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Abc Allah Poems | Abc Poems About Allah

These Abc Allah poems are examples of Abc poems about Allah. These are the best examples of Abc Allah poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Poem 2 You

If I had to live a day without you in my life 
it would be like Living without the warmth of the Golden sunshine and light,
It would always be a rainy day without you

Blue skies that are clear and bright
Would be out of sight only
Grey clouds and storms in view
Without a dear and special friend like you.
A colourful and cheerful rainbow
Would simply not exist if you were not
Apart of my life.

You Bring me Laughter, Sunshine,
Warmth and Light making my
Life a pleasure and Real Delight adding sunny
Happy hours and filling all my days
With warm hot rays of summer sunshine and showers of love and 
Friendship Divine
I want you in my Life Always.

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A healthy Kenyan Ego Poem

A huge ego breaks off love’s embrace,
A tiny ego slips off love’s embrace,
No ego, no embrace of love!

A selfless ego suffocates from love’s embrace,
A selfish ego wards off love’s embrace,
No ego, no embrace of love!

A super-visual ego overshadows love’s embrace,
A deep-seated ego is colonized by love’s embrace,
No ego, no embrace of love!

A healthy ego humbly looks above,
A healthy ego can lead and also serve...

Its nerves know not pressured blood,
But developing it is almost hard!

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i talked too allah the other day and he told me jesus was the only wayand i said allah what do you mean,i thought him a prophet was all he was he said no he is my son from above!so jesus came down arrayed in orange and made a dove as a sign of his love!

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Momma you're so lovely You're always there when am lazy You are a great cook The one who I always look When am not good You're there when the moon's down & when my face turns into frown And the times I become the clown You're there when I have no-one b'cause you're the special some1 No matter what time of day or night You're always right beside Oh my dear mom You so deserve to be loved We love you so much We don’t know how to express We love you mom You're truly the best-est of all the angels -mushy

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This Soup

This soup that i just 
acrossed its watery style 
could steal a hungry's 
The poem i am writing will 
my first and famous of my 
visiting, may Allah give an 
excessive health to share.

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sare afsane

Mai badal gai badal gaye
khab mre 
badal gaye dharti 
asama badal gaye 
jajbaat mere

Main badal lea khud nu 
apne skun lai
 kuj esha c ohdi,,,

Kuj dil badal gayea kuj 
halat mere ban gaye 
Kuj chalde kadam main 
rok laye te kuj kadam 
ker laye age ,,kuj khab 
suti nu jga gaye,kuj 
andhro andhri jla gaye!!

kuj awaj aj b dende ah 
kuj dil vich chupa laye 
kuj menu sikha gaye 
dunia dari 
kuj ankh nu chuka 
gaye!! mai ekali socha 
bheed vich khadi, kyun 
menu ena rula gaye ???
ki hai wajud mera??
 kyu menu tadpa gaye???
 ki kra ?? 
hun chain pama
ja le k hauka hanjua 
suti mar jama
 das ve raba
mai kider jama ???
o bhulde nai
tere dete pal begane 
ki kra bhulama keme 
sare afsane
Sare afsane

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Thoughts, observations, ideas and words from the Silver Saffron Sage book

He who knows anger
Knows no anger

He who knows patience 
Knows Allah 

He who knows acceptance 
Knows compassion

He whom has acquired 
Has acquired power

To know yourself is the first 
To know why you do what you 
do is the second
To be able to self correct is the 

Control your emotions and you 
will prosper
If you do not you will be in 
constant turmoil

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Life at its end, but really a new beginning

Living every day, 
Living every second to the beat of yesterday, 
The memories haunt my soul, 
I wish that we both will never get old, 
I know they say old is gold,
But imagine how much gold has been worn and taken and and those people that wore them don't even exist anymore, 
it's like they were here but not anymore,
Live life to the fullest because of day you will have to go, 
Maybe our souls feel tense in this body of flesh, 
Try and cut a hole in your past please tell me you're fresh, 
Live life as a new beginning every day, 
you're born alone and you die alone, 
You are the only one there are no other clones.

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Movin on Up

Looking into the distant sunset
Watching a burning pile of logs float off
Think of the things of past
Sailing under the bridge of life
Missing them, yet glad to see them leave
I can help but hold back
The river from my tear ducts
Everything but my love can get f*ck*d

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Feel so unwanted and unloved like a lonely soul left in this God forsaken world
a lone star waiting to burn out to die away and fade unnoticed
life is not fair and this loneliness is killing me , might things get much worse before they get 
this silence is good enough to meditate but not good enough to live in.
slowly death creeps up upon me eating me away quietly and into my dreams it penetrates.
No where left to hide no where to run just a small grave and my list of deeds. How am I to
react as they spill the beans.
My soul is getting eaten away and the devil shows no remorse. God watches silently having
power over everything but His will seems harsh.
Why must i enter oblivion falling down the endless pit. Flames do not harm me but an empty
hell is sad.
More faces must enter and more will be seen , quietly i die , dreaming in my sleep.
I open my eyes and im in heaven, beautiful gardens and all my desires surround me but 
Heaven is empty. Not a single soul has reached paradise just me and my thoughts.
i scream and shout and cry for help for someone to reply but it is all quiet just birds and
animals are my companions. No God no angels just Adam all alone in his solitude. I feel 
God and His time before creation. Nothing but a lonely God. And then I feel Adam all alone
in the garden without an Eve. I wake up in my bed still Lonely.

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