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Quatrain Uplifting Poems | Quatrain Poems About Uplifting

These Quatrain Uplifting poems are examples of Quatrain poems about Uplifting. These are the best examples of Quatrain Uplifting poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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This misty river, scented sweet From bare land you enthrall, To quench the evening's sultry heat Beside your cooling wall. Low tide lends magic to this rite To twirl upon the dew Then lacquers every sand with white; And powdered shades of blue. Tanned cacti swoon to windy breeze Quite mellow to the ear, And harmony's drooled chant can seize This desert atmosphere. Under the moon's enticing beams Bright clouds drift out in space, Life's oasis and hopeful dreams Are held in froth's embrace. And never will these scenes be lost While I here vigil keep; Till heaven's gifts lie starlit glossed Then eyelids fall asleep. . ............ . . Nature Poems Contest of Poet.Undertaker 8/6/8/6 syl count--rhyme by nette onclaud

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Stand By Me

Whether I'm right, whether I'm wrong,
You stand by me, so easy to find,
like the repeating words of a song,
always right here on my mind.

Daylight shines and again, I see your face,
night comes near and still you stand by,
forever, with arms awaiting an embrace,
even if stones were falling from the sky.

You're feet never tire, they never ache,
as you stand by me for endless years,
steady and strong, even if the ground should quake,
now I have a reason to never shed tears.

That ocean was deep, but you pulled me through,
and saved a life that was sinking fast,
you just stand by me and I'm no longer blue,
a feeling that I want to ever last.

Because, my friend, you are so ideal,
with promises that stay unbroken,
I often wonder, how can you be real?,
a question that will go unspoken.

Whether I'm right, whether I'm wrong,
you stand by me, so easy to find,
like the repeating words of a song,
always right here on my mind.

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When will periwinkle dreams entwine my lifesong
  for prickly winter has blanket me? [Long, ah! so long...]
Has bloody ferns swirl then froze me as falling snow
  for acrid critiques cold cloud? [T'was wrong, Oh so wrong...]

Doubts and worries weaken more my weary feet.
  But teeming catalysts from a passionate bearing God
    activate talent embers, once frozen, to fleet--
Spelling: "TRUST, GO AND START!", smolder revive from above.

Bearing a faith anew, I spread my wings to fly;
  walking even over blitz agonizing talk for pry.
Cracking myself from iceberg of fears--
  instead, twining myself to God's glory, a clear dear!

Braiding faith and hardwork in cornerstone steel,
  spirits afire hope that guards, a powerful seal.
Unfolding gifts from long frozen hearts' embers burn.
  mightily restored through heaven's love way turn...

August 22, 2014

***inspired by verses:
Matthew 10:26 -
Therefore do not fear them. For there is nothing covered that will not be 
revealed, and hidden that will not be known. 

2 Corinthians 4:7-11
But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing
power is from God and not from us. We are hard pressed on every side, but not
crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck
down, but not destroyed. We always carry around in our body the death of
Jesus, so that the life of Jesus may also be revealed in our body. For we who
are alive are always being given over to death for Jesus' sake, so that his life 
may be revealed in our mortal body.

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Ode to a rose on a sunset

A kiss from a rose on a sunset night,
as the clouds dip into the sea.
A kiss from that rose as the waves fall,
over the beach to a rose kissed me.

A kiss from a rose on a sunset night,
as we wrap in lovers embrace.
A kiss from a rose as homeward we go,
to a bed clothed in satin and lace.

A kiss from a rose on a sunset night,
with passion and warmth do we grasp.
A kiss from that rose that blossoms and blooms,
my hand in her labour pain clasp.

A kiss from a rose on a sunset night,
that wanton and curvy young bride.
A kiss from that rose that huddles our babe,
so loving, in motherly pride.

A kiss from a rose on a sunset night,
without whom I'd not share my life.
A kiss from that rose who selflessly filled,
the place of my darling rose wife!

(c) anaisanais - A M Docherty - Wales, United Kingdom. (7/8/2013)

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Whisper Of Your Soul

           Whisper Of Your Soul
       (Soul Listens On A Whisper)

Murmurs soft are sensed, mimic nature, diaphanous clouds spread wide
Settle softer than a translucent butterfly on spring light snow
It is the moon flirting in ebullience, fog rising on a thin film on winds side  
Lifting skirts or is it veils?  Unknown in this muted light of whispers glow
Mist rolls across the bog, pulls along reluctant virgin night
By golden glow, that holds the sky in humble hush, abeyance in a trance
Tracking down the birth of morning, bursting full of light 
Barely able to mutter the words, “the light of day”, the endless dance 

You feel the vibrant tones, fold over meadows as you go
A vestigial tiny vessel of a virgin’s secret opens here
Chasing dark away along the marsh with pounding heart to know
The open glen is near, fills up in brilliant colors clear

Soft luscious sounds fall silent on the morning air and then
Listen, it whispers on the minutia of the moment something true 
Holds on to quiet in the silent glen
Waiting on a whisper Imbued with truth, soft thoughts of you

Created on 12/16/14 for “Whisper Of Your Soul” Poetry Contest Sponsored by Gail Angel Doyle

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Between The Kisses And Distances

       Between The Kisses And Distances

What is that shape now taking place out there?
If distance could have a name it would be passion
A hunger for my love as she draws near
Eye candy on the wind is fashioned 

Distances grow remote, in a faraway place
Filled with emptiness and the unknown
I’m fevered, with anxiety, until I see her face
Until she is here with me and safe at home

I study every step my precious love makes
Coming from the distance brings her closer still
A small figure against what a vast landscape takes
Hair flowing out along the cliffs and hills

Between the kisses and distances mysteries are born
Like magic she appears with glowing face and smiles 
Our love will keep us fireplace warm
To savor Valentine embraces and kisses along the miles

Created on 1/21/15 for Mystic Rose’s – “Magic Kisses And Valentine Wishes” – Poetry contest 

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100 Shards of Pen

Erase a word
Mundane and wrought
Smoldering fire
Of indifferent thought

Pluck a phrase
Wild and untamed
Primordial howl
Of random flame

Sing a verse
Naked and free
Poetic gale
Of crashing seas

Tell a tale
Endearing and true
Passionate prose
Of life’s muse

Ask a heartbeat
Women and men
Who feels
100 shards of pen

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Heaven's Grocery Store

Marching down life’s highway, my feet became very sore
I then came upon a sign that read “Heaven’s Grocery Store”
When I got closer the doors swung open wide
Next thing I knew I was standing there inside
I saw a flock of angels positioned everywhere
They handed me a basket and said, “Child shop with care.”
Everything a human required was in that grocery store
With many commodities to carry, you could always come back for more
First I acquired some Patience; Love was in that same row
Further down was Understanding, you require that everywhere you go
I grabbed a box of Wisdom and Faith, a bag or two
And obtained Charity of course but more than just a few
And then reached for Courage to help me run this wicked race
My basket was almost full but remembered some loving Grace
I then chose Salvation for it was advertised as free
I tried to collect enough of that for both you and me
Then I started to the counter to pay my grocery bill
For I thought I had everything to do the Master’s will
As I went up the aisle, I saw Prayer and proceeded put that in
For I knew when I stepped outside I was bound to encounter sin
Peace and Joy were plentiful, the last thing on that shelf
Song and Praise were hanging near so I just helped myself
Then I asked an angel, “Now how much do I owe?”
She smiled and said, “Just take them wherever you may go.”
Again I asked, “No really, how much do I owe?”
“My child,” she said, “God paid your bill a long time ago.”

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On Easter Morn

In quietude of early dawn she stood on Easter Day, where rested now her dearest son too early passed away. As light’s first rays peeled shadows from the grave’s cold marbled stone, she leaned and whispered into wind her words of sorrow sown. “I’ll never see his face again!” she cried to wind and God. “Why you, my son?” With stifled sob she fell to grassy sod. And then resplendent in the east, as if to give reply, the sunrise broke and seemed to loose the truth from crimson sky. Though blind she’d been, she now could see. As earth was bathed in red, it dawned on her that Easter morn how Christ for all had bled. Our worldly time is very short; immortal all shall be. The Comforter assured her this; her son again she’d see. By Andrea Dietrich For the "Easter Inspirations" Poetry Contest Sponsored by Linda-Marie The Sweetheart of P.S.

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Jingle Bells

Christmas shopping I will go
Red kettles at department stores
Sidewalks covered in snow
Bell-ringers spreading Christmas joy

Volunteers bring Christmas cheers
Give a dollar or two or more
For the needy the bells ring clear
Red kettles need to be filled

Goodwill is in the air
Giving donations is what it's about
For those in despair
It's the Christmas sharing and giving part

"Jingle Bells" for Kim's contest

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The Owl and the PusyCat Sail

Together the Owl and the PusyCat were married
Then again sailed out over the deep blue seas
Searching forever for the great Land of Nod,
To the place where they could find true peace.
True peace, true peace… Where they could find true peace.

The love that twined forever within their hearts
They sought throughout all the wonderous lands
Going to the place where they would live in peace,
A place where true peace, rules and lives in the hearts of the land.
The land, the land… Where true peace lives in the heart of the land.

Alas, the love of the heart, though truly not easy to find…
Is easier to find than the love of peace, found throughout the land.
So it’s said they will continue to sail, until that day comes true,
And when they land for the final time, will be up to me and you.
Me and you, me and you… That day will be up to me and you.

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Marigold Tongues

marigold tongues
water a flowering seed
as downy hands
mend a crushed bruised reed.

a flaxen shaft
lights a smoldering wick
as a ‘lectric beam
starts a heart’s soft tick

spines in strain
raze a barrier wall
marigold tongues
make a blade stand tall

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The Dandelion

The dandelion sat along on the hill 
watching the rose's play.
He asked to join the fun and games;
is it all right if I stay?
The rose's said, you can not play,
for you are not one of us.
Go back to your hill to your grassy clump,
and don't you make a fuss.
For we are tall with our beautiful stems
and nicely shaped leaves.
Our petals are grand,
the best in the land, 
so stay away you weed.
A beautiful flower, tall and grand,
you are, the dandelion sighed.
Your petals are grand, the best in the land,
but i'd rather be pretty inside.
For the rose's and their beauty so grand, 
will fade and wither with time,
but the dandelion's beauty within,
is one thing that will never die. 

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Jesus Christ, a Maverick

“Hate the sin and love the sinner”,
This maverick King of Jews declared.
He was like no king before him,
And none could be to him compared.

“Let he who has not sinned,” he said,
“Cast the first stone, should he so dare.”
And all the guilty parties stayed
Their deadly missiles in midair.

This King had no powerful weapons.
He ruled by purest love alone.
He feared not to touch a leper,
Nor die for our sins to atone.

At betrayal in the garden
He kindly healed the soldier’s ear.
And before it even happened
He had forgiven Peter’s fear.

On the cross, he asks forgiveness
For all of those who caused his death.
Forgiving of wicked sinners,
Was this maverick with last breath.

He forgave his wicked …accuser……..
Who laughed and called him a loser.
They didn’t understand him.
Although his future grim
He bore heavy cross
Deemed it no loss.
Our king died
We cried,

I tweaked my quatrain by adding a nonet form as last verse.

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                                                   THE FIREFLY

Dancing in the moonlight,
Twinkling through the trees,
Sparkling in the meadow grass,
Like diamonds on the leaves.

Flitting 'bout the garden,
'Midst the Jasmine and the Rose,
No one knows from whence they come,
But everybody knows,

That Summer brings the fireflies,
With gaily twinkling lights,
To decorate the evening,
Like jewels in the night.

                             Judy Ball

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I Wasn't Alone

There on that bench, here in this park
Was where I met God, alone in the dark.
He wasn’t adorned with riches galore.
He was a pauper man, not needing more.

He sat with me then, as I was so scared.
Just eight years old, and I got lost at the fair.
Separated from family, didn’t know where to go
I sat on the bench and waited there so.

Along came this man, scared of him I was
Until he sat next to me, I lost fear because
He spoke with a tone and offered a hand,
A sign to me that he would understand.

I told him my story. He said not to fear.
He’d stay with me until family was near.
I felt reassured and safe as could be.
His warm soft voice, it blanketed me.

Then in the distance, my dad had appeared.
He was right all along, I had nothing to fear.
My dad came up crying and hugged me so tight.
I then turned to that man to wish him goodnight.

He was there on the bench, I knew it for sure.
When I turned my head, he wasn’t there anymore.
I looked at my dad and told him of my tale
He smiled back at me and fell awfully pale.

He said, “Son when you need him, God does appear.
It’s not very strange that He was right here.
He serves and protects and loves us all much.
I believe He was here and gave you His touch.”

I was amazed at those words that my father said.
I couldn’t wait to go home and pray at my bed.
“Dear God up in the Heaven, I thank you, I do.
You sent me a savior and that savior was You.

You reached to this child, protected this night.
You offered him hope and provided light.
You took away his fear and made him feel warm.
Mostly, Dear God, you kept him from harm.

Thank you.”

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If you see me stumbling
and you're watching me to see
if I'll fall or make it...
reach out your hand to me.

If you hear me crying
and you sense my misery,
offer me a helping hand
but please...don't cry for me.

If you know my weakness
and you fear my strength is low...
Stay with me untill I'm strong.
If you love me, let me know.

If you ever need me
just look and I'll be there.
You'll never have to wonder
just how much I care.

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Entangled In Ivy

Oh, what a heart this one does have
As she writes words for us all
Left for reading, while heart is bleeding
Yet, able to make us feel tall
She pours emotion, honestly, wonderfully
Allowing us all to be a part
So, for this, I say to my dear friend
Thank you for sharing your heart

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Hope Lodge

Welcome to the Lodge of Hope
A fine staff awaits your meeting
Courage and faith are introduced
As virtue upholds the greeting

Diagnosis for extended stay
Prep with knowledge of chemical war 
Reflecting on acquaintance familiar
My dear mom lodged here months before

Festive parties invite kind reception
Embrace found in song’s revelry
Catching streamers of social confetti
Entertainment eludes life’s injury

Friendship courts a thanksgiving spirit
Radiating beams that fuse plans for a cure
Wreaths of holly adorn three shiny heads
As best wishes tap dance through the door

Restoration served with affection
When a New Year kneels to the floor
Covered with timeless impressions
Left to foster the guests before

Aid through local perspective
Proves beneficial still
As traumatic events integrate
Preserving courage and goodwill

Carry homeward inspiration
Gently wrap and lace with rope
A memento of reflections
Presented in the Lodge of Hope

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Spring Cleaning of the Cluttered Soul

Scrap the smoldering, winsome words
the lovely odd truce made of letters
found carved with the edge of an old pocket knife
on a strap made of metal and leather
Burn off the tarnish on platinum rings
engraved with the infernal: "LOVE"
found pulling limp loyalty up to it's feet
and then giving it a death dealing shove
Trip over shoes which should still be for dancing
and spin them right into the trash
found in the corner of the cluttered dark room
like a pack rat's incurable stash
Blow open windows long stuck closed with paint
Push all the junk to the sill
Unburden your soul of it's hideous secrets
and snatch back your sacred free will...

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Nocturnal creature signals calm A tender night that's sure to bring, The rising scent of dew-laced balm Where Eagle Owl reels on a swing . I listen how it hoots again Through silhouettes of moonlit trees; From leafy spades along the lane To pivot ‘round in looped trapeze. Eyes ebon guard the sky homeward, Breaking the dark with hushed effect In changing flight, more than a bird As feathers sweep like ruffles flexed. A sight that in my mind I lock Till night unwraps light dusky shawl, While I am charmed by whispered gawk Sweet hooter trills, pervading all. Night Owl Contest, Kelly Deschler

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When summertime has kissed the rose, And nestling trees blossom so fair The dappled leaves twirl in repose, Bathed in mist’s spray… beyond compare. I crave her touch on paths winding Like a damsel amid lush grass; Sultry when the vibrant breeze flings, As limbs thrusts in passion’s contrasts. On blushes of night’s wild glimpses Embroidering her russet veil; In slow movement… this enchantress Drops heat’s thrill while she bids farewell. As mornings welcome Autumn’s gold My breath lifts in a mellow way, When tinsels of fog glide… to unfold A silver whirl through fall’s ballet. Kelly Deschler's Summer's End Contest 8/30/2014 by nette onclaud

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Float of doves ascends on velvet relay 
Hovering on boughs with ruffles serene,
And gleaming through flickers of evening’s play
Dew trickles blessings to meadows, so sheen
Grace of prayers ushering new winged hope;
Sacred the hymnal praise where flowers bend.
While overhead, birds await star’s approach
In dappled hours,warmth of night’s joys extend,
Where kindred laughter delights a tired mind
Inviting ease linking subway to hearth,
Fingers clasp for a thankful life enshrined
Kissed by the comfort of heaven’s seraphs.

Your Kiss From Heaven
Contest of Gail Angel Doyle
by nette onclaud

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My mind is in need of rest
just for a moment, brief,
a silent little repose here
will surely bring to me relief.

My heavy eyelids gently fall
and shut out the entire world,
my hair lays down and relaxes
even though it has been curled.

I breathe in slowly and deeply
my heartbeat settles down,
my ears can hear around me
the wind's soft whispering sound.

It lifts me to a far off place
where clouds become my bed,
I reach out to grab another
like a soft pillow for my head.

You can only imagine
what I can only see,
as I dream a beautiful dream
that was meant just for me.

Inspired by the painting, "Resting" by Victor Gabriel Gilbert 

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How Dreams are Born at Fifteen

Fifteen days of living I blew bubbles
Bubbles pearlescent in the sun
In hope and love I blew you bubbles
Ephemeral, floating, glorious sun loved bubbles.

In my act of creation, exhale air
Life held close in the bubbles 
Uh-whoo, uh-whoo, here’s life to live
I blew you bubbles for you to catch.

Leap and snatch we played bubbles
Bubbles so airy we can hold and spray
A bubbly world of shimmery beings
Floating in the wind of our wake.

And at the end of the pliant and fun filled day
We dreamed of bubbles, leaping for bubbles
Watery, airy bubbles floating, flaring and caught
and held within our hand a bubble, a bubble  smashed.

And oh how silly we seemed to break our play
Open up our hand, find within a pearl
A soft shimmery white pearl of life
And let it fly away, in the breeze, like our dream, free.

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Lifting Me Up

My heart is on Your shoulders,
And You are lifting me up.
With every spoken tender gesture,
I fall a little farther in love.

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A Brilliant Light

A brilliant light I see while leaving earth's grey mist. Approaching it, I see inside of its white glow - the precious smiling souls of those I've loved and missed. Sweet clarity! All things I'd wondered I now know! For Carolyn Devonshire's Perceptions of Heaven Poetry Contest

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A tinge of mauve designed by autumn’s glow upon her leaves, coated in frosty dyes glorious their sways, draped in misty yellow, iridescent like tassels of fireflies. I roam to catch ridged curls in revelry and seek them through air, blowing a wish to wonder at leaves’ palette from ornate tree, their ribs tenderly coiled by fall’s varnish. A landscape gleaming through brushed mosaic where dew trickles on their velveteen sheaths, from backdrop of night’s frame to lamplight’s wick upturned by breath of winds when hours bequeath and know that their radiance will crack in time if I should gather them in my hands to keep. This enchantment is never to be mine, I fling autumn leaves to skies, half asleep. Contest: Autumn's Breath of Gail Doyle

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Umbrella of stars hangs lucent in the sky Flickering by as nightbirds trill the wing One moment when hill tops wait on standby To relish the charm of dusk, awakening. And this blissful scenery becomes mine Where memorials of walk take me awhile, Into a parade of light with blinks divine As evening’s sari wears a lovely smile. UFO Contest of Robert Heemstra

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We will cherish these moments
Because they are few,
But please always remember
I will always love you.

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                                          THE MEDICINE MAN

When I was a girl,
We lived way out back,
In the swamplands where life,
Was hard but no lack,

Of love and good humor,
And inventive fun,
We were tired but happy,
When day was done.

One evening my uncles,
Were chasing me,
In a game of tag,
Near a big Oak tree.

I couldn't see,
The tree in the dark,
So I hit it full bore,
And there made my mark.

I was down for the count,
Out like a light,
They took me to Grandpa,
Who, seeing my plight,

Set to work right away,
To bring me around.
He reset my nose,
Made sure I was sound.

My face was a horror,
A regular mask,
But with his tender care,
I was soon the same lass.

He made poultice, used herbs,
To take down the swelling,
Relieving my pain,
And discomfort quelling.

He was quiet and gentle,
And didn't say much,
But he knew a lot,
And he had the touch.

He doctored our family,
He doctored our friends,
And many an animal,
He came to tend.

He was just an old Indian,
But I never forgot,
The things that he did,
Proved he knew a lot.

He lived his life quiet,
The best that he could,
And he did his best,
To live like he should.

He never stole,
Wasn't given to drink,
Said too much booze,
Made it too hard to think.

Didn't hold much store,
In money or fame,
But he knew the importance,
Of a good family name.

What others think,
He said with a grin,
Depends much on you,
So try not to sin.

He taught by example,
And he taught us a lot,
And the things that he taught us,
I never forgot.
                                              Judy Ball

For Tell Me A Story Contest by Debbie Guzzi

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I stood and watched them
One by one by one
Working ever so lovingly
Until all the work was done
There were parents and adults
Kids of all ages too
All this was for
In memory of you-know-who
They were washing headstones
Using shaving cream, to clean
There were so many of them
And even more in between
Others were raking leaves
Some were cutting brush
There were people everywhere
But, no one was in a rush
Some were planting flowers
Together in several rows
There were wheelbarrows
Tractors and even track hoes
They were laying bricks
And also walking about
But, the hardest thing was
Brennan, we were without
He wasn't there in person
He listened to God's call
His Eagle Scout project completed
In spirit, he saw it all

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Never Erased

Eternal faith;
Love in His name.
Saved by grace;
Never erased.

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Choices To Face

I have some choices to face,
But these are not my decisions to make.
God told me what He wants me to do;
He said, "Listen, Son, I have a plan for you."

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Enjoy This Place

Follow your dreams and follow your heart;
God has shown you the path to start.
Never give up and always have faith;
Do what you love and enjoy this place!

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Beautiful, Glorious Day

Run, run, run and give it all up!
Into His arms, commend your love!
Through Him, you are saved!
What a beautiful, glorious day!

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Hats Off To You {Vignette}

heart flutters bearing the news
appointed poet laureate
bows comrades honoring name
gift gabble raising thy brows
expectations of nil
inspirations for others

Tribute To Poetry

And To All The Wonderful Poets
Here In The Soup Bowl
I Bow To Each

Also Entry For
Brian Strand's 
Poet Laureate Contest
GL All

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The Earl of Sandwich

Please, sir, some meat and bread
I've not had a morsel for a week
It would stop this terrible hunger
My prospects now are terribly bleak

It's said the Earl is tender hearted
And oh so bloody awful rich
If I could have a taste of his
I'd call the thing a Sandwich

I hate to just come a beggin'
But I'm so hungry I am seeing red
Won't you ask the Earl again
Please, sir, some meat and bread.......

For Joe's Sandwich

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Lord, I do not know what to do;
Please, lead me by Your side.
Decisions I'm facing are lost and through;
Please, lead me to do what's right.

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White Pumpkin's Special Meaning

White buffalo are sacred to Native American tribes
Symbols of hope and prosperity, to see one you are blessed
A cart filled with white pumpkins offers our dear friend who scribes
To her unique and loving heart this harvest does attest

A gift of spiritual grandeur we are offered freely
Marvel at its beauty and behold its great power
Choosing from this selection might be easier ideally
If we think of it first as a special Halloween flower

Share the wealth among us, our sweet friend always does
I pick one that catches my eye, matching her ivory skin
Much like a white rose’s beauty compared to others outdoes
I’ll venerate this pumpkin knowing her kindness lies within

*Entry for Carol Brown’s “White Pumpkin” contest
October 24 by Carolyn Devonshire

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Toaster Strudel Trochee

<                                       Toaster Strudel - Trochee

                                        I just crave toaster strudel
                                        Piping hot pastry
                                        Cool icing so can doodle
                                        Kellogg's bakery

                                        So get to popping me one 
                                        Time to used noodle
                                        Pop tarts boring just no fun
                                        Choose toaster strudel

Meter: 7/5/7/5 
Rhyme Scheme: a/b/c/b or a/b/a/b

The meter is trochee, which means alternating stressed and unstressed beats in each line, with each line beginning and ending in a stressed syllable. This is a simple lyrical type little poem, so rhymes will be basic, nothing fancy. The poem itself should give a description of something of interest to the poet and often the meter lends itself to humor, much as a limerick does. There is not a set number of these quatrain type stanzas, but a typical 7/5 Trochee would consist of two quatrains, with the second stanza serving to tie up the idea presented in the first stanza.

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They Said

They said you may not make it,
They said it couldn’t be.
You may not leave the hospital,
May never come home with me.

A baby born this soon,
Is too small to make a sound.
So, don’t expect to hear him cry,
Like the healthy babies around.

You showed them from that moment
That you had other plans.
You came into the world crying,
Kicking, moving your hands.

Then, they said it would be tough,
And they couldn’t have been more right,
But you proved you were strong enough
And showed how you could fight.

They said your brain was damaged,
 You may never talk, or see.
But, now you babble for hours,
And quickly reach for me.

They said you may not walk,
Or ever learn to crawl,
And I can’t keep from smiling,
As you disprove them all.

They that said it was doubtful
You would walk away untouched.
But I stayed ever hopeful,
For the child I loved so much.

See, Mommy never doubted,
I knew right from the start.
My thoughts were often clouded,
But I listened with my heart.

I heard a constant voice
Saying, “It’s not up to them
Hold strong your faith, I have a plan,
And a special one for him.”

You are child of God,
A miracle from above.
Sent to prove His mercy,
And the power of His love.

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And Nothing Else Matters

When I fail at what I want to be,
when my entire world shatters,
you stand by me, and hold me,
....and nothing else matters.

When I cannot overcome my fears,
when my entire world shatters,
you comfort me, and dry my tears,
....and nothing else matters.

When life becomes so unfair,
when my entire world shatters,
you smile at me, and show you care,
....and nothing else matters.

When love is blind and cannot see,
when my entire world shatters,
you kiss me, and say you love me,
....and nothing else matters.

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The Heart Of The Ocean

You pick me up and fly me away;
Oh my baby, what a beautiful day!
Like a rock, you are strong to withstand the motion,
And your love runs deep, the heart of the ocean.

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In blue jeans and a sweatshirt, 
tousled hair, a cheeky grin, 
she whistles and the birds sing back, 
she puts a load of laundry in. 

A country girl with country manners, 
"Thanks so much!" blesses her lips, 
her daughter shares her airs and graces, 
dancing now, mom sways, she dips. 

Dressing up for Church on Sunday, 
mom and Peanut looking fine, 
mom's pleasant voice outsings the others 
with mellifluence divine. 

Skipping home from God's Communion, 
licking ice cream cones they smile, 
playing Hopscotch on the corner, 
laughing, leaping all the while. 

A six-year-old with imitations 
of an adult's ways and means, 
she's the Perfect Little Lady 
sharing Mommy's hopes and dreams!

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There are many things that get to me.
I don't just have one channel;
Like the feel of silk against my skin,
Or soft, warm cotton flannel.

I love to go out riding,
Through the woods and fields, past streams.
I love the smell of mountain air,
And the sound of an eagle's scream,

As he soars above the peaks,
Amid the craggy splendor,
Of the cliffs where eaglets nest,
Safe from things that hinder.

I love the feel of sunshine,
'Pon my face, shoulders and back,
As it's warmth seeps deep inside my bones,
As I lie in the sun and nap.

I love the sound of birdsong,
And the rain upon my roof,
The sound the the wind makes 'round the eaves,
And the lonely call of the wolf.

So many things can speak to me,
If I am wont to hear it;
Things that calm and soothe me,
It's like music to my spirit.

For WHAT TURNS YOU ON Contest by Frank H.

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Throne of Happiness

I have charted life’s darkest paths,
And slain depression’s beasts.
I have faced the face of sorrow,
From across the table of Satan’s feasts.

I have walked the world with company,
And have faced the same roads alone.
I have slept on un-comfy beds,
Between the walls of home.

I was banished from the joy of day,
With not a single place to go.
Accompanied by my constant companion,
The strength of my own shadow.

I have tussled with my thoughts,
And have submitted to the stress.
But I’m back to regain my throne,
Of the land of happiness.

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It's like a weight lifted off of my heart;
I am no longer torn apart.
Thank God you are safe;
Everything is okay.

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Something Like You

Something like a love song
Crossed my mind,
Sang to my soul,
Made my heart fly.

Something like a daydream
Drove me wild
Had me on cloud nine
Free like a child.

Something like a miracle
Hit me hard
Had me jumping and skipping.
I was touching the stars.

Something like a love story
Took my by surprise
Feeling like I won the lotto
Gave me butterflies.

Something like a love song
Played softly to my heart beat
Its all your fault
And I'm swept off my feet.

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The Fountain Within

Warmth upon my cheek
His arms 'round me, embrassing
His breath so close to me
Heating my whole being.

The sun has come and I sing
Has entered my thoughts, and I feel
My heart opened and all trusting
For it is inside to stay, and I'm healed.

He's made me who I am
Right from the get go
His essence part of who I am
It took me so long to know.

The fountain of youth is love
Let us all be connected to its source
That we may all sense from above
The soul and heart of eternal force.

By CarolineCecile

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Iridescent gossamer Dragonfly
Sparkles vividly in a haze of sunlight
Reflecting lucent pools and streams
Dining on frog spider and termite

Colorful transformations glittering
Decisively emerging in lakes or marshes
Zealously protecting her territory
Equilibrium balancing harshness

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In to the future times, eons from now
My friends and I in newest time machine
We flew to reach a world, enchanting! Wow!
With rose thickets, meadows and lofty pines

No heat; no Sun, in there; a lone full Moon
Was smearing sandalwood balsam on us
Running bunnies and frolicking raccoons
Did run a riot, while bees honey hummed buzz

My friends were filled with joy and flair, new-found
One reined a dinosaur; one chased a hound
One painted white, a crow; one tamed a bear
One dressed a wounded deer and hugged with care

One ran for sweet honeys dripping from trees 
With tongue outstretched and hit a black outcrop
Some climbed the trees and ate the fruits with glee
Some clung and swung to banyan’s hanging props

One raised a bough like a sword; displayed his brawn
And screamed, “I am the king of these realms green”
Adorned his wife with milky quills of swans
Her red headband and preened, “I am the Queen”

Went on and on my peoples’ prank and mirth
Till sounded time machine, “It’s time, it’s time”
We sprinted back to occupy our berths
And left that world of bliss with thoughts sublime

And back in my office; on broken chair
Below my screeching fan, with grim grimace
I sighed aloud and reached the open air
To find my friends drudging in Sun’s furnace

A wrenching feeling rudely swept my mind
“We live in neither future nor in past
To this Present alone we’re firmly chained
And breathe the breeze of this minute and last”

When truth unclothed had streaked before my eyes
Returned I sad and broke my truck of lies

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Long Live Love

A toss of the head
A flick of her hair
The wave of her hand
As her beauty did flare
Her bountiful step
The spring in her stride
Her laugh as we waked 
Hand in hand through the tide
Her mouth with its smile
As we wrote in the sand
Her cries of frustration
As sea coated the land
Those little I love yous
Meant so much back then
That on annual vacations
We repeat them again
For least we forget 
In the daily ado
Our marrital vows
Mean forever I do

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:sigh of relief:

Words spoken in silence,

[When language does not suffice]

Like a look or a tear, although concise

Can echo a lifetime in your ear,

Much louder than those you can hear.

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Unanswered Prayers

Sometimes it takes the smallest things
Perhaps the music a songbird sings
Or the new growth of green and warmth every spring
To hear answered prayers angels bring

A firm handshake given from a friend
Concerned eyes that see and never pretend
A neighbor willing to lend a helping hand
Prayers answered the way God chose to send

©Donna Jones

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Spirits Floating Free

I think of spirits floating free,
The cares of life all left behind,
With long lost loved ones there to see,
No tears to cry, just peace of mind.

For Carolyn's Perceptions of Heaven contest

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Epitome Of Heaven

__________________________________ Away with desire, thy flesh be done   where words are silenced, and love refined to you, my forgiving savior, the everlasting son, upon my spirit, your gracious love twined...  __________________________________ Contest- "Perceptions Of Heaven"

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Answering Questions

Would you like to touch the stars?
Kiss the Moon or maybe Mars,
Run across a curvy rainbow,
To a place of ice and snow?

Could you smile the cold away
And leave me here with nothing to say,
Take my blood tears into your arms,
Paint my life with cinnamon charms?

Is it possible to smile forever,
See the World in pink and never
Be too far away from you,
Without which life has no clue?

Can a thought become a destiny
In the great emotional vastity,
When you feel like you're insane
With nothing to lose or gain?

Do our souls really dance on a string,
Or shine into oblivion,like a diamond ring?
When no one is here to ease the pain,
We've got eachother and that's not in vain.

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Scarlet Letters

She wore the scarlet letter
On her chest for all to see
She was a fallen woman
Accused of adultery
She wore that cursed letter
Emblazoned there on her chest
It proved to the world around
She was less than all the rest
In her arms she held her child
The sweet fruit of her disgrace
A product of her passion
Spoilt, but with an angel face
He kept safe in the shadows
A tortured tormented soul
He longed to be united...
To be with them and be whole
She looked down when she passed him
Their secret buried inside
For he was the town’s young priest
To no one could she confide
That letter stood to witness
It convicted her of shame
She was a sordid woman
SHE was to carry the blame
We all have scarlet letters
Unseen to the human eye
If not an A, some other
To deny this is a lie
We all are fallen sinners
Yet unwilling to confess
We act holy and righteous
Our hearts are a wretched mess
Lust, gluttony and envy
Greed, violence, hate and more
Are safely all tucked away
They hide behind the closed door
You may think you are sinless
Others your guilt may not see
Yet a voice in you whispers...
"That scarlet woman is me!"
God sees the scarlet letters
That mark each and every one
He covers us with His robe
The righteousness of His SON
So do not feel dejected
Nor hang your head in disgrace
He sees and loves each sinner
Let His grace light up your face.

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I Don't Know What To Do With My Life

When that feeling rushes in-
I don't know what to do with my life-
I need to search from within
And look up toward the light.

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It's okay to pray;
Do so everyday.
Believe in what you say,
And your life will be changed.

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All the treasures I possess
are precious to me,
they're just "things" to others
but part of life for me.

Each little picture or vase
has a history all its own.
Each one holds a memory
completing what I call home.

Through time as each was added
another memory was built
and I love everything I own
without regret or sense of guilt.

God has given me each one
they are mine to treasure
and I think he smiles to know
they bring me constant pleasure.

From the storehouse of my life
he is building for me
a home far better than this one
mine for all eternity.

Some day all these treasures
will rest in other hands
as I pass beyond this life
into the one he has planned.

There I think I will discover
as he welcomes me home
he has been collecting treasures
each with a memory of its own.

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Miss October is our resident witch,
But she has a good name,
Unlike many others,
Of midevil fame.

A saucy little flirt is she,
Dancing all about,
At play in Autumn breezes,
Her skirts flying about.

Her eyes are black as onyx,
Her teeth are pearly white,
Her hair changes it's color,
Shining in the light.

Sometimes it's black as it can be,
Or red or gold or white,
No matter what it's color,
She's an enchanting sight.

She always has a pot on,
I thought it some strange brew,
She let me have a taste of it,
It was a tastey stew.

She never casts an evil spell,
Her magic's just for good.
She casts them all in secret,
As all good witches should.

My dog was hurt real bad once,
He had been in a fight.
She bound his wounds to help him,
And stayed with him all night.

I was really sick once,
I think I had the flu.
She tended and she nursed me,
Gave me some awful brew.

Another time I fell real hard,
When I was out at play,
She picked me up, looked in my eyes,
And took the pain away.

This witch casts her loving spell,
It seems on everyone.
We love her and we bless her,
You guessed it, she's my mom.

                                     Judy Ball

Mother's are like that, yeah, they are.
Endowed with the magic of love.

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All that does encompass bespeaks wonder in everything
bubbling brooks and waterfalls does your glory ring
terrestrial and celestial ever fill our eyes with seeing
how can not it's splendor not fill our very being
raindrops in waters with their rippling wake
and mesmerize our souls does the rushing make
gentle breezes lifting dappled leaves in dance
and some say it all came about by chance
How does this effusion elude a single man
when everywhere one turns it's radiance does stand
Nebula and quasar adorns a cloaking sky
and some choose to call the truth a lie
How lofty and profound in it's depth designed
everywhere one turns does God's eminence remind
lavender and magenta do our roses wear
magnificent in color in tended gardens care
In florescent rainbows are a peacocks feathers
multi patterned flowers among the blooming heathers
many hues of blue stretch across the sky
changing shades of azure of the seas close by
In Africa's dense jungle ring tailed lemurs leap
Asia's tarsier in the day does sleep
the giant and red panda in bamboo forests eat
meerkats make their manor underground to keep
Springbok and Okapi migrate within the land
camels and dromedary travel in the sand
kingfishers underwater dives yet he cannot swim
the hoopoe within Europe summers on a limb
Golden plovers and sandpipers do the beaches run
in every nation some great cat naps beneath the sun
the ruby topaz hummingbird and bird of paradise
the chameleon changes turf and puts on his disguise
Through filtered teeth of whales krill don't stand a chance
and so many speculate it's all just circumstance
At the poles do penguins nest upon the ice
beneath the oceans surface unnamed fish do slice
Everywhere in universe within it's laws do move
meticulous and intricate does creation prove
change the axis of the earth and life would not exist
no missing links have been found and yet the lie persist
The precision of it's interface keeps universe intact
so cohesive is the pattern in every little fact
why is mans reason out of line with the universe
turned his mind away from God just before the curse
To his change the animals haven't been unblind
fear of man and his hand knowing he's not kind
mankind lost respect for law and for himself
focus is on surface and not aware of Satan's stealth
Melodious is the speech of birds outside of our homes
the cacophony of nature with it's many tones
explosive is the energy if the atoms split
the power to enclose it will so few admit
Mankind's exploration isn't nearly done
infinity a subject for learning yet to come
we've barely scratched the surface of mathematics sum
to it's fascination have so many become numb
To winds and tides of doctrines do so many move
who will ask the questions and arguments so prove
the laws that governs universe are so well defined
but the souls that live on earth are of double mind
God has stretched the heavens with a movement of his hand
futility against his knowledge cannot a man to stand
wisdom she does cry and her voice puts forth
to examine natural things and upon your course
Listen not to instruction upon whose path you err
take away it will the life you hope to share
Life itself is precious do not you throw away
if you follow fallen man away from life you'll stray
The cry of the cricket do you understand
there is speech in everything that lives within the land
do you think a crocodile you will ever tame
and things undiscovered we have yet to name
How little understanding exists within man's mind
to exult himself against God's knowledge is he blind
before Jah's understanding mankind's is so weak
why from another man should you your answers seek
Bow your will before him lift your voice in praise
take in his instruction if want you length of days
Consider what you are and what you may become
in beginning were created just like God's own Son
sources Psalms and Proverbs and Ecclesiastes
COPYRIGHT © 2009 Duboff Law Group LLC

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Come Up Higher

I write of a dream
Out of the body, alive in the spirit
It begin on a slipping bare field
Intriguingly, there is nothing to shield

A feeling of fear run through me
As the enemy approaches
A mass of fearful thoughts
As the foe runs across

Running, racing, gasping for breath
Climbing steeper slopes
Running endless races
Racing to dreadful places

For one glorious moment
It dawned on me I can fly
I can fly on wings of Angels?
Even on wings of archangels?

Then comes a voice…Echoing
Come on fly!...Come up higher!
In awe! My feet was high above the ground
This left the enemy confound

I begin to soar and to glide like an Eagle
High up am safe and secure!
High up I can reach for the stars!
High up I can reach for the mars!!

And they heard a loud voice from heaven saying to them, “Come Up Here [Higher]”. And they ascended to heaven in a cloud, and their enemies saw them [no more]. Revelation 11:12

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Stand Up

Stand up for the broken,
'Cause they are people too.
With hearts and souls in ruin,
They just want to be like You.

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You Were Always There

I wouldn't think you need 
to be told how much I care.
You've always known how much it meant
that you were always there.

You were there when I was hungry.
You were there when I was cold.
You were there when I was young,
and I'll be there as we grow old.

In a family full of turmoil.
With a heart so full of pain.
I always could take comfort
from a visit with Aunt Jane.

You've been the hand to guide me
when I looked for someone near.
I miss you since you've moved away.
To me, you are so dear.

I hope I can repay you
for the precious gift of love
you gave to me throughout my life.
For you, I thank God above.

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Read It and Heed It

read it and heed it this is my warning
take what you want but reap what you sow
is eternity worth the price
for what you think you may know

you've given up on your life, your dreams
you're left here standing hollowed
where the strong have lead
the weak have surely followed

this body is your vessal
this life is your open sea
your hate and contempt shall leave you shackled
forgiveness, this is truth, shall set you free

this is my warning i heed unto thee
you came into this life with good intent
yet the life you lead is far more tainted
to free thy soul thine must repent

love your family for we are all but one
do unto others as ye be done
try to be happy...
life is meant to be fun.

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Ode to Self

Joy and laughter
Fill your heart
Embrace beauty
Found within 

Love and passion
Fill a void
Embrace romance
Loneliness is sorrow 

Lust and sin
No escape
Embrace temptation
You're only human 

You are strong
You feel weak
Embrace emotions
Express yourself 

You are you
I am me
Embrace difference 
Welcome indifference  

Take the good
With the bad
Embrace reality
Of life itself

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                                                 YOU TAUGHT ME

You taught me the difference,
Twixt right and wrong,
And helped me to find,
Where I truly belong.

You taught me that honor,
Love and respect,
Is much more important,
Than casual sex.

You taught me to earn,
The things that I own,
To take pride in a job,
Well done on my own.

You taught me to smile,
When I found no reason;
You taught me to laugh,
In spite of the treason,

That I had experienced,
In life's cold, hard school,
Feeling abused,
And used as a tool.

You gave me confidence,
In a world of confusion,
And though there were times,
I'd resent your intrusion,

I just want to say,
That I'm glad you were there,
Each time that I stumbled,
To show me you care.

                                                      Judy Ball

Even though they don't appreciate it when they're growing up, when they have kids 
of their own they always come back and say thanks.
Mine did.
Thanks to you Sherry for saying it.
It means a lot.

For The Right Time Contest by Michael J. Falotico

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Thank You

You watched when they were gone.
You cared when no one knew.
We never would've made it
if it hadn't been for you.

You grew up way to early.
You gave up all you had.
Your mother never thanked you
and you've never known your dad.

There's no way I can say this
to make you understand.
I realize how much you gave us
when you could barely stand.

You cared for us and sheltered
the ones she gave away.
The thanks you got were never heard...
that is, untill today.

A sister through the troubled times
is an understatement at best.
But, I hope you know you're loved,
and you're held above the rest.

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The Kentucky Hayseed - by Bob Atkinson

 The Kentucky Hayseed

  - by Bob Atkinson

he looks a little confused
his mind cast in a fix
how can he concentrate on this
just a little bit

a jerky set of previews
float over and above
his articulated vision on
some confused state of fuss

he'd never seen a problem
like this in all his life
a complex set of jargon
not allowing mushy light

he chewed on a blade of grass
considering all possibilities there
just open ended reflex
on most of which, he didn't care

his mama told him something
when a child was he
he tried to focus reason
when allowed here to repeat

that never ending slogan
of truth and firm despair
carrying nothing in between
his inner and outer ears

the hayseed settled down to work
a tumor he could see
grabbed a scalpel from the nurse
and simply cut it free

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All The Good Things In life

What's the most important thing in life It's love, love, love Nothing else has ever ever comes close More than anything else above Call me an over-the-hill silly old duffer But this is what I've found Without it, there's an empty space down deep Your heart has a hollow sound So if you haven't yet experienced true love The best part is up ahead It's the greatest treat you'll ever experience You'll feel giddiness in your head Take it from me, I've learned from experience It's why I wake up with a smile It's away ahead of whatever comes second It wins out by a country mile Love is basically what this life's all about Passion for another human being About treasuring all the good things we have It even surpasses peeing! <3 <3 <3 © Jack Ellison 2013

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Tall Tales

With muse in hand I must come up with great stories
That it keeps it's seeker longing for more of it's caption
free verse sonnet haiku or just stopping on by
I'm sure that there's something you may find very interesting

Tribute To Writers Here At

Also Entry For 
Brian Strand's
Poulter's Measure
GL All

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I'm clostrophobic
But I live in tiny spaces
I'm afraid of fire
And I burn down places

I have a fear of death
So I kill the grim reaper
I'm afraid of holes 
But still I dig deeper

I dont like water
So I swim across seas
I'm scared of gang bangers
Thats why i'm an O.G.

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Angels in the Winds

Angels in the winds
High above the waters
In a land not forsaken
By God’s own gracious hand.

I count the glowing windows
As I pass them in the night
Rows of little beacons
Showing me there is life.

Moments of comfort,
I am at peace
In the silence of the darkness
As angels watch over me.

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Under morning sky

                                              Under morning sky.
                               Gentle breeze waft against spring leaves.
                                           Adding to bird songs.
                                      The ear interprets mysteries.

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Your words fly, wings to my heart
The blank page from which we start
Holds promises of thoughts unheard
Pray my pen finds a phrase, a perfect word
From you I see a life unknown
Emotions and thoughts, I am not alone
Bound by rhyme we stumble on
Lives exposed in poetic song
They like to say that poetry died
In beat and sonnet, confused they lied
My words and yours march along
To a different beat and a beautiful song


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Conjure me a time when I 
Was happy to believe
‘fore rules and complications
Filled with smog my birthday eve
Set the table ring the bell
For all to take their place
And time machine with me back to
The edge of memories long erased
Serve me up on paper plates
And help the candles blow
Soothe the hunger pains with joyous
Innocence we used to know
Tell of bedtime stories
Grant a blow afar for wishes kissed
Pray a blessing on the ones 
Whose presence we so sorely miss
Whistle in remembrance as
We take our turns to reminisce
Though life is short we take the time
To sympathize oblivious
Eventful is the journey next
Forever onto future realms
Unknown to each and all of us
The light that overwhelms

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Alluring are all these things in life in 
which one may become fond in 
Calling upon all to climb up on their 
own stage; free will regardless of 
the age
When it comes to receiving nothing 
in life grants you knowledge more 
than does reading
Engage in life to gain experience this 
sets up a phase, be your own sage

Those of you who can come to 
understand now is the time climb 
up out of the sand
Tuning into one’s own inner yang, 
requires one to hear the bells when 
the ring
Believing that you sit in his right 
hand one comes to realize that life 
is grand
It all depends on the choice of 
words which you cling they display 
the song you sing

The Creator always comes to your 
aide, no matter your individual 
A clue to each and every perversion 
exist inside all culprits arson
The sound of the first grenade is the 
signal to the enemy; begin the raid
The soul is the intent to blacken in 
the words discharged by these evil 

In there attempt to acquire all 
things delicious they embrace the 
If one does want to recognize their 
spin, all you have to is see how they 
Why they stay so furious, their will 
belongs to all things they find 
Failing to see their despicable yin
leads all down the path of 
committing sin

There will be way far too few able to 
pay the bill on the last day it is due
After relentless tearing your soul 
will continue its everlasting searing
After you realize that there has been 
a coup you will not all be able to sue
Tortured and tormented you are 
now filet and sauteed burning 
without ending 

*****  For the "Word Game 
Contest" sponsored by Catie 

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The Master Ring

In ancient times, inside a treasure was a ring
It was known us the master ring or the ruling king
It was made of the finest pure gold
When worn it became an extension of one’s soul

It was made to control one’s thoughts and intentions
It was built to master one’s deeds and discretions
The ring always satisfies a wish
It must be a wise wish, not selfish

Once the ring is out of one’s possession
One becomes vulnerable to demonic suppression
Used selfishly it pressed painfully upon the finger
Worn frequently one becomes a spiritual figure

Our conscience is just like the master ring
It drives us to respond to our king
It directs and regulates our emotion
It is the key to a dynamic devotion

When we do act selfishly it presses against our soul
To listen to our conscience should be our ultimate goal
When we do right it gives peace within our hearts
When we obey it convicts and imparts

Now the purpose of the commandments is love from a pure heart, from a good conscience, and from a sincere faith- 1Timothy 1:5

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procrastination wanted to be my name.
my esteem threatened to be as wee as an elf.
trying to better myself was the game.
i tried shadowboxing with myself.

hey, i started to be on time one day.
i patted myself on the back.
i got a make over, by the way,
and cut myself some slack.

random acts of kindness took work,
but i found i was glad to do it.
complaining less nearly drove me berserk,
but it did help to increase my wit.

being human still makes me meek and fallible.
i just try to make amends and smile.
my esteem is now eye-height and tangible.
saying sage quotes as a winner is my style.

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Controlling One's Groans

Soon as I'm notified Soup Mail has arrived My pulse rate increases ten fold The anticipation is more than this guy can bear No matter how macho, how old Something about wondering who it might be An anonymous admiring lady Or maybe it's just Drake sending me kudos Maybe someone a bit more shady A secret admirer with her love overflowing Waiting to grant all my wishes Dream on wee fellow, it's your conscience talking Act normal, here comes the missus Hello, little darling, is there anything new Was just figuring out our taxes It's just about that time of the year, sweet lady D'ya think tax ladies have nice asses? Blew it again, me and my big mouth She won't ever let me out alone It's a life in solitary confinement from now on I should learn to control my groans <3 <3 <3 © Jack Ellison 2104

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Forlorn and lost, without a home
He wandered on the street
His hair knew neither comb nor brush
No shoes encased his feet

His hunger told him he must eat
Though food was hard to fing
Then, in the park, a crumpled bag 
Someone had left behind

Some 'burger scraps, a few cold 'fries
It seemed like just the thing
A drink of water from the lake
Made him feel like a king

He took a nap, but soon awoke
A storm was breaking o'er
He saw the light'ning's fearsome flash
Heard thunder's mighty roar

He finally found shelter
In a closed-up storefront's door
Exhausted, shiv'ring, wet and cold
He sank down on the floor

Just then, a voice compassionate
Said softly "You poor guy
You shouldn't be out in this storm
No need to ask you why"

She took him home, and warmed him up
She saw that he was fed
And then, when all te house was quiet
She took him to her bed

As he lay there besideher
He thought "Life's not all bad
This surely is the greatest  girl
A puppy ever had"

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Life lessons learned the hard way
In an undesired fashion
Learning to give up worldly ways
To obtain a Godly passion

My heart's desire was fulfilled
For only a short amount of time
That's when I noticed that not all is good
And worldly influences often lose their prime

My heart should be so full of joy
And passion for my Savior
That when a man comes into my life
I know it's God doing me a favor

I pray for strength daily
Strength to know my worth and judge not
For the only way to true happiness
Is to seek what Jesus sought

My soul cries out for comfort
Down my face tears graze
All along I should've searched for the One
By trusting, worship, and praise

So I ask for God to motivate me
To understand my thoughts
With time I'll know to appreciate unanswered prayers
Instead of examining the 'it-oughts.'

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My Sun

I woke to find the sun smiling down.
To brighten up my day.
With silky hair she smiled again,
And replied with a simple "Hey!"

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On The Smile Side

Felicity, when there is melancholy,
is a feat most peculiar.
Likewise, smiles are parallel to joy
while frowns are perpendicular.

To promote happiness
allows "the pent" to unwind.
Their health will become in the pink
and better longevity they will find.

Elation and glee that just simmers should be wanted,
for both are as sweet and fragrant as a nosegay.
Coaxing "the bitter" to relinquish their anger
is a task for "the happy" not to stray.

Being a clown, cheerleader, or simply one  who is nice
should be made hard for others to not adopt.
The synergy of all of our joy and encouragement
will make us "one" and should be something to opt.

Persuasion to have a sense of well-being
starts with the key of offered good sentiments.
Grins, emotional hugs, and pats on the back
should not be selfish games  but personal commandments.

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I am the confidant of many, 
a healer of weary souls, 
they come to me with questions, 
and tales of their ample woes. 

I advise and console their broken,
and bleeding hearts, 
for I know how it feels,
to be ripped and utterly torn apart. 

What can one so humble as I;
I often conclude with query short and sweet; 
do for a true master-poet; 
who muses others as he speak?

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My thoughts comes curiously, 
My lips speaks freely, 
My body's a temple holding guilt & worries, 
My eyes witness truth and my ears clearly hears.  

My hands help others, 
My feet will continue to walk futher, 
My sharp tounge prays daily, 
and my knees bow geniunely. 

My mind's always growing, 
so still now, my job's to keep showing, 
The man I was made to be,
God's radiance ever emitting out of me. 

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Sleepy Deadlines

For Santa...

So much goodwill and dedication
Hard work through the ages
Unnoticed sweat drop jubilations
Dusted most on gathered pages
Rocking chair of velvet comfort
Snowy beard with wishful cheer
Hearty smiles of flavored butter
Candy striped in scent sincere
Elves and reindeer all assisting
Snowstorm nights in huge demand
Graceful lights go out in blisters
Twinkled trails of stars and wand
Braving the cold around the globe
Soaring balloon and bundle of joy
Red and black to hide the old
Yet meekly essenced little boy
Melting in the youthful hopes
While filling up on expectations 
Golden slay bells, white trimmed coat  
Sharing the peace of spirit elation
Spread to those who stay awake
Attached to sleepless hands up North
To polish dreams for children’s sake
Relentlessly they venture forth
Down soot filled chimneys old and new
With aches in back that’s past its prime
And this you always manage to do
Before the running out of time  
But you’re rewarded now and then 
You find the X on treasured map
On countless roofs from way back when
Cradled to sleep on angel’s lap

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Spent time enough      upon this road
to know the things       I think are gold
don't give a hoot         bout wealth or fame
if you're famous          and made a name

My life's simple           have my own dreams
my own pursuits         and my own leans
but these are those     that let me see
what lies in you           your own beauty

I understand               what you've been through
though life's unique     but similar too
you own your joy        as I do mine
its ups and downs       the unsublime

I've experienced life    and all it's dirt
our ecstasies              of all our hurt
foolish man said         I crossed the line
I wasn't worth            his thought or time

Forgive me now         should I not see
all the meaning          your life needs be
sometimes I'm bound in my own thought
to remember             what life has taught

That I glory               in what is you
individuality               it's what we do 
I've shed my tears      and held your hand
same under stars       the same earth stand

COPYRIGHT © 2013 C Michael Miller
via Duboff Law Group LLC

 Psalm 62
9 Surely the lowborn are but a breath,
the highborn are but a lie.
If weighed on a balance, they are nothing;
together they are only a breath.
10 Do not trust in extortion
or put vain hope in stolen goods;
though your riches increase,
do not set your heart on them.
11 One thing God has spoken,
two things I have heard:
“Power belongs to you, God,
12 and with you, Lord, is unfailing love”

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Under Construction

In New York City at Ground Zero
The World Trade Centre Tower once stood
After its grim aftermath destruction
The illustrious tower is under construction

To minimize future structural failures and other catastrophes
The new tower is design and constructed
To be earthquake, fire and wind resistance
As wind pressure increase with height distance

There have been slight changes made to the original
It is reinforced to resist compression and tension
Engineer MacGray is so far thrilled
As they are a step closer seeing the mission fulfilled

A Christian is a structure under construction
We are under a divine construction of the Holy Spirit
God is at work in you to shape and to remove your imperfections
According to that Mighty Glorious Power of His resurrection

Your life may be of no rhyme or reason
The Master Engineer is at work to bring balance, symmetry and order
He is reinforcing His ideas for a spiritual transformation
The Holy Spirit is empowering His new creation

The structure is not built in a single day
Neither is His Divine Masterpiece
So as the Master Designer hammer and chisel your wall with affliction
Though painful, remain silence for you’re under a divine construction

For the House when under construction was built of stone prepared at the quarry so that no hammer or chisel [noise] was heard in the temple while it was being built [1kings6:7]; for it is God who works in you both to will and to do for His good pleasure [Phil 2:13]

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My Soul Now Sings

My invisible scars
are plain for anyone to see,
as I blindly journey on…
This path of Christianity.

Wanting deliberate faith
ready on my tongue,
I received God’s Salvation
when I was dumb and young.

Inflicted wounds to my soul
from a lack of understanding
have been healed by the Power
of Christ’s personal anointing.

I am worth dying for
according to His Word;
The Lamb’s wondrous sacrifice
had sin to Himself transferred.

Now my soul graciously sings
with overflowing joy!
For redemption has been granted
to this formerly, lost boy.

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Sufficient for the Day

Sufficient for the day is the Lord’s grace,
although the day has troubles of its own;
remain standing on the foundation of faith,
for the secret… is going before God’s throne.

Daily measures of mercies and love are available,
since Christ our advocate is making intercessions
that lift us up – for when we eventually fall down,
as the result of our sinful transgressions.

Sufficient for the day is the Lord’s joy,
although the day has troubles of its own;
God’s love for us has been made evident,
seeing the Son’s Salvation has been made known.

With a new day, stillness may certainly come;
unite your voice with eternity’s songs.
Become comfortable now for giving God praise,
in preparation of joining the heavenly throng.

Sufficient for the day is the Lord’s strength,
although the day has troubles of its own;
so lift us up after we fall again, as we realize…
that Your grace and peace has been already sown.

-Joe Breunig © 2012, All rights reserved.

Reaching Towards His Unbounded Glory

Author Notes:

Loosely based on:
Matt 6:34

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Spring has a color all her own,
She's no particular hue.
She comes in many happy shades,
In a variety of hues.

Waking slowly from Winter's sleep,
She twinkles in melting snow.
Stretching her fingers toward the sun,
She welcomes the warmth and glows.

She dances merrily in golden rays,
She sparkles on the water.
She glistens in the morning dew,
All Nature is her altar;

Where she offers happily,
A rainbow of glorious color,
Singing sweetly through the wood,
Joined by her sisters and brothers;

The new born creatures living there,
Come out to have first look,
At all the colors of the world,
The trees, the sky, the brook.

What color best describes this nymph?
What shade is she, what hue?
What shade indeed, I cannot say,
What color, say, is "New"?
                                                  Judy Ball

For contest Color My World  by Nette Onclaud

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The Candles In The House

The candles in the house
Bring all the love around.
Warmth is shed for us to share;
The calming night erases all despair.

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One of those days, some good, some bad But I made it through unscathed These days happen every once in a while No reason to walk round in a daze Tomorrow is always a brand new beginning With a fresh new perspective it seems What dragged us down is so less important A new day's always filled with new dreams If we approach each exciting new tomorrow With these positive happy thoughts Life will be filled with sunshine and joy Over each new hurdle you'll vault This may be a bit altruistic in nature But trust me it's really quite doable It's simply a matter of always being positive Your joy will be indisputable One of those days, some good, some bad But I made it through unscathed Must always remember my very own words So much aggravation I'll save © Jack Ellison 2013

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Brand new life

Brand new life

Life it can be sad or sweet
The secret lies in you
If in every day you meet
Each moment as brand new

Then you will your life transform
Your mind it will be still
A brand new you, it will be born
How wonderful you’ll feel

Take a look so deep within
You’ll find the secret there
For just beneath the ugly din
You’re free from every care

Then joy will take on over you
You’ll bubble deep within
And everything will feel brand new
Let the melody begin

Forget the future and the past
For these just phantoms be
Then you shall have a brand new life
Brim filled with mystery

6 July 2014 @ 1505hrs.

Written for Kelly's 'Not any old Quatrain'

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Angels Here On Loan

There are angels here on earth
Who are only here on loan
This place is not where they are from
This world is not their own
They're sent to light the paths they walk
To embrace us when we're sad
To share in joyous times we have
To make bad things not so bad
They come in forms of mothers
They sometimes are our friends
They share in our beginnings
And soften bitter ends
These angels came to teach us
How to love our fellow man
To share the blessings that we're given
To be all that we can
While these angels walk with us
We'll never be alone
They'll always be within our hearts
Not contained by flesh or bone
And while we journey in this life
May it comfort us to know
Our angel is never far away
No matter where we go
Holly Miller

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premeditated thinking

the man sat outside a lit bar one night
feeling small, his worth steadily shrinking
knew he didn't, shouldn't want to, despite
a growing desire to lose himself drinking

the angst, on his face was easily read
as "just one quick one, then home" entered
instead of "I really need a meeting instead"
"to get back on track, get my life centered"

the wagon he was falling out of, an '86 Ford
clicked as the engine got colder before him
the old realities came back, and were ignored
he too, grew colder, outlook dark and grim

but grace can land between the parking lines
to reflect sober road with a truth unblinking
and show life's higher powers have higher designs
to save an alcoholic from premeditated thinking

© Goode Guy 2011-12-01

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Chasing the Ball...

                                                          Simply for sake of conversation,
                                  On one chilling, dark December evening,
                I challenged my son to one-on-one;
Time offered me the reason.

                                                       Spotlights glaring...hours playing,
                                 My tall, gaunt black-haired boy,
               Submitting his secrets on that day,
Love I willingly offered to my boy.

                                  That red cobblestone alley...two lives altered,
                    Girls...friends...not ~ we discussed;
            Countless questions...answers with integrity performed,
     Honesty I offered...conquering trust.

                                                            So many demons surround us,
                                 Fresh snow...digressive days
When I search for him as the wind argues before and behind us,
              My heart shall find my son in that alley...

I love you, Tyler.  Mom xo

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O Lord, I know in my heart,
that I can be truly transformed
from impure and tainted thinking,
when my spirit is daily reborn.

Cleanse my mind, my thoughts
and raise my eyes unto Thee;
alter my vision regarding…
everything that I may see.

Renew in me a fresh heart;
modify my ungodly behavior;
keep me solely focused on the…
permanent work of my Savior!

Spark my being with the Divine;
rekindle my love of Your Word;
rejuvenate the image of my dream;
don’t let my purpose be deterred!

I believe Your holy promises,
for with You, all things can be done!
Complete in me a real transformation,
for I know… it has already begun.
Author Notes:

Loosely based on:
Rom 12:2; Eph 4:17-24

Learn more about me and my poetry at:

By Joseph J. Breunig 3rd, © 2012, All rights reserved.

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Falotzing In Greebert

There is a place beyond the clouds,
Greebert is its name;
Fun in that place grows on trees
And all of life's a game.
The people there are always young,
And no one ever dies;
And time in Greebert seems to stop,
Even though it flies.
Anything is possible there,
That land where Happy rules;
A perfect, peaceful getaway
For all us nutty fools.
The trip is free from here to there,
It isn't hard to find;
Imagination's all you need,
Cause Greebert's in your mind.
So go falotzing any time
You're always welcome there.
The place where all your dreams come true
And magic's in the air.

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The monster rose out of the sea,
Intent on devastation.
The wreckage it left in its wake--
Beyond imagination!

The world looks dark and dismal, now.
Heartbreak, on every hand.
A world of rubble and debris,
Where once was sun and sand.

But this night is not forever;
There will dawn a brighter day.
The Gulf Coast sun will shine again,
And drive the gloom away. 

We'll rally 'round and lend a hand,
For we're all kith and kin.
We'll work upon the fallen things,
Till they're rebuilt again. 

The human spirit will prevail.
When this tribulation's done,
This land will rise up from its ruin,
And gleam in a new day's sun. 

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I choose Sunday as my leisure day,
and very glad to have accomplished much in forty hours:
I look at the Heavens and pray...
to delight in this blessed day among other ordinary days.    

If we all set apart a day to worship Him,
more blessings would be showered on us...
think of all his wonderfully kept promises
that inspired David to write Psalms for Him! 

I've seen sickness, desperation, unhappiness and poverty 
flourish in wretched souls that have given up on faith,
why have they chosen to live hopelessly and allow misery?
Have they ever sought God instead of indulging in mirth?     

Many of us may not be spiritual persons, or the ones with diseases,
but putting one day aside for reflection can mend our ways...
forget how to get rich and dream of sailing the high seas,
choose a special day among other ordinary days!

Entered in Frank Herrera's contest,
" One Stand Out Day "
written by Andrew Crisci

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Putting thoughts on paper, connoting their portent;
contesting guilt by being lyrically concordant
with symphonic tones of poetical elegance,
expressing a mere necessity rather than extravagance.

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Poem: Called to Worship V

It’s a fresh morning of new mercies;
raise your hands in a moment of praise!
Do you recall that you’re in covenant
and covered with the blessings of today?

Spend some quiet and quality time with God;
speak genuinely and offer earnest prayers.
Lift up your concerns and needs of others;
demonstrate faith… by words you declare!

Celebrate the faithful witness of Christ;
open your spirit; pour out your soul to Him.
Find strength as you rejoice in victory;
sing unto Him now with songs and hymns.

Embrace your anointing for life’s ministries.
God grants our petitions with earthly peace.
Renew your mind with the cleansing of His Word
and implement His promise of divine release.

Faith is about proper relationship with God
and not the memorization of spiritual quips;
build real communities with actions of love;
remember that we’re still… called to worship!
-Joe Breunig,
Reaching Towards His Unbounded Glory

Author Notes:

Loosely based on:
Lam 3:22-26; 1 Pet 5b-11; 2 Pet 1:3-11

By Joseph J. Breunig 3rd, © 2013, All rights reserved.

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Fishing Fun

Our fishing trips arn't fruitful,
but they're always lots of fun.
We always have a story
about losing "the big one".

Most of the time we're casting
while dad says "Watch your pole!
To be a real good fisherman
you have to play the role!"

"You can't keep reeling in your bait.
Patience is the key.
If you just stare right at the tip...
You'll get will see."

"Stop making noise!", "Stop fidgeting!"
"Who drank up all my pop???"
"Don't hit her!" and "Don't look at him!"
"This fighting's got to stop!!"

Just when we reach the fishing hole
of course you need to pee!!
Next week we'll try it all again!
It'll be fun... REALLY... You'll see!

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This is a mixed up world
and im a mixed up girl
wait im a man
its just that everything's unfurled

and yet quite all together
true beauty under any weather
at times scary
but vastly beyond measure

if everything was flawless
it would seem lawless
for imperfection
gives individual solace

and its quite perfect
from every prefect
toss up the pieces
watch how they reset

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Lullaby for the Grieving

Lay your head down precious one
And dry your eyes right now
For dreams of happy endings
Will be coming anyhow

The rains will stop, that much we know
Though we may not know how
So walk ahead to dryer ground
Where my love will abound

Know that when you're all alone
I've never been more near
And when you think I'm gone from you
I'm holding you, my dear

The nights will pass before you know
The sun will rise once more
I'll be with you in the sunshine
And with you in the storm

In the sunshine, in the rain
Just look up to the sky
And wish you may and wish you might
And to you, I will fly

I'll never leave you, never go
Where you can't find me there
Just look inside your heart to find
The love we share

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Its been a while since I spoke to you,
I'm sorry its been so long.
But I've had a lot of trouble lately,
so many things went wrong.
I started to come and talk to you, 
just the other day, 
but a strange thing happened to me,
as I began to pray.
I needed some money, needed it fast,
I had some pressing bills.
I was just about to plead to you,
when my neighbor rang the bell.
He said he needed a fence torn down,
and a new one put in its place.
He said that he would pay me good,
so his offer I embraced.
And I remember another time,
not so very long ago,
I was just about to come to you,
our groceries were getting low.
But someone came while we were out,
and left some food and such.
I don't know just who they were,
but I'm glad they thought of us.
It just seems that every time
I need some help from you,
something always happens
and somehow it gets me through.
But its nice to know your up there,
should I ever need your help.
And I'll be sure to come to you,
when I can't manage for myself.

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Steeplejacks are nutso! What more is there to say I guess the lure of big money Would certainly come into play But not for a million trillion Normally not afraid of heights But these guys are totally bonkers Watching them's a scary sight They've proved to be ruddy fearless Height never makes them cringe Loonies from the very word go I surely would come unhinged Give them props it sure takes guts Or a lack grey matter upstairs Without them, no big skyscrapers They're completely nutso I swear! © Jack Ellison 2013

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The Mirror

What did my eerily observant mirror so boldly reveal 
to me this morning as I so cautiously gazed into its soul?

It quipped "Hey lummox,might as well limp back to bed, 
the eyes of the world will mistake you for an over-sized troll."

Many times it speaks this extremely critical 
evaluation of me.So often, in fact, I can no longer ignore.

I have been rather proficient at turning a deaf ear
to its snide, painful remarks, but now it's cutting me to the core.

It willingly continues " You better stop 
trying to appease the god of the gut.

Forget about bacon and eggs,
cookies and cakes, candies and nuts.

And yes, include on the list, donuts and pastries,
ice cream and chocolate, even Fritos and chips.

Crisco would be jealous of you, you tub o' lard. You've surrendered
to the demon of gluttony for so long now, I mean, c'mon, get a grip.

And let's be real here, this farce of an exercise 
routine you endear yourself to is all mirrors and smoke.

How many calories do you think you burn off
simply looking, be it so desperately, for your precious remote?

You might even want to drag your behemoth butt  off
the  couch while watchin' the tube and do some crunches.

Instead of waiting till the commercial break to
 waddle out to the kitchen to refill your beloved munchies.

Let's see, there's tennis, running, swimming, 
biking, even just walking..... exercise programs galore.

But nooooo, for you that means change doesn't it?
It's not worth it even though you barely fit through the door."

But as there are two sides to every story, so too is
there another mirror even more significant than the first.

It happens to be God's "love letter" that reflects honestly and with
prevailing irony.It captivates us with mention of real hunger and thirst.

It also talks of changes we need to make 
if we don't want life to "take it's toll".

Not so much on our fleeting flesh
as on our eternal soul.

These words, like a soothing salve, are 
universal.Oh yes, they are ours for the taking.

And they can buoy us and comfort us on those 
many days when that "other mirror" we feel like breaking.

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Everyone will see one day

Little girl, don't be so low. You're gonna be something someday, don't give up hope, keep hope alive. Even when the road gets rough, remember how much tougher you are than anyone else. I have faith in you, faith that you'll make it through. All the lies that they tell you, all the broken promises they made, won't stop you from becoming someone. You'll be there soon, just let the negative become the positive. when they throw stuff in your face, pick up yourself and see your way out. The bruises and scars only make you who you are, so smile because they're breakin' you is only making you. You will show the world one day what all made you that way, and they'll be asking for you, there's no doubt. So don't sit there and pout, because the day will come when everyone will see what they made you become.

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Early Morning Treats

The frost on the ground is glistening,
     We wake with a new today.
Water for hot coffee is whistling,
     Slowly the night melts away.

It's a special time of each new day,
    The air is clean, cool and light.
The sun has yet to blink one bright ray,
    I long for this gorgeous sight.

Auburn with purple and pinkish hues,
    Beautiful colors all blend.
Scarlet-orange with a splash of blues,
    Daybreak starts to make amends.

Dawn, the finest and the best surprise,
    Finds me tranquil and quite calm.
Early morning treats come at sunrise,
    It's now that I have no qualm.

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Oh, the list of things
I really intended to do.
I meant to do them all,
I just never followed through.

I planed each thing so carefully,
with so much zeal and vigor.
But time passed so quickly,
and the list got so much bigger.

I put off till tomorrow,
but tomorrow wouldn't come.
And soon I was stockpiled,
with the things I hadn't done.

So I formed a brand new strategy,
sense the old on didn't work.
The way my life was going,
It was driving me beserk.

I found a way to rest my mind,
from the chores I had delayed.
I'd worry about them all next week,
and not think of them today.

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LinkedIn to Magi

the Magi travels on the web
deftly legging at the lines
crawling around like tide and ebb
leaving gifts brushing those confines

there is wonder there, to partake
there are sightings, so exquisite
things seen clearly, or opaque
discerning is the only requisite

information and loaded emotion
moving images of hate and love
surfing past advertised promotions
the trick is just to take hold of

what the Magi drop in plain sight
secrets both known, and obscure
love can be heard in sound bites
but hate, nearby will always allure

just ignore hate that always shouts
listening only for quiet whispers
the Magi's magic is now and hereabout
imagining images of peace in pictures

magnetically pulled positive or naught
what is sought, so will be found
love you, others, too love free thought
surf linked web without going aground

gifted fob to keep your time clasped
as you give freely of your own time
the Magi's link finally is grasped
love for each other, sweetly sublime

© Goode Guy 2011-11-20

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shining star

the eyes that tell me who you are,
i dance and sing for all to see
that next to you - a shining star -
is the luckiest place anyone could be.

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Soccer Lessons

With speed of light
Fast, furious feet
The little boy ran
Not skipping a beat

With breaths of fire
A wish for a goal
He escaped from the pack
With the ball, there in tow

He ran down the field
To the yells of the crowd
Soccer was his game
With a smile, he was proud

He pulled back his foot
He thrust it for a shot
His face turned beet red
As he gave it what he got

But the goalie was hot
As my son took his kick
Sad at that time
That the goal didn’t stick

Off from the field
Still a smile on his face
He knew he did his best
So he still took first place

My boy was so wise
To know at just eight
Not the place that you finish
That makes you seem great

It’s the effort of the person
Doing the best that you can
I couldn’t believe the wisdom
From my boy, this little man

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Planning the Plan

There are so many things about God
that I don't really understand.....
like  why He chose me
to be a part of His band.

I have done nothing at all
to deserve such favor.
But I sincerely thank this God-man
who's love for me does not waiver.

He lavishes on us a love 
that is unconditional and so pure
that no matter what in the world we do,
He won't love us less nor love us more.

Oh sure, there are times that we
may not be found in His favor,
like when we willfully disobey   
or too much of the "world" do we savor.

 In loving fashion God created this world - -
a plush paradise - - co-existing woman and man.
But God knew that man and serpent would ruin the Garden,
so from His infinite wisdom sprouted the perfect plan.

The "Eden Act" and all the scenes that would follow
caused a separation that was deep, but not a divorce.
For God obsessed with our reconciliation
which takes us back to Him and His plan, of course.

This plan sent His only Son, whose name is Jesus,
down to this decrepit,defiled place called Earth.
His entrance onto the scene was unlike that of Superman.....
no crater, no quake,just a manger and a humble birth.

He lived here and loved here for a short time,
revealing what life is really all about....
about sharing and caring....compassion and passion,
not at all about who has the most clout.

He told us time and time again that He
had no agenda that was His own.
It was to strictly do the will of the Father,
nothing more,nothing less, just that alone.

But it was this very will that ultimately
led the "Annointed One" to much despair.
For it was demanded of Him 
the sin of the world to bear.

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Connecting the Dots Part 2

God mentions in the last days there
will be an increase of knowledge.
And, yes, we certainly do have many
young people heading to college.

But it really goes alot deeper than that,
I mean, we now have the ability to clone.
So it's kinda scary when we look around 
and wonder if it's a "copy" or one of God's own.

As we look back over the last hundred years,
the period we refer to as the "industrial age."
We find; autos,jet planes,TVs,fax machines,computers.
all things considered, can we really turn another page?

Jesus told of some other things to take note of ---
signs that we really should be looking for.
wars and rumors thereof,earthquakes, hunger,
even pestilence(disease) will soar.

In fact, He even went as far as to say that
man will be perplexed by the tossing of the sea.
Hurricanes,cyclones,typhoons.... almost too 
many to count.... if we have eyes, let us see.

He also said that it will be like
a woman in delivery--- having labor pains.
Which indicates an increase in frequency
and intensity, yes.... too tough to tame.

One can't help but notice that is
 exactly what we are experiencing today.
Wars, terrorism, continual earthquakes,erupting volcanoes,
droughts, floods, disease galore... that's just God's way

of warning us that these truly are
the final days in our history.
And it won't be long now until
true believers see Him in all His glory.

Now I have finally come to the end of my poem
and I hope I've helped with "connecting the dots."
Judgement day is fast approaching but remember
He would certainly rather have us be ready than not.

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                                                  MUCH A-DO

We cannot worry over-much,
'Bout things we can't control.
Too much worry disrupts life,
And at length rots the soul.

Worrying 'bout this and that,
Can spoil your whole demeanor,
Causing you to disdain,
What makes your pastures greener.

Reality of fact is that,
Life has it's ups and downs,
Stomp and snort all that you please,
And growl and glance around,

To find someone to blame it on,
Although no one's to blame;
Sometimes things happen, this is true,
And it's to no one's shame.

Often we avoid some things,
But sometimes we just can't,
If we could go through life unscathed,
We'd be some kind of plant,

That simply sits, says not a word,
And never does a athing;
So learn to take life as it comes,
Relax and learn to sing;

For worry never solved a thing,
In fat it gives you ulcers,
And makes you old before your time,
So relax, gain some culture.

Learn to control your inner chi,
Your yen and then your yang,
Because worrying all the time,
Won't gain you one dang thang.

                                              Judy Ball

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Executing the Plan

Why? Why Him? How could this be? To have life
slowly, excruciatingly, drained from Him by a tree.
The irony, it was a tree....the tree of knowledge
that brought angst full circle to Calvary.

This was a burden above all burdens,
anxiety, agony...... almost beyond what He could bear.
So much so, droplets of sweat formed in His hair 
as he cried out to His Father in prayer.

"If there is any way for this cup 
to pass from me, let it be so."
Even though He knew He had to suffer 
through it, He couldn't just let it go.

It's not that He didn't have the power
to get out from under this albatross.
But if He did succumb to His earthly
desire,mankind would forever be lost.

For God depended on this "Spotless Lamb"
to bridge the gap between us and Him.
So..... we became white as snow because
the "Perfect Sacrifice" willingly bore our sin.

Fortunately for us, it is not here
 that this story comes to a close.   
For just as He foretold,
on the third day He arose.

So because of the ways of man and God's awesome plan,
death no longer has the final say.
It's all about a relationship..... a deep friendship
established with one simply called "The Way."

The Serpent defeated, the gap miraculously closed
and those that sincerely believe can claim the victory.
Through the historic death of Christ,
we may have fellowship with God for all eternity.

How amazing it is that God would be so concerned
about me... about us.... about the souls of man,
 that, yes, from the very beginning of time,
he would devise the absolutely perfect plan.

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Star Horizon

a star on the horizon:
a guide for the poor
to richness of life
that shows heaven's door.

a star on the horizon:
in her own little way,
shall find her life's dream
by loving every minute of the day.

my star on the horizon
forever will be,
closer yet further...
from being with me...

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M'Ladies' Favors

With heart divided between old and new both loves so dear and warm and true; 'Cross continents covered with morning dew, so fleet I ran to be with you. Cloth marked, banner blazoned, dearly tried; on I ran to be by your side. Storm gathered, tide washed, a dear heart so true, still on ran I, till I found you. To your widespread arms and warm auburn eyes, your red full lips and limb filled sighs; Onward I wandered thus dreaming of you, to touch your hand and kiss your eyes, Her blason banner so stiff, bright and new, hung on my right for all to view. You saw her colors favor by my side. Your tears welled, coals banked, heart torn pride. You held a silken scarf in your wee hand, turquoise token, woven with golden strand. Your gaze so crestfallen slowly wavers, Yet, reaching forth I accept your favor. Placing your keepsake upon my left side, to be my shield, to be my guide; silken, soft symbol of my hearts delight, to the battle I march on that dark night. And, as the clash of weapons loud, Immersed the days dawn in horrific sounds, Of mortal pain, and death's story; So fervent fought I to return to two. Blessed by M'Ladies' Glory.

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A really true friend as priceless as gold
A treasure in life to seek and to hold
The greatest of treasures and one we can bless
Is to have one to help you when you're in distress
Rare is this person who stands by your side
Who will shoulder your burden and do it with pride
So remember to cherish this gift to the end
This "wonder of wonders" a true loyal friend
God up in heaven I'm sure has the score
For those who help others with kindness and more
And the point totals high as angels defend
Each person like you who is a true loyal friend

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Hi mom, it's nice up here
Looking down on you and dad
I see my big brother too
And I'm not feeling so sad

I know our time together
Was so short and not long
But up here with Jesus
That's where I belong

I see grandpa and others
Please don't cry for me
Because up here, it's pretty
And so happy and free

I do miss you all
But please try not to cry
And take good care of Kenyon
But don't ever say good bye

Don't ever forget me
I know the time was short
You did the right thing mom
I'm so glad you didn't abort

So, for now I'll be going
But I will see you again soon
You will see me when you look at the stars
Or whenever you look up at the moon

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The world yearns for it.
The world longs for it.
The world pants for it,
And no, it will not quit....

searching for what 
is desired above all.
Will anyone ....anyone
heed it's beck and call?

The world is under 
such a constant strain.
And yes... it is a
never-ending refrain.

A continual threat
of terror and of war,
that we really
cannot ignore.

Agony and angst are
always knocking at the door.
And yes, more globally
now than ever before.

Fear, tension, and even despair
always seem to be in the air.
Must be cautious where we tread, 
that is ........ if we even dare.

God of this contaminated 
planet, this doesn't seem fair.
Is it because, as some say,
that you don't really care?

Oh no, that simply cannot be,
because history shows you on that tree.
That very special tree on Calvary,
dying there for our sins to forever bury.

So how foolish it would be
to think that you do not care.
When you left the comfort of heaven,
to come here....... your love to share.

So what is this thing
that the world really needs?
It's something that you want us
all to have.... so very much indeed.

It's a gift you offered us freely
as you retreated to your throne.
It's something you knew we needed, 
so we would not be alone.

This very special gift is the Holy Spirit,
and, oh yes, in Him we find great release.
In Him we find what the world cannot offer,
Only in Him we find that deep, abiding, peace.

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Love is like a breeze
It comes and it goes
It's like a plant
You talk to grows
Love is like the rain
Sometimes you fall down
But if you listen to God
You wont feel like a clown
Love is like the Spring
The blossoms start to bloom
It's like finding a house
With just enough room
Love is like a story
It should never end
That's when it's nice
Because it's a never ending friend

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Connecting the Dots Part 1

When you were a young child,
did you ever play "connect the dots"?
And all the while you were doing it,
you'd wonder what it was and what it was not.

Back then it was to satisfy boredom when,
on a rainy day, you needed somethin' to do.
Or maybe you couldn't go out and play with
your friends because the flu had you.

Many believe,including myself, that 
"connect the dots" takes on a new meaning today.
It has a great deal to do with this "snake"
who is bent on leading us astray.

It seems as if he is running out of time,
so he is really focused on the task at hand.
The one thing he wants more than anything else 
is to capture and forever bind the souls of man.

But for those very  souls, God had another plan.
Yes, His only Son gave His very life for us.
And oh the peace and joy that can forever 
be ours if, in Him, we place our trust.

We know for sure that the God of the Bible
is real, just witnessing creation alone.
But not stopping there, the hundreds of prophecies fulfilled
further prove Him out, He so much wants to be known.

Oh yes, one may say "But I can't reach
out and touch Him...... if I dare."
And I say "True,but neither can you
touch the wind, but you know it's there."

And it is this living Creator God that
tells us in His Word that He has a time table.
When the world, as we know it, will cease
to exist and He is the only one able

To determine exactly when that will be.
But He gave us glimpses into the future for all to see.
For He wants none to be banished to hell.....
instead to be ready as He climaxes history.

One thing that He mentions in His love letter is
that His beloved Israel would again become a nation.
And that in our final years here,the Jews,
to this original home,would complete a vast migration.

So as we "connect the dots," we find that 
indeed Israel did become a nation in 1948.
And ever since that time, God's chosen ones did
return there and they endear themselves to that date.

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An Angel's Request

Listening to my child at play
Through laughter with her dad
My little girl made one request
It kind of made me sad

Whispered in a tiny voice 
She asked him on this night
Daddy can you promise
 To love me for all my life

Her words did not shutter
She waited for him to say
Yes my baby I’ll always love you 
Forever and a Day

In my sadness I did find 
The innocence of my child
She only wants to be loved 
And see a caring smile

As he took her hand 
For one last dance just before bed
I saw her eyes light up
And then she bowed her head

She wanted one more time to hear
That he would always stay
She needed one more reminder
Before they end the day

As he tucked her in to sleep
He whispered in her ear
I will always love you
I promise you this dear

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What is a husband
I ask in my mind
The one that I have
Is truly very kind
He teases me often
But he doesn't mean no harm
Then he gives me that smile
And puts on all his charm
He is not just my husband
He is my friend indeed
Never asks a question
When I want a special need
He is also a good listener
And is there when I'm feeling sad
He sees me on my good days
And helps me when days get bad
So, don't forget that one person
That we call our better half
He's always there, remember
To make you want to laugh

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It must be hard
I just don't know
The choices you've made
Have helped you to grow

You've grown up in love
And in God's word
He's answered your prayers
I'm sure you've heard

Don't ever let others
Make you feel blue or sad
Because, they too, have done things
That are considered "bad"

You are special
God made you just fine
In His eyes alone
In His image you shine

I love you my dear
And our God does too
So, please understand
You can start all anew

So, hold your head high
And walk with pride
For we both know our God
Is always by your side

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If I were to do
What I have dreamed of most
I'd pack up my gear
And head for the coast
To see an ocean
Is my only request
Where I could lay on the beach
And be peaceful and rest
Seeing the water
Just by looking straight down
Watching the fish move
Without making a sound
Music is heard
From miles away
But under the water
I would rather stay
I'd stay forever
If it were my choice
No one could hurt me
Not even with their voice
If my wishes were granted
My final request
Would be to dive in an ocean
On a sea worthy quest

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Wish Box

I got some wood, carefully selected
Hinges too, as bright as can be
Bought a lock, so just to protect it
Built then a box, meant just for me

Upon the top, beautifully engraved
I wrote my name in legible script
I placed in it, all thoughts enslaved
And everything else that I saw fit

When I am then to have it opened
One may expect diamonds and jewels
But treasures exist in the heart of men
That make other men just look like fools

For in my box I placed my visions
There, too, I’ve placed all of my dreams
In fact, within, are all my provisions
With wants, desires and all of my schemes

My wish box, yes, appropriately called
Exists for me and for me alone
To make this, I can teach you all
Then you can have one to call your own

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Love is Golden: all ideas have and always will be
all hallowed: the things we think of last for ever more.
And again: forgot or left to be.
Thus we come full circle: "As It Was Before"

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Unknown Angel

You are my oldest angel.
Your name will go untold.
At first you were too young for this.
Now you are too old.

Just so you know I love you.
Your thoughts, your smile, your heart.
You've been with me through darker days,
but you loved me from the start.

It's strange to look you eye to eye
and see how much you've grown.
I wonder where we'll end this journey.
Will it be far that you will roam?

Even though you are much older
than a "baby" or a "child".
Don't go thinkin' you're all grown up.
The world out there is wild.

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Let Us Be Thankful

The winter comes now as I feel the departure
Of warmer weather and leaves of green.
Still, I look forward to the change in weather
As it will give way to a snowy white scene.

Upon the horizon, the sun announces day
And I welcome it, in awe, as beauty and art.
This signifies new life, a beginning for all,
Like Spring, it offers us a new start.

See, daily on this earth, one of God’s gifts to us,
Changes occur and always occur for the good.
Let us welcome them and embrace them, whole heartedly
And love them, as we know we really should.

Let us be thankful for the natural beauty,
The earth’s wonders and changes are its treasures.
Let us each look into the sky this evening
and realize, as people, we are allowed these pleasures.

Let us be thankful to the Lord, our God.
If your god be different, still give thanks and praise.
Let us be thankful for having each other
And for the world’s beauty of nights and days.

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Her Natural Charm

I stared into the heated sun
The brightness blinded me this morn
I must have died, when I gazed upon
I felt as if, I was then reborn

The brightness there before my eyes
Left dots before my very sight
A body warm and sunny full
Filled my eyes with radiant light

She walked just seven steps ahead
As my eyes caught up to see
The radiance emitted by this woman
Had melted a hole in me

Her beauty that was naturally born
She wore with taste and pride
It’s why her beauty was so outshone
By what she had inside

For she walked with an air about her
A certain grace she had to her feet
That’s why the sun had blinded me
This morning on the street

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You've been the ones
You have been there
To ease our minds
Of this cross we bear

You've been the ones
When there's something to barrow
When life seems so dim
In our hardest times of sorrow

You've been the ones
You all can share in our grief
When we are with you
Our hearts find relief

You've been the ones
The ones to help us along
You've made us feel
As if we truly belong

You've been the ones
To help ease the pain
And our love never ends

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Personal Growth

Now, life is looking good to me.
The world is sunny and bright.
My thoughts are centered, strong and deep 
and everything seems right.

In my past, I met with depression.
In my past, I battled with fear.
Now, they’re all gone, as a child’s bad dream
and everything seems clear.

I must take the blame for my actions.
I must stand up for what seems right.
Now, as I stand on the plateau I call reason,
I know, for a life, this life, I must fight.

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Bring Me

Empty spaces need filling or protecting,
Scorched earth or pressing void, depending.
Patterned approach to reactive needs impending,
A vicious strike to chaotic deeds extending.

All things in balance, as and when.
All things in turn, now and then.
All things in time, here and now.
All things in mind, why and how.

Seen through the mind of a child, the truth often known.
Play on the field of a mind, the seed always sown.
Hear through the tears of a storm, the bell often tolls.
Ride on a Wave of the Dawn, the sound always rolls.

I am all, an Element in flow.
I am tall, a target to know.
I am toil, a task to deal.
I am that, the truth to reveal. 

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           As autumn bids the land farewell
           And winter's visit starts
           An air of pure enchantment 
           Stirs something in our hearts

           The sleeping earth is covered in white
           As the snow falls gently down
           A sight to behold as the sun comes up
           The trees adorned in ermine gowns

           The roofs of houses wear snowy crowns
           On the hills children shriek with delight
           The odor of hickory hangs in the air
           Hinting of a fireplace warm and bright

           Yards are dotted with snowmen
           Each with a jolly bright face
           Jack Frost drapes the windowpanes
           With a shawl of silvery lace

           Footprints dot the landscape
           And in the wintry chill
           A majestic stag stands regally
           A king upon the hill

          Winter is a masterpiece
          Designed for all to see
          A living showcase arranged by God
         To be enjoyed by you and me

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I wonder a lot about getting old
"Have respect for your elders" I was always told
Will they hurt and tease me or maybe call me names
I hope they don't hit me or try to play mind games
Will they let me lay in a puddle or a mess
Will they always neglect me and never confess
Will they show their anger by making me wait
Or tell me they 'forgot' me, despite all their hate
I hope I am treated with tender loving care
If only they'd listen to what I have to share
The memories will be, my last resort
If I have my mind, I'll be able to sort
Sort out my life, all the good and bad
All the good things to come
And all the pleasant times I've had

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I hate being by myself
In this house, all alone
I start thinking about dad
Then my heart, it turns to stone
I twitch and I cry
And somehow I can't stop
I want to talk to someone
About that man, my dear old pop
I find it hard to explain
My feelings, enough to share
I thought everyone knew
With my dad, I'll always care
I know he's not here
And will never be again
But all I have to do
Is just pick up my pen
I start writing and thinking
Because he's given me this gift
I can see him anytime I want
With each line his memory uplift

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Spirit of Love

I hope one day 
the world discovers

The Spirit within
that unites us as brothers

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Angelic Reminder

Every time I looked to Heaven 
This is what I’d see
The pearly gates there opened
Calling out to me

I’d stop to pause a moment
As I’d try to recollect
The life that lay behind me
My path so indirect

I somehow made it this far
Now will they let me in
Did I remember to ask the Lord
To forgive me of my sins

I stand before the gate so wide
Yet narrow is the path
I fear that I have not done right 
And now must face God’s wrath

Maybe He’ll show mercy
Perhaps He will be kind
I know I could have done better
If I'd been given more time

It’s now too late to ask Him
It’s much too late to pray
I should have done it sooner
That’s the biggest mistake I made

He doesn’t seem too angry
As I kneel down and say
I’m sorry please forgive me 
On this my Judgment Day

He looked just inside his book
And said with a grin
“Blessed is the child of faith and love
My child, please come in”

So this is my reminder
From heaven up above
Find it in yourself today
Show forgiveness, faith, and love 

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My Battle

People often ask me
how I ever stood my ground, 
when trouble just surrounds me
and people push me down.

I say to them (with tongue in cheek)
I'm sure my work's not done.
I may have fought the battle,
But the war is not yet won.

I will always manage
to hold my head up high.
(Even though that enables them
to better see me cry.)

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Keep The Faith

A mother's job is to shelter.
A mother's job is to care.
It's my pleasure to do these things for you,
and enjoy the life we share.

Problems may surround us
and try to keep us down.
But, I will never give up the faith
on the love that we have found.

Our family is precious.
To me, there is no end.
Not only are you my children,
You also are my friends.

I know you will be happy.
I know you'll set your mind
to go after the success in life
only a good person can find.

Don't let them tell you different.
Don't let them break your stride.
Don't let their hatred hurt you. have pride.

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Happy Father's Day Todd

It feels like I have known you
for my entire life.
I truly started living
when I became your wife.

You've taught me what true love is
by opening your heart.
My love for you is immeasurable.
It's been growing from the start.

I watch you with our children.
The love shown on your face.
You show them all such tenderness
as you guide them into place.

If I could choose the perfect man,
you'd be the only one.
You're dependable, and reliable,
but you're also tons of fun!!

You help to teach our kids what's right
and guide them through this life.
I have to tell you once again...
I love being your wife!

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Rise Handsomely

Priceless perfection in every direction
to taunt and to tease and to tear up one's eyes
Staunch circumvention beyond clear reflection
which winds up the wheels just a little too tight
Why do we bother to tread on each other 
with tires of metal and spears?
When one good well wisher, a brother, a sister
has the power to speak and to heal?
I'll be your sister, your heart and well wisher
the unjudging eyes which will swallow your pain
For there's no exception, exempt from perfection
wind striving breaks you and saps you in vain
Priceless perfection in every direction
only exists in the underdog's view
and you dear, are brilliant, determined and valiant,
you'll rise handsomely from the life you've been through.

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My Reason to Kneel

My eyes opened at sunset to witness the dawn
God opened the curtains to show me the day
The nature provided, highlighted by the sun
Told me to be grateful as I knelt down to pray

I went to bed praying that if I should rise
Let the sun on my brow, be the day’s start
For when I awakened, to my surprise
T’is not on my brow, but was there in my heart

God gave me a gift of scents and of scenes
He allowed me the joy of greeting the new day
So now I have learned what love really means
So each morning I rise, I will kneel down and pray

I will give thanks to the One who gave us the gifts
I will give thanks that He allowed me more time
I will give reverence to the power that forever lives
As the power is yielded when He makes the day mine

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Houston, Dawn.

Just like the blanket pulled up over morning
sliding down off of the sun
A stretch of the air through the wings of the night
remembers us when we were young
Stiff from still sleeping the world starts to spin
and we steady our feet to inspire
More than one nod to the sky with our prayers
directed and spiraling higher
We are the mirrors to morning's reflection
We still assure her she's ours
We never let her get down and discouraged
sleeping with moon dust and stars
She is the soothing to insomnia
She is the get up and go
She holds our hands on the cloudiest days
when winter odd winds start to grow
Just like the matchstick lit up in the dark
shadows in orange, softened and sweet
we are in shadows 'till the blanket is pulled
and the sunshine rolls over to waken from sleep
Every new hour of life and of love
starts with the crack of her smile
Dawn of horizons, new morning hope
to bathe in and relish a while...

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To Ray And Chris

You've waited your whole lifetime
for this moment to arrive
and now that you have become one,
you feel you've come alive.

When love is right, you know it.
You see it in their eyes.
You feel it in the slightest touch.
You hear it in their sighs.

Forever from this moment
you'll never feel alone.
Your best friend will be by your side.
Your house is now a home.

I am so happy for you.
I wish you love and peace.
No matter what God throws your way,
your love will just increase.

I pray your love grows stronger
throughout your new found life.
You finally found your soul mate
and you now call her your wife.

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Our Differences

Have you ever noticed
how some people look away?
They turn their head and watch the ground
untill you walk away.

What is it they're afraid of?
What is it that they see?
Don't they know we're all alike?
We're all HIS family.

The peace I need is hard to find
in a world so torn by hate.
Why can't we see things eye to eye?
Is it that hard to relate?

The differences we share
make each of us unique.
Then why is it when we look around
the world just seems so bleak?

If ever you should pass me
please hold your head up high.
I may not know just how you feel
but I promise I will try.

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Flowers for my Friend

I am going to visit with a friend today.
She has invited me there for some tea.
I would like to take a gift for her,
but have nothing to offer, except me.
She said not to dare to bring a thing,
for scones and croissants shall be served.
Knowing I shouldn’t go empty handed,
I have to get what she deserves.
She is the dearest of friends, so full of hope.
Generous? Oh, yes, to no compare!
Yet, she tells me not to bring a thing?
I have to, but what do I bring there?
Ah, flowers for her, that’s what I shall take.
Something aromatic for her to display.
Though, my money is scarce, my little bit
will be better spent on her today. 
When our tea is over and I have gone,
from this woman on whom I depend,
I know that I have done what was right
by bringing flowers for my friend.

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Internal Beauty

Oh beautiful one
on the verge of the brink
on the rim of believing
you're oh what you think
Oh beautiful one
to declare delicate
all the virtue you have 
in integrity set
Oh beautiful one
don't be so eclipsed
by the shadow of words
that you hold on your hips
Oh beautiful one
you render and shine
with a thought which emerged
quite unique in design
Oh beautiful one
your wishes are true
on the verge of the brink
this reflection is you...

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Sometimes in anger words are said
Rage prevails, venom flows
The bitterness inside your head
Your heart is cold, your feelings froze

You fight those feelings from inside
It is ripping you apart
You put your common sense aside
With hatred in your heart

You've never known respect at all
In this angry life you live
You built your dreams and watched them fall
Never learning how to give

Reach out for Him and take His hand
Let your heart in His reside
It was for you the cross He manned
It was for you He died

If you have faith, if you believe
Hang on till the hurt has past
You'll find respect and no longer grieve
You'll find peace and love at last.

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Lifting Zephyr Prayers

Zephyr blown in violet bubbles
holding up the silver sky
filled with soapy wonderings
wishes made by you and I
Lying on the weaving grass
holding bliss in hands
Sending up imaginings
filled with human plans
Hoping they will splash the clouds
Knowing it will rain
to fill our eyes like hazel tins
to mesmerize our minds again
Wishes slick with cinder snaps
on their way back down
Bubbles cannot hold their skin
on thoughts this tightly wound
We will blow the sky away
wrapped in silver bows
and send our wishes in our prayers
eternity to flow.

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A Reason

It is with awe, I look to the evening sky.
Stars are bright in the infinite heavens,
Illuminating, naturally, the valley below,
Leaving me in awe of nature, its presence.
Stars are bright in the infinite heavens
Hanging lovely above my head this eve
I look to the sky, feeling a presence
Of warmth…of comfort… all to believe.
Illuminating, naturally, the valley below
Seeing out in the distance, a town fast asleep
Shadows obscuring, soft lights set aglow
This moment of serenity, is mine to keep.
Leaving me in awe of nature, its presence
I thank the dear Lord for this wonderful gift.
Sharing the night, just gazing in wonder
Is a reason for being, a reason to live.

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The flowers bloom in light of day
After being fed by nighttime skies
The beauty’s offered for mankind
Behold with senses, nose and eyes

The wafting fragrance on a breeze
Set from the source, upon this earth
Supports the feeling that all is good
Celebrating each new day’s rebirth

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Happy Birthday

We all sing and wish Happy Birthdays to friends
To family, too, we always wish them the best
I’m here to say and maybe sing a song for you
Thereby overshadowing all you heard from the rest

Happy Birthday to you, my dearest of friend
You make my life better just knowing you
You’ve given me gifts since we first met
I give back some love that you can hold true

It’s not in a pretty box, nor comes with a card
There are no lottery tickets for you to scratch
Happy Birthday to you my dearest of friend
From the person whose heart you did catch

Happy Birthday, today you’re only twenty one (haha)
May you be blessed with love, joy and glee
Happy Birthday to you my dearest of friend
This is sent with honest love, to you,  from me 

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Cloudless nights, as moon shines on
Turbulent seas, with tumultuous roar
The echoing sounds of aquatic depths
Called upon me to descend and explore

Goggles in tact, apparatus on back
I witnessed a world beneath the sea
With lives unaffected by the world above
I learned from the fish, it’s just better to be

Aimlessly on, they all appeared to go
With instinct, however they lived their lives
Grateful I am to have witnessed the beauty
That’s enjoyed, when one descends for a dive

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The Smile You Give

While walking on to work this day
I dared to take a gander
At the many faces passing me,
Who, quickly on, meandered.

When, without notice, one looked back
And surely gave me a smile
Then, my tired feet relaxed
And felt could go a mile.

You see, that’s all we need to do,
It’s recognize each other
Give to them that which you want
The love of one another.

So take this truth today and hold it
Near and to your heart
Keep in mind the smile you give
Will give another a start.

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Just Me

I'm not the "Scum from Swartz Creek".
I'm not the "Geek from Gaines".
I'm not the "Brat from Byron",
but the stigma still remains.

I've worn so many labels
and I've lived up to them all.
Refuse to be on display.
I just can't take the fall.

If what you see is ugly,
or just not what you'd be,
try to see how important it is
that you be you and I be me.

I'm not the Scum from Swartz Creek.
I'm not the Geek from Gaines.
I'm not the Brat from Byron,
but the stigma still remains.

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Summer Needs

Sunflower petals adorn the front lawn 
As the sun watches from the bluest sky
I, with only thoughts of walking this day
Was blessed to see beauty with wide open eyes 
I wandered the streets of my little town
Hands in my pockets, whistling a tune
Feeling the heat of the sun on my face
Gave smiles a plenty, this warm day in June
Meandering thoughts of many days ahead
The summer’s just begun, many days to go
I whistled my tune as merrily I sauntered
With a smile I greeted everyone I know
Seems like everyone took this walk today
For so many people are out and about
Enjoying the calm and the warmth of the sun
Two of today’s gifts, I can’t live without

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Jonji and the Mountain

Chipping at the slate heart
carving colors pure
Underneath your hard despair
one thing is for sure
You are built on mountains
You are set in streams
You possess the grandeur
of a million triumph dreams
Snapping back your heart strings
cold and frozen stiff
Underneath your marble polish
you still glow within this gift
You are precious to me
You are whole and sound
You denote the pinacle
of breaking solid ground
Wincing at the truth dance
carved and chipped so pure
I find you climbing up from pain
a mountain you've endured.

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Memories We Made

Laughter about us 
While the children play
The sunshine has faded
The sky turned grey

An innocent child 
Out in the rain
Sounds of a distant
Yet inbound train

These are the things
Of a neighborhood park
With playground and benches
Tables and basketball court

A dog walks his owner
Gentle rain subsides
Still behind the clouds
The sunshine hides

No one is leaving
Due to this spring shower
Drops of water 
Collect on the flowers

As day turns to night
The rain comes to a stop
A child tells his father
“Daddy, you rock”

Headed home from the park
After a long day
Loving the memories
That our family made

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Pretty People

When pretty people say "Hello"
It makes you feel pretty too.
As they approach, you hope they would
Smile or lift a hand to you.

You'd feel pretty special then
And think, "Maybe they noticed me."
Wonder why the pretty smiles,
Within you say, "I hope it's me."

You dare look back and slowly turn
To see if you are pretty too.
No time to stop, continue on.
Laugh a bit...  How do you do?

Now reason why they made your day-
To see your pretty attributes.
So feel pretty and say "Hello"
And lift others with nice salutes.

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In Good Company

Upon the highest mountain top
Within the deepest sea
Next to the apple that just dropped
The Lord remains with thee
Despite the solitary view possessed
And the day’s unbearable fee
He comes to share in your duress
Although you cannot see

Just let your heart know that He’s there
Accept that true; it’s gold
For He’s with you, He’s everywhere
You’re forever in His hold
So, when you feel you can’t go on
That the day’s given you the knee
Head up, dear friend, you’re not alone
The Lord remains with thee

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Sunday's Sermon

To use one’s hand to touch a heart
Is to caress one’s inner being
To let them know that you are there
That kindness is never fleeing.

To sing a song, deaf ears can hear
To prepare the food for others to taste
To provide them warmth on bitter days
To allow, not time to waste.

To do these things, not seek reward
Your reward’s found in the giving
Waste not your time and grieve a loss
But focus on the living

It’s now that we all need your touch
Of our lives, please be a part
Reach out your hands to one another
And learn to touch a heart.

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To Dreamland

From where the winds start on their course
My mind, it wanders there, across the seas
For inspiration’s found there, it has a source
As thoughts consume thereby controlling me

My mind is so lucky to have this great place
Where dreams override reality through word
There, yes, I have the image of love’s face
I also have a voice, which is so clearly heard

Alas, I go there when my time does permit
For I have peace there, to dreams I submit

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My Alacrity

I smile in the rain, though grey and wet
I smile in the snow, though bitter cold
I smile in the heat, though dry with thirst
I smile all the time, though getting old

I smile with a tune, which plays in my head
I smile at those jokes, when told aloud
I smile when alone, because alone I am not
I smile because I am simply allowed

You cannot suppress it, the smile I have
Two dimples, red cheeks, set all aglow
I smile because I can, because I do choose
I smile a lot and I want it to show

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Hand Upon My Shoulder

That hand upon my shoulder 
Was always there for me 
It’s always there when needed 
It’s not a hand you see. 

For the hand upon my shoulder 
It descends there from above 
Is the hand of the almighty 
It shows me how to love. 

It pushes me when needed 
Consoles me when I’m low 
Strengthens me when weak 
It sets my heart a glow. 

For the hand upon my shoulder 
Is also there with you 
I see it in your actions 
It is in everything you do.

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Reason to Feel

Saw you in song and committed your words
to the searing of souls and of hearts
Hoping you're still on the wind, on the line
and your life hasn't fallen apart
Force of old habit to pick up a drifter
with knapsack and broken rust dreams
Hope you are well, put your feet up a spell
and I'll sew you back up at the seams
We'll go out dancing, you sing and I'll hum,
raw in our feet by the dawn,
Finally, you will have sleep in your eyes
with the warmth of the wakening sun
Don't miss a day, we're created that way
to sip slow the elixir and heal
I'm on your side, there's no reason to hide
but there's always a reason to feel.

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This Dance

May I have this dance my darling?
Dance with me on clouds of white.
My smile for you is ever growing
Because our dance is sheer delight.

May I have this dance my darling?
Our song, it plays now on the breeze.
Listen, put your head upon my chest
Place your hands for mine to squeeze.

May I have this dance my darling?
The night is ours to dance away
The mood is right, the scene serene
Come on my darling, it’s time to sway.

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Luxury of Living Things

Spring is in my steps.
It's tucked behind my ear in orange blossoms.
It shivers me in sun in morning breezes
and stops to coil seeds in soil spun.
It foils all the last attempts of winter
to ice and freeze the sapling green decree
while slipping songs to birds in rectifying
the quiet of the winter's revelry.
Spring is in my smile.
It's braided in my breath of peppermint
It has me waking irises from frozen ground in sleep
and crushing air perfume into their scent
It matches every moon to slip in silver
It breathes the sun and warms the sullen ground
It wakes to dance the prelude into summer
to the luxury of living things abound...

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Offering Hope

Be it a life of eternal eclipse
Or be it submerged in the sea
Smile, just once, to brighten the world
For your life to better be

Be it a day so fused with haze
Or be it of torrential rain
Allow your heart to grow in love
And subdue then all your pain

Alive and breathing, to see, to hear
Please know, you’re truly blessed
So, be it a day that seems the worst
Well, make it then, the best

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The Dash

Between the dates of birth and death
We use a symbol, to fill the space.
A dash, so cleverly used to indicate
Time alloted for the human race.

That is the important part, not the dates,
What truly happens in between,
The things we do, the choices we make, 
Where we are and where we’ve been.

See, life is a road on which we travel,
Our bodies are the vehicles in which we ride.
Follow the signs that are carefully posted.
Watch for pedestrians on the side.

Choose wisely the speed that you travel.
Be careful of those turns up ahead.
Be wary of ever changing conditions.
Make sure all road signs are read!

You’ll reach your final destination,
In fact, with so much time to spare.
Assist those broken down on the road
And show how much you care.

When you get to where you’re going
The trip will then have been worth the ride.
Everything you chose, the speed you set,
Is what you did while you were alive.

So remember, your life is the dash,
Within it, you do what’s right and good.
You’ll get to where you’re supposed to go
As you knew you always should.

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The Perfect Place

Extended there to greet the horizon
A jetty formed with rocks, in sea
A place to retreat, to find true peace
It feels as if it was meant for me

Well, in fact, it is there for the many
Climb and walk, feel sun and mist
Stand upon the tip to witness
Sun descends, the sea gets kissed

The jetty, there, children fish from
Lines are cast, hopes are set
Smiles, broad, as reeled in catches
Give meaning to the effort’s sweat

The many that traverse the formation
Have stories then to tell and share
Memories of days when all was perfect
Memories of days without a care

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Making Friends

The puppy, it played out in the field
While the kitten, it watched so closely by
With intention to join in, the kitten moved
As it caught the attention of the puppy’s eye

The puppy, he stopped for a moment’s pause
As the ball in his mouth had fallen to the ground
“Hi, my name’s Tiger, I play here, what’s yours?”
The kitten then retreated, without making a sound.

The puppy picked up the ball, to play then again
This time he threw the ball so far and away
So close to the kitten, the ball had then rolled
The puppy gave chase and to the kitten did say,

“Come on, won’t you please, play with me here?
Playing ball is much fun, but it’s better with two.
So, tell me your name, come on I won’t bite,
Do you really have something better to do?”

The kitten, so shy, but wanting to play
Gave Tiger a smile and a wink of the eye
Then starting to run and play with the pup
She stopped for a second to give a reply,

“Thank you, new friend, I’d wanted to play.
It seemed you were having just so much fun.
Oh, by the way, my name is Kiddems.
Now, try and keep up, how fast can you run?”

The two, now as friends, had played and played
Each day they would meet, there in the park
From morning through lunchtime, into the eve
They could be seen, playing into the dark

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Embrace Now

We shall not be here always
As one day, too, we’ll leave
Fear not that day of passing
For now’s no time to grieve
With love and admiration
Hold strong, within your hearts
The love that knows no boundaries
The love we now impart

Today, we have each other
A family proud and true
As it continues always on
All our love is here for you
So, hold it now, smile a smile
You’ll know no greater love
Than the love, we, as a family
Were gifted from above

Today’s the day to make a vow
Not to another, but unto you
Keep love within your heart, always
You’ll forever keep us there, too

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Change of Current

Shadows which cripple and crunch old emotions
into sparkling powders of glass and of sand
constantly slip,  as the old story goes,
through time and recurrence, and quick slight of hand
Starts with a whisper which sinks in to anchor
and drags on with seaweed and gouging of hearts
doubt better buried, and scars we have carried
limping old gloom pulls the anvil and sparks
Is this the kind of life that you want for yourself?
Chains on your ankles, steel tethered and bound
by the remnants of beaten down pin pricking sadness
anchored to the depths of your soul and long drowned?
Why not set sail on this fine afternoon
into sparkling waters which run past the sun
which engulf and crunch shadows to glittering silt
moving winds, filled with change which are sweet, sugar spun
Rust off the anchor to sputter and rest
in water logged graves long eaten by seas
Rise up to the moment, light-hearted and strong 
There's a change in the current, you're suddenly freed...

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Let There Be Light

Upon a cold windowsill,
Sits a beautiful dove.
Ruffled feathers from the chill,
And bitter darkness from above.
Pondering the biggest concern,
Will the tick-top ever stop?
Yet the top shall still turn,
And the ball shall still drop.
The pane becomes frost,
Dim light becomes among.
Although the night may be lost,
Sky's moon is still hung.
Channeling to yellow from blue,
Melting clear shivering ice.
The heavens are coming onto,
Undoing the blackness with precise.

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Miracle Mending

In the air these miracles swirling, 
Swinging down to hold her, twirling
Dancing in disparity,
tears filling oceans to cope,  
Another day to keep on living 
in the arms of divine given hope...

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The Light Draws Me In

The moon sparkles on ripples of the sea
As I stand here watching, admiring luminescence
In the distance a dolphin puts a show on for me
Offering the true meaning of lunar essence

The crescent ornament hanging in the sky
Almost kisses the sea in the distance
Yet remains close to touch, offering beauty not denied
Giving this man new meaning of his own existence

With great wonder, with peace, this view calls to me
My feet are now wet by the high tide and surf
Thankful, now, that I was brought here to see
The most beautiful site on the face of the earth

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Take it Back

What seems a lifetime
I betrayed
Just to live
To make a buck

I have not done 	
What I have dreamed
So, here I sit
Shiqqite out of luck.

Do, not like me,
Choose the path
That makes you happy
And still sustains

Live your life
You can choose
Come on now
Just grab the reigns.

Take it back,
The life you want.
Or, will you sit
And always dream?

Stand up now
Determined, strong
It’s not as hard
As it may seem.

I will help you
Though you laugh
Because I sit
I never do.

But rest assured
Some were meant
To guide all others
That’s me, for you.

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A Kind Word Can Make A Difference

A kind word spoken each day
can help the lost find their way
back to the fold of love and peace
back to the joy that God unleashed.
A kind word spoken once or twice
can make the difference in one's life
It can guide them through their troubled times
It can heal their wounds and confused mind.
A kind word spoken to those whom are sad
can change their outlook and make them glad
It can turn their frown into a smile
It can help them through any trial.
A kind word spoken from the heart
can help one make a brand new start
It can help them see things more clearly
It will help them believe God loves them dearly.
A kind word is sent from me to you
This is what God wants us to do.

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No Time Like the Present

There’s no stopping tomorrow from becoming today
So pack up your wishes, just put them away
Now is the time to do all that you’ve dreamed
Start acting on wishes and all of your schemes

Waste not a moment as time goes so fast
Count on each second to make your time last
Be everything you have always wanted to be
Now is the time to make dreams history

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Now, See It

It lies within your very soul
Just let it out, wake the dormant beast
Allow it to feed on the day, the night, everything
The words you then write will be for us, a verbal feast

It is not always recognized, nor seen
But, yes, it is there, I can see it within you
Come to terms with your power, the strength of mind
Your talent will shine bright toward everyone, with all you do

One day, I know, I will read your books
I will smile to know that I was there when you began
Before you knew who you were and all that you could do
Then you can come to terms with it, because of all your fans

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The Light

When tomorrow comes for me, I will be ready,
Awaiting my turn for promised eternal days.
I am strong in mind and body, strong in virtue.
For He will come to me to show and lead the way.

Awaiting my turn for promised eternal days,
I have always kept true my love for Him, my God.
Never have I spurned nor turned my back upon Him.
Soul is His decision, my body in the sod.

I am strong in mind and body, strong in virtue.
Though, I know tomorrow can even come today.
So, always am I hopeful and ever praying
He sees my love and that I never went astray.

For He will come to me to show and lead the way
And when I am lost in darkness He’s always there.
The true light He guides us by will never falter.
The very love, through His light, remains beyond compare.

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I am Reminded

The sun rises majestically this clear morning
Shadows bring life to the surface, the ground
The morning sounds echo hope, a new day
A sense of beauty and of love certainly abound.

Shadows bring life to the surface, the ground
The little squirrel scurries. The dog barks a tune.
The morning dew; wet and glistening droplets,
Has fallen upon the earth, from as far as the moon.

The morning sounds echo hope, a new day
You can almost hear the alarm clock of the sun
Greeting early risers and all who wish to partake
As the day is as much mine as for everyone.

A sense of beauty and of love certainly abound
On this fine day as I stare with complete awe.
I am reminded of hope, of grace and, yes, of beauty
I am reminded, the earth was created without flaw.

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We're A Part

Sun peeks through green filled trees
Blue birds chirping their happy tune
Morning glory scent, captured on a breeze
Days like this, show beauty, true

One with nature, breathing springtime air
Enjoying God’s creations, amazing view
Bowed in reverence, with a heartfelt prayer
To take it all in, while standing with you

I see the nature, the gifts from above
The beauty of the earth, offered each day
I feel the presence and can feel the love
We’re one with nature, forever to stay

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Sweet Morning's Kiss

As my face was caressed by the gentle morning breeze
The warmth of the sun kissed my very brow
The scent of flowers, fragrance brought me to my knees
As a smile upon my face greeted the here and now

That moment was greater than any other ever wished
It was splendor, a true gift of the morning’s world
It was as if I awakened as the morning gave me a kiss
Letting me know of the sunny day to unfurl

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Departing Soon

Hello, dear friend, it’s been a while
I hope to hear you’re doing well
How are you feeling, how’s the family?
Please chat with me and sit a spell.

The rooms of life have lost their sunshine
As age, like draperies, come to close
The sun still strong is trying hard now
To reach me here, before repose

So, speak dear friend, of the outside
Tell me of the sun’s warming grace
Let me know then, before I travel
By gazing at your smiling face

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The Walls Before Us

Many sit and just stare at them
Others turn and face away
But walls are there for purposes
That you must find today

There are so many just so drab
No brightness to provide
The people that just look upon
Seem so shy and hide

There are some painted oh so bright
That perk and do inspire
It’s those brightly painted walls
That kindle many a fire

There are some, too, with windows there
To provide a viewer, view
A pristine outlook upon the world
A daily escape so true

Yet others may also have a door
That opens to outside
Those walls offer opportunity
As people then can’t hide

They walk on through, take the day
They enjoy the midday sun
And venture, too, under the moon
To share a life of fun

Whatever wall, that you may choose
Remember, it’s your own
Decide how you wish to view it now
For life, do not postpone

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The photo placed there on my desk
Shows happy days when love was young
Smiling faces, traveling west
With so many songs still yet to be sung

We had the world then within our grasp
For we had found the happiness key
We knew our thoughts and feelings they’d last
The rest my friend, was history

Because of love we then were wed
As we both looked on to our days ahead

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Christmas Hours

Snow soon turns to water, Christmas days are all but gone
Busted playthings and fading color, are all that linger on.
Off all the presents gotten and given, unwrapped be-fro' a tree
I treasure in these hours, memories that were given to me.

The look on little faces when Santa did not pass them by.
Snoring of grandfather, as a football game watched (or tried).
Ladies in a kitchen, laughing at each other as they cooked.
Wonderful smell of a turkey, and the way our table looked.

Hugs, kisses, and warning of roads as some took their leave,
Even clearing of wrapping paper, around a Christmas tree.
Putting to bed of tired little bodies as light began to fade.
Prayers to God our Father, for the family for which He gave.

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The Eyes Do It All

Mirrors to your very soul
The eyes, so crystal clear
Make me lose all control
I have to hold you near

As I look so deep within
I see what proves so true
Beauty lies beneath the skin
That beauty there is you

While holding on so very tight
Your eyes, they hold on, too
Locked in a gaze, on this night
Leaves everything to do

As we stare into the very souls
That we….so much adore
Our bodies lose all their controls
And knocks us to the floor

Still maintained the warm embrace
Now heated by our hold
I stare into your loving face
Let love there now unfold

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He Has My Back

Sunshine on my face as I walk ahead
On those days that I felt I was alone.
Head to the sky, appreciating beauty,
Grateful to call this world, my home.

I know that I am never truly alone;
For two sets of footprints are always there.
In body, you may see just one walking past,
But there is another who stays, to care.

When I get tired and stress has built up;
So much, to inspire a heart attack,
I need not worry, I need not fear,
For I know He is there, He has my back.