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Alliteration God Poems | Alliteration Poems About God

These Alliteration God poems are examples of Alliteration poems about God. These are the best examples of Alliteration God poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Why?! Sometimes I ask why. I mean why?
Does the good die young, I mean why? 
Does the world make it so hard for single mothers to feed their kids but have enough
money for inmates, I mean why?
Do we constanlty see history repeat itself when we have already learned it, I mean why?
Do we fear and cant trust the police, I mean why?
Do we attack and hurt the people that love us but love the people that attack and hurt us, I mean why?
Do we have a generation that believes love is unsearchable. Where hate is leaned on more. Where happienes is rare.
And where lust is a no brainer, I mean why? 
Do kids know every song lyric, but doesnt know a bible scripture besides the one tatted on their arms, I mean why?
Do I have people in my life that are their for no reason, I mean why?
Do I have a pinch of believers but a handful of doubters, I mean why?
Did I have so much pain growing up, I mean why?
Do now I have enemies that use to be my friends, I mean why?!
Do things never go my way in my life, I mean why?

But Gods plans are unsearchable. So he only knows, Why.

Copyright © Landon Browning

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The Devil Within

I feel tempted, dishonest, unlawful, inadequate, sinful, and incomplete. I thrive on hate, I fixate on pain, and I dwell on jealousy, my anger becomes uncontrollable, my rage over powers me, I feel helpless. The shadow within me fills my heart with sin, the darkness dims my light, my days grow long and cruel, my nights simmer my thoughts, I cannot feel, I cannot touch, my heart has been ripped from my chest, my soul no longer exists, I am gone! They pray for my salvation, they morn my soul, they have faith that there is still a glimmer of hope that I may be saved, that I may become myself again. I wake up! A bright light overwhelms my sight, I feel peace, I can feel my heart beating, I can touch my soft skin, when the blur subsides I see a face, a face, like no other face I have ever seen, it is my lord and he has saved me.

Copyright © stephanie hanvey

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Divine days,
Blessings brave
Miracles mentioned
Houses happening
Friends featured
Relatives realistic,
Ready real,
Lunches lovely,
Celebrities caring,
Songs sang,
Guitars great,
Nights nice,
Visits various,
Ways worldly,
Conversations confidential,
Lifestyle luxurious,
Thankful thoughts,
Godly good.

Author: Gwen von Erlach Schutz

Copyright © Gwen von Erlach Schutz

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My Conscience Says, My Soul Conveys

I just remember our college days
Together all weather we did face
Time is going fast without grace
We walked in life on different ways
Thank God, you, I could just trace
I with love visited your living place
Surely God helps if one truly prays
To reach divine bliss, we all chase
God will definitely take up our case
Now we belong to the human race
All humans are competing in rat-race
But, what we need is only God's rays
When all morals, a soul sincerely obeys
With that soul, the Almighty ever stays
Of course, upon all, cunning fate preys
Fortunately this holy prayer surely pays
To rescue us, God's blessing always plays
If its faith a humble soul calmly displays
Solution will show to it its charming face
Our happiness, nothing can displace
If pure belief we have on all the days,
To test us for truth, God just delays
One day, happiness will finely surface
On that day, holy bliss, we will embrace.


Copyright © mv venkataraman

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When He Breathes

Soft, still, the silence heaves
I inhale, the Spirit breathes;
Flowing, growing Christ bestowing
Life and strength surpassing knowing.

Scented, soothing, respiration
Taking in His inspiration;
Filling, feeling Christ exalted
Love and Grace supremely vaulted.

Sure, secure the Spirit wind
Where flows the Sovereign;
God revealing Christ resplendent
Hope and purpose codependent.

When He breathes upon the morn
Hope has dawned and life is born;
He my all in all shall be
From now unto eternity.

Job 33:4

Copyright © Tom Valles

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A Man Dreams of God and God Dreams of Man

When night comes at last,
Dragging it's long face down,
When drunk, the gash of dusk comes.
Of lamentation, of it's cries,
Of laughter and the soothing music into 
your ears.
For something I couldn't understand.
When, free at last
The night had won again,
It's cries were louder than what we could 

When mourning comes, 
Dressed in black and grim faces
Down the roads forevermore.
Sober at the lash of dawn,
Do we go where we are needed.
It's songs were much more beautiful than I 
could do.
Making way for the ropes of day,
Do we stumble and fall.
As we all go back to weaving the stories,
Tapestries, it is what you willed.

Copyright © Kevin Pina

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Jehovah God and Jesus Christ Forever Amen Part 1 of 6

" JEHOVAH  GOD  and  Jesus Christ, Forever - Amen ... "
An Acrostic & Alliteration Poem
(Part 1 of 6)

( Psalms - Chapters145 - 150 / Ps. 83:18 / Ex. 3: 14, 15)
(John 8: 12 / John 14: 6 / Acts 4: 10 -12 / Isa. 9: 6, 7 )
(Rev. 5: 6 / Rev. 19: 13, 16)

J   oyous ONE of Justice - All Judgements YOU Own
E   verlasting, Eternal & Existence To YOU Belong
H   eaven Is The Home of The Hallelujah's Throne
O   nly One To Receive Worship - As GOD, Alone
V    eracity of YOUR Voice & Vows Are Virtuous Songs
A    lmighty, Abba ... Always YOUR Answers Have Shown
H    oly, Holy, Holy Spirit - The Highest Known ...


Copyright © MoonBee Canady

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Flames roared through the nights sky. 
A glimpse of blue still protruded through the flames. 
The heat warmed the mortals below. 
They believed that this was a great night. 
The sky emulated a beautiful red color. 
The color was extraordinary with remnants of blue. 
They believed that they were all safe. 
They were not nearly as safe. 
They were witnessing Armageddon. 
The war between good and evil. 
For no one is safe until judgment day. 
That is the day when the sky will forever remain blue. 
The birds will sing a tune. 
The flowers will bloom. 
That will be the day. 
The day when we will all be ok.

Copyright © stephanie hanvey

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Jehovah God and Jesus Christ Forever Amen Part 6 of 6

An Acrostic & Alliteration Poem
Part 6 of 6

A    lways With Accolades Acceptance
m   ore Moments, Merging With GOD's Message
e    ver Eager & Every Enlightened Instance & Essence
n    ow & New & Non-Stop Blessed

Written & Copyrighted ©: 10/17/13 
by:  MoonBee Canady

Copyright © MoonBee Canady

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With You Always

He feels your pain and He remains.
He knows your needs and intercedes.
He hears your cries; and weeps beside.
He sees your heart and never parts.
He shares your load and walks your road.
He stills your fear and draws you near.
He takes your sin and life begins!
He lifts your despair, because He cares.
He carries you, is faithful, true.
He tasted death and resurrects.
He never quits and will persist.
He conquered hell, so it is well.
He overcame, you’ll do the same.

Matthew 28:20  “teaching them to observe all that I commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age."

Copyright © Tom Valles

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The Forgiven

1. When it was the time to be the end
and everyone had gone into the ark to be counted
then they came two by two,
a girl ox and a boy ox
a girl elephant and a boy elephant
a girl rattle snake and a boy rattle snake
two boy pandas.

2. A boy garter snake and girl garter snake
and they all did go into their cages
along with all the other two by twos
and Noah did say
"bring them pandas to me quarters..."
And lo, in the days before the end
then came the plain faced young men
out from the hills, 

3. Lo they said unto the scribes
Let us tell you what to write
so that we may enjoy the night,
and let us tell it unto the world
that every man be unto his own desire
and they said it is good.

4. Verily when the scribes agreed
and then they had layed it to the stone
so that every man and woman of the land
saw that it was good,

5. Then did the men, yea all of the men
both young and old in their years,
grow weary of a womans ways.

6. And they then made their beds with their own
but the plague had not yet to begin.

7. Now the young men said unto the rulers
of all the lands
it is our time.
And they then said,
Yea, do not you see what marvels we work?
Even unto the very limits of space
do not we make the way?

8. So that the rulers said yea, and it is your time.

9. But HE rebuked them all
for they fornicated 
and did all manner of unearthly
And said HE unto them
take ye your pricks
with which ye inject all 
that defileth your bodies
and bury them in the hills
so that none will ever find them again.

10. But they said nay it is our time.
And they then made merry
even until the morning came
and so HE layed down a plague
even unto their very toes.

11. And HE said Ye that fornicate
and inject pleasure into your veins
surely your children and your childrens
children shall know the wrath.

12. But they pleaded unto HIM
and HE heard them not.

13. And said HE, ye shall suffer pain
and untimely death and all sorts of 
catastrophic ordeal for your deeds
even unto an hundred years shall ye die.

14. And they cried but they heard HIM not.

15. And it came to pass after an hundred years
had passed,
that a child was born unto an unholy
house, but she was without the plague.
And all the rulers marveled that
she should not be thus stricken.
And HE said unto them
This ye shall do unto such as is born
without the plague,

16. ye shall bury all of your earthly pleasures
yea and never again inject it into your

17. Ye shall fornicate not any longer.

18. Ye shall take up your natural mates
and not lay with your own when you are weary.

19. And after six nights ye shall be forgiven
and so shall your children
and your childrens children be so forgiven.

20. And they wondered together
even unto the morning light did they wonder
but they heard HIM not.

21. And they found the child without the sin
and so did let her know
what pleasures they did find in the night.

22. And so HE then said and declared
what manner of fools are ye
that reject all that is just and good?

23. And HE did bring an end to the plague
but HE then did cry.

Copyright © Vee Bdosa

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apoligy to god

god i was mad at you today forgive this ipray and all because thing didn't go my way!i chilled out and figue you had you reasons,even thouth ididnt under stand i talked to you in a way i can't bear too say!yuor people they love me so  sorry to them too without i wouldn't know what to do!you and them keep me from losing my mind i love you god all the time!your angel begs your forgivness now iknow your people will forgive me somehow!

Copyright © steven coleman

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Jehovah God and Jesus Christ Forever Amen Part 5 of 6

An Acrostic &
Alliteration Poem 
Part 5 of 6

F   reedom & For Our Futures
o   pened, On-going Doors
r   ecurring, Radiant Splendors
e   ndless, Emitters Explore
v   ictorious Thru Void Ventures
e   arth Thru Eternity Endures
r    eclaimed, Remains, Remembers ... WHO Restored ...


Copyright © MoonBee Canady

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The messiah

they are confused i feel their it pouring out of their words as they spit cruel taunts at me hoping to get another reason to strike me father they do not know which the madness they bring forth they pull me high i feel a sharp pain in my hands they grow cold and limp their smothered in red ink pouring from itself they place jagged pieces of something on my head and i feel a warm liquid dripping down my face i feel my life draining i look down at my death dealers and forgive them as i pass on to see my father

Copyright © Jayce Collazo

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Mary's Motherhood

The Church cannot forget her mission Was made possible by the Motherhood of Mary Who conceived and bore a Son Who is God from God True God from True God Mary is truly the Mother of God Whose motherhood as the vocation to motherhood Bestowed by God on every man raised to its highest level Thus, Mary becomes the mother of the Church and to be New Eve The mother of believers, the mother of the living J.

Copyright © Jacqueline R. Mendoza

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Jehovah God and Jesus Christ Forever Amen Part 4 of 6

An Acrostic & Alliteration Poem
Part 4 of 6

J    ewel of The Crown ... As The WORD - Journeyed Far
e   steemed Lord of lords - Enters As Bright Morning Star
s   acred High Priest of Heaven & Lord of Sabbath, You Are
u   s ... You Ushered In & United, So We Wouldn't Falter
s   acrificed Your Blood For Love, Upon The Salted - Altar ...

C   ompasionate Counselor, The Conqueror Gleams !
h   ope, Help & Happiness For All Humble Human Beings
r   ays of A DayStar - Rising, Reaching & Seen
i    nnocent Lamb of GOD - Inifinite, King of kings !
s   on  of  GOD, Savior, O' Salvation He Brings
t    he Way, Truth & The Life-Light's Triumphant Beam ...


Copyright © MoonBee Canady

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Man Verses God

Bobby-O believes in astronomy – stars alignments and planets in tune
Jason justifies existence through science- life of “I am and done”
Evan gives evidence towards evolution- ameba to ape to man
Multitudes cry- “I believe in God!”
Though few live life outside the man

Copyright © Mark Goodson

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Jehovah God and Jesus Christ Forever Amen Part 2 of 6

Part 2 of 6
An Acrostic & Alliteration Poem

G   lorious ONE - The Grandeur & Genuis of Genesis
O   nipotent Power - Is YOURS - The Universe Gives Evidences
D   ynamic, YOUR Dimensions of Energy Is Extensive ...


Copyright © MoonBee Canady

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Jehovah God and Jesus Christ Forever Amen Part 3 of 6

An Acrostic & Alliteration Poem
Part 3 of 6

a   rmies of Heaven's Host & Ages Into All Time
n   otes YOUR - No Beginning & Never Ending Mystery & Noble Signs
d   esigns & Deeds & Decisions - YOU Delivered, Divine ...


Copyright © MoonBee Canady

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The Heart Of A Family

A family is made from lots of different things,
screaming kids and lots of children's screams.
The number one thing that holds it all together,
is when God is sitting in the center.
Without his presents it's easy to forget,
that life can get tough especially with all the debt.
Next to God we need to find forgiveness,
it helps when we're going through all that stress.
We are all human and tend to make mistakes,
having forgiveness helps to keep us in our place.
After forgiveness should come the peace,
without peace we wouldn't be able to stand this place.
When we keep the peace we'll find,
it's easy to find a quiet piece of mind.
The more we keep the peace we will gain the trust,
that's what keeps us all together without going bust.
After everyone trusts with all there heart,
it's hard for the family to fall apart.
Finally the soul core of the heart is love,
sent to us straight from the Lord above.
Any families love is tender and golden,
just like the innocents of our sleeping children.
So please remember this one thing my friends,
all through life there is something' more important than power and benjamines.
That one and simple thing is the heart of a family.

Dedicated to my wonderful family:
Renee, Emily, Faith and Clairyssa.


Copyright © Josh Bell

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A God

A God who is loving.
A God who is forgiving.
A God who is Peaceful.
A God who is unchangeable.

A God who is a father.
A God who is a friend.
A God who is a king.
A God who is a creator. 
A God who is one and only. 

A God who is a father of all children.
A God who is a friend of all sinners.
A God who is a king of all kings.
A God who is a creator of everything. 

A God who loves us.
Even through will sinners.
And we go back to sin.

A God who loves us so much
That he sent his one and only son,
To die for our sins.

A God who forgives for all sins,
Even though we go back to sinning.
He still loves us.

Copyright © Angel Hale

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Zion (Part two)

I am still in Zion for you are the one I long to please, let this world, this town try 
and break me and attempt to bring me to my knees, for it cannot and shall not 
ever even come close to defeating this-what we have, what God gave to us what 
we have bled for and how we came so close, so close to perfection and to 
everything I have never known, you have loved me and you have finally shown, 
you have shown me what it is to desire a true but forbidden fire and the rest of my 
years here on this earth and the rest of my tears and fears I long to share with 
you and the temple I have raised in your name while I praise God that you came 
and shattered all the false dreams and hopes and for this reality I cope and try to 
deal with all of the farce that I must deal with and my sanity is now a blissful part 
of life for I have lost that pain and lost that strife that has plagued me I shall obey 
thee and strive to please you in the way only a King could please his Queen by 
offering her the world and all the jewels within it. Thank you for this

Copyright © Terry Hilton

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It Was Not Because

It was not because of anything that I had done
that the Lord God made me an adopted one

It was not because of anything that I did say
the Jesus Christ came to show me the Way

It was not because of anything that I did see
that God gave me love, grace and mercy

It was not because of anything that I did hear
that the Lord God gave me His righteous ear

It was not because of anything that I did feel
that I was given salvation so my spirit would be healed

Copyright © louise nelson