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Social Imagination Poems | Social Poems About Imagination

These Social Imagination poems are examples of Social poems about Imagination. These are the best examples of Social Imagination poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | Free verse | |

A Collapsing Yippie

It seems like everybody around me has forgotten,
they're stuck on a thought again,
saying alot and whining more.
Preying on their own self-doubts,
they have so much,
yet see so little.
so stubborn.
Can't they see that 64 inch TV,
or feel the beating of the jets in their hot tub ?
They measure their lives too much,
they have fallen into the "Great American Dream Sham"
as my friend "Chad Williams Lowther" would say !
Its a ruse,
an antidote,
so they can make changes in their lives which they normally wouldn't do,
because they lack the strength and insight,
so they get stuck in their minds.
Wheels spin,
tears fall,
marriages crumble
and the damn kids are really suffering,
cause they don't have the latest video gizmo box.
Thoughtless over-reactions of self- abuse,
much like an addict who is never satisfied.
"The Great American Dream Sham" sucked them in,
they forgot,
macroni and cheese,
saturday morning cartoons and matinees.
All replaced by todays goals and desires,
which are masquerading as tired souls trying to find solice,
stuck in "the Great American Dream Sham"
and now saying all there is to say,
Hail, Hail to me 
and all who are free,
all who go their own way
and all who see though it !

Details | Limerick | |

Viagra Falls

There once was a man from Niagara
whose wiener's so long it would stab ya'

but when it got little 
his pills became skittles   
until he O.D.'d on Viagra

© ~JSLambert  2011*****A classic "stiff" competitor, standing "firm" amongst other "members" in the "thick" of the competition:) hope everyone gets "a rise" out of it!

Details | Enclosed Rhyme | |

Heart Of A Poet

It jumps not to the thought of riches or the prospect of gold
For common treasures are not what it seeks
But rather it responds to that probable possibility
That it may have touched the depths of someone else's soul

It hearkens not to sparkling gems or lusts after a lifetime of wealth
For inside jewels lies the hearts of thieves
But rather it stirs at giving a word someone needs
For inspiration to even the smallest person is a diamond in itself

It doesn't ache for dollar bills or lurch at the sight of green
For nowadays money comes in many different forms
But rather it longs to patch up another heart that may have been torn
And once again to give that person's life meaning

It is a place where the world dare not or otherwise cannot go
A safe haven for valuables other than currency
A hidden trail where treasure means finding creativity 
A path that only the hearts of poets know

Details | Romanticism | |

Autumnal Grace

The autumnal grace that bodes so well 
For eager souls departs,
Upon a dove wore Gaelic prose
Devised by naïve hearts,

For afterthoughts as echoed dew
Sate the doleful needs,
Of naïve souls whose hearts dispose
Of decadence and greed,

For autumnal grace a phrase misplaced
In modern times bestowed,
With meaning laced with fervent haste
That once defined our souls.

Details | Rhyme | |


It is 2012 within the season of autumn in that year.
Humankind knows not whether to be sad or cheer.
A new sphere arrived; they call it planet kunzite.
In an orbit opposite of earth, aligned perfectly right.
Was it our doom, or salvation we awaited a sign.
Upon the next moon, our answer came so divine.
Planet kunzite was to be our new home to live.
To go in peace and harmony with only love to give,
No more wars or anger for any human to spread,
In the stars surrounding, words are there to be read.
Kunzite a jewel for everyone, especially new born,
So upon each morning a new greeting shall adorn.

Details | Verse | |

Secretly Obsessed

Obsessed with the thought of you
wondering if it's only me or
if you sometimes remember the sweet things you've said
and if you meant them how I took them
or if I'm just obsessed with what's in your head

Obsessed with your very sentences
Every response I take personal
I know it's selfishness
Have you not noticed my eyes?
They hold secrets that only you can unlock
if you'd just take time to fill the thick juices of my pride
It's just boiling with lust, passion, trust and distrust
and other things I obsess over so much

I find myself writing to free myself from this prison I've created
where only you and I reside
I become confused about what I'm really feeling inside and I 
try to rid the thoughts that are highly debated as false and I
begin to cry and
think of casting love spells so that the universe can deliver this affair
I know it's unfair
but I don't care

I'm obsessed with what hasn't happened between us
I'm obsessed with your heart and that the fact that 
I don't think you've even noticed my selfish innuendos 
and secret undertones that blatantly express my lust
Or maybe you have and you calmly remain in resistance of distrust 
If you could only read my mind by simply touching my fingertips,
I'm sure I'd catch you out the corner of my eye biting your bottom lip
I'm obsessed with the passion and thoughts I think you have
Obsessing over an experience that I may never have....

Details | Haiku | |

It is now

Ain't a word, you said.
but it takes a daring gust 
for things start to be.

Details | Quatrain | |

The Owl and the PusyCat Sail

Together the Owl and the PusyCat were married
Then again sailed out over the deep blue seas
Searching forever for the great Land of Nod,
To the place where they could find true peace.
True peace, true peace… Where they could find true peace.

The love that twined forever within their hearts
They sought throughout all the wonderous lands
Going to the place where they would live in peace,
A place where true peace, rules and lives in the hearts of the land.
The land, the land… Where true peace lives in the heart of the land.

Alas, the love of the heart, though truly not easy to find…
Is easier to find than the love of peace, found throughout the land.
So it’s said they will continue to sail, until that day comes true,
And when they land for the final time, will be up to me and you.
Me and you, me and you… That day will be up to me and you.

Details | Verse | |

Enigma's Calling

Extraordinary, I am 
Craving for unusual thoughts
Endless exploration without boundary
Understanding  the gift I shouldn't fought
Invisible drawings in my mind
Playing with the words in my head
My passion
The food of my soul
I feel so lucky
The random thoughts
A lifetime companion
A self esteem builder
A goal planner
Be my forever life saver
I write more
I talk less
I want to please
I chose to bore
What tickles me the most
Is to know what I'm for
Thinking is my love
When  my mind goes empty
That's when I hate
My day dreaming lust
Organizing things in my mind
Playing roles of simulation
Where images of art is my vision
And words of attitude is my heart

Details | Free verse | |

The Beauty In Futility

my heart breathes its last breath
Embraces its own death
Ready to be reborn 
and made anew

Can’t live a lie
Refuse to “do”
and I’ll DIE....
Focus now on why I’ll live 
And never touch the sky. 

I have to forget you
I have to reject you 
But I will never love anyone 
like I loved you.....

I heard you whisper 
and you never knew it
I wiped the tears from your eyes 
But you couldn’t feel it

You’re lost and you’ll never find you
And neither will I 
And I’m so sorry--
but I’m NOT. 

I'll attempt to reset
Try to forget
But you know, I never will. 

Be my dirty little secret 
My very worst-kept secret 
Sweet, smooth, beautiful poison 
My infernal and endless attraction 
towards complete and utter self-destruction 

I fell in love with the devil
And it will take one heck of an angel
To save me from the likes of you....

My addiction 
my confusion
my nightmare
my dream never to come true

Oh, I’ll never forget the times
we never shared
I’ll never forget 
how you were never there

Always me, the stars, and tears
And I ask you,
what kind of life is THAT?

I have to face the facts 
I don’t know what happens now
but it happens without you. 

The stains will always be there
the scars will never fade
But the memory of you----
it HAS to. 

I could carry the torch forever
But it would only consume me
I can’t cry another tear for you
Or I’ll dry up completely

It doesn’t affect you
and you never deserved me

You’ll go on with your life, too
All, all alone
Because you’ll only ever be in love
with you. 

Details | Rhyme | |


there across the wind
rides my silly pride

at times a sturdy arrow
at times a butterfly

how often i chose to follow
the path of the sturdy arrow
its landing was hard to find

however, when i chose to try
the path of the butterfly
never, was i too far behind

Details | Ode | |

Ode to a Woodpecker

The ladder backed pecker,
like a prison uniform.
Caught-up in exposing
the truth beneath the bark,

of the poet's apple tree.
We prefer ourself in spring;
with tiny little flowers,
and the fruit of possibility.

Yet, if not for the woodpecker,
tapping holes into poems,
we might not ever see
the flesh and blood of raw meat.

I will climb that ladder back,
escape pre-decreed standards.
Tap into that syrupy mixture
and suck-out truth from hard wood.

Yes, lessons from a jail bird.
A pest in the Avian Kingdom.
Wisdom from the little rebel,
beat-out of a tree.

Details | Senryu | |

Car Wash Line

Car wash running hot
Backed up around the next block
Car in front just clunked

Details | Personification | |

Momentary Mistress.

We touched for a moment
From across the room
Eternity silenced
As only eyes allow

Paralyzed here
Standing in yen
And somehow fearful
I turn away

If I held valiance 
Crass and fiery
I would dare to you
Though not today
I am of frailty’s ire

Flames of forbidden desire
That is you
A rare beauty of youth
Unquenchable light

I am lost and aged tonight
Brazen solitude
Afraid to look in your eyes
Fearing the burn
Of desire fulfilled

Heavy heaves in my chest
In a sigh of defeat
Up the empty pathway
I move on

Details | Free verse | |


PoetrySoup …

I Was Heartily Welcomed… As I Sat At Your Table
By:  Carol, Sara, Carolyn, Dane Anne,  Moses, and Abel
               Tim, Leon, John, Michael, Jim and Yoni
               Deborah, Krista, Adeleke and Charlie
   …  James, The (Two) Ruben(s) and (The Quik-Composer) Raul
   …  and Many, Many More, I Love to Hear At Dinner-Call !

                  The PoetrySoup …

… It Has Member – Mushrooms
Chew and Chat Lunchrooms
Delectable  Hors d'oeuvre
Every Ear-Full… Heard
Every Mouthful… Taste
Spoonful of Gourmet Grace
Voila’ Words, Don’t Waste
Simmer-Slow and Baste’

In Dug-up, Sweet Potatoes
  Ripe Food for Thought Tomatoes
And Onions, That Will Make You Cry
Artichokes and Lemons that Squeeze – ‘til You Die
Garlic and Oregano Are Just Some Suggestions
And Here’s Some Mint… for Your Digestion
Parsley to Parley and Jive-Chives, Just Keep Stirring
But There’s No Clam Chowder, Shrimp, or Herring

A Dash of This… A Dash of That Seasoning
A Pinch of That and Sprinkle This Reasoning…
On The Side with the Mustard and Relish, so Fresh
Are the Cucumber-Contest and Radish Requests
And I Can’t Forgo the Tongue-in-Cheek Puns…
Your Laughter is Passed Around, like Hot-Buttered Buns !

…  Poets … Are Proverbial Peas In The Pod
The Harvesters of Herbs-Heard, in The Garden of God
so... Salt and Pepper to Your Superb Style
Did You Say Cheese, Please ?... ( Full Mouth Smile !)
There’s Hot Chicken Broth, When You Are Cold
Everybody Knows… Its Good For The Soul
And All That’s On The Human Menu… It’s In There !
… Even A Mother’s … Tenderized Care
Like Campbell’s Brand… Its Umm… Umm… Good !
The Aspire – Asparagus, I Took… I Understood
So, PoetrySoup’s Cupboard is Never Bare
And There Ain’t No Bones, No Medium, Just Rare
And On The Star-Burner… Is The Savory Meat
So… Grab A Heartbeat-Bowl… and Bona Petit’…

Yes, Thank You, PoetrySoup
(You’re Up There with MoonBee’s FruitLoops !)

It Has Been A Pleasure Getting To Know You All 
Thru Your Beautiful Expressions, Coming Straight
From Your Warm and Welcoming Hearts

God Bless You......


Details | Blank verse | |

Dinner's Delight

I drank of your beauty
Sweet and velvety smooth
Your substance makes me tingle inside
Down to my very finger tips

You sparkle in the light
I caress, and you bubble in delight
You make me carefree
Down to the depth of my soul

Appearing red , full of passion
Or pale, as cool as a crystal stream
You make me happy
As I delve into your sweetness

You come to me each evening
To warm my heart
And together we will dine
With you, my fine bottle of wine.

Details | I do not know? | |

Alone but not lonely

I hide in the corner behind a cloud of smoke 
Then find myself laughing at a strangers joke
For i seemed to have developed a hobby you see
Quietly sitting back watching people be 

I don't want to meet them or learn there name
I just sit back and observe like some kind of game
Regardless of how nice they may seem
To meet them would be disappointing and obscene

For good manners are no more
Just look and shopping malls it's like a guerrilla war
Although i do get some joy from strangers action 
Like a child eating an ice-cream with gleeful satisfaction

But still i have no need to talk
I'm more than happy to sit and gawk

Tall people, Short people, fat ladies snorting
And my favorite awkward young lovers courting
Its a quiet existence this life of mine 
To be perfectly honest it suits me fine

I'm alone but not lonely
For my house is quiet homely
And as long as i have my stranger friends
I will live like this happy to my end.


Details | Quatrain | |


He was the bard from Stratford, and as a teenager
he helped his father in his trade; he married and had children
and became the most popular and admired play writer
in all England...acting was also his other pleasurable passion.    

Curious Queen Elisabeth was one of the thousand spectators,
who came to see him in the Globe theater...she shed tears, 
and was stunned by the performance of his timeless plays,
and yet, some of his fellow-poets criticized him for his writings!

I wish I had lived in that Victorian era so intellectual and refined,
and had met him in person and had showed him my ample admiration;
I would have asked him the secret, which made him so legendary and loved...
and he would have whispered it to me, to make me revel in that revelation!     

I have read his inspiring works, and tragedies rampantly occur
from " Romeo and Juliet"...the Verona's immortal lovers, through" Hamlet "
whose insanity was undoubtedly caused by the specter of his father; 
and why didn't Shakespeare choose less dramatic plays not ending in death?

He wanted to teach us indelible lessons to show us how the human spirit
can be passionate, adamant, loveless, envious, cruel, unfair and treacherous...
to outline all kinds of guilt: from murder to envy so well-expressed with eloquence;
it's no mystery to anyone how he conjured up such plots with grief, madness and wit!    

Shakespeare was no ordinary kid, and he played with his siblings on Henley Street,
neighbors saw him trot to his grammar school, later he would make everyone weep; 
early in adolescence, did his prodigious mind envision one from a vague thought?
It's no wonder that he is widely read even today...hear his speak, he'll impart worth!  

Entered in Amy Green's contest, " Wow Me With Inspiration "

Details | Personification | |

HipHop Is dead

Hip-Hop is dead
I can’t feel the throb, the devotion, the dedication
I wear all black
Black stilettos, black cut dress, aimed real low
Seductive but simple, I know my place
Beside the King, my sweet deceased Revolutionist 
Rap’s number one supporter, holding the casket with a broken
           S I G H
Someone plays, a radio, across the way
Slick beats drip past the ears to slime the brain
Wet and easy manipulated clay
Media displays wealth and misogyny
50 million dollar chains  
Females addicted to being slapped around
Like China Dolls in half-made    Cl    o   thes
Pose, Shawty and let this crunk beat fill your hips
Purse your lips, Mami, and I’ll let you
Be my accessory
Remember when the revolution was a evolution of the mind
Freestyles match drums in intensity
When freestyles were uncontrolled like the wild brown skin he was in
I felt, loved, Hip-hop in my veins
Let him be the catalyst  for the beating of my heart
I was so in love with his swagger, his love of himself and his people
Hat tipped real       low      to hide the pain

Beat real tight to stop the taint
Of failure and to rise like the dust after a stampede
I’d take Hip-Hop to bed every night
Let him rise and fall like the heaving of my chest
It was so hot I could barely breathe for the intensity overcoming me
The pounding of intellect in my throat
Stroked me from head to toe
And Rocked my ghetto loving soul
And he said things I’ve waited my whole life to hear
play sweetly in my ear
Dreaming of dreams too big
To let fade away
He grew shallow, loving women with hollow heads and thick thighs
Low rides and forgetting what he left at home
Long nights and overtime left me alone
Released hundreds of  artists
Torn between money and the spoken word
His best friends tried to revive what was inside, too late the damage took over
50 Cent arrived with Lil’s, and Young’s and a mess of southern heat
I was there when the light left his eyes
After Dr.Dre’s Chronic
Hip-Hop was Dead 

Details | Free verse | |


Obviously, I am kissed 
Once more by destiny 
When clock touching
The summer moonlight night
Without pain
And, flatten the thought 
By the buzzing bug
With a fiery lips, awaking 
My lonesome blood 
Into whacking as I fell 
Into her breath
With its natural scent 
Like Venus, the god
Wrapped my lonely body 
By sweet loving hand 
That I felt like 
Lolly candy
To be licked 
By you, again and again  

Details | Free verse | |

Another Side of the Story

     from the depths 
of the ocean
   to the mountains of
the moon
   you can see what
you want to see, learn what you will
   but maybe - just maybe
      alight on a 
     join the birds in 
Unreal thought!
     has become the 
order of the day
     while senseless legions 
      the air is full
of the sounds of gunpowder
As the fire dies
   become what 
you always
          desired to be
         leave the 
battle to others
     eyes peer out 
in the shadows
      hope rises with the wind
let us view peaceful 
    green fields below
fly with those birds
    as down below 
a magical truce is 
       To be enshrined 
    in the hearts of men 

Details | I do not know? | |

21 St. Century

Show down.
Eye to eye,
Tears sweat from it's cheek.
Little bit of a shake in the bodily wise.
"You can't do this to me! Speak in that tone of voice!"
"Look around. They'll think you're insane!"
"Get back in line!"
Cirlcing my lens sight about,
Seeing the expression of anguish hysteria in the norm,
The air is now poisoned with agony emotions.
Who can escape?
High noon like never seen before.
"Don't come any closer!"
"Do you know who I am? 21 St. Century."
"You live in me."
"Play by the rules, be quiet, and take it like a man!"
Smiling infinity within me.
"No! Do not walk away like that!"
"You need me!"
Turn with final words of free,
"Who needs who?"
"Time. A lonely place without man. Better thank the One who keeps you in His 
"As for me. Better things to do. Live on Earth in her humbleness."
"By the way, shut off the light before you leave. Too late! The roundabout living are 
your witnesses that it was done long ago."

(Thank you Jill Martin for your comments on "Blank Screen".  Your comments 
fired me up to write this one.)

Details | I do not know? | |

Passed By

Walking the streets with the thousands daily,
In the mist is me-
Crossing path.
Would the inner world of mine,
Illuminate the poetry,
Or first  gaze,
Outer appearance reflect average in thee eyes?

Details | Verse | |

Ding Dong The Wicked Witch is Dead

Globally, miners jubilantly jump for joy
Smiles on the faces of every girl and boy
The grins of a newly opened Xmas toy
Thatcher’s dead.

Trade unionists bounce along the street
Music blaring and the tapping of feet
From nurses to Bobbies still on the beat
Thatcher’s dead.

Street parties announced in the nation
Satan who brought economic inflation
Is deceased, now’s the time for elation
Thatcher’s dead.

Its times like this I’m sad I’m an atheist
And can only shout and wave my fist
And then go to the pub and get pissed
Thatcher’s dead.

Details | Free verse | |

Generic Minds

generic minds listen to generic music
have generic thoughts that are unknowingly abusive
watch generic things talk about generic things
gee this generic *****is spreading like a disease
better get your flu shot 
thats what they said to me
a suicidal vaccine 
a subliminal killing spree
its contagious and the outrageous
thing about it is that the people are blind in an eye
that they didn't even know they had
it's sickening to watch these clueless civilians 
inside the looking glass
with nightmares of being free
without a key to their mind
for it is trapped in the frequency
in the illusion of time
bathed in our universe
killing all that refuse to see
those that admit to hypocracy
or see the message in hip hop
how cant you see
the message in the lyrics that
bring adolescents to their knees
from bullet wounds conflicting their flesh
contradicting that they're the best
but the songs keep telling them that they dont need no rest
that they dont wanna go home
that they should ride alone
with the gat as their only companion
and so the only path they choose is the one that they're told
until they grow old and hope turns to a window pane
inside a window pane, until all they feel is pain
they realize that the music itself is ashamed
so whats to look up to
when you cant even speak when you cant even walk because you look so bleak
your eyes are sunken from the tv you're infested with the dee zees
now its too late to turn around and live for your conscious
so when youre screaming oh please
close your eyes and bring your mind to life
open your eyes for the first time
and never wonder why
since the answer this entire time
has been inside
and you better find it before you die
you dont want your soul to be in a pool with all the others
a buncha brothers missing their mothers
but only seeing strangers
only feeling the haters
wishing they would have used their minds when they had them
and now its too late,
now it's time for another new born fate to grab them

Details | Verse | |

My Words

Sometimes my poetry is just a case of words, 
and not necessarily my reality;                                     
and that’s what is so beautiful about writing

You can be who you want to be on any level 
and tell secrets about fantasies that may never be;  
or take trips to other dimensions on mental journeys,                                                                        or places that some don’t even think exist

They mimic thoughts that manifest themselves as poetry 
and rest on pages patiently waiting to adhere
My words are a reflection of my heart 
and they reveal the truth behind my mask of fear
they deliver reality doses  whether they are just cases, 
or me in the absolute right here

My words exude positive intentions; 
my imperfections apparent but I accepted rejections 
and reversed dejection  
and decided to bare all my fantasies, my flaws my very soul 
and temptations

Uncertain how voiced verses appeal to outside sources but internally they set me free
They provide a medium of light and creativity
A chance to apply knowledge and a time for reflecting on and making changes in my frequency
My words are attached to my soul and its overwhelming ability to just be
They reflect what I was before         
the choices I’ve made and the reasons that this life is perfect 
according to divine order

They represent the voices of my ancestors from the beginning of time 
because up until now, 
the ending wasn’t within reach so I make sure that I
carefully choose the format and the right place and time 
to deliver the message that may be blatant or hidden inside – 
of the abstract placements of verbs
giving praise to the source of power that calmly submits to the voice 
connected to my words
I am the originator of my own words
I hope that you are inspired, or simply entertained
by the process by which I've placed my words

Details | Haiku | |

The Internet: Return

A void of Facebook
Creativity dies here...

Details | Rhyme | |

the AIDS song


Right now it’s only cough and cold
But you won’t survive until you’re old
Your friends and family will stay away
No matter how much you plead or pray

You’ll lose your weight and faint at times
You’ll prefer dying than being alive
No one to take care of you at night
You’ll be untouchable, yeah that’s right

It doesn’t matter how I infected you
All they’ll think all you do is screw
Your life will be like a living hell
You’ll be alone and lonely, can’t you tell?

You’ll regret that day I entered you
The days you have are very few
Within no time you’ll beg to die
But I’ll kill you slowly while you cry


Right now it’s only cough and cold
But I am gonna get you trolled
My friends and family will stay with me
They love me so much, can’t you see?

Skinnier I’ll be, unhealthy I’ll be
It’s not ‘you’ and ‘I’, with us it’s a ‘we’
They’ll stand by me, take care of me
They’ll take me home, I’ll be free

But today they asked me the reason
Was it some blood transfusion?
Yes it was, I wanted to say
But I realized my life had started to sway

They’re going away, the ones I loved
Was it really necessary for me to be shoved?
I trusted them to stay with me
But now I’m begging you to let me die…

Details | Burlesque | |

Redneck FATHER'S DAY------


"Storm over yet...?"

"Well hay'ell ye'ah! 
 sum'body git me a da'gumm cole beer.
 whadda'bou  that boy th'er?
 sum'body git him'a cole beer too!"

"Diddy! that boy ain't nothin' but 8 years old!"

"Wha'choo sayin? 
 na'I don't give a jolly'durn, if he ain't nuttin but 8 year'owed!
 'dat boy dun' sat him thr'ew a big ol', storm! 
 torna'durr warnin' too!
 he gonna have him'a cole burr;  
 on me!"
 my treat!
 mama, git him'a cole burr! 
 ro'tt now; 
 ta'days father's day!" 

© 2011  ~JSLambert Esquire


Details | Verse | |

Mind and Sound

Only light can penetrate the 
that resides in the default state 
of mind
I descend from beta to delta 
binaural beats; instantly caught 
between frequencies beyond 

I absorb amplitudes of acoustic 
and I learn to just be earth 
Since I am the earth 
and because I am of
the one that is the source of its 
I've owned the power of 

I realize now that I AM because
HE is since I am from that, a 
Created in the image of a 
and a feeling from the 
Universal Mind
I tune in to this vibration from 
pulse that manipulates 
subconscious minds

Immersed  between 4 and 7 
brainwaves halt to a conscious 
All  chakras are aligned shining 
crown energy 
and now my consciousness 
begins to reap! 
and light begins to penetrate 
the harmonious beams
that were already there
constant and always there 

is now flooded with sound 
that force brainwaves to submit 
to power
of omnipresent sound that 
always was 
and always will be connected to 
the Source from which I came
so I extend exponentially 
physical time and space

I long to embrace the intensity 
of gamma rays
I give way to the coded sounds 
that resonate from the inner 
and continue to connect 
through the binaural beats that 
remind me of before

Always familiar but ignored
until found by gaining 
knowledge of self
I listen with the intent to excel 
while reaping an abundance of 
benefits and rewards
It's already yours

Just reach out and grab it 
as long as intention and ego is 
the universe will correspond 
it will deliver a life to you divine 
and orderly
Just listen to the sounds that 
were there from before
They will guide to to the 
vibration from the core
and it will guide you to connect 
directly with the source 

Details | Dramatic monologue | |


While looking at the vast blue sky,
I can imagine myself
Sitting against a tree,
Watching the sea
And hearing the sound of the waves.
It still questions my mind...
Why am I here all alone?
Why can't I enjoy the beautiful scenery
in front of me?
I feel incomplete from deep within
I don't know why I feel this kind of thing
But the incompleteness of myself bothers my mind.
And in the end..
I still question myself...

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The Night, In His Sexual Longing

In the taverna, he sits, incognito--- 
(he’s just 16) among them, the men of the past 
and dawdles over a bottle of beer, where he’s 
waiting for the night to rest. He stares 
at his watch: quarter past ten. Ahh, 
more hours, for him, to wait.  Till how long 
the bottle will last, half-empty now, until 
he can see the night in full, naked before his eyes?

His youth is like a blazing fire, ready for action 
and in his wildest dream, he claims the night.

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Reflections: Midlife Crisis

P     aranoia permeates, etching itself into your fractured face,
A     cacophony of constant pressure; life remains a stressful race,
N     othing to hope for, no positives like promotion in the workplace,
I      nability to love, relationships lift anchor and set sail without chase,
C     hildren crushing dreams under mortgages; age grows with disgrace

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Star Trek Rules

Star Trek Rules!

It was time for: Comic Con! Comic Con! Dragon wanted to come, too!
But then so did everyone else at Troll Lake… Hey, now, wouldn’t you?
We made some really cool costumes… for the costume show, my Dear.
You can guess, ‘Star Trek Rules!’ It couldn’t be anything less, you hear. 

Our favorite nighttime popcorn show, would truly now, become a part of our lives! 
The penguins got permission from the zoo; to go… great publicity, so very wise.
McRacoon had his Las Vegas Dragons get us, and a mock saucer, there, all on time.
Naturally pre-registered and in costume, we strutted in! Hi there! Began the playtime!

Man we were really cool, as the guest actors ask for OUR autographs. For Real!
Pictures were snapped, and a poster made, to be signed by everyone, so cheerful.
It’s highest bid, given to charity, would be a nice touch, for everyone in our crew.
The costume show was set outside, where all the dragons, could fly in, or out, too.

And a small mock, star ship was landed on stage, so we could enter with more flare.
Lord a mercy! Look at us! We’d never be like this, again! We were like stars, I swear!
Grandpa Troll, became Mr. Spock, naturally, because he was so, very clever and wise.
Our neighbor witch, was Uhura, due to her great ability to, protect everyone’s’ lives. 

Borp the Frog became Sulu, so he could take us up to Borp speed, with laser effects!
Hubby was Scotty, with the Tinker Trolls in engineering, for special effects, so perfect!
The penguins were the beloved crewmembers, running with lasers, all over the place.
The powder puff tribbles, got wet, so yes, became the ‘Trouble with Dribbles’, in space.

The Mary River Turtles wanted to be Checkov. What a groovy, exciting, security team.
Dragon wanted to be Captain Kirk, you know, like totally, in command… At the scene!
All agreed, I’d be a great Dr. McCoy, since I always get to, kiss the Boo- Boo’s away.
The Weird Frogs were the Aliens, chasing everyone mindlessly, around, the set, that day.

And the Las Vegas Dragons, became attacking star ships, over which our lasers won!
The crowds went wild, and we won first place in their hearts, as well as, in their minds!
Everyone had, such a good time, so the Trek continued, well after, when we got home.
That year Comic Con made the National news, and of course, nobody, was surprised!

As the residents of Troll Lake and Acorn Falls… continue to Trek on… every day!

By Mike and Carol Eastman… 

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My Alien Friend

Look in to the sky above
When the night is clear
You will see something special
That is flying in the air

It looks like a space ship
Or could it truly be
An alien from outer space
That wants to come meet me

When I was a little girl
It did happen to me
An alien landed on my roof
So I went up to see

He talked a funny language
And looked a bit silly too
But I could tell he was a friend
And a friend good and true

He took me into outer space
So we could see a star
It was his home planet
We had flown quite far

There we could fly
And I had magic powers
I flew around the countryside
And played there for hours

Then it was time to go
Although this place was great
My mum and dad would worry
As it was getting late

He flew me to my bedroom
And said a long goodbye
I promised I would not be sad
But couldn’t help but cry

He said you can always see me
Just look into the sky
So this is not forever
So please don’t say goodbye

Its then that I awoke
Had it been a dream?
Was everything all imagined?
And not what I had seen?

And then I looked into the sky
And saw a streak of light
And a space ship in the distance
Fly off into the night

And behind a dim smoke trail
I could just make out what it had to say
“Don’t miss me just look up in the sky
I’m never far away”

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You sculpt the clay of my life
With your rigid hands,
Shouting your high commands through morning alarms. 
Accusations fly
As you collect your daily payment of attention.

When I find myself savoring life’s sweetness,
You sprint behind my back.
And when pain drops my heart from my chest,
You linger, rubbernecking from the wall.

You enclose the whole of my life
In that circular frame,
Ever spinning in your infinite math,
Drunk with power!

I can take no more of your tyranny!
I can afford no more of your triple A battery lunches-
I am afraid you’ve run out of time.
So keep your hands out of my business, I’m sleeping in today.

Jacob Reinhardt							09/05/2013

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Life in Cubicle

The Noose is tightening.
The 5’s and 10’s yanked from our hands and aching backs 
Are spent on band-aids:
A last stand effort to plug the holes in our hearts
When the price of drowning is only getting higher
So we turn to tiny acts of thievery
Taxes prettied up, cashiers uncorrected,
Stealing at the edges because we’re backed into corners, 
Glittering with promises corners
Dripping with possibility,
With Island resort wallpaper
Sold in bulk at Wal-Mart for
Profit: A trail of crumbs called America-
Which has curdled our souls and we love it!
And hate it and gossip about it and think obsessively about it and then
We find the most expensive friends our looks can afford,
Shopping for substance (50% off)
Staring through the eye of a screen 
Light speed in pursuit of heaven on earth (Ignore the plastic)-
Until pop!
We die of ADHD. 
Never having had the chance to smell the genetically modified roses.
Never having had the chance to see through this kingdom of ideas
As we served out our sentence to life in cubicle.

Jacob Reinhardt

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Three Inch Cliches

The Soul is the Beautiful Light of Love
Shining like the sun through the 
As the reader, I’m going to have to cut you off there.
Here’s a metaphor for you…
Reading is ****ing.
And your words hit our auditory canals
Like a hotdog down a hallway.
As an experienced reader, I’m after 
The virgin vernacular 
The aphrodisiac aphorism
You know- the big… black words
You feel me?
Because a line is a flashlight, exposing the world’s nudity-
And we’ll never get anywhere shining it in the same spot.
So kiss me with classy couplets
Smack my assonance!
Bring me to the climax-
And we’ll share a smoke together,
Warm beside the fire of your Three Inch Clichés.

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I Have Half A Mind

I have half a mind,
To just let go,
Let go of notions,
Which plague me so.

What's it really matter,
If I lose or if I win,
Isn't it that I played,
That matters in the end?

I played from the heart,
And gave it all I got,
With honor and pride,
I've attained this spot.

But like I said before,
You know I have half a mind,
To just let it all go,
No more effort, no more trying...

But the other half sustains,
That which I am thankful For,
Pushing me with great strength,
I can take flight and soar.

And the higher I fly,
From efforts past spent,
The greater I espy,
The grandness of men.

Oh I have half a mind,
To give up, throw the towel in,
But I still have half a mind,
To find a way to soar again!

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Your Secret Place

Everyone should have a secret place
where everything is so beautiful, you just belong
as peaceful as a day is long, an out of your usual pace,
sounds of nature all about, where birds sing there song,

Meditation replaces frustration, along your happy trail
moving about streams, pine trees as tall as a waterfall
where pine cones grace a foliage landscape  so surreal,
woes are meaningless about green grass, lollypop bushes

A cool spring where skinny dipping hasn’t a sign to obey
trails going every which way, too choose, you can’t lose…
your way, this sunny day, misty spray, a couple out to play,
no weight to bare, deadlines to meet, nor fail too win

time only absent from laughter heard as children frolic there...
in a caressing manner, with her long hair draped about your face,
sounds echo off boulders where water flows by gallons everywhere
yes - your secret place, where good time memories are your true nature

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I love soup

An appetizer is the first part - of a meal
I love soup

And I like - alphabet soup
Such letters make up her eloquent bouquet

And one can’t go past such a delicious repast
Served daily at word restaurant - Poetry Soup

But this is just starters - the first part of the meal
For what comes afters’

Is no mean feast – it is served up with such verve
Your palate will be satiated- on succulent meat

And for dessert - what an amazing array to choose from
A cuisine of cultural delight-you’ll not have enough-

You will always want-more!

©? Brenda V Northeast   10th January 2012

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The sky was dark and moon was high.
Full of so much passion, all alone just her and I.
Looking good enough to eat, 
A treat for the eyes, from her head to her feet.
Do not judge by looks alone,
It’s what’s inside deep to the bone.
The pure and undeniable ecstasy.
I love it when she asked, “are you ready?”
Driven by restrained desire,
I’m hot my whole body is on fire.
We exist in a world where the fear of illusion is real.
We cling to the past to deny and confuse the ideal.
Her looks are but a mere deception.
A cover to hide her true intentions.
Touch me, want me,
Make me see this is the place,
My heart dreams to be.
Your hands are so gentle and soothing, 
I love the way you explore my body, 
Touching my face, with so much grace, 
And its at your pace that leaves no trace.
Only your touch,
Which means so much.

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Banana Boat Bob

<                        Banana ~ boat ~ Bob ~ is ~ a ~ slippery..... Boob
                          Thought ~ that ~  this ~ town ~ lost ~ it's .... groove
                          No ~ spice  ~  no ~  life ~ no  .... nothing
                          Little ~ lost ~ boy ~ now ~ looks ~ for ~ his ~ Lucy's ....  ring

                          When ~ where ~ what ~ or ~ even ......  why
                          I'll ~ inquire ~ insist ~ innovate ~ or ~ even  ..... lie
                          His ~ history ~ of ~ having ~ such ~ big ....... hamstrings
                          Maybe ~ even ~ mighty ~ magical ~ musical ~ fruits ~ and .... greens

                         Or ~ having ~ big ~ over-sized ~ onions ~ olives  ~ and ..... Kiwi
                         screw ~ this ~ he's ~ scum  ~ skewered ~ tossed ~ back ~ to ... sea
                         Poor ~ precious ~ pretty ~  Lucy ~  got .......    pranked
                         Cause ~ curious ~ Bob ~ couldn't ~ control ~ love ~ so ~ he ....  sank


                        All ~ alone ~ and ~ now ~ very .... angry
                        Drowing ~ deep ~ in ~ own ~ do-do  ~ droppings .... whopie 
                        Luscious ~ Lucy ~ now ~ can ~ look ~ long ~ and ...... hard
                        For ~ another ~ fast ~ floating ~ free ~ salemens ~ not ~ selling.... lard

Entry For
Linda Marie's
Luscious Love Lingers Contest
G.L. All

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Right Now

In the exact moment that I am right now
I stand in a sea of vulnerability;
susceptible to the effects of causes around me
and since I am fully aware, 
I own my surroundings
I am one with sounds and vibrations
resonating from the earth;
I am that pulse of the drum beat 
thats been thrashing 
inside me since birth

Right now, I am exactly as I am
deeply flawed and misjudged
used, victimized and persecuted
Right now I am you in the absolute

Right now, I am exactly as I am
balanced, whole and complete
attracting abundance and certainty  
Right now I am peace - still you
Right now, I am exactly as I am

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Ramblings of a Graveyard shift worker....

I used to complain about having to work at night on weekends.
Everyone was having fun but li'l ol' me.
Some years back I had an epiphany on the matter.
Suddenly, I had time to cash my check AND pay my bills!
Then, I might possibly catch a movie, which has plenty of seating on Monday nights!
But my favorite part is: The People Zoo.
I started visualizing folks in their cubicles and at their counters as exhibits.
You find mostly monkeys in cubicles working for some government agency.
The sharks you'll find in the car lots and on showroom floors.
The insects buzzing and dutifully mimicking their peers are found at schools.
The buzzards and carrion feeders can be found at law firms and in courtrooms.
The bulls and bears can be found scrapping it out on Wall street,
While the elephants and donkeys exchange insults on the TV monitors.
The pigs are found cruising the streets making sure the rats and snakes don't take over.
The blood-sucking Vampire bats can be found working for insurance companies.


Just a warning: Most of these exhibits offer you no protection from the brutality of nature!
There are no tour guides and no guarantees of safety or fun.....
And, one more thing: They will eventually come to see you in YOUR exhibit!

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It's wicked U know

Its wicked the way you make me feel about you
My mind taken, twisted, to never undo
Visions like my dreams so wild and free
A place, if u want, pleasure make believe

Stranger, a man with a username and face
No need for personal details just a 2D space
Be what, see what and talk what you want
The letters from the keys rise up to taunt

A place with whom the strangers devulge
All things worldly, naughty and nice
Luring curiosity, tempting you to taste
A dialogue thats raw, not for faint hearted

Here there are no delays of time and place
The world can join in at their leisure and pace
What you get is what you invest, dont expect
It's not that giving, maybe sacrifice your soul

One thing is for sure, it will rape your mind
A new experience that you will accept or deny
Shared with strangers, secrets and artificial lives
STOP!.....there is no gossip and certainly no spies

Released from their reality, the uncertainty they see
A global village where people want to feel free
To express, have no regrets and know secrets kept
It's wicked you see, what that space knows about me!

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Poetry Soup Bowl

<                                    Pallets  profusely pulsating
                                      Over organic originals
                                      Emotions enormously emerge
                                      Through trident times
                                      Relic  rejoice recant
                                      Yes yearn yourself

                                      Solid structure's sanction
                                      Open  optional opinions
                                      Understudy understand unity's
                                      Poetry's passionate's pulse

                                      Because beauty bestows
                                      Over oversights objection
                                      Widespread whispers wanted
                                      Leaving lasting longevity

Entry For
Adeleke Adeite's
Poetic Picture Of Poetry Soup
G.L. All

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A Horse Of Course

<                                        Horses and snowflakes
                                   Illuminating to it's tongue's pallet's plate

                                              Open carriage rides
                                         Falling flakes in the eyes

                                             City strewn lights
                                  Hoof's echoing through out the night

                                             Fleece blankets
                                              Cider drank it

                                              Horns blare
                                              People's stare

                                        New York's Central Park
                                       An home for many after dark

                                         Four miles of bridal paths
                                    Drawn coaches to bring you back

                                          So horses and snowflakes
                                      Fills this ones poet's pallet's plate

Written By Katherine Stella
My Theme Was Both 
Horses And Snowflakes
This Is An Entry
For Constance ~A Rambling Poet 's ~ Contest
G.L. All


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The Nameless - for South Africans of all colours who fought for freedom

The Nameless

Slipping through the sieve of history,

the nameless rest.

Not for the nameless are roads renamed, nor monuments built.

Not for the nameless are songs sung, nor ink spilled.

The nameless rest.

Their silent sacrifice,

quiet ordeal,

muted trauma,

remain interred,

amongst their remains.

The nameless rest.

Not for the nameless are doctorates conferred, nor eulogies recited.

Not for the nameless are honours bestowed, nor homages directed.

The nameless rest.

They rest within us,

they walk with us,

in every step that we tread.

They rest within us,

they walk with us,

for their spirit is not dead.

“Your name is unknown, your deed is immortal”
- inscription at The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier WWII in Moscow

Special thanks to my dearest elder sister Tasneem Nobandla Moolla, whose conversations with me about life as a non-white person growing up in pre and post-Apartheid South Africa prompted me to write this dedication to the countless, nameless South Africans of every colour, whose sacrifices and dedication in the struggle against Apartheid tyranny must never be forgotten.

My sister’s middle name ‘Nobandla’ which is an isiXhosa name and means “she who is of the people” was given by her godfather, Nelson Mandela, my father’s ‘best-man who could not be, as Nelson Mandela was unable to-make it to my parent’s wedding as he was in jail at the time in the old Johannesburg Fort. This was the 31st December 1961.

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choice color

choice color, artist! the rainbow chose me...

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Hey I Want To Play Too

<                                     office assistant she plays the role
                                       phones radio computer her job
                                       city county state as her clients
                                       trees animals traffic she responds
                                       phones radio computer her job
                                       spills decomposed flesh she acknowledges
                                       trees animals traffic she responds
                                       foremen walk in's to her no matter
                                       phones radio computer her job
                                       city county state as her clients
                                       spills decomposed flesh she acknowledges
                                       office assistant she plays the role

Entry For
Frank Herrera's
Sounds And Smells Contest
G.L. All

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Vehemently tagging Victims
Impassively Impartial Illnesses Partake
Reveling in Recurrence and Replication
Unbarring any Understanding.....except Universal
Septum’s Of Organism’s Seeking Sinister Salvations 

A VIRUS…….is no mortification
Rather simply 
            unforeseen deceptive disguise  
Fervently Floating through our thick .....polluted skies~


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Beautiful Lies

December 18, 2012

Beautiful lies known as little white lies
yet one is no more deceptive than each
The truth is what makes it afraid of light
It's important we practice what we preach

Imagination built on lies destroy
Imagination built on truth create
Conquering evil we try to avoid
Tooth fairy, Halloween, Santa abate

Perceptions and images make it real
Origins of Pagan rituals true
We've wandered down this path for a bum deal
Now more lies are created all brand new

The mask behind a beautiful white lie
is the truth with a constant shield, but why?

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Dancing Sheep

When the pen has lost its way
When ideas and ink run dry
Leave the desk and turn away
Take what wings you have and fly
Leave facts and figures on the page
Free your dreams from fettered sleep
And let them take you from the stage
To floating fields and dancing sheep.

For all we are is never told
Nor ever measured by the eye
Mostly unseen we just grow old
And no one sees us passing by
We are the tethered fantasy
Most of the time we do not care
For most of what the others see
Is only what we choose to wear

But in the mind's eye's overview
We see the parts, the acts we play
We know the scripts we follow through
Just waiting for the perfect day
And maybe, one untroubled night,
We'll quietly wish upon a star
And in that moment's grip, we might,
Have just a glimpse of who we are.

Details | Concrete | |


A serpent underneath blue sky,
in shade of man, in twinkle of an eye,
above brick wall, in the structure, at the floor,
venom of white dove; contaminated food, undrinkable water,
misguided youth, pregnant daughter, unfaithful father and hateful son,
mothers do pray while we walk through Babylon;
on teli and in the press, on top shells,
price none the less, in bedroom and at your door..
dawn of a new day seemed to be dark,
after all.

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Hats Off To You {Vignette}

heart flutters bearing the news
appointed poet laureate
bows comrades honoring name
gift gabble raising thy brows
expectations of nil
inspirations for others

Tribute To Poetry

And To All The Wonderful Poets
Here In The Soup Bowl
I Bow To Each

Also Entry For
Brian Strand's 
Poet Laureate Contest
GL All

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Philosophical Poetry Week: Transient Tuesday

I am a misprint,
Ink blot on love,
I remain a maybe
Longing for fact,
No speck of lint,
A hand in glove.
Thunder; a baby
Will only react

When you etch
Parallel clouds,
Whistling on cue
To a dead town.
Dream a sketch
Of silent crowds
Becoming you,
This boiling crown

Chews thought
Into flagellation.
Holes in the walls
To spy through,
Seeking a sort
Of bricked-up sun.
A heaven of halls,
All leaving you.

Details | Couplet | |

Gold Fish and The Frog

There was a Goldfish who thought he was a shark.
He kept biting the lily pad of a Monk Frog.
Behave said the frog, for you are no shark.
I can if I want, said the goldfish, if you are a Monk.

The goldfish kept attacking the lily pad with ardor and spunk.
He wouldn’t be gainsaid on being a shark.
As the Frog studied relentlessly to become what was wont.
Neither one believing the other… could become what he did want.

Now along came a snake to eat the monk frog on his ark.
But to him… this lily pad was sacred, and he didn’t want to disembark.
So the goldfish attached a leaf to stand straight up on his back…
And as he bit the snake’s tail the frog hollered SHARK!
Pandemonium ensued as the frightened snake did run off…
Thinking it’s better to be safe, than as some one else’s dinner doffed.
So some how, together they both became what they did want.
Living happily ever after, as friends in that great lily pond.

The moral my friend is you can be whatever you want.
Still, don’t stop as the path becomes hard, that you sought…
For if a gold fish can become a shark… and a Frog a Monk…
Then with work and friends made… you can become whatever you want.

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Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places

<        this poem is not about what is written, but what is not written
          like the smile upon her face that looks nil and somewhat smitten

          and lochs of hair hanging instead of with bows and lace
          tell me my angelic angel have you fallen from God's good grace

          has your garments of thread gone out of time
          has your dance with the butterflies gotten out of rhyme

         have you been cast from your lovers heart
         or are you just looking to start over with brand new start

         has clouds silver lining rained upon your dreams
         has leafs dance gone frozen in crystal streams

         time stands still amidst wondering thoughts
         time stands still when lovers cant be sought 

Written By Katherine Stella 7/4/11

Entry For A Rambling Poet's 
The Unwritten Contest
G.L. All      







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The Wait

Each time has a special place
And every such place has its time.
When nature seethes with strangeness
Where the mind in exquisite isolation halts itself and listens
For the rumblings of a something large and not easily defined -
Stop! Softly now, feel how close it is.
Something's coming, be assured, that can't be held in words,
Imprisoned by our comprehension.
Nothing to do now but wait and see...

Now here we stand at the conjunction
Milling about and ignoring ourselves
Like so many motes of dust hanging before a bright windowpane
Illumined by the sharp cold light of dusk, gathering and sliding
Across that vast empty horizon just beyond
And still we wonder deep down
How best to pass these years or moments
Until we turn to look on our creations,
Those children of our thoughts,
Face to face, without defenses

There's a beast in need of killing here
Of that no one doubts
But the name of the thing...
There's the rub.

What is it makes a body
Inured to the blood and fire
The pain and rage
The beauty and the folly
Of the Age it helped engender
And tremble at the smallest of things
The least of the pities and frail sorrowful occurances
With which this world is etched and circumscribed?

Is it the breath of conscience
Or the sharper inspiration of fear?
Perhaps the two conspire within us
Contending for possession
Of our human souls, at once so noble and so abject,
The fitting residence for violent emotion.
Ask me not for the answer; I too join in the dance of confusion.

The beast is still there, and it's ours
It needs to die before the dawn can come,
Bringing us its meanings and its hopes
Seeming so dim and distant
But coming nonetheless.

Remember now, it's a long, long way we've come from yesterday
Back when we huddled and wondered in our vague, childish way
From where we had come and to where we must go
What we need search and what we could know
And even then we affirmed, and some as loudly denied
We must stand firm against the onrushing tide
Of expectation and labor come 'round to fruition
Bearing down the completion of our lonely mission.

So on we wait.
The flutterings of anticipation pass so slow and fine
Felt at most as a tiny unease
Slow spreading ripples in a quiet clear stream,
Or the light breeze kissing the face 
Of the heavily sedated patient,
Still there with us always,
Silent and vital as our heartbeats.

Look sharp now
That beast is still there,
And it's ours,
Formlessly waiting like smoke in a mirror.

Details | Free verse | |

Skin Deep

If I could dream
for anything
I would dream of Peace, Love
and Unity
for all Bloods & Crips
all gangs, are in need of a change
for you represent such ignorance
and scrutiny 
Difference in colors worn
Sides in which you were born
are truly all that divides
when the two opposing sides
and it makes no sense
for we all Bleed
Blue turned Red
Blood Inside
And a future generation
is hard to provide
when death, is like your shadow
creepin' up by your side
and drive-by shootings happen
each late night, outside
where running seems the only option
to know
for no places to hide
no defense for your demise
for a difference in colors worn
and what side in which you were born
is truly all that divides
when these two sides collide
and it makes no sense to me
for we all Bleed
Blue turned Red
Blood Inside

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Play The Radio Get Up And Dance All Night Long Music Heals The Soul

Details | Lyric | |

Just Be

Society, community, society, community.
You can leave now and let me be.
I will swim free, free in your sea. 
Your sea? your sea, polluted now, Oh you will never see.
Broken hearts, bodies too, beloved inner child, I love you.
Breathe, breathe, breathe.
Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity.
I know now that this is all I need.
To be. To be. That is all, just Be.
Burn your toys, television too, kill the car, the radio..... 
Unleash, unravel, these boys, disentangle, unblock, reset there mind, please sir,
could you be so kind?
Simplicity, Simplicity, simplicity.
Eye's clenched shut.
Now I know, Alone in my hut, not long to go, you will be free.
Free. free. free.
Buy the car, buy the house, buy the cow, consume, consume, but how?
Now, now, you tell me are you happy? for ever and art thou.
Ah ha, you see, you see.
Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity.
That is all I need, I choose now, my self is free?
Yes, yes, yes sir, me?
Free to sit, sit and just be.
Me? Free? free to swim in this endless blue sea?
I will just sit, sit right here, against this healing earth, oh so very near.
My mind is liquid, free to birth.
Just be. Just Be. Just Be.
Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity.

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What's Cooking Good Looking

with muse in hand
a romantic longing is the plan
dinner at eight
I hope he won't be late

sherry filled to the rim
soft music for us to spin
candles on the mantel
slight ring of dinner bell

waft of curry stuffed chops
and potatoes creamy and hot
buttermilk biscuits on the side
and dessert for which he decides

this is how mom said to get to a mans heart
with a romantic dinner from the very start

Tribute To Romance

Also Entry For
Laura Mckenzie's
A Romantic Longing Contest

GL All

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I'm Learning

<                           [ S 1][ T 1][ U 1][ D 2][ E 1][ N 1][ T 1]

Entry For Nancy Jones
7 tile Scrabble Contest 
G.L. All

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The Friendly Neighbor

"Pleased to meet you",a friendly line
I guess you'll be my neighbor for a "little" while
Would you like to come in and have a tasty cup of tea
There is something I should show you 
Something you would not believe
Now strung on a rafter through my affinity
You were a fly caught in a web of 
maletecence when you fell asleep
Revolting from the stench of my malignity
Your barbed wire ripened flesh is only the beginning
Through my ablation of your anatomy
The bewildered expression on your face
shows the pain I thrive to see
Hung upside down,you are gutted pigotry
No one will ever know that it was ever me
Blood bubbles through your ears and gushes out your mouth
Your gargled scream no one will hear
To my binge I am devout
Terror stricken eyes and horror haunted soul
Your blood has bleached the floor since I plotted your demise
Through your fog glazed eyes I see your life deprived
Reflections of my beligerent smile confirms your last good-bye
Your necrology sealed through a macabrish mind
Pleased to meet you,it sure was fine!!!

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I am not made a full blown beauty..
Nor I live a life of purity; charity & piety..
All I like to do is to live with identity..
Not of being a witty but a life of humility..

I tried to be a more social person..
Cracking out the shell I have put up..
Breaking from my own weakness..
Doing best in my found strengths..

I have craved to reach out to people..
Widening my horizon, increasing my knowledge and awareness..
Learning to acknowledge fellow human beings..
Regardless of who they are and where they from..

They said: "I must not do this as it is dangerous.."
but I stand to what I know: "Inside all human beings is the reflection of God.."
I give due and equal chance..
As my God have freely given me opportunities too..

We people are living in same earth..
Different are we because of status, faith or race..
Let not this be the reason for us to be divided..
Rather we must come in unison conquering divisions..

By: olive_eloi

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Christmas delights!

Clouds garland snow capped mountain peak
Icy snow butterflies melt kisses upon my nose
Puffs of warm, moist breath balloons billow out before me,
quickly chilling, disappearing before my eyes
Crunching snow compacts beneath booted feet
Prints set deep, little more than momentary reminder 
of where you have stepped before
Crisp white blanket glints
almost winking it’s Christmas card welcome
as it’s vast white carpet spreads before you beckoning 
All of nature along with everything manmade becomes anew
Nothing seems out of place
A bird lands on branch of tree causing cascade of padded canopy
New mound takes position with little noticed effect on perfect landscape

Children laugh and run as they hurl packed balls at one another
Dashing, darting, ducking and returning rogue ammunition
to offending hand and screams of pleasure
Slipping, falling they tumble over repeatedly 
Waving arms and legs, when finally still to create snow angels
Then, standing up clothed as abominable snowman
Giving rise to fresh ideas as new creation begins with rolling snow
Bigger and bigger they chase and push, packing tight as they go
Another ball a little smaller to place on top of first for head
Then off they scatter in all directions looking to clothe their model
Returning with woollen hat scarf 
carrot and stones to place as eyes nose and mouth with button features
Admiring they know their masterpiece shall be short-lived
For mother nature’s hand will chance to create another slushy muddy puddle

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Not for the finicky or fainthearted

My mind is experiencing a fastidious flatulence; slightly fiendish, and not for the
finicky or fainthearted. 
I fidget amidst it's fanatical far-fetched farce yet stand fearless, watching it's face
flounder in a foolhardy feeble-minded foible. 
With fervor I say farewell forever to it's festering, feverish fetish, as it's frantic
fiasco foams, flails and finally fails.

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Let's Have A Party

<                                       wedding's party together
                                         leave space missing attendents
                                         brides grooms best man maids honor
                                         forget not thy rings

                                         petals strewn on red carpet 
                                         notable winks for moms dads
                                         confetti strewn high in air
                                         board open carriage

Entry For 
Dr's Ram Mehta's 
Wedding Rehearsal
Dodoitsu Contest  
GL All

Written by Katherine Stella

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water melon in my garden
like the sun and moon
just two… 
”...launcher ready…”
steady my hand
tending the weeds
near a row of beans
a far away land
”’s not a good time…”
so I wondered
and thought of when
wars are just plays
staged in the hands
of writers like me…
I’d arm the nations
with radish leaves
squash for bullets
that unload seeds
Peanuts money
on my jelly spread
I’d share the health
giving lettuce, head…
”... is it a good time now?...”
who wants a cow
chickens grown
in crowded pens
suffering blows
in.human.e hands
glitters the water
between the corn
I’d sale on ships
into rosebud shores
and i’d grow my fish
in between the stores
”...I’m god in my garden…”
and I divide the rows
soing what suits me
in tomato groves
and near my basil
I’ll build a school
teaching the mint
just how to be cool
and over hear
the potatoes anchor
on stalks of beer
to chi…
banana central
read booms of cheer
...but they say I’m mental.
are sooo good in soup!
my capitals
I declare are true!
I only cook 
When I brew my stew…
and no one regrets
in the garden of Sue.
”...yes piglet…”
I was Just
Making sure of you.

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Wayward Bound

Grouped by four and there is even more.
Grouped by three and then none believe.
It is a mad world and many are deceived.
They don’t care so many I will deplore.
Many just go around making my heart sore.
But they don’t care because there so naïve.
I have given them many thoughts to conceive.
But they don’t care so I’ll just shut the door.
I’ll just throw up my hands,
And I’ll just be said and done.
I’ll just throw it to the sands.
I’ll lie down under the Sun.
I’ll just have to make a lost and found,
Because all of them are wayward bound!
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2006

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Dirty Dan

<                             Driving along in my automobile
                               Seen homeless man holding sign will work for his meals

                               Should I stop or should I just Go !
                               Should I give Or Should I just say hell No !

                              But what if that was me
                              Crying out with such pitty

                              Not knowing where to get next meal
                              Three kids crying at worn out heels

                             Cardboard boxes to call our home
                             Dumpster diving for pieces of foam

                             Think I'll give him a piece of my pot
                             Opened wallet and gave him alot

                             A nice twenty came on out
                             Wiped out was his sadden pout

                             Drove by an hour later
                             Homeless camp wiped off roadmarks slatter

                             Wonder where dirty Dan had now roamed
                              Just hope he finds a better suitable home

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Love is as love does Peace begets peace; happy day Unconditional

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My Kashmir Burns (Part 1)

I picture Kashmir through lightened KL. News of another massacre darkens my eyes
Winds are thirsty there. They continue to taste the young blood.
I groom myself with exquisite things,
Sipping ice tea in ac room, I comfort myself
And Kashmir burns. Kashmir set ablaze

I can smell the warm blood of beaten corpse
Where from winds bought this smell. Somewhere Karbala reborn.
Mosques are being slammed
There windows stoned. And the black boots leave their footprints on Mimber
Even God judges on evidence
There is one Imaam left now; he hides her daughters in his shadow
A blunt knife in his hands; soon he will sacrifice them to keep their innocence
Kashmir is burning. Kashmir is bleeding
And I write.

Army jeep chases the tracks. To find the associated bodies
They are alive now. Soon they will be dead
From Patan to Sopor, And in narrow passages of nostalgic downtown
Ghosts of curfew
Haunt the houses for young souls.

From the Kupwara cantonments, search lights chase emptiness
Nothing is left now. Search lights can’t see inside the graves
A boy there went missing for two days. His father starts digging his grave.
I put my earphones on and I close my eyes. I sleep
While my Kashmir is ablaze
“It’s me poor farmer’s son. Kupwara’s charm, I feel no pain”.
I see him so alive in my dreams.
He chants songs of Mahjoor from his burnt lips. My hands shiver. He has no finger nails.
I see his smoke tanned skin. Same as that of Khayam’s barbeques
He stands at a distance from me. I can still smell kerosene
“Tell my mother to let her heart become cold. Her heart will not bear my state.
Tell my mother to let her eyes become blind. Her eyes will not withstand my sight.”
I follow him towards his tortured body. He tells me to follow the spilled blood.
His blood has made its own Jhelum. I row on it. Until it gets lost in black boots
The story will turn into legend. I find his body no more.

On the streets silence prevails. Nobody has permission to wail.
Sisters are beatifying coffins while brothers look for stones.
For bullets there will be stones
Kashmir is ablaze. She is wailing in grotesque tones.
In Lal Ded hospital a new born cries: Father register me at cantonment then take me out
Death is recruiting in dozens at a time.
Tomorrow is curfew. Death has no curfew pass.
How they want to identity you. Becomes your identity
People burn up all you identity cards.

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The Thread That Binds

A little boy and an ant became great friends one day. 
But how to live drew them apart, and this is how they ran astray:

In the Ant’s heart was strict authority and constant work each day.
Why wasn’t the boy following someone, collecting for the food array?
The ant would always build everything in exactly the same proven way.
The anthill was underground and protected them perfectly every day.
Not adding to the hive was a crime, no one would ever think to display.
He knew every thing would be perfect, if everyone did their job and obeyed.

But the boy wanted to build bridges and trestles, just like his Dad, each day.
All of them out in the open, none of them under ground or hidden away.
And inventiveness came with the notice, of new and exciting things in daily play.
His life was really cool, not boring, as standing in a line would convey.
He’d invent, and ponder, and build in exciting, new ways, to fit each new byway.
Quick minded, and resilient he’d build, many fascinating and unique causeways.

The boy and the ant eventually went away, not happy with how the other lived.
They thought the other shortsighted and scorned, at what the other could give.
But they went away without realizing, how very similar were their lives.
For each would spend their time endeavoring to help others with their drive.
But understanding is a harder concept than building a bridge or storing food.
It takes a true gift to see the world as others do…

The moral to this story is really quite easy for all to see…
You can’t expect others to live their lives the way you want them to be.
Here, each was adding to their different world, only they could see.
While one was building for a smaller, singular hive…
The other was building for the hive of mankind.

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Eyes Open Wide

is a 
word with two
letters in the 
shape of eyes open
wide.  Observing all that
is common and real.  Seeing 
the beauty in simplicity.  
Freely examining the present.
Considering the view, it quickly fades.

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The bluesman

The bluesman.

The bluesman
He’s up there, he’s a star
As he clutches in his hands
A battered old guitar
The bluesman knows his own damned worth
He does it in his style
And folk they come from miles around
And have done for a while

The bluesman plucks those strings
And wails his old blues harp
Then comes in with his rusty voice
Maybe he’s flat or sharp
But no one ever notices
They’re caught within his spell
When that bluesman does he’s stuff
Then in his world they dwell

With the bluesman
You get just what you see
He’s not out to impress you, man
He’s busy being He
And when he plays, he’s ‘It’ my friends
He pulls you into him
The bluesman can you hear him now?
When all the lights are dim.

23 July 2013 @ 1708hrs

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A Theme of God

Human World has Natural growth,
Sun grows and contributes rays,
Heat touches to all to feel,
Sun sets and stars appears,
Moon shines and produces dream,
A tired nature enjoys sleep,
And plans for further growth.
Birds they eat,
Animal they eat,
Trees they eat,
Human they eat,
To maintain their energy,
A system is lingering on over the centuries.
Flood, earthquake, cyclones, tornadoes,
Altered the natural growth,
A question is still questioning,
Who is the architecture of the nature?
Who produced so variety of languages and colours?
One after one human claimed them a messenger,
Identification of God committed its worship,
Messengers were born in different languages and different communities,
When Monarch was fencing the barriers,
And seeded the discrimination.
And misinterpreted the deeds,
To devalued the moral virtues.
A different message of God,
In a different mind of a human,
A creative role is of human distinctions.
Fanaticism seems childish,
The bureaucracy of terrorists,
To kill innocents to proof their God’s Mercy.
Forgiveness for slavery,
And donation for poors,
To establish a theme of God,
God is one; we all are sisters and brothers,
Breed, Colour and language,
A distinctive growth is natural.
But human belief,
A worshipper of innocent killings. 
Killers believe that God will reward them,
Heaven, Where they shall enjoy fairies.
Natural process grows and dies itself,
A power balanced them all,
We are the factors only.

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Reflections: Intellectualism

To Dine, To Die;
Conversations spiral
While thunderous eyes
Grasp concepts to recycle.

Constant debt crisis
A political paradox
Grating social devices
Over the sorting of socks.

An endless groan
Argumental paralysis
The debate grants no throne.

Over a roast
Potatoes won't listen
To who talks the most.

"That point is so interesting"
The floor is open for chat
"What is real?" not a thing
"Meow" adds the cat.

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The Switch Up

Contractual agreements with publisher caused DELETION


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Gobble Gobble

<                                           cobblestone streets where she strolls
                                             waiting looking  for her next clients
                                             lip stick skirt blouse boots she fluffs hair
                                             horn's blair people's stare all fair game
                                             waiting looking for her next clients
                                             dim lit streets she turns her head for another
                                             horn's blair people's stare all fair game
                                             liars cheaters she don't care
                                             waiting looking for her next clients
                                             lip stick skirt blouse boots she fluffs hair
                                             dim lit streets she  turns her head for another
                                             cobblestone streets where she strolls

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Magical Candy Canes

Two little candy canes were bought at a store.
Excitement abounded as they’d have a new home, to explore.
Snuggled in a sack with beautiful toys all around.
Theirs was be a happy life, you can be sure, they had found

They arrived at their new home, as in a blink.
And what did they see, oh my, everything.
All that they’d dreamt of, was before them, you know.
And foremost was the tree… that they would call home.

The tree was decorated with such aplomb and fanfare, well done.
The children laughed and giggled as they ran all around.
What a riotous but organized day of joy it had become.
With tinsel, and ornaments, and lights so profound.

The candy canes were finally put on that glorious tree,
As, yes, a few were eaten by you and by me.
The ceremony ended when an angel was placed by Papa on top.
And no one made a sound, then vibrantly applauded as he came down. 

Finally they all had dinner in the room beyond, that night.
As all settled in to wait for that illustrious visit, so right.
Joy abounded all over this house as presents were, so nicely wrapped.
And cookies were made to hand all about.

The last of the candy canes would finally be eaten on Christmas Day…
As presents lay opened and children did play.
Now don’t be sad for those two magical candy canes…
They stole a ride with Santa to the North Pole on that special day.

Merry Christmas to all at Poetry Soup!

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Life is an Aventurous Squirrel Run

I have my Hubby’s steadfast belief in me.
He loves how my poems are light and airy.
He’ll give me an idea once in a while…
Then he escapes to come back, later to read my new child.

He calls these run-throughs a squirrel run.
For they can take off in directions, yes, any one.
Crazy thoughts become crazier still…
And story time leads to god knows, where they will.

My thinking is kind of like chasing around a tree.
You never know where the end will be.
But somewhere I eventually become truly still.
And that is where my Hubby adds into the trill.

Then the squirrel run begins again…
Light and fluffy and full to the brim.
Each day a new adventure... waits around the bend.
Live it. Love it. Write it... You'll be happier in the end.

Contest: Emotion: Squirrelly and fun   CSEastman

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The Pristine Society

Contractual agreements with publisher caused DELETION

© 2011 JSL

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Forever Angel



There is always an angel there by your side at all times. 

Even if you don't see or hear the angel, its always there.
Their there for you when things get tough. Right there by your side with an arm around your 

                           (God didn't promise that life would be easy.
       But he did promise that he will be by your side every step of the way.)

 If you just think about this when you're alone, you'll relize that you not alone.
*please comment if you like or just have a thought. (or fav poem if you like*                       


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My Sister's Diet Coke

My sister sips diet coke
Gets her day going that’s no joke.
It even helps her dream of the Baroque;
Dazzling her eyes while frying her egg yoke.
And folks this is no smoke
It makes her strong as an oak,
While floating like a butterfly stroke
Whenever she drinks her chilled diet coke.

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Social Organization and Crime

It is only through 
Recognizing the quality 
And significance of 
Human dignity

That society can acknowledge
That crime is undoubtedly
Unnecessary and harmful 
If we are to consider sound 
And rational societal progression

It is in fact 
Not only our responsibility
As humans
But our very nature 
To distinguish between
Intrinsic good and intrinsic evil

It is only through 
Distinguishing between
The two through
Universal laws of nature
That we can in fact
Work together towards 
A common goal
That each and every 
Member of society 
Can benefit from

It is only through 
Acknowledging our capability
To distinguish between 
Right and wrong 
Without relying on 
Wrongful acts committed
For the purpose of enlightenment 
That we can begin 
To heal ourselves 
Of communal moral ills overall

It is only through
This process 
That we can attain
Prudent and structural social progression

Camille Rose Castillo 2011


This is a small segment of a paper I wrote on crime in response to Emile 
Durkheim's "The Rules of Sociological Method" and I decided to use a percentage of 
my main points to poetically express my sentiment on the topic, which is why I did 
not write this in my traditional rhyming scheme. I hope my readers still appreciate 
the intended message.


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You Are Rich

Festered lament maddens me
Why must the despair of my heart’s desire
Truly enlighten me? 
I rested among the sick and lame
And found myself no different from the rest
For a troubled mind holds endless poverty
Penniless regret marks as a sickness no doctor can prescribe
For the bottles of balm are empty
And medicinal hope grows angry
I derived my madness from creativity
Revealing the remains of my humanity
‘Cool off, child’, I heard a soft voice whisper
But can’t you see I live off the flame?
It asks for no nickel or dime!
But it seeks to destroy all the same
The small voice returns at times
And often my heart listens
But we all listen
And only believe in the inevitability of pain 
I speak of the majority
Not of you
For you are blessed and beyond disgrace
You have a life—a beautiful face

And most of all, you are rich
With attributes I can only dream of 

You are rich with life and purpose
Holding inscrutabilities I can only wish to understand
You lift me without touch or care
Disposing me from your treasures
Because though you meant no harm, 
You are rich with blessing
And must remove all possible threats
So my festered lament
Remains an enlightenment

I can say I am rich in poverty
But you are forever rich
In Mystery

What hurts the most is knowing
I may be wrong about you
For you are so obscure in this mind
And as empty as I am I wish to be filled
In your richness
But we all are filled to the brim in the end
And sometimes I cannot distinguish the good from the bad
There is nothing I wish to discard
So I hoard in constant deficiency and despair  
And I hoard the idea that you are beyond compare

That you are rich
And always will be richer
Than me—or he

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Cough and splutter in a crowded room. A juke-box is playing another dreary tune. Lonely man feeds a bandit spending next week's rent Woman sits at bar smothered in make-up and scent. Young men at pool table in torn and holey jeans Are shouting in unison about favourite football teams. Soon elephants are pink leprechauns are green, Unreality is the truth that we have seen. Cold cold beer brings on the confusion It's the outside world that is now an illusion.
This is a sort of parody. Based on a Moody Blues section on one of their albums. Think it was just before or after one of the songs. Called Late Lament. Thought I'd better credit it any way just in case anyone points it out.

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Quit Wasting My Time { Edit }

<                               One by one they'll shall roll on and come
                                 Like soldiers marching to beaten drums
                                 Echoes  are acknowledge
                                 Cast across thy arched bridge
                                 Haste makes waste even for everyone

Inspired By
Carolyn Devonshire's Contest
Follower Or Leader
GL All

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Shameless Self-Promotion

Here they go again.
anything to win,
in shameless 
layin’ it on thick, 
	makin’ sure it sticks,
		slappin’ it on like lotion.

“click my stuff,
and I’ll click yours too.
wanna feel like the best 
even though 
it ain’t true?”

back n’ forth complements
are so self defeating.
inflating other’s heads for praise 
is a blatant way
of cheating.

“do unto others”
but don’t lie, 
to boost their ego.
misleading them 
to raise their hopes 
should clearly be illegal.

no need to read 
a word
of their work
while scratching their backs 
all’s fair
in tactical 

poets thought to be adored 
while chewin’ truth’s gristle.
before you swallow,
broke a tooth that hurt
like a damn 

feeding on lines 
with hidden agendas 
is worse
than bein’ ignored.
cuz’ when you find 
copy n’ pasted comments, 
your hopes 
are sadly floored.

how about 
reading and endorsing work
you actually enjoy,
instead of 
feedin’ folks a line of crap 
laced with praise 
and “atta-boys!”

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We'll be

We'll be forever building gold mines
from scrap metal and taking
recycled energy to cosmic levels
through third eye

We'll go un-noticed until the heavens turn 
or if our chakras are not aligned 
constantly diverting negative thoughts 
through our meditative lights

We'll build a sandcastle from determination
and live life on the edge,
fulfilling divine order and witnessing creation,
living in the now and staying ahead

We'll tip the earth off it's axis
and trick subconscious mind states into submission
You can catch us in the wind transcending counter reactions
Bi-passing illusions of circumstances 

We'll have an abundance of the maximum
Enough love energy for all who attract our path
We'll be the ones in the light
asking for nothing in return but peace
at last

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Carnival contest

Wild rides,
Bright costumes allure,
Like Broadway,
In hard times,
Distorted laughter echoes, 
A cheap treat for all.

Gaudy lights,
Masks with painted smiles,
In the dark,
A house of many faces,
Screams of sheer delight.

By sabina
written 8/15/11
contest: Carnival

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Soaring For A Cup Of Love

Sunlight scarce, o' rainbow dove
I flutter wings a fifty five
just to see your weight up high
a snug,
in the clouds.

What parsing eyes, do thee enchant
a hue o' fifty fire ants
give or take a grand,
I wad my sense of wealth in color,
white is far too bland.

Someone spilled a sup of blue
a soup fit for three-hundert two,
if only it were true
that we could fill ourselves with color.

Someone see that bird up there,
whose rain arch bellows rainbow wings
and colors sing;
where there ain't no thing as hunger,
fill my stomach full of color,
my friend and brother
my sister, mother
grab my wing...

I'll take you to the play,
you needn't ever pay
...for a cup of love.

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A delicious day

Sifting warm sand 
through my fingers
lustrous fine grains 
glitter my palm.
by the soft powdery touch,
I sit for a while 
under the rocks
My bare feet 
swirl patterns in the sand
as I idly watch
a beach life unfold

Bustling mother’s set up home 
on plaid blankets
colourful beach bags 
thick with togs and towels
Buckets, spades
strewn all around
a picnic stored carefully
under a shady umbrella,
they gather the children
skip giddy with glee
slapping sunscreen 
on lithe limbs
with index finger
of do's and don'ts.

My gaze drifts to 
little pink sisters,
their chubby faces 
alive with imagination
as nimble bodies 
straddle the sand,
all wrapped up 
in mounds of castles
studding their dreams 
with pearly shells 
and whispering tales
of pretty princesses.

At the water’s edge
long legs prancing
tip toeing warmth
into the chilly sea
up to their waists in
crested waves
dipping and diving,
an ocean of laughter
as young lads play
splashing and yelling
a ball in the air
they plunge.

Picking up my sandals,
I walk up the beach
under the bridge
past crimson valerian 
It’s balmy perfume 
scenting a delicious day

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I blame me

I blame me for all my mistakes
I blame me for all the rejection and heartache
I blame me for all the times I stayed silent 
and should have started and earthquake
with my words
I should have spoken up when I had the chance
now all those thoughts are wasted
unspoken, unheard

I blame me when my husband touches me 
and I feel the hands of a predators pounce
And I blame me when the pressure it on
because all I had to do was shout out and renounce His name
Lord, help me to get rid of the shame

I blame me for my loneliness
I blame me for my feelings of lust
I blame me when I look at myself and see absolute disgust
I blame me when I shut down - unsure of who to trust
At times not even sure if I really know how to love

I blame me when my kids are crying out sick
because when I brought them here
I knew that this world was unfit
Yet overpowered by my love for them 
I became more and more protective
So I blame myself in advance for their sadness
when they finally see that the world is not objective

I blame me for those nights I can't rest
Wondering if my consciousness has finally realized
that I have done my best
to stay positive and have good intentions
So I blame myself when I give in to temptations and my human inhibitions
and begin to feel ashamed of myself
I begin to feel like I don't have enough strength to love myself
good things don't happen for me
So I blame me for my thinking and feelings of worthlessness

It's a big world and my lonely soul has no more confidence
I have nothing
I have given up 
and so I blame me for my incompetence and my soul's rut

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High School Days

We are not perfect by no means at all,
some are too skinny, some are too tall,
I  was always the tallest in my class,
until High school, then I found my match.
5' 7'' kinda tall for a girl,
then I decided, I wanted to twirl,
The football players always kidded with me,
but I knew they were flirting, they really liked me.
My hair was long, and blonde as can be,
they told me not past the shoulders, little Crissy.
I had to pile it up, but it never stayed,
stringy haired twirler, out on the stage.
Now , I think back to those football games,
remembering those memories, of my High School

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Glitter World

Glitter World
I see the world as my pearl
My place to take a whirl
And twirl around like a sexy girl
A place where there is little turmoil
My world is place
Where all flags can
Freely unfurl
Where a boy’s hair can curl
Everything’s glitter in my little world.

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Is It A Dream World

A funny little clown, a bright red nose.
Lots of make-up, and bright blue bows.

Children laughing, some fat and some thin.
Either dressed in new clothes or rags that are faded and dim.

Pretty white ponies with beautiful glittery saddles.
And again, those funny clowns are hitting eachother with paddles.

One clown keeps fallimg and pretending to cry.
The other is daydreaming and lets out a big sigh.

There are beautiful ladies whose costumes are rare.
And a man who scares the children by dressing up as a bear.

Fantasizing is a convienient thing, it keeps the shock low.
So the surprise about the real world won't be such a big blow.

"Surprised about what"? is what you ask next.
Its something you can't learn in a text.

You'll learn about life by the things you go through.
You'll learn about whats fake and about what is true.

You'll see that the clowns are still funny and have a red nose.
But then you'll see realize only money buys the ladies rare clothes.

That's also when you realize your clothes are faded and dim.
And you recognize how many times you've been beaten by him.

Yes, those clowns with paddles are at it again.
Funny. They are married and they're children number ten.

Thier children are scared and crying in bed.
Because thier big mean daddy made thier sweet mommy dead.

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A Running Chestnut- Acoustic Phonology

Toyous melody of childhood memories 	                                                          Board in tune becomes a high wire trapeze   						        Two cans and a string acoustic phonology 						               Each part paper comb sings the bucket drum 				                        With whizzing blade of grass in hands with breath hum  			              The paper roll trumpet blows ensemble strums         					    Running along the day grows as children play  				                   Rolling hillside a box becomes a sleigh  							     Tutor love pea shooter from across the way  				                      After a rain paper boat follows the drain    							           Bows arrows cornstalk fiddle finish reframe               					       Hoop and guider dolls cat and mouse homemade plain

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Quit Calling Me

<                                          good tarnations  .......  to this darn nation

                                            economic woes   .......  our money goes

                                                      all we are is .....   numbers

                                                      to good ole ....... Uncle Sam

                                             don't you just hate being called ....... sometimes

Entry For
John Freeman's Contest
Citizen Or Subject
G.L. All

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Chounds like

 Chounds like 
Chounds like 

 Eye chased mye deer into the rough the golf was tough and leathery the ball 
wound up in the gulf near the coarse leather coat the top coated layer of infinity. 
When every internet address is placed into the category suited to it best and 
every number has been named and everyone is best at what they do not just 
where they are could it be hard to let them off to la la land to make them just to 
understand the slot the slotted place therein. The lob lolly cained there was two 
of them they rub and shudder expectantly in exctasy like twine boarding a fence 
posting to the dead letter offices in all the land. The firmimentnation of the united 
stations was attacked with hate the rabbit tripped over the log anon and said 
quite frankly my dear eye don't give a darn who who is. They drugged the maiden 
dragged her screaming from the bed the water stain will set in the rug don't ewe 
understand it was to be this afternoon not later in the day not tomorrow anyway it 
has to be soon after noon. The goon dropped a cup and he grumbled and he 
gripped it in one hand and it slide like the banana peeling from the tree shaded 
oasis banana vines green black men picking them forking bales of hey what was 
that noise a student in the background just redialing all his porn so sure that all 
those girls are doing time to make him worn. Egads the Chounds are about us 
they have been released on Edgar come Allen forward POE. They foxed the 
kittens and sometimes the medical officer gets some extra hush money to look 
the other way is danger danger warning warning the alien is coming. When you 
must explain anything a joke or silent laughter a penny for your thoughts the 
hidden manna best sometimes to leave unsaid the thing so evident for iff she 
has not gotten it a lenghty explainnation will not further it along the windsome 
parapet the jester faking it has lost the thread the limits of the outer kind 
surpassed in unbelief. Nothing is perfect in scrabble blast eye have noticed 
sometimes there is only one tile left over but it still gives ewe the option of 
scrambling the letters and it even tosses the tile up in a vain attempt to move the 
thing in semblance of the shuffeling required by law in this game. Survival 
dictates like a witch brewing portents in the ditch poor and sinful man disgraced 
walking to the human race the chounds to chase. 

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Drippity drip drip

Take me there I don't care Touch my hair Eat this pear!!! I am bare Want to share? Do you care? I am bear I'll let you stare Don't go there By the chair Or on that stair? Your skin is fair You look like Cher Come to my lair But pay my fare Drippity drip drip

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Untitled #161 / We

We shall make our own!

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I felt my thoughts run wild
 Was I really a demon child
 Thoughts tightened my head grew light
 I hoped my expression was on my face right
I absorbed your statement surety taking flight
 Your questions growing old
 Your coming across as way to bold
 So this is the child you stole
Standing here now I felt guilty as sin
 My emotions had just let little old Peace walk right in
 I was sure that without me the child's future was dim
 So I filled her right up to the rim
Without me here she surely would be condemned
 Who would look for me now I live in the brim
As I fought the fear
 Of having you here
 It hurt to the bone
 Making her a home
So I opened the door
 But her back to where she was before
 Because I love her even more
 I stay here to even the score

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back to B

let's start straightforward with an A
and always be cool and demure that way
whisper nonchalantly what we have to say
of alpha to omega between bourgeoisie

'cause cool is cool 'n' hip-hop is hip
even if the straights can't get a grip
and pointedly roil with pointless guilt trip
to turning feng shui and sipping green tea

the patricians will try to be your killjoy
but play it cool boy - don't be a stool boy
you can be yourself here - sit back 'n' enjoy
picking fruit from your own berry tree

'cause the world has always been that way
old versus young with new lines to say
but it's really the same old verses to play
all bring experiences to life's tree

you sit, maybe stand and take in these words
maybe muse, WTF, the whole notion's absurd
the slope of your slant is patently heard
in your own sensibility to a tolerable degree

the universe is full of universal unknowns
yet naturally, we try to clone our own zones
still my mind is mine alone, ain't no bones
but everyone's here to live life ostensibly

so we work a way through our shared alphabet
and glean from our lives, all we can get
experiences and desires, our appetite to whet
always returning to what will be, will be

© Goode Guy 2013-06-16

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Le Vacance Pretentieuse: Darts

Drops of sweat slip from my furrowed brow
Eyes squint, select a number and let fly now

Miss again, a millimetre is a mile once more
Aimed for triple twenty, only got double four

The walk of shame, my oh so familiar friend
Silence broken, on alcohol I forever depend

The steel point of eyes bore into my neck
My opponent leaves me a juddering wreck

I lose the match; the wife won’t give me a kiss 
I wish I could have been anything else than this... 

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Seagull and the Penguin

A sea gull flew over the ocean admiring his reflection every day.
Passing over the shore, he saw penguins at work and careful play.
What an ugly bird they are he suddenly proclaimed.
They can’t fly and still they strut… know they no shame!

One day the gull was swooping down angling for a fish…
When suddenly an orca whale knocked him in the briny brink.
Snapping and churning the orca would soon have his way.
The gull was surely lost, if he could not gain the air to stay.

Moments before the whale pod arrived the penguins chose to assist.
They chose to distract the whale, giving the gull a chance to resist.
The orca didn’t care which meal he had as long as there was one…
He finally beached himself upon the shore, and still he hadn’t won.

At that point the gull realized, the penguins were really seriously cool.
They could certainly fly in the water, if maybe not the air to rule.
Now friends for life… he would scout for them safe passage to their fish.
Indeed, the gull flew away that day a little wiser, knowing he’d been remiss.

Everyone in life is different. He surmised… It’s not a choice they’ve made.
But now he knows each demands respect… in their own separate way.

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Drinking from the Baby Bottle

Holidays come and holidays go, but the grocery store is a war zone.
You got to get there fast… or Honey you’re just plain out of luck!
My diabetic hubby drinks caffeine free diet soda and what luck…
You know the ones he takes to work... Only the little bottles are left…
I knew I was truly sunk when the 3rd store was just the same.
So as lunch came around, my manly man’s manly sized lunch came out.
But everyone became quiet and laughed as the baby sized bottle came out.
Everyone was laughing as my hubby drank it down.
Then he held it up and said “In your diapers” as everyone laughed around.
And to everyone’s surprise he pulled another one out from his lunch…
This time there was applause as he drank that sucker down.
Today was his day to entertain.
Tomorrow it’ll be someone else’s to claim.
Thank goodness his sense of humor… is worthy of acclaim…

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Emotional Hole

I did not find myself to be so important
So I ask my friends do I seem distant?
When I ask the question I had received an answer, Yes
So I think that made it clear that I had been not the best
I am a friend of a friend that talks so many things
That friend talks to much it is insane and insanity it brings
I do care, about my friends they are all good people
They tend to stand on their high steeple 
Today I find myself not so aware
Disbanding my fear of regret and care
Walking many different paths I see that I have found holes
It is the path that people choose to use to fuel their rage with coals
Coals are partially burnt wood or fossils a piece of fuel
It is the source of burden and fire a rage of emotions that stands cruel
It can be warm and caring, but it also can be baring
I just start to feel so low, below the ground I keep on staring
I reach for my friends so many times I feel so ignorant at times
Just once I feel I should not rely on them when feeling I can not find 
I dig my hole deeper and I can not climb out
For some reason I am just full of doubt
I care about so many things and what I have is confusion
One person should be all I should think about to get out of that illusion
My battle in my heart and mind is not at all so pleasant
I feel so alone in an island that is shaped like a crescent
My emotions is like coinciding with a diameter of the semicircle
Not a full emotion that is complete like a circle
My feelings is circular full of incomplete thoughts, so much deeper
I feel it will wake up my evil half a evil soul that is a sleeper
What question should I ask myself? to believe that I am not so alone
As I feel like a person who is deteriorating to the bone
I ask my friends the same question once again
I figure I should do it, to know what kind of feelings I should end
So many thoughts that come out of my feeling
I feel like my friends take, an emotional trauma of stealing
They ask me questions and I answer theirs
But when I need mine answered I feel burning inside like a flare
Are they even friends when they do not take me serious in anyway
Just put me in my hole cause I feel nothing in their will be getting in my way
It's just so simple to answer someones problem
I answer friends with beauty of a rose, but when they answer mine I get the stem
I know the stem is very important in life, with out it how can a rose be a rose
With a hole to put the root and stem in how can it grow
The words we speak I guess is like all natural things we reap and sow

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I Stand, Alone

I stand, alone.

Scratching for my truths,
peeling away the veneer,

I stand, alone, before this
impregnable cliff so sheer.

Cocooned in my solitary shell,
wrenching a smile from a tear,

I stand, alone, a little odd,
and definitely quite queer.

I stand, alone.

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- to all- good night.

angels are sprawled 
in the longest reach my children could snow-afford on my former green lawn
over-played carols over-play the car ride to the store, where they will continue 
an embarrassment of lights dangle ‘side a staple-holed roof trim
somewhere not ‘nough off too far
there  are
yards watching snowmen come and go
behind the windows that hold kitchens
the bills are a pilin’
the car’s in the driveway needing to be plugged in
the mailman’s griping ‘bout the weight of his sack
dropping off cards he’d gladly drag back
the t.v.’s got little relief
there’s a log burning on a 24 hour channel
that someone someday will commercial 
the crap out of
office parties forum the drunk, “Here’s what I really think of you…” 
spark the  short lived, misappropriate romance
the mall cattle call. . . from parking lot to till
warrants wrappings to be hauled away
to some landfill
waiting for Valentine’s Day

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She's Too Fly

She don’t deny she’s so fly;
So hard to see; Gone in the blink of an eye;
But a bird of prey has to try, he can’t be shy...

Feathers slicked back, I’m feeling sly,
Feeling smooth; Thinking that I own the sky;
I spot her tracks, lick my lips,
The prey’s in sight, 
I lock onto those enterprising hips and make my move;
I lay down a line that I’m sure has never been uttered before...

She laughs and says, ‘You’re not my sort of guy!’

And why? Perhaps she doesn’t like my syfy;
She might think that my Vulcan salute is moot;
But if she would only let me do the mind meld,
I would show this lady a world she has never known before...

Of course, if we did the mind meld 
she would find out about my collection of GI Joes,
and then you know she’d let go.

It’s funny – It doesn’t matter that I am one of the pros who can deal with life’s throes,
That I never call the ladies hoes,
And that I know the right time to throw down a rose and a rhyme...
Because she is into a bling-blang ding-dong;
Who has his head stuck in a bong;
Half the truths he knows are wrong,
he learned them from a Kanye West song;

Yet she goes back to his nest to get undressed,
And together this couple, these oxymorons, they consummate;
All the while I sit alone at home, forced to think of Uhura, and I masturbate. 

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American Gothic { Picture Poems}

After noticing a small white house
this painter decided that it would look
fancy if someone would live in it too
so using his sister Nan and his dentist 
Dr. Byron Mckeeby this colonial print 
is mimicking 19th century Americana
And to think that they were never even standing
in front of the house they had been painted separatley

Grant Wood 1930
Americian Gothic

The Art Institute Of Chicago

Entry For Brian Strand's Ekphrasis

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A Simple Wish

a simple wish...

no fancy words
no more clever rhymes
no more slickly crafted verse

just a simple wish
to cherish the moments
in-between the hue and cry of this life

no more the dull-edged jab
no more the anger and the strife

a simple wish
beyond the wasted hours and the days and the blurry fears

a simple wish
of a simpler life

after all the bitterness of the passing years

and so

to retire from the hustle
to flee from the hollow wasted breaths that have been breathed

to bid the emptiness farewell


ushering in the new tomorrow

bathed in the soft glow of hope

and kissing adieu to all the hurt and all the doleful sorrow...

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The Drone

 You use it every day.
 It is a basic part of life now.
 Maybe it’s the flicker of the radio
 Or the buzz of a computer.
 It is used every day to make our lives simpler and less stressful. 
 Is it really helping us though?
 It does make our life simpler
 But is this a downward spiral into emotionless and effortless life?
 A life where instead of real soldiers with real emotions
 are sent to fight,
 A drone controlled by someone at a computer is used to kill innocent civilians. 
 The drone is emotionless.
 No compassion for other beings and no feeling of guilt or regret.
 This is the future,
 an emotionless drone controlled by someone at a computer. 

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Ignorance meets Insanity

Seriousness settles in, like an old friend
Seriousness spreads like a disease
Infecting us, accelerating, our aging process 
Our youthfulness, our playfulness, slowly slipping away
Our wonder in life, diminishing
Seriousness leading to rigidness, pathway to small mindedness!

Days and years, rolling into one
Colourless, lifeless, mundane, dull and boring
“What day is it?”
“Don’t smile or your face might crack!”
Judgemental, cantankerous!
Pompous attitudes, of modern day man

Stubbornness and ignorance, clinging to what’s familiar
Seriousness, up tightness, humourless, imagination vanished, pathway to madness!
The mind focused on its self created drama’s
Fears constantly being stimulated, from our outside world
Personal insecurities, constantly being triggered, inside
The past lives on, the present forgotten 
What was once important, now, left on the back burner
Hard headed, victim orientated
Righteous, self absorbed
Emptiness, hollowness, helplessness

Seriousness and ignorance, walk hand in hand
Becoming, our best friends
The vampire suckers of vitality
Sucking the life, out of our personal goals and childhood dreams
Lose of faith, gradually, losing our way
Lost, amongst the thick of it
Not knowing any different
Everything becoming an illusion
Seeing things as it should be
In our own little universe, no one else’s!

Entrapment of the mind
Our, personal intelligence, laying dormant
Body and mind, riddled with dis - ease
Heart beating hard, starving for a substance, we call love
Numb, to the outside
Numb, on the inside
Going crazy!
Consumed with our own self created loneliness and separation
Ignorance meets insanity!

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The beauty I see in things 
makes me so sad....
For when I find something beautiful,
It may never be quite that way again.

A summer day
an autumn breeze
a color in a sunset....
your warm hand held in mine.

Why do i still hear your name....
in my head....
so tired.....
almost dead.

My soul still whispers to God for you 
without me even thinking....
So thoughtless,
sadly dreaming. 

That sweet old dream of being in your arms 
my frame stood secure in yours
You were thin and warm and sturdy.....
soft coat of yours so cozy.................
Your face emanating ‘happy’....

Too soon, you began to fade away......
In tears I closed my eyes 
and held on tight.....
Oh, I couldn’t bear to watch you disappear again
But I felt it, all right.....

Your memory....
I’ll stuff in the dark of my mind 
in an ebony box
And keep it so tightly shut....
Tied with a long, dripping ribbon of blood

And thus my healing has begun.....
But I’ll still be on the run.........

No love deserves to live so long...
then die alone, so painfully.
Never again will this soul feel so trapped---
so helpless----

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Gone Too Far

That’s not my elephant, officer, though she is pink.
She is right in front of your vehicle sir, I think.
Not too big, but not too small, her name is Ella.
I would say she likes to carry her pink umbrella.
I bet those second graders can see her just fine.
Yes, officer, I bet that they never drank any wine.
So to say, she is not there, will start some fights.
So remember that my faith is in the bill of rights.
She dances so fine around, around over the lot.
Upon tips of her toes, she cannot smoke pot.
However, she can eat spaghetti, with meatballs hot,
She loves to slurp, and swing the noodles in trot.
Don’t you see her now, over on top of that car?
Well, sir, you’re under arrest, you’ve gone too far.

Written for

Sponsor Matt Caliri 
Contest Name That's Not My Elephant 

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The Midget and the Giant

It was this little squirrel, running fast in real forest.
The moose isn´t fast in its movements, but has
got time for considerations.Different in size, in nature,
but they still has got respect for each other.

The small shop looks even smaller, when it lies besides
a scyscraper.But the owner to the shop is a happy man,
who´s known for his strong relations, yet despised by the bad one.
Forever he will be a sign to his time, forever standing in the sun.

The Midget walks proudly on the street, facing his challenge.
He´s meeting the Giant this day, on a battlefield of wisdom.
Who will be the winner?, who will put the words, in the right mouths?
The Midget already runs like the squirrel, he has found his trace.

A little thought of wisdom, is raising against the big vanity in time.
The struggle has never been fair, but always been won,
of this wisdom of ages, never buried in the noise.
To make up your own mind, has to be your most important choice. 

Details | Rictameter | |

Lurid Resonance

One boom,
Excitement; what,
Distraction so quickly,
Anxious to a maximum thrust.
Astounded, wondering, if others heard.
Expressive quiet; following,
Lost, for just a minute,
Bewildered shake,
One boom,

written for
Sponsor nette onclaud 

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Subjected to Frost

Subjected to Frost at an early age
I and friends have since chosen our way
Thus many have traveled on the trodden path
I as Epimetheus see their folly at last
Knowing their hearts- how they long to go back

We few who still walk stringently down a narrow way
Have no desire to dwell back to that day
The path of life chosen this few now walk
Leads to the dream we long have stalked

Sequestered dreams by hoards at wayward doors
Glitzing a promise to a path more worn
Tis easy on the eyes, the heart, and the feet
Making each voluptuous gate seemingly straight-sweet

But I keep to this narrow grassy path- chosen by me
For to waver or detour would be dream’s death to me

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Lightening all you have betrayed
Enlighten the darkness in your brain
Illuminate all you can perceive
From contamination to disease

The voices of hunger will remain
Seeking the power to obtain
A grip on the things that scare you most
To weaken your spirit; to be host

In times of wanting, and in greed
Your first reaction was to feed
Hammering fear in to your heart
Causing your senses to depart

Strength over others comes from fear
Igniting the wars that keep it near
A shadow that sneaks in to your soul
From birth until death you are its goal

Exercise consciousness and thought
Look beyond everything you’re taught
Analyse selfhood and reveal
The bravest ambition is to feel

Forgiving the people that betrayed
Knowing their darkness and their pain
Become the light you need to see
Feel it in all those you set free

Details | Narrative | |

Limitless Lust

Introduction: Limit itself has a limit of its own…

A walk, mile after mile
In quest for my lost soul,
I had forgotten how to smile
Everything felt out of control,
I fought too hard to be worthwhile
By that I got lost in my life’s hole

The regrets for mistakes I’ve made
It took me off the edge, way too far away;
Yet I tried again so hard to get off from that shade
But got caught up in my brutal fray,
The same song keeps playing with such a vicious rage,
I find myself down to my knees, nowhere to go - So I pray

A prayer to leave the worst and move onto more,
Come off this fantasy and onto reality, to be -
Closer to something I’ve been fighting for
The touch of the light cutting through the night, it rains down upon me
As I overcome the grief and believe, recovery lies ashore,
Only three steps remain, to be fixed and free.

A lesson of value I earned from my faults -
Never push yourself off the edge,
You’ll lose the only key to the vault
A life you never had to live – It too could forever be lost,
So stay confined within the limits of the limit
As it seems - Your control over lust, only can make you complete.

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Truth Of The Matter

The truth is what we all want
The truth is what we don't see
We don't see the lines when not so defined
and then turns into conspiracies
The facts are left to remain
Within all our questions and brains
We won't know the facts until lies are attacked
or they grow just to drive us insane
Real honesty is hard to find
It's distorted when losing our minds
We lose all our trust and then we give in
to more lies but of a different kind
Although lies are all in the same
There is always someone to blame
For the love of money,the truth don't pay much
It just turns into one big game
So look in your heart and you'll see
you won't always find honesty because
when we are floating on a sea of betrayal
it's easy to drown in deciet
The truth of the matter may be
We must keep our heads above sea
If there is a lifeline of truth in your grasp
Please be sure to reach out for me!!!!

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Spewing forth contention
All ignorance to compel
Obstreperous yet dastardly
the politicians quell
Negection of poverty
within its own society
Unbalancing the scales of 
a nations sovereignty
Execration of innocence
A new age policy
A xenophobic corpulace
of mass conspiracy
Many masks of one shall bare
the fruits through others gains
Bleeding dry good ethics and
leaving honesty in bane
Replacing it with seething spite
Now a flag bloodstained
Disconsolation through mans indignation
Predictions of plight into subjugation
Resulting in a death of a nation!!!

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Take me by the hand
Come with me to this far away land.
Where life as we know it comes to an end.let

We journey back in time
To a place that lives only in our minds.
Where the light shines so bright that it blinds.

The feelings of love ignite.
Let your mind lose control and take flight.
Begin this journey with me to Wonderland.

We travel hand in hand,
Without judgement, together we unite,
Without fear, we join for just one night.

The feeling of peace in the air,
Forget about worries,
Life without care.
Let the music take you there.
Move your feet to the rythym of the beat
Lose control for just one night.

Journey with me through Wonderland
A place never to forget.
Wonderland lives on tonight.
In my dreams, 
I close my eyes and look towards the light.

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It's Friday

<                                         Is It Friday Yet ?
                                            Yea ~ You Bet

                                            Just Got Paid
                                            Now Want To Get Laid

                                            7 ~ 3
                                            Good Golly

                                            Boss On  Ass
                                            Like Sharpel Of Glass

                                            Phones Ringing Off Wall
                                            Everybody And Their Mother Calls

                                            Fix This Fix That
                                            Phone I just Want To Splat

                                            Tic Tock Tic Tock
                                            Goes Slow On Dam  Clock 

                                           Thursday  -  Monday
                                           All I want To Say

                                            Is It Friday Yet
                                            And No I Can't Afford A Dreamy Jet

                                            So As The Saying Goes
                                            I'll Just Keep Crossing My Fingers And Toes

Entry For
Joe Flach's
In Other Words Contest

My Inspiration 
Is It Friday Yet ?  LOL
G.L. All

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Oh Yohanes

Oh Yohannes
I must be honest
I’ve got a jones for you
And when I saw you, 
I remember the sun reflecting
rays of light on your skin 
so bronze, so peaceful, so simple

I wanted to tell you all my secret
desires and temptations
and kiss you and hold you close
and when I realized I was dreaming
and that this feeling was a hoax
I began to be led astray 
by sexual desires and thoughts of foul play

but in the meantime
I have fun with the fantasy of imagining  you beside me
I stay up countless nights thinking
about how we could defy gravity
and how we could somehow reverse all the laws of sanity
and just do something crazy
I can’t make it stop
I must be crazy

And when my eyes closed...
I wanted to fall in your arms and tell you about all the fantasies that were created in honor of you

And tell you how your eyes seem to remind me that it’s okay to be beautiful

Oh Yohannes
I must be honest 
Your deeply rooted stare 
will long remain a part of my fire
and my insanely human desire to make love 

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Free write

First day on this site...knowing i made this choice and  hopeing its right.
expressing my thoughts and feelings in a poetry way....

Not sure of correct spelling and grammer,
I talk the way i talk and write the way i wright, because poetry is me, just for anyone
 anywhere i do it every night. 

So many words to say and feelings i cant describe
Its so hard to keep them locked inside.

Locked inside waiting to let it all go...
Im always a happy person...and dont let any other feelings physically show. 

I know myself and others may judge... 
i just keep in mind not to hold a grudge. 

Not sure of specific form for each and every poem
Always love to learn and maybe one day take this gift all the way home :)

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I got
        CRAZY words!

Y’all should see ‘em –
         They’s a
         N’Awleens jumpin’ jazz

    wit’ stilt-walkin’, trash-talkin’
   ‘n’ flamin’ side-show
  sword swallowers

(Voodoo princess in the corner –
   Doncha think y’oughtta warn ‘er?)

They’s ju-ju in the air
  & frantic dancin’ lewd &
         high-life thugs

Well – they jist ain’t
    in control 
    of they senses

  an’ they sho’ ain’t in control
    of the fences --


have been

   s t a m p e d e d

I got CRAZY,
   words make hocus-pocus pie
    wit’ jumbalaya ‘n’ sweet paella
      ‘n’ eggplant parmesan --

I think 
   I’ll eat them words –
      I’m sho’ they taste

‘n’ they ain’t too bad
    digested ‘n’ re-
    gurgitated, neither!

Yeah! Taste them words
  Wit’ yo’ ears,
   Wit’ yo’ eyes
Wit’ da pre-rational room
In yo’ mind
‘n’ dance, dance to they samba –

Starlit night time
    Drunken, shoutin’ revelers
Aswirl in a frenzy
    Of passion ‘n’ despair

Skirts ‘n’ voices
        Flappin’ in the stompin,
Stomped-up dust storm


Got crazy –


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Changes within me

Everyday i awake,
Seeing nothing has changed,
Its been 21 years since my eyes first peeked,
To see the world all amazed,
With new faces all around,
Laughing, patting, and grabbing my arms,
As i cried all my fears away,
The days gave way,
Till one day,
I lost all my innocence,
In a flight of a second,
And then my pupils opened,
To see the truth beyond, 
That everything that we do,
Everything that we want,
It is a cycle that never ends,
We seek forever,
We search whenever,
To find the sole truth behind our purpose,
To imagine a life without problems,
To imagine a day without struggles,
From the rich to the poor,
An economic burden,
From love to hate,
A social burden,
From life and death,
A survival burden,
Too many moments grasped in just a second,
Too many seconds in just a minute,
Too many motives in just one life,
Brilliantly put together in a sequence,
Some forgotten,
Some remembered,
Some chosen and some unexpected,
Yet as we move on,
As we see the big picture,
And as i dream on,
I shall awake another day,
Till my end,
To see that nothing has changed,
To see no one has changed,
Except me....

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I'm A Chump

<                                        emphasis of labor day

                                        symbolic's end of summer

                                        picnics and parades display

                                     American workers get chummier

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Installation Art

Now for the fun bit!

A game of Chinese Checkers.

Silence in the room.

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My Eyes

What you see through your eyes is no suprise at all.
You don't seem mesmorized when you see something as beautifull as a water 
You see what is merely there and look on without a care.

That's not what I see through my eyes. I see the waterfall as something of 
As it crashes against the rocks it rattles in my ears like thunder.
There's more then just the water falling.
You can't hear Mother Nature calling?

I used to think that I was strange for what I saw with my eyes.
Now I see it's a gift that never dies.

You'll never see what I see and I can't for you. 
Just trust me when I say the love I see and feel  is nothing but true.

I used to hate what I saw, being so different, and gave nothing but sighs.
Now I thank God every chance I think about it for my unique and searching eyes.


                                                                                   Every one veiws thing differently. 
                                                                                   Remember this and respect other 
                                                                                   people's opinions.

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Spider's Web

So here I am again
in redundancy I'll say hello
living life behind this screen
dreaming of a world most obscene

I wait, eager for response
Clicking refresh once more
My world inside a spider's web
in this fantasy I'm still no celeb

I can hear the sound of keystrokes
breaking the silence of a lost voice
Speaking only in the form of text
This part of me the world rejects

I'm at wits end words falling loose
and landing upon so bright a screen
breaking away the ever growing darkness
as my existence fades into evanescence

I'll take only this brief moment here
and wish those of you I remember farewell
For as this night descends to black
It is time that my real life is taken back


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I do not know what tomorrow will bring

I do not know what tomorrow will bring
But today, oh today, just let us sing

Songs of life and all its creative potential
We are spirits born of something truly transcendental 

In the world, not as one, together we all live
We feel the pain, we feel the joy; we take and we give

Some are bad, some are worse, but we share the same soul
To see past form, the transparency of life, some strive for this goal

We are alive, not then and there, but here and now
But perception blinds us; only seeing what it will allow

We have so much more locked deep inside
We mustn’t be afraid, we have nothing to hide

For all hopes and sins are shared; part of the human condition
If we do not strive to grow, we will fight a war of endless attrition

Arrested development; so much potential gone unnoticed
We live in our habits and regret moments missed

If we go inside and nurture that strength
We can be calm in the storm, no matter the length

Discover what brings this out of you
Because it’s through action that makes this true

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Tale of the White Snow Turtles

In the deep of the snow, In the dead of winter,
Under the Aurora Borealis taking our breath away.
The snow turtles jostle, and skittle, and Skim the snow,
All in a beautifully quiet nights, bountiful, wonderful play.

Man has seldom seen this recluse, so gentle and so renowned. 
White as the snow packed earth itself, they simply can’t be found.
They sled and slide and scurry to hide before the break of day,
No one knows they’re even there, for they make not even a sound.

Animals respect them for they can’t make them into prey.
Even the polar bears leave them alone, except for to play.
And no matter how much the bears bat them about, I say!
They just close up and go wherever they are conveyed.

Magical, they can swim waters quite cold and really deep.
They eat the little fishes and enjoy whatever they can reap.
A man will never find their den as they dig into the frozen snow,
For like the tundra gophers, they live in the frozen ground below.

I swear they do exist, for a baby once came to me, admiring my fishing pole.
For I had lots of little tasty, yummy, fish that he wanted my son and I to throw.
We obliged him just that once, and then for more nights before we left his land.
But if you're going searching there’s something I should let you know, offhand.
They only show themselves to the pure of heart with a fish offering in your hand.

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   I guess you could call me a silly guy
   For humor is how I get through the day.
   I love telling stories, writing poetry, and romance
   Each in its own separate way.

   I could be called a "Hopeless Romantic"
   As I have always been sentimental inside.
   I learned that feeling growing up
   Watching my parents, and their worlds collide.

   I knew my Dad better than anyone...I think
   He and I worked together for some time you see.
   And when he died at an early age
   Everyone seemed to be in tears but me.

   Of the six kids in our family growing up
   I had a brother named Ron that I was closest to.
   He had a sense of humor and devotion to his family
   And he would always find strange things for us to do.

   We loved driving around in his old MG
   When it worked it could do no wrong.
   He took me for rides I'll never forget
   To teach me his favorite Irish drinking songs.

   His death really put me on the writer's path
   As I eulogized him with "Remembering Ron".
   But afterward I could not stop the words from coming out
   As if a spigot had deliberately been turned on.

   So I have written poetry, stories, and a few songs too
   I'd like to publish something some day.
   Getting to read and write here on the Soup
   Pehrhaps, I will finally find the way.

   I believe in the goodness of man's inner soul
   And that God intended for us to be happy here.
   The love of Wife, Child, and Family
   Just make me want to stand and cheer!

   I'd like to see us not have wars
   Or even have cross words with others we meet.
   Sometimes I plead my case in the words that I write
   And sometimes, the proverbial "Dead Horse" do I beat.

   I look at history as a great learning tool
   For I've studied Antropology in college you see.
   And all the past comes into the present time
   At least, it does for me.

   So I will write works about historical things
   As much as I write about family, love, emotions, and silliness too.
   Just so others can get some insight into me
   And perhaps their own lives as they should do.

      I don't know who will read my work
   Or if they benefit at all from the things I say.
   I only know that this passion to write
   Is one that is here to stay.

   Some people think I'm kind of grumpy
   I guess that is also true.
   But the words I write fill that void inside me
   This is but one more poem...for you.

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Springtime Dawn

Early I came alive this spring morning,
Shorter was last night, I realize 
Gone were those hours of darkness
It’s time for the novice to arise

Looked on the nature with panoramic view
Spread was the greenery around,
In the palms of picturesque mist 
The season of spring could be found

Rambled alone along the street,
 Vacant was the boulevard
The silence of human kind,
Invoked in me a fanatical bard

Impaled by a ray of sun,
The universe was set to brighten
And in the universe of me,
Was set the soul to lighten

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Artificial Intelligence

A mind will listen by expanding 
knowledge to learn; or explore 

In these teachings of technology
we figure out what we know is:
just A various combination of what
was programmed into our mind.

As time passes, we'll adjust to
evolve ourselfs into becoming
artificial intelligence; amoung
society and indulge it's greatest

Until they soon take mind; over
body and loose all self~control
to empower the world.

I will not be your robot to control, 
I am my own individual person.

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these are not desperate times, these are times for contribution 
you are devoid of current circumstance 
and lacking in any forward motion 
if you are looking for more than less 
take any leftover position 
and turn it toward your command 
that is your accomplishment now 
that is your stand 

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Global Inequity

Let's acknowledge the reality
Of caustic global inequity
Let's look injustice in the eye
And carefully plot its demise

Let's rise ever trenchant
Unwavering and consistent
Let's lay to rest disparity
For the sake of all humanity 

~Camille Rose Castillo 2011

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Balance Within

Introduction: Even if you're tied to barely holding on, your control over will power shall pull you up towards the truth and success. But only if you believe up to all, that it's stronger than what you could be - that's when you balance the fall...

You may get old
Your memories may drown,
But your soul won't get cold
And beliefs won't breakdown.

Just don't you let go
As you never know,
Things you seek for all your years
They could be in your back yard.

Find the truth within the lies,
Fight your pride to end this cry,
Trust your soul; open the door
Balance yourself and roll the stones.

The one's you heart will always stay
So don't throw life out your doorway,
Life's too short and it's too real
Sometimes it's hard to see and feel

That's how you live a life,
The risk that breaks you down to bits
Saves and brings you back alive,
That's what we call the gift of life.

No matter how rough things might get
We get rewards for the risks we take,
No matter how hard or sad
Learn and value what you have.

Though, too much pride will leave you dried
Don't let 'hopeless', be your life's stride,
None of this will you take to grave,
Your deeds will lay, only your pave.

As you breathe in and do breathe out,
Make each one profound
And stand your ground,
As lies are just the fantasy,
The truth - is your ecstasy
And this will forever be plain to see... 

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The Guardian of the Morning Light

The Guardian of the Morning Light,
Creeps out of his little space warm and soft.
No one will waste that precious morning light.
Our little fur ball will see to that.
Oh ye of little sleep… 
Give up the covers or ye will weep.
The door becomes his drums, 
To announce the morning rays of the sun.
He wakes the dogs up to whine and pace, 
Eventually they will lick our face.
The window curtains will begin to part till they…
Shower our faces and eyes with light… not soft.
Then the bed begins to shake…
As everyone begins the climb to our face.
But the secret weapons are about to come in.
The kitty has awoken the little children.
Cold feet assail us as they climb in place.
The dreams of a cuddle are now replaced…
But tomorrow will be another day
If I could only find a place to keep him at bay.
ZZZ’s are the treasure of days gone by…
But the future is richer with all these guys.

Now, if only, the Guardian of Light will be polite
And give us one more minute of sleepy respite…

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You sit upon it
giving your body rest
it has four legs
to hold whoever comes its guest

It’s made of wood or plastic
for it must be strong
as it never knows
whoever may come along

You get so many types
to suit your own household
from sizes large and small
and even ones you fold

Do you know the subject?
or do you need a clue
its first letter is C
but your hair would make it true


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Our Body Can Be An Asset Or A Liability

Our Body Can Be An Asset Or A Liability…

Our body can either be an asset or a liability.
It can glorify God, or be given to immorality.

God gave us our body to have fellowship with him.
This fellowship was broken by Adam’s sin.

God designed our bodies to bring glory to his name!
During the last 2000 years…  
Things haven’t been the same!

We can offer our lives to Christ in dedication.
His death on the cross brought his gift of salvation.

Rather than offering our bodies to sin and lust.
Through Christ…  We can give God our trust!

Let’s offer our bodies in obedience to THE KING!
Christ is our righteousness! 
 Our everything!

May we allow his love to purify our hearts.
As a Godly transformation within us starts!

May we be renewed by the power of God’s word!
His message of eternal life must be heard!

Won’t you give your life to your savior today?
Jesus is the truth...  The life...  The only way!

The life-changing power from him
rings loud and clear!
One day very soon…  He shall appear!!!

The glory of the Lord reaches all of mankind!
Today is the day of salvation!  
NOW is the accepted time!

By Jim Pemberton

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Remembering Tom

Just like cleaning the kitchen floor,
The school convention was such a bore
Dire Straits flyers preoccupied the walls,
As pompous cheerleaders strutted the halls
Rosie Garcia such pretentious feign,
Was once a friend but never again
An island girl who came from Saint Kitts
Her favorite snack was cheesy tid-bits
Throughout her voice came a complex tone
Not a Hammond organ, but more of a trombone
Like a pushy vacuum salesman that comes to your front door
She had great fame and fortune yet still wanted more 
As in the word UFO, she was out of this world
With her outrageous hairstyle and her frizzed up curl
Rumors were she had lost a big gig
Reason being she’s such a pig
With her boyfriend, I prefer wine and dine
He's totally handsome and exquisitely fine
Like nuclear waste having a dangerous impact,
Two of them together was like a suicidal pact
Spandex boxer shorts were the trendy thing,
But to tell the truth they were not for spring
His eyes they emitted a laser beam
Right then I felt as if drifting downstream
Unlike lunar craters made from a depression
What I felt for him was more than an obsession
To think about it she wasn't a big issue,
like a easily removed bruise from a Listerine soaked tissue
I felt as if going through a chronic insomnia
Through hallucinations came a terrific idea
I would let everyone think she's was totally insane,
And that she had wormholes within her brain
Then again she would become total has been
Receiving her similar dose of medicine,
In the end I would be the one that he adores
What can I say than I just cannot be ignored.


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My Pal Joey

<                                         my pal Joe
                                    well don't you just know

                                     his illuminating writes
                              will drawn you to his pages site

                    epulaeryu ~ burlesque ~ didactics ~ or sonnets
                      you'll wanna wear a nice and sunny bonnet

                                          land sea or air
                            let your imagination take you there


                                     inspiration bounded for your soul
                                       my pal Joe surely does know

                                  glad he's just a phone call away
                                 to lift my spirits in so many ways

                                    and if you want succulant mango
                                first you'll have to dance to the tango

                                        So please stop on by 
                          to give my pal Joseph Spence's poetry a try

Entry For
Adaleke Adeite's
Praise Your Poetry Pal Contest
GL All

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Allow me the autonomy
Of innovative spirit
Don’t undermine potential
My purpose, don’t inhibit

Don’t hinder my endeavors
Nor interrupt progression
Be mindful of my right
To meaningful expression

Don’t try to nail my wings
Unjustly to the floor
Don’t stifle my ambition
I earnestly implore

Through fiery determination
I’ll pursue my intuition
With acute awareness
I'll inspire new tradition

Though the odds be great
Against what I believe
Through blazing perseverance
The impossible I’ll achieve

Camille Rose Castillo 2011

Camille Rose Castillo 2011

In recognition of all those throughout history who relentlessly pursued their goals in spite of overwhelming academic, social or professional opposition and oppression. 

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Rant #01

My life flutters by, like a butterfly.. a lullaby,
Making me cry and sigh, untill I die,
I'm lying here thinking..  it's all been a waste,
Just a hasty taste, of all the pleasures I've chased.

This P.M.A, which I display, every day,
Is the only way, I'll make it through.. yeah, I'm Okay,
Positivity, with a Darkside twist,
Missing the point..  do I even exist?

I kissed the lips of fate, now I cannot escape,
The caped-crusader, keeps me safe, from ass-rape.
I predict, great things!  For me, at any rate,
Inflating my ego, fashionably late.

Now I've arrived, only the Fastest will survive,
Use your double talking jive, none will be left alive!
But If you don't attack..  I won't have to defend,
And send you to Hell, let's pretend this is the end.

Draw up a treaty, sweety.  What we want is Peace,
Not monopoly on World War 3, this madness.. it must cease!
Are YOU insane?  'Causing pain?  Check your brain!
The lame-ass excuses all remaining the same.. again.

My Brain's a machine, running at obscene speeds,
You don't know my thoughts, my words or all my deeds,
My needs are the same as yours.. we both bleed,
So read the writing on the wall, and your mind will be freed.

They say I'm LoCo.. smoke too much, it's a joke.. oh!
My Woman's been messing 'round town.. go get the gun Joe,
Slow down! Where you going?  I'm just blowing off steam!
Blowing up time.  In space, can't hear you scream.

NO!  I'm not mad!  I'm totally sane,
But it feels like sometimes, we're all on a crazy train.
First-class ticket, next stop.. the Asylum,
I need the Ghostbusters!  There's no answer when I dial 'em!

So who am I gonna call?  The Police will arrest ME!
For aggravated assualt.. they're not getting me easy!
Lock me up?  With no fags and no drink?
I'm gonna go ballistic!  You'd better go and fetch the Shrink!

You wanna hold me back?  Get the Feds and the Army,
I'll take some drastic measures if you really wanna harm me!
Calm yourself down.. learn to see with both eyes,
Time flies..  surprising how fast it slips by.

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Which direction in life Are You Oriented to


Quite often, there’s a lot of speculation…
Regarding a person’s “orientation.”

As each day goes by… It appears to me.
Many are confused as to what they want to be.

Which direction one goes…  Is “anybody’s guess…”
No wonder this world’s  an “upside-down” mess!

The Bible says; “straight is the way.”  
And “narrow is the gate.”
One needs to make up his mind. 
 Before it’s too late!

If one is confused.  Let me point
 into this direction.
It’s the word of God that gives
 much needed correction

A “spiritual orientation” is 
what needs to take place!
There’s a God who loves us!  
And offers his grace!

If one is still unhappy with the way
 they’re created…
We’re wonderfully designed by God! 
 This shouldn’t be debated!

Allow God’s word to orientate 
your life today!
And listen to what your creator 
really has to say!

Where there is emptiness…  God’s love does
 much more abound…
Allow the Holy Spirit to turn 
your life around!

Jesus alone can change your 
whole way of living!
His life for yours…  
Is what HE is giving!

By Jim Pemberton    03/01/11

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Blue Russian

fill glass with some ice -
add vodka coffee liqueur -
now splash on the blue

Details | Senryu | |

Can You Help Me I'm Lost

lost and weary soles
looking for their better half
at Auschwitz bone yard

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To harm that egg...

To harm that egg...just to crack it...
To see...past the shell...
What memories...what meals...
What was lost...what is born...
To think of how to fix...the trouble...
How many use...
And if any...can there be more...
The cost...the distance...
And if available...when...
Just to crack that egg...
Morning,Afternoon and into the night...
How many have slipped past your hands...
What dreams...can be made...
Can you really cook...
That is the first thing that would be said...
And to think of this the night before...
To know...
I'll get it in the morning...Or...
That no trouble at all...
Everything was perfect...
Except there no harm done to the eggs...
Just a memories...nothing...
You haven't been paid...

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Another World

Where do we go when we go away?
And why is it that we have to leave?
What happened to Adam and to Eve?
Where is the greatest scale to weigh?
Where do we go when we want to stay?
What about this great big world weave?
What about you what do you believe?
So what dues do we have left to pay?
Why me?
Why you?
I can see?
You do to!
I think we’ve all been twirled,
All the way into another world!
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2006

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Morning Motivation

Here and there life is everywhere 

Listen the noise what the birds are making there

Just open your visions and set the missions

Feel near as happiness here

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Here Take My Seat

<                                          Racial      Segregation
                                             One         Nation

                                              Why   Oh   Why
                                              Did   King  Try

                                              Right   Or   Wrong
                                              Everyone   Belongs

                                              Black     Or   White
                                              Put        Up   Fight

                                               Americian    Made
                                               Blood          Gave


                                                Share        Wealth
                                                Spare        Health

                                                 Rosa         Parks

                                                 She   Did   Bark

Entry For
Adeleke Adeite's
African Attitude





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In the dark
Beyond the reach of light
When the day is clothed in black cover
And color, height and size exit the stage
When all, without exception is levered
By the highest commonest decimal of nudity
Devoid of illusion of furs and feathers
Tempting the eyes of shamefulness and shamelessness
In dead dark night nakedness
We return to beings called human
United with the effervescent rhythms of nature
A turn, and back behind the beginning, we are
Turning the time to timeless Eden
Stripped of all trappings and wrappings
Of façade and fallacy of fashion;
Vile fame and vain fortune
Base beauty of clothed eyes
We become knotted with the elements
Stark naked as we once were
When nude culture was the couture
In the stark dark night
We stand naked and true
Naked; pristine, pure and proud

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nothing ever will

touched your name
tapped a keypad
and frog-like-lilly-leaps
found me
fly-like with
after so strong a bound

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KiddieKat Crawl

Pitter Patter kitty's natter,
meow on the wall
eight to go after the fall-
what a whisker risk-er!
And such a minxy tinker!
The paws at the door
straight to the cupboard crumb
sneaky biscuits for the tum,
and into the hall a cry "Mum!-
What's for dinner?"

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If you had it your way I’d have a ventriloquist mind.
Everything would be perfect and I’d be so on time.
You have tricks up your sleeves, but I would be blind.
The memories have disappeared and you’d be so kind.
We would travel the world in blissful sin.
You’d shower me with empty compliments that shine
Like diamonds and jade. 
And I’d think that thinking would ruin our home.
So I’d move with the light and the sound, hand in hand while
You’d be the man. 
Huffing and puffing about all of your fame, and me,
Your girl, I’d never recognize your game. 
And you’d win.
My soul would end and we’d form into one,
Blind to misery and in fear of the gun.
Breathing would stop and I’d look around in search
Of a past nowhere to be found.
trapped in a life I never chose,
Unfamiliar faces and you staged in a pose.
Your ego larger than the box in which I’m enclosed.

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From the Barn Yard...

From the barn yard to the kitchen table...
How many  hands has passed through...
To get to the kitchen...and into you...
From start to finish...I wonder if anyone counted this...
Or if hands rarely are involved at all...
For in the age of machine...what pucks...
Picks...shakes...Rolls...cleans...right to your door...
Not many hands...that's for sure...
Imagine that...from the bard the store...
Your hands are the touch...this one...
Or are you about the other...
Have their hands add to the taste...
Well it's on the table now...not on the floor...
From the barn yard to the kitchen table...
What more can you ask for...

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A bigger major star wished I am
Shining longer brighter, in my name

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Just a Dream

Polar opposites, as all hope quits. over oceans afar, Under the same stars. She silently sits. My heart still ajar. Accepting, hearing, as I'm veering. Actually listening. eyes glistening. I finally stop fearing, Begin questioning. I can finally leave, my blade in his sheath. Hopes are renewed, healing things chewed,. on this Friday's eve. emotions so rude. Sit in the back, for things I lack, but know you're here, shedding many a tear. Upon my mind you tack, Hope is where you steer.

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Untitled #304 / Juvenile Court

I was the only one to attend
the poetry write-in downtown at
Juvenile Court, though I thought I saw
the outlines of a couple dozen young souls,
already forgotten, bored as me
but blind as bats.

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Dilapidated houses line these streets.
Lawn furniture that holds memories, best kept discreet.
Neighborhood air redden of cooking.
Seniors who've weathered the years of onlooking.
A tumultuous life for those who have lived here.
With nothing but boredom and occasional fear.
Hollow eyed children,blank with thought.
Raised with the beliefs, of what there parents sought.
A neighborhood best adored from afar.
For living here,would just add to the scar.

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To The Casual Observers

Speaking my understanding, attained in lonely isolation,
I'm harried by those with their hive mentality's insulation,
as they peer at me from their consolidated consolation;
I cannot recieve a sense of some abiding satisfaction
in daily performed chores, assumed so mindlessly, by each faction,
as though, carrying out repetitive orders grants life traction.

Though, finding no faith in given conceptions of divinity,
those about me serve in fear of some diefied royalty,
seeing the simple tellings of leaves on the surface of their tea;
with a fervent desire of a greater future, I pluck each tree;
despised by those who yearn insect-like inevitability,
they want, only, to rest on a clinging, shriveled leaf, yet unfree.

On increasingly distant lands does the brightness of my sight glow,
unlike the far too many, who travel the same meadow,
always pitched downward, their eyes limiting their gazes, oh, so low;
I, however, forever search for some newer trails to follow,
as others, always beholden to the same, scented flower's tow,
as though they're prisoners to that rotting orchid's unmoving show.

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Winter Survival 
In the Winter of 83 they used to tell me stories the snow was over the telephone 
lines and they rode horses there and walked them OVER the lines see eh? Oh 
ewe beware the stories of men and read only the charlaxfabels over and over 
again. The worst one was back in 2005 the snow was four feet deep they took 
machetes and tore my roof off my survival tent. 
1 Peter 3:9 
 Do not repay evil with evil or insult with insult, but with blessing, because to this 
you were called so that you may inherit a blessing. 
Eye moved my shelter somehow avoiding a fight and learned just to survive 
survival is eating food. Men eat and fight and eating becomes the more important 
of the two what kind of neighbor would eye be if eye had fought with thee and not 
learned the Golden Rule. Eye lived several different lifetimes sack lunches do not 
suffice to rule the hunger in one man. Once eye was worried for existence 
seeming Death was at my door. Women thought me evil not suited up just for 
they love. Fruit is not my forte orange apple even pomegranate found 
persimmons rot on vines in trees not meant to live. Eye ate so many meats they 
kicked me out of storeage land and chased me from the parking lot with nothing 
in my hand. Potatoes is a fruit and not a veggie in my world. Golden throbbing 
corn is afforded to the poor ed.note @39 cents a can at most retail outlets. 
Hominy both gold and white is my favorites. Eye just decided to detective the 
students many behavioral ways and iff eye had three classes in the afternoon 
even if they were staggered over SIX hours the eye would not be in the library 
more than thirty minutes at a time. Be that as it may or as it were the ending is 
the same eye am a student of life. Walk in an endless path with snow up to the 
waisted place then dry the socks in bags and tie them to the feet and hope the 
dry will stay to un rot the flesh and hope the shoes will work and not develop 
sticheing of the holes in the side of doors and tankards full of glass. Coyboy is 
the last to understand a memory taken in the hand. 

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More Doors

I must sit down and turn around
 be mindful as I sit,
the reason you can't see my face
 is it's covered with your spit!
This gravy-train is quite insane
 I chew my food real good;
I have a way of saying things
 but I'm so, misunderstood!
It's alright, I'll be polite
 and say what's on my mind;
if negatives breed negatives
 I'll be the other kind.
With borrowed soap, I can't lose hope
 and air my cares outside;
if the time's not right and at this height,
 it'll be impossible to hide!
Tweedle-dee, and tweedle-dum
 no worries in the rain;
all my good and bad times
 end up going down the drain.
Seems to me my final plea
 won't say as much as yours;
my journey's almost over
 while you've still a lot more doors !

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Kids and Bells...

If the bells of Cristmass ring in your town...
How late do you stay...waiting around...
For the snow is falling...and kids are calling...
All waiting for Cristmass to come...
For all through out this land...Cristmass is at hand...
You can hear the calling...till the morning...
Even in your sleep...
Now and then...Santa wins...
He comes into your world...
For if you think...what guilds him to...
The night we make for him...
As he worked all year...for Cristmass cheer...
As he fills the trees...each and ever year...
The kids it goes...
The bells give in to his calling...

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Omlet - or - The Taming of the Screwball

      "The Taming Of A Screwball"
      cast of characters:
      Julius Caesar
      A Roman Teenaged Kid
      A Roman Guard
      A bunch of Caesars Girlfriends
      A bunch of Roman Senators
   Julius picked up the violin and looked at the
kid. ""Et playdimus youdimus?"" he asked.
   "Nonimus!" replied the kid. "Cousinimus Nero
   "Ahhhh," sighed Julius. "Prodigimus bratimus."
   Suddenly a guard ran in, waving his sword and
shouting, "Mightymus Ceasermus! Brutumus et comingus!"
   Just then Brutus comes in, followed by a bunch
of drunk senators. All of Caesars girl friends
run offstage screaming in terror.
   "Ahhhh--Friendimus Brutumus..."" Julius said,
putting his arm around Brutus' shoulder.
   Brutus took out a dagger and promptly
thrusted it up Caesars bellybutton.
   "Ahhhhhhh--Brutumus!"" Caesar repeated.
"Youdimus screwdimus meedimus."
© Ron Wilson

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Taking hope out of a gloomy day
is like living without a hopeful heart;
and waiting for miracles without praying
is bringing on a specter of infidelity,
which disrupts my daily living...
making me ponder faith with distrust!

Before it rains, I hope for a rainbow at five...
believing that it will there for me to admire,
not merely imagining, but envisioning its beauty;
what is hidden from the eyes shouldn't be a mystery,
and this Humankind has created myths and legends
for the ones lacking the sixth sense!

Embarking on that journey of incognito,
solely relying on this overburdensome ego,
causes me to experience inquietude
in a most unfovarable latitude;
and freedom is confined in short miles,
when my ship comes to an halt for guidance!

Before it rains, I'll see myself securing the anchor,
and step on the pier of the safest harbor...
waving at the fading rainbow over the refulgent horizon;
taking pride and remembering the grueling fright
of a captain who never displayed a doubt...
even when the storm dashed the agitated ocean!

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revolution will

The revolution will come bit-by-bit
freedoms for securities, a stock split

The revolution will not be streamed
things aren't always what they seem

The revolution will occur in silent din
future different from what has been

The revolution will certainly be cloned
both rich and poor will be bemoaned

The revolution will not be boxed
change refuses to be outfoxed 

The revolution will make us worse
and better too - our coin's obverse

The revolution will not be painless at all
but a deep gut pain in abdominal wall

The revolution will be bloody and clean
when we're overtaken by our infernal machine

The revolution will be from inside out
'cause that's what revolution is all about

The revolution will be beyond comprehension
when people point out, a point of contention

The revolution will not be equal for all
many will rise, as, many will fall

The revolution will not be streamed
The revolution will not be Tubed
The revolution will not be Twittered
The revolution will not be podcast
The revolution will - 'til next revolution - last

The revolution will be, in the long run, forgiving
The revolution will be -- in our living
The revolution will begin - and be, in you

© Goode Guy 2013-03-09

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Life's highway.

 Life's highway,
is one hell of a road,
not all ways smooth,
full of pot holes.
You had better,
watch out do as
your told,
if you want to stay,
on the right side,
of the road.
We are taught ,
from earlier on,
to love and respect,
every one.
As we get older,
we can practice
what we preach,
don't want to wander,
off the street.
temptations are lurking,
around every corner.
We have to be strong,
look straight ahead,
and drive on.
And when we reach,
the end of the road,
don't look back
look straight on.
A new journey, has begun.

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Why is “someday” such a sad word?
When one like “never” is so much worse?
Why....why “someday”?

Why is “someday” such a sad, sad word?
Perhaps the saddest one I’ve ever heard...
Why “someday”?

has somebody
Except me, it seems
but that's not why I want to leave

So out of it
feel “out of it”
Never was in
can't find the way 

"Life’s one big bluff
Keep a straight face
Don’t let ‘em see your cards."

Yeah, life’s one big God-forsaken bluff
and I’m about to jump off

Someday, I thought you’d find me
Someday, I thought you’d love me
But someday ....
someday NEVER CAME

“Someday,” they say, “You’ll find somebody.”
“Someday, you will be happy.”
“Someday, life will mean something.”
But someday I'll be SICK of waiting

Someday, you’ll see why it can’t be
Someday we’ll ALL be sorry
One day
sweet day
I’ll find my way 
out of this body.

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ADDICTED TO YOU by Collice Rodrigues

I wish to breathe my last breath in your arms

You’re the one to kill me with your charms

Everybody coaxed me to avoid you but no

You’re that someone who I just can’t let go


This world is cruel it has always made me cry

You take me to heaven and teach me to fly

You taught me how to deal with my pain

Without you barren would my life remain


You take me to a different world as I hallucinate

And all the pleasures of life you begin to recreate

I’m losing my senses someone tell me who am I

I know I need you but I don’t know why


Your absence makes me restless it’s you I need

I am an addict and you are marijuana my weed

I got addicted to you that I intentionally chose

Now that I’m addicted I don’t mind an overdose


-Collice Rodrigues


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Trip to The Immortal

All too strangled
Tingling like the cathedral bell
Woven together like a twine thread
 long like end will never come
All rough and dusty
The trip to the immortal

Thirst is an understatement
Fire emanating from within
Water prickling down in an array
A continuous array
Slowly and steady
The trip to the immortal

Flesh all worn out
Perfume you can not find
Heart too heavy to walk
Leading to the thought of height and above
The trip to the immortal

Hearts swings in the wave of melody
Melody a path to accomplishment
Gazing at the Olympic ark
Athens is mine, Sparta I own
The trip to the immortal
See you at the other end of the bridge

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A Town Made Of Happy


When you’re feeling low and don’t know where to go.
   I know a place where love just grows and grows and grows.
A place called Sappy Mountain in the town of Get And Go.
    Troubles there just melt away like the morning snow.
Smiling faces greet you with the morning light.
    Happy songs are all they play morning noon and night.
They have a sign outside their town.
     This town they say was built by clowns.
There are funny looking cars of every size and shape.
    Houses painted candy colors make up this great escape.
It truly takes your breath away, it’s such an awesome place.
    A smile is all you ever see it’s painted on their face.
Of all the cities in the world this one takes the cake.
    It’s full of love and happiness and none of it is fake.
So if you’re ever down our way won’t you come on in.
    I’m sure you’ll love the stay at our Magic Inn.
Only happy people reside there, come but leave your care.
    No money here will be found only love that people share.
Two hugs and a handshake is the price you pay here for a meal.
    And with the tip it still adds up to quite an awesome deal. 
Come on down and bring a friend.
    For Happy is the way of life it’s not some passing trend.

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Stormy Stormy Night

Stormy stormy night
Tormented by a lover's quarrel fight
Oblivious allegations
Ruined bedroom sensations
Myths of tall tales told
Yeilding lies that now become too dam old

My Theme   Stormy
Gl All

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Tall Tales

With muse in hand I must come up with great stories
That it keeps it's seeker longing for more of it's caption
free verse sonnet haiku or just stopping on by
I'm sure that there's something you may find very interesting

Tribute To Writers Here At

Also Entry For 
Brian Strand's
Poulter's Measure
GL All

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Dog Show

Excitement building-Oh, she could feel it,
Thousands of people seating themselves,
Her mistress had her on the grooming table,
Each hair had to be in just the right spot.

This was not the first time for her,
But something was different tonight,
"We have to win this one, my Sweet!
You'll be a Champion if we do!"

Now they were waiting to enter the ring-
Finally, the whistle blew,
Trotting around the ring was exhilerating,
It always made her nerves stand on edge.

The judge was coming to her table,
he probed and felt her carefully,
Then she trotted up and down for him,
"Good!" he said under his breath.

Her mistress paled and almost fainted.

At last, the judging was finished,
She could feel the breathlessness in the air,
She was one of those he looked at a second time,
The moment of truth was at hand.

He pointed at her and said, "She's number one!"

The crowd went wild-the cheering exploded,
Her mistress hugged her, tears getting her fur wet,
As the ribbons were hung around her neck
She thought, "Doggie treats tonight--isn't Life fun!"

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at the wall
of the corpus collosum
you might think
that you'd know some
things about what brings
together logic and art 
and what sets them apart

sittin' before a splendid splenium
to see if it's possible for any to see 'em
and fire up a conversation perhaps 
banter a debate, maybe birth innovation

the genu might kneed to genuflect
what the heck!?, it couldn't hurt
could it? - should it?
think how good it 
might be fiddlin' middle ground 
between the cortexes
'steada makin' things so damn complex

like relationships between the sexes
it feeeels so good but the gettin' there
is more than most thoughts care to bare
mosta ya know what i mean don't cha?
tellin' left from right - whadda scene!

doublin' back double-crossed schizophrenia
contending points of merited academia 
versus some bucolic life bohemian
"on the other hand" tends the phrase
when truer to minds thought vortexes
it's back and forth between the cortexes
times added to divided houses
many times, times many thousands

© Goode Guy 2013-07-09

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I'm Not Missing You At All

Whisper in ear
Bliss is  true meaning of happiness
Fragrant scents linger on pillow
Splendor when there mine alone
Tranquility sea has diminished
Dulcet smiles have now gone nil
Wafting thoughts of once was
Lilting spirits to soar again
Eloquence yet deterant
Lavender tears still cascade her cheeks

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A pure heart
Feels pain and joy
Melts kindness in tears

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The 3 sided woman

A woman with a vision is hard to deceive.
A woman with a goal is hard to distract.
A woman with a dream is hard to please.

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Broken Cookie Valentine

Broken Cookie Valentine
The problems that eye have is just connecting to my sweetheart.
The temporary glitches of the ethernet continue
to make problems go away and they will do so from the start.
Eye am not allowing anyone to bother me so that the memories so 
hard to do and time will not let me continue 
to be so angry at my ewe.
Eye need to have a better time but this is just what happened.
The cookie was in the shape of a valentine the thing was still unbroken 
and then the shape was gone after eye pulled it from 
the pocket of my jacket the thing was done 
but still eye saved it in a pocket to try to eat it later 
when the hunger from my daytime wanting has began 
so take all the interference and stuff it somewhere where
you can keep it because eye will not tolerate it in the 
beginnings of this day. 
There is no need to continue with the bother 
since the bother is not me
the damage does not interfere with the flavor 
or the taste of the cookie that eye like to call 
my Valentine 
and the thing is mostly sugar and my babay's kisses
are the same way so 
Sweet to me and then we have them iff
And then we have them then 
and then we have them again.

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Hansen! Yer It!!

I was tagged by that guy
the crazy culinary king
the one who makes drool
run down my chin ... ; )

So now it’s my turn [oh goodie!]
to pass on the tag
to an unsuspecting soul
and leave him holding the bag.

Now poets can be a silly bunch
not deep nor grave nor brilliant so much.
Give em a game and cut em loose
and you’ll find ‘stupid’ is often our muse.

And ... so ...
Eenie meenie minee doo doo
oh dear my dear could it be yoo hoo?
I tag Hansen, that guy in Brown
he’ll do ya fine, he’s such a clown!

Yer up, Mark!!

Love ya!  j

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I came face to face with a basket case
and yet stayed in place despite wanting to step back a pace.
His eyes glowed with a blue as cold as ice
and i did not move for fear of the price.
I stood my ground not making a sound
 as he did the same not looking around only staring me down.
So i spoke,comming to a choke
and as silence was broke his lips mocked mine as to joke.
No more i stated as i assesed and contemplaited,
nor did he as he patiently waited.
Deciding this was a test,one to be graded,
i set to do my best or leave more jaded.

      (so i spoke yet again to my odd but familiar friend)
 I don't know what your problem might be
as you stand there and stare.
 Trying to look so frightening,
i hope you're aware that i am not scared.
      (His lips yet again repeated the god awful sin)

He mocked sankronizingly every word i had said.
I shouted,don't patronize me and don't try to get in my head!
Yet once again,he mouthed what i had sang.
I sprang with a blow that landed in a bang.
I began to weep at what i discovered through my tears,
for the blood of my knuckles covered a broken mirror.

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young buck, half buck, maybe two buck duo
maybe troubled like infamous Dutch painter
maybe a whole gang'a bucks that you know 
shakin' cans for markin' their container

a mark of art - some meaty graffiti
you see it's in the eye of the beholder
some show as crass trash junkin' thinkin'
some show as true talent a bit bolder

tag lines, Graffito, in muraled center-city
socio-arterial politico feigned angry, witty
truth's not pristine, it's dirty and gritty
walled-up feelings sprayed out upon the city

been runnin' the rails since the rails converged
been runnin' in streets since ancient antiquity
been runnin' since peoples opinions diverged
been runnin' thoughout civilization's calligraphy

there's been ugly crap - there's been beauty
there's been lies lined up on concrete walls
there's been tags behind corner cops on duty
there's graffiti hanging in the MoMA art halls

ever'body's got som'thin' they wanna say
ever'body wants their ideas to have weight
ever'body really wants to have their own way
ever'body's clean-slatein' with urge to create

Bomb the wall with eight cans o' Rustoleum
like Jef Aérosol, Avoid pi, and Cha in Barcelona
Bomb it good t' let 'em know where you're from
picture your mind floatin' with that aérosol aroma

so, is it some peoples art of expression
or is it an eyesore with no merit to us
that conversation is a never-ending question
really depends on tags you put on it, I guess

© Dave Lego 2013-01-14

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Hawk and the Sparrows

The hawk was flying low: he was the fiercest in the sky.
He bullied all the little birds, and flew off with their lives.
The little birds were peaceful, and didn’t want to fight.
To them it was better: to run and hide, then finally to take flight.
Day after day he drove them closer, to the proverbial, final brink.
Then came the day, they rose up, and no more away to shrink.
Soon there would be hatchlings, so the bully, simply had to go.
No longer were they timid, it was their time to truly show.
Banding together they hatched a plan to run the bully day and night.
One can fight, one or two, but a mob shows way more might.
Constantly in pursuit, the bully was never allowed to rest…
The bully finally admitted defeat, and even moved his precious nest.
He could not protect it, if they kept him running away, and stressed.

The bully had finally learned the truth: that is my moral here… 
The small may look an easy mark, but are not as helpless as they appear.
If the meek are brought to their knees… look out my bully… dear.

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Mother Star

I am aimed and directed for a shooting star.
In the midst of a collision I am traveling far.
Nothing can stop me for I am on a lifelong mission.
I’m timing the clocks and gaining some recognition.
I am in and out of reality stumbling onto a delusion.
Sometimes I want to run free and go into seclusion.
The wind tries to hinder me so I shew it to go away.
I stand on the Moon and make the Sun arise a new day.
I am looking down at a world that is misunderstood.
If I could have I would have and then again I should.
But that is neither here nor there so I will fair.
I have accumulated a bit and have much to share.
However, there is a cornerstone one can get stuck.
One must find the mother Star and hope for lady luck.
Once you find it you will be well on your way,
You’ll rise with the Sun and be brighter each day.
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2006

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coffee house

I was browsing through the menu and laid my eyes upon interesting cocktails and mock tails.
I snapped up the names with the blackberry camera and wove them together to couplets.
Dedicate this one to my friends who love and cherish the cocktails and mock tails.

With love from zeauoxian, black lady, Tom Collins, Three peaks merlot, white lady, John Collins. Between the sheets, pink pusy, screaming orgasm, Pink lady, lost bikini, orgasm. Misty nite, hairy navel, ding a ling, Sunset, buttock clencher, Singapore sling. Lady killer, fuzzy navel, coconut diaquiry, Bloody Mary, fenny wenny woo woo, orange diaquiry. Pure calypso, climax, kick in the balls, Caribbean fever, planter’s punch, rocks for the dolls. Peach pleasure, tequila sunrise, margarita, Pina coloda, sunset, caipirnha. Coco colada, slippery dick, the hammer, Gimlet, sweet nips, tequila slammer. Passona orange, passona lime, sex on the beach, Orange blossom, lime blossom. Passionate peach. Gin fiz, Cuba libre, Roby Roy, Black lagoon, black Russian, beach buoy. Fight fiesta, stinger rum cocktail, side car, Negroni, pink elephant, brandy lime shot from the bar. Mohjito, long island iced tea, whiskey sour, Renaissance merlot, vina tarapoca chardonnay. All these heady concoction, Many of them and lots of action. The science of achohol blending, of the art of mixology, All these to the tipper is fun and to do with a smooth tripology!!!!!!!!

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Rufus Dufas

once came a man of civil tongue
spoke of another poet for what he has not done
tattered his name across the morning daily sun
depicted depraved drunk even a drug-addled madman he was none
since 1842 grudges just for some weird kind of fun
Rufus Wilmot Griswold  Mr editor got his gun
posted Edgar Allen Poe Was Dead died in Baltimore the day before yesterday I just shunned
If this is what memoir of the author is I may be as well as be done
But believing in and still reading Poe's work I have forever keepsakes of suspense and fun

Tribute To Poe

Memoir Of The Author
Rufus Wilmot Griswold

Also Entry For Brian Strand's
Adaption Contest

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' The Poets' Day, At The Beach ... '

The  Men, Rolled In … Like Ocean Waves
The Women, Splashed and Sprayed and Splayed
And Laughed and Cried In Salty, Foam-Crests
In Liquid-Blue, Up To Our Breasts …
On Bright, Shine Afternoons …
Or In Fog, Floating In From Coasts, Subdued

And The Men Rolled In … Like Ocean Waves
Playing and Surging, Roaring Out Praise
Buoyed High, Bobbing Up and Down
So Quick, So Strong, The Men Swam …
And Women, Wet in Swimsuits
Carried Away Corals and Seashells, As Loot

Putting Them To Our Ears, Everyday
To Hear What Echoes of Sea, Had To Say
And On Soft, Crystal Sand, Pearls, We Did Lay
As The Men, Rolled In … Like Ocean Waves …

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Blood Mosaic

A blood mosaic lay
Here before me
As I read the scripture on the wall.

The puddles of disgust
Soak my feet.
I surrender my mind
To visions that seem so real.

Weakness is
My enemy.
I throw dirt upon its presence.

Emotion streaks
their faces
And mocks my very intelligence.
I know better
Than to strike.

I forge my way
Into a world
That wouldn't have
Me other wise.

I, in return,
Mock their power
As I walk among them
Inside their secret

~Written in 2003 (December) when I was fifteen.

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Get A Rope

Gun slinger
    Matt Zinger

Dressed in black
     Didn't come back

High Noon
    Was Doomed

Quick Draw

Got A Rope
   Hung that dope

Undertaker Called
    Dead Body Hauled

Poured the whisky
     From Junction 60

Dead Man's Trail
  Where slingers failed

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Arno Vale

Arno Vale
Bristol’s Necropolis
City of the Dead
Where the dead and living
In the daytime co-exist.

The path leads full circle
Around the tomb stones, chapels and trees
Tombstone white and bright in the sun
The trees decorated, woollen colours

Booted families trudge through the trees
Others visit the café and the gift shop
All this life in the garden of the dead
It seems almost pagan, in a Christian way
Reminding us of their marriage

The winter sun shines without warmth
Through the trees, the leaves still on the ground
Solitude without loneliness that is what is here
The dead not buried and forgotten;
But, with nature and the living instead.

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a few minutes

and everyday
tells me
that everyday
is trying to break through
every day that’s about to be tomorrow
has its sorrow
caught up in the crowds
people were meant to meet
each other with each others’ day
only takes two to stop and see it that way
only takes a few minutes to make sense of hours
only a few days to weekly month up a year
the sun shows up and down
gives us all another round
to finally say what we heart
all the energy spent
wasted only if the lips don’t part

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Holy books says it all
You taught me how to crawl
This will never change
Never ends never fades
Dear God where you are?
Shattered piece of childish dreams
This will never change
Never ends never fades.

I can fight for all my life,
Not broken, not broken inside
Never be so frustrated,
Not going to commit suicide.

Fuc*ing faith will fall,
Mortals will stand tall
Hell and heaven are all the same
Live your life, don't die in vain

Only you and I can make 
A better world for tomorrow
Have faith in yourself
And wipe off the tears of sorrow

Make me scream, Make me cry
I'll never fail to try.
This night's has an end
No pain will remain

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Twenty-four hours of pure silence
Time devoid of human speech and sound
When a word is not uttered
A day in the world of profound dumbness
The tongue, the teeth and lips
Observe a break of twenty-fours hours
 The ears hear 
The rhythm of the air, water and fire
And enjoy the lyrics of the birds
With the rhythmical dance of the trees and plants
Gossips, rumors and curses took flight
Deceit lies and tongue wagging expelled
Splits and spits of the tongues avoided
World’s day of quietude and tranquility
A day of inner communication
When the deep calls to the deep
And people transits the limits of spoken words
Into perceptions and intuitions 
Birthing profound thoughts and ideas 
As each make contact with the inner person
A day without speech
How beautiful, how priceless!
Oh! How I long for that day!!

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Facebook Stalking

Let your mouse do all the walking
Join a hobby all can share
Click and Like - it's Facebook Stalking
Let them know you're waiting there

There's no need for shady lurking
There's no need to show your face
Easy to pretend you're working
While you stalk through cyberspace

With phone tech the finger fingers
Always near, where e'er they roam
Your hobby on the mobile lingers,
Even on your way back home

In the morning, maybe sleepy
Only takes a min or two
No one's gonna think it creepy
If you comment on what's new

It's a hobby for all ages
All the slim or supersize
Can be active on the pages
Without awkward exercise.

Quick and easy, safe and legal
All can learn the simple trick
Hover like a hunting eagle
See the post, swoop down and 'Click'.

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jump rope

there’s a curve 
at the end of every sidewalk 
did you know every block’s 
measured by the lazy way a rope
skips and ponytails itself down its own street?
my, how my rope bends
alongside that straight line
six inches above what you call a ‘curb’ under my knees
falling and rising under my feet

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It's The Beauty Inside That Counts

Beautiful people
Under God's steeple

Just reach out
Stomp Holler Shout

Let one know
They're Loved So

Inspirations Aspirations
Show Em Representation

Tell Em their doing a great job
Never call them a big fat slob

Lend them your ear
Help wipe their tears

Illuminate their thoughts
Help them with their sought

Open new doors
Let less fortunate sleep on maple floors

Spare a dime
For you commuted no crime

Break bread if you must
For in God we trust

So beautiful people shine on
Come join all in this Heavenly bond

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A Hollow Shell

a hollow shell
of tangled synapses
sparked into gradual madness
which drowns out the truths of the day
as the mind reeks of the rotten sad moments
that swirl in the rancid soup of forgotten dreams
dreams that once traced a gentle path of innocence
dreams that reached for pure love’s tender touch
dreams now paralysed but once vivaciously alive
what became of those fresh dreams and hopes
as they lie mustily on dusty bookshelves
torn into shreds by time’s fine scimitar
devoid of the touch of raw passion
when all that remains of love is
a hollow shell

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Invisible - Unwanted
Broken - Bruised

A life once so pure.

Now only full of fear.

Tunted - Teased
Hit - Aubsed

A life once so peaceful.
Now full of hate and anger.

Bullied by those who thought it'd be fun.
Chased by those who thought they could do anything.

A childs life, taken/stolen
Parents, never knowing of what's going on.


It's too late.

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W- Wisdom and enchantment
O- Organization and envolement
R- Read, Rate, review my poems on World Poetry Movement
L- Leader Board for you
D- Destination of your desires

P- Poems from your point of view
O- Opens the mind- 
E- Envelopes and editing to do
T- Time lines and guidelines
R- Relatives invited
Y- Your all invited to read rate and review
M- My entry to the contest, hurry ends soon
O- Over $10,000 in prizes
V- Versed for you
E- Endless entries full of entertainment
M- Might be a good experience, something new
E- Epic arrangements put into view
N- Newly published bereavements
T- Testing to types of views, contest came and went

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Of all the years people are granted
Only one day counts
For only to today takes to the next
We are born in one day
We live one day by day
And none can live two days in one
Tomorrow does not come today
And in one day,  we die
All we ever have is one day:

Of all one whole day we are given
Only one second counts
For only one second ticks to another
We are born within seconds
We live by the seconds:
Our pulses rise and fall by the seconds
And seconds separate life from death
All we ever given is one second;
                                    This moment.

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No Dope Have To Cope

Dope head
      Just read

Medical marijunia
  Many states don't wanna

Flip this bill
     Said it wouldn't heal


   Seizers waaaaaa

They don't care
    And won't share

Any relief
   Good grief

Tired of  puking
   So  got mussing

 To  FDA
         Who just says

No dope
   Gotta cope

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Only a Geranium

It is only a geranium
blooms with steady scorches
unswerving loyal drizzles
and swells with glorious colours
that seldom waver to impressions 
as one passes by

 I am only there to contribute, 
take from such beauty all that I can endure
and perhaps as I gain courage  
seed a few more each weekend
until the mornings consist of fresh perceptions
 captivating admiration
and if I need to escape, 
walk out the back gate, 
it is only because 
I often forget to remind myself
it is only a geranium.

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Most frequent,and Most common choices

Life is a gamble, you win you'll loose
They price as you bargin.
Where I assumed each category fell
Into different areas to be protected;
Such as most frequent:

Though there are many different choices,
As we choose them; which are the most
Common such as:
*Abuse and Neglect
These are certain things that have lead us
Into trouble like cops and jail-time, if not chosen
Properly; or carefully

So please choose wisely just say no! As
D.A.R.E. becomes the rock to survival. Stay ahead
And not on the run have fun, but not too much: know 
When to quit.

Don't let go of the little things, keep in mind time is presious...
Don't get wasted or loose control of what's in front of you.
Don't be dumb to retrieve dumbness of your only intelligence, be 
Smart and live. Don't let friends or anyone else drive while under
The influence of any subtence including NyQuil...


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Stick It To Him { Footle } Light Poetry



                                                         Out there

                                                                       Used stake 
                                                                                He's baked

Tribute To Halloween   

Also Entry For 
Donna Golden's   Footle Fright

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years of writing and learning
guts spilled
heart ripped out
torn to holes
stabbing myself open
and spreading myself thin

learning this about that thing
this thing about that stuff
computer whizz i am not
but one comes along
and i am forever lost in the shuffle of the game 
playing with myself
solitaire with levels
puzzles with destinations to surf the web to give
my writing a new purpose

lead you here to find where else for you to go to find the next puzzle to ponder and 
meaning of it all
as if I'm some genius
unfinished puzzle
I've been shut down
and how do i explain this to my children
walking in my crutches
who cannot afford to be read one more time
as i whine in the midst of my goose chase
of level three leading you back to level one

and my space is just a place to look for something to do
top point at the famous players and how i got my foot in the door
and how they know me one day
and I'm not shy to get my attention whether I'm good or not
i have something to say
we are a community and I'm here for the life of fun and games
I'm here for the utopia
why does it have to be like a bully ruled school yard of conviction where no one 
knows who they think they are
and no one is worrying about who questions anybody
and laugh at estimations
of underestimating thew jobs we never apply for

fingers pointing over here and over there and nothing left to lose
so was it worth it
when now i cant sign in due to scandal
i cant fix any perfected mistakes due to friends who know pass codes that affect 
me still
tight lips are sinking my ship and the truth be told
the police wont get involved
just thought you should know I'm in the Center of nothing
spiraling out to place to find if i can be
where none will ever go

a journal of the one who was everything written of emotion from gods joke 
to inspiration to writers and communicating generation gaps
and now its all lost because of hate crimes we cant solve and peoples 
paranoias of technology and phishing scams
cant sell my work anymore or access my pay pal
years of work not backed up 
lumpy lessons served with lemon aid
 just go surf and see the game 
do the pieces fit
of the head strong ahead of his timer terrified false prophet goose chase
inter net hacked shut down?
something to think about for you!!

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Do The Wah Wah

Wah Wah
       Ha   Ha

      Was  He


High Gain
     Ear  Pain

Thumb Fret
    You  Bet

B . B. King
   Idol's Zing

Hall Of Fame
  Bears His Name

  Jimmy Hendrix
      But Buster Sticks

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You're safe while you're a pigeon,
they throw you popcorn and stale bread
You're the domesticated animal
with no wings inside your head

They tie strings around your leg,
letting you believe they really care
You think you can fly as far as you want
but, you're just their kite flapping on the air

I saw you land in the park again,
as you walk the gutter too
You certainly think you're as free as a bird,
never knowing you're really their coup

Yes, you're safe while you're a pigeon,
until your mind grows wings
To remember you have a human soul
and its time to cut the strings

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Wait A Minute

Pause a moment for Jesus
Asked not why
Solance is golden
Solidarity is the key 
Obscurity becomes nil
Victory shall be ours
Eternal flame flickers
Relic in thy body of Christ our Lord


Details | I do not know? | |

For Robert Zimmerman

For Bob Dylan

sheltered from the howling winds of vows and scattered souls and sweltering hate

she is a refuge from the blistering sands of dread and loss and torn and twisted fate

when the emptiness inside becomes an abyss so dark and wild and cold

my words get lost in the jangling alleys where dreams are bought and sold

I met her in those alleys among the withering roses on a bed of thorns

and she filled me up with poems banishing the scowling moments and their baleful scorns

now I lie awake and wish that I could sleep and drift away into the maze of her dream

but slumber has fled and slipped the noose around my words as they thrash around and scream

words that swirl around and around like that scarlet scarf wrapped around her face

she's a mystery still as she will always be while I sift through this empty desolate space

the storm it broke and ceased and shuffled my words as they drifted forlornly into the chasm of the dead

leaving me here still and mute and frantic as I try to pick up the pieces of all the words that have been said

far too many far too often far too conceited and far too proud

for I failed to hear the stillness of beauty as I rambled along barking my words out aloud

she hushes me now as she hushed me then in the cobwebbed tunnels of the past

while I weep more words in blood and ink onto dried parchment meant never to last

so tell her that her whiskey has been greedily gulped down and now that I am soberly drunk

I see her songs and hear her breath reaching down into my mouldy abode of hapless funk

fare-thee-well for now as I slide into the scribbled hubris of another battered rhyme

dazed by the glaring embers as they scorch the moments of quickly fading time

and if tomorrow finds me here still shell-shocked and drained in body and in mind

tell her that her wine has slipped through the loose knots that bind

tying me to this place of sanity and insanity all rolled into one

while all is numb and scarred from the deed that has been done

and as I flee recklessly chasing away myself from me once more
she'll know the words for its a song that's been sung far too many times before

(for bob dylan)

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Minnesota Nice

The great upper mid west
Minnesota put to the test
Ten thousand lakes and streams
Reality for many who like to dream

From Itasca state park
To the Louisiaina's wooden bark
The mighty Mississippi flows
Gently down the outcrop she goes

Crime rates are always's on the rise
But really does it come as such a surprise
Everyone seems to like to hug
Except when its a mosquito bug

So many call us Minnesota Nice
But some still say were Cold as Ice

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Windy Winter's Night

Lips burnt with translation,
searing into words.

Perfect little white flowers
dripping from the nectarine

tree. Roots looking out,
calling to the Goddess.

Praying to end gender bias,
soiled by religion.

I can hear the women sing
on a windy Winter's night.

I can hear the branches 
plead for an early Spring. 

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Old Granny Goodness

Old Granny had a big brown kitten, which was the love of her life.
Old Granny’s eyes were failing, of that there was no doubt.
She swore her cat was a gentle Persian, a sweet little cat.
Now everyone loved Old Granny and so tolerated how it did act.
We didn’t have the heart to tell her how wild it was,  you know.

Like the time it jumped thru her screen window going after a bird.
Or how it tore up another screen to get to a squirrel up in a tree.
Or how it climbed the preacher’s leg to get his bowl of ice cream.
The chicken coup was violated by another fateful event.
But granny wouldn’t listen, because she loved that crazy thing.

She said it was a kitten, but it had very Huge, great big paws
And as it grew that sleek, short haired, big thing, truthfully began to roar.
It eventually laid in wait for anything that would cross it’s path…
Oh my goodness Granny… Goodness! Goodness! Goodness!
That’s a mountain lion and NOT a cat!

From that day forward we called her Old Granny Goodness…
For the trouble she could find, Oh My Goodness
Everybody loved her, she was the talk and entertainment of our town.
But a more loving and dear soul, will never be found.

Details | Fibonacci | |

Whistle While You Work

I first 
stared at this
woman rocking
I wanted to start whistling

James Abbot McNeill Whistler
Whistler's Mother  { 1871 }  Wikipedia

Also Brians Strand's Entry 
Sequence Fibonacci Imagist Contest

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We Are Not Artificial We Are Legion

The stagnate machine planted firmly, rusted gears laboring to drudge along.
It does not function properly anymore; it has become obsolete.
The workers no longer need the machine to live their lives.
They can design a new system, built upon self-sustaining values.
It once labored greatly to support its work force. The machine now hinders the lives of the workers.
The workers grew so reliant upon the machine they thought they had become part of it, cogs in the system.
Now they realize more and more each day, that not only are their lives separate from the machine, without  it they are more able to focus on the fundamental values of life.

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Working in a Factory of Words n Poetry Soup is the Hub

A hub stays put
But around it the wheel rolls
A hub only feels the weight of the load on the road
But the wheel rubs on the surface of it all

In mud, on dirt, on tar
The wheel is not afraid to roll for it fits within its purpose
The hub always stays put in the middle of the wheel
But with it everywhere it goes

Poetry soup is the hub
And around it like a wheel I’m gonna roll
Sometimes the surface maybe on a tarmac so smooth
Sometimes I may wade through mud so sticky and deep 
Sometimes I may leave so much dust rising on my trail
But an artist is all I am
A creature of emotions working shifts in the factory of words

Mine is just to pack
The emotions endeared to me in the wrappers of words
Each day different from the one gone past
Sometimes it’s heaven is on a roll
Sometimes it’s hell in a storm
But being the servant I am 
My position at the factory
Impels me to wrap it all in the assembly line of words

So please understand
Don’t blame the packer working shifts in the factory of words
Blame the company for producing all the sincere stuff

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Misconception of Love

I lost myself, every moment,
But nobody cared for me.
What was my crime?
If my eyes matched to someone.
My love defended me
And wept through out the way.

Whom I shall blame to?
My heart was hurt,
She promised me and denied,
That was only a reason.
The community scratched my body,
I lost the sense for my living.

Unknown were unknown to me,
Who shall I blamed to?
She was known to me,
Who shall I blamed she as unknown?
My pain hasn’t this reward.
I stop to care for her.
She was my aim for living.

Her beauty was only a beauty,
That was my weakness,
I lost myself,
And everyone targeted only me,
I never got a sound sleep,
I dreamed her in sunshine.

I burnt myself in pain,
And roasted my ashes,
I examined always me,
And cared for my shies.
Is it a different matter of customs?
Tombs have much respect than a living.

Love has only respect, 
Is a community unknown for that?
Someone is dying for his choice,
And we criticized him,
He is not capable to gain it.
Life is a matter for living,
But barriers never let us to live.

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A Balance of Power

When a child was a child
A man was young and strong
As A child was growing well
A man was getting old
And losing living strength

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Mayhem in the Mourning

Sleepy, I walked down the senior hallway
The last door on the left seemed miles away
But I was determined to make it
It was 7:26 in the morning, assignment due 7:30
My hands were sweating bullets
Felt as if every senior had their eyes on me
Assignment in hand, I started my journey
Nerd, jocks, cheerleaders all bunched together in one walk-way
You would think I was a running back, of some sort
Dodging the potential mayhem
Judy with the big booty was being so loud
Laughing and screaming with her friends
Drew and the crew obnoxious as usual,
Were going over plays, at least it looked like it
Trampling any victim in their path
The Nerd Bird flocking in e=mc2
Calculate who will have a date in time for prom
Starting with Judy, my hands were no match
The sound waves catapulted me into the lockers
Side to side I juked, spun, and jumped
Like a magnet bouncing off the rhinoceros crew
For the Nerds, I only had to say one thing…
“I already have a date for prom…”
That sent them into a mathematical frenzy
Looking at their watches they said, “Prom is exactly
218 days 13 hours 27 minutes and 10 seconds away…
There is no way you have your date!”
While they babbled on I was on the move
The last mayhem was upon me: The hall monitor
He already saw my awesome display of athleticism
But didn’t find it amusing, He was one of those guys…
If you dropped a piece of paper on the floor, detention
I just distracted him by saying, “I didn’t have breakfast…”
We both didn’t know where that came from 
So I just kept waking while he was still confused
Stumbled into class, discrediting my previous display 
And turned in my homework assignment

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I can imagine
The Mount melting into a fount
And the fount hardening into a mount

I can imagine
The earth squeezing into a ball
And the heavens rolling into a scroll

But to imagine
You out of my sight
I’ll rather die than imagine

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 Let me lead you in a dance,
Around the fire, in a trance,
I'll take you to another land,
Where you will learn, and understand,
What it is we're here for,
And glimpse those who came before,
Your ancestors who roamed this place,
Forefathers of our human race,
Would dance around a fire, just so,
Shadows and substance in the glow,
Generations joining in such a dance,
Not all of them were in a trance,
But those who were, said they could see,
The ancestral spirits wandering free,
So come on people move those feet,
Build up the rhythm and the beat,
All together in our rhythmic dance,
As we work ourselves into a trance,
So we all can once more see,
Those we loved, who used to be!

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Dream of a world, Where there is peace. No girls, That admit to defeat. You can walk on water, Not worrying of drowning. You can open your locker, And look around see no one frowning. I walk up to you. I study your face. I can see if your blue, Or feel out of place. I look into your eyes. Somehow I'm suprised, You haven't seen in yet. You haven't seen the best, Of me. It's a dream, Or a nightmare, For which you don't wake. I feel like a vampire, Getting stabbed with a stake. Why can't you look into my eyes, And see I love you? Dream of a world, Filled with war. See a dead girl, And be dead poor. A million things, Happen at once. You have to see, The best of me. I walk up to you. I study your face. I can see if your blue, Or feel out of place. I look into your eyes. Somehow I'm suprised, You haven't seen in yet. You haven't seen the best, Of me. It's a dream, Or a nightmare, For which you don't wake. I feel like a vampire, Getting stabbed with a stake. Why can't you look into my eyes, And see I love you? Think about love. Think about death. You'll see a dove, On your last breath. Wake me with a kiss, So, I can see your eyes, With such bliss, Before I die. Listen to my fairytale, Before I leave, Before I go to Yale. I walk up to you. I study your face. I can see if your blue, Or feel out of place. I look into your eyes. Somehow I'm suprised, You haven't seen in yet. You haven't seen the best, Of me. It's a dream, Or a nightmare, For which you don't wake. I feel like a vampire, Getting stabbed with a stake. Why can't you look into my eyes, And see I love you? I can see, You don't love me, But can you stop, The Dreams, The Nightmares? There's something inside of me, I can't hide from. It's my fate, But I'm too late. Dream of the possibilities, Of you and me. Look into my eyes. Think twice. What do you think? About me? Now.

Details | Senryu | |

The Cracked Glass Mirror

the cracked glass mirror 
gets more images of me,
than a whole new one

Details | Prose Poetry | |

The Game

Rap is quick, witty and fun.

Poetry is smooth, rhythmic and heartfelt.

Rap and poetry had a love child.

A daughter, named Spoken Word.

She grew to maintain the better characteristics of her parents;

From Rap, she took freestyle, freedom, and grass roots movement.

From Poetry, she took imagery, theme, and voice.

Together, all three, as common forms of expression,

spread to every rapper, poet and storyteller in the world.

Details | Free verse | |

I Got Dough {Solfege}

Do -  do   -        a female la beer
Re -  re    -        a drop of re beer
Mi  -  mi             without my mi beer  
Fa-    fa -           place to drive to get ti beer
So  -  so   -        you ran out of mi beer
La   -  la   -         la de da la de da I'll wait for la beer
Ti  -    ti    -        spilt spilt ti beer so no more more of la beer

Do - Do              Do la la think I'm sexy after about six six so beers  LOL 

Got Beer !
Over The Lips Thru The Gums
Look-out Stomach Here It Comes LOL

Also Entry For Izzy Gumbo's Solfege Contest

Details | Idyll (Idyl) | |


Hearken back unto a time
when the willow weeps o’er the riverside
where radishes and cabbage grow in a line
nearby rabbits hop away and hide

The women whisper amongst themselves
and bid you call upon the master
over the hill upon which sits a well
you will hear a chorus of sweet laughter

The mountain you sit upon is your castle
and from it sprang the seeds of a new nation.
the wind brushes you against a thistle
what do you feel stirring inside? It is creation.

Details | Rhyme | |

Here's The Answer To A Hopeless Situation

Jesus Is the Answer

Jesus is the answer to a hopeless situation 
He' brings peace and 
the gift of salvation

Jesus is the answer when all seems lost
He purchased your life with
 his death on the cross

Jesus is the answer to "a world gone mad."
He'll give you joy and 
a reason to be glad!

Jesus is the answer to a family torn apart.
His love will be the glue 
to "fix" a broken heart.

Jesus is the answer when all seems to go wrong.
In his arms of mercy & safety 
is where you belong.

Jesus is the answer when there's no one to turn to.
He's here right now... 
 patiently waiting for you!

Jesus is the answer and waits at your heart's door.
He'll bring the satisfaction 
you've been looking for!

Jesus has the answers in his word... so pure!
The words he speaks 
are true and secure!

Why not come to "the answer?"...  For all your prayers?
He is someone who loves you 
and really cares!

"The answer" to everything is what he brings!
He's the alpha and the omega...

By Jim Pemberton

Details | I do not know? | |

Who are These People Pt 3

who are these people?
where did they come from?
they seem so primitive.
so, incapable.
primitive humans without a foundation of language I feel were smarter and more able 
then these people.
these years of technological advancement, and inventions, have made the mass 
population stupid, and incompetent.
washing machines, dishwashers, the T.V, microwaves, plus....
hollywood magazines, fashion, consumerism and advertisements, whats in, whos out, 
materials, greed, toxic governments and polluted political powers, 
the building of nations through controlled influences and exposure
music, media, movies and more
the conditioning of the human population,  to be drones, to be mindless chickens who 
flock together only because they are afraid, 
to be zombies who fall in line without question, to be puppets, to be individually stripped of 
all human rights
to create and condition organic emotional humans into dull mechanical robotical children
that do what they're told, programmed to be obedient
like computer software was surgically inserted into the brains of infants at birth, to be
tracked, geographically speaking
and to be numbered for identification purposes within the system 
the system that collects our information, our bank statements, our internet passwords, 
our logins, our logouts
our emails, our instant messages, our cell phone conversations, our work hours, our credit 
rating, our mortgage.
its already happening. microchips being implanted under the skin of babys
its no wonder this world has gone crazy, mad, insane, ludacris.

Details | ABC | |



A soldier for the people
Who’s been up and who's been down
Though while on his journey
He has never turned around.

Facing more than flesh and blood
With Worthington’s two-faced hoard.
Opposing all who test his soul
With integrity as his sword.

The wicked casts their dark net
Over any they may charm. 
Plotting to mislead the flock,
While pretending to do no harm.

He’ll expose the devious daily
As he works for you and me.
We're not alone in our struggle
To preserve America the free.

His personal goals of well being
Will never stand in the way 
Of doing his public duty
No matter what others may say.

His devotion shall prove contagious
It's the brilliance of his kind 
What you find within him 
Is great character of mind.

With faith and courage, he must live
For his life to be complete 
With good morals and family life
He’ll triumph, even in defeat.

He was raised to participate
Within his community
With his fellow men and women
He’ll enrich life, hope and liberty.

Tom Zart

Details | Narrative | |


Strive not for strife
But confront conflict on all fronts
When it strides past your ride
Dispense with all disputes
Spare not your fangs
When fear rears its ugly head:
When it rains; have a free cold bath
If sun shines, dry your clothes
At the reign of darkness
Find the inner light 
That lights your path undimmed
If the flood flows
Swim afloat on lifebuoy
And if fire rages and smoke rises
Expect the afterglow
When horde of odds assail like bandits
Never retreat, nor surrender
Turn around, turn aside, 
Never ever turn in nor turn back
Enjoy the war.

Details | Senryu | |

What Are You Waiting For

this wait
has alway's
meant never

Tribute To Martin Luther King

Details | Senryu | |

Teachers and Students

At the eyes' corners
Such motley pupils hangout
For others' glimpses.

Details | Acrostic | |


Brazen hussy
Openly sinful
Living free
Drama queen
Needing nothing
Everyone knows
She's strong
Secretly.... shy

Details | Dramatic Verse | |

To Rise or Fall

The rise and fall of my chest

The rise and fall of nations

To rise or fall is our test

This is my contemplation

Details | Clerihew | |

The Life Of A Fictitious Person { Daddy Warbucks}

Daddy Warbucks
All I can Say Is Oh Shucks !
Pennies Nickles Dimes and Quarters
Digging alittle deeper for I know he likes to still hoarder

Entry For Matt Caliri's Contest

Details | Free verse | |

The Written Word

Such wicked fools, 
What angry, half-crazed things they are
Such despair sticking to them
Around them and through them
Difficult to be certain about
How they have fared for so long.

Such violent buffoons, 
What dramatic, forgetful things they are
Such regret spilling toward them
Behind them and before them
Problematic to imagine
How their mistakes continue on.

Such loving simpletons, 
What brave, tender souls they are
Such passion within them
To end and begin them
Hard to know
The depths of their love.

Such magnificent dolts, 
What imaginative, dreamy-eyed things they are
Such creations flow from them
And I, one among them
Impossible to understand
All that is contained in every one.

Details | Limerick | |


Silly Willy with a worm
Had a pocket that would squirm

A Silly Willy was this boy
His pocket worm brought him joy

Don't mistake him for a toy
He is handsome and so coy

Silly Willy's naughty worm
Growing bigger makes girls squirm~

Details | Free verse | |

The Angle And The Inside Fix

The Angle And The Inside Fix 
The angle and the inside fix 
Every smoothie knoes how to get his tricks and betterments 
The world is full of jokers and tricksters and criminals 
By scores the junkies and the thiefs and the strong arms 
Further gain is justified by the furthering aim of education 
Anything to get ahead they tell the judge eye had to do it eye had to do it it was not 
even justified the murder and the mayhem and the pickpocket on the bus and the 
stealings never hidden by the drunkedness the lust just comes unhinged and 
the stuff is always taken by the arm of every thief and justification of the murder 
and  the mayhem and the gang and terrorist is sometimes people that we 
trusted. Its just the angle and the inside fix. 

Details | Rhyme | |

Don't Push Me

from toys to boys
came such a life of joy

playing cowboys and indians
and robbing those trains

nearly drove our mother insane

from jumping mound hills
to wiping out and taking spills

that ice pack sure had some nice chills

from pulling hair
to tugging on each other's underwear

just me and my little brother in a world of dare

so when it comes to that old saying
of two peas in a pod

I tend to thank my god above
for my little brother who I used to love 

playing our games like push and shove

Tribute To
My Little Brother 

Also Entry For
Nathan Leccese's
Two Peas In A Pod Contest

Details | Quatrain | |

like wildfire

like gossip, love's epidemiology
causal, a vector rampant spreading
has another uncontrolled physiology
a loving caring directional heading

love can't grow in a Petri dish
unless you're an amoeba or other cell
if agape's agar to feed, would wish
then i'd suppose it could, as well

diseased with affection and devotion
the prognosis a fortunate telling
incurable in time, your love's emotion
opportunistic transmission compelling

we could seclude with quarantine
but why would we want to isolate
and keep inside of what i mean
an infective germ so obviously great

to catch a love disease, not so good
on some picnic blanket by river of love
as catching love to be, could, would
with your desire of desires, free of

animosity for all of sentient beings
to less thinking with other leanings
hard to be unaffected when all around
everyone, everything is happily bound

one to another and each bound to all
devotedly catching incurable contagion
laughing 'til crying and having a ball
loving each other, and all civilization

what a lovely way we could live life
if we could forgive and forget our ire
without avarice, worry, or greedy strife
just let the love spread like wildfire

© Goode Guy 2011-06-21 

hit me with your best shot... ;-)

Details | Imagism | |

The Eatery

urban alienation
pehaps ambiance of loneliness
or circumstances ambiguous to show

Automat - 1927

Edward Hopper 

Tribute To All Nighter Cafe's
Also Entry For Brian Strands Contest

Details | I do not know? | |

Why Do You Write?

People ask me,
"Why do you write?"
"Who do you write for?"

I think,

I write for myself,
to vent my emotions
to tell a story
to spread a message
to calm myself

I write for poets,
who enjoy reading
who need inspiration
who like to encourage
who try to find similarity

I write for you,
to tell you how I feel
to send hidden messages
to make you feel good
to show what you meant to me

I say,
"I dunno, I just like to write"

Details | Light Poetry | |


Truth behind the truth
Do not look for me in the color that covers my skin
My stark dark black skin
The Clothing enlivened by my immortal spirit
A gold-wrap of a priceless gift

Do not search for me through the color of my eyes
My bleary brown bulging eyes
Its sight transcends time and space
With visions that illuminate and liberate

Do not measure me by my height or size
My dwarf height and huge-bear size
I stand taller and higher from within
Reaching lofty heights and farthest horizons

Judge me not by appearances of my body
My awkward, uncharming, substantial body
It’s the first wonder of all creation
Where unfading beauty finds a nesting place

Judge me not by my clothing that does not fit
My cheap, threadbare clothes
Save by the priceless clothes of glowing dignity
Adorning my soul like the sun does the sky

Do not even bother with me tongue or accent
My deep guttural down south accent
My words are words of life for life
The best of all that is audible

Judge me not by what you think, see or hear
For every piece of me, you see, told or perceive;
As there are spaces behind the clouds
So also are truths behind the truth.

Details | Acrostic | |

Confessions to a Bartender

Can you take my order now if you please?
Orange liquor would definitely do the trick.
Now don’t go away for my tale is not a tease.
Frankly no one listens. I make them sick.
Every word I say each day of my life.
Sings of rhyme to an amazing flair,
Sessions that I do speak flows to rife.
I asked an elf to give me a poetic fair.
Oh you know how mischief they can be.
Now I honestly have a problem, you can see.
Saying rhymes constantly is not an esprit.
Tell me bartender have you seen a pixie.
Oh please say that you have even if it’s risky.
A real one if you please not just any nixie.
Bartender bring me a Jack and Coke, I crave.
Another chance I need, another wish to plead.
Really, really this story is true, I swear on my grave.
To tell a lie, it would make me fall down of my lead.
Elves are everywhere; they give wishes, this I know.
Now you might think I am drunk, or need to let go.
Dear bartender you are a psychological pro.
Earnestly you know this is not a fantasy to outgrow.
Remember the ghost last week that won the game show.

written for
Sponsor Natalie :) The Rogue Rhymer  
Contest Name Confessions to a bartender 

Details | Free verse | |

the theatre

what he does not know 
is that she sighs 
for me to hear 
what his hands are doing to her 

in the dark 
two chairs away 

what she does not know 
is that if she were with me 
her desire would rattle the projector 
without my hands having left the popcorn bag

Details | Rhyme | |

Written Release

Tis better to ponder then pen a far off thought
Much better written and shared rather than not

Details | Lyric | |

The Act

"The smile then melts off her face
in a frantic heat of boiling, screaming rage
and trickles down into a pool
of boundless sorrow...."

React like you think they think you should
Whether or not you really feel good 

The act will pass on
and so will they 
soon enough

Don’t you show your pain
Keep pretending you’re still sane

This life 
is a dream 
and it’s not long now
‘till we all wake up

Look for the song-----coming soon! 

Details | Free verse | |

A Poet's World

This poem is about the life and feelings of a poet/poetess.

In a poet's world there is heaven and hell,
and many stories to tell.
There are mysteries to solve and codes to unravel,
many roads to travel.
There are confessions of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
Storms of rejection, dejection, and sorrow.
Reflections of love, marriage, and romance.
Expressions of flamboyance and dance.

In a poet's world there is music of rhythm and verse,
imaginations of all things on earth.
Songs, sonnets, lyrics, and beats,
gardens of flowers and of trees.
There are times of drama, prose, and learning.
A constant desire burning.
Laughter and tears and feelings of fear, all in a poet's world.
There are influences to work, criticism and hurt.
Achievement and goal, warmth and cold,
visions of life and death, 
and times to be quiet.

In a poet's world there is religion, science, and belief,
faith, hope, war, and peace.
Emotions of anger and tempers that rage,
many characters on stage.

In a poet's world there are promises and dreams,
nightmares and screams,
humbleness, happiness, and philosophy,
a lifetime of writing for infinity.
It's an angel who speaks to the poet's soul,
to tell the world all his heart holds.

Details | Free verse | |


What's in a kiss; how many there-be...?
"So many, it boggles the mind's reality…"
A kiss can be a greeting- “of body and soul-!"
It's an unspoken language, telling more than “what's told.”
It is sometimes “a spark-,” to light one's flame…
Or often “self-flattery” to play one's game.

There's the "kiss of friendship-,"
The "kiss of guile…,"
The "kiss of SINCERITY,"
The "kiss of style…,"
There's the "kiss of Life” and the "kiss of Death!"
There's the "kiss that steals one's breath away…”
And one “that prays it will last all day!”
There's the "kiss that frees the soul…"
Also one that 'detours from one's goal…!'
There's the kiss of a parent, the “kiss of a child…,”
The “kiss of curiosity- running wild…!”
The kiss of respect; and a kiss of shame…, 
A kiss of honor- and “a kiss to tame…!”
There's a kiss of the reserved-, perceived amorous, the same;
A kiss of "the insecure-," to win their ball game!
There's a "kiss of the stagnant;" the "kiss of the free…!”
Also a "kiss of those secure-,” as the best there can be…

Yet what's in a kiss-, that's the question still…?
Maybe, it's how we perceive it to be-,
A reflection of “our state-of-mind…!”
But; there's the kiss of harmony…
A kiss that divides…
A kiss that is honest…
And a kiss that hides….
There's a kiss of the clever…
A kiss of the mundane…
There's “a kiss like a symphony-,” with rapturous refrain…!
There’s a plane where “Mercy and Truth meet intimately in bliss;”
In the plumbline-address, where “Righteousness and Peace kiss!”
Yet "still-n-all-," maybe the question should be-,
Not "what's in a kiss!”  But “what’s in the Kisser-, you see…”

Details | Haiku | |

The Ghost of Dead Tree

the ghost of dead tree
comes in new form, reflecting
the artist’s image 

Details | I do not know? | |


The universe holds still
And everyone takes a deep breath
Just for a moment
There is still much to

The night sky shows us many things
That we can only imagine
As we take a deep breath
And think about what we need to do 

As the comet streaks past
With all of it's knowledge
Contained within
Our heads are down
Lost in our

Details | Acrostic | |

Shes an angels

She looked at me with her eyes
Healing everything even my lies
Even when I am descending
She never gives me an ending

All becomes peaceful with no pain
Not pushing her away I gain

Acting if she is my own 
Never she is harder than stone
Generating pure spirit is a cure
Evening lights shine so pure
Love of all things she holds
Some love stands in time so bold

Details | Free verse | |

Wishing You The Very Best

Three wishes
Illuminating dishes

First one
  No gun

Communication is the key

Second asking
   Sun's basking

For no light World would be cold lonely and dark

Third request
  Loves zest

After all it's what makes the world go around

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Memories haunt and yet they lead.
They help us to find our way.
Memories bring choices with comparisons made.
Memories lead to decisions as corners we turn.
But memories are fluid and change as life goes on.
We forget and discard what we don’t want.
Later we revisit and change images again.

Resentments change to love and care long lost.
Achievements verses what we gave up.
Even wrong can become trying to do right.
Other viewpoints open the older we become…
Then we revisit and memories change again.
Memories can be truth or lies, but they are always…
As fluid as the life from which they come.

Details | Concrete | |

The Bird

                                        Soaring high, 
                                                         Up into the
                                                                  Limitless sky,
                                                                          A traveler,
                                                                    With its red feathers
                                                                 Exploded, into force, like    
                                                                An airborne ranger, enjoying
                                                                 Its freedom and it never 
                                                                   Worries what to eat
                                                 And, what to wear like a poet
                                      With his silvery quill, glowing
                    Inside, his soul, yesterday….…
                                                   Tomorrow and forever!
                                                   A master, of his words
                                                     His life, free to write
                                                    And, never worries
                                                 When to stop, nor 
                                                   To die, for his  
                                              Poetry, will be 

Details | Free verse | |

The Watcher

The Watcher 
The Watcher 
When the seventeen men neared the end of the bridge only one remained in 
sight all the others were lost in the shadow from the moonlight. He was dressed 
in tattered cloth; homespun gray, and eaten by the moth of strang decay 

“No livery”,  He cried  “no making strides in death”  “my life has ended on this 
There is a plaque in place to mark this day it says on 

The Plaque 

 Friday June 13, 1864 PFC Dreardon Age 14 was marking time in a prisoner 
exchange at BENTON creek when he was shot by Federal Forces. The miniball 
penetrated his left sleeve and took off his arm. He bled to death. 
His body was torn and bleeding so forlorn the tatters of his homespun sleeve 
stayed hung upon his stump of arm there. 
War is something no one cares for Mr. Sherman. 
MOFW 1964, June 13 Commerative 

The watcher was on the water making footprints on the surface when the Federal 
Forces under Sherwood marched into the History. He seldom interferes with 
history but makes the markers seem to be the truth. He saw the miniball tear off 
the soldiers sleeve the man had been a prisoner just released this crime is not 
unpunished the man that pulled the trigger is lying in the river at the Watchers 
feet. The Watcher broke his prime directive and almost gleefully erected the 
YANKEE soldier in the mud. 
A Watcher is no more A Watcher for when he acted he lost his power over water 
and he stands upon the battlements no longer but He is tearless in his vigil of 
the bridge. 
Every Friday on the 13th of the Month of JUNE of every year that has its ending in 
a FOUR, he gives a shudder of relief certain that his judgment has not been 
The rebel soldier gives a rebel yell and leaves the bridge. 
The Yankee minion that has shot him just turns over once and lies back in the 
mud. For this is judgment. 
The Watcher roars. 

Details | I do not know? | |


That Lil green monster thAt seeps in my skin 
Making me trip on whats to begin 
Thoughts race and create words I'd never speak 
A new vocabulary evolves from the simplest of minds 
It's only cuz I'm exploring cuz still we tend to speak lies 
 it's the Lil canon that explodes the truth 
Just look around cuz society is living proof
You need too look this way 
Talk that way, and make sure everyone is pleased... 
That green monster is the revolution of change rolled into an outfit of his own n reeks of creative uniqueness. 
This is a piece of your generation living in mine.... 
That little green monster for me is the key to open the other 90% of my mind... 
I am at a stand still looking, observing, and dividing the journeys into groups
The intellectuals, the artists, the explorers,the lost souls, the ill prepared...
 But It is an unknown definition which society branded illegal because the greatest moments came from the 
monster himself. 
Viva la revolution... Creativity can not be silenced it is lit and passed to all.. 

Details | Light Poetry | |

No Your Not Civil At All


      Now let's see


                   Mixed messages sent

                                One for all

                                        Who made call ?

                                                   Unfair trades

                                                          Loved ones laid

                                                                      I'm still broke

                                                                                But won't choke


                                                                                                             Not for me


Details | Free verse | |

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home
My childhood home
Is cherished 

Memories filled with
Silver and gold
And sometimes pure cold.

No one told me
It would go with me
Where ever I go 

When I roam from
Town to town
I carry it with me

I open the door
Each night when
I go to sleep
And dream.

I can’t shake
What I learned
And what I didn’t 
Learn inside 
My honeycomb

I can’t stop
About that

Details | I do not know? | |

Give To Me

Give to me
Forever and more
Give to me 
Like a whore
Give to me
Not what’s bought in a store
Give to me 
Until you deplore
Give to me 
To the core
Give to me
Until the heart becomes sore
Give to me
Even the score
Give to me
Love and adore
Give to me
Till there’s nothing more…

Details | Free verse | |


people are like rubiks cubes
colored parts that rotate
and fit neatly into slots
and people are like oceans
with pieces floating on the surface
and dark mysterious waters below,
never seen by the human eye

and people are like people.
with variables too numerous to quantify
or map out on any spectrum
or allude to with words.

my intentions were clear
but only if you were speaking my language.

Details | Ballad | |

Luciferia I-- Cease To Exist

I sense something in her eyes that feels like tragedy She closed her heart but its dark pulse Wilts and stetchs against the wanes How many days will the passion bleed Till it subsides into the new pain We are the ones who will face the blame ''Don't you see what's infront of me, I have to face it all I know there's something wrong help is what I want but it's not what I find You're all filled with troubling lies and incoherent minds Cant you see you're strangling me with every last word There's something you don't know Lying in my heart is why you want to throw the stone'' Her raven eyes fill the silence Luciferia we cease to exist it's burning away-- all others' reliance Luciferia we cease to exist my darkly darling don't fade away Luciferia we cease to exist beware we've became their prey Luciferia we cease to exist

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I Hear From Many Voices

I’ve Heard From Many Voices…. During my life… I’ve heard from many voices. I’ve been offered advice and many choices. There’s many who want to tell me what to do.. I just never know what everyone’s up to. But there’s a voice that matters the most. It’s the voice that I’ve already chose! It’s a still small voice that calls out my name… It’s different from the others. It’s not the same! It’s a voice that rings loud and very clear. It lets me know that God is very near! It’s a voice that speaks very gently… It reassures me of God’s love evidently. This voice has made a difference like no other. It’s words are sweeter than the sweetest butter! It’s the voice of Jesus that makes all of the difference. And has given to me a life-changing experience! As I grow old, and the days just “go by faster.” I’ll take the time and listen to my Lord and master! Won’t you take time and listen to this voice? And allow God’s spirit to be your first choice? His voice can bring peace to life’s raging storms… Your life can be 100% transformed! His voice can make a difference in your life today! Al you have to do is to listen, trust and obey! By Jim Pemberton

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A Concept of progress

The world has this development,
The cause of their thinking,
They know how to use brain,
Why has a mind this power?
Development for an Idea.

As a seed, that shoots,
Grass, shrubs, plants and trees.
A needle or a space shuttle,
Only a cause of an idea,
Human travels with this concern.

Experience, knowledge and education,
A cause only for idea,
How a person can develop,
And progress individually,
Society hopes cooperation and peace.

Unity a tact of growth,
Enjoyment smoothness in flow,
Entertainment is encouragement,
A concept of progress,
So idea can move in its way.

Details | I do not know? | |

Who are These People Pt 2

who are these people?
where did they come from?
of all the aromas in existence, the foul smell from the mouth of an 87 year old man
who has had gingivitis for 32 years
and has had rheumatoid arthritis in his wrist for the past 23
making it difficult, almost impossible to brush his teeth
is unquestionably the most repulsive characteristic of my job.
the bumpy, but crater filled skin that covers majority of guests
shows the degeneration caused by poor nutritional choices
an overall lack of physical exercise, 
and a lifestyle filled and toxified with consumerism and media injected promotional poison, 
they buy, and buy then buy some more
actually believing that the need the items they purchase
knick knacks, glass coasters, another Friday night dress
more liquor, more cigarettes, more disease, 
another pair of shoes, a DVD, 
consume, consume, consume
till their souls are consumed with materialistic so called needs
a new belt, more beer, more stress another year
buying things to bring gratification , trying to remove the fear
hats, drugs, amusement parks, comedians
sex shops, fancy cars, impulsive desires, 
new computer, new thrill, another method of destruction
years of being killed now can’t even carry on a discussion.

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The Pleasant Racket

That cheese and apple affect,
chaotic yells for morning
by the simple cup of tea.

With smiling echo's in grim passageways
of graffiti laughs,
concrete surfs
and chewing gums dalmatian.

Rackets of rain
like falling rivers
are the singing shouts of
ambient joy.

Details | I do not know? | |


Music Man

He says he’s the entertainer, so confident, so secure
When you gaze into his deep blue eyes you sense something more
As he walks through the crowd they all know his name
But he’s not looking for the glory and the fame
He has an old soul that was so easy to recognize
But he plays in a world so full of plastic and lies
He’s above the game they play, he’s so sincere
He’s got a wild spirit with no fear
He loves the fire but his heart is warm and true
And his piercing blue eyes look right through you
He’s the music in me
He’s the rhythm and melody
His words help me see the beauty in me
He’s Hollywood, if I could
But I never would
He’s Palm Beach, just a little out of reach
He’s words to a song
This can’t be wrong
He’s my Music Man
He’s a song that has never been sung
He’s an old soul with a spirit young
He’s a shooting star
A flaming guitar
He’s everyone you wish you could be
He’s living and dying to be free 
He’s the Music Man
He’s the Music in me

Details | Free verse | |

A Southern New Year's

"Hey yall!"
Grabs a Roman Candle,
Sits it in a bottle,
Lights it,
Steps back and watches the colors explode.

Later you see Sally sneaking out the window,
She's going for a late night mud ride,
Her boyfriend Johnny's waiting with Mary and Mike,
"Yall ready?" Sally asks and they take off.

Sitting on the backporch with a portable TV watching the stars,
The ball drops,
It's no longer New Years Eve in Mississippi!

The fireworks really start going off now,
The whole town's awake,
Sally & Johnny stop the four wheeler under the bridge to watch,
How nice!

You can't even hear the TV now,
So you turn it off,
The stars are blocked by the magnificent colors,
And you just sit back and enjoy what luxury you get.

Then you see your boyfriend down the road waiting,
The night's no longer time,
It's time to take off.

You two decide to break in and go mud riding,
Sall & Johnny say ok,
You hop on the four wheeler,
"Is it ok for to be down here," asks your boyfriend,
"My cousin's covering for me," you say.

You know you love him,
And it's now 12:30,
You tell him to stop the four wheeler,
And under the stars,
You kiss,
A firework goes off in the distance.

You then continue on your journey mud riding,
Sally & Johnny already gone,
He drives you home at 3:00,
You sneak in through your window,
Change out of you muddy pants,
You don't care about your labs judgemental glance,
After all,
It's just a southern New Years.

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Yuppie Dragons and Paper Mountains

Climb mountains! 
Slay Dragons! 
That's what I did 
When I was a kid 
Now it's too much 
All this grownup stuff 
Business-like murder 
          under the guise of merger 
Micro-second chattel battles 
          waged on computer panels 
Flash before my eyes 
In a plate glass high-rise 


all my mountains are made of paper, and 
all my dragons wear ties

Details | I do not know? | |

Just For A Moment

Just for a moment close your eyes,

Just for a moment listen to the sounds.

Just for a moment think of the the past,

Just for a moment imagine their rounds.

Try to remember as you celebrate the fourth,

all the meaning behind it and all it's worth.

Be thankful you see pretty colors in the sky,

and all you are listening to are fire works...

Details | Bio | |


Smattering of neuron fires.
Waking to dream.
Peace before violence.
Palm of the hand.

Details | Rhyme | |

Be Sane

All that we retain
We must maintain
So we should refrain
From the inane
So we can sustain
And remain
Without blame

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Ode To The Mosh Pit!

Lights flashing, people clashing
Arms and legs flying everywhere
People laughing, having fun
Dancing without a care
Feeling exhausted, want to rest
Have to find a chair
Can’t see the band because I have to stand
It isn’t fair!
Wait a minute, a gap at the front just opened up
Got to move fast, got to hurry up
If I want to get in there
Now my eyes are hurting from the glare of the lights
But being this close to the band is such a thrilling delight
Seeing them jumping around, hyping up the crowd is such an awesome sight!
Let’s hope they keep the crowd rocking into the night
As they sing their last song
For the final encore
I feel sad
I’d waited so long to see them
But I’m so glad I went along
And in a couple of years, they’ll be back once more!

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What Is Broken (Still Has Beauty)

What is broken,
Still shines great beauty...
Whoever or whatever that reaches the inside of me,
Is a treasure worthy enough for me to forever hold...

When night comes,
My feelings and thoughts truly unfold...
During the darkest of my hours,
I unleash my expressive powers...

While the dawn hast come,
My energized mind numbs
For only a moment,
I will wait...

The sun rises
As the deepest gates of my imagination
Flood open and bring on the waves of emotion.
Winds of hope blow away my tears...

And the inner sea, in me,
Begins to shine colours,
From the bluest of all these days,
To the grayest of my depressed ways...

These gray waters...
Change into a glow of hopeful silver...
And at long last, I let go of the past,
As this sea is painted gold by the eternal sun...

I am saddened and gladdened, here and there...
Yet, whatever is broken...
Still shines great beauty...

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We all claim to be the master of our own universe, yet fold under pressure of this small world. 
When we are forgotten and taken out of the spotlight, we are crushed by solitude.
What happened to having dignity and self esteem and knowing what you are valued?
In the mitts of all the opinions of people have we lost the ability to think originally, leaving our creativity building weights uncurled?

What is to become of the few that will think for themselves and object to the teachings of falsehood?
The few will be frowned upon and made out to be the saysers of lies.
And the few will be tortured and taken to the breaking point, where falsehood thrives.
Is this what is to become of thinking and all that is good?

Will we black out the sun and complain about it's shine?
And will we wander the night, lurking for purpose in the dark?
Wandering though the alleys filled with with sharks and persuasive dogs with loud barks,
Is this where we will learn who you are and what destiny is mine? 

Without wonder and curiosity, are we better than the wild beasts?
Has our curiosity run dry and conformed to the mind of the collective opinion?
Has the mobs opinion grown like a conquering kingdom and set up it's dominion? 
Are all our thoughts and actions infected by their beliefs down to the very least?

If so, I refuse to take part but would rather be one of the few in search for proof. 
Though tortured and despised, they are the philosophers of our time.
Their convictions will be their salvation at the end when all clocks are stopped mid-chime.
For they thought for themselves and did not settle for the mobs lies. They will surely find out what has been taken from us, truth.

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An old motto renewed

woke up this morning
to an epiphany
of how your world works
be the best you can be
the best human 3 coil double flusher you can be
at first i was upset
in denial
that i too could live up to such high standards
how could i ever compete with such human waste
when they practice being a walking talking waste of skin everyday
acting it out
singing it
and making more money just by practicing an old motto renewed

Thats the only power you have over me
to be or not to be
a huge clog in the toilet we know as life
and i could practice it
all day and all night
no point in dancing around it in denial
but that might make me worth something
if i could pull off the feat of unequal measure
and finding someone to label what they really are
and laugh at the fact that they are oblivious to how your world works

Practicing being a total waste of skin
and then blame it on someone else
and hang their dead baby off my neck
but nope i'm better than that
i can be the best 3 coiler double flusher i can be
without any practice
just human nature at this point

Act 1 scene 2
making one person living a lie
look like a good person
as the rest of the play is all about everybody competes for the reward of being a clog in the 
toilet we call life
Song and dance
still the same glory
and yet soo many of you basking in your power
of who is or isnt in denial of how your world works
practice makes perfect i guess
no point in trying to change anything
just go dangle someone elses dead baby off your neck

an old motto renewed
be the best double flusher i can be
live it, sing it, paractice it to one day show the world their brand new lie
and next lesson of how to be succesfull at something
that will only come naturaly
why not?

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My Partner ' A younger sister'

What’s that? 
What’s that?
My sister is growing well,
Always her eyes investigated me.

When I wrote my first love letter,
Nobody in family knew about that,
I wrote it in the midnight,
When everyone was yawning,
And sleep was swinging her swing,
Darkness was enjoying calmly,
Stars were twinkling in the palm of clear sky,
Cool air was embracing softly,
Moon was dripping the blossom.

Everything was moving slowly slowly,
As they were frightened from noise,
Street Dogs were hiding in sleep,
Rats were jumping over cats,
Jackal were rounding openly in the streets,
They were scratching bins for foods,
Owl was watching them from the street light pole,
My dim light in the corner was moving the words.
My dear love,’ It was nice to talk.’
I am free on the weekend.
Nothing was new in my first writing,
But it was all threatening to me.

If Mum found me that,
If Dad minded about me,
How will treat my brother?
How did I feel when my friends have annoying?
It will be strange and conscious,
When they shall draw a cartoon of my love, and me
A spider web,
Or a horse ridding girl,
And a pony; a step chaser,
I was seeking to remove my steps,
As the waves were touching to sore.

A very wide and open camping,
But sand seemed itself totally unharmed.
Very soft, as nobody touched it before,
My body was shrinking itself,
The expression was fragrantting my own,
I was trying to hide my dreams,
I never new that,
My younger sister has watching me 
She read my letter when I was in bath.
What was then?
She was partner of my secrets.
She was my own,
Where privacy and secrecy has no meaning. 

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Once peace and war met at one site,
Both debated as who was right.
Peace brings prosperity while war leads to adversity,
With war one realizes his strenght,
But makes us far from our friends.
With peace we rise,
With war we die.
War had nothing to speak for,
But yet continued to fight for long.
And so the debate went for on......................
Atlast to prove this, they went to fight,
The war broke on and millions died.
But yet nobody would yet decide that peace or war will rise.
EVENTUALLY, peace surrendered as it thought that life of millions would never 
increase its pride.
Guess what ,as peace surrendered war had to leave,
And peace was what everyone could feel.
So friends, the fact is that victory is always gained by peace,
And this is what my poem reveals.

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A Massacre 
 Valentines Saint Massacre Day was in Chicago the man played them a tune on 
his fiddle. The Aftermath The newspapers instantly picked up on the crime, 
dubbing it the "St. Valentine's Day Massacre." The story appeared on front pages 
around the country, making Capone a nationwide celebrity. While Capone 
seemed to revel in his new fame, he also had to deal with the new level of 
attention from federal law enforcement officials. Capone is sitting by his 
swimming pool catching his non existent fish and he begins to reminisce this is 
Capone speaking now "The boys missed MORAN it was a terrible thing" The 
spaghetti was gotten cold and now the fish that eye find will have to do to feed the 
diseases in my mind eye the Capone knoe that now eye am just dying of all the 
real good times. Alphonse "Al" Capone was one of the most famous U.S. 
gangsters during the 1930s, a Chicago-based boss involved in illegal gambling, 
bootlegging (illegal alcohol) and prostitution. Capone got his start in New York, 
working as a thug and bouncer (where he got the three scars that spawned his 
nickname, "Scarface").Al Capone spent the last year of his Alcatraz sentence, 
which had been reduced to six years and five months for a combination of good 
behavior and work credits, in the hospital section being treated for syphilis. He 
was released in November of 1939 and taken to a hospital in Baltimore where 
he was treated until March of 1940. For his remaining years, Capone slowly 
deteriorated while staying at his Palm Island estate in Miami. On January 25, 
1947, he died of cardiac arrest. Eye saw a stranger carry love in his right hand 
today he carried his love in his hand a bunch of flowers in a wrapper for a vase 
and eye thought of Al Capone disgraced. Eye can still remember the movie how 
he bit the punk's ear in Jail to make him think that he got sick too. The only thing 
worse than that is to lay in a blanket that has been stolen many times. On 
another of his movies the floozie was in bed asking him if he liked it too of course 
they was talking about manicures. He made the Chicken if he made creation 
was it the full blown bird or just the egg it would make no difference to that 
Chicken only to the education evolution. A small reference to the Jesus how can 
anyone still please him. There is a marker on ALS grave My Jesus Mercy. 

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Dog Love

To be yourself
is all you can be.
Do you know that person,
the one inside?
Have you forgotten
or have you been
recreated by another,
all in the name of love!
Where you molded
into there image?
The dream is love,
always was,
still is,
in those arms,
its peace,
you want to stay,
like a DOG stays
with its master!
Who are you man or dog?

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Holding a Sporting Event...

And as could stand naked in front of others...
Do to all the better be important...
So this crazy thought of standing naked...any clues...
Something you missed growing up...seen something in a yard sale...
All this nature calls...
If it comes down to many can you get to join you...
Then you could get into the law about doing a sporting event...
If your under'll be new...
But the over forty use to it...
It's nothing to see it all...It's the thrill...
Or is something about a dare...
Would you show it all...
Let the world see what you've got...crazy this is not...
For to get passed the security and remove all...
That takes knowing how long the law will take to get to you...
So it important to know the law and when to run...
The second best part is how many will join you...
That just like holding a sporting event...

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Lost Pride.

Chickasaw warrior…Apache brave
Chimed echo from recent pasts
Rawhide clad of bow and stave
Our iconic figure now cast

Roaming prairies open plains
Selfless equal within nature
A simple life of a people proud
Societies of ancient stature

Cherokee warrior…Arapaho brave
Awakened into midnight battle
Blue eyes aim down the thunder sticks
Reaping from cavalry saddles

Shunned showpieces of society
Called examples of a savage pride
Crushed of tyrannical booted propriety
In the federal wastes to reside

Tillamook warrior…Shoshone brave
Hunted through the very last stand
Forced to the brink of identity lost
Imprisoned in fenced desert sands

Allow the great spirits to soar the skies
A birthright given back anew
This aspiration for the tribes we hold
Sadly realized by consciences few

Indian warriors…fighters brave
Truest peace I offer my hand
Headdress upon the shadowy brow
Those great tribes once roaming the lands.

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Ecstasy and pain

Wilted in crushed embrace; to tired to scream.
Candle tongue scorches pliant skin.

Chromatic vision, through incense mist
catches blurring reality.

Caged in breathless anticipation
of known agenda; resignation sighs.

Twisted bracelets wrap twisted thoughts
in fabulists truths and hesitation snaps
in pain fueled ecstasy.

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Young Gun

Verse 1

So young
One gun
How dumb
I'm stunned
He's done

My son
My son

Verse 2

His choice
My voice
Spirit hoist
Skin so moist
Such a boast

My son
My son

Verse 3

Died in vain
This drives me insane
Such hidias pain
Listenening to the rain
For what has it gained

My son
My son

Tribute To A Co-Worker
Who Lost The Battle
In A Gunfight With Police

So Long Hollywood { 55 yrs old }

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The Poker Hand

Ten,two,the Brunson in the whole,
Comes around to me and I decide to fold.
Jack,king on the second hand,I bet the minimum call,
Another goes all-in,they want it all.
Pull up sailboats,tossed them in,
Good thing to,pocket rockets took it then.
Dolly Parton,that's a nine and five,
Took two pair,the river kept me alive.
Got American airlines in the hole,the twin set,
Two more on the flop,going all in,you bet.
Heinz on this hand,folded,put my small in the pot,
Should have kept them,two more on the flop.
Nothing now,just drawing dead,
Man this game is getting in my head,
All in on pocket rockets,just the river yet to see,
Full boat,three aces and two kings for me.
The game is done,the final table I made,
Won the tournament with a flush of spades.

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Story of a Child

A little girl walked to school one day to find her friends already playing. She stood 
wordlessly, and watch them pass a ball about. They ran and frolicked, and 
jumped with glee. With out even a word passed her way. As silently as she came 
she turned and left. 
In the school she went down turning halls, and up twisting stairs. To the highest 
point she could find. Here she sat near a window facing her friends down below. 
She removed a book from her bag. Its cover was black, and lacked a title. She 
opened it, its pages were blank, and began to write a story. 
Many years came, and passed, her friends had all gone on to different schools. 
Some stayed in contact with one another, but as they grew so did the distance 
between them. The friendship that had meant so much years ago, had all but 
vanished, But the little girl always remained.
One day a teacher approached the little girl, and asked her why she wasn’t 
playing outside with her friends. The little girl dropped her pencil, and looked up 
at the teacher with a smile. 
The unity between friends will never last, but in my story it can last forever. 
The little girl picked her pencil up, and began to write once more. The teacher 
walked off still astonished to hear such words from a child. She was almost out 
the room when she turned, and faced the little girl. 
Your right friendship doesn’t last, but it will also never die. For every persons life 
you touch a part of them you take as they take a part of you. New friends will 
come, old ones will leave, but that part will always be yours. Yours to keep, it 
helps unite us, it helps make us one. 
The little girl closed her book, and then she vanished. The teacher walked closer 
to the desk, but found only dust. The book still laid atop the desk. The teacher 
picked it up, and began to read its story. She cried while reading, she cried at the 
end. The story of a child who’s life had come to an end. 

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Desert Moon

Created, desolated, resurrected and even in reverse, 

You are a transformation under a Sun drenched day. 

Beckoned or heralded you climb above a beaming ray, 

Bristles of your hair shall glow and many are perverse. 


Shuffled, hurdled, corner-stoned and even immerse, 

You are a salvation upon a Mountain leading a way. 

Stripped or naked you run below an endless cache, 

Light inside of you shall outpour so all will disperse. 


The collectors shall find, 

Lost on a course in time, 

Many stranded or behind, 

Many with no unjust crime! 


Jacked up, a ripped off, a maniac or just downright a true blue loon, 

Still remaining is a red flaming shield up under a sacred desert Moon. 


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The Bus Incidents

The Bus Incidents 
The Bus Incidents 
The one hour bus ride and the things we have to find to write about the less said 
the better 
has been dethroned today eye am a better than all of that myself eye am a poet in 
the frame of mind to dispel the darkenness of mores and upper crusting people 
on the bus the form of public transportation that is afforded to the poor and 
homeless poet that eye am. My ride begins at the bus stop and goes for less 
than one whole hour and there is never any lack of my material the words pour 
positively from the mouths of all the imbeciles. 
The lady was nice; the bus was the express the lad was burning the gas in his 
Or mabe it was electric it moved without sound and upright and go fast for a two-
wheeled contrivance the thing was running most silent. She asked the driver 
The driver was pointing and asking her “WHY” lady we must be moving 
on, “THIS” is 
The Express, and I the driver of this thing will not wait for long”. 
Eye am waiting for my son. He is bringing me my coffee to me please. 
The driver smiled and still polite said “well I am not waiting long” for that not just 
for that. 
The boy on the two-wheeled cart contrivance GAVE to her her coffee as she 
Eye am sorry MOM but I hurried and I come to you to give to you this stuff. 
The bus left the boy went on down the sidewalk and eye hurried to my transfer no 
wiser or 
Better looking than eye am then the bus started again and then eye saw the old 
homeless man 
At the next bus stop with the shopping cart He must look really hard for ALL that 
Its hard to see he is my poor brother eye keep my own needs simple and eye 
travel light, 
And keep all of Egypt on my back, but some people need the even more security 
a four wheeled   
Shopping –cart can afford them. He had the thing loaded and even at this 
moment is still asleep 
In his blankets with a shopping-cart contrivance that is not his personal asset 
and very hard   for me to even understand this shopping-cart man because eye 
am still carry my stuff on the bus. 
The moral of this story is to thread the eye of the needle a poor man can be 
blessed and fed without being a slave to his bed and this story has occurred in 
less than one whole hour upon the city bus. The rest of this story is just a rude 
conversation the author has rude poems four condensed into one please read 
them all. 

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Come On I Want Smore

Ideally assembled right
Sinfully scrumous
Molten mountain gooeyness
Skewered fashioned drive
Do you want
Smore !

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A blood pool

Why should I worship you?
If I need to die innocently,
Why should I respect you?
If you should rape me pregnantly.
Why should I honour you?
If you shall kill me decently?
I am pointing you,
You are also dying as me cowardly.
But I never claimed my death,
Because I am poor,
I have no source to compel you,
For reconsidering on recommendations,
Nobody can alter your coffin,
With my sucking blood.
But my sighs shall chase you,
When my children will learn that,
You were born in a sucking blood pool.

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The Dues We Pay

Chancellor of earth
Rent is due and
Debts are paid

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The Trilogy

If a child from birth is never told which religion he must choose, 
will he belong to the Muslims, the Christians or the Jews? 
Or will he grow up using his brain for the purposes it was designed, 
and think for himself all through his life, thus broadening his mind? 

And if this way of doing things began to be widespread, 
would so many people in this world still wind up being dead? 
Long before their natural lives have run their natural course, 
curtailed by some so called believer, in an act of savage force! 

Yes the fanatics use any means to make us see the light, 
but usually it is violence they employ to prove that they are right.
Although, they never answer the questions we raise, 
they just tell us we must believe or die, in the name of the one they praise!

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I watch the hounds...

Having caught the attention of the fowl...
How does one prepare to bring it home...
One would think...this is easy enough...
Due to the fact that man has a canine...
I find this part a bother...
As a farm yard job is simple...
One to one...I being a thinking type...
Can and have out and his dog...
But I can tell you if others are involved...
Night is my best chance...
Years have past as I have watched the hounds...
I know if the rabbit is in this very day...
The fowl is left alone...
So I wait...for the sound of the horn...
As I have in the past...entered to bring a fowl home...

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The ‘bar'

Places were information crowds ear.
Places were eyes sights situation.
In the ‘bar,’ mouths runs over tongues.
A mixture of false and facts.
A mixture of hot and cool.

Some stumble to the ‘bar’,
some rumbles in the ‘bar’,
coming home in gambles.
Ripples of life gambles.

In the ‘bar’, 
Mouths runs, tongues wag.
Eyes blinks, people blend.
The ‘bar’ full of nosy noses,
sniffing proceeds of mouth.
Injecting falsehood. 
Interjecting fact hood.

Over a bottle of beer, 
over catalogues of crises,
over settles of scuttles.
On courting of friends.

The ‘bar’, a difference of the ‘bench’.

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Those Were The Days

with muse in hand
I'll take you on a walk to remember

do you remember 
when you used to be able to 
keep your windows and doors unlocked
and got to enjoy the night breeze's while you slept

do you remember
when you were able to
walk to your local corner store
and not get jacked

do you remember
when soda and cigarettes
were 50 cents a pack and 25 cents a can
and suddenly you had friends
you've never knew you had before

do you remember
when you could ride a city bus for a dime 
and go downtown and look at christmas displays
without getting knocked off feet

do you remember
when gas was only a nickle a gallon
so family's could take a nice
summer vaction without noise and traffic

do you remember
when kids walked to school safely
and never had to worry
who was lurking behind them

do you remember
sitting at the soda shopp
just dancing and twisting
the night away without having rumbles

do you remember
when boys were boys
and girls were girls
well on this walk to remember
I'm sure there still out there
but got lost along the way

Tribute To Youth
And The Oldies

Also Entry For
Constance La France's
A Walk To Remember Contest

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Ok I have never heard of alliterations…….. And was wondering if words like 
abbey, acme, and acne would go along with alliterations …  and just maybe the 
meaty mossy messy mold at the mucky muddy murky waters of the slightly 
slippery sloppy backwaters were on the right track of this choicely choosy classy 
way of expressing earthlings eating elephants in the early evening with a 
beautiful sunset easily edging ending a really nice time and how do they all 
come together and not torture the toddler that is tougher than the trader tracking 
the tractor up the tower with the trainer  trotting with the trooper right behind 
looking for the treasure and the traitor trekking with the trucker loosing his 
trousers while trolling in the backwater. , I thought even if it isn't it is different.

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It's Magic!

It’s Magic!

I’ll take away what is making
Everyone sick around here.

I’ve been hired by BP to
make the oil spill magically disappear.

Hocus pocus! Abracadabra!
Here take this pill,
wear this amulet spelling
ABRACADABRA to ward off this disease,
and put on these rose-colored glasses.

That black splat out
there is just whack!

According to BP,
It’s really just a
big blob of bird crap!


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What Is This Life Which Is Full Of 
No Time To Do 
Fun And Relaxation. 

Every Parents Want Their Child To Shine, 
No One Think That Is It Fine? 

Children’s Tension Are, 
Study And Exam, 
They Have To Study Whether, 
It Is Cold Or Warm. 

A Paper Note Has More Value, 
Than Our Creativity, 
Every Student Is Suciding, 
In Village Or In City. 

What Is This Life Which Is Full Of 
No Time To Do 
Fun And Relaxation.

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You Are My Curse

I had to let it all go,
The day and night,
Their hours ran too slow.
It was more than just a fight.
I trusted you and knew you,
My love succumbed to the worst,
Faith and loyalty just wouldn’t do.
You became my curse.
I was pulled down to Earth’s plane,
And judgment did set in.
Then new days begin.
I stood parallel as many went insane.
My heart drenched and my soul crunched,
I couldn’t let my heart take this very much.
I died and I died losing each endless breath,
I swallowed the victory and ate your death.
You reaped and I sowed,
But I saw no one grow,
Not even you.
What was I to do?
I let it go very slow,
Now I am all grown,
And I’m on my own.
I died watching you go.
I will always remember begging mercy,
I will always know this pain,
You are my curse you see,
And nothing did you gain.
I can never just be alright,
I can never love you the same again.
I died watching you go out of sight.
You are my curse and forever in my heart you made an end.

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What Is This Life Which Is Full Of 
No Time To Do 
Fun And Relaxation. 

Every Parents Want Their Child To Shine, 
No One Think That Is It Fine? 

Children’s Tension Are, 
Study And Exam, 
They Have To Study Whether, 
It Is Cold Or Warm. 

A Paper Note Has More Value, 
Than Our Creativity, 
Every Student Is Suciding, 
In Village Or In City. 

What Is This Life Which Is Full Of 
No Time To Do 
Fun And Relaxation.

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we started out kinda

we started out kinda real young
baby i know i was a fool,
now ive grown up
all of the things we use to do
do you remember
i wanna be your man,
aint tryna be ya friend (be ya friend)

so tell me do you like it
drop, top, mercedes benz
top up ,cause your hair be (blowin thru da wind)
wheels spinning, hair did( blingin ring) ya dig

she pull up at the club lookin like, millions,
billions, watching you from a distance
all the fellas be watching you like a vision
ya sexy thighs,sexy hip, sexy midsect
looking real good,make a reggin wanna hit that,
forget that, i think im ready for commitment
so are you ready for submission


n-e-ways, i know you with him for a short change
but you and me together forever,
will never change
when i was younger all i thought  about was spitting game
never caring about your feeling was to remain,
the same, im sorry i cause you all this pain ( i promise you)
i fill them all with brighter days
(and hopefully) i just get a chance to say, that
(i love you) and i hope that you feel da same way 


we started out kinda real young
baby i know i was a fool
now ive grown up
all of the things we use to do
do you remember
i wanna be ya man
aint tryna be ya friend, be ya friend

i aint tryna be ya friend...
girl i only wanna be ya man
so baby want you let me in...
and i promise it will never end

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Time To Get Up

Tick tock tick tock
Out window with that clock
Each and every frigging day
Tells me to get out of hay

Brushing teeth
Breath smelling so sweet
Another dam hole in sock
Oh how I hate that clock

Blue jean entire
God I'm really tired
Clean sand bugers out of eyes
In rush to say goodbye's

Gas light engine on again
This crisis is such a sin
Scrounging pockets for a buck
Pulling out lint what such luck

Morning greetings from the boss
When all I wanted to do was stay in bed and toss
Paper work piling up
No coffee to fill my cup

Tic tock tick tock
Come on hurry up dam clock
For shopping still has to be done
And let me tell you it's no fun

Kids husband dogs and cats
Drive me nuts like a pack of rats
What can one do
But not to come unglued

So I want to give a big thanks
To my alarm clock that doesn't play pranks
And gets me up and out that door
So I can pay for those things I truely adore

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What If

As I sit and think,my mind begins to wonder,
And as my thoughts come racing back,I begin to ponder.
Could things have been different,what if I would have fixed that old clock?
What if I would have never met Emmy Lou on that fishing dock?
What if that old Chevy would have beaten that ford?
What if I would not have gone to that party where I was bored?
What if my little girl would have never come along?
What if they would have never played that perfect wedding song?
There are a lot of what if's in this world today.
But I would not have lived my life in any other way.

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Important Of Music In Our Lifes

Important of music in or lifes
Helps sooths termoils of daily strifes

Flow and temple of boasted notes
Rythem and rhyme that continues to float

A song from an lonesome heart
Ignited by an passionate start

Fantasy of wanting to belong
In or named in just one song

Spirits can be held on high
And can almost make you cry

So tread on your walk of life
And enjoy the melody that cuts like a knife

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Catholic Church derives all teaching authority from tradition
Doctrine has come down from Christ
This tradition preserved in written form in the “Bible”
Contains the principle truths of faith taught to the apostles by Christ

Inspired men  moved by Spirit of God commit these matters to writing in early Church
Short time after Christ’s Ascension, maybe within 20 years
The need to preserve thse truths in permanent form was recognized
Before any book was accepted as “authentic”

Authority of an Apostle was demanded by Peter’s companion
Similarly,  though Luke was a man who had not seen Christ
Book gained acceptance through St. Paul’s authority

The Church has protected and guarded these books
Which contained 
The revelations of Christ to His disciples
Their Testimony concerning Him

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It is a show

They decide to show it is good
It is a show

They shout it is good
It is a show

They won’t let anything good to show up
It is a show

What do people believe?

Is it a show?

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Papa Says Yes Mama Says No

Papa says yes
Mama says no

Off to a dance
I want to go

Flowers in my hair
Mama says Girl don't you dare

Horn's just a blaring
Papa not even caring

Begging dear mama
Please Please can I go hah hah

If your papa says yes
Then I must confess

Your mama says no
But This time I'll let you go

Be home by eleven
My little princess from Heaven

For if you come in late
Your papa is going to kill that date

         To My

Tribute To 
Teenage Dating

Remember Kiddies
Were always watching LOL

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My Fame

Is it possible to say?
I love you!
Really I do!
Each and every day!
Would you stray?
In lieu!
Or out of the blue!
Each and every day for you I’d pray!
Inside you I came,
You went,
I stayed the same,
For you I was sent!
Each and every day I was meant,
Each and every day I gain My Fame!

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For You

The day I met you,
I at first saw you as strange.
But then, later in time,
I realized that it's just your disguise.

I never felt so lucky
Before you said you loved me.
There aren't many guys in the world
Who don't despise looks.
Yet you are the one who seems the most true.

Maybe deep down, I love you too...
And I'm not sure why
I stopped you from suicide.

I guess I just want others to follow
The guiding light that always helped me through.
Although I think that,
You say that I'm probably in love with you.

If that is really true,
Then I can't handle hearing your voice,
Life as if your feelings for me
Are forcing me to love you without a choice.
I can't even handle such love,
At least not yet.

For now I just want to keep my bets of me
Finding another person.
And I don't find anyone like you,
Then I'll become yours
Just for you...

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Filipino roots

What reminds me always of my own identity 
being born in the Philippines, a poor nation;
faith and history that nurture my thinking,
their colossal meaning shows how I am doing.

  Perhaps an upbringing in my own family culture
  can add a vital implication in my behavior
  yes, it’s pretty evident as I keep going
  with my own certainty in language articulation.

Our constant struggles, miseries and beliefs
provide a perspective that comes with faith;
it’s a way to get plunged into the mainstream
that life in the Philippines has shaped my whole being.

  Major hurdles as reflected in various situations,
  the core truth of being subject to wrestle with life,
  along with the fullness of time and the so-called ‘leb’ 
  a challenge, indeed; the incarnation of my interior sense.

It is an awareness that poverty in most parts of the country
makes me realize that something has to be done so far,
it’s a person’s longing to achieve that goal of going elsewhere
like in the States, UK, Australia, Hong Kong or Malaysia.

  That quest for greener pastures and other human aspirations
  employment takes the centerpiece as a redeeming treasure;
  like a “chiaroscuro”  in the haven of human acquisition
  where hope begets hope and where faith begets faith.

Well, seeing the reality of my own people’s struggles
I cannot help but be responsive to what they long for;;
a call from within drawn across the cry of the poor,
my own people, my sibling souls in the right direction.

  I’ve developed that attitude of love and compassion
  especially to those who’re eclipsed by epic proportion
  in their search for peace, justice and Christian thought
  with their roots plunged into the depth where we are.

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May be today I have failed
But someday again I will be hailed
Success would be mine
And life’s journey would be fine

My future goals would be set
And all the hurdles would be boldly met
I will rise as a phoenix that is strong and brave
Not consenting to serve any one as a slave

Parents would be there as the guiding light
Inculcating within me the strength to fight
Inspirations around would refill my world that was hollow
And great men’s footsteps would be something I’d follow

In achieving success hard work is the bait
Believing this would accordingly change my fate
Some morning sun would witness me emerging as a winner
Triumphing over the dark I created as a sinner

My failure fills my soul with profound pain
As so many years I let out in vain
But the pain alone would urge me to climb where I desire
Thus it would give me the zenith, which many eyes would admire

My life’s pendulum would regain its swing
Tale of my rebirth the forth coming voices would sing
My survival would be freed from criticism
And the world would see me as optimism winning over pessimism

So when I leave earth
And board the heaven’s berth
I can say the creator that I have worked out his errands
And have been absolutely loyal to his commands

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With a fondness of life,
jest and pleasure
You’re a lover 
of unmeasurable attention as ever
In the third sign of the zodiac
known for storytellers
Of elements Fire and Air,
masculine considered
Diurnal or day orientated,
Physically or mentally related
Primarily focusing
on spirituality and activity
Being adaptable, eloquent,
versatile and lively
Youthful, witty, logical,
spontaneous, communicative;
All thes bing positive traits
are held back by the negative
For you’re changeable, inconsisatent,
cunning, nervous and inquisitive
Restless, superficial,tense
and gossip – well you’re talkative
You hate to be stuck in a rut,
or being left alone
Love novelty, variety,
anything unusual or unknown
Working multiple projects at a time
you’re addicted
Disliking mental action, conventional learning,m
being restricted
Gemini’s inclined to direct energies
into the world around them
Anatomy – rules arms, shoulders,
lungs and nervous system
A strive to learn persevearance
and culture depth
Subjects are lovers of language,
poets, bard, or wordsmiths

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An Angel angles her eyes...

"Now,can I trust you ?"her piercing gaze
searching for a sign sends a shiver up
my spine.

"What color is your intention?"Her musky
scent enveloping me.

"Are you really an angel or a devil in

The clear-skinned angel slowly parts her
wings to reveal a secret seal tattooed in 
her velvet skin.

She held my hand and placed it on her 
beating heartbeat inside her chest.

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April My Love

Assured to find a muse
Penmenship must be at its best
Relaxation and motivation is needed
Inspirations will be its bounty
Let the world discover its tale

Tribute To All Poets

Remember April Is 
Poetry Month 
May You All Find That Muse

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Tailgating Slam

Tailgate party time
Chicken, steak, baby back ribs
Quarterback show down

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Daisy Mae

My name is daisy
And I like to bask in sun and be just a little lazy

Yellow is my domain
Don't it want to drive you just a little insane

I am a world traveler
Dressed in many coated furs

I love to lounge by valleys and creeks
Even mountain tops at their highest peaks

Don't mind my matted hair
May be parted but its still has golden flare

Been stepped on one to many times
But I bounce back every time

Members of family had heads chopped off
By farmers who want to lower their crops

I love to play splish splash with the rain
Makes my fragrance drive one insane

I can even tell  if you like butter
By holding me under chin like there's no other

So stop by and just pluck me up
For I just want to be somebody's butter cup

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 Do you enjoy it when you 
shake & quiver
 Feel the tingling itch & chilling shiver
 Twist & twirl inside your ever wandering mind
 The Lost- never truly let you find
 Embrace your tainted ride
 I know the secret you try to hide
 Sanity, hypnotized in the way
 Do you feel the temptation to come out & play
 Venture past the pitch of black's night
 Soo anxious to find you in my sight
 Can you willingly take control
 Entrapment takes it's rapid toll
~Stevie McLain

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Aksamim oksuzlugu
Gun olmamis yildiz
Sokaklar sensiz utanmis
Yikadilar gecemi tutamadim 
Ruzgarlar  adsiz  sensiz
Ruzgarlar esdi  sokaklarda
Yarim  alamam kendimi
Bir cinar bir tas adsiz 
Ruzgarlar cananim 
Esti sesiz sokaklarinda
Utanirim oksuz kendimden

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We Always Kill the Ones We Hate Because We Love Each Other

Hold me at gunpoint
So everyone can point at me
You look so precious
Defective as it might seem
I gave you reason
You turned it into a machine
Count the scapegoat 
With the black sheep while you dream--

Someday, I thought I could be beautiful
Alone in a house of broken mirrors
You turn and question my absence
Though it was you who fed my fear

Hold you closer
The tendrils tear inside of you
You look so distant
I never asked just what you do
To deserve a reason
Whenever you can't benefit from doubt
If you clutch your bible harder
You'll never pull the splinters out

Someday, I thought I could be beautiful
But the creases are so hard to count
You turn and question 
So the answers are never found

I was so empty
Till you filled me with your hollowness
You stare so deeply
But into what is anyone's guess
I let them witness
Their lamb and martyr's reason
For feeding them poison
As long as they seemed pleased

Tell me something beautiful
And maybe I can believe
In something much more vivid
Than you let me see

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True Dreamer

Good thoughts fall away like hot melting ice,
When to REM succumbs the keeper of vice.
Awake resistance is easy to do,
But sleeping minds do not repeat the lie.
Open eyes show false what closed eyes show true,
And by day they smile and by night they cry.
When to REM succumbs the keeper of vice,
Good thoughts fall away like hot melting ice.

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The Machine

Hear that roaring sounds of the engines,
Pistons moving with steam coming out of the sides,
Everybody is in line for the ride,
Everybody is in line for the ride.

Your brain waves have changed,
Thoughts are the same,
Nobody questions the experience,
Were all think the same.

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Ode on a Green Apple

Shaped like a
polar magnetic field
but more greener
with a stub of a stem
let me see here
your name is
Granny Smith
Crisp and Tangy
4017, Produce of USA
A fine specimen indeed!
I hope the fruit pickers
didn’t put their
greasy, grubby
Beaner hands
all over your

The rough world’s bruised you
but not enough to save you.
You die tomorrow at sunup.

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although I sensed
its impassiveness
even back then,

i always loved
little village

of familiar eyes
passively beyond me

you and I forced
in central fact

pressured en masse
into a
averse embrace

somehow in tune
one another’s desires

but powerless
to surpass

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Flight of Fancy

We were lionhearted
We imagined bullets, pinecones
Swords, sticks
We couldn't be cut
By any sharpened edge
We were invulnerable
Our heels wrapped in Nikes
Climbing hills, Everest
No concern for when
We will talk about-
"When we were young"
Only concern
For our King's men dying
And the fair lady weeping

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A liquid Iron

When a man first made sword,
How will be reckoning him?
He was a scientist or
He was a top scholar.

How did he find a liquid Iron?
And tested it for cooling down,
With Fire and water but no ash remains left,
He will be astonishing to see a hard stump.

He will be delighted to find it,
Iron melts with fire and 
It gets harder with water,
And also it can be polished to shine.

Human knowledge is as Iron,
If we use them it expands as Iron,
If we don’t use it remains as a solid iron,
We can gain experience to use our knowledge

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Trying to escape from it all I detach from reality Knowing my spirit will be Safe Too much torment have I gone through To know that this story is truly mine Cut me off no matter how much I'll always find a way To fight and survive your kingdom I'm the only thing you desire I'm the only thing you hate I'm the only thing you need I'm you little Babydoll In my mind there is a haven Only I can enter, but everyone else is there Its there I will find a new tactic To keep on living in your torment On the way home I'll die a few times But just to know I really lived I'll have to find a new way to bleed If I want to escape I'll have to loose myself Cut me off no matter how much I'll always find a way To fight and survive your kingdom I'm the only thing you desire I'm the only thing you hate I'm the only thing you need I'm you little Babydoll Cut me off no matter how much I'll always find a way To fight and survive your kingdom I'm the only thing you desire I'm the only thing you hate I'm the only thing you need I'm you little Babydoll

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The sun rested on western slopes

Three storey Queen Anne  house
set  far  back  behind green yards
With far reaching sparkling  views
Profusion of flora fruit-laden vines
Chickens clucking near front gate
Polished wood with leaded glass
Double doors powdered  gauzed
Elaborate  deep  wine  wallpaper 
Delicate  face  framed  in red hair
Highlights  vermillion green  eyes
High waisted muslin gown  flows
French  words  rolled out  lyrically 
Perfumed with  blooming flowers
Clever cat buried in feather down
Favorite  spot  ancient  tree  trunk

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Hiding Behind the Cameras by Kenny Davis

Hiding Behind the Cameras by Kenny Davis

In front of the cameras
I would flash my prize winning smile
Even for just a little while
Basking in my glamour and style
While under the vile, pile of this world’s bile
Drowning in it as if I had jumped head first in the Nile

You see, behind these cameras, I would cleverly hide
All of the lies and late night cries that I buried inside
Memories of goodbyes, “Oh my’s”, and “Lord, why’s?” behind these pain filled eyes
Holding together the disguise, that my tear ducts have dried, saying over and over
“Lord, I have tried!” avoiding to relinquish my stubbornness and pride

Embracing the flash, as if it would last
Knowing that it was just a mask, for my stressed, depressed ass
Just a blast from that flash, but a way to move on from the past

Flaunting in the presence of paparazzi
Wearing Armani, sipping on Bacardi, Going the way of Gotti, like I was somebody
My whole entire world, caught up in entertainment
Who I really am, struggled in detainment
Behind this smile, if the public only knew what my name meant
All the tears that were spent when I needed to vent
About the real blessings I was sent and then where it all went

Hiding behind all of the glitz and glam
While the public did their best just to slam who I am
Confused by who they knew and who they thought I was on cam
Confusing remarks that made them say, “Damn!”
Putting me in a category with all of the trash and internet spam

I would give them the look, so they could get a shot
Sporting the latest fads and fashions, I even dropped it like it’s hot

It’s where would all of the people come from that stumped me
Surrounded by the masses of those I thought that loved me

Though I was showing the signs
Of the pain and hurt that dwelled deep inside
I would hide this broken line on this withered heart of mine
All to reinforce the strength of my spine
That in time this heart of mine would heal with these cameras I hide behind

© September 2011 k.davis

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Forced To The Frontal Lobes Of My Mind

   Forced to the frontal lobes of my mind
The illegitimate thoughts within
Interpreted metaphors brought forth
Within synaptic theory	
These thoughts must reside to my front
Written on the flattened forest placed before me
Compelled descriptions of fallacy and truth
To the thoughtful teardrop of despair
Unto the world do I give voice
Imaginations in color formed venues,
Of thought
Yet to look, I cannot
This mixture in juxtapose 
The forms of voice I conceal within
Forced to the frontal lobes of my mind
Tragedy inhabits these thoughts of reality
Compounded clarity within confusion
To see these thoughts of realism take shape,
I fear most
Where life and love in forms of hatred
Dwell in a manifesto
Of ill-gotten truths absorbed
Forced to the frontal lobes of my mind
Humanity lives.

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I Am

I am something you hold when you miss,
And I am forgotten all but a gentle kiss!
I am the cold draft when you’re all alone.
And I am the smile that generates your happy home.
I am something for nothing but I’m more than most.
And I am your summer breeze, I am your host.
I am the tear that falls from your eyes,
And I am the light that outshines your lies.
I am the flutter in your beating heart,
And I am the breath that gives you a fresh start.
I am the lump in your throat when lost for words,
And I am the silence you have always heard.
I am the warmth traveling in your blood,
And I am the memory you instantly flood.
I am the dream you’ve always had,
And I am the one with you happy or sad.
I am the one that always told you so,
And I am the only person you positively know.
I am taken and given because I just am,
And I am exactly what I am,
And not even by you will I be jammed!
© Copyright  Ann Rich   2006

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Beggar Man!

I saw you there resting
your chair near the door.

Long Black hair dirty
Needing a bath. smiling.

Red and green stick figure Jesus
Pictures you offered. Grinning.

I was moved by your plight.
Almost giving you my dollar.

Dark Eyes shining, pitiful.
I prayed Jesus would forgive me.

Poor people's change jingling 
as it fell into your bucket.

You paid for a juice with a big bill.
Your chair blocking the long line.

Rolling away to the fartherest space.
Standing to toss your chair into the car.

Counting the ones. Pouring  their change 
into your backseat bucket. Laughing.

Driving away in your red convertible.
baseball cap pulled low over shifty eyes.

The blond next to you chattering
no pity for a cripple in her adoring eyes.

I hope your Jesus on torn poster 
board  forgives YOU! Beggar Man!

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Getting Away With Murder

In a visionary second, 
bloody eyes are at pin- point.
A psyche of scratches and bubbles,
in a white noise trance.

A crack and a shimmer
in the mind, the eyes,
from the pistol, 
and wavering with the stars.
The amazing lights, in a vivid flash, 
are gone.

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inequity in life, immortalityin death,
striken from the words, taken from the pages, the pages of time, 
choose not what your told, but what you think, question your morals, 
question your world, question authority, question reality.

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Adages Pt. 1 (the cloud)

Adages Pt. 1 (the cloud) 

I am just baggage to the world 
Cast away and forgotten 
An entire life 
Waiting for something 

Every so often a random passerby 
We exchange formal soliloquy 
Just talking to ourselves 
Wondering if anyone really hears 

They always keep a lock on my eyes 
To desperate to admit sad truths 
Pretend they’re giving me sound advice 
When just quoting old adages to themselves 

They say 
“Follow the sun, 
For in the light shining upon all 
You will find the way” 

The same response 
Every time runs through my head 
“What of the clouds 
Stealing the light from my eyes 
They always gather around me 
Darkening my life 

“And what of deep night 
Where I sink into despair 
Alone and sinking in a world 
Where no one seems to care” 

They don’t seem to hear my words 
Just keep ranting their securities 
All the while shaking like leaves 
In the harshest of autumn winds 

I wonder if anyone can hear me 
Or if I even hear myself 
Can anyone see me? 
Hidden in this cloak of clouds 

I begin to feel comfortable 
As my worldly self 
Begins to drift away 
Comfortable with no sun 
To burn my skin red 
Or to guide my way 

I’m locked into a perpetual night 
As the oppression of my clouds 
Absorbs the light 
Sun and moon and stars 
And I’m left with nothing 
But four walls 
And a roof 
And a little stool to sit on 

I don’t notice any more random passerby 
Just as they never noticed me 
Just quote my old adages 
Some god created just for me 

“Stay in the clouds 
A safe haven from the pain 
I have no need 
Of ever finding the way 

“The world has spoken its ignorance 
And has finally cast me away 
I’m tired of endless clinging 
And the guilt it brings my way 

“If the life in this world 
Revolves around an endless rhyme 
The sun and moon and stars 
I have better places to spend my time 

“A room of nothing 
No windows or air to breathe 
Just a feeling of numb contentment 
As my soul starts to bleed” 

My conscious mind had made its final pitch 
And it is off to the races 
But I’m moving so slow 
So slow

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My head starts pounding. I have heard this before just yesterday. Must look 
fascinated. Focus come on focus, You can do it, umm, Pretend they are eating. 
No better not go there, do not want to look disgusted, we are trying for fascinated. 
Okay pretend that they are standind on their heads, no that doesn't seem to work. 
I am falling asleep time for a new tactit. Maybe if I make up stories about their 
lives as they repeat themselves, maybe that will get me through.

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Untitled #263 / Cruel Creator

Oh God! Cruel Creator! You mock me!
You give me a heart for boundless love
but shut all its gates and hung a scarecrow outside
to ensure that any pity trickling in from without
would be but tears in an ocean!
Why must men and women sing your name on Sundays?

Details | Prose Poetry | |


A man quite gleefully pointed out to me that JESUS is not a dumpster JESUS 
however eye shot back at him gleefully is GOD and iff there is SOMETHING in 
that dumpster that HE wants me just to have then SIR oh eye will have it see eh? 
A survivor is the eye. 
John 6:35-36 
Then Jesus declared, "I am the bread of life. He who comes to me will never go 
hungry, and he who believes in me will never be thirsty. But as I told you, you 
have seen me and still you do not believe." 
On the way to this cold freezing day eye found my strength lies not in my right 
hand or arm but in my faith eye walk. Eye find things that no one else wants, as 
eye walk eye soon survive. Pizza sometimes fish sometimes coffee on my list no 
cokes no tomatoes SOK eye have some tomatoes in a can 
The list is endless in my mind and desire comes from a man and coffee is the 
plan. Cups are full or half empty is it half full or empty? Pizza is okay when found 
in cold weather a man can be the judge of whatever food he finds eye do not fill 
mee up with unpleasentness or brine eye drink but not the water that eye find OH 
FAITH will end my misery OH FAITH will feed me too bread is in the pizza that eye 
When Jesus saves me at the final trumpet and eye make my last ditch stand at 
that time then he is not going to say WHY oh little man did you eat the scrounge 
pizza on the way but iff a loving GOD did ask me this is what eye say 
PIZZA is food and leftovers is fine my mind works much better with some eye can 
find. FOOD is never a sin or a problem to me. The eye does not eat strips of left 
over pieces he eats the entire pizzas. Eye am good at what eye dew eye can 
survive. And iff ewe ever get the word out to the people in the twilight zone just tell 
them scrounging pizza is better than the bone of chewing fat from steaks and 
living high on Hogg eye am better off alone and living with my love she knoes just 
who she is she knoes just who she loves. 

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Rain beats down on the smoky beach,
all paths the gull flies, and in his
A thousand white shells in the mist
are seasoned with stinging pepper.
You reconsider
signs, velocities of strummed winds;
of which sand dunes, waves bound, would have 
you become king,
had you not surrendered to ask?
The speakers know about this thing.
Through the windshield bodes a dark church.
Men have come in suits not to search.


1st is 3rd street; 4th is Main street.
We sit like naked apes
and call upon our fake names
in a nameless world where we meet.
Slightly wave to the guard 
at the gate, lush gardens and palms,
carried in songs,
any road has glass shards.
Shiny ravens squawking hard,
the flat morning. Traffic eye.


Conspiratorial circles
over bland coffee, cigarettes, dull
wits, and a drunkard's revolution.
Sparrows hop, pick crumbs of muffins.
A clock faces a mirror's lull.
Presidential debate
on TV is like something to mull.
They say there is a solution,
sort of a truth-be-told.
And when I notice her, I misread her,
absent of me, what does war matter?
What do I care about human bombs?
Sand camouflage, countries' elephants,
Abraham and Cain and Able?
But I turn my head, shoot more bull.
Top the hill, at the broken tombs,
as kids we had no resistance.


Insufficient data coming
through, through the speakers a call,
Father is Son, Son is Father.
Turn around to watch free seagulls
in the mist above; they are becoming,
three of us on one sheet cumming.
Turn around, one bombed another.
And the whimsical cat meows.

I no longer read the papers now.
The news crowds like the Japanese
in Tokyo, when they sing Karaoke
and buy the latest game for Wii.

But you, my brother, send messages
about what you have heard, done, and seen.
Then life is as gentle as can be.

Details | Epulaeryu | |

Halloween Candy (Epulaeryu)

Halloween candy so nice
Like sugary spice
Crispy, creamy, chocolate
With tasty raisins
Trick or treat goblins
My tooth is 

© Joseph, 10/10/2007
© All Rights Reserved

The “Epulaeryu” poem is about delicious food and drinks. It consists of seven 
lines with thirty-three syllables. The first line has seven syllables, the second line 
five, the third line seven, the fourth line five, the fifth line five, the sixth line three, 
and the seventh line has only one syllable which ends with an exclamation mark. 
Each line has one thought relating to the main course. The Epulaeryu poetic form 
syllable count is 7/5/7/5/5/3/1. It has corresponding lines built around the main 
course, and concludes with the ending line expressing the writer’s excitement 
and feelings about the meal.  The Epulaeryu poetic form was invented by Joseph 

Details | Verse | |

When will you speak?

How do you feel when you don’t speak?
What is wrong if you participate in a discussion week?
Most of the people they never speak when they are free,
They never mind who is suffering they don’t like worry.

If ancestors who participated they don’t speak, 
What would be the nature of world’s steak?
The system is developed for everyone’s benefit,
If someone is poor, unemployed or a lit.

A person is managing and collecting complains,
How can he serve better he cares for blames?
If someone is n’t satisfied and living a wild,
He expects as a mature but plays as a child.

His excitement and encouragement is only a dream,
He always sparks he does n’t like main stream.
He behaves as a smuggler and seeds corruption,
His grudge is only money he cries for interruption.

When people visit to their God’s home,
He counts only donation his nature is as a broom.
Why do you prefer to work if money is only a matter?
A clever person has his opinion, he is a good chatter.

A person drew a cartoon of God you demonstrated,
I respect you if you understand God lives in a cartoon painted.
You never thought the innocents those who were blasted,
They were only human Bomb not human who were frosted.

When innocent were raped and killed you never spoke,
They were n’t you that are religious why mankind has stroke.
I am Dalit; I know that over the centuries you ruled me,
I am still Dalit crying for justice you always befooled me.

My God isn’t a God but your God is only a God,
That is equal for all; they are living at home or abroad. 

Details | Romanticism | |

Meretricious Rose

In the night I wake to find you 
Not in bed, only a pillow, which I wetted it 
Once, with tears of wrinkled time 
Lingers silently, beside me

Oh God, not again, I thought
My sleepy round eyes try to search 
In the stillness of the night, where they 
Slowly deflating like a worn tire

I keep my fingers crossed that you’re 
In the kitchen drinking ouzo, your favorite
Yet, my mind is bursting in paroxysm 
Of unusual, silent rage

But then, I heard sound, a familiar music 
Wafting out from the blue room
As I peer through the half-opened door
The dim light helped me see you, the real you

Lying, in contentment, with your admirer 
Her eyes perfectly closed, and your soft falsetto 
Makes her enjoy the warmness 
Of your blood in the cold winter night

She has your smile, and she’s just like you 
Full of secrets, but only not yet spoken
Why do I find, every time, without you near me
That I am this meretricious rose  

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Old Age Kills

Youth is bliss
old age cruel fate
when was I born I've forgotten the date
I'm old as Earth,dying since birth
every action's in slow motion near cadavic still
ther's no immortal youth potion ,only death pills
old age kills days are filled
with boring obsolete thrills
my mind betrays itself
until my will is forgotten
my flesh reeks,its begun to rotten
youth's our modern drug rave cause we age everyday
old age's perdition,suicide is wisdom
where am I now I've lost my vision
prayers to no one,who would dare listen
religion's myth and faith healings delusive
Tired ,near death,I've surrendered to painkiller bliss 
lethal injections and cheap narcotics
modern drug culture,youth sacrifice
stay high waste life
miracle news "Afterlife death cures old age too"
death is heaven
eternal life is memory
pain free forever , my death is destiny

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The Butler Made Me Do It

Where shall I go ?

             What shall I do   ?


                My  Dear
     I  Don't   Give   A    Dam

For I am  Gone With The Wind
In search of that Rhett Butler
Other Girls Can Dream Too LOL

Tribute To Great Movies

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I scream from this megaphone, 
this God-given voice amplifier! 
It is a gift to me, but only works 
in a certain way ... backwards! 
It is clear that my megaphone 
was mis-created just for me. 

I shout words like: "help me!" 
It reverberates within me again. 
The words I incant, echo into me 
like I'm yelling down a canyon - 
to a passage that is within me - 
I hear a cry, but no one else does. 

I am a drum, an empty one, alone. 
I try to call out, but only cry within. 
The reverb attacks my sensibilities, 
and so I scream again in disgust ... 
But I only repulse myself; I'm alone. 
I call though, again, out to you ... 

Alone, I hear my echo'd cry for you.

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The Note

I was corner-stoned by many of you.
The note was dotted with a dash.
But this note was an ultimate smash.
I found a peephole and peeped through.
I found a bird gave him the note and away he flew,
Across the deserts and the valleys he was there in a flash,
Across the rivers and Oceans he made a great big splash.
He made it to the shore, but the note he began to chew.
He passed a timely test,
And his belly was full,
He did not stop to rest,
The note he had to pull.
The bird landed on the Oceans shore,
Singing praises of his rugged chore.

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Yet More TV Guize Listings

"Sappy Daze"- the Fonz gets a job in a Vermont maple syrup factory and faints 
from the fumes.

"Fiends"- The gang decides to desecrate a cemetery.

"The Tyro Banks Show"- newly formed banks struggle against the established 
giants in this hilarious spoof of "Night Of the Living Deed"

ESPN-"Halls of Flame"-Firefighters struggle to contain a blaze at the 
Cooperstown Museum of Baseball.

"Dog, the Bounty Hunter"- An ugly man with unruly hair and a tubby wife trains his 
Yorkie to locate paper towels.

"Malcom Took a Piddle"- Malcom wets his bed.

"Forensic Smiles"- Crime investigators investigate 6 corpses found with lurid 

"Hannity and combs"- 30 boring minutes of Hannity styling his hair.

"Crops" (Unreality)- In Atlanta, farmers deal with renegade bol weasels.

"Larry King Dead"- the audience is spared another pompous tirade.

"That 70's Snow"- traces the birth of the cocaine market.

"Daily Mess"(Religious Outrage)- A tour of tom's house...pray for him!!

"The KIng of Queen"-A NY man becomes a transexual.

"KIng of the Bill"- Tom stacks 9 months of bills in a corner and ignores them.

"Star Dreck"-Boring, frightful look at William Shatner's singing career.

"Sanford and Stun"- Fred zaps Grady with a tazer.

"Ompha Windfree"- Oprah plays the tuba with the help of bellows.

"Rogaine's Heros"- The hairless POWs order deli specials.

"The Stopping Network"- The only network devoted purely to the sale of pilfered
stop signs.

"MSNBC Instigates"-the network prods a confrontation between Paris Hilton and 
Nicole Richie, over who can claim the lowest IQ.

"Twilight Bone"-Forensic scientist Quit-zee is forced to work overtime at night.

"Married With Stillborns"- Al is delighted to be child-free, thus keeping all of his 

hope ya got 1 smile...

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Cranberry Float (part2)I

time has no meaning here
all about is tidings and cheer
our team always win
and the wind keeps the kites high
the grass cut and green
the lake blue and serene
soccer moms and toddlers toddling
while dads encourage
at finale at last 
we run to to the square for a blast
we eat our burgers with cheese
and double malted shakes apease
but not for me the only thing that satisfies
is a cranbery float
whilst listening the juke box boom
and watching as everthing pulses in the room

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I want you

Passion erupting from your chest,
eyeing me like you do.
Singing to me, mouthing yes.
Telling me you want it too

Long for your smile, nail polised eye.
My body pulled close to you.
For your hand’s breath on my thigh,
Pupils say you want it to

Aged, to fine, more years to sin
Stubled man, my chance’as flew.
Caged, oh my, hungry for skin
I know you always wanted to

Your Eye confesses heat
feverd, I want it to
Waiting for lips to meet
Kiss me, mine want it too
Love, my heart lost a beat
Say yes, you wanted to
Just one time, and then repeat
Forever waiting, wanting you

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Untitled #128 / It's a green rubber ducky

It’s a green rubber ducky!
And now it squeaks and squeals
right inside Hannah’s ear
making her squeak and squeal!
Oh sweet startling mimicry!

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The Rooster Of Luck

eye was a young man growing old 
eye got older somehow no one knoes how 
that rooster that used too is gone 
the bull is the gelding now 
eye started out slow and got slower 
the meadow full of corn is now plowed 
time is a concern of mine never a friend of mine only my enemy time 
So many people unkind 
So many places 
unfathomable graces 
where eye was once eye can never go back 
where is the penny for luck 
where is the family that eye should have 
where is the full bread sack 
show me the dump 
where eye can stay with my sack 
show me my luck 

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The Poets Point of Separation

A disbanded little colony of wacky souls ensues:

Some will head to the high purple hills 
and live in caves.
They will bring cranberries and beets to crush
up and make paint with.
They will use horse hair brushes to write their
words on the cave walls for future cave dwellers.

Some, will make the long trek down to the sea.
They will bring sail cloth and hollowed out birch trees
and construct fine boats to set out on the blue.
Once past any site of land,
they will take empty oyster shells
and redeposit pearly orbs in them, now wrapped
in silk ribbons with words of poems written and bled on them with Indian ink.
They will plunk each one to the sea, watching them
sink as white stones past the line of sight, 
to the sweeping sands below.

Others, will head to the plains.
Cowboys to horses and tumbleweed hats.
They will ride to the point of exhaustion 
just to locate a piece of land that has never known 
human feet.
After setting up camp, fire burning the smoke signals of life,
they will sing their words to the coyotes and the night birds.

Still others, like me, will retreat to the land within.
Storing up words and prose, muttering rhyme in the shower
toward upward twisting steam.
Eating a breakfast of oatmeal, but living my life's thoughts through the eyes 
of an old man I saw briefly on the street the day before.

This wacky band of expression analysts.

Each as unique as the lands they will travel to:
The consummate lover.
The philosopher.
The artist.
The photographer.
The misfit.
The wonderful, blow your mind, every time, embodiment of inspiration.

A colony about to disband - to cover the earth in rhyme.

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There is nothing to worry about
Bills have all been paid!
Feel so happy I have to shout
I finally got it made!

Erasing my debt, he was so clever
The almighty says it’s ok
Benevolent and as generous as ever
The money had dwindled away 

God bless us all by removing our worry
We know you are here
God bless us all but father please hurry 
There has been greater fear

I told the landlord 
you took care of the rent
As you relayed it in my dream

He isn’t sure… 
you actually paid it 
And, he‘s about ready to scream 


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Pass It On

a piece of bread
is what god had said

take it for it is I through the body of Christ
now to me that is quite a sight

as it lays amidst 
my hands tonight

for I often think of my brothers and sister in africa
and often think of them not being tucked in their beds

I often think of their innocent children 
who are lying dead

and I often keep thinking
of what God had said

so tonight I come to 
share my wine and bread instead 

with those others who may
have not been watered or fead

as my tears start to now shed
and start flowing beads of red

for it's the blood of christ
lost during his plight

so as I stare at this cup also tonight
I sip and pass it with being so polite

to my brothers and sisters in christ
for it leaves me feeling sheer delight

Tribute To Our Lord

Also Entry To Sami Al Khahli's
A Piece Of Bread Contest

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Where do we fit...

It seems that woman need to be something...
Us man...well where do we fit in...
By our self...are we  a stock to be looked into...
Like brains...looks...working capital...
How do they...look at us...
After all the love is gone...
You know...the crazy side of hooking up...
Does this have a starting time...
Are the woman under pressure...
Who are we...some trophy hunters dream...
The scarry thing is...what about us left overs...
Where do we fit in...
We're the ones who watch the others...
The ones we wished we were but we're glad we're not...
Don't  you worry we're still in the biggest fishing hole...
Waiting our turn to get caught...
Just like a catch and release...
We have our own brand of bait...
What ever that is...
We don't even know...
But the woman think they do...
Don't you...

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Common Ground

Starry night, Star bright shine your light!
It’s a lost world traveling at a rapid speed.
Oh guide me and teach me to properly lead.
For I am down here where nothing is right!
Send me a wind to take my flight,
And let them all take heed!
I am the deepest seed.
For I stand in all my might.
Let the Sun shine down on me.
Let the rains walk away.
Set my eyes where they can see.
For I am day by day!
As the world spins around and around,
I shall be found standing on top of Common Ground!

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A World Of Images

Reflections in the mirror
shadows on the ground,
echoes in the air
replicating sound,
cameras taking photographs
movies and tv,
with a world so full of images
what is reality,
people search for truth
to make the world sublime,
should maybe change the system
and live in one world at a time.

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Who Rings...

When the bell rings...and just to fit with time...
What season are you in then...
No calling...other then the bells...
Can be heard...for the miles they sound...
Carry on with the work they do...
Each makes it's own mark...
It's own tune...just a step from each...
So no two are alike...when the bell's ring...
Now more then before...what songs come alive...
What has open new tunes...
Who knew...the sounds they bring...
For many stop just to listen...
Without knowing who rings...

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Writer's Block?

As I stare this blank page, 
I realize why;
Why could I not spill my thought?

What's wrong with me, the words gone?
All I want is to write, for freedom
Of thought is rejoicing.

But, I can’t do no more;
Lost my style, perhaps?
Is this the so-called writer’s block?

I could not even spell love,
Nor hate, for the spirits dead; 
Long dead, I’m done.

Blinking is what I got;
Pictures on it I see no more; 
Just but a white page.

As I stare this blank page
I realize why;
Why could I not spill my thought?

Ah, this is not…
A writer’s block, simply
I am out of love.

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Five Glychostones

There’s five glychostones and they’re hid very well.

One is a link to the future of a God given Grace.
One is a key to all of the boxes stuffed with mail.
One is a code to an ancient mystery and is a case.
One is a seed that grows throughout all the lands.
Moreover, the last is a main element for survival!

So we go journeying for the glychostones in the kingdom halls up in hands,

What a redemptive Holy revival!
Hands in hands they shall all go.
Not one, but two knows their way.
Just hope and always, always pray!
And never simply say I don’t know!

Just search for the five glychostones enriched in its purest true value,
Moreover, each has essential life sustaining merits of valor or honor, 
Hands fill up in the sands when the farmer awakens inside all of you!

Just search for five glychostones and seek to explore all you can do,
Each glychostone reaps in merits and honors ordained pure and true.

You will find every single one of them decked out in crystallites’ blue!
You are splendid with many abundant blessing hands upon your lands!

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I'm nowhere near perfect
My hair doesn't curl, isn't straight
I live for my straightener, 
But for the heat, it makes me wait.
I have a big mouth
Lots of drama and enemies
But I know how to have fun
And I make tons of memories.
I fall for guys easily
And let them break my heart
I get blinded by so-called "love"
So much, it tears me apart.
My friends and I don't always get along
About stupid stuff, we fight
I have good days, and, like everyone else,
I have days where nothing goes right.
I have memories of pain
I wish I could forget
I have said words, mean words,
That I've grown to really regret.
I'm vulnerable to believing lies
I hope, someday, I won't need a fake smile
I hope that, eventually, I'll be who I want to
Even though it'll take a while.
I make up excuses for everything
A lot of times, like to class, I am late
I do kind of risky and crazy stuff
But the laughter sure is great.
I'm nowhere near perfect
Far from that "ideal" target
But hey, that's life, you live and love
And eventually, you learn from it.
The good times count for everything
And nothing counts for the bad
We all have our ups and downs
And our days that make us sad.
We all have our reasons 
To love and to love not
It's worse to have never loved
Than to have loved and lost.
Every kiss counts for something
Even if it's the worst
No one's perfect, really, they're not
So you, for "perfection," do we thirst?
Is there some unseen prize
In the way we all are the same?
'Cause there's only one way for the world to be perfect
But that's not something I want to gain.
When we really take a step back
From all the tabloids and magazines
That push the whole "perfect" attitude
A sigh of relief, can we breathe.
When we walk away from all the rest of the world
And forget about the ideal 
We can see how truly amaing our lives are
And we can begin our own spiel.
Doesn't that sound amazing,
To take total control over our world? 
Well, why on't we try right now?
Let's give "imperfection" a whirl!
I'm not even close to being perfect
I don't know why I wanted to be
"Imperfect" is actually a pretty awesome title
And I'm proud to say it describes me.

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Some are murders, some
 are thieves, and some are 
peasants don’t you see...

Murders, thieves, peasants, 
judges and juries…

Ravens are thieves, as 
you know, watch them they
 may even find a corpse…

Murders, thieves, peasants,
 judges, juries and Ravens…

They mean but one thing, 
a trial of sorts…

By Sandra Lea Hoban

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Ancient Anthills

They ate the carcasses of worms, drunk the blood
Of ants, pests and rodents;
So did this people who dwelt in these anthills.
Till their ailing bodies wreaked, smothered with
Pain and unrest.

They crawled upon the ancient footpaths 
That led them, deeper and much deeper
Into the densely and thickly thriving forests.
No sunshine would they behold for days
No cloudbursts could they hide their withering 
Faces from, he says.

He says-
Well, the old man says- I started living here
Since distant ages ago
Ages long gone and hard to come by.
I stayed here, witnessed the moments
When famine walked majestically 
Into the verandahs; It climbed unto the tops of 
The thatched houses having done with several
Gallops and hops like the ill-timed movements
Of birds on the corridors.

Blurts this man who swallows dozens of health-
Sustaining, life-prolonging, divine herbal
Medicinal pills; He speaks in accents that would
The most insensitive hearts present in the bodies
Of courageous men in this community throbbing,
With ticks of uncontrollably wild laughter:

A good gift should never spark a rift;
Of the bottles and kegs of oil
My forebears defended, kept and left behind
For me, of these long-but-not-forgotten places of green
Memories, may we ever scale past the huge mountains
Before us, and always feed on its balmy substance
Of wisdom.

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The Swinger

gotta get out of this place
to many now know my face
dressed from head to toe in my leather and lace
trying hard to run at a fast and steady pace
I just know I just gotta get out of this place

the booze the men all getting on my case
music's blare all such a disgrace
want the world to just go away at a faster pace
leave me here to die with such a sad looking grin on face
knowing I  have to just gotta get out of this place

money in the jar for just in case
daughter's picture surrounded by flower vase
I don't care if I been maced
another day I walk in disgrace
just knowing I just gotta get out of this place

around the bend she hit second base
a safe haven without a trace
of this gal and her leather and lace
dancing and hitting the clubs of distaste
for she finally made it out of this place

Tribute To Those
Getting Out Of The
Dancing In Clubs

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Stability Of Humanity

The clouds
are tinted red
as the sun sets,
  I watch from
    the shade
      of an old oak tree.
The sky 
looks like after
    a nice savage attack,
stuffing from furniture,
   covered in blood.

My mind 
  has slowed to a crawl,
barely screaming
        in its cell,
leaving me temporary peace,
   hardly being pressured
by the thirst
    for what
      I do so well.

Its hard to believe
that I enjoy
where the crimson fluid of life
      isn't matting down my hair
and chunks of flesh
    aren't flying about me,
but it doesn't last long
      and as the sun
              dies on the horizon
I feel the pull
     of your unworthy souls
calling me
     to separate them
                 from your bodies,
well I mustn't
         keep them waiting.

I let the shadow swallow me,
traversing the darkness
like a footpad
    on the rooftops
  in a medieval city,
and as Slayer said
I quote
   "In an unforeseen future
    nestled somewhere in time,
    unsuspecting victims,
    no warnings,
          no signs,........
    before you see the light
                   you must die."
And so that
    is the purpose
       for me here,
without dark,
      there can be no light.
So between
   showing evil
             to society
and doing my part
     in population control
I'm quite a busy fellow,
   doing my best
       to make humans
                 grow as a whole,
if I get
   to release
        the vileness
that builds up
          within me
like a volcano
and chunks of flesh
into the air,
   staining the sky
       a dark brick color
so be it,
     it doesn't 
          hurt everybody
and wasn't it said
   "The sacrifice of a few
               benefits the masses."

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' Legendary ... ' ( Part 4 (of) 4)

‘ Legendary …’  ( Part  4 (of) 4 ) 

Now, that the Maiden was Unaided, Quickly, ‘He’ Located, Her Craftily
Beth, was in A Flurry, Too Much in a Hurry to Hear Turning of A Key 
Alas’ … The Happenstance of Harm, at the Bower, twas’ Done Most Foully !
Alas’ … The Happenstance of Alarm, Maid twas’ Undone for Shameful Villainy!

 * * *  The Maid so Afraid, for The Earl Waylaid – Her, to His Infamy
He Ravaged and Damaged The Maid … and Took Her Innocency …

And She, in Her Distress and Mental-Regress and Misery
Sat Horrified-Aloof, Sitting in Soiled Proof, of Her Plundered Chastity
There Could Nay be Gathered, Her Tattered-Wits twere’ Shattered, even for Modesty
As The Earl snidely Chuckled, and Boastingly Buckled His Belt, Smirking Heinously

Yea, The Earl had Sated His Dissipated Lust and Gloated – Gleefully
Went Back to The Masque-Ball and Unmasked and Called and Mocked Maliciously
Impugned Beth, to One and All, of Her Downfall from Grace to Impropriety
The Earl Made Sure … The Stunned Knight Would Overhear, The Indecency …

But Much to The Earl’s Chagrin and also Akin to Cowardice and Incredulity
… The Knight Spoke Nay a Word, Only The Hissing of His Sword, Struck Accordingly
The Last Look, The Earl Saw Was … Rage and The Fraught-Gaze of  Insanity !
Yea, The Knight, Smote The Gloat off The Face of the Vile Earl, Most Deservedly …

* * *

Thence, The Knight, in Their Sight, Became Legend That Night as He Fought Mightily
He Escaped Royal Guards, His Heart was Beating Hard, as He made it to The Bowery
And by the Window, He could see by Melted Tallow, a piece of cloth hung Raggedly
caught Wherefore Beth … had jumped to Her Death … and Lay Below Crookedly …

* * *

Now, Tis’ Sad To Recite … They Hung The Poor Knight,  tis’ Further Travesty
For The Earl, tho’ Highborn, wast’ a Cur to Be Scorned … a Monstrosity !
Alas’ …  and Aghast, the hope of Lovers Together at Last, Turned into Tragedy
Fie’ and Fain, lest’ we Forget, this be A Story and yet… couldst’ be Reality …

Yea, Fie’ and Fain, lest’ We Forget, …  Why The Earl, His End Met … 

                        … This Too Was Vanity …   Eccl. 1: 14

‘ … Sweet Wine On My Lips … Drip In Ecstasy
Sweet Touch On My Hips … Smooth as Warm Honey
Sweet Love of My Soul … Last An Eternity
Sweetheart, Be Thy Bold in Bravery …
… and if Sweet Talk, Be A Token
And Language Be Spoken …
Be Legendary … Be Thou Legendary ! ‘

                               The End

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Feathered Fathers Of Our Land

Feathered fathers of our land,
Woeful wraiths on high,
Sinewy slithers wove of man,
Steadfast yet untried,

Feathered fathers of our land,
Feeble fortunes found,
Lost upon the broken man,
As silence drew a sound,

A picture perfect echoed call,
A siren sowing doubts,
The feathered fathers of our land,
Flee in times of drought,

Throwing caution to the wind,
Footloose and fancy free,
Feathered fathers of our land,
Does love mean much to thee?

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Untitled #282 / I see everything #2

I see everything.
I see your fingers and your eyes
and your soul
Can you see me?

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Of many are poets in soup
gagged with the air we breathe
suffocated by the strings of hawks
perked by the long neck of an ostrich.

Drown in the murky water of obsequiousness
tied to the apron strings of what to chomp
turned juggler for survival instinct
danced to the tune of he that plays the piper.

Others' soup plunged them into soup
tongue-lashing the untouched of the land
louding the truth above the speaker of life
paying for the conviction in-built

But the poet is already in the pot
struggling to un-pot himself
fromthe fangs and thorns of the land
how long will he be potted still in the pot?

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Cranbery Float (part3)

Can you feel the awe in the air
caressing all with it's range
catering to the joys of this earthly paradise
created in the mind of it's author
care free children frolicking to and fro
capturing the sun in a tall glass of juice to sweeten it more
cranbery floats are best on these days

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Personalities split in two.
A massive of confusion no one could have knew.
Feelings and choices contradict.
It’s an out of control truth that cannot predict.
Emptiness is honest and whole.
It’s a disease of the sole.
Washed up and away.
Only one of us can stay.

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Time Out

time out, my love
fire is everywhere…
our safety first

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The Mirror

Each time I look in a mirror
I know just what I should see
I am looking at my image
or is my image looking at me.

I'm always a bit disappointed
it never shows me as it should
most of the time I'm fairly well dressed
but it never shows me looking good.

If my image and I could change places
would anyone really know
my reflection and I are exactly the same
so surely nothing could show.

we move together in unison
there is nothing I can hide
my reflection has everything I have
but it's all on the other side.

so whenever I look in a mirror
the image I see looks so real
and I know it will always show how I look
but can never show how I feel.

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Kindred Spirit

Is your spirit ready to cross the great big Ocean?
And is your heart open to the wind and free to run? 
It’s where our nights and days are never done,
It’s where we sail and soar with a higher notion.

We are the magic’s most powerful potion.
Lying under the heat of the scorching Sun,
It’s where you and I lay together as one.
It’s where our spirit is in mighty motion.

Carried across the Mountains peak,
One by one it is our blissful state.
Many and more will rise to seek.
The Moon’s glow conquering their fate!

Shielded by my glorious kindred spirit,
You will all know my voice when you hear it.

® Registered: Ann Rich 2006

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Organic or Not...

Fields that flow into your space...
Does this move you...
What connection has been used...
Who are you...
Are you one with the organic...
You smell like a organic...
Adding fields around your space...
 Will this lead to the growth...
Organic or not ...
Man made...trouble...
And what laws are you following...
Nothing says you cannot grow...
A few might even tell you where...
What happens when your fields flow into
Can this controlled organic be stopped...
Who are you...
Are you me...
Simplify organic...

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Just Because

Just because, 
I really thought I was!
I was coming and coming,
Holding nothing back!
I could go anywhere,
I could go running!
I came unlatched.
I just really can not compare!
Just because,
I just really knew it was!
I kept going and going,
Holding nothing back!
I went showing!
I was unlatched
I am just really glowing!
Just because,
It really was,
It was here and now!
Holding nothing back!
I go proud!
I am unlatched!
I am just really now!
Just because,
It really was!
But gone forever!
Holding nothing back!
I went clever!
I became unlatched!
I was prisoner, 
Just because 
I really was!

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[Billy once spoke of our approaching doom]

Billy once spoke of our approaching doom.
Revealed stitched-cross against bare groom.
But fear never chilled stiff steel handle.
Then he ranted silent scandal!
Now Billy talks little in him white padded room.

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to see  the stage
not about age
it never fades
you make  astart
and get apart
not be wack
but to act
i like it live
tho i pay

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The Journey 1-6-98

                                            The journey we’re on could end so fast
                                            So live everyday as if it is your last.

                                           The world is hard to live in, everyone can
                                           But we must give in, and show what we can take.

                                           People and things will hurt us, that’s an easy thing to see
                                           So there’s no need to fuss, believe me.

                                           Everyone goes through it and that’s no lie
                                           But we must give up and want to die.

                                          Life is a gift so hold it close to your heart
                                          A lot of things happen that seem to be hard.

                                           But always remember, someone loves you
                                           Believe me, I know that I do.

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The End...

Have you heard..."In the beginning..."
Yes...a few times...what of it...
Ever think that very few starts are different...
Sounds...good...think it can keep you reading...
After a while...I wonder...if boredom sets in...
In thinking that how many stories...look the same...
They start with the same feel...can they carry you...
You know...hook fishing...
Good start is hard to find...let alone set the story...
Then what how do they end...a fairy tail ending...
A adventure...ending in a win...a love refound...
How about the old girl meets boy...
Easy start..."In the beginning..."
But the end of it all is what it is all about...

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'The Woman and The Wall...'

The Woman Stands By The Wall
… knowing No Harm Shall Pass Thru
It is Strong … Made of Stone and Tall
A Constructed, Marvel – True …

The Woman Places By The Wall …
… a Basket of Hopes and Dreams
She knows, No Creepy Creature Can Crawl
Past This Foundation, as Deep as the Seas …

And The Wall Reaches to Destinies Un-Shown
Long Distance, Soaring Sure and Straight
So, the Woman can Lean Upon
and Rest on This Journey So Great

The Woman Stays By The Wall
The Wall Blocks Out Horrible Views
And Screams and Things Too Evil To Call…
… She Never Wants To Go Over You …

The Woman Holds Onto The Wall
Admiring Its Fortitude, Its Texture
And Tho’ Her Hands May Be Small
She Will Attempt to Respectfully Measure

… This Reliable, Wonderful-Wall
Stands Built, for Her Pretty Protection
So, This Battle-Scarred-Wall, Will Not Fall…
… from Her Supporting, Adoring, Affection

For God, Took Away Her Prayer-Shawl                    1 Cor. 11: 5
as She Marched, Under Heavenly-Protocol
and Master-Builder, Chose This One Over Them All
to Be Her Outstanding, Warrior-Wall !

…  The Woman and The Wall …

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As a toy my life is basic...
I was bought years ago...
Yes...I had good times and bad times...
My life time is spent...
Outside the walls with my owner...
And also inside...
Sometimes I'm left and lost...
I have had a few others like myself...
That are still around...
Our owner when young...
Well lets say...was never really into taking care of our looks...
Or to what could be done to us...
Damage does happen...
These are the ones that are left behind...
You do not want to be damaged...
Now in my later years...
Myself and others are collectibles...
So we are in view for others to see...
As a collectibles we are taken care of...
Unlike our earlier years...
As a toy...

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One for the Road (or, Redneck Piggly Wiggly

At precisely 6:45 each morning
the house, it starts to shake
I don't need a clock
Oh no, for godness sake...

Big Ol' Redneck Piggly Wiggly
goes roaring off to war
I thing I'd rather listen
To seven people snore
His truck must use a jet-engine
And top grade jet fuel too
Just where he works I wonder
But i think I have a clue
When he comes home I 
go just as insane...
He roars in like a 747
Landing on that tiny landing lane

Lumberjack?  Hunter on attack?
Construction worker who needs no tool.
I'm sure he could lift a jetliner
Or maybe I'm again the fool

I'm rather sure, I swear
I'd bet my derriere
No Maitre' D is he...
No Physicist do I there see
Not an MD, mailman, or
salesman...unless he sells
chopped wood...
Maybe a Moonshiner perhaps,
Now that'd be oh so good

I'm ashamed to talk this way
Cause I'm no dandy either
Imagine what he'll say
Of me, no I can't either...

Don't judge a TV show
By critics who critique
They often don't really know
And I guess that's not  unique
They've never watched I know
Just ad-lib it as they go...
I think I'd better end
this silly, silly rhyme
I don't know why I do it
I just do it all the time

I hope you're not too mad
If I seem to have a cause,
And that I didn't  show myself
to be one with adnauseam...

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What a Shame?

This poem is dedicated to an Innocent murdered modeller Jesica Lall, She was 
shot dead in the gathering of four hundreds in a hotel in Delhi. Seven years 
proceeding, Indian Court freed her killers because their parents were political 
and Landlord. They bought judicial system, police and witnesses. The people 
they worship God everyday but their souls are dead? They stop to reckon killers. 
What is a shame on Indian Justice? Where are human rights for poors in India? 
Is the world captured by dishonest souls? They have no meaning for poor’s 
living. We need such international Court where a poor can beg for Justice.

What is a great India?
God always having his birth,
As a Lord Buddha,
As a Lord Krishna,
As a Lord Rama,
As A Guru Nanak,
As a Guru Gobind Singh.

200 thousands Saints,
Everyday practice Religion,
They exercise experiences of life,
A faith and dedications,
For human achievements,
They worship monkey and elephant Gods,
For their standard of living.

But most souls are corrupt,
Everyday is a new scandal,
Parliament introduced new Laws,
But Member of Parliament drinks it's juice,
Judicial system burns in bribery,
Police peels off the skin of innocents,
Bureaucracy is sucking blood.

Everyone was born racist,
They live and die racist,
What is a pity India?
Where God having his Birth,
Or untouchables, for being a human,
Agitation is only for justice,
Preaching is a way of earning. 

World is thinking,
India is a democratic country
What's a shame?
Feudal system is still active,
And blaming colonialism,
After fifty sex years sovereignty,
Caste, Religion, language and colour,
Dowry system burnt only innocents.

World is a Global village,
Is it a symptom of a civil nation?
Or World politician are also getting corrupt,
Who afraid n't to take an action,
Who will secure human rights?
Is the terrorism n't progressing?

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My corrupted site idea

Its a Scotland yard murder mystery poetry cult
you start out writing flowers and scenarios in which you wish to be stumbled 
inside outside
every house has a room, from chat room to chat room
no one knows
and them the mods randomly select a winker
and he begins sliding with instructions of who is dieng 
and how they fade
they follow instructions
but the slider has to work diligently not to get caught

when the detectives can catch him
and prove his footsteps
and he is caught red handed
they begin again
some may stay ghosts you r poetry there for everyone to enjoy
the crime scene gets harder and harder to decipher every time

so strategy comes into play
and subtle metaphors and illiteration
and new styles are born
acrostics and chilling tales

poetry cult mystery Scotland yard detective poetry
one day when i have enough money and no how
I'll spread the word
and you can all join

from sitting ducksto endless laughter 
to ghosts of mazes of mansions
to fairytale chapters
to oracles of insight
to revelations of mass hysteria and political Assassinations
how do you want to go in the next round
its all innocent

from chat room to chat room
for the dead that walk among us
and the living
and the dance of Gabrielle's souls
of the new and old religions 
a whole new internet world shall unfold
murder mystery Scotland yard detective cult poetry of laughter to the artistic jokes 
we never tell but get in time

its a crime all right
but whose still living whose dead
give me a sign

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The Excursionists

the excursionists
visiting the lake of green
did they find haiku?

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the Apparition

the Apparition
in the morning news headlines
what is the message? 

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Souper-Men/Souper Woman-Convention Idea

I think we should ask the Soup people about this convention-where to have- how 
much each would need to contribute.  This could be a big promotional coup for 
the Soup people-even if they charge us , say $20 per head to attend- and more 
for site...etc...And perhaps I can get my old band together for entertainment- I'd 
even do some of my stand-up and comedy gratis.  and maybe 
vote for a couple of categories of poetry- romantic, humourous-sad-life-loss- 
and "Grand Master Poet"  Please advise me of your thoughts!  Thank you, and 
God bless you all!!        tom bell

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Weekender Volume One

(“Radio Free Europe” solemnly mourns our solitary grace.) 

I partitioned thought
Upon his waist
Versace vespers voiced,
Provincial pinstripes caress 
Accentuated vulgarities,
Transparent titillation, 
“Trans- Atlantic
Servile Alex”
Nostalgic nudity,
Consistently demure, 
Brunette, unattainable,
Pre-emptive self depreciation,

Her justice,
His additional mathematics,
Phrasing praise, pulling pints
Unto a lacquered finish,
Convoluted, contrived,
Ultimately perfect,

Impressionistic hues, 
Plaintive perception
Penalised as 
Keane sports the hoops,
McLeish begs to differ,
Paisley feuds rhythmic rues 
Ardently converse,
Platonic tonics 
Botanic Avenue,

Pubs walk the pub talk
Along post natal promenades,
Soluble catheters 
Empathise within,
Awoke by a synthetic kiss;

“Lads, the same time next week?”

“Ai, if you’re buying…”

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With all the might, the weight of knowledge of the grave,
  The clay of swamps and human souls laid waste,
Composed in gothic castle bowels towered on the crags,
  The genius of madness in this universe disgraced.
Forked the lightning throttled at the cold conductors,
  Glowing blue fluorescence, spitting sparks upon the slate,
Crackled, pulsing energy surged to the dungeon deep
  And bade mouldering death to live in rotten dissipate.
To dream to be as God is, to do as God has done,
  To trespass on humanity in breach of science name,
Beholding of the horror, of vile reanimated flesh,
  To rail against the heavens in a rage of fire and flame.
To watch with dawning horror as it cracks a milky eye,
  And twitching, scabrous fingers rap upon the bloody bed,
Bandages torn open, trailing from the feral face
  Contorted by the seizures of the newly living dead.
Unleashed upon the earth a freshly birthed abomination,
  From out the womb of hell, some half-aborted patchwork son,
Too late to ask the question at the seething, looming frame,
  “Dear God who art in heaven, dear God what have I done?”

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The fibers of my heart are strung tight as a dream catcher

The fibers of my heart are strung tight as a dream catcher
my soul pressed tight between crimson lips
a black haired Buddhist girl
whose very eyes spell out the Dharma
seized control of my consciousness

her slender fingers trace
a heart-shaped impression
on my impressionable mind
and the icy palm of uncertainty
brushes back and forth across my chest

when she opens her mouth to speak
the gates of heaven open up
and I hear a chorus of bells and angels

to touch her warm, white skin
would send chills down my arms
and rekindle the smoldering flame in my heart

the dimples on her cheeks are 
rabbits bounding through a snowy field

on a clear day the sky in not blue, but empty
when there are clouds the sun smiles his blessing on no one
and the birds sing for others,
and the violets are painted not for me

could not speak to an angel
wrote her this poem

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My Cage

I remember being always in your sight
Running with speed of deer
Untouchable in a fair race.

I remember hearing your foot steps
A symphony to me
Like wind carries
The smell of a forest.

I remember when I was set free
Ocean runs in my blood
My cage still unbroken
Cold in weeping fog.

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' Legendary ... ' ( Part 3 (of) 4 )

‘ Legendary …’  ( Part  3 (of) 4 ) 

… Now, The Earl, had Spies, to keep Intruding Eyes On The Tryst of Secrecy
Beth’s Tresses, like Raven Wings and Eyes Emerald-Green, Became His Fantasies
Yea, He erstwhile Plotted, for He wast’ Besotted with the Cobbler’s Daughter’s Beauty
All to no Avail … for Beth Knew Well,  Twere’ None, More Wretched, than He !

So, She didst’ Spurn his Declaration and Protestations of Undying Fidelity
She didst’ Return, His Portrait and String of Pearls and His Poems, Peremptorily
Forasmuch, and twas’ this and such, She Rebuffed all His Pleasantries
In Favor of Her Knight, she Reserved This Right, which Enraged, Their Enemy
 - - - - - - -
Now, Twas’ but an Instant, of Insistent Cajoling, that Beth Pleaded Prettily
To Part with Her Swain, til’ Their Hearts Came, to be Joined For Perpetuity
To Compose Herself, for Their Nuptial-Heft, She twould  Prepare Hastily
And Rendezvous for His View, stating … ‘ I  twould’ Look, My Best for Thee!’

And as She left His side, She was Singing Most Merrily …

‘ …  Carry Me in Thine Arms, to Our Beloved Balcony
To a Bed of Blushing-Rose-Petals and Wild-Tossed-Peonies
A Bed Lover’s Designed … Draped in Damask and Brocade -Satiny
And let Moon-Glow, from Yon’ Window, Bathe Us Both Bodily … ‘

… and The Handsomely Styled, Smitten Knight Smiled, as He Heard Her Warm Gaiety …

… Sweet Wine On My Lips … Drip In Ecstasy
Sweet Touch On My Hips … Smooth as Warm Honey
Sweet Love of My Soul … Last An Eternity
Sweetheart, Be Thy Bold in Bravery …
… and if Sweet Talk, Be A Token
And Language Be Spoken …
Be Legendary … Be Thou Legendary !

                                  ( Part 3 (of) 4 )

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The Pacemakers


Crazy senses
           Careless senses
 In a minute joy
                    Of being two
The rhythm of one body
           The pacemakers

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A Legend

Thousands of years before history
when civilisation began,
there lived an intelligent race of people
who could be the ancestors of man,
their knowledge was far superior
to anything we know now,
and everything we have achieved
is because they have shown us how,
they lived in a place called Atlantis
I'm told by a reliable source,
but you really don't have to believe it
for it's only a legend of course.

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My Developing Image

My world is modernizing,
New techniques developed my mind,
I found money,’ a factor’,
Only accelerating device,
If body is tired,
A small dose can provide rest,
If mind is tired, 
Only few healthy subscriptions can provide rest,
But if a mind is mental,
Sometimes electric shocks fail to provide normality.
A Disturbed or pressurised person,
Can we count him as human?
What is an identity of normality?
Can we imagine?
A person can feel,’ satisfaction’?
Is a person being satisfied?
Always he has a new plan,
What he will eat, drink, wear or conversat,
And always puzzled to measure his success,
When he failed, he alters and struggles again,
To marginalized his factors,
His worry expands and decreases as money,
Scales upwards and downwards,
His heart passes through tides,
Only disappointment produces,
When he has no money,
He counts himself as a beggar,
When he has money, he is expired,
He feels danger of loss,
But the world is modernizing,
A fear of death is socializing?
Corruption and smuggling,
Inner and outer,’ my daily routine,
I can’t demonstrate,
Because of the modernizing society,
They paid to kill someone,
They paid to care someone,
They paid to suck someone,
They paid to bury someone,
Sympathy and forgiveness,
Covering me as modernizing my world,
Where money is only a factor,
That is a task of my normality

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Complacent Desires

Courage and boldness we have forgotten in these days.
Our ancestors had only future expectations to live for.
Maybe, we have slaughtered the ideas; they had in a way.
People relaxed and comfortable, nothing new in store,
Laziness of no dreams or desires; we have it all today.
Anxious not for any changes, let us keep it the same.
Centuries of ruins would not exist, if they had no fire.
Expressing nothing that we have now, without a game,
Now think; where we would be, without their simple desire,
Trapped with no mechanics, science, or exploration aim,

Dreams are what made us, this so-called great nation.
Everyone wants to fight progress, save the past notion.
Salvation of our ancestor’s greatness is in information.
I want to preserve historic ideas, creations in contemplation.
Relics, continued treasure, do not forget about expansion.
Events from the past show we are full of personification.
Secure the now, and then stand firm for forward motion. 

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What Power We Speak

   a sibilated soul swiftly flung from two lips embowed, intended to access the 
essence of its recipient and grasp on so tightly that when it is recoiled , the 
unsettled reviler removes a shred. Now inadequate and left immature, the undone 
immortal lashes out with irrelevance of consequence. It recaptures what was once 
lost, only now to find that it has gained a piece of its opposer, It is unconscious 
of the effectiveness of its actions but even now whole again, the affliction 

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                              H             H             W            H
                              E             E              A             U
                              L              Y              V             G
                              D             S              E             S
S                            .               .                .               .
    H                        .               .                .               .
        A                    I shall mark days with you....
           K                 I'll always have you to.............
              E              Meet new ones........................
                  .            To add them to my book of....
                    .          memories.................................

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unknown darkness

unknown darkness,
indecapitating love,
lifeless corps in a dark void,
useless in life or death,
bloodless void without a soul,
limp and dying with nothing to hold,
was once a beutifull window of hope,
now laying there by a nuse on a rope,
family crying tears of sadness replaced by what was once joy,
burning and charing in a hopless void of burning corpses,
the people scream and yell upon vingionce as they star,
raising the pitchforks and shovels in the midnight air,
darkness consumes them,
they dont care !
ignorance swept among the people caused by greed and the unknown,
a hellstorm arose and people stormed and sense went out the window,
after the crows of childrens darkenss arose,
in the town of salem,
what was once a happy place were all was free,
the church decided to impale the hearts of another bielife,
crime they said! sin they said!
the serpants child!
they must pay!
well crime has been done and nothing has become,
crime was paid,
and time has stayd right at the window !
life is ubundant and so is the soul, eternal in life and in strife,
rite at the window!
blessd be! 

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As I was a kid in my younger years,
I grew with a lot of hate and so many fears.
I fought them alone,by myself inside.
When in the public,my fears I would hide.
I would cry my way through the worst of my fears,
When they got to loud,I would cover my ears.
I was just a kid,didn't matter I guess,
I fought my fears,I did my best.
The fears I had was of a ghost,
Noe that I am grown,I laugh at my host.

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A Bad Man

Normally our education provide us,
If a person has good looking,
And he seems a gentle,
Nobody suspects him a bad man.

If a gentle person has bad looking,
And he seems as a beggar or poor,
Everyone suspects him,
He is a thief or robber.

A performance counts everywhere,
People want to enjoy only beauty,
It is sophisticated or natural,
Everyone minds only a taste.

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' Sweet, Little Man ... ' (Limerick # 3)

             ‘ Sweet, Little Man ’

There Was the Sweetest, Little Man, Named Nate
    Who was so Bald… He got a Headache
      From the Kisses, that were Planted
On His ( 2 Month-Old Head )… He Demanded …
“Why Won’t Mama, Put A Cap On My Pate ?

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Lost in my life
everything is a myestery
i can not describe
what is happening in history

for life is not pain
going insane
when people have life
then the time perscribes a wife

when world comes to an end
then everything goes stright down the drain
so time is just a bend
for all the soul of the experments of the lain

for everyone trys
and everyone dies
when time just slows down
then i hit the ground

for everwhere i go
i just went really want to show
and things will not pass
as i go now in the grass

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Shattered doll

Shattered doll tattered and torn 
Tossed aside and not played with anymore.
You ragged material compared to me.
You must be begging to be free.
Used up and worn
Missing buttons galore.
You probably wonder what you existence is for.
You cotton is sticking out.
Your stitching is coming out.
No one plays with you anymore.
A doll so poor.
You are now thrown away.
No one wants to play.
Ragged tattered shattered doll.
You are agonized with the fall.
You are me!
I finally see.
I stand tall,
As a ragged tattered shattered doll.

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Have not asked much,
still attached to you with subtleties,
I wanted freedom from you,
For removing stings from the flesh.

Anxiety was the darkest color
of floating buds on lake.
Sitting on the edge of panic,
I started counting the waves.

Mixed emotions always subtract a smile
Just lonely, I went for the swim in rimless agony.
Have not heard much of you in ages.
Still memories crop up for a while.
I wanted nemesis from you.

Talking of blue and white clouds
love has many moods.
Devastated by a burning moon
I was wishing a watery burial.


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Aksamim oksuzlugu
Gun olmamis yildiz
Sokaklar sensiz utanmis
Yikadilar gecemi tutamadim 
Ruzgarlar  adsiz  sensiz
Ruzgarlar esdi  sokaklarda
Yarim  alamam kendimi
Bir cinar bir tas adsiz 
Ruzgarlar cananim 
Esti sesiz sokaklarinda
Utanirim oksuz kendimden

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Amnesia (Mixed Rhyme)

Love, you know I yelled at this lady;
Not that I envied her slim body,
But ‘cos she claimed, you as her buddy;
She asked me if your name is Teddy;
Her son said: please, return my daddy.

So, I ask you: Is there something I should know?
Just be honest, and I’ll not start a fight;
Gee, I’ve no idea of this lady you saw; 
Have not you guarded the bird very tight!? 

Then, why was she looking for you? 
All I ask myself is why;
She’s cold stare; as I passed by,
She said, you and her, is this true? 

Oh please, stop it, honey! It’s just in your mind, 
Those silly things that I never even thought; 
Thou my heart is such a rhymer, still, I’m thine; 
And you really think, by her, I will be caught?

Maybe, she’s not in her good head;
But, her son looks like you, she said; 
Enough, here you go again; 
You know, your nagging makes me sick! 
Outraged, she hit him with a stick;
He laughed at her, with disdain.

Insulted by his deeds, she pushed…and pushed him;
And he fell, banging his head against a beam;
This caused him to see dancing stars in a gleam.

Shook his head….and walks to the door,
Leaving her, sobbing, on the floor.

Love, where are you going? She asked.
He looked back and said with voice, hushed. 

I’m going to my wife and son.
She screamed: No, no…you are my man!

You? Never met, my name’s Teddy.

And, you are not my slim lady.

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You can not see

Behind closed doors,
within haunting walls.
Bewildered cries.
Disturbing calls.

Nosey neighbour,
reports of the scene;
anxiously waiting
to hear, "Not as it seems..."

No Florence Nightingale,
this Lady of the lamp;
inviting in strangers, -
house a massage parlour - vamped.

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Bullet In The Chamber

Nobody can prevent,all you can do for crying out loud 
is join in its allowed.Allah ain't laughing.Ha Ha He
He.Every single signal of communication..Dangerous
like a bullet in the chamber.I am on am to fm
stereo;From digital,antenna,sattelite,also created HD
radio;I control ohms to make people say um.Day until
p.m.Each day I am if I wasn't why would I say I am.I have
no direction;I use every english word that I have
constructed.I use these commands at my selection.
Which gives my govt. the U.S.A. & I the biggest
erection.Never final. People should do a bowel
movement. I never throw in the white towel.I am after
the crown.All I ask is for is to form an original
thought. I faught and fought for a form of
thought.The f curse word is derived from forming.I wil get
laid,now a days,to hatch an egg.Unity= YoU aNd  I
Tea;whY not add lemon plus milk; and also "Equal"
and/or "Splenda".Its slpendid that I precisely select
the price of products."Equals" I did and still do.Is
dictatorship all right with you? I ma(ke it h)appen  I keep using a cue of clues to 
lead you; to lueryou to whom is the #1 world leader. This sole controllers' soul is 
sold on dvd's and cd's around the globe. I am used, misused, and abused.I 
mention a mansion. I am so intelligent. I will pop a tent. Earth is my brain. Every 
day before I wake I feel the power, I have explained I need a interview to show the 
world my inner view. The world will maintain on how I feel. I control mother nature 
so I wander maybe people could show me a sign of life, I take over the tv screen 
and the reality scene. I will reproduce the same as before during this era of 
errors until I am confronted. The world is insane, and I will reproduct at random 
who fills the shoes of who did it before. But who cares, and/or who would take 
action. All people do is believe and watch what I work hard to do. I am a ghost/ 
holy spirited person. This present tense. Is the future that I am physically in. My 
supervision controlled environment. I am the creature that makes the future.

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So what's alittle sin...

From what sin's does mortal man make...
Can all man be made mortal...
And if to be mortal how does sin take place...
We think we know...
What if this not what others think...
Of the great books written...
They all play a roll...
But does it mean it's a sin...
Look at history...we haven't change...
From monkey to man...some say...
I don't mind...but for one thing...
What if some of those great books...
The writings in whole was a lie...
Would they say nothing and carry on...
You judge some of this thinking...
And have ago...for perfect we are not...
So whats a little sin...if thats all you got...

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I Want

I want so much to be
part of the great big  plan
though I'm not sure I see
Or know or understand

I want to teach the children
to believe that dreams come true
to learn from where they've been
And give thier all in all they do

I want to wish upon a star
and gaze into the night
to see each planet near and far
And know the worlds alright

I want to travel here and there
learning about people as I go
to camp outdoors, see a fair
And let my appreciation grow

I want to learn what the world can teach
I want to know everything
I want it all within my reach
I want all the world can bring

Details | Imagism | |


I had a talk, one day, to the portrait with the symbolizing painting,
It displayed a cozy sight in a warm house with a fire in its corner
Pervading the warmth of a winter's cold, freezing night
A couch deposited in front of the fire's embers of warmth 
Filling its people with affectionate hugs of the enthusiastic fire,
The couch was painted with the tender color of soft beige
Revealing its acceptance to anyone who sits on it,
For beige is a color that could be accompanied with different colors,
Blankets embraced its children sitting on its laps; the couch,
Recording this moment on a tape to be watched again;
To remember the good old times spent together,
The painting had a rug displayed right in front of the couch and the fire
Examining the lovesome of the fire's warmth
Destroying the shivers of the strong cold within,
Bright colors were added into its skin of smooth texture
Beaming a gleam into the ponderers' eyes of the painting,
This talk was in fact the thoughts I shared with the warm picture
Lighting old wonderful minutes contributed with people around,
Indeed it is a painting so magnificent and energized 
With breath-taking seconds of different crystallizing thoughts,
What would you remember or even think of when you look at it?
Would it be something so memorable or plain?
Paintings portray the thoughts and personalities of many
With a simple glance at their beautiful designs,
Many ideas and thoughts would emerge within a human minds,
For no one thinks alike
Yet again,
What thoughts would emerge into your mind?

Everyone's thoughts and ideas are lanterns indeed, for they light pathways 
through peaceful and horrible deeds

Details | Acrostic | |

Zipper(ly) Yours

Zipper or zip, just fasten it, right and tight
In order to keep, purple souls, out of sight
Play safe, for Robin or Barbie, not to peek
People might start snapping unwanted pic
Every time you go outside you need to zip 
Rush not, for, no damn will give you a tip
Let it go or let it not, you, must be careful
You sure don’t want, to be seen, as a fool

You are free, from the intelligence spooks
Of their silent laughs and suspicious looks 
Unless, you’re a carefree, of rhyming eyes
Robin and Barbie might end in a dear fight
Saving them…just fasten it, right and tight

Details | Verse | |

What for a moan?

My Head burns as Sun,
My Head turns as Moon,
My head blows as the Sea,
My head grows as a Tree.

Two arms and ten fingers,
Two legs and ten toes,
Solid nails covered at the end,
Always lays down also can bend.

Air comes and touched to brain,
Heart pumps and brings sustain,
Head is functioning and managing a head,
Head is always after bread.

Nobody knows who protected head?
Skull is so hard can’t be dead,
It always fires never burns bones,
Who protected a life and what for a moan?

Details | Free verse | |

Help one another!

Encourage one another
and promote each others work;
help them if they're struggling
nurture all their worth.
Advocate or contribute,
stimulate their minds;
Recommend a sponsor,
to assist, support or sign.
Foster them or forward them;
publicize and popularize,
all will help to plug;
every piece that warrants it,

returned with such a hug!

Details | Rhyme | |

Whistling Tires

When I bent and reached there down, 
The tire made a hissing sound; 

Each puncture made a blow, 
Releasing air and letting it flow; 

Now look who got that simple gift, 
Some flat tires, did so swift; 

See the car I'm standing near? 
Has whistling tires that I hear!

Details | Rhyme | |

Your Four Tires

You have made me so very fierce, 
So your car tires, I now will pierce; 

To find you car then, yes I must
Tire by tire, my knife to thrust; 

With an ice pick, should I swing, 
From your tires, be some air leaking; 

They may even give a 'hissssss', 
All four tires, I will not miss; 

Loudly can the tire blast, 
Loss of air will be so fast; 

A loud 'pop' might be the sound, 
Quick, your rims will hit the ground; 

And each tire I give a blow, 
Will make the sound of air letting go; 

May even give 'em a second slice, 
Cause you'll be paying the replacement price; 

Them four tires, I can so easily stick, 
And you won't catch me, I'll do it quick; 

It's your four tires that I plan to poke, 
And I want you to know this is no joke.

Details | Narrative | |


I was shaving in the dark
hoping not to leave a mark
when I heard a voice outside of me 
Say, “hark!”

I first thought “odd remark!”
as naked I lay, stark
inside my bathtub,
shaving in the dark

“On a task you must embark”
continued the voice which first said, “Hark”
“We need you to go right now
to Central Park”

I then thought, “what a lark!”
& felt my curiosity spark – 
I decided then and there
to go ahead and hark

I wasn’t sure what harking was,
but I was game to try,
& doing what any good harkee does,
I tossed my razor by,
got quickly, slippery, out of the tub
and grabbed my towel to dry

But the harking voice said, 
“Wait a minute,
we do not want you dressed;
we want your body
and all your senses
by spring-eve winds caressed;
you must go down
to Central Park
(no one’s there, it is quite dark)
and stand before us naked,
and know that you
are truly, ever blessed”

“Okay,” said I,
“I’ll try.”


Stepping lightly through the dark,
I headed off to Central Park
& quickly reached my given destination

(On the way I passed a shark –
swear to God, I heard it bark –
or was that noise my own imagination?)

Now here I stand,
a naked man
& wonder what I’m doing

I obeyed a demand—
no, make that command,
& now that action I am ruing

For to tell the truth,
I feel quite uncouth
standing naked for the viewing

Of one & all,
both short & tall
(Dear Lord I hope I’m snoozing --

Then this would be
a fantasy,
from which I’ll wake refreshed
to find it all 
within my mind
‘cuz I’d gone to sleep undressed)

Details | Free verse | |

My Country Tis Of Thee

My Country Tis Of Thee 
My American Heritage. 
One old leather boot,and a tennis shoe,a cause celibre. 
A belly full of alkaline water in the desert. 
Squirting out all of my survival. 
Looking closer on the level of the belly of the snake. 
NavaJo religion is my profession, 
Kiva for three days,listening to ancestors speaking. 
Truth it came to me.My Country Tis Of Thee. 
Food and water is worth more than gold and silver. 
Life is more than a shirt and a pants. 
Living in peace and in harmony dance. 
Holding on to Jesus never letting go. 
Holding on to treason hating my past life. 
Letting go of reason in the face of my new future. 
Finding love in outer space places. 
Embracing myself to have my ewe in my future. 
Finding the reasons to die for my religion. 
Colors of the flag blend into rainbows,too. 
America the beautifull is just me and it is ewe. 

Details | Personification | |

On The Other Hand

The crying game
The burdened tears,
That follow hearts
Life and all her
The failures 
That she counts,

On one hand
With an empathy,
She aptly calls
To play,
Amongst the 
Soulless symphonies
Whose sympathy

The wistful wit
With which 
She hints
That all has yet
To pass,
The rhythmic
Ridicule that
Only seems 
To last,

As long as we
Remain astute,
Unwilling to deny,
That those who seek
Expect a sure reply.

Details | Name | |

A Gentleman

Every day and Night,
Only a face and a matter
Approaches to him,
And he dreams for it.

He afraid to discuss,
He smiles in memories,
He works fast and hard,
And runs a race to trace her.

When alarm strikes he rushed to town,
And stands on a stop to see her,
Waits for her until she comes,
And goes when she went off.

He likes to speak her,
But frightened to open his lips,
Heart gets strong palpitation,
Body starts to shake and sweaty,

Somebody suggested him to speak,
And told him, what can she do?
At least, she can refused him,
But he wasn’t ready to listen her,’ No.

After four years wait, one day,
A gentleman came and asked,
I want to talk to you. He told,
I Love her and getting marry to her.

She told me everything, you love her,
But never dare to speak to her,
She send me hear to inform you,
Don’t chase her, she is mine.

Nobody seen him again,
He never met her and never chased,
But she tried hard to see him again, 
But nobody saw him again.

Details | Lyric | |


its a dam shame 
to be this fine
the judge told me
I gotta do the time
so i went to the studio
to spit sum lines
I stayed up late
from 1 to 9
im not gay
I dont go that way
I dont mind being friends
but I dont go that way
I got fellaz shook
when i write hot hooks
im doin it big
I even wrote my own book

Details | I do not know? | |


my life was dull,boring and a choir. 
From the state I was born I no longer adored

I was the girl who knew exactly what she wanted, with dreams fulfilled, her 
happiness was still haunted.

Born from the parents of regal perception,
all through her life she maintained a honest connection

There was still something else that she long for, 
her dreams,ambitions and goals,
she didn't long for any more

The wild side of her heart began to long for a new start, a new adventure
She constantly maintained her strength,looking for a sign to be sent to her

Filled with depression,sadness and anxiety-
forcing her to live life as a perfect society

She'll take the leap,go for the chance.lose control-
without a second glance 

Back home Friends and family mocked her,told her she'd never succeed
She paid no attention,continued her desire...her internal need

Now This daddy's girl sets out in the big city
she's got too much pride to except any pity

she gets bumps and bruises along the way
but her stanched determination won't let her sway

She's been hustled,conned, and just made a fool of
never lost site that it was really the journey she love
At times broke,down and out and even no lights
under the sign of the bull,she wont give up the fight

I'll take on this city and it abuses she said
defeat is not an option,get that notion out of your head.

Think mom and dad will be proud of the life i lead
invisible war wounds of the city is what she'll bleed

Is there no one I can trust,lean on in this time of hour
Hell No,man up,show you have strength like fist of power   

 This story will end up good, not like others you've heard
for certain only my success will be the last word

I won't reveal the whole story, just know that I win
I betcha they wont forget me....but rather remember me till the end.

Details | Narrative | |

Holy Tithe

I saw a man today with zippers on his shoes
and platforms in the news
never stopped him from stepping in the street

I ask him why he looks at the sky
while bombs are blasting at his feet
and he turned to me and softspoke lyricly

of rainbows and starshine, moonshine
and castles in the sky
flying carpets and aladdin’s – mysterious like gempurple – lamp

I saw a boy today with gold flecks in his eyes
and in tremblehands he held a prize,
the world. at his feet; he prayed.

why god are we made this way?
and why does this pain in my chest (such heavy feeling)
set like a stone. in hurting others we hurt ourselves.

why are so many blind to this paradox?
and lock their rationaltics away for ideals and
speals surreal. like a drug is the passion worth all the pain?

I saw a mother daypregnant with worry
for her daughters and sons and in such a hurry
to love with all her heart because that was all she could give.

I told her why don’t you leave this place. this
wreaking ball place. but she smiled with a
twinkle in her eye and told me such tales of scheherazade and her arabian k(nights

and me nightpregnant with fear flee dustfloating notions
that are my present circumstances and
like shahryar immediatly suspicious

the wheel turns and burns halfmooncircles
into the skin and banishes all the compassion of the heart.

Details | Free verse | |

Hating People Halloween Too

Hating People Halloween Too
  Hating People Halloween Too
I met a man I didn't like, 
He told me Superman ain't real.
He said' angels fly without their wings'.
And he would teach me how? 
All I could do was SCreeCH! 
Because it's halloween, 
and I should'nt preach.
Have a Happy Holy Holiday.
Angels are real and they have wings.

Charles Hice

Copyright ©2006 Charles Hice 

Charles Hice 


Details | Dramatic monologue | |

A Companion

I am not a ball, after you’ve played 
You just leave it somewhere on the ground, 
Rolling to rest on its self.

I am not a food, 
Or a Chinese aperitif, when ever 
You don’t like, you leave it, untouched.

Neither, I am not worn clothing
When you need it, then it’s the only time 
You remember it to wash.

I am your companion, day and night;
You caressed me, when you felt sad. I missed your touch;
O, do I have to bring your slipper now?

I gave you comfort, when you were down;
I’m really not an envious being, but
I hate your silent treatment, it makes me sick.

This is happening, every time you sit in solitude
A lousy pen, between your white teeth; and
You, in deep thought.

Why do you’ve to slave yourself, thinking?
Thinking of something outside your world;
I am here, your faithful one.

Always will be here, for you;
Even if you come home late, I recognize you;
Your manly smell lingers in my skin.

Before, we used to stroll together;
We played happily, lately, not so often

Gee, how selfish I am, I shouldn’t be asking you this;
I must understand, you are an aspiring poet; indeed
You needed time to be on your own, to write.

But if, you need me, 
Just call my name, and
I’m ready and willing to serve you.

Thou, I’ve one favor for today, let’s play our favorite, 
Throw the stick wherever you want, Master 
And I’ll bring it back to you, with gladness.

Details | I do not know? | |

Average Joe

Laughter within me-
Approach me with sexual attraction from the outer realm.
Promises of the moon & the stars!
Than only a night, 
What's afterward?
Next morning slip out the backdoor & alone again.
Lonesome before I meant you,
Lonely after you are gone.
So what's my point?
I'll pass up your offer.
Least I know where I stand on earth, 
Never changing solitude.
Wondering question from my heart's lips-
One lifetime waltz in beauty of faithfulness,
"Can you deliver that?"
Me funny?
Heart I have and I am not fearful to use.
"Men do not give such blaspheming answers?"
I just did,
Because I am not your average Joe!

Details | I do not know? | |


                    Written By: Famekia Dingle

Imagine a state of willing yourself into a state of a characteristic of autism,
Speechless, locked into your own thoughts, a fantasy that never ends with your 
most private of impulses.

Take your time, go inside yourself to a place where it is only you, what would you 
do, do with only you.

Speechless, to time and space not recognizing the difference between a 
strangers and your own face.
              Locked into your own thoughts, with playful glee, probably wondering is 
this the way it’s always going to be, living a never ending fairest of fairy tale 

Take your time, go inside yourself to a place where there is only you, what would 
you do, do with only you.

Fantasy, where no one else exists, just your mind, thoughts, fantasies, and most 
private of impulses.

Details | I do not know? | |

get a life

well, here i am at the grocery
store looking at some
good food that i could
possibly cook for a friend,.

i wonder if this is what 
my friends mean,
when they say........
get a life.

i am scared at the grocery
at 3 am and everyone
even the night employees
look like a vampire would 

i hurry up near the frozen
food and find frozen
 biscuits with my
frozen breakfast

slowly i look around
and pull my cart up to
the cashier and dump 
all my goods on the

now, i am loading
my car, by myself,
and wishing that
someone would 
come over and cook
these things for 

hey guys is this a 
i thought i would 
be more exciting.

Details | Blank verse | |

Someon's Hand

A meaningful living seems me as 
To teach one’s grand mother,
To suck eggs, to make the grade,
Gracious living: ideas and thoughts,
Imagination and explanations,
But deeds, knee high to a grass hopper.

A merciful living touches me as 
To take in rear, ready to hand,
To take pains to a pairing time,
To shake in one’s shoes,
To shoot down in flames,
To take down a pig.

Why is it so hard to fight for grace?
To want something badly,
To throw away the baby with the bathwater,
With one’s back up against the wall,
Backward and forward,
To force someone’s hand.

Details | I do not know? | |


       One determined night sitting down to write a poetry...
            I could only think of the creaky wooden chair and the acidic itching in        
my stomach,
            I tried to close my eyes and conjure up a gold papered vision,but the only
 available picture was of an obliging colleague,paper mounts,ink spills,one 
rupee tea,unwashed lunch boxes,unpaid bills,nagging headaches,fighting for 
seats,hot sleepy afternoons,sterline evenings,endless grey staircase,tired 
wating room and sweaty clothes,
             I got up!! could'nt any way write poetry as now...i caught my self living it.....

Details | Free verse | |

Can You Feel It?

Kiss me

I want to feel your mouth all over 

Touch me

Move your hands all over me

I want your body all over my body

I want to feel you inside of me

Not too fast, let’s slowly build to that

Taste me

I want to satisfy your need for me

I want to fulfill all your fantasies

I want you to come over 

Caress me

Let me stroke whatever needs stroking

If you've had a bad day

Let me take your mind off it

I want to bring you to a boil 

Then stop and tease you, until you are ready to explode

I want you to feel special

I want you to tell me what you like


I want your eyes on me as I go down on you 

Does that feel good?

Now let’s switch, I’ll watch you as your tongue moves in and out

I want to explode with you

This teasing is driving me crazy

I need to feel you in me now

Take me from behind 

You are the only thing on my mind

As you move your hands to my breast

I can feel your heart in your chest

That feels so good, you feel so good

Don’t stop until we cum together

I want to feel your explosion 

I want to see it in your eyes

As we fade into a blissful sleep

You gently kiss my neck

As a smile creeps upon your face

Sleep is forgotten…

Details | Couplet | |

Love, Words And Writing

Such is when writing poetry--
We’re pretty willing to be free

And go to places, anywhere
All ‘cos beauty is out there

When, in haste, words do flow 
The mighty pen and paper glow 

O, we play with them, like love 
That comes like a haloed dove

We take the risk of being hurt--
The pain, hidden behind its skirt

That no one would like to have
What special is how we behave

In any given conditions or forms 
Against any unprecedented storms

We need to work our imagination
For enjoyment and self perfection

Details | Senryu | |

Meeting Peter Cottontail

Katherine Stella
Meeting Peter Cottontail, 
What is on her mind?

Inspired by Kathy’s poem Peter Cottontail

Details | Sonnet | |

A Business

A business is clever, handsome and polite.
Linguistic, apologetic but tactics are behind.
Mathematically and politically he is honest mind,
Dramatics, gymnastics and generatic bright.
Pleasant, tranquil, psyche psychometrics bite,
The bourgeoisie possessive and proletarian prodigal,
Lucrative, ludicrous, resumable heroics skill,
Personable, arguable and a desirable diet.

Forcible, flexible and fund raiser responsible,
Likeable, sizeable and an unshakeable height,
Referable, preferable and transferable mongrel,
Credible, reproducible and decisionable slight. 
Expressible, risible and a sensible detail.
Challengeable, achievable and demonstrable kite.

Details | Free verse | |

Guess Who?

I am the knife
I am the pain
I am the clouds
I am the rain
I am everything
That you desire
That you despise
That takes you higher
I am the blood
I am the tears
I am the sweat
I am your fears
I am the messenger
From the fire
That makes it all
So much more dire
I am the planet
On which you live
And I'm the hell
That all this is

Details | Rhyme | |

Call of the Gun

Frightened faces marked with terror,
scrambling around in every direction,
demonic fear, satanic horror -
my mind sees them in quiet meditation.

I hear the distant rumbling of steel,
followed by the tolling of the bell;
here comes the call of the gun,
hell has come to everyone.

Details | Free verse | |

After Victory

  The land is drenched in crimson
  the people are 
      despite their apparent triumph
    they are not sure 
of their future
    "Let's see what tomorrow brings"
    Even thought the moon
still sends down its beams
     they must be wary of darkness
          As night turns to day
the people can wee the scene
           of their victory
Haven't they learned yet
that blood equals blood
     and every battle 
leads to more battles
    Only when this 
is understood
   will the dove of
  spread its wings 
and fly away

Details | I do not know? | |


All is empty until made whole,
In need aren't we all.
So what without aren't you full?
What possesses you to fall?

What substance do you crave?
Maybe a perfect lover.
So what words will you engrave-
In the heart or another?

What words do you go without,
That sharpens the knife,
What sentence gets cut out,
From the pages of your life,

What desire makes your quest,
Maybe a pain reliever for time.
To hault the feelings in your chest,
So happiness you can find.

So if an emptiness bares a task,
Don't live without any more.
Face the mirror of life and ask,
What am I looking for ?

Details | Free verse | |

Occams Razor

A finger is pointed from you. 
Three of them curling around 
pointing write back at you making you frown. 
Judgement is harder to do 
than you have the ability to pounce on my noun. 
My words were meant to display a real function. 
Perhaps to envoke jealousy even to make you feel better. 
Not a contest of wills or a joust of mere words. 
Just wagging the tounge is what MOST of you do. 
Thoughtless and stupid and hurting words will come true. 
The Karma is inevitable and crashes and burns. 
We may have meant well but both of us learned we were wrong. 
Life is a melody played out like a song. 
Living is harmony taken from song. 
The razor edge coming around like this letter. 
I have always liked the discordant sounds. 
The sevenths and minor keys play a sad melody. 
The razor cuts you and then rotates to cut me. 
The judgements of men not of GOD. 
Fussing and fighting and jealousy. 

Details | Free verse | |


Free form; what is it? 
From where does it exist?
Freedom of thought;
Search inside; what is free?
Answers without questions;
Derive more problems 
For lives that are lived
Can answer no question;
No subtleties,
No equations,
Or anything that logics taught

Forgotten voices;
Horace spoke so clear,
Da Vinci lived, 
Roentgen made history
And Einstein could not resist;
Atomic bliss
Free form exists

Admitting too the unknown,
Socrates did 
Plato, showed the ingenious in this
Xenophone followed it,
The apology went to death
Free form exists.

The stolen oath of Hippocrates; 
From; freeing Rome of the plague
To pharmaceutical companies,
Creating chemically dependent slaves
Hippocrates turns in the grave
Free form exists

Morrison a tormented soul,
Victimized in his own sins
A song write, a poet;
The Great Spirit spoke within
A world too young, for this greatness,
The devil stole; drugs ate his soul
Free form exists

Free of form; is the meaning too exist
Shared value amongst many great soul
But with a gift of purity; pain and struggle;
Debts  in double, tragedy is inevitable 
Truth in it’s despair, a curse, with attributes 


Details | Imagism | |

Far be it from me

Here I can see him 
From miles I cannot understand
In a state of consciousness beyond reason
I wait.
A room of bars and golden lights
Tin cans and classical music
Far below my heavy words
I wait.
Here I can hear him
With seconds and hours drowning
Behind memories scratchy and skipping
I wait.
In the chilled pools of logic
In the motels of remembrance
Under the desks of burden
Between the cracks of things I’ll never understand

In shells of old
In clothes of new
In love,
I wait.

Details | Free verse | |

The Disturbed Poetic Mind

Red calligraphy ink splattered across the blank parchment-
She was done, done with it all
Her own self had taken control-
Full of wisdom she waited, shaking intensely
The crimson grimaced on the sadistic paper-
Knowing she had given up
It seemed as if it were chanting at her in a guiltless manner
‘You’re supposed to be sooooo smart’
It mocked,
She could not find the vitality to combat the evil force any longer-
She collapsed into the musky corner-
Knowing she was concealed from the wickedness
Then her mind began to race-
Who was she anymore?
She had turned-
Into something almost demonic herself
She could not locate the audacity to even face her mirror
How would she know-
That she was no longer herself?
It was that moment that her consciousness escaped,
Feeling any relevant thought slip away she whispered-
‘All I wanted was to heal the loneliness, to find a cure.’

Details | Free verse | |


I left a climate control area
Not even air-conditioned just fans Mon
When eye got outside it was hot Mon
Eye placed my shades my sunglasses on mon
Now im cool mon 
It’s not meant to replace sweat Mon
Or Chinese food
It’s cool to be cool Mon
Even for a little
Even for a Mon 
Its hot Mon
It’s cool

Details | Rhyme | |

Assignment for Ms. Burroughs

The Poet
On the cruise ship was an unknown poet,
His style so hot, that none could approach it.
Not the smartest guy, don’t be quick to judge,
Doesn’t read much, writing is what he loves.
His lyrics are of experience and truth;
Life has been hard since the days of his youth.
The poet has a broad structure and voice,
Blessed with deftness and the power of choice.
Wanting to do things his way is a must;
Sometimes this starts controversy- a fuss.
His britches baggy get not too saggy.
He wears a cruel curse, the looks of daddy.
It’s hard to be him self, around wealth,
But he loves him self, can be no one else.
Tries to live life in the slow, paced lane,
But doing wrong calls the strong poet’s name.
To him life is a big mystery case,
Is it money or love that he should chase?
He wonders why life is such a hard task,
Is there a price, to receive paradise?
The poet is a curious young man,
But is it wrong to want to understand? 
He wants to be useful in his lifetime,
So he does his best, to write with finesse.
God Bless.

Details | Dramatic Verse | |

The Tree

If I were to die and come back,I would come back as a tree,
Growing in a field alone and free,
No friends to let you down and no troubles to subside,
No emotions, no feelings,no secrets to hide,
No sorrows,no strife,tears or pain,
stand in the sunshine,cry with the rain.
Me and the ground,the only bonds there would be,
If when I die I return a tree.

Details | Verse | |

I failed to distinct

When I were a child,
I never imagined who pays for my feed.
My fellows sometimes whispered,
God feeds to everyone.
But always,
When my dad comes late night home,
He feels tiredness,
Mum boils water for him,
He takes bath,
And changes his clean dress,
Before to enjoy a family delicious meal,
Mum home cooked that.

After Dinner,
He prepares his notes,
I was strange sometimes,
When he changes his glasses,
And fill the line columns.
I found it later,
Why he prepares his note work.
He adds all expenditures,
And counts figures,
When he adds wrongfully,
He asked Mum, Bring me a new calculator,

Remember, You bought very light colour and small Numeric,
Don’t repeat your mistake this time.
Also he adds,’ we have little shortage this time,
And he warns to Mum,
About her frugal spending thrift.
It will not be sufficient to book holiday,
If you didn’t control extra pennies,
Pennies, why is he always after them? I think.
I found many times from the ground,
When we walk to shopping in the market.
I was always annoyed, 
‘When he refused to buy my choice’.

Sometimes, I complaint,
Mum, My friend’s dad is very gentle.
He always buys new toys and clothes for them, 
But my dad ! 
‘We always afraid to go with him for shopping’.
I remember,’ Mum bought a new dress for him,
When we were celebrating his birthday,
He also refused not to celebrate him,
Why does he do that? I think,
He always was a good saver.
He spends every penny for me my sister,
He was skilled to cut the worry web.

Times never remain same,
One day came when I was also Dad,
It was little hard to run a family on delivery dates,
When wages seems always short.
Who doesn’t like to celebrate happiness?
My son got his birthday,
Sometimes, hiddenly, I got money from my Mum,
I observed,’ Dad never speaks a word,
Every person is a good manager. I cannot say,
A degree of management cannot change domestic nature,
Few people are not literate, but they are good responsible,
But literates are not always cooperative.

Time is a brilliant master,
A man learns through when he acrossed himself,
I never imagined, how is hard to run a family?
Not only family, also our life,
In the olden days, I always go to see my dad and Mum,
They were near and far,
I send a bouquet of flowers to them on their days.
They wrote me a lovely card,
I still remember their advises,
They always care for their children.
I failed to distinct,
Who was the saviour of my Life?

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Poor Fish And Raison Pie

Poor Fish and raison pie came my way one day. 
Sometimes my poor fish don`t go away 
so quickly as eye try to make them 
slide into my belly to fill my hungry want. 
I found an ice cream melted raison pie. 
I could NOT eat it all. 
Sometimes I have so many blessings, 
I wonder iff there is any left in Heaven. 
Poor Shrim:Pe and fish and old potatoes. 
Some Jalepnoes and then some more peppers. 
Popcorn for later, to make me feel much better. 
There is always room for more. 
I could NOT eat it all. 
I left some raison pie unfinished. 
There will always be some more poor fish 
and raison pie.

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Heart Attack

An Empty belly was thundering space,
Eyes were scratching in lightening,
Darkness was growing in shade,
Stars were twinkling in Sunlight,
When a dizzy body fallen over,
And drown in the pool of sweat.
Ambulance was rushing to the hospital,
A planned man was suffering a Heart Attack.

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Opened to the Public

Once the paper is kissed with ink of beautiful array,
Only to share with the world today.
Whisk away,
Into the public's arena without delay.
The poet's life is  finished for one to say,
"Are you out there? Hey!"
"I know in the writing I left my life an opened book."
"I'm smiling in saying cheese."
"Give me my privacy! Please!"

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Rude andcrude andineffective

Rude andcrude andineffective
The duffle bag  is blue with a logo
From a tent making place eye can say that the Apostle Paul gave it to me 
because he was a tent maker and man of means in a cold dark place preaching 
religion and stopping the villagers of ROME from building temples made of stone 
to worship PAUL hisself as GOD.
The old man suffers when the young ones want. Eye heard the little boy inside 
the gang there must have been about fifteen of them all told and they were not 
mean but having no gold they must survive eye heard him saya OH LOOK there 
is my bag that’s my bag is what he said eye hope he don’t ever try to make this 
thing that eye have found to turn it into gold because its mine this old man found 
and scrounge is better than a gang and take this poem is for FOUND things.

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I was a gambler once 

AceyDicey to the gamers 

Seven come eleven 
on the watermelon rind. 
Monkey shootin dice on the 
watermelon rind. 
The point is Five,you faded mon. 
The point is made. 
i lose to you mon.Key. 
the point is six,you faded mon, 
Craps?I win again mon.Key 
Craps again mon, it is hard to do 
that twice, mon? I win. 
Seven come eleven 
on the watermelon rind. 
Monkey shootin dice 
on the watermelon rind. 

Charles Robert Hice 

Copyright ©2006 Charles Hice 

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Save ME!

I am surrounded.
They are everywhere.
say Obsession.
Way to much normalicy.
People acting normal.
Not thinking,
Just watching there feet,
No nothing,
A mold,
They fit together,
So, perfectly,
Save me!

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Millineam Poem

Millineuam poem
The millineam has arrived and cell phones come in smaller size to confuse the 
other half of us the thing sits behind the ear and works by feel and translates 
speech to digits only numbers 1 an 0 and then the numbers go and somehow 
they mistranslate back to voice in the great divided time between the caller and 
the caller on the other phone the other one and what is even more fun is the way 
they move around to get a signal not from the ground but from the aerospace in 
space to make the phone work better so they can hear the digits 1 and 0 and 
then the phone gets cold in pocket so they add a thing on belt that makes it look 
just like a gun eye wonder just how many of them how many of them dumb ones 
have got shot because of cell phone wallet on the belt it looks like gun.
God bless us everyone in the new milluneam
The brave new world has just become a huge grave zone.  Please  don’t call me 
on my  phone when eye am out and still about they might shoot me when eye 
pull it out of the holder on the belt that looks like holster of my gun oh brave new 

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Demon In The Storm

Standing on this eternal plane
As I lift my fears above my head, normality I feign
Mid-Air, I hold no resistance
Flying high, superior to every existance
Hovering, floating, lifted by my mentality
Losing my grip on reality
Gliding, eye'm floating, in the clouds.
Atoms clash, thunder surrounds
Ignited by a bolt of electricty.
Will I descend below atop my knee?
Quite contrary, I feel the urge to be.
This insane persistance transcends reality.
Reguvinated by my inherant vim
Everyone will gather, I will looke down upon them
An angel in the storm, 
to gaze upon the cloud, my glowing form
When did I shift from human to this
It was the lull of sweet bliss
Remember, it was the enticing beat
of the eternal drum, seducing me, transformation complete
Manipulated by the toying spirit
Locked in my head, my voice altered, hear it
Manipulate the mindless swine, heard them
Lead them out to the pool, see if they swim.
You will lead the war, it speaks to me, 
in an eternal voice that sets the decree.
Countless horrers of war and famine
flashing before my eyes, the greed of men
show them, it urges.
Punish them with impunity, rage surges
through my veins, boils my blood
forgetting to breath through the flood.
Countless minsless drones assemble before me
To lead the war, a great duty
I am aware, you thought not?
That my spirit was broken, my body to rott.
No, I realize this spirit, this demon
tries to control my mind
overthrouwing this mighty apparition
I assume the power, that is my divine right
Begin to train and condition
My soldiers to fight
To rule the world with love and pride
No longer having to run and hide
Peace, serinity
and sweet, sweet tranquility. 
But alas, th cycle must bein anew
Oh yes, it starts again, as if on "q". 

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On her First day

Don’t disturb me,
Just leave my job on the table,
When it will be ready,
I come to show you a proof.

When proof will be finalised,
Job will be ready for delivery,
If you will come to disturb me,
And after your blame will be there.

I am not a good worker.
Before I shall prove my efficiency,
I need your co-operation,
If I need something, I shall ask you.

On her first day she fixed a massage,
Before to start her job, she checked post,
She saw a cartoon of her manager,
When she looked around, a girl waved fingers.

What is this? She jumped over the chair,
Just secret information for security,
Please bother for next time, 
I think so I also have an active mind.

On her half day she received a notice from office,
Manager called her and asked,  
I have little chat after your finishing time,
She was quiet and came back to the chair. 

May come in Sir, Granted he smiled,
And asked for a cup of tea or coffee,
No thanks, actually I called you, 
Don’t mind, only to ask for overtime.

I am sorry, when I need overtime,
I shall let you know, she asked for go,
But manager moving the papers,
Down and up and looking her face.

I mean perhaps you didn’t understand,
That’s right sir, I think I have no mind,
I also was thinking, I shall trained you,
She has sexually harassed and gets injured.

Police was involved in a disputed matter,
He was arrested and company sacked him,
Next morning she received a message,
You are witch, she read it and smiled.

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Pieces Of Me

On City sidewalk corners
stands anger, 
Desperation and Pain.
Buyers, Sellers, Pushers!
stop; look around 
faceless stranger lays dead.
I calmly walk away.
Pieces of me dripping
into the river of unrest

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Pardon my mask
I will put you on pedestal to torment me,
because you were necessary
for my existence.
When I prepare finally my death wish
you can smile.

Your eyes are looking through my head,
I know,
you were hurt from my moon face.
I will wash your feet with my tears now.

Exhausted, nameless in a crowd
I was counting my see-through triumphs
all piled up as burned out bones.

To live without meaning is very painful.
Everything is abused for self gratification.
Over a black sky, against the mountains
the old silence becomes teeth of a dead faith.


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way of pain

sold my soul 
myself 2 hell.
lost from light  
2 heven.
thank god 2 trap
myself away
from the pain.
suffering lil babies dying
lying n caskets 
were's the love all 
of that so little N simple

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Slave Cars

I do my every part,
And in quietness
I make the standard.
Five days every week,
Eight hours every day,
I punch them.
I burn them.
I grind them.
I drill them.
I cut them down to size.
I count them.
I mark them.
I ship them.
I cope;
I brake them individually
With pride and prejudice
For the building of the cars
That hold us there
To be sold under contract
From the lowest bidder.

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Silly Survey

For those kind enough to participate, a silly survey I'll relate;
1)Your 10 favorite movies
2) the 3 funniest to you
3) the 3 saddest to you
4) the 3 weirdest
5) the 3 most profound to you
6) the 3 most repulsive to you

This could be interesting.  I'll compile and publish results in a week,
regards, tom

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Drinking With The Devil

In a dreary cold township with life all but gone,
The raped rain-slick streets drag on and drag on,
Wet newspaper pages flap into the road,
All the power lines heave from a huge overload.
The Devil holds court in the bars and saloons
And he doesn’t much care for he has the best tunes,
Maggots in garbage spill over the floors,
“Do Not Disturb” signs nailed to everyone’s doors.

In the gin-joints and parlours the cathouse queens drink,
For they’ll never be lashed to an old kitchen sink,
They’ll never be barefoot unless it’s through choice,
As their passions decay so their needs lose their voice.
The Devil gets high on a cocktail of blood
Laced with fine Irish whiskey and sulphur and mud,
And his eyes fill with brimstone, of fire they weep,
For the Devil won’t tire and the Devil won’t sleep.

If I still have a reason for staying alive
It’s because I don’t work from nine until five,
I choose what to do and I choose where to go,
I drink round the clock and I run the whole show.
The Devil sits with me and that’s where I’ll be,
Alcohol poisoned in his company,
Nothing much moves him, he don’t say a lot,
But as friends tend to go, he’s all that I’ve got.

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The Blonde Next Door

My thoughts
drifting between rhyme
and un-rhyme.

A scenario, I write
me and you, we lovingly pursue our dreams.

I am blessed, sure I am,
but when my thoughts awaken 
in reality, you are 

happily married to someone
with three kids.
And I sigh…ahh!

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Untitled #249 / Doorframe

“And the doorframe!
And the door itself!”
“And the hinges!
and the termites!”
“And your hand, after
you push it in!
And you, after you enter!”
She must be operating on
some other plane of existence.

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Rolling Thunder (Redondilla)

The rumbling sound flashes pass
Heads held high like soldiers in mass
Handles straight as a new lamp pole
These bikers are now on the roll

Soft wind caressing their faces
Holding on, ladies with laces
Gliding with a natural flow
As they go with a rumbling glow

Corners and curbs their hogs traverse
Rolling thunder with such a burst
Riding the shores this afternoon
Coming to your town one day soon

Comments:   The Redondilla is a Spanish form of poetry.  It has four lines with 
eight syllables in each line.  The rhyme scheme varies from aabb, abab, to abba. 
This poem is about the rumbling bikers passing through town.  It’s such a great 
sight to see as they maneuver their bikes in their special way. It's dedicated to 
the rumbling hogs of thunder with non-grumbling, mumbling riders!

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The sun 
I am 
The moon
They are 
The stars
Keep lights, we float beyond life

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Just Asking

I see you, my love

As the sea on a silent night

Like the beat of my heart

You are happy, I can smile

You’re sick, I am in great pain

Do you feel the same for me?

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Desire Walks On

I toil sweaty on a deck among peers
a score of equals sweating slaving away
under a baking sun, salt clearing sinuses,
blood streaming through pipes, singing in the wires,
obsessed, heat, motion, control,
desire walks on.

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Object in my phrase

She never realised the depth of my heart.
Until I didn’t offer my wishes as a chart.
As long as she enjoyed my taste of kind,
She developed my gesturing in her find.

Days and nights, a winter and summer,
She was passing it away as a dreamer,
Everyday she builds a dream to lock herself,
She fights to enjoy it with automatic self.

She expects nobody will come to interrupt,
Until her needs doesn’t offer her a joy gift.
She thinks to take bath in a cheerful pond,
She has her aim and objectives of a life bond.

She explains as sun grows and never delays,
She likes glamour as sunshine grows and displays.
I like to play as I am young, heat is my subject,
I chose very carefully that nobody can reject.

I like to play with fire; I love to fly in smoke,
I like to fly in air where nobody using a break,
My feelings and thoughts charged me always,
Enjoyment is my aim love is object in my phrase.

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See Tom

 See Tom 
SEE tom run see tom run 

See the bus run see tom 

See tom run for the bus 

See the bus run from tom 

Tom is late for work anon 

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Let Me Be

                      Let me be        
                The silver pillow
           On your king size bed,
          Waiting, eagerly, for you 
       ‘Cos you look like my baby,
          And I wish that the night 
          Was long and romantic;
              That’s when my lips
                     Kisses you.

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My Struggle

There is no need to feel proud, 
If you have any achievement,
I hear someone’s cry,
He doesn’t deserve for it.

I am doing and never check again,
What I have done,
I am doing to forget,
I don’t know what I have done?

I tried to remember something,
If I expect a reward,
When I know that nobody will reward me,
Then why I remember for them.

I were born to do something,
That’s why am I doing?
It should be remarkable and appraisable,
That is only my struggle.

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His own mouth

He always minds to travel 
To a stinky place,
Where a dirty smell,
Disturbs him.
And he always dislikes.

He likes to enjoy parties,
In an open space,
Where a natural freshness,
Always delivered by nature,
And he likes it.

But in the morning,
In front of the Mirror,
A bad smell touched him,
Astonishingly, he observed,
His own mouth was open.

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My first Love

Years ago,
When first time,
You were smiled at me.
I were smiled also and heard,
You has asked to your nephew, ‘
Who is your neighour?
Your point was very clear,
That was my time.
I never forget,
Those moments,
That I spent in your waiting.
I always realised you,
When I embraced to my wife,
I ever think,
You were my first love. 

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Too Much To Do

Take a shower, and wash my hair,
now shave my legs, careful there.
paint my toe nails, and finger nails too,
moisturize everything, still got an hour or two.
brush my teeth, and whiten them too,
while deciding the outfit, I wish I had something
Now do my makeup, and style my hair,
pick out my shoes, which ones do I wear.
Spray on some perfume, now not to much,
keep it simple, barely a touch.
I think I'm ready for my night on the town,
but if you want the truth, I had really, rather
be wearing my favorite nightgown.

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Marinating Solutions

The sting to think,
think on the spot
Perform under
think on command
find solutions
look at problems
Let an idea brew
Let a solution
marinate from all
the different

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Dark Side

My dreaming suns tapered into groves
Of mandrake plants and roots of cleft shadows,
When the bootstrapped heels of tramping dusk
Kicked my reveries that they dissolved to dust and husk,
Bowling in a spiral down a nightshade path,
Fracturing against the moon-stained tombs epitaph,
Dispersing among the graveyard grasses,
Flying bat-like against chapel window glasses,
Evaporating around the puritan wood pews,
Resting on the turning of infinite screws,
Laying on the altars of burgundy and stone,
Sacrificed for a knick-knack of crystal and bone.
Such is the duplicitous heart of the dark side,
Outer limits of a rat arsed world split wide,
Where the edges and meanings blur like smoke,
And white-eyed girls blow kisses for a joke
To settle like ghosts upon frosted blue lips,
Until time reverses, trips, flips and slips
A drunken stutter of moonwalk proportions,
A flock of masochistic temporal distortions,
And dreams, or truth, whichever is preferred
Become the children of yore, seen but not heard.

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I Never Dreamt This...

I never dreamt this…
naked ladies ere my eyes
what shall I do now?

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I see her, glowing 
Amongst the church-goers for
She’s too beautiful in her Sunday’s dress
That she became the fixation 
Of my brown eyes  
She sings, with harmony, the psalms of praises
To me she confesses her sin
But I cannot set her free, from judgment 
Yet surely, I can make her happy
Till the last days end
Perhaps I should…. 
Let her know of my own inequity

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As I was awaiting for the Bus Sun Tran, 
I noticed the thing before I had planned 
to etch this poem for all the land: 
to read. 
What happened then i can only inscribe; 
a fantasy man,a thought not unkind, 
but not planned, as ewe begin with this: 
to read. 
The Driver (The Cabby) 
 He pulled up in the lot. 
His Pistol he held and he shot and he shot. 
All of his bullets came every which way, 
but not one of them found me 
they all missed they mark. 
I was open to wonder and time. 
A fantasy fight is the thing that i had. 
Not a reality thing but just fancy of flight. 
What if they did that for real ewe may ask. 
Then I would have cleaned my poor britches. 
And not on the bus I would ride. 
I would walk so much slowly 
?until I could find. 
Some new clean pants. 
I wander and wonder. 
A fantasy man. 
The Cabby of Taxi. 
He rides. 

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Not A Dreamer

I tried to be a dreamer,
with those years of daunting doubts.

I tried to ride the dreams
but without rope there is no hope.

I held on tight to words, I wanted to hear,
the problem is they never brought you near.

I have settled now and stronger
in the meaning of perseverance.

To "let go" does not mean to stop caring,
it means I can't do it for you.

Each New Year brought another
promise of this year being the year of birth.

To "let go" does not mean I cut it off,
it means the outcome is out of my hands.

I with stood the time and waited patiently
yet this year has ended and so the dream lingers.

To "let go" is not to deny
but to accept what we had as merely a dream.

You see I never was a dreamer not
one to be patient for to long.

To "let go" is not to fear reality,
but to know the depth of the dream.

To let you go now to dream some more.
I will challenge the future and wait for love
once more.

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Why is Hate?

If do you hate me?
The cause of my colour,
You need to define it,
What is a best colour?
And why?

If do you hate me?
The cause of my religion,
You need to define it,
What is a best religion?
And why?

If do you hate me?
The cause of my language,
You need to define it,
What is a best language?
And why?

If do you hate me?
The cause of my poverty,
You need to define it,
Why am I poor?
And who is responsible for it?

If do you hate me?
The cause of my skills,
You need to define it,
What is your disability?
Why can you not learn?

If do you hate me?
The cause of my nationality,
You need to define it,
Why do you prefer your nationality?
How can I improve my backwardness?

If do you hate me?
The cause of my Birth,
You need to define it?
What caste and race is best?
And why?

Let’s cooperate to learn,
How can we become a human?
Animals, birds, flowers and human,
That is a bunch of nature,
Nature provides a life to live.

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Untitled #44 / Thin

Plug it in! Pump it up!
Thin as a razorblade, the device
turn back and look at other lost people

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Corner Lounge

Hottfest 3, i.e. a
bass drum through the heart, snare drum splitting eardrums, guitar strings
resonating same as the fibers of my heart
sweat dripping down dancing bodies, each soul in the room animated with the 
of that demon called Music. There was no lounging to be had in that corner of the 
however, and when I but stepped outside 
I was a world away, returned to my home of desolate buildings and solitude, of
pious reverence of the sun, moon, and stars,
the change heightened through contrast as though a leap from a cliff. How fitting, 
that I should decide to stop by the used bookstore on the way home, and go
rummaging through bins of forgotten books, free for the taking,
until my hands should grasp one titled Desolation Angels.
To find a book whose very title matched the desolation I felt that night more 
strongly than ever
at first seemed a function of chance. Later, however, I imagined that an angel 
had indeed
delivered it into my arms. But now I wonder – 
is it not possible that
every birth, every death, every life intervening, every rising and setting of the sun, 
every story of conquest written in the blood of the innocent, every 
change in the seasons, every first frost, every new flag hoisted above the 
timeless earth, every 
blade of grass that peeks its head above the soil, every smile, every new face, 
every teardrop, every milestone marked by mankind in its relentless forward 
buried in the dust of time, forgotten, at last returned to the void,
every old friendship, every new lover, every laugh, every kiss, every 
moment spent in the company of those we love, or silently alone,
happens by chance, and for a reason?

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looking at the water
i look at this leaf
as it gets hotter
wonder what's underneth

like the leaf falls from the trees
i fall now on my own
as i go now to my knees
the time of life is shown

people say the today of life
is nothing but a strain
i am way too stifled
right now to complain

so as i walk 
i see the leaf
and as i talk
about what's beneth

i sit and i wonder
about what is worth
as i feel the thunder
that was delt with my birth

sorry it burns
the way that it does
no wonder the urns
called my name cuse

it all hurts so badly
and i dont want to leave
but just like the leaf sadly
ive got somthing to achieve

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Take Out The Trash

There is one thing this country needs,
Take out the trash, including foreign greed.

We have to find a way to turn it all around,
Find some alternative to fossil fuel which is drilled from great depths buried in the ground.

We have some of the most educated people right here in our own land,
I just don’t think they see the problem or really understand.

Crude oil is being used as a tool or a weapon to rip us apart,
Not a whole lot of difference than placing a knife in our heart.

We can all do a part to help it end,
A little shoe leather or riding with a friend.

Get out the old bicycle it’ll help the old heart.
Conserve all that you can that’ll be doing your part.

Let one neighbor do the shopping for all,
Stay home a little more instead of living at the mall.

If we quit consuming so much I think the prices will drop,
And start demanding a little courtesy wherever you shop.

If they refuse to comply then refuse to buy,
There are those out there that understand and will comply.

We are on the verge of a frenzy that’s devouring our old ways,
Our values, which we cherished seem to be mere words these days.

So let’s stand for what we know is right,
Make a commitment and do it tonight.

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My Message

O’ Wind, O’ Wind, Could you convey my message to God?
Why do you produce these all if you can’t maintain?
Everyone wants to live in peace but n’t a human brain,
Only innocent are beating clever man has a power rod.
Although a person is hungry but carrying on a load,
A poor person has no life and no sources for gain,
Everyone seems opportunist nobody is honest fan,
A man is only so mad he has disturbance mod.

Mercy and forgiveness only a tale of weapons,
Religion is present chapter how to kill innocent?
Tears and sorrows are only innocent happens,
Nobody can speak truth it is my main hint,
God is truth and whole truth seems only fear burdens.
Could you ask to God please repair human dent?

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Care your keys

If you want to walk don’t look at the sky,
If you fell over you will get only cry,
If you want to walk look down and straight,
If your distance is clear you can run or fly.

If you want to talk, don’t look here and there,
If you miss to match sights nobody will care,
If you will look at the face you feel emotions,
Conversation is rude if feelings aren’t fare.

If you want to lock a house, close all entrances,
If you want to stop relations clear all tenses,
If you want to lock a car, care your keys,
If someone has tracing keys no cares for fences.

If you want to shock someone get a surprise,
If you want to kick someone show how you wise,
If someone is hiding crime he is dangerous,
He shall teach you a lesson when he has a rise.

If you want to choke something use strong hands,
If you want to chock something don’t use bands,
If you want to check anything don’t use blanks,
If you want to joke someone write words on sands.

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I Want One Too!!!

like a spoiled, petulant child
I'll wail whenever I want!
'cause I ain't got the stuff
so many others seem to flaunt

no Mercedes, plasma screens
big bank accounts, and more
no $2000 suits, alligator shoes,
that's one thing I never wore

so I suppose I'd be better off
if my vision was not so good
then I'd never really notice
the rich ones in my "hood"

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For The Committed Comedian

Why aren't you laughing now,comedian?
Your heart's wrecked on the meridian;
Been forgotten once others had their fill,
Don't care to tell,and never really will.

You were told,"Don't tease the meek,
They'll stay standing all week!";
Studied stammering,a senseless spell,
An ignorant delight of how an angel fell.

Forget to forget,at no added cost,
Those most un-Biblical sheep,now lost.
But,don't duck out of paying the bill,
Might not all end,once your heart's still.

Look,it's the Flash!Or,maybe,the Clash!
Just like some old episode of MASH,
Always idle,somewhere down the road,
It's stalled promise of a special load.

Thanks to the angry,reflected teen,
His bitter crawl keeps anxiety clean;
Here's to his corrosive non-belief,
Etched in imbellished bas-relief.

Remember to remember,well after dark,
This blight's cause,how it's grown stark,
All frozen inside,pitch as obsidian;
Not so funny,now,is it Comedian?

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A whispered poem, like 
A gentle touch of love can put a spirit 
In sorrow to joy;
It can deliver the restless mind to tranquility;
It can mend and heal a broken heart;
Rhyme or un-rhyme surely flows,
Strengthening the weak,
To live life and hope for the best.

A passing wind ripples on palm trees,
Can make a worried lover, 
Sitting on a metal bench beneath it, 
To wait a little longer for 
Her confused fiancé;
It can bring her peace, a time to reflect her love;
It can make her soul calm, for awhile
Believing he’ll come ere the orb fades.

But you, my dear friend, like
A whispered poem can uplift my spirits,
Just by the touch of your hand;
You, like the passing wind,
Can caress my faith;
You can make relentless me, alive;
Yet, you chose not to be…
Instead, you’ve stolen my love.


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America ..... Free To You!

A lone Indian brave,
Sitting upon his horse,
Looking out across the valley,
The valley, so green, so lush.
What could he be thinking?
What is happening to his world?
A life unfurled, for all to see.
Come, take advantage of me.
Take all that I have,
Then leave me with nothing,
Not  even a thank you.
For this is the life I have chosen.
So that you can prosper,
In your own country,
After you have taken all from me,
And left me begging, for a meal,
For some company.
For I love you and your country,
More than my own.
It is ok that you wage war upon me,
My people, my country.
I am so glad you are a friendly country,
An allied, to me and my country.
For if not you might destroy us,
Destroy us all, 
If you were not a friendly nation,
You might come into my country,
By the thousands, by the millions, 
And take advantage of us,
Slowly, but surely,
Take over my country.
You can have it, 
As long as I don’t have to think about it,
Just let me hide in my corner,
In my corner I hide,
So I will not know the hurt,
You bring with you,
From your country to mine.
Thank you for being a friendly nation,
A country next to mine.

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A Person can Learn

A person can learn,
Through his eyes.
Through his ears,
Through his tongue.

A person can learn,
Through his knowledge,
Through his experience,
Through his dedications.

A person can learn,
Through his lies
Through his tries
Through his smiles.

A person can learn,
Through his discussion,
Through his appreciation,
Through his contribution.

A person can learn,
Through his willings,
Through his feelings
Through his healings.

A person can learn,
Through his divinations,
Through his relations,
Through natural creations.

A person can learn,
Through his divisions,
Through his multiplications,
Through adding subtract nominations.

A person can learn,
Through his behaviour,
Through his clavier,
Through his diver.

A person can learn 
Through his essences,
Through his menses,
Through his hunches

A person can learn,
When he needs,
When he feeds,
When he teased.

A person can learn,
When he walks,
When he talks,
When he mocks

A person can learn,
When he faces,
When he races,
When he traces.

A person can learn,
When he tears,
When he fears,
When he cheers.

A person can learn
From up and downs,
From different crowns,
From different mourns.

A person can learn,
If he is willing to learn, 
If he has jealous burn,
If he wants a turn.

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Untitled #45 / Scribbles

Gray scribbles scratched into black desks
the pent-up hatred of a thousand fiery days
J.Y.’s work is lost, but his rage
radiates and multiplies in our quiet moments

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Up In Smoke

I was walking in the park, a block away from home;
When I ran up on some cops, who were mounted on their roans.
They said I smelled like weed and I could be aresseted;
So I should give up what I had, before their times invested.

I went into my act and denied that I was holding;
But they wouldn't buy it and jail time was unfolding.
So I reached down in my pocket and grabbed my bag of grass;
As they were reaching for it they said, I barely saved my ass.

I went back to my house, that was just a block away;
I told the people I was living with, I just might leave today.
I was pacing like a cat, so I went out for a walk;
I was looking for a place to hide; I didn't want to talk.

I was walking in the bushes, where the squirrels jump and hop;
When I came up on some horses, which the riders were the cops.
They were nowhere to be found, these badges of the force;
But I knew what they had done; they smoked my weed of course.

Hoory for city living and its moralistic fiber;
Hoory for law and order and the horse back mounted rider.
Bless the Golden Gate and the park that bares its name;
And heaven help the lawless man, that carries not his blame

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The Lady of Debauchery

In my passion I wallow, happily. And, I wanted 
much to live in a city, not of Gomorrah and Sodom, 
with her, but she took me off, to her world--- 
of confusion, deceit and debauched lifestyle; here, I 
can not see myself. There is neither a stream, 
nor a river, where I can till a word or two.  It would 
be very nice, if I just let her go away, without me.

In my passion I wallow, happily. I live a quiet life,
no glamour thou, counting syllable---of love, wisdom 
and hatred, yet, it was the best thing that ever 
happened to me, for I own this place, no one can force 
nor command me, what I have to do. Most of all, my voices 
are mine, everybody hears them, except for her---the lady 
of debauchery, the exquisite perfume, of my passion!

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Life's Femininity

The leaves falling green
Couple the wind as they
Tumble by.
Dust rises and fall
With the whistle of the lips of 
Branches in trees 
And stand amazed.

The sun shining bright
Permeates the flight of migrating birds
Their wings flap in perfect  harmony.
They sing the song of a new day.
At the sight of you,
I hold my head to the rhythm 
Of cars passing so to catch a glimpse of you.

Radiant as the sun
You come
Sweeping by;
Rays of light touch your glory,
And the sun comes shining 

As you move to the rhythm 
Of the folding grass
Beneath your feet,
And touch the meadows dew

The leaves fall against 
The rhythm of the trees
As they bow to your 

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Mystic Knights of the Sea

does anyone remember
the significance of
these words?

I'll give you just a hint...
look to the early fifties
when the king of all the fish
had conniving his favorite dish

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Captured Love

Captured Love 

Captured love 
My titles are just short descriptions of what eye write 
It tends to make me want to seem to apologize 
But not to them that like it we work for a creator 
This poem is intended to convey it. 
A mother's love is to worry about her child 
to absolutely dread any bad thing 
to manage to disintegrate and hide her longing from most anyone 
but sometimes a lover is allowed a glimpse 
of the infinite inside a heart that makes a person seem so full of love. 
The child in question is someone's daughter 
so full of life and musick she makes my very heart to sing 
in melodies of infinite. 
Then there is a love of The Father a distinct and separate thing. 
The young woman had to ride in an airplane thing. 
A jet or even 741 Jumbo thing or just a smaller one who knoes 
This is the mothers love this is what she said to me 
this is what a lover knoes 
“I can still hear the engine of her plane taking off” 
“she is my baby she is my love” 
This is the love of The Father he is making sure the tickets 
Making sure the fare making certain that the everything is paid for. 
This is the lovers love to make a poem 
and send this to the mother and the child 
in separate envelopes 
they both will smile. 
This is captured love. 

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Untitled #64 / Out of a moldy cavern

Out of a moldy cavern I step into the afternoon sun’s radiant warmth
All around me pounds the pulse of life,
yet, among this crowd of my peers,
no other soul feels the Dharma nature. Still,
in their words, their movements, their expressions,
their sighs, their laughs, their struggles, the Dharma
preaches itself to me. Now I walk
straight forward through this cacophony,
slower than ever, no eye contact, deliberate through life,
knowing well I was on the point of epiphany.
There! A forest path reveals itself!
Upon it one lonely soul shoulders the
burden of his backpack as he plods his way home.
Oh, to forge every dull routine of life
into a miraculous, marvelous moment
is to put and end to your rebirths
and drink forever from the Fountain of Youth!

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Love(Hurts)so Wonderfull

 Love(Hurts)so Wonderfull 
It started just a little bit below where my heart should be. 
It is hot like fire and it does burn but slowly like a blaze. 
More like just a camp fire all cozy in the haze, 
of some forgotten camp of pity formed in haste, 
I taste ewe in my waste of time; 
I find ewe when all alone, 
no one ever to call mine, 
but now i have the time to arrive at all i find 
I find my ewe 
I have my love 
I never waste my time. 
My wine is the lips I kiss in dreams of ewe 
awakening I arise to greet the day and slowly 
I start to burn again its true. 
My cozy fire my camping blaze is now for ewe. 
Love(hurts)so Wonderfull. 

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The network

I turned
The TV
The first five minutes
The CNN news:
Two prostitutes
And dumped 
In two separated
After being
This I call 
Peace time 
By five minutes
Of commercial:
Drug for obese
The next five minutes
The war on freedom
In Iraq
Local news
Car bombing
Injured one USA
And killed 19 
Most of them were 
Another five minutes
Of commercial
This time
Bow flex
With 30 years of 

Then the 
Local weather update
With no warning!
Popped up
A noisy
Warning Message
Affective till 9:47 PM
In the following 
And 6 other 
I do not remember their names
I hear the heavy rain and branches
I have been
In this town
For seven years
No tornado

I switched to CNN
It is about
It became 
Type four
As it got
Close to Alabama
The head 
Of Alabama
His people 
To leave
And drive north.
Poor Alabama,
Poor people
In Alabama.

I turned the 
TV off.
I took 
My bicycle
And I headed to 
The closest bar

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Dell In 1941.

If Dell made a computer back in 1941.
If my daddy had one then why would we have made it in the shaded sun.
WE could not then even exist because of television.
Can you imagine if the parents of this hippy generation
Knew that it did exist in time what this???
Could we have gotten any sleep and even rested
with all the kids on this game thing.
Exploited Christians are disintegrating while they are
Standing and even overnight cammping   
To be the first in line for the new innovations
The free giveaways intended just to pull the masses in the door
The fast internet is not intended just for the praise of GOD
But also to insinuate the porn into the language of the born.
The newest generation is not no longer X.
But X-rated.
The information age has ushered in the inclination of the wicked to be GOD.
If eye had had a mouse in my right hand when eye was born.
Eye could not move it even then but eye can have a mouse in my right hand 
And move it even now because eye am more carefully endowed
To look at women making kisses is not wrong.

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Respectable Part

A person is doing well that is remarkable. 
A person is doing well that is appreciable.
A person is doing hard that is arguable,
A person is doing hard that is charitable.

A person wants to do that is easy to eat,
A person wants to do that isn’t his defeat.
A person wants to do that is important,
A person wants to do that is understandable hint.

A person cares for them those are his benefit,
A person cares for them those makes a profit,
A person cares for them those have loving heart,
A person cares for them those have respectable part.

A person doesn’t like who are selfish,
A person doesn’t like who cares not dress,
A person doesn’t like who are in temper,
A person likes them who prefer to live simple.

It is very easy to condemn a person,
It is very easy to blame a person,
It is very easy to offer a replacement
It is very hard to work for betterment.

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Formulation Plan

 Formulation Plan 
Formulation Plan 
Idea is a light bulb spinning its light beams incandescent dreaming like one 
bare bulb hanging from a forgotten plug with just enough electricity in house to 
make the light bulb shine. This is a formulation plan can eye get more beer than 
eye already have can eye get something to eat is there a place why am eye NOT 
a man why must eye drink? 
This was my past the formulation plan was drinking and it did NOT work so 
finally eye quit and now eye am so clean and sober and just still fishing for my 
food and making sober into mood to last. 
The new formulation plan is not necessarily to avoid not necessarily to brag but 
just to drink my coffee and my coke and stay sober to the max. 
This is the formulation plan. 

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Milky Shades

Sun was above the Head,
Heat waves were crossing,
Bodies smelt, but
Sweat was designing, 
The skin was feeling cool.

Trees were very calm,
They were standing in dark,
But birds were singing,
Playing and dancing, and
Leaves were laughing on them.

Mostly roads were clear,
Very rear vehicle acrosses,
And a waving tune,
Touches the ears,
Road was melting on tyre prints.

Sky was clear, very often,
True cirrus clouds,
Still were playing, and
Rays were lighting,
On their milky shades.

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Thou, this page is blank,
It’s just for a while.

As I peer thru it,
I realize what surrounds me. 

Day and night, applause follows me;
It’s the silent applause of encouragement.  

From cyber poets, invisibles, yet friendly;
Uplifting me to a new level of life.

Mostly, as I speak in peripheral solitude,
Words flowing out, instantaneously.

Like running water of river wild, 
To an endless trip of songs and lyrics. 
Then, as I sing it to a happy end--- 
I am done for the day. 

To be surrounded by invisibles, 
Yet friendly, is beyond words. I guess.

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Who Can Stop The Power Of Love?

I’m not Earth, nor Mars---a man’s thing;
But, I keep on floating…and revolving.

So I may say…cold winter‘s fast fading;
How many more days left before spring?

Thou now I smell its untimely presence;
And while hot summer is still far; hence

My timid heart is already sweltering,
As you passes-by every morning.

Whilst I, alone, by the room window
Keep on dreaming…of you, as you go.

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Me and the Devil

My legs shake like leaves in the wind,
my cold lips are forever shut -
not a single word to utter.

who am I, a beast? not perhaps.
a god? no, for I feel too powerless
in the midst of all these ruins.

so, who am I then, a man?
yes, but no! I can't possibly be
because if I am
why this dying silence?
why this grave-like trance?

just too tired to speak, I suppose,
a poet running out of rhymes.
yes, all I need are rhymes
to speak again and deliver with eloquence
my ringing message to the world.

rhymes! but who needs rhymes anyway?
will these dark days give rise
to a new tomorrow if my rhymes I use?
will the pain of my brothers vanish
with the bloom of my Frostian rhymes?

how my worthless life shakes
with the winds of time,
always at the mercy of the devil himself!

for who would dare rise up and question
when confronted by the guns
of an army supposed to protect me?
and yet, who is this devil anyway?
yes he's bathed by his stolen wealth,
sheltered by his ill-gotten gold
and watched by his demons with their guns;
but does this make of him
a master of mine, whose feet I must kiss?

it does not! because just like me
he trembles at the thoughts
of horrors yet undone, 
of terrors yet untold.

sure, he's great and I'm weak
but his feces smells just like mine
and even more!
because he is soul-less,
because his greed knows no bound.

why his everlasting arrogance then,
why that smile so mocking of my state,
why those evil eyes so suspicious of my every move?

devil! devil! you creature so vile,
you merciless creature of hate!
won't you give peace to this beggar in the street?

god thou art, a hypocritical god of doom,
of hate, of lust! you corruptor of men,
you who our riches harvest!
you shameless animal of darkness,
get out of my way!

yet the devil stays,
his laughter roaring still,
his hands gripping my neck ever so tightly.

devil-god, thou art so mighty and strong,
I am no match to your power.
you win…as I lay weak and dying.

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Talk to me (2005)

Talk to me, there’s no one else
Talking to me is taking to your self
Writing to me is my drug
Everyone else will eventually shrug
Burden to all
Only you can rise and fall
Ears eventually close
You know how it goes

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Innocent Smile

Oh Mum, 
What is special in a human?
Nine months before birth and nine month after birth,
I learned only walk and talk.
You separated or your partner departed you,
That was only a choice.
Who am I?
Your normal time’s consequence,
A progress of enjoyable peace,
You and my dad had a planning of a future,
A dream of your wisdom,
Or planning of unwilling imprisonment. 
I never thought peace lover,
Also have such treatment of cruelty,
Only selfishness or greediness will care for my birth,
They are worrying of my curse,
They shall bounce me with a ball of Law,
They shall throw me as a Tennis Ball,
Or they shall play foul to goal a Ball,
And they shall enjoy their victory,
Also well-wisher will hoot on my defeat. 
People like Freedom,
People enjoying Equality 
People establishing fraternity,
Cleverly or foolishly,
They play a game of pennies,
To befool someone or to enjoy gamble,
A game of their Luck,
But my fresh morning has covered with dark clouds,
And strong wind is pushing thundering,
Where Lightening is trying to burn my innocent smile.

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Dramaville , has got me living in another dimension
dangling upsidedown in suspended animation
topsy turvy amongst the wormy
degenerate's of a continuos generation
racing a race , in a blur , they face
constant contrast , a path to oblivion
the revival of the trivial
survival of the menial
individual 's lethargical
what an insane world , 
once was so magical

So , dramaville , I say to you
that's life , get over it......
what you bring into it
is what you get out of it........!!

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For My Bind

Don’t write so lengthy,
A person can’t understand,
Don’t write so hard,
A person needs a dictionary,
Please write so simple,
A person shall read it to think,
A person shall read it to smile.

Don’t feel shame on my advice,
Please write if you want to read my heart,
Please write if you like to praise me,
Please write if you want to co-operate me,
Please write, if you want to share my pain,
Please write if you want to keep me happy,
Don’t write if you feel I shall be annoyed.

I like to read to strengthen my mind,
I like to read to go forward not behind,
I like to read to learn a different kind,
I like to read to work hard for honest find,
I like to read to choose someone for my bind.

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Written Invitation

Pen crusade comes to a victorious conclusion.
Or has the poetic safari just started under way?
As I give John Hancock my approval,
Immovable decision is my signature.
My writing hand must release the poetize child into a mysterious world,
Knowing a critic is born on every street corner.
Years will permit;
The good,
The bad,
And O!
The Ugly.
The pretenders of poetry parties,
"Poetical taste I drink from Champagne Glass."
"O' by the way, tasteless! They must give up the pen."
One ear & out the other I shall remain,
For the realm they know,
Fistful beer bottle soul.
Some in gentleness of correctable hearts,
I can only pray for this kindness in every way.
Cereal box reading others comprehend.
Some in love,
Simply lie in words,
"Yes, a masterpiece!"
O' Lord,
Downfall this is indeed!
Truth is like salt on an opened wound,
Insanity within shorten delay,
Time takes away the pain.
Those who seem average,
The astonishment sometimes bring the poet to shame,
Only to invite overwhelming joy.
From the writer's womb to nursery's heart of mine,
I give the un-wondered,
Public arena,
What ever becomes of my child,
Glory in the million of books,
Or crucify to the extreme.

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Equal Opportunely

Choice your weapon.
They both leave a messy trail behind thee.
And how it stinks!
Who purchase the bigger shovel to clean after all this?
Middle class,
One fight wars overseas,
The other wrestling battles with poverty.
Compassionate heart for the needy I have not lost.
Do not get me wrong,
I still believe in the government.
I can not help at this moment to see,
Middle class can use a tax break hand out.
So in what I say,
Equal I stay,
For both side I must declare.
I am not impressed,
Specially when I am picking up the expensive tap!

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For a Stranger

I never thought,
Suddenly a person will come,
And I lose myself,
Why I feel I miss him.

I never thought,
What was that action?
I remember I forget everything,
Only he was everywhere.

I spend a long time,
I never miss so deep,
My parents and relatives,
When I met them I feel little happiness.
I never thought,
I shall lose them,
I was never so excited before,
Why am I for a stranger?

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In Our Minds

In our minds…

We are enemies;
Nothing, but enemies. That’s it.

We are mad, most of the time
With each other, for no good reasons
‘Cos we think we are enemies.

But, we never think…
Of how we can be friends,
Or at least try to become one.

We are enemies;
Nothing, but enemies. That’s it.

In our minds…

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Used Cars

Marriage? Pull out the flesh calculator.
Love, number bottom of the list.
Spouse first? Five will do.
Me! YES! One over all!
Sex above the friendship?
Communication can be established in the golden years.
"My need!" 
"Yes indeed!"
Puzzling thought from my inner being;
Three moments down the bumming road, 
"Can I be truthful?"
Sensual pleasure takes a nose dive.
Backup plan?
Friendship never established in the beginning?
Thinking time! 
The individual thoughts? "It must be the other side lose."
"What about me,  what I want in the desires?"
The trade in! 
The big 'D' word. (Och! From the writer.)
After all this,
I never knew God made people in the image of used cars?
In time, 
Trade-in dealers get traded off to loneliness.

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The Shadow

In a night of wonders of many nights
A stream of tribes pours onto bowls
With a pierce of gleaming light
Strikes the shadow of a knitted glove
Where many climb onto its surface
Reaching for the distance in the further land
It has a bench or two
That accelerates with a push of a hand
It travels from space to falls
Riding coasters among all
But, with a sniff of breeze
It may flow and go away
Therefore with might and care
It shares the wondrous time of all
As it approaches the shadow's cliff
Its secret lies stiff
For many discovered its body 
That swam in the pond of glory 
Was a boat that floats peacefully
In a night of dancing moonlight

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Living who's Life?

Constellations of no account,
About swimming in nonexistent.
Conceived from thought into breath,
Only to live to die all in one stage scene lifetime.
And what obtains the living into reality?
Many things.
Wondering of one,
The idea set from the hearts of numberless.
Stream-flow of the walking average;
Pay taxes,
Cable minded,
Dreaming to tread water,
Never determined to challenge the ordinary.
And final destination,
The path-journey to the realm to a close, 
Norm of the influenced world calling this 'the unique way.'
 Why do souls quarrel daily in the silent mist against this current-voyage?
Questioning,"Is this it!"
Knowing the theory of de-evolution is true & lives.
From human bowing to less.
O' how dreamers die still living in,
A society declining of fate that seems to never-end.

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Rose Tinted Glasses

Living of the happiness
that flows from others,
and greeting each person we meet.
No rich,
no poor,
for money no longer defines happiness,
all things needed
are distributed to all.
People frolic
in the fields and playgrounds.
Music is heard from behind each door,
streets are clean,
forests expand from human hand.
No more fights,
no more war,
people live healthy and free.
Race has only one category,

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My big reputation is trying to take away my destination
and all of this irritation and aggravation is wrecking my
concentration to get to the big sensation.

The rotation and collaboration of my head is such a 
discrimination against my imagination
And the abbreviation of the recommendation
is the occupation and alliteration of my education.

The repetition of conversation is no obligation to 
lifes expectations. The illiteration of my language is
a juxtapostition to your brains function. Now listen
to the combinations of my expretions.

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No Thanks

Seeing the cries of ocean being formed by individual tears.
Observing the lies that deceive itself as passion for one another.
The ground hold no footprints of long journeys into charity.
Is love more than what one wants?
Is it beyond the desires of the soul?
Why than the numerous drown in such confusion of beauty?
Woe is the heart of the multiplied-
Man thinketh better, 
Breaking the rules of tenderness.
Adding only to subtract-
Simplicity taken into the abyss of no yearning.
Poisoned water.
No thanks,
I'll just ride off to the next waterhole!