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Abc Child Poems | Abc Poems About Child

These Abc Child poems are examples of Abc poems about Child. These are the best examples of Abc Child poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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They Shall Be One

When The Lord called to His angels
there was thunder from the throne
He said there is a child of mine down there
who's been too long alone
So He called one precious angel
out from all the rest
He said I'm sending you my child
for you're my very best
Now there are no words to say how much
to Him this child was worth
for The Lord to send an angel here
to walk upon this earth
And then when they were married
there was thunder from the throne
He said you see my child now
no longer is alone
Do harken to my story
for we all know that it's true
that God does answer prayer you see
there is nothing He can't do
Now I know this precious angel 
who lives a mortal's life
for I was that lonely child of His
and that angel is my wife
                                    Diesel Dan

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It’s my life not expecting you to understand it
A man who when he was a boy his mother abandoned
Alienated like I arrived from another planet
While you were with your family joking, laughing and eating a peanut butter sandwich
I was moved from foster families and children’s homes
Surrounded by people but feeling alone
 Everything I go through is some kind of building zone
Treated differently because I’m not wanted or loved by my dad, sister mum or brother
Feel like everyone trying to get to know me is working undercover
So the first thing I do is run for cover
Opposites attract I’m cold inside does that make me summer’s lover?
Being uncomfortable makes me comfortable
I feel safe being vulnerable
I’ll be the first to say I’m dysfunctional
Am I supposed to lie and say everything all great and wonderful?
Should I already understand and know it all?
You belittle me but I’m still growing tall
You wanted me to catch but you didn’t even throw the ball
An insomniac and I know Money can buy a bed but not sleep
But how much would a meaningful hug cost me?
I could wish and pray to the sky
But that’s just not me
Anytime love got me
It seems that Luck lost me
So I Push away the people I want to stay by my side
The ones who are worth your tears won’t make you cry
I could do 99 good deeds for you
But you would count the mistakes I make in life
So I don’t even try no more
I don’t cry no more
Love no one trust no one, **** them all
If you want to walk out my life. Here let me hold the door

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Mother, Grandmother, Guide and Friend

As a child, I didn't understand,
The love that fills my mother’s hand.

In a childhood world,
Everything is carefree,
Your eyes are wide open,
Yet you do not see.

In a motherhood world,
Things can get pretty insane,
Every day comes with joy and pain.

Teaching your child new things,
Dreaming of what tomorrow brings.

Leaving days of pig tales and nursery rhymes,
Loosing Seconds and minutes of these precious times.

Now, with children of my own,
Mother, your feelings are not alone.

Only now do I understand,
Feeling helpless to times demand.

Mother, I just didn't realize,
How I looked in your eyes.
33 years gone in a whirl,
Yet I know you still see your little girl.

I love you Mother.
More than you know.
I know it was hard letting me go.

My childhood life was wrapped up in you,
But my adult life holds something new.

Growing up so fast and free,
I felt your eyes always watching me,
I didn't have to worry,
Because I knew you'd be there.
Now my own children feel MY stare.

Never knowing that in my heart,
I feel the sadness awaiting their future depart.

For one day, I will have to say good bye,
Just as you did with my sisters and I.

But with this sadness, there is happiness too,
For they will always need me,
Just as I will always need you.

My childhood is over but my need for you will never end,
You are a Mother, Grandmother, Guide and Friend.

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My Daughter and Son

The world spins around so very fast;
Gone are the days of my past.

When I was young and free;
Nothing ever seemed to get ahold on me.

Then God placed 2 angels in my path;
My love for them covers my life like a hot bath.

Soaking my world in loves eternal flame;
With my 2 angels by my side,
Nothing will ever be the same.

The universe could cease to exist;
But my love for them will always persist.

There is no force that could ever undo;
The power of my love for the 2 of you.

I promise you, it cannot be done;
For nothing could ever come before a 
Mothers love for her Daughter and Son.

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Just a day
“Good Night Mom and Dad” I said before I went to bed. “We love you” they said as they closed the door
Mom comes in and wakes me up “Time to go to school” as my feet hit the floor
I got dressed and ate breakfast and got my book bag and now we are on the go
We sit in the car listening to music “It’s Friday I think I’m a little excited tho
“Alright baby we here” as mom open the door to let me get out
She closed the door and kissed me on the head told me she loved me before she pulled off
Another day of school and it close to Christmas
I can’t wait to see Ashley and Alexus, today is show and tell as I said in a whisper
We had learning center day and Boy! Was it fun!
Today was a free day and on Friday there isn’t much to learn
The room was quite when the was a knock at the door, the door opened
A man with a big gun was standing there; my classmates panicked and started to run
I heard a lot of noises and a lot of screams
I felt a sharp pain in my back as I dropped to my knees
In the distant I heard more screams and then everything went silent
Then I closed my eyes it went dark and on the cold floor I was dying
The other side
It’s Thursday night and off to bed we go 
I kiss my 5 year old son Jaden and told him I loved him so
Alarm clock goes off and it’s around 6:15 in the morning 
I shower got dress and woke up Jaden my little darling
Its Friday, I fixed him breakfast and we headed out for the this last day until the weekend
I enjoyed our little drives to school as we sat in the car singing
I opened the door to let him out once more
Kissed him on the head and told him I loved him ill pick him up around four
I’m at work drinking coffee just talked to my husband on the phone
Got at my desk started to work and the my office phone rung
It’s about 9:30 and it was Jaden’s school
I got the news he was dead and I started to puke
I’m crying uncontrollably don’t know my next move
My son is dead, I can’t believe this news
I hurried to the school in the best of my ability 
I saw the school surrounded by medics, reporters, and police
I ran to a officer and demanded to see my son
He said “I’m sorry ma’am” I can’t do this at this time
At 9:32 my one and only son Jaden was pronounced dead
The shooter was 20 and took my son’s life in his own hands
The questions continue to flow through my head as I search for answers
I don’t need answers I need my son and his laughter
I am now sitting on his bed trying to swallow tears
My husband holds me close as reality nears
My little boy is gone among the other 19 kids
Heaven has 20 new angels now I hope he knew how much I love him  as much as  I did

(To the innocent lives that were lost in the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting)

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Special Girl

You looked at me, with your eyes so blue,
        freshly born like the morning dew,

The doctors placed you in my arms, 
  a little bundle full of beauty and charms,

Tears began to fill my eyes,
   for the sight of your face had me mesmerized,

I am the luckiest mommy – yes it’s true,
   All because I have you,

God gave me a gift- more precious than any
    Diamond, ruby, or pearl,

For has he blessed me with the most beautiful

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Why does it have to be , ABCD and not WXYZ

Zooming at the very end
Yelling around I find my way
Xtremely touchy and tearful
Why does it always have to be
                      ABCD and not WXYZ!

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you dont listen

you think I got listen to you, 
you just my kids father,
there noting between me and you,
it seem the words take you back to court is your favorite words,
get this Sheena Shenia Jackson isn't scare of no court system or even you,
its just a word that is there, 
so if you ask me you just things to make women scared im not scare of you like I use to,
I have became stronger and wiser, 
I have the Lord behind me, 
I believe in him very strong,
so if you want to bring me back to court lets do this now, 
you are just a man that God put on this earth, 
and I fear no man, no woman and no body, 
I am a King child forever,

by : Sheena Shenia Jackson 
May 23, 2013

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The Alligator Poem

I was asked why I don’t pet alligators
Well, I replied
I petted one once
I petted one twice
Now I may need a hand

( The ABC's of what not to do )

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Vito the Kitten

There could be no other name for a Kitten like this one .
He is Brave , his black , silky hair , Vito has won suitors marking his claws .
This tiny little Cat , very soon all kittens on this street,  will be kissing his paws .

for he earned his name Vito , the Kitty Godfather you know.
with whispers from other Cats "There He is " There he goes "
His Tail wavy like a dog he strides. Tall but yet low.

Vito is a tiny proud cat and likes his pasta made a special way
I make a red sauce , but it is the white clam he craves 
He picks his claws fine , then with a full belly he plays 

Vito with eyes of the finest blue and green , that will stare at you when you sleep. 
It has been said by some female cats , do think he will go out with me some day ?
A Fine cat and kittens he will make ~meow meow, says a jealous girl kitten , no way !

Vito loves to play on the wood floors at night , he runs fast , 
he is not silent ..he is the young Godfather , Vito has earned the right.

Vito , the tiny kitten , Vito the young cat ,
Vito keeps our blocks free from any nasty rat.

No ..a Rat will not confront Our Vito at all 
He will be pushed aside and evicted with one lift of his paw 

One thing this kitten has that makes him so unique ...
He his adored by this owners . He is happy , and warm , safe in our sheets !

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 Is her name,
getting into everything,
is her game,
she's as bright,
as sunshine,
and as fresh,
as new fallen snow,
and I love to watch her,
as she grows,
her curiosity beats it all,
even though,
she's 3 feet tall,
her blue eyes sparkle,
when she's done something wrong, 
and you can never be mad at her,
all that long,
her beautiful smile,
will make you weak,
even when,
she's being a sneak,
you can't help but love,
that sweet little girl,
with straw colored hair,
and bouncing curls.

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Sons and Daughters

A:  I’ll call him AARUSH, ray of sun;
B:  And she’ll be BEA, a happy one;

C:  COLCHAS is bronze from head to toes;
D:  His oaktree brother, DARA, grows;

E:  Alive is EFA, she’s a one;
F:  And FFION is our foxglove son;

G:  There’s GUY, our clever boy the guide; 
H:  HAKIM, he’s wise - can’t be denied;

I:  She works, Our IDA, round the clock;
J:  JOANNA says her God, he rocks;

K:  Alert, our KACIE tops her class;
L:  LATISHA, such a happy lass;

M:  As MARCO thinks he’s Mars the god;
N:  New baby brother NEO nods;

O:  He’s OLAF, proud of kith and kin;
P:  And PAULA, she is small and thin; 

Q:  My QUEENIE she’s a queen - beware;
R:  He’s ROAN with the reddest hair;

S:  While SADIE, she’s a princess; wild
T:  TALULAH, she’s an awful child;

U:  As URI is a boy of light;
V:  VERONICA, her picture’s right;

W: And WENDY, she’s a friendly soul;
X:  But XANDER, he’s a fighter though;

Y:  YVETTE, she’s like a yew so tall;
Z:  And ZAK, the purest boy of all;

And now I’ve named the little dears;
I must get started – volunteers?

I’m 43, single again and live in England. I don’t have any children (as far as I know, LOL).

For Cyndi’s Z is for Zaria contest

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The Power Of Flowers

A is for Aster dancing in the wind
B is for Begonia as many as you can find

C is for Cornflower adorning a maiden’s hair
D is for Dandelion waving in the air

E is for English Daisy shining silver along the brook
F is for Fairy Wings kept in granny’s book

G is for Geranium in our pretty garden
H is for Hollyhock atop the Afghan’s turban

I is for Impatiens a carpet beneath the tree
J is for Jewelweed visited by the bee

K is for Kalimeris white as the snow
L is for Lily that in the church glow

M is for Marigold all over the hills
N is for Naranjilla without any frills

O is for Orchids that the pretty lady got
P is for Pansy drawn on the riverside yacht

Q is for Quail bush bright in the summer sun
R is for red rose in the senora’s bun

S is for Sunflower thousands in the field
T is for Tailflower out of its shield

U is for Uncarina deep in Madagascar
V is for Verbascum shaped like a star

W is for Wisteria soft as satin dress
X is for Xyris which grows without a fuss

Y is for yew fresh as spring dew
Z is for Zinnia that once in the yard grew

These flashes of colours in our everyday life
Gives meaning to that endless strife

By- Tahera Mannan

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Someone Elses Life

I feel like I'm living someone elses life, a life in strife. I've been strong, but when will I belong. I feel so alone, but I'm doing ok on my own. I can't describe the pain, but I keep in mind every storm runs outa rain. I use to think our love was unbeatable, but really its unforgettable. Everyday I walk down memory lane, trying to ignore the pain. He crosses my mind everyday, when will all this go away. There's gotta be something more, my heart is becoming sore. My momma doesn't have to worry, because I'm not sorry. I know he made the mistake, and he's the reason I have this heartache. What we had, was bad. I shouldn't have let it go that far, your just another scar.

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Thursday morning I went out 

With my friends and relatives , on the scout

I took many picture with a pout 

It was a fun day with a good thought

I will never forget the trip to the scout

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My Daughter and Son-in -law

So beautiful they are in their hearts soul and mind
Sweet laughter and logic they will never leave behind

Each one as unique as a precious gem
Of a special love that only they can give

Their minds on an endless flight
Will always soar high and out of sight

As the stars start to light the sky at night
and you see a star flash that has gone by

Remember the love that I give you
To my daughter and son who will always be one.

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Before I was formed in 
my mother’s womb
He held my hand and 
called my name
And now I am to return 
to him as innocent
Without sin I go to my 
heavenly father

Before I saw the light in 
the world
Before taking my first 
breath, nor having my 
first tooth
I was extinguished
Batted and murdered
I was sentenced to death

Like a soldier sent to war
My mission was cut short
For my talents and skills 
can never be of any use
What will I report to ma 

For my cry shall pierce the 
And my tears shall fill the 
My sorrow shall solidify 
their hearts
And my voice will never 
be heard among the living

By: B. N. Pule

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what makes a woman a woman

<  >A child is born and with pride
       they say 'its a girl'
       a baby girl grows to  a little girl
       that little girl grows to be a girl
       then comes a teenage girl
       this beautiful rose blooms desirably to a woman

       have you ever wondered what makes a woman  a woman
       is a woman defined by her past
       can one's child wood complete an identity
       is a woman defined by her life experiences
       i wonder
       is it this invisible warmth this gender turns to have?

       as nature takes its cause 
       child bearing is life threatening game
       still a woman takes an oath to be a woman
        she never wonders what she might have done
        to deserve to be a woman
        woman are for ever proud to be who they are

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Collection of Poems

The Little Heart
by layman on Nov 8, 2011. © Madhusoodanan Kizhakkepattiath, All rights reserved THE LITTLE HEART
A little, little girl
Looking very smart
Come, come, come
Dear little heart.
She is like a rosy rose
Dancing like a lovely plant
Come, come, come
Dear little heart.
Her voice is like a cuckoo bird’s,
Her speech is like a little parrot’s
Come, come, come
Dear little heart.
Her world is like a princess’ world,
Her parents, like a king and queen
Come, come, come
Dear little heart.
Though, her world is like a princess’ world
Her parents like a king and queen,
Dark, dark, dark,
Every ,every where.
The Innocent Culprits
by layman on Jan 25, 2012. © Madhusoodanan Kizhakkepattiath, All rights reserved
Except you and me,
Everyone slept in midnight.
O, lovely, Nolhivaram,
... what is left, me alone.
Vultures of universe,
Flying around,
Left a little,
for you and me.
The innocent children,
Mind tortured,
Roaring at me,
A taste of passion.
Me, a lover of thy beauty,
Never pinched a little,
In shadow lights.
Beauty of ocean,
Beautifies not,
The men of broken heart,
A lost paradise.
The roaring tides,
Blows at beach,
Never be happy,
In vultures peak.
The unknown beautiful,
To the known painful,
Does it in nets,
A little in seas.
The soldiers of seas,
Solitary in heights,
Webs their morrows,
In night's paradise.
A Little is left,
To me, a unknown,
By the heart of beauty,
With innocent culprits.

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She is light skin
blonde hair with curls
a perfect mixture of our different racial spring.
A gap in between her front teeth
and two tiny dimples on her cheeks.
She is so beautiful and fragile
very intelligent and sweet.
She has a castle in the garden
she believes she is Cinderella.

My unborn princess Mia.
I dreamed of her ever since i was sixteen.
at nineteen i thought this was it
only i had no groom.
so when he put a ring on it on my 21st birthday
i knew it would be anytime soon.
But when we went our separate ways an year after that
it was another doom.

Now am 24,turning 25yrs soon
and i think i have found the right Mon.
But with all the distance and miles separating us
i think it will take a few passing of the moon.

Each night before i drift off
i close my eyes
place my hand on the tummy
and listen as her tiny legs tries to kick it off.
Each dawn when i wake
i kiss 'Mia the teddy' on the forehead
as i shall each day when we wake.

I live for that soft wail
when doctors cut that tail.
I live for the bite of her first set of teeth
announcing she is about to outgrow my tits.

I breath for the day she calls me 'mama'!
I breath for the day she runs down those stairs
without my arms as her guide and armor.
I breath for that scared innocent look
when i let go of her hand on her first day to school.

I fight for the day she comes home crying
with her first heart break.
I fight for the day those tall legs makes a win on the run way
granting her a career through break.

I live for the day she reach the teens
start to see me as her evil twin.
I breath for the day my baby girl walks down the aisle
with pride besides her father all glamorous and in style.
I fight for the day she hit forty
and everything she feels becomes a fight.

I live for the day she will comb my gray hair
tuck me to bed with a kiss on my forehead
as i once did to her.

I breath for the day i shall dies
old,toothless and with a smile
because i know she will be standing by.

I live, breath and fight to live
till she is live
right here in my life.

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The Inner Child

Digested by mortal strength, overpowered by passion of integrity,
The splendor of my forceful will,
Touched by heart,. Touch with imagination,
Yes, in the depths of my inner heart even still.
My dreams, my inspirations, my visions, 
a gift of awareness, revealed by my dignity.
Rewarded by truth of my own reality.
My inner eyes of sight, magically formed by
 tremendous substance and distinction.
Oh yes – the mystical, glowing beam of light.

It is the touch of heart, the touch of imagination,
The mystery, the startling spark of true determination.
It kindles the inward burning flame from unseen 
forces and unusual power.
Holding so tenderly, so effortlessly with no limits 
submerged by our hearts and minds in this very hour.
This reflected image -- our heart of cleansing purpose can find.
Within our very depths those hidden truths live 
Beyond the boundaries of our minds.

In time -- our destination shall be revealed.
Those hidden, silent ideals, yes our private
Truths shall no longer be concealed.
That special touch of the heart, the glory of our imaginations,
Our starving inner child, craving to learn, to grow, to know.
Longing for purpose, believing with open arms to receive.
As the years have passed, 
our imagination has dimmed, yes it has faded.
Now aching for that creative play to mend,
As your inner child has been lost in the force of the wind.
Reach for the touch of heart, once again,
Reach for the depths of your inner child’s imagination within.

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The Change of Winds

I was warned about the happenings,
Around the world: and in our own.
The other gender of today,
Often left us so alone.

To see the winds wither the rocks,
Is to see what has been seen.
The child's mind is young,
But their memory to intervene.

Images of daddy hitting mommy,
Often flashes emotion across his face.
A tear is released on his soft skin,
As he wishes on their once embrace.

Mommy told me everything would be okay,
And that daddy would pull up his socks.
But I notice no change,
Just the withering of the rocks...

Alone, so alone I feel,
As I feel the world spins.
Life is different,
When there's a change in the winds.

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A helping hand

I was a child

who was shivering in the cold

I was alone crying and nobody know who was my mother and father

I was shouting for food in latin and nobody was there to bother

Dogs were licking me and eagles were crowding

I found no humanity in  human but in a mother dog

Who understood my hunger and fed me milk by thinking she has six children instead of five

I was just able to stand and walk as I turned three

I found a child who was crying under the tree

I took her in my arms

I went to each and every house  ( for food)

A day passed , she stopped crying

I got tired and stopped worrying

I was telling her I am her mother and father

she became everything for me

but that everything remained nothing

As she passed away few days before

I was foolish and I was not known She was no more

Like me thousands were survived with no hope

But like this child millions were giving up their lives

Please give us a helping hand.

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The hardest Thing I Will Ever Say

The Hardest Thing I Will Ever Say

by Willie J. Rathbone

I haven't always been there 
to teach you to do good 
or given you my wisdom 
the way a father should 
so before this escalates 
to where you're feeling hate 
please listen for a moment 
to what I have to say 
in the past I've made mistakes 
I'm in jail for what I've done 
so when your mother says, I went away 
you'll know the truth my son 
I've spent my whole life lying 
and hustlin' was my work 
right now there's no denying 
all the people that I've hurt 
to save you from the same 
you really must believe 
the hardest thing I will ever say 
is don't ever be like me

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                          BELLS  A RINGING EVERYWHERE.
                         PROCLAIMING EACH FAITH OF PEACE
                                   LIVING WITHOUT FEAR.
                                  CHILDREN LEANING ONE WAY TO
                             LOOK AT LIFE OR LIVE,CHIDREN SINGING
                                 THE WORD FEAR ANOTHER CHILD GONE
                               FAMILY'S  FILLED WITH TEARS NOT
                              KNOWING IF THEIR CHILD IS NEXT.
                               CHILDREN SEEING KILLING.
                              LOOKING AROUND THROUGH THE BLOODLY 
                              WINDOWS CANDLES ALL A GLOW
                                FOR THE HOPE WHEN BELLS PLAYING,
                                CHILDREN SINGING NOT THE ONLY PCTURE
                               ANOTHER CHILD GONE ONLY TO SPEAK,
                               CHANGE IS JUST NOT A WORD
                                IT IS A DIFFENCE FOR ALL
                                  TWO SEE HEARING THE SIGN'S
                                  STANDING UP WHICH
                                                 ONE WILL IT BE?


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This is a poem about child abuse so if your against it please vote and comment thanks you and hope you like it.

Oh no daddy's home!
Where should I hide?
In my closet ,no that's where he found me last time.
Under my bed,no that's where he pulled me out by my legs and hurt my head.
My name is Kelly I'm only eleven.
My daddy come home from drinkin 
And gives me a beaten.
He blames me for momma leaven.
Oh no here comes graving me by the hair,I'm so scared...
Daddy please stop it hurts I yell ,but it don't help.He throws me and I hit the wall,where I fall.
Daddy I scream I'm sorry for momma leaven ,now I feel my head bleeding,but he doesn't tears tears fill my eyes I sit here and cry .
He pulls the blade out and sticks it to my neck,I try to plead for help,but can't breath as the blade this is it as I hit the floor,closing my eyes,I see the light.well at least daddy can't hurt me no more tonight. Ill be with momma in the sky.well I guess this is good bye as daddy just killed me tonight.i should have told someone he was beating me every night,but hey God wanted me right away.So as I take my last breath I just wanted to say,tell someone before its to late and your in your grave. 

Hey just wanted to say I cried writing this poem so I hope comment tell me what u think thanks and vote.

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Heaven in the Face of a Child

The first tear of joy
The first smile of life
The first words of thought
The first prayer to God

The glow upon their face
The lips that speak at Grace
The eyes of crystal glass
That see all in God's place

Look quickly, watch closely
For even in a glance
Carry it deeply and never forget
Know that there is Heaven in the face of every child.

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i love you my little son

my son my fistborn you are my little friend
i hold you up high for the whole world to see
you are my boy 
you are a spitting image of me
i promise to be a good father to you
give you all the love you can stand little man
you are my joy and pride
i love you son and my tears i can not hide
when your five i will take you fishing 
when your twelve i will take you to hunt
when you are sixteen i will tell you about girls
right now i will be content with holding you and smelling your neck
i love you so my little son

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God's special angel

Two hearts dreaming to become one
Wedding bells,and blessing chimes
To cherish and fulfill the happiness Sooner there going to be three
Hoping for a glorious gift from the heaven…
I was sewing a pink frock And he was caressing a tiny blue sock  
With hearts pouring out immense love
Waiting to welcome the little angel….
An unexpected call from the doctor, words cutting like a knife
You will have to choose ,
Either special or non,
Choice is yours…
but remember,Its just a lifeless soul yet..
Looking outside the window,lightening and thundering
A rain never poured, Worsening the throbbing breathes
‘God never creates accidents, the gift for our heavenly love
Is wrapped as a little miracle…gazing at his tearful eyes I whispered,
Yes,we are ready’…
shaken voices sighed…
‘Extra concern ,extra tenderness and extra warmth, needed
You may have to wait the life time to see the reasons with your eyes
Its worth waiting for a miracle.
Because, God’s special baby is sooner will be in your arms’
Doctor’s emphasizing words echoed…
Days of breathless hopes flying in a spur of the moment,
Beautiful eyes,pink skin,little more speciality,
a little wonderland you are..
God’s dearest little angel , gifted to us, ensuring we can take care of..
Daddy’s and mommy’s little gem
We welcome you to the world,
there would be all years of struggle
But its always worth waiting for a happy miracle,
walking towards the horizon  looking at the sunset of glory,
Because we were counting fingers to see your lovely face,
Now that you are here,
making mommy and daddy closer than ever.
And, that vow of love will make you the luckiest baby in the humankind….

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My little angel

A strange feeling engulfed me as I saw
Your little body with excitement and awe…
Twinkling, black eyes that stared…
Filled my heart with love, I swear…
For the first time when I hold you in my arms…
Was taken aback by all your charms…..
You added a new meaning to life…
And filled it with joy and pride…
I love your messy morning look..
The way you listen when I read you a book…
You stay up late in the night…
Then I rock you on my chest to sleep tight..
You are the most precious gem I have…
Treasured are the infectious belly laughs…
Every time I look at You..
Adore your face fresh like dew…
Now you are learning to walk..
Enchanting are your sweet nothing talks…
Its real pleasure to watch you grow…
I thank god for the blessings bestowed..
You are like a dream come true..
There is nothing more beautiful than you..
Today you are turning one…
Oh my little angel from heaven….

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I am that child

I am that child

Who grew up from the deep dusty winds of the Cape!!
Who dwelled deep in the hectic intestines of poverty
Who’s voice was weakened by powerlessness,
Who lived like an ant between the elephants ,
Who became a mat to wipe the foot of the rich
Who became a victim of stereotypes of the rich ,
Who was lonely in the bunch of crowd ,
Whos presence portrayed pity to the self-righteous
I am that child and I hope you can remember me.

Who said rain never falls in the desert?
Who said zeroes never become heroes?
Who said David would never beat Goliath?
Who said an ant can never kill an elephant
Who said storms will last forever?
Never not even once!!

I am that child who saw the light in the dark
I am that child who conquered temptations with distinction
I am that child who was a zero who became a hero!
I am proud of my own achievement and not of free gifts

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Adrielle, sweet as can be, run and play
Bathe in sticky bubbles another day
Cascade ceaselessly, let us know you're here
Dream so wondrously then show us the way
Everyone loves you so don't shed a tear
Flames within you are warm and always near
God be with you through the hardest of times
He speaks like daddy saying "Have no fear"
I'm your uncle and I write you these lines
Just for when you're older, then may you dine
Knowing the stars shined starkly all the while
Little you still sung the alphabet rhyme
My words to describe you make a large pile
Nonetheless creating a lonesome file
O Adrielle tell me, have you changed? Are
Pink sheets and purple blankey's still your style?
Quelled are the storms when I see those bright stars
Radiating in tiny eyes. Go far,
Soak up this world like seldom seen sunshine
Triumph over every fence and every bar
Under flowery walls I think it's time
Valiant thoughts will bloom inside your mind
Whatever dreams you choose to chase whether
X-rated or G, I hope you do fine!
Your hopes be fish, waiting to be tethered
Zip it all up and use it for later

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Im still a Kid

I am Tiana and Cinderella
A princess and a hardworker
I am curious about everything
I am the loud BOOM of a firework
I am the baby girl on her favorite ride
I am the little girl that longs for her prince
I am your favorite princess story 
I am the kid that cries when she leaves Disneyland
I am still a kid, living in Disneyland!

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Child in a Manger crossed by all Danger

I, was slowly passing all open farms on rail;
The chugging kept me hugging, the little one so pale,
Her cough was loud, her cold was still a mess,while in my quest did tried my 
best to hide the pain, that held her chest;
Alone, a man was standing, with smells of wickedness, his blood was cold,
his tone was soar with arms and limbs that dealt, a mighty blow;
For there he was a traveling tramp forcing his might on me;
A single hand that worked for me pulled out a single strand,he then,grabbed me by the hand;
the little child her cry was loud, my world was simply fouled, hapless in may stance,watched the man flash his hand & slap by the hand.
He stole my gold, even though I being so bold;
Cried aloud, I told the crowd to catch him by his brow but, no one knew how things would go and let him pass without a no;
My world was down and in my frown, I tried to hide my plight;
For, all I done was see my kin nestle her way to the nearby inn.
While aid would come and so be done our journey back in days within;
Relief it was in disbelief that lit my heart a part, for there it came in the form of a native who was totally disbelieved. On hearing my cry he offered his tie to help my little one fly !

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A Child's letter

A child's letter
Dear Lord,
  I'm writing you because I have some questions for you.
I want to know if my daddy is in heaven?
I want to know if you took him there to be with you in your army of angels.
I want to know if he is a hero there? Like he is here in the U.S.A.
If he his lets him stand among the best you have. For he is my hero also.
                            Love you Lord ,
                                   Johnny Smith
              PS Tell Daddy to stay strong I'm taken care of Mommy for him! 

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Life's hidden lessons

I married a man too early in life
and wasn’t prepared to be a good wife.
I believed he loved me and things would be fine.
My love for him would grow over time. 
The years passing by were good for awhile.
Then came a time I could not see my smile.
He cheated on me and I deserved more.
With a heavy heart I went out the door.
We parted as “friends”, which ended one day.
With a baby conceived he went on his way.
He now liked his freedom away from me.
I carried our son -- he didn’t want to see.
Soon after another cared about me; 
I ignored the things I didn’t want to see.
I married that man -- I thought it’d be best.
But soon after that, he was failing the test.
Driven by fear, I mistakenly thought
A son of “his own” was the thing that he sought
I now had a toddler and one on the way;
there was no doubt, I now had to stay.
Things started to spiral out of control.
The alcohol had a firm grip on his soul.
Choosing to leave to protect us all;
I was forced this time to really stand tall.
Now on my own with two children to raise
I examine my life in so many ways. 
My relationships failed, for that I am sad;
but the result of those could never be bad.
Now long gone are those men from my past
replaced by a “true” love that forever will last.
My love for my sons, my two little boys, 
erase all my pains and reveal only my joys.

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Little girl

Little girl, little girl
Where are you ?
Where are you ?
oh look! little girl
sleeping on her
Mother lap.

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Blink of an Eye

I may not know what it's like to have a child,
A miracle that makes the 9 months worth while.
I dont know if i can, But would like to have one someday,
That doesn't stop me from loving them all anyway.
They start off young and thats alright,
Best be careful.... They'll be grown in a blink of an eye.
Do your best to be apart of their lives, now and later on,
you dont want to look back and regret what should have been done.
I'm not telling you how to be a parent, oh no,
just a tip, though I would be the happiest in the world if I could have one of my own.
Starting to doubt that i'm able to, i dont know, Just tell them you love them and ask about their day,
Yes, i know it sounds cleche'
But you never know what could happen tonight,
Be there with what you can even a call... you ask "why?"
Cuz life is short and their grown,
with children of their own... 
in a blink of an eye.

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the greatest gift my baby boy

today a child is born he is my first born son
let all the birds chirp with joy
here he is, world my baby boy

i am so proud of this little fellow
i have so much to tell him when he is older
but for now i will burp him on my shoulder

son be better than i, son when the going gets tough please dont cry
there is so much positive things to do 
make me proud, proud of you

as long as you be the best you can
then i dont mind you little fellow calling me dad
with this last name you shall carry
uphold it and make yourself and i proud

for i promise nothing will stop me from loving you 
son you are my joy 
the greatest gift my baby boy

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I told myself before she was born I would never put her in any form of torment but it feels like she's absorbing all the horror that's's torture knowing she's not with me and I'm suppose to be her supporter, maybe I think to much cuz i feel all these vultures got get cornered, it's like life has given her some undiagnosed disorder, and she is stuck and no-one can do anything for her. Na I refuse to lose my Daughter to this abuse,I will defuse the fuse that has been lit and not let there be another bruise,I will rescue fer from the flames and make sure she is bulletproof. She will be my invincible little individual I will let no-one get to. Love and care I will supply, for her id kill and die. She is my beautiful baby, one and only Avery

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A child is born in time of war 
Neglect of love to grow 
A child is born to live by strength  
And tough for her to show

To show a side is sometimes kept 
In behind her heart 
Like missing out on things not given 
A chance to be a part

A part of her development 
To show her gift to dance 
Tap away on stage perform 
For her there was no chance

Down the chain but not for her
She passed on to her girls
Dressed them up of costumes made 
Of sequins, lace and pearls

From child of beauty, adult same 
Raised three girls to heights 
Taught us self respect and worth 
Much the same our rights

The lesson learnt to care for all
Explained just like no other
In her eyes I've seen it said
To me this is my mother

A breath I take to write this poem 
Coz in my gloom be near
And rush upon my place she does 
To help remove my fear

Above my bed my black cloud fog
mum here close and giving 
Help me fade away the pain 
To love in her is living

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My unplaned Bump

You where unplaned
5 months from  now you be a bump
before I know it you'll be here 
I love you already 
You've made have been unplaned 
But you where the best bump
That could have ever happen to me 
I love you 
I can't wait until I can hold and kiss your little checks.
You've done got me warp around your little finger
You are my one and only 
Now I can't see myself without you.
You have your daddys eyes
And my smile 
All I want is the best for you
I love you 
My unplaned bump.
I can't wait until I see your face
Don't worry everything will be alright
I got everything planed for us.

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Is it really you

When I was young I thought I knew every thing.

But when I got older I realized I didn't know every thing.


One night I was at home feeling so along, crying and thinking of the past and all the the things I've done wrong.

And sudanly I feel a hand on my shoulder and a voice in my ear.

And the voice said to me "Don't cry my child I am her with you, you don't have to worry any more because I am always wacthing over you".

I had to turn around to see who this man was, and I couldn't belaeve my eyes.

Is it really you Jesus?

And he said to me " YES MY CHILD IT IS ME"!

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words words
is what you need 
words words 
help you talk
words words 
help you sing

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Am I Near Heaven

Am I Near Heaven.
A little boy and his went for a walk on Wednesday.
They came up on a big mountain that touch the sky.
The little boy said," we are going to climb up there today!"
                The dog barked.
They climbed for miles and miles. Up and up. Towards the sky
When they where almost to the top. He looked down to see the town.
As they climbed higher and higher the town became smaller and smaller.

When they got to the top. All they could see was clouds.
He could hear the birds below but no trees he could see.
He turn to his dog, a friend indeed, he asked with a look of need,"  Am
I near Heaven?"
   For just days ago his mother had died. and he wanted to be near..

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Sort to Abort

A child of mine was not to be, because of sinful deeds;
A life of fun & frolic too, I missed the lines between the two;
For mother & child is brilliant news, as long as none was between fun;
I caught the tear with the fear that mother and child were hapless few.

Conniving me, planned my plea just to see the little child flee;
Folks did talk me in, about the sinful act;
heads I win, tales I lose was always something of impact;
Playing around was total fun & bothered me the least when down;
Then came a time when I was fined by voices from above;
Broken down with issues flare;
The guilt was on my head,blind and unconcerned;
Surrender was my only bender when heavens gate opened but closed the moment I was near;
And from that far I look around and saw that hell was staring down at me.

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Wandering minds

I looked out the window 
And saw brains with little feet 
Wandering through the streets 
Some were climbing, others reading 
Some questioning other minds
Some brains seem to be running a mile a minute
Searching for new answers
New ways to figure out things
And as the day ended
They jumped back into their windows
Back into their owners heads 
To rest for another day of wandering

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A child is like a butterfly
    in the wind
Some can fly higher than 
But each one flies
 the best it can
Why compare one against 
       the other
Each one is different 
Each one is special
Each one is beautiful

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the kingdom

the kingdom

verse) soaring high in the sky is the lord he is looking from his
throne and into the world. love, compassion reigns threw the valley's
for he is looking for his people to come to his castle. o'glorious o
illuminating god let your golden light surround me!

(chorus) kingdom bright bright oh so bright i love this flight
kingdom bright bright oh so bright i love jesus and all his might
i wander about he is my light. i am his child and he knows that
water fills his chalice and over flows just like his love i know
he loves me so.i walk with him to his heavenly castle hand 'n hand he
smiles and show me my plan

(verse) waterfalls splashing gardens with beautiful flowers i hear the
childrens laughter reign all around me. this is heaven this is heaven
eagles soaring and lions grazing i see i feel the love around me. the
lord guides me and he always will.

(chorus) kingdom bright bright oh so bright i love this flight
kingdom bright bright oh so bright i love jesus and all his might
i wander about he is my light i am his child and he know that
water fills his chalice and over flows just like his love i know
he loves me so i walk with him to his heavenly castle hand 'n hand he
smiles and shows me my plan.

(verse)my kingdom is the heaven of the creators (god's) arm all are
welcome into the kingdom, just knock and you shall be received . the
father has many mansions one for you and me. the angels sing oceans and
lakes forrests and trees he loves them too like you and me.

(verse) the angels play the trumpet as you walk threw the pearly gates
you  see a rainbow and a smile on god's face you get a new body and get
to see your friends but the greatest part of all is this is the end. no
more worrying, no more  suffering you will  be happy  within god's hands.
heaven is a wonderful place  for you and me!

copyrighted  by penny lapsley 2008

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I wish i could be rich
stand tall and fight the good fight
To save humanity from doom
I wish i could give freedom to the captive
I wish could be the father to the fatherless 
feed the motherless babies and return hope to the hopeless.
give them love and freedom the exist

i wish i could change fate to my desire 
change the land where love and truth are strangers.
i wish i could not be poor 
but i do not crave for foolish riches.
Nor embezzle to be wealthy 
like the pigs in power, 
Who are worldly pump and power.

i wish not of greed and mad ambitions, 
But to seek that that humanity is save
From crises and bad leaders
Who deceive their followers in the long run.
What i desired most is changes, 
To embrace love and forgiveness.

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Memories Among the Ruins

                                            " Memories Among the Ruins "

                                                  Yesterday I visited home

                                               and was greeted only by memories

                                                 Gone were the familar houses 

                                               left were crumbled ruins beyond the trees


                                                  No longer did children play

                                                bringing laughtor to this place

                                                    our swing lay broken on the ground

                                                now rotton lumber gone to waste

                                                     Each of us grew up here

                                               leaving a part of us behind

                                                     Sadly I stood there wishing

                                               for a child I can never again find

                                                       I saw many things amid the ruins

                                                though all had been gone many years

                                                       There were no more ballgames

                                                 or happy childish  cheers

                                                        Animals that were once our friends

                                                  are burried beneath an old oak

                                                         Once speacial toys have long been gone

                                                   just as Kenneths darn billy goat

                                                          Strangley I could hear faint calls

                                                   of Moma calling us to eat

                                                           But I knew it was only

                                                    my imagination caused by the heat

                                                            I can not restore yesterday

                                                      nor the child I once was    

                                                            I can only drift back occasionally    

                                                       as I am sure most of us does

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lost and found

Im lost in this darkness this 
world of destruction my brother 
is not my brother and our 
mother loves us not running 
with many only a few with 
flashlights who will make it to 
the light as the night grows 
stronger I feel as if I'm weaker  
laughing with those who laugh 
at me and not with me we can 
not be friends because no one 
knows what that is anymore I 
can not love because I haven't 
felt it before I can not give you 
truth because no one showed 
me how, I can not care for you 
because Im careless for self i 
am running alone in this 
darkness with many running too 
some have flashlights but while 
running i open my eyes realizing 
it was never dark eyes wide 
shut is what my grandmother 
says find love in yourself child 
let pain and anger go i feel like 
I've been alone for a long time 
all the while god was with me 
the whole time, i gave my mind 
to the streets my body to those 
not deserving my heart to those 
who didn't need it, they came 
and gone ripping me into pieces 
i found comfort in sin with all 
the sinners but he saved me 
because I'm worth it to him 
GOD came into my room while i 
laid in the dark drugged up and 
drunk and he kissed me and 
said my child NO PAIN, I LOVE 
COULD HANDLE, my mother 
killed herself, my husband was 
murdered in front of me what 
do i have to live for why not run 
threw darkness no one cares 
how i feel inside they take i 
USE IT, but it was a dream or 
was it i have opened my eyes 
wide open i feel i am loved i am 
worth it i am blessed!!!!!!

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For Jade

For Jade… 

I’d rather die and let you live if the choice of life was mine to give… 

I’d rather be chained and you set free once I’m guaranteed your security… 

I’d rather give the best of me if it means you’ll see no poverty… 

My heart I’d bleed without a blink if indeed it makes you think…of life and love and fearless things…my life without a doubt I’d give. 

Free birds in flight I watch them soar… unto new heights they then explore… I wish you all these things and more…freedom, health and to be always adored…My Jade… My love… please endure… 

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things in the world

birds birds 
there are many birds
deer deer 
deer are ever where
moose moose
they are beautiful 
fish fish
they love water
humans humans
they love each other
ants ants 
they love food

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The Love Of A Child

Nothing is more rewarding 
than the love of a child.
From the day they are born
to their very first smile

Dependent on us
they seem to find their way.
Through trial and error
as they grow by the day.
Being a Mother my self
I am blessed with one little girl.
With pretty auburn curls
and a smile that melts my heart.
She fill my heart with her laughter
and my soul with her songs.
Though silly at times
it is hard to catch her off guard.
I enjoy all those moments
she spends with me.
I am happy when she is
and I am here when she is not.
My precious angel
the treasure in my world.

Thank you God,
for her...

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The Child

Running through the rain the child trips and stumbles. While up above his head the sky ripples and rumbles. Splashing through the puddles on the concrete sidewalk, the child he runs in absolute fear.Tears mix with the rain upon his face, even as his rythemic cries reach his youthful ears. Not knowing what to do or who to ask for help, the child wanders aimlessly, watching the world around him as it melts.
Confused and terrified, the child feels that he is lost. He feels that noone loves him in this life, so depression became his boss. Slashed is his heart; his wounds refuse to heal. So he lashes out in fear; left behind is how he feels. 
Asphalt benieth his feet, the child collapses to his knees. He covers his face with his hands and sobs, " why me?" This child was lost until recently. Life had forced him to grow up fast. It had caused him to take responsibility for the actions of his past.
Desperately searching for an easy remedy, the child continuously cries out for help. 
The true identity of that child...
That child is me.

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Your Little Face - Poem for Little Onea

Your little face;
Like a flower in the morning;
You might recognise me from afar;
When I see you,
as hiding your head in the lap of the mother;
That time I miss my mother;
Your Half hidden small cute face;
Looks like a bear toy;
When I show you my hands
You do intriguing!
When you take your little hand in mouth;
I scold you;
But still give you smile!
When I teach you to speak;
You tend to be quiet;
But I love your lisping voice!
- Sujit

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Our Baby Is An Angel

Our little baby is an angel from heaven sent by God to us, 

He bent down to earth and saw that our family needed some love. 

So God simply looked around and picked up his favorite angel. 

He made the halo disappear and so to the wings as well. 

Then he sent this angel on earth, in the form of a baby, 

The most mischievous angel ever, whom we love like crazy!

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Welcome to Baby World

Welcome to the world of stinky diapers and sleepless nights, 

You now have to concentrate more on your baby than your own life; 

But when you see your baby smile or cuddle next to you, 

It will make it all worth looking forward to. 

They say two is company while three is a group, 

A baby is someone who will make your family complete. 

A little bundle of joy held in your arms with love, 

Is no less than a piece of a star fallen from heaven above.

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My Game

 Let me tell you about a game I play,
 where I close my eyes and fade away.
 I float away to a special place,
 beyond the stars, the moon and space.

 In this place you will see,
 there are only two people, just you and me.
 In this place is a beautiful sight,
 nothing but love, never a fight.

 In this place, there is no sadness,
 no cells, no courts, none of the madness.
 No rules to follow, no laws to break,
 no bars to hold us, or separate.
 Where we look into each other eyes,
 there is only love , we have nothing to hide. 
 But all too soon the game must end,
 I open my eyes, and reality sets in.
 I keep the faith that maybe someday,
 you will miss your mama and come home to stay…. I pray.

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My life at hand

A child with no father who has been suffered by losses
Bitten my a bug of anger & attitude that gives him no friends
Causing pain to everyone he touches
Drowning himself in sorrow cause he can never make it in life
Every relationship he has, another heart of his is broken
For every love he had he left and cheated for another.
Gained nothing but regret and lies
Hating his parents because they lied to him
Is he dying inside or is he hallucinating?
Justifying himself as a guy who lossed his virginity to another guy
Keeping his faith of his god above, stay strong in his religion.
Loving every sin fantasy, can he please stop being haunted
Making a choice, make himself happy or his parents & the world.
Never knowing whats right, just doing whats wrong
Opposing ever truth he is told cause he doesn't believe anymore
Paused at the drama what's happening in the world now
Quiting every job, possibility and opportunity
Raised as a child  with one mother, and none to love
Stopped believing he can try ages ago
Taking the bad side of life and eating it like a meal
Using everybody, stealing from everyone, not caring
Varying in the different consequences but doesn't care
Wondering will God forgive me?
Yet he still is turning his life around

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Heart Broken

As I watch them sneak into the room early in the morning, they take my 
roommates child from her. My heart is broken into so many pieces for I know 
from experience what she is going through. I am at a loss of words. I lay here in 
bed silently crying, watching them pack the little girls stuff into trash bags. As I lay 
there watching them, it brings back flashbacks. Flashbacks to the day that 
changed my life. For my heart was broken the day they took my little girl from my 
arms and told me that I no longer had any rights. A broken heart that no one can 
mend. The loss of a child to the system for things that you later wish you would 
have never done is so hard. Tears stroll down my face as I watch them take her 
little girl for even though she is not mine, my heart goes out to her. It feels as if a 
piece of me has been taken all over again. For my heart has been broken as they 
take my roommates child away from her in the early hours of the day.

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The nuce of a tightrope

I wake up from deep slumber Belly full hunger wait to see what my mother made for me for the day. As see no dishes lay on my table i start to ponder wears mom. I start to shout her name dead silence. dead silence but the morning breeze and the birds chirping from the trees. Still the thought of where my mom was my top priority. The majority of my thoughts said check the garage so i did. Mom wasn't there but something was miss as well. Dads tightrope hug up on the wall next to the rest of fathers preforming gear it was missing. I miss dad he has been gone for five mouths now traveling. Next it the graveling on a chair falling in the upstairs bedroom. Racing up the stairs to finally complete the mission to find my mom I call her name. Still dead silence making my way down the halls I drop my jaw to find a violent scene of smashed pictures and blood on the wall. Yelling for my mother to find if she is ok I gauze in unbelief if what i see. My mothers feet is off the ground. On the floor i find a letter Explaining How she had to go away and i should go on to find a better mom. My face rapidly meat my palm bringing a gusset of tears and pain. like the soul of my mother my life is darned. 

By:Donny Nelson

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Omwana ow'essanyu,
ye mwana awulira,
atya bazadde be,
n'abo abamusinga.

Jenifer Rose,
ye mwana gw'emanyi,
ey 'eyisa ng'omuntu,
omwana ow'empisa atya bazadde be.

Simuwana buwanyi,
mubutufu w'ampisa,
mukubo n'awaka.
Jenifer Rose nze mw'ewunya!

Gwe buza maama we,
akubulire  ky 'amanyi
ku mwana ow'essanyu,
asanyusa nabalara.
Jenifer Rose mubutufu y 'asinga!

Katherine  Stella yakola nyo omulimu,
okuyamba omwana we,
okuba ng'omuntu.
Naye ate ffe?


The child of joy,
she's having a humble life,
she respects her  parents,
and those above her.

Jenifer Rose,
she's the child i know,
behave like a human,
a disciplined child respects her parents
at her young age.

I don't just praise her,
but really a humble girl,
on the road and home.
Jenifer Rose i wonder about her!

You ask her mum,
she will tell you the truth,
about a child of joy,
who makes others happy.
Jenifer Rose really she's great!

Katherine  Stella,
she did a good job,
to help her child  to grow at peace.
What about us?

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how do I fill.

how do I fill as look into the ski's at my fallen peers,
  as a child I longed for a way out as the elders lie dead in the streets,
  as blood from family ran under my feet,
and watched as they washed it away with pour of there beer.

how do I fill, at 13 I watched more people die then an R rated movie
  friends who I once laughed with now 6ft under or in a 6by6cell,
  this was all I knew growing up this was my hell,
gang bangers, drug dealers, users, losers this is what was for me.

teen years a blur coated with alcohol and smoke,
  seeing life end in so many ways sadated my emotions,
  no hope no dreams and as for the man up stairs nothing but questions,
a child of the street willing to do any thing but step up and chock.

pushed to the very edge before I walked away,
  stranger in a strange land before it would be to late,
   I suppress the abused child, hid the villain deep down and locked the gate,
if myself can see who I was today...what would I say.

how do I fill,the homies from the hood wouldn't notice me,
  I no longer look like them, talk like them even walk like them,
  there no more reason to hate no reason for me to be condemned,
not from a hood hanging with the boys but a father with a family,

brown pride not seen but is still rich in my blood no matter what they say,
  what do they see...I'm not who I use to be,
  I'm alive,I live, my thoughts are clear and care free,
how do I fill...looking at them I now know there is another way.

from above how do they see me,
  do the Aztec worriers hang there head in shame,
  am I no longer part of the tribe because I don't play the game,
how do I fill...years later...proud to be.   

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                                  RUNNING FROM A STRANGER
                          WONDERING IF IM IN ANY REAL DANGER 
                                        MY HOPES FOR RECOVERING JUST LANGER
                               I EXSCAPED UNHARMED 
                                      CRYING IN MY MOMS ARMS
                              FROM THE ALARMS
                                             MY LIFE IS ONCE AGIN SAVERED
                                                        WITH LAYER ONTOP OF LAYER 
                                                   BUT THEYLL BE OTHERS TO KATER
                                   IM WAITING FOR THE DAY SO I CAN BE PREPARED