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Social Angel Poems | Social Poems About Angel

These Social Angel poems are examples of Social poems about Angel. These are the best examples of Social Angel poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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LOVE God is always love Forever seek the kingdom; Praise the creator Keep giving what you can give Please endure until the end ANGELS Beautiful Heavens Protecting the meek ones earth Watching over us Helping us to cope with life Comforted with hope and trust MUSIC When you find rhythm You find your hearts inner core Celebrate the times Make them better than before Reminisce and dance all night

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Ding Dong The Wicked Witch is Dead

Globally, miners jubilantly jump for joy
Smiles on the faces of every girl and boy
The grins of a newly opened Xmas toy
Thatcher’s dead.

Trade unionists bounce along the street
Music blaring and the tapping of feet
From nurses to Bobbies still on the beat
Thatcher’s dead.

Street parties announced in the nation
Satan who brought economic inflation
Is deceased, now’s the time for elation
Thatcher’s dead.

Its times like this I’m sad I’m an atheist
And can only shout and wave my fist
And then go to the pub and get pissed
Thatcher’s dead.

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I was just trying to remember the past
 trying to remember the good people
 and the bad people,
 that i came across on my way,

i want you to know
that you are among the good people
 that left a good trace in my life,

once again i just want to say thank you
for passing through my life,
is so short but is wonderful
i want you here forever.

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The Righteousness Of Love

Love is a wonder shared by one another it's the only reason I'm not six feet under Love in which I believe in a will to sustain I give back to life, now in dormant states of pain The power of Love may not alone be enough locked inside my dreams escape only from above higher than any human being has ever gone before I must have evolved rise above hate, great once more My Father taught me wisdom I am imprisoned no longer now an beast not of burden I am no lion, I am stronger on my shoulder sits twin dragons long awaiting the day evil forces come forth to take what Love is left, away A Hero of Love light are what the world needs angels, not demons exist where ever you believe follow your heart's direction and you shall achieve objects of affection rid of materialistic greed My bright energy has awakened to a fire never consuming the source as the flames just grow higher that is the desire of a product we call Love Fear, the counterpart what I was once made of I am slowly learning how to win when my peace is harder to sharpen so I have given my pen leave the sword has its uses I must say I believe to vanquish the evil in the minds too diseased to serve any purpose except their own selfish ones tomorrow a new day in the clarity of the sun where we two are now one and one done now does bring about a great change lit by the righteousness of Love.

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Paragon Of Excellence

Here stands a fair beauty 
Queen with poise and 
The daughter of an 
Erudite,an erudite herself
One of the three central 
Spoke-persons in the 
Assembly of law-givers.
The defender of the 
Helpless,mother of the 
Motherless. As fearless as 
A lion,who dared the 
Gunners in power,time 
Had she spent in jail, 
Thrown in by the most 
One thought she would 
Cower down,yet more 
Resolute she became.
For stonewalls do not 
Make a prison make.
She still the people's 
Champion of war on 
Gender in-equality,a 
Visionary leader,hope is 
Rekindled-hearts rejoice, 
Tears of joy pour freely as 
She mounts the podium 
Of power.

Details | I do not know? | |

Why me

Why me
Why me dear god 
Why the hell me!
I did all you asked 
I’ve even played the card 
Of a good girl, the one 
Everyone wanted me to be.
Why can’t you save me.
I’m hurting immensely 
And no one care not even slightly.
How could you allow me to fall 
So deep, so far into misery.
I’ve grown to hate myself so much so
I’m that demon within the angel 
That you see.
I’m crying out for help
And not once did you show me sympathy.
Like everyone else you pretend to care
My prayers are just words you refuse to here.
You watched the tears ran down my cheeks
And didn’t send an angel to watch over me.
I don’t want to be part of this world anymore
Just set me free….
Sleeping forever is where I are to be.


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Razor Blade State of Mind

I'm in a razor blade state of mind,
A place of darkness that's hard to find.

I sleep tangled in a blanket of pain,
On a mattress full of mayhem.
The darkness surrounds me
And there's nothing I can do. 
My past has become the lightning rod,
The only means by which my future
Can seem to conduct itself.
But who do I think I'm fooling;
What's an orchestra without a conductor? 

I once sang out loud,
But now I'm drowned.
The body electric left
Somewhere in a field,
Where it ceases to breathe.
We have no hope here,
We have no hope left. 

My mind is like my verse;
Jumbled and pointlessly poignant,
Hopelessly optimistic.
Scarred and scared and sacred,
It means so much nothing
That it's bound to mean something.

I am everything I despise,
Nothing that I admire;
I am sweat and I transpire,
Not so wet like fire. 
I'm in a razor blade state of mind,
I tell the truth but I'm a liar.

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A sweetly-scented, earthy rain-storm,
she came to me,

thunderously raging with raw emotion,
she came to me,

drenched in the essence of truth,
she came to me,

she touched a chord deep inside,
she strummed away all emptiness,

she came to me,


she comes to me,


a gentle presence filling my life,

she comes to me,


a healing spirit soothing all inner strife.

Details | I do not know? | |

The Last Step

A Christmas eve all alone
No childrens laughter heard
No presents to bring seasons joy
I'm a homeless alcoholic and I'm scared.

Yes I know nobody forced me to drink
and nobody can make me stop
All I ask is a warm dry place
I'm tired and about to drop.

Last year I had a wife and child
I watched them leave and cry
The drink had gotten the better of me
All I did for them was lie.

Do you know what it's like to be a drunk?
Your whole life controlled by drink
Always planning your next bender
Of nothing else you think.

Jesus Christ what do I do
Help this poor wretched man
Is this what you had in store for me?
Is this your punishing plan?

Is this really my lot in life
To die upon the street
Or will you send an angel to help me to my feet.

I have always been an angry soul
Even raised my fist to fight
I swear to you let me live til' morn
I will change with all my might.

I will seek the help of a caring soul
and never drink again
and use your gracious gift to me
To help others ease their pain.

A year has passed since I prayed my prayer
An angel came to me 
Dressed in jeans and tatoo's 
With a sandwich 
and a cup of hot tea.

"If you really want to change your life
we can feed and shelter you
just don't take another drink
that's all you have to do".

Its Christmas eve and I'm clean and sober
With a sandwich and some tea
A helping hand to this poor man
For without Gods grace.. that's me.

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Creator and his love of People

The minister and angels in year 2005 there on TV and
a gift to all, toils for  his Glory and right never wrong 
by labor he will enter the pealy gates and walk on gold
there he dates a child and give her to his other ministers and
they laugh and say a angel made them do it, of cruse your
child not thier now children will think that a angel well
will, of course he will meet his maker like the hornet
Queen and ice Queen and of course the person that
make the child scream in the ear of the creator. you
can make money of i want nothing Dailey

Details | Narrative | |


I wouldn't have reached this mature age
if angels didn't exist and watch over me,
one angel...while I was sleeping squeezed my hand
to confort me through trails and misfortunes,
not foreseen by young eyes frightened by rage;
today that comforting hand still holds mine truer than any friend!
That angel hasn't returned, giving me assurance and certainty...
that nothing tragic is going to happen anytime soon;
if I doubted this, and wished for another visitation, I wouldn't bear bitter scorn!
Yes, angelic visions warn us of events that will change the course of destiny.   
I wouldn't have seen the needed love...misery and compassion of others,
if angels didn't exist and allow me to reflect and act on instincts:
by becoming wiser and avoiding making mistakes leading to regrets;
who would go to such lenghts and diverge my fate from catostrophy?
No, not even the most trusted friend whom I thought had shown sincerity!
Divinition must be taken seriously as I did when this hand so cold with fear
was touched by the hand of an invisible angel with a message so clear!
Mysterious angel, please don't visit me again at dawn,
while I still live and and I'm dazzled by youngsters riding a happy unicorn;
why don't they fear those ferocious beasts? To them...they are truly beautiful!   

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A Deformed Angel

Sometimes life gives us severe shock, 
Undermines the plans and does block, 
The ways of wisdom leading ahead, 
Reveals the hands that secretly mock. 

An artist thought to paint an angel, 
To use the brush for the masterpiece, 
But could not conceptualize the image, 
Beauty combining innocence, purity. 

One morn, at last, he luckily found, 
A child playing on the grassy ground, 
Having angelic countenance and grace, 
Incarnation he was of sublime serenity. 
Painted he the angel with skill utmost, 
And earned he the world wide fame. 

And he after three full fleeting decades, 
Thought for the second master-sketch, 
Now not of an angel, but of a devil. 
He sought for the image far and wide, 
But could not find corresponding one, 
Fate then led him amid the prison walls, 
There inside met he a young wretch man, 
With a devilish nature, face and frame. 

The master revealed his intent to paint, 
Tears came in eyes of the devil formed, 
Said he, “Oh! Master it is a matter of woe, 
You sketched me an angel thirty years ago.”

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An Angel angles her eyes...

"Now,can I trust you ?"her piercing gaze
searching for a sign sends a shiver up
my spine.

"What color is your intention?"Her musky
scent enveloping me.

"Are you really an angel or a devil in

The clear-skinned angel slowly parts her
wings to reveal a secret seal tattooed in 
her velvet skin.

She held my hand and placed it on her 
beating heartbeat inside her chest.

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A Moment

At first I was distracted, I was surrounded by illusion;
Yet once iI over came my doubts  there were easy drawn conclusions.
  I found treasures in the corners, there were pleasures in the rooms;
  There were joys beyond my measure and the gardens were in bloom.
A light would fill the dark, when the dove did spread her wings;
There was music in the air and I heard an angel sing.
  My worries of my destiny were put up in a file;
  I lived each day expectantly, I was happy all the while.
I created pretty pictures with the using of my words;
I presented times of better days from everything I heard.
  It could have been my paradise, or maybe my demise;
  It was a place I"d never been, where my spirit learned to fly.
The old ways overcame me, I never could be still;
I'll never know just why I left and I guess I never will.
  I can hear the angel singing, I see the workings of my art;
  I smell the fragrance of the flowers and the joys that thrilled my heart.
It was such a fleeting moment, That I may never see again;
Is everything I ever was, is it what I was back then?

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Shed Your Fake Angel Wings

So shed your fake angel wings
we both know the Devil sings within your heart
run around and preach to heathens
hide your hypocrisy from them
condemn those who disagree on little things
we both know the Devil sings within your heart
what once were good intentions
have been converted to bad
you’ve lost sight of every conviction you ever had
persecute the different
while you dissent from His true teachings
attack those who disagree with your preaching
attack those who try and show your true colors
attack every man, woman, and child who practices differently from what you say
preach love while you hate
seek praise from those you berate
all you do is for personal gain
I look at you and am sad
too blind to feel your own pain
So shed your fake angel wings
for we both know
the Devil sings within your heart