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Acrostic Home Poems | Acrostic Poems About Home

These Acrostic Home poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Home. These are the best examples of Acrostic Home poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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We are known for our football, bratwurst, and beer,
Iridescent blue lakes with fresh waters, crystal clear,
Summer's sun blazes hot enough to make skin burn,
Cheese producing dairy farms are around every turn,
Our bright autumn leaves change their colors with ease,
Near spring, the scent of lilac floats upon the breeze,
Snowy winters, with temperatures below zero degrees,
In our green forests, raccoons and deer have a home,
Near the roadside, wildflowers grow wherever you roam.

Harley-Davidson was born, where the eagles fly free,
Wisconsin is as close to heaven, as home can be.

Kim Merryman's contest - "Tell Me About Where You're From"

Copyright © Kelly Deschler | Year Posted 2014

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Welcome Home

W eeping fills the hangar as his casket is brought out,
E mbraced by Old Glory's colors, a fitting soldier's shroud.
L oved one's hearts are shattered, future hopes, dreams are crushed;
C omrades in arms salute him, adding a bittersweet touch.
O verwhelming grief consumes those left behind,
M eaningless words, platitudes spoken to be kind.
E arnest tales of bravery told of him who died.

H eavy with emotion, a nation shares regrets,
O ffering condolences to those who won't forget.
M any a brave soldier has been welcomed home this way.
E nding future ventures, they've come home to stay.

Entered in Susan Burch's Little Viewed Jewels contest.

Copyright © Kim Merryman | Year Posted 2011

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No place like home

hindered thoughts of childhood
often elude my mind
memories come in fragments now
escaping through corners of eyes

sometimes i see you in dreams
waiting for you to reach out
emotionless i speak
eager for one last touch
till you fade again

home is but a memory
of a father's love and devotion
mother's lullabies fading in time
eternally gone from all but mind

Copyright © Sandra Adams | Year Posted 2016

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A House Is Not A Home

Another day passes yet here I stand
Home is somewhere that my heart can land
Open your eyes and you shall see
Unleash your spirit and learn to be free.

Sometimes the world just beats me down
Everything vanishes and no one’s around
I don’t understand why this happens to me
Seeing then understanding seems to be key.

Now that my heart knows where to go
Only one thing I shall need to know
Today will pass regardless of what I do
Another step closer to understanding what’s true.

Home is a place where your heart feels safe
One step closer to reaching this place
Many words are spoken yet few are heard
Everyone knows home is more than a word.

Copyright © Mark Russell | Year Posted 2011

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Reflections: Midlife Crisis

P     aranoia permeates, etching itself into your fractured face,
A     cacophony of constant pressure; life remains a stressful race,
N     othing to hope for, no positives like promotion in the workplace,
I      nability to love, relationships lift anchor and set sail without chase,
C     hildren crushing dreams under mortgages; age grows with disgrace

Copyright © Dan Keir | Year Posted 2013

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P - Philippines' archipelago: Pearl of the Orient Seas
H - Hospitable "Pinoys" will welcome you with smiling teeth!
I - Inhabited tranquil big or small mountainous to rocky islands
L - Luculent World class beaches: black, brown, pink to white sands
I - Inviting anyone for a wave ride: weight boarding or surfing
P - Party called fiestas on streets are colorful, spectacular and artful
P - Palette of it's cradle provides scenic man - made crafts for tourists
I - Its culture creates a rich gallery of four civilizations
N - Nature's diverse species of fauna, corals! sweetest tropical fruits!
E - Eating - a favorite "must do" for its native to modern delicacies
S - Sense of humor: a contagious alluring trait of Pinoys!

My home country: "a paradise of beauty and fun.."
Let's joyfully explore each islands one by one!

olive eloisa
9:02 pm.
April 07, 2014

Note: Pinoy - local common name for Filipinos

CONTEST: Tell Me About Where You're From
SPONSOR: Kim Merryman

Copyright © Olive Eloisa Guillermo | Year Posted 2014

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     ~~~ Nanaimo, B.C. ~~~

Nestled in the center of this Pacific isle,
a gem of a city, your heart it will beguile.
Nicest climate in all of our Country fair.
Air fresh from the ocean surrounding us there.
Imagine a city filled with parks all around,
mountains behind us as nature abounds.
Oh, the beauty of this place simply astounds.

Be sure to stop by if you're ever this way.
Chances are you will love it and you'll want to stay.

for Kim Merryman's  "Tell Me Where You're From"

Copyright © Francine Roberts | Year Posted 2014

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Flamingos pink and perky love wading in the glades,
Lazing on white sand beaches you'll see tourists on display.
Oranges grow in groves off'ring juicy sweet splendor,
Rainy days combust into lightning flash and thunder.
Interesting marine life, such as Manatees, dwell here,
Days of blazing sunshine draw many Snowbirds near.
Alligators do abound - just want to make that clear!

To sum it up, Florida can be a tropical paradise.
A great place to live if you don't like snow and ice.


(For those of you unfamiliar with the term "Snowbirds": It's the nickname for the Northerners
who come spend their winters in Florida's warmer climate)

Copyright © Kim Merryman | Year Posted 2014

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N atural beauty that dazzles the eyes
E nveloped by the Alantic ocean it lies
W inters are long with lots of storms
F og so thick it defies the norms
O ffbeat people who like to have fun 
U nusal named towns, Dildo is one
N ewfinese slang, a translator you may require
D angerously high winds can sometimes transpire
L  oads of tiny islands, over 7000  waiting for you to explore
A bundance of sea food, oil, ice burgs and moose to hunt for
N icknamed 'The Rock', breathtaking mountains and hiking trails to ascend 
D are to be 'screeched in' and become an honorary Newf and forever friend

*Screeched in: An initiation ceremony where the person must drink screech rum, kiss a cod and speak some Newfoundland slang.
The participant then becomes on honorary Newfoundlander.


Copyright © Cecilia Macfarlane | Year Posted 2014

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Gaming (acrostic)

Give me that controller, I command with a shout
After this game and don't be a lout
Modern Warfare my dad adores
I know what I like, it's Halo 4
New games and new tactics we must learn swiftly
Gaming's the best on Xbox 360

Copyright © Don McNeil | Year Posted 2013

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India , My Pride

Indian peninsula is not unknown to you,
Not only land its sky is wonderful too.
Diverse in climate and culture and
Indians worship mother - nature.
‘Atithi devo bhav.’ is our code of conduct, this is what scriptures instruct.

My flag – The Tricolour.
Yummy cuisine.
Perfect ecosystem.
Rich religious growth and spirituality.
Incredible beliefs and customs.
Devotion and meditation.
Exotic wildlife and what not.

India has all colors of the rainbow,
Festivals, fun, love and respect have easy flow.

*‘Atithi devo bhav.’ means guest is god.

Dt:  08/04/14
Third place win in a contest sponsored by Kim Merryman
 Topic - Tell Me About Where You're From

Copyright © Archana Garg | Year Posted 2014

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Los Angeles

Living in the city of lights
One among many Angels in flight 
Souls that connect, artists we are

Always a place to converse with a star
Never boring or lonely because 
Gravity pulls us together with buzz 
Everything moving in fast pace
Life is simply a beautiful race 
Engraved in my heart this city I love 
Sunshine and diamonds and friends in my land. 

A land of beauty art and aspirations 
The most exciting place to take vacations.

Copyright © Kristen Bruni | Year Posted 2014

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The Isle Of Man

Travel on our steam railway and step back in time
Historic village at Cregneash it really is divine
Enjoy traditional Manx seafood the ’Queenies’ are sublime

Irish Sea surrounds us with its beautiful coastal paths and craggy cliffs
Sandy beaches see sunbathers and swimmers in the sunshine
‘Lady Isabella’ Laxey’s waterwheel leaves you breathless by its size
Endless rolling green hills and wide-open spaces, it’s a walker’s paradise

Open roads to drive on with no speed limits in places
Fly here or sail and escape to our far-flung shores

Motorcycles whiz around the famous TT course
Amazing scenery delights with breathtaking views
Nowhere on earth I would rather live

Come and visit my homeland by the sea
Lets meet up soon and have a cup of tea

4th April 2014

~submitted to Tell Me About Where You’re From’ 
Contest sponsored by Kim Merryman ~
Achieved 2nd place in the contest 

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2014

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California, I Love You

Crowning my state is a jewel in the bay
A prized Golden Gate, is my bridge to the sky
Life on the edge of a vast ocean wave
I'll love California, until the day that I die
For, this has been home since the day I was born
On her glorious coastline,  my soul is restored
Redwoods so tall, where the eagles can soar
Not to mention Sequoia's and Yosemite's lore
I have it all, just a step out my door 
A land rich with gold, Mickey Mouse, and the shore!

I love you California, land of plenty, land of many
Land of vast cities, tall mountains, small valleys
Over the years, I have seen other lands
Varied they are, but I do understand
Even though wonders are seen everywhere,
You have them all and cannot be compared

Only your sun makes me feel wild and free 
Until your next earthquake, shakes things up, even me !!

4/7/14 For Contest Sponsored by Kim Merryman

Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2014

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Heaven constructed in warmth
Only in it is freedom absolute
Most comforting and relaxing place
Earthed with total liberty and peace

Copyright © Funom Makama | Year Posted 2015

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Honey, I'm Home

"Honey, I'm home. I'd hear him call,
Opening wide the big front door.
Near or far, I'd run to him.
Eagerly greeting the one I adore.
"You're a bit early or a bit late."

I had faithfully watched the time.
My heart over-flowed when he called "I''m

Home from the daily grind."
Once more I'd welcome those words of his.
"My love, I'm home can I have a kiss?"
Each and every day those words I miss.

January 29, 2014

Copyright © Joyce Johnson | Year Posted 2014

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Thanksgiving with the Clan

T ake home a plump turkey and invite him for the night
H ave plenty of cornbread stuffing to do him up right
A sk grandpa, grandma, uncle, and aunts too
N eighbors can come if they don’t bring a crew
K itchen reeks with homemade pies in the oven
S ure smells sweet, lots of home cooked loven
G ather the clan at the table for a blessing
I gnoring everyday life that was depressing
V ent to God what life dealt you throughout the year
I nclude thanks for every armed force volunteer
G iving freedom of choice to every new pioneer 

D ivide the tribes into a flag football game rouse
A fter quiet digestion of the entire house
Y ield to a fun sport in a gaming carouse

Copyright © 2010  By Caryl S. Muzzey

Copyright © Caryl Muzzey | Year Posted 2010

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H azily, as nightfall glides ,I unlock the front-gate
O verwrought from drills of a riddled job, 
M y toes stumble on scented violet buds 
E nhancing  gripped thoughts to drip-drop away.

S omehow, Mom’s roast chicken trails along
W here piano notes soften the blues… and there,
E merging through a hall; Oh Granpa appears
E ager to spend a ritual of my life’s rhapsody;
T urning my drones into an abode’s breezy song.

H eartfelt jousts ring  to nourish time’s warmth,
O ften soothing an outer world, restless… yet this
M erriment flames brightly in this safe refuge,
E ver precious as restful chants of heaven’s lyre.

Contest: Home Sweet Home Acrostic
Sponsor: John Hamilton

Copyright © nette onclaud | Year Posted 2016

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M aybe you've heard our history
I nterestingly we've had a few
C riminals and catastrophies
H istorical presidents too
I much prefer the scenery
G od gave character to our land
A shape of our state can be shown
N ow just by looking at your hand

In Michigan, there is an abundance of lifestyle
Each is their own mile after mile
So put on the cruise control and smile
Take in the changing scenery for a while.

For contest: Tell Me where your from Acrostic style
Sponsor Kim Merryman

Copyright © Casarah Nance | Year Posted 2014

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Home Sweet Home

Haven for my weary soul,
On a beach beside the sea.
Mystical and magical as
Every home should be.

Safe, secure, serene,
Waiting at end of day.
Eagerly anticipated in
Each and every way.
This is the place I'll stay.

Home is where my heart is.
Ocean at my feet.
My life, content and happy.
Every dream complete.

Copyright © Francine Roberts | Year Posted 2012

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H ome is where we hang our hat
O thers come and sit and chat
M emories are made and families too
E nd up back home we often do. 

Copyright © Kelly Zakerski | Year Posted 2010

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Halcyon memories of days gone by
obstruct me from the rain outside
mother and father's beautiful smiles
emancipate me from the fears of life

Siblings, laughing, playing and fighting
wonderful times of happiness and joy
effervescent sanctuary for growth
ebullient habitat helping me flourish
threshold to the womb of my soul

How I long to be where I belong
originate to a place full of love
my family around supporting me
except, I'm trapped in an orphanage

29 January 2016
Home sweet home-Acrostic - Poetry Contest by John Hamilton

Copyright © Silent One | Year Posted 2016

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Fathers Go Home

“The role of a father in a family is crucial for his offspring to flourish”

Foundations are built however flowers will wilt,
After a dad leaves his young and never nurtures what they become,
The first love of a young girl’s life and what she will allow when she becomes a wife,
Happens by the love invested in her,
Early years can taint her,
Responsibility was put on the man, to show Gods love and hold her hand,
So she will know her worth from the time of her birth.

Gang violence and drug abuse has become a growing noose,
Our generation of boys and girls are crying our children are dying.

Healing can come if the men in our society don’t run,
Open your EYES, stop believing those lies,
Mothers are in need; help raise the children that are from your seed,
Evaluate your heart and realize that BOTH parents need to play a part.

By: Sabina Nicole
Written 9/2/11

Copyright © Sabina Nicole | Year Posted 2011

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Ormond Beach

Ocean’s mist creates fog at dawn
Ramble along the beach or take a
Morning hike on a nature trail
Observe the herons, cranes and pelicans
No species are unprotected here
Drop the rifle and pick up a camera

Boars will surprise you on woodland paths
Each river is filled with manatees and alligators
Awesome white-tailed deer prance through the forests
Children create sand fortresses on the beach
Hiding from nature’s beauty is impossible here

A canvas can only capture an image
But first-hand visits are truly a privilege 

Copyright © Carolyn Devonshire | Year Posted 2014

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Hanging around here, nowhere to go
Ominous darkness, zero below

Many will pass by, turning their head
Enveloped by warmth, when kind words are said

Liquor, it fills me, takes me away
Escorting me back, to that happier day

Shallow are many who cast judgement on sight
Seeking out refuge, praying I'll be alright 

Copyright © Kelly Radomski | Year Posted 2013

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Washington is the state that I have made mine,
Adopting it at the age of twenty-four.
Shaking off the snow and cold from other climes,
Home for me is Washington forevermore.
I'm enchanted by her many vales and hills,
Not to mention all her fields of lovely flowers.
Grasses, trees ,bushes and shrubs are evergreen
Treated as they often are with heavy showers.
Oh, she has such a raw beauty to be seen.
No rich bribe could make me want to live elsewhere.

Fresh foods from her lands, delicacies from the sea,
Washington, the most provident state there could be.

Written 3/30/14

Copyright © Joyce Johnson | Year Posted 2014

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Forever Home

Family stays together
Only till forever
Remember the laughter
Else you forget what matters
View life like its your last
Everything always moves too fast
Rarely do we treasure the

Happiness that enters
Moment can be a precious thing

Copyright © Caleah Buil | Year Posted 2013

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here i am

Here is where I belong
Here is beside you I shall live
Here we shall make love
Here were our pact live
Here will be our home of joy

I was taken aback by your courage 
I quiver as you look at me 
Your eyes were blazing like gold
As I abase myself to your figure
Little boast did I have as your smile rack my nerves
Your presence opened many thoughts 
The thought that were trapped in my belly button

Here I am
This is I who you once dreamt of in the days and night
This is l that you shared something stronger than stones
This is I who whispered to ear with a harmony voice
This is I that will forever be your guide

Here I am
The time has come for me to hold your hand
This is the time I give you my all
This is our time to show the skies that have seen us.

Copyright © Zakhe Michael Mcunu | Year Posted 2014

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Home of the Brave

Grit beneath my feet of strength 
Of Honor
Death within a win

To be awarded a metal 
In the eyes of sin
My heart is now purple
Ever bleeding red

Leading sorrow
Equally Loved
Nonsense of Pride
Developed in a wars crime

Heightened Ego
A man whom is not on the field
Never placing his hand on the trigger
Dapples on the grid

Smiling for your lose is his win
Tempered in a flag
Rising up a post
Overshadowing Death
Numbers in which Climb
Grief in a family's cry

Grit is a better word for Character
Rendering Star Spangled Banner
In God we Trust
The Home of the brave!

Copyright © Tiffany Diaz | Year Posted 2016

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Copyright © Stephen Parker | Year Posted 2012