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Details | Free verse | |

Since First I Saw You

Since first I saw you, it was your eyes,
mesmerizing, your gaze transporting
me to a realm, not of fantasy, real,
where young men go when cupid’s
arrow takes root.

Since first I saw you, it was your lips,
captivating, holding me frozen 
in anticipation of our lips brushing
for the first time.

Since first I saw you, it was your voice,
a crescendo, light, invigorating, 
each word you speak intensifies 
my hearing, enveloping each
note, time ceases as I hang motionless
savoring, memorizing.

Since first I saw you, it was your hair,
long, flowing, gently rising above
your shoulders as a slight breeze
passes through sending waves
of your essence my way. 
The sun magnifying each strand, 
highlighting the minute
variances of invigorating color, 
creating a halo effect, a portrait of
your beauty forever imprinted.

Since first I saw you, It was you,
my love forever more for you,
only you.

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blood transfusion

Details | Verse | |

Enigma's Calling

Extraordinary, I am 
Craving for unusual thoughts
Endless exploration without boundary
Understanding  the gift I shouldn't fought
Invisible drawings in my mind
Playing with the words in my head
My passion
The food of my soul
I feel so lucky
The random thoughts
A lifetime companion
A self esteem builder
A goal planner
Be my forever life saver
I write more
I talk less
I want to please
I chose to bore
What tickles me the most
Is to know what I'm for
Thinking is my love
When  my mind goes empty
That's when I hate
My day dreaming lust
Organizing things in my mind
Playing roles of simulation
Where images of art is my vision
And words of attitude is my heart

Details | Blank verse | |

Drugs Not For Me

Music is my high,
Soda is my drink.
Sugar is my ecstacy,
Laughter is my drunkeness.
Anime is my anti-drug,
Strobe lighting is my LSD.
Dreaming is my hallucinogen.

Imagination is as psychedelic as I can get.
Being with family is when I'm as relieved as I can get.
Happiness is as sober as I can get.
Masturbation is as stimulated as I can get.
Orgasming is when I am as relaxed as I can get.

Poetry is my coping,
Art is my creative outlet.
Writing is my addiction,
Reading is my inhalation.
Exercise is my steroid,
Food is my shrooms,
Cooking is my sniff.

Gaming is as tripped out as I can get.
Being with friends is when I'm as hyped as I can get.
Depression is as down as I can get.
Inner strength is as strong as I can be addicted.
Internet browsing is as stoned as I can get.

Dancing is my adrenaline,
Overtiredness is my hangover.
Cake mix is my acid,
Sparkling juice is my booze.
Soberity is my perspective,
Shopping is my drug-dealing.
Healthy as can be, drugs not for me.

Details | Lyric | |

Normal To Me

This isn't just a poem This isn't just another emotion This is me, these are my thoughts The Imagery is my sight, And The Allegories are my Life I'm lonely, There is just me But there's so many people around but no one can hear my loudest screams Don't Shout nor Scream This is all just Normal To Me I'm torn, I'm Cut Part of my heart stabbed, and then taken from me The Search for my innocence, Is like a moa hunt Don't Shout nor Scream This is all just Normal To Me Laughing and Jokes all directed towards me Just to Hurt me Cover all of the Halls "Fag, Emo, Queer" Words I too often know Don't Shout nor Scream This is all just Normal To Me Curling her hair putting on her makeup "You're worthless and nothing to Me" Says the so-called all-loving-one As she screams: "Why am I not Pretty" Don't Shout nor Scream This is all just Normal To Me This is not just a poem not just some words my pen cries with each words But this is Just a Glimpse Don't Shout nor Scream This is all just Normal To Me

Details | Free verse | |

You're The Weak One


You’re the weak one, you’re a bully.  The weak one is definitely
not me.

The bully is always the weak one, but your weakness you can’t
seem to see.

So, I’m going to try to shed a little light on your weak and inappropriate ways.

Your weakness began on your first bullying day.

Your false sense of power is not strength at all; it is a cry for help desperately trying to break through.

I actually feel a little sorry for you.

Weak kids like you always seek to find other kids they can dominate.

Bullies do this with vicious words, inappropriate actions, and misguided hate. 

Is being a weak bully the banner you want to carry for the rest of your life?

Get rid of the bully banner forever; take up a banner that shows respect, 
understanding, and tolerance for others, and always hold that one very high.

	Al Johnson

Details | Free verse | |

High School Sharks

I can already hear the whispers
Before I open the door
Walking down the corridor
Fluorescent lights beam down
Illuminating, my faults
                                                    “Look at her, she think she’s bad, doesn’t she?”

High heels clicking on linoleum tiles
Hips waving regardless of assaults 
Lips uncurled into a blank expression
"How the hell am i going to get through this hall
without slappingone of them?"
Head up, eyes open but unseeing the ugliness of it all
It happens everyday

“I can’t believe all those guys like her, what the hell do  they see in her?”
			“She’s just another whore”
		      “I heard she’s not as smart as they say she is”
“I knowww, she probably slept with the teacher to get into the A.P classes”
     “Yeah, that’s the only way, there’s not possibility of her having a brain,"               
                                                       "she’s too cute”
                              “She’s not that cute you know”
                                                  “she’s probably just easy, all of those pretty girls are”
                 “I wonder where she got all her clothes, probably from the 99cent store”
             “nah, too good for the 99Cent store, she probably stole it, stupid Mexican”
    “Haha, I know, she’s so poor, I bet she stole that  purse too, it’s too nice for her”
          “She’s so straight-edge, tree-hugging, boy-friend stealing, attention hog..”
                                                     “Stupid ugly slut”

Oh PLEASE, they don't even know me
Lord, spare me from these Barbie clones
That spawn over generations
Bleach blonde hair
With purses as big as their bodies
Hollow heads with a button nose

These, Sharks, beady eyed, immense jaws yawning
Try to eat victims alive
In a single gulp
Flock together like vultures mercilessly to consume
Girls worthy of attention
Blood-thirsty villains
Disgustingly morose

I laugh when I hear them whispering
Their attacks
Are bent on bending 
Twisting reflections in the mirror
When really, it’s beautiful
Inside and Out
I know what I am and could care less
About what they think
Is flattery, 
Keep talking about me, your making me                                    Famous
Movie Star Status, I have what they                                                           Want 

I let them feed on my inner glow
It’s what attracts them, you know
Until they get so full of me
That they


Details | Rhyme | |


The little girl who begs for mercy is away,
her angry alter-ego took her place.
The little girl might possibly come back someday,
But now her eyes gleam red on her fair face.

All the wicked things she said and did,
It was not her but that evil thing.
Maybe the little girl just hid,
Afraid of all the alter-ego may bring.

She is evil, can't you understand?
The sadness, the anger and hatred she gives,
Is it possible to withstand?
But maybe inside that evil thing, the little girl who begs for mercy lives.

Details | Lyric | |

Mockingbird Still Sings

Children sexually abused
Hiding secrets none accused 
Mockingbird still sings

False Charities stealing money
Laughing while nothing’s funny
Mockingbird still sings

Corporations shredding evidence
Seas of hypocrisy and decadence
Mockingbird still sings

Cheating partners losing trust
Teens pregnant from a night of lust
Mockingbird still sings

Rape victims ashamed to speak
Lives destroyed remaining meek 
Mockingbird still sings

Middle East raging in war
All for pride nothing more
Mockingbird still sings

Delicate babies addicts born
Crack whore moms selling porn
Mockingbird still sings

Gang bangers need attention
Killing for an honorable mention 
Mockingbird still sings

Fools and vengeance shall expire
For winds of change to transpire
While mockingbird still sings

Details | I do not know? | |

What If

Hey people why you listen to the people that don’t matter. You all get mad when the talk 
sh&t and when they put you down. Why do you think they continue to do it? It is because 
they get a reaction out of you and it drives them to get more. They feel like they have 
control over you and they are your masters and its pathetic. I’m not innocent no one is. 
Everyone does it either because they have had it done to them or because they feel like 
they have to be noticed. I’ve realized if you just laugh and completely ignore them you will 
have a better life and it will make life out to be better then what you thought it could ever 
be.  I know I can’t say I’m fully able to ignore everyone but it’s a process I have made a lot 
of progress and I have learned I am a lot happier and feel way better when I just laugh or 
walk away. If people actually stopped and didn’t say anything and laughed about it more 
people would stop bullying. I know it’s very hard to believe me and it’s a process I think 
everyone needs to take. Who are they to judge you? You are the only one who needs to 
accept you for you. If you can’t accept what you are and what your personality is without 
being embarrassed about it you can’t live with anyone else. If you stop right now and think 
about all of the times you retaliated and said something back at the person that was 
bothering you did it get better or did it get worse and ay what if I don’t say anything maybe I 
won’t get angry and maybe they will leave me alone. If you can take the first step even 
though it is the hardest one there is to take you will have a better outlook on life and 
yourself and you will be happier then you could ever imagine.  I don’t care who you are if 
you will only make the first step the next steps are a lot easier and you will learn to live life 
to the fullest and it will make you have more friends and you will have a better life style and 
you will have more fun instead of always being mad and sad and depressed. If everyone in 
the world would just take that one fateful step it would make all of the difference.

Details | Rhyme | |

You Don't Have To LIve Like You Did Before

You don’t have to live… 
 Like you did before!
I can give you my love… 
 And so much more!

You don’t have to keep on
 “bringing up the past…”
I will give you a peace and joy
 that will forever last!”

The chains you once had…
 No longer have to hold you down.
I will pick you up and plant you
 on solid ground!

You don’t have to live the way
 that you once lived…
An abundance of forgiveness and mercy
 is what I freely give!

You no longer have to live a life
 that is filled with fear…
I will always be your best friend. 
 I am always here!

You can come to me for a love 
that is worth finding…
My promises are forever.  
You need no reminding!

You can be a new creation. 
 Old things passed away.
I am that I am.  And I can change
 your life TODAY!

I am Jesus.  Your provider. 
 The all-sufficient one.
My arms are wide open for you… 
 Won’t you come???

By Jim Pemberton   

Details | I do not know? | |

Diary Of A Bully

I watch him clutch
His silly staff,
The way he looks
Just makes me laugh.
His glasses hide
His hazel eyes,
So no one knows
How much he cries.

I don't know why
He looks that way,
To be noticed,
Some people say.
He has no style,
He isn't cool
He doesn't fit in 
With the kids at school.

I trip him up,
Laugh when he falls,
No one answers 
To his calls.
He's so tiny,
I'm so big,
I could snap him
Like a twig.

I don't know what
I'm going to say,
When his mum
Comes in today.
He's moving away
To another place, 
So that I'll
Get off his case.

Details | Ballad | |

crash and burn

i want to say one thing
this day and age becoming a crash and burn 
people getting there heart broken
its something u have to learn

people make mistake and tell some lies
some forgive, ofthere say there last good byes
some hang there selves, others cry through the night.
wishing to there selves," why did i say good bye , why can't we be alright"

thats life.
its something u have to learn , if you dont all  it be is a crash and burn
and you dont want to learn it like that ,take it like this..

once you get in a relationship,  end it as being friends
dont make  a tear  drop,  just hold on the best you can
if you dont,  another crash and burn will happen again
just telling you as a friend

i learn the hard way i broke it off  just like that
if i think about what i did  i wish i could gone back
but you can't thats life, thats a fact but i  have learn now
you have to learn the way of life if you dont, it be a crash and burn  every day and 
night .... thats life

Details | Free verse | |

A Smile

A smile can broadcast your feelings, letting everyone know you're feeling fine. 
Some people mistake tears as a sign of weakness, 
But I think tears are a sign of strength. 
A strength I do not possess. 
Letting people know how I truly feel? 
Something I can not do. 
The fear of judgement and ridicule hold me back from letting everyone know the 
real me. 
People only see a part of me. They only see the part I let them come close to. 
They don't see the hurt, and the pain, and all the tears that I deal with behind 
closed doors. 
They don't hear all the screaming, and the crying that I hear. 
They don't feel the hate, the hurt, and the back stabbing that feel. 
All they see is a smile. 
All they hear is a laugh. 
All they know is what I let be known. 
Just because I smile doesn't mean I don't feel pain.

Details | Free verse | |

princess of suburbia.

blue eyed beauty.
cookie cutter girl,
princess of suburbia.
she's sick,
because she likes it.
blood confetti on her notebooks,
the twinkle in her eye.
staining words on twisted minds.
her followers.
they want to taste the berries on her lips,
feeling the metallic taste in her mouth.
they love the broken things,
mangled shoelaces,
hearts torn apart.
they look up to her.
she used to play with barbie dolls.
turning them into baby prostitutes,
coke heads,
models who rose above.
she used to sing to herself in the basement,
or where ever there was running water.
math makes her brain itch.
wal-mart makes her claustraphobic.
so lets break out,
she thinks,
slipping valium into her teddy bears head.
no need to hide from the monsters of her mind.
theyve already gotten to her.

Details | Rhyme | |

Because You Answered Yes

My head's up in the clouds
I'm walking on air
Thinking about you
Without a single care

'Cuz nothing else matters
Except for you and me
What we want to happen
And who we want to be

Am I to excited
Getting ahead of myself
I know another broken heart
Is not good for my health

I probibly need to calm down
Maybe take a rest
All these feelings happening
Because you answered yes

Details | Free verse | |

About Me Pt. 2

I’m a man of my word,
I always do my best to keep every promise,
and I never make a promise I know I can’t keep
I’ll give you the shirt off my back if you really do need it,
but I’m no humanitarian
I always offer others my help,
but I rarely accept the assistance of others,
because it makes me feel like I’m weak
I am weak,
yet, I’m stronger than I seem
I am a rock star on the inside,
but, physically and mentally, I’m a rock star who has no musical abilities
At times I have self-esteem,
but, I really never do
I’ll say I believe in myself and that I’m happy with what I can do,
but, truth be told,
there’s always that nagging doubt,
the lingering thought,
the dreaded fear of proving myself right,
and confirming the utter worthlessness that I usually find in myself
I overanalyze everything
I’m always thinking about something
I love to watch people
but I hate it when people stare
I am a Christian,
but at times I wonder if God even cares?
then call myself a fool for ever thinking that way,
as I finally see all of the things I take for granted that He’s blessed me with 
I always wait too late to say what I’m feeling,
or can never seem to find the courage to say it when I want to
With time, I’ve grown too scared to reach for the stars,
to walk out on limbs,
put myself on the line
but, I don’t want to be left behind,
I don’t want to watch those around me grow and become happier,
while I am stuck in misery
I don’t know who I am

Details | I do not know? | |

I Lost

A battle of life.
We're both trying to win.
We battled and faught.
Trying to seek revenge.
Revenge is sweet.
What goes around comes around.
Some days I feel you pick me up.
Othere days I feel you slam me down.
The end is coming.
The line we have to cross.
Yes I did it, I won!
But why do it feel like I lost.

Details | Romanticism | |

Bittersweet Memories

Walks around the lake are bittersweet memories
that leave tears in my eyes
tears in my eyes
I remember the way your hand felt in mine
how the world seemed fine
the world was mine
I remember staring into your eyes
knowing that you would always be there
My mind is full of these bittersweet memories
leaving tears in my eyes
tears in my eyes
I remember when I could make you smile
when I could make it all worthwhile 
I remember when I was all you needed
when no one else would do
We used to waste nights away
talking about anything and everything
sometimes even nothing at all
I’m choking up with every thought of you
as these bittersweet memories are leaving tears in my eyes
tears in my eyes

Details | I do not know? | |

Never Say

Never say you love me, if you know it isn’t true 
Never say forever, if you want it to be through 
Never say hello, when you know you mean goodbye 
Never stare me in the eyes, if all you do is lie

Never hold my hand, if you want to let it go
Never say I’m the one, if I’m really number four 
Never buy me something, if you want to take it back
Never choose fake friends, if you know I had your back 

Never hold me close, because you think that’s what I want 
Never say it’s the end, when you didn’t even start 
Never say I’m your hero, if you think I’m the zero 
Never say something, because you want to see me cry 

But most of all, never say forever because forever is a lie

Details | Free verse | |

About Me Pt. 1

What can I say about me that you can’t learn within a day?
I was born to be a hopeless romantic,
except I never have any romance in my life
I am a gentleman,
I take my chivalry seriously
I want someone to hold and never let go of,
I want someone who will be there
I want someone who will tell me everything will be okay
I want someone to hold my hand
I find myself surrounded by beautiful girls,
but they always seem to find happiness in somebody else
I’m great at reading the negative signs
I’m terrible at reading the positive ones
I always misinterpret friendship for attraction
or vice versa out of fear of rejection,
out of fear of being mistaken, yet again
I am always, just a friend
I am blessed with the best friends in the world
but, I fear, I might turn my back on them to some extent over a girl
I’m afraid my friends will disappear
finally realizing I’m not worth keeping
finally seeing what I see in myself
but, I hope and pray that they never do
Far too often I wonder
I wonder if I died, if anybody would really care?
I wonder if anybody would really miss me like they say they would were I not 
I’m smarter than I’ll admit,
but I still fear I’m not smart enough
I’m afraid I’ll never reach my goals
I’m afraid I’ll never graduate from college,
become a doctor,
meet that one special girl,
and start a family of my own
I’m afraid to let myself down,
but I’m even more afraid of letting down others
I am a people pleaser,
but I’m not sure if I ever really please many people 
I like knowing what’s around the bend,
but I don’t enjoy monotony 
or spoiled endings
I enjoy having fun,
but I enjoy being serious
I’m easily amused
but I hate stupid things
I write best when I’m depressed,
but I hate feeling that way
Yet I love writing so much,
I just can’t win

Details | Bio | |

Quiet Girl

Silence is my native tongue, when I open my mouth
My true and unclear colors come out.
One may see me differently, but I know I’m still the same.
I have many countless layers yet, shysters still don’t see me,
But judge me. My crimson eyes have been polluted
By gossipers and power hungry fiends. 
Sometimes I forget who I am and in doing so, others do too.

People see me in a different light saying things like, 
‘Oh she’s no angel, and quiet people can’t fight.’
What angle are you viewing me from? 
You think you can create or be a better me?

Even in the hallway fiends seem to think
I’m alone among the sea of blue lockers.
Speaking indirectly, their malicious tongues
Spit venom, attempting to ignite forest fires.

Yet I remain un wilted by their itchy voices
That begs to be scratch by my cold hands.
I am reassured by my quiet brothers and sisters
With the touch of their slight nods and ever watching eyes,
That if those shysters become beaten like dead corpses
They will remain an unsolved cold case. 

Our mute sounds bark louder
Than any wondering spirit and our eyes hide 
The fact they we are both cunning and bold. 

I am a chameleon, the wind moves
With my spirit like a leaf
Dancing upon invisible seas.

Don’t take this silence for granted,
It has backbiting edges and some sharp curves.
Since I know all this, why should I say a word?

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Thank you

Thank you – Zamreen Zarook

Thank you is a sweet word in the nature,
You may be a guy of adventure,
May be you are a person of agriculture,
What matters is your architecture.

Never forget the people, who guided you,
In no degree neglect who were with you,
Don’t ever overlook a creature, who gave a smile to you,
Because, you will meet them above you.

People forget the past due to selfishness,
They have no time to remember their unawareness,
Society, most of the times behave in awfulness,
They will understand when their lives come in to bitterness.

Be a person to thank and remember,
Don’t consider them as December,
Because, you might need them in November,
So, always be as a good subscriber.

Details | Free verse | |

Generic Minds

generic minds listen to generic music
have generic thoughts that are unknowingly abusive
watch generic things talk about generic things
gee this generic *****is spreading like a disease
better get your flu shot 
thats what they said to me
a suicidal vaccine 
a subliminal killing spree
its contagious and the outrageous
thing about it is that the people are blind in an eye
that they didn't even know they had
it's sickening to watch these clueless civilians 
inside the looking glass
with nightmares of being free
without a key to their mind
for it is trapped in the frequency
in the illusion of time
bathed in our universe
killing all that refuse to see
those that admit to hypocracy
or see the message in hip hop
how cant you see
the message in the lyrics that
bring adolescents to their knees
from bullet wounds conflicting their flesh
contradicting that they're the best
but the songs keep telling them that they dont need no rest
that they dont wanna go home
that they should ride alone
with the gat as their only companion
and so the only path they choose is the one that they're told
until they grow old and hope turns to a window pane
inside a window pane, until all they feel is pain
they realize that the music itself is ashamed
so whats to look up to
when you cant even speak when you cant even walk because you look so bleak
your eyes are sunken from the tv you're infested with the dee zees
now its too late to turn around and live for your conscious
so when youre screaming oh please
close your eyes and bring your mind to life
open your eyes for the first time
and never wonder why
since the answer this entire time
has been inside
and you better find it before you die
you dont want your soul to be in a pool with all the others
a buncha brothers missing their mothers
but only seeing strangers
only feeling the haters
wishing they would have used their minds when they had them
and now its too late,
now it's time for another new born fate to grab them

Details | Free verse | |

Bladder Problems in Class

Numbers on 
White board…names written hori-

Students ask
To go pee…right when class starts – 
THAT’S just wrong…

Bathroom line
Of students who have bladder
Problems – WOW!

People are
Not using lunchtime to do 
Their business 

No one knows
When to do their duties – SER-

Details | Quatrain | |


You women
Know how to make 
The best of what you've got in you
You do it everyday in your life

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The Family That God Gave to Me

The Family That God Gave to Me I think about the family, that God gave to me... And think about where they'll spend eternity! I think about the good times, that we've had. And the trials we've faced... Both good and bad! God helped us to overcome adversity together! And proved his faithfulness... Today and forever! He showed us the Godly path, that we should follow... And promised to be with us! Today and tomorrow! He's proven how much he loves us! And how much that he cares for us! Thank you my lord, for all you do! Where would we be? If not for you? You've proven yourself over and over again! Thank you so much, for being our friend! By Jim Pemberton

Details | Burlesque | |

Redneck FATHER'S DAY------


"Storm over yet...?"

"Well hay'ell ye'ah! 
 sum'body git me a da'gumm cole beer.
 whadda'bou  that boy th'er?
 sum'body git him'a cole beer too!"

"Diddy! that boy ain't nothin' but 8 years old!"

"Wha'choo sayin? 
 na'I don't give a jolly'durn, if he ain't nuttin but 8 year'owed!
 'dat boy dun' sat him thr'ew a big ol', storm! 
 torna'durr warnin' too!
 he gonna have him'a cole burr;  
 on me!"
 my treat!
 mama, git him'a cole burr! 
 ro'tt now; 
 ta'days father's day!" 

© 2011  ~JSLambert Esquire


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I Just Want My Life Back

Dedicated to everyone at Freedom Middle School
I love you guys with all my heart

The hallways are full of laughter, 
The friends are full of love
The good friends are playful,
Giving each other a little shove.
The classes were a bit of a challenge,
The tests more of a breeze
Studying was the hard part
But it put our minds at ease.
The drama was overrated
The fights were way too many
But the make-ups and break-ups made a difference
And made us think a plenty.
The teachers were our light
That got us to where we are
Even connections, useless as they seem to be,
Will help us go really far
The hearts were full of words unsaid
As we took our final steps
Outside the doors, into a new life
As we drew in our final, middle school breath.
The eyes were full of spilling tears
That cascaded down our cheeks
The sun was shining, so how could we
Be feeling so very bleak?
All of it is now a blur
I wish I could go back
And change everything that I had done
Just wipe it away to be packed.
But we can't change our mistakes in the past
And we can't relive our lives
As much as we wish we could return
To the place where our last tears together were cried.
The middle school years were the best
And we're sad to see them go
Especially those who didn't say a lot
Who didn't let their true love show.
We were alive when we were at school
Because we were with the people we loved
Our memories are the best token of that year
Even jokingly being shoved.
But now that all my friends are gone
Onto high school, seperate ones at that,
I'm still here, silently hoping
Wishing that I could go back.
But our time there was for the best,
And this has hit me with a hard SMACK!
I love everyone there, and now I have to say
I just want my life back.

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Our Country's Soul Is Being Torn Apart

Our Country’s Soul Is Being “Torn Apart”

The very soul of America is being “torn apart.”
It’s a problem that’s striking at our very heart.

There’s a “blowing wind.”  A “time for change.”
As the country’s moral fabric is being “rearranged.”

As many question what the true meaning of life is for…
Many don’t seem to know what’s wrong or right anymore!

As so much pornography is allowed into our homes…
The moral decay is “eating” right at “the bones.”

Many have a hard time “defining what marriage is.”
So many are really “messed up” in how they live!

The news seems to be “fascinated” by man’s depravity…
Leaving a huge vacuum of a monstrous “moral cavity.”

Many who attend church want what’s
 “soothing to their ears.”
A God of holiness and righteousness
 is what they “fear!”

As we look around as to what our society is becoming…
God’s judgement is soon!  It is surely coming!

We must come back and leave all of our “false idols!”
We must come back to the God of the Bible!

Jesus must be our cord of love the forever binds!
It’s only in him can we find true love for our minds!

It’s only in Jesus that we can find a purpose and meaning!
It’s only in him that we need to put our
 trust and start believing!

He is and always will be the right choice to be taken…
Without him, our country’s is “doomed and forsaken.”

He brings healing and righteousness
“beneath his wings…
He is what we truly need!  

By Jim Pemberton

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Love, Death, and Rebirth

The signs started in December
When she started waking up in tears each night
She was a normal girl with dark brown hair and darker brown eyes
She had plenty of friends and a loving family with just one thing missing
Her father. 

Days passed by and turned into weeks but only felt like a few seconds
Her life just whizzed by faster and faster until it was just a whirr in front of her eyes
Darkness filtered into her heart and mind until she didn't know if she could go on
But she had to. She couldn't let her mother and her sister drown in this same pain
She wouldn't let them.

She pushed all the darkness into the depths of her own heart
In hopes to save the hearts of the two people she had left
Because what else was there to live for now?
The rest of her world had crashed and her mother and sister was all that was left 
She wouldn't let them drown in pain too. 

She watched as they started to heal in her loving arms
Their hearts started to lighten up once more
But hers was just as dark as it was before 
And growing darker day by day 
But she wouldn't let that stop her. 

Suddenly a year had passed... and then two 
It only seemed like seconds to her but everyone else started moving on
Her mother and sister no longer needed her nurturing care
But she needed someone to hold on to

With nothing left for her to take control of, the dark pushed past her boundries 
It found a way into her soul
Until all she could see was dark and no light 
But her mother and sister were healed now
They didn't understand

The tears came back and engulfed her soul
Bit by bit until she wasn't sure why she was still alive
The grief took over like knives 
Piercing her skin over and over and over
It hurt so much.

She started to wonder what it'd look like to be dead
She could see him again if she was
Wouldn't it be so much easier than having to endure this pain?
Wouldn't it be so much easier than having to live knowing she'd never see him again?
It would.

So she started to hate herself
All that negative energy was starting to take toll
Everyone around her was breathing while she suffocated more and more by the second
She wished she'd just choke already instead of living in constant pain
If no one would put her out of her misery, she'd have to do it herself

She couldn't see any light anymore
So she grabbed the pill bottle off the shelf and just hoped it wouldn't take long to die
Deep down she still had a spark of light, but she just couldn't find it 
And now it was too late in her mind to change, to turn back and try to look deeper
She was done living.

That's when people started to notice that everything wasn't as peaceful as it seemed
They started to see how deeply depressed she had become
They wanted to help her see the light again before it was too late 
So they sent her away to see doctors and to take pills to make everything better
It was a start.

She didn't see a change at first but suddenly she could think clearly
Maybe what they were doing was actually going to help her see the light again
Yes, she still wanted to die, but maybe that wasn't the only option anymore
They cared,  and behind all their own problems they were trying to understand
They really were trying

Six months longer she would be treated and cared for
Until suddenly she was sent home from her treatment and care with a smile on her face
She had a new perspective
Someone had helped her ignite that spark in her heart until it was a glowing ember
She had been reborn

Sometimes you have to be able to experience the worst of it
To come back shining brighter than before
And if she had died that cold day in October, she wouldn't of ever seen the best of it
Or known that it would get better
and it did!

And she now sits at her laptop, with a smile on her face and warmth in her heart
It's never been an easy road and it won't ever be
But at least she knows she's lived through the worst
And it can only get better from here

So whenever she feels lonely or gets back into that dark spot again
She can look back on what she's learned and can read this poem
And remember that she survived the darkest depths of depression
And she will continue to survive it as long as she lives
Because she is stronger now than she ever was before ?

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If Old Men Fought

An old man looking out his door,
gaze fixed on a distant shore,
reminiscing to a time, not of happiness,
or, the prospect of a bright future,
to when he was sick to his very core,
to when as a youth, he went to war

A time before infallibility had meaning,
patriotism and bravado the craze,
the future was still unknown,
vigor for life at its all time high,
a time for romance, partying, buying,
no thought of pain, deformity, dying

Too young to understand or question,
ship to foreign shore, medals abound,
will impress the girls next time in town,
sacrifice not temporary,
forever more,
a legacy etched into a wall, few will remember,
flesh shredded, burned, torn,
families mourn

A time, when he willingly went to war,
will happen no more,
all lost in youth, now unrelenting,
no blind obedience,
minimal risk,
long life, his number one ambition

As he turns back from the door,
he thinks of the youth,
here now, soon no more,
lessons never learned,
the call to war,
to common the roar,
complacency the mood,
another generation removed

The old man agonizes
over what was originally not known,
war is preventable,
life too precious to waste,
the solution simple,
his vision, maybe too late

Send old men to the front to fight,
arthritis, heart disease, poor eyesight,
let the youth enjoy their life,
his near over, its only right

Send old men, to the front, to fight
ask them to give up their life,
patriotism and bravado, still alive,
will and desire would not last the night,
old men do not rush to death in their twilight,
failure inevitable, the old man smiles,
knows he's right

Wars not possible,
if old men, are sent to fight

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The Humans and I

Ones who wage,
Ones who rage,
Ones who take,
Ones who pay,
Ones who craze,
Ones who rave,
Ones who crave…

Ones who fear,
Ones who breathe,
Ones who give,
Ones who need,
Ones who will,
Ones who weave…

Ones who plead,
Ones who beg,
Ones who beseech,
Ones who entreat,
Ones who appeal,
Ones who volunteer,
Ones who disappear…

The ones who follow,
The ones that don’t know about tomorrow,
The ones who don’t deserve the morrow…

The ones who sleep,
The ones who cry,
The ones who live,
The ones who die…

The ones who proclaim,
Those who say they create,
The ones who ache,
The ones who don’t wait,
The ones who hesitate,
The ones who don’t concentrate,
The ones who fornicate,
The ones who procrastinate…

Those who fall in temptation,
Those who get in frustration,
Those who sometimes feel desperation,
Those who keep going without caution,
Those in motion,
Those in tension,
Those losing notion,
Those being poisoned,
Those getting in distortion,
Those following the broken diction,
Those dying like the billions,
Those without unction,
Those washed in the oceans…

I might seem cold,
But it is you who is bold.
I might not express,
But it is you who doesn’t let me progress.
I might not seem like I seek,
But it is you who doesn’t know me…
I might seem like I need,
But it is you who might always be begging on your knees.
I might seem dull,
But it is the one that is fool.
I might not be alight,
But it is you who isn’t truly alive…

I will remain neutral,
I will remain silver,
I will remain gray,
I feel darkness,
I feel light,
I will remain hallowed…,
After all, it is you who deserves no life…

I am a metal hawk,
I am a mountain goat,
I am a silver bird,
I am a gray wolf,
I am a white tiger,
I am a mystic rose…,
I am I…

I’m alive,
And I survive,
You are here,
However, it is you who deserves no life…

Being human does not imply that you have humanity…

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Walk Of Shame

Walk Of Shame

Did you see that girl walk by?
I can tell, she got a guy
It's 9am, her hair's a mess
Sunday morning in a party dress?

Mascara run, lipstick smeared
She thought, this hour, all coasts were cleared
Oh but no, her I did see
And as she stumbled, she saw me

High heels on, cell in hand
Back to the dorms, she walked on Grand
Walk of shame, oh how you expose
The true nature of the hoes

Guys wake up to chill on their lawn
As freshmen girls grudgingly pursue on
Calling out, "Well how was your night!?"
Girls wish their walk was out of sight

I just laugh and point them out
More so notifying all via shout
"Walk of Shame, that is you!"
These young girls, they've got no clue

The ones who get it, then take off
Again next weekend, it's never enough
Get any guy, hooking up's their game,
But each time regretting the walk of shame.

You might think I judge too hard
Not giving them the innocent card
I shouldn't talk, I'm such a hypocrite
That was me yesterday morning, I will admit.

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Can't Happen Here

Some Storks and Froggies
Decided to play
One night by the light of the moon

But the tail of their game
Was much too profane
And besides 
It ended too soon

It’s for your best
Storks would say
Please see things our way
Just trust us
And you will do well

But the rules they rewrote
And the frogs lost the vote
And with frog
Stork bellies did swell

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My dreams and desires
Are to write to inspire
I have so much to give 
That is my reason to live
Peace always invades my spirit
I’m so glad my soul welcomes it
My compass to my life is lost
I cannot navigate the way home so pen pays the cost
I will always write to find my way
To my God I pray
As the realization dawned on me
When my pen flows I’m free
I can be anybody I want to be
So many of us have to settle for a life of deception 
I shall soar beyond this world's limitations
In all things, follow your heart
In life be careful how you walk and talk
Think it, believe it
Don’t hold back do it
Let your dream grow
Please let God take control

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I Am Who I Am

Its bad enough that everyday I walk down memory lane, &&' It really puts me in alot of pain. I've been doing the best that I can, but I am who I am. I'm getting tired of everyones exspectations, people always pulling me in different directions. Even when I'm falling down, people still push me on the ground. I'm gonna keep trying, no more lying. No more games, done mentioning names. Being two-faced isn't cool, it just makes you look like a fool. I'm never looking back, that life was wack. I'm done trying to make everyone happy, when they treat me so crappy. I may not have alot of friends, in the end, but atleast I don't have to pretend. I'm gonna be true, with or without you. You'll see, I'm done letting people get to me.

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Why go to sleep?
Why we are the ones that have missing things.
Why take a breeze?
When I am the one that needs zephyr.

Why cry until you are satisfied?
When you are always dissatisfied.
Why go and feel contempt?
When we only need respect.
So, why do you expose yourself?
When you haven't cleansed yourself.

Why go and overreact?
When you sometimes don't make a great impact.
Why go and bite?
When you know you cannot eat more than you can chew.

Why give?
When you only deserve.
Why shed some tears?
When they sometimes aren't clear.
Why are you happy?
When you know you are lying.

Why are we bleeding?
When we only need healing.
So, why live?
When we go and die.
And why die?
When we want life.

We might fall down,
But it is never too late,
'Cause life,
Starts now...

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Can You Be Mine

She's marking my direction,
It's her that I see,
And there's nothing I can say or do,
She's struting down the street,
With fire in her feet,
And I'm thinking I should make a move,

No steps I heard,
She glides like a bird,
And her eyes sparked a perfect blue,
Her voice blew like the trees,
I fell to my knees,
As she said how do you do,

(chorus): 2x
I said, can you be mine,
Can you be mine,
I said, Can you be mine,
Love me forever and more,

Her eyes opened wide,
As though she was surprised,
She didn't know what to say,
She grabbed a pen and wrote down her number,
Before I asked her for her name,
She said her name was Lisa,
I said so nice to meet ya,
This girl, was playin heard to get,

I said I know you've been hurt in the past,
But you won't be hurt this time,
Her hair was so soft and beautiful,
So I told her not to pay a dime,

(Chorus): 3x

(I love the way you movin ya body, baby)
(I got so excited, baby)
(That's the way, you got me, you got me)

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Pushed and Pulled

Hear me, hear me, sound me out,
I don’t understand what you’re about.
Euphoric drugs to boost your brain?
Why they're dragging your senses down the drain.
They mask your mind and make you doubt,
at the slightest word, you’re prone shout.
Oh oh ohhhh, how they tear you apart.
A false embrace to numb your heart.
But why won't you see, that they can kill?
As they choke out your spirit and shatter your will.
They can turn a goal into the ultimate reason,
while your soul screams out at this unjust treason.

True ecstasy doesn’t come from a pill.
It’s an innate feeling, with a costless bill.
A weed is something that grows wild and free,
Not a joint that you roll up, upon your knee.
And crystal, a long mineral process, as in rock?
But now I’m hearing, it’s made around the clock.

Man oh man…...will you please wake up?
You’re drinking serenity from a broken cup.
The dealers will treat you as though you were swine,
for money always feeds, their greedy jowl minds.
And they don’t seek just money, but power as well,
as they man the controls of this highway to hell.

Oh yeah, I'm mean to tighten my grip,
to speak out my mind as I watch you trip.
You aren't the cog of a wheel at a county fair,
turning around aimlessly, but going nowhere.
I know you can kick this, and make out just fine,
but how about the others, the ones waiting in line?

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The halo effect

If there is one thing I remember
It is what life told
Just open your eyes
All that glisters may not be gold
So who is to blame and whose fault I hold
The halo effect, the one in disguise
Manifesting deception in front of thy eyes
Treat one different because of their look
Why read? Judge the cover of the book?
But you do read others because they don’t have the look
If you understand, how long has it took?
The halo effect, we magnify a trait
Condone the flaws, we magnify a trait
Attractiveness, is this what you mean?
All this talk, my perception a feign?
What I see, aint what it seem?
Huh, thanks for this, as well as that.
The halo effect, my mind was hacked. 

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You Were A Friend

You were a friend,
I couldn’t ask for more,
Now that we’ve reached the end,
You walked out the door.
I know what you don’t,
You have forgotten.
Admit it, (I won’t)
I think about you so often.
I wanted to keep
Memories in a jar,
So when I sleep
Better times wouldn’t be so far.
Our friendship is gone
But the past still lingers,
The Sun’s rise at dawn
Erases times that were better.
You were a friend,
‘That’ I would forget,
Times were different then,
I wish we never met…

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Generation XXX

Generation XXX
(Another Name for Gen Y(My Generation)

Beer goggles and Whiskey Rivers,
Pain numbing remedies that exude depression,
Marijuana oxygen and pain killer shivers,
Innocent faces with devilish expression,
Blood red eyes with cocaine explanations,
White lies, cooked up in haste, 
For the aforementioned, sell your feelings for a taste!

Young lady, young lady, impossible to find,
What has become of “Daddy’s Little Girl?”
Grew up as billboard, all body and no mind,
Succumbed to degradation just to fit in this world,
Princess? No More!
With bitter wounds and sans support,
Responds to “bxxch” labeled as “whore”
Sex for poison and sex for sport!

Young man, young man, could you bear to walk alone?
With choreographed legs and clay molded spine?
Quoting the majority, speaking with your friends’ tone,
Holding onto shirttails while blindly disregarding lines,
Unprotected sex just to help you feel alive,
Forced to buy diapers with the pennies you have earned,
From one into intoxicated night you did not want to be deprived,
Came a baby by a girl whose name you had to learn!

Young lady, Young man, both working like a slave,
To provide for a family that neither wished to know,
They scream as their dreams get sealed within a grave,
Essential sacrifices because the baby has to grow,
A self-destructive generation, corrupted and vexed,
Generation Y, is Generation XXX

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We talked,
But I wasn't heard,
We walked,
But you scattered,
We built,
But you destroyed,
I thought,
But you acted,
We were determined,
But you exterminated...

You were blind,
I was sighted,
You were darkened,
I was lightened,
I was myself,
You weren't yourself...

I was lone,
No one cared.

I was ignored,
No one cared,
About my emotions...

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Haiku Cigarettes

Cigarettes are gross. They can really kill you too Dead. Gone. Forever

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poems of love 
poems of hate 
closing doors
 and clicking gates 

Gates of white 
Gates of blue
 all beg for something new
something new
  something old
 something saying lets be bold 

i  know you
 and i know something you 
would like to do 

 so take my hand 
and lets leave behind the seas
 and the sand
 fly to a new beginning 
leave all these people we watch 

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Not Sofa King Cool

College Dorm sleeps
Four per room
Keg party 
Too much Boom

Drunk freshman sleeps
Where he falls
Coeds toss him on 
The sofa 
Instead of snooze in
the halls

Sorority girl 
Named him  
“Sofa King Tool”
Now he feels like a Fool
Not Sofa King Cool

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For Men Everywhere One Billion Rising

1 Billion Rising.

For Men Everywhere.

Stop! Listen! Think! Act!


Stop the abuse!

Of grand-daughters,

all women.


Listen to the voices!

Of grand-daughters,

all women.


Think of how you treat,


all women.


Act now to change yourself!

Stop! Listen! Think! Act!

The violence,
the abuse,
the rape,

stops when you stop,

the violence,
the abuse,
the rape.

Stop! Listen! Think! Act!

The violence,
the abuse,
the rape,

is perpetrated by,



all men.

Stop! Listen! Think! Act!

The violence,
the abuse,
the rape,

stops when us men stop,

The violence,
the abuse,
the rape,

today, now.

Stop! Listen! Think! Act!

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Hateful Words

                                                  HATEFUL WORDS

Do you have any idea how much hateful words hurt those you’re spewing them out to?

If you are a bully who uses them, you need to know they hurt deeply and could scar a kid for life.  Is that what you really want to do?

It may seem like innocent fun when you’re bullying other kids.  It’s not!  If you keep doing it, your life’s going to be nothing but a gigantic flop.

If you are a bully, because of the negative impact you can have on another kid, you must immediately stop!

I once thought bullying was cool, too, so I would say hateful words to other kids just to see how they would react.

I would say hateful words to their face.  I would say them behind their back.

Then, out of nowhere, I heard the same kind of hateful words, meant for me.

I didn’t like it a bit; in fact I was hurt and angry as can be.

So, I immediately stopped using hateful words.  I’m so glad I did.

No one deserves to hear hateful words, especially coming from another kid.

	   Al Johnson

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Parents Need To Be In Church With Their Children

Parents Need To Be In Church With Their Children… Many parents bring their kids to church… Hoping they’ll be a “better person.” They want them to hear about God. And listen to the “Sunday lesson.” They often tell the children to listen and obey God’s ways. But you’ll never see the parents at church on Sundays! They’re “too busy” to spend time with God... Even at home. Then tell their children they love them. And often leave them alone. They parents don’t want to take the time to give them their attention. They want the Sunday school teacher to give them a “moral direction.” Parents need to be the man and woman God wants them to be! They need to have Christian principles that their children can see! Won’t you be there for your children and help them to understand… What it means to be a Christian. And to be a Godly woman or man! It’s Christ’ desire that you as parents be a Godly example! There’s just too many temptations for your kids to handle! Living for God. As a family. Is the best thing you can do! Christ stands at your heart’s door… The rest is up to YOU! By Jim Pemberton 11/16/11

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Conflict of Self-Interest

By: Amy

I need  to study, cannot go out...
I’m so behind, I simply must work...

I have a paper, and test real soon...
I can’t take a hangover on a Sunday...

I’ve so much concern, my GPA’s sunk...
I’ll be too tired, the night gets so late...

Really, grades worry me, school’s been tough...

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Might these be

Might this be a wonder,
Might this be a sunder,
Might this be the blocker,
Might this be the warder,
Might there be a plunder,
Might it pass the border,
Might there be a dweller,
Might they be lodgers,
Should they be squatters,
Should they be trespassers...

Might they squander,
Might it scatter,
Might this be a sputter,
Might there be a clutter,
Moght there be to many clusters,
Might this be the controller
Mightit get power...?

Might these be handlers,
Might these be forcers,
Might these be the squashers,
Might these be the breakers,
Breaking some of the order...

Might this be a night,
Going to a wretched midnight,
Coming from a raging twilight,
Until these be ended, throughout nighttime,
Later waking from our bedtime,
Maybe dying to see the morning light,
Might this be happening tonight...?

Might there be a knight,
Might there be a fight,
Waiting for a shining might,
Coming from some rainbow's light,
coming slight from the nighttime,
With some waiting for their fly...

Might these fight the ghouls,
Might they get to their goal,
Might this vanish some ghosts,
Whom want all of our souls...

Might this be other things,
Might these be the lives of life,
With some asking, might these be I...?

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Perfidy to the Fidelity

I see perfidy to the fidelity which is replete of your treachery 
Too bad we ain’t cool, because for you was a melody 
About the despicable ingredients that thrive back then
To create aspersions for my heart to grow fat in
You having a back of mine was thought to be perpetual 
From grabbing the horns, I saw it was all bull
So when I manifest this light, you shouldn’t be in my sight
I’m watching my own back when you enter a fight
No more under the timber, will my name be in December
Forgive and forget the final Thursday of November
Perfidy to the fidelity, I’ll always remember 

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Children Listen

This is a poem.
It's not abstract.
So if you just sit back and listen,
you'll understand
I'm going to say this poem twice,
so listen with your heart the first time
but listen with your heart again

Say good morning when someone says good morning to you
Speak when spoken to
Look a person in the eye and be confident even if you're not
and be willing to learn what you know not

Don't be so quick to speak out loud
and then cover your mouth in shame 
once you realize what just came out
It's too late - so think before you shout

Be accountable for your actions
Your character is defined by what you do when people aren't looking
because when they are
They see in your behavior all the doings of the heart
So be honest with yourself and do the right's not hard

Use life's resources
I know what it's like to be in dark places
going through trials - unhappy child
But learning and reading and growing is all relative to your future
So escape in a poem or good book
and don't let the enemy defeat you

Stay in touch with positive members of your family ties
Record yourself saying wonderful things about your life
Recite them daily...then write

Be the first to offer respect
Stay calm
give others a chance to talk
Be humble, but never nobody's fool
Don't allow others to mistreat you
Stand up for your rights and have a voice,
but do it with dignity and be tactful.

And girls...
Go ahead..wear your skinny jeans and your bangles
but accept other for their style, their view
see things from their angle

And fellas...
Pull those pants up..tuck those shirts in
and stop trying to be gangsta
If I can see your underwear thats unacceptable behavior 
and it's not okay
It's embarrasing to the struggle and it's a disgrace

It's time to move past the stereotypes of race
I know you got alot to face
but once you learn what your ancestors did to get you to this place,
It will seem like a walk in the park
and you'll be proud to have helped the case

Young people I tell you
if you follow these rules
You can change the world
and become a generation renewed

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From Pretty Pink Bows To Baby Bassinets

                             From Pretty Pink Bows To Baby Bassinets  

              Well little girl you are in high water now and the sand is moving swiftly under your feet. You never expected to get pregnant at fifteen and now you are scared, confused, heartbroken, and you are lashing out at everybody because you do not know who to trust at this point in time. You do not know if even those closest to you are offering you wise words of advice, deliberate words of coercion, or self-serving suggestions. Unfortunately, not even the most well intentioned person can answer the intensely personal questions that are in front of you now, but that will not stop them from trying because even the most intelligent people in your life are often too arrogant in their own beliefs to realize that attempting to answer these kinds of questions for you is kind of like a cowboy trying to rope the wind. However, many will still try because they care about you in some way and many out of concern for you will think they have all your best interests at heart. Yes little girl there is a world of folks out there just chock full of good and bad intentions, yet few understand that the road to perdition can be paved just as well with either. You never intended to get pregnant, but you did just the same and now you are at a crossroad in your young life that even adult women have a hard time dealing with. However, despite your tender age, you are going to have to wipe the tears from your big beautiful blue eyes, find some big girl panties to put on, and sit down and render your first real adult decision on an issue that will alter the very course of your life and the lives of others, no matter what you decide. 
                Stop saying to yourself why me, why now because it is you and it is now. Stop thinking that you are too young to make this decision because you thought you were old enough to make the decision that put you into this situation begin with and now you have to deal with the consequences of that choice. Stop wondering what to do and thinking that your prince charming is going to walk back in your life and make this decision easier for you because he is just as worried, scared and confused as you are right now, so chances are real good that there will be no glass slipper in your story Cinderella. You can wish and hope all you want for the fairytale solution to appear in one hand, but it is all but certain that the other hand is going to get full first and you are not going to like the aroma. Some would say that you are a little girl making an adult decision, but the reality is you tossed away the little girl card the moment a real baby with real needs appeared in your dollhouse. No sweetie you are a big girl now whether you like it or not or you are ready for it or not and the situation you are dealing with is as real and emotional as it gets. Do not be over whelmed by all the advice people have offered you, but consider it all when you make your decision and pay no attention to the religious nonsense some folks like to spew because it is designed more to make you feel guilty or to scare you than to help you. The people around you, like it or not, are going to have to support your decision because it is yours to make and yours alone. Nobody can hold your hand on this one because regardless of what others might think, right or wrong, you are the one that is going to have to live with the decision you make here. This is a solitary walk on the beach moment for you and during that walk you are going to have to explore not just what is rattling around in your head, but what is down deep in your little heart because the best decisions you will ever make in your life or for your life must always come from both. One of life’s most challenging tasks is constantly trying to find the harmony between one’s head and one’s heart. Blessed are those rare few times one can turn the chaos and discordance of life into a beautiful symphony.                        

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Is She The One?

Is she the one my dream come true
The one that makes me whole.
Throughout the end of time
I'd give my heart and soul. 
Is she the one with qualities to endure the test of time.
Her unexpected stare 
sends shivers up my spine.
And gives me butterflies inside
Is she the one I can't decide
That always keeps me satisfied
My mind is left preoccupied
You have ignited every flame
Within my beating heart.
Now far from you I cannot part.
Is she the one my sweetheart
the angel in my life.
For you I'd walk a thousand miles
The toughest ride you've made worthwhile
I've looked beyond your hazel eyes
Your every glimpse, your every smile
In love we've deeply intertwine
Is she the one who will be there
to catch me when I fall.
That picture perfect puzzle 
To you I give my all.
Is she the one 
Well better yet she 's got the hooks on me.
The fear of losing her is deeper than the sea.


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Come and Go Chicago

Come and Go Chicago – Zamreen Zarook
Where are you going my lady?
Where are you from my sweetie?
What ever you ask my buddy,
You won’t get the paddy.
She became a liar,
Because of your chore,
Two questions that you murmur,
Master, don’t forget that you were the rear.
You became a sinner,
Without knowing what is inner,
Now you know the manner,
So, never to forget the dinner.

Cease to care for those questions,
Nothing you gain from the considerations,
Everyone has their own equations,
So,they do have their explanations.


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Someone Elses Life

I feel like I'm living someone elses life, a life in strife. I've been strong, but when will I belong. I feel so alone, but I'm doing ok on my own. I can't describe the pain, but I keep in mind every storm runs outa rain. I use to think our love was unbeatable, but really its unforgettable. Everyday I walk down memory lane, trying to ignore the pain. He crosses my mind everyday, when will all this go away. There's gotta be something more, my heart is becoming sore. My momma doesn't have to worry, because I'm not sorry. I know he made the mistake, and he's the reason I have this heartache. What we had, was bad. I shouldn't have let it go that far, your just another scar.

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Survival Of The Fittest

Dropped out of school
At an early age
Lived on the streets 
Because, I disgusted my mother
She thought I was a poor example
Of true Christian beliefs
At an early age 
She religiously drummed into me
‘blood is thicker than water’
And yet, 
Here I am today confused, lonely and hungry
No one protecting me
No friends
No family
No home to go too
Just, peoples eye for an eye,
tooth for a tooth mentality
Praying for the sun to shine
To feel some warmth again!
Sun rays of hope, lighting me up
To live through this darkness without fear
With a heart full of faith
No matter what happens to me, now!
If only I could drink my salty tears
It would sustain me for a lifetime
Your tears are worth nothing, around here
You’re classed as weak and venerable
Only attracting death
Your life worth nothing!
Save me from myself
I am my best friend
I am my worst enemy
My prayers and dreams
Lost in the wind
Blowing around like autumn leaves
The rain washing them away
Down the drain into the sewage
Rolling with the seasons
Year after year
Survival for the fittest!
Surviving on the love
Hidden, inside me
Being my strength and guide
My personal lifeline
In surviving this crazy world 
We all live in

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What Makes A True Friend

What Makes A True Friend?

What are the qualities that a friend should
have – that which would make a true friend so true?
A friend is one whom you like to be with
while a true friend insists on being with you.

A friend likes you when you have so much in
common. True friends like you who for who you are.
True friends make you feel as though they are at
all times near, although they are very far.

A true friend is one whom you can always
talk to, even at night when it is late -
when loved ones are asleep, a true friend is
always there to hear what you have to say.

Friends like to share, but a true friend always
gives you – not what you want, but what you need.
The feelings you hide, as well as your thoughts,
and your dreams, a true friend can always read.

A friend may forgive you or they may not
forgive, for something wrong you've done to them.
A true friend forgives even when you don't
ask. True friends forgive - again and again.

Friends are close when you are close to them. A
true friend wants your friendship to be closer.
A true friend does what is best for you, and
hates that you would end up with the losers.

A true friend teaches you lessons to help
you grow – lessons that are hard and easy.
A true friend is always there - having a
true friend can never make you feel lonely.

Friends may sometimes make mistakes, but a true
friend is always careful not to hurt you.
A true friend is a guide and a teacher.
A true friend knows everything you go through.

The true friend I mention is our God,
who kept you company before you were born.
The friendship of God, if you truly keep
and cherish, you will never feel forlorn.

The true friend we all need is God (Allah) –
the One who guides and can teach us lessons,
the One who hears our calls and understands,
the One always near – in every season –

Allah, as a Friend, never judges us
by the way we look and how we appear.
Allah, as a Guide, if we ask Him for
guidance, He guides us and makes our paths clear.

Allah is with us – each day and each night –
He is always there when all are asleep.
Allah always listens when others don't.
He gives you comfort when He sees you weep.

Fortunate are those who have Allah as
a Friend. Friendship with God is friendship true.
May Allah bless me with His Friendship and
May Allah's Friendship be shared with you too.

Ameen. Allah knows best.

Miriam / Mariam Mababaya

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Eyes do Weep

When my son was young and so very, very wild… 
I loved him dearly for he was my child.
But I feared the drugs, alcohol, and friends he did keep.
I knew they would destroy him, as I found my Eyes do weep.

We found a private High school with new peers to seek.
Miraculously, He found his own way back, and to college he did leap.
He chose a college and fraternity far away, as my eyes blurred again.
But the day he was on his own, became the best that’s ever been.

His fraternity became his brothers, and advice they dished out.
Study time became important, with gentlemanly behavior devout.
I’ll thank them each, in the leadership and help they all showed.
I’ll thank my son for growing up, and for becoming who we now know.
Community service brought blood drives, and teaching inner city kids.
They worked on their fraternity house, reclaiming it from the skids.
All parties had designated drivers to take every body home, all right.
They gathered clothes for the homeless to brighten up their life.
They built Homes For Humanity for to work he was never adverse.
Then, to add to the rest, he continued to work to become a nurse. 
He put himself through college working in a hospital and ambulance.
He had learned a reverence for life, happiness, and yes, even patience.
My wild, wild son has found purpose in life and peace at long last.
And again my eyes do weep… This time with love so vast...

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Keeping Track of My Colors

If I were in a box of crayons
I don't know what color I'd be
I want to be something rare and cool
That exudes great beauty

If I were in a box of crayons
I'd definitely be white
I'm the most classy but of course
I won't put up a fight

If I were in a box of crayons
I'm sure that I'd be black
We all know that saying, once black
No going back

If I were in a box of crayons
I'd be cool like gray
I'm not a person that is
Molded of clay

If I were in a box of crayons
I'd surely be brown
For I'd be the one turning
Smiles into frowns

If I were in a box of crayons
I'd be fiery scarlet
My blazing personality would
Make everyone forfeit

If I were in a box of crayons
I be beautiful burgundy
You know I'd never, ever
Let someone hurt me

If I were in a box of crayons
I'd be the sagacious red
For my sense of humor would
Bring everyone dread

If I were in a box of crayons
I'd be very pretty pink
Not all bubbles are stupid
I'd prove I could think

If I were in a box of crayons
I'd be oh so silly purple
For my crazy sense in humor
Is like Steve Urkel's

If I were in a box of crayons
I'd be a deep indigo
For I'm sure that none could leap as far
As I could go

If I were in a box of crayons
I'd be a soothing blue
Since I am so happy
So should you

If I were in a box of crayons
I'd be like Turquoise
But that's my sister's name
That's her voice

If I were in a box of crayons
I'd be luscious green
Because all friends need someone
On which to lean

If I were in a box of crayons
I'd love to be lime
Everyone laughs with me
All of the time

If I were in a box of crayons
I'd be bright yellow
Cause I truly am
A jolly little fellow

If I were in a box of crayons
I'd be a magnificent peach
For no one can resist my charm while
I sit on a beach

If I were in a box of crayons
I'd never be orange
For I have nothing to rhyme with
That stupid, annoying orange!


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                                         Long love day's has past.
                                 My mind felt with howling storms,
                                 grasping to hold on to vanishing love.
                                 Rape and abandon my weary soul
                                 transpires, poring with instant fires.
                                 Oh this dark secret love does thy life
                                 Like amorous birds of pray,
                                 Once ways, and known devoured
                                 Your beauty no more to befound
                                 nor shall the sound of your voice.
                                 Love to dust, love to ashes.
                                 Our love has now gone to a private place.
                                        The grave yard of love.

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The Many Reasons Why I Love You

The little things about you
make up the man I love.
I love the smallest things about you
that make you who you are.

The way your nose crinkles a little bit
every time you smile.
The way you seem confused
when you first wake up.
The way your breath catches
every time you say "I love you."
The way you break out into a grin
every time our eyes meet.
The little gold specks
in your beautiful eyes.
The little freckles
all over your back.
The goofy, playful laugh of yours
even when I'm not that funny.
The way you get so protective
when you think that something's wrong.
The way you get frustrated
when other guys flirt with me.

But of all the things I love about you,
the thing I love the most is
how you always know just what to say
to make my day a little brighter.

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My Stages of Love

It starts out as a small attraction Builds up to an intense infatuation You become in tune to everything she do Trying to make her smile when she feeling blue Her laugh brings a small heat to your chest Go to sleep and she's in your mind as you rest You've been hit with the arrow of cupid Back up before you do something stupid You talk but you talk less and less She likes you but as a friend at best You fall off and make her a stranger Realizing that your heart is in danger The two of you no longer communicate You try hard to force your love to relocate Rumor hits and you find out she got a man Of this you're not a enthusiastic fan Anger steps in and you go off on anyone Body light but your heart weighs a ton The bars in the gym seem so much lighter You want to fight but your not a fighter You no longer care about many things One female reduced you to fighting Athletic ability improved 10 fold Then a breakdown as your heart turns cold Soon you become useless Friends know something wrong but they clueless You feel pain, and intense depression Nose and eyes run and you blame it on a cold infection At last your close friends realize whats going on Tell you what you already know, To move on You look at them but you say nothing back Waiting for your emotions to come back Pain is long but nothing last forever You come back like the sun in stormy weather You laugh and kick it with your friends Until the stages of love happen all over again

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For Anene Booysen 1996 - 2013

Hamba Kahle Anene Booysen! (1996 – 2013)

Dead at 17, brutally raped and left to die,
in the dirt,


at a construction site in Bredasdorp.


‘horrific’, ‘repulsed’,
‘brutally raped’, ‘shocked’,


do these words mean anything,
to anyone,



Not to Anene Booysen,


murdered at 17, brutally raped and left to die,

in the dirt,


at a construction site in Bredasdorp.


Anene was raped,
savagely mutilated,


Her 17 year old body tossed aside,


by the hands of men.


Men, always men,


cowardly, beastly, perverted, twisted men.


‘Beastly’, ‘perverted’, ‘twisted’,


do these words mean anything,
to anyone,



Not to Anene Booysen,


who now lies cold and dead.


How many Anene Booysens will it take,


for us,






men, especially men,


to excise the ghastly menace,


of the heinous capacity that resides,


within men,


always men,


to brutalise, rape, mutilate, and murder.


‘Brutalise’, ‘murder’, ‘rape’,


do these words mean anything,
to anyone,



Not to Anene Booysen,


murdered at 17, brutally raped and left,


to die,


in the dirt,


at a construction site,


in Bredasdorp.



Anene Booysen
(1996 – 2013)


* – Hamba Kahle – “Farewell, Travel Well” in Zulu


** – Bredasdorp is a small town near Cape Town, South Africa

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A Peek Behind the Fence

Ignorance is a crime caused by putting up fences if we'd let go of the voices inside our heads and eliminate fears discussions would arise peel the blind folds from our eyes share real stories told without disguise encouraging progress could be made with concerns of what we've learned rather than what we are paid a fulfilling life is people based sharing giving looking out for others one human at a time despite our differences the truly rich way of living

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Just A Crush

Oh oh, it was just a crush.
I'll admit was a little rushed.

Oh, I couldn't keep shush.
I've told of how my feelings flushed.

Oh oh, it is just a crush.
I'll admit there's many times I blushed.

Oh, I couldn't help but gush.
I've expressed feelings that lushed.

Oh oh, it was just a crush.
I'll admit at one point felt a little crushed.

Oh, I couldn't hold back the mush.
I've stood there before you hushed.

Oh oh, it is just a crush,
I'll admit all of it was a little rushed.

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Best Friend

She said that we were drifting apart.
But I feel that we were close from the start
My heart was torn out from deep within
She said I had changed from what I had been

I didn’t know what to say
We used to talk every day.
Now that things had changed
I felt that I had gone deranged

Dear friend, the one who was the best
Why have you left me alone with the rest?

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Untitled #305 / The Traffic Teacher's Tale

They locked eyes. Engines revved and roared.
When the light flashed green, tires screamed across the pavement,
other horns were honked, and a cup of Coke
flew across the lane divider into the lap of the second driver
even as the car of the first driver veered off
into a ditch, overturned, cabin
crunched into a tree
and three souls rode their last.
The traffic teacher says we must control our emotions, but I know
this is impossible. Emotion binds the heart of every human.
We can control our responses to these feelings, or else
ignore them entirely.
I wish I could choose the latter.

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I Am So Very Thankful

I’m So Very Thankful… I’m so thankful for everything the Lord has made... Everything he’s created… His beauty is displayed! I’m so thankful for the breath I have to breathe… Until that one day, from this earth, I shall leave. I’m so thankful for the way God has made so evident. The principles of his word… Are so relevant! I’m so thankful for the beauty and glory he’s shown… It has brought blessings and healing to my home! I’m so thankful for the many things he’s done for me… He’s given me his love which flows abundantly! I’m so thankful that each day,.. Is another to live for him… He’s taken away my pain and has forgiven every sin. I’m so thankful that I can write these words from my heart. I know that he’s with me. And he’ll never depart! I’m so thankful that you’re reading what I’ve been saying… May this cause you to once again start praying! I pray that this same Jesus I know… Who’s merciful and kind… Will speak words of hope to you and give you a peace of mind. I pray that before you go to bed and this day has ended. You’ll allow Christ to have your heart “amended.” Thank you Lord! For what you’ve done and are going to do… It’s another way that I can say “I LOVE YOU!” Thank you Lord! For all that I‘ve received and so much more… You’ve made my life complete… And are worth living for!

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Ignorance meets Insanity

Seriousness settles in, like an old friend
Seriousness spreads like a disease
Infecting us, accelerating, our aging process 
Our youthfulness, our playfulness, slowly slipping away
Our wonder in life, diminishing
Seriousness leading to rigidness, pathway to small mindedness!

Days and years, rolling into one
Colourless, lifeless, mundane, dull and boring
“What day is it?”
“Don’t smile or your face might crack!”
Judgemental, cantankerous!
Pompous attitudes, of modern day man

Stubbornness and ignorance, clinging to what’s familiar
Seriousness, up tightness, humourless, imagination vanished, pathway to madness!
The mind focused on its self created drama’s
Fears constantly being stimulated, from our outside world
Personal insecurities, constantly being triggered, inside
The past lives on, the present forgotten 
What was once important, now, left on the back burner
Hard headed, victim orientated
Righteous, self absorbed
Emptiness, hollowness, helplessness

Seriousness and ignorance, walk hand in hand
Becoming, our best friends
The vampire suckers of vitality
Sucking the life, out of our personal goals and childhood dreams
Lose of faith, gradually, losing our way
Lost, amongst the thick of it
Not knowing any different
Everything becoming an illusion
Seeing things as it should be
In our own little universe, no one else’s!

Entrapment of the mind
Our, personal intelligence, laying dormant
Body and mind, riddled with dis - ease
Heart beating hard, starving for a substance, we call love
Numb, to the outside
Numb, on the inside
Going crazy!
Consumed with our own self created loneliness and separation
Ignorance meets insanity!

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Be Her

You see her?
Why don't go be like her?
No one likes you,
so this is what you must do.

You must stop being yourself,
get off of you shelf.
You must please everyone,
to do that, you must be number one.

She's the perfect girl,
you're the no one in the world.
So go ahead, and give yourself away,
since you're going the wrong way.

You are no longer you,
see what you can do.
You are now her,
that's better than what you ever were.

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Why Should We Live?

Why should we live if we have 
nothing to live for?
Why should we live if we have
nothing to die for?
Why should we live if 
no one cares?
Why should we live if you're
loved by no one?
Why should we live if no
one likes you?
Why should we live if 
no one loves you?

Each day is just a day
Each day is a day closer to death.
What's the point of living?
Some may say none,
Others may say why.
Why should we live?
Tell me and I will think about your answer.

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The BEST Decision You'll Ever Make

No good decision is made 
that starts out as a lie.
A good decision is to live for Jesus--
why not give him a try?

The truth is that God's son died
 for me and you!
The decision to live for him--
what are you going to do?

The lie doesn't matter what 
kind of choice you make.
The truth must do it now!  
Before it's too late!

You'll never know when your
 last day shall appear.
Your final day on earth 
could be very near!

A dedision for Jesus is the best 
choice to be made.
His life for yours.. on calvary 
has been paid!

Come to the cross and give 
everything to him!
Come and experience the joy 
of being born again!

A decision based on (God's)truth, 
is the best place to start.
Jesus' blood will make within 
you a brand new heart.

His gift of salvation is offered 
to all of mankind.
"Now if the day of salvation... 
Now is the accepted time!"

By Jim Pemberton

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The Drone

 You use it every day.
 It is a basic part of life now.
 Maybe it’s the flicker of the radio
 Or the buzz of a computer.
 It is used every day to make our lives simpler and less stressful. 
 Is it really helping us though?
 It does make our life simpler
 But is this a downward spiral into emotionless and effortless life?
 A life where instead of real soldiers with real emotions
 are sent to fight,
 A drone controlled by someone at a computer is used to kill innocent civilians. 
 The drone is emotionless.
 No compassion for other beings and no feeling of guilt or regret.
 This is the future,
 an emotionless drone controlled by someone at a computer. 

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Lies Become Life

These are my scars
And I know they haven't gotten me far
But it's complicated
And this is who I am to be

They say everything happens for a reason
Well I have two cents worth a dime
To say nothing good about that line

This isn't really fair
I didn't ask for you to take it this way
I can't just walk away anymore
Keeping my head from that door
Your tricks don't keep it away anymore

This is how I choose it to be
It's the closest I am drowning to be free
And just leave me and let me see

Theres only one way to get it all away
I will stop at nothing and think it all off
Just play that beat and watch me hit the wall

This isn't really fair
I didn't ask for you to take it this way
I can't just walk away anymore
Keeping my head from that door
Your tricks don't keep it away anymore

I won't let you down
And hit the floor
There's apart of me thinking,
I can't do this anymore

I'm truly convinced
That telling you this lie
Will make it the truth in my life

I wont let us down
I'll keep my guard around
And watch my head hit the door
Am bound to fall down
My tears hit the floor
As I lay down
I know I ain't coming back for more

This isn't really fair
I didn't ask for you to take it this way
I can't just walk away anymore
Keeping my head from that door
Your tricks don't keep it away anymore

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My Teenager Son

my teenager son
his room wall is hung with lots
of sexy posters

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Forgotten but here
Remembered yet never there
Why do you exist?

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For a friend in pain

you're a silent person inside, that i know..
so a single insult or pain would pose a great blow..
When in pain close your eyes and drift..
think of of happiness and joy, that would give you a lift..

Anger and grieve, please don't let it rust..
In your heart don't let it last..

know that jokes come and go..
sometimes jokes go far beyond "tolerable"
so when hit in the heart so hard,
stay with your guard..
Maybe tomorrow's a better joke..
maybe tomorrow's your day..

Because every "tomorrow", we change, we grow, we love more and joke more..

Sorry for today..

We had to see those sad, sad, eyes..

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This is Who I Am

I am me; and I know there are going to be people who do not like me

But I can not change the way the feel about me and I'm okay with that

Why change them, when I wouldn't want them to change me?

They are who they are, and I am who I am

This is who I am: I am Emily, a person that tries very hard not to judge people

This is who I am: I am Emily, I will be anyones friend; It does not matter what they did

It matters that you take them in your arms and hold them and tell them your here for them

Even if they walk away, it matterd that you showed them you cared

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Two scales must always be within an approximate range
for an accurate weight, and the close relationship
between the Humankind and God must withstand any change.

Solutions must be found before catastrophe approaches,
and if we were caught by surprise, we would regret the outcome;
less trees should be cut down to make room for buildings.

Thieves, murderers and rapists should be held in contempt
and thrown into dungeons...instead of giving them cosy cells,
the Law admits that's just to punish, but inhumane to torment.

Nightly streets have been taken over by muggers, drug dealers
and prostitutes, now called escorts, haven't changed their lewd attitude;
even madams of the brothels open doors for the well-dressed sirs.

Society has gone mad, and it has condoned both sexes of equal desires;
never was Sodom and Gomorrah as iniquitous and lustful as this one;
God forbid...I entered this city and be found guilty of their perversions!

While on the outskirts, in run-down homes poverty duplicates its horrible woes,
politicians' corrupt hands are not seen...pocketing money that Congress approved; 
and the suffering of the poor is plagued by famines that turn into deadly diseases.

Crooked judges are manipulated by criminal defense lawyers who have handfuls of cash;
justice can never be served when criminals are given their parole, and the innocent, 
humble men are detained and put behind bars, because of their limited wealth.

Proud hearts see neither simplicity nor beauty in anything that evolves into splendid light; 
self-praise, greed, bluntness and invulnerability are the rules they live and swear by;
humbleness is unacceptable and's a virtue which diminishes their pride. 

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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Stars shine brightly above me as I look up at the glowing full moon.
A cool breeze is blowing and
A soft music seems to play in the air around me as
I think of what life has given me.

This gift is more than I could have brought myself to ask for.
For the longest time I've been content to be there for others
Ignoring the fact that as I helped my friends find happiness, I have been alone.
Now I find that Life has given me a gift. A thing so precious that never again could I go
through life without it.

Life has given me you.
You, Suki, have become my life force. The very thing that keeps me going.
I love you with everything I have. Granted, it isn't much, but I promise you that it wont
be missed. I'll love you enough to make up for the materialistic things that I don't have.

The moon blurs as tears fill my eyes and I start glowing as bright as the shining full
moon above me and
I find that the music I hear around me that is so heartbreaking-ly beautiful isn't in the air.
It's inside me.
I never have to be alone again.
Never do I have to bottle things up for the sake of other people because I know I have
someone who wants nothing more than to have me cry on his shoulder.
I love him
And to the very core of my being I know he loves me.

Life has given me something I never dared to let myself dream of having.

Life has given me Suki.

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Along With LIfe's Ambitions There's Decisions

I’ve met many people with different
goals and ambitions…
This often includes making all kinds of decisions…

It seems like many are often confused 
:”which direction to go…”
And yet striving for “happiness,” 
or what “soothes the soul.”

Many are having “the rug pulled out
 from under their feet…”
And living with discouragement and defeat.

Are you one who’s voiced
 a frustration or a concern?
You may be wandering which 
direction to turn?

May I encourage you to give it all to
 Jesus this very moment!
All you’ll ever need is provided 
by his blood’s atonement!

He’ll bring much needed love and strength 
to your life as well…
He loves you so much!  More than words can tell!

His spirit will bring to you much needed 
peace and refreshment…
His peace and love will bring 
to your life true nourishment!

Why not give him a chance?  Why not start today???
Through the mountains of life…  
He’ll always make a way!

Jesus is here now!  And will always
 be your best friend!
With him in your life…  You’ll achieve victory within!

He is the river of living water…  
Your needs he shall supply!
He is your God and provider. 
 He is El-Shaddai!!!

By Jim Pemberton  05/15/11

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In The Midst Of Our Troubles God Is HERE

In The Midst Of Our Troubles… God Is HERE! During our life, we have many trials and temptations! We come across adversities and difficult situations! Things happen in life. It’s easy to find someone to blame! Quite often, we have hardships that we cannot explain! The many things that we try to hold on to so dear. Are here today... But tomorrow… Could disappear! There are so many circumstances that affect how we’re living! What kind of life… To God… Have we been giving? With each day that goes by, and the many decisions we make… Much of what we do has an impact on our eternal fate! Of all of the problems that life brings our way… We need to focus on the words our God has to say! He is our strength! A mighty fortress and a high tower! He is the Alpha and Omega! Behold his majestic power! He ii and always will be the one who rules supreme! Jesus is our righteousness, our savior and the risen king! When everything in life fails, Jesus remains faithful and true! He is here right now. And will always be here for YOU! By Jim Pemberton

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Shhhhh Menorrhea, A Taboo in India

You just don’t want me to talk about it
You hate it when we talk about it
You know you are a sheer hypocrite
Why do you think it is such an unmentionable affair?
All you know is how to impair, which is utterly unfair
Why can’t we talk about the menarche, unabashed?
When I talk about it blatantly, why do you stand aghast?
Value a woman’s body and this cycle, we don’t expect much
You are witless, don’t speak about it, you only have a doltish hunch
Just remember a man bleeds for death, for agony and for misery
Do you know why a woman bleeds? She bleeds for glee, for happiness and to create a new life

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Friends are like animals,
they come for what they want,
then they go,
leaving you behind.
But true friends are like family,
an adopted brother or sister,
they are with you,
night and day,
through thick and thin,
every step of the way. 
If you're in trouble,
they stand by you,
never running away.
They know you inside out.
They can tell when something is wrong,
and defend you no matter what.
But all in all,
Friends are only temporary,
but true friends are forever.

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We Are Friends

Like coincidence,
We are a wonderful incidence.
We are friends who always meet again.
With a treasury of memories
We always were friends with ease.
Always remember you and me, please.
Like eminence,
We are of significance.
We are friends in resonance.
Through this book of time
We always are friends with prime.
Always look back at our good times.
Like prominence,
We are to each other of relevance.
We are friends by providence.
Alongside this road of endeavour
We always will be friends forever.
Always think of one another.
Like diligence,
We always together advance.
We always star in life's dance. 
This I promise you,
We are friends thick and through.
We are friends so true.

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Being Free

I Wasn’t enough to just be myself I had to be what you wanted of me Plastic—Mainstream—Liar Without any creativity And a façade for a personality So I Guess I Just Live a Lie Just to Satisfy And surely survive Your torment spitting opinion but then, A Semblance of the independence I held inside No matter how small it let out a cry I will redeem my pride And be perfect, free, me

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sagging baggy pants

sagging baggy pants
below buttocks reveal an 
insecure person

so pull them up, hide
your offensive parts, find your
purpose for living

become more secure
by using your talents to
make a better world

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It was the myriad relapse The shadows perched, time slipped, the temptation resided to my mind I'm sure I have most the soul I never once had Lost; once you go into the dark eternal black there's no hope of dreaming of atoning back Small child I cling to you trying to savor the innocence When I could believe in everything again I tried All along to search for the truth But " the truth" is something that the truth eradicated I want to be ignorant again Can't face reality again Cease the pain that the pills can't heal Evaporate the blood that negates the strife Let me believe in everything again Break the fear Remove the pins of reality And I still wonder why And I still wonder why "forgive" makes me cry I can't make it stopThe razor beckons my name The scars and all their Shame... Find a way to pierce my serpent heart Through the iron membrane it's bleeding, I know When I have no cigarettes to burn When I have no more knowledge to Learn When I have no more xanax To cause concern I've dried out My heart is loosing it's touch There's no way out The abuse and abyss has sealed me Cease the pain that the pills can't heal Evaporate the blood that negates the strife Let me believe in everything again Break the fearRemove the pins of reality And I still wonder why And I still wonder why "forgive"makes me cry I've dried out My heart is loosing it's touch There's no way out The abuse and abyss has sealed me I've dried out tMy heart is loosing it's touch There's no way out The abuse and abyss has sealed me

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Suffering Is The Same As Living

Hope, tonight, is just a void Love is destroyed Reality impending my doom Suffering a dream that was never made for me I’m just the burden falling under your arms I understand if you give up on me Don’t worry I’ll be fine I can just wait, wait as in all eternity You deserve to be happy and free I’m just the burden falling under your arms I understand if you give up on me Suffering is the same as living Tonight I might, Today I may Set you free away from me I’m just the burden falling under your arms I understand if you give up on me You travel all across in my veins Showing you share my pain But my life was never meant for me I’m just the burden falling under your arms I understand if you give up on me I'm sorry for those days I've ruined your life Best you just ignore, forevermore I’m just the burden falling under your arms I understand if you give up on me Suffering is the same as living Tonight I might, Today I may Set you free away from me I’m just the burden falling under your arms I understand if you give up on me Suffering is the same as living Tonight I might, Today I may Set you free away from me I’m just the burden falling under your arms I understand if you give up on me
**Morten Veland, Guitarist, Male Vocalist and Main Songwriter of Sirenia, formerly of Tristania**

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The Language of the new generation.

Understanding the new generation.
They have their own language.
Their own new meanings to the same words.
They have their own communication + lingo.
Has it not been the same with each new 
generation in history?
They discover a new style that is shocking
to the older generations.
Adjoining generations seem to listen
to each other.
At which point do the generations do not want
to listen.
Where is this gap?
Spelling is different for the same words. 
A lot of abbreviated text is used.
There seems to be an absence of books amongst
dvds + cds.Has this interior design element
been overlooked?
Is there a new dictionary to accommodate the
new generations?
Or is this just how life is?

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For three days I have done nothing but smile till my cheeks hurt
And I sit here grinning like a fool.
Three days. That's it.  Three days and I find myself falling hard.

It is like me to love quickly, but not like this.
You have no idea how significant it is that I've dreamed about you.  Including you, only
four people have ever made enough impact to appear when I close my eyes.
I'm laughing.
I'm sleeping well.
I find myself saying Suki just to have that smile spread across my face.
A warm glow fills me that I haven't had in a long time.

I find myself thinking that it should take longer than this. Longer than three days, but
then I smile and think of all the things you've told me that make me want to cry.
You've told me things no one else really ever tells me.
You tell me things that my heart needs to hear, but has been without and I'm just
And grateful.
And I think I'm crazy for falling so fast when logic kicks in, but logic leaves quickly.
Whoever liked Logic anyway.
And from here I guess I have only one word left to say.


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this lifeless tot -- Florida

an innocent child,
a nineteen-month-old baby,
was senselessly shot;

cold drive-by shooter
killed a cherished little boy--
with a heartless plot

endless tears of pain--
as we remember the love
of this lifeless tot

*baby was not the intended target

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Are Churches Ready For Christ Return

Are Churches Ready For Christ; Return? It appears that many in church aren’t concerned.. About the imminent possibility of Christ; return! It seems like the opposite is happening today… Just listen to what many in church have to say… They often get involved with the people from town. And allow other’s sins to “drag them down…” Rather than seeking a life of God’s holiness. Many get involved with things that bring “emptiness.” Being 100% sold out to Jesus is called “old fashioned.” Many don’t seek Christ with a sincere passion! No wonder many in church are in such “dire straits” Many are leading people right to “hell’s gates…” Rather than a house of prayer, it’s a “house of fools.” Just about anything not of God is what “rules.” Rather than accepting God’s word as 100% true… Many get involved with things they shouldn’t do! Forsaking their love for Christ above all others… Lives of sin and bondage…. They bring to the altar! What an embarrassment to Jesus’ holy name! Many in church should really be ashamed! Jesus called us to come out and be separate… So many lives are confused and very “desperate.” It’s time to come clean and be filled with Godly living! Walking in God’s awesome power and forgiving! Christ must be our first love... And him alone! Allowing his righteousness to fill our churches and homes! By Jim Pemberton

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Dance craze
Jive,skip hip-hop
Twirl,forward,jump and stop,
Through the legs,over  the back,to

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Happy Holidays Or Merry Christmas

What if Christmas wasn't here? What if Christmas disappeared? Whenever December came... It just wouldn’t be the same! What if the baby Jesus was never born in a manger? The true meaning of Christmas would be in danger! If this happened... There would be no nativity. We wouldn’t have Christ' peace and tranquility! It’s almost like this now! It’s an “ever increasing business.” It seems like nearly everyone wants “Christ out of Christmas!” Why does it seem like Christmas is losing it’s true meaning? The very words; “Merry Christmas,” seem to be quickly disappearing! Many say; “Happy Holiday.” For fear they may “offend.” Having a “holiday” without Christ…. Once again! We need to put Jesus Christ back into our CHRISTmas season! He is what Christmas is about! HE is the very reason! May we all take some time to rejoice in our savior’s birth. May there be shouts of JOY! From the corners of the earth! Let’s not take Christ out of our joyous celebration! We need him so much right now! All over this great nation! May we bring to him a heart of love for everything he’s done. As we bring honor to Christ. God’s precious son! May we continually offer to him a heart filled with praise! Not only at Christmas time… But all of our days! By Jim Pemberton

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The Hurt That I Often Feel

Yesterday, I thought I seen the back of your head,
I felt my mind shook as I started to dread,
That you were there,
But then I realized,
It wasn't you.
As I left the airport,
I got into a truck, that was just like yours,
Then all my emotional sores started hurting again.

And later on, after seeing,
That the friend I wanted to have all to myself in high school,
Already had someone to be best friends with,
I held back my tears,
And fear that maybe I'll never recover
From these emotional issues that seem to go on forever.

And I feel like I can't keep myself together...
Especially when I see two siblings who love one another,
Wishing my siblings were close to my age,
Then I wouldn't have ever felt like I was in a lonely cage,
Envying those who get to have a younger sibling jump into their arms,
Whenever I see them at school...

She always felt like a little sister for me,
I want to protect her,
But nowadays, I don't like the way she is some times,
And I feel confused, and lonelier when I see that she
Likes her other friends more than me.
Yet again, more envy, 
And I feel guilty realizing it's wrong for me to be jealous
In friendship...

I'll make sure our friendship never ends,
But I know that my loneliness will never disappear,
And I will never be able to reappear,
In school with her again, it hurts,
Especially when I don't have someone to share the suffering
Of high school work and gym.
I still feel hurt and sad, everything in elementary,
That made me glad will be pushed away,

And I'll probably feel alone everyday...
Just like the old days, when I cried at night...
And my alarm clock was my nightlight...
Now I need Him, to keep me safe,
And be my light,
Because the hurt that I often feel
Is an inner fight for life!

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A Twised Mirage

I thought it was 'butterflies in my stomach'
I was so excited to be in a new place and try new things...
Two minutes later I threw up on the side of the street.

I thought I was shaking because you send shivers up and down my spine
Your hair, your eyes and that smile...
It was cold  and I only had my T-shirt on that night

I though it was destiny that we, in this place together
Are bound by fate to be companions...
It was a coincidence and two different agendas

I thought I was having a picnic under the stars 
Laying on my back, with the moon pouring down...
It was a street lamp and the concrete was cold and wet

I thought that you were a friend
You and I to the ends of the earth...
You were just a passerby, who taught me a lesson that I'd have rather not learnt 
so early in life

I hear they say that pain is growth turned inside out
It better be true...
My body hurts like hell this morning, I hope that my spirit will grow from this 

Drinking...a twisted mirage

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In the beginning of spring a path was made
In a shady green forest where lovers laid.

It connected the west side to the east,
And brought together Beauty and Beast.

The path was secret-only for love,
Quiet and secluded, with an occasional dove.

With secrets come whispers-whispers through trees.
Rumors were carried in the voice of the breeze.

Many supporters of this path of pleasure
Made it less hidden-something to treasure.

Blooming spring flowers made a nice décor,
And by summer, the count was even more.

With more and more sins having been created,
The path was forbidden and very much hated.

The rebellious cries in the starlit night
Gave all the wise men quite a fright.

No more eloping, or the mindless riots.
The path became empty; the forest quiets.

Many months pass, and winter nears.
The path is covered with gold and brown tears.

Defeated and hidden by the wisest of men,
The shameful path was never again.

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We're Living in a world today

We livin in a world today,
Where its streets over home
Heartaches where pain rome…
Its guns before goodies,
Babies before books…
Boys before brothers,
& family below lovers…
Its sex without rubbers,
More baby showers than graduation parties
And more funerals than weddings…
We’re blinded by lust, 
And trapped without trust…
We’re living in a world today,
Where everybody falls a victim to the street..
A bullet is the only thing they seem to meet;
Everybody’s a follower,
But nobody leads!
We’re living in a world today,
Where only parents read..
The obituary is one thing they probably 
Aren’t too happy to view..
But the kids who listen:
Its only a few.
It’s more obituaries than honor rolls
And this is what we live in…

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Lord Please Help My Brother

Lord, please help my brother
 who’s very confused.
He feels that through life… 
He’s been hurt and abused!

He needs you much more than he’s 
willing to confess…
He’s living the kind of life that  
brings a lot of stress!

Many wicked and evil thoughts 
have entered his head…
Many lies from the devil is 
what he’s been fed!

I know you can do for him
 what you did for me!
By the power of your blood… 
 He can be FREE!

I pray that your spirit and word 
will convict him!
May he open up his heart and let
 you change him!

In YOU he can find a love this 
world could never give!
You bring true peace and joy 
and the power to forgive!

By Jim Pemberton

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Our Body Can Be An Asset Or A Liability

Our Body Can Be An Asset Or A Liability…

Our body can either be an asset or a liability.
It can glorify God, or be given to immorality.

God gave us our body to have fellowship with him.
This fellowship was broken by Adam’s sin.

God designed our bodies to bring glory to his name!
During the last 2000 years…  
Things haven’t been the same!

We can offer our lives to Christ in dedication.
His death on the cross brought his gift of salvation.

Rather than offering our bodies to sin and lust.
Through Christ…  We can give God our trust!

Let’s offer our bodies in obedience to THE KING!
Christ is our righteousness! 
 Our everything!

May we allow his love to purify our hearts.
As a Godly transformation within us starts!

May we be renewed by the power of God’s word!
His message of eternal life must be heard!

Won’t you give your life to your savior today?
Jesus is the truth...  The life...  The only way!

The life-changing power from him
rings loud and clear!
One day very soon…  He shall appear!!!

The glory of the Lord reaches all of mankind!
Today is the day of salvation!  
NOW is the accepted time!

By Jim Pemberton

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Remembering Tom

Just like cleaning the kitchen floor,
The school convention was such a bore
Dire Straits flyers preoccupied the walls,
As pompous cheerleaders strutted the halls
Rosie Garcia such pretentious feign,
Was once a friend but never again
An island girl who came from Saint Kitts
Her favorite snack was cheesy tid-bits
Throughout her voice came a complex tone
Not a Hammond organ, but more of a trombone
Like a pushy vacuum salesman that comes to your front door
She had great fame and fortune yet still wanted more 
As in the word UFO, she was out of this world
With her outrageous hairstyle and her frizzed up curl
Rumors were she had lost a big gig
Reason being she’s such a pig
With her boyfriend, I prefer wine and dine
He's totally handsome and exquisitely fine
Like nuclear waste having a dangerous impact,
Two of them together was like a suicidal pact
Spandex boxer shorts were the trendy thing,
But to tell the truth they were not for spring
His eyes they emitted a laser beam
Right then I felt as if drifting downstream
Unlike lunar craters made from a depression
What I felt for him was more than an obsession
To think about it she wasn't a big issue,
like a easily removed bruise from a Listerine soaked tissue
I felt as if going through a chronic insomnia
Through hallucinations came a terrific idea
I would let everyone think she's was totally insane,
And that she had wormholes within her brain
Then again she would become total has been
Receiving her similar dose of medicine,
In the end I would be the one that he adores
What can I say than I just cannot be ignored.


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Suburban Angels

we wander the streets searching for a place to call home
chaos and misunderstanding is our calling card
your fears have become our realities
the nightmare we once called home has burnt to the ground
theres no turning back, we've gone to far
our halos are rusted, our wings are burnt and blackened 
ash and desolate haze covers everything
there's no saving us now...
we are just your suburban angels
the law isn't on our side it hasn't been for some time
they say we are a menace to society, trying to live our lives
drugs and violence is all we have in common, as it calms our souls
we're not as bad as some, we're not sick in the head
one more day goes by, we'll barely make it through
gunshots and car alarms shatter the midnight silence
our halos are rusted, our wings are burnt and blackened 
ash and desolate haze covers everything
there's no saving us now...
we are just your suburban angels
we challenge the rich, we comfort the broken
we've damned ourselves for we lack sanity
they say we are a lost cause, failures by there standards
fire burns our hearts and yet our hearts are cold
we're hardened by life and darkened by sorrow
we'll never be like them and that's the way it is
we won't go without a fight, we won't just fade away
we are the suburban angels
our halos are rusted, our wings are burnt and blackened
ash and desolate haze covers everything
there's no saving us
we are a distant memory fading over time
but we will still just be the suburban angels

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The Addiction Of Pornography

The Addiction Of Pornogtaphy...

A Christian brother had a confession.
Pornography in his life was an addiction .
I couldn't believe the words 
I began to hear.
As a message of hopelessness from 
his lips began to appear.

I began to see tears running down his cheek.
“I go to counseling once a week.”
This was a “man of God” as many believed.
True joy and fulfillment were no longer achieved.

As the lust in his heart began to burn.
Jesus-his once true love-he longed to return.
In the coming days and weeks ahead.
So many ungodly thoughts entered his head.

He began to lose his family and all he cherished.
His life before him began to perish
Then one night in deep agony, 
to God, he cried out;
“Is this what life is really all about?”

“Dear repentance I come to you.”
“I have sinned against God and my family too.”
He forsook the things he thought gave him pleasure.
And lived according to God's word
—his true treasure.
Run from every evil temptation
& lust of the flesh.
Or your life will end up in a huge mess!

Pornography in your life will destroy and decay.
From it's appearance—you must run away!
Enjoy Godly relationships as
Christ meant them to be.
Walk anew in God's love—Only HE 

By Jim Pemberton

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Star Student (2006)

Starring into the whiteboard
Sitting on your own while with pack of wolves
In your head you sing the 12-bar cord

No one listening only throwing insults
Being the only star
Where are the marvelous results?

One minute they can’t hear you the next they do
Out comes the axe 
You’re on the floor and they walk all over you

You get up and go straight home
Star student forgets it
Tomorrow is the same day 

seen it with my own eyes day after day

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Which direction in life Are You Oriented to


Quite often, there’s a lot of speculation…
Regarding a person’s “orientation.”

As each day goes by… It appears to me.
Many are confused as to what they want to be.

Which direction one goes…  Is “anybody’s guess…”
No wonder this world’s  an “upside-down” mess!

The Bible says; “straight is the way.”  
And “narrow is the gate.”
One needs to make up his mind. 
 Before it’s too late!

If one is confused.  Let me point
 into this direction.
It’s the word of God that gives
 much needed correction

A “spiritual orientation” is 
what needs to take place!
There’s a God who loves us!  
And offers his grace!

If one is still unhappy with the way
 they’re created…
We’re wonderfully designed by God! 
 This shouldn’t be debated!

Allow God’s word to orientate 
your life today!
And listen to what your creator 
really has to say!

Where there is emptiness…  God’s love does
 much more abound…
Allow the Holy Spirit to turn 
your life around!

Jesus alone can change your 
whole way of living!
His life for yours…  
Is what HE is giving!

By Jim Pemberton    03/01/11

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Non Catholic religions

You think Christ is not hurt
With loving what you thought is Christ
Loving Christ is being in His true Church
In Catholic or Roman Catholic you are not condemned but saved

In His Church
Ask R.C.I.A.
Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults
Is like a college Religion class

You will learn the truth
In other man-made religion bible are lies
What you’re reading is really the true Church
Not your own

It’s like a blind
Leading another blind
They would both fall in hell of fire
It is not the minister’s fault

Your own, rather take them with you
Both of you learn the truth
For every man they can be a deacon
Bishop and Priest are not with a wife

For Jesus Christ is a High Priest
Great Prophet
Only Son of the most High
The Redeemer

In RCIA, you will receive 3 important Sacraments
Confirmation and
Holy Eucharist or the Body of Christ

We want God to be pleased with us
Eternal Father told the people 
To Listen only to the Messiah and
The One I sent

What are these Christ like churches?
Non Catholic churches?
People in there are already condemned
Being in Catholic or Roman Catholic, you are saved

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"Why have I awoken?"
The thought when night was broken.
I pinched myself and groaned,
And sat there feeling doomed.

Prepared, like the daily routine
Rushed and ran to avoid being late
"Eat," Dad said. "No father, I'm fine"
Along the road, "today I leave all to fate".

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Sanguinary Lord

A severe façade of loving tolerance Dipped in an argentine semblance The Consuls of The Cross Weaving a sweven of Welkin Where the checkered ones Are never allowed Their souls cast into the flames Of a greater decay The never ending pit Of eternal torment You turn the other cheek The one that wields the clandestine dagger The dreams of being free grow lighter and light The truth is shrouded by sister-Night Clinging onto existence Never eluding the resistance I will never adhere To your Sanguinary Lord Bestowing The Crusader’s reign Against the sand and the desert’s wane Barraging him over the frame In desperation to appease Screaming and shouting I will wash away your sins Decadence of the ones to throw the stones The ones to enforce the book Has left your lies dry and ready to die No more tears are left to cry No more screams are left to scream No More blood to be split No more graves to be dug

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I Hate You! Yo did it again. I don't know why i keep going back to you. You have hurt me so 
much. You say you love me then you stab me in the heart. You say your sorry and then 
cheat on me. I don't know why but you think it's a joke when you say you love someone you 
need to mean it. I hate you so much! yor are a a&& of a person. You need to become a 
better person. You have hurt so many peole. Love is something you don't take lightly. I hate 
you because all of the pain you have put me through, and it will never change

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The Look On My Child's Face

The Look On My Child’s Face… Just yesterday I noticed a look of love on my child’s face. This happened in a most “ordinary place.” It was in our home...a place by God’s own design. I felt God speaking to my heart this particular time. I didn’t take any time to stop and realize, The look of love and innocence in my child’s eyes. “Am I being the kind of Dad God wants me to be?” “Am I being an example of Christ for my child to see?” Have I been demonstrating my God-given ability, teaching my kids God’s love, and responsibility? May a Christ-like life in my kids be clearly seen and understood, As one day they will grow into adulthood. I hope that one day my Children will say: “I want to be like my Dad- every single day!” By Jim Pemberton

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NOTHING Yes I Said Nothing Can Separate Us From God's Love

Though in this world, we so often trod…
NOTHING can separate us 
from the love of God!

Neither tribulation, 
distress or persecution…
Nor the government or it’s institutions.

Neither nakedness, peril
 or even the sword...
 God’s love is a treasure that can’t be stored!

As it is written; “We are like sheep
 led to the slaughter…”
But God loves every son and daughter.

In everything, we’re more than conquerors
 through Christ who loves us…
His death on the cross means
 that he wants us!

Neither death, the angels or
 the principalities to be…
Things present or to come…
Can separate HIS love for me!

Nor height, depth or any kind of creature…
Can separate us from God’s love…  
This is his feature!

His love is clearly evident 
and reigns supreme.
Over all of the earth and every human being!

Why not accept his love… 
That is inseparable?
By accepting HIS salvation.  
He’s made this possible!

Now is the day of salvation. 
 His gift is for us to receive.
All you have to do is reach out to him… 
And simply believe!

By Jim Pemberton  
Read Romans 8:35-39

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do you

do u love me
do u care 

what would u do
i wasn't there?
is this love
      or is it
 lust are u someone i can trust 
can u fix me when im broken
  words still unspoken?
if my heart was in your hand 
           would you
  love me and understand,
 understand the words i speak 
  understand the things i seek?

Do you
Would you ?

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All The Same

I am weak and strong
For keeping my life,
And they were strong and weak
To hide their strife and
To let it death take their own life.
It is not a matter of strength,
Because the truth is
We are and were
All the same.

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Untitled #304 / Juvenile Court

I was the only one to attend
the poetry write-in downtown at
Juvenile Court, though I thought I saw
the outlines of a couple dozen young souls,
already forgotten, bored as me
but blind as bats.

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My Dad Left Me My Heavenly Father Found Me

My Dad Left Me... My Father Found Me! I remember dad tucking me into bed each night. I somehow knew "everything was going to be allright." I remember the Bible stories he had read. Each night before I went to bed. I remember the smile dad had on his face. It was like "love all over the place." Then one night. he left. I didn't know why. The many nights I'd lay awake and cry. How could this happen? I was so sad... I became very upset, angry and mad. How could God let this happen to our family? I thought dad loved us and was happy. He never returned... Never did explain... I began to curse even the mention of his name. Then one day, I read the Bible and began to see... How much Jesus really does love me! I asked him to be the father of my life today. I'll never forget the words he had to say; "I'll be with you each step that is taken." I love you so much... You're never forsaken!" Jesus... my heavenly father, has given me love so precious. I have a relationship with him... that's so nutritious! My dad left me. My (heavenly) father found me. And now each day... His love surrounds me! By JIm Pemberton

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To My Dad On This Father's Day

Lord, during this Father's day, I’m so glad…
For giving to me such a special dad!

He’s been very thoughtful and kind!
Fathers like him are very hard to find!

I remember growing up with my brothers…
He was special to us, like “no other!”

As a young boy, he taught me God’s ways.
And I’ve kept it throughout my days!

I’ve often sought his advice and counsel…
Especially when life 
was looking “awful!”

He was there to give support
 the best he could...
Trying to help the best way
 he understood.

I suppose now that I’m growing old…
I’m remembering more things that my dad told!

“My father is one in a million.”
 Is what I believe.!
Many blessing from him
 I have received!

May the blessings of God daily surround him!
I’m so thankful that my mother found him!

Thank you Lord for giving to me a dad like this!
May his days ahead be happy
 and blessed!

By Jim Pemberton

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No, No, No

Mary, Mary, quite contrary said no too many times.
The boyfriend did cry foul, and left her standing in her prime.
But that’s OK I tell you, he wasn’t the right man to make a team.
And she was looking for true love, that illusive, lovely dream.

The important thing to remember is what this means to you.
Waiting can make sure that true love, is really, really true.

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Stroll through the Illest Empire
So much heat feeling like we’re living in the fire
But we’re living under fire
Tell me how many shots must it take before my loved ones are crying at my own wake
Its time for a break from sad eyes I’ve seen grown men cry
It hurts to tell a loved one good-bye
It’s the same reason why they died
Hearts just too full of pride
Mothers praying their young’n wont be a victim of a homicide
Too many drive-bys blood shed for a block you really can’t call mine
Wishing we could turn back time
High off of nickels’ and dimes
Making moves to boost your grind looking for hope
But the hustle got us in a head choke
Don’t blame me for acting crazy cause this how the streets made me and you
To watch our back and throw bows and cuss
Cause you got to be tough when times are rough
I know your asking when will enough be enough
And truth is I don’t know but this is how it goes down
But if I make it out will you smile for me now

So many families struggling with poverty
I don’t judge cause that use to be me
Watching mom come home late
Barley any food on our plate
So young and life we already hate
Praying God bring us something great
My clothes were cheap imitates and kids called you on them for being fake
Knowing mom bust her ass to provide
But all your knock offs you begin to hide
Ashamed of what you own
I know how you feel I been there too
I see mothers walking there kids to school
And the walk is far when you cant afford a car
Mom hoping one day you’ll be a star
I know about being next to poor
Your local neighborhood liquor market is your grocery store
Wishing you didn’t have to go through that living off of food stamps
Cube the neighborhood is a trap but we’ll all be free
So smile for you and me

Even 2pac said smile for me
This isn’t how its always going to be unless you let it be
In our different way we’re all a G
Cause we’re trying to make it straight legit
Whatever your hustle never quit but don’t lose yourself in it
Cause you still got a long ways to go
Still got a long time to grow
Use what you know to get by or you wont survive
Remember to always keep your dreams alive
Whatever it is just do it and never try
The limit is the sky so keep your heads held high
And when you come to a hard road just always know nothing can keep you down
You’ll be able to come back around
So give yourself a chance
And I’ll smile for you now

JUNE ‘06

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I'm Not What You Expected

I’m Not What You Expected I’m not the kind of person you’d expect to be. I have a lot of faults and sin deep inside of me. I’m not the kind of “Christian” that you had expected. In many of the churches… I’d probably be rejected. I’m not someone you’d invite over for dinner. I’m pretty much a “loser.” Never a “winner…” I’m not the kind of person that you would call a “friend.” I have so many troubles. I don’t know where to begin. I may not be any of these things. And so much more. Not the kind of person you’d allow through your door. I was told there is someone who is there for me… Someone who gives his love and mercy abundantly. I was told that if I come to him, and give him my heart. He’ll change my life completely. And give a NEW start! I was told that no matter my faults in this life I live. The son of God has the power to FORGIVE! I may not be the kind of person you’d expect to see. Desiring to be in a place called heaven. For eternity! Jesus is the one that I really need right now! I confess my every sin to him. And humbly bow… I come to you my lord. And worship your name. I’m so glad you're here right now... I’m so glad you came! By Jim Pemberton 10/31/11

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Untitled #323 / "Why did you stop shaving?", pt. II

“Why did you stop shaving, Jesse?”
It is my attempt to project a façade
of masculinity in the face of rejection
by the opposite sex

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I Didn't Think So

Who said that you could decide my life for me?
Did i grant permission for you to choose?
Who said that you could make my decisions?
Did i let you decide what i lose? 

You came along and just thought,
That i was easy, too raw,
But I'm telling you now,
I'm like nothing you've ever seen before...

Who said that you could say those things for me?
Did i give you any right?
Who said that you could do that to me,
And i wouldn't put up a fight?

I'm telling you just one more time,
Just making sure you know,
Did i ever say you could bully me?
I didn't think so...

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Party Pills

My heart begins to fail, 
My feet race along the ground, 
My body is drenched in a chilled sweat, 
I scream but don't make a sound, 

I feel my body tremble, 
As I frantically try to run, 
I can hear him coming closer, 
I hope he doesn't have a gun, 

There's a warmth on my shoulder now, 
I can feel his quickened breath, 
His rough hand connects with my arm, 
I can feel the shadows of death, 

All of the light has disappeared, 
More darkness has taken its place, 
My body's limp, worn out and weak, 
Death has finally won this race, 

But my soul lives on in heaven, 
To bring justice to those who kill, 
Vulnerable teenagers like me, 
By selling them party pills, 

I got given those party pills, 
To try with a special friend, 
Being a fool, I took a few, 
But death caught me in the end.

Copyright Kayla Yovich 2007

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It's up to you so choose it.
You see which way to go.
How good a person are you? 
Is it the high road or the low? 

You're faced with many options
that only you can choose.
Some will lead to glory.
Some will make you lose.

Your so-called friends may guide you
down a dark and narrow street
but, when it's done and over, 
they'll run from all the heat.

You make your own decisions
because you'll pay the price.
I trust that you can hear me.
Please take this free advice.

You have the chance to choose it.
Don't act like you don't know.
Where is it you will travel, 
down the high road or the low?

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Escaping Reality

You lie down
Your head hit the pillow 
You pull the warm blankets over your cold body
Your eyes quickly grow heavy and you fall asleep.
This is an escape from your life.
Whenever life if hard and circumstances feel unbearable you can always escape to here.
So this question arises 
What is more real?
A life filled with anguish and hate 
Or one that only exists in our minds but gives us that release to a better place.
So I ask again 
What is more real?
The feeling of security in this dreamscape
Or the hardships you suffer in reality?

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Just a Little Something-Something

In a world with so much life and culture,
All you need is just a little something-something

It's better than a whole lot of something,
Because then it might be too much

Like love,
All you need is a sample

To realize
It isn't the only thing to make someone happy

And if they think it is,
All they need is just a little something-something

Tell them they're better off without
Another terrible heartache

That there is nothing more better than being 
Free from the name, "So-and-so's girl"

All they need,
Is just a little something-something

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ADDICTED TO YOU by Collice Rodrigues

I wish to breathe my last breath in your arms

You’re the one to kill me with your charms

Everybody coaxed me to avoid you but no

You’re that someone who I just can’t let go


This world is cruel it has always made me cry

You take me to heaven and teach me to fly

You taught me how to deal with my pain

Without you barren would my life remain


You take me to a different world as I hallucinate

And all the pleasures of life you begin to recreate

I’m losing my senses someone tell me who am I

I know I need you but I don’t know why


Your absence makes me restless it’s you I need

I am an addict and you are marijuana my weed

I got addicted to you that I intentionally chose

Now that I’m addicted I don’t mind an overdose


-Collice Rodrigues


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I've Heard Of A lot Of People

I’ve Heard Of A lot Of People…

I’ve heard of a lot of people who claim to serve God above.
I heard that many of them proclaim a message of his love!

I’ve heard of a lot of people who claim to know him too…
Would one of these people be someone like YOU?

I’ve heard of a lot of people who’ve made it known.
They are making plans to soon
 be in their heavenly home!

I’ve heard of a lot of people who are joyful.  You can tell!
They’re in love with Jesus.  And are doing quite well!

I’ve heard of a lot of people who’ve 
made a wise choice!
They read the word of God and seek their savior’s voice!

I know of a lot of people who have 
made a firm decision…
They’ve given to God their hearts 
and undivided attention!

I know of a lot of people who were stumbling along the way.
Until they met the master…  Who changed their life one day!

I know of a lot of people that will soon be all together…
When the Lord comes back soon and 
takes them with him forever!

I know of a lot of people and I hope you’re one of them…
Who have accepted Christ.  
And are now born again!

I know there’s lot of angels in heaven 
waiting for you and me!
Won’t you join with these people to spend your eternity???

By Jim Pemberton     05/17/12

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lost, found, and liberated

i use to lie awake at night 
and ponder of this pointless life 
up for hours and not make a sound 
i once was lost but now i am found
my sea of confusion, like moses did part
the instant i let jesus inside of my heart...
but than i let out a gigantic huge fart 
and realized it was just indigestion 
than like a sensible person, i began to question 
and out of those questions, came rational thought 
and all of the things in school i was taught 
like critical thinking and following facts 
so i came to the conclusion: religions a quack 
now i live happily, in awe of earth's mysterious beauty 
and if you don't like it, you can kiss my patooty

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Watching A Movie

watching a movie 
in a theater, with girlfriend
my heart’s beating fast

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Unexpected Heaven

Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
Black and white, it was all I saw
Everywhere I turned, everywhere I went
Ice covered everything, too thick to ever thaw

I couldn't see in front of me,
I couldn't find solid ground,
My world was crashing down around me,
Any cries of help dying without a sound.

So much time had gone by
And I was slowly drifting
Too much time had gone by
And I was slowly fading

But then you came to me, so unexpectedly,
I couldn't see a thing
You offered me, such a sweet reality,
I wondered if I was dreaming
You took my hand, made me understand
the truth among the lies
And wrapped in you, so safe and sound
An unexpected heaven is what I found

You were everything to me,
my feet were finally on the ground,
the world kept spinning quickly,
but in your arms I stayed as it all crashed down

So much time has gone by
And I'm slowly seeing
Too little time has gone by
For me to rid of this feeling

And then you came to me, so unexpectedly,
I couldn't see a thing
You offered me, such a sweet reality,
I wondered if I was dreaming
You took my hand, made me understand
the truth among the lies
And wrapped in you, so safe and sound
An unexpected heaven is what I found

Bright and true, I saw it in you
Life and love, I had found it all
A fairytale ending, it was in my sights
All because of you, my unexpected knight

And then you came to me, so unexpectedly,
I couldn't see a thing
You offered me, such a sweet reality,
I wondered if I was dreaming
You took my hand, made me understand
the truth among the lies
And wrapped in you, so safe and sound
An unexpected heaven is what I found

And wrapped up in you, so safe and sound
Happiness is what I gained
An unexpected heaven, is what I found

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Long Summer Days Soon

She had a baby
today.  She's only sixteen.
Long summer days soon.

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The :Look On My Child's Face In An Ordinary Place

Just yesterday I noticed a look of
 love on my child’s face.
This happened in a most  “ordinary place.”

It was in our home...a place
 by God’s own design.
I felt God speaking to my heart
 this particular time.

I didn’t take any time to
 stop and realize,
The look of love and innocence
 in my child’s eyes.

“Am I being the kind of Dad
 God wants me to be?”
“Am I being an example of Christ
 for my child to see?”

Have I been demonstrating my
 God-given ability,
teaching my kids God’s love,
 and responsibility?

May a Christ-like life in my kids
 be clearly seen and understood,
As one day they will 
grow into adulthood.

I hope that one day my
 Children will say:
“I want to be like my Dad-
every single day!”

By Jim Pemberton

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Fish Food

Junior High right?
Stop feeding my fish.
They are not hingry.
I fed them the real stuff,
Not the fish food u feed my fish.
They don't like that fish food.
It tasted bad,
They dont like you,
Stop feeding my fish that drama you like to call fish food.
Its not food its drama and it needs to stop.
It hurts my fish.
It hurts me to see my fish like this.
You make them cry.
That fish food is expired so stop bringing it up nobody wants it.
My fish are full to the rim.
Drop it and stop feeding my fish,
with your fish food i call drama.

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All I Wanted

For years
I have always cried myself to sleep,
But that started after those bullies' words
Began to creep
Into my mind,
My optimism and happiness had become blind.
Making me think that I was always alone.
I seen how I was bratty and seemed to be happy,
But inside,
My inner sadness resides.
The tears that I cried
Were all about me wanting or needing
Someone to be by my side.
Every night
I wished for a less lonelier life.
Nobody could come over or sleep over sometimes
And I would be doing nothing
Except for thinking
About my life's meaning.
A close friend was all I've been asking for:
Someone who would talk to me everyday,
Even when the sky's grey.
Someone who would listen to me carefully
And comfort me later on in the day.
All I wanted
Was a true friend.

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Ae You Coming OUT Of The Closet

Are You “Coming Out Of” Or “Going Into” The Closet? Across this country, there’s more people “coming out of the closet.” Any sense of a Godly direction. They’ve seemed to have “lost it.” Often talking about their life. And are not ashamed… Often bringing dishonor to God's holy name. Perhaps “going back into the closet,” is where you need to be. And think for a minute….Where you’ll spend your eternity. God is still God. He is righteous but also holy and just. He asks all to give him our heart. Our obedience. And trust! Perhaps in the closet . A time of seeking God should be spent. A time to have fellowship... A time to repent. During this time, you can spend with God. And HIM alone. Asking him to bring peace, hope and love into your home. This closet can give you a “quiet time.” A time “to be still.” A time to seek God. And to do his will. May you allow your heart, toward HIM to be yielded and broken. And time to meditate on some of the words that he’s spoken. If it’s the closet that you truly want to come out. You can tell everyone: ”Jesus IS what life is about!” Allow HIM to cleanse and make you whole within… As his blood cleanses you and takes away every sin! Spending time with God… You’ll be glad you did. His abundance and overcoming life… He’ll freely give! God wants to be with you. By a “divine appointment.” Experience his life changing power, and a GODLY enjoyment! By Jim Pemberton 09/05/11

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You Are More Precious! You are more precious than silver or gold, More precious to me than could ever be told. My love for you is deep and endless, nothing can compare with it... I’s so wondrous! The life you have, the twinkle in your eye... My love for you is higher than the sky! You’re so precious to ME... a great treasure, I love you so much... beyond measure! Whatever path of life you may take, My love will be there for you— like an open gate… By Jim Pemberton

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I came face to face with a basket case
and yet stayed in place despite wanting to step back a pace.
His eyes glowed with a blue as cold as ice
and i did not move for fear of the price.
I stood my ground not making a sound
 as he did the same not looking around only staring me down.
So i spoke,comming to a choke
and as silence was broke his lips mocked mine as to joke.
No more i stated as i assesed and contemplaited,
nor did he as he patiently waited.
Deciding this was a test,one to be graded,
i set to do my best or leave more jaded.

      (so i spoke yet again to my odd but familiar friend)
 I don't know what your problem might be
as you stand there and stare.
 Trying to look so frightening,
i hope you're aware that i am not scared.
      (His lips yet again repeated the god awful sin)

He mocked sankronizingly every word i had said.
I shouted,don't patronize me and don't try to get in my head!
Yet once again,he mouthed what i had sang.
I sprang with a blow that landed in a bang.
I began to weep at what i discovered through my tears,
for the blood of my knuckles covered a broken mirror.

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Have You Been Found GUILTY I Have The Answer

Guilty As Charged?  Try Jesus!

There was a woman caught in an adulterous act.
Her accusers came after her with all of the “facts…”

She came to Jesus. .. With a heart-felt plea.
“Master….”  “Have mercy on someone like me!”

Jesus looked at her as she wept and cried.
So many other things she had already tried.

Coming to Jesus… She felt scared and alone…
Jesus told her accusers; “You without sin.” 
 “Throw the first stone.”

One by one… They dropped the stones and fled.
Rather than face the truth… 
 They ran away instead…

Jesus told the woman; “Your forgiven.” 
 “Go and sin no more…”
She was the meaning of what 
God’s grace was meant for.

If you’re caught in a situation,
 with “no way out…”
This is what the meaning
 of salvation is all about!

Any “accusers” you may have,
 will quickly run and hide.
When to Jesus you come…  
And have him “on your side…”

Allow the master to cleanse your life this very hour…
And experience the love of his life-changing power!

He’ll take you in with his arms wide open.
“You’re forgiven!”  Will be the lovely words spoken!

Be “caught up” in the savior’s 
redeeming grace…
He’ll give you hope and put a smile
 on your face!

By Jim Pemberton   

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Alphabet Soup

I make my checklist
And begin

Words and lyrics don’t blend but 
Concise, not deris{ive}
Begun thinking again. Stop.
Classical music; diction-less connotation.

The history bar grows longer but the checklist never shorted
The train is going in circles and 
my mind is a bowl of alphabet soup.

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Living Her Life

She sees the pains,
Which her native folk have gained.
She changed from a little girl
To someone who has always had the potential
To change her own little personal inner world.
As a child she never went through
What some other children of her people
Had went through themselves.

She used to never knew how the roots
Of all her people’s issues
Were and are so controversial.
Blessed was she, as a very young child,
For not knowing fully all the reasons why.

Blessed that she is and will always be
Full of feeling, and always quietly wondering “Why?”, 
Now she is filled with new knowledge and a developing sense of wisdom 
Within her own individual mind.
She is now what she had always
Envisioned and imagined before, since her elementary days.
She is (“I am...”) not entirely that same little girl anymore.
She is now one of the many of that particular kind.

Within her imagination is a longed 
Wanting of finally revealing 
The truths she has discovered and
How her people must change for the better.
Throughout her whole life, which she’s lived through so far,
She maintains a heart filled with feelings, 
A mind filled with knowledge
And a slight emotional immaturity as representation
That her inner child self is still alive on the inside.

Her inner and past child self (who was different from all the rest,
But was also similar to them when at their best).
Never truly knew how far she’d come in life.
(As of right now and forever into the future)
How she has grown and maintained herself
Is how she had made that (her) inner voice in her head and 
Had also long ago already acknowledged her true self.

She still stands in her own believing faith and faith in herself
And her lack of prejudice is what makes her naive thinking
Make her own days in her life far brighter than what others say
As they discourage her from doing 
Or trying to pursue something grand and part of a divine plan.
Even after times and tribulations involving doubting tremble.

Blessed she is for being so whole in her own presumed thoughts,
Blessed she is for logical thinking based on emotion and feelings.
Blessed she will always be, for Christ himself said to a woman
(who was suffering from something for more than 12 years), 
“Your faith is what made you whole.”
Now she thinks...
“Grateful and blessed I am, to the point of tears of joy and sorrow of how I used to doubt.
I now forever know what my life will be like beyond tomorrow.”

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I'm So Thankful For Everything

I’m So Thankful… I’m so thankful for everything the Lord has made... Everything he’s created… His beauty is displayed! I’m so thankful for the breath I have to breathe… Until that one day, from this earth, I shall leave. I’m so thankful for the way God has made so evident. The principles of his word… Are so relevant! I’m so thankful for the beauty and glory he’s shown… It has brought blessings and healing to my home! I’m so thankful for the many things he’s done for me… He’s given me his love which flows abundantly! I’m so thankful that each day,.. Is another to live for him… He’s taken away my pain and has forgiven every sin. I’m so thankful that I can write these words from my heart. I know that he’s with me. And he’ll never depart! I’m so thankful that you’re reading what I’ve been saying… May this cause you to once again start praying! I pray that this same Jesus I know… Who’s merciful and kind… Will speak words of hope to you and give you a peace of mind. I pray that before you go to bed and this day has ended. You’ll allow Christ to have your heart “amended.” Thank you Lord! For what you’ve done and are going to do… It’s another way that I can say “I LOVE YOU!” Thank you Lord! For all that I‘ve received and so much more… You’ve made my life complete… And are worth living for! By Jim Pemberton

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LONELINESS by Collice Rodrigues

He is not lonely who does not have anyone

He is lonely who is alone though he has someone

Loneliness never took away my shine

It only took the things that pretended to be mine


I have been sitting there on that dark bench alone

I have felt loneliness running like a shiver to my bone

It’s the most frightful feeling it’s frozen, it’s cold

The worst of your memories will it unfold


Loneliness is better when we choose it our self

It’s hard to accept when we get it by someone’s help

Loneliness can make you want to lie in your mothers arm

It can make you the only chicken in the poultry farm


Loneliness can make you desperate for a call

It can make you mad enough to talk to a wall

Loneliness can make you sick of living

It can kill your faith till you stop believing


Loneliness is like the night that slowly creeps upon you

Its victim is everybody it doesn’t even spare a few

Loneliness can make you crave for attention

It can steadily engulf you against your intention


-Collice Rodrigues


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The acne vulgaris
Was rampant in Paris
From forehead to shin
It erupted all over the skin.

The blooming bachelor,
Living on wine and gin,
Frequented the whore,
And forgot his sin.

Three weeks later,
Developed an atypical ‘canker’
His family doctor
Diagnosed this as a genital chancre.

The Paris-acne is not ‘young man’s pinple’
Its cause is subtle and not so simple!
It’s a blunder of raging hormone,
The signature of a sin, long forgotten!!

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Without God We're Empty Within

Without God… We’re Empty Within! Without God… Our life is filled with emptiness within. And is quickly absorbed into the quicksand of sin! Without God… We are like sheep that have gone astray. Being confused... And going the wrong way! Without God… We have no moral compass or guide. And soon become arrogant and filled with pride! Without God… We are like a ship that’s lost at sea. Not knowing who we are or where we’re going to be! Without God… We have no true hope or security. Everything becomes meaningless and utter vanity! Without God… We have a life built on a “shaky” foundation. It’s only through HIM… We can become a new creation! With God… All things are possible to those who believe! An abundant life with Christ… You can achieve! With God… Your life can be cleansed and made whole! Only he can bring true love to your soul! With God… Can you find eternal life so joyful and bliss! God’s purpose for your life. You don’t want to miss! With God… You can have peace and joy you never had! He’ll give you a reason to be happy and glad! With God… Things in your life will never be the same! That moment you reach out… And call on HIS name! By Jim Pemberton

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Friendships Are Easy To End Hard To Rebuild

Friendship’s Are Easy to End… Hard To Rebuild! When it comes to friendships, many are quick to “end it.” I seldom see very few that try to “rebuild it.” A harsh word said. An angry thought spoken. Can often cause many friendships to be broken! Scripture says; “be quick to listen.” “Slow to speak.” May we speak God’s grace each day of the week. A broken friendship can cause feelings of anger. And soon, our “ex-friend.” becomes a “stranger.” God will not give you a trophy for those you’ve “un-friended.” May you ask for his love to have your hearts “amended.” Broken friendship can have many repercussions. Often leading to gossip and back-biting discussions. May we seek God’s forgiveness to come back together. May his love be the glue that binds you forever! Life is too short to end a friendship. The person you left, could be going through a hardship! May the peace and love of Christ bind us as one! And bring a healing to every parent, daughter and son! By Jim Pemberton

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Being In Love But Blinded

They were complete opposites
Light and Dark
Had very little in common
Like earth an sky
Completely different elements
of mother nature and God
A hard exterior on the outside but a  soft,caring one inside
That was hidden extremely well
The pain they hid but the smile they put on for everyone but each other
They had one thing good thing in common though
They were both crazy about each other
They tried to hide it but everyone saw
Thinking one didn't like the other in the same way
never bothering to ask for the fear of being rejected
Everyone but those two realized that they wanted one another but was blind to how the other felt.

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Remembering Him

I can’t pay attention,
They have deprived me of my perception.
My nose hurts, my eyes are sore and my frown is painful.
In a room of people who never knew him.
So sadly only I’ve seen him in eighth grade.
I was the M.C. at his graduation.
He ran up to the mic. He thanked for the award.
“Thank you”, he said.
Everyday in my mixed grade class,
He would sometimes make everyone laugh.
I wasn’t close to him, but knew enough
From seeing him and his crew everyday.

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This Past Year

I think about this past year... It “came and went…” I wonder that kind of life have I really spent? It almost seems like yesterday that I was a young man… “I had the world in the palm of my hand.” I had many goals, ambitions and dreams. I wanted to enjoy life and do so many things. Looking back on time and how quickly it’s gone by. I gaze up into the beauty of the stars in the sky. As I get older and think about another “resolution.” I find myself with another problem with no “solution.” I think about a God... Who made all of this a possibility! He’s offered to me love, hope and tranquility! I’m going to make a new commitment this January 1st. No matter if things get better… Or things get worse… I’m going to give my life and family to God above. And ask him to bless our home with his mercy and love. I’m going to try to live for him the best way I know. And seek his blessings wherever I may go! I’m going to give to God a love and strong commitment. It’s only in him where I’ll find true fulfillment! There’s an important fact, I shall always remember… God is with me from January thru December! He will be there to guide each step that is taken! With him in my life… I’m never alone or forsaken! By Jim Pemberton

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A tune echoes from a room.
Makes me think of them and I.
Absence, my aggrieve.

A tune plays from a room.
Makes me think of him and I.
Absence, my yearning is against.

A tune heard from a room.
Makes me think of me.
Absence of my happiness.

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So alone and pensive, he stares at the paved, glaring square below
admiring an elegant lady strolling by...
with a vibrant spirit in his blood, his enthusiasm will flow;
what kind of reward will he have, if he doesn't try?

Young man, have you done enough to get ahead in life?
Oh, you desire a marriage and many kids;
they will come through fortitude and sacrifice...
put aside every useless fear and beat all the odds!

Big town youngsters' dreams are awaiting release
from a heart, which will see his dream realized...
when triumph, fortune and glee will never cease;
he stands at the balcony with a look so mesmerized! 

Entered in Iolanda Scripca's contest,
" Untold Secrets "

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My baby
My precious
My warm and glowing light
I cannot seem to sleep at night
For dreaming while I'm awake.

I dream of the kindness I see in your eyes
And I yearn to be able to hold you.
I dream of what Dubai is gonna look like
And how happy I think I'm gonna feel


Over and over I say your name, and only because it brings its you I've fallen in love with.
My Suki
are my
Lol, my friend I can't say it enough and I absolutely love it.
Love you.

Aw man, if ever there were words, I'd sing them to you.
If only there were actions that showed you strong enough, I would do nothing else but
dance them for you.

But let me tell you this, my sweet love.
I have my whole life to sing
My whole life to dance
My whole life to dream.

And I want nothing more than to spend my life doing those things with you.

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Think About It You Can Count On

Think about it you can count on your mom and dad to take care of you,but is both 
parents there
The bus driver is supposed to pick you up for school but what if he didn't come

Waking up tomorrow but tomorrow isn't promised today

Cars to stop at a red light but some intoxicated, high, insane person might not 
want to stop

What I'm saying is don't count on anyone but yourself

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Honestly can you answer this

if you feel alone in this world your not alone. i wish that everyone had a fair opportunity to 
have all the joy in life. love, peace, hope, tranquility everyone needs it! it is hard for some 
people to show someone that they matter! popularity does it even matter when the price you 
pay is losing yourself to all of the important things. everyone is unique and everyone is 
special. wake up no one person is better then another i dont care who you are. people who 
think that they are better then other people whats the deal. are you serious? why do you 
think you are better. more people like you? are you sure they like you for you or for who 
you pretend to be? see there are people that are more deserving to be liked because they 
accually show their true selfs. is it hard to care about people even though you think you are 
better then them? can you honestly give me reasons why you are better then them. Honestly 
if you can give me 10 decent reasons that metter. not things like cuter, hotter, better 
clothes, more money, better at sports, if you can give me at least 10 reasons that arent bull 
then i will shut up. if not then at least have the decentcy to give someone a chance thed 
deserves it. i hate that and i wish people would not lose themselfs to popularity okay. its not 
worth it if you lose yourself in the process.

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Have YOu Taken The Time To Talk to God

Have You Taken The Time?

Have you taken the time to tell 
God how much you love him?
He is awesome and there is no greater
power that's "above him"

Have you taken the time to tell
God how thankful you are?
The one who formed the earth,
the heavens and the stars...

Have you taken the time to thank him for his grace?
His beauty and glory are seen all over the place...

Have you taken the time to meditate
on his words given?
The Bible needs to be the direction
for the way you're livin'!

Have you taken the time to think
 about all that he's done?
You're here today because
of the sacrifice of his son!

Have you taken the time to think
 of his beautiful creation?
He rules above all kings, presidents, or any nation...

Have you thought about the planets
in the heavens above?
All that we can see is a reflection
of his power and great love!

Have you thought about the relationship
 this God wants with you?
He's waiting to come into your life.
What will you do?

Think for just a moment of heaven's
special invitation...
Won't you accept the Lord 
and his free gift of salvation.?

Think about God's gift of life that is
offered to you and me...
Christ can change you and give you life abundantly!

By Jim Pemberton   04/18/11

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Insecurity Flashback

All carefully constructed self worth is striped away
As the laughing voices breach the wall and
Tear away my identity. 
I am a gangly, awkward teenager—
	A giant in a fairy world.
I am a depressed, needy cutter,
	Sucking the light out of all conversation.
I am a dumb, useless klutz—
	A mountain troll in Hogwarts
	A blond tripping over her Chihuahua.
I make you laugh in incredulity
Then fade to the outskirts of your awareness.
I am vulnerable until your casual glance.
With no where to run from your half-hearted bullets
I die a little more to myself.

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Youthfulness is not about being young or old
It's about enthusiasm
When enthusiasm fades, pessimism begins
As  true Christian our hope keeps up our enthusiasm and our youth


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Being A Vessel of God

Being A Vessel of God...

 I met someone in a very difficult situation.
I kept walking and gave
 "no explanation."

I was then asked a very
 direct question:
"I thought you said that 
you're a Christian!"

I began to feel a conviction within my soul.
"Which direction should I take"  
I didn't know.

Either keep walking, or stop 
to help this person in need.
"I suppose just this once... 
I'll do a generous deed."

I reached out and loved 
him in Jesus' name.
And told him that it was for his life 
that our savior came.

My heart was broken as I heard 
all he had gone through.
I was speechless.  I really didn't
 know what to do.

I decided to buy him a cup of coffee 
and a sandwich as well.
And shared that Jesus loves
 him more than words can tell.

He thanked me and said, 
"I'm so glad that you care."
I then was able to lead him 
into a  salvation prayer.

We talked more about God before 
we each went our own way.
But I'll never forget what happened 
that particular day.

It helped me begin to 
realize and truly see...
How God wants so much to use 
someone like me...

By JIm Pemberton  

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Life in the Past

None of us know how the story ends,
That's what makes life so complicated.
Should we live like there's no tomorrow?
Love like we'll never get hurt?
Accept ourselves for who we are,
And accept others for their differences?
Admit we are wrong and be humble when right?
No, it will never be like this,
We are too busy living in the past,
Rather than living for our future.

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So Many Times In My Despair GOD IS THERE

So many times, I have trusted the Lord…
Even though many things in life I couldn’t afford.

So many times, I would run to Jesus in times of despair.
Looking for someone to listen.  Someone to care…

So many times, I would tell God, I’ll live for him…
Only to be “tripped up” by another sin.

So many times I’ve grumbled and complained…
 Bitterness and unhappiness have been “substained…”

So many times,  I’ve tried to do my best.
Only to find myself, once again in a mess!

So many times, Jesus has been there to listen…
His blessings in my life is what I’ve been missin’!

So many times, I’ve read God’s word throughout.
And scripture tells me that God is what life is all about!

So many times, I’ve refused to 
answer when Jesus calls…
Yet my life seems to be “going over the waterfalls…”

This time… I’m going to let Christ “heal my wounded spirit ”
And accept mercy and love…  He’s willing to give it!

This time…  I need so much more of him,
 and a lot less of me.
For I once was so blind.  But now…  I can SEE!

This time…. I’ll allow Jesus to be the
 Lord of my life too…
And honestly tell him;  “Dear Jesus…  I sure LOVE YOU!”

This time…  I will follow him and seek to do his will…
His joy and peace…  In my life…  He shall fulfill!

This time… I am so thankful for this decision I made.
There’s nothing in this world, for Christ… 
 I would ever trade!

By Jim Pemberton  

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Cherish What You Have

all of the people in this world have the problem of not knowing what they have until it's gone. 
The few people that understand this and have not made the mistake have lived happy 
lives.Is's hard for someone to understand their emotions and what they feel and it is the 
downfall of many. when you have someone you love and that makes you happy don't screw 
it up by cheating or changing the way you act because the way you act is the reason the 
person likes you in the first place. You need to cherish what you have because it can kill you 
in the end. If your going out with someone you really like say it to them some of the time. 
Tell them that you care about them. Show them that they are the only one for you.Don't be 
a moron and get jealous if she hangs out with her other friends some of the time just be 
there for them. If you have something good cherish it as if it were a gift not a right because 
it can be taken away in a heart beat. Love is one thing in this world that has the power to 
wound deeply and it cant be taken back. You need to be careful and enjoy what you have 
and make damn sure you don't hurt the person there is no excuse to cheat, lie, or break up 
with someone just because you want to go out with someone else have a very damn good 
reason for it. Don't break up with them in a note or a text tell them to their face and explain 
to them why. when you break up with them you need to be nice and don't be a total b&tch to 
them. Like I said love can wound in places that cant heal so when you do find someone 
cherish them like a golden treasure sent from heaven.

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A Special Message Written For My Son

My son said;; "Dad... when I move out, 
I'll be able to smoke, drink or chew."
I said; I know son... there'll be many
 things you'll be able to do.

Just remember this one thing....
 before you were my son.
I gave up things in life...
 that  appeared to be "fun."

I did this, so I could be the
 best dad I could be.
I sacrificed a lot for you... and also for me.

I didn't want to be a dad that was 
"hooked on an addiction."
I wanted to be a good example
 and give spiritual nutrition.

I wanted to have a son and
 be proud he was my own.
And desired to have you as part
 of my family and home.

I wanted for God's best in everything you do.
And to let you know how much 
I love and appreciate you.

Very soon... you'll be leaving 
your parents behind.
But you're always in our
 prayers and on our mind.

The word of God we taught you long ago.
Will be with you ... no matter where you may go.

As you go on life's journey.... 
seeking a "new start."
We'll always love you and 
keep you close to our heart!

Love,    Dad

By Jim Pemberton

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When a teen disobeys,
innocence becomes insolance,
but malice is caused by exernal influence;
banners with explicit sexual indulgence,
conversations with obscene words
and gestures that can offend passerbys.

There are signs that can detect
any danger, watch the sexy way they dress:
tight clothing and that glamorous look
so irrisistable and provoking; and it
may not go unnoticed, and some teasers
even approve of it...adding to their lustful taste.

Even before modern times left their indecent mark,
these teens had a plan to run from home,
hop on train or bus and head for the big cities; 
and on those thriving sidewalks, the predators 
wait and they know how despair can turn into need,
an urgent need to eat and sleep.

Beautiful children, why do you constantly disobey,
and refuse to listen to your parents and elders,
who were raised in kindness, respect and dignity? 
Innocent children, before that delusional fantasy
steals away more irreplaceable dreams...ask yourselves:
shouldn't a dream, such as yours, be trashed? 

Unpack your back-packs and stay in a wam environment,
before silly thoughts become your biggest fear
and you will follow them to their destructive end...
not ever feeling any absence of the parental heart,
where there is a happy home you don't consider 
the greatest place to nurture love with loving cheer. 

When a teen disobeys,
love loses its profound defination...
as its pure essence is taken away by the rampant indignation
of an embittered truant: cursing, mocking justice,
stealing to feed bad habits, and in doing so they allow grief
to overcome joy, and replace it with a tragic death.

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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I Remember Back When


I  remember at the young age of 9 or 10.
Going to the theater was 
considered a sin.
There were many things 
that as a young boy.
That I wanted to explore and enjoy.

My parents may have been "old fashioned."
They were filled with a Godly
love and compassion.
I look back now and with some hesitation.

And think about this 
"new generation."
I wonder "where have all of the morals gone to?"
Some parents are doing things, as a kid, I'd never do.
Many of the "Godly" parents don't seemed concerned.
What's right or wrong—they can't discern.

What once was a dividing line 
between black and white.
Is now; "if it feels good—it must be allright."
The savior's call for holiness in your life must dwell.
Living by his word will save your family from hell.

Maybe living for Jesus is by some, 
"a narrow way of living."
May your life be one of sacrifice, 
holiness and thanksgiving.
May your commitment be true, your heart sincere.
For one day very soon, Jesus shall appear.
Now's the time to be an example
of Jesus' precious name.
When he comes —will you be ready—
or be ashamed?

By Jim Pemberton

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Catch the Drift

Steal a bit of me.
Because I'm handing out precious treasures 
In return for love.

Don't believe, 
Just carry on
Through the pain
The confusion,
And the rain that burns in your eyes. 

I get lonelier
And emptier,
I think. 
But emptier still.
There's no magic eraser
To wipe out my unknown existence
And the scars.
And the screams,
There's no magic eraser.

Drift like a corpse
In the sea that's the world
Till you sink to the bottom
Or get devoured by the monsters
Flesh-hungry monsters.
There's no magic wind
Coming to take you to the sky
Where those angels look down and smirk.

So carry on. 
Move on. 
Till you get your strength. 
Hold on to this.
There's beauty the in abyss too,
Barren as it is.

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A Godly Orientation

Quite often, there’s a lot of speculation…
Regarding a person’s “orientation.”

As each day goes by… It appears to me.
Many are confused as to what they want to be.

Which direction one goes…  Is “anybody’s guess…”
No wonder this world’s  an “upside-down” mess!

The Bible says; “straight is the way.”  
And “narrow is the gate.”
One needs to make up his mind. 
 Before it’s too late!

If one is confused.  Let me point
 into this direction.
It’s the word of God that gives
 much needed correction

A “spiritual orientation” is 
what needs to take place!
There’s a God who loves us!  
And offers his grace!

If one is still unhappy with the way
 they’re created…
We’re wonderfully designed by God! 
 This shouldn’t be debated!

Allow God’s word to orientate 
your life today!
And listen to what your creator 
really has to say!

Where there is emptiness…  God’s love does
 much more abound…
Allow the Holy Spirit to turn 
your life around!

Jesus alone can change your 
whole way of living!
His life for yours…  
Is what HE is giving!

By Jim Pemberton    03/01/11

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Invisible Music

My ears are ringing, singing
to the tune of invisible music
as I fall into bed after a
short, scalding shower after a
long, exhausting night of dancing at the clubs
after I left the game with that beautiful,
beautiful young black-haired lady after
I spirited her away from her friends in an old sedan
after I called to see if it was okay after
I spent an agonizing hour eating in silence in a
restaurant with my friends who all had dates
after she called to say she couldn’t come,
her little sister needed her, her friends were coming over,
after I thought we’d set our plans into stone
after we spent hours on the phone talking the night away
after I had asked her to Homecoming,
after I had first laid eyes on her,
after I had changed my schedule from Film
Studies to Creative Writing
on a whim.

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Speaking That Which Is Wholesome And Good

Speaking That Which Is Wholesome and Good… You must be careful to speak that which is good and wholesome. Speaking like this will minister to others.. In a way that will "bless them!" May the words that are chosen, be used for edification… May they be said in a manner of a Godly dedication! As you speak… May you minister grace to the listener. Brining healing in the words spoken to your brother and sister! The words of kindness and love… May we all freely give it. And not quench the work of the Holy Spirit! As we are sealed by God on the day of redemption. We’re called to be HIS example. There’s no exemption! May all bitterness, wrath and anger immediately diminish. So our spiritual lives can be daily replenished! Be kind toward one another, gracious and tenderhearted… So the goodness of God… Through you… Can be started! As you forgive other… As Christ has forgiven you… May we not forget HIS words: “I LOVE YOU!” The power and grace of God is what he’s anxiously revealing. As you apply HIS words with a purpose and meaning! By Jim Pemberton Read Ephesians 4:29-32

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Sally Garrel is beautiful.
At least, that’s what she should be.
From her family’s looks she remains,
Perhaps most likely-
Fair white skin
Flowing blond hair
Flashing green eyes
Pouty lips moistly tinged rose
However, one can not truly tell,
For she is covered in
One Big Beauty Mark
Blotchy Brown
Fuzzed Hairs
Raised and Greasy
Sally Garrel is beautiful.
At least, that’s what she should be.

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The Emo ABC

A is for angry atheist angst
B- you're bleeding bruised broken taking your allowance to the bank

C is for cutting, crimson and crying
D is for daemons, death, darkness, and dying

E is for everything gone wrong in your life
F is the freedom you find in the knife

G is for gothic, straight from the womb
H is for the latest hawthorne heights tune

I is for immortal- you've commited suicide ten times already
J is for the jaded and emotionally unsteady

K is the knife you "accidentally" misplaced
L is for losers, lost life and lace

M is for makeup that cakes up your face
N is the nightlight to keep away the dark you "embrace"

O is because you're obviously obscure
P is for poetry or prose- you're not sure

Q is for quiet, you sit all alone
R is for razors when no one picks up the phone 

S is for screamo you can't get enough 
T is for tears damn, being fourteen is tough!

U is for ubiquitous mental disease
V is for vacant vacuous vampire wanna-be's

W is for whiny,well-fed suburbanite teens
X is for Xanax- you know what it means

Y is for youth spent all about you and your anhedonia
No diamond in the rough, you're just another cubic zirconia

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Are You God ophobic

Are You God-ophobic? I’ve heard of phobias of different kinds. I’m sure there’s many people with “confused” minds. But there’s one “phobia” that concerns me the most. It’s a “God phobia” that’s drawing so close. It’s like people have a phobia of “In God we trust.” While so many of their lives are burdened with lust. A lust for pleasure and whatever “pleases for the moment.” Many are looking for various kinds of “fulfillment.” But fearing and obeying God? This sounds absurd! Why should anyone care? Much less… Read his word? Even prayer seems to be “a thing of the past.” How much longer will this country last? What we should fear… Is the wrath of God that will come… For not believing and accepting Jesus… His son! Everything we’ll ever need. Has already been provided! An abundant life with Christ can now be decided! Won’t you accept his gift of life everlasting? And look beyond human reasoning and understanding? Put your faith in God. And HIM alone! So you too, can have a place in his eternal home! By Jim Pemberton

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WHY Am I Here

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Dream of a world, Where there is peace. No girls, That admit to defeat. You can walk on water, Not worrying of drowning. You can open your locker, And look around see no one frowning. I walk up to you. I study your face. I can see if your blue, Or feel out of place. I look into your eyes. Somehow I'm suprised, You haven't seen in yet. You haven't seen the best, Of me. It's a dream, Or a nightmare, For which you don't wake. I feel like a vampire, Getting stabbed with a stake. Why can't you look into my eyes, And see I love you? Dream of a world, Filled with war. See a dead girl, And be dead poor. A million things, Happen at once. You have to see, The best of me. I walk up to you. I study your face. I can see if your blue, Or feel out of place. I look into your eyes. Somehow I'm suprised, You haven't seen in yet. You haven't seen the best, Of me. It's a dream, Or a nightmare, For which you don't wake. I feel like a vampire, Getting stabbed with a stake. Why can't you look into my eyes, And see I love you? Think about love. Think about death. You'll see a dove, On your last breath. Wake me with a kiss, So, I can see your eyes, With such bliss, Before I die. Listen to my fairytale, Before I leave, Before I go to Yale. I walk up to you. I study your face. I can see if your blue, Or feel out of place. I look into your eyes. Somehow I'm suprised, You haven't seen in yet. You haven't seen the best, Of me. It's a dream, Or a nightmare, For which you don't wake. I feel like a vampire, Getting stabbed with a stake. Why can't you look into my eyes, And see I love you? I can see, You don't love me, But can you stop, The Dreams, The Nightmares? There's something inside of me, I can't hide from. It's my fate, But I'm too late. Dream of the possibilities, Of you and me. Look into my eyes. Think twice. What do you think? About me? Now.

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I've Seen Sin's Destructive Force

I’ve Seen Sin’s Destructive Force!

I have seen the destruction of sin’s evil force.
It happens when people’s lives go “off course.”

God has given to us his word as a solid foundation.
Too many relationships end in a separation.

I’ve seen people being together for many years.
Come to an abrupt “halt.” Ending in heartache and tears.

People that have had many harsh words spoken…
Only to have their lives torn apart and broken!

God has given us his was of truth and living.
It requires a life of sacrifice and giving!

He asks for us to sacrifice our time for him
And to allow for his love and a healing to begin!

The truth of his word need to guide what we do and say.
It needs to guard our souls, 24 hours each day!

Scripture gives us a “roadmap” in which build upon.
 God’s spirit will guide us when “things go wrong.”

May I suggest spending some time each day in prayer?
Your heavenly father knows your every need and cares!

He wants the very best for you and so much more!
His love and mercy are truly worth living for!

If your life seems “fragile” and heading
 in the “wrong direction.”
Won’t you seek God’s ways 
and his “divine correction?”

With the blood of Jesus, your life 
will be on solid ground!
For where there is sin...  God’s love does 
much more abound!

Please come to the Lord!  Why not this hour?
Experience his presence and
 life-changing power!

By Jim Pemberton

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Jesus Gave To Me What Drugs Could Never Give

There was a time when I felt so lonely and forsaken.
Everything I had was either gone or taken. 

I lost all hope and had no place to stay.
Just trying to get through another day.
I thought that drugs would give me what I needed.
The “danger signs” in life, I no longer heeded.

I soon learned about “joints” and “tricks.”
All I lived for, was to get “another fix.”
I felt no right or wrong, no guilt or shame.
Then one night an “angel of mercy”  called my name. 
“Jesus loves you” were whispered
into my ear. 
Without help-I knew—death was so near!

This “angel” gave me a place to rest my head.
He seen that I was clothed, bathed, and fed.
His words were filled with a message of hope.

I soon gave up all of my drugs and dope.
This “angel of God” gave me an invitation.
And soon I received God's wonderful salvation. 
I traded my “ashes”for God's mercy and grace.

I now have joy in my heart & a smile on my face.
God's love can do what no drugs could ever do!
He's here right now... He is waiting for YOU!!

By Jim Pemberton

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Getting By With The Simple Things In LIfe

The Simple Things In Life…

I met this person…  And could hardly
 believe my ears…
He hasn’t watched public
 television in over 40 years!

How could someone not 
watch this for so long?
Is everything o.k with him?  Is anything “wrong?”

Allow me to put any uncertainties 
or questions to rest.
He is doing quite well…, 
And feels rather blessed!

He  hasn’t looked to television to entertain.
But is very happy..  
No reason to complain…

I know that he loves Jesus 
with a passion and zeal…
God is in his heart.  He knows his God is REAL!

He has a dedication for Christ
and the Holy Ghost.
He seeks in life what really matters the most…

He has a wife and several children as well…
They’re seeking God’s love.  You can TELL!

It’s the “simple things in life”
 they’ve learned to enjoy…
A contentment in life is what 
they wish to employ…

What takes our time from Jesus
 we may one day regret.
That which Christ has done for us… 
 May we not forget!

May we all be encouraged to live for God.  
Whatever the cost…
And perhaps get our focus back
 on the “old rugged cross…”

By Jim Pemberton

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Throughout the world's history,
we read compelling stories
of the defending soldiers of the tenderest age;
and we can be moved to tears
by the purity of their courage:
they died on the battlefield,
never breaking their promise
or fall short of integrity... 

Defending soldiers of the tenderest age as handsome
as the daffodils of the undulating fields,
nothing scares you when it comes
to protecting your motherland with that freedom: 
as intrepid as the eagles in the open skies...
Defending soldiers as true as warriors,
you push forward with the victorious thought
of becoming nothing more 
than the boldest soldiers:
seeing the smokey sky blast;
rescuing the wounded and closing the eyes
of the fallen ones bleeding on the burned grass...

If I were younger, and I had the same resistance,
I would fight with the indomitable spirit you own;
but my contribution is merely sympathetic words on paper,
which one of you will read on your return
to the homeland when all wait on you united in fond prayer:
with ribbons on trees and flags in their hands....   

Defending soldiers of the tenderest age,
all past heroes had one special trait:
the persistance and will to prevail,
and the final victory on their breath;
when everything else seemed to fail,
an indisputable faith prevented another threat...

Copyright 2008 by Andrew Crisci

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100 (be your self)

It has been brought to my attention that everybody believes they are as real as they claim

And if this is true then 100 should have a new name.

Because some people are 50/50 like coffee creamer straight half and half.

That's equal straight down the middle since I have to draw this graph.

Its crazy because that means part of yourself is fighting to be you.

But your trying so hard to fit in with everybody else that you can't catch a clue.

Its like your voice box has been tweaked and now you all the sound same.

Your soul use to burn with passion but your clone-ish instincts smothered the flame.

You can't past your own judgement because your state of mind isn't ripe.

So you feed into all the B/s even though your conscience is screamin don't believe the hype.

The dependency on the thoughts of others cripples you and they carry you like a walker.

And its sad because your true self lurks in the shadows and follows you around like a stalker.

Its amazing how you fake it to the point where you aren't even you in your own dreams.

Also to the point where your inner self breaks down into silent cries and murderous screams.

Wanting you to be you so bad but you don't even remember how.

You broke that promise to your self, so faithful is no longer a vow.

So what do you do when all you can do is sit and think to your self why.

Why did you care so much about fitting in that you would let your self die?

Murdered your self completely and never even gave it a choice.

It amazes me because mute people have a stronger voice.

What ever happen to being different its called an individual.

But now everbody wants to be just alike so they are too indivisible.

I heard the saying that great minds think alike, but never are they synoptic.

So your headed down the wrong path but you don't know because your vision is myopic.

All you can do is swerve off that road and try to put together a new path.

So add that 50 to you and you'll get better math

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Mom I'm Pregnant

“Mom….   I’m Pregnant!”

From the time I held my baby 
in my arms…
I made a vow to “protect her from all harm.”

She was indeed a wonderful bundle of joy…
And during her life, has been a gift for us to enjoy.

She's been  the focus of much of our attention,
Trying to provide for her 
“timely” correction.

As a father, many thoughts entered my mind…
I wanted to be attentive to her, 
patient and kind.

As she's gone through 
her teenage years…
I thought of what perhaps is a parent’s #1 “fear.”

Then one day... “Mom I’m pregnant” were spoken...
At first, my heart was sad and “broken.”

“I didn’t raise her to be “crazy and wild…”
“How could this happen to a wonderful child?”

I realized that in spite of everything
 parent’s will do.
There’s no telling what their 
children will put them through.

I gave her a hug and all of the
 support  I could give…
Everything she’s been through…
 God will forgive!

With all that has happened in her life…
One day she’ll make someone a wonderful wife!

Dear Lord, please help my daugher to see...
How precious she is to her mother and me!

Entered in the contest; "Mom I'm Pregnant!"
Sponsored by Gwendolen Rix

Key findings
National levels and trends
• In 2006, 750,000 women younger than 20 became pregnant. The pregnancy rate 
was 71.5 pregnancies per 1,000 women aged 15–19.

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I Love You All

I love how you were my first friend
Right after I came into this world.
I love how you and I had fun
Until the end of our little childhood.

I love how you were another I’ve met,
Everything was good in those summers.
I love how you were like a brother,
Had often traveled to your home and we played.

I love how you were my second friend,
Someone who and I imagined together and communicated.
I love how you would allow me to come over,
And to even let me eat there for dinner.

I love how you were some other pal,
We enjoyed the company of each other.
I love how you and I were so young,
It was almost as if I were your role model.

I love how you were my third friend,
Truly was something wonderful we had.
I love how our bond once was,
Though no longer am I at all sad.

I love how you were all those cousins of mine
Were all young alongside me.
I love how you all made me feel happy,
Back in those days of my child identity.

I love how you were my fourth friend
Right after I reached out to yourself.
I love how I knew you at first seemed as lonely,
No matter how far apart, we have those memories.

I love how you were both born, my siblings.
Prayed for your births: to me that’s how it had to be.
I love how you turned to me for comfort and sleep,
Will always be there to care for you.

I love how you were my fifth friend,
Claimed to free me from what I’ve fought for so long.
I love how you gave me what I’ve sought,
Such fleeting evenings: our moments captivated me.

I love how you were all new people to talk to,
Every conversation helped me become who I am today.
I love how that no matter how I feel, I’m not alone,
Forever grateful for having others to talk to.

I love how you were all my other good buddies,
No life should be without friendly acquaintances.
I love how some of you are close to being my best friends,
You’re worth spending times with.

I love how you, my parents and grandparents,
Were there on my birthday: the sky was clear, sunshine.
I love how you, my family and friends,
Are all people I know and have raised me.

I love how there’s a number of people
I’ve known within my lifetime.
I love how there are those
Who still see me as I was and always will be.

I love how these people
Influenced parts of my personality.
I love how that no matter how I feel,
All those years were real.

I love how you all were there, but I feel alone now.
Every day’s not the same as it used to be.
I love how you’re also always around,
But now I’m strong enough to perceive even change...

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Satan You're Nothing But A LIAR

Satan--you tried to destroy 
me and tried to take it!
You're a liar and deceiver--
and I won't forget it!

I was "your slave" and bowed
 to your every rule.
I can see now... I was listening to a fool!

You had me in your trap--
and I was going to lose!
Until that day when someone 
told me the good news!

I heard of a saviour's love and it 
became more revealing.
I soon had a new hope and for once-- 
a good feeling!

Knowing that in my 
discouragement and despair.
There was a God who loves 
me and who cares!

I asked; "Jesus--would you take 
someone like me?"
"I need your help and 
need to be set free!"

As soon as I gave him my 
heart-felt invitation.
He brought true joy 
and eternal salvation.

He loves me so much... 
I have no reason to complain!
When I stumble and fall..
 I call on his name!

What Satan has taken... 
Jesus has given much more!
He truly is what life is worth living for!

By Jim Pemberton

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The Bible contains 72 books
(Or 73 depending whether Lamentations listed as a separate book
Not as a part of Jeremiah)
Varying length from a few hundred words to many thousands

Together, these books comprise the official list or canon of the Bible
These books
45 were written before Christ
Called the Old Testament

The other 27 books 
Were written after the time of Christ
Called the books of the
New Testament

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If you say
That I'm smart, 
I'd say,
"I try."
If you say
You cheated,
I'd say, 
If you say 
I'm beautiful, 
I'd say,
"That makes one."
If you say
That you're hungry, 
I'd say, 
"Think outside the bun."
If you say 
That I'm weak, 
I'd admit to being 
Utterly defenseless, 
But if you said
That you loved me...
I would be 

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If only she could see

She's constantly a dreamer,
Fantasy is where she lives,
Reality is non existant to her,
If only she could see.
She only cares about superficial things,
Popularity is her sport,
Boyfriends are the cheerleaders,
If only she could see.
Her mind is put to waste,
A head as empty as a flower pot,
Education is lost on her,
If only she could see.
She makes fun of the "weirdos",
She cannot stand the "geeks",
But those "geeks" are worth knowing,
If only she could see.
The world is 3-D,
It has depth underneath,
There is beauty under the surface,
If only she could see.
Beauty is not just skin deep, 
It runss all the way through,
It's not just looks that matter,
It's how you think and see.

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My Getaway

The ocean is a place to be 
To get away from from everything 
To sit here on the shore
Having nothing to worry about 

I want to become 
One with the ocean 
Stay here 
For I have nothing to fear 

But there is so much to do 
So little time 
To see the world 
In one life time 

Now I'm going home 
Back from where I came from 
I say good-bye 
But I will be back next time

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                     HIV has been around for a while,
	you have unprotected sex like it’s going out of style.
	Eventually you are going to get stuck,
	you’ll play Russian Roulette and run out of luck!
	To utilize a condom is simple and easy,
	She said, “When you use those things you just don’t please me.” 
	You have multiple partners and never use protection,
	You say, “I don’t like condoms they mess with my erection.”
	You still believe it’s just a gay and addict disease,
	get educated on the facts about HIV please!
	A portion of the newly infected happen to be teens,
	do you all understand what abstinence means?
	This deadly disease affects straight males and females,
	by educating the communities we can increase condom sales.
	It’s not just the at-risk groups that can be infected,
	It can be anyone who is not protected.
	You come up with that senseless and ridiculous line,
	“They look pretty healthy and they appear to be fine.”
	Your partner may not necessarily look infected,
	always make sure a trusted condom is selected.
	Get yourself tested regularly,
	that is the responsibility of you and me.
	Have your partner tested too,
	tell them it’s something they have to do.
	Abstinence is the only sure way,
	but use a condom if you have to play!
	Do yourself and everyone else a favor,
	refrain from this type of “risky behavior.”

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Are You Holding Back The Love Given To YOU

Are You Holding Back?

Are you holding back the Love
 that Christ gave to you?
Are you treating others the
 way HE would want you to?

What message of the cross
 to others do you proclaim?
Is it one of humility and honor to Jesus’ name?

Is there someone whom you’ve
 withheld Christ’ love today?
You avoid this person, and
 choose to “go the other way…”

The Spirit of God has been
 tugging at your heart…
This is where the essence of Christianity really starts!

All of our sorrow, pain and sin…
 Christ bore on the cross.
Without him...  Every one of us
 would certainly be lost!

So many times we tend to play these “games.”
“Choosing” whom we’ll love and “avoid.” 
 We know their names…

While reading 1 Corinthians chapter 13…
Does this scripture really mean “anything?”

If it did… We’d be more careful how we live.
And learn the power there is in the words; “I forgive!”

If this message has lost it’s
 meaning in your daily walk.
Then you and Jesus really need to talk!

Total surrender to him and forgiveness is the key!
In being his true follower…  And set free!

Bring everything to the cross
 and lay it at Jesus’ feet.
And experience a life of victory….  And not defeat!

By Jim Pemberton 01/08/10

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WHO Built YOUR House

This house of ours is “plain.” 
But is still standing.
We’re “simple folks...”
 By many people’s  understanding…

We may not have much of what is 
“socially appealing”…
But we have love in our hearts.  
And this is a good feeling!

We may not be “wrapped up” in much
 of this world’s entertainment.
But we seek God’s peace 
and a desire for contentment.

We, as a family, have one purpose
 and “calling” in mind.
To seek God’s ways of being
 merciful and kind…

Each day we pray with much
 thankfulness in our hearts…
For this is where happiness
 and gratitude starts!

We’re thankful to the Lord for
 his unfailing grace…
And for keeping us together
 in this special place…

We’re blessed to have a God who
 is truly worth finding.
His word in our lives is precious
  and worth memorizing!

“Unless the Lord builds the house,
 they labor in vain that build it!”
God must rule and reign…  
 So his love can completely fill it!

By Jim Pemberton  

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The Sin Of

The Sin Of 

Is this really “normal?”  Many say 
they’re “having fun…”
Scripture says the wrath of God is 
on what they’ve done!

Read the first chapter of Romans, and you will find…
This kind of lifestyle is not simply just a “change of mind!”

It was in the beginning that God 
made Adam and Eve…
You wouldn’t be here if it 
were Adam and Steve!

This is a lifestyle of bondage… 
 And it’s getting worse!
So many of them are under an ungodly curse!

The answer to all of this is to be how 
God meant for us to be!
It’s only in Jesus Christ that 
we can be totally FREE!

 rev. 06/26/12

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Be With Me

I am sorry
For my misery.
Yet now I feel that
Inner hope is still real
And I regret having all that sadness,
But now I've let it out
And without a doubt.

I now release my inner gladness.
For you all have been here
Inside my heart
And I now refuse to part
From the world.
Because no matter how
Much pain I go through
There's something left to gain
And no I won't let my past
Cause me anymore misery,
Because you will always
Be with me.

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Is My Life A Failure

Is My Life A Failure???

Lately my life has been getting very stressful…
It seems like everything I try is unsuccessful.

It seems like no matter how hard I try…
I fail again.   And get upset and cry!

No matter what I do or how hard I pray.
I wake up and dread the next day!

I know of so many who seem like they’re blessed.
But me?  My life is just one big MESS!

I often feel like a “blob” that fell to the ground.
When I need someone.  There’s no one around!

I feel worn out, discouraged and defeated.
Any sense of self-worth has been depleted.

Someone told me of a God who truly cares…
If I need some help.   He is always there!

All of my trials and failures, to Jesus I’ve given!
His love has totally changed how I am now livin’!

He’s brought me a hope I never had before!
And brought love, peace, and so much more!

He’s taken away all of my pain and sorrow.
And promised to be here today and tomorrow.

He’s taken the word “failure” from a life that’s broken.
His powerful words of hope have clearly been spoken.

No matter what trials tomorrow may bring…
I know that Jesus will take care of everything!

I find comfort in his arms so loving and strong!
He’s welcomed me and told me that I BELONG!

In Christ, I've found the
 meaning of SUCCESS!
My life is no failure.
But is abundantly blessed!

By Jim Pemberton

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With Nothing In Common I've Hit Rock Bottom

I wanted to talk...  My life has hit "rock bottom."
You said; "No...we've nothing in common." 

I thought we did...we both go 
to the same church.
For some fellowship, I'll begin a new search. 

Many Sundays... My voice goes unheard.
While in your hand, you were carrying God's word. 

Are there others who'd spend 
a minute of their time?
Or am I just a shadow whom they would leave behind? 

I thought the blood of Jesus was our common thread.
What are we doing here? Are we spiritually dead? 

I hope that with me, you won't just "push aside."
Wasn't it also for me--that our saviour died? 

You meet different people every day.
How do you react to others
whom God brings your way? 

May God's Holy spirit convict you to spend
Your time with others-- not just those you call "friend." 

Being Christ' s example is truly a blessing indeed.
Reaching out to the hurting--those in need. 

This is where Christianity really starts.
When we reach out to the 
hurting and broken hearts. 

By Jim Pemberton

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Till Death Do Us Part

Honey, it's hard that you're miles away
How I wish you can be here by tomorrow
tomorrow can turn out to many tomorrows
From sadness of missing each other to happiness wishing forever

If one day there's a war, they would call you and I cannot say no
How sure are you they will never call
Honey, I don't wish to be left alone with our children
They would need a father figure and you're not there

I need you there with me even though I don't know much about you
All I know is you're searching for someone like me
I'm sorry to say that I need you too
To help the people of God surrounding me

No one would like me because I'm disable
I want them to see, they thought wrong about me
I'm trying to do the best I can
Sometimes the one I did is better than them

Prudence of working hard
Tolerance and time are needed to reach success
Being together to plan of moving forward
To reach happiness, till death do us part

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A Matter Of Strength

If strength is only 
How well you hide the pain.
I must be truly strong spirited.

If thinking you want death
Is a matter of being gutsy enough,
Then those who're gone
Were even more strong

Rest in peace,
Yet what've they've done 
Shall forever haunt me...

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The Cycle Lives On

A girl child is born given life brand new
To a mother so proud and a daddy too
Elsewhere mother gives a baby boy life
Daddy's not there he's at home with his wife
One day daddy's gone Baby girl wonders why
Baby boy hides his hunger so mommy don't cry
One mommy works from morning into the night
The other works streets sleeping thru daylight
Each mother making the best of her situation
Children denied mothers love and appreciation
Each child raise themselves all, alone
Kids with no childhood forced to be grown
A two parent love they'll never get to learn
15 years old to each others they will turn
Not knowing true love thinking theirs real
Only both parents love they sought to fulfill
A mother gives a girl life as they do a son
They're but babies, at 15 innocence gone
Reality of broken homes, the cycle lives on

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Soulful Cries

I scream, at the top of my lungs
No sound, comes out
Silent, curdling screams
Is, all I have left, now
I wrestle; I fight, with all, my physical might
While, being forced down 
By the mighty strength, of many men
The pungent smells of dirt, sweat and grime
Embed, in my senses
Their ghastly hot breathes; making me, want to puke!
Their hands, all over me
Constantly grabbing and groping me
Hollering and cheering each other on
Then, someone punches me
Someone, I cannot see
A large man’s hand, covers my nose and mouth
Muffling my soulful cries, terrifying, my insides!

I can’t breathe, now!

Many heavy handed blows, follow
In a blurry haze
I watch, my scarlet red blood splatter
Upon the snow white sheets, that surround
My sacred blood spilled
My salty tears mixed in with sticky men’s semen
My body, a raging torrent of scorching hot lava
Lulling into a translucent, entranced state
Surrendering, to the primal, animalistic frenzy
The men, taking what they want, anyway they want it
Devouring every morsel left ,of my weak and weary body
My body fighting, for its God given right
To live, now!
My life flashes before my eyes
The sounds around me begin to fade
My eyes glaze over, my body goes limp
My body betraying me, when I need her the most!
Silently, I pray for this is not my will, but their own
“Have mercy upon these souls” 
“Please forgive these men, as I do, now
“My love remains with you, heavenly Father”
Blackened tears of jet black mascara
Weave their way down
Through the bloody crevasses, of my black & blued skin
My body used up, a lifeless vessel, totally numb!
My innocence and dignity stripped!
No one, can save me, the worst is done!
Bashed, beaten, worn
I am nothing, no more...

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Still My Friend

You’re still my friend,
No matter how long it’s been.
You’ll always be a friend,
One who matters to the very end.

You were my friend,
For I remember you from back then.
You are my friend,
Now that you’re here again.

You’re a friend of mine,
One who makes things fine.
You are a friend I’ll always remember,
No matter where and when.

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Maria said let them eat cake

Adam said to God ,I am old and tired
let the young men populate the world
i want to rest
God said' Adam your seed is the first
your not done, eat more cake"
If God looked at France and the rest
of the world,
how much more can Adam's offspring
Hunger cries go unheard,poverty unseen.
A call came to standup.
True warrriors they are. not a human life
did they bake. With heat from burning 
buildings, busses and cars.
Smoke and flames seen from afar. Yet
Rome burns around the world
while dance,music is played. Outside
people are in slaved.
Frances learned a lesson that,s not to late,
what about us? are we waiting for the first
burning bus? Or will we re-think our need
call it greed?
And allow others to raise they're seed?
It,s God 's plan for us to grow. Now you
know how the story with Adam goes.
allow us to eat more cake.
          { peace}

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' Mind - Meld ... '

“ GOD … How I Appreciate The Complexities ! … “
I Appreciate The Intricate, Just-So, Subtleties
The Intellectual Nuances and Imposed Perfunctories
That Separates Our Minds, From The Minds Of Beasts …

… Oh, The Ingeniousness of Thinking Abilities
This Superconductor of Sanctioned-Sensitivities
Where The Human Mind Can Reach, Celestial-Journeys
Even Beyond Our Mental-Mortal Capacities

Beyond … The Grasp of Dark and Grey Matter
Beyond … A Storage Tank and Brain-Storm Gathered
Beyond … Sweet Alice and A  Mad-Hatter
Beyond … ThunderDome, and What Happens In Latter

Beyond … Neurons and A Neurotic-Mass
Beyond … ‘We’ve Got Some Nerve-Ending’ Synapse
And Just Like There’s More To See, Than What Cameras Snap
There’s More To Our Minds, Than Biology Can Map

How Could One Admire Computer-Technology
And Not Marvel At Our Medula-Oblongata System-logy
Our Minds, Are A Megaplex of Individualities
A Mall of Momentous Ideals and Marble Column Libraries

… We, Are Not Matrix, Nor Mere Routine-Machines
We, Are Not Droids, nor Drones … We Can Live Our Dreams
‘ HE ’ Programmed ‘Choice’ into Us,  And Gave Us Dignities
So, “A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste”, In Stupidities …

We, Are Not Robotic-Puppets, But of Genetic-Construct
… Dust, DNA-Stairway, 3-D, and Divine-Spark-Struck
We Can Be Psychotic, Without Aware-Antibiotics and Self-Destruct
But Note, That A ‘Thought’, Does Not Evolve, Without ‘An Instruct’

( … and Guess What,  Man-Maze … Really, Neither Did Us ! … )

… Oh, How I Appreciate the Concise Design (Like A Human Battery)
Its Purpose, Possibilities and Activities, (even allows this Poetry)
I Appreciate The Connections Affixed in Each of The Holy Spirit-Surgeries  ( Ps. 139: 13-16 )
But Most Of All, I Appreciate Being Made … In YOUR Imagery …                 ( Gen. 1: 26, 27 )

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He keeps a very low profile,
afraid of the the horrible secret he hides;
hooked on a daily dosage of cocaine...
seeking an instant relief from his acute pain!
His cramped den is the stench
of smoked substance bought on drug-infested streets,
and filth is the undeniable evidence:
one can surely tell that he lives in Hell...
red devilish eyes and sunken cheeks; 
a wasted mind and body meeting their end!   

Restless young man without a name,
wary of the destructible consequences
that stunt your unremorseful conscience;
and what price will you pay and whom will you blame?
Restless young man without a name,
you only existed to fulfill a destiny of shame! 

Day-time is so detestable to him,
more than the viciousest enemy;
night-time changes his personality...  
and he searches for dope down-town,
where the houses are so run-down...
occupied by the crack-heads of East Main!
A limping kid, from nowhere, hands him
a small bag and he exchanges it for some green;
and what started the urge within...
is a deep wound, which can never heal! 

Restless young man without a name, 
intoxicated by the poison that destroys your life and health;
you can't be aware of what distorts your weak senses...
until you are helpless and run out of breath! 
Restless young man without a name,
guiltless and allow death to happily dance!

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Dear God I Don't Want To Be DEPRESSED Anymore

My mind seems to be going
 "in every direction."
I often wander if I'm going
 through a depression.

The people I once loved...
 I love no more.
Life seems to be so "dry."
Rather "a bore."

My life seems to be 
"turned upside down"
There's no one to help.  
Nobody around.

Will you... God... listen 
to my call?
And accept me... 
Faults and all?

I know that you're listening
 to my desparate plea.
To love someone 
as lowly as me.

Thank you Lord for 
helping me along.
In your arms of mercy... 
 Is where I belong!

By Jim Pemberton

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Are You Exhausted Worn Out Running On Empty Fumes

Are You Exhausted? Worn Out? Running On Empty Fumes? Is your life running on empty fumes? Are the adversities and stress of life being consumed? Any zeal and passion for God may be in the past… You wonder; “How long is life going to last???” Perhaps you feel like your anchor’s “been lost at sea…” And ask; “Lord… Why is this happening to me?” Things in life often catch us “unaware…” You may ask; “does anyone out there really care?” There is someone who can help you along! In Jesus’ arms of mercy is where you belong! He walked this earth and calmed the sea of Galilee… He’ll calm the storms of life for you and me! Won’t you give him a chance... To calm your fears? And allow his love to wipe away any tears? He’ll bring peace to a hopeless situation… All you need to do… Is to give him an invitation… The choice is yours… It’s your decision to make! Won’t you do it now? Before it’s too late??? By Jim Pemberton

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Memories haunt and yet they lead.
They help us to find our way.
Memories bring choices with comparisons made.
Memories lead to decisions as corners we turn.
But memories are fluid and change as life goes on.
We forget and discard what we don’t want.
Later we revisit and change images again.

Resentments change to love and care long lost.
Achievements verses what we gave up.
Even wrong can become trying to do right.
Other viewpoints open the older we become…
Then we revisit and memories change again.
Memories can be truth or lies, but they are always…
As fluid as the life from which they come.

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Far away
no one can hurt me there
words can't reach me through these concrete walls
unbarable anxiety
my heart is so heavy
the weight on my shoulders is tearing me down.

Maybe the way I act is misleading, just take the mask off and you will see the real me.

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I watch as you
in this sad little nation

I watch as you refuse
to hire him
or befriend he

I watch as you fall
into a sad habit
as you keep him from moving up
and act lie we're dumb

I watch as you become
like everyone else
always discriminating
without even a thought

I watch as this becomes
a discriminating Nation
Well, you know it is

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Created by kids
special words, hidden phrases
 the meaning across so quick
adults blinded by culture

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Birth Control

It's against the law to kill someone,
who hurts you in some way.
But murder is always justified,
by mothers everyday.

When you think about abortion,
do you see the child inside?
The babies life you want to stop,
has no where else to hide.

You tell yourself many things,
like it doesn't have a soul.
Think of the future your about to destroy,
by using birth control.

There are many ways to save it's life,
for the mothers who do not care.
And adoption is the answer,
for a couple in despair.

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Who I Am---Who Am I

I am the uniter of the divided
Also the decision fo the undecided
I am also the dividend
Between the people who want to live and not meet their end
From the people who tend to offend, and not befriend
These are not real people, for they are only pretend
It's the truth they bend
These people try to ascend
By making others descend,
But you can only descend
By doing this, so to make yourself ascend
Help others ascend.
So who am I?
Am I as beautiful as a butterfly or a firefly?
Or am I an unnoticed person who gets passed as a passerby?
So I can't justify that I have the answer to the question: Who am I?
So I testify that I crucified the stereotype of the question: Who am I?
Even though I'm not a stereotype, there are people who I mystify
But I still can't identify the answer to this three word question: Who am I?
I purify, modify, and amplify the question: Who am I?
Who I am is the person trying to find the answer to the question: Who am I?

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Have You Been Through Many Trials

Have You Been Through Many Trials?

Have you been through many trials
 that you can’t explain?
Perhaps the word “trouble,” you think knows your name?

Do you feel like you’re “trapped?”  With no way out?
Perhaps you’re wondering what life is all about?

Things that you once thought were solid and secure.
Are all gone now.  And you’re really not sure.

Bad situations in life can happen pretty fast.
At times, you won’t know how long it will last!

May I introduce you to someone who’s very kind?
He can help you right now!  No matter the time!

His name is Jesus, and he’s done wonders for myself!
He can help others, when they 
can’t help themselves!

Put one foot forward, and he will take two!
Won’t you allow him to just 
wrap his arms around you?

He’ll pick up your life that may be in utter shambles.
From your trials, he’ll give you the victory to trample!

All of your problems and worries you can lay at his feet.
He can pick you up right now, and make you complete!

An abundant life can be found in Christ’ alone!
I invite you to let him be the Lord of your home!

There’s so much more fro him that you can receive!
Won’t you put your trust in him and believe???

By Jim Pemberton

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Our Heavenly Father's Love

Our Father's Love... Many don't think about their heavenly father's love. And forget about his mercy, grace and love. That day when God's son was to die. His tender heart begin to bleed and cry. The wondrous love that God demonstrated. A plan of salvation has been orchestrated. Are you of the many who follow him? Where you can find an atonement for your sin. He patiently waits for you this very day. And loves you much more than words can say. This moment in time... With your heavenly father can be spent. Lay your every burden at his feet. And repent. Though your sins be as black as scarlet... They can be white as snow. His precious blood can wash you clean and make you whole! You will walk away from guilt and shame. The day you bow and call on Jesus' holy name! By Jim Pemberton

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Voices Reign, 
She stands alone. 
In a mirror, 
She sees beauty. 
Here and now, 
She doesn't imagine the coke-bottle waist only attainable by purchase of the latest Barbie.
She sees beauty. 
Colors like the sun and the moon, 
The vast oceans to the unfathomable skies. 
Here in the mirror, she sees beauty. 
Until she opens her eyes, 
And voices reign.

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My youth was too brief
and whenever you felt distraught, 
I clutched my belief:
to give faith a defined worth;
free, but not truly liberated
as a wandering soul in exile:
reminding itself of how it inwardly bled
amid thoughts that knew no minimal dire...

Freedom has the dearest prize:
I either acclaim it with excitement,
or I lose it to that folly that destroys life;
nothing about incomprehension is an efficacious attempt,
which enriches a rebellious mind full of enmity,
but can I realize its enormity?  

A disconsolate person is a wandering soul in exile,
lacking insight and enthusiasm:   a self-evident liar  
who's never warned of terrible consequences, 
dispelling honor and truth, feeding on worthless pride: 
to disassemble what was built with enormous sacrifices;
always distrustful, arrogant and unappreciative of uprightness,
pleasing in discord and disunity to satisfy an ego 
without self-esteem to continually spread sorrow...

How can anyone fasten with cords a rightful spirit,
to enslave it and enforce a punitive silence?
A morning star is most beautiful before sunrise,
mortals are most admired when they inspire, captivate 
and show endearment in their true and endless emotions:
to evoke their past liberties that time has left intact...  

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Follower - REVISED

I was a follower
A coward,
Just trying to fit in
In this busy, busy empire
Then I met a person,
who believed she had it all
not in the bad way, as you would suppose
She gave me some advice,
Can you guess what it was?
Simple and plain,
Just powerful enough:
She said if you hold your head up high
But not so far
That your nose is in the sky...
If you're proud of what you acquire,
Your confidence shoots higher
If you speak up, voice your opinion,
Let people know that you’re not just another minion...
If you be who you want to,
And forget the people who say it’s not you...
And if you are kind to others,
Especially your mother
YOU are a leader.
You ARE a leader.
You are a LEADER.
If you stand up for  the people that you may not even know
Tell that ignorant harasser just to get up and go
If you know where you should be,
There’s a whole lot you can see
If others think you're worth nothing,
Show them they’re wrong by saying
“You're wasting your time by trying to waste mine!”
And just walk away
Make sure to tell them
You’re a leader,
But what are they?

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Luciferia I-- Cease To Exist

I sense something in her eyes that feels like tragedy She closed her heart but its dark pulse Wilts and stetchs against the wanes How many days will the passion bleed Till it subsides into the new pain We are the ones who will face the blame ''Don't you see what's infront of me, I have to face it all I know there's something wrong help is what I want but it's not what I find You're all filled with troubling lies and incoherent minds Cant you see you're strangling me with every last word There's something you don't know Lying in my heart is why you want to throw the stone'' Her raven eyes fill the silence Luciferia we cease to exist it's burning away-- all others' reliance Luciferia we cease to exist my darkly darling don't fade away Luciferia we cease to exist beware we've became their prey Luciferia we cease to exist

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Dear Lord I Am Hurting Right Now

This one thing I am
 most certain,
Lately I’ve been really hurtin’.

I trying to do right, but it 
turns out “wrong”
I don’t really know where I belong.

So many in church just
 pass me by.
I sometimes get an
 occasional “Hi!”

I don’t think my message is
 getting across,
I feel so confused and 
completely lost.

A message of “help” is my
 desperate plea,
For someone to reach out to me.

Please remember me when
 to church you go,
May God’s love and compassion
 flow in your soul.

Spending time with hurting people
 is time well spent.
It was for you and me that 
Jesus was sent!

By Jim Pemberton

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Black Cloud Circus

I have a growing black cloud in my heart 
My soul inside is slowly falling apart 
The decay of my spirit can be seen in sad eyes 
There is a growing attraction of this spectacle in an immeasurable size  

A freak show circus has come to town in this black cloud 
The audience comes with the currency of ridicule and judgment oh so proud! 
They point and laugh and mock me oh so cleverly! 
I am great for business because I am such a sad sight to see! 

No one knows what is really behind the curtains of my dark eyes 
Some where in my mind I pray for a quick demise 
I care too much and willing show the vulnerable card 
The audience mistakes my compassion for stupidity and labels me a retard 
There will be a point in time when I am just gone one day 
Some one will have to tell them the show is cancelled and to go away 
No more freak boy with the enlarged heart 
No more sensitive weirdo who is not too smart 
No drowning fish who can not do anything right 
Sorry your freak show was cancelled which brought you all such personal delight 

The time has come to find a new human attraction 
Some other poor bastard to mock for personal satisfaction 

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HIS Love For YOUR Pain

"It's hard to see someone I love
 go through so much pain."
Were the words I heard that night
 I called on Jesus' name.

"This person whom I love, 
has gone through so much."
"How I wish to bring my peace
 and healing touch."

I cried and wept, as I heard
 the master's voice.
His gift of love is for all of us...  
It's our choice!

His body was broken...  
A sacrifice was made.
His life for our sorrow and pain, 
is what he gave.

His grace is more than sufficient
 for the pain we endure.
His love and commitment to you,
 is true and secure.

He loves you so much. 
He waits at your heart's door.  
He gives peace and comfort. 
 And so much more!

The pain and suffering you're
 going through today.
Please listen to the words 
Christ has to say.

"I am El-Shadaii." "Jehovah-Jireh."
"Your very best friend."
"My love and devotion to you
 will never, never end."

By Jim Pemberton

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Forever Friends

Such friends we are,
Such friends we were.
When we were apart,
We cried, regretting
Nothing but our mistakes.
Reunited and pre-forgiven,
Friends you, me, and anybody else
Shall forever be.

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What You're Luck Runs Out You're At A Dead End Road

What if your "luck has all run out?"
"No one listens" no matter 
how loud you shout.

What if your life has come to
 "a dead end road."
You've lost everything... Even your
 car's been towed.

What if all you have
 "suddenly dissappeared."
Your circumstances can
 be decribed as "wierd."

What if you got on your 
knees in prayer.
Knowing there's a God
 who really does care.

What if you gave Jesus 
complete control.
Giving him your life, 
heart and eternal soul.

What if Jesus gently wiped 
away your tears.
And his peace calmed 
all anxieity and fears.

What if you realized at 
this moment in time.
Jesus is worth more than
 a large gold mine.

What if he restored that you've
 lost & all that's been tekan.
With him on board... You're never forsaken!

An abundant life is that he 
promised to give.
And he will enrich your life 
each day that you live!

By JIm Pemberton 

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A LIttle Thoughtfulness And Much Prayer

A Little Thoughtfulness and Much Prayer… A little thoughtfulness and much prayer… Is a good reminder that God is always there! A moment of kindness can brighten your day… By what’s done, or something you say! A moment of live in the passing of time… Could be an opportunity to be gracious and kind. Having time alone with God is time well spent. Whether you’re at home,.. Or sleeping in a tent. Time is precious. No matter how you’re living. What kind of life have you been enjoying? Jesus gave to everyone true purpose and meaning… Into his arms of mercy… you need to be leaning! May his spirit encourage you to always pray… Each day that you live… Simply trust and obey! The hope and peace that only Jesus brings… Can fulfill the emptiness of life, from so many things! Why not allow his goodness to enrich your soul… For only Christ can make your life whole! His loving kindness is wonderful and sweet... For only HE can make your life complete! By Jim Pemberton

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Purity (High School is Lacking It)

I’m about to explode
Can’t take it anymore
I look around and I’m surrounded by a mass of people I can’t stand
All the stories about all the whores
All the guys just looking to score
I am encompassed by immaturity
Is there any innocence? Any purity?

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I'm Trying To Be The Kind Of Dad God Wants Me To Be

I remember reading the Bible to my son.
However... What a mess
 I have become!

My children were once proud of their dad.
Now, they are embarassed and sad.

I once lived a godly life.  I really did!
Just look at me now. 
 And how I live!

Things in life I once called "evil," and "sin."
Are causing me to stumble, once again.

God's word I once held ,
as a "priceless treasure."
I have traded in for whatever
 gives me "pleasure."

What kind of father am I 
really going to be?
What kind of example will
 my family find in me?

Will I grow stubborn to God
 as I grow in age?
Neglecting his way of living... 
With anger and rage?

I need HIM to bring peace
 to my troubled soul.
I ask you Jesus to cleanse 
and make me whole.

Restore unto me the 
joy of my salvation.
By your blood,... I can now be
 a new creation!

Words alone cannot adequetly express.
This family God has given to me. 
 I am so blessed!

By Jim Pemberton

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Is Living For God Becoming Less Relevant

Is God Becoming Less Relevant?

Look around you! It’s becoming
 quite evident.
Living for God is becoming
 “less relevant.”

Many profess to be intelligent and “wise.”
But don’t believe in God, 
or want him in their lives!

They try to keep living, as if God
 “doesn’t exist.”
Yet all of his creation is in their midst!

Perhaps they don’t want to acknowledge him…
Because his word tells us 
we have all sinned!

You see, beyond all of this 
world’s “chatter”…
There is a God!  And he really does matter!

He is righteous, pure and reigns
 in splendor!
He wants you to live 
with him forever!

He is and always will be I AM that I AM!
Won’t you reach out and take his hand?

He extends his gift of everlasting life to all!
Why not spend time in prayer?”  
And give him a call?

Living for him is the best choice you’ll ever make!
Why not do it right now? 
 Before it’s too late?

By Jim Pemberton 

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Is Your Life Running On EMPTY

Is your life running 
on empty fumes?
Are the adversities and stress
 of life being consumed?

Any zeal and passion for God
 may be in the past…
You wonder; “How long is life
 going to last???”

Perhaps you feel like your
 anchor’s “been lost at sea…”
And ask; “Lord…  
Why is this happening to me?”

Things in life often
 catch us “unaware…”
You may ask; “does anyone
 out there really care?”

There is someone who
 can help you along!
In Jesus’ arms of mercy
 is where you belong!

He walked this earth and 
calmed the sea of Galilee…
He’ll calm the storms
 of life for you and me!

Won’t you give him a chance... 
 To calm your fears?
And allow his love to
 wipe away any tears?

He’ll bring peace to a
 hopeless situation…
All you need to do… 
 Is to give him an invitation…

The choice is yours…  
It’s your decision to make!
Won’t you do it now?  Before it’s too late???

By Jim Pemberton  

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To walk out your door

It takes uncertainty, I know 
to walk out your door 
and walk through another that’s not yours 
Of course, there’s too a course 
that other, unfamiliar, shoes use 
There are signs and there are signs 
not always along the way 
There is opportunity 
there is stop’n wait’n see 
choices others can’t make 
You’ll find too, things that go wrong. . . far from the right 
Afternoon. . . turns to morning. . . skips to night 
There is certain to be a promise. . . a goal. . . a loss 
and love’s. . . not yet in the toss 
Advice listened, taken and given 
Too few things, too many things. . . you’ll come to know 
It takes certainty 
to walk out your door

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I Met Someone With Many Struggles

I Was Talking To Someone With Many Struggles,…

I was talking with someone with many struggles.
It seemed like everything he tried just meant “trouble.”

He was trying to pay the bills the best he could.
Why he had so much trouble….  Wasn’t understood?

He asked why God could allow him so many trials…
He had certainly traveled many journeys and miles!

He asked for prayer and I didn’t know what to say.
I knelt with him and bowed down to pray.

I remembered the journeys I had been through.
And at times I really didn’t know “what to do!”

I remembered when it seemed like 
the world was “crashing in.”
There was no one I could turn to...  Not even a friend!

I cried; “Lord, If I lose everything else but still have you…”
“Then I don’t care what happens or what others do!”

As I shared with him the struggles I’ve dealt with,,,
I shared with him God’s love that I’ve been blessed with!

As I shared with him I felt a “lifting” of his heavy burden.
His faith in Christ became all the more certain!

Jesus said; “in this word you shall have much tribulation.”
“I have overcome!” “Rejoice with jubilation!”

He is and will always be the answer
 to your every problem!
Won’t you invite him in and
 allow him to “solve them?”

His love is ever so patient, willing and kind…
And is here with you…  Every single time!

He is powerful!.  He’s the beginning and the end!
He’s all you ever need!  
Glory to God and AMEN!!!

By Jim Pemberton

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Lucky seven Falls Below Zero

Nowadays the odds are against you the minute you are born
A rose is only protected when it has its thorns
Even the most vicious animals want to protect their young
Parents stories of doing right too often unsung
In a world that is not so peachy
Raise your kids teach them about reality
We only want what's best for them no matter where they go
Lucky Seven sometimes falls below Zero
Drugs, alcohol, teenage pregnancies and gang banging
No more innocence, no more Little Red Wagon
These kids today need a world to call their own
Sad but true sometimes it's not at home
We must find ways for them to beat the streets
Don't let our most valuable resource, our own kids deplete
Today more than ever these kids need heroes
Lucky Seven sometimes falls below Zero

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Shall I give up my wings, to see the world
Give up my womanhood, to stay the girl
Strength overrated, or perhaps overlooked
self-consciousness, highly appreciated, overbooked
If we are not perfect, we're not real
If we're not spotless, we shouldn't feel

while you still have a dollar, Buy all you can
give yourself to the nearest man
Give up remnants of your self-esteem
no longer bothering to dream

No, not today, I will not give in
I've given up too much, too soon
to not feel comfort within my own skin

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What Is Broken (Still Has Beauty)

What is broken,
Still shines great beauty...
Whoever or whatever that reaches the inside of me,
Is a treasure worthy enough for me to forever hold...

When night comes,
My feelings and thoughts truly unfold...
During the darkest of my hours,
I unleash my expressive powers...

While the dawn hast come,
My energized mind numbs
For only a moment,
I will wait...

The sun rises
As the deepest gates of my imagination
Flood open and bring on the waves of emotion.
Winds of hope blow away my tears...

And the inner sea, in me,
Begins to shine colours,
From the bluest of all these days,
To the grayest of my depressed ways...

These gray waters...
Change into a glow of hopeful silver...
And at long last, I let go of the past,
As this sea is painted gold by the eternal sun...

I am saddened and gladdened, here and there...
Yet, whatever is broken...
Still shines great beauty...

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The Look On My Child's Face

Just yesterday I noticed a look of
 love on my child’s face.
This happened in a most  “ordinary place.”

It was in our home...a place
 by God’s own design.
I felt God speaking to my heart
 this particular time.

I didn’t take any time to
 stop and realize,
The look of love and innocence
 in my child’s eyes.

“Am I being the kind of Dad
 God wants me to be?”
“Am I being an example of Christ
 for my child to see?”

Have I been demonstrating my
 God-given ability,
teaching my kids God’s love,
 and responsibility?

May a Christ-like life in my kids
 be clearly seen and understood,
As one day they will 
grow into adulthood.

I hope that one day my
 Children will say:
“I want to be like my Dad-
every single day!”

By Jim Pemberton

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Are You Discouraged Feel Like Giving Up Without A Job

It was me that my
savior chose...
He’s supplied all my needs—
my food and clothes. 

He was there when I was
laid off from work.
Satan was saying, 
“you’re no good—just a jerk.” 

I admit; “my accomplishments—
I do not boast.”
But I do exalt the Father,
the Son and Holy Ghost. 

If not for God’s love,
I’d be dead, this I know.
This is the reason why
I love him so! 

He’s done so much for me—
it’s hard to express.
The privilege of being God’s son—
I am so blessed! 

I was a clay jar all broken apart,
But the potter put me together
from his heart. 

The glue he used was his
love for me,
That’s why I’m happy
and set free! 

This I know and hope
you’ll understand,
He’ll do the same for you—
just reach out your hand! 

By Jim Pemberton

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The Bible is extremely difficult to understand
Even by Bible scholars
It was written in languages long dead
In the manner and idiom of the time

To interpret the Bible the Bible
It is not only necessary to understand the languages in which the Bible was written
But to understand the languages in which the Bible was written
Had the time they were written

The Bible, Therefore has to be understood
And for Catholics, the Church
Guided by the Holy Spirit
Is the official guardian and infallible interpreter of the Bible

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Young and Old, Children and Adults.

I watch the children as they play
They laugh 
and smile, thinking 
everything is okay
But in there feeble little minds
Hidden behind bright young eyes
They know, to the world there nothing but a child
The world dosen't know
The world dosen't care
There just another face
With a number and a name
Inside, they grow old
Tired and misserable
Sick and cold
Wishing something good would happen
But knowing that it won't
Outside there still young
Knowing nothing of the world
And the evil people it holds
Old replaces the young
Now these children are adults
Frowns and sunken eyes
They never seem to smile
All they seem to do is cry
When money isn't right
When life turns into a job
The only time they smile
Is when they finally die.


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Just 1

1 glance
1 dance
1 trance
1 chance
1 wink
1 drink
1 link
1 blink
1 crash
1 drive
1 drunk & high
1 teen
1 bribe
1 innocence
1 died
& all it took was
1 night
1 text
1 party
1 house
1 person
1's pressure
1 goal
1 first
1 thrill
1 last
1 kill

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Bright Blue Electricity

Bright blue electricity,
So beautiful those lights.
Shining starlight so lovely to gaze upon
When they ignite inside the cosmos.

Walk, walk in the moonlight,
Calming insight as it attracts my sense of sight.
Who knew I'd feel so free
In living my life with spirited might.

One kiss unto me.
My heart flutteringly takes flight.
Inspiring feelings 
Initiate graphite upon paper.

Wishing to again hold her tight,
To be in her life, yet fate has decided me
To continue to fight on
And to live with what's left of my lamplight.

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Ageless Limbo

I've caught myself
in a world of ageless limbo
for although my seventeen years show
in my head I've always known
I am older than I seem.

Let me explain
how my young peers hate
my fight against ordinary fate
while to twenty-two-year-olds I relate
for I am older than I seem.

I'm so damn jealous
of all the acquired years
gained by facing countless fears
for physical age seems not near
yet I'm older than I seem.

How I wish
that people could see
what's so long been obvious to me
that though my license says seventeen
Goddamit! I'm older than I seem!

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AS A Young Boy My Heart Was Filled With JOY

I once loved to tell others of Jesus
 as a young boy.
My heart was filled with
 love, prayer and joy.

Talking about Jesus, I had spent.
I loved to talk about him,
  everywhere I went.

As the years went by,
 I started growing old.
The things of God, I had no longer told.

A coldness in my heart began to brew.
Even God’s word-I no longer knew.

I only talked about God to
 people in the church.
But in my heart was a hunger for a new search.

A search to return to Jesus-my long lost love.
I fell on my knees and cried to God above.

As I began to confess to God everything.
A newness to my life I knew he would bring.

I began to feel his love come all over me.
The chains were now gone-I was set free!

If a coldness for Jesus dwells in you.
Remember his love is steadfast and true!

Return to him to cleanse you within,
And experience the joy of being born again!

By Jim Pemberton

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She sits all alone
In her classes and at break,
A lonely trip
To the library she'll take.

No-one speaks to her,
No-one cares,
Everyone simply
Wispers and stares.

Just because she's different,
And not the same,
Doesn't justify
Calling her lame.

She's new and vulnerable,
With not even a friend,
Every day she wakes up
And prays it will end.

Her parents are strict
And won't leave her alone,
Sometimes school is 
Just as bad as at home.

They shout and yell
Till her head starts to pound,
While she remains frozen
Not making a sound.

When she sits in her room
Looking up at the sky,
She lets everything out
And starts to cry.

With no-one to love her,
No-one that cares,
She slowly starts
To descend the stairs.

The tears stream down,
Her face a smudgy red,
She has no intention
Of going to bed.

She slips out of the house
So that no-one would learn,
That she had gone out into the night
And would never return.

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Dear Lord Please Cleanse My Mind

Im alone now... the family's 
gone to bed.
sinful thoughts have 
entered my head

I don't know which
 direction to turn.
My mind feels like a fire... 
"ready to burn."

"Jesus help me!" is 
my cry and prayer.
I know you listen and 
you care!.

I don't want to think on thoughts
which trap and allure.
But to memorize God's word--
so holy and pure!

God's word is a light unto my feet...
 a lamp unto my path.
By HIS word directing me--
I'll avoid God's wrath!

Thank you Lord for being patient, 
loving and kind.
And thanks for giving me more
 of a Christ-like mind.

Your loving kindness has 
now filled my soul.
And by your word... my mind's 
been made whole! 

By Jim Pemberton

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Do You Have Something Agiainst Your Brother

When talking to someone
 of God’s forgivenss… 
 He said;  “This doesn’t apply to me…”
“I have no unforgivenss toward my brother….
 Whom I never see…”

“I don’t speak to him.”  “I’ve no reason
 to darken his door..”
“I just don’t want to be  around him anymore…”

I asked; “What’s the difference in
 what you’re doing vs. unforgiveness?”
“Isn’t this a symptom of a deep  rooted bitterness?”

“Call it what you want.  But unforgiveness
 remains the same…”
“And you have no one…   But yourself to blame…”

An unforgiving heart comes in
 many shapes and sizes.
God is never fooled!  
There’s never any “surprises…”

He knows your intentions…  
 How you act and what you do…
Can you honestly say to the one
 you shut out…  “ I love you???”

Christ came to extend the power of love…
 For all mankind to see…
His message of deep compassion was meant
 for both you and me!

Walk in the peace and love of God,
 he’s given to us all.
A prideful and stubborn heart will
 only cause you to fall!

Walk in the healing from the words; “I forgive…”
Allowing 1 Corinthians chapter 13
 to shape how you live…

By Jim Pemberton

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I Found You

Those nights I have cried in,
Disappeared when I put you 
Inside a special place in my mind.
No matter how far apart,
We'll always meet again at a new start.

I felt guilty for letting you go
And for letting one of my most precious friendships
Fall apart...
I felt sad on some nights,
Until you brought back out friendship's bright light.

Tears and fears have once ruled my life,
But then I found you again,
My friend...

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Music For The Deaf

Once in awhile, I get so low I can feel myself falling faster into the quick sand. In this case, your love is the pit in which I’m sinking. Can you not hear me crying out for help? Because, I swear I can’t do this on my own. I need you to pull me up.. I guess you don’t see that inside I’m all shook up. I’ll be better off without you, that way I can get myself up and dressed out of this mess. You use me for your own good, but what about my sanity? This lovesick melody that I keep singing to is tearing apart the innocence of me. If you can’t see that, then why do I keep on trying to catch up to you? You won’t have to hear about it anymore though, I’m done with what you made me out to be. I’m too good to be set up by a fool like you! You’ll see one day, my dear. This melody that had me dying inside, is nothing more than music to the deaf now! But, don’t worry.. Maybe, one day you’ll see.. Just Don’t come back to me.

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Conversation Starter

Please know this:
First kiss,
Someday being a wife,
Realistic life,
Growing to mature,
A good future,
Willing to admit
You're used to it,
Odds and ends,
Smiling friends,
Wanting to live,
Love, and give,
Questions and mystery,
These are things that interest me.

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Sweet Girl

Sweet girl
don’t hide your pretty smile
Sweet girl
don’t worry, 
I’ll be here for awhile
Sweet girl
Believe me when I tell you
you’re beautiful
you’re amazing
Sweet girl
don’t be so hard on yourself
there’s no need to apologize to me
Sweet girl
you’ve never wronged me
you’re more than I could ever ask
Sweet girl
it’s okay
we always have tomorrow
Sweet girl
I’ll be there for you
and that’s all I’ll ever ask of you
Sweet girl
time is on our side
let’s see where things can go

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Deepening Our Union with God 10042010

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of Wisdom
Prudent are all who live by it Psalm 111:10

AREN’T WE SUPPOSED TO have gotten past fear-motivated worship and
Punishment-avoidance spirituality?
Didn’t God-as-Big-Brother step aside for God-as-Loving-Father?
But is it not “fear of the Lord”
Still one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit that we receive at our Baptism

Affirm in our Confirmation?
Jewish and Christian scholars alike have wrestled with the Hebrew phrase Yirah Adonai
Offering varied and rich commentaries
Recurrent among the interpretations

“Fear of the Lord” 
Means “awe and reverence”
As in this context

Can also refer to what we feel when we love someone
Deeply that we would do anything in the world not to hurt him or her
Or damage our relationship with love-ones

Taken together
Both meanings offer us profound 
Wisdom towards growing each day in
Ever-deepening our union with God

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Fleeting Emotions

My friendship is beyond 
The clouds of loneliness.
It's beautifully bright rays
Rarely breaks through them.
When it does, my Gemini emotions
Are uplifted.
Was born on a sunny day,
Yet I experience all this raining pain
Throughout my life...
Times I now spend with friends are fleeting,
But the bonds are everlasting.

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Untitled #173 / Mrs. Lacey's motto

“See me after class”
Mrs. Lacey’s motto
now it’s our own

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Don't Be

Don't be afraid to take a stand, you only live once, so why not act like today is the end? You'll never get another chance to be here, so don't pretend. Life is as short as the relationship between an old man and a depend. Don't act like everyone else, it's alright to be different. Everyone is unique in there own way, but only you can figure that out if you're not afraid. Too bad most of you are, but that's just a waste of who you truly are. Don't die a copy, be remembered as an original.

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Threads Of Amity

These threads that bind:
A gift from you to me.
The thread pattern of time,
A measure of what’s behind and ahead.

This thread I wear,
A symbol of what we’ll share.
The threads of amity,
A motif on what friendship means.

The thread on my arm,
A bracelet I’ll never remove.
This thread as a present,
A sign of a bond being with charm.

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I Once Loved To Tell Others Of Jesus

I once loved to tell others of Jesus as a young boy. My heart was filled with love, prayer and joy. Talking about Jesus, I had spent. I loved to talk about him, everywhere I went. As the years went by, I started growing old. The things of God, I had no longer told. A coldness in my heart began to brew. Even God’s word-I no longer knew. I only talked about God to people in the church. But in my heart was a hunger for a new search. A search to return to Jesus-my long lost love. I fell on my knees and cried to God above. As I began to confess to God everything. A newness to my life I knew he would bring. I began to feel his love come all over me. The chains were now gone-I was set free! If a coldness for Jesus dwells in you. Remember his love is steadfast and true! Return to him to cleanse you within, And experience the joy of being born again! By Jim Pemberton

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The Look On My Child's Face

Just yesterday I noticed a look of
 love on my child’s face.
This happened in a most 
 “ordinary place.”

It was in our home...a place
 by God’s own design.
I felt God speaking to my heart
 this particular time.

I didn’t take any time to
 stop and realize,
The look of love and innocence
 in my child’s eyes.

“Am I being the kind of Dad
 God wants me to be?”
“Am I being an example of Christ
 for my child to see?”

Have I been demonstrating my
 God-given ability,
teaching my kids God’s love,
 and responsibility?

May a Christ-like life in my kids
 be clearly seen and understood,
As one day they will 
grow into adulthood.

I hope that one day my
 Children will say:
“I want to be like my Dad-
every single day!”

By Jim Pemberton

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Toy Houses

Keeping and making friends
Isn’t easy as it seems,
When you’re in a place
That’s supposed to hold
The best few years of
Your time amidst society.

Everyone’s naturally
Holding their own individuality,
Most people seem so easily
Associating themselves with
Those whom they feel similarly.

In my current time of life
It feels like the simplicity
Of imagining and playing
With fellow children
Is now distantly forgotten
And left behind in our minds.

Yet even back then,
It was like as if I’ve always
Been in my head, 
Thinking all the same, but differently.
Back then, I felt as if
I could be with many
Who appreciate me for being me.

Walking around alone
Isn’t as easy as it seems to feel,
Thinking “If only we could naively
See through the walls that hide what’s real.
Oh the walls we’ve grown into having.”

The concept of socializing
Is not built like different toy houses
With open walls too see into each one.
The basic aspects of adolescence
Have never been easy.

So as a child at heart I am
Isolated, but always quietly wide open.
Waiting for friends 
Who want to befriend me.

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Played My Heart

You played my heart,
You made me believe
We'd never part.

You swayed me,
You make believed
How we'd be.

You kissed my lips,
You made me imagined
All of what we'd be.

You loved me,
You laid beside me,
Wished we'd be 'you and me'.

You played my heart,
You made my feelings fade
Away from how we'd be.

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Runcorn Moonlit Romance

Through the erotic alleyways
of dim set lamppost light,
smoky the figure struts on by
to catch the last bus of the night.
It's gone past eleven,
and it's down grim lucks drive,
but she'd've danced till dawn
swimming in any old dive-
Off goes the lady of liquor,
toes screeching to be a little quicker,
Her blisters cry to green sleeves 
But she daren't try paddling in hazer's heap.
And she is in presence of charm
by tweens and men offering her arm.
They serenade her beauty in heckled praise:
"Your dead fit- give us a gob-job la"
and with a hickup she giggles,
and coyly flutters her stuck on eyes.

Oh the seductive sound of chavs zipper
that to her delight moonlight flicker
gives a hint to their gift like that of the ripper.
She passes by,
oh those gentle pricks of enticement-
the serenade fading to silence,
meeting her backed against the wall.
Nervous she presses her dress to her stomach,
blushing she takes her other hand
seductively pressing it on her lips and down her throat.
He grabs her wrist and thrusts his surprise toward it,
she bows her head in submission,
taking a firm grip-
she lurches and twists.

"There you go" she legs it. 

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Hummed inside carburetors,
like lungs do to lullabies, 
I grasped my whitened vertebrae, 
and crumpled it up 
as if I were child without a spine. 

 Like papyrus on a good day, 
I scribbled abstract feelings 
(the kind I am incapable of feeling) 
and wrote them in verse;
told everyone I was emotional 
and needy. 
Such a good, big, girl. 

I ripped the spinal cord
away from my ribs, 
and when I felt
just a little weak - 
I tossed it into an honest graveyard-  
one built for me, 
to house my restraints 
and abilities. 
  'Cause I don't want to feel
what I can't. 

And when I split my vertebrae
between my teeth and cuticles,
I can see the light 
that once grew inside my lullaby 
fade into an anti-positive.
Boring holes into sunset canary yellow,
sprouting between the dirt that's my smile. 

I would break every bone in my chest, 
if I knew it'd cause any sort of pain.
After all, there's no use for a woman 
that hasn't got a backbone.


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Gleams Of Hope

Always feeling such inner hurt,
My heart just feels so insecure in the night.
But there is always a light
Guiding me through my lonely days.
Sometimes I find life so unfair,
Yet some days I don't really care...

Seems like I always try different ways to express my feelings
Then I start retrieving truths I possibly never wanted to hear
And then I break down spiritually.
I hide my negativity and believe I can make it through
On my own.

Thoughts from the dark
Leave me with a lonely soul.
Ready to take the toll
Of thoughts that merged into my mind.
On optimistic days I believe I have the potential
To be successful
And that all my lonely and stressful years
Will be worth going through.

"Everyone who wants to disappear,
Look inside
And search for the light that resides...
There you will find
That you must stay true to yourself,
And try your hardest to harness your dreams...
Because the sadness and darkness in your mind
Are only gleams of what you'll really find 
(Hope is the key)..."

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What Is This Life Which Is Full Of 
No Time To Do 
Fun And Relaxation. 

Every Parents Want Their Child To Shine, 
No One Think That Is It Fine? 

Children’s Tension Are, 
Study And Exam, 
They Have To Study Whether, 
It Is Cold Or Warm. 

A Paper Note Has More Value, 
Than Our Creativity, 
Every Student Is Suciding, 
In Village Or In City. 

What Is This Life Which Is Full Of 
No Time To Do 
Fun And Relaxation.

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What Is This Life Which Is Full Of 
No Time To Do 
Fun And Relaxation. 

Every Parents Want Their Child To Shine, 
No One Think That Is It Fine? 

Children’s Tension Are, 
Study And Exam, 
They Have To Study Whether, 
It Is Cold Or Warm. 

A Paper Note Has More Value, 
Than Our Creativity, 
Every Student Is Suciding, 
In Village Or In City. 

What Is This Life Which Is Full Of 
No Time To Do 
Fun And Relaxation.

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I Want Someone To Love

I want someone to hold.
I want someone to have.
I want someone to talk to.
I want someone to keep me company.
I want someone to sing with me.
I want someone to share pure bliss with.

I want a saviour-like person.
I want a true friend.
I want a soul who I can find throughout all lives.
I want a friend who is of many of my own.
I want a bond where I'll never feel alone again.

I want a dream to come true.
I want a blend of all feelings.
I want a destiny worth fulfilling.
I want a life full of meanings.
I want a desire to be made real.

I want someone to always know how I feel.
I want someone to dance with.
I want someone to help me in my ordeals.
I want someone who is one of my ideals.
I want someone who makes me daydream.
I want someone who makes my hopes real.
I want someone who will keep me longing for more.
I want someone other than myself.

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So Tired

For who, and why, do I try?
When I, I am so very tired.
I am so very tired of weary skies,
As if waiting for unruly demise.

For what, and why, must I climb?
Climb, climb, climb
These rocks tremble underneath my feet,
I'll fall at the gentle push of another heartbeat.

For what, and why, do I fight?
Sacrifices; fallen brothers; social battlefields
Closer than blood,
Further apart than Mars and Venus

On whose time, under whose rule, do I live?
Confined to the ideas of social medias,
Free to pick the poison of an everyday routine.
A perfectly packaged failure off assembly line.

So for who, and why, do I try? 
Isolated mind; lost in seas of many
When I, I am so very tired.
Tell me why, why I try,
I will obtain the the answer, to who am I.
But now I rest; I am so very tired.

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Me or You

Each day and hour
I see what others and you do
By minute and second
I try and copy them too

Not by myself
Nor what I do
Am I me?
Or am I you?

To just fit in
Or be accepted
It's all better than hated
Or to be rejected

Simple as that
To mimic and insue
But to make me me?
Or to make me you?

Pressure from despite
Pressure from Love
Pressure to be like them
Not to be hated nor loved

To heir their ways
And the best of the new
But to build boundaries for me?
Or build boundaries from you?

As clear as it may be
Or as obvious it may seem
My mind is MINE
And NOT to be obleemed

What man has my heart and soul
To bring me down to do
The things that aren't of me
But the things that are of you?!

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God's Call to the Mall

Mall stores are closing;it's ten p.m.;
But the parking lot action is about to begin!  
The first car pulls in ,followed by car number two.
Eight more will show up before they're all through.
You'll find red lights, and blue lights, and chrome a-plenty.
At that age, I never had that kind of money!
Their music is playing, but not very loud;
No need to invite the cops to mess with this crowd.
The braggin' begins as to who's car is the best:
Which one is louder-or cooler-or more customized than the rest.
One kid lights a cigarette and begins blowing smoke;
Two others are laughing at a third friend's joke.
Someone says "Let me use your cellphone so I can call Fred,
Why, there are still many hours until we head home to bed!"
This nightly assembly has been occurring al summer.
School starts tomorrow!  Man, that's a bummer!
They hang together,like their parents before them,
Hoping this gathering will relieve their boredom.
They aren't planning to riot, kill or rob;
And twenty-three kids is a far cry from a mob!
Quiet, well-behaved kids, in one small city,
Yet lacking meaning in life.  That sure is a pity!
Turn to God? Man, you must be old-fashioned!
Come out, Christian youth --and show them compassion
Paul was all things to all men, that he might win some.
Can we do less if we want revival to come?
Will we write off these kids, and say" That's just their lot?"
I'm persuaded that Jesus would not.
Are these friends of yours? Then share a kind word.
Give them some hope. Point them to Jesus our Lord!

                                                                                   Charlie Pelota HSLP  10-17-2004

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Papa Says Yes Mama Says No

Papa says yes
Mama says no

Off to a dance
I want to go

Flowers in my hair
Mama says Girl don't you dare

Horn's just a blaring
Papa not even caring

Begging dear mama
Please Please can I go hah hah

If your papa says yes
Then I must confess

Your mama says no
But This time I'll let you go

Be home by eleven
My little princess from Heaven

For if you come in late
Your papa is going to kill that date

         To My

Tribute To 
Teenage Dating

Remember Kiddies
Were always watching LOL

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I am controlled
They control me
Like a puppeteer
They pull the strings
Like a dog
They whistle
I come
I have no freedom
I have no choice
A slave in my own home
I want freedom
I can see it
But I can’t feel it
I dream of it
But it does not come
So I obey
And controlled

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My father whispered the word in my ear...


All of a sudden life turned into great fear.


Such an awful sounding word.


Makes me think we live in an awful world.


Will power...

Crumbles just like a flower.

Left in pain and agony for all to see.

That someone could lack so much care.

It's hard to even take a breath of air.

Will power...


My father whispered the word in my ear...


All of a sudden life turned into great fear.


Such an awful sounding word.


Makes me think we live in an awful world.


Plaguing my mind with intruding thoughts of death.

Maybe this will be my last breath.

Insanity is the only thing left.

With decades of torture and silence.

The only thing left to do is die!

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I remember when I was verbally bullied,
I would not tell my parents or teacher 
Of what was happening.
I would only take it all in solitary stride,
I remember always feeling 
Both sad and happy in being alone.

I think about it now,
I realize the reasons why I was bullied, why
I was resentful of those who done so to me.
I realize how silly it all was as a whole. 

I notice how it seems to be my fault,
I rejected their offers for friendship.
I still think I was right,
I intuitively knew of their potential two-faced sides.

I have had friends long before then.
I unwillingly moved elsewhere 
(Away from mine friends back then).
I seem to have lost them 
For as long as I shall continue to live.
I eventually had no one 
But [one] older and [some] younger cousins.

I remember when I was my parents' only beloved little one.
I would have everything a child wanted and needed.
I realized my parents often never played with me,
I have come to feel
They were never a good refuge for my feelings anyway.

I see how I've changed from a beloved child 
To now this lonely soul.
I notice how everybody else eventually changes.
I have had good few friends 
In these passing recent years of youth.
I have taken the toll that life has had in place for me.

I reminisce it all now,
I felt so alone, still feel so alone.
I remember my pain, I remember my joys,
I still console myself alone.

I notice how everything is not the same,
I realize the happier days of my past cannot repeat.
I know even if they did then I would face it all again.
I forever now accept it all to be an essential part of me.

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Don't belong

Me being here is like a lion stuck with a cage of elk. I'm so different from the rest. You stand around hopeless and relentless. I stand here with hope and full of strength. Can't you see the differences? It's like being in a hazard. We aren't a good combination, It's like mixing fire with ice. I'll burn bright while the rest of you melt. You are all the same, Scared of your own shadow. Can't you see I don't belong here, Stop being the same, Don't be afraid to be yourself. Or maybe, you are all truely the same. Oh, well if so, I'm not worried about you. I've got someone like me at home.

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I am only that girl

I’m just a girl with ragging hormones.

I’m just a girl that has a sex drive of a door knob.

I’m just a girl who gives what they want without getting what she wants.

I’m just a girl who is a slut by soccity but a fun person by heart.

I’m just a girl who doesn’t always care.

I’m just a girl who can care to much.

I’m just a girl who enjoys a great drink.

I’m just a girl who is always tired.

I’m just a girl who apprecates waking up in a bed, even if it isn’t her own.

I’m just a girl who wants love but doesn’t think it’s true.

I’m just a girl whoms fate is twisted and brain is boiled.

I’m just a girl that always wants to cuddle with boys.

I’m just a girl whom doesn’t like her father.

I’m just a girl whom has trust issues.

I’m just a girl whom normaly feels ****ed up.

I’m still just a person.

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For You

The day I met you,
I at first saw you as strange.
But then, later in time,
I realized that it's just your disguise.

I never felt so lucky
Before you said you loved me.
There aren't many guys in the world
Who don't despise looks.
Yet you are the one who seems the most true.

Maybe deep down, I love you too...
And I'm not sure why
I stopped you from suicide.

I guess I just want others to follow
The guiding light that always helped me through.
Although I think that,
You say that I'm probably in love with you.

If that is really true,
Then I can't handle hearing your voice,
Life as if your feelings for me
Are forcing me to love you without a choice.
I can't even handle such love,
At least not yet.

For now I just want to keep my bets of me
Finding another person.
And I don't find anyone like you,
Then I'll become yours
Just for you...

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Wandering Eyes... 

Have you been captured by 
the wandering of your eyes? 
Things you once held as true and 
wholesome-- you now despise. 

Have you been “captured” 
by an outward beauty? 
Thereby neglecting your 
God-given duty? 

Has your soul been consumed with 
sin's all-consuming fire? 
With an uncontrollable appetitie 
and an ungodly desire. 

In your heart, is the Holy Spirit 
an uninvited guest? 
No wonder your life is in 
such a huge mess! 

Your head is filled with fantasies 
and temptations of every kind. 
You pretend on the outside. But you've 
lost control of your mind. 

For your failures—you have 
only yourself to blame. 
Now's the time to repent— 
and call on Jesus' name! 

Though your sins be red as scarlet-- 
they can be washed as white as snow. 
Only Jesus can be true peace and 
satisfaction to your troubled soul. 

By Jim Pemberton 

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Are Things In Your Life Out Of Place

Are Things In Life "Out Of Place?"

I visited a garage sale.  And had a 
surprised look on my face.
I noticed that some things
 were "out of place."

To my right... Was a shelf filled with books.. 
And Christian ones too.
To my left...  Was a sign that read; 
"I have adult movies for you."

I wondered and thought with 
some kind of amazement.
"Does this person read these books. 
 And watch this "entertainment?"

This is common in many Christian homes...
Often...  People cross God's 
"boundaries" and "safety zones."

Anyone can go to church. 
 Pray, sing and "shed a tear."
Not realizing that sin's temptation
 is drawing ever so near.

Do you seek God's holiness and the 
power of Jesus' name?
But each night...  Before bedtime... 
 Things aren't quite the same...

Have you opened up your heart 
and mind...  And live life unfulfilled?
Is this the way you ought to live? 
 Is this what God has willed?

He desires to live inside of you.
  And help you to discover.
With any stronghold in life.  
He'll help you to recover!

Are things in life "out of place?"  
And need to be put back together?
Allow God's word to guide you!  
His promises are forever!

Everything will be where it should be...  
With Jesus In control!
Only he can defeat the enemy that 
seeks to destroy your soul!

By Jim Pemberton 08/03/09

Details | Free verse | |


I speak of a made up world.
One that will never exist not today, not tomorrow. 

This world contains all gain and no pain.
A world that doesn’t include poisons only sugar and love. 
It is not made up of hate like this world of today.

A world in which secrets would not exist.
An earth in which children would be safe.

“Pain go away” would never be said in this world. 
Instead, people would say, “Love never ends.”

Dark clouds of depression would be chased away by the sunrays of friendship.
A lion would never roar only purr.

Genies would hand out not three wishes but a million wishes. 

Every girl would be crowned a princess and every woman would be a queen. 
Every boy would be a prince. Every man would be a king

Lemons would be sweet and not sour.

Let’s make this world true.
Let’s spin the web of magic.
Defy the laws of “Never” and make this world true Today!

Don’t you desire this?
This enchanted world of love, of peace, of understanding.

Are you not tired of today’s world?
A world in which only hate and pain exist.
Where hot salty tears have become the bread of many.
Make it true…this Utopia.
If not for yourself then for the future.
Leave the legacy that won’t perish.

Join me as I dream of what could be then…
Let’s do more than dream.
Plan for the new world.
A world of peace and complete love.  


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Not a Rotten Pop Tart

In the corner,
there's a young girl
convinced by movies and magazines,
that she is far from pretty
In another corner,
a lonely boy
One that notices her stunning beauty,
the kind that the stupid masses fail to see

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So Good

A comfortable sound; is found in the pews
 	Illuminated, we are feeling the Good News
As this providence is caught alive
	All tempestuous thoughts of transgressors subside
Hallelujah, HE brings divine will for all of us too…
	It is so good to hear the sweet sounds from the pews

Details | Dramatic monologue | |

Die Another Day

When I dig down far within my mind. All I can find is suicide. Can’t say why I want 
to die. Probably to escape the pressure inside. The neglect I receive and the pain 
I conceive. It’s eating away all parts of me. Only god knows how tired I am of 
crying, and how hard I am trying to cover up the lying. I can’t even explain why o 
feel this pain. My eyes just cry, the rain that stains the face that bleeds for a place 
in the human race. And incase I say things turn out my way I think I’ll pray to die 
another day.

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My True Friends

Since the day I was born
You were always my friend,
And I'm sure we'll be friends until the end.
I'm not sure what I would be doing without you...

My dearest friend,
We always come back together in a happy end.
I have always loved you as a best friend.
And I am glad I reunited with you again.

When I met you, my wonderful friend,
I slowly began realizing
What makes a true friendship...

It's not always about what me
And my friend have in common,
So I must always try to stick to them thick and through.
But when I do stop being around
Someone because I'm not being true,
It seems that my bonds become deeper
And the matter of the smallest differences
And the past are steeper.

Meaning that we don't need to walk down those steep stairs,
Where we went different paths,
But it seems that no matter which way I go
I always end up with being one of you again.
My true friends, I want to forever sustain our friendships.

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Greater Man

They say you're nobody
They talk lies behind your back
They speak of an insignificant soul
A heart worth no attention
I say -
It's the prominence of my walk
The strength of my stance
The graize of my speech to the intelligence beyond glance
I'm a man that's greater
A Greater Man - that's me

A lot try to say you're ugly
Change your appearence - your style
Try to make you conform
Be coll, Be "in," whatever that may mean
I say -
It's the brown of my skin
The scar on my hand
The rareness of my style to the bareness of my ends
I'm a man that's greater
A Greater Man - that's me

They despise your real talk
Call you weak - Call you a punk
They turn the world against you
Your friends - Your loved ones
I say -
It's the abundance of my knowledge
The credit of my character
The uniqeness of my name
An undisputed fame - I'm a man that's greater
A Greater Man - that's me

So when they give you lip
And they torture your stature
When they come across your self-esteem
And say you're not anything
I say -
It's the flare of my actions
The perseverance of my smile
The integrity of my measure
The courage of my style - I'm a man that's greater
A Greater Man
That's me

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Untitled #51 / "You guys are full of excercise"

“You guys are full of exercise” – nonsense
even after she has finished
scolding Kyle for laying down his head
“Not bored, just sleepy”
I don’t blame him,
Calculus sucks
and now CRAZY Mrs. Howe walks in,
crowing, breathless, sharing new information
buying me time to record the events
but alas! even now we check homework.

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Farewell For A While

Feels limiting living in a small place...
I retrace all my sorrows and joys
In a region I’ve personally proclaimed as my home.
Within my mind is only a dream of another place.
Another desire and wish of mine is to be set free.
I am sorry, but I must leave... My mind shall turn into a fixated set of 
Feelings of missing of my young prayed-for angels
(My baby brother and my little sister).
Farewell for a while, my friends,
For I will go onto a journey (alone or not alone, doesn’t matter).
As I keep this decision (to be true to myself and honest of myself),
I shall be able to continue my very own life with precision.
So farewell and be glad for yourselves, 
Even when everything feels out of your own range,
Please remember how I perceived life through
Changings of thinking and changes of maturing mind.

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Two Faced

It smiles to you
Speaks kind words
Encourages you
It's your friend

Then it turns its head
Stabs your back and suffocates your front
It destroys your name
and dares to claim - 
A different side
A different face

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Unfinished Business (The Lockdown)

Did you think you were cool?
to call in a threat?
You Columbine copy-cat,
you coward, you fool?

Teachers hear the “code,”
Teachers who’ve been trained to
hope for the best
prepare for the worst, 
the worst that could possibly happen
at this 
	or any

Students thought it strange,
didn’t get the news,
saw my fast moves,
the blinds drawn
door locked
hands that shook
the lights off

“In the corner, NOW!”
I pointed, afraid
that life or death,
my own, 
my students’
hung in the air

I’m not the self-sacrificing sort,
or so I thought,
wedged between my students
and the door,
the worry-wart,
the mother hen,

knowing I would hurl 
at the gunman,
at the trenchcoat,
so that
bodies could escape.

Still, I hoped,
the boys

“Fight or Flee, do SOMETHING,”
the mantra learned at
Virginia Tech,
the lesson learned
the hard way.

Teen bodies sweat, now,
the smell of fear,
the floor hard, so cold,
the dark,
afraid to whisper,
we listen for sounds
gunshots, anything,
outside that door.

Nobody knows…
“What’s going on?”
Chairs scrape upstairs:
“Fools!” I think, half hope the noise
draws the gunman
away from here,
but that I’m wrong,
it’s a scare,
all at once.

Hunger now,
stomachs growl,
it’s schools end,
we’re finally fed

And if we could find you,
the fool, so cruel,
who started this
it’s YOU we’d feed on,
US you’d fear,
a collective pride,
of Panthers
on the prowl.

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"Everyone does it"
Is a poor reason to act
Use some common sense

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Goodbye For Now

Goodbye for now,
I promise I'll come back somehow.
Ciao for now,
I'll return to you somehow. 
Sayonara for now,
My role in your life's play ends with a bow.
Adios for now,
My influence shall be in your memories now.
Au revoir for now,
I promise I'll never forget thou.
Farewell for now,
I'll someday fulfill that vow.

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We seek to wrought with no Desire Detached from all Earthly Pleasures So yearning to know but with what do you hold? That are way is wrong, aren't we all greedy with lust and lustful for power? How can you know what is right When all we Ever Wanted was Wrong? Dreaming a Dream filled with Ignorant Knowledge It is what Tears us Apart When we thought we were Right We were Never so Wrong How can we Know what is Right when the ignorance settled so long ago? Humanity has killed The Divine with Desire Seek to know what is right In your heart For you; 'tis different for all Never agree unless your heart accepts Always seek Find your Personal Logos Be Enlightened Seek the Gnosis

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It is time to make a decision
Possibly the greatest in my life.
Do I go with the truth,
Or do I live a lie?
Which path should i choose?
Should i follow the crowd,
Or do I stay true to myself?
The answer may seem simple... But it's not.
Because it everyone I am way
But inside I know
That the choice I make
Will either help or hurt my growth 
As a person-- as a woman.
It is time to make a choice,
Maybe the greatest in my life,
Which path should I choose?
Which one is right??

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Ode on a Green Apple

Shaped like a
polar magnetic field
but more greener
with a stub of a stem
let me see here
your name is
Granny Smith
Crisp and Tangy
4017, Produce of USA
A fine specimen indeed!
I hope the fruit pickers
didn’t put their
greasy, grubby
Beaner hands
all over your

The rough world’s bruised you
but not enough to save you.
You die tomorrow at sunup.

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Trying to escape from it all I detach from reality Knowing my spirit will be Safe Too much torment have I gone through To know that this story is truly mine Cut me off no matter how much I'll always find a way To fight and survive your kingdom I'm the only thing you desire I'm the only thing you hate I'm the only thing you need I'm you little Babydoll In my mind there is a haven Only I can enter, but everyone else is there Its there I will find a new tactic To keep on living in your torment On the way home I'll die a few times But just to know I really lived I'll have to find a new way to bleed If I want to escape I'll have to loose myself Cut me off no matter how much I'll always find a way To fight and survive your kingdom I'm the only thing you desire I'm the only thing you hate I'm the only thing you need I'm you little Babydoll Cut me off no matter how much I'll always find a way To fight and survive your kingdom I'm the only thing you desire I'm the only thing you hate I'm the only thing you need I'm you little Babydoll

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What is Freedom

I'll show them what they did to me...

I'll ruin their lives next.

I'll make them SUFFER.

See how they feel.

To be muted.

In this disgusting atmosphere.

The place that we call "school."


How awful of a life without freedom.

What is Freedom!?

Does it exist...?

Trapped here in this sickening place.

Everyone likes to call "School."

An atmosphere of over-whelming doom.

Why must I be used as a tool?


I hate them.

Feasting for blood.

I want their blood.

That will color my hair.



It will do the trick.

To feed my agony...

To escape my mind.

My question will be answered.

What is Freedom!?

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Stronger Than Before

No longer am I so insecure to hold hard feelings.
No longer am I one to cling onto memories for an excuse.

No longer will I be jealous of friends finding others.
No longer will I be one to ramble only about my issues.

No longer shall I pity this life of mine.
No longer shall I think of ideation of suicide.

I will feel as if through all these years I've grown stronger.
I will feel as if I've changed but have always been me.

I will feel that life can be fatalistic for the sake of maturation.
I will feel that life can be a journey for the evolution of the soul.

I will feel as though there are those to tell me off for good reason.
I will feel as though considering other views is a sign of growth.

Never again will I ignore the feelings of my friends.
Never again will I think they've left me behind, I'm alone for a reason.

Never again will I believe I've got nothing to say.
Never will I believe I've got no strength.

Never again will I give up my values.
Never again will I feel as alone as I claim.

I will believe that I can be there for friends to talk to.
I will believe that I am someone who can try.

I will believe that my bad and good emotions were not right or wrong.
I will believe that my feelings were what kept me holding onto them.

I will believe that I can find relief that I seek within me.
I will believe that I am stronger than before.

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Our Love Is Faded

Our love was fated
To be so fleeting,
Yet now it is forever faded.
I want to blame you
For letting it slip
Away from our embraceable arms
And away from our lips' second chance.
Though I do happily prance
Towards you at school,
I am unaware of what harms
You may have gone through.
I was entranced in pain,
But you could not have kept
Hidden our pleasureful shame.
I have hope for us,
Even though we're cool,
I'm secretly hoping
We can someday be the same
As before I blamed you
For both my happiness and loneliness.
You are forever
One of the best.

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God and the Devil

I’m going to places I never would have gone before
I’m doing things I never would have done before
I’m not who I was
I feel my idealistic morals trying to slip
I don’t want to give in
God, what do I do?
I’m tired of falling further from you
I want to look my future bride in the eyes
and say “You are my first”
but this path she has led me to
and I for some reason 
have willingly taken
is leaving my mind slowly breaking
as God and the Devil
my morals and my flesh
my beliefs and my world
are all clashing with one another

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Mixed Feelings

What causes me grief
Is also what gives me relief...
A bog of tears is what makes me think
It has all disappeared,
My glasses fog because of the mist.

This thing is what causes my woe
Yet it has some truth
That makes me feel so happy...
It does not seem to understand me,
I try to tell what''s bottled up inside
And try to put it under a spell,

Even if I do, I''ll go through such inner pain again & again.
For without it or the other way,
My soul won''t live happily
Or won''t be able to change...

My days will always have colours,
For grey shall be in the night,
Because that is when my thoughts of thou take flight...
Oh it is my hate and love,
It is my grief and happiness,
It is both worthful
And worthless...
I can never decide
Because the pain will always reside.

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Not a lot of people have my trust
or my respect
many people show me they
are not trustworthy
and the only people that have my
respect and trust
is my family
they mean everything to me
trust is an important thing
to me
if you don't have my trust
then you are way beyond luck.

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did his mom find out?
i bet he felt dum lol
we're goin 2 c that new Jack Black movie 2morrow
u 2 want to go 2?
the answering thingy said it sta rts at 7:15
o, well let me know if he gets off early then
me 2,
i got a mth test 2 morrow
and i havent studied none
luv u

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So Good For Me

I moved on much later, but that's alright.
I've struggled through for as long as I can.
And, now, I've finally got my place,
my own personal space,
where it's for me and me alone.
I can think there and ponder
the long route to my destination,
which happens to be that little place,
but oh it was worth it.

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In Our Adversity God Is There

In Our Adversity... HE Is There! There are circumstances in life... I wish I could trade! I can think of both good and bad decisions I have made. This is a most unfortunate situation I find myself in. Is causing a lot of grief and pain deep withini... The guilt I feel I can't "begin to explain." To be honest with you... It's brought me shame. Where Lord... did I get "so many things wrong?" There's many things in my life that don't belong! I ask you Jesus to take total and complete control... I don't know who else to turn to... or where else to go. Please come & pick up the broken pieces that surround me. So much of my life was lost, but now you've found me! In your goodness and love... my life is now content. From my wrong and sin... I now humbly repent! I thank you Jesus for turning my life around. YOU are the very best friend I have ever found! By Jim Pemberton

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I feel very depress
The point where ,lets forget about success
I feel very sad
Where the little boy inside want's to cry
The tears that fall seem very dry
The point in life were everything seems to fall apart
That i get plugged up inside my heart
Where i feel to be left alone
To not talk or disturbe anymore
Does it matter what people say to me?
Not anymore
I lost the touch , that feeling i had once
But i dont want to live it no more
Forget about all this
Forget what they all said
I dont need no one to help me
Or be there for me
Cause, it's all about me
Not you , or you , but me

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Friendship Brings Sunshine

You know, when the sky is grey,
You should go somewhere today
And bring the sunshine by going for a bike ride
To a friend's house.

If it rains as you're riding in exhaustion and pain,
Don't slow down,
Cause at the end there's happiness to gain.

Laughing with a friend or two,
Is perfect for the things around you.
Having fun will make the sun
Bring a line along those clouds.

Then it'll shine through.
This all happens because of that mood.
Friendship will always bring a rope to cheerfulness.

And I truly agree,
Because this often happens to me.

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Have You Felt Like Giving Up Lately

Have you felt like giving up… 
As the problems in life have
been building up greatly…

Is there something in life that’s 
“dragging you down?”
Any peace and joy in life
can’t be found?

Perhaps you feel like: “There’s no
 use for me trying.”
Everything I’ve tried isn’t working
 nor is satisfying.”

I have GOOD NEWS!  Please listen to
 what I have to say!
There’s someone I know who
 can change you today!

Jesus is here now!  
And is waiting for you!
The choice is yours…  
What will you do?

He can pick up the “broken pieces”
 and be your friend
He’ll bring true joy and 
forgiveness within.

He alone can bring fulfillment
 and content.
No matter how many “wasted years” 
 you may have spent……

A message of salvation and
 a new life you can obtain!
Simply reach out to him…  
And call on HIS name!

By Jim Pemberton

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I Shall Remember

Those days were filled
With joy and singing.
Because of that;
My present days are now worth living
And smiling through.

Remember during a storm,
We've seen a rainbow
Through a window
That was part of a room
Where we pretended to have feathers
And danced around an invisible fire.

Bonds are like a rainbow;
The happiness that was shared
Eventually fades away.
Though such a bond is gone,
Another rainy day goes by
And the rainbow appears again.

So now... I'll always remember
That life is like a sea
(An ocean of memories)....
And even though "friend" has
The word "end"...
There is a "ship" in "friendship"
(Which leaves and returns).
I shall always remember such a metaphor...

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Given So Much

Given so much to others in my life...
Written sincerities to my friends.
Forgiveness of their mistakes and
For those who once hurt me verbally.
Many times I have generously given
A dollar to those in need of it...

No returning owe to pay, they forget,
Yet I still remain generous and gracious.
I'd give my life for all my friends
If I could and ever have such a chance.
They my friends have not been with me
For as many times as they've been with each other.

My life journey though
Is of self-reliance...
My mind is of sincerity
And generosity.
I give so much...
Even though they rarely do the same,
I continue to this strong
Sense and feeling of loyalty anyway.

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The Outcast-

Long blonde hair
A pageant queen beauty 
On stage she smiles
Inside, she's brooding.

Girl in the hallway
Glasses an inch thick
Smart as Einstein
Lacking true spirit.

Young woman there
Hair black as night
Nails used for earrings
No one would ever know 
she cries, every night.

Little miss popular,
Big breasts, perfect skin
Who gets all the guys
Never letting on that 
She isn't that happy 
She tells them all lies.

Rich little daddy's girl
Drives up in the Benz
No one knows she sits 
Lonely on holidays
With no food and no gifts
Just the maid and some gin.

Labels we see... never
Looking beyond.
We place them on each
We laugh, we torture,
we turn the other cheek.

It doesn't really matter
if you are rich or you're poor
The loneliness, it isn't picky
Or discriminate
Because of our decor.

We are all the same inside
Girl afraid, woman trying.

Hearts beating heavily
While our souls
continue crying.

I just wish one day

We all could just 
Stop the hurting.

So my advice is simply this:

If you see someone you think,
Looks like an outcast to you
Please remember to give a smile
Because one day that girl.....

{On the stage, in the corner
With the glasses, or the fancy ride
Black nails, heartbreaker or the liar}

Could be you.

Wouldn't you want someone to

See the outcast girl too?

-This was inspired by my teen daughter who at the moment, feels
like the outcast-

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i'm tired of these boys that aint no good
i'm tired of these boys that aint goin nowhere, ghetto for life, no further than the 
i'm tired of these boys poppin females off and goin to jail
i'm tired of these boys that get out and continue to sale
i'm tired of these boys tryna be pimps, playas, hoes
got the nerve to call us runners, and they pros
i'm tired of these boys thats fine, all in theyself, wasteing our time
im tired of these boys fake blinging, drama bringing, heart breaking, time 
wasteing, good looks, wrong attitude, not all that and still rude
im tired of these boys that cant take no for an answer
im tired of these boys that girls are chasing after
filling up their head, got them thinking they whats it
comin at me like their a priviledge
im tired of these boys life about gettin high
im tired of these boys that got the upper hand and choose to die
im tired of these boys thats triffalin, rivalin, killen they own, talk stuff, hang on 
corners, always drunk
im tired of these boys that wanna be thug, buck, talk to much, got big heads, little 
always who's the man, high fives cuz yo hit that ass, you got hers dont mean you 
gone get mine
im tired of these boys thats immitating, irritating, aggravating, instigating, 
munipulating, humiliating, degrading, betraying, lover claiming, lust gaining, 
coochie fienen, disease springing, baby creating, drug related, dumb but 
im tired of these boys that see the street life exciting and the ones that think 
there's no other road
i understand it's not easy growing up in the ghetto world
but while you were taught to sale, deal, smoke, drink, drugs
while you were taught money, streets, attitude, gangs, thug
while you were taught babies, babymamas, sex, drama
while you were taught pimps, playas, hoes, who's the man
try to learn how to be a man
my ladies are tired

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High School

Ah, that smell of bread from Home Ec.,
Just can't be real to me,
Because school just seems to be a part of everyone's misery,
But then I realize
The bread from there is as real as a bakery's.
And when I'm with my friend,
The fun of bugging her in the hallways
Never seems to end.

Then I take one more look at what school is like,
I begin to admit to myself
That it's not so bad,
But when my mother gets mat at me
About homework
I stress about how hard it all seems
And think that my teachers are all jerks.
But I always finish it off in the end,
And then the whole cycle goes around again.
The truth is, I always change my mind and say
My teachers are so nice that I could consider them friends,
Sometimes I only pretend to like them.

But what's worse then teachers
Is how I see people smoke
And hear their choices about drinking and parties.
I stare at them and think, "They're gonna be really ugly..."
'Cause I'll never give into peer pressure,
Because my only pleasures are a lot better.

High school is such a big thing,
That when the bell rings
A rush of students go up and down the stairs.
Once you get to class,
Sems like the assignment you get is a pain in the ass,
And it feels like the day will never end,
Especially if you don't have a friend.

I always want to sleep-in, but when I wake up
I think school is so lame,
And sometimes I sleep through the whole day.
And when the sky is grey,
It always seems to be trying to say
That there should be no sun rays on a day at school.
But then, I think through it again and believe that there will
Always be good and bad things in whatever life will bring.

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Video Games VS Real Life: Driving

Video Games VS Real Life: Driving
     By Dane Smith-Johnsen

(The Video Game)
There he was on the racetrack.
Eager!  Darting in and out.
Slipping, sliding, glancing back
Boisterous screams and driving dreams -

Speed: 190 on the turn
Devil daring, no concern,
Winning was his deepest yearn.
Screeching tires.  Rubber burned!

Adrenalin: wild!  Swelling. 
Checkered flag showing, eyes gleamed.
The finish line, fans yelling,
Hit the gas, racecar unseen!

“Flying”, wildly waving arms,
“X’s” pop up on the screen.
Bells and buzzers sound alarms.
Crash!!!  Game over.  Sweet machine!

(Real Live Driving)
There he was on the roadway.
Other drivers round about.
Clearly in a rush that day,
So, he darted in and out.

Speeding: 90 on the curve.
Almost “flying” memories churned.
Suddenly, he had to swerve.
Leaving tracks of rubber burned!

Adrenalin rising… loft-
Speeding cab with people dear,
All, too soon he cut them off.
Hit the gas; this pass he’d clear.

But in his rearview mirror,
Upside down, a rolling cab.
Police sirens blared nearer.
Life over:  His freedom nabbed.

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American Leader

To become a good leader
Stand up for what is right
Don’t give up on your dreams
Though the effort may seem trite

Think of others before yourself
That’s how you gain respect
Watch out for negativity
You never know who you affect

A leader must retain
The ability to be led
They not only need to be sociable
But Well-versed and well-read

Good leaders watch what they say
And listen to what is said
They know when to encourage
They always look ahead

To be a good leader; work hard
But you don’t have to be strong
The most honorable quality you can possess
Is the ability to admit you’re wrong

Let our attitudes be inspiring
Stick it out through thick and thin
For all of us can lead
We just have to look within

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        It’s time for our youth to take a stance they can start by simply pulling 
              up their pants.
        Yes saggy pants have been here a while, perhaps it’s time to try a 
              new style.
        You wonder why you can’t get a job, it’s that much harder if you look like 
              a slob.
        It’s a style that came straight out of prison, it’s not you but the style 
              that  I’m dissin.’
        I know you’ll say that you don’t care, but folks are tired of looking at 
              your underwear!
       Much worse you’re constantly showing your behind, If you think that’s 
              cute you’ve lost your mind.
       You do it because everyone else is doing it, you can’t be different just 
              a little bit?
       Just who are you really trying to impress? You’re walking around looking 
              a mess.
       You’re pulling up your pants every step you take, at least use a belt 
              for heaven’s sake!
       All you have to do is look in the mirror, what I’m saying to you 
            would become much clearer.
       Your pants are so low that you can’t even run, but they work real well 
             for concealing a gun.
       These words of advice are for the ladies too, your saggy pants just 
             aren’t cute boo.
       Judging you is really not my intention, this is something I needed 
             to mention.
       So pulling up your pants could be worth while, now you’ve created 
             your own funky style!

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I find insults lame,
Verbally (psychologically)
Picking on others isn't my kind of game.

I find sincere questions fake,
Weirdly asked (persistent words).
My hobbies pushed down into heartache.

I find giving into what they say
Never ever (never ever)
Should be the way to put me into fray.

I find their asking to be friends annoying,
So persisting (so much bugging).
I prefer the common interest kind of befriending.

I find others going through hurting
Is something not right (something not fine).
Moving on is better off with them apologizing.

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As A Young Boy, I Loved Jesus Look At Me Now

I once loved to tell others of Jesus
 as a young boy.
My heart was filled with
 love, prayer and joy.

Talking about Jesus, I had spent.
I loved to talk about him,
  everywhere I went.

As the years went by,
 I started growing old.
The things of God, I had no longer told.

A coldness in my heart began to brew.
Even God’s word-I no longer knew.

I only talked about God to
 people in the church.
But in my heart was a hunger for a new search.

A search to return to Jesus-my long lost love.
I fell on my knees and cried to God above.

As I began to confess to God everything.
A newness to my life I knew he would bring.

I began to feel his love come all over me.
The chains were now gone-I was set free!

If a coldness for Jesus dwells in you.
Remember his love is steadfast and true!

Return to him to cleanse you within,
And experience the joy of being born again!

By Jim Pemberton

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I want you

Passion erupting from your chest,
eyeing me like you do.
Singing to me, mouthing yes.
Telling me you want it too

Long for your smile, nail polised eye.
My body pulled close to you.
For your hand’s breath on my thigh,
Pupils say you want it to

Aged, to fine, more years to sin
Stubled man, my chance’as flew.
Caged, oh my, hungry for skin
I know you always wanted to

Your Eye confesses heat
feverd, I want it to
Waiting for lips to meet
Kiss me, mine want it too
Love, my heart lost a beat
Say yes, you wanted to
Just one time, and then repeat
Forever waiting, wanting you

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Young Love

June 17, 2006
How sweet, how serene,
Delicate inside a core,
A flower I have bore.
Such a magnificent scene!
Blossoms in bloom are what you bring.
I couldn’t ask of you for much more,
I even find you shining on the Seashore.
You make my heart dance and sing!
The Sun shines down on me,
And the Moon leads my way.
The Stars shine and I can see,
A beautiful Sun shiny day!
You come from somewhere up above,
Tender in my heart is a Young Love!
® Registered: Ann Rich   2006

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Lost Children and Babies

My heart feels constricted, breathless pain,
the homeless child, shall never gain.
My fingers stumble when reaching out,
humble feelings trembling with doubt.

My lifeblood's flow, has been denied,
listening as the lost children cried.
My hopes dashed, and thrown away,
like some unborn status played.

Dismembered, fetus of living hell,
from warmth, a lost child did dwell.
Encased in their own veil of sorrow,
no hope yesterday, today, or tomorrow.

Reach the ends of the neap's moonlit tide,
possess the young, unwed child bride.
My heart won't span the broken hours,
wombs of waste, lost wilted flowers.

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* You Don't know what it feels like to to have your heart ache unitil you go through the hallways of school, and you always see couples together holding hands and kissing.
* Knowing no one likes you or wants you
* To Feel the pain throbbing in your chest, thinking that there is someone out there for you.
* To Think that the guy that you liked, liked you too. But it all turn out to be all wrong. A Lie
* To Wonder if when a guy stares at you whenever he see's you. If it's a good or bad thing.
* Wondering if when you look at him and he is looking back at you. If he truly likes you, or it's just out of habit.
* Just wishing that someday you will get a text from someone, you can't figure who it is. then you begin to talk and then come to find out that it was that guy that you had liked for the longest time.
* To Wish he will ask you out and show you off to his friends. And he won't care what they think. because he knows, he likes you for who you are. Not what you come off to be.
* Truly feeling loved. Someone to be there when I need him. Someone to show me off to the world. To hold me when I'm scared and lonely, even upset.
* I've liked all the wrong guys. Because it has always turned out where they would say "I Like You" but then they would end up ignoring me. Like I wasn't even there.
* I don't know if it's the end or the beginning of a wonderful or horrible dream!

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Those Who Have Wronged Us

Those Who Have Wronged Us… I had a loved one whom I thought loved me. I couldn’t understand how she would treat me! I thought she was a Christian. She said she was. She told me; “I don’t like you just because!” As the years went by, just the way she lived. I wanted nothing to do with her! Much less forgive! The things she did were hurtful and caused pain. I didn’t even want to mention her name! Years later, I felt the lord tugging at my heart! God wanted a healing… And a fresh start I wanted an apology… It never took place. I felt the Lord asking me for more of his grace. You see, after all these years, with no words spoken. I heard of some news, and my heart was broken. I found out this person was soon at death’s door. When I found out… I fell to the floor! I cried “Father in heaven will you please forgive me? I didn’t love her, in spite of how she would treat me!” The opportunity I had was a chance for forgiving. Now she hasn’t much longer that she’ll be living! May this be a warning and a “wake up” reminder! To those who wronged us, we need to be kinder! Christ’ love needs to break the “barriers” down. So forgiveness in our lives will certainly be found! By Jim Pemberton

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Cranberry Float (part2)I

time has no meaning here
all about is tidings and cheer
our team always win
and the wind keeps the kites high
the grass cut and green
the lake blue and serene
soccer moms and toddlers toddling
while dads encourage
at finale at last 
we run to to the square for a blast
we eat our burgers with cheese
and double malted shakes apease
but not for me the only thing that satisfies
is a cranbery float
whilst listening the juke box boom
and watching as everthing pulses in the room

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Virgin's Hindsight

In the deepest blue they shiver - searching her in time
In a lust drawn sigh and quiver – words of intellect and rhyme

Her eyes close in submission – as he draws her further yet
Her soul beats with such sedition – as he helps her to forget

And in the decadence of moonlight - she succumbs to virgin's plight
And in the remanence of hindsight – she never meant to lose the fight

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Go ahead and Talk

Go ahead
Keep talking
You should know that your words do not hurt me
In fact they don't make me weak
They make me stronger
So go on, keep talking
You think it hurts me
You think I'm going to cry
But it doesnt hurt me
And I will not cry
Your words just make me laugh
Laugh about how stupid 
And immature you are
So go on
Keep talking
Your not making me feel or look bad
Your just making yourself
Look like a bad person
I know deep down in my heart I am a better person than you are
So go ahead and keep talking
You will not bring me down!

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just a girl

When you look,
all you see,
just a girl,
describes me.
invisible to the world,
just another girl.

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Thanks, Ray

To the one too good
Too transcendent
Too detached
Too soft
Too yamaka
For those who would

Thanks for helping me
in programming class

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So many friends
So little time
So many friends
None want to be mine
I pretend that I'm fine

Seeing them pass me by
So cruel and cold it makes me cry
I tried to say hello but all I heard is
I wonder how often they've lied

I'm sick of all their games
And being called all those names
Names that made me weep
Crumbling in a broken heep
Begging my mother
Don't make me go back
I won't survive another attack

I don't know who to trust
To think of all the hurt the've thrust
In my heart
In my soul
My entire being
To insult the me they're seeing

I've been burned so many times
In more than one way
Right now I"ve just one more thing to say
Karma's coming at you the least expected day!

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maybe not so fixable.

this place is a construction zone
under repair
and building new things
fixing the broken,
and creating new things that will also break
the whines of saws
drumming of hammers
far from rhythmatic.
the beats are too disjointed.
tearing down walls,
replacing them with invisible boundaries.
and the bricks and foundations lain
to build knowledge upon
crumbling beneathe your glare,
your chalky fingertips
drowning out the pleas
are the yells from the unteachable
the monsters of the playground,
grown to roam hallways.
those who yawn, 
as irritating as those who crane.
the trade off.
hours, days, weeks, years of my life
for a piece of paper,
and dreams that will soon break,
and they cant be as easily fixed

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Four Faces on One Crystal

Some say I should get over it, get on with my life,
and I finally took their advice. 
Of course, it wasn't until you shattered me,
watching you with her.
Sure enough,
you invite me to your parties,
half the time your mom had no idea I'll be there,
you ride roller-coasters with me,
and we play Dungeons and Dragons in your basement.
I am your friend, in half of your life.
One of you is with her,
one of you with them,
one of you with us,
and one of you with me.
Make up your mind,
because one of you will be alone,
very, very soon.

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Phillip and Red

Average intelligence is difficult to know
with running buffoons thinking they are more
in tight skinned pants.  The sole lagger
in basketball shorts is trying to keep up with them,
the wind pushing behind them while pounding him hard in front.
They do not understand his plight, they have always
done it right while he was the one trying to find
what was wrong by smoking 20 class A cigarettes out back.

He was never lax.
Kind of gauky with teenaged features and a long nose,
he managed to laugh at the wrong times and turn a certain red
that made him more of a dork.
He at least scrounged an existence on being the coolest 
of the uncool.

Anonymity is easy to accept on a road trodden down.
For him it is classical.  It is like the rest.
The money goes along with time but it keeps sanity from 
being lost to the blinding daylight of midnight frights.

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So Simple

A simple "hello" when we cross paths
A simple hug when I leave
A simple sign to let me know
That you're satisfies with me

A simple move to communicate
(Pick up the phone and dial)
A simple: "It will be Ok"
When I start to cry

A simple apology when you've done wrong
It'll quickly end our spat
A simple "Is everything OK?''
I'll quickly tell you where you're at

A simple try to make things right
After all the hurt you've given me
A simple poem can show you
Love's not as simple as it seems to be

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Untitled #120 / The skin on the tips of my fingers

The skin on the tips of my fingers
is peeling off! Help me!
So is the skin all over my body!
Help! Oh wait!
So is your skin!
It’s all natural!
Nothing to fear!

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Laws Broken

Laws that are broken
Are taken into authority and spoken
Out loud
To an official crowd
Which may not be kind
But will sometimes get you out of a bind
With two words, thoughts are dead
And lead
To believe the wrong
And we never rejoice in that beautiful song
That all love, but never hear
Everything will stop and nothing will start
Pain takes over and life begins
And it won't stop till life's sins
Are gone and life brings joy
Some people think like is a toy
Not care what they do in life
As they try to strife
Laws are still broken
And that token 
Of life is taken away
Because we stray
Away from what's really there
People would dare
Not give their life up. Unless time was taken away and stomped on till death
When words are taken and scrambled around
Life beautiful sound
Turns to ashes and blows away
As if you were at a bay
And the sand was all gone
People awake at dawn
But with troubles in their heads
Because everyone dreads
The sun in their eyes
And until someone dies
We realize how precious life is
Listen to the beat of your heart
And laws won't be broken, because you're smart
But smart is a word that can turn selfish
Like a fish
That strays away from its school because he thinks he can make it on his own
When the tone
Of your voice is high
A lie
Might come out
And everyone is in doubt

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Look at me

Looking at you

Looking at me

          What do you see?

Beauty in the ripples

Shame in the silver

Hate in the fractured

          How does it make you feel?

Pride in the skin

Pain in the eyes

Denial in the truth

          What are you going to do?

Change who you are

Defeat what you're not

          Maybe next time

You'll like what you see

When you look at me

Looking at you

Looking at me

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Jesus NOT Drugs Is Our Hope

There was a time when I felt 
lonely and forsaken.
Everything I had was either gone or taken. 

 I lost all hope and had no place to stay.
Just trying to get through another day.

I thought that drugs would give
 me what I needed.
The "danger signs" in life... I no longer heeded.

I learned about "joints" and "tricks."
All I lived for...  was another "fix."

I felt no right or wrong. 
 No guilt or shame.
Then one night... An "angel of mercy" came.

"Jesus loves you!" Were whispered into my ear.
Without help soon.  I knew death was near!

This "angel" gave me a 
place to rest my head.
He seen to it that I was clothed and fed.

His words were filled with 
a message of hope.
I soon gave up all of my drugs and dope.

This "angel of God," gave me an invitation.
And soon I received God's gift of salvation.

I traded me "ashes" for God's
 mercy and grace.
I now have joy in my heart & 
a smile on my face.

God's love can do what no 
drugs could ever do!
He's here right now... and is waiting for YOU!

By Jim Pemberton

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Relativity of the Mask

I forgot this place
full of hypocrites
and people who preached
the so called truth.
I think I drifted apart
from the rest of this 
God-awful shelter.
Slap me to wake me
and bring me home with
the fire that was lost 
from my green eyes
because I'm sorry
that i left, I needed to
find me, and not me 
but this actor, who
pretends to be me is here.
I'll take off my mask and bow
one final time, for i think
my audiences liveliness is
dying but still I'll go along and
rehearse to put on another show.

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Just A Child

She's just a child,
Normal everyday,
But something's different,
Not the same.

She sings her songs,
She writes them,
She plays accoustic guitar.

She thirteen,
Mean and lean exercise machine,
She keeps fit,
But not too thin.

She's me,
Someone you'll never be.

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Childhood Friend

We started out friends
And that's how it should be in the end.
My first budding love,
My second friend I met,
My first guy friend.

Our opposing fates
Have left me behind
In a loveless crate.
City boy, suburban small town me,
How far away you are.

I can't sway it all away.
One day and some night
Could you become mine?

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  On the BEAM to OBERON       
On the BEAM to OBERON 
Chapter 22 CHEPH111 


Charlockandroidone7 listed the crew members nammes 

MarYlin Mist: she was the captain and the pilot of the "Amaryllis Two" 

STOKKER: He is a MECH a human mechanic and the co-pilot. 

IOLA MATRON: She is patterned after love. 

Falcon Lady: a yerd woman she is extra crew member. 

Martian BOY: He was on MARS living in the caverns. 

The Miner: He walked with a left limp: he smiles a left side smile. 

The miner stowed his gear and tried to smile at the charlax android 

The CHARLOCKandroidone7 just nodded his head and laughed The Miner was 
so surprised. 

That's the CHARLAX android he was too short to be of any use so they sent me 
to finish the mission 

I'm much taller than that Japanese freak. He was a Honda motor in an English 

The Miner was satisfied then that the android was intelligent.When the stokker 
damps this thing again we leave at hypertext speed to OBERON THREE and 
then we will shuttlebeam on the FASTERTHANLIGHT@ and take in all the sites 
on CHEPH111 the third planet from the sun of the OBERON system. We will 
leave the MISTY WAY and be in HYPERNATION space for almost 300 earth years 
but do not worry MINER the affects and defects of a hypertext transfer do not effect 
humans and how was YOUR week gentle reader? 
 On the BEAM to OBERON 

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I'm nowhere near perfect
My hair doesn't curl, isn't straight
I live for my straightener, 
But for the heat, it makes me wait.
I have a big mouth
Lots of drama and enemies
But I know how to have fun
And I make tons of memories.
I fall for guys easily
And let them break my heart
I get blinded by so-called "love"
So much, it tears me apart.
My friends and I don't always get along
About stupid stuff, we fight
I have good days, and, like everyone else,
I have days where nothing goes right.
I have memories of pain
I wish I could forget
I have said words, mean words,
That I've grown to really regret.
I'm vulnerable to believing lies
I hope, someday, I won't need a fake smile
I hope that, eventually, I'll be who I want to
Even though it'll take a while.
I make up excuses for everything
A lot of times, like to class, I am late
I do kind of risky and crazy stuff
But the laughter sure is great.
I'm nowhere near perfect
Far from that "ideal" target
But hey, that's life, you live and love
And eventually, you learn from it.
The good times count for everything
And nothing counts for the bad
We all have our ups and downs
And our days that make us sad.
We all have our reasons 
To love and to love not
It's worse to have never loved
Than to have loved and lost.
Every kiss counts for something
Even if it's the worst
No one's perfect, really, they're not
So you, for "perfection," do we thirst?
Is there some unseen prize
In the way we all are the same?
'Cause there's only one way for the world to be perfect
But that's not something I want to gain.
When we really take a step back
From all the tabloids and magazines
That push the whole "perfect" attitude
A sigh of relief, can we breathe.
When we walk away from all the rest of the world
And forget about the ideal 
We can see how truly amaing our lives are
And we can begin our own spiel.
Doesn't that sound amazing,
To take total control over our world? 
Well, why on't we try right now?
Let's give "imperfection" a whirl!
I'm not even close to being perfect
I don't know why I wanted to be
"Imperfect" is actually a pretty awesome title
And I'm proud to say it describes me.

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Someone Of Significance

You came into my life
As someone with a bit of everything
I ever wanted and needed.

You sat next to me
And I wasn’t too sure what to think,
All I knew was that I had to open up a little to you.

You approached me sincerely, randomly:
Which is the way I prefer people
To befriend me if they so choose to do.

You became someone of significance,
Something about you felt like a reminder
Of what a side of me is like exactly.

You listened to me,
I knew you were willing to,
Even when you were looking at a screen.

You were in my life
As someone who is understanding,
We were close in a vague sense.

You assured me that you know the feeling,
That you can save me and 
With you I’ll never have to feel alone again.

You became someone I consider a true friend,
Something about you felt like a reminder
Of the maturity grown from loneliness.

You were there to be my friend, 
As someone who can try to change my life,
Truly you have influenced and infatuated me.

You embraced who I was, for who I am,
But my bad feelings were foolish,
Causing the consequence of seeing why I swiftly lose.

You are a mix of good karma rewarded to me,
I was given what I wanted to experience,
You were so close to being something so much more for me.

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Damn-it, why do I have to want you,
For every wrong reason in the book,
Even if I’m sure it’s only lust,
In the flirts, the bumps, the looks.

You’re always at the concerts,
Singing words I wish I knew,
Stencils, studs and leather,
Pure-bred hardcore through and through.

Uncaring and yet passionate,
You’d die for more than hair,
"Social change and revolution,
Rebel and make the world aware".

You bang girls left and centre,
Week and end alike,
And from pointed observation,
Just-the-one is not your type.

So I’ll resign, we’ll just have fun,
And I can dream of older days,
Coz' while we’re young, I’m guessing,
No-strings is how it stays.

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When Words Can Kill (2005)

The names of stone that were thrown at me I thought could kill
Everyday at school was like rolling down a hill
I out on a brave face and watched every other fool
It was a death sentence going to school
Now time has gone on and life has grown
The world has evolved and I am not alone
I heard that name and turned my head
The same fool that shot me dead 

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Why are people like that?,
They discriminate against others,
They treat people like trash,
Just because they're not the same color,
They say stupid stuff like they don't care,
They like it most when the person is aware,
They enjoy making someone experience pain,
Even if the person is just plain,
They don't care if they hurt your feelings,
Even if the pain or words make you cry,
They enjoy you being defeated,
They think they are better but they're not,
We all are equal in my eyes,
May not be the same color, culture, or race,
We all were made by the same person,
He made us all unique in a way,
Don't you think he would say it was wrong,
That we should be together and not far apart,
We should try our best to make the hatred go away,
Because if we don't it will be here to stay

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Call the Creator of All Father 10062010

Lord, teach us to pray …Luke 11:1

All the lectures he typically gives
People seem most attentive and most interested in his talks on prayer
People want to learn how to pray

Today we celebrate the most famous “giants” of prayer, St. Bruno
With a close band of friends
This holy man left the world
Went into the snowy mountains of France

Therew lived in silence
Devoting his life to prayer
He described this life as 
“Peace that the world knows not and joy in the Holy Spirit”

You and I have similar desire to connect directly with God
Although we will not likely live the solitude of Bruno call out to Jesus, “Teach us to pray”
Jesus responds to our desire with stunning words
He toldwhen we pray to the all-powerful Lord and Creator, we are to call Him “Father”
We are not to address God as a distant
Frightening being but rather
As someone close to us
Who loves us and longs to hear our voice

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As time does pass, 
And all through the year 
I find it amazing, 
Some stories I hear 

Rumors hurt many, 
And not just a few 
These stories of fiction, 
Not actually true 

Eachtime they are told, 
little facts seem to change 
But i guess that is normal, 
its not really strange 

They are stories of passion, 
and stories of lust 
They are stories of others, 
and of who not to trust 

They are told with abandon, 
to those we call friends 
With no regard ever given, 
to the results in the end 

From just a small fact, 
we build a story quite grand 
Reputations are ruined, 
even though it's not planned 

None are immune, 
to these stories that spread 
It's not always fact, 
just because its been said 

But we need to say something, 
so why not have fun 
And tell stories of others, 
and of what they have done 

The answer is simple, 
and here is your clue 
The next rumor you hear, 
could be about you. 

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Sizing Up the Enemy

Before commiting to battle,
A wise warrior reviews the odds,
Determines the likelyhood of success,
And judges accordingly...

In my younger, gang years,
I at times deviated from this basic logic...
Such as the time I and fellow member,
Barry Bernstein (knicknamed "Noodles the Shiv")
Not for his propensity to sit Shiva,,
But for his propensity to be the first
To introduce his gravity-knife,
Into the melee, taking it to a whole new level,
Generally one the opposition declined to accept,

Well, we had been taken by two new "blind" dates
to a movie on Long Island, and afterwards to a nearbly pizzeria,

Our typical garb in those days was leather jackets,
With cut off denim jacket adorned with chains and iron crosses,
A sort of motorcycless Hells Angel's Wanna-Be,

Well we were bothering no one,
But a nearby table with 7 or 8 "greasers",
Were taking great joy at insulting my long hair,
Referencing me to some sort of Indian,
With some "impolite" remarks about Barry's nose...

We listened to this for a while,
Until one remark set me off,
Wisdom, odds, all went out the window,
I removed my garrison belt,
(We, the "Gors", required everyone to
carry switchblades or gravity knives,
with gattison belt buckles sharpened
to razor status)
I wrapped the belt around my hand,
And slowly walked over to their table,
Brain dead, perhaps, but a good
Premonition of a Clint Eastwood movie,

"You got something to say?"
I spat out threateningly.
They sat in shock, silent,
"You wanna take me on?"
Another moment of hard looks, by me.
And they shuffled out, mumbling.

I went back to my pizza...
suddenly aware of my insanity...
This there town,
not mine...
The nearest Gors were 25 miles away.
There were no cell phones then.

Slowly, a crowd was gathering outside,
They had reinforcements they didn't even need,
I saw pipes, chains, baseball bats,
Trash cans, they were only short
a Battleship...
We were dead!

At last, one of the girl's mothers pulled up
in her stationwagon, to take us home,
I suggested to Barry we walk slowly to the car,
As though we were prepared to fight.
We got into the station wagon just as
Garbage cans, lids, and other projectiles
flew our way...
The mother said, "Gee, I wonder what's
wrong with those kids?"
I was never so happy to see a brain-dead
parent before.
It was the "Great Gors Escape"
And this tale is unadorned.

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I Am

I am a cute girl
I wonder why the sky is blue
I hear a star twinkling bright
I see a pig flying far away
I want a '61 Ford Mustang Convertible
I am a cute girl

I pretend I am an adult
I feel likeness for the Lochness Monster
I touch the sun
I worry about dying
I cry when I don't get my way
I am a cute girl

I understand flings don't last forever
I say drugs mess you up
I dream about having a boyfriend
I try to get good grades
I hope someday I will be married
I am a cute girl

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Nobody's Favorite

I was the outcast in the corner
separated from my peers
purely by their fears
always compared to another
I never measured up
smart, funny, popular they were
I was none of the above

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Talk About Me

People talk
Talk about me
They talk about you too
But I don't let what they say get to me
They say I should be with them
They only wish I was like them
So go ahead and say what you wish
I'm not you
Talk about me
Act like I'm not there
Say "She's not good enough"
I'm sorry I can't be prefect
Even if I was
You would still not be happy
Talk about me
Judge me
Point at me
Say "She's crazy"
I don't care
You're not me
So go ahead and talk

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The maze-
Twisting turning,
Just a phase,
That's what they say.

But I don't believe,
Cause everything I say is dismissed,
I can't help but wonder what would have happened,
Had I not missed my chance.

I lost it all,
A blink of an eye,
My world died,
And now I cry.

It faded and I fainted,
Too much to bear,
Loving you causes to much pain,
Not enough gain.

I laugh and I cry,
But God it's no use.
I loved and I lost,
I missed you.

I turn around,
Profess my love,
And at thirteen,
I'm just in my teens.

I know what you're thinking,
I'll never be the girl,
I don't want to be.
I won't be.

I'm tired of the fake debutaunts,
Trying to be me.
They can't be,
They won't be.

You can't live now,
You know the secret to my denial.
You know me inside and out.
You have no plans.

It's plain to see,
What you plan to be,
You don't want me,
Never me.

I hate you,
Your blue eyes,
Dirty blonde hair,
Your almost six foot frame.

Tiny, petite me,
Four foot ten,
A foot shorter than you,
But so much bigger in another way.

You can't spread the rumors anymore than you have,
You can't stay in that secluded corner any longer,
The hate burns inside while I lie asleep.
I can't keep.

You can't leave me this way,
Not today.
You can't leave dead this way,
Not today.

i'm not prefect but that doesn't mean anything anymore to me,
I'll never be.
You'll never be,
We'll never be.

She can't replace me,
She can't replace me,
She won't replace me,
She won't replace me.

You've taken her,
Put her there,
Made a sub for me,
But she won't last long.

Me and all my peeps can't take over in a week,
But we will eventually.
She shall leave now,
I will lead the revolt.

I will lead,
I will tell,
I will be me,
I will survive.

I miss everyone,
Kody my best supporter
And all of my friends,
Buit God told me to leave.

I must let you remember who I am,
Words just keep flowing from my fingertips and they won't stop,
This saga never ends,
I'll remember the ember of life.

I won't forget,
I won't forget,
I won't forget,
I won't forget.

You won't forget,
You won't forget,
You won't forget,
You won't forget.

Leave it to me,
I'll make it be,
Leave it to her,
She'll never be.

She won't listen,
She keeps saying she does,
But she don't,
She knows it.

Cause she won't be,
She can't be,
She'll never be,

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I feel happy for the first time in...
...I can't remember when
Of course this feeling was reached with drugs
But it was a good night...
...with drugs
I know this happiness is just an illusion put in front of me by the X
But it's better than having to deal with your problems 24 hours a day
It's really just a break,
a release for your worries
Sure, tomorrow I'll wake up feeling like hell
and having my problems fall right back into my lap
But for those few hours
I was invincible... a child feeling the rain for the first time.

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Running Water 

Cold, lonely, fears
Abuse, torment all of her years 
Sick of the lies
sick of the guys 
hurts so bad inside 
Samestuff everynight 
Men walk the earth with no souls 
Night after night it takes it toll
Can you hear the running water
Flooding out her cries
Feels nothing when they caress her thighs
Smile on their faces all a facade
They just want her bod
Do they know my age or do they care
what do they fear 
give it up or ya dying (running water)
why you sighing
goes to the building
the place where it all started
She lost her virginity
By some Pimp some scumbag 
Her own father(running water
Runs a tub of running water
 running water
She closes the door ofthe abandonded building
Think about your children
My son is my brother
A  sister mommy
Pills and razor blades 
Drop to the floor
Twisting and turning as she drops to the floor
Even the devil hell'll see this  and feel remorse for
Torn apart
By men with out a heart 
Pray to her maker
To make it end 
Molested at 10
God haven't heard from him since
Make it all go away 
No more pain, no more monsters 
No more tears, no more more ruthless 
virginity-taken by some pimp, some scumbag
Her own  father
Runs to the basement floor
A life even the Devil'll shed a tear for
On the floor-Here's the scence
Walls are lime green
Smells like crap
Straight out of a horror scence
A home not even suiutable to fiends
There a sink and a tub
Pills and razor blades 
Ah Takes out the painkillers
Here eyes fill with so many tears 
Been tring to escape for years
Fills the tub with running water
Tears flow(Running Water)
Silence-pain comes back
Yeah, yeah back back.. to reality 
Wish I was god so I could get a gun & watch em all defy gravity
Gets in a tub of running water 
Puts her head down
Let it flow 
Better than a pill 
Aint no ecstasy
Let em' get the best of me 
Nothing is sound
Death is my escape
Through the flow of running water 

© Amin Aziz 

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Hyper Eccentricity

Cleanliness I absolutatingly fear...
For I only luv the mess I see,
It makes me believe I am not alone
In this sight of a messed-up and lonely room.
It'sh scaring me seeing purified spirit
With all th-this cleaned up vision.
Mirrors reflect my cleaned room...
In the darkness, within the shadows,
Are haunting red, yellow, and green:
Lights which are known as eyes
According to my mind...
Not as ordinary as others may seem...
For I am rather filled with secret eccentricity,
I loves seeing people electrified when in
Sight of my real personality:
Hyper eccentricity!

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There are some days
I don’t want to see,
The person in the mirror 
Starring back at me

Society has messed 
With all of our heads,
Females have surgery 
Until they are dead

It’s very frustrating 
When people don’t find,
A smile on my face
A smile that’s mine

“My face is not pretty 
My nose is too big,
I’ve had five surgeries 
Just barely a kid”

“My legs are too fat
My stomach too thin,
Go in for more surgery
I just can’t win”

Airbrush my body
To hide all my flaws,
I sit by the phone
But no one calls

Watching t.v.
They all look the same
They say it’s society
Who is to blame

A huge change in 30 years
The world has seen
What does that mean?

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It’s everything I can’t have that I want,
You’re everything I want,
Nothing I can have,
You’re everything I’m not.
But will die for,
You’re everything I need,
And can’t live without,
You’re out of my league,
Yet still strive for,
Although I’ve got no chance,
I want you to know,
I won’t let you go,
I want you.

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Jesus Says TRUST ME

Jesus Says; “Trust Me!” I was going through a really difficult time… Many “bad” thoughts had entered my mind! It just seemed like nothing in my life was right! I would lay awake and cry day and night! The things in life I loved so dear… One by one… Began to disappear! At first I blamed God for things gong “wrong.” I knew this way of thinking didn’t belong! Jesus spoke to my heart that very day. I’ll never forget the words he had to say! “Trust me!” “Don’t lean unto your own understanding!” “There’s a life for you that I have been planting!” A life filled with Godly things from heaven above. A life blessed with his mercy, grace and love! After that, I never blamed God for anything again! I know that he is my comforter and my best friend! I’m so glad that I trust him in all that I do! During the “storms of life…” He will see me through! By Jim Pemberton

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My mind wanders,
drifting into that moment
Holding your beautiful frame closer to me than anyone has ever been
Absorbing every taste, touch and feeling that you gave to me
Everything fell into place as I laid with you
Not once having distant thoughts 
or the slightest shiver of boredom
Looking into your eyes showed me how different you were
I became lost in the depths as you gazed back
Everytime I held your lips to mine,
a moment I never wanted to end passed
The slow, powerful passion behind the touch
of all that was mine against all that was you
A night great enough to receive the title of "THAT NIGHT"
And That Night showed me something that I need more of in my life...

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Purge II --Doubts

Worst part is, they're the ones you need, 

The ones you love,

The ones you go for, 

for your hugs.The ones you thought you 

couldn't be without,Are the only ones that

ever give you doubts.

And once I'm out. 

I'm out.

Never to turn around.

I'm 18 and cut,

that's a wrap,

How many times have you said that?

I hate you all,

I hate my life,

My life's a lie,

Just lie and die,

Die or cry.

Crying why?

Pack my bags and just say bye!

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How Are You Doing?

How are you doing
since you gone
I hope life don't get too hard
Since you made sure
mine was hell
The day that our love fell
I thought you actually cared
for all of the love we shared
So how are you doing
since you up and left
without any explanation
thinking i might understand
You know i can't lie
and you knew i would cry
So how are you doing
since you gone?

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Urban Manifestation

If we looked hard enough we could see.

Something going on daily in the shadowed areas of the country.

This routine.

This time it's a man who cannot feed his seed.

Welfare and food stamps cannot suffice, you see.

And the nine to five is sucked dry before a penny can be spent freely.

Screamed and screamed, this his seed, did proceed.

Leaving this man tired and weary.

For this man did not know how to quell his baby's crying and in any way help.

Ambient circumstances drove this man to seek a temporary wealth.

Even if that meant taking away another man's health.

He excommunicated himself from himself.

So he didn't take a second to pump the brakes and stop the confrontation.

Now the police are calling confirmation of a body bag, all because of a righteous 

And so ends another living gestation.

Another life lost, and another closed casket funeral reception.

How can there be hope when gunplay is the latest sensation?

How can we keep dreaming in a country that needs rehabilitation?

But, despite the protesting and demonstrating, we find our selves with a lack of funds.

So we resort back to guns.

These are not puns, this viscous cycle, this American menstruation.

With death as the only compensation.

And a people hoping they wont be the next star of the church congregation.

With this fear, only spreading the urban manifestation.

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The Pacemakers


Crazy senses
           Careless senses
 In a minute joy
                    Of being two
The rhythm of one body
           The pacemakers

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I might not have everything but I Im  just a teen. A teen with ambition, hopes and 
dreams. Wishing and wondering when Prince Charming will come sweep me off 
my feet.  
Dazzing in the moon light like dazzling gold. In her fathers presents she gets 
Knowing all the things she thinks should not be told but that never stopped her 
with any others . She got that from her mother. No games, shes tired, a brother 
doesn't understand the world yet. Every female that step in his face he plays with. 
tired of little boys thinking they run things. the little girl letting them think there 
still remember im only a teen. A teen who whats to better in life so i can tell my 
what i did and why another person has a second life.

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Untitled #208 / Don't save for college

Don’t save for college
it’s not really worth it
they’ll take everything you have
and give you all that you lack

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Simple Rupture In These Eyes-Never Overheard

Beauty portraying something more
A weakness seeping through the core
A personality of strands so soft, escaping
only through the skin
Wearing lines now die within
It takes so much now to be a "pretty girl"
All decked out, a perfect glow, complete
disguise and every pearl
Always what everyone wants to see
Few can play real to a subtle degree
So I'll mix this reality into something
less true
& Polish my daily smile to be the perfect
gorgeous or whatever it is like you..

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       Drugs are no good you’re living a lie, are you giving up on life and ready 
                to die?
       It doesn’t matter which drug you choose, It still could end up the one 
                you abuse.
       Life is rough and sometimes you slip, but drugs will take you on a one 
               way trip!
       You’re still saying: “Marijuana isn’t harmful,” but deep inside you 
               know that’s bull!
       It makes you paranoid and quite forgetful, you did something stupid 
              and now you‘re regretful.
       You’re feeling strong and you’re feeling bold, is getting high your 
              only  goal?
       Perhaps you’re dealing with more than one problem, no matter how 
              bad they are drugs won’t solve ‘em.
      The list of illegal drugs is long and dreadful, what they can do to you 
              is really incredible.
      Marijuana, Meth and of course Cocaine, those are a few drugs that 
             mess up your brain.
      Some legal drugs can also be addictive, stop popping pills like you 
             don‘t want to live.
      They’re called over-the-counter and prescription, have you read their 
             label and their description? 	
      Don’t let life pass you by, enjoy it to the fullest and stop getting 

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Where do I put my hate at the end of the day?
Who will save my soul when I forget to pray? 
How do I fall asleep at night? 
When all I want to do is fight! 

Who can I love when my love has gone away? 
Why can't I be the man that would make her want to stay? 
I rip my mind apart like the blade rips the flesh. 
At the end of the day my head is a bloody mess. 

I don't slip cause I won't get up from a fall. 
I am losing at life's game so I am left to ball. 
They laugh at my demise cause they can't resist. 
So I know when my body expires, it won't be missed. 

The cold flesh will become a bone frame. 
No one will ever look at me the same. 
I will fall and your tongue will cause the slip! 
Your bottle of pain is not the same as mine, just a sip! 

Get drunk and high off my misery. 
Spit it, suck it, slam it, then let me be. 
I am a sinner so throw your stone. 
Make your hatred known and then leave me alone! 

My soul is not worth saving any more. 
This battle has ended and I am done for! 

I do not need to sleep at night! 
I can fight a war with out any sight! 
My love is gone and gone for good! 
She did not love me and I know now she never would!

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The Unborn

Life with no future
Or no life at all.

Morality abound
Or morality fall.

Christian idealist
Vs. the unmarried mother.

Push what is just
Or let no rites be smothered.

Choose your position
ProLife or ProChoice.

Choose your position
Then cast forth your voice.

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i hate this poem

he once thought
the pieces fit
in a beautiful and pleasing


but they
and pointed out 
how his piece 
was a different 


let’s laugh.
let’s clap.
let’s marvel.
clap those cymbals,
and dance some more!

he only saw
no missmatching colors
and thought it was the wrong


let’s laugh.
let’s clap.
let’s marvel.
clap those cymbals,
and dance some more!

he knows now
not to say a word
and to search
for a larger


let’s laugh.
let’s clap.
let’s marvel.
clap those cymbals,
and dance some more!

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The school bathroom is filled with cigarette smoke, 
hold your breath or you’ll surely choke.

Trying to be down with the rest of the crowd, 
smoking isn’t cool for crying out loud!

You think smoking makes you mature? 
It makes you smell bad sort of like horse manure.

Maybe it makes you feel like you’re cool, 
it’s killing you slowly don’t be such a fool.

The tobacco industry has done enough, 
but they don’t force you to take that puff!

Then when you’re sick you expect to get millions, 
those guys are smart they’re not the silly ones!

Heart disease, lung disease and high blood pressure, 
the long-term  effects are hard to measure.

You smoke to have friends and feel like you’re grown, 
perhaps you’re better off just being alone.

Let’s be real it’s a terrible habit, 
to make it worse you’re young and new at it.

Do whatever it takes for you to quit,
You’ll say: “I feel much better I have to admit.”

Words of wisdom for me to part with, 
cigarette smoking don’t even start it!

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Four Lanternes

smiling, too
talking to a

your food
don’t you laugh
don’t you wonder

one with
this feeling
underneath the

your life
be no one else
‘til the day you

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You use the “N” word like it’s going out of style; it’s not just insulting 
    but it’s also vile.
A six-letter word with so many implications; a word that has caused marches 
    and demonstrations.
You use the word like it’s a term of endearment; why is your use of the 
    “N” word so frequent?
Do you even know the meaning of the word? Calling your own folks that 
    is extremely absurd. 
If a white person said it you’d be ready to fight; but as long as it’s your 
    own folks it’s cool and all right. 
I hear the word so often I can’t even stand it; I wouldn’t feel bad if 
    our Lawmakers banned it! 
Rapper does that word help your rhymes flow? Are there any more
    positive words that you know?
Does saying the “N” word empower you? Can you go without using it 
    an hour or two?
Whoops you slipped up and said it again! Do all of your sentences have 
    to start with “N?”
Are you trying to show your level of intelligence? You use it 
    every   sentence but you never make sense!
You say: “I use the “N” word but I don’t really curse,” but by using 
    that word you have done even worse.
It was one of the first words your child said; he knew that word before 
    he ever read.
I ask what kind of example you are setting. It's definitely not a good one is what 
    I'm betting.
Take the “N” word out of your vocabulary; the inability to express 
    yourself is only momentary.
It’s the most degrading word our race has heard; please 
    don’t continue to use the “N” word!

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I'm Mr. Nice Guy

I helped sharpen the knife that’s in my back

kindness is something I don’t lack

let me roll over and play dead

while you take advantage of me, 

messing with my head

let me help you betray my trust

so I can forgive you once more

here allow me to be the rug you wipe your feet on at the door

no please let me be the one that you abuse

treachery now or later? I’ll let you choose.

Let me be your personal slave

just being nice to you is all I crave

Here, you be Cain and I’ll be Abel

Your friendship is nothing more than fable

Despite it all, I do my best to help

Hoping that there’s a ray of hope in your future

just allow me to remove my sutures

please just use me for what you want

I promise, I’m much too nice to even tease or taunt

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The best snow day ever

Crashing salt trucks 
A brief reprieve from the cold
But not from the other
Unwanted warmth of
A hundred score burning bodies

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You seek acceptance from a posse of thugs; you have done every-
thing with them including sell drugs.
You’re fighting for streets that aren’t even yours; many friends are 
gone from all of the wars.
These are wars that can’t be won; can anyone remain standing when all 
is said and done? 
The cycle of violence never ends; sooner or later you’ll run out of 
Do you really believe that they are your friends? You look at me and 
say: “well that all depends.”
Would they visit you if you were incarcerated? Their true allegiance to 
you would be demonstrated.
When you’re incarcerated you will be on your own; they won’t even call 
you on the telephone!
If you were killed they wouldn’t even pay their respects; you can see 
how much loyalty for you that reflects!
They would pour out some liquor for their fallen comrade; you truly 
have potential so it would really be sad.
Listen to these words from an Educated Poet; I’m telling the truth and 
I am sure that you know it.
Yesterday your Posse took out someone’s brother; you said: “well 
he shouldn’t have wore the wrong color!.”
Maybe they took him out for being in your hood; whatever the reason it 
was definitely not good.
It’s so easy for you to take someone out; but you don’t even know 
what life’s all about.
If you want a war you can join the Army; go to Iraq and be all 
you can be!
Get out of the gang before it’s too late; even if you have to move from 
your state.
You say you're hoping to be around for a while; I suggest you give up that 
“Gang Banger” life style.

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I miss You Still Today.

I miss you still today.
Why did you have to run away?
my love for you is so strong.
Why couldent we have lasted this long?
I thought we would be together forever,
but that must have been a dream.
Now that your gone I dont know what to say or do,all I know is,
"girl I`m lost without you".

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There was a girl,
Who once had the temptation,
To kiss her best friend on the cheek.
She sat in a chair, next to her friend
And felt her mind push herself towards her.
Moving closer...
Then realizing she was doing something wrong.
What in the world I'm I doing!?
Shouting within her mind.

Never told anybody,
That sometimes she feels a feeling
Deeper than friendship,
For one other person.

She's not sure what she'll be in the end,
All there is... Is a confusing bend
Throughout all her feelings.
She thinks about guys,
Not really a surprise.
Although, she likes shonen-ai & shojo-ai.
She's lost and confused, she doesn't know why.

Could it be that I just love my closest friends sisterly? 
Or is it just something part of me?
She thinks to herself, her mind filled with uncertainty....

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Shattered doll

Shattered doll tattered and torn 
Tossed aside and not played with anymore.
You ragged material compared to me.
You must be begging to be free.
Used up and worn
Missing buttons galore.
You probably wonder what you existence is for.
You cotton is sticking out.
Your stitching is coming out.
No one plays with you anymore.
A doll so poor.
You are now thrown away.
No one wants to play.
Ragged tattered shattered doll.
You are agonized with the fall.
You are me!
I finally see.
I stand tall,
As a ragged tattered shattered doll.

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Let Me In

Let me in, let me in
I’m in the cold again
I’m nothing, I’m no one
Not deserving of them
My heart is breaking, my eyes so sting
Why won't you let me in
Was it my hair, did I do it wrong
Was it the way I sung my song
Why do you shutter when you look at me
Is it because I'm not pretty
I'll buy new clothes, I'll die my hair
Please let me in I'm cold out here
My mind is blank, my body frail
I'll give you gifts, I will, I will
Don't turn your back, don't walk away
I'm pleading, I'm begging
Please! won't you stay
I'm in a daze and completely lost
I want back in no matter what the cost
The final no, black tarnish of shame
Farewell to all, alone I am forsaken 
As I look once more, what I love so much
I'd give anything for one last touch
Goodbye at last as I fade away 
I will not bother you one more day
Let me in, let me in
I'm in the cold again

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                     Born a beautiful child with dark brown skin, but my life was rough 
                           so where do I begin?
   	My daddy left me when I was two, I became a Thug what else could 
                           I do?
  	Destined to lose right out the gate, my life was filled with anger and 
   	My mother did the best she could, but it was really tough in 
     	    my neighborhood.
 	My only role models were Pimps and Thugs, at fourteen years old I 
  	     took two slugs.
 	I decided education was not for me, I never knew what I wanted to 
                     By fifteen I decided to leave home, I was really scared and all 
 	With no skills how would I survive? I couldn’t get no nine-to-
                       I started hanging out with the wrong crowd, but robbin’ and stealin’ 
                          didn’t make me proud.
                      Drugs and alcohol helped me with my pain, there was never sun-
                          light always rain.
                       I spent some of my youth incarcerated, Society’s monster was 
                         now created.
                       I began to realize that crime wasn’t paying, I wanted to change you 
                         see what I’m saying?
  	The last time I was released from prison, I knew I had to make the 
   	   right decision.
                      I finished school and got my education, staying out of trouble 
                        took lots of dedication.
                     My mother once said to never let go, just because you were born a 
                       “child of the Ghetto.”

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Beyond the self, 
is the freedom, unchained dawn,
I am in a crowd of voices. 
Lifted by songs,
a bruised truth becomes a rose. 
Choice was limited,
I desired silence, middle path in night, 
under the lunar ecstasy.

Nowhere to go 
I searched for tranquility, peace and light. 
Failing hopelessly. 
Love migrates back to old memories. 
White days are pruned,
I would say the mirror was wrong. 
I did not choose my life.

Dream of final 
release was extraordinary
grandeur of pink moon 
hanging on the trees,
the divine shower.
Life did not alter the genes, 
it shifted the flow. 
Untitled monument was submerged.


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Hybrid Beauty

                                                Black and gold roses

                                                 Not natural in nature

                                                But common in stores

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Please Help Me

Please help me!
No one loves me
I need a shoulder
I need to cry on you!

Please help me!
I am alone today
I don't know what to do
And nobody loves me

Please help me
Please rescue me
Please be with me
I got no one you see

Help! Help me!
Please, please me!
There's no place to grow
And I got no place to go

Life sucks! Yes, you hear me right
Everything is black or white
And often I'm losing sight
They think me dumb and never bright

I'm trapped against four walls
And my world is gettin' so small
Therefore I need a white knight
Someone to take me right thru the night!

I am in so much pain
I only feel the rain
Life sucks! You hear me right
Everything is black or white

Please help me!
Someone help me
Someone listen to me
I am in pain today

I look at me
And I look at you
I'll be okay they say
But it's hard for me to see

There's no place to grow
There's no place to go
I got no love to show
And life is so filled of woes

Please help me!
Anyone please help me
I need your shoulder
So I can cry on you

Please help me!
Anyone please help me.

Authors note: Yes this is the cry I hear in my heart, mind and soul, everyday from 
thousands, wait, I mean perhaps millions of teens in this sad world of ours. This heart 
wrenching cry is not just from girls but boys too. It really breaks my heart to know 
this. So many kids are growing without love and real attention and care and some right in 
their homes. Please give all your love, understanding, support and yes respect too, to kids 
and teens. We have to start with our own children or someone's kids we know. Our youth 
needs it so much especially in these decaying days and times. They’re our hope and future 
no matter what. Thank you and God bless you all for it!


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Morning coming

Mornings coming and I can barely breath, I 
know the clock is ticking slowly giving away my 
destiny. Just two more hours and I woke up too early 
4:00 my body is numb as I drift off back to 
sleep. I worry about tommorrow and what it entells. 
The morning is always scary, Hurrying, brushing, anxiety. 
Nothing seems safe until i'm taking that long train ride. 
I feel as if everyone I know will suddenly turn against 
me and then I feel the same worries that I've always felt. 
What if I go to school and suddenly things change.
I don't want to have to worry but it's a curse because I 
do, I'm so paranoid sometimes that it makes me sick, I 
don't eat breakfast in the morning because I can't stomach 
it. I just arrange an outfit and grab my book bag don't 
forget about my gym clothes they are sitting on the couch. 
Another day another time, College soon, hoping not too 
far, future seems so close but so not and I worry about 
Morning coming will I make it or will I fall?

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Blonde is her hair
It will just make one stare
Green are her eyes
Just by the sight will make one high
Yet her personality is her profile
Her beauty is stunning
And advance is her cunning
She is as sweet
As a bees honey
Smart is the girl
Who may have the whole world
And athletic is the girl
Who could leave ones eyes in a swirl

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pawn to queen

he's with his prom queen
but what he doesn't know
is that she's the prom queen
that's really just a pawn
she's just a pawn 
that's gotten around more

long live the king
hope he pawns off his queen
when she reaches the other team
and finds herself checkmate

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They Took His Pulse

They Took His Pulse _ _ _ _
Now, they’re Looking for Us
Up and down the Street
Drive-By-Boys …. Packin’ Heat !

We Dissed’ A Gang-Sign
They Took… What was Mine
Left a Blood-Soaked Message
On A Pain Wracked-Package

… Is He Breathin’ ?
… or is He Leavin’ _ _ _ _
If He is… Then He Must _____
‘Cause They Took His Pulse

They Took His Pulse
Which left Us  Furious
Gotta’ Let em’ Know, We’ Serious
Do Somethin’ – Delirious

… We gon’ Take They Pulse !
Gon’ do something Perilous !
So – Infamous  !
… we took each other’s pulse _ _ _ _

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Rotting Underneath The Flesh

you open up a door
you open up a mind
shut out all the shadows
shut out what you find
and pretend that its okay
and fake that you are near
you'll never get away
your never leaving here
so bottle up your motion
and lock it deep inside
keep monsters underneath it
tell the devil he must hide
they're not going to accept you
they're not going to care
they think that your a loser
they point and laugh and stare
but stand tall like that in the hallway
stand taller than you should
keep practicing the woodwork
like the monsters know you should

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self-proclaimed highschool lovers.

pow pow.
bang bang,
take the money,
keep the change.
cant un-lick lips,
cant unlock a kiss.
blonde girl,
pink lips.
baby, im a sweetheart now.
silent in the room next door,
lets go somewhere we can be loud.
push a little harder
move a little slower.
feel the warmth of alocohol.
taste the tease of tobacco on a tongue.
look at us, we're so grown up
so mature
so independant
you buy your own condoms.
your own pot.
your own fuel.
i sit back and enjoy the ride.
we won't even hint in second period.
wont even smile during the walk home.
how mature we really are.

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A Night, With The Stars

We spent the night—
once, in non-verbal talks, from rhythmic 
folk steps in duple time 
to a wild swaying. To enjoy life, 

be totally free. A lover, friends 
and me. Yes, me. I was there, to be with 
them. They wanted loud music and 

the exotic juices of an Agape plant, I 
preferred a peaceful night. Still we 
partied, with the ungentle winds 
and my sentiments. The snapping chimes 

of woods in lit and the boozes took 
us down the field, presenting the earth and 
the sky. I watched the night, with 

drunken eyes. Ah, there were the stars 
and me and the options 
yet decided. The stars easily had it, and I dazedly 
winkled, welcoming them into my world.

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Porcelian Doll

Im like a Porcelian Doll.
you can touch my outer shell.
you can feel my hair.
but you cant feel my heart,
because its not their.

you can see my beauty, 
but you cant see my pain.
you can see my clothes,
but you can see how much ive gained.

you can name me
you can do whatever you want.
you can fame me
you can make this a hunt.

but make sure you dont drop me
ill break in a million pieces.
i will fall on the ground not on my knee
with no one to help, just like when your dead.

all your feelings are gone 
and their is nothing to be said.
so like a porcelian doll,
i stand straight up tall.

i say no words,
im as quite as can be.
judge my outer shell.
but the inside you will never see.

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Never Kiss A Rat

Never kiss a rat
For it will make you flop 
And will go away like rats
Throw it to a cat
Surely, will play and you’re on top
And won’t leave you like nuts

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The Beach

We're dozing off in the sun
Our lives like a loaded gun
We're carefree and fancy free
I don't know where I'd rather be

Sippin' margaritas on the beach
Our lives are no longer out of reach
We party all day, party all night
Our goals and dreams are still in sight

Our lives have come to take us away
We'd rather party and just stay
We've got our goals and dreams ahead
We'd rather stay in the sun instead

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Tea with Gran,her muffins supreme,Bath and change and hair brylcreamed.Stroll 
into town to the pub in the square, our gang always met there.Checking the football in the 
Oxford 'green un'.Trad jazz with Donegan,Bilk or Collier or maybe the ballroom 
bacchanalia.Skip,hip-hop or jive or more sedately to the Friday Five.A swift half of cider in 
the Bodega bar,happily none of us could afford a car.Dropping a shilling in  the snug juke 
box,choosing Haley and Elvis,then unorthodox.Bought tickets for the coming live shows,Eddie 
Cochrane,Cliff and Shadows.Later, the last waltz ,about to begin,if you were fancied ,it 
showed in her coy grin.Requesting a date took a little courage,so glad my choice that day,led 
to marriage.

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Closer than Life

If i closed my eyes could you see what i see?
If i opened my arms could you be just like me?
Could i slit my wrists and let you take the pain?
I hope not because this isn't a game.
If i was dying alone would you hold my hand?
if i was all by myself, would you go by me and stand?
If i told you i'd never forget you, would you beleive in what i say?
I sure hope so , because i'd do this for you every day.

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Past makes you who you are and you were part
But you couldn't hold the key to my heart
you made me feel like I was in the dark 

"Were" is the big word
Boy my scream down the street I know you heard
You know what this is a lesson every female learns

Don't mess with a boy that you yearned
You can find another and this one can burn
Boy the heartbrake will come on your turn

The reason you were in my life, yeah I learned
The season wasn't up, lifetime not close.
You want me now but you can't have this anymore.

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Asking Out

I’m sitting here in nervous anticipation
Will I do it today?
A melting pot of emotions,
some good, some bad
Will I work up the courage?
I guess well wait and see (I guess it’s all up to me)
The outcomes are running through my head
as I’m laying here in bed
I just don’t know
only time can tell
Lingering doubts in my mind
are briefly washed away
with small glimpses of hope
Please don’t let me down
It’s happened so many times before
Please don’t let me down
I can’t take being let down anymore
I hope and pray everything works out
Crazier things have happened to me before
Just give it a chance
Give me a chance
Just give me one last chance to live

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Learn Somethin'

come here little girl, let me learn you a thing or two
livin' in the hood is a very hard thing to do
you gotta know the rules, how to move, never have a clue
never let'em know how you move, keep it true
true to yourself, to your square, where you at girl
respect yourself in any hood, hood respect girl
kept a lot of girls from geetin' raped where i'm at girl
when the devil play, it's no game, he attack girl
one girl mad cause her man want your phone number
you so bad every man wanna talk to you
chicks get jealous so they plottin' on your every move
what should you do? you by yourself and without a crew
rule number 2 keep some mase or some pepper spray
rule number 1 is keep a gun but she played it safe
she massed her in the face and showed her what suppose to taste like
the girl pulled out a knife and cut her stomach by the waistline
know she on the floor cryin' with the evidence
but what she didn't know was that the pretty girl was preganat
learn somethin', learn somethin', listen little girl let me learn you a thing or two
learn somethin', learn somethin', livin' in the hood is very hard thing to do

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Angry little girl (2005)

A temper breaks
The room shakes
She comes storming in 
There’s no win
Labels stick like mud
Wipe them away as I should
She’s hurt inside
Aggression is a mask to hide
The girl has inside hidden pain you see
She is an angry little girl just like me 

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The Book

You and I know it's all written.
A book of all our futures.
We both want to find this "book"
And tear it to shreads on the floor.
We both want to tells loved ones, teachers. 
When you see it like us, it's too great to ignore.
It's time. That's it.
This is what everybody wants,
But what you only get once.
If we could rewrite it, it would
Once again be "One nation under God."
People get blinded by a sight that they could
Finally see peace, and that is really what you want. 
WE want to close this book and stop time,
Rewrite the book and live happily ever after,
Light candles, watch them fade,
Sit back, see what happens from our view.
But we know, we could NEVER see this book.
Whatever the therapist is jotting down,
Whatever the book beholds.
All we can do is let it happen.
Right now, in this moment, it is written.
Not just what's past, not just the future.
All you can do is let it take it's course
And be a puppet. You can do something 
Great, but only if you believe it is written.
And, if you are wise, you will know
To love or hate time, or just go with the book.

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Untitled #88 / Empty Pentagon

Late summer, late afternoon
in front of the empty Pentagon
the protest is over, nothing’s changed,
I’m walking home. But a young man,
black, blue jean jacket, buttons
passes in front. A smile exchanged.
The truth is known.

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Insecure Being

I am an insecure being
Insecure with myself
Insecure with people
Insecure with the world I live in
I question intentions
even my own
I question the intentions
of everybody I’ve ever known
I am an insecure being
I have a hard time trusting
what people say
what people want
what people do
Chances are
I have a hard time trusting you
Not because you’ve wronged me
but because you might
Not because you’ve harmed me
but because others
have been wronged
and harmed before
I am an insecure being
I question all of my abilities
I question all of my thoughts
I question everything I am
I question everything I am not
I am an insecure being

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Beauty Is My Name

Beautiful I was until I found out about three holes that were in my throat.

The lining of my stomach was being eaten alive.

I began to grow hair in places I never thought I could.

I searched elsewhere.

Stretch marks scared,

Trying to fit over my skeleton.

This is what I have become.

I look down at my body to only see my bones smiling back at me.

Tears flow down my submerged cheeks,

Knowing that once I have lived a normal life.

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Take The Plunge

Why do what others do,
      Don't be scared to be different,

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Demon In The Storm

Standing on this eternal plane
As I lift my fears above my head, normality I feign
Mid-Air, I hold no resistance
Flying high, superior to every existance
Hovering, floating, lifted by my mentality
Losing my grip on reality
Gliding, eye'm floating, in the clouds.
Atoms clash, thunder surrounds
Ignited by a bolt of electricty.
Will I descend below atop my knee?
Quite contrary, I feel the urge to be.
This insane persistance transcends reality.
Reguvinated by my inherant vim
Everyone will gather, I will looke down upon them
An angel in the storm, 
to gaze upon the cloud, my glowing form
When did I shift from human to this
It was the lull of sweet bliss
Remember, it was the enticing beat
of the eternal drum, seducing me, transformation complete
Manipulated by the toying spirit
Locked in my head, my voice altered, hear it
Manipulate the mindless swine, heard them
Lead them out to the pool, see if they swim.
You will lead the war, it speaks to me, 
in an eternal voice that sets the decree.
Countless horrers of war and famine
flashing before my eyes, the greed of men
show them, it urges.
Punish them with impunity, rage surges
through my veins, boils my blood
forgetting to breath through the flood.
Countless minsless drones assemble before me
To lead the war, a great duty
I am aware, you thought not?
That my spirit was broken, my body to rott.
No, I realize this spirit, this demon
tries to control my mind
overthrouwing this mighty apparition
I assume the power, that is my divine right
Begin to train and condition
My soldiers to fight
To rule the world with love and pride
No longer having to run and hide
Peace, serinity
and sweet, sweet tranquility. 
But alas, th cycle must bein anew
Oh yes, it starts again, as if on "q". 

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Why Won't She Listen?

I’m giving up
it’s a waste of time:
trying to convince you otherwise
Go ahead and fall for the same pathetic guy
who only uses you for what he can
He’s not a man
just a self-centered git
So when he takes your heart and breaks it
just like he did before
just remember I warned you not once
but twice
trying to be nice
and you chose to ignore the warnings
So when the wee morning hour comes
about a month or so from now
and you’re fighting
trying to type teary-eyed
just know that I told you so
and despite your stupid decision
I’ll still be there for you
because I love you my friend

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Ascension Avenue

All that was holy died in resplendence.
  kerbstones bit gutters and gutters sucked road,
black and white zebra stripes buried by snowflakes,
  wires fizzed and snapped as their cups overflowed.

Cars lay abandoned, the milk float down-charged,
  four-by-four mega trucks grounded and still,
seagulls kept guard on memorial statues,
  screeched at the sea that lay over the hill.

Behold velvet drapes flanking twitchy lace curtain,
  knuckles clenched white whilst brows knitted grey,
women of substance blew tea in bone china,
  until it fell cool at the passing of day.

All lowered eyes to the carpet and skirting,
  fingers flicked lint more imagined than real,
from the cuffs of their blouses, the plaid of their skirts,
  substitution for anything human to feel.

She who self-hanged in the cramped bedroom closet,
  hands dangled lifelessly down by her side,
lips black and swollen, ghost kissing conscience,
  tongue poking purple and eyes staring wide.

The avenue drowned in a quagmire of quiet,
  decency nailed to each window and door,
Winter would pass, taking with it the memory,
  for what, more or less, is another dead whore?

Spring is the mistress of life and vivacity,
  Summer the passion child, sweet honey breath,
Autumn the lover whose time is expiring,
  Then pale mistress Winter, and Winter is death.

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The young lives he violently took
and the blood he spilled
on his quick and armed hands...
are those permanent scars
for all who lost friends
or relatives in Norris 
and Johnston Hall
on the campus grounds
in Blackburg,VA ;
this is the deadiliest massacre,
after Columbine,in the U.S.A;
but what motivated Cho to buy guns?

The fellow student fired more than
one hundred seventy rounds,
and gunned down his own;
without pity or remorse,
he continued his unjustified rampage:
reveling in the premeditated carnage;
then he shot himself...
as police searched the floors!

What did he accomplish,
and what kind of anguish
he inflicted on his parents
and others who unconsolingly grieve? 
Did he do all that for a moment's glory,
or because was wicked and full of fury?
We may never know an answer...that   
he has taken to his grave!   

Those bleeding scars can be healed,
if some kind of forgiveness is given;
how can I say to them," Forgive him! "...
when he killed the essence of their dream?

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The bully

do you bend me to your will
as they 18th Centeray slave
to do as I'm told
and keep my mouth shut

they say sexism happens no more
but they can't see behind closed door
abused little girls and beatenend wife
destroying another unlucky life

discriminating against the difference
because they can and makes them feel strong
but behind dry laughter hides bitter thoughts
how could one be so cruel

hurt and alone we dream too of love
or for pity to be given from up above
bruised abused and incomplete
no rest for her until they accept defeat

they bully and hurt and cause others pain
they punch and kick with no thought
effortless prize for some ones poor fate
unknown consequence they create

they think there smart powerful and strong
but deep in there minds they know it's wrong
hurting the weak causing them pain
no point not really there is nothing to gain

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The Victim

My insecurities are eating me
I feel as if life is cheating me
Karma can’t stand me
Bad luck won’t unhand me
Isolated from my family
And my friends don’t understand me
Ain’t my life just great?
Full of anger, sadness and heartbreak
Some things I wish I could take
But I have failed because of fate.
At the butt of jokes
Always alone
A 72 in high, and 2 ½ inch wide temple is my home
I live inside myself
My heart is where I hide myself.
All by myself
Everyday of every week
My temper has double-crossed my peak
I am under estimated
Emotionally incapacitated
Often considered the most hated.
Blindly called conceited
Always mistreated
But when it comes to memories
I always get deleted.
I live in a world that’s forgotten
Conniving thoughts that are rotten
Since I am always down trodden
I might as well be picking cotton
And doing the work of oxen
While grazing the field
Keeping to myself is my only shield.
It’s scary living in a world of billions
Out of everyone I am the chameleon
I am never seen and have gone unnoticed
No one would notice if I hocus pocused
But I’m always focused
And treated like a stranger
Everyday I am forced to be angered
If everyone else in the world died
I don’t know if I’d miss them
Because my whole life 
I was treated as the victim…

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I’m sitting here in nervous anticipation. Will I do it today? A melting pot of 
emotions: some good, some bad. Will I work up the courage? I guess we’ll wait 
and see. (I guess it’s all up to me.) The outcomes are running through my head 
as I’m laying here in bed. Yes. No. Maybe. I just don’t know, only time can tell. 
Lingering doubts in my mind are briefly washed away with small glimpses of 
hope. Please don’t let me down. It’s happened so many times before. Please 
don’t let me down, I can’t take being let down anymore. I hope and pray 
everything works out. Crazier things have happened to me before. Just give it a 
chance. Give me a chance. Just give me one last chance to live.

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scholarly imprisonment.

back to school, in the fall.
the sun still beating down on sidewalks,
baking skin and half-dead leaves.
trapped inside a classroom
with similar minds.
cramped by unoriginality and theories.
longing to stand in the wind,
or lay in the grass.
with blue skies and the warm kiss of sun,
allowing a pen to scribble without censorship.
all my thoughts, feelings, crimes.
no one to grade them.
no one to judge.
but still i will sit.
in new clothes and cut hair.
counting the days that pass.
with bad photographs, failed tests,
trips on yellow monsters.
back to school, back to imprisonment.
mold my mind, your times almost up.
graduation in june.
then freedom.

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A world epidemic filled with pain through pleasure that allowed you to open your 
legs and let him put it in…
You were wet, dripping with sweat, it didn't matter what he had at the time 
because your mind was to busy thinking about the pleasure it would soon seek 
not peaking into the future which now links you to this incurable disease called 
You loved him enough to let him thrust in and out of you, to let him burst inside of 
you, defiling your body attacking your tissue. 
Now you wish that one moment in the past a decision you made that will forever 
would not have been made. 
You wish that kiss that lead to that touch that lead to your bodies hormones 
sudden rush had not occurred
 And it’s absurd to think if your thinking as hard as your thinking now that maybe 
you could have prevented this whole thing from transpiring 
and bombarding your life with the strife you must now endure. 
Since there is no cure. 
But it’s to late. 
You can’t undue fate
 yo you messed up with just one mistake. 
And you can’t act like it didn't happen because it has
And for the rest of your life you’ve got to live with that…

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its safer this way.

i feel it when he looks at me,
even more when his head turns away.
the averted eyes,
fumbling with pens.
this is how it will always be.
he could never love me.

i feel it when they walk by in two's or three's.
the flawless skin,
hair styled and molded by products.
jeans that fit perfectly,
books with labels, notes taken in perfect cursive.
i know we'll never be friends.

because this is how it is.
how it will always be.
i crave loneliness.
i want to be alone, alienated.
i cant hurt them if i dont know them.
they can't scar me if i keep my distance.

in a moments weakness, i think i know whats best.
but i am wrong.
it's safer on my own.
the sooner i can curl into myself,
the safer everyone will be.

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The Theif

Seize the day for it will come.
For in your life may be only one.
You will feel the world all around.
Standing still on the ground.
This feeling is unlike none, any existence has known.
It comes form out side you and travels right to the bone.
Feeling so geed it's like a sin.
A feeling that gives you a permanent grin.
The body will tremble just like a wire.
Connected to a nuclear fire.
Excitement and tranquility washes over your ability.
Till it is seen the world's senility.
The sensation is gone as quick as it came.
Then the sole is left here, alone in  the game.
We walk alone form this point on.
Warring and wondering were that feeling has gone.
You'r body will crave that feeling it's tasted.
Till time comes to meet you and you'r elated.
I'v made it to heaven, I'm exasperated.

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Forever Yours

Ill Be Here For You Now And Forever.
I Hope That For Always We Will Be Together.
I Cant Imagine A Day Without You By My Side,
To Hold Me And Help Me And To Be My Guide.

Eyes Like The Ocean, Lips Like Morphine,
Never Leave Me And Ill Be Your Queen.
Through Times Of Good And Times Of Bad,
You Can Make Me Smile Whenever Im Sad.

A Kiss From You Sets My Heart On Overdrive.
Your Passion And Love Are What Keep Me Alive.
I Fall Asleep Each Night With Your Face In My Head,
And Wake Up Each Day To The Thought Of The Words That
You Said.

"i Love You Baby", Those 4 Words You Wispered,
"i Love You Too", I Cried In Return.
"ill Never Leave You As Long As Im Breathing"
"good Baby Boy Cause Im Also Never Leaving"

Caitlyn Zahard

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Fabricated and 

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Untitled #12 / Her face

Her face, once pale and sweet as honeysuckle,
now conjures forth ghosts and emptiness
her voice, once a choir of bells and angels,
now scratches at my soul like witches’ nails.
What happened?
I am vexed.

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Untitled #44 / Thin

Plug it in! Pump it up!
Thin as a razorblade, the device
turn back and look at other lost people

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This Kind Heart

Curse this kind heart, 
No good comes from it
When it feels,
I fall apart
It never heals,
It wants what can’t be real
The hours I’ve wasted,
The time I’ve spent,
I waste it on them,
The ones who want no help
I waste it on them,
Those stuck in Life
I waste it on them,
Those who live in strife
Sleepless nights,
Ceaseless fights
All in vain,
Because they just keep causing themselves pain

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run run
the damage is done
flee the scene
missile stone
smashed greenhouse pane
in glass home

all this short life
casting stones
random risk
lucky strike
run away from
damage done

flagging now
design for life
ingrained well deep
no one should have
to see the things
i see in sleep

only run
from habit
damage inflicted
barely superficial
limping shadows
with toothless maws

ghost train phantoms
chase cardboard and cheesy
half-hearted cries
no one should have to see
the things i see
when i close my eyes

nothing to run from
nowhere to run to
no damage wrought
anyone would register
if at all
yet still i blindly run

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Teenage Rejection

Glasses thick, bottle style
in classes social and other,
condemn the wearer young and sweet;
jailed not of her own choosing,
but for her birth place in societal realms.

Though she strives-tries-cries,
never is heard her lonely wail,
even through words well placed
in offices of the high and mighty 
student council and miss jr high’s court of fools.

They see clearly her place 
as they ostracize willingly her tender youth
and without thought of tomorrow’s sorrow 
condemn her to the land of undesired carnage,
where she is devoured by teenage wolves.

She pleads, she screams her needs,
critical acceptance worlds away,
wanting only a friend sharing her cares,
getting only stares from foolish jesters
ignorant of love’s meaning true.

Asking why?? she is met: Blindsided
by a sinister thesis on teen angst
as unchanged as Newton's third law,
proven timeless through the awful reality 
of the junior high drama.

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We are all changing
It's not like I didn't expect it
I just didn't know it would all happen at once
We all have changed over the summer
Some a little and some a lot
We have changed for different reasons 
Dating sports or other things that we did 
And now we don't
It seems like everyone is changing
Except me
Like I'm stuck in a whole and no one is around
Like no one cares and they left
I don't want it to be like this
We thought we were friends for life
Now I guess we find out
That we were wrong
But we need to be we have to be. . . 
No we arent and we have to deal with it
Or fix it 
What happened to those times when we use to 
Just hang out
Laughing at anything
Those times are over now and 
We have no one to blame but ourselves
It is all our faults 
And its because of the decisions we have made
Some good some bad 
And its too late to change them now
Because we cant go back
To what we use to have
Or what we thought we had
And what we have lost
All we have now
Are the Memories
Memories of 
What use to be
So Don't Ever Forget
What we use to have
Becasue then
It Will be lost
And No one 
Will Remember

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Sitting at home all alone again
17 and still no friends
go hangout just me and myself
all alone, no one else 
just can’t fit in
no matter how hard I try
the world has left me to be by myself
solely a lonely guy

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In My Shoes

I am the kid that doesn’t exist
Some would consider me a doormat
This poem is kind of different because
It has a different format.
Do you know how it feels to be me?
Do you know what I mean when I say “See Me”?
Do you know how it feels to be rejected?
Do you know how it feels to always be disrespected?
Do you know how it feels to be disregarded?
Do you know how it feels to be treated like you are retarded?
Do you know how it feels to be alone?
Do you know how it feels to always be on your own?
Do you know how it feels to have a life you don’t want?
Do you know how it feels when friends and family put up a front?
Do you know how it feels to always get hurt?
Do you know how it feels to be considered a jerk?
Do you know how it feels to not want to live?
Do you know how it feels to give with nothing to give?
Do you know how it feels to have a bad day everyday?
Do you know how it feels to be mistreated in every way?
If you don’t here are some clues
Answer yes to all these questions 
And you would have walked in my shoes.

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Kid (2005)

You’re not a bad kid
You just have a bad habit or two
Your habits have lost there lid
That’s why people point at you
Your chances keeping breaking
One day they may break you
It’s the habits that you should be shaking 
Then all the goodness will shine through 

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You can't help someone who is not in need.
You cannot fix the wound, if it won't bleed.
If they won't speak.
There's no comfort they can seek.
If they admit nothing is wrong.
They'll start to break down and cry before long.
There's no reason why some people just don't fit in.
And there's no cure for uncomfortablity in your own skin.
Bleeding on the inside.
The bruises they cannot hide.
They'd hurt themself.
Before anyone else.
You know they're in pain.
So much pain. Enough to drive them insane.
But they remain quiet and unseen.
Staying by the sidelines, inbetween.
Because they refuse to let any emotion show.
For fear that, then, everyone would know.
Realizing they're not perfect. Not correct.
But the others see them, no bigger than an insect.
The others wouldn't even care.
The others don't even notice them there.
So, all you do is sit there and stare.
Watching them kill whatever is left of they're life.

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I am different,
In many ways,
My clothes are different,
In many ways,
My thoughts are different,
In many ways,
My drawings are different,
In many ways,
My friends are different,
In many ways,
	I am me.
				I am different.

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Surrounding myself with a wall of silence
Breathing seems pointless when having
A heart
Torn apart
That is punctured

Dreams fill my head but 
By a sudden force of sadness
Keeps me from success
It came from nowhere

A life filled with tears
A nonexistent happiness
Smacks me
I can’t break free
Help seems hopeless for me

Everything I do
Seems like a disappointment
No escape
A videotape
That can’t rewind

I just want to end it now

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All Aboard

All aboard the Drama Train
See how far you can go
Your life goals and values aren't important
It's all about who you know

Beware of the Drama Train
For the cost isn't free
You often sacrifice yourself
To be what others want you to be

Don't get on the Drama Train
It isn't worth the ride
Instead of gaining popularity 
You often lose your pride

The Drama Train's full of fakes
People who'll claim to be your friend
Yet the moment things start to get rough
You'll realize all along it was pretend

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Untitled #6 / The boy

The boy heard the familiar tune
wafting through the radio at midnight
as he lay alone in his bed, enshrouded
in darkness – “to be a rock and not erode”
cautioned the singer, but the boy
could not help but wonder
who his girl was making love to that night
and he could not help but cry.

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Was I joking?
I despise each lie,
That escapes your subtle lips,
Don you,
With thorns and roses,
Bittersweet dear,
I am torn apart,
Between two dreams,
None that shall perspire.

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I don't understand why they talk about me
Is it because I'm different, white, and maybe too skinny?
Or maybe because I'm not fake like you,
Well i'm sorry I'm better than you and your "Crew."
Is it the fact I'm a little bit crazy,
Could it be that sometimes i'm lazy?
At times you're my friend,
But my heart you won't mend.
So make up your minds,
Cause you've had enough time.
Possibly cause i'm not on your level,
Well what do you want, another gold medal?
You all put me down like I'm not worth it,
Well I'm tired of hearing all your bullsh--.
Sometimes i'm wrong, I'll admit that,
But you don't have an excuse to be such a brat.

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I'm sorry i'm not perfect,
too bad my life is sad. 
Try to hear me out, 
before you all get mad.
Don't laugh in my face, 
it was only an opinion.
I try to express myself,
but you always shut me down.
How can I be who I am,
if you won't accept me now?
Each day I live a lie,
just to see you smile.
You always push me around,
like i'm not worth this sh--.
I guess you don't understand,
I was born who I am.
You look at me crazy,
whenever I pass you by.
How am I so different from you?
I just want to know why...

My name is always in your mouths,
but you have no reason why.
Talk about someone else,
a person that lives to lie.
So now you want to be my friend,
but didn't you tell her something else?
I'm not your backup toy,
so don't treat me like some boy.
I am NOT a dog,
you get to throw around.
I am a human with feelings too.
So what if I cry at times,
you act as if you never do.

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She is

She is the one I can tell anything to
She is the one who accepts me
She accepts me for who i am
Whatever i go through she is there
We've been through everything
I can asker for advice
On relationships,family, fashion,makeup and so much more
She is my sister,my confidant,my shrink
She is my best friend till the end

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Happy Face

Put on the happy face for everybody else’s sake
Make them think you’re a-okay
Make them think that everything’s fine
that you’re as happy as you’ve ever been
But deep inside is where you hide everything you really feel
Let it all simmer for awhile hoping it doesn’t boil
Just keep it all with you so they don’t have to worry
Let it all slowly eat away at every fiber of you being
while everybody thinks you’re so happy that you could sing
Just keep it all where it belongs
deep inside yourself
Don’t burden others with your troubles
Why kill their good moods?
Just put on your happy face	
so that nothing seems out of place

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Oh, please just don’t fight!
I know you don’t love each other;
It’s me, who to decide
With whom I’ll be with; or 
Where to go for seven days;
Three days for you, daddy!
Three days for you, mommy!
Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays or TThS;
Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays or MWF; 
Which one of this two you prefer, you decide? 
I have a God and Sunday is for him;
Thou, it’s just one day, yet 
I feel much of his love.

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Popularity Contest

What's the point in being cool

I won't last forever

It's like a fleeting dove

It will stay for a while

But leave ever so quickly

You can not keep it

So why even join in

The Popularity Contest.

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I'm The Girl

I'm the girl you wish weren’t here.
I'm the girl with nothing to lose, 
Yet everything to fear.
I'm the girl you poke fun at when you have nothing to do.
I'm the girl you never knew.
I'm the girl who stood alone.
Who is going to cast the first stone?
I'm the girl that wanted a friend.
I'm the girl you couldn't comprehend.
I'm girl who loved to love.
I'm the girl filled with rage and hate.
I'm the girl no one saw until it was to late.
No one knew suicide I would contemplate.
I'm the girl who had no reason to wait.
I'm the girl who was always left out.
I'm the girl you loved to talk about.
I'm the girl who fell through the cracks.
I'm the girl pulling knives out of my back.
I'm the girl who stuck a bullet in my head.
I'm the girl laying here in a puddle of blood dead.

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Fall '05

Digging through the trash I find inside myself,
discovering more and more things to hate.
I hate the way I give and give,
letting others use my generosity.
I hate the way I’m always too blind to see,
that so many are just using me.
I hate the way I let my friends go.
There is so much I wish I could let them know.
Like how much I love them,
how much they mean,
everything they’ve done for me.
I hate how I can never open up to others in reality,
but in this cyberworld, my mind and heart are on display.
I hate how when I finally try,
I stumble over myself,
growing even shyer.
I hate how when I say what I mean,
others don’t mean what they say.
I hate how I can’t change who I have become,
how the life in me just feels like letting go.
I hate how I see no hope,
how I see no love.
I hate how I find myself doubting an existence above.
I hate the way I keep just wasting away,
fretting over an inability to find a new love.
I hate that I feel.
I hate that I want to love and be loved.
I hate how I apologize for finally speaking my mind,
for finally standing up for myself.
I hate how I keep regressing into depression,
how I never seem to find a way out.
I hate how I hate myself,
and I hate how I am afraid it may never change.
I hate how I fear everything will be exactly the same.

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Shoot me now
Kill me please
I’m begging you
I’m on my knees
Make it all go away
Make the pain end
Stop my broken heart
from ever beating again
I am bleeding and I’m needing you more and more
I am begging you
if you have a heart
just do your part and stop this pain inside my heart
and end my life today

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Carrying On

There’s a hemorrhage of thoughts and memories killing me each day
Why won’t you just leave me alone
so that maybe I could live today?
Not a day passes by when you’re not on my mind
How can I carry on
when you’re stealing all my time?
I lie awake trying to sleep
but you keep coming up to me
Every time I close my eyes
I know you’re the only thing I’ll see
Why can’t the memories leave
just like you left me?
It’s driving me insane
each and every day
They’re causing me such pain
causing such dismay
I wish that they would leave
That my mind would be mine again
Images of you keep dancing in my head
They taunt me
They haunt me
They make me think of death
It’s burning in my blood
angering me as time goes on
I’m angry at the world
most of all myself
for letting it get to me
A virus in my head
killing all that’s good
A disease in my brain
leaving me ashamed
I am alone

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Come to Me

Come to me so I can be your friend
Come to me with your arms open again
I’ll keep you safe
I’ll treat you well
I’ll save your from this Hell you’re stuck within
You have my trust
You have my word
I’m at your disposal
Don’t run away
I’m always here for you

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Social Anxiety

I don’t know who they are.

I don’t know anyone’s name.

Not a friendly face around.

Not a single face I know.

This nervous beating in my chest.

How will I fit in with the rest?

People are all around,

which is why I feel so alone.

I wanna leave.

I need to go home.

Please don’t make me talk.

Please don’t make me stay.

Please just let me walk,

before I run away.

I’m searching for an exit.

Any escape will do.

Why was I left here by myself,

 when I came with you?

You know I can’t handle this.

Me and people don’t mix.

The nervousness is winning,

the walls are closing in.

I don’t know this group,

I only need a friend.

You said you’d be a minute,

my watch says it’s been ten.

I’m worried now as more people show up,

and still no sign of you.

Freaking out, just short of hysteria, 

is the best that I can do.

I can’t take it anymore.

I’m sorry I need to leave.

Being in this situation seems the worst thing for me.

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such a painful sound,
to be set apart,
to be different,
a curse,	
to be a target,
to be pushed aside,
such a painful sound,
why do they laugh?
I have done nothing wrong,
why do they hurt me?
am I such a joke?
That you have to hurt me without a care,
is it so funny,
is the belonging that valuable,
is that all you want?
then accept me,
accept Who I Am,
Accept my identity,
then I will show you,
true acceptance,
If you accept me,
I will accept you.

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We never asked to be solicited, 

We bring existence to you,

To life. 

Something you could never do.

Our bodies, 

We stuff it, starve it, forget it, remember it,

All just for the gratification of acceptance. 

Pressures to fit, 

When all we can do is try to measure up. 

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Gay (2005)

"Its gay" is all they ever say
a description for every flaw
the word that drops my jaw
why use that
first it was "Phat"
what next when they get vexed!

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Chapter 6IXteen 
Eating at the house on MARS 
MarYlin Mist made CharlaX7 remove his suit and gave it to the BOY and then she 
let BOY leave the seal open at the neck and placed a HAIR locket on it for 
effect “that hair red and green affect makes you look like an American Vampire” 
BOY this was IOLA the Matron speaking as STOKKER led them back to the 
HOUSE where the Nordic Family 
lived. Earth like in it's structure with an air-lock@ manufactured in Hong Kong 
back on the third planet NEWTONIA in the STAR SYSTEM MISTY WAY in the city of 
Bostonia is where the warehouse of importance lay and as they entered the 
airlock even BOY went along with no apprehension or even useless worry for in a 
Chapter Poem Story my poetical license is in effect and BOY even though he is a 
Martian had no problem with the atmospheric effect of the Nordic Home. Let's 
Eat. Gentle reader come back please to read the newest Chapter Seventeen. 

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Another Creep

Another guy
another creep
just came in
and swept her right off her feet
She fell for his lies
as she looked into his eyes
She just failed to see
he was nothing but trouble
his bad reputation
she fought off with her blind refutation

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Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Boy (2005)

Little boy of gold
Tells the story that I once told
So kind that he couldn’t hurt a fly
All the suffering heaps on him why?
Such a beautiful boy
Who would want to break a china toy?
A little silent pray is all I can show you that someone cares
Pain will heal in time and seal all the tears

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I have scars from when my emotions would hurt me.
I have bruises from when i would take blows for loved ones.
It's no use helping them heal, I'll just tear them open
So I can remember how painful it was to trust you.
You cheated your girlfriend and came to me.
When I didn't want the attention, you made sure I got it anyway.
You need to have a change of heart,
Because you know that you care about her, and not me.
And you know when it comes down to it,
She doesn't need to be scarred too.

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Little Girl Of Fifteen

You think you’re a woman,
Little girl of fifteen,
You break your curfew daily,
No idea where you’ve been,

Walking a hip-less swagger,
You wear your hair in a certain way
And your clothes are less and tighter now
You merely live to disobey

You don’t listen to your mother
Your fathers nowhere to be seen
You swear and cuss and act mischievously
School and education? You’re not so keen

No one can understand you
Especially the one who gave you life,
Because you claim she’s so out of date
You just love to cause her strife

Long gone are the pretty dresses
Pink ribbons, bows and sweet dolls,
The red lipstick you wear is tainting you
How long till misbehaving takes it toll? 

Now you’ve started to be abusive
And your mother received a lash out
In your mind she cannot relate to your new style
You don’t agree with her pleas or shouts

You’re not even grown yet, little girl
Your body a shapeless silhouette,
You want attention from the boys and men,
But one day you will regret

When the attention from boys is too daunting
And intimidated you will be
And you realise you’re just a little girl
Stay innocent, little girl of fifteen

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Three Years

Even though its been three years
Our wounds are still being healed
It hurts our hearts to remember this day
A day that I must say
Was the most terrifying in my life
To know thousands lost their lives
And to find out Bin-Ladin was behind it from the start
Fells like being shot with a deadly dart
What has this world turn out to be
When others believe their misson is to kill people like me
Why did the Towers have to fall
Why did the destruction have to happen at all
Every year it brings back memories
About September 11ths tragedies
Even though its been three years
MY wouds are still being healed

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Wonderful World

Wouldn’t it be a wonderful world
if every brokenhearted boy got
the girl of his dreams
It seems this world is unjust
or perhaps we’re all just losers
No matter how the picture’s painted
the beauty of it all is faded
in the shadows of our dismay
They say history never repeats itself
but it repeats itself everyday
Good men go unloved
while the vile ones are adored
Modest women are looked down upon
because so many just want whores
But it’s the appreciative male
who treasures a woman for who she is
and not what she has
who must pay for the pain caused by
every single predecessor
that only wanted to undress her

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A Friend

We may have only just met
But my feelings seem so true
I think that I have now
Found a friend in you

You always make me laugh
You brighten up my day
You understand my thoughts
And know exactly what to say

Your attitiude brings me joy
Whenver you talk to me
I think we're becoming good friends
And that's what I hope to be

So in a way for me to say thanks
I'm writing this poem for you
Let's let our friendship grow 
And to each other let's always be true

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I am so confused
How is it you feel about me?
Am I reading the cards right?
Am I just reading without a light again?
Should I move on?
Should I stick around for a little while longer?
I can try the other, but,
I’d rather have the familiar

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Mabe i dont want to understand

People wonder why i do things ... 
I dont , but i dont know either ... 
Am i suppose to ...
DO i want to ...
i dont know but i think i dont want to life is just .....
Most of the time and if not it too confuseing for me to know why i do or say things i
shouldent  so i might like to one day but right not im me and if thats not enough im sorry
but life will go on

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These Eyes Never Lie

Look me in my truthful eyes, while my mouth lies saying that I’m okay. I hide it so 
well. This anger and pain that grows here inside of me each and everyday. It’s 
been awhile since I honestly was alright. I go to sleep at night fearing the days 
that will come to haunt me in my head. Don’t believe me when I say everything is 
alright, it rarely is, barely was, and may never be again. I’m sitting here as the 
pain is boiling over in my brain. My mouth is trained to hide it all, but my truthful 
eyes give me away. Why do you think I never smile? Is there just something 
wrong with me? I’ve tried and searched with no luck at all. I missed the call for 
happiness, so now I’m stuck in a constant state of misery. Incessant until the 
end. I’ll keep telling you I’m okay my friend. Some days I am, some days I’m not, 
but I’ll say I am either way. The only way the truth is told, is if you look me in my 
truthful eyes. Study them as they burn so deeply. See visions from within my soul 
as they burn a hole in my heart. Then you’ll know if I am okay. Then you’ll know 
the truth. All you have to do, is look me in my truthful eyes, because these eyes 
never lie.

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Goose bumps all over
Lips numbing
Hands become clammy
Legs like jelly
Butterflies in my belly...I see you

My face is flushed
I can't stop shaking
My hands are warm
And my tongue is paralyzed
I can't function...You say hi

Nerves are wrecking
My cheeks are hot
My insides are tied in a knot...You give me a hug

A big grin on my face
The moment replaying in my mind
I want to faint...You say goodbye

The goose bumps are gone
My face has regained color
My nerves are calmed
But my smile is still there...I say goodbye back

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Death of A Sheep

You have fallen
Into the well of society's will
Giving them your power
You have rendered yourself useless
Not until now
When your soul
Has been ripped from your body
That lays still against their lies
Do you realise this reality
Your fading breaths
Caught in their nets of deception
Escape from you
You are alone
In your misery
Stiffled by your stupidity
You sleep alone
As you blood
Fills you room of wool

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My affection cannot be bought.
With your charming words and false intellect.
I know my kindness is one thing that you sought.
But your knowledge is no bigger than an insect.
You lie through your lips.
You vocalize nothing that resembles this.
A glimmer of hope.
For my rejection, I'm positive you'll cope.
I cannot be sold.
Or have my thoughts be told.
I'm of my own.
True to myself, to the bone.

I feel no honor to you.
Or anyone else here.
With all the lies you proclaim to not do.
Gives your soul only yourself to fear.
So claim what you will.
Give yourself a false thrill.
I hold no bargains for you.
I post nothing false against you.
I will not have anyone else to blame.
For your corruptions and lost shame.
You honor nothing to me.
And soon I know, you will agree.

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Am I as awesome as you make me out to be? 
Why can’t I see these things
that you see in me?
Am I the only one that sees
the screwed up side of me?
If I could be the person you see,
I could be much happier.
I’m laughing on the outside 
while I’m dying deep within.
Help me out my friend. 
Is there a way to kill
the demons on my back? 
Why do you see this great guy who’s happy?
Why do I know the truth about me? 
Why do you like me? 
There’s no reason for you to. 
I am ugly,
as depressing as can be.
Why do you say I am such a good friend?

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Children of the night

Lost in the daylight, alive in the night
Who are the children of the night?
They roam our cities, like packs of wolves
Hungry for love, never getting full

Misused, abused, hated, and scorned
Always sad, hopeless, and forlorn
Where do they come from, who was their spawn?
Will they ever feel that they belong?

Unto the night, a culture they create
One of sorrow, shame, and hate
What is their future, what is their past?
How long can we allow this inhumanity to last?

Rev. Andy 2005

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Shattered Eyes

I walk around the person
You call yourself
Why can’t you see me?
I see myself

I walk over to you
I thought you were my friend
But we are not
Never to the end

When I walk up to you
You just walk by
A cold shoulder is my friend
I like to ask you why

But I already know the answer 
It’s as plain as can be
You never really wanted to be my friend
As I now can see

How many times were you going to leave me out?
Did you think that I would just take the hint?
But now my vision is clearer
No longer blocked with tint

I see you for what you really are 
A truly horrid person
You think you are better without me
But it is you whose situations worsen

Thank you for showing me 
The ugliness under your mask
I guess I am better off
You don’t need to ask

I am happy 
You need not ask why
I have a new friend
Without a shattered eye

She can see me
Anytime of day
I guess I’m not invisible
You were just in the way