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Patriotic Abc Poems | Abc Poems About Patriotic

These Patriotic Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Patriotic. These are the best examples of Patriotic Abc poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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trust the system

footsteps aimlessly
walking on their trails
beaten down and broken
shiny as the rails
the rails of the train
over used and rusted
crumbling ignored
the system that you trusted
the silence of conformity
the quiet crying song
of people lost in apathy
monotony so long
the old man remembered
the booming days of old
and tried to warn the youngster
with stories he had told
the young man in the t shirt
can hear no warning cries
television cataracts
covering his eyes
commoners injected
with complacent misdemeanors
fed intravenously
from mass media feeders
the heretics will scream
with no one to hear their call
the working slaves will perish
society will fall
in the pulpit yelling
mystifying lies
sweating like a demon
with fire in his eyes
passing round a dish
to collect the workers' wage
saving souls ain't easy
so he sets a stage
profiting from fear
preparing them for death
comfort is a business
says his liquor breath
on the front row fanning
the woman says amen
waiting for the bell
so she can live in sin
forgiveness is a blessing
that god will give to few
surely she'll be one
when her life is through
the child in the classroom
with the curious mind
will be beaten and conditioned
until she too is blind 
"trust in the system"
is the motto that they teach
"question nothing,
so higher you can reach"
the land of the free
the home of the brave
only for those of us
content with being slaves
some will stand on street corners
holding big white signs
telling of injustice
held beneath our sights
but those who throw the bombs
which burn society down
those will be the shakers
for true freedom to be found
but the sheep still continue
to justify their life
ignoring others torment
blind to their strife
perpetuating failure
selling bankers souls
to keep on consuming
to get the best remote control
to build themselves a shield
what kind of life is this
numbness is a virtue
and ignorance is bliss

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My land


Logic meant to be flat
My love meant to fight

My land is the land of the lonely tree
The land of the lonely tree
Is out of thy map
But she concurred
Space in every heart
Maybe harsh
But mine

Oh Allah bless
My people an my land

Her ballade is my anthem of pride
Watch the flag is flying high
Read the lips
out of the heart
Who recite holy words
The victory and the forte
For Allah

Oh Allah bless
My people an my land

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Free Our Country from Corruption

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???????? ?? ???? ??? ?? ???? ???

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Spell Us Both

Betroth her to me,
If she will never stop amazing my spirit.
Bring her to me, 
If she will never stop beautifying my heart.
Hand her to me,
If she will never stop spoiling me with love.
Entrust her to me,
If she will never stop till she fight my war.
Leave her to me, 
If she will never wish for my death before the hour.
Send her to me,
Let our hands lock in wed.
Send her to me,
Let our oneness soul united.

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26 of june

26 of June came again
The old month of June
Old but always young
In the calendar of glory
The gala caliber counted high
'cause the freedom course
Call culminate
And came to the final call
Cheerful calls
Calls of the courage men
Who retained hopes
Calls to heart
Healing the wounds
Of the soul
26 of June came again
The old month of June
Old but always charm
The light
The night 
Of the freedom
The lost
 And cast
 very high
The dignity through the lost
we regain
As a nation we reign
To the heart again
26 of June came again