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Women Quatrain Poems | Quatrain Poems About Women

These Women Quatrain poems are examples of Quatrain poems about Women. These are the best examples of Women Quatrain poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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A Soul Cries

A soul cries yet nobody hears him
They say he has neither a head nor limbs
But he has a soul and a spirit
Undesirable is the soul to be taken from the womb

A soul cries yet nobody hears him
His voice is so mild that no one can hear him
He’s damned for a crime he didn’t commit 
No supplication and inspiration to share

A soul still cries yet nobody hears him
He has neither words nor songs to hymn
He’s languishing from a lashing whip 
A victim to hatred, dubiety and immorality 

A soul cries yet nobody seems to care
He pleas for his precious life to be spared
Yet with a mild voice no one will give an ear
 With despair he cries and screams into the night

A soul cries yet this girl has turned a deaf ear
A voice tells her “eliminate him from here” 
But a master fate will sometimes have it to be
The Dame escorted him six feet underground

The Poet Preacher © 2014

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Large Dress Maker

To the right of my screen, what should I see? There’s a plus-sized blonde wearing a dress that’s pretty. Kudos to you for making clothes for the large lady. Those are the kinds of women that appeal to me. What you are selling them really looks nice. Your clothing does justice for a big girl at a good price. I want to see a woman of mine in your dress. For the business you are in, I wish you success.

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Once gave a girl I liked  a black 
Tribal mask from Africa, with real hair.
Don’t know why, but she gave me it back.
It all went downhill from there.

Then I fancied her sister  Gail
And at Christmas I presented her in vain
With my collection of clippings of toenail.
She never answered my calls again. 

Some women are very attractive
It’s nice to enjoy their tease,
But I’m a guy who’s culturally active,
And women are so hard to please.

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The Nature of Man

It is the nature of man to pursue
And woman’s to be pursued
Man must do the wooing
And woman must be wooed

It is the nature of man to conquer
And woman to play it coy
He must be the strong one
She must act like his toy

It is the nature of man to explore
And woman’s to be sedate
He must push the limits
She must make him wait

Ah...woman, you are to hold back
And make him beg for more
You must keep yourself aloof
And just hint at what’s in store

You must give a only a portion
To keep him from discontent
Must be sparing with your love 
To make his jealousy hell bent

For it is the nature of man to chase
And woman to lend to the chase
But learn this from me, angel
These notions are vile and base

For if your man has such a nature 
And slights your consuming love
Don’t waste on him your passion
Escape on wings of a dove

For love knows no rules or decorum
It will do what it may please
So do what you fancy best
Be assertive when you tease

For know that when the day‘s done
And you are lying in bed alone
You must be true to yourself
Strip “Nature” down to the bone.

Obey the voice of your heart, love
Don’t fall prey to “nature’s” game
Be a woman of these times
And put these silly rules to shame!

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Let The Ladies Lead

Recently read that us male type guys Are no longer the reigning kings Women have taken over in recent years Wearing that crown type thing Taking advantage of what all that means They rule the roost with impunity Strong and confident and capable of leading Us men nod our heads approvingly Let's just see if the ladies can do better We've botched it up good, us guys I'd predict there'll be no more stupid wars Imagine sending their sons to die So raise your glass to this exiting new order Hope we'll soon come out of this stupor With the ladies strongly in control of things I predict a bright, shiny new future © Jack Ellison 2013

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Toy Boy- For Women Everywhere Who've Been Hurt

Don’t play with my heart
You mischievous boy
I know what you want
You just want a toy

Don’t try to be cute
Don’t try to be sweet
You just want to eat
A sugary treat

Then lick your fingers
And be on your way
Well, listen up boy
Hear now what I say

Yes, I am yummy
And yes, I am FINE
But, please, do beware
Before you do dine

If you have your meal
And then disappear
I’ll give you a kick
A box in the ear

I’ll maul you alright
Make you worse for wear
Fiercer than any
Deranged mama bear

You can fight, but dear
You don’t stand a chance
I’ll cut you down cold
And over you prance

Then lock you away
And swallow the key
Oh baby, don’t mess
Don’t you mess with me!

With all that you know
Do you want to touch?
I’m standing right here
You want me so much?

Right now I’ll be good
And purr and be coy
Because truth be told
You are MY toy boy!

Eileen Manassian Ghali

Inspired by Becca :)

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What Makes Women So Beautiful

What is it that make women so beautiful Is it their eyes, their personality, their smile Their alluring soft and mellow voice That whispers let's talk for a while Intelligence is definitely a very big factor Coz when the loving's all done Need to discuss the happenings of the day And the recent soap opera fun Love is much more that a roll in the hay To last, it needs friendship as well So hard to love someone if liking's not part It's really quite easy to tell So what is it that make women so beautiful Those things and a whole lot more That overwhelming totally feminine thing The beauty that all men adore © Jack Ellison 2014

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French were foiled in 1797

There almost was an invasion
By the french but was foiled
A wench stopped the battalion
By getting them well oiled

Jemina  N  had the gumption
To take them to the inn
Rushed them to the publican
Whose beer was served within

She soon rallied up the women
Dressed in national dress
French thought it was a battalion
Surrended with no fuss

No thoughts on Bristol and London
No longer wanted to fight them
So was a foregone conclusion
No courage in boozed men.

To honour these brave welsh women
A tapestry was made
A pretty commemoration
To women of Fishguard

Thanks to the feisty West Walian Women led by Jemina Nicholas.  In 1797 the French intension to invade Bristol and London, was foiled.  Last attempt for anyone to invade Britain 

Penned by  Seren Roberts

9th January 2013

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That which destroy kings

Sampson’s Destiny was on a divine construction
Until a conniving Delilah brought him to destruction
A ‘Chick’ nearly destroyed David’s Kingdom
His son followed and defiled his wisdom

‘Cause of a whore Julius Caesar suffered ignominy
Mac Anthony was seduced and destroyed by a ‘ chick in mini’
Women in their twilight have destroyed many rulers
Women of easy virtue have ruined many Leaders

The hand that spread the bed felled a mighty-nation
Yea! That crafty heart has cast down a generation
She has slain many strong men, upon them she cast a spell
Her home is the broad way to hell

Young man! Be thou vigilant against this dangerous threat
Young man! Mummy warn thee of that ‘chick’ called Annette
If this virus can ravage ‘Giftedly Anointed’ men
Then common men, thou not skirt a whore’s den

Young man restrain thy Sexual Power!
Young woman control thy Sexual Power!
Restrain thy sexual drive for a righteous course
Look to Christ, He is thy strength and source

Consider the Son of Man! Who was never moved by evil
Consider the Son of Man! Who was never moved by the devil
David wrote of such an obedient Son
One more glorious than the noon day sun

“He shall be as the light of the morning
Springing out of the earth by shining”
He was moved by Eternal Affection
He was tempted yet lived a life of Perfection

Do not give your strength to women, Nor that which destroy kings- Proverbs 31:3[NKJV]

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A Girl Watchers Club Honouree

(Inspired by Demetrios Trifiatis' Woman's Day Poems) At this ripe old age of seventy-eight Thought girlies would no longer phase me On the contrary, more now than ever before A lifetime girl watchers club honouree A member of the club of leering old men They still turn my rusty old crank Just because sometimes I fail to zip up I'm still pretty alert to be frank I admit at times I forget to wear jockeys In combination with failing to zip up The impact of these two glaring omissions Cause a furor when playing mini-putt Sure gather a crowd, thought at first it was me My rugged good looks and stuff Soon realized they all were focusing below Guess it's better than playing in the buff © Jack Ellison 2014