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Alliteration Nostalgia Poems | Alliteration Poems About Nostalgia

These Alliteration Nostalgia poems are examples of Alliteration poems about Nostalgia. These are the best examples of Alliteration Nostalgia poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Midnight Sensations

Midnight Sensation

Scented fragrance coming from your exquisite fingers
Tantalizing, tenderness, teasing me with your loving lips divine
I'm feeling so mesmerized with your midnight compassionate sensations
Does make me feel as if we're both floating on a cloud so high
Your enticing lips and flair are so soft upon lavender kisses within an
Enchanting, exciting, exquisite romancing me beyond my wildest dreams
Upon this midnight, we'll be in sweet rhapsodies caress
As we're both enveloped within our own midnight sensation song sung
As a wild-fire in our own tropical hut where two well-toned souls of
Lovers are scented in breezes can extinguish our sweet rhapsodies
Upon our midnight sensation tropical Isle.

Written: 12/12/14

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Firecrackers (Alliterations)

In a pick pack boom a wonderful light in the sky
Beaming gleaming screaming people out in the street
Watching the parade of light danced, glanced tranced
Happy sappy snappy to watch the firecrackers so beautifully
Amazing as it make the sky lively sparkly wonderfully
It shone in the dark out in the park making the mark
A sign of celebration in a cloud nine look so divine
Graces in the space a part of beauty to embrace


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She girl

She lives with friends.
She meets her loves.
She starts her work.
She sits as a dove.
She runs her life.
She's got all that.
But then she's found
Dead on the track.

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My Friend

I saw in you a laughter of life,
and thought to make things for you alright.
Brightness, cheer, and oh what delight
those eyes of yours they bring.
Never worry of troubles that be they say,
because a friend to you I'll always stay.

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Sunset Siesta

The soft rays shoot my eyes
The green grass awakes
On my laps, open like banana leaves
Is a cover-less book
It is about a bread of sorrow

Yonder, a greenly hill gasps
And hinders valleys
Valleys that hinder folks
Folks that bore a damsel
Damsel who gives me sleepless nights

A cat passes by, meows and walks by wayside
Silently, it stalks my new dove
Shhhw; Shwwww, Shwww
And with a "Relax master, I just wanted to play; lol" look
It joins its master and its tummy growls like it has complaining worms

A highland sunset, like all other sunset
Never replicates!
And that is how daily experience is
Never replicates!
Sadly, we witness the death of a day-everyday
A day we never have enough!

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My Bedroom Walls

I am Twelve -  My cynical composure  is of my second nature - A constant, compatible
I am the Winter Solstice - Darkness is my Jesus, the losing light, my Judas.
I am Fourteen - Binded by the breaking basket to Brimstone, with heavy heart I instill my
identity in Lucifer's caress. 
I am the mass of minions in your notorious night - Yet, as he watches warily, Lord Lucifer
intervenes  my pathological perverted pretense. 
I am Sixteen - And I watch those I call my kindred spirits as their earthly esteems  are
crushed in a doomed dimension of distress.
I am a Gnostic Ghost - Regression, Repression, and wrong residence cloud my tiresome trail
to prolonged prudence.
I am Seventeen -  Sweet success surmounted will send a tempest to those with hateful
hearts towards my continuous convalescence .
I'm a Courteous Comedian - And a sarcastic sermon of a writer's woe leaves simple
satisfaction, with my self in restless reminiscence.
I am an Ageless Apparition - And in this vexatious vessel, ,in this tainted temple, I long
for Lord Lucifer's law of survival of strongest, or a phantom's fall.
I am the Passive Pacifist - Dazzling the dawn, Dashing the dusk;  negating the rest of 
Light the lamp, Lord Lucifer, speak seductive sounds ... The Secret Salvation of My
Bedroom Walls.

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Empty Jars

Empty things-

Empty rooms-filled with things-
Empty vases-empty jars
Empty seats-
Cupboards that are bare-

Corridors-in my mind-
Long and narrow-alone I stare-
Vacant land -
You once – were there!  


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Suddeny it was all new
A new solitude
A new silence
A new emptiness
As if from a nightmare, I jerk awake
Where are all those I'd cared to call my friends?
Where's the meanin I'd cared to find in life?
What's come of those dreams, those endless dreams, that used to mar my very sleep?
New realms swim beckonin before my eyes

A light stroll , I decided, will take off the strangeness a li'l
Through the vast expanse, somethin suddenly began to emerge familiar
(Maybe this verve was mine, beyond reckonin,
Maybe silence n solitude were playmates i had forsaken?)

N yes, up above n shinin, was the moon..
So far away. 
N yet,
 never cross enough to despise me for more than a night.
It was autumn come a-calling..
The august autumn of another anonymous soul
And as i walked along, so did she
In step
One with me.
N silence found a new meaning,
in the newfound infatuation between us.
My love wasn wasted.
Not any more.

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The Shape Shifter

Agreeable yet contrary
Friend sometime adversary
Willing yet stubborn
Ignorant sometimes to learn
Rich and poor in a myriad of ways
Driven and focused still to laze
Answer with contradiction
Fact yet fiction
Possessed with unseen truth
Believing only what it can use
Self centered and giving
One but fractured living
No single thought to remain
Even though a familiar refrain
Solid yet a quivering mass
Moving forward through the past
Lost in a moment eternity to last
The shape shifter moves in liquid cement
Anchored by the foot in the moment
Always the same but in constant change
Solid logic lost in mental derange
Not knowing what he display
Thinking himself a molded array
The shape shifter exterior so stiff
Inside the jelly rests and sits
The name of the shape shifter
Man, yes man it is

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Loves lesson's loud
Ears echo endlessly
Always after another
Veering vague views
Eons ever empty