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Alliteration Seasons Poems | Alliteration Poems About Seasons

These Alliteration Seasons poems are examples of Alliteration poems about Seasons. These are the best examples of Alliteration Seasons poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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My Worst Christmas Ever

Snow falls around us 
as we hug for the last time
Niether of us let go
Our first Christmas apart
since you met my parents
I feel as if holding on forever
could possibly prevent the end
As I look into your eyes
You brush a tear from my cheek
"I'll always love you," you say to me
As we kiss for the final time
I remember all the time spent talking when we met
Knowing you was enough back then
I never thought I would lose you
We finally let go
You brush back my hair and said not to cry
As you walked to your mom's car
it felt as if I died inside
You climbed in and closed the door
and we waved our final goodbye

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In anyone’s discussion
You might hear about a mission
That came to pass because of Gods decision
And through Gods permission
One comes to the realization
That Jesus is the reason 
For this spectacular season
So let us all not waste the opportunity
To serve and celebrate in unity
And fulfill our destiny
We can be like the celebrity
Known in every society
Aspiring to be Gods major priority
Like Jesus the reason for this season

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Four Seasons

Spring scent so sweet
Birds build branches

Summer so sweltering
Sore, smell, sweat

Fall, feel free
Bothered by breeze so brave birds breed abroad

Winter is withering
Flowers are frozen and forests are following, too

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shake salt slow so she see's slick snow

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Seasons of Change

Swift stirring spring
Brilliant blooming buds
Soaring soothing sun
Fiercely falling floods

Soft soothing summer
Warm wandering waves
Sunny salty seaside
Careless conscious craves 

Alluring active autumn 
Lovely looking leaves
Dimmer days develop
Gangly grass grieves

Whirling winter wind
Bitter bulky breath
Softly sailing snowflakes
Daintily dwindling death

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That Sneaky Santa {Alliteration}

Sexy Sally saw Santa sneaking snacks
Cakes cookies coke cola  cold cuts
Belly bouncing busting buttons badly
Flop flop Fizz fizz  feeling full
looking like lazy lounge lizard
T.V. televised the terrible truth that
man made mistake mocking magic
while watching wild woman wander 

Happy Holidays To All


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Hindered Happiness

winter whisked without warning
burying birds below snow
hindered happiness hides in hearts
Until sacred spring sails again.

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Winter Sight

White blur,
White thoughts,
Whispers to her,
The warm rots.
Beauty of art,
Falls onto the window,
In all shape; touching the heart,
Flying down in a flow.
With hats on all,
The cities bright,
Thick coats in the hall,
No people in sight.
For it's winter time,
The MidWest is cold,
Making love music rhyme,
Keeping loved ones close;hold.
Streets are a fluff,
Driving slow in caution for all,
Children play rough,
Down the hills they fly so tall.
Snowflakes make snowmen,
Snomen make friends,
As the birds fly by towards the wren,
The weather lends.
But hold each moment close,
For seasons come and go,
Imagine a place of prose,
Now sit back and enjoy the snow.

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Storm Within, Storm Without

                                                                     These eyes,
                                   bleary behind a blurred bifocal,
      stare unseeing through wet windshield wipers.

                                                                  These hands,
on the steering wheel, cold, calloused and cowed,
                  grip tightening, loosening now and then.

                                                                     These toes,
                        now cruelly cramped in soggy socks,
       numb in my shoes, soaked in sidewalk slush.

                                                                      This storm,
   smears the night scene through the car window
           with watery grays and smudged neon lights.

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Apart, Apart, in Ever-Dream

I come from Dawn to Night's long mile
Whose boyhood heard the songs of brooks
And mourned the sparrow's falling,
And Hope, those days did lift my wings
As lone I strode the gardened fields 
Of honied labyrinth...
Apart, apart! In Ever-Dream,
My bliss found full at giants feet-
Enthralled, bewitched at Sky's orations
Or what forests deep did tell...
And now the Day's long-bearded trek
But to endless shade proceeds...

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Quizical Language

Winter weather
Days divine
Honour honourable
Appreciative active
Godly gregarious
Jays jewels
Trees tall
Brave bold
Kindly kept
Luxurious liked
Queenly quizical
Real rhyme

Author: Gwen Meyer-Erlach Schutz

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my mark

a proud flare in my uplifting joy
all the people pray in there coy
a cownless madow to bare
as we stay out of freedoms way
take a look at what u say
a lost boy was found
around the bent feather

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Summer sultry sweat
Sends sea-dwellers,
Seeking some solace,
Satiating some.
Simply satisfying!
So, succumbing,
Seems so seductively soothing,
Simply stated!

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Shimmering shaking silken sea

A  Sunny  Winters  day
Cool sun kisses skin.
Pastel coloured ocean
Shuddering salty sea
Pink apricot morning sky
Seaside meditation tape.
Rolling frothing waves
emerge at fast intervals
Driftwood on the shore
Gold sloping sand dune
Giant swirly starfish studs
Seagulls squawking high
Leopard jelly  sea slugs
Spiky  red rubbery corals
Glittering foam sparkles
Extreme low tide no wind
Cuttlefish ,  tiny shells 
Haystacks of seagrass 
Jelly baby jube aneama
Soft small gentle waves
sound like a waterfall
Seagull flock flying low
red rimmed pale eyes
breathing hole red beak 
red webbed feet high
flushed to body in flight.

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Dolphin dives and ducks with its find

Mountains all around , the sea glimmering ahead.
A dolphin's fin swimming sloshing near the shore
This chilly sunny Winters day on a low tide beach
Lazy waves roll in slowly , quietly rumbling to a fizz.
The dophin jumps out of the cleansing  blue water 
focusing intently midair just meters from the beach.
Its shiny grey fin and smooth body playfully diving.

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Morning Dusk

it streams in at daybreak
through the louvre,
then slowly seeps
into my dim, damp room;

                   early light,
                   it makes the dust slow-dance
                   in midair to an awkward tune
                   like drunken dandelions
                   in the morning dusk.

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Winter Writer II

Winters' wandering within
wicked waves of worsening weather.
Wildly whipping winds
whistling through windchimes
tinkling tenderly.

Women wrapped in wreaths
of wool or, if rich,
cashmere coated against
the avalanche of chill
around corners marching,
counting with a
pink pedometer
to ensure a regimen
regardless of winters' waft.

Snow softly swirling
through the thermal drafts
not ready to land yet.
Not really stuck ...

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World Wrestling Champ

            A menacing mountain of a man, well, he used to be,
        bursting biceps, boulder shoulders, just terrifying to see,
           brutally barreling through each frightened, fleeing foe,
        many still fear him so, although that was long, long ago;

   Now his empty eyes cast, 'neath bony brows of his frayed face,
          a ghostly gaze at his veins with I.V. needles in place,
      his shrunken, skeletal frame sinks stolid in the stretcher,
    his skin, the tinge and touch of the back of peeled wallpaper;

                    Here he waits and whiles away the weeks 
                                      till the end arrives,
                behind this nursing home's closed doors hide
                                closing and closed lives!