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Acrostic Family Poems | Acrostic Poems About Family

These Acrostic Family poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Family. These are the best examples of Acrostic Family poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Happy Holidays

H opes of great joy to all
A lways upon other families we call
P leased to share what we have with others
P laying children warm the hearts of all today
Y elling and laughter so happy what can we say

H appy thoughts as we remember days gone by
O ld folks telling others family stories oh my
L aughter ringing out thoughout the day
I' d have been a fool if I had not visited today
D eck The Halls one among the many songs being sung
A lways in the hearts of all today is baby Jesus
Y ou can feel the love for one another always
S inging praises to and about Jesus as we wish all "Happy Holidays"

Holiday Acrostic Challenge for Francine Roberts
Carol Ann Brown
1st Place Winner

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Cheater Acrostic

C heating can ruin a
H appy marriage
E specially when there is
A lienation of affection
T hat deals with someone’s
E motions and can
R uin your love forever.

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Yesterday can never come again.
All my family were together then.
My memories are beckoning, and I want to be where
Troubles in that place I know as yesterday
Seemed to always melt away
So easily!
Far into my past -
Away, so far away, I wish to flee.

Now I face the future.
It brings to me a feeling which
Seems a little bit like dread
As all the new uncertainties swirl inside my head.
Though I still have family and many lovely friends,
They’re in a world their own, apart from mine.
Here am I, in my own little world, and
To the very end, this is where I’ll

Oh, my memories! In golden moments loved ones shine!
I long for that togetherness, the joy that I
Believe is only found
In family because our worlds were not divided then.
Yesterday, why can’t you come again?

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I s a child to be heard?
N o one answers, as usual. The silence is slowly killing me.
S orrow, misunderstanding and these mourning memories,
I s this the way it is supposed to be? Since that fateful day, I have been a 
G irl, lost in a whirl of tragic past, calamitous present and the fear of having no future,
N ever have I known what "family", "friends" or "fiends" mean, for
I have never made or heard of any.
F or I am thirteen, just as inconsequential as a dwarf planet, amongst boundless galaxies.
I live in misery, why won't anyone listen to me? I may be young, but I
C an converse, listen and see, and I
A m as normal as you are. So why
N ot give me a chance to prove myself?
C an you ever give me a listening
E ar? Is a child to be heard?

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Mountains crumble no more to be 
Oceans of woe since you left me 
Thunder rolls and my heart it breaks 
Humbly life ends, my soul it quakes 
Everlasting grief with no mend  
Reminds me daily, it will not bend

Inconceivable, this pain I bear

My love's not gone, together we'll share 
In lasting glory at Jesus' feet 
Serenity and grace, oh how sweet 
Salvation unites on heaven's shore

Yesterday's gone, tomorrow brings more 
Only a moment in time we wait 
Until we meet at heaven's gate

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Unrealistic pain
Sheer terror
Emotional scars that never heal

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Great people are raised here;
Raul is the poet of his town,
And he's an uncle of mine.
Courageous with his pen;
Everyone knows his name.
Motionless by the tree,
On top of his famous hill.
Nothing stops the writing of,
The poet of Gracemont.

Dedicated to my uncle Raul Moreno          
for his undying love of Gracemont. 

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To Emilie

Ever thoughtful and kind, you rejuvenate my days
Making me laugh and smile with your ever shining rays
In truth, you are amazing, so cheerful and so bright
Like a mind-boggling revelation, I can see a new light
I often find myself wondering why we never spoke before
Economics was rather boring, but we found an open door!

Dependently, I discovered one sun inside this darkened place
Invariably I understand that there is good within disgrace  
Caught inside the pains of life, your positivity has a power
Kept away from fear and sadness, you sweeten what is sour 
I cannot describe in mere words how much I appreciate you
Now I reach into the dark to find something so new
Somehow I will show the world what you have done for me
Onwards into friendship, our light they will surely see 
Never forget that you are awesomtastically brilliant, Emilie!

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Final Slumber

Twisting the Misery around his Finger,

He walks to an isolated place.

Embedding his Heels into Sand, Carefully He

Offers himself to the Earth.

Lucid, Nostalgic Perfumes of a 

Deceased Love Permeate his senses.

Meagrely He closes his eyes,

And Remembers.

Night time captures the Sun and

Sinks into Sand. Darkness,

Like Liquid it Slips under the Surface

Engulfing the Labyrinth of Light,

Eating the morning hue, turning it to mist.

Peace is With Him, For Now, He


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Mothers are truly God’s gift to the world and really for us 
Oh, they will put things out, even a fuss with a simple touch
The essence of their being prevents us from being in a rush
Hear their words of wisdom and one will learn very much
Even as drivers they shift gears without scraping the clutch
Resting a child’s head, they simmer a cry with such a hush
Saving grace, loving us dearly like a hand with a royal flush

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Thanksgiving Day ...Acrostic

T Though, it officially comes just once a year,
H Halleluejah!  We should be thankful year long.
A Allowing others to gather near,
N not just for one day and then be gone.
K Keeping love within our hearts,
S sending our prayers of thanks, daily to God above.
G Graciously sharing our bounty in part,
I  inviting the homeless and little lost doves.
V Vast, should be our generosity,
I instead of ignoring, so deliberate.
N Nothing else helps your soul to feel, so completely.
G Giving a helping hand and hope, to those less fortunate.

D Don't be fooled into thinking, you can't make a difference.
A As you sit down with a few family and friends,
Y you could have been some ones deliverance

For Thanksgiving Day contest
inspired by Dane Ann Smith Johnsen

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The Greatest Gift of All

Tis’ the season born of love
He was born up in a stall
Enjoy the gift’s you receive

Christ, the greatest gift of all
Hope is what he offered us
Redemption for our sins
I know that I have been set free
Salvation from within
Tis’ the season born of love
Merry Christmas to all
Amazing grace we have received
So lets answer the call 

Giving is the greatest gift
If given from the heart
Follow yours and you shall receive
The gift that never parts

I know that times are tough but please
remember that many families are much 
less fortunate than us. Many families will
turn to homeless shelters for they have 
no where else to go. Their are many ways
to help and the rewards are priceless. The
gift of giving is truly the gift of love.

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F orever and always
A lways be there for you
M y hero who turns my frown upside right
I want to spend time with you
L ove is in the air
Y our companion

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Love came down at Christmas

L Long ago travelled Kings
O Opened their minds to prophecies
V Visiting from afar they brought gifts of Gold, Fracincense and Myrrh
E Eastern Star guiding them lighting the way

C Company of Heavenly Host
A Allelujah! Angels appeared to Shepherds, telling Savior born
M Manger for bed wrapped in cloths in Town of David
E Evangelically proclaimed Christ the Lord

D December 25th designated day
O On which we recollect
W Why/way Christ entered our world
N Nativity only part of His story

A A new testament
T Tells of new covenant between God and His people

C Christ's coming to Earth
H Hailed as new born King, Holy
R Risen Lord, righteous redeemer, 
I Intercedes for us as
S Spiritual Saviour to save sinners souls
T Time for Truth, Trust, Trinity
M Man's belief in God of Love,  
A As Father Son and Holy Spirit
S Shall be saved

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Mother's Death

M  y mother died when I was fifteen months old
O  h how my heart hurt when I called her so bold
T  o heaven her soul did soar_ leaving her children
H  ere on this earth, with lives now so totally barren
E  each day I wonder why so young she had to go
R  easons I will never know in this life though
S  atan did his work in destroying family

D  evil stirred the father to drink, compulsorily
E  aten away was his heart from the loss; Granny
A  ttended five children's needs, extra for baby
T  o family members word was spread_ youngest given
H  ome by adoptive family; but this for child heaven

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Christmas Wreath

19 December 2010

Christmas Wreath

C  ircle band of lights indicating halo
H  alo of hope to continue the whole year round
R  ound in shape flows youthful spirit to ingest
I  ngesting strong hold to never separate
S  eparation comes when leaves fall and lights taken
T  aken from ancestors to mundify
M  undify a sagging spirit in a genial abask
A  bask we get skylight kindling satisfaction 
S  atisfaction to be God’s creation in this world

W  orld as a whole is the people in raceme 
R  aceme with flowers on stalks that entwine
E  ntwine fresh wounds to heal  and feel amorous
A  morous display in every life’s threshold 
T  hreshold for welcoming visitors every hour
H  ours countdown soon will be Christmas and New Year to share to everyone

Merry Christmas to all.

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To---Harry --- From---Carol

H onored I am to know you Harry
A favorite poet to me you are
R ight at the top of my poet family
R ise you do enter and win contests
Y orkshire man married and a father

H umor is surely your forte' sir
O h how I wish to be so clever
R emember our years at PoetrySoup
S eems we became family overnight
M aking history year after year
A nd I hope for many more years to come
N ow I dedicate this poem to you as your Christmas gift

~~~Harry Horsman~~~

For:"Gift Exchange" contest of P.D.
Carol Brown ~ 2011
3rd Place Winner

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Road Trip

R aring to go on my first family road trip 

O nward bound to cross the ocean by ship

A tlantic ocean a remarkable vista to behold

D riving with my family traveling the open road

T urmoil  and tension inevitably begins to erupt

R aging tempers flare as our parents get abrupt

I nnocent children witness the beginnings of divorce

P arents should ask for directions when lost and off course.

Kim Merryman's Road Trip Contest.

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Today is a blank sheet
Oh! What desires I need to meet
Must some go lacking 
Most important are the people
You being one that needs my attention

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Little cousin



Daddy's girl 

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UNCLE acrostic



under a tree family stories fell to me
next to my uncle the world was opened wide
combatting smiles and tears he told them carefully
little ears are delicate through mayhem suicide
ever watching for my mom,  who’d stop him in mid stride

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Easter EGG, Abecedarian: with egg shape-

                       April Aroma...
                     Beckons Beauty.
                   Come Children!!!....
                 Daisies Daffodil.........
                Fun Filled Freedom.......
                  Giddy Giggly Games...
                    How ya' Hangin'???
                       Just Jolly Joey!

              HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!!!!

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Judas betrayed Jesus’s whereabouts
End, was near
Son of God, knew this
Universe of the Son of the Divine Father, restored
Sins of man forgiven, Prince of our Universal domain, alive in the hearts of his children

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Miracles Do Happen

M iracle baby boy
I' m being called
R elief for my parents
A s I am growing and doing fine
C loser to entering the world
L ove is flowing like water
E verywhere in our home right now

B ut I am ready to leave this small space
A nd be held by my mommy and daddy
B y and by I will feel hugs and kisses
Y et another miracle I am from God above

Written for: Debbie Guzzi's  "Give Thanks" Contest
Received Honorable Mention

After years of trying and losing, after being told they would never have
a child of their own...A Miracle happened. 
We constantly give thanks for our little guy.

Entry for P.D.'s   A Poem You Wrote This Week Contest
Placed 2nd

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Blown Kisses

K isses blown across the room
A rms filled with Teddy Bear
R esting secure in mother's love
T rutst and delight are there
E nters the world of slumber
R est, dream sweet dreams dream  

Written, Thursday, June 06, 2013

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Mother is the light of every home
Overflowing care
Heart full of compassion
Empowers us with her unconditional love
Responsible and hardworking

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No Name Medicine - CMX001

C MV is not resistant to this drug
M ali's chance to fight this attack
X -ray's of effect may not be known
O n God's grace I do depend
O nly prayers allow God to guide
1  miracle for Mali is God's plan

Contest Name	Anything

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Though I did not want anyone to know

Helping people is what I try to do so I can grow

Even when it is tough I realize I help people not for show

Self involvement is a must a way to make things make sense

Eager to do things I become sometimes dense

Caring about the things I love is what really can help my choice

Revealing my secret to you I will keep my poise

Even when the time comes I will not be spoiled because of my heart

The secret to doing things is make it a great memory so it will not part

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     C hristmas is always in our hearts

     H appily we remember as we gather

     R round our table for the feast

     I nto each others hands we hold

     S miling and giving thanks for our blessings

     T ogether once again praising all that is sacred

     M others fathers sisters brothers lovers friends

     A ll bowing our heads

     S ilently in remembrance of his birthday...

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Amor de madre (mothers love)

Amor de Madre, mothers love is
More and greater than any other love in the world 
Over everything she will putt you
Regardless of what you have done your mother will fight for you till the end

Disrespect your mom never you shall 
Even on the worst of your days

Madresitas las amo, mothers all around I love you
All moms have a love for their children 
Delivering a baby is not easy so to all you hard working moms
Regardless of how old you are or what raze you are, your children 
Enthusiastically appreciate the love that you have for us because there is nothing like amor 
de Madre (mothers love)

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Earths people, it is time to wake up, the ‘Prince’ is alive! 
Ascension available, access through your heart 
Seek and you shall find! 
Time is short, personally unite, connect as one
Eternity given
Rise to the occasion, celebrate the gift of life, bond, with ‘our lord Jesus’ and ‘our Universal Father in heaven, building a bridge, experiencing kinship, between human and spirit

                     ***Happy Easter Everyone***

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A real hero

                                                             A REAL HERO?
                                                          By: Synthia Miner

                  What does it take to be a hero?
  Being a single mother, keeping a family strong.
   or a single father, helping his daughter along.
  Maybe a soldier leaving his newly pregnant wife.
or making the ultimate sacrifice, to save only one life?

                  What makes a real hero?
      Knowing how to stop a drug lab or a bomb.
  or having the power to save a child gone wrong.
      Is it being able to help the hungry,
  or saving everything that’s been lonely.

                   How do we define a hero?
       Every way you look at it, people can say,
             heroes come naturally…. in a way,

       But; when you dig down deep,
          I see only one answer

           A real hero must have the will to live;
                 whether for him or her self,
      or everything and everyone one around them.
Heroes have the courage to stand up for what they believe in.

From this I say, that my Uncle Jason Mullholand is a real hero.
         He has fought for his life, not just to be alive,
                        but for raising his family.

                 So you see, heroes are hear everyday.
      It’s the soldier fighting for peace,
        and the mother battling cancer.
   And the kids you ignore hunting for food,
    Just to feed their always hungry siblings.

    A real hero values the life of everyone, 
     and charges with the courage of love.

To every hero out there 
Please keep up the fight for life!

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Sometimes I sit in wonder,
Thinking about
All the stories
I so fondly
Remember from Uncle
Walter; telling me
About his experiences during WWII, oh so many 
Years ago.

There were so many stories of considerable note but
Only the ones where he danced with many of

Those movie “starlets” at the
“Hollywood Canteen” still brings joy to my heart for him.
Each time he was there, many of those beautiful women

Sought his handsome and genteel 6’4” company on the dance floor.
Then out of the hundreds of G.I’s on the dance floor,
Ava Gardner ran up to him saying “Hello Walter, I saw you when you came in the door!”
Receiving a permanent war disability and never married, Walter made it to 2011.
Somehow, I want to believe Walter and Ava are now dancing on the stairway to heaven.

By John Trusty for the acrostic, “stairway to the stars” contest. 

This a true story about the second of many more times Walter danced with Ava Gardner at the “Hollywood Canteen.” Walter must have been one hell of a memorable dancer.

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Road Trip

R olling down the freeway, for hours and hours on end
O n our much anticipated family vacation,
A ll us kids were joking, yakking, singing songs and snacking,
D azzled by scenic routes and filled with youthful elation.

T old by Dad to quiet down, we simply couldn’t do it.
R eally, what did he expect eight rowdy kids to do?
I nside that station wagon we were squeezed in like sardines.
P aradise at last arrived: to the restrooms we all flew!

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On The Beach

Only place in summer that I want to be
Now I have time to relax and be with the family
Taking time out to sunbathe in the golden sun
Happy times paddling in the sea is such fabulous fun
Even getting sand in our sandwiches doesn’t spoil the day
Bathing in the rising tide of an inviting sea
Enjoying watching the children play so joyously
Ambling over to the hotdog stall for a cup of tea
Circling seagulls overhead cry endlessly
Hoping this will always be a trip we make annually.

Written for Summer Acrostic Contest sponsored by Francine Roberts

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Captcha WHA6

When I was only five
Heard mommy always's say
Angel  keep being naughty and you won't make it to

Entry for Adam Hapworth's
Captcha Acrostic Contest
G.L. All

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Alzheimers Acrostic Poem

A lways
L iving
Z ealously
H oping
E very
I mportant
M emory
E ffortlessly 
R emains
S pecial

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Beaming sun upon my back
Establish my summer days
A beach, my boys, a blanket, and
Cold drinks, as I soak my rays
Hoping to darken my tan

Bronzing as the babies play
Lotioned head-to-toes
Applied Aveeno Baby, even to their nose
No frowns for the camera, 1-2-3, strike a pose.
Keen eye set on them, as the breeze gently blows
Easy and relaxed, my eyes begin to doze
Todd takes patrol, so I can repose & lay

Bestirred by buckets of water
Ice cold on sunkissed flesh
Now they're gonna get it good, I
Grab the cooler full of ice, and rush
Out in the sun, our time is spent the best

~Miranda Lambert~
Contest: Beach Blanket Bingo - Sweetheart

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A Life Lost

 Angel of mine, where are you now? Hours drift away like seconds as I

Lift my somber heart and head to the heavens asking, "why, oh why?"
In one moment, your tired eyes held my gaze; then, with one kiss goodbye, 
Frozen in time, forever you were gone; a failing heart will surely die,
Existing in flesh no more; yet our love surpasses death and the tears I cry.

Losing you again tonight in fragments of dreams, a heart shatters. I rely
On the memory of your smile at dawn, the scent of your pillow, your sigh
Swept softly across my ear lobe in whispers of love. I know, my tears will dry
Tomorrow under blue sky when I see you twinkle in our little boy's eye.

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It's Just One Word

 Am I the only one who's feeling there is something very wrong with all of this ,
I can't seem to get anybody to listen not even when I raise  my fist.
    How can they not see what I see ,has everybody lost thier mind I say,
Why can't they see what it is that is making them act this way.
   Have you taken a look around to see  there's something that has changed,
When you look into peoples eyes Lord how you can see the rage.
   No compassion  for thier fellow man as if they have never ever cared,
For the future of mankind and how we all should be  aware.
    Saw a friend of mine the other day he was acting a little strange ,
I can't help but wonder just when , how , and who's the blame.
   This power and greed is consuming us all we just can't seem to stop
Stepping on our brothers & sisters as we  race to the top.
   Where's the love ,the kindness ,the hope and faith  we use to live by,
How we allowed ourselves to sink so low I' will never know why.
    Still I will contunue to spread the word which has always been,
Be good and love one another as you are learning not to sin.
    Please don't be another wreck that has been pushed to the side ,
If you' listen to the one and only word you will know why.
    We will all band together so we can stand  tall and free,
It is one simple word and that is love how could you nor see.

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Twin Towers

T wo buildings once stood tall
W hen one day they would fall.
I n the sky the planes flew
N ot knowing what they'd do.

T oo many people died
O n that day we all cried.
W hat happened no one knew
E xtreme anger just grew.
R emembering the fear
S o keep your families near.

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Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving day is a chance to give thanks for the bounty we receive  
Honouring you’re ways, we bow our heads in prayer 
And acknowledge all that is good in our lives, we give thanks to you; 
Nettable arms, protect us and keep us safe, as we praise you’re name 
King of Kings fill our minds and keep us in appreciation of this day 
Serving food to the hungry, I raise the roof in this soup kitchen of joy  
God bless everyone in our extended family, as we adhere to your grace 
Inviting in those less fortunate than us, we become the receiver 
Veering course, we change our attitudes and find equilibrium 
Inside of us is a transitory soul that needs your bread of peace   
Negating all that harms the heart, we choose right passage 
Give us this day our daily bread, so we may feel well fed 

Diligently we cook and serve with abundance in each plate  
Another poor has been helped, another serving of his love 
You are at the center of it all, Oh Father, bless our food, Amen! 

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K – IND 


*click on about this poem to see my beautiful niece :)*

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New Years Day

Now we join and celebrate with family and friends
Every moment of renewal,joy that never ends.
Wishes upon wishes that the new year will be great.
Yearly resolutions that are sometimes tempting fate!
Each and every loved one is so welcome in this place.
And we feel elation as we gaze upon each face.
Really couldn't ask for more than having them all here
Such a glorious day this is for spreading hope and cheer.
Down we sit to feast upon our good luck New Years meal.
As we gather 'round and tell each loved one how we feel.
Years go out and years come in,we greet the new with zeal!

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Steven - Acrostic

S o perfect for me in every way,
T hank God for you everyday;
E verything about you is pure,
V ain and sometimes insecure;
E njoyed is my time spent with you,
N ever will I say we’re through.

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H stands for
Happy smiles

A stands for
All sunny days

P stands for
Puppy dogs

P stands for
Pretty flowers

Y stands for
You and me.

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May hap I'm not beautiful, I'll never be a queen;
Or maybe I'm not famous, but still my words are seen;
Maybe my life seems boring, with not a lot to show;
My hands are always busy, and I'm running to and fro;
Yet my life is rich indeed, because my children love me so.

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"Warm ThanksGiving Day"

Turkey in the oven.
Hands on basting and rubbing.
All adults on deck for setting the table.
Not a seat empty for even a child so able.
Knocks on the door as family arrives.
So happy Mom's in the kitchen, now we'll survive.
Getting the TV all warmed up for a day of football.
In and out the kids run up and down the hall.
Velvet cake hides behind the fruit not seen.
In comes the family passing through the kitchen with gleam.
No samples tasted for Mom is the boss.
Getting ready for this meal still a salad to be tossed.

Day begins with smiles and joy.
All fall asleep for the deserts are my toy.
You have to love this day of thanks for Mom and Dad and every girl and boy.

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Thank you God for this bountiful
Harvest,  we gather together for
Another year of cookery and devotion, to
Nourish our bodies and our souls, while
Kindred spirits convey the love, that is
Shared throughout the year, eternally
Grateful for friends and family that are near.
Incredible feast that is devoured, as the
Volume rises on the chatter,  contented
In the knowledge there will be more
Nougats of sweetness on the platter, we
Gather and give thanks to God today

Dear God, we thank you for this day
And all the blessings you bestow, may
Your love and light; always guide our way 

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Grampa Martin

T he magic of a grandfather, pulling a quarter from your ear.
H e tells a scary story,With a soothing sort of fear.
E lation fills the childs' heart as Grampa opens up the door.

G ingerly,the brother skip across the cold linoleum floor.
R ighteously, He pick us up, one in each strong arm.
A lternating kissing cheeks; His touch would keep us warm.
M ajestically he puts us down; and strokes his long grey beard.
P aternally: he kisses Moms' forehead; boys think that that is weird.
A gain his aura shines our way: ' Who wants Ice Cream.

I will always love my Grampa, in life and death and dream.

S atisfied He loved us, as much as we loved him.
T omorrows' tomorrows our love will never Dim.
I dolize your Grampa as long as he's around.
L ive your life as He did, goodness shall abound.
L earn the love of generations as Grampas' have always done.

L ife goes on day after day: with Grampa having fun.
O beisance to GRAMPA MARTIN and those before and after.
V alues given to grandchildren: Love, Joy, and Laughter.
E ternally.

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Thanksgiving Day

Turkey day is finally here, along with that mid-afternoon paralysis
Half the family made it this year, and thank God, 'cause we're short chairs!
Apple, pumpkin, and mince-meat pies fill the air with cinnamon dust-devils
Nevermind the barking dogs and screaming, running and tattling kids,
Kooky and drunk, your favorite uncle swears you can light a fart!
Surely we've got BIGGER fish to fry's them 'taters doin'?
Goodness knows how amazing Granny's poultry gravy is gonna be
I just hope some jerk doesn't bring that Jello with raisins, carrots, and lettuce......YUCK!!!!
Vodka is easily hidden in the various holiday beverages,
I swear it's the ONLY way I can tolerate half of my family!
No one's really that bad, but a little goes a long way!
God bless every single, dysfunctional, and oblivious one of us!

Dinner comes and goes........the herd migrates to the TV for pig-skin dramas
All say their goodbyes and don coats and scarves
YIPPE!!! They're all gone!!!......oh crap!!!! WHO'S gonna help with the dishes????

jim david

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Winter Wonderland

When out on the lawn green grass grew everywhere,
I knew in a moment that no snowman was there.
No child in the town would see a white Christmas.
The ice in the rink arrived man-made and fogless.
Excited boisterous children laughed and slip-slid around.
Rip-roarious the winter wonders in a warm southern town.
What fantastic fantasies fill malls in Florida winters? 
Opulent brilliance, colorful lights bedecked and blinkers. 
Noble elves work inside at each new on site workshop.
Delightfully watching children gleam with eyes all lit up.
Exceptional imaginations and a warm winter show.
Reality slips into fantasy as cherry faces start to glow.
Love in the air mingles with scents of bayberry.
Adults all around adorning, become merry.
Not one child misses winter in their Florida town.
Dependably on time, Santa always comes around.

© December 24, 2011

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The most beautiful Smile.

S he washes the dishes for a dollar an hour.
M akes enough to buy for one, some milk and some flour.
I nflation has reduced the purchasing power.
L ittle kid at home makes it all worthwhile,
E very night when he eats and sleeps with a smile.

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Great community,Happy People and One Family

I wonder helplessly like a gored Ox, My Head so light, like an empty Box, I needed even the slightest protection even if it comes from a pair of socks, but finding help in a foreign place is so unorthodox not until I found your sheltering Hut. Mutualism shared so wonderfully, exciting and comforting like the lilly, Love and Compatibility making each day lively, then I realize "actually!" this place is really a Family. Transmitting the passion to members like an antenna, raising our spirits and touching our hearts like an entertainer, giving Hope and encouragement like my sister, Aiyanna so selfless to ensure it is all about You spreading like an epidemic to affect others too and if you still struggle like I do, it will aid you up the ladder for a breakthrough to the point it may seem not true. Wanna improve on your virtues? It shall making you patient and meek like a fisher blessing your hard work by reaching the top like Usher and even making you a mentor like the real Aiyanna-Anisha. What are you waiting for? no restrictions from the Law Join the family and share in the atmosphere of Love.

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T he story of two brothers who fought for their country,

A ll wars did they fight with valour to victory,

L ife did give them honour and ranks,

E nd of the day life gave them only sorrows and regrets.


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Beach Blanket Bingo

Beneath the umbrella rainbow canopy,
Elvis croons from an old man’s radio.
As he smears lotion on his nose and knees,
Children hop by screaming in stereo
Hot hot hot! The sand’s hot on my feet!

Blasting sand onto sun-bathing girls,
Laughing boys race to the sea.
Avid readers get lost in their worlds,
Not noticing the shade retreat.
Kite flyers whirl and twirl,
Enjoying the breeze on the beach,
That causes the beach towels to curl.

Buried treasure inspires kids
Into digging deep in the sand.
Names are called when it’s time to quit;
Grown-ups leave, relaxed and tanned.
Optimistic for tomorrow’s plan, of more beach blanket bliss! 

Received 3rd place in the "Beach Blanket Bingo" Contest

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Happy Thanksgiving

Having family and turkey is the sauce for the dressing.
All together giving warm wishes and especially blessing.
Prayers are the dearest thing to share even if apart.
Prayers whether said out loud or quietly in your heart.
Your spirit shared with others is a great gracious start.

Take heed of what you have been given each day that you live.
Heaven hears every word and thought that your soul does give.
Answers don’t always come the way we desire them too.
Never underestimate that they are heard above the blue.
Kingdoms of glory have no monetary goal to claim.
Spirits blessed in honor and true love has no shame.
God is here, he hears, yes he is alive though many doubt.
Insincerity of your inner peace will have no known clout.
Victory of all that will be given comes from your heartfelt soul.
Insecurity of your spirit shall defeat and buries your life’s’ goal.
Now warm your essences with peace and love for humanity.
God has set forth a plan for his glory and our life-forces eternally.

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What Ever You Say Dear

When will it ever end? Do the pile-o-laundry clean the den!
His underwear are on the floor, yes, right outside the kitchen door?
Any normal human being knows to LIFT the seat when you’re peeing. 
Then he screams “Where’re my socks honey?” and “Do you have any money?”
Every woman knows not to ask, men if they’re fat without the flask.
Vodka martini over here! “What ever you say, dear!”
Even though his necks a sixteen, you hide your arse behind stretch jeans
Remember honey when Buddy married us? I was five and on your bus.
You were so cute in your first day pants, and you fell for me with just one glance.
On the way home you carried my books. You didn’t care about all those looks.
Unlike others you never teased me. I thought it was ‘cause I let you squeeze me?
Shirts all washed and ironing a bore. Yikes there’s another one on the floor!
And Bobby can’t you just see us, the first time we TRIED? I wasn’t the first YOU lied.
You know honey, my friends all envied me. [God the bathroom, the throne and he.]
Darn, look at these shoes, sometimes I think we have the “I got Nothing Blues”
Even your Mom said I’m a great cook! "I can see that face don’t give me that look!”
Anyway hon, we had a good ride! Thirty years wasn’t so long with you by my side.
Right? Oh yes, it’s clear? [He hollers from upstairs.] “What ever you say, Dear!” 

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Traits of a Mother

M. Mature
O. Obsessive
T. Truthful
H. Helpful
E. Earnest
R. Respectful
S. Self sufficient 

L. Loveable 
O. Outstanding
V. Virtuous 
E. Efficient

I. Irreplaceable 
S. Spontaneous

N. Nurturing
E. Economical
V. Virtuoso
E. Eager 
R. Reliable 

E. Entertaining 
N. Nice
D. Dedicated
I.  Industrious 
N. Not appreciated enough
G. Good Nature

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My Boys

My boys are the best of me
Youth at its finest all three

Bound to a broken family
Ornery yet full of God’s grace
You know they are mine looking at their face
So much pride and joy they bring to me.

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Why Do I Love You

Why Do I Love You?
©2011 C. Brent Cloyd

When I tell you that I love you
Hurriedly you ask, tell me why?
You laugh when in dismay I sigh

Dare now, listen to some reasons
Obsess and parse them if you please

I love because God gave you to me

Life is good when I see your smile
Observe your wittiness and style
Valuable are your hugs so snug
Each time you travel I feel a tug

You bring pride and make my heart dance
Overawed I choose to love, not perchance
Utmost I love because you are you.

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G entle and generous giver of gifts,
R eader of stories galore,
A smile and the patience of Job has she,
N urturing, indulgent and more.
D elightfully attentive,
M aking cookies, playing games,
A hug and a kiss she's always ready for.


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Today is a blank sheet
Oh! What desires I need to meet
Must some go lacking
Most important are the people 
You being one that needs my attention

My first post..

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Thanksgiving Day

Turkey sitting on the table
Have some more if you are able
All the kids have run outside
Now it's time for that sled ride
Keep on sending praise above
So thankful for my family's love
Grateful for so many gifts
I'm full of joy,my spirit lifts
Voices scattered through the rooms
In harmony the singing booms
Now everyone joins in the song
Gramps at piano plays along
Delighted children come in from play
As the family bows their heads to pray
Yet one more awesome Turkey Day!

For contest "Thanksgiving Day"
sponsored by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

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Shoeless Wanderers of Heaven

N ever again will the Tribes of Israel be the sacrificial lamb of man.
A nnealed in furnaces of man, not in Olam HaEmet by the Almighty in "the World of Truth."
Z ealots rose from the ashes of the ovens and now defend like Sicarii of old.
I srael blooms and grows in the desert, returned by Allied Forces to the cauldron.
H ome to the Holy Land, they were sent, shipped, caste surrounded by Arab foe, isolated. 
O vens melted their hearts, striped their forms for their souls held no intrinsic value.
L ampshades and shoes were made from their skin, jewelry from the gold in their teeth.
O rders given by The Third Reich were obeyed without conscious. The herd was culled.
C hrist-killer the Christian mind said, devil worshiper, their deaths were acceptable.
A nti-Semitism always has been and always will be a threat to Jews everywhere.
U nited, Jews must form a majority population in Israel so Jews everywhere feel safe.
S anctuary will never again being denied Israel will be safe haven from religious persecution.
T o a future where all men have intrinsic worth regardless of race, creed or religion, pray.

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A bond is tied, a new liaison is made
N ovel experiences are satisfying, but the price is paid
G one are the days, when the dinner was just laid.
E very moment is work, and stress is high
L onely labor at toil, she lets out many a sigh
I help out not at all, and she can’t understand why?
N ow I know I am a fool and inconsiderate alike. 
E ach has own choices, unfortunately ours are unlike. 

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A Freedom Cry

A long time ago we were plagued with tyranny.
Freedom was their quest, ancestors won it morally.
Real freedom comes with hard work and tenacity.
Everyone wants a free ride, as is happening currently.
Each, of us is becoming an insincere, minority.
Delivering, into their hands, all the precious authority,
Our lives have become, what our ancestors, fled in posterity.
Many liberties and independence, is being taken by piracy.
Causing, loss of stability to our way of life and past warranty,
Rebellion is not needed yet, though it may become an irony.
Yes, we are allowing our choice, to be forced into conformity.

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Fly Away My Angel

Today....... we have to say goodbye one last time to you,
For us, your children, it has to be the hardest thing we've had to do!
I know you have left this body before us and yet it seems oh too real,
So many people who loved you,"praying for what they must feel."
We knew this day would come but not's way to soon.
Begging God for his mercy...."please help us by healing you."
The sun is shining like a warm July,
The patriotic flag waving high in the sky!
I can't help but think, maybe he did save you?
What actually went wrong, why did it happen so soon?
Our lives will never be the same, we'll never talk to you or even hear your voice,
As of today or even  tomorrow we will never have that choice.
You have been the teacher of God's word and a child of his grace,
I'm sure the gates of heaven opened up and the Angel's have rejoiced.
But here on earth we are left with the memory and a pain I can't explain,
We cry for no reason, we don't understand what's left to gain?
Car's are lined up around the block, we look back as far as we can see,
Our Mom is so blessed by people she touched and her life a legacy.
Now entering your final place of rest, we're put to the test,
Bishop Jesse begins to say...what a beautiful day she gave us! For God's child to rest.
He say's we are "Celebrating" life of such a great woman of God,
She was a fishermen of men and a teacher of his love,
Her great hope was for all to follow his word.....let us pray,
So many turned their lives over to Jesus on this day.
Amen! She is still bringing people to know him even in his place of rest.
So to you Mom; Fly away my Angel! you are the best!!

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Favorite Things (written for contest)

F amily
A nimals
V ictories
O utdoors
R eminiscing
I ce Cream
T eaching
E njoyment

T ogetherness
H appiness
I ce Crystals
N aps
G ardening
S unshine

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Mother Baby Father

M aternity the cry goes out
O bviosuly the babes being born no doubt
T rembling with anticipation
H ospital the birth location
E very parent panic torn
R elieved when child is actually born
B ouncing girl or little boy
A bsoulute the parent’s joy
B eaming down a smile so sweet
Y es parenthood can make both complete
F ainted on delivery room floor
A dead weight blocking off the door
T rembling as he comes to see
H is lovely child cute as can be
E xcited in the role he’ll play
R ewarded till his dying day

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Thanksgiving Day/Dane Ann

The wind is quite blustery on our short walk to grandmaws
Hankering to have some chocolate pie and dressing
And see the new baby boy!
Never get to spend  much time with the family lately
Kiss 'em all and get a hug
Stress out over all the germs we shared
GOD grant us blessings all the days of our lives
IF the heartburn doesn't kill me tonight, praise Jesus
Value of family --priceless$$
If brother can hobble he will make it ok
Next year will be better
God grant brother a new hip by Christmas

Drop off some new teeth for granny
Ann, she needs to chew her food good
You're faithful and just to grant our needs!

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Dearest Grandpa

Drops of rain, splash at my feet
Every time I see them I'm reminded of you
Always working so hard and true
Realizing that I held your heartbeat
Every now and then your smile would creep
Showing me the love that I knew
Truest form of compassion as I cooed
Growing up through the years
Rain would suddenly give me a fright
And this saddened me for many a day and night
Never had I experienced these type of fears
Don't you remember holding me and loving away my tears
Paw Paw I miss you so much now; you making those delicious hash brown bites
And although you're gone, I'll see you soon in Heavenly Sunlight

For the "Sonnet Man's Acrostic Challenge" 
Written By R.M. Hunt
a.k.a Robert Matthew Hunt

Also I dedicate this poem to both my Grandparents
A.W. Hunt-"Buddy"
Howard Davis

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Eleven Years Strong

Many people dream of having what you share...

Love within
Each other!
Verisimilar love &
Enthusiastic promises of "Death Do Us Part"
Never-ending passion

Yearning of
Amatory of
Satisfaction of compromised love!

But only few stick together throughout the journey....

                                          HAPPY ANNIVERSARY

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“S” is for sweet, a sweet little boy is he.
“H” is for handsome, or at least he is to me.
“A” is for always, for he’s always on my mind.
“D” is for dear to me, no other love I’ll find.
“R” is for rotten, though just a little bit.
“A” is for all boy, that, I must admit.
“C” is for cuddly, when it’s time to go down to sleep.
“H” is for happy, that is, how happy he makes me.

Even though sleepless nights, 
Began his life on earth,
Who could ever comprehend, 
How much this baby’s worth?

And tears once wept for this little one,
Have given way to sunny smiles.
God has brought him through the fire and again,
And will bring him through many more trials.

Daniel 3:26-28

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What Makes a Dad


Once God was in crafting mood,
He had to gift something precious to the world.
And the Imagination Bee had gone far to play.
The God was blank.

So he took the strength of a mountain,
The majesty of a tree,
The warmth of a summer sun,
The calm of a quiet sea,
The generous soul of nature,
The comforting arm of night,
The wisdom of the ages,
The power of the eagle's flight,
The joy of a morning in spring,
The faith of a mustard seed,
The patience of eternity,
The depth of a family need.

Then the God combined these qualities.
And there was nothing more to add.

He looked at it,
And knew His masterpiece was complete.

He called it ... Dad,
And sent it on Earth.


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A Mom

                              A Mom

Always there to give a hug or reassuring kiss

Master of healing the smallest cuts and nicks
Ordering up exactly the right amount of love and kicks
Moms are the biggest heros and cherished by their kids.

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The Birds Fly By Me

Give yourself a path,
between evil an good,
even through the world's wrath,
set your own trip to happiness,
like any human being would.

a road to life,
a place to call home,
hold hands with the people you love,
preventing your mind thinking your all alone,
beyond the secrets, and moral lust,
will be warm hearts an trust.

Go on with your friends an lovers,
embrace the hugs from your sisters and brothers,
between the good an the bad memories,
hold your head high an set your eyes clearly,
all of the mysteries in life,
will come to you quickly,
it be like birds flying right past me.

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The Talk

The Talk


"The Talk:",
 He hesitated, 
 Interested in
 During different, developmental 
(Assurances are always awkward;
 Nothing new.)
 Dad dodged    
"The Talk" 'til I turned twenty two.
 He honestly
 Bewilderment by
 Even though everybody knows, each infant grows in a secret station
 So its strong enough for the long aviation of being taken, by delivery stork, to it's home.

(This poem was written specifically for Carol Brown's "The Birds and the Bees" poetry

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Upon the Everlasting

In the beginning, I took you for granted.
Remembering the sound of high-heeled shoes clicking.
I learned later that you were a grandmother extraordinaire.
Dependable, kind, wise, you always remembered me. 
Every birthday or holiday, like clockwork, a card or a gift of love.
Secrets were safe in your hearing, in your heart, too.
Caring, sometimes through tears, you were there for me.
Endless was your love; constant was your listening ear.
Nothing uplifted my falling life more than your never-ending love.
Today, I am the person that I am because your iridescent-self shone in my life.

You remain my confidant and friend-grandma.
Omnipresent from the heavens your love directs my heart.
Upon the everlasting, joys abound in my memories of you.

© Dane Smith-Johnsen
September 30, 2011

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Summer's Bliss

Summer's bliss, the flutter of an exqusite butterfly fleeting past

Universal days of  bright sunshine and delight

Miracles from God, a destiny well-visited

Memories of nature and walks with relatives, reflective and generous

Excellent days and nights with the Lord

Real and beautiful trees and ponds with the sound of ducks and geese

Author: Gwen Meyer-Erlach Schutz

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Angel Eyes Are True

Angel Eyes Are True

A cross this world life loves and beams,
N obody sleeps and never ever dreams.
G one are years that were so very bad, 
E ach day spent missing my loving Dad!
L ingering memories sail my hopeful ship,
E veryday brings such a very joyous trip. 
Y our love is sweetly sent each happy day,
E ternal love binds our hearts every way! 
S ent back were promises in my dreams,
A wealth of love in such gentle streams.
R emembering Dad's solemnly sworn vow, 
E very word rings so important even now!
T he vow was to always safely guide me,
R eturning fruit from Heaven's finest tree.
U nder family's loving and hopeful view, 
E yes watching me very wise and true!


Dedicated to my dad......

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My Gift

How can I live my life this way?
When did things change, it was so different yesterday
Where are my family and friends who were here everyday
I remember my home with lots of things going on
Now their not here everything is all gone
But just when I think there is nothing for me
I remember God gave me a gift of memory
It's so nice to remember the things that I had
And when I think about it it's really not that bad
And when I keep myself busy there's no time to be sad
So I thank you Lord for my gift of memory
And always always being there for me

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Forever Home

Family stays together
Only till forever
Remember the laughter
Else you forget what matters
View life like its your last
Everything always moves too fast
Rarely do we treasure the

Happiness that enters
Moment can be a precious thing

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Karter James

Kutie kid
A Christmas Joy
Really our baby leased for a price
Talking and crawling
Everything is new and wonderful
Relief to know you are growing and well

Justice was served
Angels are aware of your plight
Messiah, loves you from the very start
Eternal savior brought you out of harm's way
Sweet lullabye, sleep peaceful tonight

Karter is our adopted baby(My Nephew)

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Thanksgiving Day

The turkey is cooked,
Ham will be done soon.
All the family has gathered,
Nibbling since noon.
Kitchen is full,
Sauces are simmering.
Guests feel at home,
Insisting on helping.
Variety of foods
In Mother's best dishes.
Now to say grace,
Give thanks and best wishes.

Do it all over
Again next year.
You have to be thankful for family so dear.

for Dane Ann's Thanksgiving Day acrostic contest

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Greed is enthralled in us all.
Real or imaginative and never saw.
Each has their own level of call.
Everyone has this code in a fall.
Dereliction is the key for a draw.

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No License Needed

L iterally everyone has a funny bone somewhere,
I nside their head, their heart, or in their ear?
V eracious platitudes of silliness stray,
E ven in the minds of babies at their play.

L aughter like lollipops provide a sucker’s sweet
A tantalizing memory of bellies and bare feet.
U nless you have a bowl of sour lemons to dispense
G oodness knows you’ll laugh at those faces of pretense.
H and and heart and head can join in life’s display

L ively laughter lingers at end of love filled day.
O ver and over life will presents 
V arious opportunities for laughter without recompense
E njoy, employ, for a life full of joy…. needs no license. 

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Double Trouble! ~ ( a shadow acrostic)

Terrible two? or Normal ToT?
Rolling jumper; bouncing; kickeR?
Over head in the tree; what will you be? A dynamO?
Under the bed? Behind the door? Where are yoU?
Behave! be sweet! Yes I'll give your back a ruB.
Little boys are rough and tenderly tough as welL.
Everyday; Every second; a new adventure in LovE!

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Gone With the Wind

G ravity held me; standing on my feet
O ne day, the wind blew and took me to a place
N avigating through the clouds it flew
E vacuating the shrills of fear

W ondering, I looked down
I magining how the world looks from up high
T he houses looked like small toys a child plays with
H orses looked like ants; walking around to build their home

T all buildings felt like delicious popsicles
H asty was the win, but I didn't know why
E ager I was observe where its flight would escort

W histles were heard from up high
" I missed you" were screamed 
N ow, I slowly landed on the ground I come from
D ashing through people to see my family once again

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A Baby's Plight

A life just beginning, and so unaware;
Born he will not be--it just isn’t fair!
Oh, can’t you just see him as he struggles so,
Resisting the chemicals as inward they go?
Too bad, for his mom didn’t want him to live,
Instead to abortion this body did give.
Oh, listen to this voice and heed to this cry:
Now’s time to stop this ere more babies die!
Abortion is murder, that can’t be denied,
But they call it “birth control,” and they have just lied,
Or “family planning” or some other name;
Regardless, it’s taking life and it is insane.
To call it one’s freedom or call it pro-choice
Is forgetting one person and his right to a voice.
One person, that baby, that life that’s been thwarted,
No choice has he had, for he was aborted!
And now his blood cries from his heavenly home
Because Jesus took him so he’d not be alone.
On high he now dwelleth, and in his new place
Rests forever from those who’d bring him disgrace.
Torn from his mom’s body in violent haste,
In fire he was thrown there along with the waste.
Only now his torn body has been all glorified,
Never more to be butchered through man’s greedy pride.
Americans, please listen to the babies’ dire plight
Because abortion is murder; it’s wrong and not right!
Our God up in heaven will surely repay
Returning this violence on our heads some sad day.
Today is the day to reverse the decision
Inscribed by the court through man’s faulty vision.
Oh, listen to this voice, and heed to this cry:
Now’s time to stop this ere more babies die!

This poem is written with an acrostic of ABORTION.

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Poetry Soup

Poetry that flows from different souls,
Opening their heart and minds deeply,
Each one unfolding for different goals,
Talented ones who write honorably,
Revealing love, dreams, and sadness,
Yes, even showing life’s gladness,

Sharing words with each other bold,
Ones passion; another’s indifference sold.
Universally bound, lyrical lines, so told,
Providing ranges of forms, lined in gold. 

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Sidewalks and skate parks;
   Old swimming pools drained.
Kickflips and split lips;
    young ankles sprained.
Aerials and Varials
    and being called a punk.
Tail taps and  grip tape; 
  and tricks that take spunk.
Exercise that is ramped up; 
   balance in a curve.
Backflips and Bearings
   now don't loose your nerve!
Ollies and wallplants
   it's no passing fad.
acid drops and nosestalls
   Not just boys being bad!
Ramps under carports
   and falling and pain.
Daring and doing tricks
   again and again
Inclines; expression
    and Five Oh grinds
Nollies and ledges
   and friendship that Binds.
Go away Mr. Policemen: Just let us be. 
    Skateboarding is not a crime!
     So let us Skate free!

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Joy is mine
Agony too
Can’t stand how I love you
Baby brother

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Holding the newborn baby in your arms

Angelic face looking up at you

Proud new parent still breathless and weak

Pitiful cry of hunger or possibly insecurity

I cradle him close, sharing my body heat

Not knowing him long, but loving him just the same

Every happy experience from the past, now pushed aside

Skin so pale, baby eyes so blue, his secret baby smile

Sister sharing her joy and part of herself with me 

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Real Concern

Right when I think
And every thought I have is cared about with real
Love by him it's dashed with his thoughtless

Over and over it's seems like
Nothing I do is really appreciated.
Can I really take on the 
Reaching task of taking the first step and feeling 
Nothing but "lost" in the process?

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Pink Joy

Each day of my life will be dedicated to you
Zeal delivered, no one will ever have a clue.
Zestfully proud she is of her precious pink joy,
Each moment and every hour I shall deploy.
Love the Angels have delivered to my heart.
Laughs and giggles I will share from the start.
Ezzellle’s, precious benevolence shall impart.

Mommy will always love you so dear and true.
Yes everyone will be amazed in what we will do.

Precious baby of my heart and body divine,
I shall prove to everyone we will be fine.
New ideas and designs your life shall grant.
Kings and queens you would truly enchant.

Just remember forever, mommy loves you dearly.
Our hearts and souls are bound, ever so clearly.
You are my little pink joy, I adore sincerely.

I wrote thsi piece for Royal,,by remembering my joy and happiness and feelings when my daughter was born....

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Calumny is a sin which consists in maliciously attributing to another faults
detects which he did not posses
A person commits the sin of calumny or
slander when by lying he injures the good name of another
Laity is a member of the Church that does not belong to the clerical
religious state
Unity is what all people of God is supposed to be in His only Catholic
Roman Catholic Church.
Mass is given from Jesus Christ only  Roman Catholic Church
New Covenant is the law and dispensation of Jesus Christ
opposed to the Old Covenant of Moses which it   infinitely surpassed
Yahweh refers to the proper name of God


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Molded from the best God has for humanity,
Offering your time, your love, even your sanity.
Trusting in Him to keep us safe from the unkown,
Honoring God with your life and love you have shown.
Enhancing my life with all the prayers offered up,
Requesting nothing in return for filling up my cup.

To my mom

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Wasting of lives for things that should be peace
A fight to survive
Reluctance of soldiers who die, leaving their children and wives or husbands alone

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Dear Mother

Dedicated to you as you are to me I shall be.
Eternally grateful to you for the love you give.
A silent strength you bear for all the pain you endure.
Recognizing  every day that I am a true image of you.
Mother you see I am truly blessed to see you in me.
Others will come and others will go, but there is no other like you.
The little things you say and do, they stay with me this is true.
Here we are two of a kind, yet different.
Empty I would be if you weren't here for me.
Remember me for I will always remember you.

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Grandma Bunky

Grandma Bunky her hair so soft and white
Red lipstick that’s cheek staining
Attitude and spunk but you’d better watch your tongue
Not to much a TV watcher
Didn’t think much of the neighbor Mr. Botcher
Mom to three, I miss her grandma kiss
Atop her game – back when she was “Miss”

Being trapped, staring from her chair
Unruffled by the grandkids as there were three and always there
Not a day goes by I don’t think of her and me
Kind strokes as she would brush my hair
Yes I could eat a cookie and sit in her big girl chair

Contest Entry for "Memories of Grandma"

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Twenty -- Ten

 H ealth A nd P rosperity P ursue Y ou   N ow E verlasting W isdom  
A lways                                                    Y earlong E ver A lmighty Reigns
P ure
 P oets
Y our 

N ow  
E ntwined

Y earning
E levation
A bove
 R edemption

Inspired by Carol Brown's Contest "Happy New Year"
Dedicated to my Poetry Family on the SOUP 

Author's note : Check this Poem out next Year                                                    

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A Long Lonely Year

Afghanistan. far away from those I love.

Leaving was tough this time, the kids tears tore at my heart.
Only as I turned to watch them drive away, did I see my wife crying
Never has she cried, always pretending to be strong
Going away for the fourth time must have been too much for her to bear.

Letting myself believe, I will make it through this fourth combat tour.
One year seems like a lifetime, the minutes ticking slowly by.
Never letting tears of sadness get the better of me.
Everyday, I think about my wife and our four kids. Are they ok?
Lost is how I feel.  Something is missing, I can barely breathe.
Yet this is what must be done, I took an oath. I made a promise.

Yearning every second, for my wife's kisses, and my childrens hugs.
Every hour of the day I pull out their picture, to see their smiles. 
Always in my dreams, my family is there for me. Never losing faith.
Reunited we shall be, after a long lonely year.

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Annoying at times
I love them all!
Lend me the shirt off their backs
Your family tree is the best shelter!

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Happy Birthday

A birthday present to my Gramps, Hugh McCorkidale Young.

Heaven has a place for you
Unswaying was your faith in such
Goodness always will shine through
Holding on to that has been my crutch

Many others knew you well
Cokey, heard of through the town
Countless tales they had to tell
Of all the men, you held the crown

Real though it is, it's hard to believe
Know as I do the ways of the world
In the fact that you could ever leave
Darkening my mind till my thoughts unfurled

Aloud, I cannot bring to bear
Lonely I must hold my heart
Even by myself I fear
Your absence will tear me apart

Onwards though the world must move
Unendingly your memory will stay
No-one has forgotten you
Gone though you are, you'll never fade.

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Thinking of all the running turkeys
Having all my family around
Aunties and mothers cooking food 
Nice family dinners 
Kicking the mash poatoes and gravy
Stuffing with your turkey
Ice cream and pie
Very interisting " I guess?" 
Nice to meet you
Grandparents being around

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C.easless joy
H.onoring HIS birth
R.ayons everywhere
I.llimitable fun
T.actile lips
A.cquainted laughter
S.erpentine lights

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Anything Goes, But

No one willfully wants to assist the blight
Only we seem to be, yet clearly in the right
They are and must come screaming bloody
Hell, what don't they understand? Something
In the dark cries out, nothing comes from nothing
No way no how, but endlessly they attack us,
Grueling begrudging and badgering, they rack us

So high and pull apart at the seems, till we give
Every drop of blood in our dreams, so we live
Ever thriving near the end of the road,  and beg for scraps
Master says are gold, gold damnation for angels,
Seraphs set to weave our fortune,

Telling us one thing and giving us another
Oh God if I had a nickel for every time brother

Got a nickel? I could use one it seems to call
Irresponsibility back and get my quarter
Vile venomous witch, she's called, loitering
Evermore in my heart and home, so long.

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S uch a beautiful young woman
A lways helping others
R arely thinking of her needs first
A lso a fantastic mother
H ow lucky we are to have you

With love to my beautiful daughter

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P ierced, penetrated into the flesh,
A wakened...flailing, as they try to thresh,
L asting, everlasting torment;  yet they still 
E ndure the suffering, which they manifest… 
S eeking for only one moment to rest…

T he truth lies underneath these underground pages, 
 I ndicating valor and power that have lived for ages… for
N othing will ever erase the Palestinian truth,
E luding reality, as we await your confrontation…

                                                                                            Forever immortal…
                                                                                              Within me
                                                                             and   withiin our united, perpetual 

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Live, Laugh, Love

Live in peace within your mind
I have found it easier to unwind.
Victimize no one; just be kind.
Evil will run, this, you will find.

Laugh at the world for it is droll.
Always recall, we all have a goal
Universally we are all have a role.
God gave each one, a different soul.
Happiness is having total control.

Love is natural, and cannot be bought.
Only heartstrings may be caught.
Victims of lust, are all for naught.
Every spirit can receive cupids shot.

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The Girl With No Name

November 26, 2009
She walks with her head down,
She wonders with no purpose,
She has a mother who forgets her,
She has a father who dosnt want her,
She has parents who cant handle her,
What is she to do with herself?
She has two sets of parents,
Neither seem to want her,
She has a big family but,
None have time for her,
She hides her tears,
She hides her pain,
She hides the abuse,
She blocks people out.
This is her legacy ,
This is her story,
This is her life,
This is the girl with no name.

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Thanksgiving Day

Today and everyday is worth being thankful.
Having warmth and love given is always thoughtful.
All of us should carry this feeling throughout year.
Not being thankful is just selfish, shows your fear.
Kindness should be showed to all each and everyday.
Sure, it may be tough at first, for your heart to sway.
God gave everyone a mind, heart and soul the same.
Individually we must all prepare and play the game.
Victory shall be the joy and happiness, you bring.
Inventory your heart; let your spirit free to sing.
Never let a sour soul, spoil your delightful song.
God is alive, great, awesome, he is never wrong.

Discover loving essence; make it your quarry.
Allow his honor to grace your existence and story.
You and you alone are the keeper of our Lords glory.

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Table set with yummy things -a
Holiday for food
Apple pie and pumpkin roll- that 
Nice Aunt Donna brings
Kids run up and down the stair
Singing through the day
Giving thanks for childish things
In each and every way
Very hungry gentlemen
Inspecting every dish
Needing each a plate or ten- a
Grand Thanksgiving wish!

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You Light My Fire

Shrine for beloved
Placed ever so gently
In  sanctuary 
Resting for now
In light of shards
Transparent to naked eye
Searching for a flame

In memory of life passages
Now walking in valleys of green

Lift thy prayers
In our Father's name
Guide thy soul
Heal thy pains
Through thy body of Christ our Lord


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As the Baby Cries

At a

And complete

Of time,
Sanity, as well as

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MY Son Ross

MY Son Ross

My son has a special purpose in life.  I am sure of it.  His life was spared thrice.
Yesterday, he was a babe in arms; the days and years have passed way too fast.
Somehow, without permission (lol) the boy turned into a man, a good man.
Only yesterday, he went off to school…we vacationed and camped.  Everywhere!
Next thing I knew, he was graduating from high school and started working.
Ross, the baby in the family, is going to join the Air Force in ten days…far away.
My son has optimism and has set career goals; I love Ross and shall miss him terribly.
Soon, his life will change.  I can see him in my minds eye: exercise and more exercise. 
Strong and honorable, my son shall go forth and do some good in the world…love, peace.

© Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
February 13, 2010

Poetic form: Acrostic

To see my son, Ross, use the following link to go to my Poetry Soup Photo Gallery:  http://

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Can anyone or should they say anything about loves effect.
Only one issue I feel is important, that they are both adults.
Undeniably love knows no bounds, or even any sect.
Granted in the bible, they chose younger women with respect.
Age is just a factor, when it comes to loves depth of realism.
Reason, whether be older men or women, having no schism.

Each day that passes unhappiness rages, in relationships of close age.
Forever love is in the heart and soul; it really has no classic cage.
Forever love is even rarer these days, than ever before.
Every soul has a soul mate, this I do believe with Heavens score.
Craving the closeness and touching of spirits bound, with true tenderness.
Taking to name this the cougar effect, is lending thoughts that are lecherous.

written by

Cecil Hickman

written for

Sponsor Dr.Ram Mehta 
Contest Name Cougar Effect 

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S= Surprising


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Yahshua's Menorah

As darkness 
D escends and we remember all
O f the brave who fall
N o memory is stronger than the miracle 
A ll saw as Yahshua lit the Menorah
I n the Temple.

E ternal made one day’s oil
L ast for eight days toil.
O n the seventh day Yahshua celebrated.
H is families’ the Macabbees' victory.
E ach Jew sends praise and love as
I n days of old for the blessing of life 
N o man
U nderstood

E ternal love and light
C harity
H umility
A nd 
D evotion more than Yahshua

*There is no J in either the Hebrew or Greek language
Jesus would have been spelled Yahshua

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Mother is what I am
Always worrying about my cubs
Mourns the loss of being with my children
Agrees that life is not fair
Beginning a new chapter in my life
Every day a new challenge
Always will love my kids
Ready to take on the world

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Death Of A Poet { In Loving Memory Of Karen Feist }

Kinder spirit is now resting
Angels keep you safeguarded
Remain still my dear friend
Eternity is ones destiny
No pain is allowed in Heaven

Fondest memories of you linger on
Everyone has one or two
Inspiration to fight was yours
Sympathy from my heart pours out
To your family and close friends

Tribute To 
Karen Feist's 
Family And Friends

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Children At Easter

C...Cute, cuddly, wiggly dressed dressie
H...Holding Easter Baskets..fancy

I...Interested in the candy
L...Laughter smiles aren't they just dandy

D...Daughters, sons next generation
R...Reason for different celebration

E...Excitement bubbling forth fills air
N...Nothing like love of child is there

(Couplet and Acrostic combination..)

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Always flirting around
Really just having fun.
Making the best of life
And getting things done.
Never letting things put him
Down. Always Smiling
Oh, and laughing around

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Happy New Year to all in 2010

Hours into minutes
As the New Year arrives
Partying, singing " Auld Lang Syne "
People toast to 2010
Young and old unite

New births will grace our world
Endlessly, full of delight
We enter into this New Year

Yonder months ahead
Enjoying life to the full
Remembering, resolutions said

My entry into Carol's contest " Happy New Year "

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F athers, mothers, brothers, sisters,
A unts, uncles, cousins, too,
M ultiple links as in a chain,
I mportant ties give us a clue to,
L ineage showing from whence we came,
Y ielding either pride or shame.

2/15/12 for Brian Strand's Short and Sweet contest.

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living candle

                                                             Living candle 
What is a living candle . People thoughts that that the great man of the world is the living candle how gave lights and happiness to the world with his blood like mathma gandi  , neru and 
Bagant singh etc. but can we miss  some body the most important and valuable person in our life’s . who make our  life better and happy  with his blood and his life . think about it who is this person . 
            In my point of view we miss the main person in our life’s.  our mothers who always play a very big role in our life’s  . mothers always treat the children with his blood . we can say that the mother is the other name of living candle who burn herself and give the light of happiness .
          Is our mother refuse any thing or any work that we demand in our homes  or in our life’s . 
I always see my mother while she is  working and rest of his life she always think about success and a good life of his children’s  . I told you a very most important and a very bad moment in my life  . After my father death our fine national conduction of our family is not so good . In dinner and also breakfast  my mother took food in last .  but why. I tell you the reason of this 
She thinks that’s  firstly  her children’s fulfill his demand of food and after that my mother eats a very low amount of food and she told us that her stomach fain  during the large amount of  food  but that is not true I tell you truth it is not the pain of large amount it is pain of hunger . I see many times that my mother eat nothing . it is morality and love of mother for his children’s
So plz thanks your mother giving you  a very happy and good life .. 
                                                                                                                       WRITTEN BY :- TARUN DABAS

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Memory Loss
Urinary problems
Losing vision
Thinking difficulties
Individual weakness
Painful moments
Losing balance
Extreme fatigue

Stress induced
Coordination problems
Life altering
Emotional rollercoaster
Reduced strength
Over reacting
Smell sensitivity
Irritable feelings
Suffering daily

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Evil, Wicked & Demented

Enjoys her new found roles in her life
Visions of dastardly deeds dance in her head
Irate when people are rude and show disrespect
Loves to know what she is capable of 

Wishes some things were different
Is nervous about sons going off on their own
Cool mom she is to them
Knows they Love her no matter what
Enjoys her more morbid thoughts
Does enjoy to make a person squirm


Definitely not your average beauty
Enjoys the inner workings of her mind
Makes no issue over who she is
Enriches your life just by being there
Needs love and support not condemnation
Takes charge when no one else will
Each day she shines no matter what
Deliciously twisted and still a friend

This is dedicated to my other 2 sisters. This is ALL 3 of us in various forms. I love you
2 and I hope I you make proud. I am proud to have you as my sisters and hope you 2 know you
are loved. We are all 3 together Evil Wicked & Demented.

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I sit by a window.......

i sit by a window,
waiting for the sun to shine.
life is usually sunny,
full of laughs and smiles.
but now i just don't know.
i'm just so confused
about so many things.
what should i do?
i know that if i hold out,
things will get better.
sometimes i am in a tunnel.
and theres always a light at the end.
its always my friends and family.
they are always there for me.
i will always and forever love them.
i sit by a window,
my sun is shining through.
i know that i have made it
through the darkness and the pain
i guess what i am trying to say is that,
i love my friends and family with my whole heart.
i hope that they know this.
cause i know that they love me.
ill survive another day.
thanks to my friends and family.

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Family at Christmas

Fortunate i am
All my children are safe at home
Many families at this time of the year
In this world, can be left so alone
Love bonds us together, as the Carol singers call 
Yule tidings from the Fraser family,  to one and ye all

My entry in Brian's " Love Came Down " contest

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(Dedicated to Brandi)

Many nights
You came to my room. 

Only I know your
Needs. You give up when you 
Lay wake at night.
You have cried in the dark 

Wanting my presence 
Inside of your mind. 
Still I protect you. Please don’t forget
How long ago, I promised my ear.  

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Stuffed with well cooked food
Turkey drumsticks do extrude
Undercooked statements are rude
Family members feud
Football sets the mood
Expanding bellies cunclude
Digestion sounds are crude

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14 was when we waved goodbye,
to be set off in this world of danger.
14 was when he lost me,
and I lost her.
What a price to pay
for a mother.
What a burden to have
To be lost,

The lioness watches her own be
Taken away into the darkness
To the mouths of ghostly,
Dominant males.
Evil, red eyed beasts.
How can she take this pain?
This crowned, 
broken heart brought before her.

She is calling them in the night.
Howling for them to come
consume her body in minutes,
alleviating all the pain
from this lost love.
Lost in the darkness.
They are full now, 
done feasting.
I’m heading back home.

The second sun
has ascended.
He is surprisingly beautiful.
A path of light and direction 
I have always wanted to be.
My pathway of righteousness
Without heartbreak.
Feeling anguish now,
Wasting time again.

I’ve just now realized
all this time,
You were the howling
that’s been calling me back home.
been too far along now
In this sea of death.
Its my time now,
Its time for you to bring me home.

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The Rain Lily

The majestic, strong-willed beauty I hardly know
Hued in perfection of limpid white, pink and yellow
Ever steady and loyal to the rich soil I’ve never sow

Rendering sweet bloom, even if, my summer waned
Alive always at the onset of rain…of sorrow and pain
At the lowest ebb of life, a smile, from you I truly gain
Nurturing in silence the swollen heart, again and again

Lovely charm of floral trumpet shaped lives, without me
In a tiny pot, but never raise a hue and cry, for me to see
Lonesome solitude, besetting her when cold winters pee
Yet, she keeps and maintains a rare elegance, just for me

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H.E.A.T.H.E.R. S.T.R.A.N.D

T=Tough- love

T=Tolerating patience

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What's In Your Name

Sensationally super, and Sagittarius son of John Spence
Pleasantly personable, and matriarch Maud Spence’s son
Enabling, exquisite, eloquent, evolving and enterprising
Naturally nice, no nonsense, and a nutritionist nobleman
Carrot consumer, constant comrade and cold-war veteran
Equitably enlightened, and just an elegant eggnog taster
Jumping Jupiter, a jubilant sundae lover, and just a jewel!

Comments:   During my twenty plus years of military service I was always called 
Spence, J.   That's just the way the government does business.  This acrostic is 
about Spence, J.   It's crafted on a combination of alliteration, assonance and 
consonance sounding words. Eggnog at Christmas is my favorite. Having a 
Sunday afternoon sundae at the ice cream parlor is oh so tasty. Wow!  I just love 
it!!!  Anyway, here are some comments on writing an acrostic. The basic acrostic 
poem is formed by writing a word vertically down the page, which may also be 
the topic of the poem.  It’s recommended to use one letter per line, and the 
beginning letters should be all capital ones.  Each line of the poem should begin 
with the letter on that line and the line should pertain to the word or title being 
used.  Some may recommend using one word or a phrase which does not have 
to rhyme; however, one may move beyond the basic acrostic form and use a 
complete thought with a rhyming sequence.  It’s also recommended to use 
adjectives and phrases that describe the word or subject of the acrostic. Finally, 
one may take the quantum leap and write a double acrostic where the first and 
last letters of each line are the same.

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Doris Precious Daughter

Of God's children


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Advice To You

Real life waits you.
Only you can make the 
Decision. You definitely 
Need to be praying and studying the Word
Everyday because 
You gifts and a call on your life.

wrote 2-3-10

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Father And Son

Faithful and a friend who will defend to the end.
Always there when you need a friend.
Thankful for a loving son who cares.
Helps you and he gives you hope with his prayers.
Especially tries to know and meet all your needs.
Regardless of your circumstances, helps you do good deeds.

Acrostic poem of a father and son.
Nurtured in love just having a little fun!
Doing all he can to teach his son to be a man.

So here I stand, and dad I'm grateful for your helping hand.
Occasionally I was hard to handle but I made it to the end.
Not only were you my father, but you were my best friend!

*Collaberation with Marty Owens ( He did FATHER and I did AND SON)

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Tall                            Structures
Offering                     Shelter
Withstanding              Blows
Evaporating               Lives
Raping                      Families
Security                    Needed

An acrostic poem about the twin towers of 911.

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My Sister

My sister siting calm in the chair,
I know all i do is stair,
she then  looks over and gives me a glare,
My sister so beautiful yet so scared,
I watch her sleep every now and then,
to make sure she is breathing,
I hope that she will not have a seizer,
My sister hard working and a normal kid,
Every now and then i have tears to shed,
I sometimes think if she never catches her breath she might end up dead,
My life would not make sense,
My sister cocky yet so nice,
she always comes to me and ask for advice,
What hurts is watching her go through so much pain,
but then she has strength to gain,
My sister everything to me,
I hope that one day she will get better,
and i shall hand my mother this beautiful letter.

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L-Loving, Life living

E- Enticing, Eccentric, 

A- Always there, Artistic

H- Hero, Heart

A Girl of mass appeal 
A Person that beats no other
A Friend that listens and gets the point
A Twin that is believing
A Cow...Don't ask! 
A Poet that knows how to write.

She is my Friend, Twin, Cow and poet that I hear. 

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My mother-in-law is a blessing
Only to her son
Now that we are married
She has me on the run
The Lady's always changing
Everything I've done
Regrets, I don't have many
She's the only one

For:  Debbie Guzzi's Jack Out of the Box contest
Form:  Acrostic
By: Mdailey

I have not tried a poem of this style since I was a teacher back in the 70's.

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Hats on
Paper plates ready?
Please don't drop any crumbs
Your glass
Empty yet?
Won't you have some more?
Almost upon us
Ready, "Happy new year"

Happy New Year - Acrostic competition entry

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Affects so many people’s

Lives, that we try hard being

Zealous, by offering them

Help and support for all those

Effected by this disease.

Involved in their care, and to

Maintain pride and dignity

Every day, so that we can

Remember them, and just how

Special they have always been.

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Mother Made Me Do It

Mother made me do it
Open books minds hearts and souls
Teach others along the beaten path
Help those who can't help themself's
Erase past and start anew And to alway's
Remember her on Mother's Day

In Loving Memory
Mom   { 1934-2005 }
      Luv Ya

Happy Mother's Day
To All Moms This
Mother's Day

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Near Death Experience

Needless to say you are going down a road that
Ends in dreadful disaster.
After numerous warnings about your life, you still chose the action of
Running the streets like there is no tomorrow.

Darling dear, you’re going to get it from God before the
End of this year. You will experience an apparent,
Awful abrasion that you are self-inflicting by action of
The willful disobedience of God, the Father.
He told you what he wanted you to do. Since birth, for your assignment,

Everything has been laid out on a table made especially for you.
Xcept you actually doing it.
People are holding you back. You give them more potential and kinetic
Energy to do it by listening to them. You’re 
Repeating the same silly stupid activities,
Involving women. These repeated activities are going result in almost
Ending your life. Some who don’t have God in their lives are 
Not able to deal with what you to women in a positive way. He’s
Calling your name out in a unique way, because you are indeed unique, He’s calling
Extremely loud, but your head and ears are too busy stuck in Satan’s rain clouds.

wrote 2-3-10

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HAPPY New Year

HAPPY New Year 

Happy hours whole-heartedly hold to habitual hilarities.
Abandoned attitudes and aspirations are assessed as antiquity.
Party partakers posing for pictures postpone philanthropy.
Preliminary performances playfully present pasts poetically. 
Yesterday's yearnings yield to Yuletide yelps for yonder years.
Necessity notices not nations’ nicest New Year's nights.
Elegance eludes excessive extravagance effectively.  
Waste not… Want not… Work lots… Win!  

Yesterdays years yielded yellow-yarrow yawns.
Every exploration envisioned endless eons.
Annual ambitions are articulated, and appraised. 
Resolutions 2010 respectfully resolve righteousness rules!  

© Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
    December 20, 2009

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Mother Of All Pearls

Mother of all pearls
Only to be found in the land of sky blue waters
Tucked neatly beneath her own shell
Holding and cradling her youngest gem
Earrings necklace rings to mention a few
Rest assure it will brighten her day
So grab your snorkles flippers and scuba tanks

Dive beneath corral reefbeds
Awaiting upon for your arrival
Yes a tightly wrapped mother pearl gem

In Loving Memory
Mom {1934-2005}

You Will Alway's Be 
My Pearl Mom  {RIP}

Happy Mother's Day To All 
Moms Stepmoms And Moms To Be

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living candle

                                                             Living candle 
What is a living candle . People thoughts that that the great man of the world is the living candle how gave lights and happiness to the world with his blood like mathma gandi  , neru and 
Bagant singh etc. but can we miss  some body the most important and valuable person in our life’s . who make our  life better and happy  with his blood and his life . think about it who is this person . 
            In my point of view we miss the main person in our life’s.  our mothers who always play a very big role in our life’s  . mothers always treat the children with his blood . we can say that the mother is the other name of living candle who burn herself and give the light of happiness .
          Is our mother refuse any thing or any work that we demand in our homes  or in our life’s . 
I always see my mother while she is  working and rest of his life she always think about success and a good life of his children’s  . I told you a very most important and a very bad moment in my life  . After my father death our fine national conduction of our family is not so good . In dinner and also breakfast  my mother took food in last .  but why. I tell you the reason of this 
She thinks that’s  firstly  her children’s fulfill his demand of food and after that my mother eats a very low amount of food and she told us that her stomach fain  during the large amount of  food  but that is not true I tell you truth it is not the pain of large amount it is pain of hunger . I see many times that my mother eat nothing . it is morality and love of mother for his children’s
So plz thanks your mother giving you  a very happy and good life .. 
                                                                                                                       WRITTEN BY :- TARUN DABAS

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Mums make Christmas
Only they can
That is a fact of life
Her mission is simple
Every year
Recreating the day 

Christmas for her
Holidays for her
Require of her to
Illuminate the season
Supply an army
Trim and decorate
Make and manufacture
Aid and assist
Sustain and nourish

Thank her
Honour her
Assist her
Neglect her not
Kids and spouses
Should respect her

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Manger, Soupers sing, with your Christ child glowing
Eternal, long ago, become now our gladsome hearts
Ring with the good news of King Jesus sharing
Rejoicing and ransom of sinners humble hearts
Ye poetry soup family worldwide this love proclaim

Christ is come and coming again, to every island
Hamlet, cold manor, and castles of continent
Rustling papers and packaging mystery present
Inspire your thoughts by time's quick falling sand
Sweet are the moments gone we shared, same
Today, let it forever be, love, fellowship, peace
Merry Christmas then to all of you, thanks too
Angelic thoughts and souls of sweet compassion
Sing your hearts with joy the season through
Serenading still family, friends, all with sacred passion. 

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Any way, she makes my heart beat pure.
No one loves her like me I’m sure.
Nothing will make me act in this way,
Apart from this little one having all the say!
Believe when I tell you she is a pain.
Engulfed with “snot”, however this is her reign!
“Listen Dad!” (I have to, or she’ll drive me insane)!

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Lillian Jean

Lillian means "Heaven's Flower."
I wonder do you know who I am?
Life is kinda empty without you in it my daughter.
Love between a father and daughter should be unbreakable!
I've watched you grow up these 7 years in photographs.
And it kills me I haven't been able to hold you.
Not a day goes by I don't think of you Lilly.

Jean was my momma's middle name given to you.
Everyday i pray you're doing well baby girl,
And you need to know you're my world.
Nothing or no one will ever change that!

*Lillian Jean Anderson is my youngest.  She is 7 years old!

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A Grandmother's Desire

Cody of  you I ponder
Obessed with concern and wonder
Desiring a good life and joy
Yearning for you to be a happy boy

Just come close to me
Understand my desire for thee
Standing beside you all the way
Thinking there will be a better day
I love you and always will
Now and untill God calls me and then better still

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Unspoken Words

Undeniably, I have been held in bonds of tears.
Not knowing how to show feeling in years,
Speech has never been a strong point for me.
Points of life are all that my heart will see.
Our words have been unspoken for so very long.
Kindred views between us have always been wrong.
Even though our passion was fleeting, beyond repair,
Now you come to me with self-loathing and despair.

We were then and this now, never to return again.
Once again, you come forth to take all the sin.
Reality is our love was only lust, so we must,
Deal and surrender to the discipline and disgust.
So you and I have a need, burying past in the dust.

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sun shine

s- is for sunday a day of the week
u-is for union that you have with your family
n-is for nagative when the rain poors from the sky

s-is for snowcone all frozen and cold
h-is for hunny that the beez like to eat
i-is for icecream that you eat everyday of the year
n-is for naughy or nice its almost that time of year
e-is for exacellent what a great poem i wrote!

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Sharing parents, 
Incredible friends, 
Blood related, 
Love oriented, 
If away from home, 
Nostalgic for them, 
Grown up together, 
Soul mates for ever.

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living candle

                                                             Living candle 
What is a living candle . People thoughts that that the great man of the world is the living candle how gave lights and happiness to the world with his blood like mathma gandi  , neru and 
Bagant singh etc. but can we miss  some body the most important and valuable person in our life’s . who make our  life better and happy  with his blood and his life . think about it who is this person . 
            In my point of view we miss the main person in our life’s.  our mothers who always play a very big role in our life’s  . mothers always treat the children with his blood . we can say that the mother is the other name of living candle who burn herself and give the light of happiness .
          Is our mother refuse any thing or any work that we demand in our homes  or in our life’s . 
I always see my mother while she is  working and rest of his life she always think about success and a good life of his children’s  . I told you a very most important and a very bad moment in my life  . After my father death our fine national conduction of our family is not so good . In dinner and also breakfast  my mother took food in last .  but why. I tell you the reason of this 
She thinks that’s  firstly  her children’s fulfill his demand of food and after that my mother eats a very low amount of food and she told us that her stomach fain  during the large amount of  food  but that is not true I tell you truth it is not the pain of large amount it is pain of hunger . I see many times that my mother eat nothing . it is morality and love of mother for his children’s
So plz thanks your mother giving you  a very happy and good life .. 
                                                                                                                       WRITTEN BY :- TARUN DABAS

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Silent Night

So much for that in my childhood.
Irrational idioms slinging often.
Loads and loads of arguing.
Everyday from 6am to 6am.
Not at home anymore in my own place,
To get over him.

No night I had peace had to go to bed angry at dad.
I hated the awful experience of him opening Hell's
Gates with his hurtful words of hate towards me, my mom, and others
He did not love. He loved some but not all
The awful turbulent troll rolls in guilt while I'm at my own home with silent nights.

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In Honor of Gladys Bullock, May She Rest In Peace

What a Pleasure to see you coming down the Street
Cause you were So friendly and So sweet
The nicest person anyone could ever meet
Never to do Evil did you walk your feet
Although, at times, were you forced to bring the heat
So that the bad things, We wouldn't Repeat
As you did when I, myself, of a good frienship did cheat
Being it was your Nature to always be discreet
Looking all sharp, matching from head to feet
Wearing stylish hats and your hair so neat
Proud Mama with devoted daughters to make your life complete
Enjoying good company and soul food to eat
Which you to be a part of, would do, in a heartbeat
Often, on the go, come hail, snow or sleet
For one monkey your destination couldn't defeat
Having the energy in which the Energizer bunny couldn't compete
Always Smiling, to have known you was A Special Treat
At the right hand of the Father, you definitely earned that Seat

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God has not given us a spirit of fear
In each of us there are gifts
For us to stir up
The gifts that God has given you needs to be
Stirred properly.

Do not neglect the spiritual gift you have given to you and confirmed by prophetic 
words when the elders laid hands on you.   I Timothy 4:14

Therefore I put thee in remembrance that thou stir up the gift of God which is in thee 
through the putting on of my hands. For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but 
of power and of love and of a sound mind. II Timothy 1:6-7

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Memories Of Youth

Musing for memories
Etched in back of mind
Mom I remember
Overbearing news
Reguarding brothers drowning
Inquiry stated caused by flashbacks from meth and herion
Eleven and didn't quite still understand 
So I just prayed to God to forgive his lost soul

Memories Was My Topic

Tribute To My Brother Gary

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Little by little befuddled
Overwhelmed; off track or muddled
Scatterbrained; astray and puzzled
Tapped out; tore up or bumfuzzled

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Little moments; big ideas; grand schemes and flops!
Intimacies shared; secrets held; pennies saved in a box.
Friends laughing; enemies kept close; bills; brooms and Mops.
Every breath a different thing; a rose; a bird; or an Ox!

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My Mom

                          My mom writes me
                          Which makes me happy
                          We live two hours away
                          But always have a lot to say
                          I see her now and then
                          And hate to see it come to a end
                         She's getting older
                         And more bolder
                         I miss her a lot
                        And she'll never be forgot
                        My mom is great
                        Which is not late
                        I love you mom
                        As each day is calm

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My Daughters

D ark day will sometimes arrive
A nd when I think of my daughters I feel so alive!
U conditional love keeps me strong
G od's blessings never go wrong
H appeness overrules all my sadness
T hose three little girls I love with all I possess!
E ven if I'm having a bad day and things aren't going right;
R ed cheeks of laughter with my babies at play is a wonderful sight!
S o when dark moments arrive I think of them and feel so alive!!!!

*For Farah Chammas contest "My Favorite Things"

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For My Father a Stranger To Me

Where is my father who I've not yet seen, 
Where is he living where has he been. 
Uncanny this feeling it's making me sad, 
Left me hurting I'm needing my dad. 
His face I can not picture an image forgotten, 
How could he do this it's simply just rotten. 
Maybes I'll meet him one day if it's down as my fate, 
Or maybe I'll meet him waiting at heavens gate. 
Where is my father he's supposed to be by my side. 
I search for him always with eyes open wide. 
He knows I exist he just can't stand up and be a dad, 
It sure is hard but mostly it's sad. 
I know I'm not in the wrong I was only a child, 
Having no father is driving me wild. 
Where is my father where has he been, 
I dream of the day his face can bee seen.

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Stay Humble

Stay humble, my friend for trouble lasts for a while.
This life horrors us with many tests and trials.
Alone you may think you are, but don't fret.
Your enemies will soon be your footstool.

Honesty,courtesy, and prayer are are some components of humility.
Understanding yourself as well as others also plays a part.
Memorize these instructions, which are a good tool.
Be kind and wise,observant strong and quiet, too.
Learning and living by the of God is the best facility and
Example for yourself and the rest to be and to stay in the act of humility.

wrote Spring 2004
while student @ ULM

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Baby girl how I miss you so!
Rest-a-sured, you're thought of more than you know.
I haven't been there for you and it cuts like a knife.
A huge part in my heart aches because I need you in my life!
Nothing can change the fact that I'm your daddy and you're my baby girl.
No one can ever again separate you from my world.
A raven haired  Angel......

PS Family Brianna is my middle child.  She is 9 years old.  Hopefully my 
dearest Audrey has put a pic of Brianna up on my facebook and myspace 
so you guys can see her!

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There is a man,
his name is Shane.
he is my father.
and for that i am eternally grateful.
he gave me life
and encouragement.
he wasn't always there
in the beginning of my life.
but now i am here living with him
and i couldn't be happier.
he gives me strength 
and keeps me safe.
there is a man his name is Shane
and i am proud to call him dad.

" This poem is dedicated to my dad the best dad ever. I love him very much. I love you dad "

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Not A Turn On

Nothing you said to me best night 
Outlasts the love of the Father
Temporary pleasures leads to a life of disaster.

A thing that I want to be part of my past.

This day I choose to move on. I have 
Unshakable faith that I will
Remain strong. Yes, indeed I will. I have a
New way of thinking and no separations from the  real love,

Of God. I feel really sorry for you. You’re 
Neglecting  the life that God gave the one that’s true.

wrote 1-27-10

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Most women on Easter Sunday 
Morning wear festive and elegant
Bonnets to match their bright
Dresses; men wear lighter, sharp
Suits with cheery feeling, not the
Usual dark ones that are so
Depressing and their neckties must be 
Perfect! Coming out of the church in
Throngs, they seem brides and grooms 
Again...chatting and smiling at one 
Another, knowing that He was,
Risen and gone to Heaven to 
Prepare a place for them and their
Children...shouldn't they rejoice   
Today? And sitting at an exquisite 
Table they say Grace, while Easter  
Eggs and bunnies tempt them with their 
Lively colors and sweet smell! Even the 
Dogs and cats hide underneath the table for
An unforgettable, delicious dessert!

Entered in Brian Strand's Contest, "An Easter Picture"

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~ Slow~

Sluggish and settled
  or softened with age
Low speed and laid back
  a lagging old sage
Overdue and overwhelmed
   out of order and old
Wound down  and weary
   but her heart is pure gold

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Thank You ,Lord, This Christmas

Another holiday season.
Lots of success.
Legacy being built.

People may hate on me.
Refuse to let them shake me.
All things work together for my good.
In Your plan for my life. 
Seeds being sown.
Everyday is a winding road.
So, I’ll roll with the punches.

Tough days I had this year.
Owe mighty praises to You mighty Father.

You helped me do things that I never thought I could do.
Only You are the key to prosperity. You Father,
Unlocked the doors that I had locked due to my negativity.

wrote 12-25-09

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Never to Late

Nothing is always the answer.
Everything is sometimes an enhancer.
Value the most important things.
Raise your voice, and say something not too vengeance.

Talk to seomeone who's enough to trust.
Often say things that densest.

Love just enough to be the greatest.
Amaze the surroundings and be the smartest.
Tuition for this world.
Easy as can be.

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Dream with her and you will feel, your own reborn to life anew. 
Allow her to be herself; don't try to make her you. 
Uplift her self esteem and feel, your own soaring high. 
Give her your world to tarry in, and she'll teach you to fly. 
Hold tight the precious memories, of her every days. 
Thank God for lending her to love, teach her of his ways. 
Exclaim your love at every turn, never let her doubt. 
Remember life before she came, how'd you live without? 

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Camping Family Style!

Cot's for each of us
Army style
Made up
Inside of a
Neatly set up
Great big green and white

Home to all 10 of us. For the weekend.
Everybody in one tent. Sleeping, Laughing.

Breakfast, eggs and grits on paper plates.
Lunch, cooked on the grill. Mama's Potato salad.
Always people to meet. Most to never see again.
Camping.. I am talking about Camping.. 
Kids tuckered out and ready for bed before Dark.
Soft. Soothing voices you hear from nearby.

Friends made and enjoyed for a few days.
Always something new to discover.
Mary even danced once in the pavilion.
I wanted to dance too but no body asked me.
Later I did win at Bingo though. Reuben won too.
Yes.. we did all those things deep in the woods. Down a long dirt road.
while we were camping!

Swimming in the lake.
Taking walks around the park. Clay roads. Dark.
Yet exciting to walk around at night. All together.
Listening; Laughing; Loving
Each other for wonderful camping weekends!

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H -is for Home: a place where one should be able to go when there is no other
     place of refuge; a place of love, safety, solace and warmth.  A place where all
     live for God, and God lives in all.  A  place where "I" is given a back seat when
     necessary for the "unity" and "strength" of All.  A place where selfishness does
    not play a dominant role; and jealousy and envy if seldom heard of as Love
    should guide each thought, each word and deed, making certain for an 
     atmosphere of harmony and peace.
O -is for Open-mindedness: a trait each individual family member must possess
     because opinions of a diverse nature will be expressed and must be taken
     into respectful consideration; none to be overlooked or belittled or thought light
     of or considered to be less important than another.  Each one should be able
     to express himself/herself without fear of being disowned or made to feel
     inadequate or inept for that expression.  Open-mindedness leaves the lines
     of communication open for discussion that all may always feel welcome no
     matter how those differences may manifest themselves.  Open-mindedness
     saturated in Love and influenced by Truth will keep Unity alive and family
     members together.
M -is for Mindful:  every member being motivated or encouraged to respect each
      other and each other's personal property; do not haphazardly, unconsiderately
       take "undue" advantage of another family member; if unsure about that 
       members thoughts on a certain subject or belongings, don't forget to Ask and
       then in love, accept the resulting answer whether it's in your favor or what
       you want to hear or not.  Being mindful and considerate of others promotes
       greater family Unity and division(destructive) will be non-existent.
E -is for Encouragement, edification, and empathy:  each one should encourage
     the other; edify or lift up; praise the other as well as be empathetic- be able
     to place yourself in another members' shoes. Never assume anything!  Be 
     sure of all things before making any major analysis of another member, or
      making any criticism or judgment.  As best as is possible, make Love the
      central dominating power  so that any  word said from any thought con-
      ceived and any deed  done will be in direct correlation/alignment with what's
       proper, decent and right.
H-O-M-E: Right prevails; Truth excels!

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Simple muscle movements; so everyone sayS
Many hearts are brightened by their happy beaM
I love to see one light the eyes;  as the mouth says HI
Listening to a child's laughter always makes mine swelL
Everyone looks beautiful when they wear a smilE!

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Growing Old - an acrostic

Golly gee how did I ever
Receive such a gift of
Old age to pontificate
Wisely winding through
Interests as varied and
New as a
Grand baby who

Loves a
Dear me.

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Bound By a
Love Never ending.
Every sweet breath
Something special.
So exciting; So perfect.
I am Overjoyed.
Nothing prepared me for this.
God, I thank you for this Blessing!

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Happy New Year

Hear the ramblings as the count down now begin.
A few seconds later toasting with champagne or gin,
Pressings tender kisses upon loved ones lips.
Preparing for a new year with precious tips,
Yes, we all make a promise to stop something.

Nearer to our loved ones, our heart does sing.
Even the children at home, watch the ball drop.
Wearing pajamas celebrate, drinking milk or pop.

You and I my dear we kiss and hug for our love so.
Every year the same though we find a different glow.
Again, this year, we find ourselves growing old.
Realizing that our faith and love, worth more than gold

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About Me

Try my hardest not to give up in the middle of things I've already started
Involved in many things through school
Friendly with most people until they make me mad
Freighted by the thought of growing up
Almost a Valentine's Day baby
Nearly done with my childhood 
Young compared to most of my class

Pressured by family to work hard at all the things I do
Educated compared to a lot of my family
Tough to win an argument against
Typical high school procrastinator
Youth full of love, passion, frustration, and confusion

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Phyllis God's Gift

Pretty perky
Yellow golden hair
Intelligent, industrious
So cool

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Determined to forget all that has happened
A life of regretts
Managing to get by day by day
After the storm settles another begins
God has but kept me strong in adversity
Every thought of him helps me through the pain
Day after day I wish for a new life for this one is damaged

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Friends and foes
Always there wherever you go
Many right and many wrong,
I love them all day long
Lucky to have them no matter what
You can always count on them to be pains in the butt

* I think this is true of  most families...LOL....mine are who they are and what they are
and I love each and every one :-)

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You Wish That You Were Here

You know that you should be here
On your way to doing what you’re called to do gaining an
Understanding of Biblical truths to aid you.

Well I’m doing that on my own. Too busy
In the presence of God to 
Speak with you on the phone
He wants you. I don’t want you sometimes. I don’t know why He does sometimes in

The human eyes of mine.
He knows what is best for,
All of us but the big choice,
To make for our lives is left up to us.

Yes to God and no to Satan,
Or no to God and yes to Satan.
Understanding and application of His principles is the key to

Walking in your destiny. 
Everyday of your life is numbered; don’t’ waste time,
Running in Satan’s circles.
Everyday is a winding road filled with God’s wonder along with,

Hard trials to keep our faith stronger.
Each day is a blessing from God that we don’t deserve.
Running from God causes pain that’s severe.
Everyday you continue run having false fun but I just know you wish you were here.

wrote 1-27-10

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Fishing ~She said/ He said!

Fling it over that way baby!
I said that way.. over there!
Shoot! you didn't fling it where I said!
How do you know there aren't fish there..
I saw one jump just a minute ago!
Never listen to me.. I'm just a Woman!
Good thing I didn't want fish!

First and Last time I bring her with me!
I know how to fish!!!
She did NOT see A fish Jump!
How does she know where the fish are?
I always fish here..
Now I have an EXPERT along!
Good thing I didn't want to catch any fish!

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Merry Christmas

My friends and enemies, I send best wishes of cheer.
Especially my poetic friends, I send joy next year.
Rich talent of words I wish, to all those who read.
Rhythmic flow in all poetic lines, expressed indeed.
Your lines of poetry, blessed with joy so sincere.

Christmas time has joy and happiness for all.
Having peace and love, shared broad and tall,
Reaching out to others, giving with true feelings,
I send out to poetry soup family, great dealings.
Secret blessings from the spirit of this season,
True passion of faith, my heart sends in reason.
Merry Christmas, to all the poets on the earth,
Allowing their freedom of words with worth,
Sincerely, I wish superb and joyous mirth.

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Brother's Refreshing Run!

~"Run run as fast as you can."
~"Everybody knows you can't outrun Jimmy!"
~"Under the house! Quick! he won't follow you under there!"
~~BAM! "Reuben ~ duck! You can't just run up under the house!"
~"Eventually he will give up and go away. Then you come out!"
~"Now Reuben! Come out Now.. But run for the house!"

~"Curve and weave and he'll miss But don't you stop."

~"Bet ya money he could lasso a bull."
~"Lot's of practice make a bad boy good at what he does."
~"Actually he ain't all bad. He gave me some of his candy once."
~"Candy he dropped in the dirt I betcha! Or worse."
~"Keep your eyes open. He ain't gone far! Run! Run! here he comes again!"

~"Just let me lasso you one more time and I'll quit!"
~"Ah shucks! I didn't hurt ya! why ya wanna cry for?"
~"Mama better not hear about this!"
~"Ever think you might grow up to be a Bull? You need practice!
~"Someday when yall grown and learn about recreation ya gonna thank me!"

~"Everybody knows recreation is good for ya! Even a dummy knows that.

~"Babies cry and girls. Patsy's crying cause she's an old ugly girl."
~"Let her cry by herself.. Hush that up! Ya better RUN!
~"Alright, I won't rope yall no more today. Just one last time!"
~"Come on, eat this candy; It taste like dirt; But you will like it."
~"Keep yall refreshed is all I'm trying to do.. It's just recreation..It's good for yall. 

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On the Arabian Desert, I deeply burned my skin
Venturing out this strange land of hooded prince
Endless sleepless nights, mother serves, with tea
Rushing into the basement, to iron master’s plea
Singapore, a three steps, from our wooden door
Every morning, sister’s scrubbing a marble floor
As, she listen to silent cries, of younger brothers 
Sailing, day and night, in seven seas of thunders!

Feeding our worn minds, with courage and love
Inspire us, with your words, O, Father up above!
Let your holy spirit guide us, from dawn to dawn
I beg you; protect us, including siblings, at home
Pampering the young and the old, of the G-Eight
In return, my true Master, for you, I will not be late
Now, sons and daughters, of Pearl of Orient Sea
Of things, be honest and true, and as always be!

Working diligently; for it is in your noble blood
Overcoming all the trials, have your faith in God 
Run not embracing the edge, of sharp-blade knife
Keep the spirits high; for it’s just a temporary life
Even if, you are, mean workers, in foreign realms
Ruin not, your dignity, with these pieces of dimes
Sisters and brothers, live proud, O precious mine!

Dedicated to all OFW
..for your courage and sacrifices in helping keep 
the economy of our motherland afloat. Mabuhay!

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William Watt

We gathered as a family this evening remembered you
Interesting how your name came up, 
Long after you were gone, those who came
Listening to old conversations of love
Inspired in themselves a longing to meet you
Asking questions delicately about your demise
Memory mentioned the poignant details

Willingly, what was wrapped away unwrapped me
All these years of anxious alternatives provoked
Timelessly never settled the score of your loss to me
Tenure me brotherless; O pian, in your silence, recline!

Instill again my motivation to exceed the hollow ones

Mother made us her diamonds out of the rough
Infused us with her piety and strength of soul
Sufficed with sparse scraps of bread, yet we flourished
Sojourning in studies that enoble man to obtain

You came back polished beyond nuances of meaning
Over excited, I too late comprehended you were bleeding
Unstopably the transfusion of all our love away.

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Caleb you I held on my knees
A child I truly love
Lent to me from God above
Everyday when you gone
Blank is the canvas and frayed

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One Tragedy

One heartbreak from a lost loved one.
Nearer to Heaven, they have such a gift.
Every soul has the choice for so many.

Transplantations of organs, Gods endowment,
Reviving of life through a medical option,
Another’s existence gave a second chance.
God provides the knowledge, we all learn.
Evangelical intervention the sole provider,
Death of one in tragedy delivers restoration.
You will supply love, from ones deliverance.

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 {Blessed Angel}

Today you entered into the world
  Realities chosen gift of love for us
    I vow to honor your every sound
      Needing your mom and dad around
        In sickness we will tend to you
          Taking care of those little sad blues
            Young and tender you will be in our hearts eternally...

Fragrance of glory from flowers fields
on angelic wings you graced our lives.
From heavens throne room of love divine
with softness as the clouds formed above.

Blessed little angelic sweetness
your our present from hopes hands.
Charming child of delight perfection
you are loved with all that is in us.

So listen sweet little one of mine
heavens missing a sound.
Your tiny voice in the choirs songs
was sent to us on a cloud.

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By being mean first, a sense of strength is acquired
Unfortunately, it is false strength, actually weak
Letting others see them flex their fake muscles
Learning, not, to ever turn the other cheek
Yet, they seem to always need a posse or a group
In their attempts to look real tough, but never do
Never do they admit that they are weak and insecure
Giving the perpetual image of a bully to me and you.

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Mission Accomplished

My dear Louisiana residents of now and the past,
It is my massive pleasure in,
Saying that our mission has been accomplished.
Seeing our spectacular Saints marching in,
In the Super Bowl sizzling the,
Old Colts carefully into a,
New age of our football history,

And indeed having a Super Bowl victory.
Colts of Indianapolis, we just suggest that you,
Congratulate us in advance and dance with,  
Our bands of fans that will come to, 
Miami with us in a colossal caravan.
Please don’t cry it’s a special time of our, 
Lives. We know what pain is like.
It’s definitely no supreme,
Stranger to us. The awful
Hurricane came five years ago, our families was spread from the
East coast to the west coat, some died, but we remember that,
Dear Louisiana is our home and that we survived.

Wrote 1-31-10,

Prior to the New Orleans Saints Super Bowl XLIV win.

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Christmas Praises

Chocolate with whip cream steaming
Holiday spirit beaming with each sip
Radiating with His love and joy for all
Ice cream with a cherry on my apple pie
Santa and his sleigh is coming tonight
Tomorrow the stockings will be graced
Moving and singing with love and delight
Alas, the angels send praises from heaven
Surrounding us with His grace and tidings

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With This Kiss

I give 
Have and hold.
Inscribed with
Special hopes and dreams, of my 
Kindred soul…
Spliced within the 
Splendors gracing our lives

Happily, I seal my pledge with this kiss
Assuredly, this love shall last eternally

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Testing Truth

Taking a risk to disclose
Everything you
That you wanted
Information about,

That your 
Ulterior motive
Twisted my

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A Lonely Soldier

I'm in my fox hole cold and damp,
I'm using my matches for a lamp,
I'd give anything to be at home,
instead of this ditch here all alone,
oh the thoughts of mama going thru my mind,
with her loving arms around me, she's so kind,
I can almost smell the cooking that mama did,
with her shiny pots and fancy lids,
I hate to wake up, cause then I'll see,
I'm still in this hole for eternity.

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Patience and love, guidance too
Actions of wisdom, assisting you
Rewarding achievements; as you do
Enriching our lives; this is true
Never a doubt; encouraging to pursue
Trusting and giving; seeing you through
Sharing unconditional love; we forever thank you

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A Child

An angel

Chaste in nature
Having us smile
Innocent mind and
Life is fragile
Desires for love

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Disarrangement overwhelms our company
Years of family tales to tell 
Scars from previous combats 
Fierce conviction handed down so well
United in chaotic conditions
No responsibility for actions revealed 
Typical disorganized reunions 
Irrational behavior tightly sealed
Order is not on the menu
Nor is the tranquility we all long for
A slice of bitter pie we offer
Longing to indulge sour pastry more

Forever we’re united
As all family members should be
Maybe my families not perfect
Innocent love is all I can see
Leaning on each others shoulders
Yesterday or today, we’ll always disagree

© Stacy Lynn Stiles

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The Music Box

The only thing that seems to bring me joy what some might consider a toy
i sit for hours and just stare hoping this beautiful music will transport my 
imagenation in to thin air. This music box tells a story of days long been told 
history both new and old generations this music box has been past almost like 
eyes that have seen the world change. My treasure which will some day bring my 
children and their children pleasure, from what i've been told there use to be a  
key hidden deep inside this music box which is what makes it so unique. My 
great grand mother explain to me that the precious key was used to hide 
members of my family and family friends in a secret room when for sure they 
would face doom if found by the Gestpo that cold day in June. And when the 
coast was clear to calm the fears of the children hiding in the room my great 
grand mother would play that music box that i hold dear today. The music box of 
mistery tears of centeries hold a special place in my heart what great object the 
music box which secrets are forever unlocked.

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Fat cat with the paunch in his belly
Always eating the jam and grape jelly
Talks with a soft voice when sleepy
Hates back yard critters that’s creepy 
Elevates his family with much love
Reveals his heart with a soft touch

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Daddy I love you!

Daylight almost always found you
    ~ Bible in hand rocking by the fire.
Already you had done more than some
   ~ men do in a day and were about to leave for work.
Doing the work of two men Half your age
   ~ a factory slave for most of your life.
Daring to marry a young 'un they said wouldn't stay
   ~ staying together to raise eight. Praying us grown.
You left to soon you know. That Sunday before day
   ~ Bible at hand, Sitting in your chair. One Last I love you.

I wanted to tell you so many things.
   ~ I wanted to ask you more questions.

Longing for you. Sometimes I smell your cigar
   ~ and I feel that you are near.
One of the cool breezes I feel touch me.
   ~ If I turned would you be there?
Very Likely wearing that Dark green sweater
   ~ that Mama knitted and you wore so often.
Every day I think of you rocking
   ~ eyes sometimes closed but not asleep.

Yes, I know you loved every one of us.
   ~ your children, your brothers, sister, Wife.
One day, we are taught, that we will meet again
   ~ in Heaven where some circles will be broken.
Until then we miss you Daddy. Mama is lonely
   ~ and I just wanted to say Daddy I love you!

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Your shoulder to cry on 

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Patience of the saints, no doubt, in me deeply burn
I cry, in my nocturnal solitude, for your final return
Live…and die only in own image, to me, you entrust
I will love you and will cherish you forever, till I last
Peeling your brown smooth skin offshore, just to clothe 
I am your lasting joy, I know, but, dreams’ for us both
Never had I questioned your plea, for the world to see
Although I bleed, from repression, you’re certainly free
Sons and daughters, wherever you are, remember me…

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My Name Is

V ery much a "people" person
E ndevoring to always be helpful
R arely letting my temper flare
N ot that it isn't tempting at times
E xcept I always feel foolish afterwards
T hat alone is reason for restraint
T ough at times, but worth the effort
E xception...don't mess with my family

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S- incere attempts to understand.
I- mediate love and care.
S- hares pain and fear.
T- ells the truth and sacrifices lies.
E- ncourages in everyway possible.
R- eaches out to share many a tear.

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Fun to be with...(most of the time...)
Always on the go and rushing (am i right?)
Misunderstandings and miscommunication....(difficult to talk to)
Interesting and boring at times.....(usually tue)
Love them to death no matter what....(but maybe not like...)
Yearning to get along, but does with Difficulty.. (its really hard to me...)

this is family to me, i would be interested in anybody's opinion about family and this poem

Enjoy! -WÖLF

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C- hosen ones
H- ave humble
U- nderstanding of the
R- essurection of
C- hrist Jesus, in
H- im we are saved!

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Flag of two, side by side, of red, white and blue
In thirsting heart of thine, let God’s words shine
Let not this symbol of two, suddenly, be in blue
In the land of apples, dwell peace-loving people
Pearl of the Orient, with a pure and natural scent
It’s blended, in your blood, be happy and be glad
No one can take; keep it safe, for your own sake
Of all good things you gained, use it, not in vain

Arm with courage and wisdom, from native Juan
Molded and taken care, by hospitable Uncle Sam
Ever be grateful of life, and defend it against strife
Run not from trouble, but, mend it by being noble
In the eyes of all, we can stand tall, being humble
Color of skin, white or brown, never forget our kin
Ah! My brother and sister, live in the spirit of two
No Fil-Am, without the grace of our Sam and Juan 

For poet J.B, my Fil-Am brother 

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My Kids

Matthew was my first, named for my brother
Agreat heart he has, a good 14 year old he is
Truly a miracle, when first he was born
To the top of his blond head, I gave him a kiss
He, from the start, became my best friend
Everything he ever does, meets with success
Will always be my baby boy, until the day, I lay to rest.

Kayla, my first girl, an angel from heaven
Arrived in this world just twelve years ago
Yelling to all that I had a daughter, proud dad I am
Letting all see her beauty and my love that showed 
An angel she is still today.

Megan, my second girl, still such a beauty
Earned all my love even before she was born
Gives to me, now, for the ten years I’ve known her
A love that is genuine, sometimes funny and always warm
Never leaving anyone without a smile.

Daniel, the baby, is just now eight years old
Actually tries to do everything, always alone
Never gives up when things might be difficult
In fact sounds quite older, when on the phone
Ever the one to jump without thinking
Leaving me scared, but proud to call him, son.

My every wish for them in life is all their dreams to come true
Young typical children they are and good children, too!

Knowing them is to appreciate them even more
Inspiring others, somehow they really can and do
Deepening my love for them each and every day
Simply because they’re about and giving love, true.

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W- alk meek and lowly,
O- nward by his Grace.
M- aintain a quiet life wiht trust
A- nd look to GOD above, thus
N- ow, by faith; live.

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H- elp us LORD to
E- scape our awful maze of sin.
A- lways remind us we are thine, and to
R- each for thee whilst
T- hou toucheth our hearts.
A- id us by Your purpose true and
C- cleanse us of all evil.
H- ear us when we pray, our
E- ternal, Beloved and precious Father.