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Acrostic Loss Poems | Acrostic Poems About Loss

These Acrostic Loss poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Loss. These are the best examples of Acrostic Loss poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Never Look Back

Captivated by the rising tide, alone she stood

On a solemn piece of rock. The darkness

Lingered over; correcting her daylight.

Death in its inevitability took the form of ocean.

Amidst the fleeting light, an absence and 

Neglect writhed behind her eyes,

Draining her malevolence, turning it to fear.

A tapestry of thought weaved onto her shoulder,

Lethargy strained through her. Never fighting the

Overpowering desire to sleep. One foot first,

Never look back, for the

End, is here.

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Leave You My Tears

Love is always close, but sometimes hard to find.
Endless the battle between the heart and the mind.
A bitter pill to swallow when love does the leaving.
Voicing desires, piecing together the hope of believing.
Embrace the act of love, it is the moon in the evening.

Youth will fall to the age of decay and death.
Our hearts can not survive, what will be left?
Understanding, it will all end, I will seize to exist.

My time dies away with each passing moment.
You capture every hour, the seconds well spent.

This is love, I feel it surrounding me, don't cry.
Existance is only here for a short time, I will die.
And you will survive to love again, please do.
Remember the times between me and you.
Sun rises and sun sets, love rises becoming new.

I will leave you my tears. Spread my ashes upon the Earth. Life has come full circle. Time for growth and rebirth. I will leave you my tears, Don't you cry for me. My vessel has sailed away, Know that my spirit is now free.
Leave You My Tears For Contest: The Poet II Sponsor: Gautami Phookan Poet: Casarah Nance Date: September 04-2014

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Burn The Sky - Micaela Alseth & Conor Jordan

Inspiration for Hatred Bleeds From Her Discourse, 

Rewriting What She Once knew - Tenacious Factuality -

Revelation of Consciousness Leaves Her Domain Bare.

Even as Her Fingers Silk Through The Light, She Recieves no Solace;

Voicing The Silent Echoes That Cascade Within Her.

Often, now, Her mind Breathes only condemnation - A Twisted Mockery -

Captivated By The Depravity of Her Own lucid Creation

Ability to align-star-crossed, Unfortunate Function Does Not Constitute Existence. 

Beneath Perpetual Masochism Dawns The Remnants of Her Hope,

Liar, You Never Knew what Lurked behind Your own Putrid Assumptions.

Erase This Memory By All Means, Watch The letters Burn into The Sky.

                         - Watch Her Burn into The Sky -

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I s a child to be heard?
N o one answers, as usual. The silence is slowly killing me.
S orrow, misunderstanding and these mourning memories,
I s this the way it is supposed to be? Since that fateful day, I have been a 
G irl, lost in a whirl of tragic past, calamitous present and the fear of having no future,
N ever have I known what "family", "friends" or "fiends" mean, for
I have never made or heard of any.
F or I am thirteen, just as inconsequential as a dwarf planet, amongst boundless galaxies.
I live in misery, why won't anyone listen to me? I may be young, but I
C an converse, listen and see, and I
A m as normal as you are. So why
N ot give me a chance to prove myself?
C an you ever give me a listening
E ar? Is a child to be heard?

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Mountains crumble no more to be 
Oceans of woe since you left me 
Thunder rolls and my heart it breaks 
Humbly life ends, my soul it quakes 
Everlasting grief with no mend  
Reminds me daily, it will not bend

Inconceivable, this pain I bear

My love's not gone, together we'll share 
In lasting glory at Jesus' feet 
Serenity and grace, oh how sweet 
Salvation unites on heaven's shore

Yesterday's gone, tomorrow brings more 
Only a moment in time we wait 
Until we meet at heaven's gate

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                                        Why do some get Cancer, 
                                        When we know this has no answer; 
                                        So this sickness isn't really Cancer; 
                                        Because we can not really find out the answer. 
                                         So here I will answer, 
                                         For everyone who suffers from Cancer.

                                          C              Can not find the Answer
                                          A               Anger, for not finding Answer
                                          N               No just cause for this Answer
                                          C               Caring in finding the Answer
                                          E                Everyone thinks they have the Answer
                                          R               Rest in peace, Sorry had no Answer

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I Will Wait For You

I will wait for you as long as it takes,
I will not let you go by making many mistakes,
I will be strong while i hold on tight,
Even if you don't care to say goodnight,
I will always want a part of you in my heart,
Even though i am already being torn apart,
I will smile and not act like nothing wrong,
I will always want you,
 It's already been this long,
So if i am alone for the rest of my life,
I was waiting for you to come and let me be your wife,
I know that you will never feel the same way
I am just letting you know even how much you hate me,
 I will always Stay.

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Welcome Home

W eeping fills the hangar as his casket is brought out,
E mbraced by Old Glory's colors, a fitting soldier's shroud.
L oved one's hearts are shattered, future hopes, dreams are crushed;
C omrades in arms salute him, adding a bittersweet touch.
O verwhelming grief consumes those left behind,
M eaningless words, platitudes spoken to be kind.
E arnest tales of bravery told of him who died.

H eavy with emotion, a nation shares regrets,
O ffering condolences to those who won't forget.
M any a brave soldier has been welcomed home this way.
E nding future ventures, they've come home to stay.

Entered in Susan Burch's Little Viewed Jewels contest.

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Working in The Hospice

To Work In A Hospice Just Be There and Care.

Bring yourself, It's all that you have and it's real,
Everyone needs to be understood and to feel.

Treat others in the way you want to be,
Hear what's unspoken, listen for the key.
Encourage folk to say what they need,
Remember your limits , try not to exceed.
Every time you give, someone receives.

Allow yourself feelings, You are not perfect,
Never share outside except with the staff elect,
Dying is a lonely journey, let your care be your gift.

Care and love, let yours show,
Anxieties of your own, just let the staff know.
Recall happy memories, folk like that a lot,
Empathy's good but sympathy's not.

A way to remember the rules of engagement in The Hospice.

©  Dave Timperley. October 30th 2014

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                                                     HIND SIGHT

M oment by moment the hours tick by,
I n each one I wonder and ask myself why,
S ince you have left me I feel so alone,
S o utterly empty when I should have known,
I nviting you into my heart wasn#t wise,
N ot when I knew you had other ties,
G one now the laughter of warm Summer days,

Y ou took them all with you, not wanting to stay.
O nly you coulld get under my skin like you did.
U ntil you came along I was just a big kid.

T hen I met you and everything changed,
E xcept for the fact that you were estranged,
R ecently leaving a home and a wife,
R evealing to me you still wanted that life.
I n all that you said and all that you did,
B ut I wanted you so I put in my bid,
L ike a fool I gambled my all and I lost,
Y ou were honest with me and well worth the cost.

                                                                           Judy Ball

Don't ever let yourself get caught up in an affair.
When it's over it's just not worth the pain and embarrassment.
If someone is married they are off limits and if you are married you are not free to sample the other stuff out there.
You could lose everything for a cheap, very temporary thrill.
Let cooler heads prevail and don't let your loins think for you.

This poem was written to convey this message.
It is , however pure fiction so don't feel sorry for me. ;)

For Aye, Aye And A Mistress Contest by Debbie Guzzi

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Final Slumber

Twisting the Misery around his Finger,

He walks to an isolated place.

Embedding his Heels into Sand, Carefully He

Offers himself to the Earth.

Lucid, Nostalgic Perfumes of a 

Deceased Love Permeate his senses.

Meagrely He closes his eyes,

And Remembers.

Night time captures the Sun and

Sinks into Sand. Darkness,

Like Liquid it Slips under the Surface

Engulfing the Labyrinth of Light,

Eating the morning hue, turning it to mist.

Peace is With Him, For Now, He


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Battle Within

She's fighting a silent battle within.
No one notices, no one cares.
She wants it to end, but not knowing how.
The torment is so strong.
In her mind she wants to die. 
No matter how hard she tries.
She cant fight no longer,
Tears will flow but she will know,
it will get better with her gone.

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Event Horizon

Intricacies, delicately and poignantly 

Shroud themselves, taking

Only his sanity and rationality.

Living on the edge of chaos,

And sinking his broken

Teeth into this life... He makes his



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Reflections: Midlife Crisis

P     aranoia permeates, etching itself into your fractured face,
A     cacophony of constant pressure; life remains a stressful race,
N     othing to hope for, no positives like promotion in the workplace,
I      nability to love, relationships lift anchor and set sail without chase,
C     hildren crushing dreams under mortgages; age grows with disgrace

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Mother's Death

M  y mother died when I was fifteen months old
O  h how my heart hurt when I called her so bold
T  o heaven her soul did soar_ leaving her children
H  ere on this earth, with lives now so totally barren
E  each day I wonder why so young she had to go
R  easons I will never know in this life though
S  atan did his work in destroying family

D  evil stirred the father to drink, compulsorily
E  aten away was his heart from the loss; Granny
A  ttended five children's needs, extra for baby
T  o family members word was spread_ youngest given
H  ome by adoptive family; but this for child heaven

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911—Underground Overtime Night Workers (Acrostic)

Nine Eleven—a dark day lives of many workers were stolen away
Individuals worked all night; stayed; without seeing the light of day
Nose to the grindstone below floor level they labored productively
Effectively moving papers, stacks, racks, speedily and so selectively

Encouraged basement overtime; more taxes paid; they worked away
Loyal workers; dedicated to the cause; laziness to them—not a gift!
Earnestly they called home to say, “Honey I am working another shift”
Encouraged by those who stayed; coffee and donuts— no need to pay
Encroachment above they never did see as terror stuck during the day
Night’s darkness envelope the light; underground darkness of the night

© Joseph Spence, Sr., 8/27/09
© All Rights Reserved


Joseph S. Spence, Sr., is the author of "The Awakened One Poetics" (2009), which is 
published in seven different languages. He invented the Epulaeryu poetry form, which 
focuses on succulent cuisines and drinks. He is published in various forums, including the 
World Haiku Association; Poetinis Druskininku, Milwaukee Area College, Phoenix Magazine; 
Möbius Poetry, and Taj Mahal Review to name a few. Joseph is a Goodwill Ambassador for 
the state of Arkansas, USA, a college faculty, and a military veteran.

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Wrinkle - Acrostic

Woven lines patterned like the black widow's silk. 
Resting upon the face and the hands.
Insidious, the crow perches on skin once like milk.
Nestled in laugh lines, the years' stark demands.
Kings and Queens reign, then they, too, grow old.
Looking back at all the scavengers stole.
Each wrinkle a regret, the grave dagger's dole.

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Friendship you offered me freely
Ready always to help and advice
Each comment structured and balanced
Delightful were the words you wrote
Drawing pictures and visions in the mind
Invoking thoughts that inspired
Each phrase and verse chosen well

I read the last poem he wrote before changing his id
to poet aggressor and to me it seemed he knew what
lay ahead. Maybe even welcomed it, I think he had,
had enough for who knows what he was going through
we all wear public faces keep the pain and torment
hidden. Freddie dear Freddie already I miss you so
much I will leave you with his own moving words.

Spoken Words

richness of the heart
the tongue will speak graciously
a bounty of words
spoken tenaciously well
incanting ones included

Mea Culpa

I'm the accuser
blaming myself directly
a sign of my guilt
pointless justification
without any allowance


at the funeral
unsuccessful burying
mourners in plenty
grave devoid of a body
instead thrown in a furnace


courage is with me
just as long I keep breathing
once I die I'm dead
apprehensively of course
don't know where I'm going yet

A few of Freddie's short poems

his websites (blog) 

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The Invisible Man

The end of us breaks open both old and new cracks in my heart.
How come I couldn't see where my blind love would lead us,
Ending it again, you have, before our love could fully grow.

In the many, many years since I first fell in love with you,
Never did I think we'd find our love and then lose it.
Vanishing appears the only option left to me now,
Incredible loneliness once again my friend.
Surely God didn't intend our splitting?
Inside my heart you are big as ever.
But, I am a silly old romantic,
Long ago laden with love,
Ever waiting only for you.

Madness to love you?
About to find out.
Now I fade away.


Am I,



Gone: breathless, cold, deceased, dead, departed, done, fallen, lifeless, lost, obsolete, vanished.

Invisible: concealed, discreet, hidden, inconspicuous, unnoticeable, unseen.

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The Gulf Oil Spill

Gulf oil spilled
Useless big waste
Lives were taken
Foolish mistake

Oil will spew
In such turmoil
Loss no one knew

So much damage
People showed care
Invading land
Like a nightmare
Let’s clean this up!

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Inhaling The Sea

In the fall of ninety one a
November morn had just begun as
Harbor bells rang loud and echoed
All around sad Goucester town.
Lost within a perfect storm as 
Ill winds stirred the teaming sea,
Never to return to shore, instead to
God's eternity.

The Navy Hymn from St. Anne's swept till
Harbor's silent shorelines wept as 
Each tossed flowers to the tide, like

Souls they floated - gently gone,
Each lifted by the hopeful song
And, with last goodbyes, inhaled the sea.

July 4, 2014

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O ut of control
I t shouldn't have happened
L ots of destruction

S hame on BP
P lease stop this disaster
I irrate and upset
L ots is at stake
L oss of God's creations

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Losing Him

Buried secrets…pulled out of dank soil and shoved into the light
Unjustified accusations, exhausting and expensive to fight
Tainted and tattered relationships flutter in and endless wind

Impossible to undo or explain, especially to a young mind, closed within

Wistful memories of easy smiles and open affection
Innocence gone; hatred coaxed by lies and deception
Love too strong and proud to let go, perceived as little more than a show
Lost for words as his disrespect slowly smolders and grows

Lingering awkward anger, followed by confusion and sighs
Each hateful word and hostile look, thrown like daggers from eyes I don’t recognize
Torn between a mother’s hope and helpless frustration

He is resolute; seeing only black and white…allowing no gray in this situation
I have given up explaining, reasoning, and rationale that falls on deaf ears
My heart breaking with each failed attempt; desperately fighting back tears

Gone forever is the boy I knew only months ago
Oblivious to my intent and resolute to his own; my heart tells me to say no,
…But I will let him go

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Twin Towers

T wo buildings once stood tall
W hen one day they would fall.
I n the sky the planes flew
N ot knowing what they'd do.

T oo many people died
O n that day we all cried.
W hat happened no one knew
E xtreme anger just grew.
R emembering the fear
S o keep your families near.

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Another New Year

Again it begins, another round
New in name, same in sound.
Overrated and welcomed with pride
Til tomorrow comes and it's tossed aside.
Happily declared with promises and dreams,
Eve comes and goes without losing steam
Rushing away as time moves on, coldly.

Night turns to day. The date changes, only.
Eventually the hopes and dreams are gone.
Withered and wasted, but dreamers move on.

Yesterday is gone, and so are easy days,
Easygoing life torn up and washed away.
And this new year that's come is just the same.
Really the number is all that has changed.

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Lost Soul Acrostic

Left behind without a friend.
Only to have to face the end.
So lonely here all by myself.
The dust is thick up on the shelf.

Severely damaged, alone and burned.
On a journey where nothing's learned.
Until the dusk swallow's me whole.
Living my life while I lost my soul.

For the acrostic contest.

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Uncertain Times

 " With barely a nod they delivered the news
     ... the store is closing, your job you will lose."

                ~~~        ~~~       ~~~

Unemployment is an imminent threat
Not to be taken lightly.
Changes I'm not looking forward to
Envelop my dreams nightly.
Retirement is not an option.
This uncertainty is daunting.
Age is a factor to employment.
I find my anxiety haunting.
Never did I think this job would end.

Tomorrow is now the unknown.
I'm scared of the future, as never before.
My anxiousness, full blown.
Each day I wonder what will be.
So afraid of what will happen to me.

              ~~~       ~~~       ~~~

 by Francine Roberts 05/09/2011
for Constance's contest 'Write it Deep
and Dramatic, Please'

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A New Years Promise

A new sunrise, a new beginning

Now, is the time to keep the promises
Everything in my life changing
Weakness withers as courage rises

Years, months, days of endless crying
Each glistening tear fades
A queer feeling
Relax, Lord, my weary muscles
Stop the wind and the roaring

Past the safety of lies
Rocking, soothed in storytelling
O, mere scraps, odds and ends of fantasies
Misty, pieces of truth, falling
I, the weaving spider cries
Stop, time to start the living
End the weeping before life fades

Rhyming Acrostic

January 7, 2013

Written for the New Years Acrostic Contest

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Eager to get
Some help
Commonly caused by fear
After facing reality
People try to

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Adamantine State

Pernicious weapons shall not devastate
An unvanquishable nation, an indestructible state
Lust for blood rips thousands’ bodies apart
Each slaughtered by a master of slaying art
Salvaged from inhumanity of humankind
They rise to Heaven for eternal peace of mind
Into the air, their invincible spirits float
“Never give up”, with their blood they wrote
Eternity will witness the victory we await

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S lain 
A nonymously
N eighbors
D umbfounded by
Y ?

H ow could he?
O ne more tragedy
O ver 25 bodies
K eep them in your prayer please, children of Tragedy

©Copyright December 16, 2012 by Brian Pierre-Alexander
© All Rights Reserved

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Lost Love

L ife without you is not the same
O ut in the dark alone
S till hear the echo of your name
T aunted by the unknown

L ost without your loving touch
O nly you can give to me
V oid now, I miss you so much
E veryone can see

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The Strongest Mom I Know

Your belly has grown so big, the glow on your face is priceless, your hair so vibrant, I love the smile on your face when you feel your little one kicking, I love it when you crave weird foods, everything is going well, you are 8 months now, you look like you are going to pop, your feet swell, your in the bathroom more than the toilet bowel is, you can not wait for this to be over, your almost 9 months now you feel a wetness on your chair, it is time, you rush, you prepare, but you never seem to have everything, your at the hospital, your about 3 centimeters dilated, there is still some time to go, your patient, you waited this long, your 7 centimeters, 8, and 9, you  hope it is almost time, you feel like you want to push, you push, and push, you hear the baby cry, you believe that things are okay, because that is what you were told, so it is time to say goodbye, you are tired and need some sleep, you hold your baby for some time, you pass him to the nurse, she sings him a lullaby, you fall asleep, your sleep was dreamless, but you are now awaken in a nightmare that will never end, your baby is in a forever sleep, but how could this end, it just all began, you do not know what happen, you heard his cry, you touched him, he opened his eyes, so why is he gone, from this day you will forever be changed, you held your true love tight before the nurse took him away, you blamed yourself, you question your actions, but it was not your fault, this just sometimes happens, you try to move on with your life, but that becomes difficult, you smile but you are frowning inside, you try to make things right, you try to hide your pain, but everyday you live in sorrow, I know that you are not perfect, but you need to look forward to tomorrow, you can not change what happened, you carried a little angel for 9 months long, then God took him so fast, maybe he has special plans for him, in heaven he is having a blast, even though you do not have him with you, I know that he loves you so, because I saw the way he looked at you, this is something that I know, you are the best mom in the world, I am so glad that he atleast got to meet you, it is not easy to carry on like you do, with the positive attitude that you show, I know one thing for sure, your the strongest mom I know.

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Waiting for my first kiss, to be old enough to drive,
Always rushing, impatiently I waited to fall in love.
If somebody got in my way, it became a game of push and shove.
Three kids tried to slow me down. Oh, dear God above!
I rose to the top in a hurry; no time to simply be free.
Now, looking back at all those years, I think I’m beginning to see 
Grown old, gray and alone now ~ there's nobody to wait for me.

Contest Sponsor: Black Eyed Susan 
Contest Name: Wait, waiting, etc.  

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R--Resigned or laid-off from work?

E--Every wish and prayer  dedicated to job search;

C--Chopping unnecessary expenses,

S--Saving money for priotized spending__

S--Surviving the financial meltdown,

I--It was not easy to find money or food!

O--Our year of recession kept us busy with simple home jobs,

N--Necessary carefree routines.

chipepo lwele

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Lost friend

L ately the things I do bring memories 
O f the things and times we shared 
S ometimes I hold them close and let them warm
T he space in my heart that’s cold without you
F riend, I see you still, wish I could bring you back
R etrieve the things I've lost, have you
I n my life, turn time around and make this 
E mptiness an error that never was 
N or ever will be again.  
D ear friend, look forward to seeing you again. 

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F ear is pulling at his mind
R eeling rolling trying to find
I s there nothing in this life?
G  oing to blow away his strife!!
H  e knows what he must try to do
T  he answer, soft, and sweet and true
E nter beyond what mind can see
N ow absorbed in endlessly
E nding all the strife and fear
D aily asking ‘Am I here?

 9 September 2013hrs.

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A Soul Called Soul

I’m trapped in the American struggle/ 
Surrounded in the alcoholic drug addicted jungle/ 
In my soul called soul I seem to unknowingly look for trouble/ 
Yeah am I the only one to truly see our invisible chaotic bubble? / 
Am I the only one to truly live in while I realize the hidden pains in our own ghetto living rubble? /
 I see in what I still saw of the pains at the same time I hear the alcoholic mumbles/
 Like a burnt cracker over a uncooked cookie I still see the culture crumble/ 
I see the staggering, I see the swerving and I see thy own stumbles/ 
Still yet I am crawling out the dirt like an ant spreading my wings in the sky like the bees bumble/
 It’s when I knew I was a soul called soul/ 
In my soul called soul I am in the super bowl/ 
Seven hundred seventy-seven now I can’t let thy football fumble/ 
I am not going to let thy ring leader lead me in the circus no more, I am no longer an elephant Dumbo/ I’m here to stay not to go/ I been down that same road too many times before/
 I know what it’s like at the bottom, I hit it straight rock ,yeah I been that low/
 now pains of my life I outgrow/it’s when I knew I was a soul called soul 
In my soul called soul/ I hang on not to my enemies nor my friends but my own inner foes/
 I got no true friends, I got no true bros/ I got no true women, I got no hoes/ 
I don’t even know if I will even make it to be thirty-four/ 
I worry about alcoholic danger in the hood every time I walk out my front door/ 
I thank God I’m not rich and thank him for the experience of being dirt poor/ 
I thank him for the fact that I no longer have to steal from the local store/ 
I thank him for the simple fact that I can do simple everyday chores/ 
I remember a time when I was in a prison cell where even death itself felt like a bore/
 until one day something great pick me up off the prison floor……..that was a time when I know I was a soul called SOUL/
 I know my truck of life was ready to take it’s damage when it can still pull its own toll/
 I knew my boat of life was ready to go against high winds with a broken bow/ 
I knew I was ready when I can go against waves 100 feet high go under and still row/
 if not then I make the surf board roll/ The storms comes like shadow hidden in the skies undergrowth/ I’m not only floating I’m also flying through them both/
 I am no longer empty with darkness I am filled with light shone/ 
I am no longer alone, I am force of many through word flow/ 
I am a prophet among my own/ words put together like no other only I condone/ 
I say it in a unique tone/ 
I’m going to make it past the internet and cell phones/ 
I am the one, I am by a higher power chose/ 
These problems in life I will outgrow/ 
I will overcome being just another SOUL CALLED SOUL….

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Last Walk (acrostic)

Late afternoon, on a June day, I took a stroll.
Another day like any other, but soon no more,
Shaded area before, darkened my heartfelt soul.
Talking to him, just a few minutes before, the roar,

We were pals, my little canine friend, poet and me.
Always together, except, when truck came speeding.
Listening, this terrible sound, how could it be?
Knowing the worst, I carried him, my heart pleading.

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Fly Away My Angel

Today....... we have to say goodbye one last time to you,
For us, your children, it has to be the hardest thing we've had to do!
I know you have left this body before us and yet it seems oh too real,
So many people who loved you,"praying for what they must feel."
We knew this day would come but not's way to soon.
Begging God for his mercy...."please help us by healing you."
The sun is shining like a warm July,
The patriotic flag waving high in the sky!
I can't help but think, maybe he did save you?
What actually went wrong, why did it happen so soon?
Our lives will never be the same, we'll never talk to you or even hear your voice,
As of today or even  tomorrow we will never have that choice.
You have been the teacher of God's word and a child of his grace,
I'm sure the gates of heaven opened up and the Angel's have rejoiced.
But here on earth we are left with the memory and a pain I can't explain,
We cry for no reason, we don't understand what's left to gain?
Car's are lined up around the block, we look back as far as we can see,
Our Mom is so blessed by people she touched and her life a legacy.
Now entering your final place of rest, we're put to the test,
Bishop Jesse begins to say...what a beautiful day she gave us! For God's child to rest.
He say's we are "Celebrating" life of such a great woman of God,
She was a fishermen of men and a teacher of his love,
Her great hope was for all to follow his word.....let us pray,
So many turned their lives over to Jesus on this day.
Amen! She is still bringing people to know him even in his place of rest.
So to you Mom; Fly away my Angel! you are the best!!

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The Elephant Man

Just a boy of three
Oblique to be
Skeletal grow
Enraging flow
Proteus syndrome
Humbled him
Captured hearts
Applauded him so
Royalty he got to know
Elephant man he came to be
Youthful not like you and me
Mistreated and hurt
Exposed and shown
Ridiculed in public
Robbed and disowned
In his final years
Condition takes
" In memory of a poor soul "

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Are you Jasmine?

Pathos - I feel - people feel for me, prior failure for the world to see.
Only you can see, only you can save; myself from the world and me.
Obtuse days, fills my dull life, fleeting by like a winter sun.
Natal phase it no longer is, our alliance had too far in the past begun.
Abide my time, no longer shall I; shall seek what true heart has always cared -
'Magic carpet of Alladin' to fly away with my Jasmine; and host a toast to us in air. 

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So. . . we're losing once more
And... what should I say
Drenched in silence - now I found the words to write

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Stronger than Pain

Heart beating
faster and faster as i think of the pain inside
closing my eyes
i see her face 
oh how i miss you lil sis
everywhere i go i think of you
everyone i see asks me about you
Pain!!!! Munching my heart piece by piece
anger!!! Why didn’t i take you to shop that day
tears of pain ...i feel like i am slowly going insane!!!
nights of sorrow as i lay my head on my pillow
I’m thankful to wake up the next morning
wearing my smile 
sitting in my office ..
nothings the same
I’m dying inside
i try and try but i see no light
hope is all i have
faith is all i have
my baby sister where are you
my baby sister God guide you
Killing the weakness in me
i refuse to entertain this pain!! 

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Renegade Son

Renegade against time with vision and 
Isolated from yourself, the sun does not cover, you  
Centered on dreams too big for life
How you dream those big dreams,
And life’s passing you by. 
Renegade son do not eat the apple.
Don your amour and free the princess
O, free the princess!

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Lost Friend

Lives going in different directions
Once close, now only closure
Silence instead of laughter
Trust broken forever

Forsaken, forgotten 
Reconciliation rejected
Ill will, resentment
Empathy now apathy
Nothing left to say
Death of friendship 

For Susan’s Lost contest

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Lovers Point, LP Revisited


I'd watch the waters of the bay
mingle with the rocks and sand.
Failing stars misted in gray
Again fail to illuminate that strand.
Lovers Point won't understand.
Lonely people seem to like it there.
I watched them all as they passed by--
Nodding to my equals there,
Gentle ones who came to tearless cry...
For what? Only the rocks know why.
One night I left that lonesome band;
Reaching out to you I touched love's flame.
You held me close and took my hand.
Once 'twas a lonely place of pain,
Until you gave Lover's Point back it's name.


I stood above the misty shore,
My time was short as it was late,
And watched the reflections once more--
lover's Points nocturnal state--
Our meeting place of misread fate.
Nice it was when we were there,
Except there's no more 'you and I'.
Only a memory of a brief affair,
Not lasting long as it went awry.
Cold and dark: Lover's Point's sky.
Every so often it seems to me
My life is like the waves off the shore:
One special person comes near to me,
Retreats again, is then no more.
Even the Point knows not what for.

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Sing weeping heart of woe
Of something too precious
Never found that sonnet
Numbed this memory
Ensued much sadness
Towards twilight of loss

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Yesterday Became an Empty Shell

Yesterday, before I found your love, life seemed dim and days grew dull. 
All I ever did was mope and cry; without true love, I thought that I would die.
My future faced each stumble fearlessly, artfully; I was an empty hull.
Troubles ripped my soul most every day; lost in your pain, I could never fly.
Seemed that problems never found a lull; steadily streaming to my throbbing skull.
So, sometimes I’d stop and scream for you, oh, perfect love, the angels sigh.
Far beyond all hope is Heaven’s flight from hopelessness to eternity.
Away I’d fly, free from the lonely plights; too many nights without love’s band.

Now, it seems so very long ago; that time when hope would never grow.
It was impossible to understand how your precious love could help me stand. 
Looks like love came knocking evermore upon loves’ door with her face aglow.
As if the dawning light would never come, should life return with one command?
Though my days with you by death grew dim, forever love, more than a whim.
They're here within my heart and mind to stay, sweet memories of yesterday!
Here I dream; kissing your face again, thinking life is grim, oh sweet cherubim.
To forever your sweet smiles have flown; I am left all alone; all I do is moan.
Stay close, my love, I need you, now.  Comfort my dreams; I will not groan.

Oh, I know your love could lift this empty shell from the depths of hell.
I need you now; please come somehow; I beg you, now…I beg you, now!
Believe, and miracles will come your way; that’s what they say the Scriptures tell.
In the future life beyond the Vail before our Lord each head shall bow.
Yesterday we two walked together cheerfully; but yesterday became an empty shell. 

Ó January 26, 2014
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

Written for Poetry Soup Member Contest: Yesterday's Acrostic 	
Sponsored by: Roy Jerden

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Motivated by prejudice
And egged on by
Devilish intent,
Men flew birds of destruction
Eagerly to take innocent lives,
Now hold us captive to their madness

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Witnessing before God, and taking your vow
Enter into marriage, forever starts now 
Devoted to each other, for all your life
Desiring no one, except for your wife
In sickness and in health, till death do you part
No one should come between you, right from the start
Giving of yourself, to make your family whole.

Value the sanctity, of both being “one”
Obstacles are there, for you to over come
Wedding vows are sacred, to show all your love
Straying away, is not meant from God above.

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Love's Reverence, a cover of ''A Boat Beneath A Sunny Sky''

Chivalrist of pure intent
Honoured by the ears that lent
A tale recounted to content

Resplendant wonders brought to ear
Laments that draw an unseen tear
Evasion of the heart's deep fear

Soft young mind and placid eyes
Lucid to the tale's disguise
Unseeing the truth behind the lies

There upon the golden water
Wimsically listening to the lauder
Inclines the middle Liddell daughter

Days have come and years have passed
Golden evenings couldn't last
Erosionary time has swept too fast

Dreary dawns and bitter nights
Overcame the muse's might
Dead and gone, that fragile light

Greiving when his heart was tore
Secreted to land of lore
On through Wonderland he'll soar

Now to dream forevermore

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Departed, broken hearted
Independent now is me
Victorious in the court room
Or at least I hope to be
Regretting ever getting married
Could anyone else love me?
Ending of a marriage that was never meant to be

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a constent battle

At the point of no return,
Beyond all hope,
Can't turn back if i tried,
Don't love this anymore,
Everyone stares,
Forever with dread,
Got to leave here,
Happiness is out of the picture,
Innocence left behind to die,
Judging eyes,
Keep moving on,
Lost without a soul,
Mother is gone,
Nowhere to be found,
Open doors close,
People stop and stare
Quiet screams follow, 
Resisting a constant battle,
Seduction is trying to pull me in,
Trying to resist,
Unable without your help,
Verge of tears,
Wanting hope,
X-ed out of life,
You have the same battle,
Zooming past your head.

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I think of the years between us and 
Little snippets of our journey floods my mind.
Life and all it's roads at times difficult

Allowing us the chance to change, to be remade for the
Last of all our tales shall be of our triumphs- 
Ways we conquered our self doubt, our impulses
Always giving way to that better me, better you
Yet you walk these roads with a heavy heart
Soul weary and feet blistered and I say to you

Be not afraid of what s to come
Everyone is given only what he or she can bear

Yes I say to it all - the pain, our tears, the laughter
Our fears,  - the joy and all these years between us
Underneath it all there lies our blessing and 
Redemption in the form of this friendship

For the mistakes, the errs are not erased but" Our Father In Heaven"
Remember is the sweetest prayer
In it we find the mercy he tempers our punishment
Even as we are wrong, we are in his light
No man can take your soul, so walk
Don't run to the end of your life, when it is done, he is there.

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Joy Is By Far The Way To Be Good

Journey across
Oblivion's gate
Your soul is what lies in wait.

If you accept my challenge you must
Succeed in traveling through Oblivion completely.

But if you fail it is
Your wife's soul I will take.

Far past the entrance to the
Afterlife must you go.
Rely on nothing-trust no one. All here is meant to keep you here.

The halfway point has come and gone. From
Here on out your journey gets

Wind your way past this last obstacle
You'll have reached the end.

To journey your way through
Oblivion complete has not yet been done...

Bring yourself to me, clever man, and
Everything I have done with be undone.

Goodbye, Traveler. May your journey through
Oblivion have strengthened your soul, and taught you what most men
Often cannot learn.
Death did not touch you here, and you leave here with my blessing.

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For My Lost Friend, Rachel

Radiance glows from no boundry
A butterfly flutters through the hair
Children gathered to listen 
Heaven came upon the death
Enough roses for a garden
Little Racahel close your eyes and dream

...i'll miss you Rachael...

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You Left me for Suicidal

You Left me for Suicidal? 
I Loss you because you say it was my Fault? 
How dare you! 
You Left me! 

I did everything for you, 
I made Everything for you, 
But why how could you? 
My Heart feels like had been Crushed by a Truck! 

When you Died! 
When I Lost you! 
When I Mop Everyday just because I was Missing you! 
and it was all your Fault! 

My Life was Ruined 
Like it was ended 
and It was like I`m weeping 
since the day I was loosing 

Now would you Understand since you left me? 
I can`t express all my Feeling `cause your Missing 
and I`m like just Standing 
and you`re Enjoying 

Here I am,If u can see 
All Ruined up wait `till we meet 
It would take me 87 years `till we meet again 
Would we? 

Now I think you`re Happy 
Seeing my Pain all this Years 
I wish to see you again 
To make it all Go away where I could say Pain 

"You left me for Suicidal"

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Gloomy and empty
Unable to have inner peace
Insatiable feelings of forgiveness
Losing the trust of others
Trying to rid thyself of sin

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Richness of Trees

Superfluous Whispering, Night time Fell Fast,
In Chance, the Most Sullen of Wires Drinks Last,
Liquid Which Douses the most Vital of Elements
Vigour so Perfect, he calls it Her Elegance.
Effervescent Intoxication...  F**k,
Rekindle the Fervour of Dying Luck.
Lucidly the Memories of Her Replay,
Ever lasting, Like Gods of the Moulded Clay.
After it's Faded, and there she remained,
For The Ambassador of Nothing, has Everything Contained.

 - To The Girl Who Thinks of Herself Nothing -
          - But is Filled With Everything -

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The One That Got Away

Tears of the heart wash away what is forgotten.
Heartaches spoil the tenacity of what to remember.
Eventually all things fade, both righteous and ill-gotten.

Our lives make choices even when we do not enable.
No-one will ever say that one person makes their mistakes.
Each one of us has held repercussions of a label.

Truth is we all lost something, though we know not what.
Hearing of others loss we feel compassion to give a lot.
Amid our own losses we harbor guilt, without thought.
Traveling, sometimes not understanding what is sought.

Great loves and friendships are forfeited, for no reason.
Our passion placed on hold, till rise of another season.
Taking tolls on our spirit, blaming all, on a certain demon.

A deficit of affection plays a role in which we become.
Women or men, whom leave or are cast, will succumb.
Another shall bring warmth, building a new rhythm.
Yea though, the one that got away shall bring wisdom.

written for
Sponsor Thvia Shetley 
Contest Name The one who got away 

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Accountability by Ulyssa Vinarta 8th grade

Andy was driving.
Caused a
Car crash
On the highway.
A friend has
Been killed.
It has caused chaos
Leading him
Taking responsibility for his own actions,
Yet, he still blames himself.

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  G oing to the store the other day
  O n a bright morning I listened as
  D rums pounded a slow cadence by a military escort.

  B efore I knew, I was watching the cortege, 
  L eaving behind a dumbfounded crowd.
  E verything I had ever known of war was
  S ummed up in this parade for 
  S omeone unknown to me.

  T ears misted in the air as he passed,
  H eavy footsteps of the soldier's parade...
  E verything precise for this farewell.

  U nder a bright sun and blue sky
  S olemnly they took him to his final rest.
  A merica, the country he lovingly died to protect.

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G.  good luck from here 
O.  open highways and fresh clean air
O.  optimistic horizions for us to share
D.  down and out without fear
L.  lots of time to shed a tear
U.  understand what keeps me here
C.  caught in an understatement left not to clear
K.  kept for good memories from us as a pair

Ruth Courtney

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we were not to be

Waves erupted love washed away, Evening sun set, twilight darkens the bright day. We part again you and me for love leaf is torn, Each of us forlorn and stabbing pain has to be borne. Reality carves its sharp claws on our shallow lives, Every scar on our heart will not heal the stabs of devilish knifes. Nights makes the devilish ego drain, Oh! Why me and not you to step forward again, Time will intone our strained love to emotions refrain. Try again to get near her a voice yells in my head, Oh! Why should it be me? These “devilish chants” to my brains are fed. Believe in parted destiny my mixed emotions preach, Ever in this life again your love’s passionate arms never reach.

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K   Kurt Cobain my idol you still--always remain
U   Unique in a way that few can seek to explain
R   Rejecting yourself – inflicted by a life of pain
T   Too many fans- too overwhelming your fame

C   Courageously you continued to light a flame
O   Our hearts you won-- the talent and shame
B   ‘Breed’ and ‘Stay away’—always ‘On a Plain’
A   ‘All Apologies’ as your hurt remained the same
I     Imagine lost music if your life we might reclaim
N   ‘Nevermind?’ suicide…tragic choice… end game

(A dedication to an icon lost…figuratively and literally)

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Might she have surrendered
And Smiled
Yielding her spirit to an
Applauding God

Angels flanking her
Noble entrance
Gallant old soul
Ebbing away
Lending her wisdom to
Offspring of Earth
Utopia now all hers

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Real Concern

Right when I think
And every thought I have is cared about with real
Love by him it's dashed with his thoughtless

Over and over it's seems like
Nothing I do is really appreciated.
Can I really take on the 
Reaching task of taking the first step and feeling 
Nothing but "lost" in the process?

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Early morning rumbling sound
As shouting people run around
Remembering the former bout
Trembling world near wiped us out
Hoping soon the nightmare ends
Quivering, quaking terrain bends
Underneath the fallen land
Aftershocks almost as grand
Kneeling down we hope and pray
Earthquake's terror goes away

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Wasting of lives for things that should be peace
A fight to survive
Reluctance of soldiers who die, leaving their children and wives or husbands alone

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A Long Lonely Year

Afghanistan. far away from those I love.

Leaving was tough this time, the kids tears tore at my heart.
Only as I turned to watch them drive away, did I see my wife crying
Never has she cried, always pretending to be strong
Going away for the fourth time must have been too much for her to bear.

Letting myself believe, I will make it through this fourth combat tour.
One year seems like a lifetime, the minutes ticking slowly by.
Never letting tears of sadness get the better of me.
Everyday, I think about my wife and our four kids. Are they ok?
Lost is how I feel.  Something is missing, I can barely breathe.
Yet this is what must be done, I took an oath. I made a promise.

Yearning every second, for my wife's kisses, and my childrens hugs.
Every hour of the day I pull out their picture, to see their smiles. 
Always in my dreams, my family is there for me. Never losing faith.
Reunited we shall be, after a long lonely year.

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Happy Birthday

A birthday present to my Gramps, Hugh McCorkidale Young.

Heaven has a place for you
Unswaying was your faith in such
Goodness always will shine through
Holding on to that has been my crutch

Many others knew you well
Cokey, heard of through the town
Countless tales they had to tell
Of all the men, you held the crown

Real though it is, it's hard to believe
Know as I do the ways of the world
In the fact that you could ever leave
Darkening my mind till my thoughts unfurled

Aloud, I cannot bring to bear
Lonely I must hold my heart
Even by myself I fear
Your absence will tear me apart

Onwards though the world must move
Unendingly your memory will stay
No-one has forgotten you
Gone though you are, you'll never fade.

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The Queen

Love is the color of her Dreams
In the spaces between realities
Spider spinning Webs of Blood
To bring peace and life
Reaching within to find release
And bring forth the promise of Darkness

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War: v - I


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It has passed too soon
So again will be good
It can even change the looks;
Sooth all the wounds that oozes of pus
Eat all the pain forever

Say it again to these ears blocked by high waves
Do it again I want to see
Maybe this time I shall see;
Make a scenario that I will understand

I wanna keep with me
This time is different 
How I wish he would shout at me
How I so long your presence
Where did you really go?
Where do the meek go?

I wanna get it this time
Tell me the future you planed for me
Tell me how far you would gone
This is the time to say it again
Say it now while you the opportunity
Leave a souvenir that I will keep
Say something to my open ears
Lift it from me now
Open your mouth once again
Let it all out to me

Again and again 
I wanna listen to before I too fall
Beat me up atleast so that I can feel pain
I feel your aggression today
I want you to show me you’re secret

What is it that I have to prove?
I want to reach you and say;
You are mine, you are my father
Nothing will ever be the same.

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Lost Glasses

Losing them wasn't in the plan
Or even contemplated.
So myopic my eyes since childhood
Their loss can't be overstated.

Glasses on the bedside table,
Last to take off, first to put on.
As my fingers fumble for them,
Sadly, I must admit they're gone.
Squinting, I try to see the clock.
Everything blurs.  Is it time for lunch?
Standing, I hear a definite crunch.

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You Light My Fire

Shrine for beloved
Placed ever so gently
In  sanctuary 
Resting for now
In light of shards
Transparent to naked eye
Searching for a flame

In memory of life passages
Now walking in valleys of green

Lift thy prayers
In our Father's name
Guide thy soul
Heal thy pains
Through thy body of Christ our Lord


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Way too much power

Way too much power stacked up on the shelf,almost as much power as the lord God himself,
No room for human error,no room for mistake,with a long list of families and hearts they did break,
Who made the decision,who deemed it correct?it's a fine l;ine between nurture and neglect,
Misinterpretation is just no excuse,is it child protection or maybe child abuse?
As you gather the details each one in it's place,have you got all the facts right to build up the case?
Was it normal chastising or harsh push 'n' shove?as you remove these kids from the parents they love,
And the homes that are broken get tossed on the pile,as the kid with no mummy forgets how to smile,
And the powers that be sit deciding our fate and there's no words of wisdom that can compensate,
So where lies the answer to whom love deprives,given way too much power to play God with kids lives.

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Friendship Lost

 T ogether
 W e were always stronger and the
 O nly two

 P eople in the world that knew how we felt 
 E very second of the day;
 A nd I have yet to find another friend I can 
 S hare all my 

 I nner thoughts with.
 N othing is worse than having to leave the 

 P eople you love behind
 O nly in your mind and heart
 D o they have the chance to live on and
"S pread" their wings.

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Freedom Is Not Free

Friend of freedom is close at hand,
Roaming the battlefields across our land,
Engulfed by whisps of smoke that somehow pervade,
Entrenched by the enemies' live grenades,
Directing their tracer fire across the sector,
Over the bloody scene carnage is a spectre,
Many have perished because freedom is not free!

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Vanishing Stars

Smothered skies of soot sink into raging flames 
Torches lift to boundless heavens, blanketing faces with
Autumn air too weary and weighted to breathe
Infuriated fire storm consumes ferociously  
Rampant fury creates a stairway to the vanishing stars  
While the wild inferno blots out the moonlight 
Ashes float for miles through a thick fog of smoke
Yesterday the sun sparkled in an endless sapphire sky
Today an amber blaze threatens to engulf the darkness
Over crackling timber, choking constellations scatter  
Terror overtakes the once serene woodland dale   
Homes are abandoned, cherished keepsakes fuel the fury  
Ethereal howls from hell's hounds spark nightmares 
Sirens wailing from the frontlines ascend with prayers 
Trembling hands and hearts lift to Heaven 
Astral visions of celestial illumination in the mind's eye 
Raise hopes for tomorrow's sacred star-filled sky to return
Sanctification of smoldering ground will bring rebirth 

By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders, February 15, 2012
for Stairway to the Stars Contest (Linda-Marie, the Sweetheart of PS)
Seventh place

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In the days gone by,
None saw my track marks,
Nor my foot prints,
On the sand of life.
Curious to leave a mark,
Experience taught me the craft, but
No one accepted the change, that 
Curiosity has earned,
Even though, I proclaimed it
'Gone were the years of innocence
Unto which I was born into, and 
No more the childish silly smile'

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Beginning of an End

On this 
Everything that 
Loves will loose.
Everything that lives
At last will die.
Forts will crumble.
Fate will step back
And nap.
Lovers will cry and heartache will
Laugh. Tonight in the 
Still Wind Cold.  

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End Times: Aspects

A time when signs increase
Some are brought level
Poison from Fukushima
Ecology and diversity drop
Comets show their aspects
Time to realise, determine
See the changing seasons

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Death Of A Poet { In Loving Memory Of Karen Feist }

Kinder spirit is now resting
Angels keep you safeguarded
Remain still my dear friend
Eternity is ones destiny
No pain is allowed in Heaven

Fondest memories of you linger on
Everyone has one or two
Inspiration to fight was yours
Sympathy from my heart pours out
To your family and close friends

Tribute To 
Karen Feist's 
Family And Friends

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Just the Two of US

Heaven's sunlight shine bright above beam of light you smiled, Angels sing night, Wings of 
heaven doves brings love,
 just the Two of Us sing. Beautiful morning touched heart grace, tears, light gave hope, 
faith find strength another day.
 Not knowning Angels singing peace spirit be ease, love so much believe you received 
heaven's sunlight, Sacrificed loved held ,eyes above skies  little love heart beat, tiny 
feets kicks inside me. 
Son of light gave life, love within souls you forever know, 
always be, 
always fell memories flow, heart made me heal. Felt love always stay apart me, Life
up ,gave little heart,stars, brought me joy, tears Just the Two of Us always sing together 
as one. Angels sang to both of Us 
it was Just the Two of Us cried. Just the Two of Us looked over rainbow of love. 
Carried me work many seen dream our heart beat as one. 
Angels sang to both of Us it was just the Two of Us brighten day. Turned world up side 
down, made me smiled, pray.
Always be forever stay apart life. Lord sent Angels heal feelings, gave, strength another 
day, sunrise please don't cry be in mind all times , Angels sing to me be happy for me, 
hear voice  always it wss Just the Two of Us as you held me. 

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Paint with Fire

Pain rips through my bleeding heart
As always, it happens anytime, be it day or night, anytime when
I reminiscence about those days, those lush days, when for love, I cried
Not caring about my name, my dignity or my worth
Taking life as it was, believing in love and its powerful attraction

While Time did move forward; more than eons of years did pass
I remain alone, burning with flames so red, so bold
That the whole world can be painted with them 
Honoring the time when once, for love I did cry

Flames now burst out through my heart, my anger soars up high
I remain yet, so calm and pure, submissive to my Fate
Revering the cause of life, hoping though, to paint the whole world
Every nook and every crook, with those fiery flames, pouring out from my heart!

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H-  Heart felt are my burdens, 
E-  Ever lasting are my needs, 
A-  Argumentative I seem to be, 
V-  Vacant are my memories, 
Y-  Yes it's really me. 
     HEAVY is what it seems.

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FELICIA (dedicated to the efforts of all on the HIV/AIDS scourge)

Rapturous ecstasy emanates from the town
Everyone, everywhere spoke of this damsel
She has just newly packed into town
Gossips could be seen around in their clusters:
"Who is she and where is she from?"

More to that, like a magnetic attraction
Felicia draws the attention of residents to herself
Wives are holding tight to their husbands;
The surely of Felicia is surely a threat.
Not even with her skimpy skirts and dresses

Felicia cuts the image of an angel
With her flawless grammar and sense of humour
The bulge of her regions make lookers apopletic
Her steps typify the menacing walk of a cat
She has all it takes for men to turn around

Society people want to have a taste of her
Women desire her to boost their ego
The mighty, the influential and intellectual inclusive
A King once offered her half of his kingdom
A Governor dangled a mouth-watering contract
A Vice Chancellor even offered her 'Medicine Admission'

Felicia suddenly became cheap and accessible
Initial ego and applause faded into thin air
She went up for the Goliaths to chew,
She came down for the crawling to lick.
She offered her body, a ransom for all
Promiscous men were happy to have their fill

Gloom, sorrow and tears soon pervaded the town
The toll of death was rising by the day
Surviving men depict postures of 'Somalian famine'
Their blood almost drained to the marrows
There was a peculiarity in their deaths
Only those who pitched tents with Felicia are victims

Soon the mist began to clear
I then could see beyond the ordinary
I'd ransacked every material available for clarity
The word of knowledge then came from ABOVE
The second name of FELICIA is AIDS

(c) WP May 1999

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Alone part 2

On my own...I'm walking on my own...
Never talking
Except solitude

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Being Without You Is Better

Ruined my life. It's 
Over between me and you. I
Did everything I could for you,
Now we are through
Enough of us being together
Yes, Being without you is better.


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Tall                            Structures
Offering                     Shelter
Withstanding              Blows
Evaporating               Lives
Raping                      Families
Security                    Needed

An acrostic poem about the twin towers of 911.

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H elping
O thers
S imply
P ass
I nto
C alm
E ternity

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LOSS (acrostic )


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Behaving one way in front of the eyes of another and behaving 
in a complete different manner in front of the eyes of others.

Evil intentions acted out towards a confidant for the good of 
one’s self and for the defeat of your confidant.

Twisting of the knife in the back of another,
bringing death to the trust of that relationship.

Returning to a relationship as if nothing significant 
happened while you were away, knowing that hell will 
come when they finally discover what you did when 
their back was turned.

Acting out fantasies that you’ve played in your head over and over, 
knowing that those actions will cause you to pay a big price.

You choose to satisfy your own cravings and desires, 
without any caution to the feelings and consequences 
they will have on others.

Asking one to forgive the unforgiveable and smile when doing it.

Lying to your trusted loved one to please your 
own self serving desires or needs.

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Decived deception

All alone sitting in a room.
Crying out from within this deadly tomb.
Will you see me, will you hear my screams..
All these things you couldn’t say, 
Lost in the mouths of the dead.

With my eyes closed,
The bloods smell oh so familiar in the air.
If I could take back all these mistakes,
And misfit days.

Sitting here all alone,
The deadly silence,
The dangerous games.
To many tears,
Praying someone will save me.

Whispered deadly words off my lips.
The blood pouring from my fingertips.
The dark mask upon my face.
Such things you couldn’t say.
Turned into a world full of grey.

These things hidden in the dark.
These things never showing to me.
The things that I will never be.

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My Mother Mary

My mother Mary, with her presence she graced 
Young at heart, and her beauty unscathed
Maintaining her courage when she became ill
Overcoming her fears with her faith and strong will
Taken first was her sight, then her blood became low		
Having life-giving blood, through her veins it did flow 
Ever caring for her, we were never apart
Remaining by her side until death she did part 
My memories of her grow fonder each day
As she’s now in heaven, at peace she will stay 
Regrets? I have none for I did all in my power
Yet I miss her so deeply with each passing hour 

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Affects so many people’s

Lives, that we try hard being

Zealous, by offering them

Help and support for all those

Effected by this disease.

Involved in their care, and to

Maintain pride and dignity

Every day, so that we can

Remember them, and just how

Special they have always been.

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Mother Made Me Do It

Mother made me do it
Open books minds hearts and souls
Teach others along the beaten path
Help those who can't help themself's
Erase past and start anew And to alway's
Remember her on Mother's Day

In Loving Memory
Mom   { 1934-2005 }
      Luv Ya

Happy Mother's Day
To All Moms This
Mother's Day

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Broken Child

His daddy left, He was so hurt .
Left him behind, For one so young.

Betray and lost, He was so young .
A bond of love, Lost and broken, Left behind.
How he waited, So many times, Left in tears .
Yet still he never appeared. A lost boys silent pain .

Innocent child , So loved, Destroyed by divorcee.
He betrayed his mum, With another one so young.
So hurt , confused, His pain . Anger took his place .

One so young, Out of control, In so much pain .
Inflicting pain, Punching walls, Behind those tears
Another broken child from divorcee .

Hurt and scared, inside broken never forgiven…
A lost love . A true bond . Daddy’s son . His Loss
He never knew . Never cared . Till he saw his own disgrace .

Now its gone . That special bond . No return.
Another broken child from divorcee…

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Heavens Gate

Here above your world I am no longer sad.
Everyone I ever knew is here, and I am glad.
Angels guided me to this place of no more sad.
Visions of you, I have forever, this I must add.
Each day that passes I grow within your heart.
Never think that I am gone, for I’ll never part.
Stars of night are my eyes, secrets of our art.

Graciously I watch you, as you grow and learn.
Angels take me to visit you, so I will not yearn.
Take care of your family that you have so dear.
Eventually my little one you will have no fear.

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God knows what I did was wrong.
Unacceptable was my treatment of you.
I want to apologize for making up an alibi.
Love is gone and I'm a fool.
Truth is the only thing that will repair shattered trust.

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I saw a shooting star tonight,
i made i wish hoping that everything will be al right,
still wondering if he wants me as i wait,
trying to stay still but all i do is hesitate,
as i held his hand trying not to let go,
i felt that love that only him and i know,
are eyes met as we say goodbye,
hoping that he really wants me and it's not a lie,
when we kissed i felt it was right,
as we held each other e sparks flew in the night,
i sit here hoping this will work out,
trying to think good and not have self-dought,
As we got to know each other e even more,
i figured out he just wanted to use me and make my heart sore,
He said we would be together but he made it into a lie,
when will this endless heart not get hurt and want to die?

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Disbelief is what ran through my mind on this day.
Is this really happening?
Shocking is how I felt, as tears streamed down my face
Battered, were the buildings and the people rushing to help others
Everyone running, crying, screaming and dying. 
Life ended, yet started that day. Pulling together for the good of others
Incredible heros were made that day.
Elated is how I felt as people were found alive, one by one.
Forever sad, for those innocent people that lost their lives that day

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Believe in me, you said. Now
Everything we shared is gone.
Trust me, you said. My
Respect for you has flown.
Always and forever, you said. Fear,
Yells and heartbreak are all that's left.
All I once felt for you has been shattered. To
Leave is the only option I have.

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From the depths of despair, I cry out,
Only You, God, can take away my doubt.
Regret, guilt and shame are what I feel,
Grief and pain, but You can heal.
I repent, and turn away from my sin.
Viciously desperate, I invite You in.
Enter my heart, renew my mind.
Now I leave my past behind.

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devils eyes

Can you remember the first kiss
That stole your heart with a twist 
Can you remember our hopes and dreams
I never dreamed it would end like this

The devils heart is unspoken words
How her evil has in golfed my world
Hacking away replacing love with fear
Taking away our first kiss replaced by tears  

Fiery pits, flames on high 
Red as rubies, like the devils eyes
Rocks and larva ,symbols of life
Bow down never, ill not die

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Lost Gloves

Leaving quickly I rushed by
Opening my error in this case
Standing on my doorstop at home
Taken aback my gloves are lost

Going too fast I went past them
Leaving them behind somewhere
Originating a fear that they’re gone
Very calmly I went back to look
Eventually I gave up, knowing they’re gone
Somebody will be happy to find them

Entrant into Black Eyed Susan's "	Acrostic contest - theme LOST (please read directions)"


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Standing alone in a crowded room 
Crying inside from the feeling of doom 
Remember the times I had someone to love 
Each one I lied to cos their love wasn’t enough 
And now I’m alone in a room full of guys 
My mind starts to SCREAM from all of my lies

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Just the Two of US

Heaven's sunlight shine bright above beam of light you smiled, Angels sing night, Wings of 
heaven doves brings love,
 just the Two of Us sing. Beautiful morning touched heart grace, tears, light gave hope, 
faith find strength another day.
 Not knowning Angels singing peace spirit be ease, love so much believe you received 
heaven's sunlight, Sacrificed loved held ,eyes above skies  little love heart beat, tiny 
feets kicks inside me. 
Son of light gave life, love within souls you forever know, 
always be, 
always fell memories flow, heart made me heal. Felt love always stay apart me, Life
up ,gave little heart,stars, brought me joy, tears Just the Two of Us always sing together 
as one. Angels sang to both of Us 
it was Just the Two of Us cried. Just the Two of Us looked over rainbow of love. 
Carried me work many seen dream our heart beat as one. 
Angels sang to both of Us it was just the Two of Us brighten day. Turned world up side 
down, made me smiled, pray.
Always be forever stay apart life. Lord sent Angels heal feelings, gave, strength another 
day, sunrise please don't cry be in mind all times , Angels sing to me be happy for me, 
hear voice  always it wss Just the Two of Us as you held me. 

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Memories Of Youth

Musing for memories
Etched in back of mind
Mom I remember
Overbearing news
Reguarding brothers drowning
Inquiry stated caused by flashbacks from meth and herion
Eleven and didn't quite still understand 
So I just prayed to God to forgive his lost soul

Memories Was My Topic

Tribute To My Brother Gary

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A little baby dying, 
A mother crying,
A father hoping,
A broken heart, 
A pray sent out, 
A dog lost, 
A grand father searching
A funearel
The sky,
The stars,
The dark, 
Bright lite,
A golden gate,
I'm home.

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Old Notes

Old Notes
I feel like an old lovers note
that's been cast aside thrown away
and useless,
Not knowing that they even opened it at all,
or if it still just sits there waiting to be read,
And those deep words that flow in my mind,
words softly spoken and written wondering if they twined,
has Dust Gathered on the outside and in?
my heart beats fast inside this skin,
this note the only way to my life,
loving him so much just to know,
So an old lovers note that just waits,
Siting there alone and just hesitate's wanting that answer,
like a poor child in a hospital trying to get better from cancer,
so come to me and tell me if this is true?
Do you want me to suffer like this or just Love You?

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Middle Ages

M anors towering
Over the horizon
Western skies ablazon
With majesty possessing.

E arth trodden soil
Bearing feet of noble birth
Tramping blades of aged turf,
Hearts destined to inner turmoil.

D anger lurking in
Shadows of the silent souls:
Smoldering, burning coals
Leaving scares of ashes within.

I nsightful minds too
Rare to locate in this time,
Appearing so sublime
Their radiant light shining through.

E vening abbey bells
Sound the coming jubilee,
To mass we grandly flee
The Sabbath day the priest foretells.

V iking raiders come
Arriving by the ocean,
Longboats sail in motion,
Stealthy in their horrible glum.

A rmies marching near
Pillaging every city
Sorrow filled with pity,
Echoing cries of solemn fear.

L aughing now has ceased 
Only silence here to reign
With nothing left to gain
So many loved ones now deceased.

T ime is ticking to
A close, another plunder
Resounds like dark thunder
Beckoning to “The Red” anew.

I nto the misty,
Frosty air of the midnight
Eric leads the new fight
Away from the ruins gritty.
M an after man of 
Norsemen racing to the west
Shouting cries of the beast
Charging towards the mountains above.

E arly morning now 
Is here, but the Viking king
Is nowhere to be seen
He has fled after half a bow.

S ilent knights stand tall
For they have fended the 
Scoundrel attack; they see
New rays of hope starting to call
“Long live Christ Jesus,
 Savior of us all!”

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Broken Dreams

Wonderous dreams come and go.

But broken dreams stay forever!

You loved me once apon a time a wonderous 

dream come true.

Try as I might I can't get rid of the 

broken dreams that come surrounding me all 

through the night.

That I think I shall go mad! 

Too much time has come and gone since I've 

seen you wonderous face, 

But in my broken dreams you call out to me 

and yet some how you stay so far away. 

Broken dreams why do you haunt me so?

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A Father's Verdict

coursing through our veins,				
our contempt has reached its pinnacle.
nay! we disapprove sympathetic verdict. We 
demand death by way of life!			          Two counts.
every breath that is taken must be
manipulated by tight cement room.				
never again will your eyes taste freedom. we want your life.

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C herish and maintain 
H ope and faith
I n God our Father
L ord of all creation who rules
E ternally in every situation

FOR THE PEOPLE OF CHILE- hold on to your faith, regardless!

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The Dead End

Your Taking hold of my heart,
Slowly Tearing it apart,
though i have been through this madness once before,
for i hate your the only one i adore
you touch my face i feel the shock,
are hands connect and then are locked

Wake me up from this mess that i can't stand,
tearing me apart by holding your hand,
leaving broken peices in my chest
but  your cheating hasn't got me to rest,
Let me, let go of your smiles in my mind,
Your not good enough for me i got to leave it behind.
I follow those words that you softly speak,
then you kiss me softly on the cheek,
toxic from the residue that you left on me,
i wish you would leave me alone and let me be,
though i can't give up on what we had,
break me heart and make me mad.
Wake me up from this mess that i can't stand,
tearing me apart by holding your hand,
leaving broken pieces in my chest
but  your cheating hasn't got me to rest,
Let me let go of your smiles in my mind,
Your not good enough for me i got to leave it behind.
So you Chewed me up and Spite me out,
i take this bullet for you,
 but i dought you would for me,
I will forget the lies, 
so on that Note i'm saying that's a goodbye.

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A day

To end the day with such calm.
To wake with morning chirping call
The day is filled with love and new
Each moment fills you 
then it is gone
Again it ends with such calm

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Meetings that seem so few and far between,
Indefinite dates, incomplete plans.
Lost and broken promises, where the truth is never what it seems. 
Endless conversations that are merely keyboards and hands. 
Soulless hollow smiles in pictures that will never seem complete.

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Determined to forget all that has happened
A life of regretts
Managing to get by day by day
After the storm settles another begins
God has but kept me strong in adversity
Every thought of him helps me through the pain
Day after day I wish for a new life for this one is damaged

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Work; worry;
Action ~ reaction!
Kindness? Never!
Needs not met.
Eventual eruption!
Somebody WILL

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No good
Destined to fail
Empty feelings
Remebering who i was
Nothing left of me now
Emotions cloud my head
Agony in my heart
Turning for direction, but end up in circles
Hurting more than imaginable

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H.R. 3162

Rolling arrogance
Invasion of mind
Perception skewed by wire

Revelations are rarely kind
Evolution of self reliance
Pernicious egos construct conceit
Under the pressure of false-flag terror
Battling ourselves mercilessly
Leaving the thieves to pillage
Individual thought too great a threat
Constitutional privilege rendered dead

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How do I teach one who has fallen
Im a liyer to my self
and to my calling
Never anyone who loves
The music is over 
Being  wrong all the time never changes
helping only to watch fall
Old and ugly
with no more storys to tell
I never got it right
god help me this will be the last night

Time is my end
sadnees my only friend
the taste of none
Burning as the gods smile
As I never will know my true son

I should have found her

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A Cold Dark Night

Abandoned soul lost in a tempestuous storm
Cascading raindrops stream down the window pane
Oblivious is she to her own mournful wailing
Leeches line up to lay claim on their investment
Darkness falls soundly, hollowing out the pit of her being
Dirty deeds done cheap cost her more than her life's worth
Abundant is her despair as she lay spread eagle in a trance
Retching pain sears a trail of unbearable anguish through her
Knight in shining armor rusted stiff in her backyard
Noble efforts faltered, too frozen is her spirit
Invincible is she to Love's embracing flame
Gone is her heart, forbidden fruit consumed by savages
Howl wind, Howl, sing a song of Misery
Tonight she is a ghost cast away amongst the shadows

A cold dark night
Chills run through me as I witness her plight

A cold dark night
Despair and heartache have made her cease to fight

A cold dark night
Her secrets exposed by the pale moonlight

A cold dark night
Sins more frightening than the blackest of nights

A cold dark night
This star's burning out; once shining so bright

A cold dark night

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In the Way of the Storm

As the rain descended,
            the floods came, the
Winds blew, and the stream beat vehemently upon a house; but
It fell not.  It could not even be
Shaken because it was not founded upon the
Earth, but upon a Rock.
           The foundation was laid deep, and the 
Man who built the house dwelt safely for considering that the
Assaying would come, he heard and took precaution, and
Nothing of his household was lost.
           But there was another man who seemed right in his way,
And the rain descended,
           the wind blew, the 
Floods came, and the stream beat vehemently upon his house, and at
Once, it fell:  and great was the fall
Of it.  It was laid upon the earth, and the 
Labor that was labored in it was in vain.
It was built with no foundation ans was easily
Shaken by the violent winds and waters, so the
House, moved by the torrents, collapsed,
           and destruction was the end of the 
Man who built the house for considering not that the 
Assaying would come; he heard and took not precautionm, and 
Nothing was left of his household but ruin.

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Preying in the Temple

Woe be to the shepherds of Israel that do feed themselves, the
Ones who cannot understand, for everyone for his own gain
Looks to his own way from his quarter.  Should not the 
Vested feed the flocks?  Yet, they kill them that are fed and
Eat the fat.  They clothe themselves with the wool, while the
Sheep are naked and hungry.  These prophets make God’s people err.  They bite.
     They cry, peace; and he that putteth not into their mouths
Is victimized by ravening, for they do plunder and can
Never have enough as greedy dogs; they are all ignorant,
     They are all dumb dogs, they cannot bark;
Sleeping, lying down, and loving to slumber they have not 
Healed the sick neither have they strengthened the diseased. With
Effontery they have not bound up the broken, and their
Edifice is fallen for they have not brought again those driven away.  These
Pharisees have not sought the lost, but ruling with force and cruelty have
Scattered the sheep because there is no real shepherd.
     They have behaved themselves as an hireling, who
Careth not for the sheep and fleeth the face of danger and 
Leaveth the sheep to wander through mountains and high hills
Of the earth to become further prey to every beast of the field.
Therefore, ye shepherds, ye den of thieves, God saith, I require my flock at your
Hand and will cause you to cease from visions and feeding yourselves.
I will deliver my flock from your mouth, and they shall be a prey for beasts
No more.  I will set one Shepherd over them; He shall feed them. I will be their 
God accepting them and their offerings, and I will make them joyful in My house.

Scripture Compilation 

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Testing Truth

Taking a risk to disclose
Everything you
That you wanted
Information about,

That your 
Ulterior motive
Twisted my

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I Miss Yo"u"

I reached up to the sky,

M y hands stretched so high
I nto your hands I tried to reach
S tretching as far as I can, 
S lippery fingers touched your soft hand

Y et, I couldn't hang on to you, and
O ut into the wide open sea I fell; remembering the 
"U s" moments we spent together....

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Sids Survivor

Searching for some answers while constantly trying to ease the pain
Inquiring straight to God above, I ask him who was to blame
Despite of our imperfections, he reassured that it was his call
She was needed back up in Heaven to assist him when we fall

Sympathetic to our suffering, he tries to wipe the tears away
Understand this was his plan for she was never meant to stay
Remembering her is bittersweet, as we are reminded of our great loss
Virtually nothing helps other than knowing Christ died for us upon the cross
Instead of drowning in sorrow and pain I will try to look for the light
Visions of happy reunions ahead help to make the future seem bright
Occasionally I still have bad days; although, they get further in between
Recovery is a slow, steady process that's possible only with God on my team

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Dopamine Dementia

Doubting all the
Old memories
Painted in pastel hues,
Amine generated
In a biochemical soup
Nothing of all that has
Ever been mine.

Dying cells 
Elemental to
Memories that are the first to be
Eliminated in the
Neurotransmitted shell. 

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Losing Gravity

There shall be marrying and giving in marriage.  There shall be planting, 
Harvesting, buying, selling  and building, and there shall be 
Eating and drinking in the day when the Son of man is revealed; so, then,

Remember lot's wife.
After hearing the warning with chance to escape she was mindful of the 
Possessions and livelihood of Sodom, which she treasured in her heart, and
Turning herself to look back she became a pillar of salt; so let not him
Upon the house whose gods are inside and Him in the field consider anything to
Return back to take it away in that day, for those who are gravitated towards
Earth shall be left, but those who look up shall be taken to where their treasure is.