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Appreciation Husband Poems | Appreciation Poems About Husband

These Appreciation Husband poems are examples of Appreciation poems about Husband. These are the best examples of Appreciation Husband poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | Free verse | |

A Husband's Love

How wonderful it must be to be you...
To be able to bring so much joy to your family,
To be able to fill your family with a sense of security,
To be the one your family's well-being rests on,
And to carry that well-being with ease.

How wonderful it must be to be you...
To give so much sympathy to a woman,
To be the one this woman goes to for comfort,
To be the one she knows will fix the problem,

How wonderful it must be to be you...
To be able to insight giddiness in a woman,
To be the only one who can heighten her arousal and satisfy it.

How wonderful it must be to KNOW you are loved.
How wonderful it is to be me; the one YOU love.

~FJ Thomas

Copyright © FJ Thomas | Year Posted 2015

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Banana Bread for Breakfast

He mows the lawn,
	doesn't every man?
He mops the kitchen,
	a gift of great value.
He shells pecans,
	saves the pith for me.

He roasts peanuts;
	we love peanuts!
He plants blackberries,
	brings them in a bucket.
He builds bird houses,
	cooks his own suet cakes.

He picks wildflowers,
	shows me where they grow.
He makes up our bed,
	most every day.
He bakes banana bread,
	serves it warm, with coffee.

You will notice, I sometimes
	wear a Cheshire grin.

Copyright © Cona Adams | Year Posted 2014

Details | I do not know? | |

A Gift For You

You can wrap it, but with 
Only a bow, nothing more.

You can see it from a far,
As it’s lights shine bright.

You can’t hold it in your hands,
But surely it will guide you.

Follow this light, your gift,
To you, my heart and soul.

This house, a gift for you,
Filled always with much joy.

Rough waters you’ll have no
More, Serenity waits at 


Copyright © Linda walden | Year Posted 2014

Details | Rhyme | |

Mornings With You

Lying here and listening to you breath
once again rings the clock alarm
You'll have to go if I awake you but
I know the day is only 8 hours long.

To the kitchen I go and put the coffee on
as so many mornings before and off to work 
I know you'll go and deep in my heart with
you is where I know I'll always belong.

As I hear the water in the shower start to run
I know a new day for both of us has begun 
I will reflect onto the day all the things I want
to do, just to show you how much I appreciate
and love you when the long day is through.

I will greet you at the door and your face is always 
so dirty and you will say hello honey, mmm 
something smells good and my aren't you pretty.

A smile as always will come across my face and
now it is our time to put our evening into place.

Copyright © Sharon Gulley | Year Posted 2014

Details | Rhyme | |

Turning The Pages

Pondering through the pages of time
folded and saved in the book of my mind.
Glancing at and seeing true all the things
we have been together through.
Stronger now than we ever were before
streaming life into us without ever having 
to close a door. So much love we have 
shared, for ever love and forever care.

Each time I turn a page, I see you and all
I needed in good times and in times of hurt
that deeply felt like a rumbling rage.
You brought stillness to me, so that through
the darkness I could so fearlessly see and
never leaving a broken page.

When I close my minds book, I know deep
inside I will find you each time I look.
So sacred this book is to me, for I know
that with you, I shall always want to be.

Copyright © Sharon Gulley | Year Posted 2014

Details | Free verse | |

The kindness in your eyes

I've never seen anything,
so beautiful,
Anyone, anywhere,
so wonderful.
It's taken me a while ,but,
I finally realize,
the beauty that I see,
is the kindness,in your eyes.

Looks may be deceiving
and beauty, evanescent,
The kindness in your eyes,
is,ever present.

Your smile is
I'm entranced, by,
your perception
the kindness in your eyes,
is your loves reflection.

John Derek Hamilton  October 16,2015

Copyright © John Hamilton | Year Posted 2015

Details | Haiku | |

Sexy Death Wish

The way to go out:
Shot by a jealous husband
At ninety years old!

Copyright © Mark J. Halliday | Year Posted 2014

Details | Rhyme | |

Simple Pleasures

Spoken softy on the breeze
lightly touching my senses
Breath as soft as you please
leaving me feeling defenseless.

Morning kisses on my cheek
with sleepy eyes a smiling
Your touch I longing seek
giving each day a silver lining.

Snuggled close at this late hour
peaceful and ever so content
Only you hold over me this power
you are where I want my life spent.

Simple pleasures make me complete
like little glances over your shoulder
A quick glance from you cant be beat
as we both gracefully grow older.


Copyright © Sharon Gulley | Year Posted 2016

Details | Prose Poetry | |

My Forever Love

MyForever Love

You are my Love.
My Forever One.
To me there is no other
that satisfies my heart.
Though Life only affords
so few precious moments.
You are my Love,
My Forever One.

Copyright © Joyce Cheeves-Whitney | Year Posted 2015

Details | Light Poetry | |

Beyond my control

This very day, 27 years ago a little boy met a girl and thought nothing of it.
Two innocent minds, two pure souls with no crooked intentions.
We shan't lie to the world that it was love a t first sight
For we didn't know the difference between wrong and right.
For we didn't know what love is or what pain is.
We chose to be friends, yes we became best friends.
With the passing of time, moments, laughs tears we shared and Gods plans, 
With the synchronizing of two heart beats that longed to beat as one.
Two souls that fed each other, two minds and two bodies that were destined for all eternity
This we could not fight, for it was destiny, for it was God’s plan.
This love was beyond my control my love.

27 years have gone by and I am still in love with you as if it were our first day.
My love is still pure and innocent just as the minds and souls of that little boy and girl.
Loving you is still not a choice, loving you is not a decision I have to make day after day.
Loving you is food to my soul, loving you is what defines me, loving you is my daily bread.
You make me whole; you make me significant, for you make me one with you.
All these years have passed and all I see changing is time and not my love for you.
Loving you my dear is beyond my control.

Without you near me I am deaf, I am blind and I cannot feel.
For my eyes see only you
For my ears only hear your sweet voice.
For my hands feel only the smoothness of your skin.
When you are away I cannot smell nor can I taste anything.
For the only scent I know is yours.
For the only lips I know are yours.
You are my connection to the outside world
For I see through your eyes and know the sour sweet taste of air with your tongue.
For I hear the sound of the wind blowing with your ears and smell through your nostrils.
For I feel through your palms and your skin.
You are me and I you. For we are one 
This love I feel for you is beyond my control

You are my one and only
You are my past, my future and my present.
You are my life; you are my heaven, my gift from above.
Every day I pray to the Lord to thank him for I have you, for I have it all.
I am yours always, I am yours for eternity, I am yours even in the after life
I love you. Wish us an eternity together.
This love is beyond my control my love.

Copyright © Chris Edwin Matema | Year Posted 2014

Details | Verse | |

Affection Ignites - Anacreontic Verse Contest

                              ~Anacreontic Verse Contest~
                                 *Sponsor: Edward Ebbs*

                                      Strong emotion,
                                    Radiates my heart,
                                      Passion fire for,
                                   Irrational thoughts,
                                      Mania me and,
                                       Stability you,
                                      Tranquility us,
                                     Peaceful dreams,
                                       No agitation,
                                     Glows on Venus,
                                     Universe is ours,
                                   Unleash my chains,
                                 And beg me for more,
                                  Sailing so free with,
                                    No more inferno,
                                     Heavenly halo,
                                      Honorable man,
                                      Fidelity me,
                            And marked words by truth,
                                   Loyal companion,
                                 Wings of eagles high,
                                  Soaring to heaven,
                                 Promises kept and,
                                  Heads bow down,
                                Grasping intense love,
                                   Above the clouds,
                                Starlit nights while our...
                                    Affection ignites.

                          ~Written: November 4, 2015~
                                    4th Place Winner

Copyright © Laura Loo | Year Posted 2015

Details | Sonnet | |

We Are Free

His kindness envelops me in pleasure
I feel inspired, satisfied, euphoric
Wonderful inklings are my measure
Embracing me in all that is domestic

He breathes compassion across my heart
I feel revived, encouraged, edified
Brilliant ideas have me feeling smart
Into his attentive ears I will confide

His gentleness melts my bitter judgments
I feel affectionate, intuitive, enlightened
My spontaneous senses grow in patience
Tranquility within has been awakened

With him, I feel like me
Together, we are free

©2014 by Regina Riddle

Copyright © Regina Riddle | Year Posted 2014

Details | Rhyme | |

I promise to

I promise to...
be patient with you,
I know it takes time for you,
to do what you do.

I promise to...
always be kind to you,
harsh and unkind words,
will never do.

I promise to...
treat you with respect,
from me that's what you can expect.

I promise to...
give you all you deserve,
no matter how hard I must work.

I promise to..
always treat you with dignity,
because, your worth everything to me.

I promise to...
never make you jealous,
I could never be that reckless.

I promise to...
spend more time with you,
there's nothing I would like better to do.

I promise to...
always be by your side,
helping, protecting, to be your guide.

I promise to...
love you endlessly,
time cannot lessen all I feel.

John Derek Hamilton  January 13, 2013 shortened November 06,2015

Copyright © John Hamilton | Year Posted 2015

Details | Prose Poetry | |

What it is not to be married

As a young girl you fall in love,
Not once not twice but many times,
And then you find a man,
A man you think is the right one for you,
A man you think can keep you happy ,
The dream man you have always wished for,

The farther you are from him,
The more you love him,
Little do you realize that there is much more than just this,
You want to be closer,
 Nearer the merrier is what u think,

Long hours of talking on phone,
Countless hours of romance,
Yes, through phone, again,
Little do you realize that there is much more than just this,

You dream of marriage,
Dream of a life with him,
The few days you meet during vacation is all you know of him,
Little do you realize that there is much more than just this,

Then comes the big day, wedding! 
It's all dreamy and fuzzy through the 3 days of wedding,
And finally here you are married and as a wife
Little do you realize that there is much more than just this,

Cooking, eating together and going out becomes a routine,
Little do you realize that there is much more than just this,

The first few days is when you get to know each other,
Their preferences , their choices,
You adjust, he adjusts , after all you think it's all a give and take,
Little do you realize that there is much more than just this,

Yes, we keep learning in life , from our mistakes and others,
In this game of marriage you do see different facets of yourself and him,
Anger,love,laughter,selfishness,care,giving,missing and more,
But this should all be tied with a feeling called 'mine'
The minute you think it's 'yours', you always understand things better ,
Never think it's him/ her, think that's yours!
Yours today, tomorrow and for ever!

 Marriage, as they say is NOT a bed of roses,
Marriage is not a fairy tale,
Not a fantasy world,
It's not cinema like,
It's not always romantic,
It's not always about you,
Marriage is about understanding,
Marriage is about thinking the other person is yours!
Feel it to live it!

Copyright © Ranj Madhavan | Year Posted 2015

Details | Rhyme | |

Throughout Our Marriage

“Throughout Our Marriage“ 
© 2004 Michelle Lynn LeBlanc

All throughout our years of marriage
I’ve only fallen in love all over and over again
Yes, my love for you has only, but grown
Deeper that it’s ever been

I’m just so happy that you were the one 
That I choose to have in my life
For your sincere, caring heart and love for me 
Have made me so glad to be called your wife 

Our marriage is like a chest of treasures
With new jewels and stones to see
As soon as you think you’ve seen all there is
There’s another surprise you can’t believe

Our love is like the pure white snow
That gently falls down from the skies
So pure and soft and beautiful
One can only be dazzled with their eyes

Thank you, Honey, for being so strong 
In the days when I’ve been so weak
With wisdom and strength, you’ve often reached out
When I was broken and unwise in speech

I have grown to trust you, Sweetheart,
More than anyone I’ve ever known
And as the years go by Throughout Our Marriage
You will only reap the things you’ve sown!  

© 2004 Michelle Lynn LeBlanc

Copyright © Michelle L. LeBlanc | Year Posted 2016

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I don’t remember every small detail
Some have been lost along the way
But the way you made me feel
From the first bit of time we spent together
There was just something about you
That made me feel some type of way
Something about you drew me in
And thru all the time that passes us by
I continued to find my way back to you
I don’t know how and I don't know why
But no matter where I ran to
From you I could not hide
And what I felt down deep inside 
I could not deny
Believe me I tried
And yet you never did give up on me
No matter what is was I put you thru
You always stuck by my side
I've heard people say
If someone can be there for you at your worst
Then they don't deserve you at your best
Before you I never knew just how true that could be
But for whatever the reason
I'm glad you found your way to me
And even more that we made it thru all the storms
I know it's not over
Even though things seem to be so great
But I have faith that with you
There isn't anything we can't see each other thru
Together we have seen the best
And I'm almost certain the worst has already come and gone
So I have no doubts
That when it comes to you and me
We truly are meant to be
And together this world we can conquer
Hand in hand
Side by side
Always and Forever
You and me 
We can do it together!!!

Copyright © Jennifer Griffith | Year Posted 2016