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There is a place

There is a place you can go that is full of only love and Warmth .
you will be surrounded by a light that shines from the Heavens ,
Sprinkles of Silver and Gold. 

This place is filled with brilliant colors of Purple , vibrant Gold, all colors.
not one Color is less significant then another ,
for every color is equal here .

This place is surrounded by the beauty of different Flowers.
All flowers have significance here . No one Flower is better then another .
All Flowers are equal here .

It is important you know , you can cry here , and should cry as often as needed .
For  the tears will cleanse your Soul and give the Flowers water to grow.
No  one Tear is insignificant here , every tear has value and not one is better then another .

 money holds no value ,  Where you live , what you own,  has no significance here .

You will be surrounded by a beautiful light that shines from the Heavens .
A shining warm light will encircle you and allow nothing to hurt you . 
Hate will be shed at the door light a old jacket of no use. 

There is a place of beauty and  Worth.
This place will not be found on Earth .
It is a place where no one person is better then another .

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My Faith In Him

Even through hardship,
you gave me the membership,
to stand up again;
from those who don't believe,
I can see,
right above me,
you are there to my human eyes only,
I don't believe in you just faithfully,
I believe in you spiritually.
For broken hearts comes to tears,
for desperation comes to fears,
to deal with insanity once again.
No matter what agony,
or I snap mentally,
all the deaths been shown these days,
I will hold my faith of praise,
to all the madness we've caused,
you will show us your miracles,
for you are known as God.

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you dont listen

you think I got listen to you, 
you just my kids father,
there noting between me and you,
it seem the words take you back to court is your favorite words,
get this Sheena Shenia Jackson isn't scare of no court system or even you,
its just a word that is there, 
so if you ask me you just things to make women scared im not scare of you like I use to,
I have became stronger and wiser, 
I have the Lord behind me, 
I believe in him very strong,
so if you want to bring me back to court lets do this now, 
you are just a man that God put on this earth, 
and I fear no man, no woman and no body, 
I am a King child forever,

by : Sheena Shenia Jackson 
May 23, 2013

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This is the Day

This is the day which the lord hath made;
We will rejoice and be glad in it.
But we rather be sad in it
We rather hate in it
Kill, Steal and Destroy
Boast about our joy
Money, Cars and Cloths
Tell us you got all the hoes
Why do are women want to be hoes
Why we dancing on poles
Men don’t you know women are a key ingredient to our souls
Women don’t you know, your worth more than pure gold
Platinum, Crystals, and Diamonds

This is the day which the lord hath made;
We will rejoice and be glade in it.
That is the only way we are going to save our planet
We have to make our way, because we are here to stay
Hold on to what is right, believing in your rights
Love is the only weapon you need to fight
Because This is the Day where everything change
This is the Day where we are only calling on one name
This is the Day where we all get to see them fancy things
This is the Day where there are no more nightmares and only dreams
This is the Day where you will see greener pastures and blue streams
This is the Day where we all are announced kings and queens
This is the Day Heaven begins to sing

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He is

He is peace! 
He is love!
He is Gentle!
He is Kind! 
He is Faithful!
He is Merciful!
He is my DADDY forever!

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Nothing Really Matters

when rob stepped out of the courthouse,with charges for posession
he thought "it could be worse,it could have been for weapons"
and then he thought..."nothing really matters anyway"
when liz stepped of of the rehab,with a new outlook on life
she felt all those same feelings of hurt, pain, and strife
and then she thought "nothing really matters anyway"
when luke picked up his young son from daycare,and knew he had an hour
he thought back to the time he WOULD have stopped to grab his now EX-wife some flowers
and then he thought "nothing really matters anyway"
when lisa lifted up her body with nothing but her arms,and looked down at her legs
she wondered why the heck they were even THERE anyway..what for?
and then she thought "nothing really matters anyway"
all four people that same night,all in their own homes
picked up a remote,turned on the news and watched it come to blows
one man had done 25 years in jail,for something he had not really done
one woman lost the battle to addiction,one she thought she'd already won
one boy got hit by a car on his bike,he just only 5 his parents,divorced
one man lost his arms and legs while over fighting the war
four different people,four different lives,four different struggles,all about to cry
four different souls,four different heart,four different minds,all to have a fresh start
why does it take a reality check to pull us into gear?
why is it that reality sometimes must be our greatest fear?
the next time you think you're the only one who hurts and has plight
the next time you feel you're all alone,the only one who cries at night
try and remember,try not to forget,that you are never alone
whether you're telling your mom and dad your gay to the face or over the phone
whether your wife divorced you,your husband's a dog,or your kids have NO respect
you are human,deserve more,and you're not alone,cause' there is someone right next....
to you!!! nothing really matters. until you realize...nothing really matters.

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Not too far from here
Lies the dream terrace I hear
The haven of bliss and solace
A glamorous gem of a place
The end of a weary quest
The trophy in fiery contest

Not too far from here
Sits the crown we lived to dare
Purple pride of an intellectual struggle
The green goal of a ceaseless hustle
A place we once asked where
Still seem so far yet so near.

Not too far from here
Stand the Mentors we hold dear
Men who were not shy to believe
Men who fought fear to achieve
The exclusive pass to the hall of fame
for those whose brand is in their name

Your there may differ from mine
I run my route and you run thine
But run we must run and not turn
We sacrifice pleasure and shun fun
Because, not too very far from here
Is a place called there.

Dare to get there.


6:17pm, Friday 5th.April 2013

by C'emeka Mbah, @emekambah2

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What Exactly is Christmas

What Exactly is Christmas?
By: Caroline Knudsen

Christmas isn’t just about the presents you receive and the food.
It’s not based on all the cute decorations.
It’s more than that.
Christmas is about the birth of Christ.
The joy and love that spreads throughout the communities everywhere.
The giving; the wishes granted. The happiness people encounter.

Some people may wonder why people are so cordial and magnanimous around this time of year.
I will tell you this.
One person begins to go spreading good cheer.
And the best way to do that is singing loud for all to hear.
And soon those people begin spreading and spreading and spreading.
Once people get in the spirit people give people love, people celebrate. 
So during Christmas time, we go around spreading good cheer, 
so people can begin to give, to love, and to celebrate.

We all know that there are many people who are less fortunate.
People who cannot afford gifts or a tree.
 Not even a home. 
But during Christmas time, people realize it’s time to reach out.
 To grab a hand, to grant a wish.
There are many organizations like Operation Christmas Child, Toys for Tots, Sugarplum Trees.
All of those corporations help do that. 
Help grant a wish. 
So during Christmas time, we decide to give, to care for someone who needs it.

In a little town called Bethlehem, a young Virgin named Mary came to give birth to her child.
 But her child was not just any new creation. 
She was going to give birth to Jesus the Messiah. 
Not one room was empty on that night, but just a small barn. 
And soon that night, she gave birth to our Savior in a manger. Something cattle ate from, our Savior was laid upon. So on Christmas day we celebrate Jesus’s birth.

So I hope by now you have learned that Christmas isn’t just about the presents you receive or the food.
It’s not based on all the cute decorations.
It’s more than that.
Christmas is about the birth of Christ.
The joy and love that spreads throughout the communities everywhere.
The giving, the wishes granted. The happiness people encounter.

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Somebody Asked Who Was I In Christ:

Somebody Asked Me "What Are You In Christ?",
And I Let Them Know That 
I Am A Hand-Clappin', Foot Stompin'
Saved, Sanctified, Baptized
Holy-Ghost Filled, Tongue Talkin'
Strong, Humble, Faithful, Word Readin'
Powerful, Demon Slayin', Planet Shakin'
Satan Defeatin', Strong, Faith Havin',
Prophecyin', Young Women of God!
Somebody Asked Me "What Are You In Christ?"

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Black Lips

Black lips vibrating for the right mix
Black lips kiss with a passion, Black fist fight for our past and future sons
blood shed, lies spilled
Black lips start to peel
slaving for a meal, time standing still, life flying by
black lips start to cry, no more lies, no more corrupt minds
Cut all ties with evil spines, attempting to take the soul of thine Black lips, with a quick fix
gripping tight on the crucifix
hundreds of years running
hundreds of years of being a fugitive, accused of living Black, black Lips Start To fight Back
Activist, these Lips Never Fall back
These Lips where in Defense and Now It's Time to Attack
never double back to slavery
black lips keep the bravery
Are some going to hell?, maybe, you cannot save all beings
it's human nature, even though God Created everything
Going through the struggle
black lips start to sing
I'm blessed in the name of the King, All Through Summer, Winter, Fall and Spring
I Will Sing
"I'm Blessed"

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He is always there





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A River of Life

A river of life is what I seek
Because you alone satisfy my thirst
Clean me with the waters of your forgiveness
Douse me in the pool of your wonder
Every morning, your dew sits on my heart
Flow into the seams of my soul
Gush from me, the fountains of your peace
Hold me, as the ocean holds the ship
I need a deluge of your compassion
Just as the trees need the downpour
Kindness trickles from your hands
Lead me beside the still waters of your love
Make me float in a sea of your grace
Never to sink under the weight of the law
Open the dams that hold back your stream of blessings
Pour your gentleness over my head
Quietly fill me with the rain of your mercy
Rush upon me so that I am swept away with your favor
Saturate me with your Holy Spirit
Tears of joy drop from my eyes
Upward I dive, into your care.

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The Sacrificial Lamb

His glorious throne He left
for this unruly world of theft
A great sacrifice He offered
for the world He suffered
Into this world He was born
The sewage of sin He had to burn
Gifts they brought
His life Herod sought
The erudites swore
Crown of thorns He wore
He died then, though alive
He's resurrected, yes He has
The precious lamb of God has
risen to life
Three days in the grave, yet back
to life
The power of death He has
thrown into the eternal sack
The sacrificial lamb

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war of good and evil

The road is rough 
Even though I may seem tough
My soul purpose and strength comes from above
He showers me with good grace and love, but is it enough?
Guardian angel on my shoulder telling me to turn right,
But ignorance makes you blind to heavens might, the
gates of hell are now in sight
its time to fight
for the light of the heavens upon us
shines so bright

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Can you hope it
=substance it
=evidence it
Receive it

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Thank you god for knowing 
better than i know myself and 
for letting me know myself 
better than others know me

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i dont know about you

this is for all the DECENT ladies out there...
i dont know about you, but im sick of being second choice to skeezy women
i dont know about you, but when i have a boyfriend i just get sick of livin
i dont know about you, but i know about me
and this girl here,shes sick of the pleas
sick of the bullshit, sick of the crap
sick of all the "friends" who talk behind my back
sick of it all, sick of everything
and with this feeling, positive im supposed to bring?
im sick of being told "its my outlook on life"
youre so negative, you make your own strife
i dont know about you, but its not MY atatood
it all the ugliness in this sick twisted world
and i dont know about you, but im fed up
i dont about you but i give up
i dont know about you, but im done feeling the way i do
and i dont know about you, but then again i think i do
you pick yourself apart, about all your flaws
and when they cheat and lie, it just instills that further,its a law
i dont know about you, but i think i do
you're the girl, much like myself
with a good heart and a bad sense of health
build us up, tear us down
i dont know about you, but i really think i am going crazy
i dont know about you, but i think theyre all lazy
too lazy to try, too lazy to care
too lazy to give a shit, but the energy shows up when in satans lair
no more loyalty, to get kicked in the teeth
no more "friends" who just make you weep
no more crap, and no more forgiving
no more forgetting and NO MORE RE LIVING.
im not settling, i have enough of "so-so" to last my whole life
and i dont know about you girls, but it ends tonight.
we stop picking ourselves apart, we stop blaming ourselves
we stop thinking our little "flaws" ar why they did this
when its about someone else
its about them, the people they choose to be around
and quite frankly, before id be around THEM id be buried in the ground.
yes i hate them that much
and i dont know about you, but i have had enough
i wont blame myself, when skeezy outdoes classy
i wont blame myself for the hilariously tacky
things i see, on a daily basis
and i dont know about you
but i too, can fake it.
see its harder for me,to be mean like you all are
im not built that way, and being mean hurts my heart
so no i cant do the revenge thing
but what i can do is protect myself again
i dont know about you, but its long overdue
i DO know about you...because i AM you.
you are not alone.

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Never in a million years

Never in a million years would i have thought 
this to be,
my bestfriend, companion, and so special
to me.
if i wouldnt have opened my eyes,
she could have just passed by and walked right 
outta my life.
but in Gods weird since of loving humor way,
today he brought Brittany Back to stay,
a life from my past that i had lost,
never knowing what would be Gods cost.
Now i sit hear always waiting to see,
her simple smile brighten up for me.
The friendship, hugs, smiles and the tug at my heart,
now i know it was just the start.
I may not always be the best,
but yet she still chooses me above all the rest.
all i ask is please let this be I love you Brittany,
and God please bring her home to Me...

By:Devin Frost

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For the Love of Will

For The Love Of Will

The pain is deeply rooted within.
They see but don't know the thoughts that constantly stir.
Fear, regret and remorse as I drift off to sleep.
Into a land of peace and tranquility.
Acceptance, reassurance and unconditional love awaits me.
Oh how he loves me for whom and what I am.
Can it be true?
Can it be real?
His loving eyes shine down upon me in admiration.
I never want to wake to a life of uncertainty.
Words softly spoken from his lips to my heart.
The promise reveals his sanctuary within the embrace of his arms.

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Christian Religion

Lord God created me for a reason not to change and fall in sin like the changes of seasons. I was created to be the same as my christian religion.
- Loverboi

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Dishearten was I in foreign land
Unjust Kings enslaved me
Until His Unfailing Nail Pierced Hands
From enslavement saved me
Now strongly praised beyond compare
Rock of my Salvation
Build in me a house to dwell
With unyielding dedication
Hear my new song
The Joyful shall sing
 This Ransomed Nation Thankful for His
Sacrifice, Amazing Reconciliation

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WE are our own reflection of what's going on inside. Yet still at each intersection it's such a pain sometime's to decide. I do not believe things just happen. No matter what i need to achieve I do what needs to be done so in the end i am glad then. I keep my head up no matter the storm nor day. I pray for family,friends,and those who stray. Life can leave you battered. Life can leave you torn. No matter my struggle I remember the day christ was born or better yet when he rose. I don't focus on his death because I am forgiven because of how he died an believing in him is the path i chose. He gave me life and tomorrow is never promised. It's hard to be a christian in today's day and time to be honest. You want so much for people to see. It took me years to understand why i truly believe. It's not up to me but only to plant those seeds. Having christ in my life is the greatest gift. I do my best and remember no ones perfect. So who ever reads having god in you heart is something serious you should cherish.The bible says love is the greatest commandment and that he wishes none would perish. It's so simple to get to heaven you speak with your mouth and believe in your heart. Believing christ died on the cross for our sins and rose the third day is exactly where you start. Did you do it as you were reading that's all it takes? Christ forgives you for your mistakes. Now it's time to forgive yourself an start over. His yoke is easy an burden is light. Let christ be your shoulder and as you get older in the spirit he blesses you with insight. You have to get to jesus for your relationship to grow and reveal. He isn't just in stories. He gave my life purpose and something real. It's easy to get lost in this angry and evil life. Sorry this was so long winded as i write. I JUST WANTED TO SAY LOVE you all and good night.

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Resurrection Changes Things

What once required the sacrifice,
That bloody gift of death and gore,
Of animal life to pay for sin
Is left behind and is no more.
Resurrection changes things. 

Jesus Christ obeyed the Father,
Sacrificed Himself on the cross,
Evened up those holy books
That list our profit and our loss.
Resurrection changes things. 

Where once we followed our understanding
And made our own decisions,
Now belonging to Jesus Christ
Our life is one of holy revisions.
Resurrection changes things. 

When we're united with Jesus Christ
We're a new creature in the Son;
Our old way of life hangs dead on the cross
And life everlasting is now begun!
Resurrection changes things. 

No prison doors can hold our soul.
Christ sets our spirit free
And fills our life with love and hope
That rings our world in victory.
Resurrection changes things. 

So tell someone in the pain of their life
Of the freedom Jesus brings,
That sets us apart from sin and death;
How the soul that's set free sings!
Tell them:  Resurrection changes things. 

by E. Marshall Evans

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You came here children to save a marriage, 
that couldn't be saved. 
You were delivered with all the hope, 
humanity can bring to a new day. 
You came and life was better, 
the childrens faces answered so many questions. 
You came expecting nothing, 
deserving the chances only we can give. 
You came, we failed! 
Now we must all see about tomorrow.

By William P. Darnell Sr.

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When I close my eyes for one last time
His bright light I will see
His glory will shine upon me
His calming warmth will set me free
His grace and love will rest upon me

With his one touch
I have wings that will envelop me
His voice I hear as a whisper
Calling me home to be with him
I take his hand and glorify him

Glorify his name
No pain
No sadness
No fear
No shame
No darkness

Glorify his name in Jesus We Pray

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A Friend Of Mine

A friend of mine,
Is a friend so fine.
A friend so kind
I will never find.

He protects my heart
From deadly darts.
A friend like thee
I will never ever flee.

He refines my soul
And refills my hole.
My heart now overflows
Like streams in the meadows.

This friend of mine
Is a friend I love.
Who's grace is forever
And forever will be.

This friend of mine is Jesus.
The Lord of all.
The Son of God
And the son of man.

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I'm Here

I awoke in heaven this morning
And I wanted you to know
That my passing, my dying
Was just part of life's natural ebb and flow.

There were so many here to greet me
And while I'm missing family and others
I'm surrounded, loved, and cherished
By so many sisters and brothers.

Every moment here is new
There's so much to tell of each day
Living here in His presence
In that love that won't go away.

This is such an exciting journey
As I wait for you to arrive
For the spirit-filled peace and comfort
Gives new life to being alive.

Just as told in time of old
He is my strength, my staff, and rod,
And I'd rather be no other place
Than here in the presence of God.

by E. Marshall Evans

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 God is Good- And how Good he is Amen.
 I'm speakin bout my wardrobe today-
Mainly one outfit that has been in my closet for years. I wore this outfit as a lil' girl a few times, but as I got older I hung this outfit back in my closet, and closed the door, opened it up, and pulled that outfit off the banger- Put it On-and Wow!!! Fits so right, feels so good-Sorry all-but this is one outfit that is not sold in stores. This outfit is Jesus.
 See coming up in the projects, being middle class hand me downs- I was quiet, shy, smart, honor roll student, child of God deeply blessed & rooted in my music. Music being one of the many gifts God has give me. I use to be a part of an organization called the Boston All Star Talent Show Network.
 I started out as a volunteer/performer, selling tickets- competing- Business to business donations-artist liason- public relations-security, and representative. God made all this possible, but I never even thanked Him. Never even put Him on.
 I was at the top of my game, Then I woke up. I woke up to alchol, drugs, hopping in strangers cars( no not about sex, but just to get rides up the block and that could have gotten me killed.) I was stealing and robbing. I had 3 children, dealing with different relationships. I had hung that outfit called Jesus back into the closet and things got real ugly, Quick!!! All the shelters, the names I was being called, the games I played. Sleeping in abandoned cars, abandoned buildings, All of it ugly. Why am I walking around here in ugly when all I had to do was go to my closet, open that door, and put on Jesus instead I ended up her in South Bay Jail. Even here there's this closetand today I opened that door, pulled that outfit off the hanger- Put on God and wow!!!! I looked in the mirror from every angle, and what an amazing sight.
 I now look Good with God draped over me, I'm still goin through my trials and tribulationsbut my struggles are now managable.
 Today I desire to wear God, I love God, I worship God, I want to walk the path He has pathed for me. So I'm askin you today,
 Does God Look Good On Me?

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I wish you more joy, 
than sorrow, one can give. 
More love than, 
your heart can confine. 
More laughter, 
than tears. 
More courage, 
than fears. 
More memories, 
than any precious stones. 
I wish you more sunshine, 
than darkness or shadows. 
More comfort than, 
trouble or pain. 
More grace than, 
gratitude needed. 
And more days filled, 
with rainbows than showers.

By William P. Darnell Sr.

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                                                                             THANK YOU JESUS

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when you say there is God

 when you say there is God,is when you knee down with your two knees and pray to him,when you say there is God is when you seat like i dont care and live your life to the fullest,when you say there is God you fast ,pray and read your bible to the end,when you say there is God,there is God,but when you say there is no God there is no God,when you say there is God you meditate to see him that minute and tell him all the problem in you ,when you say there is no God,your attidute becomes unknown,bible and rossary on your hands as if youre the mother and father of jesus,walking down to church shappenly to be the first person to seat in front,putting smile on your face as if youre more than those who frown.

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Come Rest With Me

God saw you getting weary, 
He did what He thought best. 
He put His arms around you and said, 
come with Me and rest. 
He opened up His Golden Gates, 
on that heart breaking day. 
And with His arms around you, 
you gently slipped away. 
It broke our hearts to lose you, 
you did not go alone. 
A part of us went with you, 
the day God called you home. 
And with this poem I write, 
I bid to you goodbye. 
Rest in peace my loving parents, 
I'll see you on the otherside. 

By William P. Darnell Sr.

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My God

My God can budge mountains and if you’re thirsty for his knowledge here’s a fountain
Quit being filthy, it’s clear your starving

Failures are unfamiliar in behalf of your behavior my preaching to you is pray to my Savior
Quit the procrastination, it’s clear your starving

The Lord is my shepherd bear fruit assemble a herd and God will repay you for your labor
Quit scheming evil, it’s clear your starving

Heavy times cleanse away like sins our cleansed away but not as long as you stay this evil way
Quit being filthy, it’s clear your starving

Go straight through misery with love and faith your God is beyond space and he’ll always keep you safe
Quit the procrastination, it’s clear your starving

Repent, a new spirit in you is the new invent, but know the profane spiritual world will curse you for who you represent
Quit scheming evil, it’s clear your starving

Temptations one day expand in amounts augmentation, but as long as you digested the Holy Spirit you want crumble with starvation
Quit being filthy, it’s clear your starving

Humble yourself I know life can be a savage jungle where it seems like all the animals was lions who rumble
Quit the procrastination, it’s clear your starving

Right is to supply seed to the sower to enlarge the harvest of your righteousness,
For God is love and he reveals kindness
Quit scheming evil, it’s obvious your starving

Job had a job temptation knocked on his door and not all could challenge what was on the reverse side of the door when you twist that knob
Quit being filthy, it’s clear your starving

When your born you’re a sinner to no degree a winner, flee with endurance be a sprinter, I suppose you come to your senses an get baptized be a swimmer
Quit the procrastination, it’s clear your starving

Let a communion be my reunion at a altar with angels probably a million and that sounds brilliant and all of this is my opinion
I discontinued scheming evil, I’m stuffed of a Christian Spirit
- Loverboi

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Man in the Mirror

I looked in the mirror and what did I see
There was a man staring back who was not me
He looked as I did in perfect sync we paired
The same bushy eyebrows, the same short cropped hair
The same goatee with a smirk on his face
But this man was not me who had taken my place
When did this happen just who could I blame
I will find the one responsible for doing this thing
I ran from the room to avoid the glare
Of this stranger in the mirror who only smiled and stared
Then he spoke with a tone that dimmed the lights
And then and there I knew I was fighting for my life
“I am you, don’t fear what you see”
“You and I are one because you created me”
“Over time I have grown into what we have become”
“So now you must live with what you have done”
I yelled for my wife, “Honey, help me, here”
But the home was silent, no one was there
I searched for my kids but their rooms were bare
I checked in each closet, into emptiness I stared
I screamed out for help, anyone, HELP
Then the room grew quiet, there was a calmness I felt
I turned to the mirror and the reflection of me
Was staring away in great disbelief
Someone had entered the room without making a sound
And spoke to me as I stared at the ground
“I am the light you seek, in I you should trust”
“I died for you because I love you so much”
“I’ve been watching you waiting for you to cry”
“For someone to come and save your life”
"Believe for you I died on the cross"
"And only I can restore the man that you lost"
"Allow Me to enter your body and soul"
"And hold Me there always for the world to behold"
"Reach out for Me, I love you my son"
"I'll bear your pain and we will be one"
The weight this pain dropped me to my knees
I reached out my hands crying "Please Jesus Please"
"Save me please from what I have become"
"And forgive me for all I have done"
"I accept you as my Savior and Christ"
"And will cherish you close for the rest of my life"
"I will shout out your name to all that's around"
"So they too can see the Greatness that I have found"
He took my hand in His and I began to stand
And man in the mirror was gone, it was me there again.

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Though cold and dark, they are submitted
To where winds of fate are omitted
this lonely pair remains committed

mortal life?
a prison!

...a window given

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The Wake Up Call

Every morning 
When He calls me awake
I thank the Lord
With each breath I take.
For every night
As I close my eyes
I wonder where I'll be
When I arise.
I thank Him for 
The passing of night
And this one more chance
To get it right.
Thank Him to know
That I'm still here
Still here to love you
My sweet, my dear.
I thank Him for
Your sounds of sleep,
For protecting you 
Beyond what I could keep.
And for the refreshing
Gift of rest
That allows me today
To do my best.
Still as I awake
To greet each day
It all begins
The selfsame way
And I smile as I rise
With a lurch and a jerk
To realize 
What don't hurt won't work.

by E. Marshall Evans

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The Devil Went for Charlie Daniels

The Devil went down to Colorado
To see if he could pull Charlie's chart.
While Charlie was out snowmobiling,
The Devil would work on Charlie's heart.
But he got a shock when he went for Charlie
For there was a prayer barrier all around him.
Charlie's Guardian Angel had called for reinforcements
And a cohort of God's own angels now surround him.
We done told you before, Devil,
God has His hand on certain men
So you're wasting your time going for Charlie,
Don't even bother coming back again.
Yes, the Devil went down to Colorado
And he never dreamed he'd fail
But all he got for his trouble
Was cold feet and a frozen tail!

by E. Marshall Evans

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Can a Christian Have The Blues


Can a Christian have the blues – you’re lyin’ if you say you never have.  
Can a Christian have the blues – momentary light affliction, that won’t pass.
If you’re Christian then you’re human, even Jesus had the blues. 
In His story there is something we can use.  

Yes He had a deep emotion – when He looked down on that city - He wept.
Then He climbed that special mountain - while down below His friends – they just slept.
When He flipped those tables over – he was angry to the core.
Must be tense to be so loving, with a lion’s roar.

	There’s no simple way to say it, everybody’s had the blues.
	You can speak it, write it, strum it, you can hide it in your shoes.
	It’s no shame to know you’re needy as the world grinds you down.
	Like the hourglass of time, like dust into the ground.

Everybody has a burden, everybody has a cross – to bear
And it’s bad when you keep tryin’, no one seems to show – they care
Every person on the earth has some, tragedy and pain
Even David and his sons with all their fame.  

All my Gospel friends may tell me, now insert some faith and joy – some hope
But the blues don’t turn around that fast, may take some time to cross – that mote
In the 33 years of life, the suffering servant saw
He identified the pain and felt it all.  

	So don’t let someone push you, past the pace that He provides
	He don’t care about a smiley face ,  but the bitter truth it hides
	It’s no shame to have the blues, ‘cause you know you’re not alone
	It’s a long and dusty road to the throne.  	

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All Inclusive

All Inclusive

Why is it that our churches today are so selective
We have to examine people’s lives like a judgmental detective
We feel like we have to interview people before they are allowed in
We don’t look at their good, we just magnify their sin
We search them like a doctor with our analysis
Then we take what we find and state our hypothesis
We find that they are sinful, they’re not at all clean
We keep on doing this it becomes a routine
No wonder why people run away from the church
We do nothing to them but divert them from their search
They’re searching for a savior, they go looking to God
But we make it seem like an exclusive club, but we’re totally fraud
So we cut people down with our words like a sword
We show them the worst, we don’t act like our Lord
We have to put down the swords and throw them away
Because who gave us the power to say who can stay?
What if God showed this attitude toward us?
To see if we are worthy, he wouldn’t even have to discuss
We are all bound by our constant choice of sin
Without God’s grace, there would be nowhere for us to begin
We have to remember that all of us are the same
We so often think we are perfect and misinterpret God’s name
We have to remember that we all come from the same place
We would all be lost forever if it wasn’t for God’s grace
We start to feel proud and we think we’re better than others
We have to confess this, we can’t hide under the covers
So we have to stop looking and focusing on people’s sin
Cause God doesn’t care about who we were or where we’ve been
He loves us despite of all our sin, he cares for us all
He came to break down this judgmental wall
We need to stop judging others and stop being so abusive
Cause we have to remember that God’s kingdom is all inclusive

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That Such Great Love Comes Near

There's a peace in the land
That's much more than it seems
It feels of God's hand
Much more than our dreams.

As troubles come rumbling
And anger walks about,
As peace seems crumbling
Beneath the scream and the shout,

Yet a peace walks about
In the shadow of the cross
And comforts those who doubt
And share only in their loss.

Jesus, Jesus, gift of love
Who wipes away anger, sorrow and fear
Your love from heaven, and the Father above
Fills every heart, with You so near.
Jesus, Jesus, gift of love
Knowing  our prayers you promise to hear
Hear now our thanks to heaven above
That such great love comes near.

It comes from the Christ child
The babe who arrives
From the depths of God's love
To transform our lives.

Listen, don't be beguiled,
Feel Him come near,
Know the love of the Christ Child
That wipes away fear.

Count every pain
No matter how unfair
As a new Godly gain
For our Father is there.

Jesus, Jesus, gift of love
Who wipes away anger, sorrow and fear
Your love from heaven, and the Father above
Fills every heart, with You so near.
Jesus, Jesus, gift of love
Knowing  our prayers you hear
Hear now our thanks to heaven above
That such great love comes near.

 by E. Marshall Evans

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Once Was

I started off a 
soul so blue, 

Destined by the 
ruins of the worlds dues,

I could not see 
the light ahead, 

Instead I heard
a voice that spoke, 
"Wake up, you're not 

If it's written
that He's Alive, 

Doesn't it speak 
the same for my life?

Now I know that 
once blue soul,

Which was lost to the

But saved with a 

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Religion and Jesus

Now let me show you the difference between Jesus and religion
Some of you might be blind, get ready to gain some vision
Now religion and Jesus are two different things
Jesus is different in the joy that he brings
See religion always requires us to do more
It doesn’t seem like a blessing, but more like a chore
It takes hold of us, it becomes our master
You better watch out cause its coming faster and faster
What it requires of us is always more works
And if we do better, then in return we get more perks
It’s like the more we do, the higher we are on the latter
But the higher we get, the more room we have to fall and shatter
Aiming for works will only leave you graspin’
It’s gonna hurt so bad, youre gonna need an asprin
All it does is take from us, its never enough
Its not focused on Jesus but on all this other stuff
Its all about our outward appearance
And that we can look better with just a little more perseverance
Our inside is dirty, so we try to mask it
But we don’t realize that its just putting us deeper into a casket
The outside might be pretty, but the inside is unclean
It becomes so regular, you start to become like a machine
Alright cmon lets take a closer look
Youre not a christain just cause it says so on your facebook
You start to find yourself just going through the motions
You think youre saved only because you do devotions
Now devotions are awesome, but they must come from the heart
Don’t get me wrong, they’re a great place to start
You go to church? Ya that’s great 
But that alone doesn’t get you through the heavenly gate

But all we need is grace found in Jesus
We need to think more about him, and not just whatever pleases us
For he is truly the only thing we need
And to get this, all we need to do is believe
Jesus wants us, he’s calling us in
He loves us despite of all of our sin
Hes calling us close, not pushing us away like a broom
Hes pulling us in saying cmon theres room
Jesus death was truly sufficient
So the question is why are we acting so resistant?
He saved us for sure, no strings attached
To this, no other guarantee can be matched
There is no better offer that we can get
We can forever be with God, our future will be set
This is the way it was intended, even from our birth
For God takes us in and shows us what we are worth
So we were adopted and are now to him a son or daughter
But not to an earthly man, but to the heavenly father
Man look at that, what a happy reunion
We can all sit at his table and take part in his communion
And now, we’re all together again
And that’s how its gonna be to the very end
Now remember, Religion says Do, Jesus says Done
The only reason we’re saved is because of the Son
Between religion and Jesus, you have to know the difference
Because from sin Jesus is our only source of deliverance

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Legends came and went,
Books we wrote about them,
In schools we taught them,
Syllabus changed in time,
Books replaced by the new,
Only to study new legends,
Through time some faded,
History they became.
A beautiful past they painted,
More colourful till yesterday,
Today our tears drop on beauty,
A beautiful seed they planted.
That was yesterday…

What we face today…
As our tears drop on beauty,
 A beautiful ground they left,
Yet our seeds drop on gravel.
Why have we walked out Eden?
As we lost true doctrines:
Love, faith, peace, humbleness…
A new doctrine we planted:
Greed, adultery, power, gossip…
A lost generation we became.
Even the devil can’t trust us,
For money we sold our kids,
Our bodies became play grounds,
Erections took duty of the mind,
Our covenant became defiled.

As we face tomorrow…
Books faded with time,
Their message became irrelevant,
Yet one book remained,
The book with the true doctrine,
That destroyed religion,
An introduction into fellowship,
A blessed sweet communion,
Through Jesus our brother,
Let’s return to our true origin,
Were beauty is not physical,
Family tree include neighbour,
Fathers filled with compassion,
Humbleness the new hunk,
A new foundation built on LOVE.

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I Have a Friend, Trapped in Sin

I have a friend who's close to me
Entrapped by a sin; he can't break free.
While flowers fill his life and needs,
Still there grows up a crop of weeds.

My friend says he knows he's bad
And whispers in a voice so sad
He hopes that the Father above
Will see he's weak and forgive in love.

Sometimes my friend was trying, sometimes he wasn't.
Sometimes he wins, sometimes he doesn't.
His life is a struggle between  good and bad
Winning a little, losing all he had.

I lift him up in a prayer a lot
And he tells me God is all he's got.
Seems to me he always wants more
And turning from God he loses the score.

When he's sorry, he lays it on thick,
But in the end, repentance won't stick.
I have to wonder what God thinks of it all
Watching my friend be a bouncing ball.

But I love my friend, so I won't quit
Trying to get him and God to fit.
And for me there'll be no surprise
If in heaven he's right there before my eyes.

For two things I know as sure as He lives
My friend loves Jesus, and He forgives.
And thirdly, He can set the worst of men free.
After all, He salvaged me.

by E. Marshall Evans

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A wise man once said
"It's better to die believing and find out there is no god
than die not believing and find out that there is a god" !

Sound the trampet of zion!
all of a sudden u repent?
dont pretend because you hear that "HE" is coming soon

stupid , your FATHER know your heart
what's your intentions? what's your plan? 
to repent in the last hours?

"He" knows the plans of the heart without you admitting to em
Learn to love your father they way he loves you ,pray on it
meditate on it ... love ....he'll fill ur heart with love

Dont read "it" like u reading a news paper
Pray to understand ,meditate on it and read more of  it
Have it as breakfast , lunch and dinner or maybe a snack

lol....A wise and glorious man once said
"GO to the EAST,WEST,SOUTH the NORTH and tell em i love em"

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The Gods of Gods of Gods

There are gods and gods galore
For men are forever making more
To fit the slant of the bank they're on
Then yet another when that one is gone.

Claiming a bridge to God, yet all the while
They go their way, ignore the trial
That they've been told awaits their sort
With sentence passed in God's own court.

For while they hate their brother,
Murder, steal, do unto one another
In violation of the birds and the bees
God knows, and God sees.

They prattle on in merry-making
While God's own love they're forsaking
Ignoring the signs, the prayers and the shout
That tell them plainly, the bridge is out.

by E. Marshall Evans

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Once Is Not Enough

Little by little, a moment at a time
That's how my Lord sees me through.
Once I had wanted Him all at once,
To have Him do all He can do. 

I thought if He'd give me His blessing
I would not need to be in prayer.
The world would be my playground,
Everything all sweet and lovely and fair. 

Yet I need Him every hour now,
Seek His presence every moment more.
Once is not enough, I love Him yet
For every moment to know Him better than before. 

Once is not enough to meet Him.
Once is not enough to love Him.
Once is not enough to know His presence.
Once is not enough to know my Lord. 

He is so precious to my very being
That I seek Him like the sunlight,
Searching for a reason, an excuse
That I might glory in the warmth of His delight. 

There is something in the power of His presence
Something in the knowing of His love,
That lifts my heart to soar above the darkness
That lifts my eyes to search for Him above. 

How I need Him every hour now,
Seek His presence every moment more.
Once is not enough, I love Him yet
For every moment to know Him better than before.

Once is not enough to meet Him.
Once is not enough to love Him.
Once is not enough to know His presence.
Once is not enough to know my Lord.

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When All God's Sheepdogs Get Home

Oh, there'll be such a celebration
When the folks from every nation
Come to worship at His throne
And all of God's sheepdogs get home.

Those who stood 'twixt us and danger
From now clear past the manger
Are God's sheepdogs tried and true
Loving God and loving you.

All the singers will be singing
And the praises will be ringing
The honor torches they'll be lighting,
T'will be oh so exciting.

We will finally be at peace
When all the conflicts cease
And returning from where they roam,
All of God's sheepdogs get home.

by E. Marshall Evans

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His Heavenly Land

For human was born unto this world, 
as He so chose to be. 
This God of our's, now Jesus Christ, 
is great Blessed love to see! 
We build our homes and decorate too, 
for all of us to be. 
The very ground you sit upon, belongs to Him, 
not you or me! 
As the wind blows softly, 
through the leaves of trees. 
The flowers dance mirthful in thier beds. 
The harvest of the field grow by day, 
while the wind blows through their pads. 
To see the harmony of the nature grows, 
Mother land plays in this part. 
Thus we see that God had made, 
this great world we live apart.

By William P. Darnell Sr.

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Conquered by the 
soul within,

He died for us
to save our sins,

We are no longer
captive and held
as slaves, 

He says, "Go, be free, 
today is the day."

Gone in the wind 
like a dove in flight,

Free at last
so, come follow 
the light.

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Who Are You And What Do You From Me

Its amazing how I can close my eyes,
And still see your face
When suddenly I don't know u so much
In my heart for you to have a place
How can I get rid of the thoughts that remind me still
Of how u made me feel
I got so many questions in my closet
And a mouthful of skeletons to kill
I desperately want to escape, out of my mind
Out of my own skin
Back to Christ so I can be redesigned
Or rather, I wish I could find, somewhere in my voice
A tune that will make you remember the love, laughs and the joys
The noise in my head is forcing my mind's eye to doubt
And Christ said 'If it causes you to sin, gorge it out'
I want to, but i dont want to forget you
I dont want to forget the only thing to me so true
I think im also addicted to the pain
I dont want to forget us lest i got nothing to keep me sane
Because last night i spent another night on my own
So tonight its either you love me or you leave me alone

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when you say there is God

 when you say there is God,is when you knee down with your two knees and pray to him,when you say there is God is when you seat like i dont care and live your life to the fullest,when you say there is God you fast ,pray and read your bible to the end,when you say there is God,there is God,but when you say there is no God there is no God,when you say there is God you meditate to see him that minute and tell him all the problem in you ,when you say there is no God,your attidute becomes unknown,bible and rossary on your hands as if youre the mother and father of jesus,walking down to church shappenly to be the first person to seat in front,putting smile on your face as if youre more than those who frown.

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Greater is He

I wake up in the morning
with a smile on my face,

A voice in my ear
singing Amazing grace,

It's the sweetest sound
I have ever heard, 

Loud and clear
Jesus is the word,

So I pick up my Bible
and begin to read,

Not like a book
instead something greater
than the eye can see,

Amazing Grace 
how sweet the sound
that saved my soul
on slid ground.

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You Were on His Mind

The night before Jesus was crucified
in the Garden of Gethsemane
He wept uncontrollably and sweat drops of blood
from being in such agony

The intense anguish and sorrow Jesus felt
as blood dripped down to the ground
He knew in detail the events that were to follow
and of all the lost souls that had to be found

betrayed by one of His very own disciples
soon after the trials would begin
Although he had never done an act of evil
he would be punished for all of our sin

The crowd would gather yelling crucify!
as he was handed the sentence of death
not once did he try to repeal his innocence
knowing shorty he would be taking his last breath 

Disfigured beyond that of any man
was the torture that our Lord bestowed
beaten worst then an animal he laid,
in a puddle of blood from his wounds that flowed
What was it that he was thinking 
as they drove the nails deep into his hands and feet
what kept him from calling angles to help him
was it the blood that he choked on,
as he could barely speak?

It was the love he had for all of humanity
the lost , the broken and all of mankind
he was thinking about how much he loved 
each and every one of us,
cause it was you that was on his mind...

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when you say there is God

 when you say there is God,is when you knee down with your two knees and pray to him,when you say there is God is when you seat like i dont care and live your life to the fullest,when you say there is God you fast ,pray and read your bible to the end,when you say there is God,there is God,but when you say there is no God there is no God,when you say there is God you meditate to see him that minute and tell him all the problem in you ,when you say there is no God,your attidute becomes unknown,bible and rossary on your hands as if youre the mother and father of jesus,walking down to church shappenly to be the first person to seat in front,putting smile on your face as if youre more than those who frown.

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Here Always

I stopped by today to tell you
That you were never alone
I wanted you to hear this
So no one else could lead you wrong
All those nights you lie awake
Believe me I was there
I was the fly upon the wall
The gentle breeze brushing through your hair
I was the silence that you prayed to
The darkness that hid your fears
I was the blanket that kept you warm
The gentle hand that wiped your tears
I was the pillow that gave you comfort
When the night felt so alone
I was the angel there who kept you safe
The protector of your home
I was the familiar sounds of night
The ones you grew to know
I was the stars that shined so bright each night
Inside your bedroom window
I was the mighty oak that stood close by
My roots could not be breached
I was the kiss of love you felt each night
Before you went to sleep
I was the shoulder there for you to lean
When things seemed out of hand
I was the forceful sound of your inner voice
Screaming out YES you can
I was the dream that gave you courage
To fight another day
I was the voice of reason that held you
And encouraged you to stay
I was the thought that made you smile
While everyone would stare
I was the wonder that made them wonder
Why you were smiling there
I was the past that you once lived
The future that's yet to come
I am the here and now that knows no bounds
The love in which I'm from
And through life I will remain
A simple breathe away
No need to ever look for me
I’m here always to stay

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The Mask

Why do a lot of people hide behind mask
  Because if you see the real them you are bound to ask,

How come you keep this part of your life hidden
  They know in Gods eyes some of their actions are forbidden,

It is like these people have a split personality
   They are proud of who they are when you ask their identity,

But, when it comes to a important matter they will not show this side
   Then after the matter has ended they relax and let it ride,

There is fools who don't except reality born everyday
    Especially the ones whom act like they are christian and say they to pray.

Written By: Unique Poetry........2007 

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Me and Paul

The things I want to do
I can’t seem to follow through

The things I don’t want to do
I repeat through and through

I thought he said it was finished
Yet my struggles haven’t diminished 

What must I still do?
I’m just trying to follow you

I believe with all my heart
Yet it is my flesh that tears me apart

I don’t want to go astray
I keep trying, I repent, and I pray

The things I want to do
I can’t seem to follow through

The things I don’t want to do
I repeat through and through

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Life After Death

I believe in life after death
         Call me a fool but our spirit is all we have left,
Once we leave our earthly bodies what is in the casket is nothing but flesh
         So why doe's it matter on how we are dressed,
All the money we spend to put our loved ones to rest
         It is very comforting to us to know we did our very best,
The reality is we don't know the difference once we are dead
         I guess you could say this is our last bed,
Your spirit is free to roam around
         We whom are left behind will not even walk on their sacred ground,
Where the grave site is due to the respect of our loved one
         Who lies beneath the dirt because their lives here on earth are done,
They probably watch us from above
         To protect us all out of love,
We need not feel bad for their loss
         Because after all we are the ones that still have to cross,
I am sure they are happy where they are
         Just due to the fact that their spirits are not very far.

Written By: Unique Poetry in 2009

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Missing You

I came to visit you today
It doesn't seem like a year has passed since you went away,

I miss seeing you and knowing you are not here
You are an angel some where up there,

I should feel lucky to have had you for so long
Most children don't even have a dad and that is so wrong,

You always would say; your not promised tomorrow
And you were right I have never felt such sorrow,

Every day now seems so precious to me
Knowing that any second could be the last if is meant to be.

Written By: Unique Poetry.....2012...In memory of my Dad...

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How is Heaven

What is heaven like Daddy is it exactly how it seems
Is it true about seeing loved ones again like in our dreams,

Doe's the light shine bright and is the music you hear real
Is the new body you have like superman made of steel,

Can it be that heaven is a special place for all of us to see
When it's my time please grab my hand Daddy so Ill know I have been set free,

And when I am there with you and Cheryl and all our loved ones once again
Ill thank God that here on earth wasn't the end.

Written By: Unique poetry ...on 12-18-12...RIP DADDY...

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 Who am I to criticize another person
         I try to play the role but, yet I hide behind a curtain,

 Is my mind playing tricks on me
         Or is it just my inner demons trying to get free,

 I try hard to erase my terrible past
         So I can cast all my vengeance to those who ask,
 I am trying to change who I really am
         But, the ones I have tried to impress don't really give a damn,

 I shout to the world I am now a christian
         Is it real or am I too far gone due to all my confessions,

 The inner me wants to believe all this is true
         But, the old saying goes I am me and you are you.

Written By: Unique Poetry.....2008