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Tribute Quatrain Poems | Quatrain Poems About Tribute

These Tribute Quatrain poems are examples of Quatrain poems about Tribute. These are the best examples of Tribute Quatrain poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Night Owl

Sitting by her open window,
Was a girl deep in thought,
Lost within a book of Poe,
A perfect poem she sought.

With a curious eye,
He watches her pen,
For she gives it a try,
Every now and then.

He will visit her forevermore,
In silent hours of midnight,
Casting his shadow on her floor,
Within the full moonlight.

Mysterious, nocturnal bird,
Calling out to darkened land,
Speaking such wise word,
Which I cannot understand.

I am lonely, I must confess,
It's just you, me and the moon,
You are much like me, I guess,
So, please sing me another tune.

A messenger of death,
Wailing songs of a banshee,
Has my grim reaper cometh,
Was this warning meant for me?

My soul was projected,
In the shadow of a fowl,
A raven I had expected,
Not the silhouette of an owl!

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The Day That God Created

The beginning of the twilight before sunrise
in his astuteness HE created an awesome sight
the orange greyish sky a wonder to be looked at
waiting for the sun to rise in its delight.

Dear God give this heaven of light a perk
for those who are waking up to go to work.

As the Sun appears over the eastern horizon
a beautiful bright yellow egg yolk appears
the birds in their own time starts singing melodies
the waves rolls by calling the music of the spheres.

Dear God as the sun shines brightly for long days
allow me to give You glory, love and praise.

Some mornings it is extremely cold. Often misty
other times the early sunshine lights the glades;
how can we complain with such varieties?
The leafy trees and flowering buds parades.

Dear God make each morning a peaceful one
And let us protected by your favoured son.

High noon and all is well, no gunfighters around
the sun crosses the meridian with dignity and poise
most workers having rest and partake something to eat
children in their school playground makes carefree noise.

Dear God protect the schools from unwanted grievance
Safeguard pupils and teachers from uninvited defiance.

Sunny afternoons,  rainy afternoons there’re there
one might needs a siesta, others read a book
a habitual family reunion on a Sunday afternoon
it lets the sporadic sibling off the hook.

Dear God a home is in a family’s heart
protect it the wee one a decent fresh start.

School’s out and workers heading home
the dining table ready and waiting
laughter, sorrow complements the table
but hunger takes over expecting the roasting. 

Dear God once you have sent manna from heaven
give light and hope, and enough food given.

The start of twilight, sunset time for relaxation
colours are scattered out of the beam by air elements 
changing the final shade of the beam the viewer sees
and this is how the Almighty gave us His compliments.

Dear God all beauty are the colours distributed into nature
allow skin colours to join together and meet their creator.

What sight to see dusk seen from a window plane
painted dark sky with light blue orange horizon
the streets are lit, hoping everyone seems safe
our devotion should thrive and eagerness win.

Dear God, in your wisdom you created love
let it spread throughout and fits like a glove.

The dead of midnight is the noon of thought.
while we assume that all evils have full sway
the ghouls, ghosts and vampires rule
if all fantasies are to be believed they have their way.

Dear God let our dreams and nightmares reduce
And don’t allow our foolishness be our excuse.

The small hours arrived until the coming of a new dawn
nearly everyone in pyjamas, in bed and fast asleep
dreaming dreams of wonder, dreams of love
let’s not to make the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost weep.

Dear God as we sleep comfortable in our dwellings
deliver us from the evil  doers and their dealings.

The DAY Prayer
Thank you God  for all You have given,
for all You have withheld,
for all You have withdrawn,
for all You have permitted,
for all You have prevented,
for all You have forgiven me,
for all You have prepared for me,
for the death You have chosen for me,
for the place you are keeping for me in heaven, 
for having created me to love You for eternity.

Dear God today I woke up
I am healthy and alive. 

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In Celebration of REAL Men

The strength of a man is not determined
By his muscles or his brawn
It is determined by his strength
To admit when he is wrong

The wisdom of a man
Is not determined by myriad facts
It is determined by the way
That wisdom is seen in his acts

The integrity of a man
Is not determined by his claim
It is determined by the reputation
That follows around his name

The love of a man
Is not determined by mere time
It is determined by each moment
That he makes you feel sublime

The sexual prowess of a man
Is not related to his size
It’s how he satisfies your needs
And what you see there in his eyes

The chivalry of a man
Is not determined by his manhood
It is determined by how he nurtures
You to revel in womanhood

The passion of a man
Is not his need to self-gratify
It is determined by how often
He makes the effort to satisfy

The wealth of a man
Is not seen in monetary things
But by those things that are free
That to your life he brings

The age of a man
Is not seen in the age life deals
But by the strength of his heart
And how young he makes you feel

The sweetness of a man
Is not determined by what he says
But it's determined by the fact
That you want him more each day

The humour of a man
Is not determined by a hurtful tease
It’s determined by how your laugh
When his words your heart please

A man is an awesome creation
That I’m determined to venerate
As Eve’s daughter much in love
This male wonder I celebrate.

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Tribute to Five Fabulous Poets

I write of young Timothy
A very thoughtful young man
A thinker among thinkers
He writes to all that he can

He places wonderful comments
And sees life in his own way
Things are so fascinating 
He so enjoys his word play

Then there is my friend Becca
She's sweet and refined
Her comments so generous
They reveal a heart that's kind

What is more spectacular
Is the poems that she has penned
Once I get to reading them
I wish that they didn't end

I have a new friend Freddie
Who may seem a darker sort
But there is much more to him
I am happy to report

He will not sugar coat it
His comments are to the point
When it comes to honesty
He adds color to the joint

Young Anne is a butterfly
As she flutters all about
She touches many people
So I give her this shout out

Her poems like diamonds 
Or perhaps even more rare
There may not be so many
They're all written with such care

I can't forget sweet Yanny 
She is a lovely sweet girl
Each comment a special gift
Each word precious like a pearl

With her own style of writing
She knows how to mesmerize
She can be inspiration
As words dance before my eyes

I wish I could honor more
But I'm limited to five
The poets here at the soup
That all make me feel alive

I am thankful for comments
For all the good and the bad
If they were to stop coming
That would really make me sad

Poem of dedication contest

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The Hollow

The October night was dark and cold,
As the autumn sun was going down,
When I recalled the legends I had been told,
About this sleepy, little town.

There were tales about the haunted woods,
They say the wind seems to call your name,
I was going where no one should,
And if I survived, I'd never be the same.

I walked through the covered bridge,
As the harvest moon rose into the sky,
I had made it around the darkened ridge,
Just as I heard a lone wolf's cry.

I walked the path of the dark, gnarled thicket,
Through the fallen leaves of maple and oak,
I heard the chirping of a cricket,
Near the hollow, where the bullfrogs croak.

Then, I heard the "hoot" of an owl in a tree,
And the "caw" of a raven on it's perch,
The headless horseman I hoped not to see,
As I passed the graveyard near the church.

I told myself I would be alright,
Just as I heard the hooves of a horse,
But, I knew I would make it home tonight,
Because there are no ghosts, of course.

Written by: Kelly Deschler

(This was my tribute to "The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow" by Washington Irving.
I wrote it from the perspective of Ichabod Crane.)

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Impeccable Rebecca

Rebecca's poetry is impeccable I am totally blown away By this writer of beautiful poetry In a class by herself, Triple A Not only is her poetry totally divine But to hear her recite it, I melt With a voice as soft as an angel's voice As delicate as I've ever felt Honoured to call Rebecca a friend This talented very sweet soul I'm touched by this kind hearted lady Rebecca with a heart of gold Rebecca's poetry is impeccable I am totally blown away Her voice is as soft as that of an angel She the sunshine of my day My loving tribute to dear Rebecca Lucas © Jack Ellison 2013

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Go With The Flo

Go with the Flo, I've heard it said Think I'm gonna give it a shot What a sensual, passionate lady she is Sure doesn't hide her plot Always fires straight from the heart Doesn't have ulterior motives Whatever she's written is the way it is No BS, no flowery emotive Became attracted to her immediately With her honest, up front style Very appealing with no secret agenda Maintaining her feminine guile A gem to be sure here on Poetry Soup A breath of fresh air to be sure Just a wee poem to offer my friendship As my silly humour she endures! © Jack Ellison 2013
As my silly humour she endures!

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Charming Charmaine

Charmaine, the dear soul writes like an angel Her poetry is beautiful and touching She writes with a passion known to only a few You'll find your heart you'll be clutching Some just know how to create those phrases That leave us in awe and wonderment A natural talent that some are born with For others it a struggle and torment But Charming Charmaine has it down pat It's to do with her approach to life Definitely sways the way she writes poetry A style that does surely entice Charmaine, the dear lady is a friend of mine I'm so happy to know this soul Stands tall in the world of romantic poetry So fortunate she's an honour to know! © Jack Ellison 2013
My loving tribute to Charmaine Chircop

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She Gave Me A Star- A Tribute to F J Thomas

She gave me a star by my name
Just what I’ve dreamed of for so long
There by name, a shinning star
To PM Members I belong
She gave me a star...

She gave me a tiara for my hair
Sent messages for the “Queen”
She chased all my tears far away
A kinder heart I've not seen
She gave me tiara

She gave me a smile for my lips
Brought the sunshine right on in
It’s hard to fathom such sweet care
This friendship of ours is a win
She gave me a smile

I wish for something more to give
Than this simple silly old rhyme
I’d give her what she desired
Something that will last through all time
I’ll give her my love!

Eileen Manassian Ghali

I wanted to say a very humble thank you to F J for her stupendous gift of a PM Membership. If you only knew how long I've wanted it and the reasons why I didn't get around to it....Lots of reasons. Here it is...a gift....a star by my a star in my sky. :) F've been more than kind to me....First the tiara and queen this....I will carry this in my heart....for as long as it beats. Thank you for your wonderful friendship. God bless you!

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Something that lets you express
Feelings that you don’t wanna suppress

Something that can be of mixed emotions
Different themes and distinctions

Something that gives words the power
Of changing hearts, wills and bringing peace to war

Something that gives you your right
Of freedom of speech may you be black or white

Something that can touch your heart, fill your eyes with tears making them watery,
And that something is none other than poetry……..

Poetry on Poetry
Contest entry
Date: 1/18/2013