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Alliteration Water Poems | Alliteration Poems About Water

These Alliteration Water poems are examples of Alliteration poems about Water. These are the best examples of Alliteration Water poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Pass the Light House


Odyssey of the open ocean 
Eclipsing the performance of Heaven's delight 
A beautiful name whispered along the night 
Calypso, enhanced with enchanted lullabies 
Sweet silver streams, dreamy epic diamond dreams
Serendipity falls in like mist, under the majestic marble moonlight
Calypso, you belong to;
--Sunsets of the secret sea. 
Mysterious-- many precious places to go, 
Calypso -free flowing, floating legend! 
Ride the beastliness breeze above the sea 
Whisper, Calypso come for me! 
Beautiful Comforting, Calypso Carry me! 

Reflections easily deliquesce into thin air
Sedating the open waters -Voyage- view 
Visionary Vessel above liquid level, 
as divine in spirits she sails. 
CA-LYP-SOO-- Nymph Nature Name 
Aquatic of belief-----------------------
CALYPSO, the journey of all journey's 
For all eternity-------------------------


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WATER & GLASS Watermarks immersed in fluids weave a whirlpool stream of words washing and waning while wavy waterways weep wet with tears gurgles will gush Translucent crystal clear reflects geometric gems opaque flute glass glacial visible gloss glimmers glitter from guilt © Kim van Breda—September 2014

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Wait a minute and testify to its extremity

Let our land be dry and take and extra ride

Wake in haste and see others’ taste

Walk at dawn and see extreme “runs”

What’s the cause?

The world is united, never divided

Our kids and “kids” are the same in this

Like it or not, no dignity but unity

“We” are made their kings,

But in “this” we are linked

It’s all a need, a need indeed!

…Hmn hmn(clears throat)….

…can I have a drink?!     

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At the fringe of low tide
the surf licks and laps
to re-shape the sand
as ripples and ribs.

On the wet of the flat
where it's clean and pristine
there are spirals of mud
from lug-worms unseen.

Caught in brine pools
and snagged on sharp rock
are emerald remains
of ripped bladder-wrack.

In the still of each pond
are razor fish shards
and rock fused barnacles
like welded steel studs.

Sea creatures marooned
till return of the tide
and little lost crabs
that know they must hide.

In the late of the day
the return of the sea
those imprisoned crabs
will now be set free.

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With the sun on the lake
a new day is dawning.
It is amber on blue
the magic of morning.

With the sun at midday
and the lake a dark mirror,
black reflects gold,
it is charcoal and fire.

With sunset in the hills
and the fading of light,
the sky turns blue black,
brings the chill of the night.

With full moon in the sky
clouds shine like silver
and the pitch black beyond
fills us with wonder.

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A five mile length of olive green
with water-weeds that float like rafts 
and roots that reach the deep
where bream have made their home.

In the dark dank of the deepest lock
there's turbid algae, old dead leaves
and ferns in cracks under dungeon blocks
of millstone grit with ingrained soot.

At the water's edge a leaning tree
with broken branch that sways to sweep
the buoyant bits of weed and wood
and other stuff in decay.

In the gaps between the towpath cobbles  
dandelions steal precious space
from the mass of emerald moss
then start to blossom in luminous lemon.

In the shade of the wood are foxglove bells.
Colour and nectar attract the bee
to bumble fumble pick up pollen
and get a free meal as part of the deal.