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It’s my life not expecting you to understand it
A man who when he was a boy his mother abandoned
Alienated like I arrived from another planet
While you were with your family joking, laughing and eating a peanut butter sandwich
I was moved from foster families and children’s homes
Surrounded by people but feeling alone
 Everything I go through is some kind of building zone
Treated differently because I’m not wanted or loved by my dad, sister mum or brother
Feel like everyone trying to get to know me is working undercover
So the first thing I do is run for cover
Opposites attract I’m cold inside does that make me summer’s lover?
Being uncomfortable makes me comfortable
I feel safe being vulnerable
I’ll be the first to say I’m dysfunctional
Am I supposed to lie and say everything all great and wonderful?
Should I already understand and know it all?
You belittle me but I’m still growing tall
You wanted me to catch but you didn’t even throw the ball
An insomniac and I know Money can buy a bed but not sleep
But how much would a meaningful hug cost me?
I could wish and pray to the sky
But that’s just not me
Anytime love got me
It seems that Luck lost me
So I Push away the people I want to stay by my side
The ones who are worth your tears won’t make you cry
I could do 99 good deeds for you
But you would count the mistakes I make in life
So I don’t even try no more
I don’t cry no more
Love no one trust no one, **** them all
If you want to walk out my life. Here let me hold the door

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I  think  about   her
I  think  about   her

When  am   sick
I  call  her  name
I can't  forget  her
the   sweet  of  my  heart

I  really   love  her
And  her  name  is  my  dream
day   and   night
I  will  praise  her
All  days  of  my life

At  the time of my   death
It will be  a war
to  separate  our love in sorrow and toil.
She's my sweet,
the light of my life forever and ever.

I  really  love  her with all  my  heart
the  pole of my rib
from  Adam  and  Eve
the woman  was  great

She's my home
She's my  love
my soul

When am sick i call her sweet
to get back in life
Oh! she's my salt
She's my lamp,
my stars
I don't know  where to hide her
with her beautiful face
my heart

I think  about her
I  think about her
my love, my friend.

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Push Up

i could sit here. day in and day out
thinking of the most proper way
to let the ink in the pen spill out
but as of late im feeling prehistoric 
so much weight on my shoulders 
and i dont know where to go
resuscitate my soul
look back up and head to the goal

so much evil around. i feel like the devils workin double shifts just to bring me down.
on the road to redemption
you can take a seat up in the front section
just so you can feel the emotions
in this electric notion

i've done a lot of things that hide the halo
let it all collaborate when i medicate 
now look at me, mind workin like plato
formulate a new path to take so i can
maneuver through all the mistakes 
we all know we cant change what we've already made
but we can change the next thing we create
startin to sound like a serenity prayer
5 steps till im thirty
and the twenty four before i was never a player
found out when the lights came back on im strictly a lover
its the strongest drink for your soul, when its thirsty
so careful how much you intake or be left hungover
even worse be the one she ran over

i dont mean to come off like im too deep
but the obstacles made there way through just to scrape through
and leave me suffocating
just for me to re-invent a new way to breathe, re-decorating

is your life so complicated 
you rather wet up your pillows and revoke from the life you live
just think of your kids mourning 
theyll never see that pretty face in the morning any more
cheer your self up
you got a lot to live for
your a gem and im that friend
trynna appraise the value 
that you dont see inside of you

just another day for him
goin about
searchin wonderin what his purpose is
running in circles 
till he found a way through all the turbulence

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The Garbage Truck

As we stop, I pull out my jar of Vic's vapor rub 
I put some up my nostrils, this job you cannot love 
But it pays the bills, I make my living 
Trash day is when people are most giving 
They are selfless when getting rid of what they see as junk 
Whew! That smell from the back of a garbage truck 
I spot a pair of shoes for my kid 
I will wash them first, get rid of the odor of rotted squid 
My niece's birthday is coming up soon 
I found a playhouse with dishes, forks, cups and spoons 
It's family night tonight at home 
The unknown video I found will be shown 
Finding the right stuff is a matter of luck 
It is just my point of view from the back of a garbage truck 
I found a half a bucket of KFC 
I take a smell, it smells as fresh as can be, what a surprise for my family 
Two hours later, the family can't keep their meal down 
They are so ungrateful about the food I found 
I am on a strict budget, I have to find a way to save a couple bucks 
More dinners will be found because I work on the back of a garbage truck 

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This is the Day

This is the day which the lord hath made;
We will rejoice and be glad in it.
But we rather be sad in it
We rather hate in it
Kill, Steal and Destroy
Boast about our joy
Money, Cars and Cloths
Tell us you got all the hoes
Why do are women want to be hoes
Why we dancing on poles
Men don’t you know women are a key ingredient to our souls
Women don’t you know, your worth more than pure gold
Platinum, Crystals, and Diamonds

This is the day which the lord hath made;
We will rejoice and be glade in it.
That is the only way we are going to save our planet
We have to make our way, because we are here to stay
Hold on to what is right, believing in your rights
Love is the only weapon you need to fight
Because This is the Day where everything change
This is the Day where we are only calling on one name
This is the Day where we all get to see them fancy things
This is the Day where there are no more nightmares and only dreams
This is the Day where you will see greener pastures and blue streams
This is the Day where we all are announced kings and queens
This is the Day Heaven begins to sing

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In your memory

Thank you for the beautiful memory
you left on my mind
you are not dead
 but you are not here,

to me you are gone,
cos i cant feel you the way i used to,
everything you used to do are left untouched
the space you ocupied is empty,

our yesterday is fading away like the rainbow
so beautiful but so short,
how can i forget the endless yesterday?
when you are here with me.

in loving memory of my sister (you are not an angel but you did what an angel can do,you fly to heaven.)

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My Cry

I'm Drowning in my Sins
The Devil have me in a Spin 
It Never Seem Like I'm Going to Win 
I Pray to God to Forgive Me, but my Sins I seem to Repeat
Lord Don't let me Suffer in Defeat 
I'll kneel down and Kiss your Feet, But in this Battle Im Losing Me
My Soul is Living Free
Knowing in the End Torture is Forever Bonded to me 
Keep Inhaling The Smoke and get Thrown in the Fire
My Deepest Desires gets Me Thrown in the Fire
So does that Mean My Mind is Messed Up?
My Spirit Messed Up?
Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirt within me
Forgive Me For My Thoughts
Forgive Me For My Desires
Every Day Im Sinning I Feel like Im Getting Closer to The Day I Expire
Wash Me Clean
Make Me New 
Bring Me To the Light and Let The World Hear My View

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Rainy Disappointment.

The rain is starting to pour.
The clouds are turning gray.
All my hopes I had in you .
are slowly fading away but fast.
Always thought this would last.
you said believe in you.
I gave you every chance. 
and this is all you could do.
Was take my heart and throw it away.
Say things that don't mean nothing.
touch my hands I feel nothing.
Kiss my lips and your numb to me.
numb to me.....

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Black Lips

Black lips vibrating for the right mix
Black lips kiss with a passion, Black fist fight for our past and future sons
blood shed, lies spilled
Black lips start to peel
slaving for a meal, time standing still, life flying by
black lips start to cry, no more lies, no more corrupt minds
Cut all ties with evil spines, attempting to take the soul of thine Black lips, with a quick fix
gripping tight on the crucifix
hundreds of years running
hundreds of years of being a fugitive, accused of living Black, black Lips Start To fight Back
Activist, these Lips Never Fall back
These Lips where in Defense and Now It's Time to Attack
never double back to slavery
black lips keep the bravery
Are some going to hell?, maybe, you cannot save all beings
it's human nature, even though God Created everything
Going through the struggle
black lips start to sing
I'm blessed in the name of the King, All Through Summer, Winter, Fall and Spring
I Will Sing
"I'm Blessed"

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A nother poem—A different A isle

B olts of imagination that B eguile

C ollages formatting ABC C reativity

D escribing flights--visions-- D ifferently

E ntertainment, E njoyment to E ntice

F igures of illusion—F antacize

G olden lyrics G athering G ently

H idden meaning H alting H esitantly

I ncidental language with I ntent?

“K” marks my name—with “K” I’m “K” ontent

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A few bars I just dropped in the booth not to long ago.
Check them out.

Tom & Jerry The Kidd chase money/ angry birds make my bills look funny/ shooting banks like Stephen curry/ math equations I handle in a hurry/ for the paper I go crash dummy/ I bet a silver spoon taste yummy/ wasting coins like a tsunami/ history of Clyde and Bonnie/ OK/ pull up in a nigga set/ but before I rhyme on, gotta get my lick on/ I flex like a bicep in a arm/ you betta have luck when you wear yo charm/ hold up/ LB quit brainstorming yo words, verbs, nouns, and adverbs provokes me to take action like a verb/ ain't speaking money then it ain't word/ OK/ them trappers call me BooLansky/ Gun shine state representer/ old bills wearing suspenders/ so how I can fall out of rhythm/ I'm tripping off this Seagram/ but how I can I trip when high/ Abraham my main Guy/ prices on heads that killers buy/ I learned three ways to use buy/ uh/ LB NASCAR paper which sea, as long as my lids see, and I ain't talking about no lids card, paper connects on da iPod, Put God first believe in God LB
- Loverboi

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A while

Hey little girl, I left a note for you by the bed.
I left a note for you by your pretty little head.. 

Go wonder a bit and see what's out there for you to find
look around you at the world that shines!

Maybe you could just sit down here?
Just sit down here next to me and stay for a while?

You could write a song about all of the things you'd see, 
all of the pictures and really tall trees. 
You could write a song about all of the things you'd 
always wanted to be. 
Or, how about just writing a song and making 
it all about you and me?

Maybe you could just sit down here?
Just sit down here next to me and stay for a while?

Listen girl, Call me when your slumber is finally through. 
Maybe I can help you write a song or two?
I've got some tips, I've got a few. 
Oh girl, I thought you already knew 
Ive just been foolin around with you.
I could never think my thoughts into a song like you. 
Watching you thats all I really want to do! 
So baby girl...
Get over here and just sit down next to me!  
Sit down over here and talk to me! 
Just sit down over here for a while. 
I just wanna stare at you my girl, and drive you wild!

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Comfort Zone

A Feeling That Gets Me Feeling The Greatest 
Flipping Through Songs That Make me Feel like I'm Going To Make It
I CAn Sit Back, Chill & Relate With
The Sun Goes Up & The Moon Goes Down
Everyday I Know I have Not YEt Reached The Rooftops, But I'm Sure Not Touching The Ground
Have Much To Believe In, But Do I Believe it or not
My Mind Keep Racing While My Face is on Stuck
Then My Eyes Close Shut
Zoning In & Out of Conscious
Deep Thoughts on How I Was Born Into The Worlds Sickness
Will I Sit Back & Die from it or Live Past It
I'm Feeling It
The High I Get from  Life
That Grew Into My Life 
Feeling Like Everthing is Alright
If I Die Tonight My Soul Will Be Already Dancing Around The Stars Lights
I Had A Cruel Summer, But I'm Going to Enjoy My Chill Winter Nights
Reaching New Heights
The Comfort is Just Right
My Mind is in the Clouds
My Body has Slown Down
I Lay Gently Into a Dream & in My Dream I Never Wake Up From My Dream
Lost In It All
The Sky, The Galexy & Everything In-Between
-In My Zone

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A Presence like the Wind

Through the doors of my heart
Her presence enters,
A trail of light, wind, and commendations
Of summer escort her footsteps
Sashaying the strands of her hourglass garment.

Impressions stretched like sunlight on a prism,
As wind whispering thru river reeds,
As cool as beach wind stroking tenderly
Across the hairs of my skin:
Beautiful enigma, my African konga

Playing your melodic rhythms on the floors of my being
Opens me to wind that is you. You, my crystal wind
Washing away brine that has been tied to the waters of my soul.
Your eyes place me in utopia, your hands bring me succour
From the muddy places that have held me in itches

Your presence is a softness
Chilling as the wind, woman.

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Could be

 I wake up before the sun from a cozy bed

I walk outside and feel the crisp autumn chill

So I put a stocking cap on my head


I walk through the back yard

heading for the woods

doing something city boy

only wish they could


I arrive at my stand

and check the direction of the breeze

before I climb up ole faithful

a dying, dark barked maple tree

I make myself comfortable

as the sun stretches its arms 

for the sky

producing iridescent colors

I live for the outdoor

and that's one of the reasons why


Not far behind me a freshly cut field of hay

in front endless rows of cornstalks fill the way


I begin to think of a tradition

My son and I on thanksgiving day.

he is still here with me

even though last November he passed away


I start hearing cars doors shut

its coming from over the hill

carrying an aroma of cinnamon

It's my favorite! Pumpkin pie

Justin, I'll be back, But for now Goodbye

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In Sky.....

Seems Too Much
I'd Rather Paint Red
For My Dawn
and My Emotional Sun......

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Anthem (part one)

In a tunnel under earth, we were given a curse
In this world, we am called reverse
Eager to think and question
These things bring out nothing but aggression

We are one in all and all in one

Sent to the house of the street sweeper
Keep my thoughts from them, ill think deeper
In a subway we find the device
Must show the council word of advice

We are one in all and all in one

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Don't You Wish You Could Dress Like Me

So you wanna know my secret of my wardrobe success 
It is all in my shopping habits I must confess 
Why spend a fortune to look like a million bucks 
I catch the bargains, I guess it's all in the luck 
I am the only one in style as you can plainly see 
Don't you wish you could dress like me 
From hospital scrubs to camouflage capris 
Just admit it, you are jealous of me 
I notice so many of the females have no fashion sense 
Look at my closet, so many clothes, I need a table of contents 
I will soon open my fashion hot line 
Just call 1-800-so-fine 
Now a contractor will expand the closet for more wardrobe capacity 
Don't you wish you could dress like me 
Joan Rivers is now requesting I join the Red Carpet Fashion Police 
She wants to bring me in instead of her niece 
I tell sorry, there are so many women screaming for my help here 
One example is Zena, her taste in fashion isn't too clear 
I just won a Pulitzers prize for my book titled Queen, the Fashion Authority 
With a little self discipline, you have a slim chance, if none, to be able to dress 
like me

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the guitar loving women this one has music for it too





D G 





G D 
D A G 






A G D A 

G D 
D A G 
©copyrighted by
Penny Lapsley, John Beedle, jerry spalding 

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Did i mention she's green?

Green girl
Green girl

She gathers leaves on a blue and green night
Her emerald eyes make me ignite

Dream catchers gather on her wall
She makes stars none shall fall

Green girl
Green girl

Light candles, red hair reminds me of autumn
Fire red forest she will come

Dream catchers gather on her wall
She makes stars none shall fall

Green girl
Green girl

Change like the seasons
For unknown reasons
Nothing left to give
Baby I would relive

Green girl
Green girl

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The Night and Her Ways/Lost Under The Sun

there is a moon,
shining all alone
under all seas looming side to cloud
fall in our night and wait for the one who makes
slip in the prowl
the beasts hold night at growl
howling their sorrows
move midnight forever is tomorrow
come to our dark we run deep in the dusk
trust your lost soul while wait here for the sun

trust your yearning haven safely break
grey sky a-standing
standing far astray

lost under the sun
lost under the sun
lost under the sun 
lost under the sun

there is a place
marble floor and blue
there is a space 
that was meant for what was you
summer now white a different sort of lone
cold in our skin deeps
looking towards our glow

lost under the sun
lost under the sun
lost under the sun
lost under the sun

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That Such Great Love Comes Near

There's a peace in the land
That's much more than it seems
It feels of God's hand
Much more than our dreams.

As troubles come rumbling
And anger walks about,
As peace seems crumbling
Beneath the scream and the shout,

Yet a peace walks about
In the shadow of the cross
And comforts those who doubt
And share only in their loss.

Jesus, Jesus, gift of love
Who wipes away anger, sorrow and fear
Your love from heaven, and the Father above
Fills every heart, with You so near.
Jesus, Jesus, gift of love
Knowing  our prayers you promise to hear
Hear now our thanks to heaven above
That such great love comes near.

It comes from the Christ child
The babe who arrives
From the depths of God's love
To transform our lives.

Listen, don't be beguiled,
Feel Him come near,
Know the love of the Christ Child
That wipes away fear.

Count every pain
No matter how unfair
As a new Godly gain
For our Father is there.

Jesus, Jesus, gift of love
Who wipes away anger, sorrow and fear
Your love from heaven, and the Father above
Fills every heart, with You so near.
Jesus, Jesus, gift of love
Knowing  our prayers you hear
Hear now our thanks to heaven above
That such great love comes near.

 by E. Marshall Evans

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the kingdom

the kingdom

verse) soaring high in the sky is the lord he is looking from his
throne and into the world. love, compassion reigns threw the valley's
for he is looking for his people to come to his castle. o'glorious o
illuminating god let your golden light surround me!

(chorus) kingdom bright bright oh so bright i love this flight
kingdom bright bright oh so bright i love jesus and all his might
i wander about he is my light. i am his child and he knows that
water fills his chalice and over flows just like his love i know
he loves me so.i walk with him to his heavenly castle hand 'n hand he
smiles and show me my plan

(verse) waterfalls splashing gardens with beautiful flowers i hear the
childrens laughter reign all around me. this is heaven this is heaven
eagles soaring and lions grazing i see i feel the love around me. the
lord guides me and he always will.

(chorus) kingdom bright bright oh so bright i love this flight
kingdom bright bright oh so bright i love jesus and all his might
i wander about he is my light i am his child and he know that
water fills his chalice and over flows just like his love i know
he loves me so i walk with him to his heavenly castle hand 'n hand he
smiles and shows me my plan.

(verse)my kingdom is the heaven of the creators (god's) arm all are
welcome into the kingdom, just knock and you shall be received . the
father has many mansions one for you and me. the angels sing oceans and
lakes forrests and trees he loves them too like you and me.

(verse) the angels play the trumpet as you walk threw the pearly gates
you  see a rainbow and a smile on god's face you get a new body and get
to see your friends but the greatest part of all is this is the end. no
more worrying, no more  suffering you will  be happy  within god's hands.
heaven is a wonderful place  for you and me!

copyrighted  by penny lapsley 2008

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Love Story

It was the 3rd of November
When everything went down
He caught my eye
I caught his eye
Transcending space and time
We went up
And we went down 
On a joy ride
Thinking about each other
Getting tingling feelings
Deep inside
I told my friends
He told his friends
They meet each other at the ball court
And they make plans 
To hook us up
Down the block 
At the corner store
It was funny 
How it all went down
It'll give you some to think about
Specially when you so in love
So their ain't no other
Cinderella story that matches to mine
No their ain't no other 
Gaze that transcends space and time
See I've never felt this way inside
Specially for a guy like mine
I can tell this love story ain't gonna end

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I remember motion....

I remember fushia motion

Counting circles in the sand

makebelieving butterflies Monarchs wonderful lilies

I remember you



thanks so much

I remember 


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My heart
my wife
your wife is good

I really love her
your wife is good
I can't hate her
your wife is good


I call her sweet
your wife is good
I think about her
your wife is good

She behaves like a wise
your wife is good
She really love me
your wife is good


My joy
my  heart
your wife is good

My love
my sweet
your wife is good


My wife
my guard
your wife is good

My blood
my twin
your wife is good


I really love her
your wife is good
I can't  abuse her
your wife is good

She's really my heart
your wife is good
She's really my life
your wife is good


My wife
my queen
your wife is good

She really love me
your wife is good
my Angel, my joy
your wife is good


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Trailer Park Body (

I could not afford a Bow Flex, costs too much 
I get diagrams to build my own from a man named Henry Clutch 
The instructions say if I build it right 
It will make me lean and my stomach tight 
The first step, according to the instructions, is to collect empty beer bottles and 
I go across the road to see Inez and Stan 
They open their closet and tell me to take what I need from empties in here 
I was kind of disappointed when none of them were from Busch Beer 
They ask me what are they for, I tell them they're for a hobby 
I smile as I see myself in 32 weeks with a trailer park body 
The next step is to collect some full sand bags, I know who to contact, the 
National Guard 
I know a female Sargeant there, he name is Louise, but her troops call her Black 
She has the looks of her dad Stew 
But she has a singing voice like Julie Andrews 
She hooks me up with three full sand bags, which is more than I need 
Step three I can't do, it would violate the trailer park creed 
I guess cheaper isn't always the way to go 
I bragged to my wife about the new me, but now I must eat crow 
I decided to use the stuff I collected to decorate the front yard, but my wife said it 
would look too gaudy 
I look around at the heroes here at the park and realize that after all I do have a 
trailer park body 
Now I am back to square one
This trailer park is rippin' and roarin' fun
That couch sitting out in front of lot nine
After it's dark it will be mine

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A True Friend

One day a lucky star dropped on the earth,
And asked me what do you want?
Atrue friend or a million dollars,
Or either of the none?

I said a million dollars would I take,
For a nice future for me to make,
As I already have you-
Who forever did my happiness sew.

He is one of my friends I am lucky to get-
To lend his helping hand he is never too late;
He is the one I can never hate-
He is my buddy since my childhood days.

I wish I have you for the rest of the life;
Let our friendship go more ripe;
When we rest in peace let's do together--
And wish we be like this ,times and after.

Its for sure 
He will shine
As the best 
Amongst the nine!!! 

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i love u

i try to sit next to you.
i try to talk to you but i just cant.
i try to join your art class.
nothing seems to work.
i wish i could just say i love you.

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mother earth

> chorus) rainbows are a sign of god and mother earth they smile down
> upon us. Oh smile upon this great day the day in which the sun is
> shining and a rainbow is shown in the sky.
> (verse) Golden light shine down on me. Let the lion roar and the
> eagle sing, Golden light look upon this day and rejoice in the name
> of the lord!
> (chorus) rainbows are a sign of god and mother earth they smile down
> upon us. Oh smile upon this great day the day in which the sun is
> shining and a rainbow is shown in the sky.
> (verse) Mother earth I gaze upon your beauty I look to the tree's and
> see you within them. Golden light sing of the virtues and be free!
> (chorus) rainbows are a sign of god and mother earth they smile down
> upon us. Oh smile upon this great day the day in which the sun is
> shining and a rainbow is shown in the sky.
> (Verse) Oh rainbow the colors of the world shine down upon us! Let
there be a day where we can rejoice within our souls. And that you
rejoice within the world sing from the mountain tops all the way to
the valley's.
(chorus) rainbows are a sign of god and mother earth they smile down
upon us. Oh smile upon this great day the day in which the sun is
shining and a rainbow is shown in the sky.

copyrighted by penny lapsley 2008

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for real

Voice won't get heard but I wonder if my words can be read, can't help the world through song so I'll use poetry instead. Helping ppl through torture and horror, giving ppl inspiration to get out of dark corners.I'm soaring like sora and beating down the heartless, but I'm just a nobody you can call me roxas, this pencil is my keyblade and I keep it sharpened, taking life to great heights no magic carpet. Thirteen thousand organisations  polluting society, trying to monitor our lives were losing all our privacy. Smart phones and social networks we use to connect,  the government uses to collect our information they swore to protect. Instead they inspect our lives through the internet. Nothing is private anymore were all victims and don't even know it., they can pinpoint where we are at any given moment. There using us like ponds in there twisted little chess game, manipulating us to think someday we can make a change. They say this is the home of the free and the land of the brave,  but in reality were all still slaves.

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Be not harried by apostasy spates
Surcease ye flux of basilic imprecations
Adhibit ye ,supernal paracletes  
The pith of divinity

An Achates,
Vae victis
In this temporal realm

Chatoyant fanfaronade
Sursurrant congeries
Erelong abate
Shun the gaffer's gammon
Arcadian maundering

Avaunt kaleidoscopic zealotry  
Bandy a cutlass perfervid
Ex aequo et bono

Beneficence's glaive bandies.

Preside atheling echt
In pharos of Nestor

Bestow succor to the augean Boeothians!
Malign them not--for now come the celestial shower
To halidom, shepard, solace and anele
Ye benighted churls

vocabulary- spate-flood;  arcadian-rural/simple;  echt-adj.-genuine;  Nestor-the god of
wisdom;  Achaetes-any faithful friend;  chatoyant-possessing a changeable luster;
rein-v.-to curb or restrain;  amative-amatory;  anele-v.- to annoint;  harry-to torment by
constant attack;  perfervid-ardent/very fervid; ex aequo et bono-L.-according to the
principle of fairness and good; bandy-to beat to and fro;  vae victic-L.-woe to the
vanquished;  gammon-nonsense; gaffer- an old crone;  flux-flow;
fanfaronade--n.-bragging/ostentation/bluster; congeries-heap; susurrant-adj-whispering;
basilic-lowly/base; pith-vigor/force/strength; supernal-celestial; imprecations-curses;
halidom-a holy place/holiness; Pallas Athena-Gr.goddess of wisdom; quotha-arch.-indeed!
Forsooth!; paracletes-someone who aids and supports; glaive-sword; pharos-lighthouse; 
atheling-ancient crown prince; adhibit-to let in/admit; benighted-adj-overtaken by
darkness; bestead-to aid; anele-to annoint; contemn-v.-to view with contempt; solace-n.
comfort in sorrow

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thoses times in life we learn to cry,or persue our intentions, learning to fall or when to fight, but we cant detremand, we wish to pray to see the day, of the end of the rain

You don't need my console, you can take this on

So i sit and open my pen, to the ones who need it, the times of broken hearts, we seem to fall apart, remember to take my hand, just know that i, cant save your soul tonight

You dont need my console, you can take this on, wake up and face today, just know your never alone

You dont need my console, you can take this on, wake up and face today, just know, your never alone

*These lyrics were written by my best friend be nice*

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Angels and Silences....

Sometimes walking
is similar to flight
lay the way to flight....
Angels of Silences
lay the way to a better path...
i'm floating
and dreaming of better things...
dreaming of you~

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God and me

God and me
verse 1
when i see God I think of myself,
God and me walking together
side by side singing his love,
God and his choices are one with mine
i love Gods world because it is me and God,
walk with God,
cherish his love,
speaking his truth
walking in his holy light,
God and me always,
verse 2
God speaks to the birds and i hear them sing
my ears perk happily receiving his love in sound,
God like the birds alway flies in my mind
oh my God, you are my love you are my joy,
without you i would be lost in the world,
walk with God
cherish his love
walking in his holy light
God and me always
I saw the garden of eden,
God showed me his path
sweet like mist morning,
his breath touches my solar plexus,
God's love is in my heart
every foot step of God is my force of life moving through me
God's presence reains eternal
walk with God
cherish his love,
walk in his Holy light
God and me always.Penny lapsley,Holy spirit thank you God for helping me
copyrighted by penny lapsley 2008 

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My Wife Beater Shirt

I buy the Hanes three in a pack 
I have a house, not big, but not a shack 
I drink my juice sitting on the couch 
I have no ambition, I am referred to as the slouch 
I sit out front and drunk before the morning sun 
With My Wife Beater Shirt I Get Things Done 
My girl gets a welfare check every month on the first 
I have her brainwashed like Patty Hearst 
But then again, I have many hoes 
With my smooth charming ways, I keep them close 
I am the spider, they are the flies, what a web I've spun 
With My Wife Beater Shirt I Get Things Done 
Sweat causes me to change my shirt too soon 
Maybe I should switch to Friut of the Loom 
I just got a new ho with a love that stuns 
With My Wife Beater Shirt I Get Things Done 
The Marios come by to sell me some heat 
Stolen fresh from up the street 
Huge discounts on plasma tv's 
They say I can choose from several dvd's 
Now the cops have got me on the run 
With My Wife Beater Shirt I Get Things Done 
Now I'm sitting in the clink 
No hoes, no welfare, no juice to drink 
Now I wear orange and pick up highway trash 
Free meals, a bed, a roof over my head, there's no need for cash 
According to my coveralls, I am inmate number 101 
Without My Wife Beater Shirt, I No Longer Get Things Done

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There are those who reach an age past  100,
while some never chanced to live.
There are those who share their blessings,
while some choose not to give.

There are those who have never gone hungry,
while some never survive.
There are those who find fame and fortune, 
while some dreams shatter and die.

There are those who are rich and famous,
while some are poor and alone,
There are those with power and possessions,
while some are without a home.

There are those who are happy and healthy,
While some are sick and depressed.
There are those who believe life is the end,
while some say:  “it was just a test!”

By Milton Lopez Delgado
December 4, 2011

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God is blessing us all

God Is Blessing Us
the angels in the heaven are singing the birds are
chirping, the bell are rining the flowers are blooming
and the eagles fly free symbolizing freedom he gave 
you and me the wind is blowing through the endless
night the stars are beatiful and the sun shine bright
and it's all because of faith in christ, our lord
growing from the babe that the world has adored. god
is blessing us all seeing us through everyday life
with his love giving us strength to face another day
god is blessing us let all show him our 
gratitude with a heart faithful and true alway do on
to other the way you'd like them to do on to you
god is blessing us all seeing us through everyday
life with his love giving us strength to face another
day god is blessing us in the power of
his grace there is nothing in our lives that we 
cannot face for in his arms were forever safe yes god
is blessing all of us
copyrighted by penny lapsley  2008

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God and me 2



God and me together on a lifelong journey 
Walking hand and together
For he is lovingly 
Guiding me to the beautiful forever

Oh yea friends god and me
Together was unbeatable team 
Leading me to a heavenly 
Place where together we’ll spend enmity 

God and me walking together
Guiding me to the beautiful here after
In the sweet glowing rapture
In his love I have found the truth

Everything is now brand new
He’s forgiven me for the sins of my misspent youth
For he is life’s greatest treasure
And together there’s nothing god and me can’t do


With just the wave of his mighty hand
God can make the land 
Reach and green
He can take away the sad

In your heart and turn it into glad
Yea to me he’s not only a lifelong friend
He’s the greatest gift I’ve ever had
And that’s why god and me are just like that
copyrighted by penny lapsley 2008 

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God is everything

I am one,
i am alive,
i will survive,
i am eternalize,
i breathe truth
i walk with paddles of peace
i give a pray of love on knees.

i am alive
i am here to love
i am here to give
i am here to forgive
i am here to be with you i am free
i love you in my heart
with truth i rise
i am a big whale
i am so in love
i reside with compassion
i look in the sky
i see rainbows
i love in harmony
i am the answer.

i play as a child
i heal with a smile
i let you seat on my body
the ground of comfort i be
i live to laugh
i live to give joy
the more i feel the more i grow

God gives me gifts of talents
i know so because he spoke
he told me so when i saw,
the fish swim and jump
the bird singing and squirrels dance
infront of my eyes
i look with passion and i finally see, the truth in me all around me everything is 
everything is God
everything truth
i now bloom
i cry with innocence
i honor the immense splenddid pleasure 
the treasure
love of God affection
copyrighted 2007 penny lapsley 

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In Jest...



I wanted wine...

All I got was...


After me...


In my Reach...

And maybe...

it's a girl...


it's snow falling...~~


it's a wann-be

holding the sky....

orange and pink.....


holds u up....

sinks below....


she's blue....

like a diamond....

fishing ....

for gold.......


like fast rythym....

if you could see Amsterdam....

i would paint you Red....

it's not often that...

that happens.....

or  that an ocean lies....

beneathe the wind.....


and hurling....

out to sea.....


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The Morning After The Fall Of Man

Streets are clear time stands still wars are won suffering begun tears are fear 
hope is gone songs of justice hearts of stone, eyes of sorrow will there be a 
tomrrow allegiance shift storms will rage the dawn of terror the coming of man's 
new age. Rage of rampage with life there is hell that has been paid wise men 
seek one moment of shade prophecy of disasters have already been made.

Did man get the message has gods raft and mercy become clear to you the fall 
of man immortals will now stand those who are spared truth must inherit dare 
fight no more decieve no more for this moment in time is history set to rhyme. 
Bring forth a new nation and birth man a new make him god like prefect through 
and through my children the lord speaks i grand you change with wings you shall 
fly with grace never to die welcome to my gift to you heaven on earth now live in 
peace my children i love you.

Cole Hodson
copyright (c) 2006

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song to Jesus

song to Jesus

my heart sings a wonderful song.
my soul your home
the way you make me so strong
i never listen to the words until
you made them a song that plays out
each day in my heart
i feel like i am in your heavenly choir
my voice my soul rings higher
your heart is so vast like the enormous
please show me how to sing
use my voice use my soul
your in control, here take my heart
sing the song jesus
i know we will
never part
i hear your message jesus they play like a
song that never ends with sweet harmony
i play my guitar and musical colors draw
love on my heart
you my jesus are special song
i hear it in my heart and want the world to hear it
may your golden light shine on me and show me how to play your special song 
every day of my life

thank you jesus for helping me and courage me to write all the time
copyrighted by penny lapsley 2008 

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What If?

The Ultimate Question
What If? 
The sky was green
The sea, tranquil and placid
What If? 
The world was at peace
Destiny could be dynasty
What If? 
Death could be a new beginning
Time would never grow older
What If? 
All poets knew what they were to write
Every soul was saved
The question we all ask is
What If? 

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seeds of God

God gave us everything
We have faith
And we're still learning
God, be our teacher
God, be our guide
It is through the seed of love you've sown that we survive

God give me strength
God take the fear away

It begins with you and me
God planted little seeds
To grow arms like branches of a tree
We reach to everyone
Grant me compassion today

Make us strong in spirit
Guide us to a lamp that's lit
With the golden light of truth
Bring us, God, closer to you

Our job is to teach and be taught
Given two hands
One gives while the other receives his love
Manifest his reality ask and it is given Speak do and think
Love gratitude, peace and harmony
All that you desire, all that you need
Will be provided if only you will receive

God like the ocean
Let us heal each other amidst the waves of commotion
Give us courage and strength too
On our path through this life and in our hearts on our way to you
Let your angels guide us in our time of need
All will be provided through them when we are open to receive

copyrighted by penny lapsley  2007

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Keep Me Under Control

I am so wild, I carelessly run around
I am the last horse in a one horse town
I'm as wild as wild can be
I have zero guidance, so I live my life aimlessly
Do what you have to, send me to assist the Border Patrol
I need someone to neuter me and keep me under control
I live life by the seat of my pants
I don't want love or trues romance
I believe that every moment counts
When you fall down, there is still time and room to bounce
If a jet can fly, it can surely land
When wrong is done, justice needs to be a firm hand
One day I may feel peace and love deep in my soul
When I find that one that can keep me under control
If there is a poster child for bad, it has to be me
I do not welcome the Devil, but there will be no begging for mercy
I often wonder what do people think
I really don't care after my third hard drink
You are wasting your time if you want to preach
You are educated, so do your best to teach
I am not worth being loved by you, so do not glow
I want discipline, so do your best to bring me under control
I party and sin and live as I please
I will never be driven to my eyes
I am a rebel and that will never change in my life
Not looking for love, a white picket fence or a loving wife
I can take the streets and deal with them blow by blow
Are you the one to keep me under control
Some people have it, some don't and some never will
I'm tired of hearing about it, I have lived it, now it's overkill
The question is do I want to sell my soul
You can save me if you can keep me under control

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the angels are in the sky today second one

The angels are in the sky today


There's something in the sky today
Holding me in its loving embrace
It Keeps my heart, my body and my soul safe
Yes the angels give me the strength

Take life as it comes, day by day 
Through joy and pain, grief and happiness
The sweetest miracles that god ever made
Filling my life with total love

The angels are in the sky today
They bring such a smile of joy to my face
And I know that I’ll always be safe 
Guided by his ever lasting love


There's something in the sky today
angels watching o'er us from way up
In sweet heaven above, God's special gift of love
Is heard through many wings and voices 

To each and everyone of us
When we're worried about what is to come
Let our faith in the lord above be our grace
And save our souls for the Last Day

copyrighted 2007 penny lapsley

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god within

I am the earth beneath you feet
soft and soothing in the heat
warm and cozy in the cold
feeding you as you grow old
I am the sky above your head
I gave you covers to warm your bed
Iam the stars up in the sky
I gave angels wings to fly

I am the God within your heart
and from you Iam i'll never part.
I am the God within your soul
and I breathe life for you to know

I am the heaven shining bright
I am the sun that give you light
I am the moon above the earth
I am the miracle of giving birth
I am the universe great and small
I am the plants the trees so tall.
i am the rain,the wind and snow
I am in everything you know

I am among all living things
I am what makes your heart sing

copyrighted by penny lapsley

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Master Pimp Meets the Ultimate Red Neck

A man walks by in a gray polyester suit 
He tells another man to call him Juice 
The other man in bright orange hunter's clothes, he looks bold and brash 
He tells Juice to call him Cold Hard Cash 
They sit at the bus bench to discuss a new business they want to start 
It all begins tomorrow around the corner at the local trailer park 
Cold Hard Cash tells Juice, this is my last 500 bucks, but what the heck 
It all started when the Master Pimp met with the Ultimate Red Neck 
Cold Hard Cash tells Juice, follow me, I will give you the grand tour 
Starting at my trailer on lot number four 
As they enter Cold Hard Cash's place, it smells like rotting potatoes 
Juice enters and slips on some cherry tomatoes 
Cold Hard Cash says here and hands Juice a plate of sauerkraut and dogs 
He tells Juice, if you stick around for supper, I will roast us some frogs 
Juice asks Cold Hard Cash, after we eat, can I be given the golden key to the 
Cold Hard Cash, says let's go next door we will begin at Judy Starks 
Juice goes with Cold Hard Cash to interview their first employee in their line of 
money makers 
After the interview, Judy says yes, Juice comments, she's a real shaker 
At the next interview, the girl shows them why her picture used to be on Breck 
This all transpired when the Pimp Master hooked up with the Ultimate Red Neck 
Juice says we need one more so we can rotate them around the clock 
We will put them to work outside the laundry mat and liquor store, which are on 
the same block 
Cold Hard Cash asks what if one calls in sick 
Juice answers in a business voice, then one of the others will pull a double shift 
Juice points and asks what about this place 
Cold Hard Cash says you don't want to see her face to face 
Cold Hard Cash says she's the one they used to design Shrek 
Good luck with your business, Master Pimp and the Ultimate Red Neck 

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Astronaut Angel

The world will keep turning on a day like today
The sun will keep shining its a beautiful day
Our hearts are still broken on this bright Saturdays
Parts of the shuttle fell out of the sky
Seven angels were flying by 
Through the stars through the Galaxy high in the sky they were loved
Astronaut Angels

They walked on the shuttle when the time was right 
Everybody screamed when they seen this sight
There parents loved it when they flew to the moon
They said i love you and we'll see you soon
Through the stars through the Galaxy high in the sky they were loved
Astronaut Angels

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God beautiful creations

Gods beautiful creations 


It’s another beautiful morning
Time for sweet celebration
And to give my thanks for blessings
That the great I am

Has given me for in 
Him I’ve found a true and loving friend
And a with a single hesitation
I proudly proclaim I am a Christian 


Gods beautiful creations
For it was god that made each and everyone of us
Filling our heart’s with love
And whenever the times get tough

All we have to do is look above
And he will be there to love and to guide us
For we great his greatest celebration 
And were Gods beautiful creations


It’s another pretty sunny day
I can feel the warmth of the sun on my face
Living in the beauty of his grace
Everyday I am amazed

By the mighty power his grace
So brothers and sisters
Children mothers and fathers
Thanks all give thanks for we are 

copyrighted 2007 penny lapsley 

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Rap Music

Rapping music is a crack
In my behind where the wind blows
Country is all I know
Rock makes me want to hit my toes
Easylisten is where my mind lets loose
Rap makes me break wind like a goose
Music is for the soul to relax
After rap my body is like a shaking shack

By Curtis Ray Murray

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> D G D verse 
> sitting here just thinking of you 
> E a7 
> wishing that you be here all the time 
> shine back on me with your miracle love 
> D G 
> with you here you are the sunshine of my life 
> chorus G d G Em7 
> i love you and i think of you more everyday 
> GD G D GD 
> i love the way you whisper words into my ear no one
> else can hear my 
> dear 
> g D 
> youre the sunshine of my life you are the sunshine
> of my life 
> verse DM 
> when i hold your hand and you kiss my lips 
> dd g 
> i think there is no other man like this 
> g d gd gd 
> when you say im beautiful everyday my mind is just
> blow away all the 
> time 
> gd 
> cause youre the sunshine of my life cause youre the
> sunshine of my 
> life youre the sun sunshine of my life 
> chorus G D G dG 
> i love way you look at me and speak to me in that
> special way, i love 
> the words you have to say i melt inside your arms
> each day 
> bridge 
> g d 
> i love the ways i love your touch 
> g 
> i love you more than anything in the world 
> chorus X2 
> i love you and i think of you more everyday 
> i love the way you look at me and speak to me in
> that special way 
> i love the way you whisper words in my ear that
> nobody else can hear 
> my dear 
> with you here you are the sunshine of my life when
> you here youre the 
> sunshine of my life
> ©copyrighted penny lapsley 2007

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the angels are in the sky today the first one

The angels are in the sky today


The angels are in the sky today
Holding me forever in their loving embrace
Keep my heart body and soul safe
Yes the angels give me the strength

To take life as it comes day 
By day through both joy and pain
The sweetest miracles that god ever made
Filling my life with happiness and total love

The angels are in the sky today
They bring such a smile of joy to my face
And I know that I’ll always
Be safe guiding by his ever lasting love

The sky has never been a deeper blue
Or has the sun eve been so golden but with the power of faith
Loving in the power of the fathers embrace
Everyday seems like a brand new day


The angels are in the sky today
The angels watching over us from way up
In sweet heaven above
There gods special gift of love 

To each and everyone of us
So if you worried about the feature to come
Let your faith in the lord above
Be your saving grace

copyrighted 2007 penny lapsley 

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Can the birds sing a song
Can I be the one along
Hear what they say 
Love in the morning love in there song
Can a man make this or not
Sing old bird my love song
I watch you eat and hear your song
But can you make me belong
I wish i could fly
All i can do is cry
Bird of a song let me be
For all to see 
Not a bird here only a man
Wish i could sing
Like the birds in the morning
Man like me can only moan

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Get all your fashion tips here 
My fashion is in a higher gear 
Your fashion nightmares are over if you keep this in mind 
Just call the Queen of fashion at 1-800-SO-FINE 
The phone is already ringing off the hook 
To be honest , I will listen, but I would rather take a look 
Let me answer the first call of the show 
Why it's Bev Sanders from Ohio 
Yes, Queen I have a question concerning pink shoes 
Pink goes with any color, so you have nothing to lose 
Did that help your stress 
Yes, your advice was priceless 
Next caller, what's your dilemma? 
That is a first, I never have spoken to a female named Emma 
Yes Queen, where are the sales this week 
I can't help you there, because I want to keep looking chic 
Well I have to go, my stores are waiting 
Tomorrow I will tell which stores I shopped at and which one got the highest 
So tune in tomorrow with the Queen where fashion is my passion with the best 
Women don't dress better than me 
That's why you call, so I can keep you in line 
So put my number on your speed dial, 1-800-SO-FINE

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My Wig (

We leave on vacation to see the Grand Canyon 
I ask my son when is the last time ha changed his socks, his feet smell like 
My wife laughs and says that isn't his feet, it's his breath 
I tell her no more equate toothpaste, we're switching to Crest 
My wife says in a panicky voice, I forgot my social life line 
I tell her to calm down, everything will be fine 
She says, turn around and head toward home with the speed of a Russian Mig 
We can't take this trip, I can't be without my wig 
One hour and two tickets later we finally arrive back home 
Now she has her wig in hand and her voice has a nice, calm tone 
She says what are we waiting for, let's be on our way 
It's only 9:30am, it's already been a long, long day 
Now we are back to the area where we had to turn around 
I remember that singles club called Lost and Found 
As evening settles in, we stop by an eatery called The Autumn Twig 
She says please bear with me as I put on my wig 
My son and I sit in the car quietly, as we are close to death from a lack of food 
My wife tells us let's enjoy our vacation, you two need to adjust your attitudes 
We sit in the car and watch as people come out of this greasy spoon diner 
I keep reading their slogan, If you're lookin' for rib stickin' food ain't none finer 
I keep having these visions of me at the table, eating so much, my wife and son 
call me a pig 
Finally she is done fixing her wig 
I watch in horror as the Diner's lights go off 
My dream is gone, no pig, no trough 
She says in disgust, that's just great, where can we get a bite to eat now 
I tell her about a barbecue joint five up the road called Four Sides of a Cow 
She says okay, but I could not belive what she just did 
She smiles and says I told you everything will be okay, as she removes her wig 
We arrive outside the place rated as some of the best barbecue around 
She throws her wig on the dash and laughs like a circus clown 
She says my hunger has taken over, I believe she's flipped her lid 
She says let's go on inside, these people don't know me, they have never seen 
me without my wig

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We young women
and men of the future
we should try to keep our life
racism and corruption affects us to grow.

We're the moon
and sun of tomorrow
we should pray to live as one
Jesus and God will bless our stars.


We're the pillars 
the kings of  the future
we should unite
unity and peace will help us to develop.

It is time to wake up as people
fighting and blood shade
to become history of the day.


We're the soidiers
the heroes of tomorrow
we should try to unite as one
thinking and planing
will help us to live in peace.

We're the masters 
the masters of the future
we should try to live as people
uniting and working it's  our joy.

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Intelligent Design

You claim to be on top of everything, if someone has done it, you have done it 
When it was cold, you said you knitted the entire workforce sweaters 
You sweep most people under the rug 
You are member of the Menza's exclusive club 
You tell Miss Betty why she was left behind 
Only the best were selected, part of the intelligent design 
You tell me I am dumb as a man can come 
But according to you I am not the only one 
You always have to make people feel insecure 
Then you wonder why when you approach they all steer clear 
I am wondering all the bridges you burn, is it worth the cost 
You live by the saying a rolling stone gathers no moss 
You try to be perfect as Miss 5-2-9 
You and your family are the foundation of intelligent design 
You always feel the need to shine 
You tell everyone you are the top of the line 
You are the main attraction at the show 
You can always tell everyone what they don't know 
If I conquered a hill, there are ten mountains you have climbed 
You will always claim it's intelligent design

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The connfessions smelt of whiskey
but I felt the same, wished you'd kiss me
We talked of feelings that are forbidden
So we tuck them away, keep them hidden
I'm craveing a buzz, your my suicide drug
When with you I feel this high
Inhale softy, release a sigh
My addiction is the dept in your eyes
though I'm unsure my feelings are wise
I'm craveing that buzz, your my suicide drug
We get closer and share escape
If this is a dream I hope never to wake
I taste a trance and the world fades away
this hunger fuels my evey day
I'm craveing your buzz, your my suicide drug

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Practice What You Preach

You say you've trampled through the village where the grapes of wraith are stored 
You say if you live by the sword, you will die by the sword 
A stitch in time saves nine 
What's yours is yours and what's mine is mine 
I'm still a student so will you please teach 
Set the example and Practice What You Preach 
You must go through hell before reaching heaven 
Always believe in lucky number seven 
A rabbit's foot and horseshoe bring fortune and fame 
If you take the credit for the good, for the bad you must also take the blame 
I'm still a student, so will you please teach 
Set the example and Practice What You Preach 
Do as I say, not as I do 
Not all rules apply to me , but all rules apply to you 
Don't worry about others, just worry about you 
In the end everyone gets their just due 
No one is invited to play in every game 
Now you can put faces with names 
I believe your philosophy is out of reach 
Set the example and Practice What You Preach 

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I  love my  wife
I  love my wife
I love my wife
She's my heart.

She's my  life
She's  my love
My wife.

I love her a lot
I  love her  a lot
I  love  her  a lot
She's  my joy.

She's my hope
She's my sweet
My  wife.

I  respect  her
I respect  her
I respect  her
She's my love.

She's my  heart
She's my  love
She's my  joy
MY wife.

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Ghetto Rap

This is a life I've gotten used to
Last night someone stole my shoes
My life has been miserable all the way around
It's a stereo with no speakers, which means no sound
Everyone here inherits the same habits
Drugs, teenage pregnancy, it mass produces like rabbits
Once you are born here, you are trapped
There is only one thing you know, it's the ghetto rap
You want some Black Label on ice
Instead a double shot of Jack, so you pay for it twice
There no way to cool your ice tea
Take a look around, no trace of a family tree
The cops know where you live, they need no map
Come on and experience the ghetto rap
From the Barrios to Danny  Thomas Blvd
Nothing comes easy here, so you live life hard
All you can do, is try to keep it real
What isn't bolted down, you have to steal
As you enter the stage, your ticket out, no one claps
Until they experience the ghetto rap
There is so much more that could go on
Like that letter you received entitled Dear John
Always go down fighting, the only way to go
Who will be the deliverer and bring the next generation out of the ghetto
The government don't care it's up to you
They bribe the babies having babies with food stamps and a tax payers dollar or 
They encourage you to continue to eat the bait in the government's trap
It is all part of a conspiracy called the ghetto rap

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Working the System

I got my squaw pushing out another papoose
I'm trying to increase my monthly government revenue
There is a sister soon to deliver number three
She is doing it out of greed, fear and love for me
A little redhead I am trying to give me a money maker
A couple of slaps should put her in line and awaken her
The special this month is 75 dollars for 50 in food stamps
The kids can live on water and corn beef hash
I am currently writing letters in the name of my hoes to our state rep
Telling them more revenue must be sent
I laugh as the middle income is paying for all this
They pay for our food, beer and cigarettes
Illegals cross the borders and receive a new life
Today I will find a Mexican honey 
No taxes once again on my money
I am using my street wisdom
I will always be working the system
Why should I work when I can get my income from my government hoes
When they beg for money, I tell them that's the way it goes
I tell them to sell themselves to support our children
They better have my money ready when a new month begins
I am now writing a book, that is forbidden
I will tell all how to work the system
If this offends you in one way or another
It's probably true, maybe you are one of my kid's mother

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Medusa's Brother

Girls look in your direction and see you comin' 
In the opposite direction, they start runnin' 
You claim you are in excellent shape 
Your face is a train wreck and you cinch in your gut with electrical tape 
You drive a Yugo, it's color is Slime Green 
You say you are just over run with bling bling 
How can you claim you have the perfect life 
You are married to an inflatable wife 
Women look at you and begin to cuss as they run for cover 
Somebody spray painted a name on the car, it reads Medusa's Brother 
You have no clue why everyone calls you M B 
You believe they are saying M D, you think it's short for Mac Daddy 
You wear your favorite tee shirt that reads World's Greatest Lover 
In the females eyes you will always be Medusa's Brother 
Well M B, for you there is some bad news 
You will always be singing the lonely man's blues 
You have asked M TV to pimp your ride 
They can fix your car but your face you can't hide 
You say well, I guess it's true, a man's best friend is his mother 
But did occur to you, your mom also calls you Medusa's Brother

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I love the Lord
with all my heart

Is my heart
Is my love
my Lord.

I think about him
He think about me
my God

Is my life
Is my hope
the Lord.


I praise him
I love  him
my joy

Is my seed
Is my world
my light

I will love him
with my heart
with my life 
with my hope
the lord


Is my fruit
Is my food
my love

I love him
Is my heart
Is my love
Is my joy
the lord

Is my heart
Is my love
my Lord


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I sleep and travel in my car
Along the way I make my pay by nightly gigs in bars
One dream, one vision burns in my mind
That one day will be my turn for a contract to sign
There is fame and fortune doing what I do best
To me every bar or whole in the wall is another concert, must give it all nothing 
Forget the idea of me being a wannabe, I am not a dime a dozen
I have no hook ups, I am nobody's cousin
Music and song come from within
It is the true beauty that lies below the skin
I hear there is American Idol auditions in the next town
All the hype, glitter, lights and sounds
The line is a mile long
Everyone wanting to finish their unfinished song
This is their therapy, a way to cleanse their souls
So much untapped talent here, they are all hopefuls
Excitement, nervousness, tension in the air
Becoming a big star is a dream we all share

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Inside Jane

She's the finest one I have ever seen 
She requires a bath, but can't handle the Afro Sheen 
She is high maintenance, which I don't mind 
She receives complements from time to time 
There is something special about her, I just can't explain 
It always excites me when I'm inside Jane 
She is long and sexy, a real lady to me 
And everyone that meets her does agree 
No other can compare 
With all my friends she is shared 
She was expensive, I paid an outrageous price 
She's my pie, but I don't mind you having a slice 
I own her, she is my property 
She has demonstrated unswerving loyalty 
I think I will change her name to Candy Cane 
I control the heat inside Jane 
She is getting up there in age, I may soon have to replace her 
The next lady I buy, I will call her Jennifer 
After my use of her last time I discovered a stain 
Came from a dog that wasn't properly trained 
I apologized to her and asked her not to be mad 
She has been the most loyal one I have ever had 
She is more than eager to entertain 
What? Cut the dirty thoughts, she's my private plane

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Life's Lessons

There is no such thing as a victim of society
You are like Heinz 57, a person like you comes in many varieties
You try to be smooth using today's slang
To me, you are an astronaut in space without his Tang
Sometimes people try so hard to fit in
Throw all your money in the pot and end up losing again
Why does it seem to always be the other person's fault
You never seem to comprehend the hard lessons from the streets that are taught
You hide in the corner licking your wounds
This ain't no western, there is no showdown at high noon
You try to turn your life around, but once again your back is against the wall
As the dust clears, it happens again, the hero takes a fall
I don't know what to tell you, so let's end it here
The best philosophy is preached after a few cold Bull beers

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My Cerification

I've worked hard to have my franchise 
I am surrounded by bleach blondes with green eyes 
I was no homecoming king, I received no coronation 
Please take a stab at my certification 
I don't study the existence of life 
I am a working man, no time for a wife 
My certification is not a Biologist 
No study of the mind, I am not a Psychologist 
I've gone to the school of hard knocks 
My business covers many city blocks 
Every night is a celebration 
I have yet to tell you my certification 
I don't like Dinosaurs, I am not a Paeleontologist 
I can't put anyone in a trance, I am no Hypnotist 
My education is from up and down the streets 
I am not on doughnut patrol, I don't walk a beat 
I am definitely not into Claymation 
Are you still in suspense about my certification? 
I am no womanizer looking for a tryst 
You can scratch an actor off your list 
I am no Polar Bear coming out of hibernation 
Soon I will reveal my certification 
I am not into sports, I am no Analyst 
My work is tax free, I don't have to deal with the I.R.S 
I have no fruit baskets on a sofa, I am not a Psychiatrist 
I will now tell you, I am a Pimpologist 
Now that you know, keep in mind how much dough I make 
No cheap wine, no pot pies, just champagne, shrimp and steak 
Constant growth, all women are welcome to become part of an industry leader 
Most of my women come from men who are wife beaters 
I hook my women up with my patented 201k plan 
I am the CEO, I am the man 
5-2-9 can give you my specifications 
5-2-9 helped me achieve my certification

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Black and Blue

I am not asking for much during my moment
Just a little breathing room, let me vent
There are corrupt politicians, crooked cops, greasy palms
Honesty and truth for once is what I really want
I want to know what's inside you
I bet you are mostly black and blue
Religious fanatics claiming human lives in the name of Allah
Determined by who draws the shortest straw
Oil rich nations with their dirt poor starving people dying
Blind eye from our own government, homeless, President lying
Meth labs, crack houses, drug dealers are becoming more common than 
convenience stores
Police raid, blue light special, all this action is right next door
The neighbors don't socialize, so they haven't got a clue
I guess everyone's house is a little black and blue
It will be nice to see a fresh face in the oval office
Maybe stop the governors with hookers and all the other lawlessness
We all keep pushing for a better tomorrow
Lock up those who steal, help those who beg and give a break to those who 
Cut through the chase, hone the blade, keep it true
But there are no real answers to prevent the black and blue

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Get Your 4-1-1 From 5-2-9

I am the authority on any question you may ask 
But be prepared, because I know I've already completed that task 
You ask me which pet is better, a dog or a cat 
Read my latest article about the care of all animals, called Been There, Done 
Don't try to outcook me, I graduated at the top of my class in Culinary School 
Put your money on the table, I know I can beat you at pool 
When I drive, I demand complete silence, I don't want any distractions 
Computer programs, accounting, I've used every kind of database, done every 
kind of financial transaction 
Don't argue with me, because I will win 
Everyone tells me they wish I had a twin 
You want to know about raising children, ask me about mine 
I strongly reccomend you get your 4-1-1 from 5-2-9 
You women need to break your men down 
There is no king of the castle in my house, I wear the crown 
I may be a little proud of what all I've done 
I know it is far more than anyone 
If you want to know about cars and their care 
I can tell you about dealerships I have fixed when and where 
You cannot tell me anything that hasn't already happened to me 
I keep a crystal ball to foresee 
During an African Safari, my sister went into labor, I delivered my niece 
I rode with Gypsies on the islands of Greece 
I had to tell Eugene, supposedly an experienced detailer, how to make the tires 
The secret is out, sorry Eugene, now they know you got your 4-1-1 from 5-2-9 
I won an argument with an astronomer about the solar belt 
I was given extra chips at a casino because I pointed out to the manager how the 
cards were dealt 
I've given advice to a couple about horses and their unpredictable ways 
I told a fishing boat captain, how and when to enter Biscayne Bay 
Through it all, I find people and force them to listen to me 
Where is Gabrielle, oh, she's eating lunch and my nose is snotty 
People love me for all the great knowledge I possess 
But I have one rival, I must confess 
She is at 1-800-SO-Fine 
She cannot top me for you 4-1-1 from 5-2-9

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Life and Death

You can remove the girl from the gutter
But you can't remove the gutter from the girl
She will return there when she no longer rocks my world
I make and break many dreams, maybe you will be next
Don't cross me or you will go down in flames like the rest
Last week Judy, this week Jane
Love me or hate me I really don't care or feel I need to explain
But you better fear me or you could become another statistic
I am the law out here in the streets
Cops leave me alone, I supply their doughnuts
A portion of my green helps the homeless
I returned her to the gutter on this sunny day
It will always be my way or the highway
I must have made someone really mad 
Enough that I am at the morgue on a cold concrete slab
All my greenbacks somebody's got em'
I guess you could say I've hit my rock bottom

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Ridin' Low

Fancy cars, money to burn
I'm not waiting any longer, it's my turn
Live a lot, die a little
Remain neutral, stay in the middle
Don't get involved, don't be a witness
If you are asked, just say you missed it
Quietly move up to a position of power
Make yourself strong, build your tower
Keep your enemies close, your friends closer
Let someone else carry the world on their shoulders
Look where you are, all you have done
You got there by looking out for number one
No understanding, no remorse
Just let life take its course
The minute you stop and regret
You will have laid down your hand and lost your bet
If you lie to a person, look them dead in the eyes
Have them trust you, then watch their demise
I have vacancies within my organization I need to fill
I will pay you to cheat, steal or kill
Come join me where I am
Then we can visit the Son of Sam
Keep clear of still waters, they run very deep
But you have no faith, so you will never take that leap
You are someone who is far too gone
You leave behind no legacy, when you move on
You are one of the many diseases that plague the U.S.
When you die, your position will be left to the rest
But at this moment you have the reins, keep them under control
Do what made you powerful, keep ridin' low

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Fields of Grace

There I sit in the light
During the darkness of the day
Making my concessions known

To the One on the right
Who has shown me the might
By which has replenished this, this battered soul

There is a face that I know
Of locks streaming free
For whom, for whom so many tears fell

In that light where I sit
In the comfort of the One
Who can, Who can for this one make it well

How sweet the sound
Of a love beyond compare
Relieving the fears of a wretch like me

There will be many dangers, toils and snares
There will be down right dissapointment
Over those things beyond our reach

I want to grab you and hold you
In that place so precious where
We've been brought through safe thus far
Across the fields of grace

There I see up ahead a ways
The band dressed in blue, white and red
Being dimmed by a worldly haze

In a place found with favor from up above
I see the band by whom their being led
She reminds me of things to come

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The Good in you

The good in you

You are making it harder and harder for me to see the good in you
Or maybe I am being resistant from the truth
I don’t even want us to be together
But for some reason I want us to go farther
I think I just need so time alone
But I can’t help but answer when u call my phone
I know what you want and I continue to provide
Knowing when it’s all over you will continue to lie

You are making it harder and harder for me to see the good in you
Or maybe I am being resistant from the truth
Maybe if I speak the truth to you
You will understand my point of view
When you leave me I am left with shame
I sit in the corner of my bed praying that you will change
I sit alone mediating on the mistake that was made
All the action that shouldn’t have token place

You are making it harder and harder for me to see the good in you
Or maybe I am being resistant from the truth
Now that I have spoken truth to you
Do you understand why I struggle to resist you?
I am starting to think is there even good in you
Maybe you are giving me the pain that you went through
Maybe we both need time alone
Neither one of us call each other on the phone

You are just making it harder and harder for me to see the good in you
If it’s even there

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Ho of the Year

I worked hard to achieve my goal 
I moved to the south to avoid the snow 
I've been keeping track on my graph 
I look at my competition and start to laugh 
My closest competition lives five miles from here 
Now it's my turn to be ho of the year 
My pimp is always bragging to the pimps union 
He says he's never seen such a young ho whose career is already bloomin' 
Tomorrow is my day off, but I want the overtime 
Heck, as a ho I still haven't reached my prime 
I will now have ten vacation days to use when I want 
To get where I am, you have to flirt and flaunt 
The final results are still unclear 
I'm dying to know if I am the ho of the year 
My pimp tells me there is a new ho in town 
She wears one of those stupid little hooker purses, I let her know it's too late for 
her this time around 
My pimp says he will put her under my care 
I tell him she's my competition, and give him a glare 
He smacks me with an open hand across the face 
He tells me, that was to put you in your place 
He says don't ever forget I am in charge, I want that clear 
A crowd comes out, he hugs me and says congratulations you were chosen as 
ho of the year 
I am awarded a trophy, flowers and a golden crown 
I am given the night off a limo to take me to the luxury hotel downtown 
They have reserved me the presidential suite 
It will feel good to be off my feet 
I tell the driver I want to stop for some beer 
I will get drunk and celebrate a lifetime achievement as ho of the year