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Acrostic Health Poems | Acrostic Poems About Health

These Acrostic Health poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Health. These are the best examples of Acrostic Health poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Mentally Decompensated

E_ emotinal outburst
M_ mentally decompensated
E_  emtionally driven
R_  room 21
G_  gurney
E_  enter the white coat
N_  nurse with pills
C_  Cody already passed out asleep
Y_  youthful love gone bad

R_  restraint bed
O_  open door _guards
O_  opportunity for change
M_  mental health gone bad~tragic

(Spent the day at the emergency
room with Cody..They sent him
to a crisis center...Here we go
again with mental health visits
and pills..)

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Autism Acrostic Poem

A utism
U nderestimates
T he
I ndividual’s
S uccessful
M oments

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Happy New Year (acrostic contest entry)

H ope and faith
A re in my heart,
P erhaps this year,
P erhaps a new start...
Y esterday is gone.

N ow I look to 2010,
E ying the dates,
W ondering when.

Y earning for health,
E veryone's worried.
A nother day gone:
R ainy and blurried.

©2009 Danielle White

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Sense of humour, elevating our spirits
Musing over the simple things in life, rejoicing at what we find
Imagination stimulated, childlike, seeing the wonders in life
Light heartedness, laughing at one’s self!
Everything as it is meant to be, smiling, enjoying, the gift of life

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Reflections: Midlife Crisis

P     aranoia permeates, etching itself into your fractured face,
A     cacophony of constant pressure; life remains a stressful race,
N     othing to hope for, no positives like promotion in the workplace,
I      nability to love, relationships lift anchor and set sail without chase,
C     hildren crushing dreams under mortgages; age grows with disgrace

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Happiness (acrostic)
Happiness is found within not in people and things

Acceptance of the present regardless of what fears/ inner demons you may be facing

Persistence in seeking love and happiness inside ourselves so we may experience the abundance of love and beauty that encompasses us

Patience with ourselves as we learn and grow through our personal trials and tribulations life often presents to us, unexpectedly

Inside ourselves are all the answers we seek, believe in yourself with a smile on your face

Never give up on yourself! Challenge your belief systems with an open heart and a positive mind set

Endless love & happiness awaits you, seek it consciously without delay

Spirit of love is the essence of our original form; happiness is our natural state of being

Smile in the face of adversity and feel your spirit soar to new heights experiencing love, peace and happiness from this moment forward.  Live as if there is no tomorrow, for you reap what you sow :) :) :)

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Love, Like a Tooth Ache.



(Perhaps this should be titled something like: "When Love Goes Wrong" or something.  - Inspired by pre-root canal up 
all night pain from a few week's back)

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Sacrifice : Lopez Christmas Love

S taying up late making 
A n afternoon poker game
C ramming together in a small 
R eminding the young ones 
how bad we used to have it
I nclement weather can’t keep 
siblings apart
F amily getting together, 
sharing great memories
I ntroducing my son to cousins 
he has never met
C radling the young ones as 
they try to wait up for Santa
E xpressing our love through 
cards, gifts, calls, sweets, and 

Inspired by brians contest "love 
came down"

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P atrick is a special kind of man
A lways there to help folk if he can
P erfect is the way his children see him
A nd now they have to watch his lights go dim.

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To Much Drama- Acrostic

Talking excessively just can’t stop.
Overly stressed and beginning to flop.

Messing in matters you need to stay out.
Ushering in tension and running about.
Choices being made without a second thought.
Holding others hostage by your own malicious plots.

Drama, drama, drama that’s all I hear.
Rehearsing matters over and over again.
Always in the valley of o.p.p.
Mettling in other’s business this should not be.
Angry at others and being the drama queen.

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Judas betrayed Jesus’s whereabouts
End, was near
Son of God, knew this
Universe of the Son of the Divine Father, restored
Sins of man forgiven, Prince of our Universal domain, alive in the hearts of his children

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No Name Medicine - CMX001

C MV is not resistant to this drug
M ali's chance to fight this attack
X -ray's of effect may not be known
O n God's grace I do depend
O nly prayers allow God to guide
1  miracle for Mali is God's plan

Contest Name	Anything

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Physical suffering, too many,
Afflicted by physical diseases and pains,
Inconceivable that nothing can be done,
Never-Never Land; an imaginary place without diseases and pains, could that be?
Serenity; quiet the mind, body, soul, guide me Dear Lord, free me of disease and pain.

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Earths people, it is time to wake up, the ‘Prince’ is alive! 
Ascension available, access through your heart 
Seek and you shall find! 
Time is short, personally unite, connect as one
Eternity given
Rise to the occasion, celebrate the gift of life, bond, with ‘our lord Jesus’ and ‘our Universal Father in heaven, building a bridge, experiencing kinship, between human and spirit

                     ***Happy Easter Everyone***

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Kind treatment
Of Cancer in tatas
Measure of sweet and gentle touch
Examine your boobs each month for surety
Never take life and health for granted!!

Susan G. Komen for the Cure!!
Breast cancer awareness month!

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Alzheimers Acrostic Poem

A lways
L iving
Z ealously
H oping
E very
I mportant
M emory
E ffortlessly 
R emains
S pecial

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Social Scrabble

F ailing to do this is simply detrimental to one’s own health.
O ften it’s done as a very last  resort before madness sets  in.
R eality dictates that vengeance is venial and vindictive.
G oing forward on an ethical and moral journey towards a more sublime goal
I nvolves practice in this humble virtue as well as others.
V erily it is the key to releasing one’s self from a prison of one’s own making.
E ventually, I’m told, practice of the virtue with prayer makes for a happy life.

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Majestic leaves, trees, and flowers surrounding
Each deep breath feels empowering
Daoism adheres to “all is one” and “one is all”
Instantly… all chalkboard writing vanishes, nothing else befalls
The road to the energy center unveils
Air flows through the lungs, everything else pales
Time itself seems to slow to a halt
Instinct dominates the other senses in a sudden assault
Opening a gateway to a serene dimension
Nourishing the soul, meditation stretches the tension


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Angel Battles For Me

A  ngel Battles so I receive

J  oyous reception
O  pen handed welcome
U  are important
R  are and wonderful treatment
N  ervousness evaporated
E  veryone come here to get repaired
Y  es! You

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The Best Medicine

Let out a laugh if you’re lousy,
Add some amusement to aches,
Utter an outburst when under the weather,
Giggle your way through the shakes,
Howl if you’re feeling heart-sore,
Titters are good for infliction,
Enfeebled and exhausted? Try some elation,
Roll in the aisles, my prescription.

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Medical Marijuana

M edically necessary to help those 
A fflicted with life changing diseases.
R ealizing that many suffering
I ndividuals need this legalized
J ust to continue the quality and
U sefulness of their lives.
A lternative medications don’t work, but
N ot having this narcotic 
A vailable, many will suffer terribly.

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Emergency Room

E nter the waiting chamber
M oments seem like hours
E veryone stays away
R est on the gurney
G host of those that died here
E nter and brush the curtains
N ow here then gone
C ause that is all that one sees
Y earning to get answers

R emove to x-ray
O perative answers will come
O pen to options
M aybe

(I wrote this awhile back
nothing new has happened.)

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Walking upright whole and able
Exercising each day push back from table
Live to the fullest each minute of day
Love as much and many as one may
Newness expect from life's deck of cards
Enter each game ready as a bard
Sameness only in daily routine
Serve others in many ways help their self-esteem

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F- Fear of pain; complications
E- Eclat operation
A- Answer to prayer pain free
R- Risk worse_hope better

(I have a date for surgery
March 16, 2011..)

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Can't do everything have to learn to
Overcome resistance to help
Need love to feel you can
Thank people and return the love by
Reward good deeds, dont have to be perfect
Own imperfections and how to counterbalance them
Let yourself make mistakes

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Nyquil my friend

Nights like these I'm glad your here
Your unique flavor some folks fear. (try cherry then ;) and cheer)
Quiet slumber soon I'll take.
Until the morn when I wake.
I'll feel better then I did before.
Looking forward to tomorrow even more.

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What Plagues Me

I ncredibly tired, can't close my eyes.
N eeds to count sheep, or bottles of beer.
S lave to the grind of sleeplessness. 
O utstretched and uncomfortable.
M aking myself crazy counting backwards and forward.
N eed some "Sleepy Time" tea!!!!
I may never sleep again.
A lways grumpy the next day.

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Affordable Care Act

A great and noble idea to improve many ways of life,
Fiasco from the start, too big was the beginning strife.
Fairness for all was never set up within the many lines.
Only the government can create, without seeing the signs.
Republicans and Democrats, lost in a world of decline.
Democrats, Republicans, live beyond, yours and mine.
Americans need to be aware of the growing control.
Before we lose everything, including our living soul,
Listen to their arguing and noncompliance to law.
Each of them has nothing, to lose after all.

Care for them is guaranteed, after they leave.
A continuance of pay, benefits with no reprieve.
Retirement is not less in their pockets, you see.
Eternal pay received, unlike you and me.

Accountability has no meaning any more.
Culpability and more they just ignore.
Take heed Americans, or be forever poor.

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BP: Brutal Performance

Broken       “Perfect”       
Blowout      Preventer
Billowing    Petroleum
Burning       Profusely

Bodies          Paining
Burning        Peeling
Bleeding       Pleading
Buried           Passing

Blighted       Preserve
Bayous         Profaned           
Beaches        Polluted
Biosphere     Poisoned

Banned            Products
Boats               Parked
Businesses       Pinched              
Breadwinners  Penniless

Beleaguered      President
Bluntly               Proposed
“Billions             Promptly”
BP                        Provided

British               Petroleum
Blind                 Profiteers
Bloody              Pumpers

British               Petroleum
Broke                Permits
Betrayed           Public

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Influence by Christian Cepeda 7th grade

Intoxication.....good or bad?
Not good if you're intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol. My
Future is important to me. Young ones,
Little ones, old ones. The
United States should be drug and alcohol free,
Even if it takes a lifetime.
No one should ever do drugs or become intoxicated.
Change can happen but it starts with you!
Everyone can make a difference.

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Penetrative prodigious plundering pestilential prod of pain
Ambiguous avarice amassing astounding avalanche of ache
Injuriously instigating incessant inconsolable irritation
Nattering numbness needling nerves to nail the heart with fire and fear. 
Feathers flocking night
The rocks gnaw the flesh of sight
Icarus groans death

The stake through the tongue
The vice tightens without end
I crumble in skin

What singes the brain
Stranding me in motion scraps -
The hog teeth of pain.

O Christ, your cross spike
My flesh, plundering virtue
From my callousness.

Trembling nail in me
Biting bone breaking blood's vein
Winces through the night

Vinegar or gall
I would drink for ease of pain
And blind fear of death

Yet to die is ease
I seek but grimace away
In sweat and shaking. 

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Trip To The ER

Enter the cavernous chamber
Met by the paperwork__you know the clipboard
Enter all this information first right here
Remember we need address, SS#__So we can trace you
Good we've got all that so now we'll treat you
Enter the little room with a I don't care nurse
Now I want to know what would equal good care
Care that would keep you coming back
Yeah! We want return visits not wellness

Room without view
Occupied by much equipment
Opposite of home's comfort
Much anxiety

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Offering of sanity in a crystal vial.
Cleansed with the essence of a childhood lost.
Down the drain. Left a stain.
Opposing forces overtake the senses.
Clarity and peace – a figment of twisted imagination.
Down the drain. Nothing to gain.
Overload of obsession.
Counting, counting, counting numbers and names.
Down the drain. Very last grain.
Opening the facial cavity in a cry for help.
Crying gets you nowhere.
Down the pain. Nicotine train.
Over-used lungs.
Cigarette butts.
Down the pain. Down the pain.

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To all wo crave turkey...good appetite and good health!
Utilize your skills in creating charm in a bright dining room. 
Round up the best ideas for success, ask if you need help.
Kidding yourself is absurd, get all the help from friends.
Enamor yourself with dinnerware and silverware that match.
Yearn for an athmosphere so warm, cheerful and elegant.
Allow kindness when dealing with kids who spill apple cider.
Nobody should be privileged to say Grace but the host. 
Dance afterward with everyone in the decorated living room.
Papa can smoke his cigar, if it doesn't bother the guests.
Unity should be stronger on this day when all thank the Lord.
Major issues about noises, caused by children, should be ignored.
Pretend that Thanksgiving Day is the last one they'll ever see.
Keyboard should play Hymns of thanks, not songs they all like.
Inside the fireplace, the red log crackles reminiscing Thansgivings past.
Nag not when the dog chases the cat under the table...laugh!
Parents should be soft, not harsh...let Thansksgiving be a fun day!
Inside the fireplace the log crackles...reminishing of Thanksgivings past.
Endure the screams and the fights a little child is an angel.
Say the final prayer of gratitude as everyone bows their heads.

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Capture me, in your most charming chalice 
Of white porcelain engraved with cherry cherubs and roses 
Fill me to the brim till I foam, white against my chocolate brown
Fumes of mine intoxicate you and your tongue yearns to taste of my essence 
Ever so gently you smell me, nip me, slowly to savor my every flavor 
Eternally, I charm you and never shall you know fineness as this from another.

Seek me you shall, tirelessly from here on,
Peace shall you feel, only when you find my teasing, elusive quality
Endlessly shall you hold me in your high esteem and appreciation 
Loving the taste me each morn’ and eve’, any time you want, and 
Leave me you shan’t for I am your obsession and incurable addiction 

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M ake my head hurt
  I t makes me vomit
   G ot to go to bed
     R age, Rage, Rage
      A llows me no peace
       I nsists on misery always
        N ever lets me rest
          E gads!!! Just shoot me
           S ucks! Sucks! Sucks!

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Violent is the Mind Feeble is the Tongue

V is for the violent images created by the ID
I  is for the immaculate figmentations that come to play
O is for the opticals of illusions
L is for the lucidness I have yet to succumb to
E is for the evolution of child's play to harmful reality
N is for the nonsense my tongue blurts out  in insanity
T is for trickery schizo-affective plays on me like a leprechaun

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Living on borrowed time

Living life
In a 
Vacuum, to gaze at the warnings
In front of you but
Not adhering to them
Going on dates and playing the field

Overlooking the signs, 
Never expecting it to happen to you

But you are not immune
Owning up to being ignorant does not
Rule you out as a 
Receiver or carrier
Of the dreaded disease… 
When taking liberties instead of precautions
Eventually you’ll end up 
Dead or living with regret…

The worst part 
Is that it can be prevented, even 
Maintained, in the 
End it’s your choice, please choose wisely, decide today…

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Twenty -- Ten

 H ealth A nd P rosperity P ursue Y ou   N ow E verlasting W isdom  
A lways                                                    Y earlong E ver A lmighty Reigns
P ure
 P oets
Y our 

N ow  
E ntwined

Y earning
E levation
A bove
 R edemption

Inspired by Carol Brown's Contest "Happy New Year"
Dedicated to my Poetry Family on the SOUP 

Author's note : Check this Poem out next Year                                                    

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Claustrophobia - another acrostic

All gone.

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Disporportionally sooner

Inside needed
Great outside light diminished
Help needed
To end sad

(SAD is an illness that some people have when they don't get enough light in 
the winter and some people have an additional illness to getting too much 
light in summer which causes depression.)

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Future Dreams

Future dreams revealed day by day
University a memory and resource
Treasures so refined and unique
Us daring to dream
Realistic and powerful
Excellence personified by simplicity

Dreams to live the good memories
Reality a welcome communication
A thesaurus of good deeds and friendship
Miracles blessed by the Lord
Sounds of future accomplishments

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Happy New Year to all in 2010

Hours into minutes
As the New Year arrives
Partying, singing " Auld Lang Syne "
People toast to 2010
Young and old unite

New births will grace our world
Endlessly, full of delight
We enter into this New Year

Yonder months ahead
Enjoying life to the full
Remembering, resolutions said

My entry into Carol's contest " Happy New Year "

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Memory Loss
Urinary problems
Losing vision
Thinking difficulties
Individual weakness
Painful moments
Losing balance
Extreme fatigue

Stress induced
Coordination problems
Life altering
Emotional rollercoaster
Reduced strength
Over reacting
Smell sensitivity
Irritable feelings
Suffering daily

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Intoxication by Celine Figueroa 7th grade

It's in your body.
Now it's too late
To take it back because
Of your mistake. Don't
It's because you drank.
Car accidents are deadly, especially when you
Are drunk!
This is why you don't drink 
In a car while you're driving.
Oh no! The result is a crash.
Now it's too late to take it back!

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FELICIA (dedicated to the efforts of all on the HIV/AIDS scourge)

Rapturous ecstasy emanates from the town
Everyone, everywhere spoke of this damsel
She has just newly packed into town
Gossips could be seen around in their clusters:
"Who is she and where is she from?"

More to that, like a magnetic attraction
Felicia draws the attention of residents to herself
Wives are holding tight to their husbands;
The surely of Felicia is surely a threat.
Not even with her skimpy skirts and dresses

Felicia cuts the image of an angel
With her flawless grammar and sense of humour
The bulge of her regions make lookers apopletic
Her steps typify the menacing walk of a cat
She has all it takes for men to turn around

Society people want to have a taste of her
Women desire her to boost their ego
The mighty, the influential and intellectual inclusive
A King once offered her half of his kingdom
A Governor dangled a mouth-watering contract
A Vice Chancellor even offered her 'Medicine Admission'

Felicia suddenly became cheap and accessible
Initial ego and applause faded into thin air
She went up for the Goliaths to chew,
She came down for the crawling to lick.
She offered her body, a ransom for all
Promiscous men were happy to have their fill

Gloom, sorrow and tears soon pervaded the town
The toll of death was rising by the day
Surviving men depict postures of 'Somalian famine'
Their blood almost drained to the marrows
There was a peculiarity in their deaths
Only those who pitched tents with Felicia are victims

Soon the mist began to clear
I then could see beyond the ordinary
I'd ransacked every material available for clarity
The word of knowledge then came from ABOVE
The second name of FELICIA is AIDS

(c) WP May 1999

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A choo! Achoo! Oh geez, here we go!
L ousy allergies putting on a show.
L ingering effects of pollen's assault,
E yes weeping, nose running, I wish it would halt.
R ecurring miseries with each seasonal change,
G uaranteeing discomfort, plans rearranged.
I ndecent exposure to dust mites and such,
E nergy draining meds a necessary crutch.
S niffing and sneezing - I've had enough!

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once there was an old man on a lane
he always had many cats
then he took a train
and went down another lane

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Living with Multiple Sclerosis

Many people don’t
Understand all the
Limitations we face.
These affect each
Individual differently yet
People continue to
Laugh when we
Experience “MS Moments”

Some moments like:
Cognitive and memory
Loss along with
Extreme fatigue can
Ruin plans with
Others because even
Stress can make
Individuals with MS
Suffer a relapse

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New Years Double Acrostic

Hoping your times are all easy and not rougH All to be considered a triumph without dilemmA Passing into a new year without any hardshiP Pervasive good luck follow you down or uP Your entire new year, may you laugh and be happY Never may you worry or have a concerN Ending the old year with hope that’s genuinE With the coming new year, may blessings reneW Your entire family, may they all enjoY Each and every day in the new year completE All your harvests amount to a plethorA Repeating as they did last yeaR This is a double acrostic. The last letter in each line is the same as the first.

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Affects so many people’s

Lives, that we try hard being

Zealous, by offering them

Help and support for all those

Effected by this disease.

Involved in their care, and to

Maintain pride and dignity

Every day, so that we can

Remember them, and just how

Special they have always been.

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Do I have to spell it out? (2006)

Deep blue
Repeatedly and 
Sadly and 
Inside the forbidden
Only to make you
Never what to return again  

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Memories Of Youth

Musing for memories
Etched in back of mind
Mom I remember
Overbearing news
Reguarding brothers drowning
Inquiry stated caused by flashbacks from meth and herion
Eleven and didn't quite still understand 
So I just prayed to God to forgive his lost soul

Memories Was My Topic

Tribute To My Brother Gary

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~ Slow~

Sluggish and settled
  or softened with age
Low speed and laid back
  a lagging old sage
Overdue and overwhelmed
   out of order and old
Wound down  and weary
   but her heart is pure gold

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Wet,wonderful, clean, and refreshing

(Allegory for something as well as plain water.)

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Goblins and Ghouls

Gathering again 
of boys and girls and 
big kids too binding their fantasy
in funny costumes and
not so cute masks to
scare and trick

and maybe get a treat
needed for a sweet tooth.  But,
devilment  lurks today ...

glowing out other terrors  
held within 
ominous  x-rays that may take a woman
under real knives to 
live out the fears found in a
sentence of breast cancer.

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The Fall

Suddenly I hit the floor.
Events leading to this can't be explained.
I have been through this before and now my
Zest for life has become contained.
Understanding these "spells" have been hard ---
Really hard since they seem to come from no where
Epilepsy has become my dealt card
So now I have learned to deal with no fear!

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One Tragedy

One heartbreak from a lost loved one.
Nearer to Heaven, they have such a gift.
Every soul has the choice for so many.

Transplantations of organs, Gods endowment,
Reviving of life through a medical option,
Another’s existence gave a second chance.
God provides the knowledge, we all learn.
Evangelical intervention the sole provider,
Death of one in tragedy delivers restoration.
You will supply love, from ones deliverance.

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For all that it its worth I find your courage inspiring
Everyday I watch you brave it out refusing to give in
As the days turn to weeks and blur into months
Recouping all the strength that this merciless beast has torn from you
Leaving believers in your wake with each visit to the cancer ward
Eveyone applauding you efforts your pesistence
Saving the best for last you never even consider holding back
Saving herself with all the and support  to win her battle with breast cancer