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Abc Childhood Poems | Abc Poems About Childhood

These Abc Childhood poems are examples of Abc poems about Childhood. These are the best examples of Abc Childhood poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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It’s my life not expecting you to understand it
A man who when he was a boy his mother abandoned
Alienated like I arrived from another planet
While you were with your family joking, laughing and eating a peanut butter sandwich
I was moved from foster families and children’s homes
Surrounded by people but feeling alone
 Everything I go through is some kind of building zone
Treated differently because I’m not wanted or loved by my dad, sister mum or brother
Feel like everyone trying to get to know me is working undercover
So the first thing I do is run for cover
Opposites attract I’m cold inside does that make me summer’s lover?
Being uncomfortable makes me comfortable
I feel safe being vulnerable
I’ll be the first to say I’m dysfunctional
Am I supposed to lie and say everything all great and wonderful?
Should I already understand and know it all?
You belittle me but I’m still growing tall
You wanted me to catch but you didn’t even throw the ball
An insomniac and I know Money can buy a bed but not sleep
But how much would a meaningful hug cost me?
I could wish and pray to the sky
But that’s just not me
Anytime love got me
It seems that Luck lost me
So I Push away the people I want to stay by my side
The ones who are worth your tears won’t make you cry
I could do 99 good deeds for you
But you would count the mistakes I make in life
So I don’t even try no more
I don’t cry no more
Love no one trust no one, **** them all
If you want to walk out my life. Here let me hold the door

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Daddy the Alcoholic

Daddy the alcoholic,
 every single day,
full and countless glasses,
 guzzled down,
help him please, and bring my daddy back to me.

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Maybe Im 2 blame
Loving you is a shame
Maybe its me 
Hinding my feelings deep with in me
Longing for them to show
But its making the pain grow
Maybe its my fault
Holding my feeling as just a thought
Afraid to tell you
Dont know what you might do
Maybe Im The Reason 
I think loving you is all in a season
Maybe Im Scared
If I tell you that you want be there
My feelings for you grow stronger than ever
Friends say they'll change with the weather
Its been sunny....snowy.....windy and all
But yet my feelings for you havent change at all
Talk to you every night
Yet me manage to allways fight
But some how you change my prespective
So loving you shall me a lesson

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My Father's cleats

 It’s funny how my father’s hobby became mine. He has been a sportsman all his life, he played basketball, volleyball and softball all his youth, but his real passion is soccer and even though he is 55 years old now, he still keeps playing it and loving it. He has had all kinds of cleats, all brands, all colors, different styles, but it does not change anything, he still plays amazing. But one thing I do find hilarious is that every time he comes from a game, he cleans his cleats, he washes them and takes them with such an unbelievable affection, that I’m beginning to think that he might love them more than he loves me, but now I do know the feeling of a new shiny, hard and beautiful pair of cleats. I still recall when he took me for my very first pair, I could not believe he was doing it for me, I was so excited, but now I realize that what I was excited about is that I could be like my father for just a moment when I had them on. Ever since I was little, I remember my daddy playing soccer, leaving home all dressed up, ready to fight, and win the ball to make a remarkable roll on the field. The playing field that we both love, the field all covered in grass, all green, so delicious and soft, so colorful… being crashed by everyone’s cleats and the rolling ball, feeling the sunlight on our skin, and the wind on our faces. Having a team, an extra family with whom we could find support and create new ideas, new plays so we could smash the opponent. So yes, I loved watching him play and cheering him up more than I could ever like watching official and famous soccer teams. I do find funny the fact that my father’s hobby became mine since everyone says we’re too similar, and even though he also has a son, his daughter is with whom he shares that connection. I love the fact that our simple relationship was started thanks to such a manly sport, and curiously, to transform me into such a girly girl.

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I still love her

Deep in her eyes I could see,
the wrath once I asked for my school fee,
scared,I run out and as I  walk past a tree,
I hear the buzz of a bee.

With the zeal of a referee,
once back she hits me with her knee,
and i shout,"You I guarantee,
I will be back!"There and then,I flee.

To get money,luggage i did carry,
slowly,my dreams I began to bury,
then one day,a man saw me and wanted to marry,
he saved and educated me as he was not in a hurry.

Years are gone and I have now flown higher than a dove,
I knock,she opens and cannot even look above,
I wipe her tears and feel us fit like a glove,
after all,she is still the mum i have  and love.

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True Feelings

If I'm an embarrassment, if I'm too big,
then change my name, call me The Pig.

I'm sorry I can't be skinny like a swimsuit model,
I know what you're thinking, the babies crying where's her bottle?

I can be other things, maybe not skinny,
if you don't believe me, I bet you a penny.

You never knew how I felt, I never came out,
instead I laughed with you, never dared to pout.

As the years past I thought I was strong,
but slowly I started to realize that I was wrong.

I hope what I'm saying doesn't come as a shock,
because I didn't mean for it to be, truly not.

It took so long, so many years,
but hopefully now I can dry these tears.

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Vito the Kitten

There could be no other name for a Kitten like this one .
He is Brave , his black , silky hair , Vito has won suitors marking his claws .
This tiny little Cat , very soon all kittens on this street,  will be kissing his paws .

for he earned his name Vito , the Kitty Godfather you know.
with whispers from other Cats "There He is " There he goes "
His Tail wavy like a dog he strides. Tall but yet low.

Vito is a tiny proud cat and likes his pasta made a special way
I make a red sauce , but it is the white clam he craves 
He picks his claws fine , then with a full belly he plays 

Vito with eyes of the finest blue and green , that will stare at you when you sleep. 
It has been said by some female cats , do think he will go out with me some day ?
A Fine cat and kittens he will make ~meow meow, says a jealous girl kitten , no way !

Vito loves to play on the wood floors at night , he runs fast , 
he is not silent ..he is the young Godfather , Vito has earned the right.

Vito , the tiny kitten , Vito the young cat ,
Vito keeps our blocks free from any nasty rat.

No ..a Rat will not confront Our Vito at all 
He will be pushed aside and evicted with one lift of his paw 

One thing this kitten has that makes him so unique ...
He his adored by this owners . He is happy , and warm , safe in our sheets !

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ABC story

An apprehensive Amy
Births baby Bob
Carefully cradles cries
Dons dry diapers
Emanates endless emotions
Fraught frantic fears 
Grateful glad greetings  
Huge happy hugs
Innate intuition increases
Joyful jaded journey 
Key kind kin
Learner loving lavished 
Must make money 
Nurturing new needs
Oceans of options
Play pray plan
Quiet questioning queries
Restful rescue remedies 
Seeking soother solutions
Truly tired times 
Uncertain, unforgettable unity
Varied viral visits 
Warm winter woollens
Xylophones xeroderma, x-ray
Yesterday youthful years 
Zestful zoned zenith

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Sister Please Forgive Me

We were both so young full of spirit and fun
She's the Indian I'm the Cowgirl as we move along the ground just fooling around
Running through the house attacking each other with laughter and joy trying to be coy

We see the rifle with no knowledge of great threat
Just giving us a peak with nothing to regret
My sister grabs it first and play shoots me but I'm quick and hold a might sway
I'm a strong cowgirl aiming to attack
I snatch the rifle from the Indian as she starts to retract
                  I AIM-- I SHOOT--

My breathing has stopped but I'm not aware
My ears are ringing 
Do I run and hide do I start screaming?
For death I do not know and everything is now so slow
Is she just sleeping or can I hear her weeping?

Mama where are you? You were just ten steps below but you do not show

My sister must be sleeping a blanket will help her weeping
Gently I cover her but she doesn't seem to know
Her long brown hair now has an odd red glow

I'm only a child but my mind is going wild
My tears of fear blind me as I fall to the ground

Many days have passed me as I have grow old
but I can still remember her grave with the Angel stone.

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Women- The Road Familiar

Refreshing feel of identifying with music in my life,

The mother’s voice still echoes sweet in all life’s strife’s.

She taught me to walk, run, dance and sing,

My mother still stands strong in love and vigor in my life.


Kindergarten, the start of knowledge in life,

Where Mini, Lakshmy, Susan, Shoba and Meera,

Still shines as star's in my day- to-day life,

Keeping those  memories and blooming together.


School days, are times that stays vivid in mind,

Friends that evoked passions  of love still impress,

Susan Bindu, Jaya, Brinda, and Manju remained firm,

Even when life made new meanings,connections endured.


College saw, mixed platter, though women who stayed in unit

More in day- to-day life in Bindu, Geeta, Asha, Raji and Vinith,

Patterns of Lost love, admiration's, hero worship,list stands long,

However, for me it was a distressing lullaby of hearts .


Life showed me, women stand strong above all

As I carry endless power of strength, mind and heart,

when I  finds myself and knows where I remain in life!

So I  stand tall and represent myself as women.


Love never lost its footprints along the line,

I am a woman in Love,being loved  and cherished

I knows deep in my heart  that i  am contend,

Hearts grew deep in love, known love  and in Love.


I knew it right from the start, a moms heart

Holding my finger tight, I cradle you in my arms

Your smile and showed all your charms.

Heavens showered me the "Mom', role in prologue.

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When I was 21,
I just learned how to be a lady,
Playing make ups,thong my hairs and dressing pretty.

When I was 21,
I just learned how to be sexy,
Catwalk confidently,sway my hair and body.

When I was 21,
I learned how to be entrepreneur,
Talked thru my eyes and using my brain.

When I was 21,
I learned how to be a girlfriend,
To love and being loved even thru the rain.

When I was 21,
I learned how to be a friend,
To lend a shoulder and my pair of ears.

When I was 21,
I learned how to be an artist,
Paint my heart with songs and not by justice.

When I was 21,
I learned how to be a daughter,
Devote,responsible and brings laughter.

When I was 21,
I learned how to be a learner,
Life's aspects and everything's corner.

That was..When I was 21,
Now many years had gone,
And 21...
Is still something to ponders on...

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My father s blue Grand Maqruis

My father had this car, not very expensive but very fast. It was old, it was squared, it was blue… a Grand Marquis it was. My dad used to wash it whether it rain, snow or shine. It was right on the garage, I remember, not too close, not too far; it was nice and clean, it was his most special thing. It was old; it was a blue squared Grand Marquis. He loved to drive it, he loved to race it, and everybody in the family embraced it. A day came by, the Grand Marquis he let me drive. At first, I was nervous, I was stressed, I was pretty upset; at last, I was excited, I was thrilled… I was fascinated. This was my first time I drove a car, and even it was my first driving experience, it wasn´t so hard. I loved it, I raced it, just as my dad used to train me. Suddenly, technology came by my door and a portable telephone was installed on the floor. It was the first “not home phone” that I saw, It was the first portable phone in my home. It felt strange, it felt kind weird, it felt as if the world was getting newer and newer, and I was getting older and older, it felt as if the world was spinning and spinning and I was steady and steady; it felt so strange that when I realized, it had went out of range. My father used to race, he loved speed, he loved adrenaline, and of course… he loved me. My mother got scared when he drove the Marquis, she used to scream, shout, yell and cry, she used to dislike it and get out of it, she used to get cranky and sometimes angry. Then, another new artifact came by. What? A trailer horn? Yes indeed, a trailer horn was put in place. There it was, this shiny brass, there it was, this noisy trash. We used to have fun with it, I remember, I remember; we used to laugh scaring people, Oh medieval boys we were! So there it was, this lovely car, shinny, brilliant and old. It was lovely, it was squared, a blue Grand Marquis it was.  I would remember it forever, I would never forget it, I would save all the memories and I would smile when the memory come by. With or without the artifacts… we would miss it, we would miss it.

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A Penny For My Thoughts

A penny for my thoughts
I'd be a millionaire
Constantly my thoughts are racing
My mind is everywhere
Should I stay or should i go
Will I win or lose
Can I have my time to shine
Since I have paid my dues
A penny for my thoughts
I wish it were a buck
If I could just collect these thoughts
Then it might change my luck
My thoughts are so abundant
To count them is to many
My mind is worth a whole lot more
Then just one simple penny

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Rythem in Life

Is it the rhythm in life
That we have issues and strife
The rhythm in life is a beat
A beat that puts you heart out in the street
The street is where it all goes down
It goes down to make you frown  
Some people laugh and play 
Other people sit and stay  
We all want to wear it 
And even compare it 
In my room sometime strain at the wall 
In my mind hear my conscience call
In life alone 
We don’t pick up the phone
And we lose the milestone 
The trust of the fact that 
We are not all that!

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Someone Elses Life

I feel like I'm living someone elses life, a life in strife. I've been strong, but when will I belong. I feel so alone, but I'm doing ok on my own. I can't describe the pain, but I keep in mind every storm runs outa rain. I use to think our love was unbeatable, but really its unforgettable. Everyday I walk down memory lane, trying to ignore the pain. He crosses my mind everyday, when will all this go away. There's gotta be something more, my heart is becoming sore. My momma doesn't have to worry, because I'm not sorry. I know he made the mistake, and he's the reason I have this heartache. What we had, was bad. I shouldn't have let it go that far, your just another scar.

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Flawless niche of superb air,
Blown into my traces of hair,
I sat on this sonic rock,
Counting all my memories at flock.

Glimpse of jovial clinch in the past,
Running with Lessie while playing dust,
Plucking mangoes that harvest never last,
Play hide and seek and all that crust.

When the early dawn awaken,
Mischievous me act like a raven,
All creepers and small creatures feel threaten,
When realized will be caught in hidden.

The bond between Mr.Green and me,
Bringing me much joy and care free,
Solidarity young blood active like a bee,
Without fear I'm exploring spree and see.

As times passes by away vividly,
Zone of childhood is always completely,
Diamonds of laughter that is so jolly,
I will forever keep this in heart solemnly.

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The Best of Times

We have lived 
In the best of times
Where music was clean
And poetry rhymes.

Where a girl could walk
The streets all alone
Without the safety
Of a 911 phone.

Where decency led
And civility was the rule
No one suffered
The acts of the fool.

When it was okay
To let out a howl
At the precision proficiency
Of Frank Sinatra and Eleanor Powell.

Sad that such things
Now bring on a yawn.
Such times of enjoyment
So innocent and gone.

by E. Marshall Evans

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Not too far from here
Lies the dream terrace I hear
The haven of bliss and solace
A glamorous gem of a place
The end of a weary quest
The trophy in fiery contest

Not too far from here
Sits the crown we lived to dare
Purple pride of an intellectual struggle
The green goal of a ceaseless hustle
A place we once asked where
Still seem so far yet so near.

Not too far from here
Stand the Mentors we hold dear
Men who were not shy to believe
Men who fought fear to achieve
The exclusive pass to the hall of fame
for those whose brand is in their name

Your there may differ from mine
I run my route and you run thine
But run we must run and not turn
We sacrifice pleasure and shun fun
Because, not too very far from here
Is a place called there.

Dare to get there.


6:17pm, Friday 5th.April 2013

by C'emeka Mbah, @emekambah2

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My childhood

My childhood was fun, 
tough and exciting.
My childhood was one 
where there wasn't much fighting.
This was my childhood.

My childhood was filled
with family and friends.
My childhood was filled 
with love that tied up loose ends.
This was my childhood.

My childhood came
with a grandmother that cared.
When she left me
I remembered all the times we shared.
This was my childhood.

My childhood was filled 
with classwork and homework.
My childhood was filled 
with parents who hated work.
This was my childhood.

My childhood was filled
with fun in the hood, 
and food that tasted like Campbell's, 
'Umm Umm Good! '
This was my childhood.

My childhood was filled
with tricycles and bicycles.
My childhood was filled 
with popsicles and Dill pickles.
This was my childhood.

My childhood was filled
with lots of happy holidays.
Holidays that aren't
just the same nowadays.
This was my childhood.

Now my childhood 
has become nothing but memories, 
But all the good times 
will live on within me.
This was my childhood.

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………………………….SAVE GIRL CHILD …………………………..

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Out my window sill

 "Daddy Please Come home"

Out this hard wood windowsill the ground is hard and raw. The dust does not bellow and the rocks do not stir. The night casts a dark black shadow on the valley of dirt and grass ahead. The moon and the stars do not shine, they are trying, but the perfect white clouds over take them. The trees do not sway to the rhythm of the wind, as it is nonexistent in this moment. The people in their houses surrounding this one do not come and they do not go. The silence of the darkness sends a hush shivering up the road were we wish that one person would make his way; and as the silence increases longing creeps into the life of the atmosphere. 

A Poem, Please

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My Biggest Fear

I am only one who hopes that I didn't have a fear
But I do, I do have one
Most fears are being trapped by bear
But mine, mine is not a pun

I have a father that left
He left when I was young
He did no theft
But it still stung

My mother says it was his choice
I don't know what to believe
I could always just speak my voice
Showing her my grieve

My mother says Oh, He's just a jerk!
But how am I to know if she won't let me see
My biggest fear,
It isn't all about me!

My biggest fear is not just to be free
My biggest fear isn't having glory
My biggest fear, is hearing the other side of the story

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The lovel days
which won't come back
remember with a sweet smile
always in our heart
as a precious memory

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If I Were In Charge of The World

If I were in charge of the world,
I'd cancel apple sauce,
Sunday nights,
tomatoes, and also needles.
If I were in charge of the world,
There'd be pink skies,
purple grass,and
chocolate rivers.
If I were in charge of the world,
You wouldn't have brussel sprouts.
You wouldn't have meatloaf.
You wouldn't have broccoli.
Or bad grades.
You wouldn't even have spinach.
If I were in charge of the world,
A twix would be a fruit.
All clocks would be digital.
And a person who sometimes eats pears.
And sometimes forgets to brush their hair.
Would still be allowed to be in charge of the world.

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Memory Lane

Everyone does it time to time in each day
From your careless mistakes to a child at play
Sneaking the babysitter's cigarettes
Having that stray dog follow you home, then asking to keep it as a pet
A trip to the lake on the fourth of July
Then come to realize, thirty plus years have gone by
These type of reflections are kept in a special place
Some result in tears, but most bring a smile to the face
Some regret, some bad, they are related with a degree of disdain
These are all a walk down memory lane
Your bicycle has a flat, your first do it yourself tire repair kit
The shoestring that was used to repair your favorite baseball mitt
Putting playing cards on the spokes of the bike to make it roar
Mom yelling at you for coming in and out of the front door
Summer vacation, kickball until dark
Cutting through neighborhood yards causing the dogs to bark
Losing a baseball down a street drain
Does this take you back to a stroll down memory lane
Selling glass bottles at the store to get a treat
Gong home for supper, disappointed, it's Thursday night, night of the mystery 
Friday a trip to the drive in
Summer is just about over, how depressing, it's school time again

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you say i act weird and i am weird 
if changing my hair color every month and having fun and being goofy n being myself 
then yes im weird and i am proud of it 
your siting there judging me when imm here having fun 
being myself  
you people sit and talk about me behind my back  and cant say it to my face 
im me get over it 

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Oh my Almighty!
Days passed so hasty,
Life is now withered & wild,
Please turn me back into a child.

If I really get such chance,
I would roll on,jump & dance.
Receiving this boon as a gain,
I wish to pamper my childhood again.

On the large crystalling heap of sand,
I build a castle with my little hand.
With the multi-colored china clay,
I make the toys & love to play.

On a pleasant,chill & breezy evening,
When the clouds burst out & start showering,
Enfolding the paper into a l'le boat,
I rush into the rain & let it float.

I enjoy the flavour of lollipop,
By smacking it from bottom to top.
I wish to fill all my pockets,
With large varieties of yummy chocolates.

My thumbs dance on the buttons of joystick,
To play the games merely fantastic.
Passing the minutes with frolic & fun,
Leaving my homeworks absolutely undone.

Iam now no more a kid,
To act & play as they did.
If I wish to be childish & noisy,
People yell that Iam gone crazy.

Twinkle Twinkle little star,
Every kid is a "sizzling star".
Iam left out with no more phrase,
To garnish the beauty of childhood days.

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Family Commandments

Family Commandments

Thou shall not pull thy sisters hair. Thou you shall chew thy food.
Thou shall not stay out until Midnight. Thou shall be in a better mood.
Though shall not answer me back. Thou you shall brush thy hair.
Though shall not wear that in public. Thou you shall behave in here.
Thou shall not give me cheek and run as fast as thou art.
Though shall not rush thy homework. Though you shall begin from the start..
Thou shall not scream at every opportunity no mater  if thy lungs be strong.
Thou shall not dance in tantrum. Thou you shall stay home where you belong.
Thou shall not eat me out of house and home. Though you shall get a job.
Thou shall not sit round like a bum. Thou you shall turn into a slob.
Thou shall not fight with your sister. Thou you shall give her a cuddle.
Though you shall not bunk away from school. Or Thou shall be in a muddle.
Thou shall not make noise while soaps are on, if you know what's good for thy ears.
Thou shall not blame your brother, Thou you shall see his tears.
Thou shall not ever worry, Thou I am here for you.
Thou shall not ever be sad. Thou you shall be happy It's true.
Thou shall not ever fret, even though we shall have our fears.
Thou shall never be alone. Thou you shall know we care.
Thou shall always have a life, Though u shall be happy and care.
Thou shall not have a problem alone. Thou you will know we are near.
Thou shall not take for granted, That shall be full of pride.
Though shall never wish for more, with thou family by thou side

By Shirley Moody

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thank you

Broke down in tears last night
While listening to Eminem’s new album. To be precise Headlights
Cried more when his brother tweeted that it was his last album
I knew this day was going to come at some point
But I still feel like D12 “how come”?
I once broke up with a girl because she didn’t like Eminem
Yeah I know you’re all thinking “how dumb”
But it was him who told me to “sing for the moment”
Listen to Way I am, rabbit run and no apologies I feel indestructible
Bring on the opponent
Listen to them then I see Godzilla and King Kong as rodents
 Feel I can do anything when I listen to Em with my headphones blaring
My family were never around
So I used Eminem and his music to clone parents
Growing up in care
People saying
“Oh Alex you need to open up and share
Always remember your poem book is there”
As they look at my slit off skin
“Staff saying Alex cut his wrists, not again
Alex kicked off again
What do you thin flipped off him?
Is it because his dad died?
Or has he been listening to Hip-hop again
He needs to realise he’s not Marshall Mathers, Eminem or Slim shady”
Listening to kill you, Stan, Criminal and Kim daily
All this music picked me up when I was a fallen man
Me to be the new Eminem was all a plan
He wrote a song about but instead of calling me Alex
He decided to call me Stan
When I was in children’s homes
Feeling alone
I would just show a fake smile
“Omg for the 100th time this week Alex is watching 8 mile”
While I was missing the family I never had
But **** them. Eminem and his music was a better dad

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Why Dad

The look on your 
Tells me everything I need to know
I'm a disgrace to you
Doing nothing 
What can I do
To make you proud of me?
I'll do it for you
Just tell me how.
I look for your love
In the depths of your eyes
I see nothing
Please tell me why.
Dad, it's me 
Your little girl
You brought me here 
Into this  world
Yes, I'm though 
But my heart on the floor
I've had enough
I can't take it anymore.

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Siste Wm Mary

Sister Wm. Mary

I never learned a lesson when I was still a child.
My father didn’t have the time so I just ran wild.
Mama told me, “God would never leave my side”. 
But I’ve been alone all my life with no one as a guide.

I was a young man on a journey through life. 
Always wonder how I’d make out when I took a wife.
I wanted to be cool but I didn’t understand.
Why an under sexed nun would take me by the hand.

When she touched me unexpectedly in a private place. 
I pushed her hand away and she slapped my face.
She told me to be still, it isn’t going to hurt.
I wondered what she’s thinking as she lifted up my shirt.

My teardrops fell my heart beat fast, it seemed to last so long.
And as I shook she stroked my hair, I knew that this was wrong.
I took the long way home that day hoping for relief. 
But I knew I could tell no one it’s too hard to believe.

And so it went on for the next couple years. 
I noticed a change when I cried without tears.
No one else noticed as I began to withdraw.
Not my mother or my father, no one at all.

So I fought back the tears and I tried to pretend. 
I swore that I’d kill her if she touched me again.
I asked God to help me but he never came.
Then it suddenly dawned on me, I was to blame.

Now here I sit weary almost sixty one.
 Depressed and exhausted with no place to run.
So when I was asked who took my cherry,
All I can say, “it was sister Wm. Mary”.

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The way we use to be

Sometimes I close my eyes
thinking of years 
   that have flown by

i felt like I belonged then
    A family made of stone!
      We were so strong

my mind unlocks 
the best memories
with a soft,
haunting sigh

I miss when we were younger 
days seemed 
to take forever 
    dragging on 
  in seasons breeze

we ran together playing, 
miss us living life
with no worries...
more than you know

Sometimes as I kneel praying 
when it comes to my brothers 
my sister. 
I have to stop
for emotions rush
instant tears of my love

for a bond that can only be broken
from the inside....
if we allow it

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A child called IT

A tear roles down my face
As I try to forget about time and space.
I count the bruises, the broken ribs.
And I think about the life I live. 
These marks and scars will never leave
And I will still have the terrible memories.
As I ponder over what my mother says
The words "you are a bad boy" run threw my head.
I do everything my mommy asks
But she still wont love me back.
She makes me sleep in the basement
This cold, dark room is where my sleeping time is spent.
She starves me for days
And I just wish my life away.
She has burned me, and cut me but never cared.
The only thing she gives me is evil glares.
I hope someday I can leave this place.

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Sierra Leone - A long way gone book by Ishmael Baeh

South province where Mattru jong is located!
Intriguing issues as a young boy!
Escaped from drugs and the war!
Rebels – They don’t agree with the government and think    everyone is the enemy!
Ready to start over!
A lhaji close friend of Ishmael!
Lonely waking around by himself at the age of 12!
Evaluated but never understood!
One world with terrible memories!

Never being able to let go of  memories! 

Elated  at being with his uncle!

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The Love of a Step-Mother

I did not expect to take another Mother's child
but I did it with concern and a smile
I did not expect to see hurt, neglect, and rebellion
but I did it with love, guidance and nurturing
I did not expect to worry about room or space
but I took them all and taught them togetherness and grace
I did not expect the long hours of time and care
but I did it with little rest and slept away my tears
This is not a Cinderella story for that is make believe
This is the story that came from the heart and love of a step-mother
I now call Mom.

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final goodbye

My outside smile doesn’t match on the inside
Growing up all I wanted was a dad by my side
But I never had you in my life
Sit with my pad and I write
That’s what hurts the most
I went on a search for you father
It would have been easier to search for ghosts
What made it harder
Is you had a chance to be a dad
But you rejected it
I’m trying to advance through the sad
While accepting it
I needed you the most
Now I’m not affectionate 
To anyone who tries to get close
People always leave. I’m expecting it
Talk about my dad I act like I don’t miss him
But it’s eating me up inside
Can my feelings be justified?
How could I say goodbye
When you ****ing died
When we rarely said a simple hi
We got to see each other a few times a year
You turned up drunk. Blind from beer
At times I wish I could rewind to there
But I let my smile out shine my tears
The death of you was the birth of me
I try and figure what’s best to do
But people see the worst in me
Sober and clean
They want the dirt on me
A coward is something I’ll never be
But a boy in need of a dad I’ll probably forever be
Everything I’m yet to achieve. And everything I already have
Will it make up for never having a dad?

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The sound of silence carries me to another place.
The cascading droplets of water begging me to remember, the soft sand molding to my feet asking me to feel it again, the taste of salt water waiting for me to remember another lifetime, the hot tips of the sun ray unfurling and deliciously heating my skin wanting me to recall when we met last.
So long ago I called this place home.
I frolicked in the sand and ran to meet the crashing waves. Although I was born in the dead of winter, I was raised in the light of the shinning sun and the depths of the shimmering sea. The beach is what I call home, where my nostalgia is a beautiful sort of feeling and the tang of salt water brings the comforting lull of home back to me.
The crashing waves gently whisper my name.
They speak of promises and secrets untold, yet to be discovered beneath their indescribable surface. Running my fingers over the rough exterior of a clam shell I recall first discovering the beauty they hide away inside. Since that moment the ocean entices me and calls my name from miles and miles away.
Now I stand on rock towering above it all.
The waves crashing against the cliff trying to reach me, the send peeking out as the water recedes, all calling out to me “home.” And then slowly, freely, I fall. Diving into the depths of the sea, returning home.

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Beautiful Child

A beautiful child dreams endless flight,
Great honor inside juggling kind light,
Memories numbering on pictures quiet,
Remembering surreal times unite,
 Visions wondering Xanadu yelling zzz’s.

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Mommy I love you
 This is my goodbye
 You said you wanted me
 But it was all a lie
 Your boyfriend left you 
So now I'm a joke
 I didn't drown
 I didn't choke
 I should get to live
 Like you did
 Laugh and play 
Like any other kid
 Well you've made up your mind
 So now I'm not here
 I didn't want to die
 Its a babies biggest fear
 Babies shouldn't die
 Over a persons choosing
 Let me be adopted
 Then its only you I'm losing
 Abortion is selfish
 It means you have no heart
 If God wanted it to happen
 He would have added that part

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You be the reason of my outcome
Be the bearer of the pain 
Be the endurance through my period 
For days to months I framed inside of you 

Smiled to the sound of my cry 
Held me close to your heart 
Whispered a name to my ear 
Called for a celebration to my birth 
In my sleep i felt so save from the world 

In your motherly nurture.                                   
I advanced to be mature 
Tutored me the necessity to a brighter future.    
The memories of childhood Be my mind's vivid 
My childhood tears, You made me shed 
Has been the rod you never spared 
Mother and son: Bow and arrow 
You shot me into my tomorrow.

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Fourteen Catfish

        Fourteen Catfish
Fourteen catfish swimin along
one was caught cause he went wrong
thriteen catfish swimin all night
two got hooked before daylight
eleven catfish in the brook
seven fell for the fisherman's hook
four big catfish sniffin bait
three of them just couldn't wait
one fat catfish all alone
got no girlfriend of his own.
      © ron wilson

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Snow Day

As billowing clouds drape endlessly, flurries gently hover indelibly;
jovial kids leave mom's nest, outside playing, quickly racing snowfall,
tumbling under vigilant watch, eXperiencing youth zealously.

By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders, March 10, 2012
for Snow ABC Contest (Yasmin Khan)
Fourth Place

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Ridin' Dirty On My Moped

In Carolina there is no helmet law
As my girlfriend complains, all I hear is blah, blah, blah
She is still stewing over me buying all the accessories in the catalog
I tell her to bow down to me, I am now the Big Bad Dog
I am now sportin' my new leather chaps
Up side the head, from her I get a smack
I will mark a new territory the Hell's Angels would fear to tread
Looking hard and ridin' dirty on my Moped
At this point, I tear the sleeves off my blue jean jacket
She tells me to stop trying to Mac It
I smile with my Gold tooth displayed
She tells me I need help, she drops to her knees to pray
Then she asks me if I stopped taking my Meds
I tell her I really love you, it's a Two seater, we can both ride dirty on my Moped
I tell her I haven't shaved for Five days
She says she sees the peach fuzz on my face
I look at her and tell her I am a 15 year old trying to make it in this dog eat dog society
Either get on or get out and miss my noteriety
She says she's had enough and besides it's almost curfew
So I depart to the trailer park and pick up that floozy Gracie Lou
I tell her to hang on, it could get wild, I am what they call pure white bread
She grabs my waist and is ready to ride dirty on my Moped
It can't get any dirtier, a trailer girl that smells real bad
I look back and recall, this was the best summer I ever had

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everyday Not the same without you

Every Beat in my heart keep beating for us all The tears in side of me still crying for us
im mess up in head because of you all scare you give me within side of my heart i still bleeding because of are friendship and or Love Turn to black shadow demon inside of me
i be screaming my heart out for you when my chest bleeds its the feeling in side my heart everyday your in my dreams name written in stars and i know you and i be with each other inside my heart when i saw you the first time something change deep down inside of me when i with you i have deal with the pain Do you remembers the days anything cant last forever i wish i can bring it back take it back you mean world to me screaming I LOVE YOU im alone everyday dealing with this i screaming Bleeding heart brokennnn You mean so much to me.and You cant even see .

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damage done

the reversed side of an angle square,
life in tatters beyond repair,
a mothers face full of despair,
at a life thats left by you.

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Little girl tell the world why you cry.
Is it that your father is the molester and your mother hides his lies?
So why should I believe you, when the world has it your spoiled?
All over the community running wild
But no one would believe her all they see is the outside.

She's trap; she hates, she loves, she love, she hates the ones that gave her birth.
she despise the love she's given for it lets her feel like dirt.
She speaks but no one hears, she cries still no one cares,
yet whenever she runs away to be free like the wind, 
they see, they criticize, they say all kind of things.

She sleep, she wakes, she wakes, she sleep just to confirm she's dreaming 
but the reality is too perfect for the neighbors so they ignore the screaming. 
"So why should I be different from my neighbors it's not like being concern 
will get me any favours?
Furthermore I only show compassion when I am in the mood,
I would prefer to draw my assumption and say that girl is rude".

She has loving parents is what they see.
They see the house, the car and say "that should be me".
They say "she's ungrateful what else could she want, the things they would do if they had the chance"
but the perfect world is in our minds, her reality is crappy though everything looks fine
but no one would believe her so she's learning how to adjust one day at a time.

She's locked in her room with nowhere to hide.
She entertains herself for her imagination is wide.
She brace herself for the nightmare hoping it would slide
and anticipate the second she goes back outside.

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Dear Grandma

Theres no one in this world who can compare to you or can even come close
Your the best grandmother anyone could ever ask for i love you most
I know I dont always show you how much you mean to me
Im sorry for all the times I was a brat and how I would be
No matter what I say without you I wouldnt have anything and you mean more to me than you know
Im sorry from the bottom of my heart and the good I will try to show
To you Grandma I wrote this for you with all my love
Everyday your in my heart and in my head your always thought of

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Family Friend

You were supposed to be good
You walked right out from the hood
You hopped into my life
You held the knife
I was strong enough to fight
I didn't want this life
You shot me through the heart
You were smart
I live with this everyday
I'll never be okay

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mothers do there best daddys do the rest

my babies they smile that smile they bat them eyes still your heart with them dimples in there cheekies you try to keep them safe protect them from hurt a mother does her best daddy does the rest but there comes a time you have to cut the not and hope and pray your babies can stretch the not so far .

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No More

Bought from the game
Unheard by the pain
Of the heavy tears
That has been shed for many years
Trynna convert to these gangs
But they are all just the same
All the deaths that's been carried
The life that's been buried
Into itself
Was just for the sake of love
I can't go back
To the past
I can't resist
The present
I can't go further
To the future
I'm here
Somewhere here
I don't know
Where else to go
But I know I won't face them no more

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Christmas Lost

 Christmas Lost

A Long 
Long Time Ago...
There was a moment I saw the music in the leaves
Winter turned in to lights among the Christmas trees
Looking up and down the street
I smelled the musty screen looking out my window
alone among the changes  that left me in a breeze
I looked at all the lights and knew every thing would change
some how I understood nothing would be the same
Illuminating all the ruff hopes of the living adults
Because poor as poor as we could be
Yet I saw on  Christmas Day 
Adult eyes tears of Debt they would see
A cry of laughter on what Santa gave
Radio Flyer to the kids delight.
Tommy got a pennie tonight
Mary rocked her  doll all night
and I slept with my new 
kitten all night.
I Now understand
All Parents

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When I was

When I was

when i was one year old
i was very bold,
when i turned two
i lost my shoes
then i turned three
and got stung by a bee
when i was four
I want to the store and felt very bored,
Then I turned five
And learned to dive,
When I got six
I learned to fix,
Then I turned Seven
and wished to eleven,
But i turned eight
And got a team mate,
Nine is the number
That caught me in trouble,
Ten followed nine
With  a   wisdom full mind
And  now i am Eleven

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I know in time, Michael you'll be mine
Your so fine, YOU LOVE THAT LINE
So maybe right after school you can come swim in my pool
I will bake you cookies if you'd like 
and give you a ride on my bananna seat bike
We can roll down a grassy green hill
Play nurse and dr. if your feeling ill
Spin the bottle or truth and dare
maybe theres some secrets we can share
So if this sounds good to you put an x in the box 
in the color blue.

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I felt like exploding. 
The back of my eyes were burning.

What had happened here? 
There must have been times when I felt more than this. 
There had to be. 

It was Tuesday afternoon, around 12.20pm, that I realised what had to be done. 
Someone had to pay!

I have lived, up until now, a privileged life. 
One really of no hard labour, unlike many of those around me. 
I suppose I felt superior to some people in many ways. 
Should I have thoughts like this as a member of the human race? 
There you go you see, human race, race, the word that we have put into who we are, its a race, we are racing, racing each other. 

Where will it be the race, who is in the, race, yes indeed!
Mumblings of a mad man corrode the in workings to such a degree that there seems no way out!
Surely we had felt more than this?


Scott. T . Williams.

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A Crack In The Sidewalk

The crack in the sidewalk watched me today
as I walked to school alone that one summer day
The Sun was opening its wings for me
Had only two miles to walk among the Grove trees
It seemed to talk to me as knowing what is and could be
why my Mother left only a lost dream.

The crack in the sidewalk was there for me
as I walked in the scorching heat
with little summer breeze
wandering aimless I found a puppy 
laying under a lone shade tree

The crack in the sidewalk was laughing at me
as I took her home to be with me
Charcoal her name will always be
the key tied around my neck opened the door
while No one was there Milk was free
and she came to be with me

The crack in the sidewalk stared at me
we laughed and played every day until eve
I took my bike crossed the street
a car came and took her from me

The crack in the sidewalk I'll always see
my arm held tight my little baby with me
a broken heart never to be glued
just a lonely child that Loved 
someone new

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726 days

726 Days

726 days
726 days until I’m gone
Like a Leaf from a tree 
Or a bird from a nest
I’ll be leaving home
Moving on from the past

I’ll be moving on from the moving
From one house to another
From week to week 
Or month to month
From a life I created 
Only to move and create again
From packing and unpacking 
And finally just leaving things
In a box
From wondering when
The next move is

726 days 
I’ll be moving from not having
Anyone to talk to 
For the first fourteen years of my life
From not having a true friend
Or someone’s shoulder to lean on
From not having
Not knowing 
What family truly is 
From the cold un-functional life
I have lived for fourteen years 
Until I finally saw
The truth

I’ll be moving from all the bruises 
Ones that have covered 
My arms, my shoulders 
My legs and my back
From all the hand marks
That has landed on my face
And the scares on my heart
From the wounds deep inside 
From being told
How useless and horrid I am 
To see, and the shame
I remind them of 
Being said I was a mistake 
One that should be forgotten
From being told I will become 
Nothing and believing it all 

726 days 
Until I will be leaving the ones 
Who bring up memories
I would soon like to have left alone
From being reminded and reliving the experience 
Through my nightmares
Nightmares where I see the evil in there eyes 
The horrible smell of their breath
The press of their weight on me
My tears running down my face 
Their fingers 
And their bodies 
Tearing my insides apart
Violating me 
As no child should ever be violated 
Over, and over again like its happening again

I’ll be moving from two little kids
Who I have raised 
Who I have taken care of 
Feeding and protecting them 
And although I may miss them
I will be letting
Them making their own decision
Whether to stay 
Or come with me 

726 days 
Until I leave that life
And walk into another
Where I can finally settle in 
With a friend 
Who has showed me true friendship
Who has listened and helped me 
With my past 
Who has reserved judgment 
And shown only kindness and friendship 
To move in with her family
With open arms and a smile on their faces
Time and time again 
And treated me like their own 
Who has shown me what family is 
Who I can never tell how grateful I am 
No matter how I try 

I’ll be moving in 
726 days…..

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The Real Me

They look at me 
And see the girl
Who lives inside
A ghetto world
But don't believe
That's all there is in me
You'll never know the real me....
I'm sad among a thousand words
And frowns along a thousand smiles
I'm incomplete
Words just cannot explain
They'll never know the real me..
They'll never know the real KhaiB.

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Joyful to play 
Optimistic with curiosity lerking somewhere in my brain
Soft and cuddly like a little girl's favorite toy
Excited for new things to come and play
Playful to play games and be creative with family and friends
Hyper active in sports, in my games
Imaginative ideas exploring my head waiting to be created
Nerdy with my studies with my head in the books
Ecstatic to imagine and explore a whole nother world to discover

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Furthest thing from sane

I’m the furthest thing from sane
The biggest wake up call 
Wouldn’t even bring any change
Weight of the world
Doesn’t even bring me pain
I chase the girl who has a boyfriend or who doesn’t like me
But don’t like the voice of the girls willing to sing my name
Yes I know that seems wrong
T-shirt and jeans on
Yet I want the weather to bring me rain
To some that logic probably makes no sense
I feel lonely at times. But not looking to make any friends
Why do people take it personally when I say I need my own space?
I appreciate our friendship and relationship
But right now I need to be my own mate
Tired of people telling me things will be all right
Right now I need to seek my own faith
Feel the hunger in my stomach but I don’t want to eat
I feel tired as hell but I don’t want to sleep
I find happiness in the pain I felt
When I lost my father I gained myself
Feel so alive. But it wasn’t long ago I wanted to Kurt Kobain myself
I feel cold in the hottest summer
I feel hot in the coldest winter
 Acts calm but find it hard to hold his temper
I’m new to this but feel like the oldest member
I’ve heard so much stupid *****I wish I was deaf
Appreciate the people who stuck around
But I always want the ones who left
I got everything wrong
By trying to please people and trying to get everything right
I appreciate the dark
I’m not asking for the world to bring light
Sometimes I feel weak
I look at what I’ve survived and realize I’m strong
If you don’t laugh with me while I’m here
Then you have no right to cry when I’m gone
I know I’m the furthest thing from sane
I proudly admit that I’m out of my mind
To put it in a simple way
I’m the nicest jerk you will ever find 

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Ronnie Coy Lee Wheeler

Ronnie was born on October the thirteen.
Ozzfest was here on his first birthday.
Next year he will be twelve years old.
Nearly a teenager he will be.
Inch by inch he is growing up.
Every year he reminds me more and more of lil' coy.

Careless and daring he is.
Out going and full of life.
Young and healthy he will be for a long time.

Living life to the fullest.
Extra special in his own way.
Extra kind when he wants to be.

Wild and wacky on demand.
Hot under the collar at times.
Everybody knows him well.
Everybody likes him when he's not being a brat.
Love is not hard for him to show.
Everybody wants to slap him sometimes.
Ronnie is ronnie is ronnie.

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Im the Kind of Girl Who wants to be herself

Im not the kind of girl who finds one good thing and sticks to it 
im the kind of girl who embraces many good things threw out her life * 
* im not the kind of girl who would be cought dead wearing bright pink in school
but im the kind of girl one would wear dark colours even tho i have a bright personality 
im not the kind of girl who seaks attention loudly , 
im the kind of girl who sits quietly hoping someone will care enough to ask how i am .
im the kind of girl who Acts tough to impress but goes home later and writes poetry ' 
im the kind of girl i am and proud to be myself. <3  

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Dont grow too fast
my little girl
stay as it was
"Our" world’ s a twirl

Your little houses
and cooking games
those cute blouses…
Just stay the same…

Dont grow too fast
it’s not what you think
stay as it was
Yought is just a blink…

Your highschool club
and little pains
your first ever love…
Please just stay the same…

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Sisters Thicker Then Water


Threw thick and thin
Threw right and wrong 
Threw the rain and the storm
Threw the years 
You held me down 
You always have my back 
You lend your ear’s to listen 
The voice of good advice 
The arm’s that in brace 
When time’s are hard in need of a hug
You come with open arm’s
With sisterly love 
We hold our ground
No greater bond but that of love
No tow a like one soft spoken
The other out spoken 
Together bonded by blood 
Yet near our far we always
Have each others interests at heart 
When one tends to fall 
Is good to know you have someone
You can trust to pick you up 
And I have that with my sister 
For blood is thicker then water 
Hand in hand we swim 
Till we reach the top

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Alot In Me

Afraid to sleep at night
Too much on my mind
And I pray that god
Will guide my heart
Will save me right in time
And my joy melts into stressing
I have no one to lift me high
And now the madness in me
Is gathering
Having no where left to hide
Every day in my life,
There's a problem I have to find inside
But somewhere inside my heart,
A diamond lies deep inside
And I hope I'm gonna be saved in time
So you see I got a lot in me
But there's more than this for me
When god lands his hands to heal my heart
I'll be just fine
And the madness that surrounds my heart
It shatters as they land
See I grew up on a painful road.
But I learned to block the pain
No, I wont give up tomorrow
Because I'll come to life

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we made a pact he and i
that wed be best friends til the day we died
things got crazy and life sure changed
he had the baby and i just managed
to continue on with my life
things got bad things got ugly
my life took a turn for the worse
but our pact still remains
true til death
do we have any better friends then the ones we had as kids
i dont think so
life was so simple and pure whyd it have to change
i dont know
but the pact still remains

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ABC's of Childhood

Always            bore       condemnation,
but                 couldn't   deviate.
Circumvention   dared      erupt
Dad's              exacting   force.
   We both were very stubborn.

Seven way ABC poem

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faces on faces

faces on faces.............there are soo many faces on faces.........creating a fake environment around you........

teliing fake truths to make a more perfect you..................

why just people remain their orignal oneself..............

to love the orignal you....................

TO LOVE THE ORIGINAL YOU..................

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Memories Among the Ruins

                                            " Memories Among the Ruins "

                                                  Yesterday I visited home

                                               and was greeted only by memories

                                                 Gone were the familar houses 

                                               left were crumbled ruins beyond the trees


                                                  No longer did children play

                                                bringing laughtor to this place

                                                    our swing lay broken on the ground

                                                now rotton lumber gone to waste

                                                     Each of us grew up here

                                               leaving a part of us behind

                                                     Sadly I stood there wishing

                                               for a child I can never again find

                                                       I saw many things amid the ruins

                                                though all had been gone many years

                                                       There were no more ballgames

                                                 or happy childish  cheers

                                                        Animals that were once our friends

                                                  are burried beneath an old oak

                                                         Once speacial toys have long been gone

                                                   just as Kenneths darn billy goat

                                                          Strangley I could hear faint calls

                                                   of Moma calling us to eat

                                                           But I knew it was only

                                                    my imagination caused by the heat

                                                            I can not restore yesterday

                                                      nor the child I once was    

                                                            I can only drift back occasionally    

                                                       as I am sure most of us does

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daddy blues

dad is gone
for so long, u forced to be strong
pull along, world says you worng
a struggle to belong..
dad is gone you fufill
hurt is huting but you heal
dad is gone but not dead
daily your eye are red, but as well you not dead
not much has been said to one another
dad has another..

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I fell in love with an angel 
With glissading beauty 
With her heavenly love position
She did something to me
Bringing light to life
Being there for it all
My happiest moment
My saddest day
Even when we took our great fall
My angel has spread her wings
Beginning a new flight
With all her beauty
She will brighten another life
If you ever need me
Forget all my lies
Just give me a shout
I’ll be on the runway
Standing by

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Baby Power

Being born was great for me,
Though I can’t recall the chore,
But every year I’m pleased to see,
That it’s me they all adore.
My mom and dad stay close to me;
They claim to know me well;
They’re proud to know a celebrity,
And me, I know they’re swell.
They celebrate, they laugh and sing,
And gifts on me they shower;
I must have done a wondrous thing,
My birthday cries, BABY POWER!

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You are my inspiration
You are my belief
You are my life
You are my relief

You stand before me
You give me an embrace
You show your unconditional love
You present your grace

You make way for success
You guide me like thee
You help me throughout
You make me smile for free...

You give cute expressions
You give excellent suggestions
You give me motivation
You show your determination

You are my father
You are my friend
You are great
You love me till the end..

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sudden truth

sudden truth
of love unknown
my wasted youth
i have out grown
old and stupid
and in my silence
pity my cupid
for i no sense…
for i not say
what i must speak
for i not stay
with in her cheek
still d’same
and never grown
a boy in stain
a man not shown

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Skint knees

Where i live is so serene countryside green and wild,
To lose yourself here , takes me back to a child;
When puddles were oceans ,and mountains the trees,
you wandered home  happy, black face and skint knees.

Each day an adventure an unopened book
Hero’s we were my pal the goodie me the crook;
Sticks were our weapons bushes our den
We would die loads and start   over again.

The woods were our jungle you Tarzan me Jane 
Screaming and laughing lost in our game
Kids with no worries innocent and pure
Why do we lose these things as we mature

I love where i live now with kids of my own
But times have changed now i am grown
I miss climbing trees  innocent  free and wild
0h how  i wish for one day i could be a child.

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Let her now run

Outside your window 
a withard horse 
has no strength or ambition 
to finish its coarse 

but what shes accomplished is more then enough 
when it comes her time , shes had it to rough 
until her last breath she will do her best 
to impress 

or is it not enough that she's given her life to please you 
never once stepped on your toes always listen to your commands 
jumped the highest fences , applied herself to every demand 

stood in the pouring rain to prove she was strong enough 
worked in scortching heat just because you asked her to 

but maybe its time you set her free 
to stride in the sunset to her own fantasy 
relieve her of the reins you held down on her neck 
and insted of dirt let her run in the medows 

Give her a life she hasn't yet experienced  
let her no her work is done 
and that she has done well 
let her now run <3 

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After school my friend and I would walk through town to the river
Soon to bait our trout lines with cotton cake, crawdads and liver.
Sometimes we used baby bullheads, perch or great big frogs
Tossing out into the current next to a snag of logs.

At times we would disrobe and wade out in the stream
Attaching lines to anything hoping to hook our dream.
One day I made some doe bait and stuffed it in my sock
Attached five hooks, hundred pound line and tied it to a rock.

When I bragged to my classmates they snickered and called me fool
Till the next day they followed me to the river after school.
I made my way to the water my path was a fallen tree
Something big was on my line it was easy for us to see.

I tried to pull it in but the current was too strong
Three boys ran to assist me as we began to sing a song.
Going fishing instead of wishing for the granddaddy of them all
If we land this monster will give the sport shows a call.

It seemed like forever before our beast was ashore
Eighty-five pounds of flathead cat as big as a closet door.
We shared his steaks at a fish fry, food for heart and soul
Took his head and nailed it high for all to see on a pole.

For a time we ceased our casting instead we chased the girls
After marriage with our kids we again fished the swirls.
Too many of my friends have past and the years have raced by
Though here I sit with rod in hand a fisherman till I die.

By Tom Zart

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Freedom is here

I look and see nothing
I`m hurt and don’t feel it
I grow up and do not understand 
But freedom is here.

My fellow man is smiling
My enemy is crying
My life goes on just the same
But freedom is here.

I`ll try to keep it
I`ll try to destroy it 
I`ll try to embrace it
But freedom is here.

A child without food
A heart without love
A soul without morale
But Freedam is here.

Freedom Come 
Freedom Stay
Freedom is here
But are we free?

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the dream wedding story

i remember the long pink gown.
the flower's in her hair.
she had brown wavey hair.
then there was those shiney glass slippers.
her family said she looked like cinderella with  brown hair.
she thought she heard you may kiss the bride.
then she woke up and the sound she heard was just the rain outside her window.
then she laughed and said wait im already married!

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Trusting The Undone Years

l am on the razor's edge
Trusting the undone years for 
The feeling of pins and 
yesterday gives me
Makes me to have a pinch of 
for untold success of 
Today puts me through the 
Because my childhood was 
out on
a limb
Years to come turn the other 
As if cheap at the price
My present spending is 
taking a
plunge like a gold dust to 
line my
pocket out
How do I kick the shit of 
When forces beyond spike 
A second attempt from you
Will provoke me to give you 
a slap
on the wrist
Before I begin to kick the 
shit out
of you
No more crying over spilt 
Since the undone years has
rewarded my childhood 
agony with

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Where Are They Now

Mary had a little lamb that soon became someone's chops
That's a lie, a mouse never runs up a clock, only in the Boondocks
Little Miss Muffett sat on the Spider
Jack and Jill went up a hill, Jack killed Jill and tried to hide her
Old Mother Hubbard went to the cupboard, there was no bone for the dog
Little Boy Blue got lost in the London Fog
Remember Little Jack Horner
He was put in a Roundhouse and told to sit in the corner
The Three Little Pigs were smoked and placed on the table
Goldi Locks visits The Three Bears more often now that they have Cable
Four and twenty Blackbirds were baked in a pie
The wolf was an assassin from the Government, Grandma was a suspected 
foreign spy
Green Eggs and Ham 
 According to the FDA are now just as dangerous as Spam
Acoording to the Police, there was no Giant and Jack never had a Beanstalk
He was just stoned from his Marijuana crop
Georgie Porgie later became better known as Boy George
The Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe, still trying to hunt the fathers down for child 
Most of these celebrities wish to stay out of the spotlight
Twinkle Twinkle the Little Star dropped out of school and today is not so bright

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A Poem about my Father

It probably wouldn't be this way
If you were a real feather to me 
Maybe I would trust everyone
Who will ever know 
Because you're at home
and not being a father to me 
So I've decided to move out 
And forget about you
But it's so hard 
Because when they ask
Who's your father
I don't know what to say
Sometimes I say I don't have one
But we all know that I do.

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the good old days

i miss the good old days, doing my thing in different ways, being in plays, when i wasn't in frays, going through a maze, when i could just graze, when i didn't know about grays. bullies and lunch trays, easy school work and sugar craze, never going through a phase, and not knowing a phrase. playing wall ball, when i wasn't this tall, i had no one to call, and when i got in trouble, i could always stall. cry when i fall, play with a doll, and maybe even have a friend named Paul...just be happy and that was all.

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The Child

Running through the rain the child trips and stumbles. While up above his head the sky ripples and rumbles. Splashing through the puddles on the concrete sidewalk, the child he runs in absolute fear.Tears mix with the rain upon his face, even as his rythemic cries reach his youthful ears. Not knowing what to do or who to ask for help, the child wanders aimlessly, watching the world around him as it melts.
Confused and terrified, the child feels that he is lost. He feels that noone loves him in this life, so depression became his boss. Slashed is his heart; his wounds refuse to heal. So he lashes out in fear; left behind is how he feels. 
Asphalt benieth his feet, the child collapses to his knees. He covers his face with his hands and sobs, " why me?" This child was lost until recently. Life had forced him to grow up fast. It had caused him to take responsibility for the actions of his past.
Desperately searching for an easy remedy, the child continuously cries out for help. 
The true identity of that child...
That child is me.

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Heart Of A Teenager

At the heart of every teenager,/
There is confidence that's been shut down by worry and rage./
With our lack of confidence, we shrink away from the stage./ 
And yet we each put on a show of our own,/
Whether it's to fit in at school or avoid life at home./

At the heart of every teenager,/
Is the very tiniest thread/
That pulls the broken pieces together again./
For whatever reason, the heart breaks when we cry,/
Leaving that feeling of wanting to die./

At the heart of every teenager,/
Is a hint of insecurity and doubt/
That makes us want to scream and shout./
It clings on tightly and won't go away,/
So we ignore it by turning the other way./ 

At the heart of every teenager,/
Is a little hope that things will change,/
That we won't have to worry, that it will all be okay./
But of course the hope is counteracted by doubt,/
So our high-flying hope is quickly shot down./

And at the heart of every teenager,/
Is the burden that's different in all of us--/
Something we've learned to almost cover up./
But every so often, when the pressure piles on,/
The burden shows, and all our hope and happiness are gone.

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Your Little Face - Poem for Little Onea

Your little face;
Like a flower in the morning;
You might recognise me from afar;
When I see you,
as hiding your head in the lap of the mother;
That time I miss my mother;
Your Half hidden small cute face;
Looks like a bear toy;
When I show you my hands
You do intriguing!
When you take your little hand in mouth;
I scold you;
But still give you smile!
When I teach you to speak;
You tend to be quiet;
But I love your lisping voice!
- Sujit

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babys first.......................................

first steps
first words
first noise
they all mean somthing special
first shoes 
first  hat
first socks
they are very special
its a baby that will soon be big and live its life but save the old things that the 
baby used because they grow up so fast that will be your only memerory of them

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An Old Teddy Bear

As I sit within this closet without a single thing to do. 
I think about Molly, now college age, when she was two. 

I would leave these confines everyday. 
We would go to the yard and we would play. 

She was a friend of the utmost appeal. 
Words could not describe the joy I would feel. 

Those days are gone now and I sit in the dark. 
I know not of Molly, or of what she embarks. 

I try to think of the good times and the fun that we had. 
Not of this darkness and of what makes me sad. 

I do have one hope. One single last chance. 
With maybe a yardsale my life will enhance. 

If that day comes, I will say when I'm there. 
Here is a new beginning for this old Teddy Bear. 

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When im needing love n affection all im feeling is neglection  I cant believe hes treating me so bad never felt so confused n so sad i feel like a lost depressed soul that lost everything i had i feel so stupid for believing him n trusting what he said now im broken hearted n misled over here halfdead im shaking with pain inside n out this is the worst i ever felt it feels like i have nothing at all n im not even inportant enough for him to call n he wont catch me if i fall betrayed unloved confused going crazy mentaly abused heartbroken n used So much pain n tears how could he do this to me after so many years

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Why Is It That When?

Why is it that?
Going to church make me cringe.

Is it because of the days way back when?
My Grandma would tell me the worlds going to end.

Is it because of years, the last days we live in?
Or is the fear that's triggered by sin.

Is it because of the drums, when the Pastor speaks?
That I might throw up my hands, and dance on my feet.

Is it because of the water, that sets up in the pew?
Your dipped  a sinner, and pulled out clensed and brand new?

Is it because I know, I'll have to live straight?
So when it's my time, I'll enter God's gates.

Is it because of Mother. who just wants to see?
When God comes for them , he'll also take me.

Is it because there's no time, nor a date?
When the sky opens  to wonder your fate. 

Is it because, of the words sent from Heaven up high?
You must love the God that lives in the sky. 


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Cinder Boy

An ember sparkled will softly grow,
and fed by fuel,will grow and grow.
I once was cinder,sparkled by you,
first timid...till the flames then grew.

And so our start was touch of dawn,
with amber hue,for I was drawn 
to eyes so welcoming and warm
I never guessed you'd do me harm.

Like morning glory,love in June
the rapture of mid-afternoon,
romance of which the ancients wrote,
our passion had no antidote.

And with the dust,though scarlet tinged,
our love began to come unhinged,
for clouds arrived,which filled your eyes, 
extinguishing bright twilight skies.

With cold of night came shadows' pall,
and I could not tear down your wall. 
By midnight's hour,the fire was dead. 
Mere ashes smoldered in it's stead.

You left,and should you reappear, 
I've vowed to shun you,Now I fear 
the very thing for which I yearn
one touch...and then again to burn.


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its just so nostolgic
i can barly stand it

to dream of the life i could of had
if i  would of stayed in stead of walk another way

the stories that i would of stared in
the lives of the people that i would be involved with
would i have meet a dream
or would i haved lived a late nightmare

cud i have just walked by sorrows door
instead of walkin in and sitting down with him

would i really be me as the picture is shown
or conform to society as a modern day dre clone

but the possible past is as only a false image of a play that will never have an audience

my mind so caught in this
its hard to be realistic
but people narrate from behind and think everything is basic
i promised my soul i would never be a statistic
this feeling so nostolgic

but the past was written on to star in the future
 it still taunts me to look back to that untold story

so nostolgic

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Sister's are like blisters. 
They hurt those misters.
Brothers are like candy
They choke on brandy
Mothers are like books
They mess with the crooks 
Pets are like eaters
They bite the cheaters
Family is scary
Because their always Wary

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Whom but He

The spell he cast
over the mast
they sailed so high
the endless sky
till dawn they flew
the morning dew
that mysterious man
was Peter Pan.

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Young Road

Angry in awe
Baffled abused
Children betrayed
Deceived conceived

Question tears that paralyze their quest.

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About Mom and Dad

Sometimes I began to forget how life use to be,
and have to go through the box that holds  our memories,
Memories of when you and mom didn't fight,
and all of us lived under one roof,
when there wasn't two of every holiday,
and step moms or step dads,
Even though I was young I still remember the day you left,
and mom didn't cry cause she knew it was coming,
I can't help but to think of how things could have been different,
and how it would feel to still love you dad...

My life with my mom and dad was never good nor was my life cause
I am now a single mother of two girls and my oldest is Austin but it's lies bumps I 
over come and the only way  i can deal with life and everything is to wrote 
poems....So thank you all for enjoy reading my poems

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Angels Clearing.....

Angels Speaking
Inbetween Motion
and Silences...

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The Words That Go Unheard

These are the words that go unheard. The voice of a little girl crying for help 
because her mother is a drug user and her boyfriends all beat her. The screams 
of a teenager whose dad is molesting her. These are the words that go unheard. 
Listen to the young girl who ran away at just 15, she shares a tale that all should 
hear. Hear the words of the teenage mom who lost her daughter and don't know 
what to do with herself any more. The sound of screams from a young lady who 
gets raped and choked at the same time. These are the words that go unheard. 
Listen for the tears of the pregnant teenager whose baby daddy is abuseive. She 
cries and cries for help yet no one comes. For all of these are the words that go 

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A barefoot child dresses eagerly
Forgetting greater harm
Interested just knowing life
Magical nights only prey
Quietly recalling stories
Tracing unknown visions
Without xenophobia 
Yearning zero

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Choosing Teams

I stood in the rain, freezing cold,  
Standing here was fast getting old,   
But I was picked last, once again,  
I would play defense in the pouring rain,  

I tried to tackle, and fell in the mud,  
The match was not starting out too good,  
We scored a goal in the first minute,  
I just wish I could play a part in it,  

Later on, I was put in goal,  
I wasn't too pleased, on the whole,  
I saved a shot, and kicked high and long,  
So far, I hadn't done anything wrong,  

In ten minutes, we were four-nil up,  
But pretty soon, I really messed up,  
I slipped in the mud, and fell with a splat  
The other team took advantage of that,  

Five minutes later, we were ten-four behind,  
This was humiliation of a fearful kind,  
My team was angry, and shaking with rage,  
I faked an injury, and was sent to the cage,  

The girls were playing hockey, I got to join in,  
I messed that up too, but we managed to win,  
I got in trouble, because I wasn't in pain,  
But at least I got out of the torrential rain  

I was put on detention, cleaning the floor,  
Doing it all was a terrible bore,  
I hate PE, I'm terrible at the lot,  
Will I be a sportsman?  I think not!    

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My Son

What happened to my little one,
Who's small hand fit in mine?
What happened to the quiet time,
That we would always find?

He's growing up so fast now,
And soon he'll be a man.
I hope I've given him guidance, 
I think I've done the best I can.

He gives me reason to smile,
With each and every passing day.
And I believe he has grown to be,
A good man in every way.

Of course he is not perfect,
I expect that he'll make mistakes.
As long as he takes responsibility,
And always does what it takes.

I have always tried to teach him one thing,
I really hope that he has taken heed.
To always be kind to other people,
And try to help those who are in need.

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this poem

i was at my second period reading class
our assignment was to write a poem
the poems you write reflects you
if you write 
funny and happy poems
you are probally always smiling
if they are 
sad and make you wanna cry
things have probally happen to you in your life
if they are a mix of both
you are probally a typical person
if they are about life living and friends
you are probally worship living and things that come to your life
i look around
and see everyone writing their poems
but i sit here rapping my pencil
thinking about what i shoud write
our teacher picks us to read our poem
one by one
when he calls me
i stand in front of the class
and read them this poem

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Child's Eyes

  ……CHILD’S EYES      

When I was little I use to hear birds, singing in the trees.

 There are so few birds today, where are they?

When I was just a child, I use to see caterpillars on every walk.

Did the long gone birds eat them?

When I was just four or five the world was so alive.

Now it seems everyone I loved has gone.

Has Jack-in–(his) Pulpit left it?

Did the painter give up his brush?

Because, where did he leave his Painters Pallet?

Or to some the Devil’s Paint Brush.

I use to see the tiny little flowers, everywhere.

From Lady Slippers, and Cattails, and Green Frogs, and great big Toads.

In every meadow and along the roads, Butterflies flitted by.

In every garden and wood, Walking Sticks, and Praying Mantises, intrigued me.

Spiders, and Painted Turtles, and bright red Lady Bugs, for my childish eyes to see.
These still remain a part of me, but how many Dragon Flies, do you see?

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Grounded (Let Imagination Run)

I let imagination run I let him run for awhile
I let him run so much I think he ran wild

First it was a crocodile that stretched for miles
With huge yellow eyes and a 1,000 tooth smile
He gave a great chase around the kitchen Isle
But it was him not me who broke the kitchen tile

Imagination ran into the living room
Where I ran to find no floor in there
I had no fear when a rope appeared 
So i could swing to anywhere 
Little did I know that the rope is a curtain and the curtain could tear
So me and imagination had to run out of there

So we ran into a bedroom where an octopus  was at play
I thought to myself this guy might just stay
So I jumped to wrestle against his many legs thought i would last all day
After I won i realized i trashed the bed that my mom just made

So here I am sitting my imagination outside on an adventure to the moon 
Imagination will come back and all to soon
Maybe it will take me on a giant balloon, or let my ride typhoon, or ride the milky way on
a silver spoon
But for now im just sitting imagination got me grounded to my room

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country roads

i walked down them country roads so many times                                                               
i wish i were there to walk down them country roads again                                                   
i miss looking at the mountains,the beautiful flowers,and trees                                              
while i walk down them country roads                                                                                 
my mom and dad would sometimes walk down them country roads with me                          
i wish it could that way again but,                                                                                       
they are both gone to a greater land                                                                                  
one day i hope to see them again                                                                                       
my brothers and sister would sometimes walk down them country roads with me                   
i wish it could be that way again but,                                                                                  
my brothers and sister has gone to a land of love                                                                
i wish we all could walk together on them country roads.

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The Tears I Cried For You

The tears I cried for you when the judge took us away all though I knew it was for 
the better. I hated knowing that I would not see you any more. You and I were not 
so close but I would have rather  been with you then go into the system. Instead 
here I sit alone trying to figure out why the court took us from you. Moma I know 
that you tried your hardest to get us back yet the judge still said that you did not 
deserve to have rights back. I now know how you feel when you loose the kid(s) 
that you so dearly love to the state. The tears I cried for you to get us back were 
endless. I still ask myself why this all happened the way that it did. The tears I 
cried for you were real and even though I didn't know what to think of you at one 
time, I see that you tried your hardest. Visits came and went they were hard to 
come and go from. I hated when it came time to leave for I knew it would be yet 
another week until I seen you again. The tears I cried for you were strong yet now 
that I have gotten older and it has been almost three years they really don't come 
any more. I use to sneak around and talk to you now I don't even know if I wanna 
hear from you. I hear that you have gone south from how you use to be and that 
scares me. For the tears that I cried for you I no longer do.

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don't go

i looked into your eyes
i saw the future in your face
you broke my heart when you said those three words
the only thing i say is baby please don't go
you bring the sun in the morning 
you bring the cool of night
you have a sun shining face like the light of day
you make me happy when i feel blue 
you make every thing right when i am so wrong
i cried when you said those three words 
and all i can saw is baby don't go.

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My Little Girl

There's a little girl who lives inside of me.  I know she's there but only few can 
see.  She hold memories that are close to my Heart some are happy and some 
are not.

When I look into her wide green eyes, I see innocence, a kind heart, and a 
magical smile.  I can also see how much love she carries in her heart; so much 
that it makes her heart hurt it seems that no wants her love and this maks her 

She loves very few, but there is one very special person close to her heart; who 
she gains strength, hope and most of all trust.

She see's herself growing up and learning not to take things for granted and to 
be grateful for everyday we have on this earth.

Now she see's that things are not as bad as they could have been.  She thanks 
God in her small voice that her special person is getting stronger everyday, and 
will come back to her soon someday.

It's funny, but when I look at the little girl who lives inside of me, I look deep into 
those green eyes, and I can see this little girl is really me.

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Separation among childhood

As my heart weeps for love,
I began to feel blank, 
As my eyes began to glow,
My body wants to vacate.
Childhood went by too fast,
For the young years are through,
As I lay in a dreary dungeon,
I now have to start new.
Childhood was sweet,
There was a bound between two,
For now we have departed,
I have to decide what to do.

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First Date

first date  

Just because 
I ate
you paid
doesn't mean 
I lay 
I open
I preen
Take me home
fast as you can
I'm too young
your'e too much a man
I want to lay in my mama's bed
I want to watch the news
I want to hear how people died
that's not as scary as you

1st  put on my mama's site

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i will always be there

i was born
i walked
i talked
i loved
and i fell

i got hurt
so i fell hard
and i had no one 
to help me

i've watched you
you walked
you talked
and you loved

then you fell
and got hurt
and you thought you had no one
but ill always be there
helping you get up
so you can keep on walking

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Beaver Spends the Night With The Brady Bunch

Ward drops Beaver at Seven O'clock sharp
Carol tells Beaver to get ready for bed, it's getting late and it's after dark
June calls and tells Beaver to  eat everything on his plate
Bobby says you are like me on the phone, you are listless
Beaver tells Bobby she just wanted to give me the business
They all gather at the table for dinner
Beaver tells Alice she is getting thinner
Alice replies flattery will get you everywhere
Cindy belches and the smell of her breath carries through the air
Beaver tells Cindy  doing that at the table takes bravery
Marsha comments to Cindy  you are not acting like a young lady
Jan is wearing her birth control glasses
Greg sings a song at the table, he is taking singing classes
Peter tells Beaver about their Hawaii and Grand Canyon adventure
Beaver tells Peter that Gus the Fireman wears dentures
The door bell rings, Alice answers it and in steps Barney Fife
He asks Alice to be his wife
The date is set for them to be wed
Barney reserves a room at the Y for their honeymoon, Barney assures Alice that 
they will have separate beds
Cindy is asked to be the Maid of Honor and Beaver the best man
Sam the butcher comes in and asks Alice where does our relationship stand
Mike Brady asks Sam to leave
Barney's  suit is still  the Salt and Pepper Tweed
Barney threatens Sam with his one bullet
This is a night Beaver will never forget
Eddie Haskel stops by with Lumpy and visits Beaver and says  they will stay as 
long as they can
Eddie and Lumpy have a thing for Jan
Greg and Marsha are falling for one another
But later on Greg dumps Marsha for her Mother
So now it must end as a great experience for all those who were there
Nine people with one bathroom to share
Beaver leaves the next morning in a good mood and feeling very jolly
He says boy, I can't wait to get home and tell Wally

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You said you were grief, 
the marbled tears will not flow. 
Was it not much softer 
to accept the life
as a design of death? 
You needed the continuity of the sorrow. 
Why were you seeking the ending ?

The visible effect was mirage,
the guilt of genocide. 
We emptied our tatoos 
on the road, 
driving the emotions to insanity
Everything moved towards 
the precipice, rejecting the sky.

Sorrow was part of joy, my adversary. 
I wished to separate 
the fear from the cells. 
The pain of perennial setbacks chipped away the ladders. 
I stood there at the level 
of death, demanding rocks.


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I was not there
where you are.
Non-stop travel, half the world
to meet you.

Outdoors alone in my homeless home
tonight I will talk to you in sleep
from the smoking hurts.

Trespassing the forbidden line
to the drowned boat,
I am opening the dark sails.

Hope and the sea
apprenticed to pluck the shells
from the eyes, I am wandering on beach. 


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The king
made a fun of our poverty.
Marble faced girls always thought,
wearing black scarves –
sweeping the floor of white mausoleum.

You made a death
a loving eternity.
We die daily
in the face of old shine.

Who shoots a peacock
on the tree?
I mourn for the blue peace,
let the clouds come.

Who remains unhurt
unpained, when the night calls?
I seize a moon
to enter the crack of dawn.


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Your window
was very small.
Why did not you throw the dice?
Walk away
without a want?

I had no courage
to tell the lies,
to hold the secrets
of brave tears,
which failed to live in red-bricked house.

And a naked womb
protecting the fetus
from scars and curtains,
will find a anointed bed to sleep for eternity,
for delivering, a new star.

An anode will discharge
on a galactic light,
a message of the hungry
birds of prey.
Death wants its share of flesh.


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A saddened rain drop 
strikes me at the face.
When town is burning,
its dignity confronts me with force.  
A human clone rises 
like a smoke from the ruins 
of our nerves. 
Why the love has evaporated 
from our hearts?

In new spread of palaces, 
upside down roots grow with regrets. 
The dark woods depart,
small grasses peel off. 
the wounds of earth.
Tomorrow the half glory 
of our greed will be exhibited 
and leaves will burn.

Now a clearing has been made. 
Sun smiles, bakes the bones. 
The water of life 
has been denied to us. 
Beaming technology buries the classical path, 
the book and the eros. 
The wet landscape cries.


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Caramel Water

A young girl
Blossom From the Concrete
A rose
Her Pretty Curls
Fallen from the streets
I suppose
Taken by a loved stranger
Her most prized possession
Her family doesn't since danger
She hides his confession
Should she forgive him even though he deceived her
Or should she tell the the secret and have nobody believe her
She decides to silence herself but til this day it haunts her
She thought moving would help but in her dreams  he taunts her
Maybe it was a good thing that she kept his darkest secret
But she has a goal and she's not afraid to reach it

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Bears and Children

Kids Locked outside in the cold
Good News for the bears
The have something to hold
Now the child is the puppet
And the Bear is the puppeteer
You look for the children
But all you hear
"Mama, Papa I'm playing with the bear."

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My tree nevers blooms any more

When we first started out our love was new
we planted a tree in our yard 
our tree bloomed that summer 
cindy, our neighbor wonder why
I told her it bloomed off of love 
she said no wonder my tree doesn't bloom,
 I have no one to love
I told her she'd find love soon
two years passed my tree stopped blooming
my husband?Where is he? At cindy "fixing" something
her tree's in bloom, but she doesn't have a man
oh now I know wonder why my tree is never in bloom

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Forgotten Son

Forgotten Son

Waiting for you in the darkness
Concealed within your womb, I waited
Not knowing which way is up and which is down
I reach out into the darkness hoping to be found....

But as always you were not there,
Not there or anywhere I needed you.
Not ever, no never were you there
Never did you care.

Now my eyes are open, I see you
Not much to look at, I see you
Hiding behind your lies, I see you
Now that I don’t need you, I see you
With open eyes and a closed fist, I see you!

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having faith

i look up at the sky
i think to my self i wish i could fly 
i became so encouraged 
but then i failed

after i failed i went back 
i try every crack 
i gave it my all 
at last i fall 
they laugh 
they mocked
i was hurt 

one day i failed 
i then thought to myself 
i can get some help 
i did but it didn't work  
i am now looking at my future 
i will start making my plans 
to be the best that i can

i will be able to fly some day 
and i will try until i can fly.
 I believe because i FAITH!