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Acrostic Beauty Poems | Acrostic Poems About Beauty

These Acrostic Beauty poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Beauty. These are the best examples of Acrostic Beauty poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Paint With Fire

Paint flies freely, from his brush 
As he paints her, he sees her blush
In both their eyes, the passion burns
Naked she poses,  from the canvas he turns
Temptation irresistable, for her he yearns

With his brush, he paints her red
In all her glory, there on his bed
Textured skin, a canvas extreme
Heaving and writhing, an artist's dream

Fire flows from his finger tips
In all her curves, his passion drips
Rendering her a work of art
Eternal pleasures, from light and dark

For Andrea's Acrostic Contest. 
I also used the first word in each stanza to spell out the title.

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Sister girl 
African pearl
Such finesse
So much, you have to give.
Yes, you are beautiful!

Are you paying attention to me?
Nile I am.
Dark and handsome man and confident…

For the love of God
In this real world
Never have I 
Ever exploded with deep words of lust!

Sophisticated woman
After thoughts
Savoring your body
Suc-cor your tongue
Young and free!
Affixed to your smile
Depths of passion!

Feel me
Indigo blue
Nice fit on you
Enriched this day!

Such words of desire
Ask you to be a part of my life.
So real to happiness
Seductive I am.
Yearn for me!

Apex to
New elevations for
Deep sensations!

Finding each other is not a sure coincidence.
Inspire by other elements
Nadirs we are not.
Essence we are.

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a mothers love

on this special day
I doest say
that thy mother is of graceful sort
it hath been said she is devine
and I do holdeth this to be true
now dearest mother may I be so bold
to tell you the sun still shinest on one so old
as true as this be
you still grasp your faith 
like the roots of a tree
tis said you are wise
and this I have found true
the eye doeth grow deceived when it is drawn upon you 
as your thoughts become known 
only then your age is shown

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Poet Destroyer A

Poetess she is, whose magic is cast with great ease
Opulent in words, charming to the utmost degrees, 
Engraving hisses, silhouettes, images of natures surreal
Trespassing horizons never stretched out to an ideal 

Destroyer as known for, although she's here to compose
Enchating poems and songs her beautiful soul bestows
Such a fusion encourages poets to hold their inks and quills
To write 'bout nymphs in seas or orchards filled with daffodils 
Rampantly defeated by her as what often happens, except
Of all practiced skilled writers she's definitely the most adept
Yielded in a words-battle having a single acknowledged end
Efficacious "She" is by far a star who can simply transcend,
Reproductions of literary stylistic forms in her magnificent way

A lady I know as Linda with a pseudonym Poet Destroyer A!  

© Guru Jad 2013

Dedicated with Admiration! :)

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LOVE: "Life, Birds, Bees and Trees"

“Life, Birds, Bees and Trees”

The beauty is nature in birds and the bees,
Hidden life within the hives and the trees,
Exact and complete, as nature doeth please.
Birds and bees are of life’s essence to please,
In most unique ways, nature take her ease,
Riding air currents, and nesting in trees,
Dawn of life’s freedoms still rustles in leaves,
Steadfast freedoms of God’s faith believes.

As we stand, in nature’s plan, in awe of bees,
Now of the bee’s honey how nature doeth please,
Dawn of life‘s freedom, still rustles in tree leaves.

The last shall become first, but shan’t be the least,
Hail!  “All good in nature comes from the east,
Enjoy, don't destroy, our nature's beast!”

Bees and birds of nature, beauty and sweet honey, 
Efficient to please, but man loves his money,
Employ not money, but Love life’s honey,
Sweet nature love makes honey, man makes money.

For Contest: The Birds and The Bees
In Honor of: Carol Brown

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HORSE acrostic


Hell-bent stallion muscles led the mustangs through the plain,

On their heels rode hard a hired man –his job to rope the best--

Rearing high the stallion—urging speed as autumn winds dance thru his mane.

Sheets of lighting limned silhouettes as they pounded toward the west--

Enchanted now the man reined in—this day let beauty rule his breast.  

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Symphony of Truth

Filling minds with symphony of truth
Opening them with catalytic mystery of light
Living waters flowing like angels’ robes
Lifting inspirations into the depths of brilliance
Omitting your hopeful eyes to the skies
Without blemish and aching to purify

You are so talented and true
Outstanding words that cringe in harmonies
Under and over and back to the earth
Revealing an answer that was once nothing

Drenched and battered in sweets for a recipe
Rocking and popping in slivered ecstasy
Enveloping us all in the highest reverie
Aiming at the heavens where you ought to be
My heart pours out to all of you
Someone believes in you—I do 

And though the dark is soon to come
Never fear, for light will always fold it over
Dimming away into resonate and pure master-peace

No, you are free in this glistened life 
Everlasting like the holy beings in perfect-pitched song
Vindicating your cause and all others to follow
Emptied only to be filled yet again
Ransomed in unremitting constancy

Give into the beauty of recycled rhapsody 
Interlaced with supportive strands of genius
Veiled in humility and never lacking agility 
Enshrouded with the benevolent shine of generations

Understand that you will succeed in succulent growth
People will only fail you if you give them reason to

You are an incredible addition to a lively creation
Onward the music will lead you on 
Universally swirling and curling with mastered energy
Veering out and fluttering in perfect sight and sound
Eventually reaching out to the remaining shadows

Get up and look at the world around you
Obvious beauty surrounds every shady corner
Take what you may and create your renovating legacy

The symphony is playing for you 
Helping you along the smooth sands of life
Intertwined in fiery drive and sifting scents
Surrounded by the resonance—and a stranger’s global confidence 

-inspired by the one and only Anthony Snape-

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Beauty of Perfection

Beauty lies in your enticing lips
Everlasting through longevity hours
Austerity within your captivating arms,
Unified beyond the sparkling stars
Tantalizing fingers fulfilling my earnest desires
Yearningly yours forever more of exquisite fires.

Of wildest, enraptured passion till morning rises
Fantasy's fill us with gentle whispers of sweet love.

Perfectly we really feel and fulfill our hearts desire
Earnestly our exotic bodies belong to you and me,
Romantic feelings are ours to have and to hold
Fantacism flies us to erotic stimulating places;
Endearments of our loving hearts sparkle on us tonight
Causes us to whisper sweet love songs to one another,
To manifest our most meaningful and earnest wonton desires
Innovating us beyond our wildest dreams,
Only our lips, body and my heart belongs to you
Nothing can tear us apart when we are in a passionate embrace.

Written: Oct.6,2014
Eve T.M.Carter

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Summer Sunset

Summer sunsets o'er majestic Pikes Peak are a wonder to behold.
Unequaled hues gild the western sky in flaming red and gold!
Mere artists will never portray on canvas such a glorious sight.
Magnificent ivory clouds enhance the scene much to my delight!
Embellishing this exquisite panorama with colors all aglow,
Reminds me of the bright hues in paintings by van Gogh!

Soon the sun will sink beyond the towering tors of Pikes Peak.
Ushered in is a mellow moon to make the ebon night less bleak!
Nary a sunset gracing the elegant form of Mount Kilimanjaro,
Shall compare to the painting in the sky that I'll view tomorrow!
Even though famed artists have created masterpieces in the past,
The brush strokes of The Master Artist will never be surpassed!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
(c) 2014 All Rights Reserved

Entry for Francine Roberts' "Summer Acrostic" Contest

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Charm comes from within
Her loving, open heart
And she is such an important
Real and true 
Member of our Soup Community
Always spreading joy
Inspiring our passions
Never losing sight of the power of friendship
Each of our lives is better because she is here

For our dear friend Charmaine.  She has extended her hand in friendship to everyone here 
and I want her to know how much she is loved.  The beauty of her words is only superceded 
by the beauty of her heart.  How lucky we are to have such a lovely woman on Poetry Soup!

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Love of the Ocean

Lingering waves surge into the shore.
Ominous glory, it rages for a score.
Vivacious peaks beautify its core.
Each one different, then the one before,

Once you have seen the power it holds.
From then on, the greatness unfolds.

Terrifyingly beauty raptures your mind.
Hearing its sounds enthralls us to find.
Earnest thoughts we once left behind.

Oceans beauty is spellbinding at dusk.
Creating fresh aroma, sometimes musk,
Every day delivering, treasures of mollusk.
After a day at the ocean, you may enjoy cusk.
Not one person denies the beauty so brusk.

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Sense of humour, elevating our spirits
Musing over the simple things in life, rejoicing at what we find
Imagination stimulated, childlike, seeing the wonders in life
Light heartedness, laughing at one’s self!
Everything as it is meant to be, smiling, enjoying, the gift of life

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Gypsy King

Glorious are the days we ride, my love.
You and I riding in the morning light.
Passions racing hearts are thundering.
Sunrise explodes pink and purple streaks across the sky.
You and I smiling, riding together in the first light.

Kindred spirits racing together chasing the morning star.
Intoxicated on the morning air.
Nowhere, but here in this moment.
Glorious is the day we ride.

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October - Acrostic

O pening up my front door this morning,
C ould not believe what I saw there.
T he aroma of wood smoke was in the air.
O vernight the entire world had changed,
B ountiful beauty as far as the eye could see.
E very leaved limb shivered in the cool air.
R eminding me of all my autumns gone by.

Written for Andrea Dietrich's contest
"Skipping Six, Going Straight to Seven-Acrostics Challenge #3"

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Morning Acrostic

M. oving from my sleep
O. nly echoes of night remains
R. eturning from dreams of your loveliness
N. ever believing I would meet someone like you
I.  awake with delight
N. ot alone anymore for I have you
G. ood morning my love

This morning
the breeze
awakens the earth

Birds sing cheerfully
to the earth

This is the time
to wish my love

a good morning.....

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Zebras full of Zest and Zeal
Exquisite Stripes Dancing Happily
Black and White, Black and White
Running wildly as it turns into prey
Africa's Amazing Animal!

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Happiness (acrostic)
Happiness is found within not in people and things

Acceptance of the present regardless of what fears/ inner demons you may be facing

Persistence in seeking love and happiness inside ourselves so we may experience the abundance of love and beauty that encompasses us

Patience with ourselves as we learn and grow through our personal trials and tribulations life often presents to us, unexpectedly

Inside ourselves are all the answers we seek, believe in yourself with a smile on your face

Never give up on yourself! Challenge your belief systems with an open heart and a positive mind set

Endless love & happiness awaits you, seek it consciously without delay

Spirit of love is the essence of our original form; happiness is our natural state of being

Smile in the face of adversity and feel your spirit soar to new heights experiencing love, peace and happiness from this moment forward.  Live as if there is no tomorrow, for you reap what you sow :) :) :)

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Sonnet 7: Garbage bin poem

Good people will place me where I serve best
And charge me with a most noble duty
Regardless of the weather I won’t rest
Bearing the task of preserving beauty
And though some may sneer and say I’m smelly
Greater peace of mind breathes where I am seen
Everyone needs me to keep their home clean

But if I should not be found standing there
In the place I was left, alone and bare, 
Not many would notice or even care

Public places are cleaner when I’m there
Offices, beaches, streets, shops and kitchens
Everywhere people live I should be found
My hope is that people want me around.

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Judas betrayed Jesus’s whereabouts
End, was near
Son of God, knew this
Universe of the Son of the Divine Father, restored
Sins of man forgiven, Prince of our Universal domain, alive in the hearts of his children

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My trip

Our trip

W e went up to Exmouth, it took us five days
I  nto hot furnace winds, the days were ablaze
N o relief was in sight for north we were bound
T here it is so rare that cool weather be found
E veryone goes there,  cause fish can be caught
R eports of good fishing make these places sought.

26 August 2013 @ 1203hrs.

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I caress you in my arms
and your beauty alarms me...
your soft skin disarms me
and your musical voice charms me...
I lose myself within you
everytime our lovemaking begins a new...
And I knew in that moment
that I had to vent my sentiments
I love you and my essence would plead too
that I drink you, I eat you, and I breath you
...I need you!...

By Soul's Floetry 

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Beauty Personified

Beauty, I wish to
Each of us tries to capture who you...............are
A stepping stone to.....................................magnificence
Upon these eyes, images of you are..............dancing
Thankfully you provide a reason to go............on
You gift our lives with significance and...........hope

Perhaps at times you may be........................hidden
Easily found by looking.................................beneath
Rising as we examine...................................possibilities
Sound, light, darkness, touch, the building of ..we
Oh how your praises we love to.......................sing
Now we have a reason for...............................reaching
I'm pushed away yet drawn.............................towards
Finding lovely shades of grey and rainbow.........dreams
I only now know what Poets of old....................meant
Etherial light what is it.....................................for
Distilled to it's essence, a gift for us...................all

For Jared Pickett's Acrostic/ End-Word Contest 
This was a tough one but fun to write.

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Life is you and me, sometimes we wish to be free, but If we stop to think a minute, this is life and were in it, so dont take advantage of what we got, this is life so give it a shot, so go out there and show who you are, and stop wishing on that shinning star, because you can make that wish come true, this is life and its for you.

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Captcha - TNBH

The world is clean and bright today.
Now the rain has stopped,
Bringing refreshing life back to
Help grass grow green and wildflowers paint the meadow.


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Earths people, it is time to wake up, the ‘Prince’ is alive! 
Ascension available, access through your heart 
Seek and you shall find! 
Time is short, personally unite, connect as one
Eternity given
Rise to the occasion, celebrate the gift of life, bond, with ‘our lord Jesus’ and ‘our Universal Father in heaven, building a bridge, experiencing kinship, between human and spirit

                     ***Happy Easter Everyone***

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Winds whisper secrets with icy lips Icicles hang like fingers from skeletal trees New blanket of snow sparkling like tiny diamonds Tiny snowflakes fall like confetti from heaven Everywhere the eye can see painted a brilliant white Romantic roaring fire removes the icy chill 09~29~14 Contest: Seasonal Acrostics Sponsor Charlotte Puddifoot

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Soothing sound of the murmuring breeze
Entwined with the sound of rustling leaves
Refreshing my tired worn-out spirit
Energizing it with the soothing bliss of
Nature's comforting balm of peacefulness
Inducing a state of deep tranquillity
Transporting me to a world of beauty as I
Yield to its deep and peaceful serenity


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Angel of my life, only woman I adore
Never will there be anyone that I could ever love more
Goddess of the earth, your beauty is timeless
Eternal flame of my heart, true love for you I profess
Lady so magnificent, please spare me some time
I promise to love you with a love that's sublime
Nefertiti is nothing compared to thee
Aphrodite is what you really are to me

True love from my heart I offer to you
Radiant beauty that makes my heart feel brand new
Immaculate angel, woman that I desire
No one else can put my soul on fire
In love with you I will forever stay
Darling even if you are millions of miles away
Angel I know you already answered another man's call
Death would be sweeter now because I can't have you at all

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*love's progression from infatuation to satisfaction

Contest: Judy's "How's Your Acrostic"
Poet: Lyric Man

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Entree to the innermost beauty,
Yet ruminating thoughts of mind,
Experience link soul to soul,
Simply visualize realities of life!

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(Dedication: For Ann, the love of my life, who walks with me smiling. Thank you.)

Opt for a path that observes life's pulse and play,
Deeper and clearer as experience vivid,
Etch a present moment fragment in plain stay.

Sense oneness in all nature speak so candid,
Emotive knowing as beauty now reveals,
Etchings and markings of truth and sheer magic!

Here in this moment watch miracle appeal,
Align heart, mind and body to glimpse fine view,
Image and idea juxtaposed in factual feel.

Keep watching as stillness reveals to you,
Urgings of natural wonder that unveils,
See the world change in a fragment deep within you!

Now moments fling messages to blaze a trail,
Open your heart and mind to embrace belief,
Words only capture a mere fragment unveiled.

Seek to go deep within where silence achieves,
Enter a continuum that whisper hints,
Embrace a journey gift that calmness receives.

Mind and matter and motion and stillness mint,
Encounter a passage where miracles hint!

Leon Enriquez
08 Mar 2014

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Watch out oh thee!
Step not onto my summer soil
In my little own garden
For i moiled and toiled
In winter strong storms
To put round the thorns
To prune and protect
To line and align
Those roses at the center
And laid low a footpath
In my own little garden
Because you said
You will not share thy scent
But now, mine is strong
Bees and butterflies
Eyes and smiles
Merchants and peasants
In my own little garden

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BEAUTY- Acrostic Couplet

B 	Breath of a lover, scented love
E 	Eyes of a lover, stars above
A	Arms of a lover, heart undress
U	Utter pleasure, with each caress
T	Taste of a lover…ecstasy 
Y 	YOU are all this and more to me!!!!

For Linda’s Beauty Contest
July 30, 2013

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Emerald is Mother Nature’s favorite hue.
Mountains capture every sunlit verdant shade
Breathing in fresh scents of morning dew.
Rain drops add to rivers which cascade
Allowing rainbows to form in finest mist.
Clouds of cotton ride the wayward wind
In shadows dark and light, sun kissed.
Nature shares her beauty without end.
Gaia, with all the elements she shares

Entitles us with food and shelter grown
At harvest that the fruit trees bear,
Reaping all the blessings we have sown.
Trees and plants which we are well aware,
Have divinely taught us we are not alone!

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About a Rainbow

Rainbows shining
Across the sky as
It's light is
Nothing short of completely
Beautiful and
Original in its

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On The Track

Being on the roll bring them a thought of eloquence,
Exempting the fact things in the giant tournaments,
Inside of which lies the origin of originality and dexterity;
Nexus, so true of either being alive or dead
Gentle souls, to be, should stay on the track.

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I Was Built For This

They said my life is worthless, but my net worth is priceless. 
I'm one of the nicest. I've been bless to express my life on this. 

I was built for this, so they can miss me with that snuffed up "ish",
No need to curse on this, no disrespect needed, it's time that we be kind and courteous. 

What occurs to us could be a curse for us; but what occurred is a must and in god we should trust. 
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, consider yourself dead if we continue to live unjust. 

Cause there's no justification for your judgmental infatuation, 
In fact your situation is a declaration of your own character in question. 

Any questions?

In consideration, I'm trying to make sense of this verbal composition, 
But you're always in competition with your mental institution, while you're in a mindless and clueless position. 

I'm no illusion. But from all the confusions, I became a realest. 
I never said I'm the best, but I'm always at my best to the fullest. 

And somehow haters new about this and that's the reason why they started hating on this. 
Trying to convince me that I wasn't built for this. 

Instead, they became my photosynthesis I became photosensitive to there photo-negative emphasis. 
I had no choice but to put an end to this and considered it a life changing experiences. 

My fearfulness went into a metamorphosis. 
Went from more fear to less, that morphed into too bless to be stressed over some senseless mess. 

Therefore I rise. Like high risers in the sky I've arrived. 
The sky is the limit and I'm going to live in the sky till the day I die. 

Who am I? 

It's no question I'm a reflection of the most high; far from perfection, 
But His intentions are perfect, perfectly prophesied by my third eye.

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Living in Harmony

Living in harmony

Living every day in peace
Is the sweetest way to live
Very precious is each day
I have a need to always give
Nourishment to everyone
Giving is my way
I live my life in harmony
No anger in each day
Happiness is what I feel
As each day comes along
Riding on the wings of joy
My heart all filled with song
Oh, such a wondrous life I lead
No desires, from these I’m freed
Young in heart, I am indeed.

7 July 2014 @ 0826hrs.

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Summer Moon

Summer Moom

Soft purple velvet darkness falls, 
Undulating evening  sounds call,
Mist builds waves on dew laden air,
Moss sways in trees like maiden's hair;
Enchanting! Expectantly I 
Raise hungry eyes to feed on sky.

Magnificent, she rises there
Over the tree tops; earth, stopping, stares...
Opal lover, June's summer moon,
Night cannot resist, dazzled, swoons.

June 15, 2014

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Embracing Earth

Embracing Earth

Embracing Earth I write this poem
Me, looking at the morning glowing
Being lost in flowers and trees
Reeling from life’s mystery
Air all filled with sweet bird song
Clearly it’s where I belong
Inspired By all life’s mystic charm
Nicely filled with peace and calm
Gleaming, feeling free from harm

Embracing Earth, I feel life’s power
And all those magic colored flowers
Really, they’re so beautiful
The sun shines down as the rain does fall
While fish swim in the shiny pool.

5 July 2014 @ 1535hrs.

Written for Andreas 'choose your Acrostic'  contest

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Once Upon A Whole New World

Obstructing the Time's line-of-sight recoiling abruptly,
neither a fallen hand-held folder nor a glance stolen away,
counterfeiting emotional disturbance but sounds to mastery,
executive officers waiting for the day-to-day updated reports.

Unloading Time's viscous cycle of exhaust onto the couch,
painless worthy of note-taking task reminder, a lost love,
overcoming the abdominal centre of gravity umbrella to grasp,
night's vivid persons voice of Wisdom to amplify and filter.

An overwhelming notion of the folder, the glance, and the love.

Warm alight from a magic carpet onto the late-hour coffee shop,
hail to the standing floral dress under the glowing streetlights,
our eyes have met in a once upon a whole new world,
love spreading out our hearts to become a giant shimmering star,
entrusting her my hugs and kisses, my love, and my world.

New passion overcoming my insides calling for a cupid's bless,
enough of this game and deftly join me in a dainty dance,
with you my senses return and with you I feel joyously right.

When I saw you over the cotton clouds singing merrily,
out of nowhere getting the courage to crawl kissing you,
rolling your eyes under the skies taken by surprise,
loving me over the sea so let us dance when I count to three,
dazzling on a magic carpet of this mystical whole new world.

Saturday, 6th of February 2010

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Red coloR of feaR
Over shadOws love tO
Smear the Soul and it bleedS
Emotions which arE condensed in rosE

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So. . . we're losing once more
And... what should I say
Drenched in silence - now I found the words to write

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Miss You

Missing you, as seconds, minutes tick away Inside my heart you are I warmly display Seeing you makes me smile, widely as I do Sensing your heart fills me a through Yearnings of we knowing of our tomorrow Open hearts have now declared, we'll be Under God we are, ridding us from sorrows .

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Mute forests, harmony with nature some prefer
Intimate times in her lakes and fields
Cities, huge, cramped, cacophonic clamor
Hit the forest every weekend
Is still pure, when you go "way up there"
Great untouched woods of the north
Another cannot compare with the Great Lakes Splendor
None need try, none need dare as I will ferociously defend her.

Embrace her in her beauty, if perhaps someday you go,
Enojoy autumn leaves, fishing her the lakes or playing in the snow

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Natures Treasure Chest

Natural glory is ours from Heaven’s sun.
Always continuing blessed from above.
True vivid colors to see lots of fun,
United and bonded out of God’s love.
Rebirthing of blooms again and again,
Explicit beauty flows from every petal.
Spiritually glowing, glistening again and again,

Toward the sky shining like metal,
Rewards not only from beauty alone,
Each of us enjoys the bounty that we eat.
All the fruits and vegetables so well known,
Sensual tastes and smells a special treat.
Up from the root nutrient flow,
Releasing so many flavors that cannot be weak,
Exploding with vitamins to make us glow.

Challenge not the prizes from our earth.
Health is a treasure we all should seek.
Each of us should have had since birth.
Search for hearty, silver and gold every week.
Toil not; devour Mother Nature’s worth.

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Richard And Carma Palmer Forever

R- richness beauty,             
I- in love, we are, have we;
C- charisma n' sass', *yes we 
do*, pon dis:
H- holy ground, before The 
A- almighty grace, of family  n' 
friends, where peace n' unity;
R- realms, united tightly, 
bonded, you and I;
D- deliverance silently,,,

A- another world~ring, 
promised, aloud;
N- never to be darkened by, 
D- darkness knights dawn...

C- cometh unto thy sun~Rae's;
A- alliance steeled skies, pure 
R- righteous colour to;
M- mend, heal, stir, 
A- amen......

P- praise wise prayer;
A- and GOD will carefully,
L- listen; weary,
M- mercifully, cleansed, 
weeping rain, drys;
E- externally,
R- rising us in sickness n' 
health as:

F- faith and wisdom, stand 
stone~rock solid, to cherry,
O- one another always perched, 
proudly overcooled all 
pathways; turned or unturned,
R- revived triumph waterfalls; 
E- everlasting peak,
V- victoriously, we see, we 
speak, wisely owl;and
E- entry Law,
R- ripely in strength,in love, 
heart n' soul, ahhhhhhhhh "di 
hell wid it," we juss suh, " Mi 
GuN~ShoT, WED~LOCK;" fi 
life, "Dem Gaza weh....#1
trespass, or a murdda yuh 
dub~step in Holy 

All Rights Reserved
Carma Reed

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Help is something I need
Even though I refuse it
Let me learn how to accept it
Please, don't give up on me.

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Rising above the horizon
An arc of varied shade and hue
Iridescent image of perfect beauty
Nature inspired after the rain
Bringing hope and promise bright
Offering comfort and peace to the soul
Work of art by divine hands

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The Final God

The last survivor of the human race
Depicting General
Master and genius
Night time
Food alert
Dangerous flying
Nightly heavens
Packed ditch
Troy surrenders
Zeus is more
Gandhi falls
Hunger of a nation
When the time comes
General heat
To fly
For five hundred parts

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For Andreas contest.

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Death do me part 
Eh, I wanna die 
Ah, but living
Heals my heart - it weeps and it spills

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Like a Boss

LOL (Laugh out loud) xD
I love your effort
Kangaroo hops 
Easy and hard hits 

A little better than before

BAM (Be a man) o.o
Owning the Hockey Game
sssssslither like a snake
Sam! You're like a boss - Ooh! Like a boss
(hey man...sorry for my loss)

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jewels of Birth

Garnet symbolize trust and to be friendly,
human blue eyes are like sapphire representing loyalty,
those full of wisdom, health an love symbolizes rubies.
Beautiful like diamonds,
passionate like an Amethyst,
or those who are aquamarine is full of youth an richness.
Your like a Emerald that symbolizes rebirth,
you twist and you twirl,
but desirable like a rare white pearl.
Your a topaz who symbolizes healing,
looking into people's hearts,
an knowing what they are really feeling.
knowing your true self is to find on your own,
with each birth comes with a birthstone,
birthstones that represent you,
symbolizing a jewel,
is like symbolizing a woman,
they all have natural beauty,
they all have value.

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Alluring colours of autumn mesmerise,
Unfathomed beauty in orange and yellow,
Trenchant evanescence of greens,
Unfeigned emotions true up in jest,
Mollify the fiery torrid days,
Nautica furnaces red on edge of horizon !

Written Oct 2nd, 2014
For contest 'Season acrostics' by Charlotte Puddifoot 

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just Lacey

Little angel came to me just before the dawn
A screech she did exhale followed by a yawn:
Charismatic, joyful happy soul shared her life with me
Every single day, month that has gone by: 
Years she shines sunlight in my eye

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A nd the sun rises
in her eyes
C ozy. Piercing my
stagnant pulse
Q ueen of the sky;
thawing my deserted
U nfolding sore
ripples; folding my
grey cloud
A nd showing beneath
H eavens! How deep
am I?

For Acquah, The
first Magi.

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I saw a paper being dump on the ground
It slide as it hit the ground
But there was something disturbing
It was thrown by a diplomatic person

I felt like taking the paper to the bin
A sudden wind from easterly direction
This wind blew the paper

As I kept an eye on its flight
It reached the higher clouds and;
Suddenly it was beyond my horizon

As I felt the breeze of this wind 
I too wish the wind could blow me
So I too can reach the heights
Where I could find bliss and pure peace

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BIRDS acrostic


    B    reathless each day the winged ones burst and unite into the twilight frieze--
     I     s there a more delicate touch to the sight than the songbirds as they take to the sky?
     R    eveling while entwined with the tailwinds-- delighting the indigo breeze,
     D    ashing on the last rays of sun to nip the laziest mosquito on the fly --
     S    ong of the satisfied sung—they fade into the welcoming night bosom of the trees. 

Victoria Anderson-Throop ©

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Unknowing Beauty

Unknowing Beauty

Beyond all compare
Effervesent in all it conveys
Attracting distant eyes
Unaware of its powerful stance
Yours and mine

5/25/14-Jessica Thompson

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I see through you

I see eyes that look wild like a hawk
The eyes that tell stories of precious love
Eyes that sees wonderful things
These eyes that will look upon souls
Sleeping on dust with bright eyes craving for success
Shocked and overwhelm by this splendid view
My heart beats vigorously with enthusiasm
The beats that paralyse nerves with happiness
I kick all the doubt to my thoughts
Thoughts that prey on the precious thoughts 
To all my surprises a smile let go of joy 
I surpass the deepest fears and insecure
Caught by soft hands that nudge my back
Back to reality I open my mind to you
Revealing all that I have kept from many 
But your heat blaze like wild fires to this heart
The heat that burns furiously in my lonely heart
But I see you and through you I trust
Overshadowed by your presence my heart fall in love.

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With frost in the air soon St. Nick will be here
Images of sparkling lights and happy merriment so far
Now tis the season for bob-sledding and presents so fair
Trinkets, reindeers, presents and singing to sweet baby Jesus
Eternal love to one and all for we all are blessed with joyous
Reunions and enjoying the coldness tis winter for St. Nick's cheer.

Written: Oct. 1, 2014

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Autumn leaves flowing as in red, orange and gold
Ultimately leaving the color green behind
Tenderly the autumn season soon becomes
United among the colorful leaves like tangerine
Moving, swaying all covering the bounteous ground
Noticing that this beautiful season is soon to end.

Oct. 1, 2014

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Gift of Love

Gift of love, each given from the heart
Intentions pure, hands open to impart
Friendship, dedication, an unselfish turn, 
To give all expecting nothing in return.
Often, thinking of others, traveling far -
Following wishes - another's north star
Lingering smiles, a sweet kiss, an embrace
Or a knowing look of remorse, of grace.
Victories in deeds, actions that may seem small -
Each sacrifice becomes the greatest gift of all.

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Autumn - Alphabet Poem

Ashes prepare for the fire’s glow
Umbrellas twirl under the rain
The leaves voice a radiant symphony
Uttering a beautiful season
Many feathers thread their way south
Nature’s clock spinning a bridge to winter

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Into the sunset

Showing the colours of your life
Unknown parts make up its collusion
Newness of life's fading into oblivion
Shining as yellow orange and red
Everyone has this nighttime blend
Tomorrow it will arise again 

Thoughts of today mixes with desires
Here they blend with memories
Every night slightly different sighs

Each of us love the sunset show
Nightly goodbyes to daily thoughts.
Delighting you deep within you now

Only to arise with new vigour
For you to fill with thoughts again

Darkness with
Aura of light enclosing 
Yesterday's dreams

Penned 6th May 2014

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Paint With Fire

Proud is the flame that reaches to the sky.
Angels spread their wings and begin to fly.
Into the heavens rising and reaching,
Never ending and always teaching.
Tell me of your ancient ways.

Wings the color of fire kissed skin.
Invigorating the energy from within.
Trembling hands that manipulate the pain.
Hold me in your sheltered arms again.

Free me from the burning agony.
I seek out refuge, angels come save me.
Revive my spirit from a life in which it was torn.
Embracing another life to which I am now reborn.

For contest: 1-4 Acrostic
Sponsor Andrea Deitrich

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If only

I touch myself hoping you are with; 
Days are long and through the night stars keep me awake
I keep having flashes of you but it’s all just the light
Do you feel this wind which keeps blowing outside?

If this is my last night in this light;
Will you come and switch it on for me?
Even the noisy dogs seems to not destruct me to this passion
What is this feeling i have for that it’s so hard to get it away?
Every day that pass is leaving a hole to my soul
No this is really the feeling i have been hoping for
But is it supposed to be like this;

If our destiny is keep surpassing me like this; can i let it pass
I planned so many yet none has happened.
If only we can just meet now, mine will be earth
So we can just enjoy this moment.

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universal angels

it's in the eveing theirs on one around as night comes I long too hear their sound.where their from no mortal can see angels of the universe they must be.i can not let no one know they are hear cause mankind they do fear.god's great spirit dwell in the atmosphere they call home the universe they do roam.perfect beans choosen by god above their society is based on love.they can not interfere with our lives,they let no man or women know of their kind.trllions of years they are advanced in technology and I invent for them,my loves and my friends I hope too go with them in the end.

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~A~ Alive and well thank you very much…check my heartbeats if you aren’t certain…pound to the ryhtm of my heart, long lost lover of lavender light {L} Live life to the fullest…the cup is half full instead of half empty! =I= I enjoy the thrills of the up and down ride, momma! XOXO! /V/ Vivid, yellow sun shines on me all along the road of paradise (E) Everytime I hear gross things slip out of my brother’s mouth, I cover my ears and say “ewww!” childishly, but him and I’s friendship’s bond is totally alive!

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The Dance of the Ocean

The ocean seems so relaxing when you hear the wave 
Healing sounds that can clean a soul and save
Even when the waves brings in an unknown 

Dodging the sadness can be shown
And the things become more easy
None will dance with balance so steady
Can a person by the ocean feel free of fright
Embarking conquest with passion that last in the day and night

Out on the beach on the sand we dance on a spot
For we hold our friends and an family a lot

Tricky the waves move with a trance each day
Hardly understandable to what I have to say
Even when the wind pushes the water most

Onto the sand by the ocean cost
Cites that people love to see and use as a passionate source
Even when it the wind blows the ocean waves set a different course
And finely the wave pulls back and forth in a lash
Notes that make music in every ones ear with a splash

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here i am

Here is where I belong
Here is beside you I shall live
Here we shall make love
Here were our pact live
Here will be our home of joy

I was taken aback by your courage 
I quiver as you look at me 
Your eyes were blazing like gold
As I abase myself to your figure
Little boast did I have as your smile rack my nerves
Your presence opened many thoughts 
The thought that were trapped in my belly button

Here I am
This is I who you once dreamt of in the days and night
This is l that you shared something stronger than stones
This is I who whispered to ear with a harmony voice
This is I that will forever be your guide

Here I am
The time has come for me to hold your hand
This is the time I give you my all
This is our time to show the skies that have seen us.

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Rich red luster
Orgasmic color
Silken to touch
Elevates my senses

Vicki Darcy
for "Roses Roses Roses" contest
sponsor - Mystic Rose

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   Making people happy
   under the dark skies
   residents can be free
   dignity is yours
   everyone is themselves
   ranked the best in confidence
   Villains turn to heroes
   in a judge-free town
   living in luxury
   living in averageness 
   everyone can join

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Lovers Point, LP Revisited


I'd watch the waters of the bay
mingle with the rocks and sand.
Failing stars misted in gray
Again fail to illuminate that strand.
Lovers Point won't understand.
Lonely people seem to like it there.
I watched them all as they passed by--
Nodding to my equals there,
Gentle ones who came to tearless cry...
For what? Only the rocks know why.
One night I left that lonesome band;
Reaching out to you I touched love's flame.
You held me close and took my hand.
Once 'twas a lonely place of pain,
Until you gave Lover's Point back it's name.


I stood above the misty shore,
My time was short as it was late,
And watched the reflections once more--
lover's Points nocturnal state--
Our meeting place of misread fate.
Nice it was when we were there,
Except there's no more 'you and I'.
Only a memory of a brief affair,
Not lasting long as it went awry.
Cold and dark: Lover's Point's sky.
Every so often it seems to me
My life is like the waves off the shore:
One special person comes near to me,
Retreats again, is then no more.
Even the Point knows not what for.

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Glow bright like a fairy
Lovely flowers grow by her side
Avarice crosses my mind
Dark tunnel - there's light in the south

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Embracing Earth

Earth is spread before me each day,
Magnificent in every way.
By all the laws of God and man,
Rare beauty greets in a wide span.
As I arise to view it all,
Captivated in spring to fall,
It never ceases to amaze
Nor can I turn away my gaze.
Glory beyond my window sill.

Expectantly, I raise the blind
And sometimes rays of sunshine find.
Regretfully, I've over slept
To miss appointment God has kept,
His promise of a daily thrill.


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Nowhere can you find
A beauty more defined
The wide open outdoors
Under foot, under toe
Raw beauty does grow
Everywhere you go, beauty bestowed.

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E - seventh part of EXPENSE series - the non-messed up version

End this madness inside of my cranium and numb the pain that’s making me 
feel this sensation, as if I was drunk off of rum…I’m not a drunkard that’s 
dumb and that’s a fact that has made a big impact in my life…especially my 
brother’s life to be exact!! Do you have any clue what I’ve been through? Do 
you have any brain cells in your empty brain? Are you damaged by your 
suicidal depression? Anxiety took a toll on you – you’re in its session…it’s 
controlling you like a puppet, doing whatever the puppet master tells it to do! 
You demand attention immediately without further ado…pay off your expense 
of your emotional suspense! Dispense and you shall receive no more expense! 
You are fenced in by the absence of hope and the approval of avarice appeal! 
Ignorant to the time, drifting away from your grasp! You hold your breath and 
you gasp! At last, you understand how important it is to immediately dispose 
of your expense! Just reap what you sow and pay up for your sins! The 
consequences lay in someone else’s hands and the two grand lands split! You 
are way, way more worthy of praise than being in chains in this pitiful pit of 
yours! All because you didn’t pay up your exceptional amount of expense! I’m 
going to drop off reality for the time being until the end! Deplorable Reality’s 
strategic tragedy stings like billion’s of buzzin’ busy bees, swarming around 
me like my crowd of fans, family and friends – what’s the expense of fame? 
Will I be feeling this shame with a grand name? Will it be astonishing beyond 
say or just another bill to pay? Ignorance is bliss they say…I’ll type no more of 
this verse today…Or I’ll pay my expense of writing too much! At least I give 
my poems a great punch of passion, inspiration, and it’s moving, even with 
the slightest touch!!!!

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Easy and Hard

Everything seems easy's difficult again
Shame on me x2
Yes, life is hard like breaking a boulder

And I have nothing to do...
None will help me with my load
David, keep on swimming...keep on living...

Hah, labor
And distress 
Random work to accomplish 
Dancing afterwards  .......

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        what is bEauty you may ask,
    if you hAven’t opened your eyes;
if yoU are stuck in a place that’s unreal,
    consumed by The greed and lies;
   you may not know what beauty Is
           iF you tend to be alone
because beaUty has a different meaning
      When you can caLl it your own

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R is for Radiant, you'll go far 
E is for Energetic, bright as a star
B is for Beloved, everyone's friend
E is for Enchanting, happy and bright
C is for Charming, an angel in disguise 
C is for Cheerful, a bright personality 
A is for Angelic, beauty beyond compare

REBECCA, a treasure so rare!

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This is actually Acrostic and Rhyme

Quiet and serene the bubbles float swiftly by.
Under the water and the lovely azure blue sky.
In quick succession they do their beautiful dance.
Combined and colorful they're strong and put me in a trance.
Kept in a cadence and rhythm I am Enthralled as they prance.

Noelle Devereau

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Picky child I was
before & still am as
I’m writing this
picky, petite poem –

I am different
now…I’ve changed for
the better, though
it was a challenging
Clever and cheery
teenager I am in the
present and past,
getting used to
foods I once didn’t
Kangaroos hop with
hope happily, tigers
hunt wildly &
sneakily, cats meow
for people food & to
receive a feel-good
rub  (independent,
little &
dogs yap for
(dependent, little &
big buddies), ants
gather & work, flies
hover around a heap
of droppings, debris
& remains/deceased
bodies, hyenas
attack & laugh their
tails off, wolves
get into their
private packs, fish
swim playfully with
the family, gofers
barrel & eat up the
veggies from my
garden, cheetahs run
at full speed,
finches chirp their
chants, dutiful 
dolphins go with the
wave’s ascending &
descending flow,
rabbits hop & chew
on carrots
cheerfully, lions
RAWR & laze around
on fields of golden
grace, bears huddle
with cubs & hide in
solitary, dark
caves, enormous
elephants eloquently
walk about on the
African, swaying
savannas & tons of
terrains much like
California in some
sense, lambs graze
in their
looking eagerly for
their shepherd,
lizards explore,
roaches scatter
around on the
kitchen & bathroom
floor, bedbugs bite
for the sake of
their sick appetite,
etc. ; is there
something new to
learn every night
and day? (The answer
is yes by deh way) I
guess I have to do
some research and
explore some more on
these subjects –
that’s my next
chillaxing, cool
Yet, I still go back
to my picky, old,
childlike, yet
innocent habits –
picking foods that I
cherish most and I
implore for more
scrumptious dishes
that I can hardly
ignore & boast about
it more and more
till my mouth
becomes sore! SCORE!
(means SUCCESS!, I
nailed it, or other
definitions behind

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Mother image "dressed in the sun"
Awareness of undividable truth
Redeeming feminine Light, 
Your core, your virgin Self 

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The beauty I see

This was the day that it all began
Hindsight hit me and then it ran
Elations fill my soul and my heart
Beginnings are just the point of start
Emotions lie buried deep below
Anxiety takes a hefty toll
Until the next time I see you again
Treat me as someone you would call friend
Your eyes become the mirror to your soul
I see all the beauty I am to behold
Somewhere beyond the rainbow I’m told
Everyone searches for that illusive gold
Emotions join with beauty and the visual is bold.

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N - fifth part of EXPENSE series

Never-ending aftershocks of yesterday’s tomorrow has settled in my mind’s eye…there’s so much out there to look forward to…I’d rather not die, but indeed, I must live to see the light of day take wing from on high! Cleanse me with your hope, oh Lord of Accord and you are so perfectly imperfect to me…and you shine bright like a diamond in the cave and you mirror my pain with healing, crystal-clear rain! I’m out of my mind in the past, present and future…what’s my fate? What is there in store for me? Why do I hestitate? I hesitate for the sake of Your honor-packed jubilance, not his blasphemed envy! Good news (It’s intriguing! Very!) – I’m suriving and still standing tall; bad news (nothing brand-new or exciting really): I failed the test with a F- for failure to the extreme…your sub-zero eyes see right through me and I can feel the coals heating up in my heart! I’m mad to begin with and I’m sick of breaking apart! Deplorable Reality’s strategic tragedy stings like billion’s of buzzin’ busy bees out of their honey dens or hives! Deal with the cards, roll the dice. Feel my words – you’re my livin’ sacrifice! We need a happily ever after after all! Deplorable Reality’s strategic tragedy stings like billion’s of buzzin’ busy bees out of their honey dens or hives! You kill’d me inside and out and I won’t pout like a child, running about! You killed me with your lonesome song and I have no slight doubt about that, if you know what I am speaking of no doubt! Are you damaged by your suicidal depression? Do you have any clue what I’ve been through? Deplorable Reality’s strategic tragedy stings like billion’s of buzzin’ busy bees out of their honey dens or hives! I am a money saver, but a worthless beggar or an ungrateful waster OR a real big spender ~ I don’t mean to offend a single soul or drive anyone insane in any way, shape or form…I am just telling you the truth straight out of my brain while I lay down and type this verse up in my solitary, yet unique, wild and stunning-blue dorm…avoiding a bee swarm like escaping a windstorm with stingers flying all around me every direction I turn! Every angle I watch, there is danger looking at me straight in the eyes…replicating the death stare of the Lord of the Flies…my hope and faith withers and dries like a weed, left in the sun…pulled up from the ground by the gardener himself…rotting away…today…

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S - sixth part of EXPENSE series

So, party with me in this passionate, illuminated night; there’s a disco ball hanging by the last thread – off with your head if you don’t fight what I call the greatest fight – stand tall and give it your all and you’ll stay by my side this shining night! Shimmer anew like fresh drops of dew on the green, green grass, for the grass on the other side of the hill is fading away into desert land….dry with remorse, hot with discord, getting outtah course, the expense – they must afford without uttering a single sound-of-a-word! Release your wings from bondage’s chains and take wing out of your captivity’s cold chambers that buried under by the snow of the perilous past!~ I lost my hopeful speeches that has been tucked into my memory files…We need a happily ever after after all! Deplorable Reality’s strategic tragedy stings like billion’s of buzzin’ busy bees out of their honey dens or hives! You kill’d me inside and out and I won’t pout like a child, running about! You killed me with your lonesome song and I have no slight doubt about that, if you know what I am speaking of no doubt! Are you damaged by your suicidal depression? Do you have any clue what I’ve been through? Anxiety took a toll on you – you’re in its session…it’s controlling you like a puppet, doing whatever the puppet master tells it to do! You are fenced in by the absence of hope and the approval of avarice appeal! Ignorant to the time, drifting away from your grasp! You hold your breath and you gasp! At last, you understand how important it is to immediately dispose of your expense! Just reap what you sow and pay up for your sins! Deplorable Reality’s strategic tragedy stings like billion’s of buzzin’ busy bees out of their honey dens or hives! For some odd reason, I love uneven numbers…some say they love even numbers, but whatever suits their fancy, or as I say it, whatever floats their demented boats!!

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E - first part of EXPENSE series

E is the beginning of EXPENSE, the acrostic series.......

Expensive…Imagination caught my eye…I couldn’t afford losing you badly, 
even if you’re worth is worth a pair of decent-looking shoes, but what are 
really made of in the inside? Slip your feet inside my shoes for one moment in 
your life…for all my life, I was left with a mystery with absolutely no clues…do 
I have to find my way out of my solitary dorm? The ghosts are jeering at me 
and intimidating me again and again and again and again… scaring me out of 
my boots! No one gives any hoots! Untangle me from the comforting shell of 
fatality – a story let to tell! You’re only a phony fool, in other words, a 
worthless, inadequate tool! I’m climbing the Mountain of Gracious Glory, 
gaining back my alienated  ambition – I know where the wicked wind flows – 
it flows in the land of milk and honey…it sweeps something grand into my 
brain and seeps inside of my wobbly body altogether…it marinates in my brain 
signals and I receive thoughts of endless sensations and luminous notions! 
Deplorable Reality’s strategic tragedy stings like billion’s of buzzin’ busy bees 
out of their honey dens or hives! My noggin is runnin’ wild in circles and my 
mind is whirling like a seething storm that’s body-quaking me…controlling me 
like a steel-made robot…these particular pangs of regrets makes my guilty 
conscience overflow with low self-esteem and anguish…lamentation has fallen 
upon us all! We all must stand tall…remember to brave & hop over our 
obstacles optimistically and assertively like a horse during his training for the 
biggest race he has ever trampled into! Do you have any clue what I’ve been 
through? My notions that are spinning around in my brain is like the 
vegetables, water & the spices, mixing well & swell into a stew, restoring 
peace to my verse…Is my life a gift or a curse? Deplorable Reality’s strategic 
tragedy stings like billion’s of buzzin’ busy bees out of their honey dens or 
hives! I’m climbing the Mountain of Gracious Glory, gaining back my alienated  
ambition – I know where the wicked wind flows – it flows in the land of milk 
and honey…that’s where you and I will flee!

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P - third part of EXPENSE series

P is the third part of Expense, the acrostic series.......

Practically, my cup is half full instead of half empty, but I am proven 
wrong! I’m swimming in the river of my emotional debt mixed with other 
distinctive debts…doused in drastic dread! Is this reality in a nut shell or is 
this frankly living hell? Where does your high spirits truly dwell? Keep in 
clean, you gutter mind of a foolish man in PRISON for committing HURTFUL 
crimes – he has to pay up so much – his expense is SKY-HIGH, but he is 
not shy to pay it up and he longs to fly again with un-tattered wings, but 
fails greatly due to HIS poor decision making…who knows why he did the 
things he did, which leads to his ultimate consequence – his absence of 
life…the aftershocks of his death still haunts the prison to the extreme-est 
of the extreme! He haunts and taunts all that come in – once you’re in, you 
never, ever come out no matter what! My noggin is runnin’ wild in circles 
and my mind is whirling like a seething storm that’s body-quaking me…
controlling me like a steel-made robot…these particular pangs of regrets 
makes my guilty conscience overflow with low self-esteem and anguish…
lamentation has fallen upon us all! We all must stand tall…remember to 
brave & hop over our obstacles optimistically and assertively like a horse 
during his training for the biggest race he has ever trampled into! Do you 
have any clue what I’ve been through? My notions that are spinning around 
in my brain is like the vegetables, water & the spices, mixing well & swell 
into a stew, restoring peace to my verse…Is my life a gift or a curse? Is my 
life overflowing with mirth? I wish I can give a portion of it on Earth to 
avoid making destructive actions…I need several tragedies in reverse to 
settle me down and make complete my fulfillments! Deplorable Reality’s 
strategic tragedy stings like billion’s of buzzin’ busy bees out of their honey 
dens or hives! I’ve been losing my mind since the day of my birth and so on 
and so forth! Need I say more? I have so many research projects to 
explore! There is so much GOLD to find! Maybe I’m just a boy, tattered, 
torn and sadly, blind! I hope you don’t mind, Lord – forgive me, oh Lord of 
Accord! I need to just forget and forgive the past & move forward in the 
TO THE FINISH LINE! Give me the strength to move on! Deplorable Reality’s 
strategic tragedy stings like billion’s of buzzin’ busy bees out of their honey 
OH no, not at all – I run with my pack of wolves and I’m as sturdy as a 
wall, giving it my all…

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X - second part of EXPENSE series

X is the second part of EXPENSE, the acrostic series.......

X-tremely NOT un-cheap! X-ray my pain that’s been going off track like a 
wacko, kid’s train…you got me sidetracked and distracted on the road of 
ecstatic paradise & entangled reverie… it drives me to insanity & I’m 
unfortunately slipping into the next languishing, lament-cemented, little 
driven insane – if only you would look through my pain-staking pane…you 
aren’t pensive, but rather judgmental and loud as hell on Mount Heavens! 
Passion in me rots & it wasn’t ripened with rose-beauty & reserved reverie…
I’m climbing the Mountain of Gracious Glory, gaining back my alienated  
ambition – I know where the wind do blow…it sweeps something grand into 
my brain and seeps inside of my body altogether…it marinates in my brain 
signals and I receive thoughts of endless sensations and brilliant ideas! 
Reality’s mere demise ripens my rage, intimately concealed inside of me…
yet, I am looking up at His sun-quenched sight and I appreciate His 
that bestow happiness upon my lips, ascending them into a knitted smile of 
heavenly approval and bringing me to my delicious haven…Deplorable 
Reality’s strategic tragedy stings like billion’s of buzzin’ busy bees out of 
honey dens or hives! God has a way with words & Jesus Christ has a way 
His words…It’s extraordinary how Moses led the people to the Promiseland, 
despite the hardships they encountered with before they got what they 
looking for & everything there made them dance merrily & it was divine 
shelter, protected and looked after by God, Most High of the Highest 
Beyond Limitless Levels Above US All! It’s brilliant how Noah made the Ark 
save the animals and his family and friends with God’s helping hand and led 
them to the grandest land of all! God is good and gracious forevermore! 
is REMARKABLE beyond measure…better than all of our pleasures combined 
into one! The most powerful, loving Creator of all time! No one can beat 
Not even Satan himself – compared to God, he is a scrawny little rat, 
by his tail by the Cherished Cat! Every move I make….every dollar I spend…
every time I waste time…every time you lie to me instead of telling me the 
truth of the situation you’ve encountered or the stories you share with a 
smile of glee pasted on your moon-shaped face, I always find myself 
out of reason and logic!! Doused in drastic, darkening dread!! ~

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E - fourth part of EXPENSE series

Errands are available to run any time you want….confuzzled beyond belief…give us brief relief & relieve us from gripping, glad-less grief…sadness swept over us like a dust storm, spiraling like the fire in my stove-hot soul…blood zips through my veins and it’s giving me more brains to write with my eternal might with tranquility & peace in mind…clustered ruins reduce me to ash and dust…I’m not priceless as dashing cash, but to try my hardest to pass the test – I must! I must bust a move to win the audience’s attention and shake off the body-quaking sensation, leading me to falling victim to torturing tension . . . every move I make….every dollar I spend…every time I waste time…every time you lie to me instead of telling me the truth of the situation you’ve encountered or the stories you share with a fake smile of glee pasted on your moon-shaped face, I always find myself puzzled out of reason and logic! Deplorable Reality’s strategic tragedy stings like billion’s of buzzin’ busy bees out of their honey dens or hives! Havin’ no where to write my feelings down, wearing an upside down time two frown! I drown in the tears of my sorrow…no tomorrow…for the meantime, it’s yesterday’s tomorrow…there’s so much treasure to dig up and there’s so much money to borrow still, though you still owe a few fines for an overdue book; however you have tons and tons of loans coming your way (I wanted to make your day the greatest day in your financial life, indulging you with dough and pride!)…read on & pen on, dear child…remain mild, calm, reserved and self-controlled, yet you should still be that wild child I adore with a passion so clever, playful and wild like the wonderful wind, put at ease with wishes without an end! Deplorable Reality’s strategic tragedy stings like billion’s of buzzin’ busy bees out of their honey dens or hives! Caught under your wicked spell or a trippy trance … … … … … …I lost my train of thought & I am left to rot.

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The Emerald of the Spirit (acrostic)

Take notice of all the beauty that surrounds you.
He is alive; the truth is inside your heart so true.
Everyone has doubts at some point, all of us do.

Emerald a jewel with such beauty with glitter too,
My spirit has faith even when my mind says for who?
Each and everyone have had misery without a clue.
Reality sets in when heartache has blackened hue.
Angels are deliverers and bearers of what is new.
Let’s just take a glance into a baby’s eye of blue.
Delivered upon this earth with a delightful coo,

Only one entity could bring a miracle like this.
Freedom of life and choices of human bliss,

Take another look around you each new day.
Hear the power he conveys; see the life at play.
Exemplified by his words, as well his loving way,

Since the birth of our generation, we have labored strong.
Preparing for what we have known and to just belong.
Inspiration of the soul lacking, have our hearts been wrong.
Richly in everyone’s heart, there is a space that has a song.
Individually we have one moment, and then we knew it all along.
Till the Emerald spirit glistens, we realize, we are among a throng.

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Blink of Her Eyes

Believed at first to be a mirage
Ripened imagination starved
Easily blurred to the mind's embrace
Absolute beauty in word and face
Taste of perfection to life the air
Hasten to see her, to find her there

True to your mind at it's first embrace
Absolute beauty in deed and face
Kissing the soul at the core of words
Innocence captured, but rarely heard
Now is the moment to thank the sky
Given to love, in the blink of her eyes.