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Alliteration Friendship Poems | Alliteration Poems About Friendship

These Alliteration Friendship poems are examples of Alliteration poems about Friendship. These are the best examples of Alliteration Friendship poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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My Worst Christmas Ever

Snow falls around us 
as we hug for the last time
Niether of us let go
Our first Christmas apart
since you met my parents
I feel as if holding on forever
could possibly prevent the end
As I look into your eyes
You brush a tear from my cheek
"I'll always love you," you say to me
As we kiss for the final time
I remember all the time spent talking when we met
Knowing you was enough back then
I never thought I would lose you
We finally let go
You brush back my hair and said not to cry
As you walked to your mom's car
it felt as if I died inside
You climbed in and closed the door
and we waved our final goodbye

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Hey Boo

Take a look,
Into my eyes,
Chapters to my book,
No needed lies,
Trust me please,
I’ll bring you near,
A shiver; a breeze,
An imagination pure.
Gentleman style,
Falling down with desire,
Please stay awhile,
The flame to my fire.
Two sides to the half,
A perfect fit,
A smile shines; laugh,
Knocked down; hard hit.
The pebble to steal,
To set oneself a side,
Is this real?
Wanting to hide.
Hey boo,
I may never tell,
How I feel too,
Keep all well,
You remind me,
Of the princesses’ lost shoe,
A fantasy I see,
Holding onto hope-for me and you.

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Time and Again

Love comes in my life 
Time and again 
Makes me cry 
Makes me smile 
Leaves me ecstatic 
Time and again 
Time and again 
Today I have no love 
But O my friend, 
You are by my side 
Time and again 
When I felt alone, 
When I felt devastated 
You have held my hands 
And I have put my head 
On your shoulders 
Time and again 
Oh this feeling  
of having you  
in my life 
is so healing 
Time and again 
Time and again

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can't hide from war

army, bunking buds
good days, drowning deep before my eyes
never to sleep a sleepless night again
God resting every sobbing soul,
His head up high, 
like a horseshoe hanging low, 
I remain, lucky!
falling wounds, under my dearest darkest days
no where to go and hide 
 Death will find me soon,

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My Conscience Says, My Soul Conveys

I just remember our college days
Together all weather we did face
Time is going fast without grace
We walked in life on different ways
Thank God, you, I could just trace
I with love visited your living place
Surely God helps if one truly prays
To reach divine bliss, we all chase
God will definitely take up our case
Now we belong to the human race
All humans are competing in rat-race
But, what we need is only God's rays
When all morals, a soul sincerely obeys
With that soul, the Almighty ever stays
Of course, upon all, cunning fate preys
Fortunately this holy prayer surely pays
To rescue us, God's blessing always plays
If its faith a humble soul calmly displays
Solution will show to it its charming face
Our happiness, nothing can displace
If pure belief we have on all the days,
To test us for truth, God just delays
One day, happiness will finely surface
On that day, holy bliss, we will embrace.


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A heartfelt appreciation

SKAT and Destroyer, two 
sweet sisters
Lovely loving sisters 
With gorgeous golden 
O, a stranger appreciates 
thy stereo hearts
That beat to meaningful 
melodies of Hollywood's 
Pop Stars

I appreciate thy sweet 
A sweet support aroma, 
truelly tickling tips of my 
True friendly friends 
without a doubt
If my joyful heart had a 
mouth, it would sing how 
it feels

I felt like no newbee
I fell in thy handy hands
Thy support smells like 
sweet insence
You're my moving 
My inner inspiration
Thank you!.

----:)Hugs and hugs:)----

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Kith and kin

Have a heart and heartless be not. 
life is fleeting forlorn in hopes unfulfilled.
Seek truly caring kith and kin,
who love you still though flawed.
Loneliness by lasting love annihilated.
Passing passion ends in pain delayed,
though sought for sudden pleasures
and immediate delights.

Who cares for kin unknown and far removed?
The poor despised despite possessing huge hearts.

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Friend And Foe

Always, Are, All
Each, Evenly, Extended
Hands, Honorably, Holding

Good, Gracious, Gratitude
Being, Beholder’s, Blessings
Trying, Teaching, Them

Life’s, Learned, Lessons
Unconditional, underlying, Undeserving 
Christ’s, Chosen, Children

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F is for friends

Fantastic friends fry fresh fish friday for fun

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Heart : Opened Only Once

She sat silently , Suffering Sorrow
Believing, Baby’s Breath, Beauty
Time the Turmoil , that threatens “Tomorrow”
Her Heart helped him Heal his Hypnotized Heart
Diligently  Doing Daydreams’ Duty
Another Amazing Addition :  “ART “

Inspired by the Contest : “ Alliteration Poems Please “
Sponsored by : John  (Moses)  Freeman
Dedicated to : John MOSES  Freeman

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Miss Friend











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Bubbling bacon
basks on the bright blaze
blobs blow up, 
burning beautifically on coal beds

The bark below bothers me
as I lay back taking the bite:
the branch bears the burden
of my tired bones

*Just a note, this is basically a joke written to try and figure out a genre, not really a serious poem*

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To my Friends in the Society of the Soup

May you all have a serendipitous, serene Sunday
and an immeasurably magnanimous Monday,
Would that the tallow of your Tuesday be tantalizing
wielding the wonders of  Wednesday in writing,
thence thanking Theism the theme of Thursday,
finally forgetting fears and feeling the freedom of Friday,
so making your Saturday a scintilla of a Sabbatical.

In other words: have a great week y’all!

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Through Solemn eyes

Through solemn eyes, sway sadness 
of a heart, hurt, and a fading hue.
Diving within, dying drollness  
lingers long with a lifeless queue 
of stained crystals that shatter the spark
once mastered a merry soul  
now a damp, drained, dark 
humiliated honor in a self hollow… 
Tired of being tainted by turmoil
for past years; purity plunges in pleas 
it sinks within so deep in soil 
of tormented shores, seas of tears…
Yet through years of yearning
and tears of torments through hiding 
a breeze has brought belonging
to the swaying sadness of solemn eyes…

                          Dedicated to a special friend

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Counsellors Darkening Counsels

In the multitude of 
counsellors; safety 
ln the multitude of 
enemies as counsellors;
deceit abounds.
Counsellors whose heart 
studieth destruction with 
lips uttering mischief;
Enemies clothed with 
sheep clothings as 
Friends whose tongues 
uttereth words born in 
Counsellors whose mouth 
darkeneth counsel by 
words without 
Enemies made 
counsellors whose looks 
appeareth friendly,
Friends whose mouth 
draweth iniquity by cords 
of vanity.
Counsellors who utter 
counsels coated in 
Friends whose mouth 
worseneth counsel by 
words without wisdom;
Enemies whose heart 
pondereth in destruction.
Counsellors whose 
counsel are coiled in 
Friends who by 
multitudes of words 
cause you to err;
Enemies whose mouth 
captivate tender hearts.
Counsellors whose 
counsel destroy the paths 
of relationships,
Friends whose conceit 
counsel to death;
Enemies being enslaved 
seek to enslave others.
Believe not every counsel 
neither inculcate every 
........... They destroy the 
Believe not every friend 
neither heed to 
multitudes of words,
........... They enslave the 
Believe not every 
counsellor neither seek 
counsels from multitudes;
.......... They captive the 
Which counsel shall we 
Which counsellors shall 
we believe?
Which counsellors shall 
we seek?
Inculcate counsels proved 
by love,
Believe counsellors 
whose counsel are 
weighed by truth and 
Seek counsellors whose 
counsel are words of life.
Who shall our counsellors 
Let counsellors who are 
genuine and experienced 
be our guide;
Let counsellors who are 
higher and honest be our 
Hope you find counsellors 
whose counsels are 
lt takes honest 
counsellors to ensure 
your safety.

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A Friend

I have a friend i call my brother
Sometimes he thinks and talks like an imposter
He can be a really bad pretender
You cannot predict the next stunt he might do
For him i'm sure anyone i can sue
One thing i know and really respect about my friend is
For knowledge almost anywhere he will search
Right now thats all i can say about my friend for now
Because so many words i cannot find to tell about my friend.

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Fragrant strawberries
resembling plump lips,
when no other fantasy could ever excite us more;
creating a lover's luscious desire
anytime you stare at them with a tempting eye...
taste their sweetness and sigh! 

Fragrant strawberries
growing in sunny fields to delight everyone;
pick many and enjoy them with appetite,
don't forget to fill up your basket 
for your noon snacks and strawberry cake...
taste their sweetness and sigh!

Fragrant strawberries,
dreamed by lovers for their red, attracting color
to invigorate their passion at a later hour;
O sweetheart, kissing you is like tasting them!
Shouldn't I enjoy this feast without haste...
taste their sweetness and sigh?

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I was born in Babylon
Everyday I want to be alone
I prayed not to get low
Everyday Babylon claim more soul
I just have to go, seek for more show
I grow with no shoes under my foots
Ganger is my food, 
Mosquitoes sing the reggae allover my room 
Webs block my views, killing my crews
What can I do to survive when am buzz

Where is that place to get crazy?
That place you cannot erase,
That camp with more space,
Where you don’t have to get late
That place where you just want to be free from
“Babylon” Babylon” Babylon…I want to be free

If there is a question, it should be about relation
My action will generate your reaction
Is substitution the way to be free from Babylon?
The game is always ON, grow horns like Capricorn
Cut the vegetables; let’s be able to be stable

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No Matter Where

No matter where life takes you,
I will always be your friend. 
I will always be love you.
I pray that god protects you wherever you are.
I hope you find happiness wherever you are. 
I hope you find what you’re looking for.


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A Little Aliteration

Meaning? Maybe so maybe
Not necessarily. Know any
Good jokes? Good job! Golly gee
Whiz! Whatever. Where were we?

Reality runs rampant wrecking
Balls bring blues. Big bold brilliant blues, baby
Teeth talking trash, telling
Lies lazily, longingly, lusciously licking
Wounds. Whoa! Where were we?

Cautiously coming closer claiming
Deepening desire devilishly drawing
Semi-circles, selectively seductive, sensuous spirals of
Expectant exposure, expertly extinguished at the
First flash of fear or feeling foolish about feeling
Well, well. Where were we?


This is the third poem I posted on Soup.  Was the fourth po that I'd ever written that wasn't for a grade.

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Need a friend

If you need a friend, 
Then I’m here for you.
Always like old times.
When the world turns
There back on you.
I will be there by your side. 
You have me to talk to.

If you have a bad day
or some one upsets you.
You can come to me,
I will be there for you.

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DEAD Silence

You live in the same house, yet worlds apart,
conflicting interests rise without warning,
and you clash as if it were the first time.

You never talk anymore, it's as if you ignore one another,
passing the other by without even a second glance,
and you never look back.

Why wont you change this, and make an effort to be closer?
why do you just walk on by, when you see the other in pain?
or stop to say, " I love you! ".

Your skies are two different shades of blue,
your both standing in the rain, it's not who did waht,
but rather, who will admit, " It was I ".

Are you not tired of fighting, tired of clashing?
do you not feel as if your going to break in two?
can you not see that your world is a better place together?

It seems that neither of you try,
you just drive that wedge a little deeper,
don't stand against each other, but for one another.

I never hear you say " I love You " as often as you should,
I watch you spend less and less time together as a family,
don't forsake such a treasure.

Don't make a stand and turn away before due time,
point things out in love, instead of watching them fall apart,
your hearts  should quake and tears threaten, don't lose it.

Instead of making the same mistake twice,
make an effort to make none at all,
you shouldn't doubt one anothers love.

Desire that the other knows your love is true,
just like you do, keep them in your heart,
and forget not what you are together.

Why must you break apart, and follow after your own hearts,
when your hearts are decietful above all things,
your hearts can live on forever in Christ Jesus; alone.

(c) April 9, 2008
Rosemarie Schrock

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A touch of love,
a drop of mercy,
a breath of life,
a measure of hope,
Whipped together in grace.

Unsearchable riches of Christ,
manifold wisdom of God,
confidence by faith,
strengthened  with might,
bound together in His eternal purpose.

O the fulness...
Tis' a recipe man can't fathom!

(C) February 14, 2008
Rosemarie Schrock

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Time for Tea

Tea time on Tuesday
Consumed in a chic cafe
in crimson colored cups
Tasty tradition for Townspeople

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A Helping Hand Was Well Outstretched

A struggling friend called me for help,
his world upside down, sinking fast.
I heard him speak of anger and lust
but always beneath was an empty heart.
Then the call ended and I was alone.

Though the advice seemed to calm,
I never talked to this man again
but another might come in need.
I've no sorrow for not knowing his fate
or if something else should've been said.

A helping hand was well outstretched 
and out of love my heart was filled.

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You and Me

Let's fight for oneness
Let's fight for uniqueness
Let's fight for otherness
Let's fight for togetherness
Let's fight for all 
At the same time
Let's fight for all
All the time.

Let's the I in Me
Let's the You in You
Be at the very heart
Be the very heart
Of the We in Us.

Let's them meet
Let'sthem mate
Let's them be
The very one
They are meant to be.

Let's love
Be the main road
Let's love
Be the only road
To our life's main purpose.

Let's fight for love
Let's die for love
Let's love 
Be the smoothest road
Let's love 
Be the only road
Between You and Me.

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No Room Left On the Plate

When we are born we come to the buffet
We are all created equal and treated the same with only three sections on our tray
Love, humanity and compassion
But there at the buffet we are offered greed, lust violence and the latest fashions
You have to give up space when you choose to hate
You cannot have it all when there is no more room on the plate
We begin to grow and understand
Have prejudices for one thing or another, learn to despise your fellow man
Go after things you don't need, but desire
Most of them are in rooms of fire
The poor go on starving, homeless and feeling like no one cares
The rich tell them you are not good enough to breathe the same air
The Governments thrive on greed
They go for thirds on their plates and continue to feed
Low income have little but care very much
The wealthy have everything but care very little, they feel nothing, so they never 
reach out to touch
To change your ways is never too late
Unless you are one who has no room left on the plate

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                                                Friends Faithful Few

                                          Awesome Associates Assist

                                                   Great Gift Givers

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Friends are forever
Reaching to you wherever
Imaging a great future 
Endorsing every minute they have with you
Night and day they keep you company
Devoting their time to be with you
Saying hello to the new and to the old

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                                             I talk to him all the time,
His only words are "Hi,"
His heart is already taken,
My crush for him has not gone by.

The sight I see is broken,
The love I share is lost,
A shattered mirror in my eyes,
Never saying anything is my cost.

If I ever mentioned the word,
A word much more to say,
So hard to reveal or share,
Is fading with each day.

I'm scared I'd mess it up,
That I'd say something wrong,
To let him know how I truly feel,
No one can explain in song.

Never been kissed before, 
Im saving it for "the one,"
There is always a first for everything,
I know it can never be done.

Lust is such a word,
To be used in much of the wrong way,
If I am committed to this,
I shall never do this today.

How tragic my life will be,
For I think I've suffered enough,
I'm sure much worse has happened,
Love, a broken path, so rough.

Touching skin on skin, 
His lips as pure as rain,
My heart left alone, unnoticed,
As another day passes again.

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Watching over me in the shadows

No matter how far you are,
No matter how much I miss you.
You still watch over me,
In the shadows.
You have always been there for me,
Even when you moved away.
We have been through a lot together,
Never left my side or gave up on me. 

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shes trying to make it easy

listen stop and think take a deep breath
think now dont imagine dont pretend
pay attention here this might be the end

you say you want one
your stuck with three
one runs away
but you cant let her be

we sit and we talk
reminisce about the good times
wow how does time fly by
I remember all the times we spent laughing for hours
but was it all worth it in the end when it devours

Im trying to make this easy 
Im trying to let you understand

I cant make it any simpler 
for you were like my second hand
you held me up 
you put me down
but did that ever stop me from coming back around
I need to feel the touch 
the touch of someone I love so much

but only for I know this is true
I know this wont get through to you
after years and years of drying my tears
I cant just let you go

ive tried so hard
ive changed my ways
you compliment me all of the time

but what about the other person
I’m still inside
she’s got me locked in
she put me away for showing you my sin

I am not troubled 
I have my ways
but this changed girl has had way better days
she wants to tell you all these things
for if she were out she would
she wants you to know that she cant let you go
and that the feelings she has she just keeps below

she has a mission
and the mission is you
but she cant seem to get that through

she knows what to do
she knows where to go
she just has to dig deep below
she needs your help
reach in and take
dont be shy to make a mistake
she wont spill out her thoughts
she wont tell you all her rough spots

but shes trying to tell you 
shes working hard on what shes got

and shes thought she got through
but she must have hit everyone else in the heart
except you

now shes trying to make this easy
shes trying not to make this hurt
but she cant just get up and give you all her dirt

Im going to leave now and let her come out
dont be worried and defiantly dont shout
she needs you
she needs your help
the support isnt always there

the other me was better
the emotions ran high
but the other me grabbed you 
and she never said good bye

Im not going to tell you
your going to have to guess 
but I just wanted you to know
that Im going to take a rest

now dont get hostile dont freak out
Im pretty sure you know what this one is about

now I tried making this easy
I tried not to make it hard
but Ive done all I can do right now
and someday I will explain how

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So Called Friends

I pour my soul to you.
You tell me it's not true.
I confess my horrible faults.
Yet you say that I'm all talk.
You claim that you have my back.
Yet when I turn your gone just like that.
Oh now you want to be my friend.
When things were going wrong where were you then.

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Annound Fortress

for an anound fortress I burn with words that acrill
around the trees in the seas above the sky below the eye
from the song to the speaking rythum
in wintery sky under the savering sighs
for an anound fortress I burn with words that acrill
with windiling given lies that seek there silnte cries
distant memory calling it's grimus reverbed prototcall
workful manic deppression awkened in my center
near from the sound far from the passion 
for an anound fortress I burn with words that acrill
forsaken in the deepest plennor
 quite from the storm falling for a brutal action
remebered for the one choosen forgotten for the places sholven
placed out of faith marked from the waking face
walking through pasts disertion proud of minds adovlen
seeking felt impression destorying my senitive interspace
for an anound fortress i burn with words of acrill
set in fate of mercy feel no pain atureee
a watchful eye aproches my welten deeds
slipping from fortold longer i lash intreee
wellspoken whith the last of almighty scrifting heeds
for an anound fortress i burn with words of  acrill 
formitalbly calling, unheard will, of an undying spirit
 shackled for theift of my innocents lying teerit

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 Remember where we are now and take it all in and start to begin to remember where we 
are now. Remember where we were then with late nights and new friends before life even 
begins. So remember moments like this when your whole life freezesn at that first kiss. So 
remember where we are now and remember where we were then because you cant rewind 
life all over again.