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Acrostic Flower Poems | Acrostic Poems About Flower

These Acrostic Flower poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Flower. These are the best examples of Acrostic Flower poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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(Acrostic Poem) 
(From my flower collection poetry)- 

R- esting so beautiful among the flower beds, 
0- bject of man's devotions, 
S- ending your message of beauty to all, 
E- ndearing, among them you're the best 

I- n a colorful display your bearded face, 
R- anting to the Sun, all day and night, 
I- ntroverted you bow to the ground but 
S- till in your grace you kiss the Sun! 

M- iracle dressed up in yellow,oranges 
A- dding to your presence more warmth, 
R- adiating such a beauty under the sun, 
I- nviting within your petals lights, 
G- oing around in circles,endless 
O- bvious to my eyes,you're having fun, 
L- ayers of softness,so ilusive you are 
D- ancing away under the magic of the Sun! 

Dorian Petersen Potter 


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Spring Is Almost Here

Spring Is Almost Here

Sometimes I feel like this snow is falling like many endless tears
Prancing, dancing and also dripping and softening of whispers
Right along with the softest of a downy of feathers
Into many of quantum’s never ending buckets of
Not having known when these tears are so extending as
Given into many of known bewildered and coldest of winters domain

I’ll just think of the sweet smelling of the flowers which bloom
Spring, summer thus brings everyone out of their hibernating home

All can become in tune with many of sweet happy song
Lavishing, crops with the beauty of it all with much
Melodious songs which can bring riches of songs to sing
Of heartfelt lovers inviting caressing whimsical
Softness to which we all can be lead to the sweetest scent of all
Tenderly enriched to be seeing the beauty of butterflies flying

Here in the country where merriment surely belongs
Enthusiastically, entertaining upon our eyes with happiness
Realistic dreams of flowers blooming, smelling of the wild roses
Enraptured that all the snow will soon be gone, for we’ll be singing enchanting 
songs of delight.

Written: 2/16/15

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Gardening is planting the seed in hope that it will grow and blossom 
All things will blossom with time and sunshine
Roads can get bumpy when it rains but you can weather the storm
Don't let to much water fall from you can it can ruin the roots
Even if you don't mean to you still can neglect you plant
Never give up on your plant even when it looks like it's dying
I will give it plenty of time and attention and I will talk to it too
Need to give it plenty of space when transplanted so as not to anger
Grow with all my heart till it will burst open

The Sweetest Touch Contest
Tricia Bernard 

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     W hen summer ends and a cool wind blows

     I n the garden there is just one rose

     L eft all alone  in the cool of the day

     T he last rose of summer slowly fades away


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Rich red luster
Orgasmic color
Silken to touch
Elevates my senses

Written by
Vicki Darcy

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Love is pure least, that's what I thought at first...don't spend your time unwisely, searching for temporary love that's sugar-coated and is an unbreakable vow
Oh! But, I wanna experience love at first sight (OH STOHP WHINING) - I need to have a faithful mate very badly, but I must remain self-controlled and patient, for the time will come!
Vibrant sun smiles down on me...sun rays warm my heart of affection and heartfelt emotions - hatred is an unwanted guest! An annoying pest! It envies our everlasting love, blossoming like a flower in spring
Enlivened by your innocence and pleasurable friendship - does she truly love me or is is just my impossible-to-achieve dream I dream...caught under your wicked spell! You're an enchanting oath that I don't..loathe

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B asking in the sunshine
U pon a lovely flower
T reating on its nectar
T hen moving to another
E njoying nectar anew
R ising with the breeze
F loating in the air
L ovely to view in the
Y ellow glowing sunshine

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Jonquil Bulbs

Over the
Next hill
Quietly resting
Underneath the
Icy ground
Lay the jonquils.

Unscathed by
Long winter days
Bearing the promise of 

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A Rose is a rose by any name

Another day arrives so I embrace all I see
Rose becomes a constant inspiration to me
On any given day she opens my eyes
She becomes empowerment that is larger than I.

Every moment feels like it could be the chance
Inside the words lives the opportunity to advance
So sweet are the words that they alter my soul
Arms appear for me to climb from this hole.

Realizing the beauty of the flower that bears this name
Opening my mind in turn changing the game
Something calls to me telling me it shall be okay
Everything I lost becomes lost in yesterday.

By any other name it’s still a beautiful flower
Yearning to grow yet requiring a shower
Anything can happen when a flower grows
Yesterday disappears as my purpose starts to show.

No one can take this away no matter what they try
Angels from heaven let loose a heavenly sigh
My love becomes the focus and nothing is the same
 Every Rose is a rose by any name……