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Abc Husband Poems | Abc Poems About Husband

These Abc Husband poems are examples of Abc poems about Husband. These are the best examples of Abc Husband poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Antwan you are the love of my life 
You came into my life six years ago
I love you more now then I ever did 

Each day that comes I fall in love with you all over again 
You are the men of my dreams
You are the father of my son

Antwan you are the man that I am going to get married to
You make me feel so free and sexy
When you are near me I feel like I can be anything I wanna be

Antwan you are my best friend 
when I am down you are all ways there for me when I need you
We had our ups and down but we are still together

The love I have for you is forever
I hope you feel the some way but I know you do
Let me love you the way you need to be loved

Antwan I need you and I want you 
I want to lay next to every night and wake up next to you in the morning
Being with you is wonderful and amazing

When I am Kissing you it feels so right
When you hold me I feel so safe in your arms
You make me happy 

Antwan you are like 1,000,000 scoops of  vanilla ice cream I have to have more
God had sent you to me for a reason and the reason is that I was look for 
someone like you.
God told me that your the one for me and that I need you to keep you in my life
I love you so much
Antwan Thank you for loving me the way you do.
Vanessa Brown-Woodberry

For The Man I Love Antwan Woodberry


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Every marriage has its bumps in the road
And they can pop up at any time.
We must learn to navigate them safely 
With fairness, faith and open mind.

No matter how far in your marriage you’ve gone
The highway of love has its rules.
The excitement of sex, trust and affection
Never tolerates self-serving fools.

They say marriages are made in heaven,
But so are tornadoes, lighting and thunder.
Cold hearts and hot heads never solve anything
They just destroy what we love by blunder.

 Boredom, frustration, irritations and anger
 Douse the spark between you and your mate.
 More of the same fails to feed love’s flame
 Till you wake up to find it’s too late

Human touch sustains the release of endorphins
For both the giver and receiver.
Never be afraid to hug your partner.
For the language of touch is a reliever.

Always remember to support your spouse
When times of dilemma arise.
The fortress of love will sustain your marriage 
If you speak less and listen more, you’re wise.

By Tom Zart

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“Some other time, I’m not in the mood
Why cant we just cuddle and watch TV”?
When couples drift into the celibate zone
It’s not long till someone will flee.

Sexual fulfillment helps preserve love,
 Parenthood, marriage and self-esteem.
Those who maintain it avoid saying no
To be blessed by its pleasure and gleam.

While dating we tend to be more romantic
Putting forth the best of our charms.
Sharing dinners, long walks, and lustful weekends
As we spend more time in each others arms.

How many times have you said “not tonight”?
Exposing your happy home to harm.
Today’s crushing deadlines leave little time for love
Leaving partners with sorrow, sadness and alarm.

So share one another with red wine and time
Dial your own number and leave the phone off the hook.
Enjoy some romance, sex and laughter
Improving your mood and the way you look.

By Tom Zart


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Just a day
“Good Night Mom and Dad” I said before I went to bed. “We love you” they said as they closed the door
Mom comes in and wakes me up “Time to go to school” as my feet hit the floor
I got dressed and ate breakfast and got my book bag and now we are on the go
We sit in the car listening to music “It’s Friday I think I’m a little excited tho
“Alright baby we here” as mom open the door to let me get out
She closed the door and kissed me on the head told me she loved me before she pulled off
Another day of school and it close to Christmas
I can’t wait to see Ashley and Alexus, today is show and tell as I said in a whisper
We had learning center day and Boy! Was it fun!
Today was a free day and on Friday there isn’t much to learn
The room was quite when the was a knock at the door, the door opened
A man with a big gun was standing there; my classmates panicked and started to run
I heard a lot of noises and a lot of screams
I felt a sharp pain in my back as I dropped to my knees
In the distant I heard more screams and then everything went silent
Then I closed my eyes it went dark and on the cold floor I was dying
The other side
It’s Thursday night and off to bed we go 
I kiss my 5 year old son Jaden and told him I loved him so
Alarm clock goes off and it’s around 6:15 in the morning 
I shower got dress and woke up Jaden my little darling
Its Friday, I fixed him breakfast and we headed out for the this last day until the weekend
I enjoyed our little drives to school as we sat in the car singing
I opened the door to let him out once more
Kissed him on the head and told him I loved him ill pick him up around four
I’m at work drinking coffee just talked to my husband on the phone
Got at my desk started to work and the my office phone rung
It’s about 9:30 and it was Jaden’s school
I got the news he was dead and I started to puke
I’m crying uncontrollably don’t know my next move
My son is dead, I can’t believe this news
I hurried to the school in the best of my ability 
I saw the school surrounded by medics, reporters, and police
I ran to a officer and demanded to see my son
He said “I’m sorry ma’am” I can’t do this at this time
At 9:32 my one and only son Jaden was pronounced dead
The shooter was 20 and took my son’s life in his own hands
The questions continue to flow through my head as I search for answers
I don’t need answers I need my son and his laughter
I am now sitting on his bed trying to swallow tears
My husband holds me close as reality nears
My little boy is gone among the other 19 kids
Heaven has 20 new angels now I hope he knew how much I love him  as much as  I did

(To the innocent lives that were lost in the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting)

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Never Thought It Would Happen

We began so little and young, 
Life beat us bad and twisted our tongue.
You and I walked a pretty rough road I can say
When you stumbled I was always there to make you stay.

Stay and not give up, I didn't give up on you than, so I wont give up on you now, 
We danced our life so brutally and softly, but this time you didn't look my way and bounced. 
I thought we would go on like this forever, but I guess like people say, 
Nothing lasts forever.

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A new face to trace
Covet then embrace
Beloved thy trance
Diminishing glance

Flirtatious on air
Erroneous flair
Gelid, weary streak
Innovations weak

Heroic on flight
Justly proving right
Losing glossy tone
Keenly you dethrone

Mustering the nerve
Obey and observe
Novelty invades
Promises betrayed

Romantically loose 
Questions the abuse
Shine and gloss aloof
Unwoven with proof

Tarnished we believe
Vanished we deceive
Xerox of our life
Wasted upon strife


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                                      CHRIS NWIGWE

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My Husband

OH The flutter of my heart
When you asked me to marry
With your smile and manner
and with such poise and grace

Our shared days of laughter
and our late nights of whispers
Of our life in the future
with never a departure

We share an endless love
with our thoughts becoming one
Making dreams a reality
a precious gift from above

Our hearts are like gold
Our souls are like diamonds
I love you my husband
from young and to old.

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me (by kimmy holmes, my daughter)

You know what?
i am here so unclearlry
i love you so fiercely
that's all that I know

i'll get in trouble
loven you, you loven me
I am unashambled naked
You'll take me, won't you?

like this

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Rods colors (by kimmy holmes, my daughter)

the cigarette is always burning
your mind always turning
your bigger than most people
not too big for me
when you squint at me that way
I don't wonder what you think
I see me in living color
I see me on the brink
I wonder why you stay
I'm past my expiration
I guess you're alot like me
your here for the duration

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Sometimes I Like To Pretend Things Never Came To A End

Sometimes I like to pretend, things never came to a end. But over time, our love became a crime. I didn't know what we had, would ever end so bad. But then I knew things weren't right, when we started to fight. Now I walk down memory lane all the time, the pain is worst then committing a crime. We only caused eachother pain, but we were eachothers maine. I thought things would be alright, but I cried alot that night. I don't want things to change, without you my life is strange. You said you wanted me so much it started to hurt that you couldn't wait, now im just another person you hate. When you said you didn't care, I knew the person I loved was no longer there. You aren't the same, the new you is lame. We both fell, now it's hell. You use to always be here for me, like family. But now your nowhere in sight, things aren't right. Empty is all that I can feel, I still can't believe this is real. I didn't mean to let you get away, I didn't know what to say. Am i with the right guy, or am i telling myself a lie. I was afraid to loose what we had, but to you that choice was bad.

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To my dear husband

To my dear and loving husband,
If ever two were one then surely we.
If ever man were loved by wife,
Then thee.
If ever wife were happy in a man,
Compare with me,
Ye women,
If you can.
I prize thy love more than whole mines of gold,
Or all the riches that the east douse hold.
My love is such that rivers cannot quench,
Nor ought but love from thee,
Give recompense.

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do I? (by kimmy holmes, my daughter)

you are
so in love
in love 
with me

i wonder
do  you know
i'm not the same
no not

look at what
you done 
you done did to me
made me too happy

i'm so happy 
i cain't do the same
i feel bad
make everyone mad

but i can't
I won't 
cuz I don't have to
do I?

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ME(by kimmy holmes, my daughter)


yOUR'E sO MUCH     better
i MAKES ME quiet
Not so mucH ME

you tell me I might be sad
I am ready

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You Mean Everything To Me

When People Say Love is Blind,
For me its You whom i have Found.

Now when you are not Near,
I miss you the most My Dear.
This Phase is where i dislike to be apart,
You strike a  light within my Heart .

In every ups and downs you are with me,We  fight ,argue and frown at each other,
but at the end we know we are together,
Our Love is Rare,llike us there is no other Pair.

Its u who never let me go Wrong,
You are the one who motivates me to be Strong.

Its You who cares for me,
even if you are Now not here,
Your presence i can still feel in this Air.

You have not just captivated heart of Mine,You give me all the reasons to Smile.

I am blessed to have you in my Life.Before you,my Life was  in a Mess,
But your love have compressed rest of my Life.

I want to walk miles with you.Without you i am  hostile.

This is true that love never judges,it never hurts,it removes all the grudges within us, and it converts two souls into one.

The gift of Love you have given to me,I will cherish that till i die...

You Mean a lot to me..i may not able to express you how much close you are to me,
but its true for me, you are my world and everything to me...

Sanchita Ghosh

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For my husband

Will you be happy if I am gone?
Will you be happy if I leave you?
No matter how it hurts, no matter how bad it is
If this is the only way to see you smile again, I will….

I have tried to apologize, and  say “I’m so sorry”
I  have tried to hug you , but you push me away.
Day by day,  softly, it’s killing me,
I am just like a wind , I exist  but you couldn’t  see.

I know it’s my fault that’s why I am suffering
It’s me who failed you once again and the reason for crying
Please talk to me, please tell me honestly
Do we still have a chance or I am now  a nobody?

Sorry for causing you too much pain
Sorry for my mistakes and doing it all over again
I will not swear or give you false promises again
But please give me a chance and start all over again.

But if by chance you choose to leave me
And ask me to let you go
I will try to accept it and feel the pain
I will just close my eyes when you walk away.

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wh---(by kimmy holmes, my daughter)

In my room
air thick
I hear you hating me
outside my door

I't don't matter how I suck you

For what I was
you loved me before
you hate me now
for being your whore


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Cris K
Right man to be a husband 
I love him so deep 
So much 

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this way (by kimmy holmes, my daughter)

You are clean
I still think you 
can be

this way

I met a man in a bar
I'm sure you won't understand
we talked of our lovers
we held hands

felt like we understood 
our unfufilled lives
then realized
we were just lonely

this way

You are mine
I still know you 
can be 


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A husband just like you

I just want you to know
You mean the world to me,
Only a heart as dear as yours
Would give so unselfishly.

The many thing's you've done,
All the time's that you were there,
Helps me know deep inside How much you really care.

Even though i might not say,
I appreciate all you do,
Richly blessed is how i feel
Having a husband just like you.

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Love, Your Lonely Trucker Wife

Another night alone
Because the road is all you know.
Carry my heart with you please
Do with it what you will.
Every moment that you are gone
Fear consumes my soul.
Giving me reason to feel this cold
How hard to live this lonesome life.
I've given you all of me
Just to watch your tired eyes
Kill my ounce of hope.
Living this life has grown so old
My mind understands 
Never will my heart.
Of all the things in the world
Pulling that load hurts me the most.
Questions flutter across the room 
Regrets unspoken and how they consume.
Struggling to survive day to day
Torn to nothing
Unaware and ashamed.
Vigorously searching for what is unknown
Warmth of your touch is all I long for.
Xanthic flesh from our years
Zealous no more from these tears.

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I want someone to love innocently
I want to look after someone caringly
I want that one to be all mines
I also want to feel like lost in a whine

Someone to hold my hand when I tremble
Someone to protect when I am in trouble
Someone for the shoulder when I cry 
Someone to cry when I die 

I need someone to smile for
I need someone to stop crying for
I sometimes want to laugh without reasons
I have the desire to enjoy the beauty of seasons 

I want someone to love till last
I want someone for whom I can fast
Someone to realize the pain behind my smile
Someone to shout at without a reason for a while 

Someone to scold me rightfully
Someone to mould my mistakes drastically
Someone to get hilarious sarcastically 
Someone to make me happy willingly

I want him to feed me when I am hungry
I want him to make me smile when I am angry
I want him to tease me around mischievously
I want him to hide playfully

i want someone to love more than myself
I want someone to hug me without reason
I need someone to walk with
I want a reason to live

I need you for the reasons 

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Always be compassionate!
Demand equality.
For giving has its joy.
Kept lies may never offer partnerships!
Quickly, romance slips through useless void!
Who exits your zone?

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the same ol'

Hi mommy. I'm glad you're clean
Or at least that's what it seems
Daddy called me
You send him and email
It had a picture
In that picture is what killed him
Fear bled through his every limb
Jazzys picture in the back
His soul went black
How could you do this
I thought it was all bliss
Why mommy?
You let it control again
I'm in shame
People in and out
They make me want to shout
My scars are from you
I am..Who?
It doesn't matter 
I'm just her
Mommy i want daddy
And he should have let you take the blame
Cause i knew it was going to be the same

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I am well conversant with the the art of war
how can i not?
Other than the fact that each day is a survival on this planet
My father was a freedom fighter
Sovereignty runs through my veins.
Am fortified.

Beauty and personality are my bow and arrows;
Charisma has been known to bring down Berlin walls.
I polish my brains and character daily
Being Smart is something my father would recommend.
Bible and faith are my defender
after all,every physical,emotional,psychological battle in this life can only be won spiritually.
Am fortified.

You standing by my side,and i have never been more stronger.
I am no longer me',its We.
In my inadequacies,you refill my cup
When my maths don't add up,your intelligence save the day.
My missions are no longer 'stand alone',I have a co-pilot.
Am fortified.

I always knew i was born to reign
now with your love as my guide and guard
my walls will never taste defeat
My kingdom shall never fall
Am fortified.

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Ride or Die

I am down for your thug life
I will ride or die for you because you are my man and I love you
If you are in that gang I'm in that gang
I am your Bonnie to your Clyde

We ride or die for the BLUE TEME 
us and our new family is going to take over the world
I am down for whatever
I love that my man is thug now and I love thugs

I am down for you and nobody is not going to take that away
If you want me to be Gansta Boo aka Thug Misses I will
If you thug I'm thug Ride or Die right
You ride or die for me I ride or die for you
All that matters that we ride or die for each other
and for the Blue Teme
Ride or Die

Vanessa Brown

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I'm a man on a mission trying to achieve but what's a future to be told if I don't have the courage to believe
Long live the dream instead of be bold I gotta live my story and do what was told for me Achieve milestones even if its piece by piece, I set my own tone to how I aspire to be a beast
Not takeover on stupid things but make a change to give thanks from how I came up from a used to be to now a superstar. Doing things for good reasons to be that one to inspire not by money and fame but wisdom and knowledge
I got to change the game and learn how to believe if I was born in this world what makes you think I can’t achieve
I made it thus far by determination and faith that’s why I say I’m hungry because im first to the table ready to study, practice, then perform so that I can be all that I can be and so much more
Wishing on a star following it however long trying to get to the top by making memory stops to better my future and see that I can do great things if I just believe

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Baby, it's rainin
I've gone out 
and put myself 
in the rain
what do you think
think of this thunder
you scared?
not me
I put it around my neck
put it where it should be
but I would really
I would really like it
If you would come
and just get me
ok, I'm scared and hungry
mostly scared
come get me

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Dont grow too fast
my little girl
stay as it was
"Our" world’ s a twirl

Your little houses
and cooking games
those cute blouses…
Just stay the same…

Dont grow too fast
it’s not what you think
stay as it was
Yought is just a blink…

Your highschool club
and little pains
your first ever love…
Please just stay the same…

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dark room,no light
not day,at night
soft kisses on my neck
gentle leg caress
quiet whispers in the dark
melting my heart
skin on skin
chest to chest
making love to you
is the best
i've never felt so beautiful
ive never felt so alive
everything feels so good
i think i might die
a noise squeeks out of my mouth
a noise ive never heard
any other time im silent
not a whisper,a whimper,a word
but you,you set me free
you let me be me
chest to chest
cheek to cheek
all the passion is starting to leak
i hold you tight,there's no-one above you
whispers both ways softly
"i love you"
creating a life
half of you half of me
how in the world can this be?
so amazing,so truthful
so wonderful and bright
i close my eyes
remember this night
lock it away in my head
save it for myself
ive never loved so much
never ever felt
so perfect,so alive
so beautiful,i cry
and you,just you
are all i need
all i need is you,just you
my chest to your back
a kiss on the cheek
close my eyes and remember all the things around me
how you smell,how you taste
how do people cheapen such a beautiful thing?
to have something feel this good,this right
creating our child,you turn on the light
and the last thing you say when i ask you not to
is im leaving it on..i need to see you

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Friends till the end of time

It's crazy how I always image me as you'r grl
Funny how we talk then the next mth or so we don't here frm each other anymore
Every since we first meet I knew I wasn't never going to leave in your  world
We den been threw or ups and down together
May not see each other all the time
Remember at the beginning we promise to stick together 4eva, no matter what
There were times that I couldn't stand you, and there were tmes you hated me
Like we both said, we stayed together 
One min boy/grl friend, the next we just friends
But I tell you one thing can't nobody
stop me frm being you'r grl or friend till the end

Ja'Micheal L Thomas

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If not for you

If not for you, I wouldn’t have know
What true Love really meant
I'd never have felt this inner peace:
I wouldn't be content
If not for you, I’d never have
The pleasure of true romance
I'd have missed the bliss and craziness
of Loves sweet, sweet silly dance
I need to feel your tender touch
I need to hear your voice
No other could ever take your place;
Your it, I have no choice
Without you I'd be adrift
I don’t know what I'd do
I’d be searching for my other half
I’d be incomplete, if not for you
I love you

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Let's Stay Together

Let's stay together for us and for our son
I love you more now then I did before 
I need you and I want you in my life 

We can take care of each other forever
I don't care how long you have I am still your baby girl and you wife
We been together to long to let it go
You will always be my boo

I cant's stop loving and thinking about you
Let's run away with our son and live our life
We need to be together till the day we die

You are my dream and my soulmaet and I am yours
We have to just keep praying to God that he keeps us together
I will always be there for you when you need me 
I love you so much I can't wait to have you in my arms and I will never let you go
I just wish I can see you and hear you voice
Let's Stay Together
Vanessa Brown-Woodberry

For my husband Antwan Woodberry I Love You Baby

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Harmony in Marriage (ABC poem)

Anxious brides carry doubt,
Each female,
Greets him intoxicated,
Joining kingdoms love,
Men now obedient,
Pre qualify responses,
Staying tomorrow united,
Victorious women,
Xerox yearlong zeal.

I am sure this will strike up some controversy,,for sure...Maybe and then again maybe not !!!

ABC poem for contest.

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The Truth

Whats this love for? Is it worth it this time?
Are you gonna break my heart? 
Are you truly gonna be mine? 
Guys will say anything behind those jail walls , but 
the sad thing is I wouldn't believe you even if you 
weren't in jail at all.
You've done some horrible things Bobby. 
You truly broke my heart.
When I lost you my whole damn world feel apart.
I'm not saying that to make you feel bad.
I'm saying that cause when I lost my whole world got sad.
I'm not perfect never have been but , I truly loved you 
and still remained your friend.
Now 7 years later the same words you once said.
I love you Megan , I need you so bad.
The sound of your voice is still the same and hidden in your words are lies.
Things are different this time. I'm not the same girl.
If you try to play games with me I promise I will get the highest score.
I won't fall for it this time I'm mean it I do.
I won't let another guy put me threw what you put me threw , not even you.
If you love me we can hold each other threw all this bad weather.
We can get threw it together , but if you hurt me its gonna be bad. 
Not trying to sound mean but my pride is all that I have. 
I promise to love you & be there till the end , and if *****gets to 
deep I promise to remain your friend. 
I hope you do the same , but I hope even more you mean what your saying.
Just be honest Bobby thats all I ask. If you do that I willing to let go of the past.
I wont bring it up no more , if you can show me there's a reason I fell in love with you.
I want to know there is love behind all this pain we've been threw.
If you can do that then the sun will truly shine , and the gas is greener on the other side.
Most of I will be your everything and you'll be mine.
I'll love and cherish you and when you do time I'll do time.
Like Bonnie & Clyde if you show me you love me , I'll ride or die. 
To the end of time , you could be the only man that's on my mind.
That's precious. Getting me to say some *****like that is a blessing.
I hope you learned your lesson. Your 34 I hope your ready to man up , and be all 
that you can be and more. You owe to it yourself but even more to your kids.
You need to show them their dad's not as bad as everyone says he is. 
I know together we can make it. If I didn't it would be heartbreak that I'm risking
So please hear my words their is more to life than trying to put yourself in the dirt.
Stand up and realize what your worth I want you to love yourself and remember I 
loved you first. 

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Ode to Mr. Anonymous

The sweet sound of his voice,
filling the air.
Letting me know,
 He'll always be there,
The sweet smell of his breathe,
And his cologne that's so sweet.
Always seeming to knock me off my feet.
I see his sweet face.
I get lost in my thoughts.
He seems so perfect.
Like theres nothing  that could go wrong,
But as I sit and I think.
I keep on wondering, why?
How could this angel,
really be mine?
He's sweet and he's caring.
He reassures me his thoughts.
Making me feel like,
The happiest girl on the block.
I'll love Mr. Anonymous, 
Even when I'm gone.
I hope our love,
Forever flies on.

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Prison Song/Love Prison

Hands and feet shackled
You are traped and can't get out
Doing time away from me and our son 

Love, god,and our son is making you strong
You are in place you don't want to be
I miss you like crazy 

The life we was going to have we will have in time
You are sick of that place 
You have to keep a low profile
How can we deal with this 

I'm not going to cry because I can't anymore 
I am going to be strong for you and our son
I feel like my hands and feet are shackled too but not in that way

I am in love with you and in the love prison
Think about a special place and me 
We can be in the love prison together

We will be together in time in the love prison
I can't wait til you get out of the other prison
I still love you 
I have your back til the day I die
I am not going to leave you
I am never going to leave  this love prison that we are in
Prison Song/Love Prison

Vanessa Brown-Woodberry

For my Husband Antwan Woodberry I love you Baby

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this is a love song

so cool  you
and you made me laugh
let me go to my places
brought me back

I remember the day that you loved me
I wasn't sure how to feel
I needed to know it was real

I hate to admit it
you really took care of me
I don't generally like that
but I really did, see?

And on the day that you loved me
I wasn't sure how to feel
I started hoping it was real

you were kind, my kind
a sexy, good person
and you're my husband

On that day that you loved me
I realized how to feel
I loved you too

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For You

  As I lay my self down to sleep I give to you my soul to keep
 For u I would take a stand, to keep our love strong I'll do anything I can
Everytime I feel your touch which i dont feel enough, Its like Im begging 
for your love! Its like im invisable to you why cant i be what you need!
The pain and suffering that I have allways known tends to stay with me
as I grow,My nightmares has lengerd threw all these years I have shed
way to many tears! When i meat you my heart was like coal , I'V never
been showed love as you no , But yet you show nothing now,
In the bagning a light shined on me and It was you , Then I was no 
longer haunted by what men put me through! Now that I have meat you 
This monster you have slain And every day being with you keeps me saine 
Love deciet dishunesty and pain cover my soul like the distant rain 
 wanting your love  me pushes me insaine  Cant you see your
all I have For you my love is pure and true ,you dont even have a clue 
its hard for me when your not near losing you is my biggest fear.
U and Elissa are my family ! Something Iv never had And I would 
go to the end of the earth to get it back I need for us to be togeather tell 
the end ! But do u? For u I would do anything I can!
I say I love you because I do in my heart mind and soul And you know  its true For 
you Id gladly
give my life in hope that one day ill be your wife

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The Power of Words

A, B, and C 
These letters won’t do you justice 
But when I use these letters to create word that can describe your mind and body 
I am able to set fire to your senses that command you’re every thought 
 As you sit here and read this your able to feel as I feel tell that even the complexity of this 
Show you that I can express my feeling even though the words on this page
The words that I can use to describe your body firstly
Powerful Words like soft, beautiful, smooth, divine
Then we can use technical terms like I can run my hands over your Gluteus maximum
Or over your Pectorals Major where your mammary glands are held 
The power in words can make you even forget the world around you
Words as simple in complexity as love and hate can have an endless amount of meanings
But when these simple world are use to describe you and me the world that comes to mind is
This word can say that our relationship knows no limits the way we can express the feeling that 
comes over us
The way I can wake up and still feel you next to me even when hundreds of miles away from 
each other
As I get to this point in the poem I can feel that you want to cry  
Because of this overwhelming expression of feelings someone has never had for you can come 
out in only one page.
Well my love I just show you THE POWER OF WORDS

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The First Time

The first time we made love I cried and I was in heaven
When I first seen you I fall Head over hills in love with you
The first time we kissed and I milted

You are the first man that I loved that loved me back
We had our problems in the passed but we made it through them
We had our first big fight for the first time but it made us stronger then ever

Six year together and sill going strong 
You and I are one and will be for Thirty six more years to come
The first day you gave me the ring I fall in love with you all over again 

You are the first man that I would ride or die for 
You are like a drug habit I get so high when I am with you 
We are closer now then we ever was 

For the first time when I am in you are I feel Safer then ever 
You are the first am that I talk about getting marred to
When that day comes I will feel like I am falling in love for the first time

When we make love it feels like we are making love for the first time
I never want to hart you 
You are the love of my life 
 I will cater to your every need 
Any thing you need me to do I will do
You also make me feel like a real woman

To Antwan I love you so much
Vanessa Brown

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No one is immune to the pitfalls of stress 
Though some seem to avoid its toll.
The three qualities that set hardy people apart
Are love of challenge, commitment and control.

People who are happy tend to see challenge, or change
As an opportunity for growth not a threat.
Their commitment means involvement and engaging life
In marriage, children, the work place, the battle field or debt. 

Those who rate higher in their duties of commitment
Feel more meaning and purpose in what they achieve.
The third trait control, is essentially determination
To have triumphs in life by how we respond and  believe.

There are skills, habits, and traits to adopt and cultivate
Which help make the smart decisions we depend on for life.
It also helps to take time for prayer and self evaluation
To make sure we haven’t changed from the dilemmas of strife.

Optimism along with positive thinking come naturally
When our need to serve others we refuse to deny or ration.
Contentment takes hard work, grit, faith and spirituality 
Lots of love, understanding, forgiveness, and compassion.

By Tom Zart


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my husband

I know I can't live without you
I wouldn't want to
I mean this, so much
I am humble
I am in love you 
I am in LOVE  with you
nothing is in between us now
it's just you and me
and a cigarette
some dogs
some bills
so why are we not all over each other?
I've not forgotten you
have you forgotten me?
I'm gonna finish this poem
I'm gonna quit talkin and wantin 
and I'm 

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You & Me (Problems)

You said you'll never hurt me
You promise you'll be there for me
You showed me all the nice things 
You told me that one day I'll be wearing your promise ring
You said that you loved me, that every time I call you'll answer
You broke my heart and did you care
I didn't even think if you did or didn't
Because of you my heart floats in the air
I treated you right, let you stay at my home when I had to go to school the next day
Even through late nights
I should've let you go when we where going threw our fuses and fights
But instead I heard that what relationship was, true
Thats not an relationship; you cheated and you lied 
I told you from me there should be nothing to hide
I just wanted you to be real, but you couldn't even do that
But that goes with half of these lieing,cheating dudes
To us girls thats known as a fact 
Some of us (the truth and being real) is some we lack
I can't believe you did this to me 
I really didn't think you where going to change 
You left me with know choice now they call me
             Mz. INDEPENDENT

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Forever yours

The best things in life are not things, but people like you With one signal touch my body goes numb, with a single kiss my legs go weak can this be real, I thought the part of me to feel was gone hurt so many times and afraid to come out, with one single touch it is there ready to build strength again, I want to be there for every moment of your life I want to laugh with you when you’re happy, I want to hold you when your sad, when things get tough and you don’t think you can go on I’ll be there holding your hand letting you know things will be okay, I want to laugh with you cry with you, I want to share and build my hopes and dreams with you, I want to watch the sun rise and set with you, you are the one I have chosen to call my own, I promise to love and care for all of our life and when that life is gone and I have moved on I will wait for you, and when judgment day has arrived and you must go the other way, I’ll give back my wings hallow and everything to be with you that’s how much I care, so if you let me in I will never fade out I will be yours, forever yours

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                                   My hero ; my savior, my saint, my friend,
                                   you come to my call to chase away the bad
                                   and make me feel safe, I've never felt so safe 
                                   as I do in your arm the security the knowing 
                                   nothing will go wrong so here I am safe in 
                                    your loving arms thank you my hero

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Fame, wealth, prestige, and wild women
For too long were my passions of life.
One day I found sweet liberation
When God gave my heart to my wife.

33 years we loved one another
Sharing all we possessed and more.
Last year she passed in the middle of night
Never to shadow our door.

I’m sure in rapture, she awaits
For me to arrive in heaven divine.
I’ll miss our children and grandkids too
But we’ll all reunite in time.

By Tom Zart

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hey Dad

I miss you
Maybe, you might be missin me?
My heart is not geared for this
maybe you could help me?
help me fix this mess.

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Cigarette is so good
I  inhale deep
I want to feel it
like I felt you, 
but baby, to make myself better
I gotta stop feelin you
I long for the drink
always dreaming of you
pick up the phone
come too far though
can't throw it all gone
love, I just won't
I just keep, keepin on
I'm wierd, I'm better
I feel guilty
I can't explain why
I just need a little bit
a little bit better life
always, we understood each other
so, maybe you'll understand
I Love You
but my dear,sweet, messed up familiar
love surely, surely, does not mean
we die

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So dear to my heart are my loved ones at home
As I toss and I turn in my bunk all alone.
Everyday I see death, hate, and corruption
Combat is God’s proof of man’s malfunction

For family, comrades, and myself I pray
To my love with this poem I wish to convey.
I knew I loved you though never how much
Till by war, I’m forced beyond your touch.

Where violence thrives, there’s the stench of death
With the taste of fear on every breath.
Who shall prevail, who shall die
As the sadistic kill beneath God’s sky.

Baghdad has become man’s highway to hell
Where the hearts of darkness are alive and well,
I count each day till it’s time to come home 
And be with my love and never alone.

Love You
Your Marine 

By Tom Zart

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I'm sorta me

I love 80's music
and talk radio AM
I can't sleep
I keep being the person I was, I am
I just keep being me
Sometimes it doesn't really work out
I sorta wonder why don't I change
And then I just  don't  care
But that's me
the forty something chick with a nose stud
and a husband 
who wonders the same thing

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You saved me and our boys
when you count the matchsticks
you might think you came out
on the side that don't flick

And so we fight

You love a slightly unbalanced wife 
you endure an unbalanced checkbook
you live a life that keeps you breathing
a life based on a chance you took

But you were right

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He is harmony in a perfect tone,
with the power of attracting me to his personal charm, 
He is capable of being heard,
To me he is a legendary figure of great strength and ability,
A man admired by his quality and one who manages his own life,
He strife's for his recommended achievements,
He is by far the only existence beyond earth and life for me.

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The Heart of Men

It has been broken 
It has been step on 
Even held in the hand by another 
It has been take care 
Kick to the side 
And place on a Mantel for the world to see 
Even dealing with the fortress of cover emotions 
Lies a person at with the strength of Atlas
And the mind of a super computer   
A heart as genuine as gold 
Hard to contain as the wind that blows by her face
It has tame the hardest of woman
It has create rhythmic music and poems
That has define the world today 
All because of the heart of this man will 
A will created by Pain, Stress, Anger, and Happiness
The driving force behind every man
That hasn’t and will not give up on the thing that has his heart

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                                    what is my reason for being.......

                              is it to be your one & only ; a mother; your
                              lover; a worker; something special; someone
                             new and fresh; maid; a servent; a short order 
                             chef; your angel; to live one day at a time; all 
                             that I am and more; all of the above or perhasps
                                             something more

                                            What is my reason..........

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Like a school boy who turned red as the little girl batted her eyes,
   like puppy love at summer camp two weeks was like a life time,
       like a snow cone on a hot summer day... melting down the sides,
            38 yrs.old, time chiseled yet you bring out the sissy no one can find.
A smile as wide as a 9 yr.old on Christmas morning,
    a laugh as heart felt as a little baby or a child at three, 
          like the early bird eager to raise and to perch and sing, 
               after all you still love to see that sissy smile you bring me,
to buy roses not any ones the ones that I now will make you smile
           to sit and write you a poem of love and forever
                 to dress to impress you even for just awhile
                      no one would even think this of me... a sissy never 
no one knows no one can see,
    you make me fill like a young kid,
         to hold your soft hand is to be free,
             look can you see?heres that sissy I hid.
as life washes over me,
   as it rains problems we all have,
      by my side looking waiting to see,
           that sissy... and it makes you glad,
my heart is you,
   my world ... I see,
      in your eyes of blue, 
           that sissy you see in me,
my valentine,
   you are to me,
        my every thing, 
            love your sissy.



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I want someone to love innocently
I want to look after someone caringly
I want that one to be all mines
I also want to feel like lost in a whine

Someone to hold my hand when I tremble
Someone to protect when I am in trouble
Someone for the shoulder when I cry 
Someone to cry when I die 

I need someone to smile for
I need someone to stop crying for
I sometimes want to laugh without reasons
I have the desire to enjoy the beauty of seasons 

I want someone to love till last
I want someone for whom I can fast
Someone to realize the pain behind my smile
Someone to shout at without a reason for a while 

Someone to scold me rightfully
Someone to mould my mistakes drastically
Someone to get hilarious sarcastically 
Someone to make me happy willingly

I want him to feed me when I am hungry
I want him to make me smile when I am angry
I want him to tease me around mischievously
I want him to hide playfully

i want someone to love more than myself
I want someone to hug me without reason
I need someone to walk with
I want a reason to live

I need you for the reasons 

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Dreaming of you

Dreaming of you in the morning and the afternoon
I'm thinking about the love we made in the evening and it keeps me dreaming
I can't wait to give you my love and I'm dreaming of you

 are the man I want and love, I can't let you go
When you are near I feel like a real woman
you are all was on my mind 

I love the way you take care of me when you can
we are the best of friends
I love the way you are with our son

I will never stop loving you 
u know my love for you is strong
you make me happy al the time

you are a good man
A lot of people did you wrong (but not me)
The day we get married is going to be the best day of our lives

I love when I am in your arms 
You make me feel safe 
I am very lucky to have you

We are going to thug it out ( just you and me)
I will always ride or die or you
I'm your Bonnie and you're my Clyde

Dreaming of you in the morning and the afternoon
I'm thinking about the love we made in the evening and it keeps me dreaming
I can't wait to give you my love and I'm dreaming of you

Dreaming of you

For my husband Antwan Woodberry I love you Boo

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Charming masked persona
Desiring all he can take
Elegant words of passion
Forgetting that he’s fake

Why can’t you just be yourself?

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you are mad
you are obligated to lean upon the lord for your strength
your masculant way of worship whispers greatness into her ears
phanoMENal...key word fellas
keep your feet planted by the streams of the lords waters
and watch yourself as you grow
you are blessed to be a blessing
 dont let your downfall be....
her lips , her eyes, her hips and thighs
do you unerstand that the body dies
but the soul lives on
do you understand the lord has your life in his hands
be brave my men dont decieve the gullible
do not play the weak hearted
teach the young ones
bring them up in the way that they should go
oh my boy you should know
right when you are about to fall 
i pray that you remember you are

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you take my hand
gently trace my palm
inspires me
reminds me
of my mom
love and innocence
slumbers with us
in our bed
it's not said
but it's strong
my lust for you
it's even
always just on time
but I'm satisfied
just knowing your mine
my knowing hand
is always in your hair
so content and safe
knowing you are there

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for lovers


If I die tomorrow I really would not mind
I say this because I have lived my time

and I thank God for every moment we share
even if we argued I still knew you cared 

so when I leave this earth 
and they burry me in the cold lonely dirt

I will ask god watch out for you
as I will always do 


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to babble

i pray every day
with my drapes unfolded
and all vanities shut out,and
mind steady,that than bracelets
a gracious maiden be found,to 
entangle my thin arms,and than
diamonds be found,a sparkling love

everyday,every morning the skies
are assured of my cries,and 
lightless bright room,just a single
ray escaping,that than any a man
to knock my door,i should never shut out
jesu joy of man desiring,and than
friends be found a jealous God

and by evening yes,the
prayer of secret,and babbling
is answered,but the day is late
and sunless,and i must sleep,
letting the soul to travel,but now
i must whisper a prayer with six
knees,two a piece to my maiden and boy

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Tender Moments

Your smile use to light up my 
You use to say... If i can't i just might.
Through all of those years i've spent with
No matter what the problem was, 
you always knew.
We grew as one, 
getting to know each other, 
But when things got bad, 
We held on to one another.
You didn't know when it was time to say
Even though your gone, 
Your still in my heart and in my mind.
I can't say, 
I didn't shed a tear, 
I lay down in my bed wishing that you were here.
Just knowing someday...
You and i will once again meet.
I know where you are, 
Know i can sleep.
Just knowing your in God's hands resting
in peace...

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> D G D verse 
> sitting here just thinking of you 
> E a7 
> wishing that you be here all the time 
> shine back on me with your miracle love 
> D G 
> with you here you are the sunshine of my life 
> chorus G d G Em7 
> i love you and i think of you more everyday 
> GD G D GD 
> i love the way you whisper words into my ear no one
> else can hear my 
> dear 
> g D 
> youre the sunshine of my life you are the sunshine
> of my life 
> verse DM 
> when i hold your hand and you kiss my lips 
> dd g 
> i think there is no other man like this 
> g d gd gd 
> when you say im beautiful everyday my mind is just
> blow away all the 
> time 
> gd 
> cause youre the sunshine of my life cause youre the
> sunshine of my 
> life youre the sun sunshine of my life 
> chorus G D G dG 
> i love way you look at me and speak to me in that
> special way, i love 
> the words you have to say i melt inside your arms
> each day 
> bridge 
> g d 
> i love the ways i love your touch 
> g 
> i love you more than anything in the world 
> chorus X2 
> i love you and i think of you more everyday 
> i love the way you look at me and speak to me in
> that special way 
> i love the way you whisper words in my ear that
> nobody else can hear 
> my dear 
> with you here you are the sunshine of my life when
> you here youre the 
> sunshine of my life
> ©copyrighted penny lapsley 2007

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Who Are YOU To Judge?

Are you seriously lecturing me?
Belittling my every move
Cause I’m pretty confidant
Drastically you need to improve

Stand in judgment of yourself first

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He just

My man, so smooth
Looks so good in his black
He just keeps comin at me
not cuttin me no slack
I'm not sure why he loves me
but he just keeps givin me
gifts me gifts
things I can wear on my arms
things I've paid less for cars
I don't care
I'll probably lose em, anyway
i'm not good with things
I'm good with how we sway
Left, right, back and over
He dances me so 
And he loves to dance me
THAT is what I need 

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10 years +

The next time you decide
to lock me outta my house
you BETTER be ready to ride

Look, I don't want to be crass
but lock the door we both picked out?
and I'll be kickin some ass

Baby, I get it, I even understand 
your goin thru some kinda "crisis"

But the next time you lock that door?
Take a picture, it will be "priceless"

Do you REALLY think I'm messin around?
strangely, that makes me hot
Open that damn door
and make it more than a thought

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He did not want to climb the spiral helix,
a son will be born without him.
He said I want to become my father
and see the decline.

How for shall we go to investigate?
An infant wrapped up in plastic explosive
was going to be presented on dais.
An unclothed carcass was lying between you and me,
body donated for the study
of failing restraints. How death would behave
in broad daylight?
The vasectomy did not work. Testosterone was
still flowing.

Reading Kafka, peanuts!
We have come near emptiness
of a tree, hollowed by white ants.


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great ESCAPE

Give me 200 miles
a couple of smiles
baby, that's my ticket
it won't take much
I'm scared but 
I think I can make it
I'll take this check
greatgrandmother sent
and I'll hit the road
and we'll be safe
K, got this plan
again, I am petrified
I'm doing it!
I'm driving 
got my babies
they got me
I call mama
her waiting to hear from me
she knew I would call
knew I would fall
into her everlovin arms
this is a story
maybe boring
but mine

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Deyab my love your eyes tell me your love is true.
your touch is so passionate yet so gentle.
your heart is so caring.
it calls me in my sleep.
i dream of only you.
my heart skips a beat when i see you.
my body tells me you are the one for me.
my mind thinks of only you.
my eyes see you for who you are.
you are my one true love.
i have dreamed of someone like you my whole life and now i finally found you.

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our mouth

You tryin to work my mouth?
this mouth attached to my face?
It ain't your's baby
so it's gonna say, what it say

my mouth, it loves you

But don't you ever
be thinkin
just because
I been drinkin


I don't know where
my mouth has been
my mouth is your home

I think, and You Know
You got doubt
but honestly
when was the last time
you listened to my mouth?


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Baby, you're a love song
you're a cigarette
after a real good meal

I'm so in love with you
I'm still turned upside down
Your'e the real deal

I won't attempt to tell them
they won't understand
how you are me

I wish they could feel
how special you make feel
after all this time

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Not PG

Ok, this is not PG

I don't want to be illegal
but I want to break the rules

Love, I am tiring of being your best friend
I know this would upset you
but won't you please, PLEASE
upset me

If I pick a fight with you
will you have make up sex with me?

I fantasize about you
in every imaginal situation
lot's of violition
sinning beyond redemption
biting me cuz I'm itchin
nasty soliction
doin things badder than fiction

I am so bound up
wound up
wish you knew
how much
I want to just
to wake you

make the walls cry out again

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If I knew how to fly, I would show you the world and how I see it 
full of life, joy, harmony, and wonder for that is how you helped me find it,
If I could sing I would sing you a song that warmed you on the coldest day
you see from the time I raise till I fall asleep your tune lightens my day,
If I was rich and could give you any thing in the world
I would buy time to spend with you because thats all I want in the world,
If I was father time I would stop...
for every moment with you, any time by your side every thing stops...,
If I could give you any thing on this plant 
it would be the greenest of fields,the bluest of oceans and the sweetest plants,
If I could show you how I fill having you by my side 
you would see the world,
           hear my heart beat
                        see how you fill my day, 
                                          know what it is to have the world,
                                                   then stop.....
                                                             as I enjoy this planet
                                                                            to see how
like a plant 
this love has grown,
           and you would see why
                         I'm blessed to have you
                                  by my side.



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In my room
air thick
I hear you hating me
outside my door

I't don't matter how I suck you

For what I was
you loved me before
you hate me now
for being your whore


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To you.

To you I give my heart and soul,
       Endless love and some one to hold,
To you I will say forever and always,
       By your side for all days.
To you and you only faithful I will be,
      To you only for you love me.
To you this poem from my heart,
      with prayers that we never part.
To you and for you I give it my all,
      The one who catches me when I fall.
To you my undying love,
      for it`s you who fits me like a glove.
To you words to remember,
     I will always love you tender.
To you I wish the best,
     To have you I`m truly blessed.
To my beautiful wife,
     This I write.  

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What will be said.

The day will come when I will pass away and I wonder ....what will be said,
my journey in this world, this life time is some thing I would do again.
left behind will be memories, stories, and poems left to be read.
times of a love smitten husband to his wife and best friend.
Times my kids how they laughed and played in their parents bed,
memories of my struggles, my triumphs and the smiles along the way,
I wonder what will be said.
my kids will raise a glass and toast all that I use to say.
As my wife whips her tears for I told her I will always be near,
my daughter will say Romero's fear nothing while smiling and looking above,
my son will say family is the most important dad made that very clear.
my wife will say remember  all that he did, he did it with love.
She will tell them how all I wanted was for them to be happy in life,
that to every dark day there will be light, for every bad day there is a good find it,
how I wanted them to be like me and find true love like I found in my wife.
to always hold your head up, and never no matter what never quit.
When my time comes I hope they will all know the love I have for them,
that my life, my poems my strength they were my inspiration,
that I will always be their dad, her husband and most of all their friend.
that even in death there is no separation,
I could not have had a more beautiful wife or have found the love I found in her,
or could I have been blessed with the kids I feed,
My life with my wife and kids is a story book no one ever read that's for sure,
a day will come, but for now I live in this moment, cherish every smile, hold a little 
tighter and love endlessly for I can wait to hear what will be said    

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The love of my love

The love of my life is the man who made me his wife. We always fight but end up moving 
on with our busy lifes sometimes it seem to be ungrateful to me. I always think the simple 
little things in life is what kwwps us going. The love of my life dont see how hard i try to 
please and fullfill his needs. I 'am only a house wife witch means i dont get alife  i live for 
you and our kids.The love of my life dont know how many tears ive let go i miss you 
rubbing my hair for no reasonor telling me that you care. The love of my life, you and i 
made a vow togetther ill keep our family in order until they get older. The love of my life is 
my only friend in my eyes your the best man alive. thank you for making me your wife i just 
wish you could see how hard i really do to please you. i love you and ill never stop untill my 
heart quits beating . thank you for our life that we share your my love of my life.

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ho do you say sorry

How do you say sorry for doing a wrong
you use that word so many time but what else can you say to
express the way you feel inside
how cn you show he,s on your mind and what 
do you say to him to show that love inside 
cause he would not call he would not write and your call is not answer so
you can,t tell him how you feel inside 
so how to you say sorry and tell him how you feel inside
just say it and dont hold back cause he means a lot to you and you love him 
so don,t be afriad just say you are sorry and how he forgive you 
cause their is no other way to say sorryto the man you love
so just say it and make sure it come from inside