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Quatrain Wife Poems | Quatrain Poems About Wife

These Quatrain Wife poems are examples of Quatrain poems about Wife. These are the best examples of Quatrain Wife poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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My Tears

My love for you is magnified
By the curvature of my tears
I'm lost within the corridors
Of my loving you all these years

My tears are not filled with sadness
They are permeated with joy
You have helped me become a man
Who's connected to inner boy

Within the chambers of my heart
My true self has now been revealed
When you live beside an angel
There is nothing that can't be healed

I dance within our memories
Anticipate the ones to come
You're the source of my happy tears
I don't regret a single one

For Flo's "Sing to My Heart Contest"

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Falsifying Truth

The concerned politician was running for re-election
   But a very cool, steamy sex scandal he struggled to hide
He used his thick, bald head to provide some harmful protection
   By taking a scholarly, dim-witted babe to be his bride

By hiding appearances this loser won the seat he sought
   But the love/hate relationship with his former mate went on
Under cover, above reproach the governorship he bought
   The wickedly good scheme went awry, the lover suddenly gone

In the shadows of limelight his true love would no longer stay
   The powerless governor didn’t want his private life public
And his charming, boring wife soon suspected there’d been foul play
   Lying alone in her separate room made her healthy heart sick

A sleazy, reputable reporter showed her photographs
   Of her husband and his lover in a platonic embrace
When confronted, the governor made a fortuitous gaff
   Laughing contritely, he told his wife their love he’d not debase

But well-intentioned cons have a way of gleaming through darkness
   For the long-lost mate found his way to the governor’s mansion
Startled resignation on his wife’s face so expressionless
   To explain he was gay led to consolidated expansion

The news was revealed, the governor was forced into hiding
   For he was no longer viewed as a truthful politician
He’d not been upfront, but back down in a closet confining
   And he’d risen to downfall with a concealed revelation 

*For Kristin’s “Oxymoronic” contest

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Send me back home where I truly belong
Cut the chains dear, please let me depart
Why does your brain keep replaying our song?
Let my melody drift to your heart

Making me haunt you is very unkind
I'm no ghost dear, please grant my parole
Why bottle me up inside of your mind?
Set me free to go dwell in your soul...

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The Owl and the PusyCat Sail

Together the Owl and the PusyCat were married
Then again sailed out over the deep blue seas
Searching forever for the great Land of Nod,
To the place where they could find true peace.
True peace, true peace… Where they could find true peace.

The love that twined forever within their hearts
They sought throughout all the wonderous lands
Going to the place where they would live in peace,
A place where true peace, rules and lives in the hearts of the land.
The land, the land… Where true peace lives in the heart of the land.

Alas, the love of the heart, though truly not easy to find…
Is easier to find than the love of peace, found throughout the land.
So it’s said they will continue to sail, until that day comes true,
And when they land for the final time, will be up to me and you.
Me and you, me and you… That day will be up to me and you.

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Your Hand

I come looking to take your hand
We can no longer stay apart
This day I have forever planned
You have captured all of my heart

My darling I've longed for this day
Two of us together as one
In my heart I hope you will stay
Our hopes and dreams have just begun

Come take my hand darling please
For you are the light of my life
I say this while down on my knees
I would like you to be my wife

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One Final Blow

One Final Blow

She lowers her eyes like a wounded bird
She doesn't have the strength to fight
He has taken away her youthful years
Swiped her smile, replaced it with tears

His mouth is a weapon that he uses everyday
To punish and to keep her from the sun's ray
She's never good enough he rants no you can't
"Just remember you're place" eyes slit n' slant

When nobody is watching she berates herself
Scolding the child, who is the size of an elf
She feels like a coward, not much of a wife
Will she ever find happiness, in this cursed life

At night while he snores and takes up big space
She cries in her pillow, all blotched in the face
The next punch she takes, may be her last 
One final blow, and she's out like a blast

Mystic Rose
October 20, 2014

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Beyond Salvage

An old herbal gard’ner turned bard
dedicated and well-versed
now works his pen from his backyard
in plants and poems immersed.

His choice nouns engender meaning
cleverly minted with scents.
Rare verbs gingerly gleaning
from time’s savory essence.

Somewhat focused on composing
but nettled by a drizzle;
unexpected down-hosing
causes his brain to fizzle.

Lo! His inspiration now gone
like the ink upon his page.
Mrs. Bard calls from the lawn
“I just watered the sage.”

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She Knows Me

Everything I ever want
Everything I do
She knows before I ever say
Because she loves me, too

All the wishes that I have
The many dreams I dare
She knows them all and smiles with me
Because she really cares

My imperfections are lost on her
As she sees within my soul
She knows me well, this friend of mine
She’s there and makes me whole

Sometimes I can feel incomplete
So converse with her, I will
She makes me feel the good feelings
Until I have my fill

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Happy Husband Hears No Alarm

Waking with a smile, eyes bouncing green, dear husband
makes me hold back my scream, desire to pull over sheets.
Later, I find you sitting like Buddha, gazing at the land,
shifting as each birds lifts and soars and tweet tweets.

I watch you in silence, pick up slippers, my piles of papers
find my own breakfast to leave you undisturbed in dream,
you thank me so many ways, your face relaxed, finger tapers
held on belly, sometimes I wonder if you see past the gleam

Of heavenly contentment, lap of pool, sun blazing warm
the face so bruised by clenched jaw now so smooth
I never dare to battle you, drive you against walls or alarm.
Retirement is a silence of weighty falling before well oiled groove.

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Two Shadows

Two shadows on the wall
The slightest hint of swaying
If I knew any better
My sanity's decaying

The pendulum moves silently
And casts a double shade
If my thoughts weren't haunted
It would be a sight of grace

Though instead it reminds me
Of my consuming dread
That perhaps he won't return
Perhaps my love is dead

July 2010

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The man to whom I have been wed,
For low these many years,
Has never shared his love with me,
Now wants to share his fears.

I Don't Want To.

My feelings never mattered much,
He told me, don't complain,
And now we're old he thinks that I,
Should gladly share his pain.

Why Should I?

When I am sick he doesn't care,
I must care for myself,
But if it's him then I must do,
All that I can to help.

For What Reason?

I used to try to talk to him,
Tried to build a bond.
He didn't want to hash it out,
And all I did he shunned.

I'm Done Now.

He says that I'm uninterested,
Don't care, not a good wife.
He should have learned so long ago,
Good husbands make good wives.

                                       Judy Ball

"So husbands ought to love their wives as they love their own bodies.
He who loves his wife loves himself for no one ever hated his own flesh
but nourishes it and cherishes it just as Christ also loved the church."
                                                                                  Ephesians 5:28-29

"Nevertheless let each idividual among you also love his own wife even as himself,
and let the wife see to it that she respect her husband."
                                                                                    Ephesians 5:33

Inspired by Russell Sivey's relationship contest

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I breathe You In

I took a breath of fresh air, 
I discovered it was you
While others remain the same
with you life always feels new

You're not one for convention
You are both quiet and wise
Average isn't good enough
There's compassion in your eyes

I gladly walk beside you
Of you I can't get enough
Somehow life seems easier
I forget about my stuff

So I'll continue breathing
With each breath I feel more whole
You are my lovely angel
Filled with sweetness for my soul

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The prologue

          The prologue.

Husband and wife, rooted in love,
Their peace envy of all,
Man a lion, woman a dove;
One in the hall,one outside the wall.

Decades they both swim in praise,
Till this day none can ever think,
When dove weeps and calls lion craze;
Right or wrong, none can find the link.

Then comes the crown of the town,
Who pets the two with balmy words:
Return to love and bring devil down, 
Queens in rooms scold their royal Lords.

The path of love though sweet can also be cold,
Lend us your ears and enjoy the oxymoron of love;
This is the delicious dish we are about to serve:
Husbands are in heaven whose wives never scold .

User’s name : Kayod5.
Contest         : Husbands are in heaven whose wives scold not.
Sponsor        : Dr. Ram.       

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The Family Vacations

My wife is a hardheaded lady So when she makes up her mind Whatever it is that she wanted Is just a matter of time She wanted a family vacation Everyone must make the scene Including our kids and their families We are a group of sixteen The first one took us to Oregon To a motel on the beach Although everyone had lots of fun It was just too far to reach The next one was also held out of town A nice place on Lake Chelan With boats and skis and a swimming pool Everyone thought it was grand Went to Lake Chelan for two more years Then we found a brand new spot It was a big lodge in Idaho We all loved that place a lot We had that big lodge all to our self It was on Lake Pend Oreille It rained the whole week were there We played games inside all day Even though we had that bad weather The vacation was the best The place so big, kids played hide-and-seek Good visit, fun games and rest We returned there again the next year It has its dock and bay Water sports, fishing and paddle boats Then someone sold it away The next year’s vacation was different We rented two large house boats A week boating on Lake Roosevelt I got sick and almost croaked Then we went to Marrowstone Island To my daughter’s new beach place They caught crabs and clams, then bought oysters Crammed sea food into our face Then the guy boated to Port Townsend But when they were coming back Yellow boat died in the ferry’s lane They barely avoided a smack The next year it was back to Lake Chelan But at a different place One of the kids brought a small scooter Road it all around the place Two years ago, back to the beach house Played games and had lots of sun The tenth family vacation for us For two year’s now there’s been none My wife and think it is so sad To lose such a tradition Let’s start now and plan one for next year That is this poem’s mission
NOTE: There always seems to be confusion on pronouncing Chelan, but the locals say it "shuh-LAN" (short "A"). Also, Pend Oreille is pronounced "PAWN-do-RAY"

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Be Tender to Your Wife

Be tender to your wife
Show her your love and care
Remember the vows you made
How she made you stop and stare

Be tender to your wife
Show her the same delight
That you did on that first night
You loved her till morning light

Be tender to your wife
Show her she’s still the queen
Entice her with your words
Tell her she is your dream

Be tender to your wife
Show her your inner soul
Share with her your worry
Beg her to make you whole

Be tender to your wife
Show her you are in need
Ask her to heal your pain
As on her love you feed 

Be tender to your wife
She is longing to be seen
As the one who shook your world
Tell me, how long has that been?

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Sister Wife And Uncle Brother

Sister wife and Uncle brother,
didn't really like each other,
so they left it up to me,
which one I liked the best you see.

Sister wife, now she could cook,
not too bad with line and hook,
but Uncle brother had good traits,
why he could name all 40 states!

Both of them were good in bed,
least that's what Cousin mommy said,
but Sister wife she had one ace,
and that there was her purty face.

Her eyes are green, and blue and brown,
one of them looks off toward town,
and she has no hair beneath,
her lovely, crooked yellow teeth.

Uncle brother, he's my friend,
I'll love him to the very end,
but he stops to scratch his britches,
'cause he says it always itches.

It is so embarrassing,
to watch him scratching at that thing,
but what am I supposed to do,
when Sister wife helps scratch it too?

Sister wife and Uncle brother,
suddenly they like each other!
I guess it's just a lucky me,
that has a great big family!

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:sigh of relief:

Words spoken in silence,

[When language does not suffice]

Like a look or a tear, although concise

Can echo a lifetime in your ear,

Much louder than those you can hear.

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A love song

Along the road of life
I carried with me,a loving wife,
more precious than gold,
from a unique mould

Since youth 'til old age
ever her page;
since love did engage,
happiness is my wage


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Don't Look Under the Bed

 Don't Look Under the Bed
 - by Bob Atkinson

..........Oliver Goldsmith tells the story ....

out walking for his health
a man spied his friend of years on pathway
how "are you sir?" he asked with smile
"not well" the gent replied back, looked terrified

"... what happed sir to create this stir
you seem so stressed this day
do you feel under the weather
perhaps you should stand in shade? ..."

the man then told his story
one of dubious glory
had come home early yesterday
and found his wife not at her work

lying without on her bed
no stitch of clothes or hat on head
had looked down and seen some shoes
not his size, but a style he knew

looking further had seen his friend
under the bed with open hand
covering body parts unnamed
a context which him inflamed

"... hmmmm the first man perused
this situation's not so unusual
a fix of gross proportions
one of life's heartless distortions

the gent began to lament
how he's sending wife to mother
divorcing within the week
slapping her with lawyer on each cheek

his friend then held up hand to stop
this track of mind which he thought
not a path one should take
in this situation of disgrace

"friend," he said with saddened tone
"you have no witness on your own
just your word against your lover
should you really send her to her mother?

your word against her own
you'll alimony pay through the nose
and half your wealth will be disposed
to this woman of lover spoken

best never again look under her bed
when you come home you should slam
front door hard to make some noise
yell 'Honey I'm Home' loudly in bright tones"

thus, the gent saw sense in this
went home with smile to his sweetness
"Honey I'm home," he loudly declared upon entry
he never again looked under bed or pantry

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A Sobering Moment

A most ordinary, a tad-bit hazy day,
Fishing from the pier, a black cat came my way.
A mere kitten she was, "was she wearing a hat?"
a man's blue top hat? a black, blue-eyed girl cat?

She sauntered on down and I could tell, this is odd.
I called out, "Here, kitty!" as I reeled in my rod.
I offered her a fish I was gonna throw back
"I don't eat fish!" she scowled, giving my catch a whack.

"Just, who you calling, Kitty?" she sneered in exhale,
"Watch this!" she attacked me, put her hat on the rail.
She took off in a huff, forgetting her prize
trotting into the sand as I blinked my eyes.

I went back to fishing but I watched that chapeau.
It changed colors three times, taking on a red glow
and floated on the ocean waves out of eye's reach
as I heard my wife calling from down the beach.

I gathered my gear, got up, somewhat less canned. 
My wife claimed the red hat as it reached the land
jawing on about some ladies society,
or was she yakking about sobriety?

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My Promise

As rain drops never fails to touch the land
As waves never fails to overcome the sand
As birds never fails to reach highland
I'll never fail to love you till the end

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Goodnight, My Love

My head’s upon my pillow Still light enough to see How lucky I truly am By the face in front of me She doesn’t even know it As shadows bless her face I will follow her anywhere At any time, to anyplace She’s my feather in the wind The floating guide before my eyes I’ll follow her forever Wherever she so flies My inspiration and my muse She’s a feather from a dove My one and only forever She’s my one and only love Her silence, there, is beauty Her scent, of angel’s breath I’m enslaved to all she is My strength, there’s nothing left I am weakened sure and like it If it means to share her life As my eyes close on my pillow Good night my love, my wife She’s my feather in the wind The floating guide before my eyes I’ll follow her forever Wherever she so flies My inspiration and my muse She’s a feather from a dove My one and only forever She’s my one and only love

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The Wife's Prayer

This dear man has made a promise
To love me and me alone.
Let me not ever forget that 
Nor the promise of my own.

He has expected me to give him
All the love he'll ever need
May we never fail the other
And our oaths be true indeed.

Let me not take love for granted.
Help me watch the words I say.
Let him know he is as cherished
As he was our wedding day.

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Three Among Us Named Sue

Bows in the pigtails, bows on the dress
swinging her arms, loving all the sass
bouncing and beautiful, rounding and rue
we flow into the coming days, of kissing Sue.

Sue is immortal, holding her babes,
loving her man, cooking her meals,
wanting for the beyond, entering her days
slowing and slowing until she sits more than swings.

And there you find her bowed back all alone,
waiting for a call, wanting everyone back home,
kisses so remote, we wonder how they disappear
until we find warmth with the one who calls us home.

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She was my dream before I could dream,
She is my sun, my moon, my stars.
She’s the air in every breath I breathe,
She is the true Queen of my heart.

She is my warrior princess,
She is each moment of my time,
She’s the crimson coursing through my veins,
She is my art, my prose, my rhyme.

She is my strength to face the world,
She is my sword and shield.
She is my vulnerability,
At her whim, hurt or healed.

She is my missing jigsaw piece,
My half-soul’s one true mate.
She is my morn and starry night,
She’s my destiny, my fate.

She is my very Eden,
Where I’m Adam, she’s my rib,
God’s gift to me right from the first,
My Eve, my cause to live.

It’s her I’ve loved since time’s first dawn,
Yet veiled for years before
That first glance, yes, I knew her face,
And it’s her I’ll love forever more.

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Because of you my life is full,
I've grown in many ways.
You've helped me climb life's every hill,
And brightened up my days.

It seemed to me before you came,
I'd lived my whole life through,
In search of something yet unknown,
To fill me like you do;

And though I know it seldom seems,
I have the nerve to say it,
I love you, Dear, I always have,
Together we can make it.

For My Valentine For You Contest by Frank Herrera

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To All Her Exes

The word ‘exes’, per se
Is somewhat misleading,
But this ‘exes’ buffet
Bears extra repeating.

To my excellent wife
And to all that she does.
She exuberates life
As an expert of love.

Our love’s worth explaining
Except the secret bits.
If that compels waning
Proceed to the exits.

We’re extremely in love
And exist as best friends.
She’s a beautiful dove
Who excites me no end.

We exchange sly glances
As if we lately met.
Expanding our chances
To extend our duet.

She excuses my faults
With sheer dedication,
And each day I exalt
In great exultation.

I’ll forever express
To the one I married.
That she’ll never be less
Than extraordinary.

So, to all the ‘exes’
That extol my dearest.
This fairest of sex, is
Exclusively nearest.

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The Critic

I’m leader of a Bluegrass Band A tough critic watches each show She’s always out there listening Hears goofs that others never know No reviews in the Newspaper But after the show, when I’m home My wife always gives her review Caught it all, like a fine tooth comb She’s heard all of the songs practiced And knows how they sound when they’re right She’s heard the harmony singing Can tell when the harmony’s tight But as M C, I do ad Lib My Critic never has a clue The few jokes I tell on the stage She’s never heard, they’re always new

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Playing Like Kids

playing Monopoly was fun
even played it on computer
guess my game playing days were done
and I was a free throw shooter

then my wife came along
and playing games again
she brought along a song
she’s happy yet in pain

so playing and laughing we’ll do
because we both love having fun
we laugh to take away the blue
without a doubt she’s my homerun

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Daddy's Elite

Sun run red across the sky
As the golden ore fadeth in the twilight
The earth was clothed in a cloak of dye
As bright stars ushered in the limelight

The tress then chants a song and thus pray
They swayed their heads gently and whispered
When in the morning chased the night away
Their voices whispered and prospered

“Daddy’s precious Cinderella
More fairer than Gabriella
Bring in His precious Elite
Clothed in her choicest suit”

The Elite is Daddy’s only delight
She is among many her favorite fruit
Alive with color and full of light
Prepared as a bride adorned in a wedding suit

Daddy when in the morning comes issues an invitation
To His Elite and His gracious bride
“Yea! Thou art the bridegroom’s adoration
His Glory, Excellency and pride

So worthy my Son to be thy bridegroom
Make haste my Elite, the groom is come already
Bring in my Elite into the grooms refined room
Love the groom and be thou steady”.

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Help get my feet back on the ground
a broken neck took me away
a good job for me never found
since twenty-one no jobs did stay

founded love more than any work
in the navy there was no love
I loved drinking without a cork
this life nothing to get rid of 

it’s this writing that keeps me sane
and the wife fills in all the blanks
she sometimes says I’m one big pain
to Poetry Soup I give thanks

but writing won't pay all these bills
my wife's work and the VA pays
to me there seems to be less thrills
I'll be writing without delays

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You ignore my birthday,
Our anniversary too.
Most holidays just pass right by,
Without a word from you.

You don't say "Happy Birthday",
"I love you, you're the best",
Or wish me "Merry Christmas",
As you would a friend or guest.

Forget about a valentine,
From me you've had a ton,
And though I've told you many times,
From you I've not had one.

You hate to spend a penny,
If it'snot something for you.
You feel your money's wasted,
All my "gifts" are shared with you.

You wonder why I'm not the girl,
You married years ago.
I'm sadder and much wiser now,
You reap whate'er you sow.

                                       Judy Ball

Inspired by Russel Sivey's relatioship contest

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Remember when we met 
That Lover's Day, 
Our hearts connect 
In your heart I vowed to stay 

And then we parted 
My heart was guarded 

Remember when I first told you 
Those sweet words? 
When I heard them 
And tears came down my face? 

Dear lover, 
Lest you know, 
Promises made or not, 
This is not a lie, 
My love for you, 
Will never die. 

As I sit on my bed 
And think about you 
A smile creeps from the corner 
Of my mouth going farther 
Because your thought 
Makes everything better. 

Dear lover 
You should know, 
I give my all 
And I live for you. 

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Happy Birthday Piper!

Happy birthday! It seems that time
    has ran its course for another year;
         the only difference, that I can find,
              is that I love you, even more, my dear. 

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My Wife

I want someone who is loyal
I want someone that's true
I want someone to love me me
And I will love you you

I need someone to trust in me
Someone who will believe
In ev'rything I say and do
That wants me to achieve

Who will always be there for me
And I'll be there for you
Someone I can put before me
And that someone is you

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What is as gentle as a Butterfly? What is it that helps you reach the sky? What is it that makes life a joy to live? What is it that gives, gives, gives? So see and love that gentle one, to be with for all time to come. A blessing to wish for at a time in life, that time, when longing for a loving wife. We worry that when we choose, we make the right choice and do not lose. A single man's freedom of course, is at stake, could it be the largest single mistake? I married a gentle Lass, married to that give, give, giving Lass. This lass lets me reach the sky, forever and forever she will until I die. A Lass that thinks of all around, this Lass's loving will astound. Her heart is cast of solid gold, her beauty is a joy to behold. She is my Golden Bonny Lass, my wife, my lover, now and of all times past. A face of gentle smiles, so soft and quiet, her touch as light as a Butterfly's diet. I remember well that quiet, 'I do' my heart racing, my brain in a steaming stew. 'You may now kiss the bride'. Wow! Helter skelter what a ride :) Now twenty odd years have since gone past, Gillian Lynette is still that gorgeous Bonny Lass. She is that wonder in the sky, that gentle, beautiful, generous Butterfly. The Auld Yin.

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Where's Your Wife

Where's your wife? Oh she out being Cathie Helping some soul Avert a tragedy It's who Cathie is She's everyone's friend A generous soul Her love never ends Without her I'm lost Alone at sea I'll tell you a secret Just between you and me Once thought I'd sell her But the problem is There ain't enough cash To replace my sweet Ms. Now settle down people It was just for a laugh No money can replace her I'm a silly old ass She's out being Cathie So aptly describes My dearest sweet lover She fills me with pride! © Jack Ellison 2013

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Mortal Angels

Mortal Angels as people are unemployed these days
Ask help for certain Mortal Angels
Today and everyday
They will not refuse to assist you


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free cee My giRLfRieNd sAId tO deLETe tHIs


I asked her to travel with me
from the east coast to the west
I promised the trip would make us feel free
“so please, join me on a restful quest”

we began in Jersey while snow was on the ground
headed for the west where the sun goes down last
we didn't really care to where we were bound
but I recall the desert being blistering hot and viciously vast

along the way we saw a hitch hiker with her thumb held out
she looked young, innocent and with striking good looks
my spouse did her good deed, fancying herself a girl scout
and even though my wife picked her up the trip was going by the books

at one point I pointed my eyes to the back
and there sat a young girl in a very short skirt
if tantalizing is a talent this girl had a knack
then I realized I was driving and had better stay alert

we continued on and at one point my wife had to pee
and that's when I found out why men do what they do
no one could have predicted what came to be
after I frisked her fresh body while looking at eyes of blue 

my hands and lips wandered everywhere
and we made love like my wife and I hadn't for years
in the back seat moans and groans were all you could hear
cooking in the car under a southern sun that sears

we had just enough time to make a decision
somehow my wife had to go
to I took out my hunting knife and made an incision
and my desire sliced her from head to toe

that young girl and I made our way to the west
making love and making believe my wife's death didn't occur
all I know is now I'm spending life in jail at the judge's behest
and now I don't give a sh*t what happened to her
   © 2012.....copyright PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~

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My Treasure Chest

I was doing yard work the other day,
planting some flowers all around.
While digging in dirt, close to the fence,
I heard a clackity sound.

As if the metal of the spade was hitting some wood
and some metal, too, I heard.
To my surprise, I remembered just then,
the chirping of the birds.

See, there was a time, for memories sake,
when my family and I stored our thoughts
within a chest of metal and wood,
from the antique store, we bought.

We placed the chest out in the yard
on a bright and sunny day
and while digging the hole to place it in
the birds were just chirping away.

My sons and my daughters, my wife and I
placed pictures and such within
So, one day in the future, when we need it most,
the memories will come back to us again.

So, just knowing they’re there, is memory enough
for me to be content for now.
One day when my children have all grown up,
my wife and I will dig deep down.

So, I covered my hole with plenty of dirt,
but, first threw flower seeds in
with hopes that the memories, like seeds that they are,
will grow and flourish, again.

So, my treasure chest, there, remains in the yard
waiting for that one special day
when my family and I need to return
to those years that have gotten away

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70th Birthday Toast

It was many years ago Mar and I tied the knot And the good times were many And the bad ones we forgot Had Erin; Ellen; Edie So we upped the people count And then, each of them, in turn Added more to the amount We’re here now to celebrate Something of momentous size Marlys turning seventy And the market took a dive So raise your glasses on high Let’s toast to the very one Whose Birthday provided us With all this good food and fun

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While Crawling Toward the Finish

I had been in a deep dream, searching for a lost puppy
When the clanging alarm startled me to reality
The clear images fading like a burning photograph
Then, a desperate sense of unrecoverable loss

Lying on a couch, the beacon clock, clicking my heartbeat
With no desire in facing the awaiting mundane day
My aching back, reminds me of a night of stooped typing
And my dry mouth, of the many vodka inspirations

Opening my eyes, the room is semi aglow with dawn
Turning, I meet the scrutinizing eyes of porcelain frogs
Sliding roughly to a difficult sitting arrangement
Reaching for a bottle of room temperature water

My tongue dampened, I lean back to remember the reason
Why did I need to be shaken from my unconscious state?
Work, yes, that essential means to maintain my existence
Would I be teaching high school mathematics, English, or science?

Rising to my feet and in route the coffee maker
Now noticing the radio playing in the milieu
Earthquake, fire, shootings, political scandal, and weather
The essentials for the complex human news equation

Leaning over a large bed, I kiss my sleeping wife's brow
Patting the dog’s head, continuing to the master’s bath
Later, while adjusting my suspenders, my wife reminds
Lunch is in the refrigerator, don’t forget the trash

On the short commute, through a cold northwest drizzling rain
I evaluate my current role as middle aged
Spending each day killing time, while crawling toward the finish
In my castle of souvenirs and faded memories

Mowing an endless lawn and shoveling tons of compost
The whisper of worry in my ears, about debt and health
Watching my wife grow old and pets slowly age until death
I laugh, at what seems like, the pure senselessness of it all

During my day, I continue to ponder while teaching
Looking into the young faces of my eager students
They are filled with the exciting beginning of new lives
Far from comprehending the classic middle aged crisis

In the evening, within the walls of my cozy cave
The television news professing the Armageddon
My loving wife sleeping off dinner in her recliner
I freshen my drink and am silently thankful for her

© Copyrights G. Jones 2008

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Queen of the House

There is no more powerful chess piece than the queen.
She can travel any number of squares up, down, or across. 
If you have a wife or girlfriend, you will know what I mean. 
Just like any woman of the household, she is the boss.

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My Sun

I woke to find the sun smiling down.
To brighten up my day.
With silky hair she smiled again,
And replied with a simple "Hey!"

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Philosophy of a Housewife

The furniture needs a dusting
The floors mopped and swept
The bathroom needs a scrubbing
The evening  meal to prep

Dirty dishes line the counter
The laundry's in a heap
Pet hair on the cushions
The windowpanes are streaked

In such disarray, I'm overwhelmed
I really should get hopping
But, tomorrow IS another day
I think I'll just go shopping!

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Independent with People

We are independent with people on earth
Our mortal angels are always there to assist us
But, we can never be independent in everything
God is our everything


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Silence is the wall that stands before me,
and memory the light that allows sight beyond.
Past the disappointments of the here and now,
to a time when I was wild and young.

Created from desire and fueled by passion,
is how the flames of love came to be.
After having my fill of pleasures forbidden,
there was no retreating for me.

I was bathed in the eternal flames of love,
and became addicted to its lasting burn.
Closing my eyes to the consequences,
and to all of those concerned.

But as the earth shines and is heated
by the great Sun placed above.
So to my heart is warmed and illuminated
by the eternal flames of love.

Pondering on lost love is weakening,
heartbreaking and can be so tragically sad.
But in truth, love can never be lost,
once love has truly been had.

Memories are the wonderful leftovers,
once everything is all said and done.
And those are ours to keep forever,
and can be taken from us by no one.

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While Crawling Toward the Finish

He had been in a deep dream, searching for a lost puppy
When the clanging alarm startled him to reality
The clear images fading like a burning photograph
Then, a desperate sense of unrecoverable loss

Lying on a couch, the beacon clock, clicking his heartbeat
With no desire in facing the awaiting mundane day
His aching back, reminds him of a night of stooped typing
And his dry mouth, of the many vodka inspirations

Opening his eyes, the room is semi aglow with dawn
Turning, he meets the scrutinizing eyes of porcelain frogs
Sliding roughly to a difficult sitting arrangement
Reaching for a bottle of room temperature water

His tongue dampened, he leans back to remember the reason
Why did he need to be shaken from his unconscious state?
Work, yes, that essential means to maintain his existence
Would he be teaching high school mathematics, English, or science?

Rising to his feet and in route the coffee maker
Now noticing the radio playing in the milieu
Earthquake, fire, shootings, political scandal, and weather
The essentials for the complex human news equation

Leaning over a large bed, he kisses his sleeping wife
Patting the dog’s head, continuing to the master’s bath
Later, while adjusting his suspenders, his wife reminds
Lunch is in the refrigerator, don’t forget the trash

On the short commute, through a cold northwest drizzling rain
He evaluates his current role as middle aged
Spending each day killing time, while crawling toward the finish
In his castle of souvenirs and faded memories

Mowing an endless lawn and shoveling tons of compost
The whisper of worry in his ears, about debt and health
Watching his wife grow old and pets slowly age until death
He laughs, at what seems like, the pure senselessness of it all

During his day, he continues to ponder while teaching
Looking into the young faces of his eager students
They are filled with the exciting beginning of new lives
Far from comprehending the classic middle aged crisis

In the evening, within the walls of his cozy cave
The television news professing the Armageddon
His loving wife sleeping off dinner in her recliner
He freshens his drink and is silently thankful for her

© Copyrights G. Jones 2008

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Resolved, a Lack of Resolve


Resolved to quit, a collection betrays my dear Mona.
Hers are the ones marked by colorful stain.
Her obsession likens her to my aging Smith-Corona.
It’s coughing just now as if in great pain.

Its lungs store a shiny bobble divorced from Mona's ear,
three of her Lucky Strikes all out of smoke… 
My functional machine has other favorite souvenirs
including a guarded flight stub, no joke. 

She was a stewardess, last year when I met my sweet “Mo”
and I became her first passenger goof.
That is, the first one on whom she spilled a hot cup of joe.
My versatile cabinet holds the proof.

Mona needs to smoke; she is addicted to nicotine.
Maybe she’ll change brands when I light her fuse.
Two new keepsakes - ads from both Life and Post magazine
claim, “Camels, the brand which more doctors choose.” 

set in this 1930-40's era, this piece focuses on the cigarette industry. 

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As We Walk

Today I pondered, what is my purpose in this ancient world
As I tread in hand with my exquisite golden haired lady
To where the cerulean sky touches the primeval sea
The lacey gown of the ancient goddess above us sprawling

I consider the ground beneath, once covered by immortal ice
Grinding the very top soil that nurtures our secret Eden
Its eventual melting, carving our concealed island home
While we walk the beach upon the bones of creatures departed

Down to the waves where the mighty eagles fish for their hatchlings
The gulls crack the inky colored muscles upon the hard stones
The clams spout fountains of water from their soft sandy abodes
Hermits scurry before us as we kneel by the water’s edge

We give thanks for all that’s been provided by the great mother
Watching the cold sea approach and retreat with constant rhythm
As we both inhale the briny salt air, watching the tall sails
Holding her soft hand, twas at that moment I knew my purpose

© Copyrights G. Jones 2008

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My Love {Swap Quatrain}

This is written for my love
The one that I hold above
Precious as a newborn kitten
For my love this is written

We make a perfect team
As we live out our dream
Nothing left to forsake
A perfect team we make

I am blessed to have you
Our love strong and true
Your love I do caress
To have you I am blessed

You are my dearest friend
Always with an ear to lend
My life’s brightest star
My dearest friend you are

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What effect has Lust on our souls

Lust begets in our souls a distate for holy things
Perverted conscience
Hatred of God
Frequently leads to complete loss of faith

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Locked Away

My husbands actions locked with my soul and remained at our frount door,
He reenlisted again and had left for the Afganistan war.
My eyes became swollen the tears begain to pour.
Then all of a sudden, for some reason, one day I wasn't mad at him anymore.
I inwardly waited to hear his keys rattle and his duffle hit the floor. 

Quatrain - a hopeful heart

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What is Anger

Anger is an excessive emotion of the mind 
Excited against any thing
It is an excessive desire for

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Father Christ Deal

Eternal Father saw outnumber of people’s sins 
Sad with what He created
He wanted to destroy the world
People hurting each other

Father Christ stopped Him
Told the Eternal Father He would go down to earth
Take People’s cruelty
To start His power over people

He told the Eternal Father people would understand
Ransom Himself
Not to destroy the world
Believed people to be one

Eternal Father searched a woman
To conceive and bear a Son
Angel Gabriel spoke to Mother Mary
You have found favor from (Eternal) God
Holy Spirit will shine over you
You are to name Him Jesus
He will save people from their sins
To save destruction of the world

Father Christ started a Church
For People to be Universal
People don’t understand
In His Church people are saved

What are these other churches?
In there you are not saved
Don’t be fooled
By the Christ’s like religions

There is only one
Deal to the Father
Be Universal to His Church
Roman Catholic

To understand the Two Greatest Commandments
“Love God all your mind, heart, body and soul”
2nd is “Love your neighbor as yourself”
When we love our neighbor, Covers the 1st Greatest Commandment

Other Churches are misleading people
Thought they loveFather Christ
Person who created their Church 
Was the person they believed  and loved

Father Christ is very hurt
People don’t know in His Church 
You’re saved
In others you’re condemned


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What kind of sin is drunkenness

Deliberate drunkenness, always a mortal sin
If the person is completely deprived of the use of reason by it
But drunkenness is not intended
Or desired may be excused from mortal sin 

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FREE CEE as a wife waits


This is a battle I cannot end
i'm searching frantically for a friend
i've searched every place where he should be
but if he's anywhere in the vicinity he turned into a ghost no one can see

this is a fight I want fleetingly to end
somehow there must be a way to find my friend
what possible explanation could there be for him to simply disappear
especially because there's nowhere he should be but here

I'm not sure I can make it through this day
until I find out why it seems he's run away
he has a wife who's worried to the end of her wits
and nothing about this puzzle fits

why would a man just take off and leave?
a godly  man who's wife has nothing else to do but cry and grieve
where is her beloved as I wonder the same?
and he'd better have a good explanation for playing such an unfair game

there are two teams and one is frightened to death
holding on to hope and holding her breath
if it takes all day and night I won't rest until I see his face
a man quick to pray, beseech his God and say “grace”

i'm looking for one man in the middle of millions of others
a man who owes an excuse for holding hostage the breath of his sisters and brothers
is he in a pew praying for god to end his turmoil,
because my legs are aching and his wife's blood is about to boil

where, my brother are you and why haven't you given us a call
is there any way for you to explain this all
if you're searching for shelter at least tell us where that may be
because as of now you've become a ghost no one can see

and so I'll sit here praying in this one horrid place
waiting to hear your voice or to see your face
you're wife is hurting beyond comprehension
so tell me, how can a man of god cause his wife such ungodly tension
  © 2012.....PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~

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War Bride

She waits for him with baited breath.
May a messenger not bring any news.
She hopes for the best, can’t wait to see.
He’s her life, she has everything to lose.

May a messenger not bring any news
from the front lines, telling of his demise.
She knows in her heart, he shall return.
A telegram would surely tell lies.

She hopes for the best, can’t wait to see
her gentleman walk through her door.
Now, she waits for him to return one day,
the soldier, the man she adores

He’s her life, she has everything to lose.
She’d be done, if he was not to return.
But, down deep inside, she knows he’s alive
For his presence, she’ll wait, and yet yearn.

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As I Watch, I Think

The silhouetted loveliness that only she possesses
Shines through the room divider as she undresses
The image that so permeates the core of my mind
Seeks refuge from darkness as love’s there to find

To see all her details, the beauty, she is so adored
I cannot have a fill of her, I always want her more
She controls me with her look, her smile, her glare
Her beauty’s truly overwhelming, I give in to stare

Does he know what she does to me, to my heart?
Does she know she is my morning, my very start?
Does she have then a clue of the love that I have?
Whether she does or does not, with her I am glad.

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My heart, it quakes with pure desire
When in the air, resonates her voice
To be with her, just at that moment
Is my true wish, with my own choice
Her voice, a sound of earthly angels
That tickles the very core of my soul
Enters my mind, staying in my heart
She is the half that makes me whole
In her whispers, her sultry speeches
Speaking to me, she makes me hers
I melt at each, every word spoken
To her ears, I respond with a purr

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Distract me with your loving hands
Steel from me that desiring glance
Please share with me erotic dance
I want you even more

I need to have you here this night
Please satisfy my lover’s plight
You are my only one true delight
I know that, yes for sure

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It's Not Worth Fighting

Your tongue, it’s sharpened like a razor
It cuts so deep upon each blow
The verbal onslaught of destruction
Is something you will never know

For retaliation is not the answer
I will not lower myself to you
Continue on, if it’s your liking
But I will stand, so strong and true

When you’re done and lips are tired
I will then just walk away
To give you time to come to senses
In hopes that it will save the day

And if you come to say you’re sorry
I will not turn my back to you
Nor will I try to strike in anger
For I still hold our love as true

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Stepped into the Life

For richer, for poorer
Til death do us part
Were words that we whispered
Straight from our hearts

I smiled as I saw you
You smiled back at me
A vision of beauty
For all eyes to see

It was crowded, yet quiet
We stood there alone
Though so many viewed us
We felt right at home

As love there surrounded
And brought us as one
We pronounced all our vows
Then walked to the sun

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I make you now a gesture
With love for you, a token
I give to you a single rose
With whispered words now spoken

I love you, darling, please now know
As this rose then serves to say
I wish to give the entire world
As my love is on display

Please take this to your bosom, 
Place it gently, keep it still
For love I give is fragile darling
But yet, it’s iron willed

On days when you don’t see me
As thoughts then come to mind
The love I have for you my dear
Is the rose, set to remind

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Her hand brushes softly the hair from her face
Her lips now pouting, shows me her sweet side
Her eyes like weapons pierce through my heart
To the place where the loving is meant to reside

Her lips now pouting, shows me her sweet side
For they are sultry, yet make her seem demure
I cannot resist her, the very look she now gives
I must take her now; have her, of this I am sure

Her eyes like weapons pierce through my heart
As she permeates my very being, I am captive
My knees buckle as my heart quickens its pace
She is my downfall, as my heart’s now reactive

To the place where the loving is meant to reside
We will go, we’ll become a part of, this very night
She has me firmly within the palm of her hands
As I too will hold her into the new morning light

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Good, Now Gone Bad

Behind the door, I know she’s there
She’s waiting silently and ever still
But, I can hear her breathing hard
To not open the door, takes some will

I am weak and I want her bad
She’s my desire, my heart she robbed
So I will enter, yes, I will
Damn door’s locked, I can’t turn the knob

Oh damn, she’s up, the moment’s lost
She had to come and turn the key
Then I entered with yet high hopes
But she assured, there’s none for me

So I then sulked and left the room
Sat in the dark with just my gloom

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Love, Long Ago

When wintertime chills the nighttime air
and fireplaces, like candles, glow,
it is your hearth, I long to lay with you by
and reflect on days of long ago.

We were young and frolicked the days away.
We had no thoughts except for the now,
but those days had traveled on so fast
and we lost sight of those days somehow.

We enjoyed those times, those carefree days.
We threw it all to the wind for a chance.
The love we shared was beautiful then,
far greater than any other romance.

Here, in the shadows of the hearth glow,
though time had stolen our days,
age has been kind to you my sweet
and changed our love in so many ways.

Now, when I hold you, a tear I shed
knowing you’ve given your life to me.
Though, beauty surrounds us each and every day
it is only you that I will continue to see.

Those young ones that don’t know what true love can be,
like talking or just holding hands,
will never attain the love that we’ve  shared
and will never appreciate the dance.

That dance, when we first locked in our gaze,
and together, learned to move as one.
Dances like that are left to the past
and for the rest of the world, they’re gone.

Here, as the light of the fire surrounds
with the music that’s played in our hearts,
I still see the young girl I met long ago
and see forever with no endings, just starts.

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14 Years

Almost 14 years now, to the day,
her lips formed the words, “I do”.
I could not have predicted, ever foreseen,
a love that could withstand and hold true.

With promise to love and promise to care,
together, we walked into tomorrow.
Holding hands, letting go and grabbing again
continues to keep at bay, all sorrows.

With her at my side, this half is now whole;
a perfect completion, bodies now one.
A love more radiant could never be seen
by staring into the rising, nor setting sun.

God, in the heavens, I thank you, I do
for the angel, of whom I had wed.
You sent her to a man who was giving up
and, on love, felt all chances were dead.

On the night that we celebrate the clocks turning hands,
chiming fourteen years since the wedding kiss,
I celebrate love and the time spent with her
and the matrimonial, harmonious bliss.

(We recently celebrated our 15th - How time flies)

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They Won't Forget

She was from one side of the ocean
Where the people were busy
Hustling, bustling
Busy, was she

He was from the other side of the ocean
Where life was a bit slower
Moseying along
Slower, was he

It was in a metropolis they both had worked
Employed by the same company, same payer
He dreamed of climbing the ladder to success
She dreamed of the knights from her prayers

It was a corporate event, all were gussied up
Dancing, mayhem, the gossip, even the frill
He was bored with the same old same old
She was taken by someone in for the kill

He left the scene quickly headed for the door
She was cornered by one, for whom she had no eye
He headed for a bar across the street with friends
She was thankful a friend had pulled her bye bye

It was at the bar he noticed her presence
She, too, noticed him, giving him the eye
He said to the barkeep, “drinks, for all here”
She knew she had to meet him, lest she’d die

He, slowly, but assured, walked toward her
She pretended not to see and turned away
He said, “Hello, how are you this evening?”
That was all he ever had to say.

They talked for hours, shot the breeze
Had more drinks, then made some plans
He called a car for her, to get home safe
They kissed a little and held hands

It was a night he will remember
It was a night she’d never forget
They are grateful, now they’re married
That was the night that they had met