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Appreciation Music Poems | Appreciation Poems About Music

These Appreciation Music poems are examples of Appreciation poems about Music. These are the best examples of Appreciation Music poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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I hear much joy in the music,
View elation in the dance
Feel happiness in the laughter,
Soulful spirit in poetic romance.

I feel love in the language
Swelling in my heart.
Reverence for God and Goddess
In beloved families far apart.

I love the customs and the people
As they celebrate each day
Living life to the fullest
In their honor I wish to pray

That I may learn to be as humble
As loving and as kind,
To be blessed by elder wisdom
In every senior that I find.

This is a gift to give my children
To open their sleepy little eyes.
To see the value in rejoicing,
To reach for stars up in the skies.

When they learn this knowledge 
To listen well to the sages,
They will know of sacred secrets
Handed down through the ages.

© 2014 Connie Marcum Wong

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In this old sensing bad world,
Old is good,
The old culture,
Listening to a song nature,
Music their literature,
A violin at every home,
Like one with Nero Rome,
Violin in feminine for the men then,
A fiddle in the middle of hands,
The four strings of violin like four nerves of women,
Carrying not blood but fear,incomprehension,shyness,
And loathing no men but own men,
The women were pure like music from violin,
The old not violent,
But a good violin,
Oh Girl! let the music play on from the old violin!

(Basing on the culture of our South Asian bounds)

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Piano Practice

Each piano note 
Played skillfully with soothe hands 
No need for tension . . . 
It can heal the soul
The heart that's dying to ex-
Press those precious chords 
Piano Practice - 
Repairing my unstable 
Thoughts of distress...leading me to my ruins...
I have not achieved any success - drowning in my sins
I can't practice alone...
Teach me how to play elegantly 
Help me to translate my inspiration into piano compositions...
That would be genius...that would be incredible
The world needs music to repair its broken society
Piano playing is so moving and therapeutic 
Free us from solitude's captivity!
Stimulate us with mesmeric music, 
We need it so desperately! 
I refuse to be stuck in place without music, making me dance merrily!
Each piano note 
Was played pleasurably with gentle and articulate hands 
No need for tension . . . 
Don't make us feel apprehension!
Don't mention the sorrows and burdens of yesterday...
I pray...I want you to ascend this sun-shining day!
I pray that I see you spread 
Your velvet wings and fly today 
Without a trace of dread!
Get a heads start! Play those chords of bliss!
You are a waterfall of wonderfulness.... 
It can heal the can mend a broken heart as well
The heart that's dying to ex-
Press those precious chords...
Is your motivation a heaven or a hell?
Piano Practice - 
Repairing my unstable 
Thoughts of loneliness...
I can't practice alone...
Teach me how to play elegantly 
Piano Practice - 
Repairing my unstable 
Thoughts of woeful affliction and discouragement...leading me to my ruins...
I have not achieved any success - drowning in my sins
I can't practice alone...I must play a song with you
Teach me how to play elegantly and so true
Teach me how to be as talented as you . . . . 
Embrace me with affectionate passion
You don't know how you make me feel - mere satisfaction
Let me be your page-turner and take action!
I'll take action to help you play so flawlessly and wondrously - the audience is smiling and closing their eyes with gratification! ~

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Frank Sinatra You're The One

Frank Sinatra’s name still has instant recognition even today.
He was perhaps the greatest singer of the twentieth century
And possessed those famous “Blue Eyes” and that trademark 
Voice which thrilled and fascinated audiences worldwide.
For most people his music was very special and moved their
Spirits along a unique and subtle path that only Sinatra could
Create and hold with his voice—mesmerizing them and
Charming them every step of the way.

Entertaining and enchanting the audiences in America and
Abroad catapulted Frank Sinatra to a special iconic status as 
A world-renowned singer, entertainer, and Hollywood actor.
Yet, singing became his common thread and link over decades
And generations to most willing audiences who hungered for
The tenor and pitch of his voice and his fabulous songs with 
Most memorable lyrics, and haunting and evocative melodies. 

Some legendary songs reflecting his status and long reach with
Audiences worldwide include: (My Way) (New York, New York)
(Strangers in the Night) (I Get a Kick Out of You) (That’s Life)
(I’ve Got You Under My Skin) (Summer Wind). All these songs 
And many others were trademark, vintage Sinatra and brought 
Audiences to their feet while he serenaded and captivated them 
Like a Pied Piper, bringing each listener momentarily along with
Him as an invited guest into his very own special vocal dimension.
Frank Sinatra was part of the Greatest Generation along with other 
Famous American entertainers who packed audiences and dazzled
Them with music and dancing, and created an aura of legendary
Perfection seldom seen in today’s twenty-first-century world.

Frank Sinatra—You’re The One!!
Gary Bateman, Copyright © All Rights Reserved, Schoeningen, 
Germany (November 10, 2014) (Biographical Narrative poetic format)

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The Power Of Music

When no one else understands
Or seems to even care
One thing that I find comforting
Is that music is always there

Just as the loneliness begins to take hold 
When your heart continues for love, to long
One thing that can heal, I’m told
That’s the power of a song

Ballads and anthems, rock and blues
Or perhaps some pop and dance
Of all the many kinds you may choose
Give music a chance

It’s quite amazing, The Power Of Music
So scream it from the rooftops for all to hear
And whisper it in loneliness, when no one is near
Wherever and whatever you are, acknowledge The Power Of Music

Let the notes soothe your heart
And the beats heal your soul
Feel your sorrows and pain restart
As it is restored to your control

Feel your feelings understood, so sing it out loud
Spill the emotions on the floor
Whether you’re all alone or in a crowd
Just know that music is the cure

Therapeutic, consoling, and never judging
Telling you “It will get better soon”
Music provides the heart the necessary budging
That’s the power of a tune

It’s quite amazing, The Power Of Music
So scream it from the rooftops for all to hear
And whisper it in loneliness, when no one is near
Wherever and whatever you are, acknowledge The Power Of Music

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Discarded and Broken

No love in existence, I am nothing,
living in a broken down shack in a shanty town,
I stumbled upon some junk someone had discarded.

I rummaged through and a broken violin I found,
I grappled with the strings and twisted them around,
I repaired this musical instrument with my bare hands.

I played this violin with the thought one day I could be great,
a wonderful musician upon a world stage,
people would come from all over the world,
to listen to the music of a lowly little girl.

I dream't I’d be rich with lots of money 
and I could buy a new home,
where I could bring friends, I’d never be alone,
somewhere to play and dance to the music.

I sat on the corner with a box in front of me,
then played with all my heart and soul, 
my fingers were bleeding, people stopped and smiled, 
a couple of coins in the box, then just walked away. 

I looked up to see a shadow that was cast over me,
a beautiful lady had stopped to hear me play,
she listened till I finished then spoke ever so kindly,
she took me by the hand and I left the streets behind.

Upon the world stage is where I am now,
with lots of money and famous people around,
I live in a big house with this woman I met,
I will never forget the day she took my hand.

I now have a love filled and happy life
with my new mother, the lady that once took my hand, 
the music plays on in the violin that I found, 
it now hangs on a wall and is the pride of my town. 

Vicki Darcy
for "Let the Music Play On " contest
Sponsor - Mystic Rose

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The Flautist

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~THE FLAUTIST  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

 THE FLAUTIST fluently flaunted her flute- Music flew faultlessly through the airwaves,flying fluidly above the noise of the blustering city                                                    
THE fLAUTIST created a calm fragrance,who's flavor of creativity fell-well onto your soul creating a soul stirring calmness across the city. 
She played her flute clean into the night  vehemently, over the feverish chaos - And the people in the park and  in the city could hear clearly as they walked in rhythmic tunes/ She flaunted her music like sweet low hanging fruit, Her music dangled beautiful and singly.  She alone,Solo-ed notes of delightful serenity-  
  The flautist moved the masses to a state of bliss;Like free kisses flying in the wind landing on ears conquering and engaging spirits ,conquering pandemonium with her flute, she blew her flute... SHE BLEW HER FLUTE, and we marched and listened obediently . She blew her flute and we marched magnificently to her concert.

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Listening to the blues greats

Listening to the Blues greats

I bought myself a video
Of all those grand old blues
I’ve always loved this kind of music
And what I used to do
Was play along on the old blue harp
With all this magic stuff 
So it brought to me sweet memories
Couldn’t play this disc enough.

I listened to old Muddy
Then Ma Thornton done her bit
George smith he played the blues harp
Then Joe Turner played his hits
These guys, they played; their souls on fire
I could not get enough
Of watching all those blues greats
As they all done their stuff.

I played that disc once over
Then played it twice again
The depth of that sweet music
It drove me half insane
I’ll always be a blues man
Until I’m here no more
Oh, yes that grand old music
I always will adore.

31 May 2014 @1325hrs.

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A Wish For Jim Morrison

Puck’s bad boy, you,
Who disdained convention
Who was loved or reviled
By millions, no middle ground yours,
No attempt by those offended
To understand your
Exquisite, poetic soul
Crying out to be expressed 
And appreciated,
Buried in a miasma 
Of mundane and unsatisfying
Musical experiences
For which your contempt
Couldn’t have been more apparent,
Leading you to shun your celebrity.

Even in Paris, your final home,
Your escape from fame,
Even with Pam, your true soul half,
You found no lasting peace,
Trying to stay incognito,
Continuing to write verse in notebooks
As you had done since childhood.
There, death came early, quietly to you
Of natural causes, after years
Of ignored medical advice
And sometimes alarming symptoms.
Those of us who like to believe
We understood your muse,
Whether or not we did,
Hope, with all our hearts, you found
What you expected to find
Beyond the doors leading to eternity.

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Neil Peart Plus

fish eye lenses
all the worlds a stage
we are merely pretenders

triple entendre 
RUSH to see
the Moving Pictures

cry as they go by 
taken away 
from tonight's 


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The Opera

            The Opera

Last night the opera came to me in bed
Enlisted my attention
I keep my distance
This is twisted
This is a mystery
Of all the things in life that should be missed
The opera is first on the list
To be avoided
Flushed down the toilet
So I did

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turn the page to a chapter of the book of life a mystery to how ur story is told. Who is the writer the author of ur tale some often ponder is the being within yourself is it a higher power who is one to really judge Some times we often test where we stand and what boundries we can cross and challenge that is the ulimate test of two souls weather the realtionship they share love business etc. I myself have a stronger bond to music and how it effects my life i am often to judge the out come based on the tune in my head I can not control the outcome by the tune playing just a insight really I often wonder the tune of my outcome but i am not meant to know the memories the still frames in the mind what about poetry in motion a desire for a motion picture in trapped in the memories of many is what i dream of and i have built toward this with each soul i affect drama happiness love sadness action its all generes of todays movie culture who will stick around to watch and who will walk out before the curtain is drawn only u can judge who is worth selling a ticket to ur demise ur destiny ur everything ur complete and uther descruction who do u want to watch and who do u want to say the box office is sold out to who will u allow to play a roll in ur picture is the question but where the actors and actresses are at is another story all together who is real who will win the tony You are the director the background music is your choice i feel the gudline is there by most strandards and the way u were raised but its up to you to make the plot thicken good or bad who knows the out come

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Let the Music Play On - Violin

"Agnes, you played like an angel,
pitch perfect as a ringing bell."

"I'll bequeath mine to you dear,
no need to thank or shed a tear.

"I feel blessed to share this with you.
dawning enlightenment so true."

"Practice and it will start to flow,
making you a virtuoso."

"Think 'bow' extension of your arm,
make it your veritable charm."

"With the right tutor you shall bloom."
"Now, listen while I play this tune."

"Octaves lowering and ascending,
let them float through senses blending."

"Elevates to musical place,
 expresses clearly on your face".

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Music's My Inspiration

Embarrassment reveals in my blushing cheeks…I’m late for the 3rd time! Now, 
I have 3 tardies…I gottah watch out! Ooooh…
Arrving late in class…once again – I just wanna get this class done and over 
with! Thank you, Lord, for making it the end of the school year!
Glistening with fresh sorrow – it’s as fresh as morning dew on the old man’s 
lawn…glad I don’t get a detention this time! (Author’s/poet’s note ~ it was so 
boring the first time I went to my detention…)
Enlightened by realization that I’m not the only one that has several tardies…
just look around you and you’ll see many people tardy (some nearly every 
day…how sad) – there’s evidence for yah! ~
RESPECT ME…yeah you – don’t judge me! Don’t take me as a joke…just ‘cause 
I’m introverted doesn’t mean I’m not as smart as the extroverted individuals 
(in fact, I’m an introverted and an extroverted…I’m neutral…and I’m a talented 
bard! Beat that . . .)
Laugh all you want… you’ll face your terrible consequences…I have an 
infatuation with music…it’s so amazing and therapeutic…I like all genres of 
music – some songs just stick to my song ‘cause they are epic! Terrific! Music’s 
my genius… so wondrous & inspirational!
You don’t care if I’m injured by your heartless words – go talk to your other 
peers or so-called “friends” or “foes” in my eyes…

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   (Apropos John Coltrane)

in a blue note mood
i take the A-Trane
into a soprano night

And listen 
to moonlight thrills
of beautiful sable birds

Monking around
with satin dolls
in search
of a love supreme:

Spiritual cruising with Trane
is still one of my favorite things.