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Acrostic Sonnet Poems | Acrostic Poems About Sonnet

These Acrostic Sonnet poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Sonnet. These are the best examples of Acrostic Sonnet poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Sonnet 7: Garbage bin poem

Good people will place me where I serve best
And charge me with a most noble duty
Regardless of the weather I won’t rest
Bearing the task of preserving beauty
And though some may sneer and say I’m smelly
Greater peace of mind breathes where I am seen
Everyone needs me to keep their home clean

But if I should not be found standing there
In the place I was left, alone and bare, 
Not many would notice or even care

Public places are cleaner when I’m there
Offices, beaches, streets, shops and kitchens
Everywhere people live I should be found
My hope is that people want me around.

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DISAPPOINTMENT acrostic English sonnet

Destiny made a way out of my reach,
Instead of welcoming with open arms
Spread wide. To each his own! On my own, each
And every day, I did life no harm.
Priorities, other than me, came first,
Prior to closing my eyes and dreaming
Of better days. But, bad days made the worst
Inceptions; Days and nights double teaming.
Nothing prepared me for what I would get,
Though I really should have seen it coming.
Most of the time, both my eyes were too wet,
Evidence that God did not do something.
Next time, I will choose to abandon hope,
Trying to get by, while trying to cope.

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THE SOUNDGARDEN: Blow Up The Outside World acrostic-Italian sonnet

Though I have fallen to the end,
Hell on earth can not break, nor kill,
Even the weak part of my will,
Since my will will not break nor bend.
Others tried to act like my friends,
Until asked to pick up the bill,
Not willing, nor able, to fill
Desired roles that help and mend.
Giving everything I gave,
Allowed you to take what I own.
Roads to the underworld were paved,
Destroying the hope that was shown.
Eternity will not have slaves;
Not until the outside is blown.

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MISS TINKER BEL acrostic italian sonnet

Magically magical eyes,
Instigating skipped heart beats, while
Showcasing her own unique style,
Sparkle like the stars in the skies.
Truly, her beauty helps her rise
Instantly, carried by a smile,
Noticed from the furthest of miles,
Kept up on the highest of highs.
Exhuberant minds, hearts, and souls
Rise to the occassion, on wings
Built for angels with earthly goals.
Enchanting moments often bring
Levels of learned poetic roles,
Like the one that made my pen sing.

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Quinn, framed by the most proper name
Uttering her essence in pen,
Indispensably, provides men
Necessary musings for fame.
To remain ahead of the game,
Essential credentials must win
Substantially. Since she has been
Significant, Poets take aim.
Excellent expressions describe
Notable features of my muse,
That are what the doctor prescribed.
Ideal in all the ways her views
Allow her to be, as we vibe
Like the poetically fused.

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THE RACHEL QUINN acrostic-Italian sonnet 11-8-2012

Taken to awaken favored
Havens, where images are stored,
Expressions, one can not ignore,
Render visions that are savored.
Aesthetic art provides flavor,
Catering to a hungry core,
Hungry eyes, hungering for more
Extracts that can not be wavered.
Literary images show
Quintessential beauty in ink;
Uncompromised poetic flow.
Imaginations are in sync,
Now that she glows from head to toe,
Named as the one, of which I think.

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THE RACHEL QUINN 11-14-2012 acrostic-ITALIAN sonnet

Transcend words! You recommend words
Heard only by listening hearts,
Expressing blessings from the start,
Regarded with the favor spurred.
Admiration, already stirred,
Contemplates how to play his part
Honorably. His words are art's
Experiments; Seen, but not heard.
Loosen confusions in your tongue!
Quote your mind, so his ears can hear
Unique descriptions that are sung.
Indicate that his words are dear,
Not mere, with the breath in your lungs,
Nurturing his hope with good cheer.

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THE RACHEL QUINN acrostic-Italian sonnet 11-7-2012

Tinker Bell dwells well in my mind,
Helping me find the words to use,
Endearing enough to help choose
Radiant qualities that blind.
Alluring my mind from behind,
Charm is in the arms of my muse,
Handing me lines I can not lose,
Engaging enough to be kind.
Lyrical miracles flow free,
Qualified to be the unique,
Uncommon qualities we see.
Incredible enough to speak
Notably of? Enough for me!
Noticeable enough to seek!

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ASHLEY WILLIAMS english sonnet

Ashley William has become my new muse,
Since she has inspired me with her charm,
Her beauty, and her wit, which help me use
Lustfull images that could do no harm.
Eventually, I will warm her heart,
Yearning for her to approve my advance
With one of her own, thus playing her part,
In a game we are playing at a glance.
Let us dance this dance, until we are weak,
Leaving all that energy on the floor,
Instead of saving it for those who seek
Attention, with unworthy words that bore.
My new muse has earned nothing but the best,
Since she touched the heart beating in my chest.

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Angels wish that they had her smile,
So they could inspire the words
Heard coming from the heart that spurred
Lovely forms of poetic style.
Each angel would stay for a while,
Yielding their heavens to the birds,
Waiting for a chance to be stirred
Instantly, with poetic files.
Left to right her smile moved this pen;
Left to right her smile wrote these rhymes,
Inciting both angels and men.
Angels, until the end of time,
Must remain content with their grins,
Since stealing hers would be a crime.

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THE RACHEL QUINN acrostic sonnet

The inspiration, for this ode of ink,
Had on a skirt colored blue, green, and pink.
Energetic, with an engaging smile,
Rachel impressed me with her unique style.
Aesthetically sexy from head to toe,
Covered in black with a natural glow,
How could one not write Rachel such an ode,
Examined by walking poetic roads.
Lovely legs, like hers, walk along such lines
Quite well, for fishnet thighs that look quite fine.
Under such circumstances, odes should come
In the form of praise, that should come in sums.
Now, this ode, full of some obvious clues,
Names the inspiration of my new muse.

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UNAPPRECIATING 11-20-2012 acrostic-ENGLISH Sonnet

Unwilling to trade her time for my rhymes?
Needless to say, this is never the way
Any Poet earns a flirtaceous dime,
Paid whenever efforts are made each day.
Perhaps this task could be too much to ask
Right now. How much time does it take to make
Efforts? Escort sadness behind my mask,
Creating a debating heart that breaks.
Insensitive or misunderstood acts
Always cause questions to be asked of each,
Teaching us to, first, straighten out the facts,
Instead of letting truth get out of reach.
Not showing the things that need to be shown,
Gets in the way of things that should be known.

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Sing weeping heart of woe
Of something too precious
Never found that sonnet
Numbed this memory
Ensued much sadness
Towards twilight of loss

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THE TERRI GROOMS acrostic-Italian Sonnet

Tribute the cute with words that rhyme
Harmoniously, hoping she
Enjoys them with the kind of glee
That can be summoned any time.
Entertain her with words that climb
Right out of the mind, flowing free
Readily, so that she can see
Images of herself sublime.
Grooming Miss Grooms is a pleasure,
Reserved for the ink in my pen.
Once she has been weighed and measured,
Odes will be written with a grin.
Motivation will be treasured,
Since beauty motivates men!