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Acrostic Education Poems | Acrostic Poems About Education

These Acrostic Education poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Education. These are the best examples of Acrostic Education poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Miseducation of the Negroes

Mentors like priests preparing me for holy rite
Institutional slaves to a false trinity
Subduing adventure, exploration and discovery to classroom rigor
Eternal stairway ... moonbeams to the golden dream
Dismatling who I am so I become who you want me to be
Urges denied constructing scaffolds, setting beam
Castling on beam, I climb like Jack the ogre tree
Ability acquiring arrows for what's embattling me
Tensions beyond the classroom, teacher grading my
Intelligence as if it were a canvas to her eye
Opportunity has too narrow a door for all our differences
Nestled in her pocket, I see the ogre search in vain.

Offering us like children to the fires of Molech
Frantic prayers sibilant in flickering tongues of despair

Teeming the locus of the African nightmare
Husked of gold, silver, uranium, copper and diamond skies
Each one scrambles up the vine compassless of self

Nations fall - without the eyes of love we are blind
Emerging people shaken out in global disarray
Groaning for nothing from classroom to classroom
Refer to their budgets and see what is prioritize
Oysters get their pearls from pain, I know, yet
Errors must be corrected, education must mean more, we
Substance truth only by the purge of a regulated history.

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A is for apathy, “You all know you are!”

B is for itching, “Why can’t I have a car?”
U is for the umbilical cord. You never cut from Ma.
N is for neutral, “Why should you take a stand?”

D is for dependent, “Hey, one always needs a hand!”
A is for angry, “Well, why the hell shouldn’t I be?”
N is for nostalgia, ‘cause in the past we’re free.
C is for the ocks ;) who run the whole damn show!.
E is for euthanasia, “When your old just GO!”

And all that spells abundance, in case you could not tell?
Or went to school in Texas and never learned to spell.

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School Days!

School Days!
     By the Poets Listed After the Poem

   Summer HOT fun filled days with plays and toys  
   Cease! And school begins for girls and for boys. 
   Holidays in the winter and the spring, 
   Outdoors sports: football, baseball and swim team.
   Old friends and new friends are joined together. 
   Laughter and learning gifts of forever-  

  Ding. Dong. Ding. Go inside.  It’s time to spell.
  Arithmetic. Reading. Writing.  DO TELL!  
  Youngsters when asked what they like to do best.
  Simply answer, of course, “We love recess!”

Contributing Poets: (Listed in alphabetical order)  Carol Brown, Deborah Guzzi, Carrie 
Richards, Dane Smith-Johnsen, and 
Sharon Weimer    (We did it!)

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A...Affection that is not sexual but spiritual or on a higher plane

G...God's love for mankind

A...A love revealed in Jesus

P...Perfect love

E...Exceptional love like God's love in John 3:16

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T his great soul by the name of Steve Irwin
H as left this world doing what he loved most . . .
E nlightening us with the creatures of our earth. A

C onservationist on the brightest journey to
R eplenish the earth with endangered species
O h how you will be missed by all of us!
C rocodiles you valiantly fought for
O ffering them your compassion and love.
D eath came in your prime of life yet
I t is of great comfort knowing your are
L oved by millions throughout the world. Your
E nthusiasm for your work became contagious.

H unter was your title, a warrior for animal rights,
U nderstanding the urgency to end global warming. A
N aturalist unwavering. You shined brightly as a 
T ender loving husband and father on an
E nvironmental quest. . . You will be lovingly
R emembered as a fine teacher and a great man!

Entry for Jared Pickett's Acrostic 2 contest

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Autism Acrostic Poem

A utism
U nderestimates
T he
I ndividual’s
S uccessful
M oments

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Education, this, thy craving
Dare be: To acquire 
Universal knowledge through 
Continuous learning
And with a spirit yearning
To Unveil remote depths . For 
In the depth of knowledge great treasures dwell
Or whence comes insight. If
Not wisdom's well?

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Love came down at Christmas

L Long ago travelled Kings
O Opened their minds to prophecies
V Visiting from afar they brought gifts of Gold, Fracincense and Myrrh
E Eastern Star guiding them lighting the way

C Company of Heavenly Host
A Allelujah! Angels appeared to Shepherds, telling Savior born
M Manger for bed wrapped in cloths in Town of David
E Evangelically proclaimed Christ the Lord

D December 25th designated day
O On which we recollect
W Why/way Christ entered our world
N Nativity only part of His story

A A new testament
T Tells of new covenant between God and His people

C Christ's coming to Earth
H Hailed as new born King, Holy
R Risen Lord, righteous redeemer, 
I Intercedes for us as
S Spiritual Saviour to save sinners souls
T Time for Truth, Trust, Trinity
M Man's belief in God of Love,  
A As Father Son and Holy Spirit
S Shall be saved

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The Message

I'm not the greatest of all-times, but when I'm done, I'll be an all time great in this lifetime of mine Like the late great who came before my time I will breed a new lifeline, that will breathe life like march of dimes My story lines, will bring truth life; like troops who fight Overseas, for rights of those who believe that death is life Now that ain't right! As the rich is getting richer, eating fillet me-non, while we barely feeding our appetite Night after night Survival has waged a war that gave us no choice but to battle and fight Although, we'll be all right They say we a dying breed, but that ain't right Instead we're the light to a lying greed That will enlighten life to a brand new seed A man of God indeed Freed from the Son that bleeds Like the summer breeze He's the sum that equals the amount of air I breathe The air that please A satisfaction like the birds and the bees My word's words are the keys That will fornicate with the mind and give birth to a seed A seed of social change, that'll change our social economy So shall our comradery That will bring comfort to a struggling society A synonym...similar to a civilization seeking for unity Unifying the physics of theory That seeks to explain the synopsis of a dying philosophy Similar to the Cosby X-cept my scrip-tic will speak more about our reality Like life's calamity And everything else in life that's destroying us systematically However, I've discovered a system That can mathematically destroy ignorancy And turn our state of mind intellectually I elect that He (God) selects me to be And be that man who may lead this community So that they (My Peoples) may commute with me En-route to a destination, destine towards our destiny Like we were destine to be We were meant to be "Great" like the late great that came before we. Because we are... The reflection where perfection gave birth to the definition of greatness Where great means Competent, Skilled, Well Informed, and Tremendous Our potentials are endless And only we not even the enemy can put an end to this So it's time we put a stop to this The biggest enemy of self And that's envy and jelousness Cause after this is Heaven or Hell and that's all there is A promised made sealed with a kiss Knowing this Is the next best thing since "In the beginning" In the first chapter of the first verse in Genesis!

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Judas betrayed Jesus’s whereabouts
End, was near
Son of God, knew this
Universe of the Son of the Divine Father, restored
Sins of man forgiven, Prince of our Universal domain, alive in the hearts of his children

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If you don't eat, you're anorexic if you do eat, you're a fat ass.
If you don't wear makeup, you're ugly. If you wear makeup, you're a fake.
If you're loud, you're annoying; if you're quiet, you're weird.
If you're good in school, you're smart; if you say something wrong, you're stupid.
If you take pictures, you're an attention-whore; if you don't stalk your friends you're not cool.
If you wear sweats, you're underdressed; if you wear a dress, you're overdressed.
If you don't have boobs, no guys like you; if you have boobs, they're fake.
If you don't have a boyfriend, you're a loser; if you have one, he's cheating on you.
You tell us to be who we are but then you go and judge us about it. So now, do you see how hard it is for us to just be ourselves?

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Friendly Memories

Friend that listens and cares
Real  communication and conversation
I know there are many good memories
Eternally there guiding and keeping us safe
New liasons that enhance our lives
Divine guidance from God
Liking that person because there are very special
Yesterday the memories linger on

Mention the excellence
Everyday friends guide us and nurture us
My wish to always have friends
Occaisionally visiting and blessing us
Reality of kindness and love
I appreciate friendship
Evergreen and new and refreshing
Sophisticated all the while humble

Author: Gwen Meyer-Erlach Schutz

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I'm Falling For You

<                             Signs of the time
                               Enriched vibrant colors 
                               Painted on minds eye canvass
                               To inscribe it's beauty to another
                               Eventually leaving one in awe
                               Marching in it's parade of showings
                               Begining to end
                               Each and every year
                               Requesting for it's safe return

Entry For Carol Brown's 
Fall Is Around The Corner Contest
I Chose September
G.L. All

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Dazzling and inherent beauty
Inspiring ability within
Animating my e-motion
Maximizing my passion
Onto gravitating excellence
Needed to have my precious

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Poetry Soup Bowl

<                                    Pallets  profusely pulsating
                                      Over organic originals
                                      Emotions enormously emerge
                                      Through trident times
                                      Relic  rejoice recant
                                      Yes yearn yourself

                                      Solid structure's sanction
                                      Open  optional opinions
                                      Understudy understand unity's
                                      Poetry's passionate's pulse

                                      Because beauty bestows
                                      Over oversights objection
                                      Widespread whispers wanted
                                      Leaving lasting longevity

Entry For
Adeleke Adeite's
Poetic Picture Of Poetry Soup
G.L. All

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Guns are dangerous

G uns are dangerous objects in this modern age
U nless your stupid all safety rules you must engage
N ot a  gun or bullet clip in sight or left around
S ensible behaviour keeps everybody safe and sound

A gun can bring pleasure in the right hands
R evolvers are known as six shooters, many brands
E ach should be registered with the police I understand

D anger is always abound when guns are in sight
A s long as guns are in use can cause a fright
N o one should have one unless well informed 
G un clubs are excellent for teaching you how to perform
E xcellent chances to go out on a shoot
R evel in the opportunities to watch, be astute
O rderly conduct keeps everyone safe
U ntil the day comes when shootings stop
S afety first must be right there at the top

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Fluff It Up

<                                  Fluff of billowy clouds
                                     Looking like they have Angelic faces
                                     Utterly smiling down on Mother Earth
                                     Forecasting peace for all mankind
                                     Foresakes for all sinners

Entry For
Carol Browns 
Fluff Contest
G.L. All

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Unexpected Peers (An acrostic ode to Poetry Soup and it's members)

Unexpected Peers (An acrostic ode to Poetry Soup and it's members)	






            I haven't been on this site long, but many of you have already made me feel
welcome, and, moreover, like I belong.  I'm finding myself as inspired as I have ever been
to keep writing, and to keep growing as a writer, thanks to your support, your contests,
and your own original posts.  This is, truly, a special community.  
            Thanks for allowing me to become a part of it.

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Discussing The Birds And Bees

Both Mom and Dad felt so very ill at ease.
Impotent when it came to discussing the birds and bees.
Reading up on how to handle a subject so delicate,
Determined to provide Johnny with knowledge accurate!

Sit down, there's something we need to discuss with you,
And it ain't your acne - it's a topic about which you have no clue.
Nothing will be held back - we're laying everything on the table.
Don't be shy about asking questions and join in if you're able.

Because this matter is so important we want you to be well versed.
Endure with us because we want you to hear it from us first.
Excuse me Mom and Dad, save your breath, 'cause you see,
Sex education was thoroughly discussed in school during my puberty!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
© All Rights Reserved

Placed No. 10 in Carol Brown's "The Birds and Bees" Contest - September 2010

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Alchemy (An Acrostic)

Ancient science launches research towards new technology
Learning new disciplines to increase the power of their patron
Creating new magics; generating spendable gold from lead
Hinting at greater knowledge hidden in the realms of men
Evolving sciences increase the expertise of kingdom soldiers
Machines, potions and tactics to defeat enemies of the king
Yesterday's mysteries leading the world toward today's reality

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Acrostic : RELIGION

R  eleasing
E  nergetic
L  ight
I   nteracting
G raciously
I  nfinitely
O ngoing
N urturing

Copyright McCuen 2009

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Shoeless Wanderers of Heaven

N ever again will the Tribes of Israel be the sacrificial lamb of man.
A nnealed in furnaces of man, not in Olam HaEmet by the Almighty in "the World of Truth."
Z ealots rose from the ashes of the ovens and now defend like Sicarii of old.
I srael blooms and grows in the desert, returned by Allied Forces to the cauldron.
H ome to the Holy Land, they were sent, shipped, caste surrounded by Arab foe, isolated. 
O vens melted their hearts, striped their forms for their souls held no intrinsic value.
L ampshades and shoes were made from their skin, jewelry from the gold in their teeth.
O rders given by The Third Reich were obeyed without conscious. The herd was culled.
C hrist-killer the Christian mind said, devil worshiper, their deaths were acceptable.
A nti-Semitism always has been and always will be a threat to Jews everywhere.
U nited, Jews must form a majority population in Israel so Jews everywhere feel safe.
S anctuary will never again being denied Israel will be safe haven from religious persecution.
T o a future where all men have intrinsic worth regardless of race, creed or religion, pray.

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Abstaining from anything to satisfy, 
Defenseful even resorting to a lie,  
Denial - you stray further and further from staying true.
Intense pleasing reaction,
Cause of senseless selfish satisfaction,
Time is wasting because of you.
Irrational placement with other priorities,
Obsession, depression, now the authorities, and still…
Never plan to go without. 

This. Is. Addiction.

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With what I have to work with is all I need

Or do I? as I choose to write this with speed

Rule of thumb I have to emphasize the words I use

Do you think so? or should I just choose?

Portrait is a fascinating word it has so many meaning

Overview of this word is this I say; accent, highlight, illuminate, and stressing

Revealing more words to use is what I will do

The meaning of Portrait is what I will view

Random words that make the word Portrait now I will say

A word that means the same yet makes it more pleasant to overlay

I will now say some words or two; accentuate, feature, punctuate

These words can either be used or can be put on debate

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Electronically Speaking

<                                   elects not to open door by hand
                                     looks pretty stupid too                                     
                                     even an grandma can do it 
                                     calling all grandma's
                                     technology has gone to far
                                     really really to far now
                                     one does not need to be an rocket scientist
                                     nor an magician
                                     it's easy as one two three
                                     candidly smile
                                     tip your hats
                                     look both ways
                                     launch arms outward
                                     and pull or push  that's it

My Word Chosen Was

Written by 
Katherine Stella

Entry For Dakarai Cobb's
The Sonnet Man's Acrostic Challenge
GL All

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Takes a count, one to nine, to reach there
Exhausts the mind when reaching near
Number counting practise and perfection in the younger peer
The scholar builds confidence in numbers with no fear
Honors then come forth from her dear

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The Talk

The Talk


"The Talk:",
 He hesitated, 
 Interested in
 During different, developmental 
(Assurances are always awkward;
 Nothing new.)
 Dad dodged    
"The Talk" 'til I turned twenty two.
 He honestly
 Bewilderment by
 Even though everybody knows, each infant grows in a secret station
 So its strong enough for the long aviation of being taken, by delivery stork, to it's home.

(This poem was written specifically for Carol Brown's "The Birds and the Bees" poetry

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Riding or driving round town is full of fun,
On many occasions it has led to accidents for so long,
Alas!with discretion and patience these could be undone,
Drinking while riding or driving on high ways is very wrong.

Traffic rules should be obeyed and enforced to reduce death on our
Roads and make our wards free from maimed victims.
Internal affairs ministry and the senate should empower
Police and other law enforcement agencies to form good teams.

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S olving cleverly
A midst a crowd 
T ime borders space

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Will I See You Tomorrow

Tomorrow is another day
Outstretch your wings and fly
Milestones can be reached
Only if you beleive in thy self
Relic in the thought
Relax your mind and soul
Or it just won't happen
Will be put off and forgotten
Instead of achieving set goals
So bask under the sun
Ask for a little help from above
Never doubt  miracles from God
Or question His motives
To make things happen
Hunger will disapate
Every plate shall be filled
Rejoice and sing aloud
Dance to your hearts content
Another sunrise is coming
You're going to just love to see

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R eady to serve
O pen to kindness and understanding
T otally dedicated and devoted
T olerating only one true master
W illing to learn
E ver faithful
I mmense heart filled with love
L onging only to be loved as he loves you
L oyal and accepting to the end of his days
E xacting in his duties giving what he thinks is expected from him
R ottweiller - A good dog but not for everyone.

The Rottweiller is probably descended from the Italian Mastiff during the Middle Ages
and was originally used as a herding dog. 
It was bred in the German town of Rottweill.
It has a massive, powerful body, powerful scissors type bite and dark brown eyes 
with an expression of quiet good will and loyalty.
His personality is nervous around others but tranquil, brave and obedient with his 
family. He is easily trained with someone who knows what they're doing and has 
great desire to please. If he knows what is expected of him that's exactly what you 
will get. HE IS A NO NONSENSE DOG and becomes vicious if he thinks he or his master 
is in danger. He will give his life in the protection of his master or his master's property.
He is used as a herd dog, in police work, and as a watch dog and body guard.
Extremely affectionate but NOT the dog for everyone.
He needs a master with common sense, not some idiot who wants to beat him into 
submission. NO DOG NEEDS THAT!!
                                                                                          Judy Ball

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Reduce pollution
Everyday by using 
Common sense
You can recycle soda
Cans, scrap metal, paper, and many other items
Littering should cease to cause the
Earth to have more inner peace.

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The head of every classroom.

Educated individuals endeavoring to share.

Approaching students with excellent information.

Creatively stretching energetic minds.

Helping enthusiastic students learn all they can.

Encouraging eager students to reach their goals.

Receiving the blessing of getting through to enduring students.

Service for an everlasting challenge.

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Pride shining uniquely,
In our eyes.
Rocking the nation with education. We’re 
Aspiring to be the best
Teachers help us achieve each and 
Every goal. Yes we’re 
Strong  and brave and bold.

wrote 1-31-10

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Angel Of The Odd

Again we design ourselves of realization.
Never owning any facts beyond stabilization,
Great men have pondered many things in time.
Eventually they say that answers are sublime.
Lessons of happenings have no true organization.

Odd things happen to all who transpire.
Flesh has no protection from any mire.

The odd and unusual happens to all.
Heaven or Hell will not stop a call.
Expectations shall exploit in fall.

Offbeat deals will never be explained.
Do not know if they can be constrained.
Doubt not the unusual shall be retained.

written 02-08-2014

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Erasers Removed Just Like Prayer


Empty souls enter the room
Rush to the waiting desks
Answer questions from rote
Spirit filling is left (out in street)
Erasers no longer in the room
Removed just like prayer____

(Most schools no longer have chalk boards and erasers but have electronic equipment)

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Clean Up Time

Clear the table
Line the books along the shelves
Everyone join in
Arrange the chairs so none can fall
Naughty children don’t pitch in

Under chairs and under tables check we haven’t missed a toy
Paints and brushes put away

Toys are all picked up for today
I read a story as we wait
Mom’s or Dad’s are on their way
Everyone its time to go…..I hope you had a real fun day

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Greed is enthralled in us all.
Real or imaginative and never saw.
Each has their own level of call.
Everyone has this code in a fall.
Dereliction is the key for a draw.

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The Valedictorian


She is a brown eyed girl with soft brown hair
The gown covers her pregnant belly
The tasseled cap is her crown
Nothing can down her determination
Motivation comes from nightmares 
Motivation comes from dreams
As she speaks, tears stream
She recalls her defiance, disobedience, deadly deeds

She is overdue but happy to be on that stage
Her rage is different now
He doesn't acknowledge their coming baby 
or his fatherhood
He called her nasty names in the neighborhood
Members of his gang brought her pictures of him
at the park with his hands all over another
She was struggling to become a mother

Later the law would send him to jail
for statutory rape of his little sister's friend
The offenses mounted and she 
kept going to the Word
On her knees she pleaded
The situation was insane
How would she maintain?

She studied in the bathroom, on breaks
at work, on the bus, late at night, early morn
What could she accomplish? She had to mourn
the death of that other life
and be baptized into the new
Now she knew what to do
On her knees she pleaded
for a place for her and the 
baby to stay
A home for unwed girls made
a way

She read, wrote, calculated, devised
Her books became worn as did her eyes
"God help me not to despise"
"Make the bitter better"
She sang verb conjugations
As she washed dishes
Her feet hurt and her back cried
If she failed it would not be 
because she had not tried

When she was in the streets
She had partied hard
Now to pass this test
She would do her best
?Y porque no?
Her belly was so big
She sat sideways at the desk
There was a time when she
drank, doped and was rude
Now she was humble, determined
And the reward was now
Wow as they cheered her speech
"It all begins with me
First I must see
I tell you change and successes are
Always in your reach”


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A Mighty Fortress

Appreciation Always

Miracles of Faith

Islands of Learning

Godly Churches

Health and Happiness

Teachers and Principals

Years of Experience and Leadership

Futures of Traditional and Contemporary Education

Olympic Standards, constantly reviewed

Religion of the Vatican, forever sacred

Treasures that are Royal

Reality written in the Ten Commandments

Excellence in  University Education 

Spiritual Comparatives 

Sounds of Symphonic Music, Mozart and Chopin

Author: Gwen Meyer-Erlach Schutz

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Accountability by Toi Ruiz 7th grade

Count on yourself!
Can't take anyone else's responsibilities.
Only you can!
Understand why you should
Not make
The mistake
Andy made by driving drunk.
B.J. should have driven that night
If Andy was so drunk.
Learn from your mistakes and bad choices.
If you do not
Then the same will happen to

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A Child's Desire

We desire your prayer, a responsive heart and a gentle touch as Parent
We long after your attention, your affection and acceptance of our Attitude
We wish you accept our childlikeness and encourage us by Reciprocating
We need you to appreciate our looks and applaud our skills by Education
We want your time and your play time, a way of caring and Nurturing
We feel like holding you, loving you, trusting you and you Talking
We crave for your friendship as your presence is an Inspiration
We believe you will be there for us and help us identify our Needs
As we learn to love you and as you learn to trust us Genuinely

Provide for him your compassionate heart and your Care
Give him a hand and a brighter tomorrow with Hope
Be interested in his intentions and seek his Interests
Teach him to love himself and respect others Love
Let him be diligent with his skills and talents as he Develops
Encourage him to believe in his hand work and be Humble
Allow him to strive for the best at every Opportunity
Help him to accept his person and assist him to be Original
Everything he perceive and sense let it be the basis of his Development

Let him be taught and be trained to be Trustworthy
Let him have expectation and provide for him an Education
Let him be exposed to positive values within his Environment
Build him to become a teen in deed as he solves others Needs
Let him aspire and set goals and guide him to Achieve it
Become his friend since he need you as a Guardian angel
Let him experience your love like never before so that he will Express it
Let him know he have choice to everything and a Right to choose

There is a stage in human development termed Adolescence
The phase of life when teens make critical decision we call Destiny
A period of discovery and the realization of individual Originality
A time when teens should learn to listen and love Life
A season of acquiring social skills and of seeking knowledge and Education
An era of great creative opportunity and interpersonal and relational Synergy
An age of learning effective communication skill and acquiring an attitude of Care
An episode in human lifespan and a time of great enthusiasm and Exploration 
A period when teens learn how to be independent and responsible for their Needs
A time when teens remember God with their heart and follow their Conscience
A time teens sow and experience the manifestation of their great Expectation

A Child's Desire

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Sex Education

T alk to your children about life’s mystery
H elp them to understand
E xplain it in terms that they relate to; don’t make it confusing or bland

B iology shouldn’t be scary or embarrassing
I t’s simply a fact of life
R efusing to address it when our children are young
D evelops a lesson learned later with strife
S ex shouldn’t be a topic taken too light

A voiding the discussion only adds to the sense
N atural emotions and feelings are wrong
D on’t let your children learn it from others; be open, forthcoming and strong

T each them about the birds and the bees
H earing it from you will help build trust
E ventually they will feel comfortable talking and sharing about their own feelings to us

B abies being made is a beautiful thing
E veryone needs to learn – it’s a must
E ven if it’s a topic we need help discussing
S how your kids you are someone to trust

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Wait A Minute

Pause a moment for Jesus
Asked not why
Solance is golden
Solidarity is the key 
Obscurity becomes nil
Victory shall be ours
Eternal flame flickers
Relic in thy body of Christ our Lord


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Teacher that walks before me, a precept imaged in stone
Exhorting exhaustlessly the word shaped wonder grown
Academic, ambassador of an ancient beginning bringing
Competence in credential o vision; In honor of your giving
Humanity celebrates itself in you; you the culture's store
Emitting light, you the open door inviting change, you sure
Register of all glory; teacher, we rise in adoration to praise

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Disporportionally sooner

Inside needed
Great outside light diminished
Help needed
To end sad

(SAD is an illness that some people have when they don't get enough light in 
the winter and some people have an additional illness to getting too much 
light in summer which causes depression.)

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I ntelligence
D oes not.                                          I
E xist
A nonymously.                     
L ooking for a mind

Do not.                                                      II
E stimate
A astonishing
L ikelihoods

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God Bless America

Gracious thought has been dropped from human inhabitants.
Our hearts have become cold and distant to almost everything.
Deference has no meaning for us or any other human.

Before we can carry onward, we must remember the beginning.
Lessons remembered are the key to our future roads to travel.
Every soul must search inward to see where we are headed.
Success is truly wonderful and we have fulfilled our winning.
Success without faith is gone, and the road less traveled tortures.

America has blessed each one of us from the beginning in faith.
Mercy is upon our leaders, for they have lost the true reality.
Erasing their hearts and minds of the reality, united we stand.
Refuse greed mongers of their desires, replacing with honesty.
Individuality of the representatives was our ancestor’s goal.
Call out God Bless America in truth, faith, freedom, to all.
Anything less will be the end of whatever time we have left.

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Playing Scrabble

P lacing lettered tiles upon a board,
L etters assigned points to be scored.
A ssessing the most advantageous plays,
Y ikes! What can I do with all "E's, "I's" and "A's"?
I ntense concentration is the norm,
N eeding desparately for words to form,
G reedy for the highest score.

S pelling words from seven tiles,
C ounting points with groans and smiles.
R elishing each and every chance,
A t besting your opponent's advance.
B rain challenging excercise endured,
"B egging your pardon, that's not a word!"
L etters dwindling one by one,
E xciting finish - Hey, I won!

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Is This Greed

All encompassing is this desire
Virtually everything wanting to posses
At the cost of others one has to confess
Refusing to see that it is a sin 
Incited in mind is material gain 
Conceited not to be defeated wealth to attain 
Evil to the core this dark side adored 

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The Constitution

In any country
From century to century
Living together of people
Strong and feeble
Has been of paramount importance.

Countries have different ways of association
Some live in a federation
Others in a confederation.

In each case,
The system of living together 
Is guided by a document
Called a constitution
It is drawn by a group of selected people.

After the selected people have agreed
On a type of constitution
It is then presented 
To the people of the nation
In a referendum.

In some nations,
The people signify their intentions
Through elected members
Who represents them in parliament.

Once the document  is approved by the people,
Delegated by the people,
It becomes a constitution.

...A constitution is a document
That governs the way of life
And behavior of people
Of a nation.

A constitution can be suspended
In times of emergency,
The government of the day
Shall rule by degree
And not by acts of parliament.

All loyal citizens of a nation
Respect their constitutions
As they respect their race.

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once there was an old man on a lane
he always had many cats
then he took a train
and went down another lane

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Tall                            Structures
Offering                     Shelter
Withstanding              Blows
Evaporating               Lives
Raping                      Families
Security                    Needed

An acrostic poem about the twin towers of 911.

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Rotted From the Inside

Rolling onward, toward the goal,
Only slowing for a moment.
Take the time, enjoy the roses
That is what I was told.
Everyone told me I did too much,
Did I heed advice, no.

Fear drove me, fear consumed me,
Razed the ambitions I had,
Only for a moment, I grasped at a glimmer,
Maybe, I thought, I could touch the intangible.

Terrible, liar, I always was.
How can someone else believe, when I don’t.
Everything fell down.

Inside, I thought, inside is safe - 
Nowhere is safe, failure the only option.
Somewhere, I’m laughing at my own tears,
I never knew how funny it was, to watch a person collapse.
Dread is a beautiful motivator, and a terrible mistress,
Everyone tried to warn me, did I listen, no.

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Story Time

I never tire of the tales
Release gradually comforts me
Everything fades away
All around me ogres sing
Dreams and dragons circle left
Perfectly tame and sensible.
Organized into a secret union.
Escape from the real world
My perfect afternoon.
Sanity a silent observer.

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Thats me

i'm a mechanic for money.
i'm a poet for love.
i dont love money,
i hate it with passion.
i'm a poet writing love so
i am but a poem.

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We drink it and use it for many things. It’s as
Ancient as the dinosaurs. We drink and use
The same water that they consumed. The water cycle is an
Ever going process that
Reuses water in all three forms.

wrote 2-2-10

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You've Been Warned

Holy Crap
Another year slips away
Put on like 30 pounds
Pertty hard to take off
You see I like sea food I see it and eat it

Now with muse in hand
Even Jenny Crank has stepped up to the plate
With how to shed 14 inches off waistline in 1 week

You first have to eat 2 bars of exlax chocolate of course
Even choke down some of grannys castrol oil
Ass will be sore for a little while
Remember though the box and bottle does say warning 

Little Pun For The New Me

Happy New Year's All

Also Entry For Carol Brown's 
Acrostic Happy New Year Contest GL ALL

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Horeb centred divine son by alterity displaced
Africa calls your children, it is time to be embraced
Melchizedek Order, arise, minister in your place

Ham son of Noah
Africa light breaks dawn's grace
Melchizedek found

Ham's Hittite haunted by hungry hosts of hell
Aggressive sea-people soveriegn salt suckers swell
Melchidek's music mounting miracles against pagan spell

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The Missing Child's Life

The Missing life
Oh! Child, my friend
Wake your self up!
Sitting on the floor with a lot of work to do,
No school, no books!
The future man with no looks.

                                                                                      No body cares!!
                                                                                      Someone says “garibo ko 
hatoa” “garibo ko hatoa”
                                                                                      I say    “move, move!! Get ready, 
Time’s late for school”
                                                                                     For a daily loaf of bread,
                                                                                     A deed for my life.
Working from dawn to dusk.
Selling newspaper on the road side, 
 Baking samosas for the next trip
But no one cares…
                                                                                        The children needs you,
                                                                                        Wake up, wake up,
                                                                                        Need to go to school,
                                                                                        Stop them work,
                                                                                        Help them play and learn….
                                                                      -- Deepak.U.Jain

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Nay Sayers Deny Greatest Fear

Charity to others means giving to you
Helping all fellow (wo)man is part of the plan 
Righteousness existing in you be the clue
Integrity to self above everything else
Spiritual intent must be in cement
This will save the earth giving new birth
Jesus Christ what more must I say?
Earthly bound fear is nothing to steer
Sex is used to keep hold of you
Utterly lustful desire leads to fire
Suffering this state tough one to equate

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Motivation of complexity,
A web of mystification where
The beauty of numbers emerges…
Holding the meaning of logic, of
Equality, of righteous thinking,
Making the world more meaningful, 
As it modifies what is unknown… its 
Trance enraptures the minds of many,
 Illuming the world with brightness, with the
Chants of knowledge, that continuously 
Sing along with its numbers…

                        Dedicated to my great guider and teacher:  Mrs. Lina Siblini

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Memories Of Youth

Musing for memories
Etched in back of mind
Mom I remember
Overbearing news
Reguarding brothers drowning
Inquiry stated caused by flashbacks from meth and herion
Eleven and didn't quite still understand 
So I just prayed to God to forgive his lost soul

Memories Was My Topic

Tribute To My Brother Gary

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God has not given us a spirit of fear
In each of us there are gifts
For us to stir up
The gifts that God has given you needs to be
Stirred properly.

Do not neglect the spiritual gift you have given to you and confirmed by prophetic 
words when the elders laid hands on you.   I Timothy 4:14

Therefore I put thee in remembrance that thou stir up the gift of God which is in thee 
through the putting on of my hands. For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but 
of power and of love and of a sound mind. II Timothy 1:6-7

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Joy, they named for themselves, the future's blind
Oyster to drink your sand. In salt tides love rises
Yearning to part the twinning shell and there resign.

Empress of the emerald seas, my ship for rich prizes
Listed its name, cargoing only your pure laden weight
Anchorless against the blustering report of bad winds.
I desired you alone, and for you I you alone I freight
Nature's nagging Testament jettisoned among the fins
Eternal glimpse of glee. O how my ship prized your worth

Well in tons delicious of my dreams, your sweet waters
Ecstatic upon the plunging foray of my keel, port
Leaning through tempting triangles, the pirate pesters
Lack speed's pursuit, and through doldrums I evade
Incessant wrongs, until your wild waves wanton decree
Numbed wind and sail in me. Flirtingly you delayed
Giving my ship to port, and then soon abandoned me  
Tideless in a salt bog of tears where I logged deceit
Once in a while I come down to the sea, the old receipt
Nested in my mastless fingers, to wail my loss in you.

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Soon everything will be growing.
Plants will be in bloom.
Rains will come down,
In April to bring May the, 
Nice looking flowers and,
Girls and boys will be out of school soon.

wrote 1-31-10

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Desires to be a better person.
Reaching up high even when feeling low.
Everyday going after what you want.
Always working diligently.
Motivating yourself to seeing,
Success streaming as a river.

wrote 1-18-10

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Each day gets harder, 
to do what I did the day before.
In the begining change was scary,
now it passes like salt at a full table.
L.I.F.E. four letters.
Short term goals, set during your entrance.

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Child of Ham, image of Christ, gospelled bands
Ancestor of Melchizedek order
Negro oracle of prophet, priest, king
Anthem to you with drums and cymbal hands
Arising in the Horeb of your power
Nations steep in Afric's legacy sing

Canaan, first of he who was last, shift
Ages paradigm, became
Again the heir to Christ
Nimrod's legacy disdained would uplift
Adam's curse upholding the flame
Nurtured in sacrifice.

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Triumphant Leaders Part 3

Toussaint they dance in Louisianna, and New Orleans
Omitting to say that these two places are blood money paid
Unto the colonies, snuffing your revolution by any means 
Subtle French diplomacy that history would parade
Solutions of lies in the revolution that Crispus made
Afro-centric leader, pioneer liberator, O that you could see 
Images of this decrepit shadow, the deal made Haiti to be
Negro colony collapsed like a mildew rag upon a golden sand.
Temple here again another citadel of freedom in the sun.

Let the great Dessalines call from his slave barracks again
Organize him with them, make them all fighting men
Unique in the vision that Boukman intuit theology revived 
Visions some racist philosophers native animism would deprive:
Existential, mythical, ontological, the awakening more than
Revolutions fleshed by blood, the black man mind lifted up
Tents and tennacles of the genius that sailed seas of sand
Unrope again the slave from sugar tea in that Liverpool cup
Rebel intellectual, great Toussaint, Napolean's luster fades
Eclipsed by the glory of your name across the new decades.

Federick do you think you people now forget how you paved
Erosions in the great emancipator's cause, until he relented
Digressing from the act of enslaving men. The West craved
Expansions of their new fronteir, on the back of the tormented
Remnants of the Atlantic trade, but you kiting in war winds
Instigated through fly of words, a subtle shift of rumbling breeze
Call for that genius, they sent you to Haiti, cutting the string of sins
Keeling towards a black liberation without the bended knees.

Due to you are laurels, when Afric's children in their van
On to brighter future, rise from where the day began
Under dark bush of morning, where a slave use to sit
Gathering knowledge and self teaching the burden to acquit
Let children today learn, education is not a white light
Africa's lamp was the dawning of the culture that brings might
Straddling the seas, O race, be a Douglas, set wisdom in your sight.

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Soon it will be hot outside.
Umbrellas will be used for shade.
May is really the start of summer in
Moist and warm Louisiana,
Even thought the calendar says it starts in June,
Really can’t wait for summer. That means no school.

wrote 2-11-10

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We have six more weeks of it.
Indeed the grounding saw its shadow
Now we have to stay bundled
The temperature is quite low
Everyday I hope for snow
Really I do. So I to school I won’t have to go.

wrote 2-11-10

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Pen of a Ready Writer

Many Days should speak, and multitude of 
Years should teach wisdom, I said.  But

There is a spirit in man:  and the inspiration
Of the Almighty giveth him understanding; therefore,
No prophecy is by the will of man, but holy men of
God speak and write the word as they are moved By the
Unction of the Holy Ghost for the edification and 
Exhortation and comfort of those who will hear and read.

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Complacent Desires

Courage and boldness we have forgotten in these days.
Our ancestors had only future expectations to live for.
Maybe, we have slaughtered the ideas; they had in a way.
People relaxed and comfortable, nothing new in store,
Laziness of no dreams or desires; we have it all today.
Anxious not for any changes, let us keep it the same.
Centuries of ruins would not exist, if they had no fire.
Expressing nothing that we have now, without a game,
Now think; where we would be, without their simple desire,
Trapped with no mechanics, science, or exploration aim,

Dreams are what made us, this so-called great nation.
Everyone wants to fight progress, save the past notion.
Salvation of our ancestor’s greatness is in information.
I want to preserve historic ideas, creations in contemplation.
Relics, continued treasure, do not forget about expansion.
Events from the past show we are full of personification.
Secure the now, and then stand firm for forward motion. 

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Prenatal Care

Perhaps, the first
Emerging after the euphoria
Nesting within
An expectant mother.
Additional vitamins and
Learning how

Caring for oneself
Actually makes a
Real difference in the health of
Emerging life.

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Congradtulation on creation & salvation while the congregation gives explanation
of our nation as education to this foundation as frustration rocks the situation 
and the vibration gives separation to the revelation and realization of this
westernization and U.S.'s operation to add inspiration to this manifestation of 
private corporations & organization as they hide there procrastination and
interpretation that all is under investigation, as immigration's discrimination and
demand of proper identification to all civilization, merely a broad interpretation 
of the Bush administration and the daily variations of it's covert operation while
we sit with speculation waiting for an explanation or at lease a translation of
THERE constitution & THERE capitalization, which is just commercialization of 
cannibalization with determination with aplitude mutilation of misinformation, all
mind molestation, or brain masturbation this is globalization at it's finest, the
neutralization of all sensations, narrations of war & relation with no appreciation
for our imagination, we dream of normalization, dreamof revelation, and an end
to this desperation of this damnation, to restore salvation, bring transformation
to this population and peace to ALL generations.

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Unanswered Prayer

Judge this.  We know that since our Father in Heaven hears
Us when we pray according to the will of His Son and in His
Name, whatsoever we ask, He will do it faithfully; so, we
Know that we have the petitions we desired of  Him.  Yet, 

Many have not because they ask not, while some others ask
Amiss to consume it upon their lust, while sinning or warring
In their members.  Then some pray in doubt or without persistence,
Lest, in their desire to prosper and be in health God would hear them.