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Acrostic Winter Poems | Acrostic Poems About Winter

These Acrostic Winter poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Winter. These are the best examples of Acrostic Winter poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Winds whisper secrets with icy lips Icicles hang like fingers from skeletal trees New blanket of snow sparkling like tiny diamonds Tiny snowflakes fall like confetti from heaven Everywhere the eye can see painted a brilliant white Romantic roaring fire removes the icy chill 09~29~14 Contest Simply Beautiful Kelly Deschler ~awarded 5th place~

Copyright © JAN ALLISON

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Winter at times became a paradise lost-and-found  
I recall huddling over a static, crackling old radio
News announcement: School canceled tomorrow!.....
The yard oh my the yard, buried in a blanket of quiet 
Even the fence posts wear tilted, funny white hats
Rabbit and sparrow tracks in the snow...


Copyright © Tim Ryerson

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                                     Timelessly falling leaves of every
                                     Hue , float on a breeze of cooling
                                     Exhaled wintry breath….

                      In time with , the seasons change ,  dry petals
                      Nourish the forests floor     decaying 
                      Seeping into,  and embracing , becoming
                      The thermal  blanket of autumn`s  end...
                      Ice cooled whispers   are  promised 
                      Nights long ,  the beginning of winters 
                      Tiny ice drops snow forming    fall
                      Sprinkle like icing powder from a sieve

                                                     Over black fingered tree silhouettes 
                                                     Fauna and flora await virginal bonnets of 

 Innocence, beautifully  adorned a matching  white shawl
 No foot prints to taint this perfect canvass
 No paths blindly trodden , just a purity and an 
 Obedience to the natural order of white 
 Crisply, meringue surfaces unblemished crackle 
 Early snowdrops and bluebells now sleep
 New shoots unveil themselves , everhardy   to become 
 Custodians of the ever  floral tapestry  spreading , revealing
 Every growth an instinct of natures innocence

IAG 17/08/15

Copyright © Ian Guyler

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Winter Acrostic

Wind and frost have come to bite our noses while 
Images of glistening snow sparkle in the moonlight.
Nights in this valley have brought us a taste of heaven,
Tranquil scenes we see while taking our evening stroll.
Everyone in their houses getting ready for evening in silence,
Reaching home we cuddle drinking cocoa by the fireplace enjoying winter.

Judy Konos: The Lazy Contest 

Copyright © Brenda Meier-Hans

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Maples Crying

Many are the Maples that encircle my home, my nest, my dwelling abode
And in the dark of night they tap on my frosty windows, crying
Past their deathly stance, a wintry scene 
Looking through their tangled limbs snow is falling, endlessly
Everything in my world is icy white, sky and earth mingling
Soon, I whisper to them, you will be wearing your emerald gowns

Creaking and groaning they mumble in their frozen rest
Reaching out gnarled fingers to me
Yes, my dears, soon, so soon you will stand in resplendence
Ice and snow will be replaced with fringes of delicate, filigree green
Now rest, now sleep Maples sweet
Gather your memories of Spring, Summer and Fall close and dream

Acrostic Personification

February 3, 2012

Copyright © Broken Wings

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Wreaths of  flurries glitter in bridal white
Igniting lovers with diamond sprays…
Newly chilled faces tickle with delight
To preview a dance of snowy ballet
Enlivening the stage of cuddled night...
Radiantly laced by moon-kissed displays!

Charlotte Pudifoot's Seasonal Acrostics

Copyright © nette onclaud

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Winter Wonderland Acrostic

White is the landscape as far as I can see.
Ice is the brook that is in close proximity.
Nights are much longer than the days.
Toward the south is the bird that no longer stays.
Everyone is aware of the time of the season.
Roosting is indoors, and the cold is the reason.

Winter is here, whether you like it or not.
On it being cold until March, bet everything you’ve got.
Not much going on outside until the warmth arrives.
Dwelling near the heater is how we will live our lives.
Even the animals know better than to go out in the cold.
Running outside?  You have to be very bold.
Lazy me.  I will spend much of my time in bed.
All the cabin fever can easily mess up my head.
Nothing to do?  Honey, I say we have it made.
Dear, get closer to me.  I’m in the mood to get laid.

For Francine's Holiday Acrostic Challenge

Copyright © Robert Pettit

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West wind whispers round the eves
Inside the fire flames with a flamboyant response
Nowhere to go, nothing that has to be done
Time to reflect on life and to rebuild strength
Enjoying nature as she wears a white gown
Relaxed and patiently waiting for the first green bud


Copyright © Barbara Gorelick

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Window panes cheerily frosted
Insiders huddle to stay warm
Nights start early and end late
Tea blends are honeyed to taste
Early diggers shovel after each storm
Rambunctious boys want to skate


Copyright © Mark J. Halliday

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Whispering snow falls gently from bare tangled branches, and
Icicles dangle like shining chandeliers from roofs
Nothing exists beyond this frozen landscape . . .
Tentative, halting my footsteps in the frigid white, where
Everything in this petrified realm sparkles, and 
Reality fades while I lose myself in this winter walk

October 3, 2014


For the contest, Seasonal Acrostic, Sponsor Charlotte Puddifoot

Third Place

Copyright © Broken Wings

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Whispering color--whites, grays, icy blues, and browns,
Ice-intoxicated, Winter gyrates upon a crystal floor,
Naked, boldly iridescent in a freezing wrap of snow;
Temperance abandoned, the calming virtue her character avoids,
Eventually her dazzle will be forced latitudes away
Retreating the waxing sun's revitalizing rays.

September 29, 2014

Copyright © Faye Gibson

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January is heralded with many a cheer
Announcing the beginning of the New Year
Numbing the memories of the old, as it disappears
Uncaring the bitter cold envelopes like a prickly drape
Absolute in its intent to send the frosty chills down your nape
Relentlessly revealing winter’s wondrous delights, as we
Yearn for yesterday’s warm summery nights

Copyright © Carmen Penchi aka Sunshine

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Old Jack Frost

I never saw him in November
Now he’s here with a vengeance in December
Scattering his white cloak all around
On trees, bushes and all along the ground 

Only spider’s webs could look so good
Like a string vest stretched across the wood
Dreaded wind so cold upon my face
Just see my breath escape to the cold space
Across the branches his icy fingers spread 
Catching every twig in white laden like lead
Kicking winter harshly into view
For each and every one including you
Reaching temperatures that are so low
Obviously to keep warm walk fast no slow
So he is here and slips and falls
Trouble people big and small

I'll be thankful when he’s gone
I know I won’t be the only one
So old jack frost will leave us soon
Spring will come and be a boon

Copyright © Owen Yeates

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Spring, Summer, Autumn Winter

Spring Summer Autumn Winter              Acrostic Poetry.

Seeking political office is getting hard,
Party politics needs more vigor in this regard:
Republicans must try more to deliver their views
In order to organize the people, without any excuse;
Nowadays, Democrats are getting stronger, after
Gaining control of the White House and the Senate altogether.

Some people think, and it's a true fact, that
Unless Republicans try to review their policy tact,
Many of their seats will be lost in congress,
Mainly some seats in the Senate, also some of the seats they control
Especially in the House: they will have to review and
Revise their conservative norms, regarding Immigration Reforms.

America needs a strong leader
Under the present day economic conditions
To lower the country's debt of over 14 trillions dollars:
Until and unless we try to cut down spending and
Most of us try to reduce excessive wastes,
No amount of effort will save the country from disaster.

We the people think that
In this country it was
Never the right thing,
To increase excessive spending,
Even if we could afford to spend it.
Responsibility lies in all of us to reduce the nation's debt. 

Copyright © Mya Thein

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A Winter Sport--double acrostic--

Amidst the cold climate we enjoyed sled riding.
We also had so much fun building an igloo.
I felt alive in those days, hardly any woes.
Now you may say that this is no sport at all.
Take heed that even the Olympics have these.
Every winter so many do this thing that I bid,
Racing, swaying, these and more we did savor.
Sled riding is easier, though many enjoy to ski.
Pleasant fresh aromas of winter always spread.
Outward and inward like a bitter cold safari.
Riding upon a sled by setting or lying down,
Takes control of our lives in childlike blessing.

My first double acrostic,,,inspired by a contest,,,first letter of each sentence spells out title and the last letter in each sentence spells out the subject..

Copyright © cecil hickman

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Winter is here

Wild and wet,
Icy winds blow,
Now thunder rolls,
The lightning flashes,
Electric arcs from sky to ground,
Rain pouring down all around

In sheets it comes
Soaking everything it touches.

Home, this is the place to be,
Enjoying it's comfort and safety,
Round the glowing fire we sit together
Enfolded in it's warmth, forgetting the weather.

©  Dave Timperley February 2015

Copyright © Dave Timperley

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Witch of Winter

Judging our tensile strength

As she furiously reams 

Nibbling away at our armor

Undeterred by wishes or dreams

Alternately pushing and pulling

Rending our world with her blast

Yanking us apart at the seams   

Copyright © Cona Adams

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Winter Storm raging on 
Icicles sparkling in the sunlight
Nip of whiskey to stay warm
Tightly bundled is the norm 
Every mile in winter is like two
Roads slushy, drivers with no clue

Short days and dark chilly nights
The valley is covered with snow
Overcast skies, flurries again tonight
Rivers frozen, bitter cold
More snow is on its way

Copyright © Carmen Penchi aka Sunshine

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Winter, devastation after the fall,
Imposition of Arctic Law
Naked landscapes, souls bared,
Trembling in terrored torture
Enshackled in ice crystal chains.
Remorseless warmth awaiting rescue.

For Charlotte Puddifoot
Seasonal Acrostic Poetry Contest

Copyright © John lawless

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When winter comes ,demand for warmth is more due to falling
Ice which makes the  environment cozy and white .
Not only water surfaces are frozen ;birds and others migrating,
Temperature keeps falling as chimneys and heaters reduce this plight,
Extreme one leads to snow traps ,though snow play is fun.
Rate of taking alcohol is high, and thick clothing are worn. 


Copyright © olusegun Arowolo

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W inds whip  lassos of snow encumbered razor rodeo ropes

I ce glare blinding beauty stealing sane men’s secret hopes

N ever mind the sun has wandered down a lonesome trail

T ethered now to mountains so the twilight sky looks frail

E dgy nights attack lone hearts with blue brained Northern Lights

R iling men to suicide on endless time dead nights

V Anderson-Throop  Jan 2015
Valdez, Alaska

Copyright © Victoria Anderson-Throop

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Winters frosty snowflakes fall
Ice runs through your desire
Never ending nippy nights
Tender moments by the fire
Evergreens flapping in the winds
Rivers frozen, slightly dire

Silent days and Shimmering nights
Overcast evenings so inviting
Loves flame slowly lighting
Sparkling, shivering so exciting
Tinsel dancing in the air
Icicles shining with such flair
Cold breezes blowing through 
Every nook and part of you.

Copyright © Carmen Penchi aka Sunshine

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Winter Wonderland

Walk across the frozen fields
Inhale the frosty air
Nap before a blazing fire
The tall tales that we share
Etching angels in the snow
Reward the inner child

Wage a friendly snowball fight
Obsess, let joy run wild
Nutmeg eggnog with cinnamon
Deep snowbanks edge the lane
Everything is fresh and new
Replacing autumns wane
Lakes attract the skaters
And to hills the skiers go, I'm
Never more alive then when I'm
Dancing in the snow

Copyright © Bob Quigley

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Melting snows begin to fade
   As a newborn season arrives,
      Refreshing our lives grown dull.
         Cradled in green budding leaves,
            Hushed by the winds of spring.

Written on August 10th, 2015

My birthday is March 4th, 1983

Copyright © Kelly Deschler

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Winter Rhapsody

Winter though harsh and frigid holds a certain beauty
Ice frozen fingers grasp hold of my soul
Nothing is more exquisite than pristine snow falling
Today graceful, fragile snowflakes are drifting
Everything is white, fresh, pure and flawless
Rivers are ice covered, dense and firm 

Rhapsody is the song of the winter birds
Hopping on bare branches to sing
All is still and surreal in my snowy world
Perhaps, I will go for a walk . . . 
Something is calling deeply to my very soul
Outside is God's perfection it says
Deep under the snow life is waiting to renew
Yet, this frozen world holds a certain beauty for me


December 14, 2012

Copyright © Broken Wings

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Winter Wonderland

When out on the lawn green grass grew everywhere,
I knew in a moment that no snowman was there.
No child in the town would see a white Christmas.
The ice in the rink arrived man-made and fogless.
Excited boisterous children laughed and slip-slid around.
Rip-roarious the winter wonders in a warm southern town.
What fantastic fantasies fill malls in Florida winters? 
Opulent brilliance, colorful lights bedecked and blinkers. 
Noble elves work inside at each new on site workshop.
Delightfully watching children gleam with eyes all lit up.
Exceptional imaginations and a warm winter show.
Reality slips into fantasy as cherry faces start to glow.
Love in the air mingles with scents of bayberry.
Adults all around adorning, become merry.
Not one child misses winter in their Florida town.
Dependably on time, Santa always comes around.

© December 24, 2011

Copyright © Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

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Falling snowflakes like delicate lace, and
Every tree is draped in pure white
Beyond my window pane . . .
Relentlessly drop these gifts from God
Utterly beautiful this time of year . . .
And the wind wails like violins, with the
Rhapsody of chirping birds
Yellow, in a snow covered tree

August 8, 2015


My birthday - February 1

For the contest,  Birthday Month Acrostic
Sponsor, Charlotte Puddifoot 

Third Place

Copyright © Broken Wings

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Winter Lovers
Intense stares
Nights filled with
Tender touches
Emotions rise as
Romantic kisses and
Loving, passionate arms
Overtakes all your senses
Valentine’s Day celebrated
Every February so you
Remember the love you
Share with your Winter Lover

Copyright © Carmen Penchi aka Sunshine

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Wind rushes past my ears
Inside my coat it fills
Nothing short but unhappiness
Terrain and all it kills
Enigmatic is this season
Relinquishing its reason

Indoors is where I will stay
So long sunshine in my day

Hearth is my dear friend 
Efficaciously closing me in
Rallying its victims
Ending all that's been

Copyright © Lauren Smith

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Winter Blues

White snow progressively tinting blue
Ice resembling Bricks to built an Igloo
Nippy and harsh and yet a holding glue
Tinting and chilling to its distinct hue
Eternal chill forming deep packed Ice
Resembling the Blue Tinted Alps

Blinding with ceaseless fervor
Leaving the excursionist in a quake
Unclenching its Adamant Terror
Eagle with its forceful glare
Stiff,snowy stubborn meringue 

Copyright © Euginia Liapich