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War Alliteration Poems | Alliteration Poems About War

These War Alliteration poems are examples of Alliteration poems about War. These are the best examples of War Alliteration poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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War is a very bad thing, let me 
tell you. It does not only take 
away your family and childhood,  
it stole my hopes and dreams 
as well.

 For as long as I could 
remember, war was part of my 
history. Like music to my ears 
was gun shots waking me up 
every morning, reminding me 
that I wasn't wanted; dead 
bodies surrounding me, 
reminding me that life wasn't as 
important as i thought. Rebels 
shooting innocent people, 
killing, reminding me that 
justice was dead along with 
those. As long as I could 
remember war was part of my 

I remember walking 
from cities to cities, one country 
to another with big bags on 
my head. I remember looking 
for somewhere to sleep,  
anywhere , where the water 
wasn't full with dead bodies and 
justice still lived. Unfortunately 
there was no such place in 
Liberia because as long as I 
could remember war was part of 
my history...

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War has come , War has come

War has come , war has come,
My home once a gem of beauty , to fires and rage it succumbed,
Powerless i watched , the desolation of man
How evil overwhelms and greed robs one of all sense
Day by Day loved ones fell,
Till our lives became nothing short of hell,
I prayed in silence fearing my inevitable doom,
For the grim reaper lays in wait ,
Thus i have resigned to my fate..

The morning sun arrived,
With the heavens granting me another day,
The screams have gone silent , with no presence of tyranny,
I run through the village searching for a sign of hope,
Till my legs grew weary and my vision grew dim,
I muster what strength i have,
Refusing to become a victim of fate,
Footsteps i hear , approaching fast,
Men with weapons with black souls drenched in hate,
As i look into the eyes of my executioner ,
with the certainty of death,
memories of my life flash , as i take my last breath,
War has come , War has come

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Say no to war

say no 
say no to war
how pity it is 
to see a young mourner
an innocent child to burry
his dead mother and father
for religious and political
falsehood causing disaster

the poor always has to fight
in other to see the sunlight
but the optimum principle 
is to do right

for life has turn to war
no that guns are sore
and words are pure
for that am sure
but who cures
love they abore
materialism they adore

prevention they say
is better than cure
say no
say no to war
like told before

a godly tree provides a good shelter
and it fruits satisfies hunger
why not live in peace and harmony
so that we all will be 
free and happy

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Little George

Little George

It weren’t too many years ago
I worked on the building site
The work was hard, but pay was good
And it suited me just right
I knew this bloke who worked with me
Little George it was his name
He was short, built like a bull
And Lord that boy was game.

Now he was Maori, through and through
And he hated Islanders
So one day we were in the pub
And someone George did stir
They called him a ruddy Islander
And he wasn’t taking that
And boy, that man could really fight
Just like a jungle cat.

There was six of them and one of George
And folk thought him insane
To take on all those blokes at once
But I could not refrain
From betting on that Georgie boy
Because I knew him from old
It only took our boy five minutes
To knock four of them cold.

Then I saw the other two
They were running down the street
Regretting it with all their hearts
That Georgie they did meet
I guess those guys will shrink in future
From picking  a Maori man
There’s not too many that can fight 
Just like a Maori can.

5 August 2013 @ 1545hrs.

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Teething Tigers

Western wars brought to foreign fields
Bullet barrages blocked by grim guillotines
Petulant petrol fans the flickering flames
Courageous captains solder soldiers together
Teething tigers ripped from mad mothers to 
Carry demented decisions from bribed bullies
All hail the casket caravans of yesterday's youth

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Wanda Wages War At the Waldorf

Wednesday, while waiting for the waiter, wanting some waffles at the Waldorf,
a woeful, wimpy, wall-eyed Walter, 
witnessed a wicked, wanton woman (who was wearing a wacky wardrobe and 
wiggling her whoppers)
waddle in walking with her Welch terrior
winking, wooing with wily ways, 
wanting to weaken Walter’s willpower. Willing,.. Walter whistled
 as wife, Wanda, walked in. Well, Wanda walloped Walter with welter-weight wrath!!

Response :
Wonder when the workmen will wash Walter off the walls at the Waldorf?

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Forgotten heroes

Forgotten tombstones,
Forgotten flowers,
Forgotten heroes,
Forgotten thoughts,
Forgotten memories,
Forgotten good,
Forgotten bad,
Forgotten indifferent,
Forgotten past,
Forget the future,
Forgotten peace,
Forgotten world.

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Flames roared through the nights sky. 
A glimpse of blue still protruded through the flames. 
The heat warmed the mortals below. 
They believed that this was a great night. 
The sky emulated a beautiful red color. 
The color was extraordinary with remnants of blue. 
They believed that they were all safe. 
They were not nearly as safe. 
They were witnessing Armageddon. 
The war between good and evil. 
For no one is safe until judgment day. 
That is the day when the sky will forever remain blue. 
The birds will sing a tune. 
The flowers will bloom. 
That will be the day. 
The day when we will all be ok.

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Perfection Killed The Cat

Girl with the
porcelain skin
Girl who's striving
to win
Constantly holding
her head in shame
Snapping her
supposedly petite

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The man of might delights
in challenges of brawls.
The hardships hight his heart
to falling fields of fights,
to face foemen fearsome,
seeking to hero slay,
this leman of Mjolnir.