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Alliteration Autumn Poems | Alliteration Poems About Autumn

These Alliteration Autumn poems are examples of Alliteration poems about Autumn. These are the best examples of Alliteration Autumn poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Autumn Air

Summer sings silent songs
Autumn air arrives Aloud! 
Careless, clumsy, cool, crisp
Lingers like a lullaby

Danielle DuVerney
Up in the Autumn Air

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6 years old

puddle SMASHING 
puddle DASHING

NOT even close


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Seasons of Change

Swift stirring spring
Brilliant blooming buds
Soaring soothing sun
Fiercely falling floods

Soft soothing summer
Warm wandering waves
Sunny salty seaside
Careless conscious craves 

Alluring active autumn 
Lovely looking leaves
Dimmer days develop
Gangly grass grieves

Whirling winter wind
Bitter bulky breath
Softly sailing snowflakes
Daintily dwindling death

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Apple Temptation

An ardent aroma of APPLES!!
Abundant in the autumn air.....and agile, available, Adam
watches as one wayward woman, woos with winking, ....wearing wild wantonness wafting the winds with wonderful words...wanting words..,
Wearing him down, whining, waiting with her wily ways
Winning her wishes
Waving her wand of wickedness
Holding in her hand, held high, how hard it is to help himself!!
An APPLE....ample, aromatic, auburn awesomeness,...all  ardor in attaining!!

Asking Adam...with her anatomy in all abandonment
Temptation, trivial teasing....."Take it....try it!"....
Teasing, taunting, tangling him in her talons.....
Telling him "Treat thy tongue to the tantalizing taste!"
"Truly titillating!  Taste it, taste it, taste it!!....and she triumphed into tricking him
An APPLE......(actually,  an asp!)......appealed apparently...and Adam abdicated all argument

Ending ..... as evil entered Eden.   THE END


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Outer Inner Self

Internal, Infernal, Inside
Battle, Between, Both
Electric, Energy, Erupts

Discharge, Dually,  Disrupts,
Negative, Nature's, Nourishes
Attracting, Adapting, Affecting

Positive, Point's, Placed
Righteous, Reasoning, Races
World, Wide, Win

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A worrying Flower's Wisdom

Whether I will wither in the warmth
Or wilt with the weather,
I worry wildly!

For I'd rather,
    Weep with wounds when wrapped into a wreath
     Get wrenched (plucked) away worthlessly!

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Flying Flowers

Flying Floating
By Breeze Breezing
Fall, Following the Flow
Of the wind So Slow
In the Autumn Authentic
To Grow, Gain charm
Again to Attract Achievers
Of Love, Life very Lively
Goes To The hands soft
By one Brave Beloved
Or to the God Great
For which it has no regret

                                        vrushani thaker

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Suddeny it was all new
A new solitude
A new silence
A new emptiness
As if from a nightmare, I jerk awake
Where are all those I'd cared to call my friends?
Where's the meanin I'd cared to find in life?
What's come of those dreams, those endless dreams, that used to mar my very sleep?
New realms swim beckonin before my eyes

A light stroll , I decided, will take off the strangeness a li'l
Through the vast expanse, somethin suddenly began to emerge familiar
(Maybe this verve was mine, beyond reckonin,
Maybe silence n solitude were playmates i had forsaken?)

N yes, up above n shinin, was the moon..
So far away. 
N yet,
 never cross enough to despise me for more than a night.
It was autumn come a-calling..
The august autumn of another anonymous soul
And as i walked along, so did she
In step
One with me.
N silence found a new meaning,
in the newfound infatuation between us.
My love wasn wasted.
Not any more.

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Autumn Abloom

Autumn's affect appears altruistically. 
Almost always alluring affection.
Attracting adorations admiration.
Aloof attitudes adjust amidst autumn abloom.

© January 2, 2012
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen