They’re taking life from me, and you.

As men get rich with worthless things
Through the damage that greed does bring.
They spill their slime each place they go
As in their wake destruction grows.
With seas a dying, choked of life
As grey green slime be causing strife.
Sea creatures cry and scream with fear
As the planet dies but greed won’t hear.

The ozone layer be growing sick
As populations grow so thick.
The green folk try to combat greed
But their advice those powers don’t heed.
This thing weighs heavy in the air.
The tower crumbles but they don’t care.
This Planet dies I love so well
As mankind paves, its way to hell.

18 May 2014 @ 1142hrs

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The Miracle

Lift the wailing wood
Hammer the tortured nails
Place the ghostly steps
Below the battered rails

Invite those crazy strangers
Dressed in stranger clothes
Join the mighty miracle 
Ready to unfold

Building a stairway 
In the desert
Aimed toward the pure and honest sky
Building a stairway
In the desert
Going to rise for miles
And miles 

Leave this evil town
Where scorpions share your bed
Guilty snakes make a home
Deep inside your head

The bleeding sun
Burns your feet
Hangmen joke
Beggars weep

Buried bodies
Cry for help
Steal your wealth

Building a stairway 
In the desert
Aimed toward the pure and honest sky
Building a stairway
In the desert
Going to rise for miles
And miles 

We’re laughing and      					
We’re dancing				 	
In the desert				
Dancing in the desert			
Of our lives				

Can’t you see?
We’re dancing in the desert
Dancing in the desert 
Of our lives

Feel so free				
Dancing in the desert				
Dancing in the desert 			 		
Of our lives				

Free….so free
In the desert
Dancing in the desert
Of our lives

Lift the wailing wood
Hammer the tortured nails

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Rapture's Light

I’ve just had an experience unlike any other.
It was so great, cause now I’m with the Father.
I’ve just had an experience unlike any’ll know.
‘Cept for those who came with me in the flow.
Of Light! That is. The never-endin’ Light of the Lord.
The never-endin’ Light of the Lord!

I’ve been through hell all thro’out my life.
And I’ve had all kinds o’ different strife.
And I’ve been hard-press’d.
And I’ve been depressed.
And just when I thought I got the hang o’ things,
They change, and they rearrange.

I’ve done all sorts o’ things.
Stupid things. Crazy things.
But now times have changed.
And everything has rearranged.
And all that I e’er knew,
Has come back to bite you.

I’ve just had an experience unlike any other.
It was so great, cause now I’m with the Father.
I’ve just had an experience unlike any’ll know.
‘Cept for those who came with me in the flow.
Of Light! That is. The never-endin’ Light of the Lord.
The never-endin’ Light of the Lord!

So listen closely as I tell what’s happened to the world.
The world’s spun it’s last spin and has finally hurled.
The Hea’nly Host has brought us up.
All us Christians, that is, pup.
Anyone listening to this,
is more ‘an likely in any state but bliss.

If this is bein’ heard,
Then e’eryone is real disturbed.
You may’ve just witnessed all of us disappearing,
But there’ll still be another hearing.
Like it’s been for all of life, ‘cept for this one instance that is,
You may come to meet the Lord after you perish.

You’ll have an experience unlike any other.
It’ll be so great, cause you’ll be with the Father.
You’ll have an experience unlike any’ll know.
‘Cept for those who’ll come with you in the flow.
Of Light! That is. The never-endin’ Light of the Lord.
The never-endin’ Light of the Lord!

I shall end this now for I’m ent’rin the Pearly Gates o’ Heav’n.
It’s more beautiful than can be describ’d by any Reveren’.
If somehow this reaches you people on Earth,
Remember this one thing from the hearth.
There’ll always be hope, so stay strong!
Don’t worry, this torture won’t last long.

You’ll have an experience unlike any other.
It’ll be so great, cause you’ll be with the Father.
You’ll have an experience unlike any’ll know.
‘Cept for those who’ll come with you in the flow.
Of Light! That is. The never-endin’ Light of the Lord.
The never-endin’ Light of the Lord!

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A New Day

I might sparkle in the night but I'm not the only star you might not see them in the sky it depends on where you are Am I the only light in your eyes that makes you smile when you cry if your favorite's what you say don't you blink it might fade away Only when we give everything we're truly ready for better things we invite ourselves off to drift the steam rises and our spirits lift Follow me, into sun sets be brave and strong with no regrets and when the sea takes the light we'll find a new day after the night there's still a new day after the night

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Dearest Mother

When I was a mere half grown boy
There was one thing that brought me joy
Animals; silken and fleecy 
Like look much better lying still and peaceful. 

Hide them in the store cupboards 
Or push their bodies below the creaky staircase
Mother don't look, Mother don't fret 
If she knew what I was doing, she'd have me dead. 

But one day I heard a scream
My dearest looked upon my eyes a'gleam 
"O young boy, what have you done?" 
Holding a lifeless mouse beneath her soft thumb. 

Mother didn't like it, Mother was afraid 
She slapped a hard ruler across my knuckle blade 
I thought to my self, this was a brutish deed 
Perhaps Mother would also like to bleed? 

I drew out my Bowie knife, a smile on my face
Where her heart would be, I put the blade in its place 
She fell to the ground without a moments hesitation
Her pretty face now red as a carnation. 

Mother wasn't moving, Mother wasn't warm. 
The former pinkness of her cheeks had become whitish and forlorn 
The only trace of colour left 
Was a trail of blood, leading up to her chest. 

I couldn't bear to see her face in such a state 
With a swipe of my handkerchief, off the blood came
After all it was not proper
For such a winsome face to be tinted with pain. 

The sight of the red-stained handkerchief in the night
Could have given anybody a stage worthy fright 
But O, not me, I found the sight alluring! 
Her pasty body next to me, I writhed my hands in jovial mourning. 

Mother, dear Mother, most precious to me
Your body now rests where you formerly slept 
Instead of your insides being blood and hot lungs
It's brimming with crisp cotton, some fabric for your tongue.

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If Only

Dark clouds loomed overhead... White flowers lay there on her grave, Raindrops started falling and people scurried, I just stood still and tried to be brave. For the tears they were welling up inside, Like a dam about to give way; My hands were quivering, my lips were dry, The colour from my face was drained. I walked up to the mound of wreaths, A single tear rolled down my cheek. I set myself down on one knee... The dam burst, I began to weep. If only I had told her how much I loved her! If only I hadn’t fought with her every day! I just wanted to tell her I was sorry... I just wanted to make it all okay. She had worked so hard to keep me happy, She used to toil all day When I was hurting she would smile and kiss me, And make the pain go away. When there was no money for me to go to college, She had sold her car and paid the fees; When I failed in my exams and had given up hope, She had helped me get back on my feet. All my life she was the one person Who believed in me when no one else did; I don’t know why I used to fight with her, If only I hadn't screamed and shouted. All these years she faced such hardships, Just to make sure I had everything I wanted, Yet instead of being grateful to my mother, All I had shown her was anger and hatred. Now I knelt on a dark cold rainy day, Struggling to find words to say... If only I could tell her I was sorry If only I could make it all okay.

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The absence of touch

The absence of touch attaches itself 
To the narrow whisper of his heart beat. 
Footprints echo in loving embrace 
Of his fathers mummified conscience
There are memories that rise like the sun 
On days when the leaves aren't kept
There are days when the rain won't come
All he wants to do is look outside And see him starring back.

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Im Gone

Life as a lonely lost poet bred from dark cracks 
Lost soul living plain and simple among the people black and white 
Drug along with alcoholic among us distracts 
Lost values and principles around one many continue to lack 
Everyday simple facts, its like breathing through plastic sacks 
Slowly suffercating until the brain goes wack 
Once death comes my way I must keep it part of my past 
Aint no way God going to bring my little brother back 
I guess its a curse upon all those of us living like outlaw of an outcast 
How the **** will I ever truly outlast until I heal and break out my cast 
God cant you see Im tired of wearing this permanent mask 
I know my poetry has hidden answers if I look and read closer so I shouldnt have to ask
 Staying lost is a choice in the open road with no gas 
So as a lost poet through hardships now and in the future I will outgrow it 
The devil trying to get my soul and behold it 
but I know only this one man controls it 
Its too priceless for even my own greed to have sold it 
So as a lost poet I will climber higher than high if not then right below it 
Found in a world of lies with few truths as but another lost poet

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Tomorrow is our last

Tomorrow is our last,
  To be free;
So let us make it last,
  You and me
Yesterday’s deeds are done
  Let us go
We gave our bravest son
  Let him go
I wish upon this star
  Every night
To meet my avatar
  Golden light
She lifts my gaze skyward
  Bound to rest;
Bitter tears fell downward
   She carress’d
 Lest you hear not, my dear
  (Hold your breath)
Chance’s song plays on fear
  (Long live death)
Years end is clearly near
  -yours to bless
Only the young die here
  -what a mess
So this is how it ends?
  Just tonight!
Without love’s amends?
  Don’t take flight!
Pardon that I bother
 (But you think
Talking of your father
  There’s the link)
When all said and done
 (Here he goes)
We do not have to run
  (He who knows)
Apples fall near their tree;
  Hold me tight!
Tender love makes me free
  Get it right!
Shake it off, life makes dust
  Say again?
That’s right mister it must
  Play again
Is that how living works?
  You might say
Behind dream’s nothing lurks?
  You can pray
Listen close little man:
  Here is how
Life’s history began
 Tell me now
East of eden were wo-
 Men calling
To lead away the wo-
 Men’s falling
With serpent’s tooth at bay
   Arms akimbo
The poison had no sway
   God’s limbo
There are no bones to pick
Nor wounds or sores to lick
  Take my hand
Look, it’s a bit like this:
   End the strife
Give each your warmest kiss
  Long live life

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the last good-bye

Disregard September’s lasting day, its simplicity long foretold, 
As the sound of summer has past us by, into the crisp and radiant fall;
Come hold this mirror to a ray of light, and pass the moment on,     
When in the hint of a calming breeze, is held the lost good-bye

Forever leaves of a brighter shade have fallen from there boughs,
While overhead October waits to softly steal by; 
For opportunities are gone to soon, and change as mornings past 
Like the worth of days, trapped in that sweet good-bye 

Man senses November and its desolate hours in a fog of its own regret,
When the sun could not cool the night, nor the moon give warmth to day;
We are caught in the measure of simple words, tied to hope and wonder
That speaks of a last good-bye

Wrapped tight in the cold of December, bound to the rhythm of life,
Gone to solitudes isolation and the sadness of that forgotten farewell,
Sacrificed to the wind that winter holds, bound to a memory past
Intent to hear of our last good-bye

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The Girl

The Girl
I know a girl,
With a smile that could
Melt stone into silk.
She sits in the front, ahead of me,
In my class, making me wonder what would
Happen if I could go forward, so she could see.
Because I could care.
I sit at the back, not really there.

I know a girl,
With eyes like a waterfall,
Drowning me, herself and everyone.
She smiles a little less, a little forced
Nowhere days, which makes me want to call
To her friends, “Find out what’s wrong!”
Because I can care.
I sit at the back, not really there.

I know a girl,
Who sits in class, with her friends,
But somehow all alone.
She doesn’t smile anymore,
And her voice has no tone,
And I wonder when their ignorance
Will end.
Because I care.
I sit at the back, not really there.

I know a girl,
Who sits at the front,
Who never wears straps.
And never smiles,
And never says yes to the boys,
Who ask her for a date, and the laps
She runs around the field now have a hoodie,
And have increased in size, no joy.
I am worried, because I care.
I sit at the back, not really there.

I know a girl
Who doesn’t do her sums
And doesn’t talk to her worried friends.
She always says, “It depends”,
To their frantic questions, if it was fun
Running the race at the track.
I more than care.
I sit at the back, not really there.

I know a girl,
Who doesn’t care if her sleeves slip
Up her arms.
And her friends caller her sick,
And ugly, and “too thin”, but she
Keeps her calm.
I think she is beautiful, and I love her, but…
I sit at the back, not really there.

I knew a girl,
Who sat at the front of her
Class, and slept herself gone.
She wrote letters to her parents
Saying sorry, she’d give a reason
But she has none.

And she wrote a letter,
To the sad emo girl,
At the back of the class,
And said she was perfect
And that she loved her
And thanked her, for their
Little infinity,
Because she was always there.

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This morning alone
Silence echoes in my home
No one to share the paper
No one to make me better
It'll never be the same
Without you here
It's so clear, I'll be alone in mourning

Girl, its too much to bear 
You're already there 
You're already there
And my heart left with you
Now I'm a shell of a man
Trying to do what he can
On an aimless walk to nowhere

Passing the time
No reason no rhyme
No one for me to remember with
No one to shop for a surprise gift
I'm holding on to air
Knowing you're not there
Only time is passing by

Girl, its too much to bear 
You're already there 
You're already there
And my heart left with you
Now I'm a shell of a man
Trying to do what he can
On an aimless walk to nowhere

I don't want to say it
It feels so wrong to think it
To find another way (another way)
Just to make it through the day
Something that makes sense
Hope's hidden evidence
Cause I really can't go on
If my life becomes this song..

Girl, its too much to bear 
You're already there 
You're already there
And my heart left with you
Now I'm a shell of a man
Trying to do what he can
On an aimless walk to nowhere

*Written from my brother in laws perspective after the death of my sister

Little Known Nothings Contest
Poet: LyricMan

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The Singer's Cloak

The singer sang from beyond the grave,*
Or in his grave, to be true.
His voice reached up to the architrave
And vibrated in every pew.

The vicar called on the choir to sing
As loud as loud they could.
But the voice had an even louder ring
Sending quivers down the rood.

Oh Lord, they sang, oh mighty God,
Gloria in excelsis deo.
But the singer sang of life’s hard rod
And of Hell's undying blow.

The women looked up the pillars tall,
While big-eyed children cried.
The singer had them in his thrall,
But was not to be descried.

The vicar read his sermon out,
As if proclaiming from the mount.
The singer responded with a voice so stout,
He sang of fear’s rich fount.

The congregation lost relation
To the good man’s godly word.
They stood in helpless trepidation,
Their souls so far disturbed. 

The church’s doors swung open wide,
To a cascade of chattering leaves;
The screams and panic and terror inside
Shook the church to its very eaves.

And then, oh then, oh horror pure,
The spectre appeared at the door.
His bloodied hair, his sombre allure,
Chilled the living to the core.

The vicar clutched up bible and ran
Through a hidden door to the side,
The singer opened his cloak like a fan
And wrapped all the children inside.

The women bemoaned this cruellest loss,
They wailed to the crucified Christ.
But bound and weak and nailed as he was,
There was nothing he could do.

* This Poem should be read in conjunction with 'The Pauper's Grave'

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I am the face of misery
My life, a dissonance of autumn and spring,
The years are written in the same
Lugubrious, nostalgic grey
How can it be the author to blame?
I cannot scream this all away…
Burn nor Bleed this all away…
To Death I am Ordained

Lacuna ever growing
With Velvet sheets of life flowing
Aeons apart of my "royalty"
Under the mask the cannot see...
Can you dispel this tragedy:
Antigone - Epiphany failing

If it must be…
Then just kill me,
(Antigone) sing me out of reality;
I wear this dissonant crown of shame
(Antigone) Of a kingdom's disdain
I hate to be this way... normalcy's bane
(Antigone) Here comes the edict, to blame
The sordid child of Thebes,
This is me,

No words of hope
No words of hate
Do I have Lenore to send to me:
The sordid child of Thebes
Caught In the longest nightmare
life - the slowest way to die

I know this is my life 
But I'm not under control
under the mask the will see
Just Another Human

If it must be…
Then just kill me,
(Antigone) sing me out of reality;
I wear this dissonant crown of shame
(Antigone) Of a kingdom's disdain
I hate to be this way... normalcy's bane
(Antigone) Here comes the edict, to blame
The sordid child of Thebes,
This is me,

If it must be…
Then just kill me,
(Antigone) sing me out of reality;
I wear this dissonant crown of shame
(Antigone) Of a kingdom's disdain
I hate to be this way... normalcy's bane
(Antigone) Here comes the edict, to blame
The sordid child of Thebes,
This is me,

Can you dispel my life; this tragedy?
Can you control the storm in my mind?
I'm asking you: can you rid me
Of The Curse of Antigone?

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My Father, My Hero

He was my hero when I was a child, 
His way with words were never harsh, always mild. 

He taught me how to live and have a pure heart, 
This he showed me from the very start. 

I felt he was too easy because he never took a stand, 
But as I grew older, I realized that's what he planned. 

He needed to be caring and the parent that would listen, 
Each time I spoke to him, his eyes would always glisten. 

Now that I am a mother and have a daughter myself, 
I learned from him how to make her feel special, never just on the shelf. 

He showed me how to be very good hearted sometimes, too much, 
But it helped me to keep my loved ones close in my clutch.

Each day that passes I realize what he helped me become, 
I'll always be full of love and emotions, never numb. 

My hero is my father but he passed away, 
I will always love you and I miss you everyday.

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Can I be any different from the dragon,
Can I be more precious that the dinosaur,
Some say it warms me,
Some say it flavours adorn me,
Some say it savours my body senses,
Hey! i smoke,am distinct,
At bay its death lurking about ye advicing you to be extinct,
A moving tombstone,
Please what are your chances of survival with a pack in your breast pocket,
A missile hooked between your lips,come on light it up come on,
Your lungs,
So long,
Your creator prolongs,
Heal thy soul stop smoking,
Smoke in any form kills.

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Please Give Him Back To Me

I just don’t want to be alone
I don’t want to be free
I cannot be without you
But all that’s left is me
I lie here in the darkness
I scream, I shout, I cry
But no one seems to hear me
As I pray, I pray to die
There is no daylight in my world
No sun, no moon, no glow
No smiles or laughter; only tears
Just tears, sad tears that flow
I put my hands together 
I pray to God above
To take me from this lonely place 
And to the man I love
But in the deafening silence
I know I face defeat
I know I'm still alone, because
My broken heart still beats
He took you from my loving arms
And walked you through His door
You belong to Him now
You belong to me no more
I know I live on borrowed time
I know it won’t be long
Before I'm in your arms again
The place where I belong
And I will keep on praying
Until he hears my plea
To take me through the gates of Heaven 
And give you back to me...

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If Only I Had Known

If only I had known I’d never hear your voice again
Or hear you whisper sweetly in my ear 
I’d memorise each word of love you ever said to me
So when I'm all alone, your voice I’ll hear

If only I had known it was the last time I would see
The man I love with all my heart and soul
I would have held on tighter and kept you close to me
And never would have ever let you go

If only I had known it was my last night in your arms
That I would never wake with you again
I’d pray for God to hide the sun and let you stay with me
And pray for night time always to remain

If only I had known you would be taken from my life
Be left with only memories and tears
I’d cherish every second, every minute spent with you
To keep them in my heart through all the years 

If only I had known that you were leaving me behind 
So many things I never got to say
To tell you what it meant for me to have you in my life
Steal one more kiss before you went away

You were my love my heart my soul, the reason that I breathe
And now you are my Angel up above
Please listen, and hear me when I say a prayer for you
The only man I know I’ll ever love ...

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Why did God create a life
That wasn’t meant to be
Why did He give eyes
If they were never meant to see
Why did He put breath in you
Then take that breath away
Why give you to me
If you were never meant to stay
Why show someone happiness
And how it feels to smile
And fill their hearts with hope
If it can only last a while
Why did God create the sun
When all it does is rain
How am I supposed to laugh
When all I feel is pain
Why let people dream
Knowing their dreams will not come true
Why should I find someone else
When all I want is you
Why say there’s a Heaven
When it doesn’t help to pray
Why is there tomorrow
When I long for yesterday
What’s the point in searching
Knowing you’re not there to find
Why give someone life
If death is following behind
So why God when He took my love
Did He not take me too
For life is not worth living
If it means I don’t have you...

By Raina Hutchins, from the UK

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Let's opinion be different so there is story
I do not like to air criticism
I just only like to ask
And the question itself will be criticism
Criticism on people who were asked
If to ask would be more prudent
Criticism is quite violent
I am so afraid of violence
I have to use the technique
Technique to ask with its critique 
And that is certainly more painful
Like a snake that run along quiet
But the extract of poison is very painful
I also laughed when criticism aired among
True indeed… 


Oleh Neldy Jolo

Biarkan pendapat itu berbeza jadi ada cerita
Aku tidak suka berkritik
Aku suka sahaja betanya
Dan pertanyaan itu sendiri akan jadi kritikan 
Kritikan pada orang yang ditanya
Kalau bertanya akan lebih berhemah
Mengkritik itu agak keras 
Aku sangat takut kekerasan
Aku kena menggunakan teknik
Teknik bertanya dengan kritikan bersamanya
Dan yang pastinya itu lebih pedih
Ibarat ular yang menyusur tenang
Tetapi bisanya sangat pedih
Aku juga tertawa bila berkritikan sesama
Benar belaka…

Wednesday, 20 March 2013, 4:59 PM
Let US All Save Peace. Ilyimy. Layag Sug!
Puisi hasil perkongsian cerita dengan Cikgu Ezza Fazlina Jamlidi

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Memorial for Cain

'They' tell me, now, A husky-mix dog won't stay. Tie 'em up, pen 'em, Or the neighbor's complain. So, I didn't even Look for another Cain. But let me tell you, My Cain dog was Husky. Silver and grey and a 'from the toenails' growl... But HE stayed, no chains. Small town, Oklahoma, no leash. Everybody knows everybody; me and Cain, Bicycle riding, summer days. Grandma Dugan waving, Mr. John Long tossing out soup bones, For Cain. "Yonder's thet Earli and her dawg." "Boy! Pur-D-hot! Wisht'id rain." "Wonder whar she's going 'ta noon?" Nap, doze, one more summer gone... was Cain. "Hey Earlie? Thet you, girl?" "Whar's thet big white dawg?" "Oh yeah?" "Too bad." and "How'd he die?" "You don't hardly seem like Earli, Without thet white dog, Cain." Ten long, hard years and lots of road. But no white dog's shoulders To share the good times...or the pain, And...I don't hardly FEEL like Earli, Without my white dog, Cain.

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My kiss from Heaven

My Kiss from Heaven

I used to have a Ouija board
I’d play with it for hours
I never really believed in it
I thought it had no power
It was just a novelty
To me, a piece of fun
Then once when I was playing it
Just before the day was done

All of the room went kind of still
And a silence touched my soul
It felt like angels were all around me
And my world felt kind of whole
My hand went whirring round that board
Like me, I could not stop it
I felt that I had no control
It disturbed me just a bit.

A message, well it seemed to come
It seemed to say to me
“Phone your father in the old country
And do it speedily”
So I did this, I phoned Mum up
She told me dad was sick
And If I wanted to see him alive
I’d have to get back quick.

Well I got back to see my dad
Then he died not too long after
I let him know how much I loved him
And we shared some tears and laughter
I ask, was this a kiss from Heaven?
It seems like this could be
All I know is I’m glad it happened
It changed my life for me.

11 September 2013 @ 1453hrs.
Peter Duggan.

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Smile Its Your Birthday

it seems like an eternity
since ive seen ur smile
the fact that uve been gone
still has me in deep denial

a lot of stuff has happened
since ur smile left this earth
gatherings, eagles losing, parties
life changes and brooklyns birth

a lot of people miss u greatly
n think about u everyday
our last picture together
on my dresser it will stay

ur deep voice, ur humor, ur kindness
is what i tend to miss the most
ur passing forever broke my heart
but our memories i hold close

i must admit, i did hit rock bottom
drugs n alcohol i used to cope
i took ur passing very hard
i started to give up hope

but i looked into brooklyns eyes
n caught a glimpse of u
u probably would have kicked my ass
sober now i stay true

mom also met a fine fella
u actually would approve
no need to kick this guys ass
hes good to her n the kids to

madison is so smart n beautiful
byron is turning into a handsome man
there both striving so well
u should be a very proud dad

two of ur friends got engaged
there so cute n its exciting news
i hope they live a life of happiness
i know u would feel the same to

ur brother misses u the most
hes coping the best he can
he misses u as much as i do
he was ur biggest fan

ur neighbors n friends
also stop by ur page
reminiscing about the good times
the laughter n good chatter ud engage

thank-god for all the music
its a good way to deal with pain in life
cause without u here with us
its like eating steak without a knife

im over trying to understand
i feel ur in a happier place
you had ur own reasons
your demons u finally faced

but in a couple days
ur birthday we will celebrate
the big thirty seven u turn
teasing u old man woulda been great

your always in our hearts
in our thoughts forever jay
so while ur up in heaven...
smile...cause its ur birthday :)

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When The Wolf Cies

 When The Wolf Cries 
The wolf cries out to the great chief in loneliness, pain and sorrow/ Not because his pack is hungry but because his people are hungry/ He cries because he smells defeat and anguish among his own/ He hears their life, their death and he hears their dreams…….
 The wolf cries out to what seems like nothingness for some thingness/ He cries not because his pack is changing but because his people are changing/ He sees very few cultural leaders left if anymore left and many more young lost souls that continue to follow/ He cries because his very own pack has divided themselves among their own culture and very own way of life…….
 He cries not because his people are now living but because his very own culture is dying/ So he cries out for a leader to step up above all obstacles and bring back the dream of the buffalo so that it may roam again in our minds and our young hearts again/ He yearns for the dream of not one but many leaders to walk up our own staff’s high altitude to humbleness and gratitude/
 He cries because he can see that we are killing each other but more important is ourselves/The eagle seems to be caged and our warriors of many become imprisoned from death and self-destruction which can seem like the end of the trail/ But the day is coming when he will see a young modern day chief walk that less traveled path so that once again his people and their very own dreams on eagle wings fly when the WOLF WILL TRULY CRY……..

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Lost wing

Will the pied piper have you 
following his shadow?
Will you open your eyes to the 
dew of the morrow?
Your eyes carry grief through 
my soul,
They envelope me with 
As you lie like a log on the spot 
you have grown fond of,
Tears flow,
Undisturbed till they sink the 
Yet i know mourning will save 
your breath no more,
Still i cry even more,
Wishing you would stay with 
me forever more.

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Why peoples killing each other

While blood liking somewhere continual

Why peoples this much suffering

While weather is so beautiful.

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heart break

My mind always run and hide so i crawl into a a bottle and wait  for tomorrow my  brain want’s to borrow some courage to put a gun to my head end this suffering. My heart is living in sorrow from this heart break cant take it no more my eyes are bloody from crying  I’m dying inside so please come end my misery. why  you can’t heel my broken heart you said forever and always I guess that was a lie my heart cry for you and what you do you stab me in my broken heart with a knife so please come end my life .

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A Single Yellow Rose

There's a single yellow rose,
that I put on your headstone.
Every day I come to visit,
stare at your picture on my phone.

We were sent to war together,
always went on patrol at night.
I can remember a few times,
when we almost lost that fight.

That night that you lost your life,
it tore my world apart,
You were always like a brother,
that remains deep in my heart.

So I place a single yellow rose,
on top of your headstone.
And I will never forget you,
I keep your picture on my phone.

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The journey

As I lay in bed there dreaming.
Lowered down in silent screaming.
into a world of silent shadowed shores.

In the waters bleak and freezing.
In a time I wander teasing.
Seeking out the life I so desperately sought before.
                                                                                                                   Then a tree so distant tall.
leaves that tumbled unto a call.
Lightly falling glades of silvery seeds, 
glistening upon the shadow shaded shore.
                                                                                                                    Reality it came to me.
The time that left the time that be.
insightful colors joyous glee
growing life from guilt of battered devils door.

Whence there upon a breath I took.
A whitened light the shadow shook.
Smiles greeting journey of time that lie before.

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Time they say 
will ease the pain
your heart will heal
as you live again

I don't believe
I can honestly say
I can be who I was
before that horrible day

Life was cruel
on that September day
when death was certain
as it took you away

A mothers love
there is nothing as strong
I still can't understand
what went so wrong

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Be careful what you wish for

Now here is the story of a restless young man
Who dreamed of fighting in South Vietnam.
He’d learned about war in the comics he’d read
And he knew in his heart that for this he’d been bred.
As soon as it came up, the lads eighteenth year
He went off to enlist for an army career.

He saw some old major and he sat for some tests
Then the  shrink and the doctor saw him with the rest
Of those gallant young fellows that wanted to fight
And give to their country the force of their might.
When all this was over it was late in the day
So feeling elated he for home made his way.

About two weeks later a letter arrived
And reading it’s message his spirits raised high.
For he’d been accepted a soldier he’d be
And the feel of the message did fill him with glee.
He had to front up in a couple of days
And then for Kapooka he’d be on his way.

Ten weeks in Kapooka it taught him a lot
He learned to make war and leave bodies to rot.
He was taugh how all commies just murdered and lied
And that he and his country had God on their side.
And that no sacrifice could be too great to make
And it’s an honour to die for a great country’s sake.

His training all over he joined a Platoon
He’d made Infanteer he’d be fighting soon.
It was off to corp training to learn even more
About all of the goodies that go with a war.
He kept seeing his image all tough, mean and strong
For he was a fighter and this was his song.

It was just eight months later that his posting came through
He was off to the jungles, his dream had come true.
Well his plane soon arrived at that sad Nui Dat
Where he first heard the guns as their missiles they spat.
He was fearful at first but he soon became calm
These guns were on his side they’d do him no harm

A month or two later he’s out on patrol
As tail end Charley He’s playing the role
They were deep in the scrub with peace all around
 Then the air came alive with this terrible sound.
He felt himself falling “Lord is this a dream”
He asked as he heard he his God awful scream.

He lay there not hurting but sensing the worst
As he felt all around where his stomach had burst.
Where once it was firm gaped a warn sticky hole
It seemed that again war had taken it’s toll.
It seemed like a nightmare, a terrible dream
As the medic assured him that it weren’t like it seemed.

He sensed the black silence and quickened with fear
For man stands alone when his end it be clear. 
Then something within him gave way to great peace
As his wisdom did whisper that all things must cease.
Then the great mother came, took him gently away
From that place of man’s anger where a body did lay.

A true story of a friend of mine who died in Vietnam written in 1975....Peter

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Bumps and bruises you would kiss
My fears you sent away
When you tucked me in at night
Often beside me, you would lay
When someone broke my heart
"Their loss," you would say
My tears you wiped away
Someday I won't be here
You would often say
I would quickly dismiss it
Roll my eyes
And walk away
Then one day the doctors words
I'm sorry
There is nothing else we can do
We will keep her comfortable
The rest is up to you
I kissed your bumps and bruises
And tried to ease your pain
I asked you not to leave me
Please don't go away
But it was not your choice to make
You said you did not want to leave me
But I would never be alone
Now our time together  
Has come and gone away
Much to my dismay
And all I have is memories
Of what you used to do and say.....

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The Ones I Have Lost

As I go through my day, they are by my side, 
Following me, watching me and also being my guide. 

These are the angels of my loved ones that passed, 
When I know their near me,  I want this feeling to last. 

I never had much family, separated by distance, 
Sometimes I felt like my world was of non-existence. 

The few I loved so much and held so dear, 
My grandfather, grandmother and father are no longer here.

But when I smell my dads cologne or hear grandmas voice in my ears, 
I hold in my heart their near me and it rids me of fears. 

I certainly must say there is not a day that goes by, 
That I do not think of them and softly cry. 

I always pray that they will visit me while I sleep, 
Dreaming of them is a wonderful feeling that goes so deep. 

I'll miss you everyday until I am no longer on earth,
When I see you all again, it will be like a rebirth.

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A Little Crazy

My poetry is normally thought provoking that its insane 
Word rhyming that can rip up the direct thought line in the brain 
Words so hard they concrete steel bars locking on the mind with chains 
Words bleeding that they mentally leave thought with stains 
Writing my life away before I die in a world with no change 
I take *****in poetry so serious its my only range of life written about our past experienced death pains
 We all going to die someday in someway so we best look for someway in this some kind of day before you lay your head down as you pray past this darkness looking at the sky gray so please Lord help me do something the people can face with the uttermost respect regardless of gender sex or race
 because someday we all going to go A Little Crazy in this crazy place.......

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The old man and his grandson viewed 
A barren bladeless ground. 
When to his left the young lad's eye 
Saw bleached bones scattered 'round. 
'Twas more than one beast's bones that lay 
There exposed to the sun. 
It seemed more like a battlefield 
Where only death had won. 
The old man saw the young lad wince, 
He reined in close behind. 
As memories of what took place 
Came flooding through his mind. 
A century turned, but not his luck, 
For rains had failed again. 
He slowly watched the dams dry up 
While cattle died in pain. 
A little water still remained 
Though sought by feral stock. 
Some brumbies which came down at dawn 
Still often used the block. 
In good times no one cared that much, 
But not so any more. 
The young lad's dad and this old man 
Both knew what lay in store. 
A high log fence closed off the dam, 
The timber they had sawn. 
Suspended gate it lay in wait 
For piccaninny dawn. 
Then as the last mare ambled through 
Wood gate it dropped like lead. 
A wood rail race seemed their escape, 
But death lurked there instead. Their capital had all dried up, 
No cash for lead and gun. 
To execute the feral stock 
Took knife and old man's son. 
With legs astride the wood rail race 
Son grimaced as he drew 
That blade of death 'cross jug'lar vein, 
Then slapped the victim through. 
Each fleet foot spirit faltered there 
A hundred yards away, 
While blazing eyes showed fear of death, 
Mouths gave a weakened neigh. 
Then one by one their weak frames fell 
Onto the dusty ground. 
The racing hearts of those poor beasts 
Then gave their final pound. 
The slaughter did not save the stock 
For all the dams went dry. 
It fin'ly broke the old man's son, 
He watched the grown man cry. 
All this the old man told the lad, 
The picture was now drawn. 
On why his dad then took his life 
One piccaninny dawn. 

The young lad then took from his head
his father's sweat stained hat
And as he wiped the tears away
He said, Gramps thanks for that."
I'd always had my doubts you see
About the way Dad died,
But now I know the truth at last
I'll wear this hat with pride.

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How can I tell you?
I can't stay with you.

Neither I can give up on you.
Fear of losing you is losing me.
It feels like slow death every night.

But we are just stuck in our spaces!
Unable to connect from two feet distance.

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The poet

The Poet.

Once there lived a poet
In an up and coming town
Where there mostly lived the rich
Though the poor they too were found.
And our young poet was poor indeed
Though his poetry was rich,
But no one saw there any value
Nor it's power to bewitch.

He was starving in a land of plenty
In the springtime of his life.
He lived in a hovel, dark and dim
And his health did give him strife.
But he wrote his words of magic power
Though he knew that he was dying.
And no one stopped to think of him
No one, for he was crying.

So as the last breath left his lungs
He lay a man alone.
He yearned to look through the roof above
As he thought of the nights he'd known,
When stars shone in those clear dark skies
Like twinkling, winking gems.
Then the angel touched him on the lips
He was going home again.

Two hundred years on down the track
His monuments be countless.
And everywhere his poems be read
His name it has been blessed.
How cruel be mankind’s ignorance
When wisdom's cast aside.
As fools they yearn for the gold that glitters
And beauty be denied.

Feb 16 2004.

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The Ballad of Clifford Griffin

In the spring of 1880 young Clifford Griffin immigrated from England to Colorado.
The death of his fiancee left him bereft and he was searchin' for his El Dorado.
He settled in Silver Plume where he and his brother bought the Seven Thirty Mine.
Clifford and his brother Heneage became very rich from ore that assayed very fine!

With all his riches, Clifford chose to live in his lonely cabin above the town.
His only companion was his treasured violin which he played with some renown!
His melancholy melodies wafted down from his mountain aerie 'most every night,
To be heard by the whiskey-guzzlin' hard-scrabble miners to their delight!

Clifford always dressed in black, enjoyed fine cigars and was quite the dashin' bloke!
He seemed content with his solitary life and in business was as solid as an oak!
Alas, death cast its gloomy pall high above Silver Plume one moonlit night.
Instead of sweet violin music, a single shot was heard that left the town affright!

Next morn his mortal remains were found in a grave he'd dug for himself alone.
His heart-broken brother found the pistol with which his brains he had blown.
A grand monument was erected atop the mountain just above Silver Plume,
At the very spot where Clifford lay midst the ponderosa and Columbine bloom!

Mysterious events now occur on that lonely mountainside accordin' to local lore!
'Tis said on moonlit nights sad violin music is heard below on the valley floor!
Folks have seen a black-clad phantom smokin' a cigar and drawin' a bow,
Playin' melancholy music and a wraith in Clifford's likeness a-swayin' to and fro!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
(c) All Rights Reserved

Entry for Carol Eastman's "Story Poem" Contest

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A child weeps for his Father

Oh Father,
Why have you forsaken me?
Why have you died without taking me?

Hereby I kneel,
Bitterly weeping with painful lament.
Your blood is pouring as a waterfall
All over the spleen of my hands,
And you've left me with just a gun by my side. 

Oh I am alleged with despair,
In this winter cold,
This war that never ceases to dotage,
Neither will give up its greed for more.
I would rather wait until the guards come
Who are guarding the bodies of the fallen
To shoot me in the head forevermore,
Rather than run for my life
Because I am not afraid,
To die in this God-forsaken world.

The gun that awaits by your side,
I eagerly feel to point it at the enemy,
All sorts of thoughts,
Agitating through my mind.

What shall it be? 
Should I avenge my father's death,
Or should I run for the sake of my life?
I'm to young to die,
But that doesn't stop me.
For I loved my Father,
And now I'm left with no one by my side. 

The guards enter,
I grab the gun with agitation,
With drops of sorrow coming forth from my eyes,
Dropping on the gun as the rain falls upon the sun,
My semblance covered with sorrow and wrath.

I shot at the enemy,
But I was shot first,
And as Christ was nailed,
I fall.

And hereby I lie down,
looking up the sky forsaken and forlorn,
blood pouring forth from my chest,
until my blood touches the dust of the earth,
I drop one more tear,
before I die,
And hereby I can finally rest,
with you, Father by my side.

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To Love Not

To Love Not

Hateful thoughts fulfilled
Breathing with the sea
Watching lovers loving
Wishing it was me
What has become
This person
So proud So kind
Loving to love
Doing things right
Rising above
Now just hateful thoughts fulfilled
Breathing with the sea
It's these
Stalking red shadows
Piercing black holes
Feeling this war taking my soul
Wanting to die 
But willing to live
Provoking my enemy
To laugh is to give
Wanting this wave
Wanting it over
Give me "The End"
Death be my lover
The more powerful this wave
The more it intimidates my drive
Like fire burning fire
"Fire" out loud I cry
I will always be alive
So fierce Such force
All cracked up 
Below the pendulum
Of my splintered spine
Now just hateful thoughts fulfilled
Breathing with the sea
These stalking red shadows
And pierce these black holes
Hatred for lovers
And hate builds my soul
I just want to die
I don't want to live
Prevoking my enemy
To laugh is to give
Death come besiege me
Please set my soul free
It's death now inside me
Soon gone I will be
So stare and stare
And stare at them all
It's me that I hate
So it's me that must 

  by Christian Alexander

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Poor Rose

Withered flower,
shrivels with grace.
Last of its essence,
escapes from taste.

Hidden from touch,
are the tears a rose cries.
Then fades away,
she will shrivel and die.

Wo pretty rose,
death stalks real.
And there’s no one to hear you,
or the pain you feel.

Life’s based on death,
on land and in seas.
And only man,
is heard on his knees.

Only man has God,
to hear his cries.
To judge his soul,
to live or to die.

Poor child of life,
young flower in bloom.
Your soul or flesh,
is already doomed.

Empty of loves nourishment,
each peddle falls.
Nature’s teardrops,
come in the fall.

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Nothing Matters

Inspired by and based on L’Étranger by Albert Camus

I'm a stranger to you, even stranger to me
I'll pass you by like a memory
Of innocence and ignorant bliss.
I feel nothing every time we kiss

I feel nothing each day I'm alive
Nothing matters, we're all gonna die
When and how, I could not care less
I don't care for the life over which you obsess

It can be changed but should I bother?
This life is just like any other
So taciturn and disarrayed
Oh, didn't Mother die today?

Reflecting the sunshine on the blade of a knife 
To turn away or to take his life?
I stopped to think as he hit the floor
His breathless body took four more

Now I'm being punished for refusing to lie
If my life is the price then I'll sacrifice
I am not like you, I refuse to pretend
And if truth equals crime then I will not amend

It can be changed but should I bother?
This life is just like any other
So taciturn and disarrayed
Oh, didn't Mother die today?

But I found myself in this nothingess 
And learnt to embrace the indifference
The end is nearing but there is no pain
For some strange reason, I feel happy again

I'm a stranger to you, even stranger to me
My blind rage has washed me clean
Proud to say that in this life so absurd
I never belonged to your condemned herd

I could have changed it but I didn't bother
This death is just like any other
So taciturn and disarrayed
Oh, dear Mother, I'm alive again

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Deadman Wonderland

Now that you're becoming Undone It's time to have some fun In Deadman Wonderland Khoon Tu Kao Khoon Tu Kao Khoon Tu Kao The setting Red Sun of Kali Shows it's time for your life to Pay We are the Kind to be feared -your friends We look like anyone you see Thuggee--Death's Devotees Face our treachery Bhowanee we must please She needs more--we have found our mark, our mark Won't you be the one to save humanity? Can't you see this is Deadman Wonderland Khoon Tu Kao Khoon Tu Kao Khoon Tu Kao Sacrifice! For The Black-Skinned Queen Sacrifice! For Our Mother Kali Sacrifice! It's Not Enough Sacrifice! No Mercy! This is Deadman Wonderland Deadman Wonderland This is Deadman Wonderland Deadman Wonderland

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Last dance of boiled blood 
Trhough viens runs on the ground
I would  not say I am sad
I curse just all around     

Last breath and last regrets
Last glance at heavy clouds
I woud not say I am mad
Just I do not fit it all

Last wish and last revange
Just same I wish you dying 
It has one only name
Betray, betray, betray

I was so strong and happy
I was just loving child
But now I am leaving others ,
By my betrayed love 

It has one only name 
betrayer, be betrayed

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The ballad of Tich Thomas

The Ballad of Tich Tomas
A dog was howling in the night
Perhaps she knew the truth
That Tich would not be coming home
This dog needed no proof
That the man who she loved so
He’d come to her no more
Because Lance corporal Thomas was
 A victim of the war.

Now Tich, he was a country boy
His farm it was his life
A boon to his community
He’d give in times of strife
He learned his trade in farming school
With honours he’d come through
Then settled down to work his farm
That’s what he planned to do.

But then, one day it came to him
The news he did not need
He’d been called up for army life
He went off without heed
To do his time in Puckapunyal
To get him set for war
He soon made it as Infanteer
So he joined a fighting corp

He worked real hard and gained a stripe
This showed he had potential
He earned his skills in jungle fighting
And then there came the call
For he to go to Vietnam
To five RAR he was sent
Charlie company was his unit
When off to war he went

It was in April sixty six
Our man went into battle
There in the Phuc Tuy provence
Those guns did roar and rattle
Our Tich he fought real gallantly
So brave was he, but then
The shrapnel done it’s evil job
He joined the fallen men.

They brought his body back to those
Who were waiting for him there
The whole town came to welcome him
And helped with grief and prayer
They buried him with all the honours
That came to fighting souls
Who died to keep their country free
Courageous in their roles.

More honour it was placed on him
By the country where he’d fought
They built a statue in his name
And his likeness it was caught
By the sculptor who did honour him
And carve him into stone
And now Tich Tomas guards the park
As he stands there all alone.

If you’re ever down in Nannup town
Go to the park that’s there
You’ll see the statue of young Tich
As his spirit everywhere
Will fill the souls of those who see
This fighting man, so brave
Who’s body lies so peacefully
In his own town, in a grave.


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My Life is Over

Lord, how???
How could this be?
That a shadow so despicable is allowed to trod the world 
So infuriating, so excruciating, so vicious
Is it really necessary? 

Lord, why???
Why must this be?
That this heartless, wretched spawn of Satan, 
leaves such severe sorrow wherever it goes.
So painful, so exasperating, so agonizing.
Will it ever end?
My sorrowful soul, my aching soul
The light that once shone bright, that once flickered within
Has suddenly grown dim
There is now an open wound where my heart used to be
And I'm afraid it wont ever heal
I am weak, I am numb.
I am surrounded by the sounds of despair
I dwell in distress all my days
Hoping to wake up from this horrific dream
But I think I may have died in my sleep, I can't seem to wake up
Now all I have are memories
And that makes it even harder 
To accept the fact that you are never coming back
I curse the day it happened wondering why you and not me
Because my life as I new it was over,

Why Lord why,
I will never understand?
My mother, my best friend is gone forever
My life as I knew it is over.

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Revelation Said In Stone Appeared an Eon ago of Shame and Sin, Something we all know But not it's rise, For is has already became Virtue Flaming Skies from an Angel So Bright The World's Cure for Soul-Blight A Hell on Earth A Savior's Worth So many Dreams are cast then Forgotten So many lives are brought up then just Thrown back down Maybe she is The Cure Maybe she is The Plan All Fear the Flame Failed Creation of Samael She Comes from the Deep She Comes from The Heavens' Vault To End the dawn of the Demon Purge this land of all Vice Kali Yuga will be nevermore The one of Sublime Cassandra, Bringer of Muspelheim Release me and Burn away this land Hold me by The Hand Tell me the past is just pretend Give me The Cure If this is your destiny Then May it be mine I would die in time I'm Just another Obstacle In the way of your divine Wings Forget me Cassandra For Doom was already meant for me All Fear the Flame Failed Creation of Samael She Comes from the Deep She Comes from The Heavens' Vault To End the dawn of the Demon Purge this land of all Vice Kali Yuga will be nevermore The one of Sublime Cassandra, Bringer of Muspelheim Valkyrie of Heart Angel of Grace I surrender to You Savior by Destiny Dispel all Tragedy Especially me All Fear the Flame Failed Creation of Samael She Comes from the Deep She Comes from The Heavens' Vault To End the dawn of the Demon Purge this land of all Vice Kali Yuga will be nevermore The one of Sublime Cassandra, Bringer of Muspelheim

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If only we could have you back dad
Just for one more day
To hold you in our arms once more
Before you went away

To tell you how we love you
How we know you loved us too
How no man in this world
Will ever take the place of you

Dad you were our anchor
Our rock, our shining knight 
The man we all depend upon 
And love with all our might 

Always we will picture you
Sitting in your chair
Coffee, paper, football...
How we wish you were still there

Whenever you were told
Another grandchild’s on the way
The frown upon your face 
Spoke the words you’d never say

But when each newborn grandchild
In your loving arms was placed
The look of unconditional love 
Was there upon your face

Precious memories linger
And tears will gently flow
For the granddad with the sweets
For the Granddad who never said no

Always there for each of us
You always made us smile
And knowing we were happy
Seemed to make your life worthwhile

You filled our lives with happiness
We filled your heart with pride
But now we walk this unknown path
Without you by our side 

Those who never met you
Will feel they know you too
For part of you will live in us
In everything we do

Forever we will miss your voice
Your laugh, your smiling face
Forever we will miss the dad
We never will replace

It’s hard to let you go dad
For we never said goodbye
Now you’re an Angel in God’s Heaven
High above the sky

But sometimes when we’re all alone
And feel all hope is gone
I know we’ll hear you whisper
"Kids just smile...and carry on”...

We love you dad...
Always have...
Always will...

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They’re everywhere
These pretty little creatures
On the serpent road to Exmouth
They be some of the features
Along with Emus, Kangaroos
And handsome birds of prey
These little goats be bountiful
They’re all along the way.

They be domestic goats 
Who’ve gone back to the wilds
Where they have bred one million fold.
As one moves along the miles
These little goats be seen so much
In their many shades and hues
Don’t know where they got their water
It be tough country too.

The weather here be hot and dry
As the sun bakes everything
And mostly here no rain does fall
To drinking water bring.
And yet these goats look healthy as
Such nimble little beasts
You’d see some dead there in the road
As the crows do have their feast.

That be the price of progress
That poor beasts have to die
That be the curse of human beings
Sometimes it makes me cry
Yet still they be so plentiful
These handsome little guys
Another little part of nature
That make love in me rise.

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The sunyassin

As far as I know this is a true story about Alexandra the great...Peter

The Sannyasin.

Alexander said to Dandamis
"Old man you come with me
For I need me a sannyasin
To take across the seas.
Hey you be just a beggar man
I'll make you rich indeed
You'll live a life of luxury
With everything you need.

Dandamis standing naked there
With silence in his essence
He had no fear at all did he
In the mighty leaders presence.
He said "I'll give you nothing friend
And there's nothing that I need
So Alexandra drew his sword
Tried to make the beggar plead.

Dandamis laughed and said these words
With power in his voice
"You can put that sword right through my heart
My friend, that be your choice.
But I left this body long ago
I have no use for it
So pierce this heart my fine young friend
It won't harm me a bit.

Alexander he was beaten
By a fearless beggar man
Though he had won most of the world
Dandamis foiled his plans.
The beggar said "You say you're great
But that's not true at all
For any man that thinks he's great
He be merely a fool

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Only The Beginning

Only the Beginning 

Do not weep for me
For now it is heaven I see
Glorious fields of green 
And oceans blue
Twinkling Stars in the sky
On angels’ wings I now fly
Do not weep for me my darling one
I am forever in your heart
Heaven – once a mystery 
Is now just a start
And once again we shall meet
Until that time comes
Smile for me
Dance for me
Be light on your feet
For when you think of me
I’ll be thinking of you

Jennifer Leigh Turner 

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For Tonight I'll Cry

By: Tyner Twine

No one knew it was coming,
No one knew that you’ll be leaving
No one knew you were hurting,
No one knew you were dying.

Amongst the bright lights of the festivity,
Yours slowly starts to fade,
It hurts more to know the reality
That nothing can ever be done or said

Memories of my hands holding your tiny body
And memories of when I saved your life
I thought everything will be steady
But now, you’ve left our family.

I feel so shallow
As despair starts to swallow
Guilt starts to follow…
I feel so hallow

I wish there was more time to be with you
Turn back time so I won’t cry like this
Keep you close to me,
At least before you close your eyes.

What’s so hard is I can’t ever deny
Is the fact that I
Wasn’t even by your side
At least to say goodbye.

Outside, the stars shine
The winds sighs,
In your humble grave you lie,
There goes the white butterfly
So for tonight I’ll cry

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William part 1

I ask all to be open minded as I tell the story of my friend,  William .
There are so many prejudice in this World , from color to sex 

To me it has always been the soul , the person inside 
For one that is shallow will not experience life in true blessing 

William my friend was African American , he was fun and personality full of 'I am here "
William was Gay , William disowned , William called "A queer "

Well this is a lesson for all to know
God does not care what color , but the heart , what color it shows .

I had left my 1st Husband , with 2 children I had to support .
I was depressed , felt alone in the civilian World of a sort 

For when I got to Monterey bay , I was on a Military base 
Very shy and recluse , not leaving the perimeter of the land 
I opened such a big door when I left that abusive Man 

I had the tiniest apartment with 2 little rooms , probably 550 sq. feet I presume .
I will never for get the night He came to my door , William ," Girl, lets go dancing 
Let's go explore ! He called me 'The platinum Blonde "

We went out together and danced , he was amazing ! William energized any room . He Lit it Up ! 
For he had something inside his beautiful soul , no money could buy, nor silver or gold.

Well years went by in Monterey bay , I had fallen in love with a man , Lost so much time .

Time went by , after the man broke my heart ,I remember "where is William "
I missed something that lies  deep in my heart . The true Love and friendship of he I craved .

Now this story is long so go to  "William part 2  "be patient , be brave .

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In The World Of Hell

Born in night to Dhore and Ghore,
Lots of roar he was to make,
Taught with those the best they had
Fought and won the best of bad,
Turned to red then black and blood,
flooding bones of hellish beasts
mighty prince thus conquered hell.
'Prince Devil' they called him thus
sirens roar to send him down
Into earth with evils blood.

Bright and light have seen fire,
not this prince, they haven't yet!
All of hell had bowed him thrice,
every good he split then slice ,
Walks earth in men and women,
Making evil with each spell.
mighty prince grew fast in fame,
lots of hearts he turned to war
After gold, they led their heart
As men he touched felt no good.

From among men, fed by then,
He placed his steps for a walk,
Saw no man for long a way
Went so mad with not a ray,
A sight of light, far in night,
Then drew him close to its height,
Not light, but a girl there stood,
Seeing her, he dreamed a life,
Human life with her in it,
But late he was far to reach.

Not a king, but king of kings,
Will he be in days to come,
Orders came to steal her light,
with dark sufferings, true fright.
Tried too hard but failed with heart,
Across he stood against dark,
Earthly love then bound the prince
Hell's world was flared in anger,
Evil dark, the king of kings,
proclaimed war against the prince.

No demon, no prince, she knew,
nor he was, from where she knew
Fought his heart in best of hells,
Days, nights, in his world and else,
blackish blood smoked with fire,
Blew from hell with smell, desire,
The prince of love, fought so brave.
killed he was, in deadly war,
Hell and heaven, barred his soul
for crimes done in all the world.
©Anees Rahman

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The Ballad of Malcolm McCorey

Come and listen awhile I pray
To hear a sad love story,
I have only a minute to stay
To tell the tale of Malcolm McCorey.

I'm Malcolm, Sally was my bride
I've loved her since grade school,
She was my life and my pride
And, I was her ever loving fool.

Work let off early that night
And it was pouring down in sheets,
When my eyes beheld the sight
Of Sally whoring 'tween the sheets.

My Sally was not forthcoming
And, I was blind by love's adoring,
I swear I never saw it coming
The day my Sally went a whoring.

This wasn't some casual adoring
That I might could understand,
This was at our home a whoring
In our bed with another man.

It was a cold and rainy night
And it was pouring down in sheets,
I wasn't prepared for the sight
Of Sally whoring 'tween the sheets.

The truth came like a blinding light
She couldn't wait to shut the door,
When I came home early that night
While she gaily played the whore!

She glared up at me in surprise
At seeing me suddenly arrive,
I stared back into her lying eyes
Down the barrel of my forty five!

It was a stormy and dismal night
And it kept pouring down in sheets,
I'll never forget the awful sight
Of Sally whoring 'tween the sheets.

The Padre' comes to comfort me
My life's now run it's course,
Today my pain will cease to be
Soon, I'll feel no more remorse.

I forgive myself of all at last
My soul will soon go soaring,
Today will soon be o'er and past
The pain, of Sally gone a whoring.

* Malcolm was executed in may of 1969. May God have mercy on his soul.

                        Timothy I. Brumley

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Listen to the buzzing, in your ears,
Listen to the humming, of your fears,
Listen to the baby, crying inside,
Listen to the pleading, in your lover's eyes.
Listen to the music, you have never played,
Listen to the sinner, who's never been saved.
Listen to the empty, silence of your mind,
Listen to the whispers, of man kind.
Listen to the never, heard nor seen,
Listen to the listener, who has never been.
Listen to the monkey, you know you really are,
Listen to the wise man, who's never been that far.
Listen to the dying, crying man,
Listen to the bottle, buried in the sand.
Listen to meaning, you never really meant,
Listen to the letter, you never really sent.
Listen to the lovers, who loved another one,
Listen to the brothers, torturing their mum.
Listen to the noisy, who never say a thing,
Listen to the silent, crying deep within.
Listen to the never, ever really said,
Listen to the dead man, laying in his bed.
Listen to the flying, dying man,
Listen to the solid, only made of sand,
Listen to the night time, they told you that was day,
Listen to the meaning, they stole an took away.
Listen to the singer, who never made a sound,
Listen to the thunder, in the lightning cloud.
Listen to the voices, you never hear within,
Listen to the last train's whistle, whistling.

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All in great time

Don't stand at my grave,
An weep.
I'm not no long there.
I'm forever asleep
In a peaceful place.
You may look up,
  To the sky.
Maybe even daydream 
 Of are memories...
 I just ask this one
  Simple thing ...
Please don't cry,
Upon that stone
With my name engraved,
Cause that body is,
No longer mine...
I'm not there...
But I'm here somewhere at ease..
 Share are memories 
Tell are stories.
Cherish ever moment,
And soon enough.
Forever by my side,
But it's not your time,
So get up and dry
Your crying eyes...
I'll be here no rush..
Together soon enough...
Don't give up...

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I Miss You

I know how lost and lonely
Your  world was for a while
Your eyes so sad and empty
Your face without a smile

Your world so out of focus
Set you walking the wrong street
And always I’d be there
To wipe the tears of each defeat

But never did I give up hope
I always knew we’d win
I knew with me beside you
Once again your soul would sing

For you were still the son I loved
Who’d brought me so much joy
You were still a part of me
You were still my boy

And with your strength and dignity
You washed away the pain
Rebuilding all your hopes and dreams
You learned to smile again

And with that smile upon your face
And new found peace of mind
With fun and laughter in your heart
You left this world behind

I feel an endless ache inside
I feel so incomplete
For losing you it means
I've lost the biggest part of me

Forever I will miss the laughs
Our talks, your smiling face
Forever I will miss the son
I never can replace

It’s hard to let you go
Because we never said goodbye
Now you’re an Angel in God’s Heaven
High above the sky

But sometimes when I'm all alone
And feel all hope is gone
I seem to hear you whisper
"Mum just smile, and carry on"

By Raina Hutchins

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Who Will Water My Plants

Who Will Water My Plants

I swore by the rare LEO moon -
well lighted above.
That I would never falter 
in our marriage of love.
I swore by all that's good and right, that
I would be the perfect wife.
I told myself and a million stars;
It would be best to cover up the scars.
If I were to only tow the line
I could keep the matter 
under my mind.
So sure that your temper 
would settle down.
When our children be grown and gone
and finally living on their own.
The inner-voice you have inside
I hoped to your GOD 
conscience, it would chide.
Awaking yet your virtuous side.
I should had left when 
the children had gone,
After that you 
barely came home.
ALONE with my wounds, 
computer,and plants.
You allowed me no friends,
never filed a complaint
no records were kept.
Under the carpet 
my abuse had been swept.
One night he came, 
could not find 
his good shoes
which he kept 
under our bed.
He then,threw a glass,
and it just missed my head.
The fury in his eyes, 
said that I was to die.
When the smoke cleared, 
it was he that lay dead.
Being alone, I had secured protection
"Who will water my plants if I die" 
"I thought "
"I fired a shot in his direction.
I could not reply
When the officer 
asked me "WHY"- 
I could not explain 
the tears and the pain
"Who will water my plants" 
was my only cry.
"Who will water my plants " 
I did sigh..
Explanation,of no use-
from years of 
silencing abuse.
Why I stayed 
I never knew.!
Love had ended,ended too soon.
I had promised that Leo moon.
As I had no rant-
All I could say 
as they led me away...
Was... "Who will water my plants " ?

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Starcrossed Tragedy

A Silent Night's Hunt for a Tigress so blunt, Left the Fiend dancing with my Thisbe's Cloack But where was She? Her Drenching blood is all I can see The Night of Sanguine, The Night of Rapture, Tonight was meant to be All Behold This Tragedy ran by Dark Energy, My Lost Lover's Plea A seed of what is to come, In this starcrossed Tragedy, For I can not live without you, My Pyramus, All I need, My reason to Breathe One sight of me bleeding away from reality, started this tragedy and with me It shall Grow The Pain wasn't enough for me, To Live on with me Love without consequence, The Damned Saint, The Angelic Demon The Darkness of the Sea, Carries away with me, In this Starcrossed Tragedy A Star traveling across the moonless Night Sky, In the mid-summer of Verona, Fell from her glorious light, I have lost my guide, My need for Life Every balcony I'll climb for you, Just to Caress you once more But now it is too Late, My Juilet Let the Poison Fill me My Body dyed In silence, Dipped in Paralysis, Forging the Will of God, Feigning the Clutches of Death, My Romeo I prithee to you, See past The Illusion, Caught in the Webs of Love's delusion A Dagger reached my heart once To see you martyr for our love A Dagger reached my heart twice The Pain wasn't enough for me, To Live on with me Love without consequence, The Damned Saint, The Angelic Demon The Darkness of the Sea, Carries away with me, In this Starcrossed Tragedy Once the Morning Retired from her weeping The sun shined into her eyes, then his Lifeless, their dream will live on Every Petal will be Avenged The Pain wasn't enough for me, To Live on with me Love without consequence, The Damned Saint, The Angelic Demon The Darkness of the Sea, Carries away with me, In this Starcrossed Tragedy

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Men were given total dominion
over all living things, and when
they subdued their enemy:
they were granted immortality!

Beside every great warrior of old, 
there was a strong woman of humility,
who gave him a victorious  sword;
and helped him change the course of history! 

Emperess Theodora was one of them to show adversity;
when Noka's revolt broke out:  she decided to stay,
while her hushand, Justinian, fled the city;
what an admirable act of feminity!

Beside every great warrior of old,
there seems to be a look of invincibility,
a defying moment to obtain glory;
and the cost for a golden crown is well-known!

Be the warrior of modern times, treatened by fear and fragility, 
seek out the man you were destined to be;
trust that woman who posseses internal beauty,
and beside this warrior, her courage will guide you with dignity!

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The Seagull

The seagull

In the winter light she limps through
Frozen snow on the frozen ground
In the deepest night the starlight
Guides her back to the colder town

Baby, baby bunting
Mummy’s gone a ****ing
Gone to fetch a wheelie bin
To bin her baby bunting in.

I don’t want my wife to find me talking to you as if I care
Can I take you somewhere warmer?
I know somewhere I’ll take you there

How the clouds hold the snow.
Up above our heads a seagull
Flies across the storm.
Snowflakes slit his skin like razors
Next to me that bastard’s warmer.

Out on the moor where the sheep are buried
By the barn door lay the babe I carried

And the icicles are forming
And the bicycles are frozen
Down the street there goes the chosen
Up his bum there goes the bosun

And the misery and torment 
Are the only things for what you’re meant
Can you pay me back what I lent
I don’t wanna get my head bent. 

The trawler trails the gulls
into the harbours arms again
The seamen spill into the alleys
Waiting for the great adventure.

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Beware of Your Shadow

When everything and everyone repel from you
Because of the evil you emanate,
Your hushed shadow always stays with you-
It stays true like a son, or a loving dog,
right at your heels, never talking.
Speechless as a stick.

But beware
When that very Shadow starts stalking you
Since it has had enough of your evil stench
There is nowhere else to self conceal....

For you will Look over your shoulder
And it will still be there, there and there-
Like the eery ghost of the victim you gutted.

You will Shiver and thin and thin
As teeth quiver and rattle in a blink
While that Shadow will but rub its nebulous hands
and grin, grin, grin,
And with cold-eyes, whisper-
"Till death do us part, buddy,
I shall Haunt you to death."

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Corpse Bride

The braeþ of lyf -- I've Learned to fear
Though, ta'en it was, so long sinsyne
I've wroot my song of skreighs
He tore the lyf out of me
In sooth did she speke this to me - Cassandra was she to me
Wistful - I am no bride to be
Wistful - is this soliloquy of skreighs

I cede to thee, deathly colleen 
Though remains - façades of humanity 
Angel kind - wicce of my welkin dreams
Casted by the lote of she
Ta'en the hollow Herefro way - ne'er!
Caught with twain
W'ie or swain

Angel dearest so fair - love does not share
Seemed a crux, when eath is lone
I rose for thee - cede all of thy love to me
Or was this not meant to be
Eros's deceit 
So wistful - corpse bride I remain to be

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Echoes of You

For me the sun has closed her eyes
Never to rise again
Darkness is all that surrounds me now
Darkness and echoes of pain

I'm on a journey to nowhere
The road is narrow and long
Walking alone, I stumble and fall
With echoes of you and our song

I try to look to the future, but
I may just as well be blind
The absence of you is all that I see
Echoes of you so defined

Confusion and pain, my constant friends
They never leave me alone
Reminders of all that you and I shared
Echoes I cannot disown

Today or tomorrow will never be mine
I live in a dark, sad place
The past, not the present, is all I can see
In the echoes of your lovely face

Emotional scars are invisible
But the damage is built to last
I wonder, will I ever be free
From echoes of you and the past...

By Raina Hutchins

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song of the wolf

who will hear our song,
If we are gone?
Will you feel our pain,
As our blood falls like rain?
Who will know our strife,
If you take our life?
Why can't we be free,
We leave you be.
What would you have done,
If it were you under the gun?
You say we are killers,
That we thirst for blood.
But you became a murderer,
When the first shot rung.

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Another Yesterday Gone

Blankets of mist surround the air
Birds start singing their song
A new dawn arises, a new day begins
Another yesterday gone

Remembering your sweet loving voice
Your body close to mine
Your tender words and kisses
I wish could be frozen in time

Although I feel you with me
In life I'm all alone
Lost and stumbling 
Down the only road I've ever known 

Nights I lay here thinking
In my sleepless solitude
Grasping, clinging to a past
That doesn't let me choose

My shattered heart still bleeding
The pain too much to bear
I know I can't be mended
I'm broken beyond repair

Please don't leave me here
For I'm so lost without your love
I'm ready to go with you now
Through the gates of Heaven above...

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The Return To RotGut Part 1

They say he had three Mothers
The Earth, the Wind, and Water
And His father was the Sun
And the Moon was his daughter 
He wore a gun in his belt
With clothing made from hide
As He walked, He made no sound
And never broke his stride

Folks say he was part Cherokee
Others say, part Crow
There wasn't any clarity
There was no way to know
He wore a shiny locket
On the inside of his shirt
That he took out of the pocket
Of a dead Comanche’s' skirt 

The feather in his hat
Made the white folk all take notice
And on his belt a sack
With an ancient Aztec Poultice
The myth, was he knew magic
Taught by spirits raised by  Shamans
And because His birth was tragic
He was thought to be a Demon 

As he passed through our town
The People, looked away
Afraid of being cursed
They where glad he didn't stay
The sun sank in the East
As the wind blew from the West
And he walked in a straight line
Like a man bent on a quest

He climbed up to the foothills
Where the Injuns made their graves
There he raised them from the dead
As he made them all his slaves
No one knew his purpose 
For the dead upon that mound
Not at least, until that day
He came back to this town

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Nobody's Fault

Mom and Dad, they took the blame
Weekends away were not the same
Afraid to leave because he might
Do something awful when not in sight
He started acting the week before
Just like himself, depressed no more
And so they left, a bit concerned
The phone call came and then they learned
Their son had planned to take his life
Three times he tried - no kids, no wife
This time he did it. He hung himself
His lifeless body, the belt, the shelf
The empty room where once he slept
The bed is made, his things they kept
The house was never quite the same
A sadness lived around his name
As years slipped by we hid the pain
But Mommy died. She took the blame
A cancer launched the main assault
But it wasn't her fault It was nobody's fault. 

Copyright ©2001  Karen  M Feist

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Dawn is breaking

Dawn is breaking

Willie wagtail in my garden 
Sings a very special song
Telling me the sun is coming
Dawn will break soon, won’t be long
It’s dark outside with full moon shining
But soon the light will show its face
Green parrot makes his bell like music
How his song has so much grace

Kookaburra, he is laughing
Something funny has touched him
Could he be laughing at us human’s
With all our wars and crazy din?
Spring is just around the corner
And all of nature seems to know
As I sit here in the morning
My world it has a special glow.

Now the world has gone all silent
Waiting for the dawn to break
Soon the chorus is beginning
Singing just for loves own sake
All the birds will join the chorus
And my heart will start to sing
How I love these life soaked mornings
Such joy to me they always bring.

25 August 2013 @ 0631hrs.

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The dawning of the sun 
And the cry of the ocean 
The blooded-like rays of the sunset 
Full of loneliness and casted by scarlet 

The fall of the leaves 
Someone will soon to leave 
In the midst of the darkest place 
I feel the warmth of an embrace 

I am being used throughout the years 
Now searching for pure love tears 
I can hear now the march of the battalion 
The mark of my ruination 

I am longing to see this paradise 
Where my sun used to rise 
I misses the sweetest scents of the flowers 
While singing the lyrics of the proverbs 

By the love vested by my birth land 
My time comes to its end 
For that butterfly says goodbye 
My loveliest tears for my love before I 'll die

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In the Faraway

After that day
I hear about you
in breaking dreams

they are like breaking news
for people
meant to be heard
only by me.
In Breaking Dreams
I hear you're living
in a stone tower
by the sea,

Alone, with nothing
lonely without us
yet in your world
lost and serene.

Cold in some cases
sad in others
the dreams support me
or get me drained.

In Breaking Dreams
you're reaching for me
After that day
you died on me.

A "romantic' (I think) poem by pyrgia
for Giorgio Veneto's contest "In the Faraway"

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I am a prison in this hospital bed 
Used to wake-up with a cross above my head 
Pity my race will soon come to its end 
My love for them Please send.

A plastic tube between my nose and lips 
Giving me air, glad I 'm sick! 
Gate of the white palace will soon to be closed 
Guardians of the empire seen in the post.

Outside the window of my hopeless jail 
Children playing by one and more than twail 
Deprived of freedom and happiness 
Laying in this bed full of regrets and anguish. 

Doctors said "soon you 'll be okay 
You need to take your medicines everyday" 
If only I can have a second life
I wish I can tell you "follow God's light".

Wish I can get out in this darkest sorrow 
Be most welcome my self for a better tomorrow 
To the King of white palace thank you for today !
Only prayer for you left as my medicine for everyday.

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Lying In The Darkness

Lying in the darkness
Nothing here to see
The shadow of my lonely self
Just staring back at me

Lying in the silence
Deafening to my ear
The beating of my lonely heart
The only sound I hear

Lying here remembering
The world of you and I 
A love beyond forever
We knew would never die

My tears are never ending
My vision always blurred 
No one listens to my prayers
My words still go unheard 

You showed me what it was to love 
You showed me how to feel
My love for you was endless
My life with you was real

I know I'm needed in this world 
Even though you’re gone
I know I must survive this pain
I know I must be strong

But always I’ll remember that
Again one day I’ll see
The only man I’ll ever love
The only man for me...

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Last Of The Mohicans

Once existed an indian
Tribe from Algonquian 
Linguistic stock.
Warlike in nature:power
Of the colonists were 
The hammer of God, 
Fearless,death looms 
Wherever they tread.
Fierce-looking on horse-
Backs-the foreign 
Shackles of slavery,they 
Slaves from other tribes
They made.
An ally of the English,
They triumphed over the
The only shinning star in 
The region,this dreaded 
Tribe its identity it lost:the
Death of their fallen 
Leader-the last of the 
Mohicans,was the demise 
Of a new birth.

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On a cold and bleak November day in a lonely
Deserted place a child unborn in its sanctuary
Lies asleep like a bud soon to bloom
A sacred gift, priceless, unique 
For a world that is rapidly dying

On a cold and bleak November day 
A mother's scent will it ever know
No special bond with another soul
No joyful offering of 'thanks', nor smiles, 
Nor welcome kisses that warm the heart

On a cold and bleak November day, the sky 
Draped in blankets of gray, hung low 
Over the horizon marked by fresh-fallen snow
An innocent life is taken in some unholy place
As consciences lay bound and silenced

On a cold and bleak November day, 
Freewill, once more misused, hovered 
In the shadows abused and clothed in shame 
Bore witness to one of many horrors   
The deliberate murder of the Innocents

On a cold and bleak November day a  hush  falls over Heaven
The Son of God pleads mercy as He alone dares to speak
God looks upon His only Son, once again, His anger subsides 
A new day is ordained-another chance to choose
A priceless gift to save the world some cold bleak day

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The mustard seed

A mustard seed

Our savior told a story
In his usual way
He tried to make folk understand
As he did on many a day.
He said with voice all soft and calm
“What be it like? God’s heaven
What story can I use today
How can I tell you then?”

“It be like what happens then
When a mustard seed
Is planted there beneath the soil
It be so small indeed
“And yet” he said “once it be planted
So large the tree does grow
And spreads its branches all around
Gives shade where birds can go”

Our Lord, he used these stories
When he did talk to folk
And all that then could understand
They gained from words he spoke
He told folk naught without these stories
Yet to his twelve disciples
He explained then everything
To them he told it all.


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Angel's Wings

The days, the weeks, the months have passed
It’s now almost two years
I thought that time was meant to heal my pain
And dry my tears
Instead my days are twice as long
My nights still hard to bear
My life is just a passing phase
My world without a care
I cannot still the voice inside me
Calling out for you
For all I ever wanted  
For all I ever knew
The winds of change keep blowing
Trying to set me free
But they don't understand
With you is where I need to be
I close my eyes, and there you stand
I watch you for a while
Your handsome face, your winning ways
Your famous carefree smile
You were the breath I breathe
You were the blood that runs my vein
Without you I will die
For you’re the medicine for my pain
So how do I move on 
When I still can't find my way
How do I forget 
And say goodbye to yesterday  
I need to know you’re with me 
In everything I do
Everywhere I go 
I need to know that you’re there too
So stay with me so I can face
Whatever tomorrow brings
Until it’s time for me to fly to you
With Angels wings..

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The Gate Of Death

Once you have entered the gate there is no
turning back. Inside the gate lies mountains
crusted with black dust. Birds with bulging
eyes and unknown sounds that makes your
heart swell with fear.

Crackling of the ground below you with
lava pockets swelling from the ground.
Inside the gate is a garden of death just
waiting for it's oponet. Death awaits
and will challenge you into a death fight.

It will destroy you and bury you in the '
black dust of the mountains. You will 
melt and be tortured by the bulging
eyes of the birds.

Your eyes will be plucked like a feather.
And  your remains will be a prisoner
inside the gate until you turn to sand
and the gate of death will continue
to feed off your bones.

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The Last Ship

                        The last ship
is leaving mortal waters
                        headed towards
a farther shore 
                        At the harbor
travelers say their good- byes
friends and family
                        This is the way 
of the world 
                       Nothing is permanent 
here on this blue planet 
                       The sea, the sky and the ocean
are subject to change 
                       and so are we
Our mortal frames destined 
for death and decay
                    But the ship is going
to a place where stories do not end 
where golden blossoms 
                   on silver trees await mortals
who are lucky enough to go there
                   We know so little about eternity 
but eternity knows so very much about us!


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The Turning Ground

*    It Leaps upon the turning ground                                                                               winter is past the sun                                                                                               does bring the warmth of dancer’s spring                                                                     love rises buds begun                                     *                                                                                                                              The scent of coming flowers sweeps                                                                             away death’s sway new life                                                                                            It Leaps upon the turning ground                                                                             death lies untrue, no wife              *                                                                                                                                 It Leaps upon the turning ground                                                                                 the flowers, birds do care                                                                                             as life does fly towards the sky                                                                                    the song of love we share                                                                                 *                                                                                                                                As newness flames the hearts of kin                                                                            She sleeps only no breath                                                                                               It Leaps upon the turning ground                                                                                 but life steps forth, she weds

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Death of an Innocent Heart

Death of an Innocent Heart

That day I fell,today I lie six feet under.I thought you was the one when we first met you made me laugh you held me when I cried and now We have grown to far apart to even truly remember what we use to be.Then by sad chance by crushing feet by this deadly curse you left me and that day I felt my heart die.I wonder what I would do next should i had moved on would the pain hurt me more I don't think i can handle it,should i end my life here will i have pain no more.But what lie beyond death how do I not know I will leave this pain.That day i jump off the bridge into the lake that day I let myself be swept away I let myself drown in sorrow and pain.When I am reborn i wish to be free like the bird in the sky like the ocean and streams, never to face what it mean to be a human.Today I die for the lost of my love for you,It is what most call the death of innocent love.

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There is Terror Everywhere

There is terror everywhere
Terror in the Air, 
Horror in the books and Fair, 
Bible, novels and newspapers.

How the Philistines died
Horror and clamor in their death.
How they fell 
To the sword of Israel's duel.

There is terror everywhere
Terror at the fair, 
Horror in the floods
Sorrow from the crowd.
Our hearts darken
and ring out like the bell
Forthwith fall despair beyond repair.
Human limbs fill the day
From the dagger's last play

There is terror everywhere
Terror at the fair, 
Horror in Nature
see the Tsunami upon The Philippines
Like Israel's tempest upon the Philistines.

It crushed souls with unbiased terror-
With it horror, clamor, sorrow-

There is terror everywhere
Horror in the square-
The Al-Qaeda here, Boko Haram there-
The Taliban here, the rebels there
But Nature's Terror's everywhere.

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Humanity Lost

Wings spread out, the sun in its face, a scavenger set out hunting, Looking for anything it could find to satisfy its hunger; Down below a little boy lay, barely alive, hardly breathing, His battered face turned towards the lifeless body of his father. The ground around him once dusty and dry, Now wet with the blood of this innocent child… Death hovered over him, lingering, waiting, watching; Time slowed down, the child blinked – and then never opened his eyes. A hundred flies quenched their thirst, the blood now pooled beside them. The vulture circled overhead, now joined by his friends, The table was set, their lunch was served, For the little boy and his father it was a gruesome end! Victims of a war, not that among nations… Rather a war of the human spirit, twisted by false ideals Humans killing humans in the name of religion; Blinded by hate, fuelled by intolerance, humanity’s dark side revealed. The vultures and flies enjoy their fill, While we whisper a prayer for those lost souls; What will it take to stop this madness? What will it take to heal this world? (A tribute to the lives lost in the recent religious conflicts)

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The Human,The Demon, And The Angel

The Human,The Demon, And The Angel

I'm the one who must stay
I'm the one who must kill you
I'm the one who must reverse time

I am to die when the new moon is in range
I am the one to be your executioner your taker of life
I am to observer and to take note of everything and of every life

Who are you to say I have no future
I say what I please for I am the bringer of death
I want to help I wish to free you I need to save you

There is no more time for my life 
You never had a life to begin with
She was free until you stole her very being

I am the human who must die
I am the demon who only wants her body for it kill
I am the angel who will take her soul once her body is gone

We are in one body
We are in one mind
We are three trapped by one bond

These times are different then the last 
These times are different then when I was young
These times are different then when the earth was made

Oh how we let this control us
Oh how we take our worlds and live for such granted
Oh how we let who we are put fear in our hearts

I leave this to you
I leave this to you
I leave this to you

We have exceed 
We have flown 
We have drowned
We have died
We have lived
We have made many wonders
We have created a new life
We have done evil deeds
We have done good deeds
We have but to wait for the one day
We have but to wait for our freedom
We have each other 
We have nothing but that
We have nothing but each other and to wait 
We have to wait for freedom

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Tourist traps

Tourist traps Can a plonker should a plonker, love a San-Goanna stonker, not unless he’s bloody bonkers coming is de crazy cats in white, see crazy San-Goannas running, sucking birds eggs, an out a hunting , Kookaburra eating snakes humming, Ha, ha. ha, ha, sweet delight… Mr tourist, watchem watchem, Keep the eyeball sharp insight, Funnel web, dodge and sidestep, Death is coming with his bite Watchem mr death by adder, Step on him will fang ya badder, Piddle from the bloody bladder, Hysterectomy of fright, Mr Death do say goodnight… Don Johnson no bities are getting ironed out by Aussies, some are protected like brown snakes, Brisbane still has Brown snakes and Kangaroos, though they are rare here...Funnell web spider is found in the Toowoomba mountain area and in Sydney suburbs out for trapdoor web over an inch or bigger hole in ground....

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The joy of the pheasant shoot

The joy of the pheasant shoot.

Getting set for the big event
The good folk do their stuff
They beat the earth with sticks, do they?
With their little dogs so tough 
They flush those pheasants from the scrub
So all can have some fun
Killing them with smiling faces
As they fire beloved guns.

Then as the pheasants in a panic
They bolt into the sky
Our hero’s with their guns in hand
Make sure that hundreds die
As the air is filled with the cracking sounds
As birds fall all around
Just so these fools can get there jollies
These corpses cover ground.

I wonder sometimes if these hero’s
Have any souls at all
That they could get such satisfaction
Doing these acts so cruel
Sometimes it leaves me speechless
At the way folk get their pleasure
Killing beauty just for fun
Is an ugly kind of leisure.

10 September 2013 @ 1340hrs

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We Are But Clay

We are but clay,
Soon to crumble to dust, fade 'way-
After the Cold Hand's call
And the dead bells' knell

We are no more than memories-
In the mind of an amnesic-
Our voices timely lullabies
Our ideas bombs on count-down.

Soon the winds start browling,
And the seas a-raiding
No more singing birds
As nature sinks to sleep-

The somnolence weighs over mankind
The latter, like Jezebel, is but having a make-up.

Behold the mask, behold the impostors!
Humans veiled to conceal scalding faces:
No mourning veils, no remorse
As humans take another shape.

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Lady Arcane

[Daughters of Lamia] Today we walk from our graves You can't wish, pray it away The Inflamed Coven's emerged You Will receive what you deserve Retribution of the flaming shade Your Malice will be paid, In Harm's way [Aharhel] Her Convoluted face burning with fear Of the fall of the gate seering their minds with the deft of the legion The Army of the plague Scourges your land Scourges your Children Scourges your hope [Lady Arcane] I, The White Madonna - The Poison Mistress Hold The Rose to Salvation - Hold The Fruit to Arcane Closer, Come, Child you are mine [Daughter's of Lamia] Lady Arcane wants your fear Lady Arcane wants you near Lady Arcan is here Lurking In your tears clinging to your spilled blood the east has always been near The Left hand reaches to the right side in disguise In Malice's Disguise Therionacy break you down to thy knees To Thy Knees!

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Without You

If I was granted just one wish
A wish that might come true
I’d wish with all my heart and soul
For yesterday and you
If only I could turn back time
I’d go back to the start
If only you could hold me 
While I slowly fall apart
Questions left unanswered
So many words unsaid
Letters that I wrote will now 
Forever go unread
Why you went I’ll never know...or 
Why you had to die...or
Why you had to leave me
Why you never said goodbye
Looking to my future
All I see is pain and sorrow
Without you I’m shattered
Without you there’s no tomorrow
Without you I’m so alone
I don’t know where I’m bound
Without you I’m lost…
Without you I can’t be found
However dark the nights
I’m told the sun will rise again…but
How can I see sunshine
When my world’s so full of pain
Please don’t leave me here alone
Please kiss away my fears
Lee, I need you with me
Please come home and dry my tears
Hold me hun, just one more time
The way I used to know
I need to feel you here
I’m just not ready to let go
I miss your face..your smile..your touch
I miss your many charms
Days are long nights are cold
Not being in your arms
But ...what I miss the most is when
I look at you and see
The love I know you're feeling
When you’re looking back at me
I know I must be strong now
For this mountain I must climb
But how do I survive without
The love of my life time
You wasn’t just my husband
But my friend and lover too
And no one in this world 
Will ever take the place of you..

For Lee...the love of my life..
I will miss you forever

Your wife...Bree x

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Darkness falls across the land
As terror seizes the great old clan-
Monsters awake under the night
And doom falls with evil might.

Percieve the screams!
Behold the evolution!
Humans taking evil shapes
Beneath the pale moon. 

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Saturday Or Not

Shadows on walls falling from the setting sun; Leaving behind dreams, in which I was the star. Who's gonna finish this dream: Who can complete this dream, this dream that captured my soul, when you left, I waited, I waited ....but you never returned.

Who's going to continue to love me? Who will tell them, those lies were untrue? who will kiss me in the morning, now that I Don't have you?

Shadows on walls talk to me , when the sun is rising, whispering... ever so gently that soon It will be alright.

I am exhausted from forced smiling. I stand alone devoid of pain , And pain would feel so right, we never even had a chance, to have a lovers fight.

YOUR dream was never to be dreamt again, that's the dream I am in. Who will finish holding me; Who will say goodnight.? What happens to the love we shared when love has been forgot... one more day until Sunday, "Saturday or not"!

The dream has ended abruptly: The dramas now unfolding. My Lovers gone...and only the shadow knows the secrets he was holding. I stand alone devoid of pain, and pain would feel so right...

Seven days we were married before they tore my love away. Tomorrow, for me now means nothing, even though it would have been Sunday, I want no more tomorrows. I don't even want Today ! I only wanted finish dreams. And to feed you from my loving pot To live our dream accordingly .. "Saturday or not"...!


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With the furious rage of a thousand Winters,
A sea of injustice, waiting at the spout.
Like the irritated bite of a good man's splinters,
That swindle and split when sweetly plucked out.

The frost-fangs froth into an empty grave,
And leave all, cowering below, to their bitter end.
Sovereign cragsmen, smothered as slaves,
Like a crumbling ship, so desperate to scend.

The mighty Alps, now a fresh garden of bones,
As its prey lie tangled in the ghastly web.
Listen to the innocent and their soft, muted moans,
And slowly keep climbing from your cruel misstep.

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Through the Years

I know I had to let you go
To be with God above
But one thing I will always have, forever 
Is your love
It’s been there through our ups and downs
Through smiles and laughter too
Through good and bad, through tears and fears
Our love remained so true
Through the years when things were tough
Or anything went wrong
Together we would work it out
Together we stood strong
Through the years you cared for me
You loved me every day
Through the years when I got lost
You helped me find my way 
Through the years when I was sad
You held me while I cried
Through the years, you’ve been my love
My strength, my rock, my guide
Sometimes when I'm all alone
I close my eyes and pray
That God will give you back to me
Just for one more day
So I could tell you one more time
How much I love you so
So I could hold you just once more
Before I let you go
I miss you every morning
Every night and every day
I’d give all my tomorrows
For just one more yesterday
I always knew how blessed I was
To have you in my life
Always I will wear your ring
I’ll always be your wife
I know I must be strong now 
For this mountain I must climb
To face a world without the man
Who always will be mine
I know you’re always here with us 
Our children feel it too
And no one else will ever have 
The love we gave to you
I know you're up in Heaven 
And to God, you now belong
But part of you stays here..
For in your sons…you still live on..

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Don’t you know Deirdre’s gone? Don’t you know Deirdre’s gone? I can sence her embrace that feels like Tragedy A heart to have, slipped beneath the waves The dark pulse now beckons us closer How many days will this passion bleed away? We will be the ones left to blame Beware we’ve become their prey They say you’re addicted to your pain A lifeless cold barren soul left to die in the rain A whisper too close to the edge A call from the dark Brings out a saving spark An Exodus from her Pain Her Life Spent breathing in Shame A Shadow Call breaks the Silence Am I the one to blame? Don't you know Deirdre's gone? Don't you know Deirdre never said wrong? Don't you know Deirdre's gone? “My Decadence was just for you Though you’d never care what I’ve been through Enter the world were empathy is clandestine A world created by you, just for me What’s Lying in my heart is why You want to through the stone” I call your name towards nightfall’s reign But they take you so far away A dark angel so divine Cursed by Eden’s heart I will avenge every tear An Exodus from her Pain Her Life Spent breathing in Shame A Shadow Call breaks the Silence Am I the one to blame? Don't you know Deirdre's gone? Don't you know Deirdre never said wrong? Don't you know Deirdre's gone? Don’t you know Deirdre’s gone? Don’t you know Deirdre’s gone?

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I will

     When those I love, become endowed with only themselves, at the expense of my pain.  I will survive and still love them.

       When they embrace that woman or man who has no regard for the safety of the
precious children, I will turn to lGod for my instructions and guard my hear from thinking or feeling bitterness from their blindness, that has them decieved because of their lust of the flesh.  Nevertheless, I will continue to love them, because "King Solomon" wrote: Love is stronger then death."

Though the mother that I adore and love is walking in the darkness and death tries to 
snare her, then I know my love for her is so strong that death will be still and my love will
become her pathway of escape.  Yes, only through love shall she see and not be without help.  For a daughters love for her mother, is far greater then any darkness can perceive.  Its that love that will give her mother the victory.  I will, because I love stronger then death.

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Poppies of Remembrance

Time, to buy our poppies
To remember once again
remember those who died for us
And those who were just maimed
We must also remember
Those, who lost their loved ones
Mothers, sister’s, daughters
Fathers, brothers, son's
What a lot of us can't imagine
What torment that must be
But they all gave their lives for us
To make our country free
In one hundred years
Two wars some endured
lost fathers in the 1st, sons in the last
This fighting is absurd
And still we send our menfolk
To fight the wars abroad
 Please end this madness
I beg thee dear lord...

We think we're in recession
But do we  really know
The hardships that our grandparents
Suffered against the foe
Bombed out of house and home
Nowhere else to go
Then all neighbours rallied round
To help they were not slow
Rationing came about
For food, for clothes, for fuel
From just scrag ends of meat
Made appetizing gruel
Women took over men’s jobs
In factories, farms and such
Blackouts, sirens, shelters
Hardship there was much 
Army, air force and navy
Were not the only ones
But fire-fighters, nurses, doctors
Air raid wardens, everyone
They all played some part
In winning against the foe
Many lost their lives
A dreadful way to go
Some might say its better
To die instantly my friends
For many, many suffered
In agony till the end
We can’t possibly imagine
What it's like there at the front
Many months of fighting
With no end in sight
In trenches, 
Your comrades all about you lying
Water logged and stinking,
Lying, crying, dying.
So please stand in silence
Remember, remember them 
They fought for our freedom
Our women and our men

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As the autumn of life drifts in
The lights of my eyes grow dim
With the joy of my years
Still beside me here
There is not much that I will fear

As the winter of my life arrives
My voice will be just a whisper
With the joy of my salvation
Waiting for me at the station
I will in quiet adoration kneel

In my mind spring will beckon me
The baggage  old and beat I'll leave
With the joy of my life just within sight
The constant yearning will cease
As perfect  joy will become complete

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The Ibis episode

The Ibis Episode

Today I walked into my garden
To give our dog attention
{Now he’s a dog so big and strong
I guess this I should mention}
And then my eyes, rested upon
This bird, a sacred Ibis
Which made me worry quite a bit
Cause my pond was filled with fish.

This big birds strutted round the place
He could not seem to fly
But I knew that if my Boy caught him
The poor bird well might die
So I was in a quandary
As to what I well might do
So I put the dog into the house
So I could think thing s through

I walked up to the mulberry tree
{He was perched upon a limb}
And I really got quite close to him
And softly spoke to him
He didn’t seem to mind at all
But then, he flew away
It seems he wasn’t hurt at all
Which really made my day.

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Banshee crow

At first I thought it was the gales
That howled into the night,
But then the banshee's keening wails
Broke all the glass in sight

I hopped from bed up to the sill
To see what I could see
I saw a crow upon the hill
A dark monstrosity

My throat closed up; I couldn't breathe
I thought that I would die
But it flew out towards the sea -
Across the moonlit sky

But then the worry came again
Which nobel love would die?
Me, M’Lady,M’Lord, and when?
Which one did Death espy?

I bit my nails; I cracked my wrists
The fear was like a wrench
It smashed into my heart like fists,
And kept me in suspense

It was three days of agony
Till I found out M’Lord had died -
My sailor son in Tripoli,
Was killed in cannon fight

I guess I don't get WHY the crow
Gave his warning to me
Why screech of death at my window,
Instead of Tripoli?
Instead of Tripoli?

(Besides being a woman, the banshee can take the form of animals, such as the crow)

Received 1st place in "Creepy Irish Creatures" contest

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Beneath Death's Dark Veil

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A careless Swathing of Death's face- pale
Burn the images and erase the memories
Bury the lies beneath Death's dark veil

Dig deep- finding secrets beneath the remains
Salty tears pierce the bloodless veins
Hiding the lies beneath Death's dark veil

Burn the soul and leave the remains
Speak your filthy words-never escape the chains
Live beneath Death's dark veil

cover the truth- with a fairy's tale
Revive the breakage-but it's far too late to mend the damage
All will be revealed once you enter hell beneath Death's dark veil

Your useless sorrow buried with lies
And still you refuse to hear the burning cries
And the truth remains-left decaying beneath Death's dark veil

Burn the remains-bury your life
Give in to the world of never ending strife
Lose yourselves in the void-far beneath Death's dark veil

Never strive for much- always fail
Wondering what has become of this empty life
Receiving a decayed response of ash in the depths of Death's dark veil

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The Return To RotGut Part 3

A single soldier stayed
To guard against the animal
From digging up the grave
He felt awful for the Injuns
Disgusted by their plight
So from his bag he took a chalk
And upon a stone, did write

These Injuns lie beneath this land
Through no fault of their own
Their only crime, was to take  stand
And defend their rightful home 

Part 3

It’s been 12 years since that day
Now the wind blew from the east
A strange scent in the air
Which frighten, all the beast
And with the wind came sickness
A plague upon the town
It left the people, weak and feeble
As the virus spread around

But I alone stayed well
And never once felt ill
But at the edge of town
What I saw gave me a chill
He wore feathers in his hat
And a cloak made of rawhide
But he didn't have his gun
Just a pouch tied to his side

He made his way, straight to me
As I stood there on the walk
Then using broken English
He began to talk
He said that in his sack
There contained an ancient cure 
That could make the town's folk free
From all that they've endured 

To be continued

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I Forgive You Mommy

I forgive you mommy,
thank you for those 
few weeks.

I admit it was strange,
the feeling was new to 

Thank you for letting 
me be a part of you.

You had your reasons 
why I had to go.

It hurt a lot when I was 
aborted, but maybe earth 
was never for me.

I'm in heaven now,
I'm God's little angel.

Don't you cry, 
I'll never hate you.

Thank you for 
bonding with me, 
sorry it couldn't be.

Even though I'm far 
away, I'll wait until 
another day.

When at heavens door 
you should appear, I'll 
be right there to hold 
you dear.

Written by: Poet Shi

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My Angel

All my tomorrows will come and go
And pass just like a storm
But all this pain I feel inside my heart 
Still lingers on
I would have loved you always
Held you for a million years
Instead my arms are empty
And my world is full of tears
Since you’ve gone I’m just a shadow
Of someone I used to be
There’s nothing I wouldn’t do in this world
To bring you back to me
Sometimes I wake up crying at night
Sometimes I scream out your name
What right did He have to take you from me
God, why did you take him away
I'm on a road to nowhere
And I just can't find my way
I feel so lost without you
Scared to face each waking day
Nights I lay awake just staring
Through my bloodshot eyes
Surrounded by these walls that tell
The stories of our lives
The sound of your sweet loving voice
The feel of you so close
The love I felt inside your heart
Is what I miss the most
I know someday I'll see you again
At the gates of Heaven above
And there I will find you waiting for me
My Angel, my heart, my love.

By Raina Hutchins

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The forest of grief

The forest of grief:

At night I can hear the pain filled screams coming from the forest of grief. Longing, despair, and terror seeps in from the thick tree line into my bedroom window.

Their inhuman wails send chills down the nap of my neck rendering me unable to move. 

“What horrible events accrued inside this desolate place?”

No vegetation, growth, or life exist.
Only the suffering from distant pasts.
Time itself seems to be halted by the walls of the dense forest that shelter its ghostly inhabitants.

“Do they know death?
Do they know of the life they once led or can they even hear their own horror filled cries?

I do, I feel every heart breaking emotion as I lay in wait for dawn to break.”

There is no rest for them or me, the lonely women who tends the forest of grief.

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The dead line

Better look to the lamb
and fall to your knees
for the Reaper
witnesses all that he sees
This fallen angel’s
made a career of evil
the father of sin
this black/red coated devil
He minds over death’s valley
With his hot road to Hell
and with determined temptation
will lure you with his spell
He’ll sit by your shoulder
and by ill thought word or deed
your conscience will torture
and your pained soul shall bleed
This masterful serpent
with fire of unknown origin
whose pit of raging flames
is the prize that you’ll win
So beware of the tongue
and do what is right
stay away from the darkness
and look only to the light

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I would like to rest before I die

I'd like to rest before I die
before my final trip
In the warm ocean waves, my feet I'd like to dip
walking on sandy beaches, hand in hand with my soul mate
I'd like a final holiday, before I reach the Heaven's gates.
I'd like to see New York
a lifelong dream it's been
or have a chance to stay, at a fine old British Inn
I'd like to touch the shores of Ireland
Then land of heart and kin
Then when I went home
I'd say what a trip it's been.
I'd like to go to France, rent a studio and drink wine
spend a week or two at the cafe's , now wouldn't that be fine
see all the galleries and take in all the sights
walking benath the Eiffel Tower with my love at night.
I'd like to see the Vatican, the galleries and museums
I'd like to go to Venice and see all the great scenes
I'd like to go to China and shop in the side streets
And spend some time just watching , all the people I would meet
I'd like to ride the railway and travel coast to coast
I'd like to see Canada, the country I love most
We'd dine on the fine China , while the country would fly by
and in the travel car, you can see the open sky

if I should never get to do this
don't be sad for me at all
who knows for sure the hour ro day
That God will come to call
for I've seen so much and had my time, upon this planet earth
I've been loved and have loved , before I rest beneath the dirt
I'ts more than some have had, I've been blessed I always say
And though I hope to always dream
I've had quite a fine stay. 

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My Forever Shining Star

All the oceans in the world 
Can’t hold the tears I’ve cried
Nothing in this world  
Can take away this pain inside

I can’t believe you’re gone from me 
I can’t believe its true
I never wanted memories
I only wanted you

I miss the little things you said
Those words that meant so much
I miss your eyes, your laugh, your smile
I miss your every touch

I miss you every morning
Every night and every day
I’d give all my tomorrows
For just one more yesterday

When they asked what words I want 
Engraved upon your stone
The only words that I could say
Were ‘darling please come home’

You were my every reason
My hopes and all my dreams
Someone to believe in
When I questioned what life means

Always there to guide me
My forever shining star
I’d give my all to have you here
Or be there where you are

In a world of changes
It’s the soul that never dies
In a world of strangers 
I still see me in your eyes

This pain will never go away 
My shattered heart wont mend
Lonely days and empty nights 
Are now my only friend

But if you’re looking down from up in Heaven 
You will see
That part of you forever more 
Will be a part of me...

By Raina Hutchins

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Beside the running water
Falling down the hill
I met a young man , handsome and good looking
Yet, frazzled and bored 
Sitting all day long 
Beside  the running water

Young man, why are you
Sitting all day long
Frazzled and bored
Beside the running water
You cannot know and hope you will not be bothered
( in a voice sounding like a moving train: unrest and unbalance)

Many rivers i have crossed
Many mountain i have levelled
Many wide animals i had met
Inside many of the thick forests
As i cross, crossing many borders
Keeping my eyes firmly in a vision
Like a hunter that is hunting for God

Many moons i have counted
With sun  rising and falling
Day by day, i lingered in the melt of its heat
Searching for the most beautiful in the world
That i may stay with for better and for the worse

I have crossed many rivers
Seeing beauties and beauties of feminine attractions
Still, like a grave, i cried, crying for more
Until i see the lord of all beauty
The beautiful that beautify the beauties 
Young man, what made thee
Thy little sense carved in a big box 
Searching and pondering over and over
A never ending finding : the beautiful of the world
The earth, oceans, rivers and the desert all inclusive

Beauty lies in the choice
He who found choice has found the beautiful
 For choice makes a woman beautiful in the eyes of man

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Dakota Skies Part 2

Earlier than usual, for the pigs have broken free from their pen,
We are allowed to quit the milking because someone must get them.
The excitement of getting to be with her sets us to a run
But when we discover the pigs, we know that it is done. 
From the woodpile we gather two-by-fours with which we lay into 
The backs of the wild beasts because it is all we can think to do.
They had formed a circle around her, pushing and pulling her pain
Her hind legs were strings of blood and bone, little did remain.
With curses of Christian children we hurled into the wind 
We chased the beasts away from her, beating them for their sin.
Though her cries had quieted to whispers, she was crying still 
And this time we cried with her, for we knew the what will.
Mother, we asked for the gun, but father was not home.
Mother, we asked for the knife, but the good knives would not be won.
My brother made me wait inside so I ran to the kitchen window
And perched myself on the sink, pulling the curtain low.
He sat with her head curled in his lap in the shade of the old tree, 
Crying into the warmth of her neck and then to set her free
His small arms around her neck and his unanswered cries 
Echoing across the plains and through the cold Dakota skies.


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All Alone, 11-19-09

Mommy, I know I left you here.

Ring ring went the phone,

Little did we know never again would I answer

Ring ring went the phone.


I was eating breakfast when

Open slammed the door,

That morning how strongly I would have denied

I would end up on the floor.


I tried to scream, Mom, I really did.

But he had me. . .

He used my garden tools to beat me.

He had me.


Those tools used to bring me so much joy,

But his purpose was to aid him.

I had loved greeting visitors with garden so green

It's not the tools' fault though, I don't blame them.


I shielded my face with my hand,

But soon that was broken. . .

The simple trowel was my doom,

All too soon, my face shattered and broken. . .


There was blood everywhere;

Mom I was so scared.

To stop fighting though,

I never dare.


The sleek black laptop I had

Been given for Christmas

Which held all of my

Favorite pictures of us,


With it and my purse,

He ran away,

Not knowing I wouldn't

Be here today.


The white-washed walls

Of the hospital room

Only all too well reminded

Me of Amontillado's tomb.


I left you in the hospital

Though.  All alone. . .

They caught him, have comfort,

Even if you're alone.


I'm sorry Mommy,

I didn't want to go. . .

But who ever gets a choice?

I had to go.


How little did we know, that

One day, ring ring,

Never again would I answer

That phone, ring ring.

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in life

In life we shared a love a love thats been torn away. we try to understand but words cannot explain how much we need you and will never stop thinking of you to see your smile  after all this while is gods gift to us but now that gift has been taken away without a word to say and the pain we endure is because a life that we love so much death has taken away from us. so now we live with the tears but no more fears of suffering because now the angels sing a lovely song for the one who dearly parted.

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Thus the world was ruined, By the sin of a single man. A tiny twist in the story, Brought about a change in God’s plan. For out of the garden they were thrown With nothing but rags to cover themselves; But with wisdom so dangerous yet powerful That opened the gateway to hell.

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left heartless

Heartless is what happens when a person has a loving heart that just ripped out and stomped on by the scammer who thinks their real.  When in reality they feel no love inside.  Only the love of themselves.  While making broken promises of love and trust to just watch another heart slowly shattered into pieces.  While the innocent victim makes a fool out of themselves.   Thinking here’s my chance at love and happiness. 

Only to be felt feeling betrayed and used in the end.  Always wondering what happened to cause the betrayal and lies.  Blaming themselves for giving their honest love and denotation to a fake.  Knowing that every smile and every touch meant nothing.  Wanting to run away and hide from the world around them.  

Being ashamed because of the curse of love that was placed upon them.  Needing to find a way to escape the nightmare they are facing alone.  While the world outside will never know what happened to cause all the hate that remains inside where a loving caring heart is supposed to be.  

Wondering why there was no apologies for causing the pain.  Only denying the affair ever happened. But the pictures were the evidence that could not be denied.  Now the whole world knows what a real scam is.  Because your time was up and the game is over.  

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Dakota Skies Part 1

My brother and I walk the south pasture on an early spring day,
The warmth of spring slowly melting, the cold of winter away.
The golds of old growth are broken by the green of new,
And we are drifting in dreams, though we have work to do.
Gathering the cows for milking, we allow Father Time to pass by,
When a shadow in the barbed wire catches my brother’s eye.
We run through the stubble of last season allowing dreams to lead, 
Shaped by childhood stories which we had seen and read.
The cries draw us near where she hangs, limply as if half dead.
Each barb is cutting deeply. She slowly bleeds the earth red.
The life within her still pulsing its unbreakable bond
We make a solemn vow, a promise, to the crying, broken fawn.
Freeing her from her prison, we discover she is too weak,
She cannot stand or fight, has lost the force of her instinct.
My brother lifts her to his chest and orders me to go on.
For the chore of our cow gathering still must be done.

Miles between us and home, they trudge, a child with a child
Him dreaming of what will be when we tame the wild.
The weight of the burden breaks him and he falls to his knees.
Looks to the heavens for strength, but there is only me.
Her hooves drag along beside and I cradle her in my arms -
The weight of her pulling me downward, and yet I struggle on.
We entrust her to the dancing shadows of the oak tree in the yard,
And beg our mother for help but her motto is “Life is hard.
The veterinarian is more than we can spend. Milking still needs done.
Wild animals should be left to nature and the course which it will run.”
With a child’s gesture of love, we leave her and gather grain.
The labor of farm children - as essential as the rain.
(There is a Part 2 which can be found on my page.)

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I heard a call through this April wind, the sound of a child crying,
Her eyes too blessed with the simplicity of a tear, her soul blind to the suns rebirth;
I looked up high and saw an eagle fly, over the early rays of light…
And caught the sound of its last good-bye

Memories pass the silent dawn, often bound to our own recollections,
In homes so far from lands recalled, or those just outside the door;
The measure of a man lays in the spirit of his life, in the will of his heart and soul,
And those found in his last good-bye

Oh this quiet April morning, lost to our memories past,
Held in the warmth of a suns rebirth, blessed by that simple tear,
An eagle flies to that ray of light, and catches our love confined 
To that single last good-bye

                               For albert,  from mark

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Siren's Song

She’s alone under beach lights, she’s screaming at air
wishing someone would notice, could anyone hear,
feel the anguish, the loss, losing battle of one?
She’s at war with the world and she’s comming undone.
‘It’s all wrong,’ left her lips, ‘it’s alright,’ said the tides,
‘sometimes we all need a safe place to hide,
to wait inside shadows, return with new light
cause we change and we change till the patterns are right.’
‘But this pounding resounding inside of my head,
I fear is the only thing tangible left.
I can hear it and feel it consuming my head,
eats me up from the inside, lays nothing to rest.’
But the water just turned and it crashed upon rocks,
became angry, determined, climbed onto the dock,
said, ‘Listen to me, I am old and I am wise,
what reason have I to fill you with lies?
I’m a part of your body, a piece of your world,
have I not kept you living since you were a girl?’
But her feet kept on forward at a steady pace
“I’m sick and I'm tired, I'm leaving this place.
I can wait no longer for the turning of time.
I'm the only one left and I’ve been left behind.”
‘But they’re here! Someone’s coming! It won’t be long yet.”
but her mind was as certain as certain could get
and the rushing of water had drown out the sound
as the pounding inside became heavy and loud
and the water, though angry, then grew very still
whispered ‘There is nothing if nothing is fueling a will.
I cannot instill a desire to live, eventual peace is all I could give.’
So she sank and she sang all the air from her lungs,
she breathed in the waves awaited silence to come.
“As I have in you, you may now flow through me,”
and the tides changed again as they dragged her to sea.

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Ballad of Alexandria the Female Knight

Alexandria was a gallant knight,
She used to sit at Arthur’s Round Table.
Dressed as a boy, she helped knights fight evil
As the Blue eyed hero of this fable.

The young lady fell in love with Arthur,
But unknowing, he married Guinevere.
Alex’s heart was hurt, but she stayed true,
She battled alongside him without fear.

Sparring with Lancelot, she learned to fight,
Alex earned respect from her belov’d king,
He never knew she was an armored girl.
He only saw her long weapons in swing.

On a dark and stormy night they set off,
The knights of Camelot looked for The Grail;
Alex as custom rode by Arthur’s side.
They searched through forest glades without avail.

Finally they came across a large cave,
Its dark and dank depths were filled with despair.
Alex entered in front of the brigade,
Arthur gave her braveness no thought or care.

Down in the black unfathomable cave,
At the farthest reaches a light appeared.
Guided by instincts, they knew this was it,
The home of the Holy Grail they revered.

The room guarding The Grail sparkled with gold,
Hundreds of cups lined the intricate walls.
Together the comrades stood and puzzled.
Which of these cups would bring about their falls?

Would it be a goblet, made out of glass?
Could something like The Cup be plainly wood?
Arthur studied the many chalices.
He thought he’d found it, no one understood.

On a pillar was a gold glass, shining.
Its pleasant brightness filled up the whole room.
Arthur was about to drink its liquid
When Alex interfered and met her doom.

Arthur’s brave knight wanted to try it first,
She knew the wrong choice would bring instant death;
So she begged Arthur to let her test first,
After drinking, she soon ran out of breath.

Alex knew that Christ was a carpenter,
She wasn’t surprised that he’d chosen wrong.
Alex knew that her love would bring her fall,
So our hero bade a silent so long.

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Better Than Grace

how can we pretend that everything is okay
when the world is soon to turn to grey
I've took this life and its treasures in vane
when you'd easily trade with me any day

you're amazing better than grace
so amazing just can't turn the page
amazing can't find the strength
to gaze at your face and not look away
look what we've done, coming undone
slowly fading away, so amazing
better than grace

you say they gave you less than six months
never thought it could hurt this much
I'd give anything just to save you
oh what can i do, just say because

you're amazing better than grace
so amazing just can't turn the page
amazing can't find the strength
to gaze at your face and not look away
look what we've done, coming undone
slowly fading away, so amazing
better than grace

with every breath we take, just another test today
don't walk away before it's too late
we should all be ashamed of ourselves because

he's amazing better than grace
so amazing just can't turn the page
amazing can't find the strength
to gaze at your face and not look away
look what we've done, coming undone
slowly fading away, so amazing
better than grace

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		Rising steam from the ashen face,
		cast a shadow on the human race,
	In deadly darkness the night did soak,
	with the horrid stench of the devils cloak,
		head of evil, skull is the wreath,
		the air is full of fear, the fear of death,
	The world is ruled with a staff in the hand,
	the sea is dry 'n' theres blood in the sand,
		there is no way to leave this dreary landscape,
		from the deathland theres no escape............


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Ode rise of poetry death of the owl king part 2

Have no fellowship with unfruitful dark                                                                         black moors cold zephyr for now truth does spark                                                            a fire within the heart run far black dogs                                                                       truth defeats feeds seething flesh to the hogs                                                               Lord punishes high ones coven’s of death                                                                        trumpet of God host angels with one breath                                                                    though they all gather for the last battle                                                                       shiver satan for your own death rattles                                                                             it will not stand serpents cast into fire                                                                        Liars bewitch death’s end a molten mire                                                                           So beware their snares the child only sleeps                                                                     those who mutter and peep your sorceries keep                                                               as for me I know you have no keys so cry                                                                      my King cometh God’s Word upon his thigh           -     Based upon Erlking, Der Erlkönig and his supernatural death

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Queen of The Vultures

One step into her aflamed path
With even an intention so good
Anyone could, yet none should
She knits your lips with her name
So you won't remember 
the one who's heart you hold
Your lovers' bane

Her Eden's Revenge is all she contains
The destruction of your soul is all that remains
The Queen of Vultures and Wargs
She serves Asmodeus and nothingmore
Sitra Achra you will surely find
Misstress of Mayhem
The lights grow dim 
You've found the blood of your love

"Just dream if it was only you and me
Far into the left side far from The Hand of God
Run with me into the deeps of Sitra Achra"

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To Yeats

Things Fall Apart, The centre Cannot Hold There! the Sun gathers mold- left to its doom, dew-gray, dagger a-heart. O Yeats! if you were here to behold Nations a-throat, men a-hate O Yeats! if you beheld our earth- setting in the East, back to Dust. The rains sob down acids- Burning brimestones in ghastly contempt. The waters meandering in somnolence As Nature yearns for Dusk. We then are doomed, Earthlings reduced to pitiful fibres By our own slick hands, used in milking dawn's fruits. There weeps the knell Hereforth from Clay steps hell given Breathe by our cupidity- Are we then in this insanity? O Yeats! here I choke in want of air, here I reach for Byzantium's care. Nostalgia steals over my very soul- As I behold Our Earth in the claws of Death.

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There is some darkness in you and me

 There is some darkness in you and me.
There nests in our soul some iota of monstrosity-
Wanting to be set free, to break loose in glee:
It burns in our veins, and nags our pale soul.

There is some evil in you and me.
It has been nursed, fed with greed and blood-lust.
It has been comforted and hushed
For that special moment when it would be unleashed.

There is some monster in you and me.
The darkness has so soon transformed-
You gave it breathe and let it evolve!
Now burns evil in your adrenalinal lungs.

The greed and cupidity gave it life-
The lies in our lungs gave it vile
The treachery in our dark heart gave it a personality.
Now, that darkness has become an unstoppable monster.

There is Death around you and me.
It began like a little darkness in you and me-
Fed along, it became the itchy evil in you and me.
Then it became a monste in you and me

The greed and Cupidity gave it life
The lies in our lungs made it strive
The treachery in our dark heart gave it a personality.
That monster had then taken another shape.

It had feared the light and detection
It is a shy and shameful monster-
The face is pale white
The fingers crude and evil.

But it had to feed, and move
Then had it taken another shape
to scuttle in both darkness and light
Unafraid, free and unpredictable.
We let it loose from that darkness in you and me.

There was some darkness in you and me.
There nested in our soul some iota of monstrosity-
Wanting to be set free, to break loose in glee
It burnt in your veins, and nagged your pale soul-
And was placed at Lucifer's command.

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lost souls

There we were driving down the road.
I said I love you and I meant it,
you sought my hand and took it.
There we were holding hands like two lost souls 
who don't know where to go.

I feel forgotten,
so lost,
nothing left to be strong for
maybe I'll give in...
to what?
I don't know,
anything that tempts a lost soul.

And you,
even your bones are sad
your very veins cry and yet...
you make plans
to fall in love,
move on.
I'm so...forgettable.

I may be lost
but at least I'm aware.

You don't know what to be
and you pretend to not grieve
as I cry behind my sunglasses
at the lucky fields who don't miss their mother.

Saw a mother 
pushing her child
on their homemade tire swing
and I was jealous.
My very heart turned green.
I wish it was me.
I wish it was me.

Five months and twenty four days.
Five months and twenty four days.

Never been away from her that long.
If she were pregnant it would be starting to show
why do I think of such things?

Her Sunday drives to the beach.
Her Dad's cigar getting her sister in trouble.
Hearing God's name for the first time.
Falling in love when she met you.

tell me it won't be longer.
Tell me it won't be much longer.

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So You Want To Be a Jarhead

So you want to be a Jarhead?
Well that's not alright with me.
I respect marines,
They protect the free.
But I don't want to lose you,
Or have you blown to bits.
Say what you want,
But your life is priceless.

Don't leave me for months,
Don't leave me at all.
Don't leave me forever.
I can't take the call,
Of the doorbell ringing,
As they stand on my porch,
Telling me you're gone,
As I melt on the floor.

So you want to be a Jarhead?
Oh well,
Too bad.
I won't grace your casket,
With a folded flag.
I won't hear the fire,
Of their guns as I cry.
I want to be with you,
When we say our goodbyes.

As our bodies descend,
And our spirits rise,
The angels will greet us,
With love in their eyes.

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Japanese 10 shilling note at Kokoda in 1942

Kokoda Ten Shilling note.........................

Johnno had been out a tracking Japanese , in Kokoda's , misty green...
It was 1942, smell of death, slaughter so obscene.......
Suddenly two Japanese appeared, Don fired and death was there.......
Just pointed the old Tommy gun, two bursts two bodies, yair.....(aussie yeah)
Don checked the Officer first and found a ten bob note....
Invasion money for Australia , in case you didn't know it?.......
 Bertie had wounded another Japanese, a big Mongolian type....
He was kneeling saying the Lords prayer, Bertie smashed his skull to tripe....
Brains splattered up Dons back as he found the ten bob note....
And Bertie muttered 'we're here to kill Jap's ' checking the pockets of his coat....
.45 was old Tommy gun, one or two in a Japanese brisket....
And Death appeared as cruel and hard as the Aussie Army biscuit....
After that Don went alone to find the enemy line....
Treading carefully sniffing the breeze, for the hay smell, Jap divine.....
Drover Dick wanted a prisoner, to talk of old Tojo...(Colonel Dick Marson)
But they mostly died in a bayonet fight or a bullet made em slow.....
You heard the little rattle as the Japanese loaded a bullet....
And after 5 shots from his Arisaka , fixed bayonet you just knew it....
Bayonet parry or a butt slap, spike him quick as you will....
To spill your blood hes coming, stop the bugger with a 45 cal. pill.....

Don Johnson .written Anzac day 2010...Anzac Day when we remember our war dead...
as Don Johnson of the 2/25th Battalion said of Kokoda the butcher shop.

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The Ballad of Delilah Logan

Delilah, the young woman with the yellow locks
Light skin, brown eyes, vengeance in her walk.
On the run from a past filled with gloom
Can’t escape her curse; suffering and doom

The darkness calls her name as she runs from the devil
Monsters of the night out to terrorize and revel
Blood left in her path but not by her own doing
For the gift of immortality, death is ensuing

Oh wow what she’d give to not have to run
Every life and every soul, another mistake
Her soul she would give to see the demons be gone
But her curse is eternal, no way to break

Delilah, the beauty with a heart of stone 
The queen of the dance, lonely hearts as her throne
Intoxicating kiss, she brings men to their knees
A hundred years of running, yet she can’t drown out their pleas

To be in her bed is both a blessing and a curse
One night in bliss; and the next night in a hearse
But the curse is not so absolute, there’s more to it than death
The trail of blood goes deep before the final breath

Oh wow what she’d give to not have to run
Every life and every soul, another mistake
Her soul she would give to see the monsters be gone
But her curse is eternal, no way to break

All she wanted was to be loved; she didn’t know what it would cost
All she wanted was him; but in the end he was lost
Lies and deceit, adultery and sin; the price the heart pays for a fading moment
A hundred years later, there’s nothing within. An eternity of torment, cursed to repent

Oh wow what she’d give to not have to run
Every life and every soul, another mistake
Her soul she would give to see the evil all done
But her curse is eternal, no way to break

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The Widower

Brittle bones crackle through the hall,
as I slowly trudge to an empty bed.
Outside my window dies a barren Fall,
and what survives but my Winter dread?

Slipping into the bitter-chilled covers?
shrinking beneath ‘til I’m cloaked blind.?
Despising the demons who steal our lovers?
like feckless butchers of the conscious mind.??

Death stares me in my jealous eyes,
withholds from me his seductive knife.
Does he not hear my bitter cries?
Why plague me with abandoned life??

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The Sailor with the one-eyed look

'Twas a cold wintry day
the road was frozen white and gleamin'
a pale sun stood over the clouds
watching them float lazily by
in the corner of a street
on a flat stone, so to speak
sat an old man, bearded and bare
he is the sailor with the one-eyed look

Sat as straight as a ramrod, did he,
back to the blizzard, now astride
with fingers so numb, eyes dim to see
getting a ha'penny from a passer-by
tramps and urchins flocked at he,
told them stories of the seas, he did
with arms a'waving like sails, you see
a gleam of joy in his eyes show'd

For he'd been to the wars
sailing on the ships of Her Majesty
seen it all, he's did, and lived,
came back home to muffins and tea
t'was on the seas he lost an eye
plucked out in an enemy fight
wounded and left behind to die
but didn't, and now home and dry

Retired from Her Majesty's service, he'd
now homeless, helpless, this once proud sailor
left with neither coin, nor a roof over his head
forced to the slums, living out of the gutter
t'was a piteous sight to behold, fie it!
would'a loved to chomp on choicy bit
displayed in the streets like in mama's kitchen
but not for his palate, just to be seen

Then it came, one bright sunny day
oh, what a bliss from snow and hail
tramps and children, out to play
free from the fear of icy pain
but alas! no sign of the sailor
save a snowy effigy, and on it his comb
for while snow lasted, the snow tailor'd
a snowy covering on him; it was his tomb!

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So Little Time

If I had known how much I would
Have missed her  when she left,
I would have thought of deaths embrace
As robbery or theft.

If I had known how much I would 
Have missed her when she died,
I would have prayed dear Jesus please
Take me, but I just cried.


She died so very suddenly
We did not have much time,
Though from the very day we met 
I knew she would be mine.

I loved her yes with all my heart
I prayed for her in life,
I prayed each day she would be blessed
I prayed she'd be my wife.

So lovely,tender,pure and free
I treasured all her love
She stored up for only me
This lady, was my dove.

Now I am left to wonder God.
Now I am left to pine.
Why did she die first Lord
Now when will come my time.

For fifty years in marriage 
Our hearts did intertwine.
She now has left to meet you God.
So very little time.

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Life Can Be A Little Shady

Life today can seem shady 
but **** it its what I make it until it ultimately makes me 
I been drinking and smoking ...feelin like shit, hangin over lately 
but my life is what I make it so I can let it break me 
sometimes it feels better if death would just come and take me 
But death iz everyday so I can let it ****in shake me 
So I sit here once again lost lettin life try and chase me 
so **** pplz you can all love to hate me........... 
**** it Im already insane so why not get a lil more crazy 

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Nature's Flower

Hark! little flower why thou haste,
Hath  thou  not  strived  to  dwell...?
Pity thy life be brief to taste;
'Tis  soon--- shall  bid  farewell..

O who  art  thou but  a  flower,
from dirt  thou  cometh,
Transfiguration  be  thine  hour,
Thence thou  springeth!

Hark! little flower why thou haste,
Hath  thou  not  strived  to  dwell...?
Pity thy life be brief to taste;
'Tis  soon--- shall bid  farewell..

Lo! bless'd thou be Flaming lamp,
Thy  life  precipitate,
Thou  shalt  nature  damp,
And call thou to deflate.

Hark! little flower why thou haste,
Hath  thou  not  strived  to  dwell...?
Pity thy life be brief to taste;
'Tis  soon--- shall  bid  farewell..

Transient  be  nature's  flower,
Awhile thou stagnate,
Be like burning devour!
Away thou dissipate..

Hark! little flower why thou haste, 
Hath  thou  not  strived  to  dwell...?
Pity thy life be brief to taste;
'Tis  soon--- shall  bid  farewell..            

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Last Words of the Mariner

Lying here in this life’s final berth,
No longer escaping to the sea.
If the greatest lie of all is not birth,
Death is life’s great treachery.

I think back to the times I spent
Sifting through the briny deep,
Deeply inhaling the saliferous scent,
Pleasure enough to make one weep.

The grave awaits me, I now admit,
As mortality is seeping through.
For if eternity is not a infinite pit,
I hope it ends in the quenching blue.

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Slayer of dreams and reality Bow down to his Therion Majesty Vowed to Be beyond Spiritual Supremacy, But too Frail, but too Weak, Were these words of The Transgressor of Our Argentine Destiny Reigned with Blood And with Blood You shall Fall Never denounce the ways of The Wicked For the Wicked you Have Become I'm Not your gracious Jesus Christ, Saving you from the blood-sodden Ice, But you Are The Beast Therion Majesty Can't control your own destiny The one who used to fight monsters, Became a Monster Himself Look beyond the Book, See the Truth lying there, Gagged and Hooked, Silence screaming to Be Free The Draconian Revelation Will Save thee The same Cold Pressure has erupt inside The Beast dwells in your Pride Dipped in Argentine and Insanity, Captivated by the touch Never looking beyond the Sin, For the Scene remains Empty I'm Not your gracious Jesus Christ, Saving you from the blood-sodden Ice, But you Are The Beast Therion Majesty Can't control your own destiny The one who used to fight monsters, Became a Monster Himself In your mind When the world Falls, Parodiso will open her halls But not for you, Inferno Cries out for you Forever Malaoda will Be your destiny I'm Not your gracious Jesus Christ, Saving you from the blood-sodden Ice, But you Are The Beast Therion Majesty Can't control your own destiny The one who used to fight monsters, Became a Monster Himself

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RIP My Brother

Today marks seven years you had to go. 
Your journey here was a tough tow. 
To better things the other side. 
You've left me feeling really lost. 
But the memories are never tossed. 
Even though you're in a better place. 
That don't stop the tears rolling down my face. 
You were my buddy, my pal, my friend. 
Most of all you were my brother that held my hand. 
RIP I love you always!

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A Sad Attempt

Wander and meet in wicked wind
They cut their teeth on broken nails
Walk across golden pond in sin
Trail of tears on glacial lake pales
In comparison to his frozen heart 

The heart of the damned chained forever
The heart of the damned pained forever

Pains me to think of them outstretched
Those arms of love, those arms
Brought me to believe far fetched
Dreams of love did some harm
Bleak shores broke on the edge

The heart of the damned chained forever
The heart of the damned stained forever

Surely you have heard his tale traveler
In your heart you knew it was true
Blue crystals of iced saline unravel
In a pool all that was left of Hue
His grave beside hers long overdue

The heart of the damned chained forever
The heart of the damned pained forever
The heart of the damned


*This is a work in progress and is not the final version of this poem, I SUCK..... AGAIN! 

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I look through pictures of old memories
Saddened that there will never be new
A lifetime of moments frozen in time
They are how I keep me with you

With photographs spread all around
One by one I hold them by hand
I close my eyes and am taken back
To the love of a wonderful man

It is then that I feel you, the world is at pause
It’s like your still here - I’m in awe
I see those deep blue eyes, your silver hair
And hear the sound of your soft southern drawl

You will always be my father
The man who helped my grow
One who had a hand in making me
The woman I wish you could know

People tell me they remember you most
For how much you loved me
They remind me I was your greatest joy
That I am your life’s legacy 

I’ll forever carry you with me
Wherever I am, you will go
For you are a part of me, as I am of you
Dad, I will never let you go

Bitter sweet are my memories
For they remind me you have gone away
But to them I hold, with hope and love
To see you again one day…

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Ode rise of poetry death of the owl king part 1

Never make deals with devils or run from them                                                               fight tooth and nail strike the root kill the stem                                                              who rides Dark wooden trails poet’s wild hunt                                                           crossing paths light shatter the cold front                                                                        riding a goat, great red beard with goat's hooves                                                          evil’s king many cloven slippers behooves                                                                      storm of lies hold truth as bosom’s bride                                                                        showing as angel of light but death hides                                                               Beneath the willows of time in alder realms                                                                dark past under the flowering wicker’s elm                                                                    night rituals try to reclaim what is not theirs                                                              hounds run devil-may-care Harlequins dare                                                                   krampus jolly olé nick Binding birch whip                                                                       eight legged lies bloody tongue does drip                                                                        *                                                                   -  based upon Erlking, Der Erlkönig and his supernatural death 

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Yesterday has slipped away
And only now I see
Just how sad the answers
To those questions asked can be

A hollow feeling in my heart
A pain inside so real
An empty space inside of me
That only you can fill

Even though you're gone from me
Still I’m holding on
To something that can never be
To something so far gone

People say that I'll forget 
That time will dry my tears
People say this pain inside
Will fade throughout the years

But everything we did
And every word that we did share
And every place we've been
Have left their shadows everywhere

Apart from you and I
Nobody else could ever know
Or ever understand
The part of me that can't let go

You were my love, my heart, my soul
You gave my life to me
And now I feel so lonely 
Saying 'I' instead of 'We

In a world of strangers
Here alone I stand
My promise of tomorrow
Gently slipped right through my hand

I close my eyes and feel you near
In dreams you're by my side
In every prayer I pray for you
In every tear I cry

Not only did I lose my love
I lost my best friend too
I lost my world, my heart, my soul
The day that I lost you

Although the road gets lonelier
And longer everyday
My memories of loving you
Will never fade away...

By Raina Hutchins

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Believe in the killer in me,
Innocent, she believes in me,
Metaphorical Scent of disease,
Regardless oh whom I tried to be...

Dead by the hands of a mistaken assassin,
Still, she claims what she was not,
The hunter became what the hunted has been,
An image of ignorance behind the roots of a thought.

Experience is worth for what we are now,
Lifeless and cruel, casting a doubt,
Over the wings of the choices we once approached,
But that's not what I saw, that's what I was told...

Dead by the hands of a mistaken assassin,
Still, she claims what she was not,
The hunter became what the hunted has been,
An image of ignorance behind the roots of a thought.

May the metal of your arms
Be my last empty grave,
For against your believes
Nothing's stronger than hate,
Just relieve this empty shell
Of all I once drew,
Because for all that I did
I'm no better than you...

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Forever Love

Staring out the window
I look up to the skies
I always used to say
It was the colour of your eyes
But long are the blue skies
Now replaced by dark and grey
With clouds that rain so heavy
Ever since you went away
How do I get through the days
And nights without you near
I just don’t know where I belong
Or where to go from here
I’ll always be alone
I’ll never meet somebody new
For me there’s no one in this world
To take the place of you
We had our ups and downs
We shared the laughter and the tears
But never lost the closeness
Or the love gained through the years
I can’t describe the loneliness
I feel so incomplete
For losing you it means I've lost
The biggest part of me
How am I supposed to live
This life without my love
Why should I believe
That there is good in God above
For if there was he’d dry my tears
And heal my hurt and pain
And never would have took the love
I’ll never find again
I know there’s nothing I can do
To bring you back to me
But know, that in my memory
And my heart you’ll always be..

.By Raina Hutchins

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The battle within

Sparks fly in the air
Lights glow in the dark
I am gripped by fear
As my worst nightmare attacks
It's shriek pierces my soul
It's roar tests my bravery
This battle has left my control
And no one is here to save me
The air gets colder
The light gives out
The darkness gets bolder
And I'm filled with doubt
I'm standing on a bridge, hewn  from stone
It lies between the world and my mind
Now as it approaches, I'm all alone
But this demon of mine must stay confined
It must never escape from inside me
For the world cannot withstand it
And even though I may no longer be
I will do all I can to hinder it
I summon the courage I used to lack
And stand there dumbfounded
It's eyes glow a fiery glow
It's wings are made of fire
It's sinister smirk scares me so
And I know it's one desire
Huge and menacing, it comes before me
I must now perform my appointed task
'Ancient and evil you may be,
But you shall not pass.'

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Diedre II

Don thoust not know Deidre’s eode Don thoust not know Deidre’s eode I cunnan sense her embrace that felans gelic Tragedy A Heart to hath, slipped beneoðan waw The dark pulse nou beckons us closer How many daegs will this passion bledan way We will beon the ans left to blame Bewarian we hath be-came their prey They say thou hast ben addicted to thy pain A life-leas cold barren soul left to die in the rain A whisper to close to the edge A ceallian fram the dark Bringan ut a saving sparke An exodus fram her pain Her life spent braeð in shame A Shadow ceallian brecans the silence Eom I the an to blame Don thoust not know Deidre’s eode Don thoust not know Deirdre naefre said wrong Don thoust not know Deidre’s eode “My decadence wesan just for thee Though thou never hast cared of what I hath been through Enter the world hwaer empathy is clandestine A world created by thee, just for me Hwaet is lecgan in my heart Is why thou wants to through the stan” I call thy name towards nightfall’s reign But they take thou so feorr way A dark engel so devin Cursed by Eden’s Heart I will avenge every tear An exodus fram her pain Her life spent braeð in shame A Shadow ceallian brecans the silence Eom I the an to blame Don thoust not know Deidre’s eode Don thoust not know Deirdre naefre said wrong Don thoust not know Deidre’s eode Don thoust not know Deidre’s eode Don thoust not know Deidre’s eode

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Appointment in samara

Appointment in Samara

There lived in Isfahan a man
A servant young and bold
Of a wealthy Merchant man.
One day this lad was told
To go and purchase food and wine
So with purse all filled with gold
The lad rode to the market place
But death there stopped him cold

He beckoned to that servant there
Like words he had to share.
But that lad did turn his back
And fled right out of there.
He fled he to samara
Where exhausted he lay down
But then at midnight on the hour
Lord death did come around.

Three knocks he heard upon his door
And the dark one came in sight
“I saw you there in Isfahan
You Can’t be here tonight”
The young man shrieked, but death did say
“Now I was there this morning
To say I’d meet you in samara
It was just my little warning”

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if every urinal spoke of sense;

if every urinal spoke of sense;
hark-shot nomadic whispers… 
deflationary aspirations… 
palatine teacups and conjunctive juntas…
would you forgo the inevitable...? 

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  Inescapable truths endure
When the beginning of the end has begun:
  Blessed is he who rejoices in his fate
And damned is the fool by his own heart undone.
  But do not despair my life revoked -
Drink and joke as I have drank and joked

  Behold such a dreary hour,
And lament if you must this passing strand:
  Freed from the wrath and the battle
Like some fallen soldier on some forgotten land.
  Hark, O ancient order Protestant knell
That chills ageing marrow, molecule, and cell

  Laid dead - the living paradox -
Higher good and assault coexist all around:
  And as I sleep the ages eternal sleep
A wasting manifestation does perish underground.
  The incompatible truth of no recourse
Is I'm no immovable object or irresistible force

  Among pall bearer march
Whisper idle talebearers their webs to spin!
  Their trail of narcissistic divinations
Scattered like the chaff - like dust in the wind.
  For one last defiant gesture I longed -
Free of the affirmation that I have wronged

  In wake out of cadaver box
Will spectre rise up through the bracken bare?
  Into the dead calm outer white sea
Will revelation and requited love be waiting there?
  Or will old incarnation, flesh and blood,
Rise up again beyond the cold clay and mud

  Thus cry your serpent tears:
Let the hypocrites and imposters raise a glass;
  But in my grave bury me face down
And cheeks up - and let this world kiss my arse!
  This I do with a contented scoff -
Now pucker up! Bend over! And rack off!

October 1992

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The sapphire sun of what-were dreams
Setting in the forsaken east
My winters' desperation clung to your silent voice
Let death be a choice
Dusk revealed your truest nature
Before her argentine eyes
'Tis the darkest of tragedies, romances' maladies
Let your forgiveness be la Vie In this frozen air
The wings of my deepest despairs

Friend or foe?
The dagger close to my heart--
If your forgiveness is nigh
Let me know--or is this all a lie

Lilyheart Swain
Please don't give into your pain
You hold my soul on Eden's Edge

Your innocent flesh
Cradled in my broken arms
Forever you will be mine, forever you will stay
The snow caressing us as we tangle in deathly embrace
This darkness fades into amber innocence 
Hatred no longer exists
Forgive me
Come back my only

The winterwind tears carress me
With whispers, (of) Someone I Once knew
Calming the fears inside
But the pain remains
--hallcunary rains 

Dreams fading with the Enya in your eyes
With the darkness of your hands
The silverfears of the pale moon
Shine on you

Lilyheart swain 
Please don't give into your pain
You hold my soul on Eden's Edge

Your innocent flesh
Cradled in my broken arms
Forever you will be mine, forever you will stay
The snow caressing us as we tangle in deathly embrace
This darkness fades into amber innocence 
Hatred no longer exists
Forgive me
Come back my only

Your eyes search for mine
Oh how they shine, blue 
Sacrdice has a price
Heaven is calling us tonight

Cursed In shadowed illusions
Shall we dance?
Would there be a chance
Forgive me now
I will rip out every nail 
Of your coffin
I don't care if it's God it will offend

Lilyheart Swain
Please don't give into your pain
You hold my soul on Eden's Edge

Your innocent flesh
Cradled in my broken arms
Forever you will be mine, forever you will stay
The snow caressing us as we tangle in deathly embrace
This darkness fades into amber innocence 
Hatred no longer exists
Forgive me
Come back my only

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Population Control: a murder ballad

A grim occupation was his indeed
And was one that the world thought it didn't need
Which is why this ballad chooses to extol
Not "murder", but "population control". 

One Killer chose to hide his true name
By taking another's; he felt no shame,
For then he's be free to pick and choose
Someone to kill, and have nothing to lose.

A child perhaps, or reven a father;
With helpless infants he did not bother
But mothers, he would leave alone
(They reminded him too much of his own).

So much blood had he already spilt;
Despite this fact, he felt no guilt
He felt he was destined for this task;
Helping the world, though it didn't ask.

One shouldn't laugh at his self-given job
Though his resume was rather macabre,
He helped evolution by doing his best
To weed out the weak and spare all the rest.

Though murder is certainly an evil crime,
And murderers should pay for it with their time,
Consider the benefit this man had to give
By removing the weak from the strong that still live.

For science keeps the weak and diseased from death
And holds onto poor souls stuck on artificial breath.
So consider this man's actions with silver lining,
Or when the world gets overcrowded--stop whining.

But don't misunderstand what is being said here;
This poem makes light of something that's feared
And don't be surprised when someone takes role
Over humanity as "population control".

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Fear of war

Fear of war:

Bullet casings strike the ground as the sound of war numbs his eardrums.
The sent of sulfur and black powder fill his flaring nostrils as he stares down the barrel of his riffle. 

Barley eighteen he knows fear better than any man working nine to five on Americas boarders and as he sits perfectly still looking through the mud splattered scope he sees the young face of his predestined enemy.

Pure terror.
The lines of affliction deepen around his mouth and in his chaotic mind he prays to god he didn’t have to take the shot.

Tanks roar across the soaked bog, echoing the sound of robotic chains.
Missiles fall from the sky piercing though the red clouds in whisking lines.
The massive elongated shell screeches like a banshee just before exploding, demolishing their targets below.

Black soil erupts, carrying with it dismembered and blood drenched bodies.
Scared and angry wails cause disarray.

“This cant be real.”
The boy thinks as heavy black dirt falls around him like rain.
His emerald eyes dilate in size as he surveys the destroyed land. 

Overhead flybys are made, Fighter jets taking aim with enormous guns hidden among their metal frames.

The pulling back of hammers and bullets striking flesh.
Screams of unimaginable pain, rolling tanks and swords clashing against the enemies seethe. Even the sound of warm blood splashing across the tips of untouched grass blades.

And as he stops, lowering his gun he hears the sound he has feared the most.
A gasp exiting the lungs as he takes in his last shallow breath.

He mind echoes as he lays in his own spilled soil.
“This is the song of every man, every solider stuck in the world of war.”

His eyes grow cold as he succumbs to his injury.
A bullet to the chest.

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The Real Grief

Hearts are swollen,
Tears are a constant flow.
People are morning,
But it’s all just for show.

Clad in black,
I sit on the last aisle.
A veil covers my face,
My eyes are quiet.
I’ll say a few words,
Just so they know I care.
But I know that you know,
Because I was always there.

A labyrinth of emotions,
Has engulfed me so deep.
The unshed tears,
Slowly piling up in a heap.

Agony, anger, angst,
Stifle my mind.
A tranquil place,
Is getting harder to find.

It makes me incensed,
To see them cry.
They didn’t know you,
How could they, when they didn’t try?

And yet they are here,
Saying that they loved you,
But I sit quiet,
Because I still do.

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Lost in the toilet of life

As the razor glides across my wrist
An eruption of life escapes me
With ever drip it escapes me
Into the toilet of life, 
My life blood escapes me.

Too late to turn back
It escapes me,
Slowly drifting off into darkness 
Its escaping me,
Seeing her face walk in the door 
Crying as she holds me in her arms
It escapes me,
With thoughts of regret, 
and the memory of her face,
I am gone…
Forever lost in the toilet of life

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Leave Us In Peace

Rearing its ugly head
Struggling to take shape

The nincompoops’ have arrived
Yes, truly derived
The hyena’s abound
The terrain advanced
Abacha again?!
Leave us in peace

Abiola-like ears
When without my shears
Flapping without fears
Burger-like lips
Surely, the bill fits
Saddam hanged!
Terrorists ganged!
Youths hanged!
Petrol fanged!
Leave us in peace

230 victims, weighing a bale
Not enough to tip the scales
Burst! Yet another
Abattoir expects still more
Power maniacs at the fore
Obasanjo still snores
Leave us in peace

What difference was there
When Belleview happened
And Sosoliso followed
Killing a ‘fountain of truth ’
And National Corpers’ minus some
16 year-olds – buried?
And yet,
Chachangi became another toy: Unmaintained toy in acrid air
Toying with a 117 lives
Thereby burying that orange box
In Lisa village
Leave us in peace
Williams, Daramola, Ige
Maccido, Gandi, Mohammed
The country mourned
But leopards remain spotted
Crocodiles without tears
And crabs, unblinking.
Atiku! Obasanjo!
National ‘craft scandals!
Political topsy-turvy!!
Economic instability!!!
Health upheaval!!!!
Physical and moral declination!!!!!
How much longer?
For we want to be
Left in peace…

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A Question of Honor

Dedicated to Noor Al-Maleki You Try, You Try so hard To put Your will Over Me But I will Remain Free I am So Dirty and So Very Unclean So Please Condemn me Sentence Me The Crescent Is A Lie The One I shall Try To Defy Is it Just To Dispose What Has Dishonored You and Your Radical Views You Have set me Free, Can't You See I Won't have to face a Tyrant anymore Your gaze used to Stun But Now It Just Burns Under the Sun Never Enough to Be Myself Never Enough to Be Free I will not Bow to You I will not Kneel Before You Smothering Liberty Condoning Freedom This way is unjust This way only brings out our worse Hatred and Mistrust War and malice no know law You Try, You Try so hard to put Your will Over Me But I will Remain Free I am So Dirty and So Very Unclean So Please Condemn me Sentence Me The Crescent Is A Lie The One I shall Try To Defy Is Just To Dispose What Has Dishonored You and Your Radical Views I am The Flame you Greatly Hate I am The Flame you greatly fear Some cannot handle the truth It shows they are the Criminals You are one of them You're the problem This misdeed will not live on without the hate of your name Honor Is not real It's just an emotion that only you feel You're another bulwark Against the truth No one Will Bow No one Will Kneel You Try, You Try so hard to put Your will Over Me But I will Remain Free I am So Dirty and So Very Unclean So Please Condemn me Sentence Me The Crescent Is A Lie The One I shall Try To Defy Is it Just To Dispose What Has Dishonored You and Your Radical Views You Fear The Truth You Fear the reality you are the criminal against all humanity We must end these lies Before Honor Will Strike again You Try, You Try so hard to put Your will Over Me But I will Remain Free I am So Dirty and So Very Unclean So Please Condemn me Sentence Me The Crescent Is A Lie The One I shall Try To Defy Is it Just To Dispose What Has Dishonored You and Your Radical Views

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Good listener, please lend your ear
To share my history
Before I take the poison drink,
I’ll tell you my story.

They’re coming even now to take
The city that we love
And hope is often lost and so
My tale i’ll tell you of.
	When Carthage took upon itself
To find by light of day
A general? Well your in luck!
Great Hannibal did say.

He planned to cross the mountains great
Twas thought the only way,
But first to cross the river Rhone,
Great Hannibal did pray

The river Rhone rose up and warned
	Don’t cross my waters grey!
	No way to cross? Then all was lost
	Great Hannibal did say

	Then at once stood Hannibal
	We’ll cross by th’end of day!? 	Take down those trees to make a raft
	Great Hannibal did say 

	Over the water blue they went
	Lined up in an array
	And now to Rome and battle great!
	Good Hannibal did say.
Due north he found an obstacle
	That willed him to give way,
	The northern tribes with battle cries
	Great Hannibal did slay.

	The biggest problem now was here
	Across the mountains stray
	“Great danger now we face, my men,”
	Great Hannibal did say.

	Across the mountains none did think
	That they would last a day
	Just one more hill or mountain top,
	Great Hannibal would say

	The crew were weary lost and torn
	That made them curse the day
	“But we are almost there, you see?”
	Great Hannibal did say.	

	And soon enough the walls of Rome
	Rose up as if to say
	Who ventures here with war in mind?
	Come greet us at our gates!

	But in the Roman city there
	Scipio here to stay
	“No one can beat us, no one can,”
	Great Hannibal did say.

	At Rome’s great gates for 15 years
	He waited patiently
	We can’t stay here, for food is dear,
	Great Hannibal did say.

	So he turned back to Carthage’s gates
	But met along the way
	Scipio and his army great
	Hannibal could not slay

	When all was done his quest was lost,
	And Rome would live too great,
	A treaty signed so punishing
	That Carthage lost its gate.

	And Hannibal the general
	That lost the city too
	Was forced to go to lands beyond
	And help as best he could.

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Embracing His Wrath

The great deceiver picks one
To manipulate and bare his son.

Something goes wrong, she won't have it
So she runs away from his havoc

She refuses to commit to his will
He curses her to the Island Seal

A place to give in to the evil
Where she meets a man named Cecil

The evil one under a mask
To deceive is his ultimate task

Through his eyes she can tell
Looking through unmasking hell

In his furious anger he breaks her neck
Her soul is lifted to her lord ship

Her body is given a second chance
Without recollection of this dance

He places her under angel guards
Marking her under the stars

Her torment will not go unseen
If she goes back she will...scream

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The Concept of Freedom

The concept of precious freedom
Was born in the bowels of heaven.
In the bondage the world offers;
Fear throughout our lives is woven.
God hates mental or physical bondage,
Common to many an earthly kingdom.
The Passover is commonly known
As the festival of freedom.

Blood on the doorposts of Egypt
Was God’s symbol of freedom.
Freedom from the plague
That held death in its bossom.
The faithful were under the cover
Of the shed blood of the lamb.
Freedom from death was provided
And is God’s eternal, freedom plan.

When church and state combines,
As we have seen in certain cases,
The freedom of God’s people
Always ceases or diminishes.
Enforced ‘religion of the day’
Always persecutes and destroys.
No freedom to worship
For bondage has its envoys.

Freedom is a privilege,
Born from walking with our Lord.
To delight in His law of love
Brings freedom from discord.
Fear is the common basis
Of every type of bondage.
Fear needs to dictate or control,
And both lead to freedom’s carnage.

By Maureen LeFanue

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Henry the Eighth King of England

Henry the Eighth,
A tempestuous Tudor Prince,
Six marriages,
All doomed to toss in the sea of fate.

The fair Spanish princess was first,
Wedded to the King of England,
She died alone and rejected, 
Shut out of the warmth of his heart.

The temptress cometh,
A dark English maiden,
Seductively beautiful,
Her hold cannot last,
The tide swelled against her,
No male heir for England,
A silver sword stole her life.

Beautiful, far and modest,
Another English maid,
Destined to be the third Queen of England,
Succeeded where others couldn't
A son was born,
A mother and Queen fell,
Her shadow lingers in the palace still.

Fourth in line a German princess,
A Flander’s Mare the King pronounced,
Displeasing to his eye,
A marriage crumbles,
She lives to see another day.

A mischievous sprite,
Captures the eye of a King,
A voracious flirt,
She lost her head,
A fateful lesson learned and,
Paid for with her life.

Last in line,
A sweet and gentle woman,
She nursed him to the end.
His last breath was drawn,
A life snuffed out.

She lives to see,
His children inherit
A turbulent throne.
First the precious Prince Edward,
Then Bloody Mary,
Last in line- the Virgin Queen- Elizabeth.

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There was a time in yesteryear
When I had lived alone,
I had come across a certain fear
Of things that dwell below

My mind kept leaping back inside
The dark holes of the unknown
Till one night I felt cruel eyes
Burning into my own

I hadn’t welcomed it I swear!
—please do not get me wrong
I couldn’t remain, I wouldn’t dare
Stay there for too long

I fled towards my bathroom,
As if that would scare it away!
I’d lose it, I assumed
As long as I didn’t stay

For a full hour I sat there
On the toilet seat
Sitting in the darkness where
I stared at my cold feet

Finally, standing, I opened up the door
I heard the screech of the hinge,
That creak and nothing more…
But still, it made me cringe 

Each night I felt the eyes upon me
Fixedly, more and more 
But one dark, cold night I suddenly saw
A figure at my bedroom door

My eyes couldn’t leave the sight
Of the insidious, insisting guest
My heart thumped drastically in fright
As you probably would have guessed

It stood there upon the blemished floor
Watching me in my bed
Its body leaned against my door
Tilting and jerking its head

I screamed and clutched onto my covers
Stabbing to stay my heart
Trying to reach the telephone for others
But it was just too far! 

I looked out of my window
Watching the rain patter against the sill
I was trying to distract my terrified woe
That haunted me against my will

I must have been losing my mind
But one night I felt braver and sane,
Trying to be courteous and kind,
Though scared I asked, “What is your name?”

The atmosphere grew darker within the room
I thought that I would die of fright 
“My name is Tsustaroth,” it said
“And I am kissing you goodnight” 

In horror I saw it moving towards me
My blankets flew away
Its fiendish look of reptile beast
Was zooming towards my face!

I moved to the corner of the room
And it turned its head towards me
I felt the burning of terror and doom 
Revel inside of me

Then I saw it disappear
Into the dusty floors
But thrashing footsteps I could still hear
Closer and closer…thumping on the floorboards

As soon as it had left the scene
I felt the earth beneath my skin
I felt so alive, so eerily keen
I felt the darkness lurking within

“And every night, yes every while,
I’ll visit you at your door,”
As he spoke I felt myself hysterically smile!
“ And we won’t be lonely anymore…”

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I saw them once!

It was monday afternoon and a cool breeze parted my hair like a blooming flower
Long as my hair was it looked magnificently golden as it shown with power

Sweet summer sweat gleamed off of my skin as I ran through the field
Endless energy and spirit my presence could wield

Just in front of me skipping as she pleased. 
My childhood soul mate the goddess Genivieve.

Hand in hand we danced and giggled without a care in the world
My first crush was a tomboyish little girl

Silly as it may sound but the truth is this
She made my heart jump and my legs twitch

As the sun wound down into eve
The colors in the sky was a masterful weave

Just as the orange and purple sky grew darker with the passing hour
Angels flew after the fading gold tower

I knew she saw them too! So we talked with smile and gleam
Could we have shared the same wonderful dream?

I knew then on that we were supposed to be
Though now she is much more than a memorie

Every now and again I find myself looking at that same setting
Imagining the girl I once new at our childhood wedding

Now she sits at those same gates and stares into my eyes
while I sit here and blubber and cry

That is not only what she does for me during my time
Her hands steal these keys and formulate rhymes
                    (David Welch 10 years old)

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Stolen Souls

It sweeps through the nights, 
Is it an angel? a devil? or the angel of death, 
I lie there sleeping, 
It comes and my life disappears, 

I disappeared then i found myself flying, 
flying over the ruins the soul stealer left, 
I saw his face, 
I saw his pain, 
I'm sweating terribly, or are these tears on my face? 

I hear a scream then i wake up, 
Its white and clean, 
I hear a machine going: beep, beep, beep 
and his face looking at me, 
holding my hand, 

i suddenly remember the scream, 
my own scream, 
and the bullies dunking me underwater,
he was just glad i was alive, 

he leans closer, 
and we share our first kiss.

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Life Without You

Life without you couldn't be right.
No hugging, kissing, or pillow talk at night.

Life without you just wouldn't be fair,
I'd have all these feelings too good to spare.

Life without you would be kind of lame,
Things would be dry and always the same.

Life without you is a horrible lie,
I'd probably break down and have to cry.

Life without you can't really be
For I would be very painful and insane to me.

Life without you is a bad dream,
You and I are one, the most formidable team.

Life without you.

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Josette, Drive the Faerie out of me

She's Lost--I'm the one left to blame Forsaken by my potent manipulating game I've killed the one, My starcrossed heart Desires ...But not By My hands I Try To Follow her ghost But the fog and mist are too strong My eyes are rendered useless "You're Never going to Find Josette" The netherworld Spirits sang I Won't lose Heart I Will Win this Fight For My Sacred Josette's Right to Life This is what happens when The Devil's Adovocate Falls for Jesus's Greatest Bride This is what happens When The life of the disease Loves the cure it desperately hates Drives you mad But Wasn't I already? Josette, I'm begging you To Drive the Faerie out of Me

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Being born in the postwar fifties,
after darkness and catastrophe
ascended on all Europe,
I didn't experience cruelty and horror... 
but hope came from the defenders of freedom
from North America and England;
and their military supremacy crushed
Hitler's vanity and his inhumane empire!
I was given birth by a courageous mother,
who saw bombs drop on buildings,
and escaped to the countryside with a few belongings...
dragging grandmother to safety!

Fear was everywhere...people had to hide,
and liberty was a forbidden cry;
even in the Vatican City, and rumors...
if not facts, confirmed that some
were afraid to speak against this evil,
but continued to tremble,
and in doing so they let many die!
Wasn't God angry at their hypocrisy;
and if they had taken a stand against the evildoers...
wouldn't it spared many?

It's my turn to protest the evil
that destroyed the life of big and small
for their faith, religion and race;
those voices are still ignored,
but  they are finally heard;  
their thirst for peace and justice
will be quickly quenched!
It's my turn to heal their wounds
with sweet and consoling words of kindness,
and alleviate their fears that what happened yesterday...
must not be repeated in our history;
and wil I be able to do this without facing controversy?
It's my turn to use the written word,
to outshine everyone whose interest is greed! 

Nobody more than I
was saddened by this tragedy,
so powerful and overwhelming,
to promptly modify the traits of my personality;
to be more considerate and caring,
and partake in Humankind's destiny!
An Aquarius has many
distinguishing qualities
and talents, and I intend to use them wisely...
listening to their struggles 
with much sympathy!
It's my turn to use the written word,
to declare war on the state of unfair things,
proceed with caution on flapping winds...
to land where I am welcomed,
and see every hand touching mine;
only when the their joy returns, I can certainly smile!

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Night before battle

Optio's! Centurions! Lend me your ears
But finish your rations and down your beers

For tommorow awaits the adventure of a life time
We battle our enemies for many bloody crimes

So tonight go home and bed your wives
Because some of you will lose your lives

Fill your bellies and admire your friends
For they will follow you to all your ends

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Ashley Had a Small Goat
Oh, Ashley had a Small goat,
Small goat, Small goat,
Ashley had a Small goat,
And he had a coat of white

He followed her to school one day,
School one day, school one day,
He followed her to school one day,
And drank a some water.

 Oh, once he ate a spinach can, 
Spinach can, spinach can, 
once he ate a spinach can, 
Also a line of clothes.

The clothes can do no harm inside, 
Harm inside, harm inside, 
the clothes can do no harm inside, 
But oh! The spinach can!

 The can was filled with achemical,
chemical , chemical chemical,
The can was filled with a chemical,
Which the goat  thought was food

He rubbed against poor Ashley's chin,
Ashley's chin, Ashley's chin,
He rubbed against poor Ashley's chin,
His deep distress to ease.

There was a flash of girl and goat,
Girl and goat, girl and goat
There was a flash of girl and goat
And they were seen no more..

Ashley's soul to Heaven went,
Heaven went, Heaven went,
Ashley's soul to Heaven went,
And Mr. Goat went there too.

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what life is, is all in drama.

A play whereas pain and joy

are the themes in constant contrast .

pain is for us in stage and joy for the only one who watches .

what is it to be normal ,if life is all just stage act

of the seven step rhythmn with a slight tag

followed by the deep mournful cry encrypted pain is living and role of puppets

and us all in poetic harmony

we stomp to the dance of life.

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The Rumble from Below

They heard the rumble from below
Drinks were spilled; they stopped the show.
The scream was heard, the tension rose
The crowd was still, the music froze.

The lights flickered, a roar was heard
Wild lion appears, then massacred
All the zebras, flailing around
So their stripes were safe and sound

This lion though, was smarter than that
2 weeks he’d been a hungry cat
Such silly follies were no match
To save lives on this grassland patch.

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His hunger

His hunger:

Would you offer your jaw?
Would you offer your lips?
Would you offer your tongue to feed the hungry wolf in wait?

He howls in agony as he lays in the blood red brier bush.
His limbs contort as he transforms into a Herculean beast.

As he opens his amber eyes, he sees you, His thirst speaking from the deeps of his stomach.

You plead trying to reach the human inside.
“I would offer my heart to the tortured man behind the wolfs eyes.”

It grows silent, his face twists, and his body shakes.
With one slash your blood spills across the brier patch.
Your soul now sleeps with the wild roses as he feeds.

The wolfs hunger subsides but the man inside dies, haunted by the sound of your sweet voice that cried.

“I would offer my heart to the tortured man behind the wolfs eyes.”

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elephant in the corner

at the party all the people look around 
and the can see that there's 
an elephant in the corner 
who is he? 
they take drinks,pills, and cheap therapy 
but do they see? 
it's all the silence, the lips are moving 
service all the liars, make them humble 
yet they still won't ask for guidance 
and the elephant he holds onto the key 
but it leads to places they don't want 
to be. 
that the elephant in the corner 
was me. 

hold your hands out 
let me see what you have inside them 
what is it that you hide there 
voices,faces everywhere 
burned out dreams, but no one dares 
cover them, did you need them spared 
the elephant was there. 
to bad you didn't care. 

At the lighthouse, we observed the waves 
they crashed and dashed beside us 
as we blanketed the stars 
how they divide, just put away 
your sleepy mind and let it 
bide us. because soon enough 
time will not revive us. 
are we to long gone 
or will he come to 
guide us? 
the elephant remains around 
to smite us. we can see him 
but deny, we lie, we spite 
just the fact he's here 

please tell me that you've seen him here 
does he whisper in your ear? 
your deeds, your lies, your face 
you hide, the ones who cried, 
those left behind, he looks at you 
without a grin, he knows your moves 
your every whim, your groans and tones 
the hate you own, the epitaph on you 
headstone. the elephant is only 
skin and bones. 
and now your all alone...

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Shelly Cole

A bright Texas sun
Beat down upon this day
In the middle few should know
A teenage soul should stray

Stolen by a thief
With no apparent motivation
This man offered
No explanation

A mighty blast filled the air
She had wronged none 
All of a sudden
Her life was undone

Now robbed of her life
She shall carry on
With the pull of a trigger
She was forever gone

Yet carry on she shall
Carry on Shelly Cole
For your passing was
Out of your control

Happy you shall be
In the heavens above
Wings you shall have
Like that of a dove

Your beauty lives on
Long past your breath
It was near devastating
When informed of your death

Shelly, O Shelly
What has been done?
For your eyes where brighter
Than that of the sun

Though your body lies motionless
On that of the floor
Your soul shall undoubtedly
Live evermore

Carry on Shelly 
Carry on

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Windowsill pardons- 
Slit shard acrid bay, abhorring reason-
Neathe’ mire middling

Pittance purveyors-
Hark yarn tethered gout…
Purling midst ever- 
Nier passé-pout 

Yield son contraction-
Dour frail tore regret… 
Woken bout afters, 
Sundry intent. 

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September 11th

Today’s the day
When it all went down.
The pain and sorrow,
And the worlds big frown.
It shouldn’t have happened,
All those innocent people,
Who had to be there,
Now have God as their keeper.
It wasn’t their time to go.
I feel horrible for their families.
I just want to ask you,
 To pray for them please.
The terrorists that did this
Will get what they deserve.
They’ll get Satan’s kiss!
They must be heartless
To even think of this!
There are people to thank
Like the firemen and cops,
And a lot of people gave blood.
Even if it was just drops.
When the towers got hit,
The world thought it was an accident.
No one would’ve guessed
That it was really terrorists.
So don’t forget this day.
Its part of our painful history.
It’ll be in the books.
But why it happened,
Will always be a mystery.

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Immortal View of Time

Immortal I stand at the dawn of time watching as history unfolds what will become of 
mankind. War and evil is said to be man made, but it was created by the Ancient of Days; 
long before the snake will entice the mortals to slay.

The land is green with promise of that which is unseen, seize the day while it is young is the 
battle cry of the old, carpe diem is dead and cold. Potential is something that is most not fully 
realized, and never surpassed. History is the story of man never learning from the mistakes 
they have made before; there is no new problem under the sun.

Little spiders in my brain running at the speed of light, each carries a little thought some of: 
joy, hope, fear, and delight. Another fly dies food for thought is consumed fueling my mind 
through out the night.

The war within is the one not without belief, that these ants, spiders, and flies live and die for 
something larger than what they are in this life. “Veni Vedi Veci” Caesar cried but what was it 
for that this ant died? Shakespeare wrote, he spun and weaved but with his web of beautiful 
words is he really anything more than a spider to me?

The Brink of the dawn until this point in time: you’re born, you live and die. Is there a point to 
try? The pages of history are all the same, but do your best to live it different in each day. We 
will put it on your grave that you dared to live for the new day, which never came for you 

Immortal I stand at the setting of the sun it seems like yesterday time has just begun; but 
now it’s done and these mortals had a good run. They have managed to find grace in the 
eyes of the Ancient of Days.

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Graveyard Sounds

Extinct and ignored are these downcast shadows 
In rusting temples where solitude dwells,
Yet here nights are lost between dreams and thought
All hushed in soundless tombs

Into this somber blackness shines no light
To inflame the darkened stones;
While they who lay in dirt and clay
Speak not there eternal memory

To ash from ash, unto thus be dust
When years turn through to years,
Till mournful words surpass the truth
Once attained next to graveyard sounds

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Miss Mayhem

Nymphomania Is all she can grant you along with a well spent night This femme fatale isn't something A man can't handle A sex-fiend straight from the chamber of Satan A desire so strong It won't ever feel wrong A mistress of melancholy She took over my soul The amphetamine addiction Of her deadly embrace Her sweet poisonous grace Her heroin laced lips Oh how her venom drips All beware of a sensual destruction The comely fatal femme This sexual gem Stay away from miss mayhem Disaster is what she is A taste of her could make you leave All other vices and loves Would you ever think of the price For an eternity you'll be condemne dEven just for one night with miss mayhem This vamp of pain all life she will drain, this is addicting whore Is all you will adore Exciting and erotic Using all fetishes against your soul Your wife will surely lament From this dreadful strife A mistress of melancholy She took over my soul The amphetamine addiction Of her deadly embrace Her sweet poisonous grace Her heroin laced lips Oh how her venom drips All beware of a sensual destruction The comely fatal femme This sexual gem Stay away from miss mayhem A plague of pleasure The flead rats couldn't even measure Against the scourge of men A mistress of melancholy She took over my soul The amphetamine addiction Of her deadly embrace Her sweet poisonous grace Her heroin laced lips Oh how her venom drips All beware of a sensual destruction The comely fatal femme This sexual gem Stay away from miss mayhem

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Christened as averred one Harriet Kuritsky on November 13th nineteen thirty five
     the youngest of four with only one brother
     whose exit from this world from a terminal illness she did not survive! 

The following emotions communicating heartfelt grief
practically vanquished as like my existence turned a new leaf!
A recurring abysmal grief stricken state
still consumes my entire being of late
these perpetual tears of sadness seem not to a-bate
since the grim reaper brandished scythe
     signature sign of a deadlocked fate!
Twas about 11:00 a.m. 2005 that third of May
     that our dearly beloved mother
     fought tooth and nail to keep death at bay 
(recounted by sisters who elected to remain on vigil that day)
nonetheless rigor mortis upper hand
     brought a (supposed) painless and swift death
     to her diseased and emaciated riddled body  gone lifeless and ashen gray!
This only heir still misses his mom more than plaintive words can spell
with his agonizingly pained heart and soul  that rents asunder this psyche pell-mell
no amount of weeping can quiet and quell!
Cathartic for me to give you a posthumous ode
conveyed in an easy to read poetic code
to accept finality & permanent loss only retrievable from nostalgic memories
     identified as that childhood home and favorite abode! 
Her cremated ashes still remain sealed in the same nondescript box
     white, powdery and chalk like material
     devoid of any vestigial semblance to her once living and vibrant self
     that unique persona pulverized and vaporized
     (housed former svelte and tall Arthur Murray ball-room dance teacher 
     a half century plus prior to demise
     which beauty, charm and grace quickly caught the attention of my father
     who courted and eventually proposed to this young flirt and tease of a gal)
     inert organic matter now represents sole residual embodiment 
     reduced to dust and near nothingness
     former corporeal being of blood, bone and flesh 
     weighing no more than a dozen hatch marks on the scale
     absence still bears down heavy like some millstone round the neck
     per  the black hole void created by defeat with Grim Reaper
     toward this woman who helped birth and nurse me into manhood
     momma’s only grown son still feels ripples of grievous sadness
     no matter the years of suppressed anger and rage
     in addition to emotional conflicts between us 
     which invariably wrought unpleasant relationship
     and a legacy of discord writ large across the tapestry of my life!

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Time is near me, it's within me, it surrounds me, it raps me in it's motherly loving 
arms, it cuddles me, it squeezes me so tight that it makes me feel save, nothing 
could ever hurt me.

It gives me time, the time I need to heel to repear and prepear from all the cruel 
things I've witnessed, beyond my wildest dreams. It helps me to not be ashamed 
of the person I really am deep inside and when things are just too much to 
handle, I escape reality and go into a dream world, my dream world, the one it 
supplies for me.

It gives me my wings to fly, and then when I least expect it, it crawls next to me in 
my bed and rips me out of my deep slumber and bashes my head in against the 
walls of my non-spoken tears.

It rapes me with all the wrong doing I've done, it stabs me in the back with 
sorrows and sadness, it breaks my bones with lies and deception, it burns my 
very existence with hatred and then it rips my bleeding heart and feeds it to the 
deepest darkest hence men of hades, god of the underworld and throws my 
naked self, my bruised soul on the cold dark floor of the hidden away childish 
fears and leaves me to die.

And when it's all over, after all the bad things that could happen, happened thats 
when he comes back to pick me up, dust the durt off of me and pretends like 
nothing had ever happened. He holds me once more and all hatred, all the 
hostility turns to trust...

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Shadow of Memory

She walks in darkness in the light,
Rememberance the only sight
That fades
As the dawn breaks over the crest
Of the waves.

She finds rest and she finds peace
Inside the shelter of the leaves.
She finds stars that never cease
Beneath the night and endless seas.

Looks deep into the universe
And wonders at the light,
The thousand depthless, empty words
Unspoken in the night.

The moon is in her soul.
Who cares about control?
She's seen the world inside her eyes,
But she could never realize

That deep among the stars,
So deep inside the sea,
That deep inside the years' reflection,
Nothing still will be.

And time is lost and gone
As sunlight brings the dawn.
She's felt the sea beneath her eyes
Surrender tears.
She cries.

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Should you take me

If I should die today Lord Perfect
Let me die a poet
Let me write every episode of my life
Hoping to bring an end to strife.
Let my pieces people read
Let they heed
To bring forth good seed.

Should you take me Lord.
Let me speak every word
Let me read every lip
Let every memory I keep
Lord this I pray
Should you take me away.

If I should go
Let me reap what I sow
Let me see my seed grow
Let me go in piece
Should this be my last piece.

I have written love and hurt
I have written light and darkness
I have written hope and desperation
Lord when you take me finally
Let my works stay permanently
Lord bless the works of my words.

And when I go dear Lord
Keep safe ones I loved
Give them high happiness
Take away their stress
Let them live holy
For we are all yours wholly.
This is my humble prayer
Should you take me.

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Summer's late,
I am left here to die, 
Stuck in a phase, 
And time wouldn't fly. 
Asking me to change, 
What do I be?
More like you?
What's in it for me?
Do I be a two faced man,
Or a ten tongued woman,
I'd rather be,
Alone & Inhuman,
She's selling my soul,
She's getting her gold. 
She's got an endless greed,
More of me she needs. 
A soulless man,
I do what I can,
Kill me now, 
Like you kill my men,
Kill me in the middle of my dream,
So, I won't feel the pain. 
If you see me in a piece,
Shoot me again. 
Summer's near,
For her it's a fear,
She has to now bear me,
For I will be near,
In her home,
And on her bed,
While she's dreaming of others,
Inside her head. 
Asking me to change,
This summer breathes a new life,
Look at her face,
Doesn't look like my wife,
She's already found,
Another man,
I'm a soulless body,
I did what I can. 
Shoot me now,
While I'm alive,
Let me watch my blood,
Can't take anymore of this world. 
All the kids playing outside,
Oblivious of this ride,
This ride called life, 
Death is my wife. 
Summer's far,
I am closer to death hour,
Do I bury my grave,
Am I so brave?
Or do I find a rope,
My only hope, 
One thing agreed,
By all the wise,
The best advice. 
Let this summer,
Take away my life,
And breathe one in her,
My beautiful wife. 
I have nothing to live, 
I have no place to stay,
Where is the light,
I don't see the end of my day. 
I've got her by my side,
I'm promised her the best ride,
She's smiling,
So hard, I know she's pretending.
So, I take a gun,
Shoot her in the head. 
I promised her,
This one last ride,
A beautiful death,
To my beautiful bride,
Drifting away,
Into the Sunset, 
Love is an illusion,
Built in your head. 
Shut all the voices,
Shoot yourself instead. 
Summer's here,
And I am not there.
The price for her lie,
We've both died. 
She's getting her gold. 
She's got an endless greed,
More of me she needs. 
A soulless man,
I do what I can,
Kill me now, 
Like you kill my men,
Kill me in the middle of my dream,
So, I won't feel the pain. 
If you see me in a piece,
Shoot me again. 
Summer's near,
For her it's a fear,
She has to now bear me,
For I will be near,
In her home,
And on her bed,
While she's dreaming of others,
Inside her head. 
Asking me to change,
This summer breathes a new life,
Look at her face,
Doesn't look like my wife,
She's already found,
Another man,
I'm a soulless body,
I did what I can. 
Shoot me now,
While I'm alive,
Let me watch my blood,
Can't take anymore of this world. 
All the kids playing outside,
Oblivious of this ride,
This ride called life, 
Death is my wife. 
Summer's far,
I am closer to death hour,
Do I bury my grave,
Am I so brave?
Or do I find a rope,
My only hope, 
One thing agreed,
By all the wise,
The best advice. 
Let this summer,
Take away my life,
And breathe one in her,
My beautiful wife. 
I have nothing to live, 
I have no place to stay,
Where is the light,
I don't see the end of my day. 
I've got her by my side,
I'm promised her the best ride,
She's smiling,
So hard, I know she's pretending.
So, I take a gun,
Shoot her in the head. 
I promised her,
This one last ride,
A beautiful death,
To my beautiful bride,
Drifting away,
Into the Sunset, 
Love is an illusion,
Built in your head. 
Shut all the voices,
Shoot yourself instead. 
Summer's here,
And I am not there.
The price for her lie,
We've both died. 

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Sing a song of sorrow as the leaves turn red,
Sing a dirge at sunset as we lay down our heads.
Sing with me, play with me, feel the music turn
To ether that surrounds us, incense that burns.
Save us, Apollo, Calliope, save us from silence of heart
Save us from the quieting of soul and the dying of art.
Love stills the genius, the only way to sustain
That which is beautiful, that which is pure, is to suffer pain.
Winter brings the ice, spring will bring the thaw;
Seasons flow one to the next leaving the earth raw.
Flood will follow frostbite, drought will follow flood,
Then will come the autumn, and the world tinged with blood.

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Blinded on My Wedding Day

Convince that you are the one for me.

Persuaded that I am the one you need.

Deceived that you desire my love.

Refused to see the truth so I wait.

Believing that your heart is not filled with hate.

I cry for my Heart that I am not confused.

Praying to God that I am not just being used.

Blinded by the, Yes I will marry you!

Consumed by the, Will you marry me?

Walking down the aisle to meet my groom, didn't realize it was the day of my doom! 

Oh! What can I say. Blinded on My wedding Day.

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The Ethereal Mistress

She comes to me in the night so black. She takes my hand, but then She turns back. And I call to You, Crying out into the night. As I'll follow You When You lead me away from the light. Like I always do, But in sudden fear, I fall. For I never knew Why Her kiss consumes us all. This nightly proceeding Of weeping and bleeding Only makes Her face clearer to my mind A figure so pure, and skin so pale, But Her beauty hidden by an ashen veil. Her eyes bewitch, and Her body, it sways. Though my love is fleeting, And, so, a maiden She stays.

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The Barghest's Monody

Therewithal, profluent life ettles it's while.
Thitherward, from Death's bleak campanile
Grim antiphonals serenade.

A capriccio, the slashing swipe of the reaper's scythe
 will serenade.
Stringent Death forthwith anoints the mithridate to
Life's cantankerous and rankling ado

Hither now come, anon recondite Azrael, neither protend
 nor annex this throttled contretemps.

The antiphonal of the reaper's cavalier scythe
Shall now serenade.
Awhirl, like kerfs demarcated
 Years, bollixed, muzzy and brattled
  shall holus-bolus expire.

No retaliation to death's gloomy surcease
No ingenious riposte to the reaper's final cleave.

Bootless now to don the amulets,
 squeeze the jujus,
Kiss the talismans,
 clutch the periapts or
Attire in steely cataphract.

The serenading of the reaper's scythe,
 it's efficacy shall blithely cleave.
Bedim mine eyes from life's assailing
Bedim mine eyes from life's poltroonery

Vocabulary:  barghest-a goblin fabled to portend misfortune;  monody-funeral song; 
antiphonal-chant;  protend-to protract in time/lengthen;  riposte-n. in fencing, a quick
return/thrust;  brattle-v.-to make rattling or clattering noises; 
cavalier-supercillious/disdainful/haughty;  muzzy-hazy;  attaint-v. to condemn;  rankle-to
give pain/nettle/gnaw;  contretemps-untoward accident/hitch;
choke/suffocate/strangle/stiffle;  bollix-v.-to bungle or botch;  holus-bolus-adv.-all at
once/altoghter;  mithridate-antidote against poison;  cataphract-suit of armor for the
whole body;  poltroonery-n. cowardice; a capriccio-musical piece characterized by
improvisation;  ettle-to intend/to prepare;  campanile-free standing bell tower;  kerf-a
groove or notch
Azrael-the angel that helps souls from living to enter the afterlife;  recondite-not
easily understood/abstruce;
periapt-a charm worn to ward of evil;  juju-object believed to contain magical powers;
contretemps-disruptive unforeseen event;  protend-to hold out or stretch forth

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Moonlight shines down on my cold, pale face I am alone, her raven calling, I am disgrace Falling as the willows weep, I hold her in my arms as she struggles to breathe Rosaline, my one love divine. You are sacred You are mine Her voice rising above the water Beautiful Rosaline sang silently to me The whispers trailing off her fingers, as she faded into the darkness My beautiful angel has vanished again Goodbye my Beautiful Rosaline. Happened that Grim reckless day when the shadows began to play Beauty detonated in my trust No more, no more will there ever be a witch so grand, as to bring back my Beloved Rosaline Sorrow cuts it's way into my heart It is the locked key, the one you keep Her voice rising above the water Beautiful Rosaline sang silently to me The whispers trailing off her fingers, as she faded into the darkness My beautiful angel has vanished again Goodbye my Beautiful Rosaline So leaving this Tragic scene I vanished from Rosaline's sight Nevermore will there ever be a witch so grand, as to bring back my Beloved Rosaline Her voice rising above the water Beautiful Rosaline sang silently to me The whispers trailing off her fingers, as she faded into the darkness My beautiful angel has vanished again Goodbye my Beautiful Rosaline. Enchanting she sang to me, in the everlasting light of peace My beautiful siren walks again Goodnight my Beautiful Rosaline

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A Grim Abscond

Walking on air. Thirsting for sorrowing despair is the only way I know how to keep you near. My spirit lingers for a moment, searching the softly dead silence for the words to say... forever the words are left unspoken. How can you speak when there is nothing but hungering darkness filling the eeiry quiet? My thoughts are left open in the night beauty filled with a gentle light. You see me; your gown is delicate, innocent and white. I look down at my own garments, clothed in black, I am a rainbow of darkness, mastered only by the forsaken raven... longing to thrive in the precious color of snow. A red rose drips with horrid blood, Why must I leave you now? Why must I go? You slowly reach for my hand, but you just don't understand, my heart is breaking. I don't want to bid thee farewell, but to live in such a dastardly sorrowful place would be like living somewhere else. My heart longs to be with you, and I know that in my dreams you will softly whisper "I love you" in my ear. Little do I know that one day soon it won't be in just a dream, because surely I will be with you here, So beautiful sweetheart of mine, do not dread, do not cry, For it is the words you have stolen from thy mouth "I love you", 'tis the only way I will forever depart. These words quietly unspoken still linger, silently in thy mouth evermore in thy heart... At thou grim abscond shall we forever part. Your frozen hand gingerly touches my cheek, wiping me free of all my tears. Surely, tenderly, I will soon be with thee here, until then, darling I love you. Let us forever dance in the dawn of the light, as my black garments miraculously transform, and turn into pure white. Sweetheart I am with thee here, in the night beauty filled with the glorious light. You have saved me from thy distress, thy sorrowing despair. Forever I will rest with thee, in thy heavens of everlasting light... close to you dear. "I love you" once again repeats its story as we forever slowly rejoice, dancing in victory. The two roses; black and white, silently stop crying, transforming in the light. They find refuge in each other, and live in the peace of hope, love, and looming, spectacular, innocent light. A grim abscond I once sang, as the roses drip in horrid blood, thus they prophecy destined them to be so much more, and now they stand against the beauty of the wind, forever bound together with thy treasured love.

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In my death

 I bet you’ll look so beautiful at my funeral, behind black lace, I bet a shattered face infested with grief and scorn rattled with streams of black tears like rain drops of plague. The nightmares are real and I’ll never know just how you’ll spend your time of remorse, never will I see that smile again. Not the way you used to give it to me. I bet you’ll dress to empress at my burial. Looking so slick and lavish. All dolled up in death blossom. The “what if’s” and “should of’s “scream in dog bark clutter through your mind to the point of exhaustion and illness. Struggle to breathe soft and silent to not disturb the congregation of the fallen.  You’ll look around and see other lone women looking as pitiful as you while you’re trying to make up the reason why they’re there. It’ll be fine, just turn your sadness to hatred and curse the corpse to hell fire. Won’t be the first time anyways. You’ll look beautiful however, so those whores will know what time it is.

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Deirdre III

Don't you know Deirdre's Gone? 
Don't you know Deridre's Gone?

I stepped into room 8-16 only to feel tragedy 
The gatekeeper says your addicted to your pain
A lifeless cold barren soul put In the closet with the shades
Will he ever let you out?

How many days will this passion bleed away
We will be the ones to blame
Beware we've became their prey

An exodus from pain
Her life spent breathing in shame
Am I the one to blame 
Don't you know Deirdre's Gone? 
Don't you know Deirdre never said wrong
Don't you know Deirdre's Gone? 

"my decadence was just for you 
Though you have never cared what I've been through
Enter a world where empathy is clandestine
A world created by thee, just for me
The destruction in my mind 
Is why you want to throw the stone
Today I go past the gate''

I call your name towards nightfall's reign
But the guards take you so far away
A dark angel so divine
Cursed by the ones of Eden's Heart
I will avenge every tear

An exodus from her pain
Her life spent breathing in shame
Am I the one to blame 
Don't you know Deirdre's Gone? 
Don't you know Deirdre never said wrong
Don't you know Deirdre's Gone? 

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dark dreams

a shadowed room...
my permanent cell,
the hatred by others intense.
blades fly through the air,
tearing through my flesh,
my attempts to scream futile,
my mind going blank,
I look up,
my finally thoughts happy,
"the pain is finally over,
my death is now to come,
the anger of others gone,
the scars from fights painless,
the shadows of my past pointless,
as i pass away tonight."
slowly my heart decreases its pumps
my vision goes to black,
my body suddenly heavy,
then when i think I may finally have peace,
I wake into a world of hate.
the final fight wasn't lost,
for it has only just begun.

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A snow white flower shines in the soft light of a silent meadow. The words that you speak I shall forever echo. A lost love in the dark of the night. They all look your way, but are you blind? Can you not see the beauty of me? I echo your words, I echo your call; can you not hear the silent voice of me at all? I cannot whisper your name, my voice is gone. Silent I shall ever stay, until you speak again. My laughter shall sneak from my lips, until the last word has been spoken, Silent shall I stay again. Silver snowflakes fall in the glory of the dawn. My words are forever caught up hanging silently in my throat, strangling, dangling horridly on my cold lips. A mirrored reflection stares coldly back at you. The water paints a beautiful picture, golden and shining in the crystal spectrum. Will you fall to the hopeless masterpiece inside? Don't give into the lies that haunt your mind, can't you see that you're beautiful again? Beautiful until the end. You see me standing, afraid to think; so you speak. Can I echo your name? Can't you see that I'm afraid to breathe tonight? I'll always recall your words. With you, I shall never be alone. I won't let you go, though your desire is to be gone. In my heart you will forever live on. Farewell you bid unto the world. Farewell I echo to you. I choke in the invisible tears. The reality kills me as I drink in the truth of my deepest fears. Why Narcissus? Why my true love? Why you? Silver snowflakes fall in the glory of the dawn. My words are forever caught up hanging silently in my throat, strangling, dangling horridly on my cold lips. A mirrored reflection stares coldly back at you . The water paints a beautiful picture, golden and shining in the crystal spectrum. Will you fall to the hopeless masterpiece inside? Don't give into the lies that haunt your mind, can't you see that you're beautiful again? Beautiful until the end. I found a flower near the enchanted pool. You placed it there for me, didn't you? Forever the echoes cry out in my mind. Farewell Narcissus, until we meet again. Farewell, I'll see you whenever my time here comes to an end. Farewell, we shall be together again.

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 I walked a broken road, Why couldnt I see, Why did I refuse to admit that You were my only Hope; My only Chance of survival? Instead, You were my last resort(option); My last call. I tried everything I knew, I thought I could make it without You, But I was beaten down, bruised, cut open, and torn apart, lost and alone; I needed You. All I had to do was cry out, but something held me back; My pride was so strong. Then I hear Your Voice, Reminding me how much I need Your Help; I needed to give it up, And fall into Your ever-loving Embrace, Because You are the only One who can save me, The One I cant live without, My loving Father.

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Beside the running water
Falling down the hill
I met a young man , handsome and good looking
Yet, frazzled and bored 
Sitting all day long 
Beside  the running water

Young man, why are you
Sitting all day long
Frazzled and bored
Beside the running water
You cannot know and hope you will not be bothered
( in a voice sounding like a moving train: unrest and unbalance)

Many rivers i have crossed
Many mountain i have levelled
Many wide animals i had met
Inside many of the thick forests
As i cross, crossing many borders
Keeping my eyes firmly in a vision
Like a hunter that is hunting for God

Many moons i have counted
With sun  rising and falling
Day by day, i lingered in the melt of its heat
Searching for the most beautiful in the world
That i may stay with for better and for the worse

I have crossed many rivers
Seeing beauties and beauties of feminine attractions
Still, like a grave, i cried, crying for more
Until i see the lord of all beauty
The beautiful that beautify the beauties 
Young man, what made thee
Thy little sense carved in a big box 
Searching and pondering over and over
A never ending finding : the beautiful of the world
The earth, oceans, rivers and the desert all inclusive

Beauty lies in the choice
He who found choice has found the beautiful
 For choice makes a woman beautiful in the eyes of man

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The Last Song

Seated at the piano
         my father played 
     his composisitions - which were my poetry set 
to music 
  He played on his Steinway grand
      and gorgeous sounds poured forth 
Singing with all my might
Together we performed our 
   art songs
Now there is no one to sing with 
The years have taken 
  my father away
    In the distance 
horns honk and traffic moves
Memories flood my brain 
   My eyes begin to water
      But I will press on 
He would have wanted it that way

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Litany of Decay

Her black eyes allure you
Into her cloak if traps 
Nothing is right anymore 
Death encircles you but 
Never finds you

They Want my curse of eternal 
But all I want to do is reach 
for the knife
In blood you rose
In blood I fall

 forever I must sing this litany
dying in life-- let my find my 
'twas the myriad year
inducing a lucid fear
 I can hear my coffin's cry
 my body lies
there's nothing left to say
This Litany of decay

Free me, hear me, my death 
where have you gone
I Drown in Vitality
Dying in my immortality 
Just waiting for the stake to 
reach my heart
Caress me with your pain
like the blood in rain

Your shell is breaking
Show them what lies inside
Witch of centuries
Witch of lies
Love was never meant for you

forever I must sing this litany
dying in life-- let my find my 
'twas the myriad year
inducing a lucid fear
 I can hear my coffin's cry
 my body lies
there's nothing left to say
This Litany of decay

forever I must sing this litany
dying in life-- let my find my 
'twas the myriad year
inducing a lucid fear
 I can hear my coffin's cry
 my body lies
there's nothing left to say
This Litany of decay

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The water thrashes against the long boat as my enchanting voice grasps the lonely sailors attention. Their eyes dance in wonder and awe as they gaze upon the vixen of water, slowly they lose control and I obtain their frail human willpower.

Their vessel sails into the bleak as it crashes into the rocks lining the oceans deep and with each bewitching note I sing my mother, the water brings them slowly to their watery grave.

I open my arms welcoming each man who plummets willingly from the bow and pity those who would rather drowned with great sadness and woe.

With one final course I croon, their ship crashes to the sandy bottom of the sea and there my sailors will wait with the other men who sailed into my murderous wake, for I am the vixen, the siren of the red sea.

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The War Part 2


The infantry open up for the cavalry
At full horse power speed they attack
Too late to use artilleries now
But it made some horses tumble, about a fifty
Six hundred horse ran to the infantry

Infantry too late for squares ran to the cavalry
They fired there muskets, brought down some sixty horses
It was the time of the cavalry lances where release
Unlike arrows it killed two at a time. The cavalry ran 
On the infantry. Head out of necks, arms out of scapulas, and legs out of hips.

The whole army retreats, they send their whole cavalry
Cavalry meets cavalry. One thousand lances released on a four hundred
Horrible! Men were carried from horses to horses, lances
Horse were raise up high, neighs turn to roars, lances
Now nine hundred and fifty to sixty, the opposite retreat.

The colonel seeing the sixty running ordered a chase. Fool!
The opposite's Brigadiers laughs, he ordered his brigade
To get ready. After their sixty drove in
The infantry made squares. At their captain's orders.
Salvo's were head, two thousand shots on a nine hundred and fifty.

Sympathetic bullets entered heads and hearts horses tumbled
They caused confusion, de-horse horsemen ran back.
It was only a ninety that penetrated killing a forty
Twenty horsemen retreated with wounds
There was silence, scout men where sent to count losses

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Hidden Evil

The town was beautiful,
even the people too.
Flowers and joy,
and the sky was ice blue.

The people of the town were together,
they all felt at home,
apart from one little girl,
who was nothing but alone.

She looked at her reflection,
she stood and she stared,
there was something great inside her,
but nobody cared.

Then the skies opened up,
just as she had planned,
the evil inside her grew,
as fallen angels filled the land.

The people were in panic,
they shouted and they cried,
but the little girl stood calm,
as she watched the people die.

'Oh, lord have mercy upon their souls'
The little girl said with a grin,
she knew what she had done,
'Let the chaos begin'

The sky closed up,
she was once again alone,
but with all the angels gone,
she now felt at home.

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Confessions of love

         Confessions of  Love

As a nation in mourning,prepares for the war,
A way of life is changing,it can't be like before.
People feel sorrow,for all that has died,
Thousands of people dead,thousands of tears cried.
I listen to stories,as the visions are still fresh in my head.
Confessions of love,were the last words said..........
One brief second,to say goodbye,
Then the next moment,the people just died.
The dying words of many,was to say I love you.
To comfort their loved ones,when they could see it was through.
I think of those phone calls,the final goodbyes,
As a nation vows vengence,for all that has died.
Monuments of progress,lie in ruins on the ground,
As they sift through the wreakage,the bodies are found.
I think what was,and what's up ahead,
I try to understand,just too many dead.
As the leaders plan,their coarse of attack,
A sorrow starts to grow,there's no turning back.
I think of those last words,a phone call back home,
Then the spirits were extinquished,the loved one's left alone.
People light candles,hope for the best?
What happens next,is anyone's guess........
The mighty fortress of civilization,is now rubble on the ground,
More people dead,more bodies found........
The bell starts to toll,as the death toll grows higher,
Yet their dying words,were those of desire.
To try to comfort the upcoming loss,
Confessions of love,by the souls that were lost.
I think of what happened,it's just stuck in my mind,
I wonder of the future and cry for mankind.
When will all of this destruction just end?
I see it become perpetual,with intentions we send.
The acts must be punished,but when will it stop?
Then confessions of love,just rise to the top.................

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Memory Lane

I’m about to go drink away
Friends lost down memory lane
Some died of age
Others gone by actions of vain

One thing is certain
Their memories shall last
When a man starts drinking
He thinks of the past

Friends of new
And friends of old
Some friends feelings
Have even grown cold

Down memory lane
They shall always be
Down memory lane
The good times is all I see

Yet it hurts so much
For some were stolen
Yet  one still lives
And that friendship was golden

Stolen it was
By a thief in the night
And I did what had to be done
To make things right

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Jatlo Jatla

      Jatlo Jatla 					

'Jatlo jatla is my name
 I shall seek no comfort that came
life had made no good for me
 I am like a camel on the sea'

'Look my kids are gone beyond
 one by sickle and the other in pond
the next day she joined in London
 leaving me in the dawn to mourn'

 'Rose ran away to Region 
 With a Wally and my wagon
My money! Millions are gone
 O maker what will make it come'

‘My castle burn to ashes 
  I am rich with no more riches
I slept in the field all day 
 On thorns and termites were I lay’

'On clothes I had more but one
 Food I gave now a grain of corn 
Friend left me with hugs and kisses
 O maker what will make me please'

'I aim to end my lone life
  The sword was blunt and the knife,
It gave me more than hell’s pain
 Death did not come one my plane'
'Who am I to have a name 
 I shall seek no comfort that came 
Life had made no good for me
 i am like camel on the sea"
Imitation of this poem will not                                                                                          
be allowed. All rights reserved.

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Punctured souls1

Armed at all time, cap-a-pie.
leaving no room for tete-a-tete
Dwelt amongest enemy and snake
when enemy; our land they inevade

other, 'r death serves as joy
like the death on cross calvary
oh! ay, 'r life oft citizen's life
we hast forgotten our home

Gun bullet o'er our head? 
't is either kill or be killed
widow turn our women
Nay, our children, orphan

for 'r punctured soul, they paid
Twenty shekels, thou remembered
cry, joy; on our return home
cry for puntured soul, joy for enemy

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A Touch of Bittersweetness

A Touch of Bittersweetness 

Nay, I say as tears well up
I think of our full past
Together we had conquered all
and laughed with joy to last.

My memories, I want to keep
But sadness they do bring
Your smile I shall not see again
But regrets, no, not a thing.

Your contagious laugh, your glittering eyes
Like stars, you were so rare
But most of all, no one compares
To your loving touch; you care. 

Forever more you shall remain
In hearts of everyone
For your heart of gold, we all do know
Familiar, yet eternally gone.

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Why the dogwood tree grows

Why the dogwood tree grows.

In the middle of a vacant filed stands a grand dogwood tree where the  crows gather daily. People flock far and wide just to gaze at its majestic stature and overwhelming beauty wondering silently amongst themselves, “How this tree came to be.”

Shrouded in secrecy lays the scattered bones of a dead man. 

His hands rest against his thighs, his head turned upright as his soil filled eyes gaze upward awaiting the warm glow of the sun that sadly never comes.

The man laid to rest beneath the black dirt over time had long been forgotten, he no longer had a name, no home, or even a family of his own. Just the loving roots he had been encased in long ago.

But how this event came to be only three could say.
The women, the murder, and the forever silent dogwood tree.

The restless bones belonged to a man, a young man who had fallen in love and courted another mans betrothed. The women cared for the simple gardening man and the many trees his nimble fingers tended but her fiance was a jealous chap with rage to match.
And upon one final night after witnessing their true loves kiss the grief stricken cohort stuck the man down with his rusted pick axe and banished the gardener to his hand dug grave, placing his lifeless corpse in a vacant filed in which no one came. But what the enraged man didn’t foresee was the seed of a dogwood tree.
It fell from the deceased pocket and grew from the gardeners heart.

Year after year the tree budded magnificent flowers each possessing a hint of red staining their petals.

People marveled in its splendor gazing at the unique tree, gasping in awe and glee, but for one women its beauty agonized her for its existence was a constant reminder that no justice, nor revenge could ever be won for her simple gardening man.

And as the roots steamed onward feeling the caressing flow of a spring wind on its crimson petals the mans chest flooded with air and his dry, frail skeleton once more exuded life; 

And  as she eyed the swaying branches his memory suddenly came to life.
He was the air the tree inhaled, the nutrients it desperately needed to grow, and the reason it thrived.

Even in death he had the gardeners touch.

Her wrinkled face light up with love and for the first time in fifty years she smiled in happiness thinking to herself.

“That is why the dog wood tree grows, its out of love for my dead mans bones.”

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Schnapper Rock

All that is passed is all that will ever be,
  And the dearth of years washed to the sea;
But haply here I stand in your stead
  Alone beside the Estuary of the Dead

Behold the gates and depths of hellfire,
  The winged sea wolves from post to pyre:
Angels and demons in my head contrite
  On the banks of Lucas Creek at first light

Naked mudflats her silent wake swell,
  And gravediggers heap clay in the quell:
Waitemata tides at the rivermouth gate
  Will bury the Big Muddy under its weight

I hear soft tones of old Tui's silvery trill
  Out of the pine forest's late autumn chill:
Ruminate at peace by the tranquil wave,
  Alas crouched upon your bone filled grave

Embalmed is the air with the May flower,
  And summoned late is the unforgotten hour:
Allow me my idle bluster, and in it abide,
  For verily it comes and goes with the tide

Sometimes I wonder at the fates of men,
  Alas, at the point of death upon this glen:
Is mine to sail afar the western seas,
  Or bear the twelve labours of Hercules

What mortal stars have this realm shone:
  Some burnt out, some taken - all are gone.
So shall it be on these upper harbours
  When I too am resting with my fathers

Schnapper Rock is a cemetery in Auckland, New Zealand.

May 1992

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He Hides in the Night

It's claw flash within the night.
We could hear her scream in vain,
'Tis the time to stand up and fight.
We all feel her pain...

The church bells ring,
Here we hide in fear,
We're trapped by this thing,
Da wolf may be near...

Run, run and hide!
There's no way to escape,
Before we have tried,
Maybe this is our fate.

The church bells ring,
Here we hide in fear,
We're trapped by this thing,
Da wolf may be near...

The ground is painted red.
The moon has urged him on,
But don't be afraid to rest your head,
For we will survive 'till dawn.

The church bells ring,
Here we hide in fear,
We're trapped by this thing,
Da wolf may be near.

The beast within will roar to life.
Don't be afraid to fight!
Stab thy in heart with thy silver knife.
Stand united till the dawn's purple light.

The church bells ring,
Here we hide in fear,
We're trapped by this thing,
Da wolf may be near...

The night is done,
The beast's heart be still.
We mourn over the souls that will never again see the sun,
And we have finally paid our bill.

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The War Part 3


Corpses and torsos lay on the disvirgined field, some have lances on there 
Some bayonets on their hearts, some sabers in their stomachs.
Blood flowed like water. Lucky ones groans
But they are killed by the other wounded enemies
The cloud turns red. More still to go.

They wait for whom to attack first, the opposites did
They never touched their artilleries when their bombardiers did
Guns danced in the air, hands up, heads up, mouths up all down.
Their artillery returned fire, the same happened
The opposite had more arms, the killed more.

It was now time for the royal armies.
Each sides commanded by the Field Marshals.
White horses took to the fronts the whole army at the back
Seeing their Field Marshal’s Very Light the horses moved
The clashed was not ordinary. It was spiritual.

Heads rolled in the air legs and arms dance alone
For an hour the war came to its peak.
Artilleries were fired, square where made
And the cavalry moved like stampedes
The war was now disorganized swords were drawn.

Swordsmen reined while musketeers failed
Ten thousand men all dead of a course side will have to win
It was only a difference of hundred men. 
The reason for war?
A princess who is now married to a charming peasant.

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I (Inevitably) Did

I really didn't like her, but
her form was suffocating me!
Who'd doubt her beauty was well carved:
a man with sense enough to flee?

If so, such sense eluded me;
I promptly took her vacant hand
and donned my darkest nuptial suit,
surrendering to fate's demand.

My eyes grew pale, expression bland,
with nothing but her brittle smile
to keep my body bordered in
the destined vow I thought worthwhile.

And as we walked that scarlet aisle,
the people showered us with love:
some threw bewitching blood bouquets;
some shed their tears into their gloves.

Her father gave me but a shove
into her needy open arms.
And who was I to disregard
the key to my beloved's charms?

He knew that I could never harm
what grew from his paternal bark;
he too threw prickly patronage
with silver smile, tuxedo dark.

Some close companions left the park;
their sniffles so appropriate;
though, secretly, a few were glad
to know my life was finally set.

My kindred was uncertain, yet
they knew her beauty would go far,
and so they left me in her care,
forever their untimely scar.

I drove away with her; my car
felt cramped from silent air so ill.
It was too late to incremate
our bond: "part ye do death until."

I really didn't like her; still,
I lied in pulpous bed all snug;
she smothered me with watchful eyes,
and furnished me an endless hug.

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Back in the Day

Back in the Day
     By Dane Smith-Johnsen

It was back in the day of buggy and horse
Long before cars were made,
That a small farm boy, too young for the fields
Stayed home at the cabin with me.
Since this young boy who stayed was only a tot
He with critters and bugs would play.
It was great fun almost everyday.
Watching him play from the porch.
We were more than friends romping on the land.
Brother and sister were we.
With a bond that brought angels above great joy
Seeing me with the boy.

And this is the reason it hurt so much
Watching that day from the porch,
The woeful sight came in view oh, plight.
It happened in broad daylight.
Folks working in the fields came fast
To see what help they could be.
Our older brother's gun had fired.
I saw it all from the porch.

The angels looked down with sadness and said
What a dreadful fray we see—
Yes, and Mama knew it (sixteen years old, 
Is too young to have a gun.)
Oh, woeful sight in my afternoon view 
His memory is clear to me.

For our bond was stronger by far than the bonds
Of those who came running to see—
Of those who full of fear did flee--
There was not one angel in Heaven above
Relieved one spot of the sadness in me 
Forever together love bonded with him
Sweet feelings remembered by me.

For the heart of my brother forever entwined
With the horrible sight I did see
And my soul deep inside to that memory binds
And prays for eternity, we--
Although late at nighttime, when I kneel by my bed. 
I start praying, praying for my young brother dead.
And the bonding between him and me
We shall siblings eternally be.

(Written in the style of Edgar Allen Poe)

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Morbid Irony

While I lay here
Staring my fate
Square into obscurity
Left with nothing but promises
Of forgotten grandeur

Leaving behind epic depths
Of visions
Confusions, beyond credibility

A string of events one could not forsee
Refusal to uphold unrealistic
And idealistic states of abstraction

Thus bringing us lucid and coherent
Understandings of the truth
Perhaps revealing consummate contentment
No more resentments
Of past discontentment
These vast extents of torments
Preventing  one from ascending
Into unending bliss
Where the unmerciful bind you

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The Scavenger Dog

The scavenger dog

Moving along the dirty streets
With its standing ears down
Sored at both tip. No gametes
At sight sex unknown no proper noun

Running away from stones
Well targeted, thrown by the jocular juveniles
For showing interest in contested bones
They laugh unhappily as their best friend flies

Feasting on the black round faeces
Of well fed fat goats
Or a week old lorry ridden rats or rotten Pisces
Puddle. Lucky when it sees a bone that floats

Playing seriously with Latrine flies
Who always surround its nine vivid ribs
Sucking nectar where it wounds lies.
In its hair dead ticks build their cribs.

Lying comfortably on the puffy street sewage
Allowing the fighting mice to lull it to death
It was after a drink from the drainage
And barking on a scorpion which it later ate.

Shaking helplessly on the road
Till the lead trailer ran pass it.
It was buried by cars and buses full with load
The worms and flies could not just die with it 

It was a pregnant dog. 

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A ballad for Hannah

A ballad for Hannah (In memory)

I awoke this morning with a frightening chill,
Hannah has been killed
By a group of peers,
There was never any violence
Only immaturity from them all.

Day by day was Hell
She always felt like she was locked in a cell,
The rumors grew closer
Minutes got longer,
Death was knocking at the door.

No one noticed her sorrowful eyes
Or even wondered if she wanted to die,
All that mattered to them
Is letting everyone know
That she can not be trusted.

She plotted a devious deed
Who would notice this lead?
Her fall would be quick and painless,
No one would ever suspect it,
Hannah has been killed.

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I look in a mirror, I see my reflection.
I turn around facing away from the mirror and I see my whole future spread out before me like a dry, cracked, dreary waste land.
I try to make it go away but it is always stays the same.
I know I have to be fearless though my journey through life is perilous.
I listen to the birds sing and look at the sky is a deep blue not knowing what to.
I go to the figure clad in white from head to toe.    As death sung and listened to my woes. He said come with me and do not be afraid he said in voice made of velvet and satin.
For I am not fearless like the brave warrior who has seen a great many battles in life and died at the cruel hand of the philistines.
For you’ll come with me for that is the best thing to do.
So please don’t fight me because I am weary and not in the mood said the white clothed death angel in voice meant to persuade the starving to consumes so much that they will never any need t6 eat again.
Be cause as fearless as you are death went on you’ll got to the creator that you have served for many years.
Get away from those who scorn your every heroic deed.
Because your behind fearless because you did not cry out for anyone but the lord god.
So let me take you home O’thy fearless one.
Who walked the earth and lived to tell it. The fearless one who suffered the cruel abuse at the people who were suppose to be your friends who turned out to be your worst enemies
. You shall never ever have to suffer again the way you did so come now you proud fearless one.
Be the fearless warrior of your lord god.

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Converted With Words

When the words are right 
they shall float across the vast 
ocean front from day until night 
Spoken in a form so unique 
it make minds like ocean waves shake into the ground sink 
Life poetic until death earthquake this almighty land 
differentiate the word form word you never again will witness from a poetic Se7en King stand
 Warrior made weapons of words 
over love and hate but mainly to make young minds hurt 
We flying sky high no limits yet still living like dirt 
Mind's blind eye staring thoughtless you living for death believe that's the better of the worst so death living is the one true religion of Words that make you want to Convert!

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A lonely star shone one night

A lonely star shone one night;
By a grave, he stood all alone in white.
The muffled sounds of a laughter gone so soon blew near
With whistles of a heart’s solemnest thoughts,
And, thus, he discovered that
He was not alone:
A lonely star shone one night!

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Young Lady

I was walking to this restaurant
As I was going I saw a young lady
Hi there young lady
Hi, the young lady said so calmly 
What are you doing sitting in this grave yard?
Would you join me I'm so alone? 
Sure I said
I sat there and she started to tell me something
I've,I've,I've just seen a ghost 
What young lady?
I have just seen a ghost
That is impossible 
I'm serious I saw one!!!!
They disappeared so quickly like a ghost
It was just yesterday you see
I was awoken by this startling noise
Then I ran down the stairs
As I started to run I saw three ghost
They were standing in my parents room
I hide in the closet by the stairs
And I saw this medal looking thing, one of the ghost were carrying it
The medal looking thing was being put to my mothers head
Then I saw red liquid drip from her head onto the floor
Then the medal looking thing was pointed at my dad
And the same red liquid hit the floor again
I  tip toed out of the closet as soon as the ghost disappeared 
Then one of them came back its like he flew but without hearing it
And I went into hiding again
The ghost then took out this medal looking thing again
Except this red liquid looking thing was draining from my head
Then the next thing I knew I was at these golden gates
Wait!! I read about this, I read it in that book my mom takes to the church
But was was it called?
And why am I here?
Why did you come back?
I had to wait my turn is what that guy with the wings said
She paused for a while
So what happened next young lady?
I saw my parents 
And here they are right now!!!
She ran to her parents greeting them with a hug
Then I saw this light, the girl went into it with her parents while waving goodbye
She turns back around and says its time for me to go back to the golden gates, but I will see you nearest future
Yes you will young lady yes you will

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Watch what you say rather it be out of anger, stress or plan cruelty

a persons feelings can be hurt just by saying the least little thing

yes its true we all get mad, up set, angry or what ever we feel

but have you ever wondered how we make other people feel

when we know we hurt other peoples feelings we always say

well i shouldn't have said that or shouldn't have said this

but its not what you say its how you say it

jail cells would be over crowded if we got locked up for things we say

because our words out of anger,stress, and plain cruelty kill people every day

so when you feel you want to tear some body into pieces

well you read the poem think about it

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im drowning

I'm drowning
in the deep blue sea
the water is
swallowing me up
making me go deeper
and deeper.

I cant breathe
the water is in my
my throat.

I'm trying to scream
for help
but nothing comes

I start to lose my
getting tired of
certain that I will
die soon. 

and you're standing
3 feet away

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Close the Page

Our worth foretold, our hope devised
In the summer winds of change;
Until a cool wind moves the fallen leaves
Into drifts beneath the aging trees

Through a new day passed our lives intend,
As the twilight slips away,
Crying loud to the one who reads the book
Then folds its pages closed

Sweetly winds greet the coming fall,
As forever life hurries by;
Until now those autumn leaves descend
And lay silent beneath the aged trees

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The crow

The crow:

Her old tired body falls to the sturdy bench as she inhales with difficulty. Faintly her heart beats, slowly her blood circulates.

“With age I die by the day.”
Her ancient voice rings.

Through the ravenous night a single crow lands at her feet.
Her wise eyes smile as she gazes at the dark bird before her.
“Crow has no sense of time, lives in the void having the ability of past, present, and future at the same time.

Have you come for me then, my keeper of the souls?
Or is this a trick you have conjured with wild coyote?”

Silently the crow flies onto her lap and gazes deeply into her sickly round eyes. Inside the bleak of his pupil the women sees a light.

No trick or illusion, just the purity of afterlife.
Her wrinkled hands caress his silken feathers as their eyes mirror each other.

Carefully the crow absorbs the old Indians soul and takes flight, cawing in the dead still of the night.

Symbol of creation, healing and protection the crow is the keeper of the souls

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8 Weeks

8 weeks. The shortest 8 weeks of my life. You were growing inside me. You 
knew me. You depended on me. You changed my life. Did I let you down?

8 weeks. We developed a bond. I wanted you so badly. I knew you were mine. 
I loved you so much for such a short time. I still love you. You heard my voice 
as I spoke to you. You felt my love. Was it not enough?

8 weeks. It ended. You ended. With your lose, I lost my dreams, hopes, plans-
my future with you. My heart was shattered into a million zillion pieces. I lost a 
huge part of me. I lost my baby. Why did you have to go?

8 weeks. Others didn't understand my pain. You were so very real to me, not 
them. They didn't go everywhere with you. They didn't talk to you. They didn't 
nourish you, or love you as I had. You were mine, not theirs. Important 
enough to have a beating heart. Why couldn't they see?

8 weeks. 8 simple weeks turned into a lifetime of depression, questions, & 
uncertainty. Depressed at the thought of your future being taken away from 
you, from me. My lose. My child. It isn't right, not fair. So many questions to 
the man upstairs. Why MY baby? Why me?

8 weeks. That is all it took for such a tiny little miracle to completely transform 
my life. In 8 weeks I was filled with more love and happiness than I have ever 
known. In just 8 short weeks I discovered true, unconditional love. You 
showed me a glimpse of Heaven. Just 8 weeks-you changed my life. 

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She’s running….run faster,
Maybe he won’t catch you,
Run…I’m not going anywhere, 
Oh no he’s getting closer,
Please help! 
He has me in is arms,
Why won’t he stop?
Run…! Run..!
Why can’t I scream…?
Maybe louder maybe kicks or bites,
Nothings helping,
Try to get away,
No one sees him,
No one sees it,
Running, running into the dark,
No! God no!
Maybe if I had a gun,
Yes, I’ll shoot,
Shoot, me, no him,
I’m dead.
……..he’s still there.

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Mother Mercy Mother Mercy

Mother mecry mother mercy my will 
 Is suculante indeed
Do u not brab the bear thought
Have u not sought to say the meaningless will that sits their blinking in your 
obscure desslate quary
Do not open it with your bulluked breath of transfusion
Read these apized binding words of confusion
have a little heart when it comes too saveing your makers life
Mother mercy mother mercy my will
Began your vantalog pf maseik manner with mercy on u
Mother mercy mother mercy my will
Why do u sit in the sky listening to there artivish cries
When u speack in death's sourt of forbiden law
Working on this trending lie  
or are u slaving my tutorical name in vein
Now I know we where not seeing things the same
As u take the note tantied in blood rememeber me
With the wolrds people in seting plaw
Mother mercy mother mercy my will
 How do u live through these over-shades with no care or reason for these  
I was the first to suffer with no care in mind
Today i sit here with nothing
And because of u mother of mercy I can't be saved
Now tell me why did your angels inflickting madane steal my lifes intent
Oh and mercy may u might u shall not shine bright
Hay to tell u the truth all theses spirits that have been stripted of purpose bye your 
angels and all
belong free to do what they please
lust, forgiveness,envy, vanity, freedom, truth,trust etc..............
These things are more than the guidelins to make u who u are
Now tell me why should a group people have these things
they all have there own voice in your lives even u
in the silents they can be found 
spending time with your self
Mother mercy mother mercy my will
 i do not forgive u

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He keeps a very low profile,
afraid of the the horrible secret he hides;
hooked on a daily dosage of cocaine...
seeking an instant relief from his acute pain!
His cramped den is the stench
of smoked substance bought on drug-infested streets,
and filth is the undeniable evidence:
one can surely tell that he lives in Hell...
red devilish eyes and sunken cheeks; 
a wasted mind and body meeting their end!   

Restless young man without a name,
wary of the destructible consequences
that stunt your unremorseful conscience;
and what price will you pay and whom will you blame?
Restless young man without a name,
you only existed to fulfill a destiny of shame! 

Day-time is so detestable to him,
more than the viciousest enemy;
night-time changes his personality...  
and he searches for dope down-town,
where the houses are so run-down...
occupied by the crack-heads of East Main!
A limping kid, from nowhere, hands him
a small bag and he exchanges it for some green;
and what started the urge within...
is a deep wound, which can never heal! 

Restless young man without a name, 
intoxicated by the poison that destroys your life and health;
you can't be aware of what distorts your weak senses...
until you are helpless and run out of breath! 
Restless young man without a name,
guiltless and allow death to happily dance!

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She is so sweet to me Her lovely lullabies are my fix An angel on earth she is With her voice she could break the lunar love She is my muse But where did she go My angelic-gothic queen A siren has fell What is left to take her place A wench from the south Such a terrible fate for her band of legends  Tristania has surely died

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Moors Murder

In the dark dark year of 63
Britain's most gruesome murder spree
A conscious betrayal of innocence
With acts of barbarous decadence
Left five young children, in a hole,  on the moor
And no one knows if there are more
For silence followed with lips shut tight
Across fifty years, day and night
The most evil couple that spurned from man
A couple with a killing plan
On a promise of puppies and sweets

He was the outright antagonist
His callous blonde lover willing to assist
While silently waiting holding his breath
With her female trust they were led to their death
Have some apples, I have kittens to stroke
And a murderous intention
To help rape and to choke
On a promise of puppies and sweets

All of these children totally perplexed
Forced to engage in unnatural sex
Then pose for nude pictures before being raped
With all of this heinous so casually taped
Then bludgeoned to death with insatiable force
The boot of a car and onto the moor
A cold wet grave for the body of a child
On a hostile moor, windswept and wild 
On a promise of puppies and sweets

Tortured and bludgeoned with axe and with scorn
No pretty flowers nor graveyard for mourn
Outrageously thrown in a hole on the moor, 
Where they lay undiscovered for a score year or more
Come little one, come follow me
Come see the puppies, come now and see
I have sweeties and apples and playthings for you
And a callous intention,  to end your life,  too
As the killers closed their eyes to the gore
On a promise of puppies and sweets

This is the tale of Britain's worst crime
This could not happen, well not at this time
But happen it did and a nation left reeled
As five innocent children lay dead in a field
Continuous silence continues today
Where children are buried, they would not say
As they danced on a grave and took photographs
With Myra so happy, so happy she laughed
Ian looked so proud as he stared at the floor
With a freshly dug  patch of a huge hostile moor
That had no divining line, where the land and sky meets
 On a promise of puppies and sweets

The male of these killers is still locked in a cell
Awaiting his call for the one way to hell
While his female lover entertains the Dark Lord
As she swings over hot coals by her neck, from a cord
The secret went with her as it will go with him
For the Dark Lord requires no repentance for sin
He entertains his guests with fire and with pain
With slow hanging and whipping, again and again
But no promise of puppies and sweets

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Nobody's Child

Where was I born, who do I know,
All that I own is all here on show.
I’m nobody’s child, a child of the street,
Does that make me wrong, am I incomplete?

The beginning was the end for me,
It was all downhill for all but me to see.
I reached out for the sun and moon,
Not knowing that soon, they would both be in tune.

The drunken, shaking hand rises up again,
Leaving me alone with my new pain.
I only wanted to show that I can grow,
Have I learn’t more than I should know?

I can not cry, I can not show any fear,
I haven’t cried at all this year.
What is happiness, alcohol knows no limits, 
The futures not bright if I’m not in it.

As sure as the night will follow the day,
I’m destined to wander, you know I won’t stay.
The road is my bible, the stars my guide,
From winged creatures, I must run and hide.

I’m nobody’s child, asleep at the wheel,
Uppers and Downers, I will pop any pill.
Into the darkness, awake to the end,
How do I know that you are my friend?

I never looked for two paths, even when I had a choice,
I can hear so many people talking but only one voice.
I can not get even, let alone even the score,
I’m nobody’s child, do you see anything more?

The holes in the floor are round and not square,
Sometimes I think that they are not there.
Where do I stand and where do I go,
I’m nobody’s child, does it really show?

There is someone standing over me, smiling bright,
I am pulled in two directions, from the dark to the light.
Maybe I wasn’t that bad, it wasn’t all my fault,
I’m nobody’s child, perhaps I just wasn’t caught.

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Last Stand

Night turns to day
Day turns to night
Past the past
But that’s all right
It has come once at last
Our final calling
Our final stand
We’ve came so far
With the stroke of a hand
With the thought of the mind
Finally shown
 Is the unappreciated sign
Of which one can leave
All the past behind
All that is true
All that is pure
Is now gone
Experts are now sure
The last hour is upon
Now what is to be done?
 Where shall we go?
Time surely will show
Yet what time is available?
What peace is left?
What is next?
Life is a never-ending test
Of our gift of will power
And choice making
Yet the wrong some
Are always taking
Decisions of war
Decisions of peace
Mean nothing
Till the killings cease
Only then shall our race
Find true peace

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I'm sorry daddy

There is a story
I was once told
About the glory
In growing old

I was 15- no longer a child
But too young still
To be running so wild
And chasing that reckless thrill

My daddy and I were fighting
But he sat me down to say
Stop speeding like lightening
You'll miss being a kid someday!!

I'm sorry daddy
I should've listened to you
But I couldn't see
All the pain I was about to go through

I was rushing to be grown
So I could just take flight
Get away from all I'd ever known
Oh daddy I wish you weren't right!!

Verse 2: I was 17 when my niece died
She was only ten
Oh I cried more than I'd ever cried
Wishing I could see her again

Life came at me fast
Cuz that same year I fell in-love
N watched the world fly past
Gave my boundaries a shove

Ya I got my wish to be free
N moved out of state
Took my love with me 
And it was so great

But I still am
Chorus x1

Bridge: Now I'm living with only momma at 24
Feeling my heart break
Cuz I can't see you anymore
And realizing I made a mistake

I should've cherished you then
When I had a chance
Should've not waited again
To share another dance!

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But There Are Stars

One day a father’s father died.
He wept and walked with his son that night.
As they walked, his son asked, “How do I become a man?”
The father responded, “Follow me to a cross and I’ll show you a Man.”
“Who is he?” the son asked.
“He is the king of kings.”
“How do you know?” the boy questioned.
The father told his son to look up and answered with tears in his eyes, “night sky 
is dark, but there are stars.  Bright orbs of light that mock the night.  And life is 
dark but there is Christ, he quenched the sting of death and brings blind sight.”
“But Why?!” the son demanded.
“There is no why, just what!”
“Believe and know why night can’t stop sun’s light.”
“Believe and know why death can’t sting God’s might.”
“Believe and know why sorrow cannot last and suffering must fade.”
“Believe and know why broken hearts are best, yet hearts of steel can’t rise.”
“In these dark days of doubt and lies.”
“My son, in these dark days of doubt and lies.”
“Just know, night sky is dark but there are stars, bright orbs of light that mock the 
“And life is dark but there is Christ, he quenched the sting of death and brings 
blind sight.”
“He is the author of truth and craftsman of joy.”
“Confidant to whores yet sovereign master over strife.”
“And soon he’ll come to judge the dead and rule the just.”
“He’ll set things right.”
“But now my son, right now just lift your hands, let his love grab hold, and let 
nothing in this sordid lie of life distract from that embrace.”
“In these dark days of doubt and lies.”
“Believe and know why night can’t stop sun’s light.”
“Believe and know why death can’t sting God’s might”
“He is the author of truth and craftsman of joy.”
“He steals the sting of death and brings blind sight.”
“Confidant to whores yet sovereign master over strife.”
“He is the king of kings, the Christ.”
“Believe on his name, my son, he’ll make you a man.”
“Believe on his name and live forever.”

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They slowly walk to Ground Zero
to grieve for someone they lost or know,
I came to this site for all the fallen;
great sadness mixed with supreme joy,
because they've reached the ultimate glory...
in that place where no one is alone!

My poem is for those I didn't know,
for someone who needed help, but wasn't there;
I would have given up the very breath of this life
to have saved,at least, one soul...
not to make another bell toll!
This loud and deep voice
would have called out to them with infinite grace,
to pull their trapped bodies out of the flames;
and they would have answered me with a whisper...
to lead them, from the mortal darkness, into the living light!

Seasons change colors,
and every year one seems
different from the other;
I stay the same forever...
remembering that nobody 
is safe anyplace, or anywhere!
Be alert and vigilant as they couldn't be...
our enemies are full of treachery,
and trepidation is a sign of sure weakness;
they intimitate us with another menace!  

My poem is for those I didn't know,
and being that stranger I feel even more;
I would have offered my kind arms,
and let their wish,to stay alive,
fall in this caring heart flowing with kindness:
I would have taken their place and gladly died!

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Gathering Dust

As I open the door to look at all the things I must go through,
I realize that most of them remind me of you.

They were once neatly in a pile but now they fell all around,
All over my desk, the table and some on the ground.

I have saved them in a special order for all of these years,
But looking at them now only brings me sadness and tears.

I know I must let go of the past and aim for new things,
Especially since you are in heaven flying with your beautiful wings.

Gathering dust and taking up space is what they have done,
I know I should take time to organize them one by one.

But instead I take a deep breathe and close the door as I leave,
I cannot imagine throwing anything out, for you I still grieve.

Debra Baviello
February 26, 2015

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The turbid clouds hover mountains
of fluttering maples,spruces and pines
while I am crossing those bridges of wonder,
adjoined by sturdy steel cables
that even an impetuous wind couldn't oscillate;
man's ingenuity outwitting Mother Nature...
a tuneful voice rising from a spirit that perpetuates!

Rageful rivers resent their lament,
as fast currents struggle to find an inlet;
my hard breath surrenders
to an unchallenged fear!
From above danger is like the force of gravity,
I race with a brave face, but the harsh wind 
still whips it with the strength of a twister,
blowing the pristine white sand...
turning it into a whirling dust cloud
only to diminish my visibility!

Let me cross those bridges of wonder,
in spite of lightning and thunder...
I'll brave the fiercest storm,
as long as courage allows me to proceed;
night may come as quickly as frightening thoughts,
but nothing would make my will recede
to a darkness that suppresses the freedom of choice!

When warriors are faced by a threat,
they don't turn back and accept defeat,
no doubt can thwart their plan:
it's either death or glory,
unsurmountable pain or joy;
their ego is hardly broken through dire!
Ah! See them crossing those bridges of wander,
and like me, they rejoice when the battle ends!  

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Freedom Was the Death of Me

We rode into Nacogdoches, with our pistols and our Bowie knives,
Volunteers for Texas—we came to risk our lives.
Some of us had families, and others, just the memory,
And some of us they didn’t hardly miss in Kentucky and in Tennessee.

Some of us came for adventure, and others, we came for land;
But at the Alamo down in San Antone we made our last stand.
Some called it glory and some called it greed, and some they called it “Liberty.”
But mostly they called it the Lone Star Republic—so Texas could be free.
But freedom was the death of me.

Colonel Bowie from Louisiana, with a big knife at his side,
He got drunk ‘most every day, but he was sober when he died.
Colonel Travis from Alabama, commander of the Alamo,
He answered Santa Ana with a cannon shot, and he let the world know.
Colonel Crockett, he was laughing—with his men he held the wall.
But the Mexicans, they overcame them, and you know they killed them all.

And the Mexicans kept coming, everyone of them was brave,
But they turned the mission of the Alamo into a heroes’ grave.
Susannah Dickinson, a lady from Tennessee—
Her husband died across his cannon, but Santa Ana let her go free,
With her little girl, she went free.

Santa Ana he grew careless; Sam Houston he laid in wait
Down on the San Jacinto River--Santa Ana met his fate.
Now the tourists load their cameras, in a San Antone motel,
And they buy postcards and they suck on snow-cones, and they stand right where I fell.

Some called it glory and some called it greed, and some they called it “Liberty.”
But mostly they called it the Lone Star Republic, so Texas could be free.
And freedom was the death of me.

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Worth of an Icon

(For late Mrs Stella Obasanjo)

You are a paragon of beauty
Yes, a maiden of honour
Your steps are held true
In limelight of media

Your translucent fair skin 
Held many an eye
Your strawberry-coloured lips
Captivated, salivated many hearts

An icon of substance
Of the Abebe breed
The worth of your simplicity?
In Aso villa lives.

You are a paragon of beauty
Yes, a maiden of honour...

The stronghold of that rock
The mother of all
Mother of few
The eyes of one,
All have eyes.

Tick-tock, tock-tick;
Your clock tocked at sixty
Sixty awesome years
Beautiful, inspiring ones

...your steps are held true
In limelight of nations.

One final TOCK shook Nigeria
Lay still on the floor
Sixty seconds flat
Sixty awesome years

Dragging nothingness to your grave
O fair lady brave
Nothing did you crave
So much as perfect beauty.

Yes, a paragon of beauty
Truly a maiden of honour
Your steps are idolised
Sweet Obasanjo’s bride...

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Death PT 1

The old man turned his head, his ear pointing towards the door. Through the mundane sounds of everyday life he heard a faint song. It wasn’t clear, barley noticeable but the music was there playing gently amongst the background.
“Perhaps someone left the TV on in the lounge, perhaps it’s a passing cars radio?”
He shook his head and ignored the idea.The next day as the elder man was eating his lunch at the cold metal table he once again heard the same tune, curiously this time with muffled words. His caterpillar brow twinge as he struggled to hear the female voice. “Perhaps a nurse is hiding a walkman in her coat? Perhaps the management invited a band for this dull day?” Again he shrugged but on the third day as he awoke he rolled onto his hip feeling weighed down by his limbs, his chest constricting in pain. Weakness seeping in aching his feeble bones and cramping his joints.“No one ever warned me about old age.” He muttered.A few moments passed filling out his unscheduled day as he gripped his accent cane and wobbled about.Shortly after he took refuge from the warm sun under a gazebos wooden roof. He sat fully relaxed, simply enjoying natures sound. The finches soared overhead while the ladybugs landed on the cool damp grass below.His wrinkled lids closed. “Don’t be afraid, I am death here to cradle your spirit away.”Those soft words sent a chill down his spine.“Why would I think that? What has happened to my elder mind?”The humming grew more intense, his ear drums pounding like a jack hammer knife. His head spun in confusion as tiny beads of iced sweat dripped down his twisted pale face. Nausea and pain consumed him as he free fell from his revolting head game.Abruptly everything stopped. Not a sound, a movement, or even one thought. It was the nothing only experienced in life’s final moment. Two hands took his that wrapped around his ears.“You cant hide from death behind closed lids.”His eyes gazed at the hazy female face.“You’ve died of a heart attack.”The silhouette spoke followed by his name. Her black transparent creaturesque  fingers stroked his tired face.“Your time on this plain has ended, I am here to cradle you away.”Though death had no face, no distinct features he found comfort in the void.His blazing spirit pulled outward from his slumped body. In awe he gazed at the lifeless shell, It appeared only to be sleeping.The old mans glistening face flashed a luminous smile. “Spirit me away all mighty specter, I have been ready for quite a while.”

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The Vampyre's Kiss

I never need to see the sun.
For all the things I see in you.
The kiss that gave me eternal bliss,
My words so dark surrounded by pain.
Kill me slowly with this knife.
I'll never be the same.

The darkness covers me like the stars.
You I see all around.

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If I Die

If I died today, remember me forever,
and how I chased dreams, and seemed to quit...never.
Would you look at my picture
Then say I resemble my dad?
Maybe right before I passed
He was the motivation I had.
If I died today, remember me through song,
and how my shows started energized and ended strong.
Would you play my music
Then tell another friend
That I tried day and night
but died in the end.
If I died tomorrow, would you say "I love you" today?
Would you kneel beside my soul and to our savior pray.
Would you share your past with me
and put your plans aside?
I'll pass and take your stories to heaven
to be shared with the Most High.
If I died right now would you please tell my mom?
Tell her I tried my best to succeed and just hold on.
She'll cry herself to sleep, 
and all night dream of me,
but she'll know at heart
that my mission is complete.

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The oceans black waves cascade like rolls of dark silk onto the land and the salt mixes with the air fiercely, she can feel the texture brush across her rosy cheeks as her distressing eyes gaze outward.

“The sea, the sea is a horrible thing. It’s a cold, unforgiving mistress indeed. Women give their men to tread her harsh alluring waters and she sends back headstones with john doe markers. The sea covets mariners and never lets them go. She holds them hostage in her quaking current then cradles their voyage in her massive arms and with one monstrous hug she sends them to the oceans sandy floor below.

The sea, the sea is bitter and made of morbid intentions. Just like my grandfather, father, and younger brother my husband has been stolen by the sea. But alias, I will not cry because the tears my body weeps remind me of her heartless salty water. Destined or cursed I have been marked a widow, A window by the sea.

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When the storms frightened me,
I silently stood in the darkest corner...
Mama came running
to embrace me tenderly;
by the warmth of her lovely smile, I learned
how to go past darkness...
and by her encouraging words, I lived...
without fearing anything!

Mama's hazel eyes cried...
like lilies after the warm spring' rain, 
and those tears kept me from useless pain;
Mama's hazel eyes stood
by her growing son...shivering but brave, 
until he was ready to go far into life!

Now, Mama has found her eternal home,
and she happily sings in a chorus of angels:
in that peaceful Heaven of  holy voices;
and I am hopeful...never uncertain and alone!

I'd like to watch Mama's hazel eyes
sweetly looking down on me,
so that nothing I can fear again!
Let other storms rage over me,
let them bring me more hard days...
and let the gusts of wind knock me down:
Mama will pick me up like an angel of mercy,
and fly me over the bring me to safety!  

Mama, you have gone so suddenly;
many times I wasn't so real!

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What's This All About?

Buildings crumble down much like castles made of sand.
The circle is unbroken, the brotherhood of man.
Flames burst out, they seem suspended in the sky.
They can’t stop the terror, no matter what they try.
Then comes a calm, like after a storm.
The people feel the sorrow, as they begin to mourn.
Although I wish that things, could be like before,
As the flames are extinguished, their beings are no more.
Step to the ledge, poised to make that jump.
Jolted from the path, it’s a pretty big bump.
A cloud of destruction shrouds the way back to the path.
I try to add up the numbers but can't do the math.
Smoke so thick, you can cut it with a knife.
It becomes much like a plague, as it takes another life.
The sun returns, but things don't look the same.
Sometimes I wonder, are we getting better at this game?
Darkness returns, with silence by it's side.
You're tossed and turned about, it’s a pretty rough ride.
You try to find your way but it gets lost in your head.
It's seeming to get harder, to just get out of bed.
So you stop and look around but you can see that you are lost.
The autumn leaves start falling, as they float down towards the frost.
Coldness starts to grow, you need only to feel warm.
Try to find shelter, to get out of the storm.
I can see the winter up ahead, trying to get out.
Then I'm left here thinking, what this all about? 

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Lessons time risk

Risk risk for anything. The other opinions act you on the earth yourself
To face the truth. I’ve learned to take time for myself and with a great deal and 
love. And I cause inspect like me. I think learn to laugh at yours triodes and never 
you’ll run out of things to laugh at loses one many laughs by not laughing at you 
a place won’t the sun you’re got to put plasters. 
   By: Zara Elizabeth lane  

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Luciferia I-- Cease To Exist

I sense something in her eyes that feels like tragedy She closed her heart but its dark pulse Wilts and stetchs against the wanes How many days will the passion bleed Till it subsides into the new pain We are the ones who will face the blame ''Don't you see what's infront of me, I have to face it all I know there's something wrong help is what I want but it's not what I find You're all filled with troubling lies and incoherent minds Cant you see you're strangling me with every last word There's something you don't know Lying in my heart is why you want to throw the stone'' Her raven eyes fill the silence Luciferia we cease to exist it's burning away-- all others' reliance Luciferia we cease to exist my darkly darling don't fade away Luciferia we cease to exist beware we've became their prey Luciferia we cease to exist

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Children of the Light

Children of light, Born of stardust
Living in a fragment, Living in a moment
Not to expire but to change, As all energy never dies
A vibration on the smallest singular molecular level 
An energy in everything even star dust
Dust which fed the primordial stew of earthly existence
And continues on in each of us
Children of light, Soon you shall shed the halo 
The coil of mortality, The frail limited body must go
Children of light, That vibration inside
 Will not cease but continue to thrive
As a Child of Light born from beyond time
Limited no longer by ties that bind
Oh Child of Light fear not the signs
For this life is but a moment by design
Children of the Light do not fear the eventual change
As you move forward from this confining space
Children of  Light there is no other way
You will be welcomed back into the warmth from which life began
As Children of the Light we shall all meet again
Bound by the very stardust, energy and vibration of the cosmos
And never to have to say good bye again
Good Bye sweet child of the light 
In a moment I too will be at your side

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It's ok to go

As you lay there in your bed
Many thoughts are going through your head
Can't figure out why god took you this way
He is our master, so you should obey

You can honestly say you learnt for your mistakes alot
Turn a negative into a positive, is what you were taught
Don't look back, don't turn your head twice
Don't be mean, nasty or cruel always try to be nice

So many rules, so many to break
It's up to you, it's what you make
You and you only are the one to blame
Hang your head so low in shame

All alone, with nobody around
Noone to talk to, all but a quite sound
Laying there in a cold bed, in the middle of night
Deciding if it is time to walk toward the light

As you walk toward your destiny
You realize this is what was meant to be
The other side of the light is the end
It's ok to go, you have made amend 

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I wish to die

I wish to die, I said
I wish to die here in my bed

I wish to to slit my wrists, and say goodbye
I wish to die

I wish to never again to cry
Oh, I wish to die

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Every time it really hurts

Why doesn't he love me
Why can't he see
Every time it really hurts
I don't do anything to get it
But I still get hit
Every time it really hurts
If I don't put my toys away
Have to stand on a very hot tray
Every time it really hurts
Stop crying, act like a man
Or I'll get the back of a hand
Every time it really hurts
Didn't shut off the kitchen tap
Now here comes the leather strap
Every time it really hurts
Stayed up until I saw the moon
He's gone to go get the wooden spoon
Every time it really hurts
Hands, feet, butt, face are very sore
Can't take it anymore
Every time it really hurts
No more, that's it, I'm done
Have to go and get his gun.
It doesn't really hurt anymore.

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A Child in War

As the dust burns my weary eyes
I push on and compromise 

Looking for a long lost dream 
Of swimming through the waters clean

Bombs echoing in the distance
Dead and gone in an instance

Praying to god for every breath
A candle lit for every death

It is here I sit all alone 
A heart that burns turns to stone

A concert of horror ringing clear
I run and hide all in fear

I steal and lie to survive 
Of my family I am the only life

Oh! Please set me free
My wish repeated instantly!

In my mind all is rage 
I feel locked up in a cage

When will this nightmare end?
A stray bull dog my only friend

During the nights we stay warm
We help each other through the storms

Our night lights, are burst from your guns
The politicians say we are the ones

The ones who kill day to day
For when I grow up they will pay

My train of thought, pains me now and then
When I know war is a means to an end

Sometimes I try to escape
But I was turned in for a stay

Slaving for the men of war
Sometimes a cook, sometimes a whore

Oh! Please set me free
My wish repeated instantly

I have to kill to get away
I can no longer bear the pain 

My knife slides across their throats
I’m caked in blood that coat’s

Before I could run I heard screaming
I continued my work while the tears were streaming

In a way I am glad I was caught
Now I can join that heavenly lot!

My hound of war was first feed to me
Then I was beat to subdue me!

Almost to the point of certain death
But they tortured my every breath

They kept me breathing for the rope.
They slung my body from the post

I choked and kicked all I could
While the others just watched from where the stood

Before I lost my failing senses 
I prayed to god just to end this

At that moment my prayers were sealed
A boy in the crowd revealed his steel

A rip of pain through the chest
The bullet entered and did its best

For a few days my body was displayed
For those under slavery to see who disobeyed 

After a few days my body was searched
Only a small diary was all the thieves could perch

Meaningless thoughts were rattled out of rhyme
A small short story of the life that was my time

Beckoning to those that are still at war
Freedom is a bullet wound for the soul to finally soar.

Oh! Please set me free
My wish repeated instantly.

That same boy who ended all this pain 
They ended him his efforts never vain

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Ghost of Grendel

You remember the story of Beowulf?
The warrior who came across the sea
Just to kill a deformed demon named Grendel
When this story was told to me

I realized there is still evil in this world
Other than Grendel and his mother
Some people are monsters
And will kill one another

Just so they can get their thrill
And when they're finished murdering this victim
They will look for more people to kill
It's all a matter of the demon

That was in that story
For he does not live in the real world, but in the soul
Of some of the people in this world
He causes them to lose control

When the Anglo-Saxon Bards sung this song
They were not singing it right
They were only getting it all wrong
Grendel will live on forever as a ghost

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Oh, Marianna Grazia...
was my friendly neighbor,
a lovely lady in her eighties!
She became a widow when her
husband died of a brain tumor,
he was a sailor of many oceans;
how evident was the sadness
of Marianna Grazia!

She had a Grand Piano, made of cherry oak,
not covered with a speck of dust, and smiling
she played an improvisation with style; 
and it depended on her mood! The rays of sunlight
entered diagonally and rested on it, while
her feeble fingers played the same, harmonic melody;
and her hubby liked to hear those notes enthusiastically...
that's how I remember Marianna Grazia at her best!

Oh, Marianna Grazia...
went to church every Sunday,
and passing by my gate, she always said
hello, and asked how things were going! 
She gave every kid on the block candy
and flowers she grew in the back-yard;
oh, I miss how you hummed that song... 
oh, Marianna Grazia!

Today I walked by her house,
the Venetian blinds were closed at noon,
I was overtaken by a sudden gloom;
her youngest daughter approached me
and mutterred very grieving words,
" My mom has passed away in a tragic way,
she slipped and fell, and hit the cement;
she passed out as blood gushed from her forehead."  

Oh, Marianna Grazia...
never will I have another conversation
about her experience in Normandy, 
and the stories of a nurse during World War II,
were as inspirational as her vocation!
Oh, Marianna Grazia...
look down below and wave gracefully;
life is not as everlasting as that love given by you,
oh, Marianna Grazia!

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The Near Death

Another sits between here and there
and rises to meet the unknown.
Against your back lay blackest veil,
while in front purest light was shown.

"Where could I be?", rang clear within.
You see, this place is new.
Could I exist within a dream,
concerned with what to do?

And as he pondered where he was
and how he was to leave,
a tiny voice pierced the light,
what was it to achieve?

"It's time to go.", said the voice
as calmly as could be,
and before a shred of wonder rose
my feet moved in front of me.

Step by step was forward taken
until my thought became.
I stood in place, frozen still,
then shock, I heard my name.

A cry of pain, a wail of plea
where the first sounds I could hear.
And as I turned around I saw
from the darkness came my fear.

It struck a chord and then I knew
where I was and why.
The light ahead was surely death,
within it I would die.

So then, behind must be my life,
the voices, those I know.
And if I delve into the black,
back to life I'll go.

Now free to choose his open path,
he stood firm, wondering,
life is given as a gift,
but what could dying bring?

None alive can answer full
what lies beyond the light,
but as for me, I'll wait and see.
For then, I turned my sight.

Accepting what the darkness gave,
I threw myself within.
With open, blurry eyes I knew
I was alive again.

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The sky twisted with blackness and grey as we laid you beneath the earth and clay. Tears of sadness, tears of grief, tears of relief knowing you wouldn’t have to bare the pain of you illness for one more day. 

All my memories of you basking in the spring air, planting flowers in their soil covered beds will always stay intact and last though the passing years. Eventually I will be able to lay with you my dear, my body planted under topsoil like a seeding bud.

Perhaps even in death you grow.
But until that day I will stay, locked away behind iron gates tending the sunflowers who watch the sun as if they where my life's clock simply ticking away 

God bless you my Dear and god bless the sunflower, Our representation of love.

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The Clouds of the Sky.

the clouds of the sky are extremely wonderful and great, but I really enjoy the 
extremeities of the huricanes through the news and cnn I really wanted to say a 
pray for them.  I hope and pray that we have a government so good.  I watched 
the honor of it all.  Katrina was a wreck.

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Marie II-- Troubled Tides

Wake up with a dream on your eyes left with the hearts that bid you Goodbye Shadow Dreamer-- Poisoned Lover Venom seeps through the Way The Way you held on to Me There's a Thorn in your Heart I left it there so the dreams and your pain shall unfold Inside you and all of your Lithium Lovers You're my lover, My Dear The Greatest Enemy I had to Contend pretending with "I Love You" but I know you Hate me till Hell's End Is it in Vain? You Sleep with the hate How can you dodge the fate? You let the Dagger dance on your Tongue You are my beloved Enemy Marie

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Damage is done 
Blames all your own 
I lived for you only 
not that you cared 
not that you knew 

Like a smile from an angel 
Looking right through me 
What I’d give for your notice 
just a catch of your eye 

Hours turn to days, as minutes tick by 
Still you’re looking, looking right through 
All that I am is meant just for you 
How is it you cannot see me 
I’m right here, right in front of you 

It’s killing me 
But its killing you too 

Damage is done 
Blames all your own 
I lived for you only 
not that you cared 
not that you knew 

Hallowed out, I refuse to die alone 
Even the emptiness is gone 
Left on the edge 
just waiting for a push 

Running out of patience 
Breath comes heavy 
Still there is nothing 
Again you look right though me 
Why can’t you see 

It’s killing me 
But it’s killing you too 

Damage is done 
Blames all your own 
I lived for you only 
Not that you cared 
Not that you knew 

Can’t go on like this no longer 
Just existing in shadow 
Don’t walk through me again 
Don’t, don’t you dare 

Bun halo, burn 
I’m taking you down 
All we could have been 
You just wouldn’t see 
All the love for you, living in me 

Damage is done 
Blames all your own 
I lived for you only 
Not that you cared 
Not that you knew 

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And with a sip

Then in an instant that world had 
been hurled,
The lass's life has slowly slipped into 
a fantasy world.
In there, she never bid farewell to 
the life she always wanted,
The life, once her's, was in the 
dreams of which were haunted. 

Amber slowly slides down the wall,
Making her feel useless and small.

Useless, lost and confused,
Why give up that life to be abused?
Her answer was laying across the 
An arm laying behind his head.

He watched, and waited for her to 
She knew in her mind, that 
everyone would disapprove,
A sad smile came across her face,
Her life moving at too fast of a pace.

She locked the bathroom door 
behind her,
Then she touched her wrist, feeling 
her heart beat,
Closing her eyes, and crying to 
She fell, pitifully off her feet.

A blade she kept hidden revealed 
A blade whose promise was to 
relieve oneself
Of the mess she had created,
Removing her with the blade that 
was serrated...

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Solemn Son

Where's my mommy? Where'd daddy go?
Older sister says she's nobody's daughter.
Loveless lament as I realize I never had parents.
In our lives, no arch angels or saving souls were sent.
I hold my sister as in pretense she tells us no harm was ever meant.
But sociopath mother and murderer father must be held responsible.
Forever gone in a loveless void, their sins are irreconcilable!
As the strangers take us away from the past I look towards the shining sun.
And I yearn to forget my mother's blood and my father's smile as he guiltlessly grasped
his gun.
They've destroyed themselves and left behind a distraught daughter and solemn son.

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My thoughts on MendySue death

We think about you everyday

we see you in some ones smile or wave

we see you in our photography's

it make us miss your smile and laugh.

We stop and think your death not real

I try real hard to smell your smell

I try to think how your skin did feel

Your death still don't feel really real.

we comfort each other night and day

in hopes are grief will go away.

But then here goes those feelings 

all over again.

Your life with us will never end

you will stay right here in our minds and hearts ,

your memory's from us will never depart.

These are just thoughts I am having of you.

I just really love and miss you,

I am just saying your death for me

was really hard to get through

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Upon your eyes did I look, upon the tree of destiny, where Love Crucified hung so desperately. Awaiting your judgement. Friends watched. Soldiers mocked. Townsfolk jeered. I saw you through my eyes, drowning in solitary tears. Your arms spread out so openly, your spirit fading. The day became the night in the blink of an eye. A temple's veil torn in half. At your Father's one command you let out a cry, slowly, silently, slipping from your life. I gazed upon your lifeless body. So lost am I, frozen at the pinacle of the cross. Shepherd me home where I am again safe with you. Save me, Bread of My Soul. Body of My Life. Savior, Lord Jesus Christ. Echoing your one ascending name, again shall you rise. Dancing away with all of my sins, God of the Skies. Giving me the chance to live again, Redemption, sweet Redemption.

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The Little Wave

Once the North wind made love with the sea

and a tiny little wave soon came to be

Father Wind would guide him as he grew

His Mother was the sea he traveled through

and as they brought him closer to the shore

each day he would grow a little more

and safe within the arms of Mother Sea

He imagined just how big he'd grow to be

The handsome foam that formed upon his crest

was among his mothers gifts that he loved best

and the harder that his Father Wind would blow

the larger and the stronger he would grow

One day a fearsome sound came to his ear

an awful sound that filled his heart with fear

he feared something he couldn't understand

when he saw the other waves crash on the sand

He wept as he drew closer to the shore

for it seemed to him he soon would be no more

He cried and cried, "Alas! Oh woe is me."

with mortal fear of what was soon to be

When his Father and his Mother heard him cry

they told their weeping wave,, "You will not die."

"There is a gift you must deliver to the sand

then simply return to our love where you began

You'll sleep a while with Mother Sea, and then

Father Wind will guide you once again

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Ive tryed to learn 
Ive tryed to fly
all you seem to want
is for me to cry
Tryed to run
tryed to hide
you love my pain
youll love when I die
I said I would follow you to the end of time
but if you dont step up this heart well stay mine.
I wake every moring to only pain
my life is unliveable 
why wont this change
I dont want heaven
nore live in hell
just remove this life
form this cell
stop my time
stop my pain 
noone knows
to them is all the same
But I have to wake every day to other peoples happiness
so fuk your games 
Ill die alone if thats the only way
what can i do. 
when my little sister curses you.
Maybe shes right!

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Anthony's Poem

I look up to the stars and see your face smiling down at me,
I hear the wind rustle the leaves of a tree and it speaks your name.
So many memories and so many dreams, too much to love, too much fear,
Thinking about the good times and we wish you were here.
Our hearts will never mend fully but are merged in love and understanding,
If you reach out for us and we are not there, remember, our hearts are.
You touched so many people and made so many smile,
Remember you are only sleeping, we will see you again when the time is right.

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The days of endless dreaming
Joyous afternoons
Endless laughter
Have come to an end
The day I took my last breath

A fragile bridge 
Goes over the glistening water
Where animals of all sorts
Come and gather around
Dazzled by the view 

That is were I unleash my dreams
The secrets no one knows
My most wanted desires
Unforgivable memories
My whole life is spread upon this bridge

I would spend countless nights
Imagining my fairy tale 
Happily ever after that are to come
And princes’ to make me a princess
Having my perfect moments

The last of my time
I was dreaming at night
Looking at the water over the bridge
Closed my eyes to make a wish
Then I fell…

I sunk down to the bottom
Slowly and ever so carefully
Nobody was there to witness
To lend me a hand
As my feet touched the end

My air was shortening
Creating me only a memory
I saw the moonlight shining
Wanted so desperately to reach out and touch it
But I have taken my last breath

My memories that have filled the land
Secrets that only the clouds knew
Desires the water only heard
Flowing in the air 
In remembrance of me 

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When I

When i fall
don't you worry about me
ive been that way before
as the scars aren't hard to see.
And if i break
im sure you'll be there too
at the end of this long road
im sure there's nothing left to do.

When i hurt
im sure you'll be the one
who cuddles me in close
as i struggle hard to run.
and if it stings
it may be just a little bit
but i know it's not that bad
i know that i'll get rid of it.

And when i
go through all these things
emotions, good and bad
experience these feelings.
And when i
go through all these motions
good and bad
experience the saddest things
or getting really mad.
i know you'll be there
when i.

When im lost
For me a flashlight you will seek
so i can find a way back home
you'll carry me on your shoulders i am weak.
When i cry
those sentimental tears
im sure you'll be beside me with the tissues
sitting by me in your chair.

And when i die
I know you'll be holding my hand
run your fingers through my hair
missing me but you'll understand.
When i go away from here
you'll be there looking at me
while you shed away the tears.
As i lay in rest don't worry
ive had a real long life
i had you beside me and you've been
the perfect wife.
And those nights you'll remember holding
tight, missing me so much
but knowing this is life.

And when i
go through all these things
emotions, good and bad
experience these feelings.
And when i
go through all these motions
good and bad
experience the saddest things
or getting really mad.
i know you'll be there
when i.

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Forever and Ever (I'll Always Love You)

My life began the day we met
The world, it looked brand new.
Colors brighter, music sweeter
And all because of you.
You took a life of sadness
And you made it oh so sweet
But now you're gone and yet.......

I love you more with each passing day
Though God saw fit to take you away.
When I think of our love, it still seems brand new
Forever and ever, I'll always love you.

 I still feel you close by my side.
The pain's so deep, it cuts like a knife
When you went away, my heart broke into little pieces.
But I'll put those pieces back together 
Because I know some day, we'll be together again.
But until then...............

I'll love you more with each passing day
Though God saw fit to take you away.
When I think of our love, it still seems brand new
Forever and ever, I'll always love you.

Oh, when I think of our love
It still seems brand new
Forever and ever, I'll always love you.

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I Try

I try to be the one you can trust,
But I dont know how.
All I can do is hide.

The knife I hold in my hand,
The blade shines off the light.
The blood pours from this wound.
The wound that went so ever deep.

I fight all of these wars. 
But the battle has yet to be won. 
Won on the inside.

The life i hold in my hands
no one can save me from this fate 
I have placed upon me.

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As the years and times will change this bustling city,
once almost invisible from Heaven itself,
we'll remember it as it took on the face of death:
giving each other comfort and asking why
would anyone hate so much this nation...
to demolish what took years to build with devotion!

Our presence will greatly attest,
and send a message so strong and sound
that their ears will not miss;
angels still fly over that sacred place,
and watch it with their smiling faces...
to please God with all their will,
because they know too well 
that our sorrows can't be measured!

As the seasons and the days slip away,
only that memory remains timeless:
faint voiced of family and friends
wailing in the thick smoke and burning flames,
and as helpless as they are, where they pray,
they think of us as their Guardian Angels!

Our presence will greatly attest,
but nobody can ever sway us from our achievement:
a tragedy such as this, will not be repeated...
we lost too much to be intimidated!

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Wish U Were Here







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Go saddle me the black black steed
For I am going on a long long journey
Go wipe away the tears that roll
Across brawny cheeks of gypsie lassie.

Fifteen well made men going on their steeds
To get their brides leap over the strand
The brunt hills in search of a namer
Drying fast to justify conscript of land.

Twilled with a broach and a ring wintry
The death stalks the hill with sickled moon
The leaden sheen on the steed’s back
Has turned the night’s face into a roon.

Late late yesterday I saw the moon
Full bodied like a new sickled maned
The death will stalk these streets tonight
And am afraid of downy owl’s nickled bane.

Come on fair ladies hang your hair down
Over the fair head over the abordour
The fifteen men have gone to castle waste
And along came the death to devour.

Go saddle me the black black steed
The merry castle keep has hovelled a cry
Though death stalks every haste and waste
And brawny cheeks of gypsie have gone dry.

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i met lucifer walking back
to my head this morning,
he was shaking the hand
of the sun in the morning,
his hands red-stained
of child's blood.

i asked him "why?"
"because i shouldn't have"
i asked him "why?"
"because they wanted me not to"
i asked him "why?" 
"because they have no life"
i asked him "why?"
"because their life is my life"
i asked him "why?"
"because the rules of the weak
are food for the strong, 
because it covers them"
i asked him "why?"
"because those dead are closer 
to life than those living"
i asked him,
his hands
wet with red,
"because all that's good 
wants to keep you static"
i asked him "why evil?"
"because change is necessary,
revolution, digestion, destruction"
i asked him "give me life"
he said, his hands dripping red,
"it is taken."

the hole in my belly
that my soul had filled
is as wet with red
as i watch the sun rise
on the death of my death.

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' Warriors ... The Battle Cry Song ... '

There Are Sounds of Ancient Thunders
There Are Sounds of Ancient Drummers
        Calling … Brave Warriors
         Gladiators and Warriors

And They’re Marching To The Cadence of Their Hearts’ Pounding
Marching, To The Cadence of The World’s Rage Resounding
They’re Going By The Beat of Their Heart’s Pumping
By The Steady Flow of Blood and Bloodlust, Tells Me Somethin’

               … Warriors …
         Courageous Warriors …


But, We’ve Seen These Men, Playing With Their Children
We’ve Seen These Sons and Their Laughter, I’m Hearing
We’ve Seen These Men, Loving Their Babies
And Tenderly Holding and Kissing Their Ladies

               … Warriors …
         Courageous Warriors …

2nd Chorus:

Oh Lord, Please Stop These Warriors’ Battle Cry
And The Battle Cry, Coming From Their Mothers and Wives
The Battle Cry, Coming From Their Little Ones’ Eyes
The Battle Cry, Coming From Warriors … When They Die

               … Warriors …
         Courageous Warriors …

Sticks and Stones, Swords, Arrows and Bombs
Lances, Knives, Hand to Hand Combat, Napalm
God Almighty, Oh, Thy Kingdom Come
Please Rescue Us, From The Kingdom of The Gun …

And Prophecy Is Marching – Listen, All Who Arms Bear
Warriors, Must Beat War Weapons Into Plowshares            ( Isa. 2: 4 )
And When War, Is No More, Then We Will Hear
All Warriors’ Battle Cry, Will Be An Amen Cheer !

              … Gentle Warriors …
            Peace-Loving, Warriors …

2nd Chorus:

Oh Lord, Please Stop These Warriors’ Battle Cry
And The Battle Cry, Coming From Their Mothers and Wives
The Battle Cry, Coming From Their Little Ones’ Eyes
The Battle Cry, Coming From A Warrior’s … Last ‘ Why ? ’

                … Warriors …
           Courageous Warriors …

How Can Flesh and Blood, Mortal-Men, Be So Fearless, I Wonder
Are They Strengthened By Duty, Love and Honor
Facing Danger, Death and Being Torn Asunder
Sacrificing All, As A Fallen Soldier …

                 … Warrior …
           Courageous Warrior …

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A Fiery Mountain

It was there upon a mountain to which it came. 
That of a great flames as he stood on what appear to be a work of sapphire stone. 
As it was in a heart of love that felt to which was great desire. 
It was of true love to which it was as God descended there in a cloud of smoke and fire. 
That to which was written commandments of love as they had feared that of great love. 
It was there 3000 was slew as many had beg to keep what they knew. 
That of mercy and love did he have, especially when none follow what they had. 
For it was many signs showed in the eye’s but there was none to which had believed in thy.  
That of a heart we follow as we wish to be by his side. 
That in a blink of an eye we could all just die. 
But it was there on Mount Sinai to which swords was thrown when the 
people all sin in that of Gods throne. 
For it was to which he knew that of your soul as we seek that to which is true. 
And that is, Gods love through and through. 
It is there he parted body and soul as he to repent that of a hurt from inside. 
That of his fading love had they stiff-necked his love. 
But it was that of great love to which he send that of his sons love. 
That in him we all might be saved but in him he gave his life that to which he 
parted some men’s life. 
But it is that day of a coming that all will know that night. 
That to which will be of no mercy for they who sin in life. 
So repent thee there before the lord that he may spare you at door. 
That in your heart you may know that of him to which he will give you life in the end. 
But know that of where your heart is this day because God said there is a way. 
So believe me be, that it is a sword on the end. 
That if you don’t take him in, then you will drown in the end. 
Not that of just the sea but that of no love will you have but it 
will be that of a fiery flame to all will burn in flames. 
So quench thy thirst this day in him that in your heart you fine that of your love in him. 
But know that of your heart, that you know him in the end. 
And he may be merciful and spare your life from that of a fiery mountain on the end. 
With lots of love and praying for you and that is I see you in the end. 
With lots of love from my heart to you, that you may find that of your love too. 
And that is God's love and that is a burning desire of a love from a Fathers end.
That you may be spare from the fire on the end.

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Urban Wild West

Back in high school everything was a mess
kids in different cliques, in all types of dress
and everyday a fight to see who's the best
and gun threats with kids having gats in there vests.
Teachers not caring about the education of generation x
didn't believe in the future or us or what's coming next
just in it long enough so they can cash there checks
as they push the kids along, uneducated or not along with the rest.
Security guards check your i.d. to make sure you were where your
supposed to be
But now isn't it so easy to make a fake pass, doesn't anyone see?
so now kids are laying in pools of blood and agony
they say it's safe but schools still very uneasy.

School today's like the wild west
Everyone's fighting, lots of unrest
And every body's just trying to fit in
But some are lost right from the beginning.
School today's like the wild wild west
Everyone's wearing a bullet proof vest
Scared to go to school because of the threats
Afraid as hell as to what happens next.

There's no smiles as you pass by in the hallway
because one false move can make the wrong person angry
everyone seems to be dealing with there own hate
nobody wants to deal with a lonely fate
so much on everyone's plate
and the angst just unable to escape
so when he or she snaps and is in bad shape
everyone runs for cover before it's to late.
Im not out to scare you far from it
but it's time other take notice of it
before more innocent kids die from this
because a child who cries for help gets none of it
a tiny scream inside, the anger that they hide
they always answer with a pistol by there side
and it's up to us to find another way
so those kids who go to school can live another day.

School today's like the wild west
Everyone's fighting, lots of unrest
And every body's just trying to fit in
But some are lost right from the beginning.
School today's like the wild wild west
Everyone's wearing a bullet proof vest
Scared to go to school because of the threats
Afraid as hell as to what happens next.

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unjuggled passionate fact
live for what life is' too u
washin tide blaskin tie cason lie
I wuluck the bare thought of astanished
In  a place noted black
a nagnan ture color
my face norct in flack
A house pertained in dark narshaw
I live
A room spiting tental whispering deaths ceepction
All halls triped with noise

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Little Girl

I have a reason, for what I do.

But it would not, make sense to you.

I love the children, oh too much.

Just so much, I want to touch.

With candy and sweets, I lure them in.

And then the fun, really begins.

I'm not sex-minded, not today.

I would never touch them, in that way.

Some call me evil, some say I'm insane.

I do have a reason, I just can't explain.

You see the kids, are nothing more to me.

Than tiny bodies, with parts I need.

I lost something of mine, I want it back.

My only girl, had a heart attack.

I tried to save her, but I was too late.

I locked myself up, furious with hate.

I stayed there for weeks, writhing in pain.

Until I realized her death, was not in vain.

I figured out, I could change fate!

The tables have turned, I was not too late!

I could remake her, only better!

This way I would never forget her!

With an eye from Tanya, an arm from Sue.

I realized what I had to do.

On the night of revival, all parts were in place.

I'll never forget, the look on her face.

There she lay, on the beach of Lake Pearl.

Beautiful as hell, daddy's little girl.

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Who's Gonna Bake the Christmas Pie

He was six years old at his dying mother's side.
Only when she slept he broke down and cried.
He had to hide his fears of what was to be.
How scared he was, mama didn't need to see.

Mama had been sick going on three years now.
She knew she must help him make it through some how.
With her strength fading she called him to her side.
"If life is a carnival son, I'm at my last ride."

"I have something to tell you, to remember for all times."
"You are all each other will have in the coming hard times."
"Just hold each other close and remember my love for you."
"It will help to ease the pain, it will help to see you through."

The day came when his Mama had to go.
He had so many questions, so much he wanted to know.
"Why did Mama have to die?"  "Who's gonna bake the Christmas pie?"
"Who will comfort me when I cry?"  "Are you gonna die?"

I squatted down in front of him a tear in my eye.
"An unfortunate part of life, son, is each of us will die."
He'd caught me off guard, I didn't know what to say.
I hoped he understood.  I hoped... and I prayed.

I took him in my arms and held him oh so tight.
I told him that I loved him and that everything would be all right.
"Mama's in heaven now she's looking down on you and me." 
"She's with us in our hearts where forever she will be."

"She sees you when you're crying she sees you when you're playing."
"She knows what you're thinking she knows what you're saying."
"She sees into your heart and knows how much you love her."
"So let's have happy thoughts of Mama and the time we had together."

The days have turned to weeks, the weeks to months and years.
Our thoughts of Mama are happy, they hold away the fears.
She still fills our hearts with memories.  Memories of her love.
Memories of Mama sent down from heaven above.

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everyday we get closer to the dawning of the moon
the great wonder
In all times we look to not fear .to love 
In a childs eye i see that 
long ago but not far away we killed out of fear 
We long to be ,do not settle down .
In the dark place there is longing and long dark dreams,
you cant step outside,
i want you to know heaven is inside 
the rose ,look around and you will see it too.
i pray my love is endless ,
and death will come gently like a lover.
reawaken me,so i can step inside .

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Drifting into oblivion
loosing all that's true
I'm delving in the darkness
But I cannot reach you

"No help for me," you say
As the light fades more from your eyes
"It's time to sink some more," say you
"It's myself whom I despise"

"Please don't go," I cry, I beg
Still grasping for your hand
Your aura's dull, your eyes are closed
Too far gone to understand

Promise me you'll fight!
Stop falling further down
Please don't go, my friend
I can't stand to see you drown.

Come on, don't give up now
So much left for you to do
And should you ever need me
I'm always there for you.

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Loss of a friend

Funny how life goes on no matter how wrong your day has been.
   no one thinks to ask if for you time has stopped or when.
From time to time through out the day your mind forgets what's true,
   then a frontal wave and it all comes flooding back to you.
Friendship, laughter happy times began to flash,
   I took for granted the best of times would always last.
His smile lit hte room that now seems so dim,
   all I ever recieved was friendship from him.
My fond memories shall never slip or fade,
   all his debts to humanity are now gone and paid.
All that's left to judge him is the Father to us all,
   I hope he can see past the confusion and see the great guy I saw.

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"The way i was, things ive said
  didn't mean it, having regrets.
 for all the hurt as it drains
but the harsh feelings retain.
and the tears pour down like the rain,
dripping down the jilted drain.

I never got to say im sorry
Wish we had a chance to talk
I never got to say goodbye
Before you left for the longest walk.
I never got to say im sorry
Wish we had a chance to walk
never got to say my goodbye
and never got the time to talk.

you can hear me, this i know
the day you left, i just didn't know
your last time being home.
so many things i had to say
but time took it all away.
and now the earth is so cold
and so alone.
as i wait for your voice but hear
an empty dial tone.

I never got to say im sorry

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Trying to escape from it all I detach from reality Knowing my spirit will be Safe Too much torment have I gone through To know that this story is truly mine Cut me off no matter how much I'll always find a way To fight and survive your kingdom I'm the only thing you desire I'm the only thing you hate I'm the only thing you need I'm you little Babydoll In my mind there is a haven Only I can enter, but everyone else is there Its there I will find a new tactic To keep on living in your torment On the way home I'll die a few times But just to know I really lived I'll have to find a new way to bleed If I want to escape I'll have to loose myself Cut me off no matter how much I'll always find a way To fight and survive your kingdom I'm the only thing you desire I'm the only thing you hate I'm the only thing you need I'm you little Babydoll Cut me off no matter how much I'll always find a way To fight and survive your kingdom I'm the only thing you desire I'm the only thing you hate I'm the only thing you need I'm you little Babydoll

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Only She Cries

What If I told You That I Loved you
would we care
would we die
 Chains surrounding Alice
Only She Cries
World Banished her
Love left her
all Alone
Melancholia presides over
Alice dies again
Will she ever reign
Will she ever see
what’s here to be
Only She Cries
She’s a ghost
Nobody to call Her name
Only She Cries
will she not live
whispers of her Raven mind
only control her
There’s no hope
Only she Cries
What If I told You That I Loved you
Empty Without a savoir
Will She ever be cured from this
will she breakaway
Gaia couldn’t be so cruel
Just to wail away—Let the Banshee Crie
Just wail away the pain
wail away the pain
Enter my heart and you’ll see
that Was the only thing you could ever need
Alice; only she cries
let it show
That love never dies
Through Euphoria
through melancholia
She’s a ghost
Nobody to call Her name
Only She Cries
will she not live
whispers of her Raven mind
only control her
There’s no hope
Only she Cries
What If I told You That I Loved you
She’s a ghost
Nobody to call Her name
Only She Cries
will she not live
whispers of her Raven mind
only control her
There’s no hope
Only she Cries
What If I told You That I Loved you
You didn’t know
how you could save her
Only if you could her
Alice dies
Only she cries

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I see a better world that I can use Its far from you And inside me The reality is too much to handle anymore It's a place we all can love A place where all angels dwell Burnt in my mind everything you've done to me It saves me to go away It's my internal prison It's my only safe-haven I'm my mind there is a place That only I can control Your misery will haunt me no more As Long as I'm in my own reality You will be no more It's deep enough where you will never find But open enough to keep expanding I will not be stapled by your dominance anymore This is it i will take a stand A sky with death In it's smile Rolls across the night It seeks to know what is wrong And the thing is you I'm my mind there is a place That only I can control Your misery will haunt me no more As Long as I'm in my own reality You will be no more I'm my mind there is a place That only I can control Your misery will haunt me no more As Long as I'm in my own reality You will be no more I'm my mind there is a place That only I can control Your misery will haunt me no more As Long as I'm in my own reality You will be no more

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Mr. Smooth's Chauffeur

Mr. Smooth has a splendid social life
He's got adoring kids, a loving wife
He's a well-educated gentleman
Knowing so much, still learning all he can.

He's got a pleasant way of winning friends
The rich and the wretched, the saints and the fiends
So likeable, so popular is he
That he's the guy most people want to be.

       I envy him his fame, his name
       But I don't have much to offer
       I'm just his lowly chauffeur
       At his long limo's steering wheel
       As he gets every winning deal.

Mr. Smooth heads the boardrooms, makes much wealth
Got a sculpted body and superb health
And women swoon when he greets them hello
Threatened machos smile when he had to go.

He's got me waiting a bit longer now
So unusual, much like breaking a vow
The scared guard said Mr. Smooth did decide
To call it quits, then gulped down cyanide!

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There's a road I know
And it's takin me home
It's a long windey road
But no matter how long it takes I'm goin home
Yeah, I'm goin home

My home where ever it be
Weather here, or afar
My home is with you 
it's a shinin, shinin star
Yeah it's a shinin star

I've got my black boots on
As I'm, singin my song
Singin my song for you
I'm goin on my way, headin down that highway
Back to our fathers arms, yeah

As I'm lookin through those clouds
And I see all of those frowns
I promise you, my love will shine through
let my spirit guide you too, so turn those frowns upside down,
I'm smlin now, Yeah I'm smilin now

Please be sure that you know
That I'm FOREVER, ALWAYS in your heart
In your dreams day after day because
Because I LOVE YOU!!!

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The Golden Moon

What was the reason we sat upon the golden moon?
Here in my heart I know the motion wasn’t sand less dune.
Now I still hear the chiming of that distant brass bell.
Ringing in that soft sad melancholy tone called hell.

The water falls into my hand,
Like the tickling of the pounding sand.
Stinging me with its touch,
But clinging like a cripple to a crutch.
Never leaving my skin,
Such a grassless barren land of sin.
Oh such endurance I can not find to win.

Hear the bell chime louder upon the hour again.
Now the golden moon has sent us a golden shower.
For the whisper of the chime must remain.
Such a yellow softness has made mad men sane.

Screaming, crying out their fear… do you hear?
This is a tune of yester year.
Was it all in my mind?

Search and you will never find.
What was the reason I do not know.
Now he is gown what have you to show?

The baby is crying louder, louder, in the night.
The eagle broke its wing in a soaring flight.
What was the name of my thoughtless man?
Reach for your soul cause no one else can.
You have washed up upon the ocean shore.
Now the golden moon is no more.

When they come with their dogs searching at dawns first light,
There will be a lifeless you who once shivered with a fright.
Mud a crusty cake in your hair.
You were trapped in a golden snare.
To this river I thee wed.
You had to jump, and now you’re dead.

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I heard the bad news Monday morning

Everybody's saying,"Wow, what a drag."

Seems the skin heads had some point to prove

Now little Davey's dead in his sleeping bag

so I found myself a spot with green grass

somewhere way on down in the United States

Had a jug of wine, I had some time to pass

I picked up my guitar and I began to play

For the lovers on the on ramp

and the old men in the park

for the bad side of the city

the little fishes and the sharks

and those who give so much to life

and those that take away

and those who work so hard to get by

while Davey..................

Davey found the time to play.

We'd see little Davey up on the corner

playing like he didn't have a choice

we never thought that he'd go anywhere

He couldn't play guitar, he didn't have a voice

but we'd hang out and listen to him anyway

there was something bout his style

You know it wasn't so much the way he played

I think it was the way he smiled

while he sang

about the lovers on the the on ramp

and the old men in the park

about the bad side of the city

the little fishes and the sharks

Those who give so much to life

and those who take away 

and those who work so hard to get by

while Davey.....................

Davey had the time to play.

We heard the bad news Monday morning

everybody's saying, "Wow, what a drag."

Seems the skin heads had a point to prove

Now little Davey's dead in his sleeping bag...........

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Drink Up Genocide

Drown yourself so deeply it hurts
it tells such a story that no longer hurts
take it from me i'll tell you 
this life you live will send you there
to drink up genocide in this lively air
flying and searching for nothing
while these sparks of knowledge kiss the lips
of one thousand headlights that held you tight
words of sonnets are raining hard only on the brains
of those who believe that trying never makes it
in this world of sancturary that holds this garden of words
that seemingly seep out what we all as one have been thinking

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my new life

i feel a burn on my skin i dont know what's happaing i sit and wait to see if the 
time as come that my life is finaly going to end my mind go's blank my eye's go 
black as if a person who is on crack i fell my blood leave my vain's now i just feel 
fant i feel as if im in hell so i cry but it's stail my skin is glass and break's so my life has come to pass

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Died Red ~Ripple~

The bloody moon of yesterday
gave way to valor's mournful sun.
The scarlet streams had overflown;
the loss of life can't be undone.

Amongst the burnt bouquets of flesh,
there lay a man still uncorrupt.
Although his time was surely short,
he'd yet to sip the reaper's cup.

Turned toward the ground, his weary eyes
met face to face with carnal pools.
Reflections of his dearest love
came forth, despite surroundings cruel.

A single drop of sorrow fell
which caused her ripples to depart.
He scrunched his eyes with fervor as
the rings grew distant from her heart.

Above, the vultures danced with death;
he knew his life was soon to close.
Although, he thought it chivalrous
to die the hue of fallen rose.

His corpse cried crimson tears that day;
dyed red, the soldier passed away.

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Leathers ladies and insanity

that's all that old fool needs

ride to hell and damn the smell

living by his own creed

Your brothers belly's are full of beer

their hearts are full of pride and power

flirting with death and crystal meth

and toking on that wild wood flower

but he ain't no different bro's

He justa whole lot further down the line

Just thought I'd call to let you know

He'll be coming in late tonight

Pool balls are crackin

and the beer is guzzled down

a couple more lines of whatever that was

and he just gonna hang around

Don't know where he's going now

and frankly he don't care

some other dimly lit smoky bar

probably waitin for him there

but he ain't no different bro's

He justa whole lot further down the line

He said to call to let you know

He'd be comin in late tonight

A diesel rig kinda hard on the chrome

so ya lay that mother down

justa couple miles from home

but you're gone before ya hit the ground

Don't where you're goin now

but you can bet your bottom buck

all us earth bound bro's down here

We'll hoist a few and wish ya luck

 but you ain't no different now

you're just a whole lot further down the line

I guess I'll call to let em know

You won't make it in tonight,

so tell the operator, reverse the charges

cause the call's on us tonight,

I gotta call to let em know

You won't make it in this time.

So leathers ladies and insanity

is all that old fool needs

ride to hell and damn the smell 

he gonna live by his own creed

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Didiane Le Vie

I need to feed my hunger is never satisfied I need your attention please notice me My emotions are bare, so I crave yours 'Tis a painful obessesion that leaves me wanting more It goes on over and over Till I find my mark I'm synthetic and cold nothing inside Woe I am, is all I feel I'll try forever till im dead But I cannot be dead-- for only your blood will be shed Take away this horrid price But painful immortality doesn't fail I'm always on the hunt For a new host to feed You emotions are mine The sacred blood of life is all I need to survive I'm always in an enternal war To fill the painful obessesion Your attention and emotion is all I need Im the synthetic vampire I can't feel anymore I was made by a blood-thirsty whore Who wanted war and death All I wanted was to be real Only you are my mark I'll gain all your attention Capture your emotions Just love me even though I cant love A creature of the dark I was made to tear everything apart I'm always on the hunt For a new host to feed You emotions are mine The sacred blood of life is all I need to survive I'm always in an enternal war To fill the painful obessesion Your attention and emotion is all I need Im the synthetic vampire (love me and love me and love me and love me and love me and love me) I'm always on the hunt For a new host to feed You emotions are mine The sacred blood of life is all I need to survive I'm always in an enternal war To fill the painful obessesion Your attention and emotion is all I need Im the synthetic vampire

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We gathered our dead

Collected the longbows

For the Giving Tree

Had made them especially

For a company of men

For some suffered

In their death throes


Under the dying cloud

We honoured our men

In a fading sunset sky

For they turned

In to nature

And magic

And like leaves

Tumbled by


The sun bowed

The darkness came

The stars rose

The fallen men

In their death throes

Became the light in the night sky

Under the dying cloud


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Real Raindrops

Every person can see it is raining, yet only I know why.
It's because my mother can see us now and the rain is the tears she must cry.
What a disappointment all of us survivors must now be.
I know at least a dozen of those tears are reserved just for me.
I've lost all will to do well without her to look at me with pride.
From her heavenly stance she sees all leaving my mistakes no where to hide.
Her husband has given up, relinquished all they worked so hard to maintain.
I know she wants him to pull together do well despite his pain.
My sister is now reckless traveling downward with an influential pack.
My mother must be wondering how so much common sense she does lack.
So while others are seeing merely raindrops falling down today.
I can tell where they are coming from, know exactly what they say.
And each teardrop of rain holds merit has every reason to be.
For the woman who worked so hard to hold us close now can finally see.
Without her we are all failures giving no heed to her time spent.
All her teachings and life work left with her when she went.

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She told me,

She told me shes looking for soul,

shes looking ,she told me 

shes so lost.

In a lost dream shell look for me.

Ill stay and wait ,wait for the ages,

to come and steal me away

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Hope you can see us from high above.
Help us be strong and brave forever no matter.
Be with us always in every which way you can in your kindness.
I will always find your light and keep it in my young heart in my best way possible.
You left us for a reason and we love you in our hearts.
You saved my life to give yours away which l'll  never forget.
It breaks my heart in tears terribly.
Your star will follow me everywhere to guide me in good and bad times.
Your in presence when were in pain and in happiness.
Lead us where we will be safe like the star you carry for each of us.
Let us accept who we are and why were on this earth.
Let your angels carry us where you are so peaceful when our time arrives.
My Prayer, Your Prayer, Our Prayers
Forever in our hearts.
With love always,
Your niece, your family.

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searching all around me
a place to hide
the walls are closing on me
leaving no place for mistakes
my heart is pounding loudly
thou there is no noise
no steps to quicken my pace
thou i do anyways
i try to disspear
but i am always found
they eyes that would take me to a fantasy kabd
has now left me there
and has gone away
i am lost in his eyes
they watch me move
watch me breath my last breath
watch me plead and pray
watch me fall
watch me die
watch me right inside your eyes

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never any peace

you take the seat anyway,
hoping to be caught.
hoping to catch 
someone else as gullible.
you ask yourself if it's worth it
to wait until it wears off.
drink & inspiration 
never leave you any peace.
you ask yourself if it's worth it-
chasing shadows into gutters,
following well-worn trails 
to barroom bathrooms, 
flushing lines that 
were never written.
you wonder if you'll ever get anywhere
asking if anything is ever worth anything.
had you caught the chair as it was full,
had you caught the gutter's shadow,
had you found the few flushed lines,
you'd still be nothing more than
saddlemarks on some caged beast.
you smoke a cigarette outside, 
spitting in the gutter.
if the muse wants anything of you,
you decide she can come find you.
back inside, the jukebox just
clicks for a few seconds 
& a bottle lands on your table
& the waitress, jerking her thumb
just loud enough
over the next song says,
"this here's from that brunette at the bar."

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Lost Life

Judgmental eyes staring through me 
Looking for an answer 
Searching the darkness of my heart 
There is nothing there but a few forgotten memories of you
Frozen in time my heart will forever be
You were the light that once brought warmth to me 
The light that lived within me
Without you I am forever lost in the frozen wasteland of life
Doomed to live out my days without thought
Thoughts of happiness escape me now
Happiness is to fast for my heart, I cannot keep up 
Even from the start I am filled with pain
Pain that is dragging me down to the bottom of existence
I will disappear…forgotten by all, and loved by none
I have been destroyed with or without will or need
As I raise the gun to my head…
I escape myself...	

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You didn't pass on 
You didn't die 
No such thing as goodbye 

Bittersweet somethings 
Bittersweet nothings 

One day soon 
You and I 
Running to the moon 
Past the blue sky 

Bittersweet somethings 
Bittersweet nothings 

I saw you yesterday 
and today 
for in my heart... 
you did stay 

How will you go? 
Such escapes, 
you cannot know 

No such thing as goodbye 
You didn't pass on 
You didn't die 
Bittersweet battle won 

We will meet soon... 
In the other world, 
or the next 

Such lives inextricably linked 
I belong to you, 
as you belong to me 
This is how it is meant to be... 
You know it too

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To the Edge of the World (The Song of Navriss pt.2)

Like a vulture, he came to my hometown,
To my hometown.
Just a little boy, I watched him
Knock upon the old wooden door,
To the old man’s house,
The old grizzled Moor.

In silence, the man in black fled down the old road,
Beside him running silent,
Was the grizzled old Moor.
Behind the two upon a horse,
I rode through the cold.
Through the charred hills, 
Beyond mountains old.

We travelled through lands, where the sun feared to tread, 
And the midnight sun filled my heart with dread.
Still the two, upon dark gossamer wings,
Led me back into the sun,
But it would be many years
Before our journey was finally done.

	Hey you, with the chill in your bones
	Come gather round . . .
	Pull yourself up closely
	Warm yourself by the fire . . .
	Can you feel it?
Seasons changed
While the years sailed on by
Still we went on,
Forever on, and on. 
Beneath a sun and moon
Trading places in the sky.
Beyond seas so vast, 
So cold.
Until at last we came,

To the edge of the world, 
Where a man now grown up
Can touch the stars.
I stood upon the edge of the place, 
The place they go, their world.
Which is cold, sometimes hot
Beyond the edge of the world.

With my cloak wrapped tightly around me
I followed the man in black, 
Yet behind the old Moor
Into the heart of a darkened land
Where souls yearn to be free.
And my eyes opened wide, 
So eager to see what I might find.

	Hey you, with the chill in your bones
	Come gather round . . .
	Pull yourself up closely
	Warm yourself by the fire . . .
	Can you feel it?
Bright coin in my hand, 
‘Twas this I gave to the dead ferryman.
Over black mirrored water, 
Silently we sailed over the Sea of Styx.
Little more than my shadow
I studied the black-dressed man,
Just as he studied the souls beneath the waves,
A spiralling helix.

Upon the far shore
Minos sat upon a throne of bone
With his host of the damned, 
For the grizzled old Moor 
Minos passed judgement severe,
Yet unto black naught was said nor done,
Yet unto me was passed
The cruellest judgement.

I cried for all to hear,
“I am alive! Alive.”
But Minos sat back and smiled
And said, “Oh woe to yea curiosity unfed,
You who had followed black while still very much alive
Shall walk eternity through the footsteps of the dead.”
	I pray you heed me well,
	For we are the spirits of regret,
	The souls of the Forgotten
	And we are the ghosts of . . .
	Sorrow . . .

And so I sit,
Beneath the muted stars,
On the edge of the world . . .

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The Earthen King, 
had the strength of two castles 
One cannot fight the Wraiths, 
build so much 
For inside, 
something was breaking 

The King learned of his mortality 
and knew not why 
As nature changes... 
Some things wither... 
Some things die... 

For, during the fight for the Heartstone 
On the battlements 
The King was wounded deep 
During the dark days, 
he kept this secret 
For, there was much to keep 

A Kings' strength cannot last forever 
A King who built castles of stone 
During his final days, 
had the comfort of his Queen 
and the Heartstone 

The joy of Heartstone, 
tempered with the news instead 
Of a king, 
who lay dying in his bed 

The Faeries gathered round.. 
For, the time is near 
For, the King, they held dear 
The Summer Queen at his side 
With one peaceful sigh, 
he closed his eyes 
and died 

This is the nature of everything 
You cannot mourn, 
what you haven't lost 
The Summer Queen and the Faeries 
Knew this 
For deaths' sting, 
did not leave them forlorn 

The Passing of a King 
A great King 
Whose memories belong on the Magic Tapestry 
A King who built beautiful castles 
With the strength of two 

There were no tears 
Only sweet gentle rain 
The rustle of leaves, 
from the Whispering Trees 
A refrain 

The Summer Queen, 
kept one leaf from his cloak 
She kissed it gently and softly blew 
A west wind carried it through 
to the Whispering Trees 

The Trees took the King 
Made him part of everything 
The passing of the King, you see 
Natures' reason, 
as is the changing season 

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With a Shout!

With a shout!
At the last trump
The archangel's
Voice shall be heard
For the Lord 
Himself shall come
So encourage
All with these words!  (Chorus)

If we believe that Jesus died
And in three days He rose again
Then we believe that God will bring
With Christ those who now sleep in Him

For if only in this life we have hope in Jesus Christ
We would be the most miserable of men 
But Jesus is the Resurrection and He's the Life
Being buried with Him we shall rise again


We who are alive and in Jesus still abides
Won't precede those who are asleep in Him 
So the dead in Christ first shall arise  
Then we who remain shall be caught up with them

For we all shall not sleep, but we all shall be changed
Into a being and a likeness of the Lord
When we meet Him face to face in the clouds in the air
We shall be with Him always and evermore


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There were these dreams we dreamt and so many stars wished upon.
In the time our lives were happy and life meant everything.
When you, my sweet love, woke beside me each and every dawn!
Ah, when all was right with the world and the grass smelled like spring.

For there was this life we lived we thought would always live on.
Still we knew what death was--and how it could touch everything.
But my own never thought yours could die...until it was gone!
And until nothing was left...but the grass that smelled like spring.

Now the stars are wistless orbs...but I must continue on.
Through the haze of pointless days that has buried everything.
For there is this place I must visit...each and every dawn!
Where you sleep, my sweet love, and the grass always smells like spring.

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Goodbye My Love

For all the tears I needed to cry
For all the times I wanted to die
For every moment I wished you were here
For lonesome days when I needed you near
I'm ending this misery once and for all
No longer important for you to call
Burn all the pictures of you and me
No more of my face for you to see
No more pretending that  you care
When you're dreaming I'll be there
No more of my heart aching for you
No more of my love wasted on you
I'm leaving and I'll never return
No more of my fire will ever burn
Go on reach out you're free as a bird
No more of my voice will be heard

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sometimes they dont come back;

america;a white homeless man found in a ditch;by interstate
35 south and feeder road;of austin,texas;some times they
really dont come back;but what if it was me;would it
then;my freind;or would have to be to mean some thing
with the color of my white poor dirty skin;what if i
norma jay bertrand the writer4386/was ran over
would you call it an accident;when i seen this man
thats what texas investigators are calling it;what
a coincidence;two years earlier a black women
did the same in dallas and got away with it;since
a mexican women hit him;says she thought it 
was a deer;america we have a problem then;
same investigators says we walk all over the 
place like that;really like he dosent;like we dont
exist;or blend;yet we are no different than youre
only poor and no home to live in;sometimes we 
are only ghosts of your past by chance no one 
cares to help or look out for;

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The river flowed.... 
Dark and black 
Upon it a wooden boat  sped, 
on a river we all dread 

The sky hung low... 
Dirty grey 
The wooden boat..... 
Sped away 

No tiller, no oar.... 
Yet the wooden boat... 
Sped away 
Without a ripple or a splash... 
Searching for a starflash 

The river flowed... 
Carrying in depths, so deep, 
the souls of the dead 
The darkness showed 

The wooden boat sped away.... 
On its' deck... 
like a tiny star... 
There my soul lay.... 

The river flowed.... 
Dark and black.... 
The sky hung low 
Upon the wooden boat.... 
My soul glowed 
Like a tiny star so 

The sky turned , 
a dirty black 
There was no going back 
Down below, 
the souls.... 
Screeched and burned 

Upon the wooden deck.... 
There my soul lay.... 
The light burning strong 
The light, I pray.... 
Will not go out.... 
On this darkened day 

For all around on this night, 
deepest darkest water flowed... 
Black as jet 
My soul, burned bright.... 
My soul glowed 
The river... 
Will not claim me yet 

Upon the wooden boat.... 
A tiny star lay 
It was my soul, 
being sped away 

Upon the wooden boat.... 
Crossing the river 
Dark and black.... 
Cold shiver, 
no turning back 

A tiny star... 
Left the wooden boat 
Up it went 
Leaving  far below 
The river.... 
dark and black, 
The river.... 
Will always flow 

The wooden boat.... 
Forever searching far... 
On a river,dark and black 
For a tiny star 
No turning back.... 

A tiny star , 
left a wooden boat 
Far behind 
Up above.... 
The light beginning to show 
Down below, 
a river black and dark, 
continued to flow 

As for the wooden boat? 
On it sped.... 
On a night as black as coal 
Looking for stars amongst the dead 
To claim back.... 
On a river of deepest darkest black 
A soul.... 

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Forsaken Eurydice

A quick game is all it will be
I can tell you can hear my shouts and screams from forest 
Your home it beckons thee
Why won't you come and play with me?
Why cant you cure her?
The venom isn't too deep
If you could awaken her once
Cant you do it again
 Did sorrow blind you?
Eurydice Eurydice how mortal death has forsaken thee
Why I not could listen to the dread king
All the life to you I could bring
I had to look back with eyes of dismay
Eurydice Eurydice how mortal death has forsaken thee 
Music no more will there be 
For I have forsaken my Eurydice 
He will never listen 
No is all you will hear
Death is always the killer of love
Death will always win
Go back to your kingdom
My words have been proclaimed
Your music will not be able to charm
Why don't you please
Give him his love
He went this far in vainI
f he cannot see her blank face
Wont why you please
Eurydice Eurydice how mortal death has forsaken thee
Why I not could listen to the dread king
All the life to you I could bring
I had to look back with eyes of dismay
Eurydice Eurydice how mortal death has forsaken thee 
Music no more will there be
 For I have forsaken my Eurydice
If it will please
You can see her
Only without your eyes
Throughout the dark realm
Looking back will forsaken your Eurydice
Eurydice Eurydice how mortal death has forsaken thee
Why I not could listen to the dread king
All the life to you I could bring
I had to look back with eyes of dismay
Eurydice Eurydice how mortal death has forsaken thee 
Music no more will there be
 For I have forsaken my Eurydice

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Twilight is Calling (Tears are for the Dead)

At one time I was the apple of his eye
But in a moment in the hospital he lie
I just 6, entered, and could only cry
He had changed so much since the last time
Twilight was calling his name
Mine being the same 
Yet, I didn’t know what to say
He turned his head a tear in his eye
And chuckled to choke back his cry
“Tears are for the Dead” he replied
And he turned his head back with no more word to speak
His words and actions were the last I would know
Till his funeral where the cries did grow
He left me with a legacy I didn’t quite understand
Still I tried to live by it as best I could plan
Everyday a new meaning comes to hand
That life is meant for the living and crying for the end.
When twilight is calling and I am on my death bed
I will laugh and with a tear in my eye, chuckle and turn my head
Laughter is for the living, crying is for the dead

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Mortal Metronome

Be-beating in my bosom like
a time bomb waiting to explode
with crimson coated copper-veins
and no deactivation code.

Fl-fleeting from my carnal coat,
the life I was bestowed at birth;
with every passing second it
diminishes in earthly worth.

Sl-sleeping unaware of this,
the fact that every breath I take
is gravitating me towards
a most inevitable fate.

Dr-dreaming of a future where
my mind's desires blossom true,
unsure if I will have the strength 
to carve that path and see it through.

Wa-waking from a hardy sleep,
I leap from bed into the hall:
eight hours I had slept that night,
eight hours toward my casket-call.

Sh-shining happily outside,
the sun grants me another day
to walk amongst the still-alive,
at least until I pass away.

Tu-turning are the hands of time,
a minute grows into an hour;
each passing day I wither like
the petals of a dying flower.

Ti-ticking all my life away,
a subtle process we all share;
although, I find it comforting
that such a fate is strictly fair.

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Nothing More to Say

Everyday is constant despair
my life is full of pain
no one else seems to care
i think I'm going insane

my heart is now broken
my veins torn and bare
so many words unspoken
because no one is ever there

my world is now shattered
my life torn apart
nothing else matters
only loneliness in my heart

so someone tell me why
i should live my life this way
for all i want is to die
theres nothing more to say!

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Way back then, when my years were gold.
A chopper I was, I'd been told.
I would leave one morning, and get back that night.
To my wife this caused, a terrible fright.
One trip I took a nasty fall.
time after that, I broke my jaw.
After a while, we decided I should quit.
I was sick and tired, of all this $hit.
I know I needed, to go back to work.
But no one would hire, those stupid jerks.
A month later, my wife died.
I broke down, and cried and cried.
So I went to my boss, and begged for my job.
"Ok," he said, and I went to chop logs.
I was by myself, chopping a pine.
When the tree fell, on a leg of mine.
It hurt like hell, when it hit my leg.
When I woke up, I wished I was dead.
I looked around, for some form of escape.
But my axe had fallen, into the lake.
I checked my pockets, and found nothing.
Except for a spoon, and some other something.
By looking around, I knew what to do.
I gripped the spoon tightly, and bit on my shoe.
And then I started, to hack away.
Hacking and slashing, until night turned to day.
I don't remember, much after that.
I know I died, from where I sat.
You see, I was always a little dumb.
But it seemed I cut off, THE WRONG DAMN ONE!

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A drop of wine shall fall... 
On to  a doublet 
Staining forever 
What was snowy white 
Blood red 
A passing during the night 

A walk along the castle wall 
I was there 
I saw you fall 
Taken from me 
I heard you call 

A drop of wine shall fall 
Blood red 
Staining forever 
My heart instead 

It started as a game... 
Skipping across parapets 
Such delight! 
You needed it 
Always done at night 
A free spirit... 
In all but name 

You delighted us all, 
with your antics in the Great Hall 
I saw you fall 
From a parapet 
My heart ,leapt 

You cannot conquer 
The journey within 
A drop of wine 
Shall fall 
On to my heart 
Blood red 
You will always be mine 
Inwards , I bled 

The call of tiny birds 
Fluttering of wings 
Took you to the stars 
Where you saw, 
so many wonderful things 

The journey within... 
Can sometimes begin 
With a drop of wine 
Blood red 
Staining forever 
Hearts , instead 

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Oh God I Cant Do This

It's been so long since that day changed my life and darkened everything around 
me I relive all the time minute by minute cant go with out crying I find my self 
wanting to call you until I remember I reach up as high as I can with my arms so 
wide It just aint right to still be here with out you near me, I'll say it clear while I 
hold back tears I feel so helpless some days I dont think I can live through this 
oh god I cant do this. So many plans we envisioned about growing up and 
getting old what promise the future hold, I tried so hard to run away from that day 
because I just didnt know what to say still to this day I feel so helpless some 
days I just dont think I can live through this oh god I cant do this. Contemplate 
visting your grave after all these years with so many fears I cant bare I hope you 
understand all this just was'nt part of the plan I feel so helpless some days I just 
dont think I can live like this oh god I cant do this. What I would'nt give for one day 
with you to tell you how much I love you it was a blast the times we had from little 
kids so close to adults I'm totally lost I find strength in memories of you and me 
but its not enough to calm the hurt, I feel so helpless some days I just dont think I 
can live like this oh god I cant do this I feel so helpless everything has changed 
I'm not the same as day's go bye can I get through this your truly missed oh god I 
cant do this oh god I cant do this.

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Stanza 1971

In ol' Songbe the choppers rise
From the sling-out pad with sleepy eyes,
All filled with special OD goodies--
Frags and doo just for the boonies.

We'll convoy up Rt. 309
And build a bridge 
Where the French one stood.

The laterite is packed real tight
To support the five-tons through the fight.
The peneprime smells oooh just right
With body bags stacked in the hootch tonight.

So come sing the happy convoy song:
Santana is struming and "beer to the front!"
"Carry me back to ol' Kambuja,"
The electric guitars drift o'er the berm.

And the sweat is mixed with the three-two beer,
Nobody here is filled with fear,
And the stars by the thousands stand up to cheer
Santana and doo and a breeze from the sea.

The rockets are pretty seen from afar.

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Maiden's Moonlit Plight

A scream awoke those in the churchyard,
a mad scream from the maiden lain there
From death she awoke in the dark crypt
From cold death and so full of despair.

Shrouded she’d lain ‘pon altar of bone,
So deep in her dream darkened repose,
She was startled awake by a Godly light,
Sure ‘n startled by His light she so rose.

All alone,
All alone, all alone……

Tear drenched, she ran from sanctuary, 
through the church up the stairs so steep.
Stout souls who had stirred from their slumbering
Rose up and listened, as on did the fair maid weep.

She bemoaned her roaming most unbidden,
toward the curs’d cross guild of the Moon;
through ash darkened paths ‘cross the midden,
she stumbled blind ‘neath a maudlin red moon.

In awe she entered the maze full of wanderlust,
She’d trespassed though to her ‘twas unknown
“Trespasser!” screeched the mad man so feverous.
As he wildly lifted his bolt to his longbow.

“You must go, NOW! 
Go now, JUST GO!”

“But where?” said the wane wandering maid. 
“Where shall go, I’m so lost and so alone?”
“Just GO!” said he, raising long bow high,
“Just GO! Just GO! Just GO!”

So, she was struck down in full moons light.
like a doe had she tarried to long their;
As the fletched bolt took flight and ended her life,
in a wild torrent of her auburn brown hair.

All alone, all alone all alone……

So, forewarned be thee in the full moons light
All forewarned so thee be though alone
N’er walk thee alone in the mad Moon’s maze
Or thee’ll be raised on an alter of bone.

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Lonely Interlude

This damn bed it's so cold now
once a place we both shared dreams.
I remember what you were wearing
on the night that you left me.

You told me to stay there
You had some business elsewhere
everything about that night still so clear
that it's tearing me apart.

And in this cemetary
I lay on your stone
The night is silent and the grass is so cold.
But i don't mind cause in my head
your with me tonight.

You where in that accident, a car hit 
you as it sped, the doctors told me you were
dead and i didn't believe them till i saw
the blood on your dress.

As i lay above your casket
tears flow out just like a river
i make sure that im here, every year
on our special day.
As i touch your stone, trace a name
i used to call with my fingers, i know
it'll never be the same.

And in this cemetary, on your name
i do lay, vowing to make it through
another day.
To make you proud, looking to heaven
as i smile, as your love passes by me
i know everything is ok.
and that your safe.

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Go saddle me the black black steed
For I am going on a long long journey
Go wipe away the tears that roll
Across brawny cheeks of gypsie lassie.

Fifteen well made men going on their steeds
To get their brides leap over the strand
The brunt hills in search of a namer
Drying fast to justify conscript of land.

Twilled with a broach and a ring wintry
The death stalks the hill with sickled moon
The leaden sheen on the steed’s back
Has turned the night’s face into a roon.

Late late yesterday I saw the moon
Full bodied like a new sickled maned
The death will stalk these streets tonight
And am afraid of downy owl’s nickled bane.

Come on fair ladies hang your hair down
Over the fair head over the abordour
The fifteen men have gone to castle waste
And along came the death to devour.

Go saddle me the black black steed
The merry castle keep has hovelled a cry
Though death stalks every haste and waste
And brawny cheeks of gypsie have gone dry.

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If You Were To Die Today

The world would go on.

The chaos would continue.
The confusion would remain.
Wars would still be fought.
Soldiers would continue to die.

The world would go on.

Babies would be born.
People would continue to die.
Hunger would still plague many.
Selfishness would still hinder millions.

The world would go on.

Traffic would remain hectic.
Accidents would continue to happen.
Gunshots would still be heard.
Children would continue to be hurt.

The world would go on.

Flowers would continue to blossom.
Seasons would continue to change.
Leaves would still change colors.
Springtime would still bring smiles.

The world would go on.

Children would continue to learn.
New love would continue to flourish.
Kindness would still be prevalent.
Humanity would still be plentiful.

The world would go on.

But there would be something missing.
There would be something different.
Your death would leave an empty cavern.

Your family would mourn.
Your friends would grieve.
Your absence would be noticed.
You would be missed.

But the world would still go on.

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You left us here without a clue
As to why you did what you said you would do
Your cowardice has pained us all
And left just questions stuck in our craw

You could have stretched out your hurting hand
To find a friend who's been there man
The place you were was not alone
The thoughts you had were not your own

You departed not knowing of Gods true grace
And left your loved ones an empty space
The anguish I feel is felt by those
Who have tried to help you with your woe's

I hope and prey that you are the last
To take his life without any class
It may be harsh the way that I show it
But maybe it's true that I'm Gods poet

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As Time Slowly Passes By

As time slowly passes by
I still wipe tears from my eye
My heart still aches from the pain
Still yearning to feel your touch
To kiss your soft loving lips

As time slowly passes by
Feeling lonely all the time
Happiness taken out of my life
Grief zapping all of my energy
Trying to survive one day at a time

As time slowly passes by
Looking ahead to the day
When we are reunited
Since you had to die
Someday I must also

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In Memory Of

Listen to the epitaph
reading in the papers
how they summarized
your life into one small
How i burn to hear your voice
or see that smile once again
it's weird seeing your face
on the obituary's, the hurt
turning into rage.

And in your memory
i'll go on for you
and in your memory
there's nothing i wouldn't do
in your memory
i know that you'll never fade away
in your memory
i'll live on for another day.

When i was young i remember
you taking care of me, now looking
down on me, are you proud of the
person i turned out to be?
Are you that shining star in the sky
at night? Or the brightest ray of sunlight?
or was that your perfume i smelled when
the wind picked up just right? The pretty
shadow that i see?

And in your memory
i'll go on for you
and in your memory
there's nothing i wouldn't do
in your memory
i know that you'll never fade away
in your memory
i'll live on for another day.

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Since You've Been Gone

Since you've been gone
Happiness has distanced itself from me
Sorrow and pain have become my life
The laughter we once shared is no more

Since you've been gone
My ears have longed to hear your song
Your music can now only be heard on tape
Thank you for recording those songs

Since you've been gone
My days have been so lonely
You're not here to share my secrets with
Now I must adjust to being alone

Since you've been gone my heart is constantly breaking
Tears stream from my eyes regularly
Death took you from me way too soon
Everyday I am left to exist

Since you've been gone.....

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Master of War

He pauses for effect and pretends to listen and hear,
then proceeds anyway and gives the order to conquer.
Though far is his reach he is really very near,
causing destruction, he brings chaos and fear.

Silhouettes and shadows dance all over the wall
but he heeds not the warning of the impending toll.
From across the ocean he kills, maims and attacks,
he arrests and he tortures, he insults and he mocks.

He drops bombs, launches cruise missiles and planes,
he fires cannons, sends troops on ships and trains.
He barks orders, he wiretaps and he spies,
he fundraises, he schemes and he lies.

He does not hesitate to place fighting men in harm’s way,
yet years ago, when put to the test, he scampered away.
He’s brave and he’s fearless he will do whatever it takes
as long as it’s not his sorry life at stake.

His nation’s best come home in cold, flag-draped coffins,
but not to worry, just statistics, save the cost of morphines.
For the good times roll for the dumb warrior and his base
since November 2000 and it has always been the case.

He turns wives into widows, innocent kids into orphans,
sowing deaths on thousands of daughters and sons.
He cries crocodile tears, even tries hard to appear he’s sorry
in front of cameras for the headlines of the day.

He never fails to attend service with his wife every Sunday,
a black sheep once but claims the Lord showed him the way.
Yet nothing will stop him from character assassination
for his party and, believe you me, in the name of his nation!

We’re spreading democracy, the little boy warrior says,
in press conferences he holds on some occasional days.
While his weary war machine stutters and cranks,
his rich cronies laugh all the way to the bank.

Yes, the Decider smiles, he surveys and he conquers,
he pretends to listen though he does not really hear.
Shame on the whole world, the UN, shame on us all,
for not reining in this evil man and just taking the fall.

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What Remains of me

He will never understand 
the pain he puts me through
i follow his every command
again nothing new

i do everything i can 
to full fill his every wish 
though this wasn't my plan,
I don't deserve this

he is very abusive
his words so crude
this world is so elusive 
this life is quite rude

he will never know 
because i wont let him see
i just want the pain to go
so i can fix what remains of me!

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Untitled #271 / George and Anne Ziegler

George and Anne Ziegler lie side by side, together forever,
on their tombstone their last words repeated forever
“My heart is and always will be yours”
and at this I weep.

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Flowers in the wind

There is no reason to feel 
To heal for my hills are filled
With tomorrows and empty sorrows
Of withered and dead flowers that turn to grey like ghost 
As they blow in the wind the shrill soft grim “can we just be ………”
It never ends and what started in poetry ends in poetry
Openly exposing me to a miscarriage in times ovaries

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Went Away

Night's so dark and day's do gray
As I close my eyes and try to visulize the last time I seen Your Face
I think to myself that no one will ever take your place and that you can never be 
Night's so dark and day's so gloomy
I set here asuming that you will return
But knowing I my mind that you are gon and you are never coming home 
I makes me sad
Night's so dark and day's so gloomy
The thought of you not be here just sends cold chills right through me 
Night's so dark and day's so gray 
I really wish that you had never went away

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About A Million Years

  About a million years… not so long ago
I found an amazing love, but then had to let go
I remember his eyes… so shallow…yet deep
And while in his embrace… I was his to keep
And then the day came, our love was put on hold
A battle was fought, and left him in the cold
Seven days later… less than it seems
A bullet took his life, and shattered my dreams
 I cried for months… days on end
And now here I am… telling a friend
About a love that I found, but then, had to let go
About a million years…not so long ago

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Can you see
Can you feel 
Should you know what is
I know 
One day 
The world can change
The heart can lie
The heart will lie
You should have seen the world thats in front of you
All you think is not for me
But we are both in this same head
Show me the way
my world has sorounded you
only my world will change if you let it not be the same

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He was with God before the world came to be,
and He created with Him our breath-taking Universe;
His name was Jesus,the Redeemer of the Human Race:
and to change and save us was His destiny...

He preached in the Temple, and all Jerusalem listened carefully,
but some didn't like to hear how He spoke against evil so openly;
and they weren't the Romans,the conquerors,
but those hypocrites in high places...

Jesus drew huge crowds by lakes and mountains,
by the country roads and in small towns;
they all came to hear the Gospel with gladness,
and Joseph was one of the priests who heeded those words...

On the lake of Genesaret, Jesus performed another miracle,
telling Peter to lower the net for a catch, but he was skeptical: 
until he saw the boat was about to sink with the heavy load,
and he came to realize the bounty of God... 

As Jesus became popular and all heard Him preach,
the priests and scribes became jealous of Him,
and planned to capture Him and found Him guilty of blasphemy:
by the very hands of Pontius Pilate who feared to condemn Him...  

But the crowd cried out, " Release Barabbas! ",
and those who called out the name, "Jesus,Jesus! "
were beaten and silenced by a mob who had no mercy;
Pontius Pilate had no choice but to deny His liberty...   

The Roman soldiers grabbed Jesus
and took Him to governor's place,
and they stripped and whipped Him 'till he bled;
and worst of all : a crown of thorns they put on His head... 

Along the Via Dolorosa Jesus carried the cross to His death 
as the women wept and men mocked Him with laughs,
never a commotion,so great, was felt in all Jerusalem;
a follower gave Him water, but he was restrained by swords...

The merciless soldiers placed the cross upon Jesus's shoulders,
and Simon from Cyrene finished bearing it behind Jesus;
he really felt the same pain and agony;
and from Jesus's smile, he knew He was relieved...

From the cross at Golgotha, Jesus asked His father
to forgive them as John stood by his mother;
to one of the evildoers He promised Paradise at no cost:
and to all who would believe and follow:  redemption by the cross....

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Judgment Day

We often not know reasons why
as wrong abounds and good souls die
  But they will pay for evil done
on judgment day in kingdom come
  Where they shall feel the hurt and pain
of precious loved ones they have slain
  For those now gone, no pain, no woes
for each tear they've cried is now a rose
  For the precious souls of those left here
I pray the Lord is holding dear
  For He will bottle each tear drop
and, no, not one is shed for naught
  He'll soon reach out with His Right Hand
bring love and peace upon our land
  Rejoin again, us all once more
rejoice we will for sorrows bore
  So let us kneel and let us pray
justice prevail on judgment day!

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Remember me...
When I have gone
For, I have nothing left
Except a memory
Remember me...
When I smiled
Stay a while...
Life is so short
Passing by
Tears cannot be shed
Remember me...
You have to let me go
Remember me...
It will help you grow
One day...
We will see each other again
Never, will you see the pain
That I kept at bay
Remember me...
When I have gone
Gently into the night
Lifting into the light
Remember me...
In soft golden light
I travel on the wings,
of an angels' flight

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Fallen Angel

your life’s in a rut
you’re stuck in second gear
quickly losing all you’ve ever held dear

all your ambitions
all your life’s missions
no longer exist in your mind

the things you’ve done were all in vain
nothing you’ve found eases the pain
you want to end it all this very night

you tried to climb to the top
only failing to see
that maybe making it was never your destiny

you’ve no more strength to carry on
your life’s struggles have lasted too long
the ballad of your life is the saddest song

you dive from up high
flying like a fallen angel at last
letting go of your grievous past

the people finally see you from down below
finally see you drowning in sorrow
your time has now come and passed

as your body rains from the skies
everybody finally hears your desperate cries
but it’s too late to help you now

you’re falling down
falling toward your very end
leaving behind no family or friend

you hit the ground
now the world gathers round
staring in wondrous horror

you lie there in death
having breathed your last breath
suffering your life no more

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I felt deaths' 
Bitter blow
So little time
So much more to know

If I could just once...
Tell, too...
How much I loved
All of you

I felt deaths' 
Bitter blow
Before I had the chance
To spend more time
With you

I carry a heart
Filled with regret
I had the chance too
To spend more time
With you

I felt deaths'
Bitter blow
So many wasted times
To tell...
How much I loved
All of you
What I came to know

If I could, just once
For now it is dark
To tell...
So little time now
No time to express
For I feel deaths'
Bitter blow

If I could, just once
Of a heart
Filled with regret
So much more to know
It is too late
For I no longer feel
Only deaths' 
bitter blow

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Come Up Here!

Rise up!  Rise up and Come up here
Because Jesus Christ is ready to appear
The Day of Judgment is drawing near
So rise up!  Before He says come up here  (Chorus)

A time will come, and now it is
When those who are dead
Will hear the Son of God's voice
And those who hear, they shall live
For the Life in Christ quickens
Those who make Him their choice

   Because the life the Father has to make the dead arise
   He has granted to his Son to give unto them
   Who are pleased to cross over from death unto life
   But you must believe in Christ and live your life for him

A time will come, so marvel not
When those who are in their graves
Will hear the Lord's voice
And everyone of them shall come out
To receive judgment or reward
 According to their own choice

   Those who have done good shall resurrect unto God's life
   But those who have done evil shall only rise to be condemned
   So to enter in the Gate and walk the Way you must strive
   Remember this, if he doesn't come first, he may call you to Him
Rise up!  Rise up and Come up here
Because Jesus Christ is ready to appear
The Day of Judgment is drawing near
So rise up!  Before He says come up here  (Chorus)

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Can I still sing you a lullaby(I hope this opens your eyes!)

"...and if that mocking bird don't sing... mamas gonna buy you a diamond ring"

Can I sing you a lullabye?
At night, when I can no longer fight the tears or pretend to be healed....
I sing to you
and beg you to forgive me?
Do you hear me?
Angel of my womb 
dagger to the heart 
I did it
I did it to myself
with no one to blame 
I contemplate suicide
and wear the shame 
on my sleeve
hoping someone will come up to me
and ask me how it feels to be a murderer
so I can look at them dead in the eyes and say
"I walk dead....
my soul committed suicide after that night"
baby... my baby... put up a fight.... betrayed by her creator...
all those pro choice persuaders
are killing the voice of tommorrow with their voices today 
i fell astray and following the clan 
I let them convince me that I had a plan and she just didnt fit in with it
innocence shattered with my choice
no chance to share her voice
I silenced it
body full of blood, and lost love, and a fields of children screaming begging 
pleading asking "wheres my mommy" "i want my mommy"
small clothing, childrens drawing... and me walking
while my baby bleeds
bleeds for my mistake
for my hate 
the moment you were conceived did u smile and thank God to be in me? 
Did I confuse you by feeding you and rubbign my belly
Did you prepare for you death.... 
Did you of think of your mommy as less?
No words can convey how much I miss you...
I wish for one second I could kiss you
inhale your smell and exude it with my love
Im haunted... 
I heard you cry that night
Saw you die that night
Could you ever forgive me?
the pain lives within me...
everyday ...i promise you... you'll always be my first
I dont want you to cry.... baby please forgive my sins... your memory lives within..
Can I still please sing one lullabye every night to remind you thats it alright... 
mommy is still here... and shes sorry....

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The Last Sleep

 Turn back the sheets to be under
Mind not storm and mind not thunder
Sleep -O, sleep to be the wonder
See not the ghost eye stark!

Shut out ghostly faces hailing
Till the morning and the wailing
And the ghostly voices failing
Fear not the dark!

Move into days not to number
Move into a gentle somber
Move into the mist and slumber
Fear not the evil bark.

Hear not ghostly voices calling
Hear not of your sprit falling
Hear not of your scream appalling
Fear not the dark!

See not ghostly mist go yearning
See not ghostly spirits turning
See not ghostly light hell burning
Fear not the ghost eye stark!

Touch the wind cold and sleeting
Touch the cold heart stop beating
Touch the light glowing fleeting
Fear not the dark!

I give to you not a warning
I give to you gifts of morning
I give to you no bell horning
Fear not the evil bark.

Sleep in peace evil out-driven
Sleep in peace fear un-shriven
Sleep in peace so be forgiven
Fear not the dark!

Sleep not craven or unseemly
With no night light gleaming dimly
See no ghost-face watching grimly
Fear not the ghost eye stark!

Faith of heart, must not be taken
Or from shadows of night shaken
Never will you be forsaken
Fear not the dark!

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Look for The Light

Walked out this morning
And couldn’t help but see
The sky blackest of black
Everything seemed lifeless
Yet years down the road
This lesson would be priceless
Before now it had seemed
This country was frightless

There is no sign of the sun
Not even a ray of light
So many just stood there

Mesmerized by the sight

Vast numbers of people
Thought the moment
Had come once at last
Where this world disappears
Into one mighty blast

Draining life
All would be dead
Even whether we put up a fight
Many predicted 
This time would come

Yet many failed to notice
The beauty of the sun
People had forgotten
What life was about,
Now panic stricken
They uncontrollably shout
Words of meaning
Far below none
Yet they still not notice
The power of the sun

In the deepest

The darkest
The lowest of times
 One must believe 
          The sun WILL shine	

For in the darkest of moments
There is light somewhere
Just so long as your emotions 
Don’t run into despair

There is no such existence
Of this so called future called fate
For your future is only
That which you make

So if you have fallen 
Into a lightless inferno
Just use sheer will power
The light is destined to show

Michael Harris 2/6/06
A tribute to al Americans that died on 9-11, an all of our armed forces of today 
and all throughout our countries
Prestigious history. 

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I rest my hand, 
upon golden sand 

My glittering sword 
In faith, it has been forged 
for the cross of St George 

Jewelled  rapier and soft silk, 
the men I fight, 
is of that ilk 
They do not see the light 

This battle of idealogical will 
I have had my fill 
For, the paths ,so wide, 
a bitter divide 

For one side must fall, 
to end it all 
But the enemy never does rest, 
spreading it's poison, 
far in to the West 

For this crusade 
for St George 
We cannot fade, 
weapons to forge 
For we must rise, 
defend the faith and the wise 
Go to meet, 
sit at our gods feet 

Now this winged sword I fly 
deep in to the night 
Puts the enemy to flight 
They never give up the fight, 
for they try and try 

I sometimes wonder why 
when I rest my hand 
on soft golden sand 
I hear my heart cry 
That I have seen this all before 
in another time 
another war 

Our lessons never learned 
Our enemy never turned 
Our houses burned 
Our entreaties never returned 

For, if we must, 
send our ideological enemies, 
back to sand and dust 
This is not the only way 
but our enemies are eager for the fray 

My chain mail 
has become chain gun 
This battle,far from won 
We must not fail, 
for our time is not yet done 

I sometimes wonder why 
as I rest my hand , 
upon golden sand 
at this idealogical blunder 

For there are no winners, 
only the dead 
at the battle for the sinners 
Only war, 
No peace,no law 
The enemy will never be enticed 
in to the world of Christ 

I sometimes wonder why 
as I lay my hand 
on this golden sand 
Stifle a cry, 
Is this why we cannot rest 
in the battle between East and West 

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The Lord Will Provide

The Lord gave Abraham a promise and a son
Through Sarah who conceived and laughed with everyone
For Isaac was the name in which all his seed is called
And his faith was evident and God's power shown to all
When He spoke to Abraham, "Sacrifice your only son
In the mountain of your Lord, offer up this innocent one."

Sarah must have had her doubts about what her husband heard
But Abraham said, "We will return, I beleive the promised word."
And on the journey of three days to the place of God's desire
Isaac carried his own wood, Abraham, the knife and fire
But then Isaac said, "my father", who answered, "Here I am"
"Here is the fire and the wood, but tell me where is the lamb?"

The Lord will provide
A Lamb to sacrifice
So you won't have to die
He'll give another life
Now lift up your eyes
It shall be seen from upon high
That the Lord will provide
A Lamb to sacrifice	(Chorus I)

And they came to the place, he built an alter there
Then in order laid the wood as Isaac stood and stared
Yet, he didn't say a word, although he could
He let his father bind him and lay him on the wood
For Abraham would receive him in a figure as it's said
Believing God could raise Him up, even from the dead.

As tears rolled down his face, he quickly raised the knife
But the angel called his name, "Abraham!  Don't take his life!
For now I know you fear the Lord to offer up your firstborn."
Then Abraham looked up and saw a ram caught by its horns
And he hurried to the bush and sacrificed the ram
Instead of his own son, who wondered, "Where is the lamb?"

(Chorus I)

Like Abraham our heavenly Father gave his only son
To a world who laughed and scorned and bruised this innocent one
Who never said a word as he carried his wooden cross
To a place called Calvary, the way made for the lost
He was nailed and hung upon that tree, He suffered, bled and died
And was lain within a tomb but in three days He was revived
Just as Abraham by faith spoke of the lamb God would provide
Jesus is the Lamb, the Lamb of God was sacrificed

The Lord did provide 
The Lamb to sacrifice
So none would have to die
He gave us His own life
Now lift up your eyes
Your Redemption draweth nigh
And see our God did provide
The Lamb who is alive!    2 X's	(Chorus II)

{Then in a strong chorus}
Jehovah Jireh, my Provider
In the mount of God it shall be provided
Jehovah Jireh, my Provider
In the mount of God He will provide

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It is so tempting to drink from the barrel of lead 
The contents would go straight to my head 
I will forever sleep in a dream no one can conceive 
And all the pain I feel will surely leave! 

Forever immortalized in a youthful state 
My body will grow cold, but be spared from an aged fate
I still feel like I am 100 years old 
My thirst drives me to drop my hand and fold 

I could never count the death of the tears that have fallen for you 
An ocean was created for you to go to 
I look at this lonely sea of sadness and sorrow!  
You never tried to see this sea of mine so I will not wake up tomorrow 

This world has become to much for me 
Sorry my face is some thing you will never again see! 
Good bye my love and good night 
When I lost your heart, the battle to live lost the fight!

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Heartstone Eagles
Recounted the tales
Of the battles with the Wraiths
and their piercing screeching wails

When Eagles fell...
In to the Wraiths' hell
Blackened and burned
Such brave sacrifices , learned

The wind blew
Bitter and cold
Eagles took to the air
To find the evil
The coming darkness too

Down below
With ripped and tattered cloaks
Poisoning the earth
With rancorous soaks

Eagles , up high
Swooped down
Feathers of gold
Gleaming in the sun
The battle ahead, begun
To take the Heartstone crowns

With talons drawn
They ripped through
So many Wraiths
Never enough Eagles
To conquer the evil
Of tattered cloaks,
burned and torn

Eagles, fell
Flashes of fire
Eagles , gone forever
In to the Wraiths' hell

It is in an Eagles' sorrow
That so many were lost
That the Heartstone Gem
The light to follow
Banished the bitter frost

In the midst of such pain
All those years ago
A new eyrie was built
Close to the Great Hall
To remember
Those fallen Eagles
Whose lives , spilt
Who will live again
In the hearts of all

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I flew today 
with my father 
long gone 
We flew 
It was his birthday 

The sixteenth, 
it is only another day 
He taught me so much, 
in little ways as such 
A fathers' way 

DC-8s never die 
they always fly 
here, there, 
in blue sky 

The small ways, 
are what I am today 
Such gentleness 
I owe to my mother 
My endurance 
To my father.. 
For, I am 
A mixture of my parents way 

The love of wings, 
an inherited thing 
Eleven years ago, 
another time 
Long ago 
Such things, 
I have come to know 

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Homeless Tom

Angels in heaven watched upon
Their humble lamb, Homeless Tom

Found him lying on the road
Wrapped his soul in bonds of gold

Kept him safe from mortal harm
Gave him peace on God's sweet arm

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There are names
Of which
People know by fame

Also there are names
Shouted out in shame

Yet one should realize
That ones name
Only with their decisions
Will be known in fame
Living throughout the ages
Through generations with different stages
Only when one discovers the secret
Then they shall be fame treated

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Old Woman (true tale)

"once i looked up to see
a woman join eternity,
an old woman,
so sick of oldness,
lack of direction,
lack of hope,
lack of love,
lack of faith...
so tired 
of the pain
and the horror
of another day
decided today was
to be her last day
on a late date
May, 1969
she breathed for her
last time
I watched in horror,
when she stood 
on the ledge
a moments hesitation
before she finalized
her life
and she jumped
to her end
and I walked
a bit sadder
to see what
life can bring
what pain, 
what undeserved agony,

what could I do?
it was already
too late,
she was gone,
to be with those
she's so long
waited to see again.

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As the gun shots rang out I would lay still on the floor,
   trying to hear were there were coming from,
     down the street or at my front door,
         then silence listening as my fears numbed.

Standing in the night-filled street surrounded by crying loved ones,
  why oh why did he have to die,
     this was my life surrounded by gangs and guns,
        seeing myself dead on the pavement while others cry.

Off to the cemetery were they lay me to rest,
  looking from a distance I see the look on there faces,
    no longer held in moms arms close to her breast,
       but in a casket never filling her loving embraces.

Now looking up from six feet under seeing the ski one last time,
  hearing in the distance her last cry,
     mom this was never my life the walk I took was a fine line,
        to die a gang member I cry why mom why,

I awake next to my wife some years later,
   I`d never die in the streets like a dog, I swore it would n`t be me,
      to run in a gang was not my plans they were much greater,
         so why did I awake having this nightmare... I found a way out can`t you see    

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I step ashore 
I now know............ 
What is is all for 
To come this far so 

These people mingle, 
my thoughts tingle 
These spirit lights, 
change these dark nights 

This ethereal glow 
Emanates from the isle 
Known only to us so 
The ones chosen to be......................... 
The happy 

Dark glassy sea, 
protects me 
Those who live, 
those who forgive..................... 
Come to be 

Golden lives, 
step ashore 
They now know, 
what it is all for 
What the spirit contrives, 
golden lives 
Carried by golden dhow 

This golden dawn, 
new lives reborn 
The golden throng 
This is where they belong 

For the life now passed, 
the golden soul continues to last 
The spirit lights, 
that mingle 
Light up the dark nights, 
their thoughts tingle 

This happy place to be 
So far,far away, 
on the dark glassy sea 
Is much more than I can say, 
for the golden spirits mingle.................. 
and play 

Spirit world, 
my golden light unfurled 
Spirit light 
on an island 
So bright 

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If a bird shall fall... 
Where will it go? 
It cannot call... 
It cannot glow 

If a bird shall fall... 
in a clear sky 
I will hold it to my breast 
Breathe into its' soul 
and let it go 
Let it fly......... 
To find its' nest 

If a bird shall fall.... 
in the acres of your mind 
Hold it tight 
and you will find.... 
With a soft gentle blow 
It will fly into the light 
Your hands.... 
Traced with golden glow 

If a bird shall fall... 
Bring it to me 
For, a soft gentle blow 
and I will set it free 

If a bird shall fall... 
on to the ground 
Hear the sound.... 
A gentle blow... 
Bird all aglow 
Beating heart........ 
Beating wings........ 
Little bird sings........ 

If a bird shall fall... 
Pick it up in no time at all 
Blow on a heart so still... 
The wings glow 
and with a soft kiss 
Let it go 

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Gold sails of light, 
silently carrying me 
in dead of night 

Soft billow of golden sail, 
takes the lead, 
I hold the rail, 
watching increasing speed 

This dead of night, 
glassy dark blue sea, 
this silence, 
carries me 
Far,with gold sails of light 

I do not steer this vessel, 
I am its only passenger, 
my thoughts I must wrestle 

This glow from golden light, 
from sail, 
through the night, 
carries me , 
far on dark glassy sea 

No ripple disturbed, 
golden sails reflected 
on dark glassy sea, 
I am unpeturbed, 
no fear detected, 
for this ship only carries me 

No stars to guide 
in this dark of night, 
this silent ship does glide 
with gold sails of light 

For ,far ahead 
is an island 
bathed in soft yellow light 
is this where I have been led? 
For I see many gold sails, 
so bright! 

These golden sails of light, 
carry me 
back to the fold, 
for the precious cargo that they hold, 
is my soul 

I step ashore, 
I now know what is is for, 
my body I leave behind, 
a new beginning I find 

This dark glassy sea 
is not for me, 
gold sails of light 
are what makes it right, 
for this is meant to be 

For,in this new land 
the golden sails have spanned, 
carried me here 
For I have no fear 
For I am........ only me 

Gold sails of light 
over dark glassy sea 
Silently carrying me 
to island ,so bright 

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Who Guides This Hand?

grave, grave
cold and grey
awaiting my bones
to rest some day

forlorn faces
at graveside weep
unaware- I am not asleep
I stand among you
unseen, for sure
but my life-force continues,
it does endure

the impressions I have left-
will fade fast with time-
they always do
but you're not alone-
I'm always there with you

the words are written
by those unseen hands
only they can jot
these penciled words
for I have not...

Hand guided by those
long since gone
admidst the mists of time-

for they are not upon
one's mind. alas, no more,
their death, their stillness
of this I'm sure

these penciled words
they call out to you
for a moments reflection,
you know that they do

to mourn, to cherish
to remember oh, so well
I know not more I must go on
I must endure

this pain of seperation now
someday will surely fade
of this I trust-
as surely as my bones-
shall one day turn to dust.

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Miss You

I miss the way you looked at me,
That one time in the store;
Your eyes were the color of dirt

After you spit in it-
The color of chocolate, 
Melted on a gray coffee table.
Your socks were wrinkled that day,
They reflected your smile,
Dry and cold, wet in the corners,
Your lips looked as though they were sunburnt.
That day I hugged you a lot,
I was afraid you would slip away.
Your eyes were like my stars at night,
Bright and innocent,
And beautiful to look at for long amounts of time.

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Smooth clean wall, 
cool to touch, 
I must not fall 

I walk along, 
hand touching wall, 
my heart full of song, 
standing tall 
I know whats going on 

For calm of head am I 
I must not fall, 
this wall is not for the wary, 
light and airy, 
it's not confined at all 

My heart full of song, 
this  cool wall I kiss, 
fear and anguish, 
I do not miss 

Stretched out arms, 
cool walls I touch 
walking through, 
no sweat on palm 

This light I walk to, 
embraces me 
casts my shadow, 
behind me, 
all behind 
song in heart so, 
I am not blind, 
for,forward I see 

Calm and light, 
must not rush, 
in to the white 
there is no crush 
in the bright 

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The Ship

startled to sudden wakefulness
by the sudden lurch of the ship,
fear rose in my soul
cold, damp hull next to my berth,
I'd give 10 years of my life
to have my feet on solid earth

dark, quiet inboard
only the low pitched groans of metal
pounded by an angry, restless sea
was it the fear, or the sound, that had woken me?

Eyes open half way, not quite sure where I am-
What I did, and why, or who I really am-
was I drunk? was I mad? or am I just dead?
pounding waves roll into my ears, and echo in my head...

riveted steel plates before my eyes,
drops of sea dew condense inside,
sudden terror, as my mind awakes-
no sound aboard- but the 
rhythmatic pounding of heavy seas

engines dead!  no motor sound-
have we once too often-
dared the fates?
what's going on? what and why?
and where, oh God, are my mates?

I jerked out of bed,
as the deck dances beneath my feet- 
what's happening? is this real? 
will death, I once more, defeat?

to the hall I stagger...
as my world shudders about me...
no lights, no sound, and fading hope...
but the sound of ever maddening waves...
eager to crush this insolent ship,
so insolent as to invade its realm
so foolish to taunt nature
with no one now at its helm

each cabin, in rising panic,
I searched in rising gloom,
to find nothing to comfort me,
each but an empty room...

fear increasing with-
each crushed hope,
each screaming smash of wave
am I alone, am I dreaming?
or against me, the sea is scheming?

fought my way up to the rolling deck,
pain swelling in my now sprained neck-
the sea grew ever more threatening and awesome,
I felt left alone to face my fate
my outcome no longer doubtful,
I wouldn't have long to wait...

at a topside cabin,
I peeked outside,
saw mighty wind and wave-
an angry earth it was tonight
no way for me to save...

dark night and
no one about-
I cursed, I cried,
I screamed, I did shout...

abandoned? left to die?
or in a murderous dream-
did I make 32 die?
toss their bodies overboard?
feed the sea,
its requested hoard?

panic is panic,
and panic this was-
demon or victim?
which was I,
did I kill?  will I die?

I retreated downdeck,
a broken man,
either way I lose-
the comfort of strong steel-
no more- it would'a been
something that I could use

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Remembering all that is you

I can’t help but think of you as I see a couple 
holding hands, 
whispering sweet nothing to each 
other as they-- 
walk in one single stride 

Can’t help but think about when 
that couple was you and I, 
and those-- 
sweet nothings I whispered 
in your ear made you cry, cuz I asked 
if you would make me the happiest man 
alive, and be my wife 

I think about those nights, when our 
minds, bodies & souls became one, 
and you would whisper in my ear 
“Baby I love you” as you gave me all that was you 

Can’t help but remember those times, 
when your world seemed to be coming 
down around you 
you would cry on my shoulder, asking 
me to hold you tight and never let go 
cuz you just didn’t know what to do 

I think back and remember the day 
when to you...I revealed my fears, 
that day you hugged me tight, 
kissed my softly on 
my forehead, both eyelids, and 
through eyes full of understanding 
tears you-- 
reassured me that our love would 
conquer all my fears 

I so miss those times when I would-- 
lay my head on your lap, 
as we sat watching TV and you 
run your fingers 
through my hair, then without 
warning, you would mute 
the volume of the TV, 
tap me on the head so I’d look up at you, 
only to say I-- 
love you baby, 
then just turn the volume back up, 
and continue running your 
fingers through my hair 

I wish I could have back just one 
moment in time... more chance to 
bare witness to your shine... 
...One more smell of the fragrance of your scent, 
so that I may carry it with me wherever 
I go... 

As I stand here with tears in my eyes, 
these flowers on your hollowed 
I can’t help but remember that 
day when you were taken from me, 
that day, 
when the smile that only you put on 
my face, 
was turned to a permanent frown

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The sea closed over
This is the way
For, the sea claims it's dead
In a world of shades of grey
I looked forward to a world
In which
Words cannot say
The meanings of things
What I felt today
I cannot see sky
For, the sea closed over me
Its' stygian darkness
I cannot breathe
I cannot flee
The sea closed over
This is the way
It claims its' dead
What I felt today

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Silence has heard your cry

Silence has heard your cry
Emptying the heartache and pain
For you have captured our hearts
From the depths it will remain.
As you searched to comfort your soul
In the midst confusion appeared.
Transforming your inner most thoughts
Allowing anger to visit your fears.
For God knew your heart
As he visit that occupied space.
He saw your loving desires and 
wanted to take it's place.
Your willingness drew him near
Giving us an opportunity to see your smile.
Thank you for your presence
Now God may take home his child.

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The Ship part two

down deck, down deck, on and on-
such an awesome ship it had been-
100,000 tons, or more, I guess-
that it will sink seems such a sin-
this mighty ship afloat-
not much longer, I did know...
and even with her cold steel strength
down she would soon surely go,
to the sea she was nothing...
like a little twig, no task for her to snap....
the sea can always laugh at man-
when he falls into her deadly trap

despair kicked in, and sure
enough- despair was well deserved-
'cause death was facing me that night-
death that I had truely earned-
my soul was going down, way down
forever to be rightfully burned-

yes, it was foolish enough-
to challenge the sea-
and madness to kill the men-
now my poor luck to be the only one-
that's left-
to face a gruesome end

I leaned against a cold
engine room wall
in the deepest bowls of the ship-
I was consigned to what was approaching-
I waited for my end to come-
hoping, asking God, only it be quick...
my concern wrapped around me,
very, very thick...

the water's cascading now, my friend-
it's going down so fast!
eyes turned up in search of God-
I knew my fate was cast...
my Lord, I hope you accept this fool-
however, I'm dying slow-
the sea, it hurts my lungs so bad-
and the pressure is just so-
I'm dying, Lord, I'm dying!
Oh, sh_t, I'm goin' down-
Dear Lord above, around, beneath me-
please accept me as I am- 
a fool, a repented sinner. a victim
and a murderer too-
I'm sure you can take me-
please show me that this is true-

my bones are now at rest-
in this lonely, sunken tomb of steel
whitened, weathered, beaten-
hopefully someday may to be raised-
to my surprise, I find,
below the seas- so many great comrades-
we number in countless billions-
as do those that live upon the earth
and now I understand, too late, perhaps-
just what a human life is worth.

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i beleive

I Believe
i believe that god above
created you for me to love
he seperated you from all the rest 
becuase he new that i would love you best 
and if i die before you do at heavens 
gates i will wait for you
if your not there by judgment day 
i know you went the other way
so just to prove my love is true -i would 
go to hell just to be with you

Robert Eugene Varvel
Copyright ©2007 Robert Varvel


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The pain, oh the wicked, wicked pain,
Oh my God, I’ve gone insane.
I bang, I bang my pounding head,
If this keeps up I’ll soon be dead.
My eyes, they burn, Oh Lord please,
I’m at your mercy, on my knees.
Release me from this hell I feel,
I must be dreaming, this can’t be real. 
Darkness now, is all I see,
I pray the Lord should set me free.
Down my cheeks fall burning tears,
Passing before me a lifetime of years.
Its finally happening, I start to see,
God’s good grace is taking me.
It feels better now, no need to cry,
The pain is gone, and so am I.

By Jamie R Eddy

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reincarnation of thy heart

Do butterflies fly in my mind when time has demised?
Do eyes glide tears of forgiveness upon me?
As a cold heart beat upon we, 
I am pondering in my own hell as I long for she,
Somehow I got to be the beginning and the end, 
The sunlight that brings life to thee as the heavens descend, 
After life like life we so heavenly in,
But Just Friends Feels like foes and we will never be so close,
The end is the beginning as we choose different path in life’s fork in the road,
Fait has so formality sawn a chapter in this bottomless heart,
My consecration to stay faithful to this scar,
When my brain waves gave unto the dark, light there you are, 
For the chapter is timeless as I slip unto my rest,
 That possesses reincarnation of thy heart,

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Eternal Lullaby

Sleep, baby now rest
Don't you know? To me your the best.
Close your eyes until tomorrow
Although you know the morning may bring you sorrow.

Peace child, don't you know?
You bring happiness in this world filled with foe.
It's not your fault people don't understand,
But I'll stand by you; I'll hold your hand

Ssh young heart, don't you cry,
Here, wipe that tear from your eye.
You must be scared, we all are
But you have the strength to be a shining star.

Believe, young dreamer
Follow your dreams but be a believer.
It's not the weight of the world that holds you down,
It's the weight on your forhead, your heavy frown.

Patience high flyer, it takes time,
But like a fanfare the bells will chime.

You are never alone
I am always here
A silent whisper
'Have no fear'

Sleep, now rest
Through time you've become the best.
Close your eyes, and trust in me.
We will be together for eternity.

Alison kaine

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Blood For My Love

As I wonder if you are my love
I wonder about the feelings.
Feelings that I have never wintessed before
As my life areises from the ashes
Ases of death and darkness
I Bliee that i have my one
The one, the only
That completed my soul
And as I take my blood and combine it with yours
I take you blood as if falls
Falls from the rose of love...
as i pass it on. 
I do think you are the one..
The one for me

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The conscripted son 
in his hand....... 
the unwanted gun 

Some were willing....... 
Some didn't want the killing 
Wasted years 
So many tears 
They answered the call 
So many to fall............ 

The means to an end 
More boys to send...... 
They cannot see why 
They are sent to die 

The conscripted son, 
in his hand, 
the unwanted gun 
Blood spilling on the sand 

So many came....... 
So many died.......... 
They knew the country's name......... 
Rhodesia's fame 
Spread far and wide 

But now all is lost........ 
Was it worth the final cost? 
So many to die........... 
They never found out why 

Wounded inside 
Scarred outside 
Battles won 
Wars lost 
Lost son 
The final cost 

The sense of duty 
No one won 
Everyone lost a son 

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Lost in France,
Resting 'neath a simple cross,
Just name,nationality and rank;
Giving of life,was his loss.

At home,
A breaking,aching heart;
A sweetheart's pain;
Her emptiness was another's gain.

In memory fading go
As echoing years slip by,
And still her tears flow;
Vivid yet her anguish sigh.

Forgotten,forfeit and for what?
freedom frailties,fragile,
Such ideas still beguile;
T'was ever thus,a peasant soldier's lot.

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When you stopped, 
being you 
My gentle world, 
fell through 

Lost on a sea, 
of my own making 
What you meant to me 

When you stopped, 
being you 
Day and night, 
meant nothing 
My plight 

without a sail 
It cannot be, 
lost on a lonely sea 

When you stopped, 
being you 
My gentle world, 
fell through 

I looked for you today, 
you have gone 
You cannot stay 

When you stopped, 
being you 
My gentle world, 
lost too 

It is only me, 
Day and night 
On a desolate sea 

When you stopped, 
being you 
My gentle world, 
fell through 

Time cannot 
always heal 
the days you feel 
When you stopped, 
being you 

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The young lives he violently took
and the blood he spilled
on his quick and armed hands...
are those permanent scars
for all who lost friends
or relatives in Norris 
and Johnston Hall
on the campus grounds
in Blackburg,VA ;
this is the deadiliest massacre,
after Columbine,in the U.S.A;
but what motivated Cho to buy guns?

The fellow student fired more than
one hundred seventy rounds,
and gunned down his own;
without pity or remorse,
he continued his unjustified rampage:
reveling in the premeditated carnage;
then he shot himself...
as police searched the floors!

What did he accomplish,
and what kind of anguish
he inflicted on his parents
and others who unconsolingly grieve? 
Did he do all that for a moment's glory,
or because was wicked and full of fury?
We may never know an answer...that   
he has taken to his grave!   

Those bleeding scars can be healed,
if some kind of forgiveness is given;
how can I say to them," Forgive him! "...
when he killed the essence of their dream?

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From the Perilous Realm

     We have seen the
wonders of this world
     But greater still
are the wonders of Faerie
     The perilous realm has
it's dangers
     Yet it is a land of surpassing
         Brave souls that we are 
          We shall once again 
                  attempt to cross
it's borders  
          The way back to home
is an acceptance of sad
           So, we'll continue on 
our quest
            And leave the land 
of our birth
       in strongly - built ships
  With a prayer on our 
    we hoist anchor 
to sail to the shores
where the mountains and
   are made of sunshine
to the land where the
  Grim Reaper has no say
With joy in our hearts
we begin our journey

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No it's not a gun,
a malt drink minus one
a waist size
or a world war II year
it's not the temperature
in early springs
not a Vick's cough syrup
it's none of these things

it's the number of volumes
of journals/diaries,
call them what you will
that chronical my life
the victories, the joys, the hurts,
the friends, lovers, and the strife
my hopes, dreams, poems and 
much much more still
only one other person in this world
has been privy to it, and now knows
what's been in my head from 1967
right on until now
that one is my sweet Rose
only Rose knows

I wrote these long lasting journals-
a release for me to use,
with a dark secret, or crazy thought
things that have happened to me
things that have come to naught
many silly, stupid entries
much wisdom, brilliance too,
you never know just what you'll get
you can count on that to be true

but someday...when I am
long. long gone...
maybe someone somewhere will see
what my time was like,
what was going on....

see, when my family first moved
into the family house of 50 years
we found a few great treasures
one very special on, which did bring tears

for in this somewhat faded diary
from 1863, a life in all its colors
did open up very wide for me to see

I felt honored, touched, and somewhat sad,
to think this sweet soul was so long gone
she spoke from the heart, and showed me a world
I could never taste,
and now I knew her life
had never been a waste

because she reached out thru
the centuries, to tell me her tale of life
it seemed to me to validate her being
was more than a long forgotten,
faded tombstone, a name,
maybe with a year
and for a moment somehow
she had become,
someone who was right here.

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Cry a Little

Maybe if I run,
Never to return. . . 
You'll cry a 

Maybe if I slide
The blade across
My wrist and bleed to
You'll cry a 

Maybe if I die 
From that crystal meth,
You'll cry a 

Maybe if my world died down
Forever, and gone
For good,
You might just miss me. . .
And maybe You'll cry a

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In the early fifties...Elvis
was an unknown singer,
who struggled to be heard...
to be taken to stardom;
so he paid four dollars
for his first record
to cheer up this great nation...
'till its early inflation!

There was a certain provocation and gentleness
in his soft, unique voice...
enough to draw world-wide attention;
if boredom seeped into any soul,
it would turn into a feeling so joyful...
just by listening to his songs!
Ma and gradma finally gave in:
they listened to it without considering it a sin!

The gentless in his beautiful voice,
and the honesty in his warm looks...
couldn't be ignored;
and it was felt from Memphis
to Las Vegas..
from North America to Europe,
and anywhere Elvis' s
golden voice was heard!

Some folks considered rock and roll evil,
my generation idolized it...
it started to give music
an up-tempo that changed it forever;
and when he died,many assumed
that he would be buried along
with his legendary name...
they were so misled and wrong!

It's August...a sad month to remember,
and I sit by an old record player...
sadly playing his vinyl records
as if he were still alive:  frantically dancing,,
and singing his lyrics with ease!
Elvis, all that I remember...
all that I treasure of your rich life,
that ended in tragedy,
is the unsurpassed passion
you put into your splendid career!

Elvis, you didn't go without 
a remembrance or a tribute:
my thoughts are put into words with affection,
and my lyrics are set to music to up-lift me; 
and who's to say...that I am mistaken:
not to be proud  of everything you achieved,
and of the influence you had on me?  

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Trailing souls in its' wake 
Strange luminescence, 
more souls to take 

The flapping of torn sails 
Masts, bleached grey 
Ghostly trails, 
lighting the way 

Fourteen score years, 
circumnavigated seas 
Looking for me... 
Sea smoke... 
Sea mist... 
Tattered sails 
Mournful wails 

In the halflight, 
Masts appear through the sea mist 
A haunting 
For the night 

Vanishing into the gloom 
Looking for a soul 
Strange luminescence 
Deathly grip 
Deathly cold 

Calling me 
Strange glow, 
from the decks below 

Blackened sides, 
burnt too 
You cannot escape 
Looking for me... 
Looking for you... 

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Jesus is Coming

In an eye's twinkle
Jesus is coming
For a church without wrinkle 
Or any such thing
So be holy and blameless
Jesus is coming
For a church without blemish
Or any such thing  (Chorus)

If judgment will begin in the Lord's on house
By the cleansing of the Word for a radiant spouse,
Then what will be the end of those whose ways are broad
Who do not obey the very Word of God?

While people are saying, "Safety and peace,"
Destruction will come upon them suddenly
But for you who are walking as children of Light
That Day should not surprise as a thief in the night


And if God's righteous people are scarcely saved,
If God's holy people just barely escapes
The Judgment to come with great terror and fear
Then where shall the ungodly and sinner appear?

[channel 2]
When the heavens pass away with a shrill sound,
The earth with everything will burn to the ground.
Now since the elements will melt with fervent heat,
What manner of godly people should we be?
In an eye's twinkle
Jesus is coming
For a church without wrinkle 
Or any such thing
So be holy and blameless
Jesus is coming
For a church without blemish
Or any such thing  (Chorus)

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Stay away.

The fear I have inside, the fear of you coming for my kids and taking them away 
from me the way you did with my mother,
she was tiered of fighting, and may be it was her time, but I still blame you, she 
beat you, and you came back,
she died too young, and in doing so look what you did to my sisters to my 
brothers we`ll never come together,
you took from us and there was nothing we could do gone was our every thing 
gone was the sweet woman who made us smile and laugh,
now we fear the same will come for our own, her grandchildren you know the 
ones who didn`t get to know her,
that you will come with the same unstoppable fate that you brought to her the 
same  fate you give to so many others,
you pray on the weak, the humbled, some of the greatest in the world, the young 
the old and you kill them leaving so many in a blur,
you take kids, you take grown men and turn them into frail shells of themselves, 
you take happiness and turn it to despair.... you took my mother,
as I watch my kids grow your on my mind, like wishing my mother could see 
them I wish that you stay away from them,
you take with out care, remove without remorse, you kill without knowing how 
others fill, you broke us when you took her,
your dark despair has touched the world.... you, Aids, war , and senseless 
violence your all deaths friend,
your deaths child, evils hand, Gods mistake, your no good, your a killer, a 
murderer, your cancer.    

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Upstroke of wing 
Rising draught of air 
Pushing me higher 
In to white clouds, 
tinged with gold 

Such a fluid state of mind 
Through the clouds, 
my wings dissolved in to the white 
There is no such thing, 
as time here 
Only me 

The effort to get here, 
is nothing at all 
For, now I am.... 
Pure energy 
A fluid state of mind and body... 
A happening... 
Dissolved wings, 
in to the white 

Bright clouds roll by, 
there is no up, 
there is no down 
Only here 

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Heartstone Eagles
Recounted the tales
Of the battles with the Wraiths
and their piercing screeching wails

When Eagles fell...
In to the Wraiths' hell
Blackened and burned
Such brave sacrifices , learned

The wind blew
Bitter and cold
Eagles took to the air
To find the evil
The coming darkness too

Down below
With ripped and tattered cloaks
Poisoning the earth
With rancorous soaks

Eagles , up high
Swooped down
Feathers of gold
Gleaming in the sun
The battle ahead, begun
To take the Heartstone crowns

With talons drawn
They ripped through
So many Wraiths
Never enough Eagles
To conquer the evil
Of tattered cloaks,
burned and torn

Eagles, fell
Flashes of fire
Eagles , gone forever
In to the Wraiths' hell

It is in an Eagles' sorrow
That so many were lost
That the Heartstone Gem
The light to follow
Banished the bitter frost

In the midst of such pain
All those years ago
A new eyrie was built
Close to the Great Hall
To remember
Those fallen Eagles
Whose lives , spilt
Who will live again
In the hearts of all

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Carried into the night, 
I felt a warm hand in mine 
Reassuring too, 
this was my time 

My life is gone now, 
I never gave up the fight 
For now,  I travel... 
In soft angel light 

The stars flew past, 
not a sound was heard 
The hand in mine... 
Soft hand warm, 
this was my time 
Through the night, 
like a bird 

The hand in mine began to glow, 
soft and warm 
Now I could see the feathers too... 
Not far to go... 

Angel light, 
carrying me 
Gold and  bright 
I stepped through... 
Left the night..., 
and saw heaven in sight 

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A beautiful tree
It faced the sun
Every day
New leaves revealed
Such magic
Has begun

I watched it grow
Over the years
I talked with it too
Just like a son
That I had come to know

Strong and true
It grew
And grew
Such beautiful branches and leaves
Every season
A new colour
I loved it too

A tree
That I knew
Had a heart
Of that I am sure
For that tree
Loved me

It whispered to me
In a language
Only I could know
For the tree
Knew me so

When I was a boy
The tree was young too
We grew together
Watching storms
Rain passing
The seasons too

I lived my life
With my tree
I became old
The tree
Grew and grew

Before I was too old
I took my last walk
Down to my tree
To say a few words
To a member of my family

The last good bye 
To my tree
I accepted with a sigh
My own frailty 

Tears can shed upon
The bark
Of my tree
I will not last the winter
Or see another spring sun

In that coming winter
The only thing I could see
Was from a castle window
All I asked for
Was to be buried
My tree

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I look back upon the years 
Some with joy............ 
Some with tears 

I face the future now 
I must steady my fears 
As much as I can allow 

Things I must not forget............ 
Let go the pain 
Let go the regret......... 
For my life is on the wane 

I have love in the Lord 
Where I walk 
I never walk alone 
I have my reward 
I have atoned 

The setting sun.......... 
Prematurely this way 
My life is complete......... 
At the end of this day 
It is done 

There is sadness I cannot hide 
Robbie,will be there....... 
Right by my side 
we will both be in the Lords care 

I will always live ........ 
In the friends that I keep 
Do not weep 
For I have accomplished 
All I have wished 

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Billy's Race

Billy tried to woo her with poem and song
A guy that had never loved anyone long.

Yet to her, he felt a great bond
Like a swan naturally wants a pond.

To swim in its watery depths unknown
Have children with, to love after they’ve grown.

Alas, his heart couldn’t bear anymore
To her, his trifle play was such a bore.

So, he followed the lonely road of Providence
And in these parts he hasn’t been seen since.

She lived the life she always dreamed
The stars were her eyes, how they beamed.

Her hair flowed like the honey of a bee
Never to be captured, always free.

“Oh, Artemis Goddess of the hunt”, she would say
“One gift I need this I pray”.

“If any man can race me and fairly win
May he release me from thine service, without sin”.

“If he is unworthy and can’t claim the distance
I shall slay him for you quickly in his stance”.

So, the bravest across the land ran for her beauty
But in the end they were all killed cruelly.

Then it happened the month of July
Someone familiar came back to die.

Once again, he asked for her hand in love
Pleading, “God’s power is greatest from above”.

His words were heard but not addressed
"Artemis with the death of his soul I shall be blessed".

Then the next sunrise the race was on
And before he knew she was gone.

He ran and ran for his hearts desire
Praying, “God give me the speed that I require”.

When he finally arrived at his destination
She was there, preparing desecration.

He did not cry, not even to pray
Her words made him ready to meet the grave.

On her altar, her knife flew down
He knew very soon, he would wear a crown.

Flashing in the evening light, it sank in his heart, fully sheathed
Some say that moment she didn’t breathe.

Days so many have came and passed
The death of more suitors and heroes she did amass.

He was slain the lucky month of seven
For a pagan’s love he didn’t make heaven.

Her beauty was great, greatest to have ever been
Still, Artemis had to grin.

For a loyal servant she has to the end.

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The words

And so the story goes...

Here we met.
You were funny and I laughed.
You were sensitive and I prodded.
You chased and I ran.
But I was sad because--
No, if I say the words, they're true.

Here we loved.
In your arms I saw safety.
In your words I saw security.
In your eyes I saw eternity.
Still, I was afraid to be loved because--
No, if I say the words, we're over.

Here we fought.
You spend all your time apologizing.
I spend all my time saying it doesn't matter.
But it does. You're hurting me and I'm hating you
And you'd understand if I just said--
No, if I say the words, you'll leave.

Here we parted.
I let you go and you hate me.
You brush me off and I cry and hurt and die.
You say you'll never forgive me but
If I told you--
No, if I say the words, you'll hurt.

Here we ended.
You've written me off. Filed me away. Sealed the room.
I still dream of you. Wish for you. Wait for you.
I'm the one who broke your heart.
You're the one who owns mine.
And sometimes... just sometimes I imagine you.
I imagine you holding me as I sob and I scream and I live the words.
I'm dying.

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A faint voice whispered through
Calling softly
Letting in the cold taste of sorrow
Memories streaming within my mind
Flooding me with Forever
Could this truly be gone
Over and done with
Forever use to blanket me in bed
Forever use to catch me when I tripped
And now such a contagious word 
Caught onto something it shouldn't have
Plunging into darkness
Such grief is blinding
Scratching and tearing until I was bare
Bare of sense
Bare of emotion
Bare of any happiness I could hold onto
This day, this Forever was unfair
Devastation and torment 
Why had I loved so hard
Why when all that could come was Forever
Questions ask
Answers stay silent
No one knows
No one predicts
Forever is Forever
So I am forced to listen
Forced to be 
Forced to wait

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I look back upon the years 
Some with joy............ 
Some with tears 

I face the future now 
I must steady my fears 
As much as I can allow 

Things I must not forget............ 
Let go the pain 
Let go the regret......... 
For my life is on the wane 

I have love in the Lord 
Where I walk 
I never walk alone 
I have my reward 
I have atoned 

The setting sun.......... 
Prematurely this way 
My life is complete......... 
At the end of this day 
It is done 

There is sadness I cannot hide 
Robbie,will be there....... 
Right by my side 
we will both be in the Lords care 

I will always live ........ 
In the friends that I keep 
Do not weep 
For I have accomplished 
All I have wished 

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The Wish

I wished myself dead and brought back soon 
humming to a darkened tune.
Howling wind whales past my ears 
as people run in fear.
Running from me for reasons unknown
in a mirrior my appearance be shown.
A fearful sight u see 
how gruesom this wish has made me.
In the end I wished myself gone,
while in the graveyard no one mourns

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Remember me...
When I have gone
For, I have nothing left
Except a memory
Remember me...
When I smiled
Stay a while...
Life is so short
Passing by
Tears cannot be shed
Remember me...
You have to let me go
Remember me...
It will help you grow
One day...
We will see each other again
Never, will you see the pain
That I kept at bay
Remember me...
When I have gone
Gently into the night
Lifting into the light
Remember me...
In soft golden light
I travel on the wings,
of an angels' flight

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Here Lies Love

All in a tear drop
this love for you falls
from a single tear drop
my tired heart calls

It was once in a kiss
that held all the world
more than a gesture of eternal bliss
but these lips have turned cold

My love was inside this bloom
this flower blessed by moon beam and sun
but devotion beckons a certain doom
when the petals fade and roots are undone

It was here now forever gone
Gone away from daylight and fevered sun
a love untended is an immortal wrong
but atleast it didnot die without before being sung