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Abc Passion Poems | Abc Poems About Passion

These Abc Passion poems are examples of Abc poems about Passion. These are the best examples of Abc Passion poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Better Peices

You were old and new all at once
A deadly temptation 
A glitch in my solid nature
And so I dove head first
And as I did I watched the pieces
Of me break away
To reveal an alien 
A rawness, a vulnerability 
I had never thought I possessed
Yet there I was 
And there you were unchanged 
And unaware that I was scrambling 
For my better peices

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Love Raid

Love raided the heart

And occupied my mind

There was no chance

But to surrender

For, the love army surrounded the gates

Hopes failed

Wishes shattered

Army encountered

Ceasefire was restored

I began to forget the hard days

The army again planned an offence

Where I had no chance of defence

From then on:

I am in a state of alert

Where I cannot avert

The sweet pain of love

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trust the system

footsteps aimlessly
walking on their trails
beaten down and broken
shiny as the rails
the rails of the train
over used and rusted
crumbling ignored
the system that you trusted
the silence of conformity
the quiet crying song
of people lost in apathy
monotony so long
the old man remembered
the booming days of old
and tried to warn the youngster
with stories he had told
the young man in the t shirt
can hear no warning cries
television cataracts
covering his eyes
commoners injected
with complacent misdemeanors
fed intravenously
from mass media feeders
the heretics will scream
with no one to hear their call
the working slaves will perish
society will fall
in the pulpit yelling
mystifying lies
sweating like a demon
with fire in his eyes
passing round a dish
to collect the workers' wage
saving souls ain't easy
so he sets a stage
profiting from fear
preparing them for death
comfort is a business
says his liquor breath
on the front row fanning
the woman says amen
waiting for the bell
so she can live in sin
forgiveness is a blessing
that god will give to few
surely she'll be one
when her life is through
the child in the classroom
with the curious mind
will be beaten and conditioned
until she too is blind 
"trust in the system"
is the motto that they teach
"question nothing,
so higher you can reach"
the land of the free
the home of the brave
only for those of us
content with being slaves
some will stand on street corners
holding big white signs
telling of injustice
held beneath our sights
but those who throw the bombs
which burn society down
those will be the shakers
for true freedom to be found
but the sheep still continue
to justify their life
ignoring others torment
blind to their strife
perpetuating failure
selling bankers souls
to keep on consuming
to get the best remote control
to build themselves a shield
what kind of life is this
numbness is a virtue
and ignorance is bliss

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Namagyan Beach

A beach captivating deprived eyes, Fascination, grandiose haven in July, Keeping lovely mountains nearby, Of Pacific, quixotic, refulgent sunset/sunrise. Tarry! Unwind! Vast waves eXtrudes Yuletide-like Zephyr.
Written: Aug. 16, 2012 This is a beautiful beach in Tamurong, Candon, I.S. It is located near my place or compound just a walking distance from my house. Its name was officially given by the people living in that area who are mostly relatives. The word "namagyan" means "relatives." Many visitors are going to this place and enjoy the nature, their moments and most especially the whole day of Sabado De Gloria (Black Saturday) and ecumenical services are held on this beautiful beach on the dawn/sunrise of Easter Sunday! It's a very fantastic place to visit! Come and see!

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I miss the way you hugged me when I cried and how you told me how you loved me 
every night but now you won't even look at me and you don't even talk to me 
anymore and when I'm upset you just laugh and walk away........... All I want to 
know is what did I do that was so bad that you treat me like a punching bag........ I 
miss the way you kissed me but I guess you've moved on and I try boy do I try but 
your all I dream about all I think about is you, you were my world and now your 
gone I'm so lost without you I cry every night because someone will say your 
name....... What I miss most of all is that I could tell you anything but now you won't 
even listen.............. What kills me is you saying goodbye for good goodbye god 
those words kill me every time good bye good bye good bye....

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if time heals all wounds,?
my cure lies in patience,?
if sadness makes us stronger,?
sorrow lives as my acquaintance,
the sun rises slowly but has to set again too soon,
the sun brings us the light but is only shadowed by the moon,
the sun shows our imperfections, and the moon leaves them transparent,
but if i speak truth let me be a declarant,
true beauty shines through when under darkness, moon or sun,
your beauty stay true, equalled by none,
time will heal not being by your side,
and the sorrow will give me strength to be proud that i tried,
one day you will find a love much greater than I,
i just long for the chance to say that your mine.

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My Natural High

A euphoric feeling that’s off the charts
This is where my addiction starts
I become mesmerized
When he stares into my eyes

Sometimes I wish I could resist
 His kiss & his touch
I never thought I’d care so much

This feeling he gives me
I don’t know why
 But I’m addicted to him
He’s my natural high

When he kisses me softly
And holds me tight
This is my favorite time of the night

I feel his breath on my face
Instantly I’m taken to a heavenly place

I get lost in the moment
With passion & desire
This addiction I have 
is taking me higher

He knows how to touch me
Till I can’t take no more
These are the feelings
 I’ve been yearning for

He’s got me hooked 
& doesn’t know
These are the things
 I cannot show
He’s got me doing things
That I just don’t do
He doesn’t know
My words to him are true

I get lost in the moment
When we are together
I wish this feeling would last forever

For now I’ll be patient 
& enjoy our time
Maybe one day he’ll just be mine.

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Who is this man who has come into my life
Where did he come from?
Why is he here?

Looking into his gentle face I see a light a love and grace
His hands touch me and reach into my soul 
His voice is reassuring, yet still I do not know.  

Who is this man who has come into my life
Where did he come from? 
Why is he here?

Candle lit rooms, soft music, sweet words, touching from the heart, 
Feeling things I have never felt before, 
Frighten when he walks out the door. 

Who is this man who has come into my life?
Where did he come from?
Why is he here?

Passion, touching speaking words of love, kissing and moving closer.
Making love sounds that can not be spoken, yet for a moment, yet forever.
A joining, caressing, feeling whole again.  

Who is this man who has come into my life?
Where did he come from?
Why is he here?

Only time will reveal the purpose and the plans of this union with this 
man for good or for bad I do not know, but for this time I will stop 
to enjoy him.

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Can't Let Go

There seems to be
A battle going on inside of me
All of the uncertainty
Is what is scaring me
I’m stuck between here and where I want to be
All because I let my addiction to him
Take control of me
He feels like heaven
But burns like hell
I swear he has me under a spell
It’s so intense
The way I feel
I question if it’s really real

My mind and my heart
Are tearing me a part
When it comes to Joe
I just don’t want to let him go
Sometimes he makes me so sad
But I never seem to stay mad
When I see his face
All that was done is immediately erased

I fight to hold on
Because it feels good
And I fight to let go
Cause I know that I should

But only because he’s not mine
But maybe that will change in time

I’m all about him now
There’s no hesitation
Just wish we had better communication
Sometimes I’m unsure what he’s looking for
No pressure here
Not asking for more
I just don’t want him to walk out the door

I don’t know the future
I cannot foresee
Just hope he always stays close to me

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Sweet Ecstasy

I desire a sexy, hot lover
One who I've yet to discover
Cause I love being a sensuous woman,
And I need a passionate, virile man
Someone who can give me such bliss,
Each and every time that we kiss
This passion I crave with such urgency,
That I make love with great fervency
I want us to both feel sweet ecstasy,
And bright stars I'm hoping to see
I really like it wet, hard, and deep,
For hours on end, without any sleep
Then finally when we're both sated,
We'll know our love was to be fated

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Roses between the thorns

I know you well.
You blossom like the rose between the thorns.
The people don’t know,
They don't live like me.
They complain because the roses have thorns

Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

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My Silly Little Love.

My silly little Love,
Is not to far away,
I think about you day by day by day,
My silly little Love,
Your what makes this heart stay a beat,
Pounding, Pounding,
My silly little Love,
You fill in all my blanks,
With out silents without questioning,
My silly little Love,
You sing to me,
And hit all the right tunes,
Makes me giggle,
Oh, How I Love you,
My Silly little Love,
You pull my hair back when it's in my face,
To notice I'm here, For the World to see me,
My silly Little Love,
Tough and strong,
Shows little emotion,
But I know what's going on,
Silly Little love,
You are the One.

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Falling Rain

As the rain falls down on me,
Before the end of the day.
Curtains will rise once more,
During the final play.
Even as the sun goes down,
Falling from the sky.
Greeting us the stars will shine.
Heaven knows why.
I often wonder if we deserve this
Meaning that if we don't give it,
Never will we spare strife.
Oppressing the weak,
Persuing the poor.
Questioning some things
Realizing more.
Still as life goes on 
Trying as we might.
Ultimately loosing
Violently in this fight
We cant go on in life like this.
X-ing out everything
You were the first bell in my life but
Z is the last to ring.

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Every marriage has its bumps in the road
And they can pop up at any time.
We must learn to navigate them safely 
With fairness, faith and open mind.

No matter how far in your marriage you’ve gone
The highway of love has its rules.
The excitement of sex, trust and affection
Never tolerates self-serving fools.

They say marriages are made in heaven,
But so are tornadoes, lighting and thunder.
Cold hearts and hot heads never solve anything
They just destroy what we love by blunder.

 Boredom, frustration, irritations and anger
 Douse the spark between you and your mate.
 More of the same fails to feed love’s flame
 Till you wake up to find it’s too late

Human touch sustains the release of endorphins
For both the giver and receiver.
Never be afraid to hug your partner.
For the language of touch is a reliever.

Always remember to support your spouse
When times of dilemma arise.
The fortress of love will sustain your marriage 
If you speak less and listen more, you’re wise.

By Tom Zart

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Not This Time

Not all are the same 
If one mess up all take the blam
It use to be like that with me 
But then I relized every one is a little diff
I wish I could take it back to the ole days on how it use to be
The brotha's that treat you right 
You did your thang and he did what he had to do to keep her around
That person I have not yet found 
What happen to the grls that use to treat they men right
And love and do what eva it take to keep him each and every night
That person would be me
Men, Boi's, Women, Grl's, just aint how they supose to be
I mean what I am saying is....
I'm that grl to hold him down
I'm that grl that'll most likely when he's hurt beside his fam that'll be around
I'm that grl when we sex or make love that make him weak
Weak for my love 
I want that dude I know who will maintain

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Time and Immortal

As I sit here,
time flys by.
I look above,
toward the sky.
And then the lightning strikes
And the dreadful angels cry.

On this night,
my valentine,
we will die,
slowly in each others arms.

And the wounds will heal
and the tears that will fall
will be nothing at all.

And then we will lay under
the ground, lovers in the
darkness until death do us part.

Then my lovely valentine
we will be forever immortal.

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A Thin Line

I love you; I hate you
Jealousy is not the cause
Killing you wouldn’t justify
Lustfully breaking the laws

The third line is not an option

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Love's Plea

Albeit, I may not be that special someone
But, fate has led me to your door
Casting negativity created to its wasteland
Defining chances, now yet to explore
Explaining to you, truly, is never that easy
For your beauty always makes me lose control
Granted, I manage to say some things, you see
Hoping you’ll come with me, together to be whole
I only pray that you will one day see me
Just as I wished, forever for you
Keep in your heart an open door, freely
Leaving me chances to make love then true
My only goal is to see that you’re happy
Never to make you feel guilt or restrict
Open your self to wondrous possibilities
Permit then yourself, no pain to inflict
Quarantine your heart, protect it from sorrow
Realize please darling, love is so great
Surely you’ll see that dreams of tomorrow
Tempt us today, to alter our fate
Until then darling, take this with you
Vacant hearts need passion to thrive
With that in mind, remember this true
‘Xpressing my love keeps me alive

Your love returned to one day be true
Zephyrs of love, I blow back to you

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Memories are things that are left behind by love ones, it is a part of a person that 
is eternal and will never perish because they live in the heart and souls of the 
people that are fortunate to be touched by them. They serve a purpose of comfort 
and security that special someone is not here to fulfill anymore. Cherish the 
memories and pass them on, breathe new life to them for they will keep you 
strong. SO celebrate the life they lived not the world they left!

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The Game of Soccer


Stadium overcrowded by 
hooligans and fans
Cheering waving flags and 
clapping their hands

Players on the field they’re 
ready to start
There goes the whistle it pumps 
up their hearts

Adding strength to the ball and 
kicking it high
The ball travels overhead how 
beautiful it can fly

Over center field and still it 
goes strong
Pass received with ease and the 
player runs long

There he goes for his 
opponents goal
He dribbles through each player 
he’s on a roll

He takes the shot and curves it 
The keeper dives for it far and 

The goalie misses it the balls in 
the net
There’s a moment of silence 
and no regrets

The winners jump for joy that 
win was a must
Opponents heads tilt down low 
they leave in disgust

A player’s life fulfilled is playing 
world class
To be playing all year long on 
the rich green grass

Play with heart, that’s the real 
Of how to play the true game of 

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Mystic dialogue

There are some dreams that you don't see during the night 
You can just imagine. 
There are some words that you don't hear 
You feel these if you look somebody in the eyes. 
There are some loves that you don't get with a kiss or a hug 
You can touch these with your soul. 

If you can see what you can't see with your eyes 
If you can hear what you can't hear with your ears 
If you can touch what you can't touch with your hands 

Then I will not speak anymore 
Then you will not speak anymore 

Then will speak only our hearts  

Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

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Dragons from the moon

Oh we like to slide down the moon,
While sucking helium from balloons.
Oh I wish i had a helicopter hat,
So i could party like a cat,
And go to mars,
To see the shooting stars.
Wow, that would be a party
And we would party hardy

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The ABC's of Intangible Gifts:

Appreciation - Helps us value the loved ones around us.
Balance - Bring beauty to our souls. 
Conceptualization - Characterizes our world of complexities and simplicities.   
Delightfulness - Delivers diverse sweetness to our world and dreams.
Ecstasy - Excites our inner beings.
Fantasy - Forms our dreams and follies.
Gratitude - Graciously acknowledges blessings from God and man.
Holiness - Brings a soul to happiness, eternally.
Imagination - Leads our dreams to discovery, inspiration, creativity, and success.
Joyfulness – Diminishes sorrows replacing them with merriment.
Kindness – Increases thoughtfulness, compassion and benevolence; improves humanity. 
Loveliness – Surrounds our souls with physical and spiritual beauty.
Majesty – Uplifts the soul to a state of awe.
Naivety – Enjoys innocence and teaches opposition.
Obedience – Disciplines id and ego while leading to personal strength.
Passion – Imparts intense feelings that lead to elevated emotions.
Quirks – Provide individuality and entertainment for mankind to enjoy.
Righteousness – Teaches a man to stand firm, practicing making right choices.
Serenity – Instills quiet calmness to a man’s mind.
Tolerance – Broadens man’s ability to love and live peacefully.
Understanding – Opens the doors to wisdom.
Values – Direct a man’s path to positive morality.
Wisdom – Lives from a heart of love and understanding.
X-perience – Prevents drastic mistakes.
Yearning – Drives a man to crossroad, choices, dreams, and triumph.
Zeal - Supplies enthusiasms for all things.

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My Sincere Love

You are the reason for every drop of my tear
And you cannot leave me alone here
I said a million times that I love you
Every time you rejected
Every time I left with few millions of tears
You can just see this eyes, every time with a smiling face in-front of you
But I cannot stop this heart's bleeding
You feel every thing is alright with me
And you never tried to listen my heart's pain
I truly love you and adore you
And sometimes I feel , my life is over and I will die for you
Don't know what to do?
But I am really stuck at you
Everyday I sit alone in the dark
Ask myself , why I love her?
Years gone, but I didn't find the answer
I cannot say how much I feel the pain in this broken heart
And I don't want to hurt you by my personal thoughts
But still I said many times with this eyes to you
How much I  love you
And How important are you
Oh my Love! Please try to read my heart's page
Then you can find many broken words , red in colour
Still trying to say

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Will I turn back? No, why?
Cuz this is my path, in life.
Will i stop, and wait for death?
Or will I live life, Breath by breath?
I choose to live day to day, with this life,
Cuz death can take us at any time.
Why not make the best of what we have now?
I REFUSE to keep my head hanging down.
I will try to live life to the best of my ability,
With peace, love, and tranquility.
i choose to be and think positively,
If I dont, I'll be self demolishing.
I chose the path I walk, Whether it be with someone or alone,
I'm pleased with myself and maybe a place to call home...
Who knows?
I will mature even wiser than before
Don't be jealous because YOUR decisions were poor.
Happier more than I ever was, now uncovered,
A life out there, WORTH being discovered?!?!?!?!?
Will I turn back? No, Why?
Cuz this is my path, in LIFE.

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Lady Una and the Lion

Walking in the meadow of life on that summer day

Where she always loved to be at Una  walked along the steady stream 
As she picked up the white Lilly flower and put upon her hair of gold (princess of love)

And the daughter of a dander king
Una suddenly turned her head to the old orchard tree and begun to sing roman lullabies of joy

With tears of affection shed for the god who lives above the skies
At that moment she gazed back to the stream 
And there the lion stood so tall just like a king eyes wide looked to una 
As she went toward the mighty lion he went to her and utter'd thee words 
 I am a creature of pride with nothing to hide I am pure of heart true of courage with a mask of savage a mane gold as our hearts-

She became very happy and intrigued 
As she laid her gentle hands on upon the lion she spoke these words 
  -I love thee lion and by sun and moon I love thee freely as men strive for right;
I love thee purely in my old griefs and childhood's faith 

There a tiny lamb appears right next to her and the lion 
So small and graceful like a gift from god above 
The tiny lamb followed them further into the enchanted meadow sky as crystal blue and the wind is calm they drifted off strung into the world
To bring new love joy and courage to the world and spread good faith

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D, for Delilah

A, b, c, d is where, I stop
For, "Delilah", a mistress in the ,"(Bible)"
A Hebrew word meaning , "(delicate)"

A seductive name
A treacherous woman

Some find her, delightful
Some look at her, dirty
Some seem to say
She's, delicious

I find her to be, demanding
Sometimes harsh
She, can even be pleasing
Magnificent, to have around

Dreamy, just like a mermaid
Very temptress, her scent so seductive
As, she inquires so much
Oh, yes

Delilah, a name so unclean
In so many eyes
All the way into
Hebrew times

But, yet
So, delightful, delicious and dreamy
To have around
After so many 
Many years

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The Way I Feel

The Way I Feel

 The way I feel,
 when I'm with you,
 I forget my troubles,
 like there's just us two.

 You make my heart,
 beat fast and strong,
 and you make me feel,
 that I truly belong.

 You fill the gaps,
 inside my heart,
 like I've finally found,
 my missing part.

 I sink in your eyes,
 I'm warmed by your smile,
 and the world is perfect,
 just for a while.

 You make life better,
 than it used to be.
 You are the sugar,
 in my cup of tea.

 Whenever you need me,
 I'll always be there.
 I'll be there to talk to,
 I'll be there to care.

 Because for you,
 I would do anything

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While I Coo

Many nights though have passed before you came to my world
Now your presence means a million to me
Over and over your song will remain sonorous in my ears
Peace be upon you my umbrella
I know you’re all ears while I coo

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In your memory

Thank you for the beautiful memory
you left on my mind
you are not dead
 but you are not here,

to me you are gone,
cos i cant feel you the way i used to,
everything you used to do are left untouched
the space you ocupied is empty,

our yesterday is fading away like the rainbow
so beautiful but so short,
how can i forget the endless yesterday?
when you are here with me.

in loving memory of my sister (you are not an angel but you did what an angel can do,you fly to heaven.)

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Love dont pass me by

Love don't paas me by because i'm sweet as honey freash as a
lily and i bloom just like a rose.
When you look into my eyes you can see the truth be told deep
within my soul.
Sweet love don't pass me by on this lonely night i cry.
I am as gentel as a feather i am as an angel who is always ther for 
you to protect and comfort you,
i am as the sun that shines after a stormy day,
i am a rainbow of luck that'll make your days so swell.
Sweet love dont pass me by when i am here for you: rather you are rich
or poor, rather you are right or wrong ,rather you doubt me
or beleive me, just don't use me or abuse cause what I say is real and 
true... true unto my heart and soul.
Sweet love don't pass me by on this lonely night i gaze into the moon and the 
glisten stars that shines so bright in the mid-night sky
hoping and praying that this love we share just 
don't pass me by.

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Paint Me A Picture Please

<                       Artist Brushstroke Creating Decembers Elite Frost
                         God Handed Imagery Justication Keeping Longevity
                         Making Novelist Opt Painting Quest Really Strong
                         Taking Utmost Vigrous Wealthy Xanthochroi
                         Yearning Zest

Entry For
Yasmin Khan's
Snow ABC Contest
G.L. All

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I Wish to be here with you

Imagine one night alone in a bed,
I that would no longer call my own.
All I would be able to feel is your body
interwined with mine, with nothing but
these satin sheets to harbour our soft
pressed skin.

You will rest your head on my
favourite pillow,
My face will be buried in your flower
scented neck.
With every touch, I will move in closer.
With every kiss, our hearts will beat faster.

My fingers will travel through the depths
of your hair,
As you allow my lips to graze every
inch of your skin.

It will be perfection none the less,
And if perfection were to exist,
This would all be incredibly true.
But as I lie on this empty bed & tend
to this scarving heart,
I can only Wish to be here with you....

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Rainy Disappointment.

The rain is starting to pour.
The clouds are turning gray.
All my hopes I had in you .
are slowly fading away but fast.
Always thought this would last.
you said believe in you.
I gave you every chance. 
and this is all you could do.
Was take my heart and throw it away.
Say things that don't mean nothing.
touch my hands I feel nothing.
Kiss my lips and your numb to me.
numb to me.....

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Kiss my lips

The fluffy cloud may kiss the sky,
The rose may kiss the butterfly, 
The morning dew may kiss the grass, 
But you my girl, Kiss my lips!!

You could kiss me, hold me, vow your 
love so true, 
But no matter what you do, 
I'll never get enough of you.. 

Loving you can only be compared 
to the sand of an ocean, 
Missing you with the warmth of your 

Baby to me, you mean my world. 
I can't stand without your talk, 
Talk without your lips...... 
So come & Kiss my lips!!!!

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JAMESTOWN 1607=They ate their horses, dogs, cats and rats


Four hundred years ago high-born Brits sailed to America
Seeking fast fortunes, adventure and fame.
Many would never endure their first year here
Cultivating, foraging, and hunting game.

Arriving in Virginia they came ill-prepared
In search of gold and a route to the South Seas
What they found were hostile Indians,
Insects, starvation, and disease.

“Virginia is Earth’s only Paradise!”
The laureate of England would proclaim!”
However by August of 1607,
Every day there was anguish, and pain.

They ate their horses, dogs, cats and rats
One man ate his wife and hid her bones in the ground.
Despite their hardships, half managed to survive 
Becoming America’s first permanent, English town .

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Nothing Really Matters

when rob stepped out of the courthouse,with charges for posession
he thought "it could be worse,it could have been for weapons"
and then he thought..."nothing really matters anyway"
when liz stepped of of the rehab,with a new outlook on life
she felt all those same feelings of hurt, pain, and strife
and then she thought "nothing really matters anyway"
when luke picked up his young son from daycare,and knew he had an hour
he thought back to the time he WOULD have stopped to grab his now EX-wife some flowers
and then he thought "nothing really matters anyway"
when lisa lifted up her body with nothing but her arms,and looked down at her legs
she wondered why the heck they were even THERE anyway..what for?
and then she thought "nothing really matters anyway"
all four people that same night,all in their own homes
picked up a remote,turned on the news and watched it come to blows
one man had done 25 years in jail,for something he had not really done
one woman lost the battle to addiction,one she thought she'd already won
one boy got hit by a car on his bike,he just only 5 his parents,divorced
one man lost his arms and legs while over fighting the war
four different people,four different lives,four different struggles,all about to cry
four different souls,four different heart,four different minds,all to have a fresh start
why does it take a reality check to pull us into gear?
why is it that reality sometimes must be our greatest fear?
the next time you think you're the only one who hurts and has plight
the next time you feel you're all alone,the only one who cries at night
try and remember,try not to forget,that you are never alone
whether you're telling your mom and dad your gay to the face or over the phone
whether your wife divorced you,your husband's a dog,or your kids have NO respect
you are human,deserve more,and you're not alone,cause' there is someone right next....
to you!!! nothing really matters. until you realize...nothing really matters.

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Love Beneath Autumn Sky

We lay beneath autumn trees
And autumn leave gently falls.
Laying beside you I'm lost in your eyes,
I'm lost in the presence of you
And autumn leaves gently falls.

We lay there and autumn breeze blow.
Would I trade this moment, no, no.
The rose in your hair is white like winter snow,
beauty lies before my eyes and sparkles glow,
And autumn breeze gently blow.

We lay beneath autumn trees,
We lay in love of autumn breeze.
We lay together in each other eyes,
We lay beneath the season of autumn sky.

Autumn breeze blow and leaves of autumn trees fell,
Staring in your eyes I see the unspoken love for me it tells. 
Autumn leave, red, brown, yellow,
in autumn wind they rattle a love symphony of being hallow.

Small rays of sunlight,
between autumn trees had you glow.
And as we lay together beneath autumn trees,
softly in our love we watch a autumn day goes.

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Inside the African Pot

In her eyes i saw me,
the very inner man that vanished from this earth,
here i am laughing from the depth of my very soul,
unearthing the spirit that was covered with a pot.
tell me my love, to whom do i owe this gratitude
when the hunter now hunts with his catapult
the gun then becomes bored to shame.

the days of the hamattan ceased to flourish
the moment of endless rain is dew
when we will cover our lonely bodies with garments
that are made of sacks of gold dusts,
and lie solemnly in our huts
waiting to see tomorrows face.

tell me my pot of gold
to whom do i owe this gratitude,
that has shielded my feet with sandals,
quenched my belly with food
tell me! so i may praise aloud.

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MidNight Wishes

Even though i did not hear your voice tonight i'm still ahit,
I will go on like this for ever, i wont go out without a fight. 
I'll fight till the end of this life to win your heart,
All you have to do is tell me when to start.

The music blarrin in my head phones at 1:52 AM and i'm lovin it, 
cause it helps me remember your gorgeous smile like it was meant to fit. 
Wanting to feel your touch and kisses all over me ignites the fire in me,
Wanting to take you by your hand and run wild in a big sea. 

There aint much i can say to express myself but this will have to do for tonight,
I think its just that i haven't reached height.
You no I love you and that's all that matters or will ever matter to me,
I will love you till i die, like I told you before, cant you see? 

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Spell Us Both

Betroth her to me,
If she will never stop amazing my spirit.
Bring her to me, 
If she will never stop beautifying my heart.
Hand her to me,
If she will never stop spoiling me with love.
Entrust her to me,
If she will never stop till she fight my war.
Leave her to me, 
If she will never wish for my death before the hour.
Send her to me,
Let our hands lock in wed.
Send her to me,
Let our oneness soul united.

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roses on my chest

                                          The rose’s on my chest keep on growing. 
                             When that knife touched my heart where she once belonged. 
                                                           We were finally one.                                                                                                                                                                               my last breaths are still meant for her this is the most hellish, painfulest and  
                                                         heavenliest,                                                                                                      .                                                    feeling ever owned. 
                                                 As i leave this earth i leave her. 
                                       This is not the way i want to leave but by her hand, 
                                         i once held is the only way i wish to leave

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Caress Me All Over

I'm really needing a mans touch,
Today, ever so more than much
One that knows how to get me hot,
By caressing all over my sensual spot
I like to be licked everywhere,
In places where some lovers won't dare
I want to feel his wet, hot, tongue,
Knowing my passion has only begun
Then, his hardness will fully fill me,
And what fireworks I know I'll see

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Attending the Ball of the Dead Accompanied by the Ghost of Rouen

Attending the Ball of the Dead,
Accompanied by the Ghost of Rouen

Who would of guessed your enticing flashing smile;
Ghost of Rouen.
We cut oh! such a dash, swish, splish splash.
Splendid in your gown
fashioned by them riddled by guilt.

Aren’t I the flavour amongst them?
That tells no more tales.
A medium who shares your secrets?
Now hear ye all such fine music,
together hand in hand
 we enter the Ball.

Behold gasping with wonderment
one hundred majestic musicians,
summing up from their desire,
enchantment, careless abandonment.
Arrows were they? whistled past your ears,
 from upright English bows,
 from upright English men.

But now we are set to dance the dance,
as if all time stands still.
What I care this to be the Ball of the dead.
How they chatter and gossip everyone a ghost,
for once bound to the stake
they called you witch.

Pray I ever to seek such contentness
with one such as you, Ghost of Rouen.
Love beckons in this world
nay but the next.
Once a maid in armour now a princess In silken robes.

Spy kings , queens, emperor’s, lords and French barons,
dressed from head to toe in finery.
Mighty armies came and long gone be,
we will dance no more this night,
Ghost of Rouen.

Thank thee, thank aye thank the lord.

What precious times are had?
You with your enticing flashing smile.
Wish me, another invite
 by the Ghost of Rouen to the Ball of the dead.



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An Angel in Danger

Life's gifts is of all the good and 
the bad 
Never knowing what may arise 
An angel is everlasting hope we 
long to have and to hold 
We have watched you through 
just like a hawk 
We will never give up on you 
we know you are strong 
Who the angels will pull you 
through somehow 
Where there is a will there's a 
And with god looking over us 
well know we will be safe
Even tho this deadly danger of 
a disease took you over
We know in our hearts that 
steady burns yull be ok 
As a fighter like Athena (a 
warriors guide)you will grow 
Even now we see your alot 
Must be these guardians of 
heaven looking over you 
Feeling good with this is all you 
may need 
This danger none should live 
But as long as there is Angels 
up above its all you will ever 
need to pull through 
A tragic time. 
- by Brian O'Toole 
Caregiver of a cancer patient 
and friend 

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My Feelings Feelings

Once. Upon. A time.... The perfect beginning
And lost in my thought, my mind keeps spinning
Treads of fantasies, I hand you these
Garments of love I've made with ease
Because my feeling come naturally
But feelings within me-
Manifest themselves into words deeper than i love you
Yet the feelings within me are the reasons why i love you.
So i take why i love you
and love you
for you
and tell you whats true
that my heart starts speeding when its only us two

But we find pleasures beyond sexual contact
because when her words make contact
they hit me so right, i must contract
to the deepest regions of my imagination

where birds chirp, turtles hum, and flowers bling
and the sun shines it lovley light so the moon can bring
the stary nights, back to life, as i sing
Just how blessed she is in everything

Now I pinch myself, but im not dreaming
Hold my breath, til im not breathing
Profess my love and now I'm screaming
Creating ripples in the wind
To form the echoes that later
Will remind me of how much I love you

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The Letter S

I can use the letter s with so many s words, 
I am the seventh sign supreme soldier from the reservation suburbs, 
I fly like seagull in the open ocean sky supreme like an serpant eagle eating birds,
 I am so solid Im siked and sipped up from the sizzy sizzurp, 
I stagger until I swerve swiftly as snake in the souless society lost curbs, 
life so crooked it stained with soaked blood life around death curves, 
I cant believe so many lost soveriegn souls *****on they own siblings as the culture turns,
 I know I am sure of being sure of what I sought to learn, 
The brain with suicide can sometimes burn. 

Souless savage in society I be among little certain satans, lost in circles saying "7th Sign Empire Engraving"like my own still souls of savage culture on certain colors discriminating,
 But whats even worse is soul on souls hating, 
Society severed in broken circles still forsaken, 
Serpants searching society split in seven different groups of seven hundred seventy-two,
 Forsake my Se7en and I forsake thee seven times seven fold because truth be said Im souless to you,
 Se7enth Sign Supreme Solid Serene Soldier of of the sacred seven, 
I say I have always said society on my word S

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Midnight Skies

Midnight Cries In midnight skies the cries of love drift off to sleep in endless love. For he who heard them. Sent them hope, that God created a world for them. For us to see and bare good times. For no more hurt and devishlish crimes. For the earth which once was good. Is soured and torn. There are no morals or dreams no more. Or hope of good things when suffering soars. For they are crushed by his vast sword. For he who has the greater sin. He has carried and been burdened with. He has been forgotten. In times like these. Because people hearts bleed with disease. For they have burdened him with more sin. They have forgotten the pain he is in. For he so carried his cross with pride. A younge man who was destined to die. No matter what the world does think. This man did live before we did. We have lost our way in darkened times. Like lost sheep we have roamed, away from him. If youd only listen and help to carry his cross. Take the blame for things done past. Change our ways for hope to last. We wont do that out of pride. When he is denied. I feel for him. I pick his cross up and help him off the ground. For he is my brother. Who I have found. He has carried that cross. No man deserved his life in such a lose. Tormented and torturded to no extent. He didnt look like a mere man in the end. He coutinued to stand even after he fell. Showing me the strength of Heaven and hell. For a man so strong, so bold and kind. Showed me what we can do as man kind. He gave his life for everyone who reads this. For those who can not see. Do not be blind Find this man, for he needs you. He gave his life to save you. With your help, you raise his cross. You heal that burden of love. That has been lost. Ease his pain and find your way. For Heaven is a start and hell is a step away.

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My Love

My roses are fresh,
their stems stand still strong.
Their petals gleam red,
but time has moved on.

The roses have wilted,
their scent is all gone.
The petals are faded,
but my love will live on

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me with you

it may have been a dream
but I dream of reality
it may have been only desire
but I believe you should be with me
it may have a crazed idea
something to calm our sorry hearts
its possibly a fantasy 
to fill the lust in our hearts 
it may have been only tricks 
deceit of how I feel
it seems to be so outrageous
that I cant believe its real
or maybe its a lifetime 
bound us together true
it could be a forever
binding me with you

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We're Men for a Reason

A Man will admit to his wrongful doings & not commit to lifestyle of a fool,

A Man takes pride in strength & uses his mind to be his exercise tool,

He is not the person to be rude to define his mite,

A Man is not a burden but the reason for life,

He lives to be for certain,

He will make sure his responsibilities are kept,

His habits are; victory, thought provoking, self sufficient,

Even though Men struggle... A Man will guarantee a will "to make it,"

In fact A Man will make sure his name is mention with exceptional etiquitte,

So when you see A Man with his family his manhood will be evident,

When you look into his face you will see the greatness in his eyes,

A Mans creation is heaven sent,

And not just some guy,

His expression will show a hidden direction,

A smile that displays a beautiful struggle but don't just look at him & stare,

Wonder what it takes to be A Man in a world surrounded by beautiful females & how beneficial it is to have Men here.

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The Gift

Intertwine souls of a thousand lives and ignite  a new journey
a journey just for me
hold me while  I weaken in your embrace
kiss my thoughts with your words
let me feel what I long for, let me dream this is real
grasping for forever, feeling it slip away
knowing the journey has faded and lost it's way
I will stand here, I will wait
longing for the journey to save me again.

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Now Is Your Time

I sit here in question...

Why are those around me in depression?

I'm ready to go.
Look beside me, there state of mind is at a low.

I'm ready to grow.
They dwell on the past.

I've gave my advice with good intensions to inspire, because I am fortunate enough to have this fire; a burning flame.

They let the wind blow away their light, the dark is all they see.
They can't see; no sight into the present or the future.
Insanity at its finest.

Born to be anything in this wide universe.
This is what they choose; to lose.

Surround yourself with positive people.
Be auspicious, optimistic, and bold.
You will never be left in the dust!

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Verbally Twisted

My vocabulary might be a little bent and dented but its mostly twisted, 
a self-made dictionary with a little dark thought and white light in life and craziness itself mixed in it,
 I get up in the morn ready to take the day on after just one egg on a pancake biscuit,
 I got the recipe for verbal insanity just give me the egg beater and with this vocabulary I'll mix in it,
 break the word batter down like a plumber leaking water until I re fix it, 
I got one of kind writing style its too unique for any typical fool to ****en miss it,
 I got the entertainment on writing just ask me for one and I wont sell it I'll just give you a free Se7en King ticket,
 I get your mind thought high so high in the sky lifted, 
I can give a two flying ****s if my haters say I aint got talent because these words they self so freaking gifted,
 I make poems shake like earthquakes fools cant you see how my words already got your mind shifted,
 This poem is my girl I kiss it, 
This poem is just like my weed i roll up and ****ing hit it, 
This word written *****is so addictive, 
Drugs and alcohol so self-conflictive, 
now how can this king ever, ever quit it, 
These words are dying I better get some gas for this verbal car like weed everyday I better get it,
 I live the life of a young Shakespeare I write like I cant ever regret it, 
I put this poetry *****on the line with my own life dont think I wont bet it? 
So **** you, they, them, her and even me, yeah there I done said it, 
letting go of poetic gun shells firing poetic unleaded, 
shooting cowardice poets like paper shredded, 
where many young lost crooked souls go unfed den, 
watch where your two feet may be treading, 
you got to watch your surrounding so much they circle around the same setting, 
**** Life until death say's otherwise, 
I'm just kind of crazy like that I'm just a little TWISTZTED.... TWISTIFIED...

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More Than I Am

I pull my blinds down shut to end another day
An eerie silence fills the halls with lonesomeness and decay
I draw my sheets back and clear the thoughts inside my head
Because the quietness breaks my heart when im alone in bed
I turn the T.V. on to turn the emptiness down
I hear the voices speaking, but I can't make out the sounds
I look at my bible filled with guilt and shame inside
I havent picked it up to read for quite some time
And with hell I look up to my ceiling and cry
Have You abandoned me too for ever leaving Your side
Lord just light the way and I will come back home
Lead me back to that place I was once before
I know I havent prayed, because I have been afraid
I know I let You down and I was scared of what You might say
Forgive me for ever thinking I could do this on my own
Please give me strength so that I can carry on
And help me turn these pages once again
So that I may be all I'm meant to be in the end
A better friend, a better son, and a better brother
A better uncle, nephew, cousin, and a better lover
Teach me to be a father who leads his child with strong hands
Because I know that You made me to be more than I am


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Four Words

four words

Come closer let our hearts beat together,
Close your eyes and let us fade away forever,
Let our bodies lie close like hands when in pray,
let us stay like this, until our dying day,
let me whisper four words, let them echo together,
Those four words, i love you forever.

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Take your hand and put it out forward,
Than swing out out to the side, c'mon don't be a coward. 
This is fun, now swing your hips from side to side,
Remember all the times you couldnt express yourself and you cried.

But now your can swing your legs and feet any way you want,
Look for that new move that you looked for your whole life like a hunt. 
Grab someone by the hand and let them join you in that awesome moment,
I promise you, you will love this feeling you are about to feel.

Turn up the music and dance your heart out,
Move to the beat and go wild and feel like your out of sight. 
This is your moment, don't let anyone take that away for you,
This is not happening too slow and i tell you that that's the truth.

Put some head phones on and go to your own world of greatness,
Bust a move like you never did before, I promise it's harmless.
Make your heart feel what I am feling right now and take my hand,
I promise that I will make you smile and scream with joy and stand.

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Once upon a time there was a girl
who dreamed of a fancy houses and a peaceful world
Blue, purple , and pink flowers along the street 
Right where night and day meet
The spray of fluffy white seeds from
dandelions sprinkle the air
Sweet spring breeze blowing through my hair
The soft touch of the sun against my face warms my nose
The unmistakable smell of a rose
I feel myself drifting to a daze
Daydreaming it'll be my turn someday
to go to the big city
Where the flashing lights and action show no pity
Or maybe the  islands
Drink pi na~colada until my body and relaxation make mends
Melting as a fine brother caresses  my hand
And takes me down the beach
As far as the sunshine will reach
Daydreams, night dreams
Let's wake up to see what my dreams will redeem

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Street Soldier

My baseball cap is my helmet and my Nike's are my boots, 
My country is my hood and my colors on my flag are niether red white or blue, 
My weapon of choice is my two hands, 
sometimes it can be whatever when I am threatened with a great fall from my stand,
 I have no general or soldiers but I have family and above all I got heart. 
My battlegrounds remain in my own home and sometimes even in the local Wal-Mart.
 Every inch of my hood is up for friendly fire, 
Violence remains apart of life around here searching for peace is far from desire,
 Everyday remains but another day someone will die, 
but more importantly is that another mother, brother, sister or father will cry.
 But I am a street soldier so I am prepared for anothers or worse yet my own demise,
 And as a street soldier I must keep the battle in check, no not with what I see with my two eyes, but what war is really going on inside the mind,
 My battles dont come from without but from within......I am a street soldier fighting through time.....

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charles melody

I know a charles called melody
like the melody in my heart
the ink in my pen
A lighten ink
to ignite their passion 
A passion for change
the man in the center 
He's not a mentor
but an icon 
he bears the mark of the most highe
people call him charlse
but i call him sir
these is just a sonnet
but for him charlse melody

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I want someone to love innocently
I want to look after someone caringly
I want that one to be all mines
I also want to feel like lost in a whine

Someone to hold my hand when I tremble
Someone to protect when I am in trouble
Someone for the shoulder when I cry 
Someone to cry when I die 

I need someone to smile for
I need someone to stop crying for
I sometimes want to laugh without reasons
I have the desire to enjoy the beauty of seasons 

I want someone to love till last
I want someone for whom I can fast
Someone to realize the pain behind my smile
Someone to shout at without a reason for a while 

Someone to scold me rightfully
Someone to mould my mistakes drastically
Someone to get hilarious sarcastically 
Someone to make me happy willingly

I want him to feed me when I am hungry
I want him to make me smile when I am angry
I want him to tease me around mischievously
I want him to hide playfully

i want someone to love more than myself
I want someone to hug me without reason
I need someone to walk with
I want a reason to live

I need you for the reasons 

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White Moments in Time

White days
White nights
White alabaster arms and legs
White crimson lights-

Oh, what seamless nights-
White moments in time
White memories - yours and mine,
White love, white hate
White demise-
of a inkling of what's left
of our white/hot passion
upon white silken sheets...
Only that is not what made our love complete-

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Love Pain

Announcing my return

Before I see you leave

Cuddled up in my thoughts

Delirious with your name

Enigmatic beauty

Feeding on my dreams

Going out of my way to give you anything

Hearing your soft voice brings...

Inklings of you in my head

Juxtapose our differences again

Killing my very heart

Loving me can be so hard?

Merging hearts, you won't do

Now all I have is an image of you

Opulence has blinded you

Prevented You from seeing ME

Quixote's madness seems to be my friend

Reminded of you in everything

Seeing my heart ripped like this

Torn like an expensive fabric

Ubiquitous pain; Love is

Venting out my frustration anyway I can

Waiting for the day you notice me

X-rays of my heart show the truth

Yearning for your love;would be too late when I reach the

Zenith of my career

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Love in Concert

Aphrodite, Bask, Cupid, Devotion, Emotion, Fondness
Girl, Hope, Infatuation, Justice, Kindness 
Loyalty, Mate, Neck, Openness, Passion
Quality, Romance, Sharing, Treasure, Understanding
Venus, Warmth, Xanadu, Yearning, Zeal.

~ Leonard Napierskie

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I Dream

I dream of simple things
Of simple, simple things
I dream of clothing myself
With skin of my very own
And the world will look me in the eye
And nod with a smile
As God would approve
I dream of sipping coffee
In the early, early morning
Right next to you
As I play with your messy hair,
You still half asleep, half naked…
What is there in this world—but love?
But to close our eyes
And dive backwards
And drown into the million craters of the moon
To tip-toe across the stars 
And weave our love into a constellation
Immortalized till the end of time
What is there in this world … but dreams?
Dreams are promises of bigger things
They're lights that shine when we're six feet under
When we're out of air
And out of hope
A need to indulge ourselves 
In a crystal sea of fantasies
And pretend,
For a second,
That they were real
It's the air I breathe
I dream of dancing the nights away
With you, and you, and only you
You'd hold me with your arms,
But carry me with your eyes
Like magic cradles
I dream of a lust that we can share
And desire, and passion, and love
And be proud as proud can be
Let the fires crackle and shine for the world to see
I dream… I dream… I dream
Like cyclones of stars in a fairytale sky
But in many ways
Fairytales are real
They're merely extensions of reality
But my reality's been given a stretch these days
And I remember that
Every time you breathe down my skin
Or I stare into your hazel eyes

I guess it's not so bad to dream

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The Kiss of Love

When our lips meet our souls touch..
Quenching the desire to become one

Consumed by passion we linger in
Absolved by love we enter the divine.

Lost in your kiss I am transformed &
The ancient rite of union with the 
sacred spirit.

Mouth to mouth.. Breath to breath..
Heart to heart..Soul to soul..

Kiss me again....
Kiss me forever....

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Found Poem

The Angels that are in Heaven,
You know that I love you,
There must be something lost,
For I have an emptiness in the pit of my stomach,
I face the window,
And watch the patches of wildflowers,
That are blooming on the hill,
What we had is in the past,
I steal a look to see the lost memories that we shared,
I wonder how it would be to get one last kiss from you,
The taste of your lips on my lips,
I dream of the past,
And wonder what is too come,
How could I have been so blind to see the love,
That you had for me?
I wish it was true for me like it is with you,
Memories linger,
But it is time to move on,
And face the facts of life. 

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Actor Enacts
Banner Contracts
Censor Objects
Director Cuts
Editor Chucks
Grammar Pontificates
Hair-dresser Sets
Insurer Ensures
Jotter Notes
Kidnapper Attracts
Lover Sings
Murderer Kills
Narrator Describes
Oscar Signifies
Producer Promotes
Quaver Tones
Recorder Mixes
Singer Rhymes
Theater Plays
Utter Dialogues
Viewer Cries
Writer Thinks
X-Factor Denotes
Yodeller Yells
Zipper Closes

"but the show must go on"

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I close my eyes to the world around me,
I come to live in your world
And I refuse to open my eyes again
Just like a little child.

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no swimming

These waters are off limits
no one will know
I dip my feet in 
move forward very slow
now I'm all wet
drowning in confusion
I fight and I fight
I feel I am loosing
I know I shouldnt have gone for this swim
and even though im drowning
I'd do it all over again

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love child

tempted mistress bore a son
acid spit from serpents tongue
sinners sin with no remorse
natures crule and twisted course
passions lust fades away
embedded in the soul to stay
pain conceived of rage
trapped with in a lovers cage
hatreds blade sheds scarlet tears
glaring eyes, ringing ears
adultery's sorrowed tail
an innocents life impaled

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When the night goes

When the night goes, 
You go with my dreams together. 
You are like the moon 
that disappears when the day comes. 
But I am waiting for you, 
knowing that you exist 
even if I can't see you.

Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

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Pastures of greens meadow in this place,
Beau of white lilies,red and yellow rose covered it's grace,
Mocha colored trees stand handsomely on it's base,
While the pink hummingbird singing along it's nest.

Can you smell the sweetness in the air?
Do you feel the freedom even when it is bare?
Will you dance on Monday's morn till no end?
When another hay comes,do you care to spend?

Oh the sounds of the River Dale,
Melodically trumps in one's dream,
Peaceful of serenity conquers every tale,
Together they sing a beautiful hymn.

Oh the anointed love from Green Gables,
Mesmerized in the heart of loving couples,
The magical song that binds two together,
Will forever make them cherish one another.  

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Message From A Cupid

I am standing on the same spot Looking out of the window A star smiled at me and said “I have a message for you” A person is thinking, he said, Thinking of you…. With sparkling eyes he told me He loves only you….. In his eyes I could see The true power of love… So I wished to be a cupid And a messenger for you.. Don’t ignore him, the cupid said, He is only here for you.. Your love will last… Till the day sun turns blue… Source:

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Your great soul

I painted in my thoughts the color of your eyes. 
It was so beautiful 
But the moment that I tried to put inside the color of your soul 
I did't have space anymore 

Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

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The Journey

Sit beside me.
We will travel far away.
Driver...our fantasy.
Destination...the dream.
Luggage...our souls.
There are not limits for the dreams
Don't wake me up baby

Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

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Autumn leaves cling high in the tree tops
As acorns drop to the bottom.
Summer’s hot days have long since gone
Replaced by the coolness of Autumn.

The roses and mums are still in bloom
For the nights are brisk without frost.
Halloween is just around the corner
With the brilliance of Autumn soon lost.

Dead leaves create the rainbows of Autumn
Red, yellow, orange, purple and brown.
Soon winter shall blanket nature in white
As the seeds of summer lie dormant in the ground.

Wild geese call as they fly in formation
Across the star filled skies of night.
The moon seems larger and has more color
Reflecting with wonder its light.

Autumn for most, is their favorite time of year
Till winter passes and it’s spring once more.
A time of harvest and transformation
As the light of day is shorter than before.

How many Autumns have come and gone
Only God could tell the story.
How many Autumns have we left to enjoy
With their fulfillment, radiance and glory.

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The road of the moon

I know, 
you have to go.
But remember
wherever you go, 
every night the moon will comes behind you
and i will follow that.
I will get the road of the moon.

Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

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The Eight Wonder of the World

Wonder Wonder
I wonder what we left off 
As I sit thinking about the wonders of the world I see that there was one left out
One that shine through the darkness of these Northern Nights
It sails across my eyes with this wonderful glow 
Creating this intriguing display of beauty that the world must see
Tough and rough without the back breaking edges of the Canyon walls
As a calm streams flow through its every crack from year of preparation 
But when you sit back, you see the beauty that time has created
In the roaring fire of the Paricutin volcano
Curve like the cone that two has watch and grow to a beautiful site for mankind
Warm to the touch with a temper that can run the face and can affect the land that it stands 
With the calm cool flow of the waters of the Victoria Falls 
Downstream through every bit of the being that you are
Then supplies fresh nutriment to everyone below to bring them up
Which has lived in harmony with the thing to its left and its right 
That has cause her to created this Great Barrier Reef in its own community
Where everyone can share food water and even the natural sunlight that shines on everyone 
With a mind that stenches the highest peak of Mount Everest 
At the peak to look over the world to say “I can do more”
Where it has taken more knowledge to tackle this hard and unforgiving world
Then it has brought you to a majestic and mysterious beautiful that hides in a collection of 
mountains lines
No matter where you stand or at what part of the world you can see why you cannot take it in 
one day
They called this 7 naturally created wonder of the world Harbour of Rio de Janeiro 
The 8th nartual wonder of the world that has every bit of the 7 before them 
YOU my dear 
And I thank God for that creation alone

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Once I fell for Thor

I once fell for a man with looks to kill and long hair as golden blonde 
Body as a warrior god should be with his eyes so blue as ice 
There I stood frozen into his spell 
As he held me and looked deep into my eyes 
And utterd these simple words of love I was sprung deep into him 
This god of thunder kissed my lips ever so softly 
Thought I've found my one true love only to find his true way of lies and useing my heart 
Just to crumble and crush me down to my sorrow with his enchanted hammer to crush my heart 
And all I hoped for to a million shatterd peices 
I suppose this will be as I once fell for Thor 
By Brian Otoole

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Cherish What You Have

all of the people in this world have the problem of not knowing what they have until it's gone. 
The few people that understand this and have not made the mistake have lived happy 
lives.Is's hard for someone to understand their emotions and what they feel and it is the 
downfall of many. when you have someone you love and that makes you happy don't screw 
it up by cheating or changing the way you act because the way you act is the reason the 
person likes you in the first place. You need to cherish what you have because it can kill you 
in the end. If your going out with someone you really like say it to them some of the time. 
Tell them that you care about them. Show them that they are the only one for you.Don't be 
a moron and get jealous if she hangs out with her other friends some of the time just be 
there for them. If you have something good cherish it as if it were a gift not a right because 
it can be taken away in a heart beat. Love is one thing in this world that has the power to 
wound deeply and it cant be taken back. You need to be careful and enjoy what you have 
and make damn sure you don't hurt the person there is no excuse to cheat, lie, or break up 
with someone just because you want to go out with someone else have a very damn good 
reason for it. Don't break up with them in a note or a text tell them to their face and explain 
to them why. when you break up with them you need to be nice and don't be a total b&tch to 
them. Like I said love can wound in places that cant heal so when you do find someone 
cherish them like a golden treasure sent from heaven.

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Some people will never learn,
Those who dont, cause concern.
They act like kids and it's all a game,
This is reality, Not something to play.
They dont care to see how it effects others,
Sex, drugs, and parties is all it is,
and all we can think is "Oh Brother!"
I dont understand how stupid people can be,
Just when you think it couldn't get any worse, There they go, Never cease to amaze me.
Because of this I may lose the one person I would hate to lose, Try again Please,
Even though we're only friends, I want to be selfish,
But even more, I want you to be happy.
I'm anti-social from time to time,
Time to think about the good things in life.
I hope that you could please remind me,
What is this piece of sh!t world coming to be?
I'm afraid if he goes, we'll lose touch,
and maybe the fact... I'll miss him too much.
Some people will never learn,
Those who dont, cause concern.
They act like kids and it's all a game,
This is reality, Not something to play.

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Poor words

Iam looking for the words to tell you what iam feeling for you.
The words are poor.
There is not the colour of my soul, 
The sound of my heart inside the words.
Only my eyes speak to you
If you can hear those.

Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

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Irish eyes I long for you

 ''twas  a new feeling-somewhat more 
Then we even dares to own before
      As I looked upon the stars 
  I hope and dreamed someone like you
   Who can take me back to my old Irish roots 
Never met anyone from the emerald hills of Ireland 
       Our Irish eyes gazing into each other
 With the tall flowering hedges shade narrow 
    With head to shoulder on your skin 
    I long to be in your arms of joy 
Show me your beauty and beauty of Ireland 
  With Rocky roads and ancient castles 
Just tell me the words I long to hear 
  And we will be at least halfway 
With many tremendous miles apart 
 I keep wishing to be with you even just once
Wherever you may be or wherever you shall go
   Just always remember I longed for you
On the field of bliss forever on My mind 
With my Irish eyes that long for you

 By Brian Otoole

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I told myself before she was born I would never put her in any form of torment but it feels like she's absorbing all the horror that's's torture knowing she's not with me and I'm suppose to be her supporter, maybe I think to much cuz i feel all these vultures got get cornered, it's like life has given her some undiagnosed disorder, and she is stuck and no-one can do anything for her. Na I refuse to lose my Daughter to this abuse,I will defuse the fuse that has been lit and not let there be another bruise,I will rescue fer from the flames and make sure she is bulletproof. She will be my invincible little individual I will let no-one get to. Love and care I will supply, for her id kill and die. She is my beautiful baby, one and only Avery

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The pain you caused me

As I lay here bed
listening to rain 
hitting window 
All I can think about
Is the pain
you've left me holding 
you say wanted us to be together forever
was that lie 
when you kiss my lips 
you say it was kissing a piece heaven 
was that a lie as well
when we made love for the first time 
you cried 
I held you to make all you tears go away
but now as I lay here in bed
with tears flowing from my eyes
that you caused 
can you make them go away
because right now
I feel like the pieces of my broken heart
can never be together again
because of the pain 
you caused me ...

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No more pain

Tired going here and there,
Tired of being aware!
Sick of building useless hopes,
Sick of being on unstable slopes!
Vexed facing disappointment,
Vexed keeping perseverant!
Done carrying on,
Done being cheated on!
Special thanks to all my swains;
Those who cured, or racked my strain,
A new stage has just broke ground,
A Point of view is switching around
Only success is what I'll brace,
From today, till blue in the face!

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Give it your name

There is a place in my heart
A lonely place, 
that nobody knows exists...
A unique place.

There is a place in my heart
My one, best place, 
that waits for you...
To revive it and give it your name 
Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

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First Time

You see me i see you
It's just us two
As we begin to kiss
Our bodies turn into a twisted bliss
Moving slowly but steady
Until I say  I'm ready
First time 
First time I'm feeling this 
First time I wanted this 
Nothing like the first time

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Relationships are the greatest predictors of happiness
Healthy ones tend to support our joy and appreciation.
The best way to keep mentally healthy, happy and strong
Can be summed up by love, trust and admiration.

One of the most rewarding things, each of us can do
Is the acknowledgment of others and their fears.
To promote their happiness and sense of worth
By our love, concern, laughter and tears.

Staying eager to display are willingness
To recognize our support from others.
Where would we be without the people we love
Friends, mom, dad, grandparents, sisters and brothers.

We treasure our relationships and pray to maintain them
As they give us our passion and purpose in life.
 Cherishing our family, our faith, our country
Our honor, our husband or wife.

By Tom Zart

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the ministry of the dance

the ministry of the dance is always Scripture based
it's all about bringing the Holy Spirit into the place
the ministry of the dance has a purpose that is two-fold
of Godly deliverance and breaking demonic strongholds
to deliver someone from the spiritual bondage of society
and show with the power of the dance there's spiritual victory
to break demonic strongholds with divine break through
to show in dance what the joy of the Lord can do

the ministry of the dance is a physical manifestation of love
for Jesus the Christ, the Holy Spirit and Father God who dwells above
to know that the tears which are cascading from our eyes
was enough to touch a soul and move them to cry
to know that the spiritual energy we emanate so much
made someone feel that by the hand of God they've been touched
the ministry of the dance is a physical portrayal of the Holy text
and not based on one's age, gender, race nor sex
a powerful ministry that is open to all
of which by the Spirit one is called
a ministry of faithful dedication, true devotion and total commitment
with love for the Lord, trust in the Spirit and a Godly contentment

the ministry of the dance is more that just a worship service
it's a ministry of true faith with a specific purpose
to dance with the Light of the Lord radiating through 
and the Spirit of the Lord filling up the church's pews
the ministry of the dance is to give honor, glory and praise
to Jesus who died on the cross and 3 days later was raised
a ministry of divine inspiration
a ministry of divine elevation
to lift up someone and move them beyond their comfort zone
to lift someone up and move them to kneel before the throne
it's about the Holy Spirit taking complete control
it's about sacred dancing in order to save some souls

the ministry of the dance will forever be spirit-led
it's a visual ministry serving of the Daily Bread
it's not a ministry that is meant to entertain
it's a ministry powered by the sacrificial blood stain
the ministry of the dance is about spiritual victory
that which Jesus died for to give to you and give me
it's not a performance and it does not invite vainglory
it's about being used an instrument in the outward expression of the Biblical story
the ministry of the dance is a ministry of total sacrifice
to submit your body, heart and soul into the hands of Jesus the Christ


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One day

Girl, what more can I say. 
You are amazing in every way. 
Your smile makes me glow, 
Even when I am feeling low. 
The hugs you give, 
is worth this crazy life I live. 
The butterflies, and constant flutters, 
kinda give me the stutters. 
Some day I hope you can be mine again,
 and maybe we can start with a new beginin. 
God gave me you for those times I just cant blink. 
So continue being yourself, 
forever and ever, 
and I believe we can never be severed.

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Did i mention she's green?

Green girl
Green girl

She gathers leaves on a blue and green night
Her emerald eyes make me ignite

Dream catchers gather on her wall
She makes stars none shall fall

Green girl
Green girl

Light candles, red hair reminds me of autumn
Fire red forest she will come

Dream catchers gather on her wall
She makes stars none shall fall

Green girl
Green girl

Change like the seasons
For unknown reasons
Nothing left to give
Baby I would relive

Green girl
Green girl

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The glass of my life

I see you through the glass of my life 
When I breathe, 
the glass fogs up and I loose you 
If I don't breathe, I die, 
But it's worth seeing you!

Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

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Delondi Ngoma Kintaudi Work in progress

My name describes and summarizes me 
my essence, vitality, and pressence  
it is the model I search for 
with stretching arms 
and pray in my heart to become 
it is a constant reminder of my potentiality 
forever linked to my Congo ancestry 
spoken indefinately 
as a unification of soul 
with stories of unity untold 
of family suffering and survival 
My name signifies their struggle 
and is a holistic envisioning  
of my grandfather's dreams 
Delondi means epitome 
not the purity of any particular race,  
not the misguided attempts at perfection 
that results in saluts and exclamtatory cries 
not superiority as one might arrogantly  
interpret with no flaws 
but a superiority based on  
effectiveness and efficiancy 
based on acceptance 
and a belief that if knocked down 
God can bring us back up again 
superiority based on ones best 
despite one's limitations 
Ngoma means drum 
the rythym and sound that 
enables us to share our lives experiences 
the thoughts, ideas, and messages 
inevitably and necessarily implying  
a knowledge transfer 
from one person to another 
knowlege seeking, bonding, enabling 
and sharing our inner most feelings 
Kintaudi means humble 
Humility is acceptance of ones 
faiures and inabilities 
to be  
without the power of the almighty 

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what is home they ask
where does it exist
is it a place in your mind or heart
or is it just a myth
home is not a place that houses expensive 
toys and treats
home is a place inside your mind that 
exists only when you please
home is where the people are who truly 
count in life
and how do you know which ones they 
are,i ask this every night
you try and figure who builds you up,who 
makes you a better person
and who tears you down,throws you 
around and helps you not to learn
god's lessons are in a deep disguise that 
we know nothing about
until the time comes that we get there and 
are ALLOWED to figure it out
where is home,with 
friends,family,laughs,good food,good times
or is it where you feel at peace in your own 
heart and your own mind
or is it both?????

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Love without tomorow

I made love to you like there was no tomorrow.
I transferred my life to you.
I had put fire to my soul.
I was burning inside my dream.
I didn't care for me.
My life was only you!

Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

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a woven deciet

i gasped for breath like a fish out of water i tried to speak but silence is all i could 
mutter my courage was faint like bread trapped between much butter,
my wings could not flutter but the words boiled in me like hot water
it was a dish on a platter,manner i failed to gather, she knew what my heart was
after teasing my burning desire, my eloquent tongue was left to scamper for
cover, in a dark corner i watched her peel mans wrapper, revealing natures 
all for my hungry eyes to plunder, her craft ate through my senses like a cancer
to my aching heart her lies had the answer, she was indeed a woven deciet

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The Night and Her Ways/Lost Under The Sun

there is a moon,
shining all alone
under all seas looming side to cloud
fall in our night and wait for the one who makes
slip in the prowl
the beasts hold night at growl
howling their sorrows
move midnight forever is tomorrow
come to our dark we run deep in the dusk
trust your lost soul while wait here for the sun

trust your yearning haven safely break
grey sky a-standing
standing far astray

lost under the sun
lost under the sun
lost under the sun 
lost under the sun

there is a place
marble floor and blue
there is a space 
that was meant for what was you
summer now white a different sort of lone
cold in our skin deeps
looking towards our glow

lost under the sun
lost under the sun
lost under the sun
lost under the sun

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Winning souls tend to change everything,
Including who and what we are.
When our darkness within transforms to light
And our eyes have the luster of a star.

We must always pray for the lost among us
Who eagerly race toward the wrong direction.
So they may know their own repentance 
Blessed by God’s, grace, love and protection.

All of heaven’s heroes  have suffered remorse
From hate, fear, lust, loneliness and war.
They do what they do with deliverance of heart
Defeating the dark side of life and more.

Noah found safety within the beams of his ark
To endure heaven’s cleansing of earth.
Moses the deliverer, climbed a mountain
Descending with God’s guidelines of worth.

David the shepherd, a boy among men
Slew evil’s giant with a flying stone.
Samson the strong man, broke from his chains
Toppling the temple with God’s help alone.

Jonah was swallowed by a monster fish
To be cast up on shore with a prophecy to tell.
Jesus of Nazareth was nailed to the cross
And without his forgiveness we’re doomed to fail.

Lord I’ll feel blessed to greet all your heroes
When it is my time to escape my woes.
I’ll clutch their hands and kiss their face
As we celebrate the journey we chose.

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For me

Letting go never makes it easier,
And with hope confusion only builds 
I opened my heart and I'm too terrified to let it close
My walls took so long to fall
My mind tells me to rebuild and start new 
A impenetrable wall must be made, just to not let this world put me in my grave
But my heart loved and was free
Love you found me just to remind me of everything I will never be? 
The words circle in my head, It's just not there anymore
I felt my soul as it tore
God, haven't I lost enough?
Hasn't this world taught me not to trust for too long 
The feeling of knowing it'll never be the same won't be shaken 
How could I be so blind, to think I could change your mind 
But when my world falls down, I swear I'll run 
Yet I stand still like my heart is holding a load gun 
I swore I would never let you go, But like a childhood dream 
I thought if I wanted it, then it would be
All I wanted was for you to love me
The fairy tails I read, lied to me, They swore that love was all you would need 
The darkness rolled into my happy land 
As I realize I really did loose my man
And I hold on to the hope that I hate like it'll save me from my desolate fate 
Just let this be, and we will see
But with all my pain and all my loss I feel my love drift away 
And like countless times before everyone leaves and they don't know why
My tears consume me, and I hate myself for believing in love 
My anger kept me alive, and you stripped that away so I knew that you were the one that would stay 
So now I am left in no man's land 
Not knowing to let go, But praying and begging you will come save me 
I can't make you love me again, But as you walked away 
I realize that there wasn't a single day I thought you wouldn't be with me 
I thought I knew heart break I thought I could handle pain 
But through this I see, That I was a broken me 
You put me together, you raised me higher then I've ever been
And the fall from there has been my worse
I know I'm a shell of me, because you showed me how to be free 
So if hope dies, Even through my relentless tries
I will never love again, I can't take proving my father right, I can't take this pain 
It took true happiness to understand true pain 
And if I make it through this still sane 
I'll never do this to myself again, For this is the worlds biggest sin, To watch someone walk away that was the only one you let in    

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Love me Forever

When I don’t see you I feel lost
I feel so lost when you are gone.
Don’t you ever leave me
don’t you ever cheat on me
 just love me.

As I gave you my heart 
don’t you ever break it 
because if you do
I will be cold like a cold water in a blizzard
I will be numb.

I will never love again,
I will just be cold and heartless.
Too many have hurt me in the past, 
and I just let them get away with it.
Just love me forever.

If you hurt me,
I will just give up in love,
hold me tight, make me feel right.
Make me feel the happiness that I never felt before, 
and last, love me like you’ve never loved before.

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dark room,no light
not day,at night
soft kisses on my neck
gentle leg caress
quiet whispers in the dark
melting my heart
skin on skin
chest to chest
making love to you
is the best
i've never felt so beautiful
ive never felt so alive
everything feels so good
i think i might die
a noise squeeks out of my mouth
a noise ive never heard
any other time im silent
not a whisper,a whimper,a word
but you,you set me free
you let me be me
chest to chest
cheek to cheek
all the passion is starting to leak
i hold you tight,there's no-one above you
whispers both ways softly
"i love you"
creating a life
half of you half of me
how in the world can this be?
so amazing,so truthful
so wonderful and bright
i close my eyes
remember this night
lock it away in my head
save it for myself
ive never loved so much
never ever felt
so perfect,so alive
so beautiful,i cry
and you,just you
are all i need
all i need is you,just you
my chest to your back
a kiss on the cheek
close my eyes and remember all the things around me
how you smell,how you taste
how do people cheapen such a beautiful thing?
to have something feel this good,this right
creating our child,you turn on the light
and the last thing you say when i ask you not to
is im leaving it on..i need to see you

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I'm hurt screaming and pulling my hair out
Sicken by the drought
Tears of fire
boiling as my blood turns to lava
Preying to Jesus cause only he knows what I'll do
Ran with the wrong crew
If only knew
It'll take a piece of me  with it
A block of my saneness with it
My livelihood has been invaded
My glory long faded
Gang violence underrated
I lost my friend do to mistaken identity
Because of his color he lost his dignity
No one knows what he meant to me, to us
A band aid ripped from a wound that will be forever busted
Arrested development
Suspended judgement
Caused an innocent life to perish
His life i will forever cherish

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There was the hunger
and suicide.
In favor of my brutal truth
or virtue of my failure,
I do not want any comments on my trauma.
Morality has a dubious equation
with power, provoking my anger.

The days were full of abandoned kilns.
No more shaping of containers
in which one can put the moon,
and honey and roses.
Everything was turning brown
with infinite, sulphur smelling teeth 
ready to bite into golden flesh.

Convicts behind the walls were playing
with mirrors to throw the light on slick
towers. Death was laughing, waiting on the trees,
eating black berries.
And I was forced to taste the blood of sky
with sodium –
in sanctum sanctorum.


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dont judge

the thoughts come so quick . your fast to jump to conclusion. to say what you do not mean . speak out of line , or even out of texts. but to judge the unknown . is to throw your self into open water without knowing what lies see with your eyes and hear with your ears. but , are you only seeing what you want or what is really there . do you hear everything , or just what you like .bits and pieces of the puzzle are missing . to judge without them , is to walk the streets blindfolded and hope for the best.take every step , not know what lies ahead. your mind does all the work for you . you dont need to talk to someone to think you know them . you just need to look at them . then the judging process begin. you pick apart every aspect of them untill there is nutting but a naked soul , tour apart in ur think you know them .untill you take that first step toward that naked soul all your thoughts and judgement are invalid and dont count.

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If there's one angel I want to see
So beautiful so true..
One smile that make's a difference.
its owned just by you.
What I see in front of me
Is a painting of our love

But there are obstacles in my line of view.
Obstacles sent from above.
I think i will flee away from this planet soon
And hide from the world of pain in the lunar phase of moon.
But, there's one thing i need before I float in the blue.
I need a sky partner and i want it to be you.

We will sleep in the stars at midnight in our special place.
I will dry you with a comet's tail and kiss your sparkling face.

We will fulfill our dreams every possible day.
Every night Your smile will be my milky way..
We will hold each other n sail above the heaven's height.
Nothing can diminish our love's everlasting light.

Sun will shine on us,glowing unconditionally on our devotion
Warming our soul in love's universally vast ocean.
We will sleep with clouds as pillows and maybe steal an angel's wing.
Then fly as magical love birds or slide round Saturn's ring.
We will hook onto a meteor and soar across the sky.

Will u agree to be my mate on our celestial ship
I am ready'heart packed with love,to last us for the trip
Take my hand and step abroad, we will head towards the sun.
we'll fly all our the universe till all the obstacles become none.
Till we can freely call us..'One'

-Nikhil Chandwani

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America, the abundant, the place I was born 
I'll cherish till the day I die.
Where the bones of past heroes lie buried in the ground 
Who loved her the same as I.

Her mountains are so tall they reach for the sky;
With prairies where the green grasses grow.
There's billions of trees where wild birds nest
With creatures that flourish below.

That blue gold called water with which we are blessed
As raindrops or crystallized snow;
Changes to rivers and fresh water lakes
While the winds of our seasons blow.

There's the haunt of a whistle from a lonely freight train 
Racing on ribbons of steel
With the harvest of farms and from the factories 
Balanced in a box on a wheel.

Some cities have buildings a hundred stories tall, 
Structures of concrete, glass and steel.
A statue in a harbor, a present from France, 
Describes how, inside, we feel.

That flag on the moon with red and white stripes
Proves America’s dreams come true.
A country of heroes who line up to protect
The past, the present and the few.

We’ll defeat terrorism as it should be fought
Never letting Satan’s horde chase us to our door.
Safeguarding our borders and system of life
As our forefathers sacrificed before.

Never be afraid to be proud of America
And march with the brave, faithful and just.
Refusing to submit to the will of our enemies
Standing firm to preserve what we trust.

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Oh My

Oh my how I must say that you are important to me, 
You created me, and made me whole,
For that you have left me speechless,
You have a plan in life for all,
And I long to be there when its time,
I bow in prayer to you,
And worship you freely,
Who am I to tell someone that there is no God?
When I am a strong believer in you,
Who am I to judge a person? 
When in your eyes it is a sin,
You have redeemed me, and made me clean,
I am pure in your eyes,
Have you not been here all along?
Trying to help me through,
Yet I was too blind to see,
You are my savior,
And all I can say is,
Oh my it feels great to know,
That you are here for me whenever I need you,
Thank You God.

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas
Shoppers, and
Poor women and poor men
With wallets
And without.

Merry Christmas
Whoever is in his or her little cell, 
Little box, 
In jail for a day
Or for life
For whatever reason.

Merry Christmas
Merry past Christmas
Merry present Christmas
Merry future Christmas
Without exception, 
Or exclusion.

Merry Christmas
people from
Or another galaxy.

Merry Christmas 
new born, 
Children who are left behind, 
And future humanity.

Merry Christmas 
Street’s poets, 
Merry Christmas 
Low-wage happy faces, 
And the running delivery man.

Merry Christmas
Single mothers, 
Single fathers, 
And lonely adventurer
In the wilderness.

Merry Christmas, 
And prairies
Of America.

Merry Christmas, 
Who is attached to the past
And who is planning for the future.

Merry Christmas soldier. 
Merry Christmas soldier. 
Merry Christmas soldier. 
Merry Christmas
And firefighter.

Merry Christmas
My friends 
My street mates
My Café mates, and 
My bus mates.

Merry Christmas
The cheerful, 
The antagonistic
The angry
The bored
The one who feels it is not worth it
The one who is almost there
The one who can not make it.
The one who will not make it.

Merry Christmas
Who is sleeping, 
And who is dreaming, 
Who is on the road, 
Who is traveling
Or who is orbiting 
Around the planet.

Merry Christmas
And the European: 
The first who came
And the last who are trying.
Merry Christmas
The lost and found
Merry Christmas Native America.

Merry Christmas Eileen.
Merry Christmas 

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Irish Woman

Where are you now, 
Irish woman? 
Which universe
Did  you choose for home? 
Which universe
Did you choose for your tropical adventure? 
Which one is your garden? 
Which universe has your favorite stars and moons

Which universe is welcoming you? 
Which one is fearful
From your eyes, 
Your hair, and your lips.
Which universe
Will be your next destiny.
Which universe your love could possibly 
And I still have time 
To reach
And exist?

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Secret love

Loneliness knocked on my door tonight once again 
but when she came inside and saw you 
she was jealous and left us alone. 
Our night is here. 
I close my eyes. 
I open my hug and I try in the darkness to touch you. 
My lips half open waiting for your kiss. 
The dream has started. 
One life begins 
Another is cooling. 
I hide the dream. 
It is mine. 
My secret dream is living just for me and you every night. 
If I try to share that with you during the day 
I am afraid that I will lose it forever. 
You are my night fairy. 
When the day comes you go, 
but I know that tomorow night 
I will wait for you in my dream again. 
My secret love for you is alive every night 
And I am... 

A happy night dreamer

Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

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Ode to Mr. Anonymous

The sweet sound of his voice,
filling the air.
Letting me know,
 He'll always be there,
The sweet smell of his breathe,
And his cologne that's so sweet.
Always seeming to knock me off my feet.
I see his sweet face.
I get lost in my thoughts.
He seems so perfect.
Like theres nothing  that could go wrong,
But as I sit and I think.
I keep on wondering, why?
How could this angel,
really be mine?
He's sweet and he's caring.
He reassures me his thoughts.
Making me feel like,
The happiest girl on the block.
I'll love Mr. Anonymous, 
Even when I'm gone.
I hope our love,
Forever flies on.

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The Truth

Whats this love for? Is it worth it this time?
Are you gonna break my heart? 
Are you truly gonna be mine? 
Guys will say anything behind those jail walls , but 
the sad thing is I wouldn't believe you even if you 
weren't in jail at all.
You've done some horrible things Bobby. 
You truly broke my heart.
When I lost you my whole damn world feel apart.
I'm not saying that to make you feel bad.
I'm saying that cause when I lost my whole world got sad.
I'm not perfect never have been but , I truly loved you 
and still remained your friend.
Now 7 years later the same words you once said.
I love you Megan , I need you so bad.
The sound of your voice is still the same and hidden in your words are lies.
Things are different this time. I'm not the same girl.
If you try to play games with me I promise I will get the highest score.
I won't fall for it this time I'm mean it I do.
I won't let another guy put me threw what you put me threw , not even you.
If you love me we can hold each other threw all this bad weather.
We can get threw it together , but if you hurt me its gonna be bad. 
Not trying to sound mean but my pride is all that I have. 
I promise to love you & be there till the end , and if *****gets to 
deep I promise to remain your friend. 
I hope you do the same , but I hope even more you mean what your saying.
Just be honest Bobby thats all I ask. If you do that I willing to let go of the past.
I wont bring it up no more , if you can show me there's a reason I fell in love with you.
I want to know there is love behind all this pain we've been threw.
If you can do that then the sun will truly shine , and the gas is greener on the other side.
Most of I will be your everything and you'll be mine.
I'll love and cherish you and when you do time I'll do time.
Like Bonnie & Clyde if you show me you love me , I'll ride or die. 
To the end of time , you could be the only man that's on my mind.
That's precious. Getting me to say some *****like that is a blessing.
I hope you learned your lesson. Your 34 I hope your ready to man up , and be all 
that you can be and more. You owe to it yourself but even more to your kids.
You need to show them their dad's not as bad as everyone says he is. 
I know together we can make it. If I didn't it would be heartbreak that I'm risking
So please hear my words their is more to life than trying to put yourself in the dirt.
Stand up and realize what your worth I want you to love yourself and remember I 
loved you first. 

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I'm Sorry

I'm sorry i broke your heart 
PLease forgive me for such art
Let's take it back before this love was broken
Back before those words were spoken
I'm sorry I could say it again and again
I cry to make it rain
Make it rain to wash sorrow
Can I have your heart to barrow
Calm down and let me repair the wound
Tomorrow will come soon
Tomorrow the sun will shine
One more time you'll be mine
I'm sorry could be said so many ways
I just want to wake up next to you for the rest of my days
I'm sorry

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Metaphysical Coupling

Almost  Perfection, we two fit together
Bound in the incense of love and desire
Called by a song of eternal attraction
Dancing its way through our being;
Eager for everything, we dream it to life.

Fire and ice through the passage of days
Grief and delight shared together
Half light, half darkness
Interweave in life's flow,
Joining and kindling the mysteries of love.

Kind seeks out kind
Love conquers lust
Man and Woman become something
Numinous; a third sort of being,
Ontologically supreme.

Potentialities vie with realities,
Quixotic schemes founder
Resisted in the mire of daily
Situations that pull them to earth;
Tempestuous love strives to ascend.

Under the sun of our expectations
Verity sometimes gropes blindly in its glare.
We seek the perfection of what we are,
Xenophobic in our sharp self-focus,
Yet still in need of those others who love us.

Zealots all are we, drunk on the common draught of passion.

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Lord Please

Lord please help I don't know what to do
With this problem I 've brought to you
I'm so confused
This isn't what i'm used to
My hearts telling me yes
My mind is telling me no
I met a man  the other day
I never felt this way
My heart changes its pace
My body begins to rock and my senses race
Butterflies in my stomach start to talk
My common sense walked
Lord please help i'm lost and deranged
I think i may be ready for a change
What should i do ,Lord this is what i bring to you

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"You have a spirit in you son."
 [an unlikely host it so seems]
A glare from diamond- like eyes,
 as so {like a light} to redeem.
 "you're smile heals souls, and a voice
that softly flows."
( a non-believer w/ a flame that brightly
"an old spirit w/ knowledgable personas" {she claimed}   
A quoted repetoir,
  and a rough existance to be blamed.
 Her beautiful, dark, wrinkled face
spotted a grin.
[calling for beauty from a man of 
monsterous sin.]
 " You have a spirit in you son", 
{an unlikely host that's been named?}
 a disproportionate smile mirrored back,
a so-called "spirit" thats been tamed.

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Sad and Alone

Sad and alone,
I see you cry.
"Look at me,
please dont tell me a lie!"

You try to speak,
But no words come out.
I see the tear,
and start to shout.

"You were with her 
and not with me"
You try to speak,
But I cry "LET ME BE!"

Walking off,
I break slowly down.
I hear your voice,
and start to frown.

"Leave me alone,
and dont come back,
Maybe now that your gone,
my life will be on track"

Five weeks gone,
and Im still bleeding.
Its your love you gave me,
that I am needing.

My heart breaks,
cause your not here.
Your probely with her,
That's something I fear.

I know your happy,
But Im dying inside.
I wish you were here,
So we could go for that ride.

I cant live like this,
I hate being apart.
But I hate you so,
But you'll always be in my heart.

I'll be alone,
& Im sure you wont be doing the same,
You'll be out with her,
which I find extremly lame.

Looking out the window,
I see her with another lad.
I smile and call you up,
It's now time for you to be sad.

You cry your heart out,
Telling me what to do now.
I tell you I still love you,
and we start a new row.

You can run after her if you want to,
and ask her to stay.
She'll say she loves you,
But she will betray.

We could never really be together,
Cause you love her so.
So I just rip your picture up,
and scream "Just GO"

Never will I love again,
cause you tore me apart.
So dont come back,
otherwise I'll break your heart.

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Save a Child!

Another Beloved Child Dying;
Enduring Fright.
Grieving Hearts Ignite!
Justice Kindles,
Maintain Needed Observation.
Passionately & Quickly Reunite!
Save Time,
Uncover Viels!
X-hibit Yearning Zeal!

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A sad poem about my ex

Your gome from my arms,
Gone from my heart but,
your memory still lingers,
I loved you,
Not as a love but as a friend.

I want you back in my life but you
can't back
Removed from me for a while
But when you to be back I'll be waiting,
waiting for you to be back in my arms,
Back in my heart forever.

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The Power of Words

A, B, and C 
These letters won’t do you justice 
But when I use these letters to create word that can describe your mind and body 
I am able to set fire to your senses that command you’re every thought 
 As you sit here and read this your able to feel as I feel tell that even the complexity of this 
Show you that I can express my feeling even though the words on this page
The words that I can use to describe your body firstly
Powerful Words like soft, beautiful, smooth, divine
Then we can use technical terms like I can run my hands over your Gluteus maximum
Or over your Pectorals Major where your mammary glands are held 
The power in words can make you even forget the world around you
Words as simple in complexity as love and hate can have an endless amount of meanings
But when these simple world are use to describe you and me the world that comes to mind is
This word can say that our relationship knows no limits the way we can express the feeling that 
comes over us
The way I can wake up and still feel you next to me even when hundreds of miles away from 
each other
As I get to this point in the poem I can feel that you want to cry  
Because of this overwhelming expression of feelings someone has never had for you can come 
out in only one page.
Well my love I just show you THE POWER OF WORDS

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The feelings that we're feeling
Are progressing more and more
The deeper they keep getting
Builds a much need to explore
The earth's cosmic forces
Are uniting us as one
By linking us together
Through the moon, stars and sun
The pure surge of energy
Is getting harder to resist
Both positive and negative
We know together can exist
Trusting what is real
And trusting what is true
With you really needing me
And me really needing you

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Down the sandy ground
Where the magma floats
Deep down in there
I bury my doleful thoughts

Upward near the space
Where the stars shine
I let my aims fly
To make my future an ideal sign

Right and left
Like the trees sway
I sway my qualities
And push the bad ones
Miles and miles away

Each day,
Inspired by the sinking sun
I drown my badlucks
To succeed in the long run

When I observe
A flame of fire
My heart tells me
Catch it..Jump higher..

The marvellous sight of natur
Motivates me
I live life king size
And stay happy for free..

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Most poets tell the truth of life 
Though they may wrap it in beauty.
It's their passion, not their purpose;
To compose is but their duty.

Poets as a rule are high on adventure
Like wondering bards or prophets today.
Embracing hearts and minds with wisdom
Casting through verse their visions at play.

Poets have their dreams and their nightmares
Of love, life, death, faith, and war.
They feel the pain and tragedy of others
Even those they've never met before.

One merit of a poet's work, 
Which most people cannot deny, 
They say more and in fewer words
To illuminate you and I.

Their poems are used to convey passion
By composers of both good and evil mood.
Some are hateful others loving
Sharing thoughts to be consumed as food.

They fan the flames of human compassion
With their stories of the failings of man.
Professing to follow a higher power
As they recruit whomever they can.

The wild birds sing and flowers bloom 
As clouds form figures in the sky. 
But only poets will write poems
That shall last long after they die.

God has always had his poets 
Who he watches with love from space.
But Satan has his poets too 
Who try to lead us from our grace.

Poets are the bell ringers of the soul
As they depict the past, the present and beyond.
They sound their alarm of what lies ahead
As the missteps of man live on.

By Tom Zart

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The First Time

The first time we made love I cried and I was in heaven
When I first seen you I fall Head over hills in love with you
The first time we kissed and I milted

You are the first man that I loved that loved me back
We had our problems in the passed but we made it through them
We had our first big fight for the first time but it made us stronger then ever

Six year together and sill going strong 
You and I are one and will be for Thirty six more years to come
The first day you gave me the ring I fall in love with you all over again 

You are the first man that I would ride or die for 
You are like a drug habit I get so high when I am with you 
We are closer now then we ever was 

For the first time when I am in you are I feel Safer then ever 
You are the first am that I talk about getting marred to
When that day comes I will feel like I am falling in love for the first time

When we make love it feels like we are making love for the first time
I never want to hart you 
You are the love of my life 
 I will cater to your every need 
Any thing you need me to do I will do
You also make me feel like a real woman

To Antwan I love you so much
Vanessa Brown

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Someday we'll be together again 
Maybe standing alone in a heavy rain
Oh! I believe you'll come that day
Making that moment emotional and grey

Yes someday we'll be together
Standing in some beautiful weather

Heartily waiting for that day to 
Till then no matter come what may
Heartlessly I am imagining your pain 
Day by day it's making me insane

Hope that day comes soon in our
Day when you'll accept me as your wife

Inside myself I am dying so badly
Even the hilarious moments go sadly
I wish all your pain becomes all mine
So that once again your smile can shine

I promise you I'll forget you never 
You'll live in my heart forever and ever

Never leave me alone or I'll die
And it's not like any other lie
It is only you for whom I cry 
Oh it is you for whom I can die

Please someday come back to me
Take me in your arms and say that to me
I am sure someday "we will" be together 
Will fall in your arms in some romantic weather!

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you are special

you are really special to my heart, 

who knows why you are struck like a dart; 

you are the special on the whole, 

since the day you entered my soul; 

what is your past it doesn't matter; 

it is your heart that makes me flatter; 

oh! it is true that love have no age, 

if it cages then i love to be in cage; 

i don't care if its wrong or right; 

who actually cares if i have to fight; 

for me you are like a guiding light; 

for you i am ready to fight each fright; 

its only on you i want to rely, 

it would hurt if you'll ever lie; 

promise me you'll never make me cry, 

never break my heart or I'll die; 

yes you are really special to my heart..

who knows why you are struck like a dart! !

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E aster

it's  a  little  holiday.the  children love's a time you  sit  with your  family and  
friends and  have  some  fun.some  people  stay  home and  others  go  
can  paint  hard  boiled  eggs  and  have  so  much  fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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If I could love you like I want,
You would find these distances too small...

If I could send you lovely roses,
You would have no place to keep them all.

Every night when I dream, I see we are miles apart.
Every time when I scream, I find you far from heart.

If I could fly and reach you when I like,
There would be no second time to fly.

If I could have you once in my life,
I would have no regrets when I die.

Every night when I dream, I see we are miles apart.
Every time when I scream, I find you far from heart.

If I could tell you what I feel,
You would have nothing else to know.

If I could live without a soul,
I would have enjoyed rain and snow.

Every night when I dream, I see we are miles apart.
Every time when I scream, I find you far from heart.

If I could paint a new world for us,
We never would have to be alone.

If forgetting you was any easy,
I would have changed my nerve and bone.

Every night when I dream, I see we are miles apart.
Every time when I scream, I find you far from heart.

But this won’t make me love you any less,
I will be your guy, you will be my lass.
I will love you forever and forever...forever and forever.

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Our best song

Your eyes
are the lirik of a poem, 
that search the melody in my soul, 
to be our best song.

Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

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We’re sought  by Satan of that I’m sure
As he plots to derail our soul.
Greed, hate, lust, anger and fear
Are deeds which facilitate his coal.

He smiles at lies, cheating and theft
He laughs at never-ending war.
He drools to conquer the hearts of man
Shadowing every window and door.

Tempting all with unclean pleasures
His success is weakness and desire.
We triumph only through the power of faith
Avoiding eternal torment and fire.

Goodness and evil illustrate life
Like the two sides of  every coin.
Most can’t help but experience both
As we learn who to trust, follow and join.

Praise our Lord for morals and ethics
The laws of  heavenly command.
Without God’s armor and his grace
We become the distortion of man.

By Tom Zart

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Dear Mother (change the e to a u)

Dear mother, can you remember me
here a clue my name begins with d
the one you left so you could be free

Try to explain, you’ll be told

Thou in life I have failed
at least I tried, you fecking bailed

Dear Cathy, do you like to joke?
I do allot, but it’s a cloak
cover all feelings, emotions broke

Try to explain, you’ll be told

Thou in life I have failed
at least I tried, you fecking bailed

Dear miss Scott, I’m not unreasonable
I’m sure you were unstable
i always deal with what on my table

Try to explain, you’ll be told

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new baby

this is a true story just so everyone knows hes my nephew from doris.

           he was born in saint joe's hospital.
             he was born at 2:10 am.
           born march 25 2008 wich seems to be the day im writing this poem.
          he weighs 8 pounds and 1 ounce.
         he is very cute.
        he's got some big feet but his feet are cute.
         he is doris lee's nephew.

i wrote this poem becaouse i just went to see him just got home an hour ago so i 
thought i would right a poem about him becouse im onley nine and he's my 
nephew i just love him so much i would write in this poem his name but i dont 
really no how becouse his name has different ways to spelling his name.

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My opponent’s huge but his brain is small
I’ll bust his chin and watch him fall.
He’ll greet the mat and moan and groan
As I stand in victory, he’ll lie alone.

Boxing is a game of sport
Loved by all both tall and short.
Cheers and shouts shall fill the air
Far more than a circus or fair.

I’ll jump the ropes and respond to the bell .
Engage in combat and fight like hell .
As the punishment begins, behold the test.
Soon the fans will know, “Who’s Best.”

By Tom Zart
Ring's Poet
Tom Zart


You can hear all of Tom Zart’s 300 poems of love, war, faith and more 24-7 on web radio at=



Poems of Love, War, Faith And More
By Tom Zart “Soldier For The Lord”
Most Published Poet On The Web

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My favorite poet is God above
Who gives Earth its rhythm and rhyme.
Not pied pipers of misguided souls
Who promote distrust, hatred and crime.

Poetry is nature serenading in song
The peaceful roar of the oceans waves.
The wind through the trees and over the hills
And the flowers in the fields by the graves.

The sound of rain as it waters the thirsty
The songs of children at play in the park.
The far off rumble of trains or thunder
As they pass through the night in the dark.

The joy of our babies first words and steps
The passion of life with its heroes and clowns.
The on going struggle to survive our sins
As we proliferate in hamlets and towns.

My favorite poet is our father of love
Who was first to know us before birth.
His poetry prolongs every thing we love
As his deliverance gives life its worth.

By Tom Zart

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i love u

i try to sit next to you.
i try to talk to you but i just cant.
i try to join your art class.
nothing seems to work.
i wish i could just say i love you.

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mother earth

> chorus) rainbows are a sign of god and mother earth they smile down
> upon us. Oh smile upon this great day the day in which the sun is
> shining and a rainbow is shown in the sky.
> (verse) Golden light shine down on me. Let the lion roar and the
> eagle sing, Golden light look upon this day and rejoice in the name
> of the lord!
> (chorus) rainbows are a sign of god and mother earth they smile down
> upon us. Oh smile upon this great day the day in which the sun is
> shining and a rainbow is shown in the sky.
> (verse) Mother earth I gaze upon your beauty I look to the tree's and
> see you within them. Golden light sing of the virtues and be free!
> (chorus) rainbows are a sign of god and mother earth they smile down
> upon us. Oh smile upon this great day the day in which the sun is
> shining and a rainbow is shown in the sky.
> (Verse) Oh rainbow the colors of the world shine down upon us! Let
there be a day where we can rejoice within our souls. And that you
rejoice within the world sing from the mountain tops all the way to
the valley's.
(chorus) rainbows are a sign of god and mother earth they smile down
upon us. Oh smile upon this great day the day in which the sun is
shining and a rainbow is shown in the sky.

copyrighted by penny lapsley 2008

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GOD is my greatest PASSION
whose name is in all my EMOTIONS,
In and out I love you THROUGHOUT
Hold your hand and Cry out LOUD.

LORD, will you be my friend ?
Cause people have betrayed me to an Extent
World is harsh, Their Cares never LASTS,
My destiny is now YOU---New PASSION TO Grow.

Its useless to confide people, They leave and GO
LOVE you deeply , will bring A Real GLOW
So, why Fear, When GOD is near
No one will now hurt,YOUR mercies are here.

Heading now to LORD, to cover my PAST,
Present will SHINE, Future itself will be DIvine
LIFE will be nourished, HE'LL make me Flourished

Deadends won't be there, Your LOVE has taken over
Tears are wiped, Angels are at my side
SEARCH of FRIEND is ended......
GOD IS MY PASSION, the last Place now where I
                                                                                        LANDED !!!!!

    Continue..... to love GOD, with great PASSION in my heart,
    Priorities now changed, GLORY in his Name
    Nothing will be in VAIN , Now JESUS IS MY FAME.

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he is the man he is the man i can not get he is the man i wil not get he is the one 
i wont get he is the one i will not forget he is the one he is the one who is not a 
treat  he is the one who i pay my det he is the one who i refuse to forget he is the 
one who i choose the one who i always have a ball with i will never forget this 
man and i wil not regret he brings sunshine and fun to my cloudy day he gives 
me gifts to make me happy but i wont take for all i ned is him as long as hes with 
me i wil not beside becuase he makes me feel free

BY ~~!@#CARLIE#@!~~ YB

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World War I gave us the fly-boys
Who flew by the seat of their pants.
Many would never return from war
While others survived by chance.

Their planes were mostly canvas and wood
Gasoline, bullets, bombs and poison gas.
Every pilot carried his own pistol
Wearing leathers, scarf and goggles of glass.

Aviators had no Parachutes
To escape their burning plane.
Many were forced to jump to their death
Or self inflect a bullet to the brain.

Blimps where known as battleships of the sky
The roar of their engines gave reason for fear.
They flew so high they were hard to shoot down
Hiding above clouds till their targets drew near.

Tracer bullets for the first time were used
In the guns of airplanes to set blimps a fire.
The skies became man’s highway of death
With duty and honor their driving desire.

How many Fly-boys have we lost since then
Those days of the Great War and more?
Where do we get such brave souls of chance
Who rise from the rest in the battles of war?

By Tom Zart

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civics 101

I once loved a man
from Pakistan
He wasn't and I'm not
what you may think
He was beautiful
gifted and humble
taught me things
his skin
kinda forbidden
we talked and he liked my diction
I was very young
he could have been an addiction
he went home
I wonder about him
my first lust 
my first civic's class

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Anytime you want to be right here just imagine me and all this will appear, you 
can keep this moment all your life Forever near, a Dream worth keeping.

When your feeling lost, I'll be your Star, just reach out and touch me no matter 
where you are, in a world of Precious things are disappearing over night, just 
keep my Star, inside.

I Believe we found a Dream made worth keeping for more then just a day, and 
even when the winds of change may come creeping it' still a Dream worth 
keeping, so don't let it "FADE AWAY".

Someday you might be thinking that life has passed you by, your spirit might be 
sinking with Hope in short supply, that's the reason why.

I know this Dream's worth keeping as long as it will stay, and even though you 
see the darkness that may come creeping it's still a Dream worth keeping, so 
don't let it "FADE AWAY".                                 THE END

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So dear to my heart are my loved ones at home
As I toss and I turn in my bunk all alone.
Everyday I see death, hate, and corruption
Combat is God’s proof of man’s malfunction

For family, comrades, and myself I pray
To my love with this poem I wish to convey.
I knew I loved you though never how much
Till by war, I’m forced beyond your touch.

Where violence thrives, there’s the stench of death
With the taste of fear on every breath.
Who shall prevail, who shall die
As the sadistic kill beneath God’s sky.

Baghdad has become man’s highway to hell
Where the hearts of darkness are alive and well,
I count each day till it’s time to come home 
And be with my love and never alone.

Love You
Your Marine 

By Tom Zart

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AlexanderThe Great

King Philip his father engaged a new teacher
When Alexander turned thirteen.
Aristotle the greatest mind of his time
Gave Alexander his taste for the unforeseen.

Alexander dreamed of a one world empire
Held together by one king and tradition.
After his father was murdered by rivals
He ruled in his place with conviction.

Philip’s death caused conquered kingdoms to rebel
And for next two years Alexander forced them to concede.
The huge Persian Empire of King Darius III
Posed the greatest threat to Greeks and their creed.

The Persian cavalry numbered over forty thousand
Plus one million foot soldiers with weapons and shield.
Alexander’s  troops numbered thirty thousand on the ground
Along side five thousand horsemen who dominated the field.

Alexander practiced many new methods of  war
One of his most effective was called the siege train.
Several high towers would be rolled up to city walls on wheels
From which defenders were overwhelmed and slain.

He developed mechanical machines of death
Catapults, which hurled fifty pound stones.
Large arrows and burning balls of  fire
Smashing walls, buildings and bones.

Soon Alexander fulfilled his prophecy
Sitting on the golden throne of Persian kings.
Possessing great treasures from conquered lands
Though his greatest need was conquest not things.

Alexander, king of Asia, would not be satisfied
His ambition and ego denied him rest.
He decided to march his armies to India
Putting the Rajahs armies and elephants to test.

The huge beasts, which were unknown in Europe
Frightened Alexander’s men at the start.
In spite of their fear disciplined prevailed
As Greek spears tore holes in their heart.

Exhausted by years of hardship and battle.
His men refused to go on and Alexander gave in.
Disease, thirst, and hunger were their constant companions
From the time they left Greece till they were home again.

Alexander was physically and emotionally sick
To the point of becoming critically ill.
He died in Babylon at thirty-two
King of prophecies he pledged to fulfill.

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Cigarette is so good
I  inhale deep
I want to feel it
like I felt you, 
but baby, to make myself better
I gotta stop feelin you
I long for the drink
always dreaming of you
pick up the phone
come too far though
can't throw it all gone
love, I just won't
I just keep, keepin on
I'm wierd, I'm better
I feel guilty
I can't explain why
I just need a little bit
a little bit better life
always, we understood each other
so, maybe you'll understand
I Love You
but my dear,sweet, messed up familiar
love surely, surely, does not mean
we die

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nikki dances like the wind

nikki dances like the wind
her hair is blonde and long
she wears the sexiest thongs
her favorite color is red
nikki dances in my head
to touch her breast with my hand 
to ravish her like a hungry man
nikki is a treausure  unexplored
nikki loves me until she is bored
nikki my favorite obsession 
she dances like the wind 
nikki my desire and passion for you is a sin 
you got me going crazy and i dont want it to end
on a summers day you wear it so well 
nikki for you i fell
fell in love a thousand times
nikki the way you look is a crime
nikki dances like the wind

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Bouquet of PRAISES

LORD your name is exalted
LORD your name is divine
LORD you have sent your Son
So, we could shine

LORD you are full of Glory
LORD you are soo Holy
LORD you have saved us from sins
cause you want us to live

Marvelous are your works
Where kindness and goodness dwells
Sacrifices you don't like
our Righteousness makes you delight

You call us name by name
empowered us with divine fame
strengthen our feeble knees
so we bent and ask for peace

LORD I feel like praising you throughout
Grateful to you for you took me out,
LORD I love you soo much
for you were their whenever I was crushed

You took me out of a Slimy pit
So my lamp should never diminish
You presented Your Holy Spirit to me
Therefore my lamp is shinning within me

Trying to share the love you gave
For that's the fruits I desired and craved
Bless me so I can come up to the best
Renew me so I shall never will rust

LORD you have made me complete
When I was just so Obsolete
In YOU I had finally reached
Thankyou LORD for am no more weak.


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Window of My Soul

A floodlight burns from deep within
where shadows derst not go
and it's been there since the day He knocked
upon the window of my soul
I've come to change your life my son
is what He softly said
as I peered out and saw His light
and my sins 'neath crimson red
I'll warm your heart,remove the dark
and fill you with my light
if you'll but open up the door
the one there to your right
So I unlocked and learned to walk
and arose there from below
and all because my Savior knocked
upon the wondow of my soul!
                                            Deisel Dan

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I’m on my way to greet my master
And shake his hand when I die.
I’m on my way to john sweet Jesus
In his mansion beyond on high.

I’m on my way to escape man’s woes
Where the faithful rise to tell their story.
Following the path of love and compliance.
Guided by God’s magnificence and glory.

As I journey to and from all I love
It hurts to say my absolute goodbye.
I’m on my way to divine fulfillment
But for those left behind, “I cry”.

The Last Goodbye

By Tom Zart
Soldier For The Lord


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feeling mind and body

wish you could've met him too
been someone to hear me cuz
my learning him, my yearning
was good and real and true 

maybe he was too perfect for me
so many feelings ago

he happened to me
he drew me in charcoal pencil
in my shades of black, gray 
and even between that

he taught me how to drive with my hands
to drive wihout needing my feet
he taught how to love with my mind
and music, art, words, imagination

that chair got between us too fast
I didn't care, but he did 
and I was too young to know
to know how to convince him

losing him
was as bad
as losing
how to walk

because it happened to him 
not me
and he couldn't feel anymore
anyone below his arms

he left me

and because he happened to me
not him
and I couldn't feel anymore
anyone above my arms

was that as bad 
as the loss of his legs?

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Sometimes at night, as you lay
  beside me
I think about life and how we
  came to be
You saw through the facade
  I projected
And got into my heart which
  was protected
I learned to trust again, that
  is true
And the reason for that is 
 simply you
Although we've had bad times
  this I know
In the end it is our love that
  will show
You taught me so many new
  and neat things
And given me all the comfort
 that love brings
I never thought of myself as a
 winner at all
But you have made me feel
  ten feet tall
I look at you sleeping and I 
 wonder too..
If you know how much I love

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Beautiful Fields

I lay here sleeping with the smell of jasmines in the air. One brushes against me 
lips and I enjoy every minute of this. The clouds dance about my head, peacefully 
enchanting my mind. A black cat comes and lay's on my chest I awake to 
knowing everything's just fine. I capture the smell of the ocean, I stand before it 
with my white dress flowing flowing in the air. I think why be anywhere but here in 
these wide, open, beautiful field?

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I know I’m still here so far, far away,
As I fight for what I believe is right.
I wonder about you and your mom,
Every moment of every day and night.

The loneliness of war can drive you insane,
If you don’t get letters of concern from home.
Left, right, behind and ahead,
Death awaits leaving love ones alone.

We pray to God that we will be saved 
To return home or live the here after.
Bloody, dirt-covered men, we see everyday,
As we yearn for those times of laughter.

The far off stare of a fallen comrade,
As you stay by his side till his end.
No mother ever carried her infant child,
More carefully, than we do a friend.

Many have their own personal diaries,
To help keep their faculties together.
Watching hot steel crash into human flesh,
Always makes home seem far away and better.

I’ve become an expert at dodging, weaving and diving,
So try not to worry too much about me.
Just help your mom and stand up from the ground,
And while I’m gone be all you can be.

By Tom Zart

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give you my all

im going to change it up and change the tone, 
tonight im going to talk bout you and me being alone. 
for this is the dream i had last night, 
and with it i cant get the images out of my mind. 
my body is still shakin n my mind is a reck, 
i can feel your breath upon my skin while your teeth graze across my neck. 
as i rap my arms around you and you pull close, 
you latch on to me n do what i love most. 
your grip gets tight n your nails dig into my back, 
i get lost in your eyes with no attempt of turning back. 
now i move in to give you a kiss 
but i might wanna tease so i bite gently upon your bottum lip. 
with everything i got i leave you weak in a shortness in breath, 
ill give my all to you until i have nothing left...

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I want someone to love innocently
I want to look after someone caringly
I want that one to be all mines
I also want to feel like lost in a whine

Someone to hold my hand when I tremble
Someone to protect when I am in trouble
Someone for the shoulder when I cry 
Someone to cry when I die 

I need someone to smile for
I need someone to stop crying for
I sometimes want to laugh without reasons
I have the desire to enjoy the beauty of seasons 

I want someone to love till last
I want someone for whom I can fast
Someone to realize the pain behind my smile
Someone to shout at without a reason for a while 

Someone to scold me rightfully
Someone to mould my mistakes drastically
Someone to get hilarious sarcastically 
Someone to make me happy willingly

I want him to feed me when I am hungry
I want him to make me smile when I am angry
I want him to tease me around mischievously
I want him to hide playfully

i want someone to love more than myself
I want someone to hug me without reason
I need someone to walk with
I want a reason to live

I need you for the reasons 

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                                                                         The reddish moon
at the sun set; 

                            Far, behind the horizon, 

                                                                       With Heavy sleeping
eyes and
                                                     The awakenings glance.


                                      The soft timid poem
The drunken beauty
                                                                Of the fog
                                                The caring sparking fire
                                                                    Calming down the
notorious beast
                        The thunder
                             The miracle rain
                                 The green land merging
                                           From ice fissures 

                                                           The profound seas

                                                                       The soft water ocean
The promising desert


                                                                     The language

zillions future names
                     The universe thousand secretes


                                                            The woman

                                                I adore, 
                                                I worship, 

                      And I protect, 

                                                  She is my temple and my shelter.

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The hinge of history swings in all directions 
As the happenings of the past are written down.
Out of all that has occurred since man's beginnings, 
Less has been recorded than waits to be found.

Babylonians kept chronicles of history,
Hebrews wrote the past as a dramatic story. 
Greeks had no faith in the future at all,
Believing mans repeated errors doom his glory.

Christians added a new dimension to history,
Looking forward to Christ’s return to earth. 
An on going drama involving man and God,
Believing all are created of equal worth.

Some have asked why must we study history; 
It just encourages us to live in the past.
When we forget history we repeat its mistakes, 
As the outcome of humanity is cast.

By Tom Zart

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The hornets of hell swarm from their nest
Overwhelming all the victims they can.
To sting as many souls as possible
In their destruction of the glory of man.

They murder, rob, rape and plunder
While provoking the meek to submit.
They lie, deceive and mislead
And depend on the world to forget.

Eager to enhance their numbers
They are the cheerleaders of disgrace.
Their agendas of sin must be stopped
For the betterment of each race.

Endless is God’s test of time
To measure man’s spiritual worth
Unwholesome deeds tempt us all
Festering in the repugnance of earth.

The hornets of hell are on the hunt
In all directions by day or night.
The Armor of God shields man’s soul
And gives us our resolve to fight.

The champions of heaven in rapture await
To see who will stumble and fall.
They watch us struggle, in our world of woe
As they pray we will heed, God’s call.

Fools declare we must hide from view
And leave the hornets of hell alone
But when we ignore the liabilities of life
The failings of man become, our own.

By Tom Zart

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God’s words to Jonah were to preach at Nineveh
A great city from which armies against Israel often came.
Instead he went to Joppa a city by the sea
Where he paid his passage and sailed without shame.

The ship had not gone far before a tremendous storm arose
And the crew became frightened and began to pray.
They threw the cargo overboard to help stay afloat
As they pondered who among them should be cast away?

They chose to draw lots to expose God’s offender.
And the lot fell upon Jonah who ran from his call
The sailors tried their best to bring the ship to shore,
When they failed they pitched Jonah to suffer God’s law.

Jonah’s body hardly touched the waters of the deep
When up came a huge fish, and swallowed him whole.
From within it’s belly he had time to think of his sins
Make peace with God, and purify his soul.

After three days, the fish swam close to shore
Casting up Jonah on dry land unharmed.
Again Jonah heard God’s voice from his heart
Saying save Nineveh from Lucifer’s charm.

Soon after he preached, that Nineveh along with its people
God would destroy unless they turned from their wicked ways.
To his surprise, they listened and repented their sins
And were told by their king to pray for God’s praise.

By Tom Zart

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I once thought this day would never come, but now that is here I’m sad and glad 
that this day is here. 
I’m glad because I accomplished high school and I’m moving on to bigger and 
better thing. 
I’m glad because I grow up here, I made lots of friends and met lots of 
interesting people too. 

I’m glad because I leave so many members here.
I’m glad because I had fun here and laugh and cried and just joked around here.
I’m glad because I never thought I would graduate from here and now that this 
day is here I’m glad but sad because I’m scared of getting out of here.
I’m scared of not making it on my own scared because this time I'm on my own 
all alone.

I’m sad because there are so many members I leave here.
I’m sad because I know that I’m not going to see my friends like before.
I’ sad because I’m not a kid no more now I’m a growing person that’s on his 
I’m sad because it’s going to be hard not seeing my friends everyday like before.
I’m sad because time is passing so fast and not slow but I’m glad because I 
have lots of members inside and as I move on these members well live on.

I just hope as time passes by my friends remenber me like I well remenber 
them, I hope all there dreams come true because I know when you want 
something and you work hard for it, it well come true.

High school has been a great experience for me. I know as time passes by I well 
remenber the good times and bad times I had in high school.

The knowledge I learned to go to college, the experiences I experienced but this 
is just one experience of many to come.
Today my life starts from this day on and today on this day I thank everyone that 
helped me through out my school years. 

Thank you for not giving up on me, thank you in believing in me but specially I 
thank my parents for being there for me for guiding me to the right path for telling 
me that learning is the right path to a better future and a better why of life thank 
you for making me into a better person thank you with all my heart. Thank you

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My Rome maudlin No More

my eyes have seen the Glory, the glory evermore
la de fa et for ever more, Bellet ever more cry no
more our amorous our love, we are not Rome but
ya yet you will stand for ever more, Stand ever more
Rustic their way for evermore one mans waste creators
treasure, Muluct never, My bellet afa eta love for ever
more, my the seas for ever more track 15 musical soup
Rond de jambe en delors 4 times asseble (devnt )
or track 1 to 4 to   begining 3 times Fouette movements
may be don by spring perf instead of a releve'
doublework developpe a la seconde devant attituant 
fouette to attitude derriete promenade finishing in arabesque pen

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Fall And Fail (truth)

I found falling a task for the failing
And when frailty became fragile we
Found it futile to go on…

…future faltering in
hope as fearful leaders find familiars
and float down full rivers of progressive
thought fighting for moments of silence
as fleets of fighters march forward
never finding the battlefield they endure
to fight for…

…fumbling fingers find words tumbling
and I tare freedom from fragmented verse
free in faith, friendship from foreign times I
am saved and still falling…

…and in a falling feather I found
silence when the father whispered my name
falling became freedom and as it happened
fear fled from our presence and in faith
found truth.

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Love Forever

I love you so deeply,
I love you so much,
I love the sound of your voice,
And the way that we touch.
I love your warm smile
And your kind, thoughtful way,
The joy that you bring
To my life every day.
I love you today
As I have from the start,
And I'll love you forever
With all of my heart.

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He was called truth because that was his name, 
proven through fate that was his game,
 and no shame was brought to his fame
and was framed for a fault of self-blame
Never thought to be true
and so it was 
he died just because life was not easy for either one
and so be it his life is now done
through triumph and fun rain and the sun
he picked up his life and now he picks up a gun
brought to his head that his life would be dead
because of his wifes affair blood began to shed
Her thoughts weren't close to his death
but Lord knows this isn't what she'd expect
she had respect for all giving and yet
she's still hurt and that's a bet
devastation killed truth because truth's fate lied
so to bring to fate's surprise truths fate did not rise
blowed his eyes as the sun of truth slowly dies
the many men of forfit lyes in pain as fate cryes

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Once in command, he boxed in the British 
At Boston where he captured Dorchester Heights,
Overlooking the Brits at his mercy 
As his men took aim with their cannon sites.

The British commander had but one choice, 
To sail to New York to renew the fight.
Where the English had much greater forces, 
Who soon chased Washington's men in full flight.

They continued on to Pennsylvania 
After crossing the Hudson in retreat, 
With the British forces in hot pursuit
It looked as though George was doomed to defeat.

When winter seemed to have stopped the fighting 
That's when Washington crossed the Delaware. 
On that Christmas night he captured Trenton 
Where Hessians were surprised and unaware.

He whipped the British at Princeton, 
Where in victory his men began to sing. 
Washington then wintered at Morristown, 
Training his troops for the combat of spring.

Washington fought bravely at Brandywine 
And again at a place called Germantown, 
But the British were the victorious ones 
 As the dead of both sides covered the ground.

Americans were blessed early that spring,
When the French entered the war on their side.
Though most suffered frostbite at Valley Forge, 
With the help of the French they marched in stride.

The battles raged on, in the North and South 
As the King’s soldiers laid waste to the land.
Washington himself was in great despair, 
Pleading for aid for his weakened command.

His prayers were answered by 5000 troops, 
And a French fleet who took Chesapeake Bay.
They bottled up Cornwallis at Yorktown, 
Who surrendered to victory drums at play.

Yorktown was really the end of the war 
Though not many quite realized that fact yet. 
But the British soon grew tired of the fight
And the terms for its end were signed and set.

Washington yearned to retire at home, 
But his country chose him first president.
Cheering crowds waved flags of love and support, 
For they believed that "he," by God, was sent.

By Tom Zart

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He runs his fingers through your		
With each stare
A kiss of passion left you
Your inner most secrets seemed
to fly out of the door, 
but when he unzipped your pants
The sensation of emotions filled
you to the core.
He begins to enter your pool of
Moaning to the actions of each
thrust one can trust.
The education he's teaching can
be taught as lust.
The venture took you to another
As he sips on the fine wine and
The dribble did not go to waste, 
cause he went down for another taste.
The both of you reached 
High peeks
discrete, yet reaching the goals each seeks
that will last for weeks.
Making love is an art and fashion
When it can give you a since of
' passion'. 

Tiffany Saxon 	 

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Aspired Desire

Reaching into the night
As if you were already there
Yearning for the comfort
And connection alleged to be rare
Nothing else matters 
Now that I'm here with you
Except, this is fictitious

Waiting for dreams to come true
Instantly awakened
Should I go back to sleep
Enticed by visions
Listening as you speak
Once riveted by physical interest
Gentle as you are, yet
Enlightened by refinement
Let me know, "Have I gone too far?"

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The heart

The heart is a powerful thing 
The beat keeps the rhythm going
I never understand the power of its work
It is like the spring of all my come forth

What people don’t know it is a powerful thing?
When it is hurt the pain never ends,
The strike of flow when a clot or stroke occurs in the heart
When some one you love hurt you and you can’t get over it.

What do I know about love?
 It hurts 
It hurts to be rejected and scrutinized
 Because you’re not good enough for them
You’re not cute enough like the other girl
You don’t have all the qualities.

Well you’re missing the big picture
What do I think love is?
I think it is what is on the inside 
Not what you can grad on
I think love is some one you can trust 
And tell secrets too
And listen to you
Be your support in the time of need 
To hold you when you cry and talk too late at night
With open arms

A lot of people prospective are to
 Hurt you and break you

The heart is a soft thing 
And after a while the heart will thin
And the day when you figure out 
There will be no chance to tell your feeling
To the sad and lonely heart.   

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Inside Of Me

If you could see inside my soul
see inside my heart
you would know how I long for you
whenever we're apart

If you could see inside my head
if thoughts were things to see
you would know how I cherish you
how much you mean to me

In all the ways you comfort me
the way you hold me near
the way you know just what to do
to chase away my fear

The sparkle in your beautiful eyes
your smile, laugh, your touch
are just a few of many reasons
I love you oh so much

Knowing I can talk to you
about any and everything
and knowing together we will get
through whatever life may bring

I could search the whole world over
and this I know is true
I would never find another love
like the love I found with you

Though with each new day, each sunrise
we can't know what's in store
there is one thing I know for sure
each day I love you more

So if you could see inside my head
if thoughts were things to see
you would know I blessed I feel
to have you here with me

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Letters of me

Intelectually Strong
Takes animal loving to a new level
Very lucky

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Add some water
Bring to boil slowly
Condiments will come later
Dolloped desire dropped in
Edibles let her entice
Fresh with filled flavor
Grown lovingly at home
Heartily stirred to cooking
I read the recipe and see
Jelled images of repast
Kindly koshered believers
Larders of lowfat love
Milking a midnight marinade
Nourishing nocturnally
Organic ardoured nutrition
Potluck or purposefully
Quinoa ingrained meal
Recipes of relish
Soul food sweet and sticky
Unseasoned and unwritten
Victuals for vegans
Whole meal and rice
Xanthan gum aside
Yolks and yogurts
Zealously zigzag alphasoup

© Goode Guy 2012-01-26

glue ten free soup

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My Love

My Love
 Are you still mine? 
'cause there  are many....
fantasy thoughts going through my head,
as all i do is think of you ...
as i've hungered, 
for your loving burning touch 
as i need your love so badly
now till the end of time
i am waiting for you with open arms
to embrace you with

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Always Belonged Closely Did Every Friendly Girl He’s Interested in. Just Knew LUST, May Never Open up. Pangs Quenched, Ran Swiftly To, Unite Valiant Warm, X-rated Youthful Zeal

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Melt the Ice and Set me Free

My eyes are opened, the dream is done
The seasons change, the temperature bends
It's time to smile, reality has begun
I must prepare for what fate sends

I still remember those flesh freezing nights
She shared her warmth with open arms
Now the nights are over, the sun shows light
and she rests in another man's arms

Her face, body, and soul I adore
Her heart beating violently in her chest
I will see them never more
I've fallen for her like the rest

I'll drown her memory with these goddamn pills
Write endless poems in her memory
Free myself from the cold with what kills
and smother those feelings for her deep in me

Her Icy Scream in the Frozen Years
lies within me, feeding off my fears
No one will see me endless tears
Love only falls away, it never nears
I'm forever plagued by the frozen years
But someday another will come to me
Melting the ice, setting me free

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The Essence Of You

Just like when the winds blow my thoughts and breathing become 
aroused,similar to the feeling that i get when i see your smile.I watch you walk 
sexy dripping off of you like the sweat from a hot summer's day,knowing that you 
and only you can make me feel this way.It's like i look at you and see the natural 
beauty that a naturally beautiful woman should possess,no make up,lips 
glossed, sexy sandles with a summer's dress.It's your hair,feet,hands and most 
definitely your eye's,body of a goddess can't wait to come inside.Inside of your 
mind needing to know your deepest thought's,fantasie's and such,hoping to 
create the purest forms af ecstasy with a simple touch.Wanting to pleasure you 
mentally as well as the physical reaching the highest levels of orgasm's beyond 
your wildest dream's,Taking you to place's you've never been before 
unknown,unseen.Only wanting to give you everything,anything please believe this 
is true,for one reason and that one reason alone it's the essence of you.

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dusky hour
I'm tryin to sleep
these nite time showers
they become my beat
as I walk from bar to bar
wish I knew where you are
because you've clouded my mind

kim holmes

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Cooking with God

Not only do i walk with God i cook with God. Everybody say's walking with God is 
great I agree, but have you tried cooking with God. You haven't well here's a 
recipe for you.
                                   GOD AND YOU POT LUCK

1 big helping serving of God
1 love
1 friendship
an everyday prayer
everyday worship
singing the gospel
loving each other as he loved you
1 Holy spirit
1 Jesus his only son
and 1 you

Walk with God everyday of your life and whatever it is you do, do it with God. Pray 
with a lot of love and being thankful for everything. Remember to love your 
neighbors as well as your self. If your not walking with God and you want to then 
take  a walk around the block and everyday take a longer walk with him. Always 
pray in his name his son, and the holy spirit. Also never be ashamed of your self 
he made you perfect the way he meant for you to be, he loves you the way you 
are, and he created you for his pleasure.

"Blessed are those who trust in the lord........
They are like trees planted along a riverbank, with
roots that reach deep into the water. Such trees
are not bothered by the heat or worried by long 
months of drought. Their leaves stay green, 
and they go right on producing delicious fruit."
Jeremiah 17:7-8(Nlt)
combine all and serve

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In unthinkable death how do you carry
yourself ?
An intimate dialogue with death
Fearless, undaunted .
I admire your grit.

One thin blade, one silken noose
but you want to face the bullet
straight in your heart.
The death should come instantly, because you
want to be witness, your head falling with

Why did you chase death
whistling on the beach,
taunting the eccentric sky
like muted revenge.

The grave will be too small for you
Your legs sticking out.
Lime burning your eyes.
Turning back the grave diggers may
not like to face your moved earth !

Satish Verma

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Maybe i love you maybe i hate you maybe you'll never know.Theres something 
about  you  i dont know what i love you but
something.I hate when your sad mad or teary my love  for you is yet for werary i 
loved you befor but know i just dont know if i should let  you go.Should i forget for 
shall i still love you i just dont know any more maybe i will cry for you maybe ill die 
for you maybe i will just let  you go you will never things for sure is your 
you and im me and our true love will always be.Til the day comes to met you ill 
wait for you sitting here watching  you still.

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Soul Mate

You are my eyes when i can not see.
You are my ears when i can't hear.
You are my voice when i can't speak.
You are my hope when i don't believe.
You are my compass when i am lost.

You are here
No matter,
How or why?
I was sinking and you saved me.
I was crying and you stopped me.
I was alone and you joined me.
And no matter the pain i felt you made me happy!!!

Our hearts beat as one.
Our breaths are the same.
Our love is equal.
And we are the same...
My soul mate!!!

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The Connection

There was an instant connection, Thru the first bars & lines, as I gained mobile reception, Eyes glowin in excitement, Body growin from enticement, As my fingers moved swiftly thru the keys, My fingertips tingled, My soul at ease, U were a breath of fresh air, It was like we'd met before, I swear, It felt like deja vu, Everything u'd say, It felt like a reminder of what I'd been thru, The feeling I felt, it's like nothing I can describe, The amount we had in common was uncanny, From our beliefs, Down to our relationships with our family, I was amazed how words could have such an effect through a screen, But I was touched in every way from my head to my spleen, I'd imagine u whispering those words softly in my ear, & with every message u sent, thru my heart, It was clear, Falling for u had I not seen u in front of me, I'd ask myself, Was it crazy, Then u'd convince me not, that it was just the divine connection we shared, & Question God, I had not dared, I knew it was a reason for ur placement in my life, I'd not encountered u, without some sacrifice, God taketh away, & he'd given me, u The reason ur here, we shall see in a few, A great friend u'll always stay, & I'll still think of u,everyday, Though, our plan is to meet sooner or later, But each day, my anticipation grows greater, My mind wonders what will come of this, Will we get one another? Will God transform u, from my friend, to my lover?

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Clouds had refused to part.
A fractured moon was walking in dismay
stroking the gazing stars.

Cornwhite belonging of ashes was
to fire, beloved sky was enchanted
with water ceremony
as a sign of gratitude to earth.

The wind decided to reverse the clock
and navigate in trees of waxing summer
blowing yellow crystals of sulphur.

A red admiral lands on a lone marigold
with detachment, surveys pollen, pie-eyed,
dangles, tilting a nod, emerges for another sortie.

If there was an action, I think in between:
live with it in fire of mind. The voyage
begins when the song of eternity starts.


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Strange it looks,
some one crying on winning a race.
He was o loser and a victor.

After such a long fight,
what is left on a banished field ?
broken skulls and roaring laughter,
Everything was crushed under falling snow
of ruthlessness.

And over the fire hangs a skeleton
of past.
The real truth again hides in the
Survivor’s eyes.
There is no witness of any crime.

The court adjournd and the symbolists
Justice has come for a sale.
The highest bidder will get the chair
Now will begin the layered aches
in heart.


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Reality Show

Thoughts bring dreams.
Dreams bring desires.
Desires bring passions.
Passions bring dependencies.
Dependencies bring thoughts, 
in a struggle dominion without end.
That is love
That is reality
That is life
That is madness
But if you feel that...
You are alive! 

Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

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Wars are waged by older men
In battle rooms in countries apart.
Who call for greater firepower
And troops for the combat chart.

While out among the shattered flesh
The dreams of all have turned gray.
So young and determined their faces were
Till on the battlefield they lay.

Unable to overcome their pride
The overseers cast their vote.
For this or that or something else
As the thunder of war sounds its note.

Wherever wars are won or lost
The soldiers fall like toys.
Down through history it remains the same
Most who pass are hardly more than boys.

By Tom Zart

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All the wayward words
mock me for inadequacy.
I remain detached from meaning, 
emigrating to eloquence of wordless solitude.
The hymen breaks.
Dumb poems cry. I don’t want to be buried
in ruins of daydreams.

Sandstorms have a strange melancholy, holocaust.
A legitimate uprooting of faith. 
Sometimes I feel a hot patch
of sun on my face.
One moon away was my cool,
abode in a green painting,
but the frost never melted.

This darkness is only companion, 
I will talk to winds.
The comments on riddles will continue. 
A selection of memories,
will make my meditation.
The friction in history was shame.
May be love will win.

Satish Verma

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Suddenly my heart I feel 
Drumming the Talking Drum of you 
Panting and pounding for you 

Suddenly my Soul I feel 
Dancing to  the rhythm  your name
Stepping the steps of marvelous call

Suddenly my spirit I feel
Singing with tune of sweetness
Jubilee with the joy you bring 

Suddenly my Nerves I feel
Like dry gin
Suddenly my Legs I feel
Walking in the melody of your presence

Suddenly My eyes I feel 
Sighting the sight of your beauty
Suddenly  my Ears I feel
Listen t your Voice 
Suddenly My Heart I feel 
Falling at your presence 

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Can the birds sing a song
Can I be the one along
Hear what they say 
Love in the morning love in there song
Can a man make this or not
Sing old bird my love song
I watch you eat and hear your song
But can you make me belong
I wish i could fly
All i can do is cry
Bird of a song let me be
For all to see 
Not a bird here only a man
Wish i could sing
Like the birds in the morning
Man like me can only moan

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Empty room

Hello loneliness, my friend,
I want to speak with you again.

Please let me see her shadow
Let me hear her voice
Let me feel her touch

Feed me to my dream when I close my eyes
The darkness wants me back.

Let me carry her odor to my existence,
Let me burn within her warm.

Fly me to the skies after I will sleep
The morning star wants me back.

Let me close my midnight eyes forevermore,
Let me carry her shape to eternity.

Feed me to my dream
Take me back where I belong.

An empty room without you
Leaves me empty in my soul.

Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

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I missed the heartbeats for a vessel of stars, 
while death was always near, 
circling the house.

The network of sorrow, 
beams to world.
Can symmetry of pain 
provide a plank for the sinking mind?
I cannot hold the curling smoke of a tainted fact. 
The fear, the anxiety, 
empowers the animal look.

An uncovered seed sprouting into 
tiny root on my hand
starts a conspiracy. 
People talk about the meditation,
and senile body shrinks. 
There is a song above the sorrow and
freedom from the assassination of ideologies. 
Hold my arm !


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Some of the little things
That tried to brake us apart
Should of made us strong in our hearts
Because you are the love of my life
I love being with you
I treasure all our moments together
It is the funny things 
That you do, makes me smile
And life is good with you
That our love can last awhile,

yet poeple take me away from you why so evil 
yet so quite tryed to make you understand.
you thought i was going around messing with something
i couldnt hanndle.

took me forever to get you to believe me but you just didnt understand,
you left me yet for another so leave quit get out just stay away from me life 
your a waitse of time. just keep your mind on your own life.

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Into the Hands of the Beast: Life V.S. Death

Life is a hassel, 
that is full of pain, 
but sometimes there
is too much to sustain,
so let your eyes
shed tears of light,
 and let your sorrow
come out tonight.

The next day,
your thriving for a new life,
and that is when,
you pull out the knife,
the cool blade slides
across your wrists,
releasing the life within you, 
and creating the mists,
for a moment your body
becomes completely numb,
then you think to yourself,
how could i be so dumb?

Then I'm walking down, 
a long dark hallway,
nothing to be found,
can't even tell if it is 
night or day,
now i know that i had
made the wrong decision,
but it is too late to correct it,
this is my fate, and now,
i must deal with it.

But this is not life,
this is just my bad choice,
and since i pulled the knife,
now i have no voice,
demons made decisions
for me now,
and satan sits there,
upon his chair,
and don't ask why or how,
why you are here now,
all of this is not unfair,
nothing can help me,
not even a prayer.

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i love you now  and forever more yet why did i shut the  door on life.
i acted like you hated me to explain what you do yet you love me but why  do
i not say i know you.i make you sad by writing these poems  yet why cant i stop
forgive me im sorry i should just stop,you loved me and still do yet why dont i say 
i know its true i act like its a lie but its not. door is now closed and locked for now
you stay with me waiting to see what i have to say you say hardly anything so you 
will never make me sad yet i dont get it but yet i do i have always understood you
shuting the door on life is bad thats the only reason i had ever made you sad.
i said you hate me just to get you to tell me you love me  yet why do i keep 
making you cry and you die die inside.

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Stand up Speak up

Stand  up,  Just  say  Whats   wrong,
Speak  up, Tell them what you held in so long,
Stand  up,  Because  you  know  Whats  right,
Speak  up,  Because  you  can  win  the  fight,
Stand  up,  Dont  let  them  twist  the  story,
Speak up,  Tell  them  the  true  story,
Stand up, Because  you  know  the  truth,
Speak up,  For  all  the  troubled  youth,
Sand up,  Just  say  Whats  wrong
Speak up,  Tell  them  what  you  held  in  so  long.

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Shakespeare, perhaps the greatest writer in history,
In his day was known as a master of good plays.
The theater gave him the freedom to create
And in turn he put hearts and souls a blaze.

Far from the world of the stage
Shakespeare was born in April of 1564.
In the little English town called Stratford
With several sisters and brothers after and before.

All the boys went to the same grammar school
As soon as they could read and write.
  Where the only subject taught was Latin
Which was of little use to those born bright. 

At 18 he married a woman named Anne Hathaway
Who was 8 years older than he.
The daughter of a neighboring farmer 
Who bore his children, with twins, made three.

In 7 years he was a successful actor
After starting his career at 21.
Only the best actors found work in London
And by the grace a God Shakespeare was one.

Many actors of the period were playwrights
And Shakespeare was one of the best.
His greatest success was Henry VI,
Which placed him above the rest.

Shakespeare turned to another kind of writing
 When because of a plague London theaters had to close.
He wrote two narrative poems greatly admired by the critics
 Though to be famous as a poet, he never wanted or chose.

 He in stead, turned back to the life of the stage
As soon as the theaters reopened again.
He joined an acting company until he retired 
Writing plays for the Chamberlain’s Men.

Shakespeare died in 1616
And was buried in his local church back home.
Where he had been baptized 52 years before
 He lies in his grave silent and alone.

By Tom Zart
Most Published Poet 
On The Web

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Why do you run away 
from the primordial fear?
Of tight emptiness?
A shapeless entity of drifting psyche?
This was your home 
where carcasses of cliches 
hang from the doors of wisdom. 
Unplanted seeds 
of vacant connotations.

Inch by inch you were eating 
your prophetic pauses
salt had become tasteless. 
Counting the kisses of 
moths on the screen 
a candle burned furiously. 
I never picked the colors of cloud, of rain, of blood.

What becomes of happening, 
of being, of reaching?
The stones of truth are very sharp. 
The roads were conspiring 
insects collecting, under the surface. 
Circling winds had 
a heavy stench of death 
but words were very intelligent.


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hatered is now in my soul,and your the one who played the roll.
You said you loved me then why did you dump me for her.
I once wished for us to be forever,now i wish we were never.
You are the one I  no longer love.
I do fine on my own.
Get lost befor i make you say good bye, no tears shall fall from these eyes.
my  memories of us are now forgotten.
Thanks for nothing but the end of me.
I never loved you and i never shall.
My plan to be with you is gone as me and our love.
Just act like you nevr met me as if I were dead thats all my thoughts,
the shame is still in my head.
You should be the one sitting here feeling dead.
I gave you a chance,I gave you many.
Anything I seen in you I cant see it in you any more.
Every memory i see goes out the other eye.
I dont need you and i never will.
Our passion was a lie just like you said you would always be with me.
You are now the one I hate.
I was happy with him,that was my memory of the faithful broken heart.
My passion for you burned along with my love.
The flames in my eyes no tears shall fall only dispise,
for the that made me feel dead as i still wished to die,
The one who made my memorys of a faithful broken heart true ..
It was no one yet  your no one your only you.

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Pyramid Poem

  A- An A+ 
This is what my name means to me and i hope everyone will know what there 
name means to  them.

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Children of stink, cannot smell the rose.
Lithium in their blood
fathers were happy.

Power over the fire of groins,
was a music to ears.
Everything else was secondary.

The wishes squealed
on the mattresses.
Grief was served in the bed.

Big tears flowing
on the cheeks of ice.
Antarctica was crying.

Sexed up vendetta
did not kill a fly.
Bee was hovering over the heads.

I will expand till infinity.
Life will take care
of ferocious clauses.


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Who am I to know 
the abstract silence
when you drink the moonlight all alone ? 
The black toes of a dying woman 
haunt me in a stream 
of white shrouds. A night
of shattering perceptions, 
defaults and ignorance. 
Time bomb was ticking.

It had been troubling me 
the betrayals in night
mothering a vegetable past. 
A single finger defines 
the authority of future.
I traced the proud shadows of a god for, 
a useless reference of illegible wisdom,
untold misery of green waves mirrored in sky.

For extracting death 
from life at every step
I knew the answer. 
Dying was not a private thing. 
The truth and the path would die.
How you dreaded the closed doors? 
The explicit fear of drowning 
in beliefs with brothers of 
sorrow and feet of clay. 


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Anaconda Heart

Anaconda heart entranced
By tight embraces, quickened glance
Called to midnight by the sound of
Drifters in the moonlight pond
Enter into my domain where
Frozen sheets of lightning rain
Grow up from the ground of prickled pain
Hardly cause for concern
I'm the invisible link to you
Just enough of nothing to prove
Kiss of constriction, heart on the move
Love like a losing battle
Mist of mountains blind our eyes
Nameless birds grow wings and fly
Olive branches, claws delights
Presented in the heat of passion
Quick to loosen the years which bind
Rest in limbo with a blood vessel mind
Snap the branch and I'll quickly descend
To the ground where starvation reigns
Under the cover of the slate washed moon
Valiant apologies slip through the room
Water for drowning or learning to swim
X-rays of novelty's thin, fractured limbs
Yellow in belly and tight in the chest
Zealous in love and in war...

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My Erotic Craving

I crave for you as I have no other.

At night I toss,turn,as I yearn for you,my deepest desire.

I find myself wanting you more and more each waking day

and want you a part of me,somehow some way.

I get weak in the knees as only you make me feel.

you make my heart feel like its on fire 

as you send chills of escatsy racing thru my entire body.

I imagine you to taste sweeter than wine, and I want our bodies to intertwine. 

Off of our feet as we jump beneath the sheets, to indulge

one anothers body,mind,and soul as we become one.

Taking it to an euphoric level of pure erotic sensualness

as we kiss & carress and put all of our interrmost desires for one another into 

right before we continue giving ourselves ever so passionately to the other as our 
heartrate quickens and our bodies follow suit

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for you are the world

all the tears and i still dont think you understand. the flowing river of rain from my 
eyes have not yet changed what i think about you. i am tired of living a lie my 
whole life and i dont want to keep going like this so i cant tell you i love you if its 
not really true. i will do any thing for you but you wouldnt do the same.

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a devotion

My head hangs heavy..

weary of whats gettin' ready

and will i grow or will i break

tell me this b4 its too late.

'cause i'd forget everything

if i knew it wouldn't come back to me

and i'd do anything 

to know you wouldn't go back to her.

these words just aren't my drama

they're my life

this love isn't a game

its a sacrifice.

and chasing a good thing

isn't worth even 1/2 of the hurt it brings

'cause i'm tired and out of breathe

and right now i don't have much left.

so I'll lay in the grass waiting

if you come participating

help me up and let me know

that you won't ever let me go.

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 A dream a fantasy a land far off from reality, A place where all your dreams come true a 
whole new world made up by you. A place where your imagination soars. A place where the 
land is all but yours. A place reality doesn't exsist. Its that place where you wonder off now 
and then hoping for a dream come true. But when you awake you will see that all around 
you is reality.

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Planet earth,
they have stopped moving with me like clouds,
like trees.
Sap frozen, inertia overtaking
tongues clipped
mouth after mouth black shut.
Toads are croaking.

Incence of hate wafting
from scrolling suicides.
The terrorist is on move
from valley to valley
shrine to shrine
river to river.
Bulls in veils bellowing in dark.

Self-seeking or sensing the history ?
Intentness of kill or empathy of pain ?
Who were the masters hiding behind hills ?
Let me choose my scratchings from unknown pen.
My paper should remain unwritten,
nobody will draw the line
nobody will put the signatures.


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Now me, now not, 
a thought is always there. 
My genes navigate on collapsing walls, 
words, dark mind, broken dreams. 
But thought is always there. 
I hold on firmly to sounds, 
voices, tongues, 
the thought is always there.

Brain goes into a nameless friction, 
of aimless voyage
I rediscover the myth and abandon the zone of thoughts. 
Distance becomes a wailing music. 
Sitting between the flesh and bones
I recognise the relic of a window.

Let us drop the years, 
become timeless, empty and hollow.
Egocentric wind violates the lungs. 
We cannot sing in praise of earth. 
I walk through the body, 
stripping to the bones, to find the seeds. 
I refuse to pluck the flowers.


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What is this thing people call love

Some people keep asking 
What is it this thing 
This thing that people call love
That’s what I been looking for
But I keep hoping that 
One day I will fall in love
Some people say its better 
For love to find you
Well that’s kind of hard after 
What I’ve been through
Sometimes I sit up at nights
Thinking and wondering 
What’s it like to be in love
But it's hard for me to 
Even imagine what that is 
Cause I been hurt so many times
Hoping god will help me out hoping
He will give me a surprise 
To fall in love is all I ask 
But I’m lost out here and its 
Making me mad as I start to cry 
Wishing someone will ease the pain
Until that day I’m stuck with this one question
What is this thing that people call love?

By: Sammy Ingram

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The connfessions smelt of whiskey
but I felt the same, wished you'd kiss me
We talked of feelings that are forbidden
So we tuck them away, keep them hidden
I'm craveing a buzz, your my suicide drug
When with you I feel this high
Inhale softy, release a sigh
My addiction is the dept in your eyes
though I'm unsure my feelings are wise
I'm craveing that buzz, your my suicide drug
We get closer and share escape
If this is a dream I hope never to wake
I taste a trance and the world fades away
this hunger fuels my evey day
I'm craveing your buzz, your my suicide drug

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The insult to sober conviction
unsettles the saints.
Give me your hand, 
to solve this problem.
An abstract idea joins
the postures of different conflicts,
the worship of crumpled illusions. 
After great sufferings
only proverbs give a soothing effect.

Images blur, misspent energy 
distorts the palisade  of love.
Perhaps history repeats itself. 
Moon cries at midnight
looking beneath the soft clouds, 
to follow eternity.
Past & present are losers. 
The trustworthy future 
does not hold any promise.

Again questioning brings 
the numbness on surface.
The agony of realization, 
moves away from just mistakes.
It is hard to smash
the strong beliefs.
A self-denial brings 
the death of truth.
 I am alone in the heat 
of an argument, pathless, rising, sinking.


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I was very restless today
somebody had overplayed the hand
to grab the absolute.
Light was searching the earth
and earth was moving inside me.

I wanted to pack up and go
to meet the truth.
The lips had left their print
on the empty cups.
The ragpicker was waiting.

My toes had met the brutal stones
of godhood. I was puzzled by new
methodology to make man free.
As the grass grows through the carcass
a cataract is trumpeting blind.

I was afraid of the huge web.
The spider was nowhere in sight. 


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once again  boredom slowing tiredsom people rest talking walking hug  as best 
friends while the sun goes down upon a beautiful space dark and full of stars 
like the moon surely happiens between me  and you well sun  come up 
and we sleep into the day til we awake again in each others arms. so sweet 
when passion. somethings are unspeakable somethings unknowable 
something are together just like us and are love for each other.

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Non-eye vision penetrates. 
The silent song trembles
I weave a pattern 
to resolve the crisis
the escape to white
space was useless. 
The ending of sorrow 
was a movement on circuit 
the center has started vanishing.

Thinking was preventing
the completeness of self.
A single flower is answer of nature.
The echo of pulsating memories.
the landscape is full of quotations. 
No one reads. Denials 
and evasions want more attention.

A new road enters the body
on the edge of a prayer
infinitely small, a handful of vowels
sailing in my mind,
give powerful eyes to faith.
The abstracted meaning
leaves a sweet taste in mouth. 
I lay out a mud path for the reader.


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Must we go beyond 
the black holes of burned books ?
The flight from the edge of circles
leaves the dust behind.
Inside our wings are embedded 
the years. In the sky 
we must part. The parallax is here.
I will pursue the centuries 
circling over the memories.

A single page flutters, 
rest of the book is silent
not skillful technicality,
only a smuggled simplicity.
I fall into the stillness 
of a ceaseless motion, 
fall into yesterday. 
The feeling to put out
the bright candle is very strong. 
A burning solitude.

Face to face with motionless dream
the wide space between letters unfold a meaning.
The absence of central thought
was the essence.
Refusing to  churn the evidence,
we forgot that our territories could,
not hold the bliss of another self,
of another relay.


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I wait for to come back but yet when you did you said it was over you said that yo 
loved somebody else.You said you were happier with her then you were  with me 
i said as long as your happy fine.You got mad whenI found somebody 
got jelous so i walked away.It took me forever to get over you when I heard you 
dumped her I was happy as ever... I just didnt think you would still love me as I 
loved said you did but will you dump me again i dont trust you or did badly confused after you left me ... i didnt know what to do any more what to 
say or any thing well thats all over now I took you back and now im okay.

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ill love you forever that will never change you say you love some one else i would 
care if they loved you back even if  you dated them i love you forever because your sweet so nice  the person i care about the only person i ever will care 
about you should know that no one is as sweet and lovely as you could ever be.
every time i see you my eyes light up my heart fills with joy hello my friend how 
could i care about you this much.ill always care for you and ill always miss you 
even when your here.your the only person i will ever care about.

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Loves Plea

Albeit, I may not be that special someone
But, fate has led me to your door
Casting negativity created to its wasteland
Defining chances, now yet to explore
Explaining to you, truly, is never that easy
For your beauty always makes me lose control
Granted, I manage to say some things, you see
Hoping you’ll come with me, together to be whole
I only pray that you will one day see me
Just as I wished, forever for you
Keep in your heart an open door, freely
Leaving me chances to make love then true
My only goal is to see that you’re happy
Never to make you feel guilt or restrict
Open your self to wondrous possibilities
Permit then yourself, no pain to inflict
Quarantine your heart, protect it from sorrow
Realize please darling, love is so great
Surely you’ll see that dreams of tomorrow
Tempt us today, to alter our fate
Until then darling, take this with you
Vacant hearts need passion to thrive
With that in mind, remember this true
‘Xpressing my love keeps me alive

Your love returned to one day be true
Zephyrs of love, I blow back to you

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Love is ment to be

Love is a tingly feeling inside
that kind of feeling you can never hide.
When you feel it you will see, that love is always ment to be.
But someday that love shall go. 
But in your heart it will always flow.
So when your feeling down love will always be around.

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I must not go beyond sunset
to discover the consciousness of night,
Standing alone on a cliff
I was ready to jump for salvation
atoning for guilt of survival

My regret was time
and timeless suffering,
Where was the maturity of age ?
Mind must go for the beloved ones
for a virginal touch of flawless blaze.

They should have come to join the prayer
not for me, but for the dying sun,
and white valley of fears.
Half my tongue sings for the shade
and half I  cry mutely.


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Love was fond

As my eyes close,
My heart is content,
I begin to feel blessed,
knowing my true love has been sent.
As the dark clouds withdraw,
The clear sky began to shine,
I feel like a princess,
Knowing that the prince became mine.
A piece of me was gone,
But not anymore,
I found my missing half,
What else could I ask for?
My heart is radiant,
Whle I am with my love,
We can soar into the sky,
Just like the beautiful doves.
As I think of my love,
I know my dreams have come true,
You will always have me by your side,
My sweet, sweet baby -  I Love You!

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In my room
air thick
I hear you hating me
outside my door

I't don't matter how I suck you

For what I was
you loved me before
you hate me now
for being your whore


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count the days

i always count the days minutes hours i cant wait til you move here i miss you 
even when your with me but why is that?..........i cant wait to see you now i love you 
so yet i havent even known you  that long i wonder why i love you its it your jokes 
you looks  are is it how sweet you are every thing you do makes me happy
i count the days im away from you i will always love you cant wait i cant wait till
 i see you i love you so much . i wonder  to many things and i always count the  
days oim with you and with out you.

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Waking up every morning with this great fear and burden on my heart
Waking up every morning wanting to tear my heart apart
Speaking to the enemy at church and on the phone 
I get this feeling of dread while I'm at home
At one point in my life I was wishing I could just escape from this treacherous 
Wishing and hoping that my world would stop twirling 
At one point in my life it was changing dramatically 
I felt like no one could see me 
I wasn't always the center of attention 
But my life was racing so fast, I was about to have a head-on-collision
Scared of my past, I let my past define
Scared of my present, I let other people define me 
Crying black tears that no one could see 
Crying black tears that came from the depths within me 
As the tears fell down from my cheek, thoughts of suicide started to slip in
Not knowing what to do I started to give in
With the people around me caring for me deeply
They didn't let me give in and now I'm starting to see me
Life changing as it may seem this is everything that 's happened to me 
Life changing as it may seem I didn't let these things get the best of me

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fellings for you

love,hope,and fear all the felling i feel tords you i love you for ever
i hope we can be together  forever and i fear what will happen next.i  love for who 
you are.
hope thats you love me for who i am now.fear of you dumping,hope,and 
fear.happy,sad,or mad...
you always make me happy when im with you .im sad when your gone i fell so 
i get so mad at what you say so easily.i like im the happiest person you will ever 
because im dating you.people get sad thier not dating you as i am.lots of people 
get mad at you for some stupid things  you do   but they dont know the ways i feel 
about you.

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she watches she cry the pain inside she dies,she loved you she trusted you.
Yet why did she act like she hated you every thing she said you were every thing 
she cared about.
She cryed for you she almost died for you.Hear pain is killing her inside.
Dont let her faid away She loves yet she rather die then be hurt again.
Her trust is falling apart peice  by peice.Why does she always say she loves you 
when she so faithfuly 
act if  she wanted you to die,Her heart is falling apart day by day a step away.She 
loves you
more then life itself.Without you her life was a reack.All she needs to do is cry 
one more time
 and her heart will die.She rather die then make you cryshe watches she cry yet 
her heart dies.

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Pathways have no boundaries,
thinker was without a thought.
Hostile mind refuses to believe
truth was missing from life.
From depth to depth measurement had failed.
God does not know his creation now.

Foolish flesh now burns in thudding bangs
of dry butter. I want you to touch the 
opaque eyes of eternity. In captivity of
sighs and groans. You ought to understand
who was original. There had been free
invitation to become unfaithful.
There were masks, gene shifts and longevity.

This evening a drama will be enacted in sky
by unburnt bras and a black hole. There will 
be thrill. It was easy to bury the skulls among
floating names. The wreath will be placed
on the transitional edge of sweetness.
Which never was.


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some people say you are  a jerk but i could never say that about you not when i 
dont feel  that way about  you.I love you and i always will you should know that by
now.I always will you should know thats the truth  i trust you  and you always have 
trusted me i just never had known....its hard for me to walk away and you should 
know im never really mad.its just  i get so angry so easily but its never at you no 
matter what i coukd still love you and you can count on that.its the time when we 
are together i love you most  i dont know what things i about you i wouldn't miss.

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A love that over whelms my soul
A passion so strong it leaves 
Me trembling in its wake
Words don't express the feeling its
Tears are rich, like wine and a rose
With its feverish power and scent
My heart quakes with the storm
Of emotions so much a desire so so 
Strong to share the passion in our 
Souls to feel the power race from my body 
To his or his body to mine we share the 
Firery passion clinging
to each other as we drown in a flood of 
Hard emotions and that only that is 
Sex with hot love.

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The Deepest Loss

  Someone who has been there for you, but now is lost your in despair.
  Someone who has brought you joy, their love is costly your minds impaired.
  Your judgement is lot, no where to go, no where to hide, your eyes are soaked
  with the tears of loss their name is forever renown.

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your so portective of me thats why i love you your the only one  that I would ever 
trust and no one could make me love them as much as i could ever alone you.
no one understands how i could love you so much after all we been through. 
It would allready be over with someother people.our love is ever lasting you 
should know that by now what ever you do i wouldn't care i would always still love 
you.just us together makes me happy.I just wish i could be here with you forever 
as we are and me alone ..together never apart sound like a dream 
come true to me but is it for you..........i will love you no matter what you done in the 
past or the after.ill always be here for you.

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why do you always think im mad at you when im not you think im always hiding 
something.You said you loved me but why dont you trust me any more.How can 
we go on  if we dont have trust.Everyone needs to be trusted but you have never  
trusted me like I trust you. you say you dont lie well you have lied to me way to 
many times.Ijust cant stand it any more i dont know what to say...i forgave you 
forevery thing you didnt bevieve me so forget it you said  forgive you but can i i 
have no idea any more what you wanted me to say to you when you dont even  
trust me.You do anything i say thats sweet but  why dont you  trust me thats all i 
ever whanted from you.Yuo gave me gifts  like you thought that i needed well i 
didnt . I jsut needed your trust.

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we were friends  at one time  but i wish to be more as well did you.
our thoughts became real we were together i was dating someone befor i met 
you well i couldnt stand to be without  you. i loved you so much but   my  friends 
just couldn't find out why they all said i was to good for you i said you were just 
right  no matter what they thought i would still love as normal.every one said 
dump you say good bye throw him out the door well i just set thier thoguhts a 
side because i would be with you forever.

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As you have read befor you know my brother and the ways they are jerks brat no 
better then a pet rat.They make fun of me I wouldn't care when im with you im 
happy but we fight alot that makes me sad but at least you love me well I hope 
you know that every thing I say is true are do you? well I say what I 
always say I dont like to be alone well at least I still remember when you
said  "I couldn't last  one day without a guy beside me well your rong its only you I
could stand to be with out i will always love you.Some of the things I say make 
you but its true ... yohan i love you so much and you should always know that.

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why is it so eay to get mad at you i thinks it because i love you so much you could hardly ever get mad but still you wonder why i get so 
mad at you well for something you say and something you dont you think 
sometimes that i hate you i could never hate you you said good bye you dont care 
any more but i hope thats not true because i will always love you even tho im 
mad i say some things i dont mean why i dont understand you more i wouldn't 
know but i try to show how much i love then i have to go and ruin it.

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Walking to the park alone in my head
all of my thoughts are ABOUT YOU
In a cold dark room a warm smile awakens 
I love the dreams I have ABOUT YOU 
My heart is racing, its one hell of a rush
to feel the way I do ABOUT YOU 
I can see in your eyes your a force not to be tamed
that drives me wild ABOUT YOU
If not for these shackles I would scream aloud 
so everyone would know how I feel ABOUT YOU
You mean the world to me so know this now,
I would never change one thing ABOUT YOU

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she hides her tears with anger,yet it confuses you she trys to make you 
happy,sometimes you dont understand,you say you mess up every day if  you do
the why does she love you.I love you too yet i shouldn't tell her.No  happy thought 
only dead like dreams she wishes yet the wish dies.She knows you love her 
but,She acts if as you hated her.All she ever say about you is she loves you she 
loves you and wait wait to see you,shes hurting her heart by holding her tears
her heart crys her eyes burn she takes her sadness and turns it to  anger and 
pain.You said your the one to blame but thats not true dont make your self sad 
dont cry dont be blue,all she talks about is you she can't wait til the day come to 
say she loves you and I do.

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Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
I wasn't in love
until i met you

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No, I'm not making that promise again nothing can change my mind nothing at 
all, cause LOVE has a way of coming undone until I'm all alone with my Heart, 
the pain's all here to stay.

"I ALWAYS THOUGHT I'D SEE YOU AGAIN", how it hurts everytime you've crossed 
my Heart since then, gotta give it all it takes to hold what might have been, and "I 

Now there's no need to run to the phone, no need to hold your breath hoping it's 
you, each time I see someone we used to know, or go some place we used to 
go, it's not the same.

"I ALWAYS THOUGHT I'D SEE YOU AGAIN", how it hurts everytime you've crossed 
my Heart since then, gotta give it all it takes to hold what might have been, and "I 

LOVE doesn't come when you need LOVE it's no always there when you fall, try 
as you may you've got nothing to say, nothing at all.

"I ALWAYS THOUGHT I'D SEE YOU AGAIN", how it hurts everytime you've crossed 
my Heart since then, gotta give it all it takes to hold what might have been, and "I 
GONNA SEE YOU AGAIN'.                              THE END

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To have thought and not have a thought.
To walk and not know were I roamed.
Just at speech my minds so distraught,
Knowing my point was once there then withdrawn.
My life's been through so much,
I''ve taking so many steps astray.
How do you still say you love such?
When nothing is right; nothing is of weight.

This that I long, could it, should it be dark?
This road and highway, my labyrinth, no patients,
My oasis! In my mind a dark park, I awake,
Scared, alone, close to isolation!

I awake to find it a figment, 
I've never been so lost, so indigent.