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Abc Prayer Poems | Abc Poems About Prayer

These Abc Prayer poems are examples of Abc poems about Prayer. These are the best examples of Abc Prayer poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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They Shall Be One

When The Lord called to His angels
there was thunder from the throne
He said there is a child of mine down there
who's been too long alone
So He called one precious angel
out from all the rest
He said I'm sending you my child
for you're my very best
Now there are no words to say how much
to Him this child was worth
for The Lord to send an angel here
to walk upon this earth
And then when they were married
there was thunder from the throne
He said you see my child now
no longer is alone
Do harken to my story
for we all know that it's true
that God does answer prayer you see
there is nothing He can't do
Now I know this precious angel 
who lives a mortal's life
for I was that lonely child of His
and that angel is my wife
                                    Diesel Dan

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My Faith In Him

Even through hardship,
you gave me the membership,
to stand up again;
from those who don't believe,
I can see,
right above me,
you are there to my human eyes only,
I don't believe in you just faithfully,
I believe in you spiritually.
For broken hearts comes to tears,
for desperation comes to fears,
to deal with insanity once again.
No matter what agony,
or I snap mentally,
all the deaths been shown these days,
I will hold my faith of praise,
to all the madness we've caused,
you will show us your miracles,
for you are known as God.

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Grey Bird

On that cloudy weekend in June 
I hear a soft and graceful tune 
from the grey bird on the tree 
Singing sweet lullabies felt 
blessed in the moment 
My body tingles of joy at sight 
Gazing out through 
my open door,
Letting thoughts fly free
Releasing love out into the horizon 
Heart filled with emotion came 
over me 
Grey bird stood playing its tune 
for awhile and on the wings of 
letting go
Then as the rain fell from the 
sky the grey bird flew away 
I blew a kiss to the clouds and 
utterd these simple words of I 
Love You father ( who's now in 
heaven ) and yet I hope to hear 
that grey bird sing again once 
more for me 
Farewell, love your son

Poem contest for Debbie -referential

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Guide my Ride

A little Prayer that I wrote.

Guide my Ride.

Dear Almighty in Heaven above 
Please place your Hands on my 
Shoulders and hold on to them 

Please keep the Sanity in my Mind , 
Guide my Ride, and prevent me from 
Driving faster then my Angel can Fly,

And for Our fallen Angels who Ride in 
the Sky, may You keep Guiding their 
Rides in to Your Light away from the 
Evil that leads to the Dark Side.


By : Shawn Muñoz

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                                      CHRIS NWIGWE

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My Prayer So Far

Nowadays I have a different prayer:
Don't keep me from trouble,
Teach me how to walk through trouble.
Don't lift me up to the sky,
Give me wings so I can fly,
When they want to bury me,
Don't get me out of the pit,
Help me shake the dust and step on it,
It will lift me higher.

Don't give me fish,
Teach me how to fish,
Don't pick me up when I fall,
Give me the strength to rise up when I fall,
Don't love me too much,
Give me the chance to love me too.
Don't hide me under your wings all through,
Give me the courage to walk alone when I have to,
Don't cure my pain at instant,
Help me learn what it teaches,
Don't wipe away every tear I shed,
Give me the chance to wipe some of my tears,
to feel them on my fingertips.
Don't make me feel like am the best,
Teach me that in a way we all best,
So I can be humble,
Don't forget to watch over me,
for without you am nothing.

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A River of Life

A river of life is what I seek
Because you alone satisfy my thirst
Clean me with the waters of your forgiveness
Douse me in the pool of your wonder
Every morning, your dew sits on my heart
Flow into the seams of my soul
Gush from me, the fountains of your peace
Hold me, as the ocean holds the ship
I need a deluge of your compassion
Just as the trees need the downpour
Kindness trickles from your hands
Lead me beside the still waters of your love
Make me float in a sea of your grace
Never to sink under the weight of the law
Open the dams that hold back your stream of blessings
Pour your gentleness over my head
Quietly fill me with the rain of your mercy
Rush upon me so that I am swept away with your favor
Saturate me with your Holy Spirit
Tears of joy drop from my eyes
Upward I dive, into your care.

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Jesus is the answer

Born to reverend Stevens
On a cool Monday morning
It drizzled a little bit
Very beautiful weather
Jeff was the finest of all babies
In my neighborhood Jeff was an example
Example of good Christian character 
Until he became plagued
Plagued with the prodigal son syndrome
Jeff became sorrow to the mother
A disgrace to his family
The father was grief stricken
Jeff had abandoned the ways of the Lord
Jeff was on the highway to hell
Enjoyed the company of prostitutes
Even the bottles feared him
He was an alien at home
Jeff was uncontrollable
Very wild
Reverend Stevens prayed
Midnight prayers 
Often tossed and turned while sleeping
 Reverend Stevens often found
Seated in the front porch of his house
Staring into space
Its sorrow speaking voice of a broken heart
Jeff’s mother prayed
And often wept quietly
The musings of grief
The solemn prayer of a mother
She was in agony 
Like Virgin Mary
On the day Christ was crucified
Poor humans 
We can only pray 
But we can’t determine when the answer will come
Just like Saul on the way to Damascus
Jeff was as usual on his way
Again to a prostitute very drunk
The still small voice called out to Him
Jeff! Jeff! Jeff
Perplexed by the audibility of the voice
Jeff sobered up
He shouted who is it?
All of a sudden the urge for the strange woman became strange even the bottles died.
He turned and went home
That night Jeff wept
Just like a baby
He realized it was an encounter with Jesus
The answer to the prayers of 
The Reverend and Mrs.
Years had passed
But they were grateful
Every one noticed the change in Jeff
The reverend, mother and neighborhood
Jesus truly saves
  He is the way the truth and the life.
Forever faithful.
Praise be to God.

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For A Friend, Adam Harun

Adam do not worry about the gloomy days.
Better days is on the way.
Cry no more my dear friend.
Dry your tears and smile.
Each day is a blessing and a challenge.
Forge ahead with rigor.
Gain on your dream gradually.
Hold on to your dreams because without
It life is just useless.
Jail all your fears and throw the
Key away,so it will not resurface.
Learn to forgive and forget.
Manage your time because life is short.
Never forget those that means most to you.
Open your mouth only when it opens itself.
Pray but do not let prayer be your master.
Quit only when you are dead.
Respect the course that made you.
Speak nothing but the truth.
Trust only what is right.
Undo with any fear of failure.
Valor is the motto you should adopt.
Whatever your thoughts,share it like Father
Yet reserve your decision.
Zenith is your destination.

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By the hour,
I watched you leave,
On a journey from which
You promised no return.

You reached for my hand
Every time that you had saved
Enough alimony from your divorce with speech,
And said goodbye with not a syllable.

By the hour,
Your pulse sung slower
And the distance grew shorter
And one day, the bridge was in sight.

I said every prayer words could form,
I held you tighter when I heard the drums
Of mortality calling to your soul
And wished it had been just an ordinary cough.

But it was your last.
By the hour,
I had murdered this moment a million times.
I wish I had murdered it one more time.

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Lord, How You Love Me

Adoring me in my waking hours
Befriending me when I had no friends
Chasing me when I chased after idols
Doting on me even as I sleep
Exhausting my mind with glorious thoughts
Flowing in the air I breathe
Giving me amazing opportunities
Helping me be a better person
Instantly hearing my prayers
Joking with me when I need a laugh
Kindly nudging me in the right direction
Loving me with a sacrificial love
Moving me to focus on what is pure
Nursing my emotional health
Openly acknowledging me as Your child
Pouring Your Spirit into me
Quieting my anxiousness
Rallying behind me when I need courage
Stopping me from making big mistakes
Throwing adventure into my path
Understanding me better than myself
Valiantly protecting me
Walking before me and lighting my path
X-linking my chromosomes  
Yearlong songs sung over me
Zapping me with warm fuzzies

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Buried under the sand, as the thunder strikes a pounding in my saddened soul.
memories in time and space never again to see your face
I held your hand, I tried to soothe your soul, but could not sooth my own
I miss you I cannot lie, letting go I try and try if you could only see how good life can be 
but for now you are lost at sea, my prayer and love never ends for you have always been my closest friend, time changes but LOVE remains, I am letting go of hurt and pain.
GOD knows I have made mistakes, but hopefully I will see you in DREAMS OF YOUR OWN!
Until then!

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Tousling the opulence was
not modesty.
Who will adore the clan ?

I am not yet ‘me’, 
the refuge of elevated moon.
The heat and dust of nascent money 

was burning like a loud prayer 
in dark sun. Perfection tends
to terrify the stings.

A mogul of arts outlines the 
script of drowning a desert storm,
when two flames went to bed.

Do not pick up the nails for 
the coffin of a martyr.
They are going to make a dirty bomb.

Satish Verma

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I AM Loved BY God

I AM Loved By God
Because Every prayer I have ever wanted 
Has come true 
So I owe God A Big Thanks
I have so much in my life 
I feel  happy just to know 
I AM Loved By God

Michele Lee Moyer

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Life is a struggle

Life is hard, every day is a struggle 
Mistakes been made with regret 
Friendships broken
Lives turned upside down 
Hearts torn in two, Not sure what to do
Where to turn next , what steps to take, before I mentally break 
Circumstances change in no particular order 
But life still seems so distorted 
People change, environment changes    but no words are exchanged 
Good memories are not enough to hold onto with hope in mind 
I'm lost and i need to be found , is life worth staying around 
Some one show me the light and say a little prayer before I get to despaired 
 what once was there isn't anymore , all I need to do is find the strength to open the door 
Walk free and fly high and don't look back , ten steps forward and no steps back 

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Death With No Voice

The faces have no name or color, they only hope of a future which will never be seen. They stagger to God in prayer begging for help as the tears flow freely down their worn and wrinkled cheeks. 

Mothers awake to the sound of crying with not an answer to their children's pleas. The world goes on as always, turning their backs on these people, who continue to die in silence, without a voice or harmony.

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Lord i desire to be a flower
to the fill the world
with scent of your love.

Lord make me an Angel
let me be in time for my neighbor
when they are in need.

Lord have me be a rainbow
have me show the world
all the beautiful colors that You made of.

Grant me oh Lord a gentle heart
one that reveals grace
and inspires humility.


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 It gets easier and easier,
with each passing day,
but trust me,
in my heart,
it's not easy to say,
I miss him alot,
though there's nothing,
I can do,
but I know for one thing, 
our friendship,
will never be through.

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And I mourn

what happened to this world, how did we fall so short
seems like intergity and righteousness is distorted 
the unborn are no different from the rest they're 
still being murdered and aborted. what they laugh at
is the same thing inside I'm mourning for, Jesus wept and 
was crucified for so I mourn...because it seems like
its a never ending cycle we use to say "we shall 
but that way of thinking was recycled so I mourn...for the
physical abuse victims r.i.p Phylicia Barnes and bring the 
responsible to repentance I mourn...for the victims of 
crack babies and base heads Lord God heal their 
I mour...for my own limitations I can't make it without 
you Lord,
that's without hesitation. I mourn...because I'm aware of 
the truth
and my earnest prayer is threw Christ that I speak life 
into you
I mourn...because I can't save them but I'm a let my light 
shine in 
pitch black darkness or when the lights are dim, I 
we're in need of our Saviour let the word of God hit you 
a hundred thousand volts from the tazer, I 

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The Power of Forgiveness

 The Power of Forgiveness
By Reg Rhodes

Today, I found a key to set myself free from the nightmares of my own 
shattered reality.  

Today, with the key known as forgiveness;
I will cease to languish in my own mental anguish. 

Today, I have set a prisoner free;
much to my relief that prisoner was me.  

The key of forgiveness releases me from the blame I placed on myself for four 
arduous years.  
The key of forgiveness releases me from the nightmare of the pain, the 
shame, the endless tears.  
Though her infidelity was hateful. 
I have forgiven her, and for this I am grateful.

I was an unknowing participant of her malicious reasoning.
Falling victim to her planning and scheming. 

All the while, she had an unrecognizable look in her eyes.
Her love for me had been replaced with lies. 

I longed to see my wife again, but it was too late.  
She had already been replaced by an evil being; brimming with anger, lies, 
deception and hate.                                             

I mourned her loss, and felt the emotion known as grief.
My loving wife wouldn't return. I pleaded with God to grant me relief.

I desperately needed relief, but found none. 
Two years mourning the loss of my wife had begun 

The truth would only cause me more pain and tears. 
She finally told me the truth; that her betrayal had gone on for 3 years.  

The anger and hate she had towards me; a level of betrayel beyond my 
To my stunned family; those were the things I simply couldn't mention.  

She sneered at my suspicions, forcing me to doubt my sanity. 
Her actions filled me with humiliation, and stripped me of my dignity. 

I have forgiven myself for trusting the devil who masqueraded as my best 
friend, my confidente, my wife. 
I have forgiven myself for falling in love with her at such a young age in my 

I have forgiven her for bringing out the worst in me.
I have forgiven her for compromising my sobriety, and stealing my sanity.  

I have forgiven her family, that despite her infidelity;  
continued to love her unconditionally. 

I have forgiven the uncompassionate ignorance of the fortunate; 
those who have never felt the invisible wounds that infidelity brings.
To the naked eye of the naive; her hatred, anger and lust were unfathomable 
I have forgiven her friends for helping me with the relentless self blame.   
I have forgiven her for filling me with anger, bewilderment and shame. 

I have forgiven the man who aspired to dismantle my marriage and ruin my 
I have forgiven his longtime lover who was also my wife.    

I have forgiven myself for sheltering my sanity in the cold cave known as 
I have forgiven her actions that robbed me of my laugh and stole my smile.   

I have forgiven myself; relinquishing my right to a better past. 
Freeing me of the self loathing at last. 

Ultimately, she couldn't stop her lies.
I knew it was time; we would have to to sever our ties. 

In the name of love, I have forgiven her.
I have surrendered my right to hurt her for hurting me.
I have allowed a loving God back into my life; and I am once again free.  

Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong. 
Anger, resentments and hate do not belong. 

With God back in my life, and daily prayer.
I have been able to forgive her affair.

God has shown me the sincerest, most beautiful form of love on earth. 
He has given me the power of foregiveness, and granted me a spiritual 

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As a kid i use to sing,

through the summers and  autumns  and wonderous springs,

for the days to which we care,

when everyone was thinking to share,

as a prayer would split the sun,

and the the children would wish to run,

for the fairest would take the night,

as the visionary would curse his sight,

for i am just a man,

a prisoner taken from his land,

an together we shall take our stand,

for at once the trumpets will unfold,

as erect as a warrior so bold,

for my body has felt so cold,

and within shall embrace and hold.


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Out of the cleft lip comes
a muffled voice
on the turn of events,

to interrupt a call.
Then the panic rises,
the blood was oozing from the larynx.
The winding mountain path goes to the end
of blessing where the prayer drowns.
What was happening to the golden land?
Did the green worry about the iced peaks,
from where the glaciers take a bend
to enter the valley?

Who was negotiating the winds?
The logic between the stars and moon?
Huge gods were speaking to the men
in black, wearing eye masks on the highest terrains,
not heading my grief.
The dust was crying.


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A luminous sun steadily glaring
Becomes a phenomenal scene
Can blind the observer's eyes
Diffusing its light very quickly
Effulgent as a winter's moon
Fascinating as the calmest sea
Grand illusion of the unreachable Paradise
Herald of the unconquerable skies
Image of the painter's mind
Jocular clouds turning gold
Key West resembles a desert
Lambent dense buckwheat
Masterpiece of His handiwork
Nascent serenity exalted by bells
October's imminent farewell
Piercing the peace of a perfect morning
Quotidian prayer recited by the fisherman
Ravishing his sincere soul
Satisfying the unwavering belief
Tending to instill more faith
Unimpeachable as integrity
Veracious as Christ himself
Wayward as untamed wind
xenon turning to sweet aroma
Yellow bay guarded by black rocks
Zenith's color is tangerine not blue

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A call to mankind

A Call to Mankind

Have faith.
Believe in God like you do the wind
Know He's there, feel his presence.
Take time to marvel at creation
Take a look around, realize how blessed you are
Don't just wear a cross around your neck
Bear it on your back
Have a sense of humor
Don't take life too seriously
We need laughter in a dark world
Be real with people
Fuse God into what you love
Do it for Him.
Don't sweat the little things
We're too blessed to be stressed
Forget YOLO, die daily to self
Learn about something you love every day
Read poetry.
Express yourself, don't be afraid to be yourself
Don't worry about what others think of you
Be yourself no matter what
Don't get caught up in the same routine
Do something different to switch things up
Go and stargaze
Read the Bible, not because you have to, but WANT to
If you want to be a rebel, follow Christ
That’s totally against the “norm” of society
Do something you love and be inspired by it
Every day is a great day
Don't let outside factors affect your happiness
Listen to music that speaks to you, inspires you, relates to you, challenges you, and moves you
Be grateful for something you don't usually think about
God is love. Music is power. Friends are forever.
Don't let your fear affect what you want to do
Try something new every once in awhile, switch it up
Randomly give someone a sincere compliment
You will never understand how much it can mean to people
Dance with yourself, listen to "Plant Life" by Owl City
Grow close to someone you don't know
Cherish your friends, their impact on you is huge
Be amazed by something today
Color in a coloring book. Color things how you want to
Don't find your identity in other's opinions
Don't change for people who don't accept you for who you are
Don't compare yourself to others
We were all given different talents
We weren't made to all be the same
We were made to stand out, not just blend in
Love someone today
Never let life get boring
Have a picnic with someone you love, go pick flowers, sit out and look at clouds, do something
When you let life get boring, a piece of you dies
Always have a bit of kid left in you
Don't be afraid to fall, Trust God
Live life to the fullest every day
Prayer is so powerful
Have prayer be your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd option, not a last resort
Cause you don't know about tomorrow
Tomorrow is unknown
Ten hours from now is unknown
Live in the now, enjoy it. Enjoy the people around you
Never lose sight of God.
When you lose sight of God, you lose yourself
Love God. Love others.
If not now...when?"

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Wish could cry out the 
incentives against the 
Could gather courage for a 
minute ressurection
A personality tainted with 
A false rumour full of pride
A shared piece of demise
A sanctified prayer for a 
fake smile

Justice, I asked for out of 
the pain of undone
A guilt that stroke without a 
chance to surrender
How far does one falsify the 
conspicuous change
A resentment that drowns 
in with a shattered mania 
for revenge
No more could I blame 
anyone else
Redempted soul was all 
that I fed
Rest all turned out to be a 
wicked dream
The anger raged onto the 
desperate theme
The darkness pierced 
through the heart so bad
Can't think of any better 
daunt to catch
Still can't dare to contradict!
But can't accept it either

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The Wake Up Call

Every morning 
When He calls me awake
I thank the Lord
With each breath I take.
For every night
As I close my eyes
I wonder where I'll be
When I arise.
I thank Him for 
The passing of night
And this one more chance
To get it right.
Thank Him to know
That I'm still here
Still here to love you
My sweet, my dear.
I thank Him for
Your sounds of sleep,
For protecting you 
Beyond what I could keep.
And for the refreshing
Gift of rest
That allows me today
To do my best.
Still as I awake
To greet each day
It all begins
The selfsame way
And I smile as I rise
With a lurch and a jerk
To realize 
What don't hurt won't work.

by E. Marshall Evans

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As I look in his eyes I see the anger building up. When I see him angry I know to 
stay clear of him or I will end up hurt. He beats me when he is angry. I cry and cry, 
for I can't stop thinking of what will happen next. I'm too scared to leave him for he 
may find me again. Several times he has told me to get out and every time I try, 
he attacks me. I don't understand what I am doing wrong. Leaving bruises upon 
my body, expecting me to figure out how to hide them from his family. Scars, from 
him cover my arms. Sometimes I wonder if he even cares that I am pregnant with 
his child. The way he treats me as if I am nothing and then other times he wants 
to know my every move. Controlling what I wear, say, eat, and do as if I am a dog. 
I pray that I can find a way out. Thankfully that prayer has been answered.

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The Devil Went for Charlie Daniels

The Devil went down to Colorado
To see if he could pull Charlie's chart.
While Charlie was out snowmobiling,
The Devil would work on Charlie's heart.
But he got a shock when he went for Charlie
For there was a prayer barrier all around him.
Charlie's Guardian Angel had called for reinforcements
And a cohort of God's own angels now surround him.
We done told you before, Devil,
God has His hand on certain men
So you're wasting your time going for Charlie,
Don't even bother coming back again.
Yes, the Devil went down to Colorado
And he never dreamed he'd fail
But all he got for his trouble
Was cold feet and a frozen tail!

by E. Marshall Evans

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Where to Start

Where to Start

I walk these same streets everyday
I can’t keep living this way
I always do wrong but I want to be right
Lord please show me your light
I want to follow you all of my days
You deserve all of my praise
Lord you are true
I give myself to you
Lord I want to be done with my sin
But I don’t know where to begin
I want to glorify you with everything I do
Father I give my praise to you
I pray this prayer with all my heart
Lord please show me where to start 

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Oh My

Oh my how I must say that you are important to me, 
You created me, and made me whole,
For that you have left me speechless,
You have a plan in life for all,
And I long to be there when its time,
I bow in prayer to you,
And worship you freely,
Who am I to tell someone that there is no God?
When I am a strong believer in you,
Who am I to judge a person? 
When in your eyes it is a sin,
You have redeemed me, and made me clean,
I am pure in your eyes,
Have you not been here all along?
Trying to help me through,
Yet I was too blind to see,
You are my savior,
And all I can say is,
Oh my it feels great to know,
That you are here for me whenever I need you,
Thank You God.

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No one is immune to the pitfalls of stress 
Though some seem to avoid its toll.
The three qualities that set hardy people apart
Are love of challenge, commitment and control.

People who are happy tend to see challenge, or change
As an opportunity for growth not a threat.
Their commitment means involvement and engaging life
In marriage, children, the work place, the battle field or debt. 

Those who rate higher in their duties of commitment
Feel more meaning and purpose in what they achieve.
The third trait control, is essentially determination
To have triumphs in life by how we respond and  believe.

There are skills, habits, and traits to adopt and cultivate
Which help make the smart decisions we depend on for life.
It also helps to take time for prayer and self evaluation
To make sure we haven’t changed from the dilemmas of strife.

Optimism along with positive thinking come naturally
When our need to serve others we refuse to deny or ration.
Contentment takes hard work, grit, faith and spirituality 
Lots of love, understanding, forgiveness, and compassion.

By Tom Zart


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Page Twenty two

Lately I been in isolation, the spirit keeps calling me but 
its my flesh as of late I been chasing...I'm trying, I know 
I'm stronger than what it looks like I have to live up to the 
hype faith on high like a kite I'm finite he's infinite I'm 
wrong I went left he's right I gotta get back I see him 
clearly but my back is still to him unfaithfulness is that 
thorn that ruins it, that ruined us so when that volcano 
erupts in the human body called lust prayer becomes a 
must when we realize enough is enough

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Executive Decision

This decision, has to come from the top
so as I watch I pray, and pray what I watch
goes this distance these brief intermissions
are nothin but a waste and not every woman
can satisfy what I have a taste for...but sometimes
I can't help its not you its me I'm the one who gives
my heart my emotions my feelings away so freely
but still I play my position...and while it gets played
one thing constantly crosses my mind,
is she the one is this gonna be your last first date
but I know...if she doesn't share the passion for
the presence of God how could she ever understand
why for the sake of the Gospel I go hard?
I could wait for that moment to come, but I need a 
woman of 
virtue who understands life means nothin if its focused 
on the son.
So in prayer is where I find myself even if her persona 
is half past amazing, if we aren't compatible spiritually
I would never find her unless she's lost in the saviour.

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Perfect Prayer

 You have heard my cry and healed my hurt, 
 You made it all better when I only made things worse, 
 I made you promises, that I never did keep, 
 You still haven't given up on me, 
 When I was hungry, You gave me food to eat, 
 And when I was tired, You provided shelter to sleep, 
 I've never had money or any fancy car, 
 But I've never been broke, or had to walk to far, 
 I've been through struggles, anyone can see, 
 But when I was weak, you carried me, 
 My past is my past, yes I know, 
 You helped me out of all my woahs, 
 More than I deserved, you have certainly blessed me, 
 I thank you Lord, For my beautiful family, 
 My faithful husband, so dear and true, 
 My son in my tummy, an angel sent from you! 
 I thank you for the good times, even the hard and bad, 
 Because if I didn't have a reason to call on you, 
 That'd be awefully sad. 
 So I thank you for it all and I will end this here, 
 Because a simple Thank You Lord... 
 Is the perfect prayer!!

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She's A Bubbalette

She don't care which kind of beer, but it must be cold
But her favorite has always been the Bull
Her hobbies include, but not limited to, chewing tobacco, arm wrestling and 
going punch for punch in the arm with men
After a few beers, she likes trashing the good names of Barbie and Ken
She wears her favorite tee shirt that reads I'm single because I haven't found the 
right guy
They say there's someone for everyone, but in her case, that's a lie
I wish in my lifetime, that we had never met
Her real name is Maxxine, but she is known as a Bubbalette
In the winter is  flannel shirts, and BVD long underwear underneath
I took her out to lunch, she removes the chew from her mouth and places it on 
the table, than asks for a prayer before we eat
She is the president of the David Hasselhoff fan club
She told me for him she would pledge all her love
If she gets married, it will be a honeymoon in a single wide, the groom will be 
named Chet
He will be a Bubba, how perfect, she's a Bubbalette
Country folk appreciate her for who she is, the chewing tobacco and all
She stands at the counter at Burger King, she pays the cashier with money she 
takes from her bra
She is at a red light, opens her car door and empties her spit jar on the street
Her freezer recently went out, she had a barbecue to get rid of the deer meat
Her motto is, no matter what in life, love who you are, have no regrets
Go ahead, I predict the only one to love you, will be you, you're a Bubbalette
Her normal attire is Levis 501 jeans and wife beater shirts
She doesn't shave her legs, she will never wear a skirt
She decided to join the Navy and fly fighter jets
Her call sign will be Bubbalette

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To moon 
giving a parting kiss of 
sinless shame 
I nudged him from the tree.

The night had been a terror.
I was facing myself 
in unrelationship of a prayer 
not to weep for my muse,

crushing a poppy on my 
chest to get the imprint of your
face, like the furrowed flame
leaping from a deep hurt.

Cannot play a game of mockery
deciphering the complete
truth of a veil
for a painless stain.

Satish Verma

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Mustard Seed

I started to believe but my faith was tested 
And sorry to say I failed and felt sorry for my self 
When trouble came my way I folded and ran away 
But you came running after me held my hand and set me free
In other face’s you reminded me not to lose my faith in you 
That there is nothing you can’t do In a soft whisper 
I felt your in brace and my heart started to race 
And the tear’s started rolling down my face
That is when I fell to my knee’s and prayed 
Lord renew my faith day by day show me the way
Like  the mustard seed you reminded me 
I’m not least of all the seed’s 
When your faith is as small as a mustard seed 
You just have to believe 
What you can not see 
It’s greater then what meet’s the eye 
This is what the lord in planted in my heart 
Do not lose faith 

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Page Twenty

My past, its starting to collide with my present but still, its 
still a blessing even tho it feels like a desert...everything 
in life is a lesson, but this one thing may be holding me 
back from true happiness and it has me feeling lesser, 
unless I...follow this threw, everything happens for a 
reason that's why its happening to you! After prayer 
there's that moment of clarity, but my heart needs cpr 
I'm in a state of past is still haunting me 
something serious, and that's the one thing I hate telling 
people I fear it...might run them away...but Lord God let 
the old me the, the fear in me slowly decay, let me do it 
your way even it hurts following you does pay, I'm in a 
hurt locker, I need my heart doctor...make me whole, 
don't let me sleep on you I'm taking no dose!

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The stem cells coaxed to become
a kidney or a trachea failed to
ask the Himalayas, why were not,
they gathering the ice for glaciers!
Some sexual jealousy?

The naked darkness will nurse
the roses to rest on the barrel
of a gun. Civil war will start any day.

Colored man, the tattoos will not
tell the truth of the body. Blood
was always crying to give up
the fight. Why half-brothers were
destroying each other?

No squirrel will climb on the trees.
Nuts have gone. The winds have dispersed
sine die. A prayer is rising from the lips of earth.			


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to babble

i pray every day
with my drapes unfolded
and all vanities shut out,and
mind steady,that than bracelets
a gracious maiden be found,to 
entangle my thin arms,and than
diamonds be found,a sparkling love

everyday,every morning the skies
are assured of my cries,and 
lightless bright room,just a single
ray escaping,that than any a man
to knock my door,i should never shut out
jesu joy of man desiring,and than
friends be found a jealous God

and by evening yes,the
prayer of secret,and babbling
is answered,but the day is late
and sunless,and i must sleep,
letting the soul to travel,but now
i must whisper a prayer with six
knees,two a piece to my maiden and boy

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Afterlife Refrain

My head is placed on the chopping block
my life erased before the shepard's flock
I stand behind nothing and there is nothing ahead
I stand here deciding if it was worth the life I led

And memories are nothing but windows
lives and lullabies nothing but keys on pianos
Fade away all fade away so fast
when you're standing here facing back on the past

Before the garden outside the gate
only thing accompanying me is that fickle thing, Fate
slapping a skeletal hand on my back
he says to me, "Y'know I can't cut ya any slack"

Not that I expected any
my road was long and mistakes were many
consequences can't be lied to or ignored
Death is waving to me and calling out All Aboard

Every ticket lost to this Grim Reaper
looking back I had a love and I guess I shoulda kept her
but too late now, my seat is there to be filled
it takes more than a prayer to save those that're weak willed

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The plane takes off before three o' clock
from La Guardia Airport, but in a few minutes,
it is suddenly struck by a flock of geese killing both engines;
and the undaunted pilot with his forty years of flight,
has to make an emergency landing on water,
and he's telling the passengers to hold on tight...
while getting his strength together, and with will and power,
he lands the Airbus A320, in the Hudson River, flat!

Many who have seen this incredible landing,
believe this is a miracle unfolding before their eyes;
and how quick the emergencies rescue teams rush
to the airplane sinking in the frigid waters;
and in a flash of a minute many more ferry boats
come to help while the sirens are loudly waling!
On the wing through the back emergency door,
every single passenger gets out safely....telling each other to be calm,
because they believe that angels are guiding them;
and is one of the angels tapping the fearless spirit
of this kind , selfless and courageous pilot:
putting their safety first, instead of his well-being?

More heroes like him are needed by us: 
when most folks seem uncaring and cold,
and he has acted with a humanity that's really indescribable
and a boldness that only God endows someone with;
he has confronted danger relying on his amazing skills...
and knowing for certain that his swift thinking
would be so daringly successful!
" Thank you ", I hear everyone whisper
as they are given hot coffee and a warm blanket;
" Thank you", they're sweetly saying 
in a prayer expressing their gratitude...
for the bravest man who has saved them from hell!  

That is his glorious and incomparable moment:
a heroism not read in books or seen in movies, 
and this is no fiction, but plan and blunt reality!
Read the joyful gratefulness in the passengers faces,
happy to be alive, because of the action of one who has cared;
see how ordinary people become legends...
when they take tremendous risks that some wouldn't;
realize how their perception is sharper and deeper that many,
and when they act...surely another miracle is bound to happen!
And like the caring New Yorkers, who have witnessed it
on this January the, too, can:
when someone gives all he's got,
to save hundreds of lives that were almost gone;
and will he accept a medal for his bravery?

Heroic pilot, who can ever forget what you have done today?
God remembers the good men who look up to Heaven and pray!

My poem is dedicated to Captain Chesley Sullenberger
of USA Airlines-Flight 1549  

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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Beyond the thoughts, 
nothing I mourned,
nameless death was writing its diktat. 
The dirty epithets were accepted for collage. 
Simply a prayer was needed 
for a childless truth. 
Rudimentary terms owned 
a beautiful diction.

The ultimate pain makes you dumb. 
Words lose the vision, you walk in a hollow city. 
Now is the time to remember the movement of truth 
in a jungle of drums. 
Eyes must find out the old path.

Huge crowds collect at the door. 
Human connections are at strain. 
The questions are never answered flawlessly. 
Life should not burn like coal, 
but be a tree, 
in praise of sky, 
wind and earth.


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I stay connected out of the body,
with fireworks,
to widen the relativity,
to read the language of fear. 
Death of a tree was mourned 
by leaves in shadow. 
The dew lies awake crying.

The town was disappearing 
without a dialogue
with past, we were digging our heritage. 
In search of roots 
life was killing the tomorrow.
You an answer seeking 
which was not yet born. 
Over the mind 
an ancient prayer floats.

The house was on fire 
the words cannot cover the flaming body. 
It was dying beautifully. 
The space between the memories 
will shrink and we will destroy 
the ugly calender.


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There were two shades of truth. 
All the facts were true
and all the facts were wrong. 
Reality was always drowning in a shapeless pit, 
confusion reigned between two statements, because
import was nil and walking
amidst ruins was painful.

Worthless conflicts hover in the night.
Exchanging the dialogues with death start in vain.
I go back to my fire and burn my thoughts. 
The world around me is adjourned,
sine die for the sake of peace. 
I became what I am.

You wait for a whole life to tell the truth,
and then die for it.
My god was crazy. 
He did’t ask me for a prayer because he was me, 
and there lies the absolute. 
For umpteen times I felt the need of, 
resurrection from the dead lies.

Satish Verma

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Tomorrows Greetings

 Rivers may swell and bridges may be torn away;
Like the bridges of my emotions,
All is washed away today.

The rain has ceased but the clouds remain;
I hear the cries of the jealous,
That lay crying in vain.

I hear the accusations;
They hinder my departure with their attacks,
But I feel only alienation.

Eyes front I march onward with deliberation;
I am unwilling to look back,
As I repeat a prayer like an incantation.

The clouds have dissipated, the voices have faded;
Attention turns now to the new unknown,
Ahead lay new paths that must be negated.

Time has taken its toll and age can not be abated;
With a hidden endurance long planted and sown,
Perhaps this could be the day for which I have waited.

Rivers have flooded, bridges have burned;
But that's all behind me,
I've new things to learn.

Hail to new frontiers to which I yearn;
Expectations excite me of what it could be,
With my head held defiantly, old habits I spurn.

leonard Taormina

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In despair,
beyond-pain, I will watch my dreams
in rimless eyes of wet faces.

The lake had been sending back
the white and black shrouds

They were jumping one by one
old and young,
from the twisted planks
holding geraniums.

A warm prayer on the lips,
what was left worth enduring ?
The innocence, the guilt, the shame ?

Clinging to bloody lumps of happiness
who is going to have a last laugh ?
Time is breathing gloom,
body is attached to a pole.


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Tuesday Night Prayer

            Praise the Lord is how we get the blessings to flow.
            The love in this place is all a glow. The hugs and
             Embraces are for all the races. Color is never a factor
             Or an excuse to show abuse. We pray to be stronger
              And wiser to do the Lord's will. The scriptures we
              Hold close to our hearts and try to fulfill. When we see
              A Sister or Brother fall down. Don't run and attack like
              You have all the power. One's life is like a delicate flower.
               Pray for a speedy recovery that this person will not feel
               Like a disgrace. One who can stand and show their face.
               A smile, a hug, a prayer or even a dollar will do so much
               To inspire . This person is not a failure - just fell down.

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Tuesday Night Prayer

            Praise the Lord is how we get the blessings to flow.
            The love in this place is all a glow. The hugs and
             Embraces are for all the races. Color is never a factor
             Or an excuse to show abuse. We pray to be stronger
              And wiser to do the Lord's will. The scriptures we
              Hold close to our hearts and try to fulfill. When we see
              A Sister or Brother fall down. Don't run and attack like
              You have all the power. One's life is like a delicate flower.
               Pray for a speedy recovery that this person will not feel
               Like a disgrace. One who can stand and show their face.
               A smile, a hug, a prayer or even a dollar will do so much
               To inspire . This person is not a failure - just fell down. 

              Brenda Carter-Foster