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Autumn Abc Poems | Abc Poems About Autumn

These Autumn Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Autumn. These are the best examples of Autumn Abc poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Love arrived in Autumn like a Spring breeze,
Out of its time and out of its season,
Its dancing spirits left me ill at ease,
And the dark shadows, taunted my reason.

The green leaves that were my days before you,
Have drifted and faded and are no more.
The naive moments of white clouds on blue,
Have become remains on the forest floor.

The light and gentle glory was divine.
There was even a glimpse of forever,
But that which I was lent is never mine, 
We only borrowed the time together.

I have heard the loveliness in a song,
And tasted the exquisite fruits and fare,
But the prize that is stolen feels wrong,
And the promise of joy becomes despair.

Love lets us believe in eternity,
Like a white bird flying across the sky,
Forever is until you discard me,
Chasing another golden butterfly.

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golden hues

  Autumn brings cooler days
Effusing fiery  golden hues

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Autumn sense

   Autumn senses..
Turn a leaf that fly to ground.
Like the surf that must be round.
Loosen minds are Autumn- minds.
Rove to Eden does no sins.

Drift in winds are Autumn- senses.
Cursor ways are lights with ends.
Surface dust is Autumn- skies.
Autumn life is easy pies.

Pollute worlds have polluted airs.
Filthy messes are not so fair.
Autumn scenes are worlds that stained.
Social stairways need to think.
------------Cheung Shun Sang=Cauchy3---------- 

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Love Beneath Autumn Sky

We lay beneath autumn trees
And autumn leave gently falls.
Laying beside you I'm lost in your eyes,
I'm lost in the presence of you
And autumn leaves gently falls.

We lay there and autumn breeze blow.
Would I trade this moment, no, no.
The rose in your hair is white like winter snow,
beauty lies before my eyes and sparkles glow,
And autumn breeze gently blow.

We lay beneath autumn trees,
We lay in love of autumn breeze.
We lay together in each other eyes,
We lay beneath the season of autumn sky.

Autumn breeze blow and leaves of autumn trees fell,
Staring in your eyes I see the unspoken love for me it tells. 
Autumn leave, red, brown, yellow,
in autumn wind they rattle a love symphony of being hallow.

Small rays of sunlight,
between autumn trees had you glow.
And as we lay together beneath autumn trees,
softly in our love we watch a autumn day goes.

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a beautiful Autumn day

                                                            A beautiful Autumn day
                                                  everyday i sit of the door of our house
                                                but sometimes instead i see a mouse
                                                   it doesn't have to look obvious 
                                                that you spent all the Autumn with her
                                                    the voice of the charted valleys 
                                                         have given me some hope
                                                       but then finally i realize
                                                          that leaves fall from trees
                                                                   and they die
                                                 so i went down in the deep,shallow woods
                                                                 just looking for you
                                                        but again i say, what's useful
                                                    what's useful of hiding down the trees
                                                      watching animals taking care of each other
                                                                 won't that be a reaction
                                                                 trees fade
                                                               but don't come back to life
                                                         suddenly one leaf fell on me
                                                            it was orange 
                                                            and then another leaf fell on me
                                                                  it was yellow
                                                                 but i see
                                                             non were green
                                                        i thought what could cause this
                                                          while i'm only 10
                                                            maybe you did something to them
                          maybe you said something bad about me, or it was hopeless love.

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Coldest season of winter 
With  snowy fall
Rays of golden sunlight
On a summer season
Falling of leaves
By autumn season
Pretty flower blossoms
With twittering birds
Of the spring season
All seasons with their specific beauty
Makes the world beauty.

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Could be

 I wake up before the sun from a cozy bed

I walk outside and feel the crisp autumn chill

So I put a stocking cap on my head


I walk through the back yard

heading for the woods

doing something city boy

only wish they could


I arrive at my stand

and check the direction of the breeze

before I climb up ole faithful

a dying, dark barked maple tree

I make myself comfortable

as the sun stretches its arms 

for the sky

producing iridescent colors

I live for the outdoor

and that's one of the reasons why


Not far behind me a freshly cut field of hay

in front endless rows of cornstalks fill the way


I begin to think of a tradition

My son and I on thanksgiving day.

he is still here with me

even though last November he passed away


I start hearing cars doors shut

its coming from over the hill

carrying an aroma of cinnamon

It's my favorite! Pumpkin pie

Justin, I'll be back, But for now Goodbye

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fruitful walk

a friday or another
a walk with mother 

is that fruitful 
walking ahead see a shop

having a stop 
looking at whats

different walk
makes a day 
with a small friutful day

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An Autumn Scene

A falling leaf,
a step in time,
the tune of my thoughts,
set in rhyme,

The autumn sun,
sets a scene,
through the shadow,
of the trees,
it spreads it's beam,

A ray of colours,
fills the sky,
up and over,
the hills so high,

A fresh watery breeze,
brushes my face,
as I stand and stare,
at this wonderful place,

This place is our home,
where we belong,
full of beauty,
and nature's song,

whenever we can,
we should embrace,
the gift of nature,
and all its grace.

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Rhymes Of Thanksgiving

A beautiful scenic autumn day

Birds fly south to escape the winter

Courtesy guiding us through Thanksgiving prayers

Dinner lovingly prepared by your favorite relatives

Excellent days of walking and the leaves turning colours

Fresh crisp air breathing in and out and enjoying God's blessings

Gardens of beauty with roses of red and pink and yellow and white

Houses elegant and refined and apartments of all shapes and sizes

Islands of humanity kind and benevolent and friendly and caring

Jays singing their song amidst the tall pine trees

King and Queen regally visiting our country and blessing us all

Loving and caring relatives who come and visit us on these special holidays

Majestic nature forever a good companion and friend

New clothes the shades of autumn complimenting humanity

Ovation and encore for autumn's majesty and miracles

Pioneers of the past remembered and a cornucopia of thanks

Quests for true happiness and real thanksgiving

Religious prayers and churches and a sacred blessing from God

Sounds of Thanksgiving where families are gathered in celebration

Universally aknowledged togetherness and friendship

Vivacious and lively days and nights, sacred and honourable

Weather varied warm and cool and pleasant and unpleasant

Xtra days of summer the Indian days of summer guest

Yesterdays' memories and todays' living experiences

Zealous and progressive and tunes of autummn songs well sung

Author: Gwen Meyer-Erlach Schutz