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Suicide Abc Poems | Abc Poems About Suicide

These Suicide Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Suicide. These are the best examples of Suicide Abc poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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A Suicide Note

I have come here 
Just to inform you... 
I'm NOT sorry, 
For what I shall do. 
I have no guilt 
Nor shame, 
For leaving you 
To your life game. 
Life holds nothing... 
Nothing for me. 
No purpose. 
Only misery. 
I'm in debt. 
I'm in pain. 
I cry, knowing 
I'm not sane. 
Cause I see me dead. 
A gruesome scene. 
My knife in my throat. 
The bloodiest of dreams. 
Chris will find me. 
He'll call the police. 
But I'll be long gone, 
Still wishing for peace. 

No one gives a ****. 
No one will care, 
While at my corpse, 
They'll stare. 
Just another one. 
Another ****ed up kid. 
You're better off 
With what I did. 
I went quiet. 
I went alone. 
I went to find 
A new home. 
I'm with the others. 
Those like me. 
Helpless, lost, dead... 
Gathered alone in our misery. 

I know. 
I'm going to hell. 
But it's probably 
Just as well. 
Mum. Dad. 
I love you. 
I just don't know 
What else I can do. 
I'm sick of hurting. 
I'm sick of crying. 
I'm sick of all the 
Pieces of me dieing. 

I'd feel empty 
If not for the rage. 
If not for all this hate 
Pushing me to this stage. 

**** you. 
You took away 
All I knew. 

**** you... 
You drove me 
To this too. 

All of you. 
You could see. 
You all knew what 
Was happening to me. 
You watched me. 
Losing my mind. 
So all you ****s... 
Leave your jokes behind. 
You're all responsible. 
You could have stopped this. 
But you never cared. 
You all wanted this. 

The time has come. 
This is what I need to do. 
I just needed to leave 
Something for all of you. 
I hope you enjoy this. 
I wrote it just for you. 
This is it. 
My final **** YOU

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You Left because of me

You left?
Because of me is it?
It was all my Fault was it?

I did Everything for you to love me,
I did Everything for you to accept me,
I did it all because I love you
But why?How could you?!

You left and break the Promise,
Which you were suppose to not Break it,
Your words were all a Lie was it?
And This is Just a Game then you`ll end it

I was just a Replacement,My Love
and YOU slap it on my Face like how it hurts
I tried and Tried to Move on,
But it still hurts

You were Mad because of a Worthless Lie,
You were mad just like how someone Died
But My Dear,You don`t need to Prove it on me
`cause I know I`m not the perfect one to thee

And Now may I tell you this,
That my Love is never Ending,
Whenever you hurt me
It just makes me love you more...

It makes me Feel heaven to fall for you,
But your life was in hell when I did too
So now I`m leaving and won`t come back
Because you left me Because of me.

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The Tide

The wave are turning and I want 
To pull you from the tide, 
You go under, yet you use
The blue-black water to hide.

What are you hiding from? 
There's nothing to fear in this world.
Don't you want to curl up with me,
In love, tangled and furled?
Don't you want to breathe your last,
In a place you feel serene?
Don't you want to watch your family grow,
Your children reach their dreams?

Your conscience, it takes over.
You want to just lie down.
You want to go in peace and quiet,
Where you can't hear a sound.
It's not a choice between life and death,
But a choice within your mind.
You cannot search for who you are,
If you decide to hide.

I look at you, you look at me,
And it's all so surreal.
The worst is holding onto your soul, 
But, nothing you can feel.

I know you want to touch the bottom,
And surface to the top.
But you're convinced that there is no way,
You'd ever want to stop.

I know you want to break free,
And swim back onto land.
Even though you tell yourself
That you won't stand a chance.

Don't tell me any differently,
I can see it in your eyes.
You want to live, you want to love,
Do it all before you die.

It's not your time to leave this Earth,
And fly into the sky.
Let's get you dry and take you home,
No sorrys or goodbyes. 

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tear drop

Light as a feather, sensing the wind passing fast
And feeling free from everything at last
Happiness and joy have found their way
And in her soul they’ll forever stay
The long trail of memories passing by
Every word he said and every lie
Everything that was hunting her was gone
Leaving her spirit pure and as white as a swan
All her emotions were confused
To this big mix of feelings she wasn't used
Should she laugh? Should she cry?
Nothing matters anymore when you’re in the sky
But now she’s had enough and wants to stop
And it’s too late because she hit the ground like a tear drop.

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Black Dog

I can't remember a time without you.
You've always been here, following one step behind.
I've always known where our path would go.
It's  time for you to lead, old friend.
I will follow.

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i wonder if i will ever be missed

I am not like the others 
they laughand make fun of me
my eyes painted black by the shining sun
dark in my mind dark in my heart

deep inside i am torn apart
over years of neglect and anomosity
i wished i was a eagle then i would flee

to the highest mountain near the deepest sea
i would hide my sorrow under my wings
and i would no longer be the fool of whom they sing

i am a man full of compassion my love is deeper than a abyss
but my sorrow is deeper than the ocean in front of me 
as i dive off the cliff i wonder if i will ever be missed

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Let me go

Let me go,
gently, into that sleep
where the noises cannot reach
and lies can not hurt.
let the ground covers me
with all my worries along

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Why Not

I sit still, blankly looking into the screen
Forever crippled by the TV

Imagination, killed by people
the lovers, the followers, the religion

Suicide is a game
and its hunting season

So, I say "**** it"
Why not?

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the end

the days go dark
i sit in this park
its lonly and cold
but these feelings are old
iv seen it before
shes out the door
i slit my wrists
and my blood slowly twists
down my arm and off my hand
my life is fading and its so sweetly bland
i bleed for you
but you never knew
the slow downfall
of my life and all
its miserable,sad and funny to
how much i really care for you
its ok now my life is fading
but no one knows i only evading
the sadness of losing
and heartbreak, blood oozing
the white light draws near
its almost over from here
i love you my dear
you touched my heart
now its time i fell apart
its me not you
see the picture i drew
thats my blood my note of suicide
im sorry im not ok im the one who lied
its over my life has finaly reached its ending
sleep well my love enjoy this last text im sending

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The voices in me

As i sit on this bathroom floor, 
gripping a blade in my hand, with it 
firmly pressed on my left wrist. I 
start thinking this thought that could 
change everything.. End everything. I 
think of the people who would miss 
me. I think of the people who 
wouldn't care. I think to myself, 
"Should I be doing this", this voice 
inside me says, "Yes. Why are you 
living anyway? Nobody cares for 
you, they wouldn't even notice you're 
gone. They don't love you.. Come on, 
do it.. End it now, it's the best way.. 
It's the only way. The sound of the
voice was so weird. Well I can't say the 
voice inside of me was wrong. It had 
been completely right about 
everything. What if this was the only 
way? I wish it hadn't been true. It is 
the only way. I think to myself, "Suck 
it up! It will all be over soon. Just 
one, two, three quick slits and you're 
done. Get it over with already, i'm 
tired of thinking about it! Then all of 
a sudden, a voice said, "Stop! What 
are you doing? This isn't you." The 
voice was so heavenly, so clear, so... 
Beautiful. I didn't bother wondering 
where the voice came from, because 
it came like the weird voice inside 
me. I told the voice, "You don't know 
me! You don't know anything!" SLIT 
SLIT SLIT. Crimson blood, running 
down my arm. I feel calm and in 
control, but the pain is unbearable. 
Unaware of it, I start to feel tears 
running down my face. I get dizzy, 
the bathroom I lay in gets darker. My 
heartbeat gets slower, then, I fall into 
a deep sleep. Or what I think was a 
deep sleep. After a minute, I get up 
from laying on the floor. I look 
around, I see blood on the floor and 
something else.. Me. Still lying there 
on the floor, unconscious. I looked 
so relaxed. Then it came to me. "Am 
I dead?" Where is hell? Where is 
heaven? I committed suicide so 
heaven is not an option. I sit back on 
the bathroom floor.. Confused. I fell 
asleep next to my body. Morning 
came, I wake up feeling groggy, 
confused. I hear people banging on 
the bathroom door and yelling. I 
stand up, stumbling. I look around to 
see blood still on the floor.. But the 
unconscious, bloody body was 
gone.. I was gone. Am I alive again? I 
cleaned the blood, put on my best 
face and hid the scars. I opened the 
door and a bright light hit my entire 
body like I just stepped into heaven 
or something.. Everything is just so 
clear now.