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Quatrain Time Poems | Quatrain Poems About Time

These Quatrain Time poems are examples of Quatrain poems about Time. These are the best examples of Quatrain Time poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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An ancient river, centuries-old shops and restaurants steeped in a 2000-year history and 
culture set the scene. The ambiance seemed divinely contrived to facilitate the purposes of 
our meeting and the very fodder from which the greatest poets are sustained.
Not newcomers to the area, Kay P. and I were assigned to the Army Security Agency Field 
Station in Augsburg, Germany in 1974. We were colleagues in the intelligence community 
with no romantic overtures to our relationship, save an appreciation of poetry and profound 
philosophical discussions. Kay wanted to spend the evening with a poet, so we planned the 
evening to be appropriate for the purpose. 
At the time and place, we quickly found ourselves hopelessly immersed in the philosophical 
foundations of my writings throughout the evening. It was the first time since Vietnam that 
I'd felt worthy as a person. I still recall sipping the red wine and feeling the warmth of the 
large hearth inside the Balkan eatery. I still see the swans gliding by on the Lech flowing by 
our café.

When windowpanes begin to weep with autumn's chilly dew, I'm taken back through seasons passed to one delight held true, A rendezvous that time allowed, a gentle evening spent Amid a time of long discord when days were dreary bent. I feel the stretch upon my lips, the smile returns once more. Again, I smell the Balkan fare prepared on Lech's old shore, The mood is cast in high regard, the wine is tart and dry, As Augsburg ripples in the wake when swans go gliding by. The ancient windows frame our view and day begins to wane As rivulets meander down and streak the dampened panes. The ambiance of ages passed beseeched us not to leave And held us in its warm embrace throughout the ebbing eve. My heart was scarred, without regard and hardened by the war But her esteem unveiled its worth, while nothing had before. She saw the child that once was me, I'd long since cast aside, And bade he climb astride his mount, engage his life and ride. Now, she is but a memory, whose kindness soothed my heart, For we embarked upon our lives on paths ordained to part. Her subtle way escaped my eye till time had made it clear That her esteem had set me free, that night I hold so dear. The poetry that filled my soul remains these many years, Impassioned in my warmest thoughts when autumn first appears, When windowpanes begin to weep, a-glisten with the dew, And I return to seasons passed, to one delight held true.

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Frosted Panes - re-post

When winter paints those frosty ferns on my windowpane
I find myself a little girl up on your lap again
In that old house, where you wove that coloured tapestry
With all the glorious memories of your life upon the sea

With weathered palm so deeply etched with every season past
You rubbed a porthole in the center of the frosted glass
Where outside in splendour lie a winter-wonderland
As halos rose above your head from a pipe bowl in your hand

And there upon a rocking chair as smoke rings filled the air
We rocked across a sea of dreams wind tangled in our hair
To lands I’d never been before we stepped upon those shores
And through your eyes I saw each one and still I wanted more

The morning passed in dreams between two pairs of eyes of green       
As the world outside held its breath in a sea of snowy cream
And when the chill of winter melted from the windowpane
The whistling kettle on the stove brought us home again

You held my hand and looked at me with that twinkle in your eyes
And told me you would be my Captain 'til the day I died
So when winter paints those frosty ferns on my windowpane
I find myself a little girl up on your lap again 


Written:  Jan 15, 2011

Author:  Elaine George
First Place in Brian Strand's contest:  Let's See
4th   Place In - Anything goes contest

In loving memory of my Dear Papa 'Captain James George'.

Authors Note:
When I was a child of three, I Went to live for a year with my Grandparents in Nova 
Scotia. At that time my Grandfather was a retired Sea Captain of a Three Mast 
Schooner. He had spent most of his life at sea, taking lumber and coal to New 
Brunswick and various ports in the U.S. and in the winter months, would carry on  to 
pick-up and deliver  cargo in the  West Indies. Although my time with him was short, 
the memories we shared have comforted me through-out the years.  



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The ranch on which I hang my hat, though short on most the frills,
Is thirteen sections, give or take, of rugged trails an’ hills.
We call it ‘home’, our little world, our very own frontier,
Amongst the cattle, sheep an' goats; the varmints, hogs an' deer.

Today I watched the breakin' dawn an' whiffed the mornin' air,
A time I often set aside for things like thought an' prayer.
A Mockin'bird an' Mornin' Dove, an' other birds at play,
Were there to sing an' set the mood to start another day.

This mornin' saw the strangest thing, like time itself had merged,
An' all the souls who once were here, appeared an' then converged.
In swirlin' clouds of mist an' fog, right off the bluffs they rolled,
Till all had gathered in the glen, the modern an' the old.

The Indians, conquistadors, an' other ancient men,
The soldiers from this country's wars, an' cowboys from back when…
They all had come from yesterday to help me understand
Our link with those who came before, to heritage an' land.

A crazy notion, so I thought, that they could just appear,
But as the morning went along the reason got real clear.
They rode along with me that day to show me things I’ve missed,
The things I’ve seen a thousand times an’ some I’d just dismissed.

Those wagon roads of long ago, still evident today,
Are carved in rock an' rutted earth, not apt to wash away.
They linked the missions, forts an' towns those many years gone by;
An' left their mark for all to see, as modern times grew nigh.

The artifacts an' weathered ruins attest to yesterdays,
When others came an' lived their lives in very different ways.
We've seen their skill in arrowheads they honed from fired stone,
An' craftsmanship in beads an' tools they fashioned out of bone.

At ever turn and trail we took was something to remind,
The Maker must have had a plan laid out for humankind.
The Earth He made’s been feedin' us a half-a-million years,
An' used it's wonder, force an' change to challenge pioneers.

I do not know if they'll return or if they’ll feel the need,
But I’m prepared to ride the trail, where ever it may lead.
We all are spirits ridin’ time with bodies of the Earth,
Whose time has come to take the reins an’ offer up our worth.

The land has been the legacy we cultivate an’ reap,
The life has been the heritage our father’s fought to keep,
An’ we are bound throughout our time with those who came before,
To put our hearts and souls to it, and make it something more.

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Mirror, Lie to Me

I stare at my mirror
So shocked by what I see
There is a strange woman
Staring right back at me

I must’ve been abducted
This must be a crazy trick
For the reflection that I see
Is making me quite sick

Are those horrid wrinkles?
Is that a double chin?
The neck that was my joy
Is pillar like- not thin!

My eyes have no sparkle
They look listless and glazed
Perhaps it’s hard to focus
When I feel so dazed

Maybe it’s just a dream
From which I will awake
For how could that be me?
I’m sure it’s just a fake

I pinch myself real hard
The mirror woman screams
Oh no, it must be true
Now both of us cry streams

Mirror, you’re a traitor!!!
Mirror, this is a crime!!!
I order you to hide!!!
The tell-tale signs of time!!!

Do me a small favor
Tell me a little lie
Reflect a younger me…
Oh please, give it a try!

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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No Greater Love

For God so loved this sinful world, He gave us all His son; That we might live with Him one day, when life on Earth is done. No greater love was ever known, no greater gift bestowed, And for the love He sacrificed, no greater debt’s been owed. The time was short for Jesus Christ, but what He gave mankind To lift our hearts and save our souls has yet to be refined. The grace and style in which He moved through politics and fools, Has paved the way for paths we trod through worldly ways and rules. His teachings spread throughout the land, His miracles renowned, He only had to touch a life to show His love was sound. Two thousand years have come and gone since Christ communed with man; And with his dying saved us all, to serve God's ancient plan. He rose from death, as He had said, and proved His word was true, That life eternal waited those who choose to suffer through. Salvation came that fateful day, the Bible tells us so; And time has shown that through God’s love the weakest spirits grow. Now, modern times are hard on us and cause us all to doubt, For change is there at every turn, and Satan’s always out. It’s now we need the love of God, for always, as before; Just lift your heart and ask for it, and see what lays in store. It’s through God’s love we handle change and how it makes us strong In ways we deal with worldly things and sort the right from wrong. For change is just another way the Lord sees fit to use To make our days seem fresh and new with paths to take and choose. It’s by our faith we live our lives and seek a brighter day, And how we find the confidence when doubts get in the way. But most of all it’s happiness that faith’s been known to give When our misfortunes come to cloud these modern times we live. We need not fear what God has wrought. We need not know His plan. We only need to know He’s there, and love’s in store for man. Just think the words you’d ask in prayer, and ere a sound be heard, His perfect love will fill your heart before you’ve breathed a word. No greater love was ever known, no greater gift bestowed, And for the love He sacrificed, no greater debt’s been owed. But God forgave our debt to Him, we live in grace today; The greatest love you’ve ever known is just a breath away.

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Another Day

A torch carried on forever, indeed,
for the aggressive rhymer in me,
is alive again, unshackled and freed,
rising to challenge another day, I see.

As I found myself lost deep in Tolkien,
with epic Star Wars, never ending,
surrounded in a geek paradise, serene,
optical illusions before me, suspending.

Life's songs on guitar strings strummed,
an epiphany unlike they've ever heard,
euphoric dreams in my visions hummed,
as I pen archaic word after archaic word.

Artistry is born only to be my brother,
encircled this star, a pentagram made,
my day is done, I have conquered another,
as the sun slowly brings down the shade.

A Word Collage For Chan Hurst

(Cyndi MacMillan's contest)

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Two Brothers Known as Time

One brother, not well-liked by me,
is friends with early light.
Born in a prior century,
he measures day from night.

He comes with neither fangs nor claws,
and yet it makes me cringe
to see him at my door because
he darkens evening’s fringe.

I much prefer his modern kin,
who from man’s tampering,
keeps coming round and round again
to greet us in the spring . . .

A rescuer this younger one!
His middle name implies
he lengthens days by helping Sun
prolong light in the skies.

That brother, Daylight Saving Time,
the one I like the best,
departs each fall. Oh, what a crime
He’s not a constant guest!

For the SAVING DAYLIGHT Poetry Contest of john lawless

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From There To Here.

As you ponder each turn that has landed you here,
taut tempo will quicken and frail futures loom near.
Take one somber moment, step away from the din:
The voyage, the detours, the past and what's been.

You look back behind you to retrace every mile.
It bring tears of regret and the trace of a smile.
Hang on first, then let go, due to whimsy or age.
What you keep in the end is the test of a sage.

Fools still ignore the supreme ticks of the clock,
in each change in fashion, embraced by the flock.
Walk on and ignore them, don't bother to chide,
these pathetic lemmings swept away by the tide.

Peer off in the distance as you fight off the chill.
You must climb still further to the top of the hill.
Play the tailor to time, cut and trim, make it fit.
Find the time in your life. Take time to enjoy it.

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Cry In The Dark

As you cry in the dark and your tears find the pillow
You think I don't know, those tears filled with such sorrow
Are for that long ago love, then comes tomorrow
I wish for today, your heart I could borrow

Dreams filled with the memory of her face
Wisps of her hair, visions of ribbon and lace
The look in her eyes, another time and place
I wish this from your mind, I could forever erase

But war time came and took you away
And never knowing your fate, day after day
Time took its toll, as time will do
She went on with life, her life without you

As I cry in the dark and my tears find the pillow
You'll never know, these tears filled with such sorrow
Are those longing for love, again comes tomorrow
I wish for today, your heart I could borrow

©Donna Jones

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Death is Not the Enemy

I have found myself at the threshold of death on several occasions. Each time I managed to 
look it in the eye, doff my hat and say, “I’ll catch you up the trail.” This is not to say that I 
am some special breed of hombre that casually defies death, for there have been many who 
have gone the way before me and managed the confrontation in heroic decorum. 
Nevertheless, death is not some evil state of being that only the brilliant or daring may defy; 
nor is it a release from the severity of life. If anything, death is the threshold of eternity. Life 
provides all known qualities, conditions, trials and tribulations that we encounter throughout 
the fruition of our purpose.

Oh, death is not the enemy, for life provides our foes, The ills, disease and suffering… the countless other woes; For this is as it was ordained since Earth was yet to be, When life evolved on other planes, the eye will never see. We all embrace our time and grow in body, mind and soul. We foster wisdom, strength and faith, fulfilling every role. Prepared or not, the time will come, our form will waste away, While life goes on, as is ordained by He who plans the way. No, death is not the enemy, an end that one should fear. It’s but a threshold for the soul to doff its mortal gear, While life transcends its bond with Man to dwell forevermore With He, whose force conceived all life and is its very core.

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Cup of Love

It is a family tradition 
Passed from year to year
That we spend together 
And celebrate with cheer

As the first snowflakes fall
We hear mama’s voice call
"It’s time for hot cocoa;
Come one and come all"

She asks nothing in return
Just quality time to share
Making each cup special
To show how much she cares

Now anxiously we wait
When leaves begin to fall
That cup of love to come
With winters first snowfall

Copyright © 2009 Lena “Lolita” Townsend

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A Bit O' Ireland

If you've ever lain and dreamt in fields of clover,
Then you'll understand what I'm about to say.
Oh, the first time that I saw my bonnie darlin',
'Twas thar upon that hill so far away.

In the springtime when the clover's mixed with flowers
And their fragrance fills the breeze that gently blows,
'Twas the time when I first held you in my arms dear,
With a feelin' only those in love can know.

So you see as I lie dreamin' in the clover
And the soft breeze blows in waves across the green,
Is the time when thoughts of you flow through my mind love,
With a feelin' only heaven's ever seen.

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Reality Check

What should I say to describe this empty feeling,
 like I'm missing something I could call Home.

How would I come to deny a thought revealing,
 given time and place, I'd invent my own.

A time spent in a state of agonizing pain,
 A place of worship I would not forgive.

Only the mind undoes the past through vision gained,
 in boundless timeless Love it all but lives.

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Fireside Conversation

Unravel your ego
sit down for a spell
Let the cool green glass
of deception dispel
Wind all your hair 
'round the wheel and dissolve
Tell me your story
and we'll be involved
You will be captain
and I your first mate
in the skies of forgiveness
pop bubbles of hate
We'll write out our names
with invisible ink
and laugh 'till we hadn't 
a thought left to think
Sipping hot cocoa
'round fires of trust
we'll bandage depression
with cider and rust
and blow concentration
'till wishes ensue
and glisten in glass 
like reflections of you

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Eternal Everlasting Joy

Sometimes, I think about my life
And the prices I have paid
All the places I have been
The choices I have made

Seems somewhere along the path
I stumbled upon a stone
At that moment I realized
I’d forgotten my way home

My home became a prison cell
My memory was forgotten
My soul was like an egg
An egg that had gone rotten

Sorry I had to go away
You didn’t deserve my shame
I moved very far away
No connection to my name

My life has always been a lie
One I kept hidden from you
When you thought I was in college
Serving time up in the zoo

On the day I was released
You thought I graduated
The moment you were most proud
Another lie to be hated

I have learned it’s never to late
I believe those words are true
Grandma I’m on a mission
I will graduate for you

I really want to earn the pride
You gave me so long ago
I think it will bring some peace
Releasing guilt up in my soul

I’ve learned in the game of life
We must earn our pride
Even if the people are gone
Resting on the other side

I’ve learned in the game of life
Even though they may be hard
Choices aren’t like rolling dice
They're not like flipping cards

Choices define who we are
I know these words are true
Every choice I know make
Are bringing me back home to you

Grandma, I know where heaven is
It’s right here inside my heart
Inside of mine your memory
Until death will never part

During the time I have left
I vow to always let it show
All the seeds you sowed in me
I shall nourish as they grow

In the end I’ll sit with you
Just like when I was a boy
We’ll sing and praise Jesus’ name
With eternal everlasting joy

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BC Had Greatness

B.C. has been the acronym applied 
for all events before out dear Lord’s birth.
Who knew another god would change the tide
and wield a power of great global worth?

To what do I refer? Or have you guessed
the god to which we each now bow our head?
No matter our religion, all are blessed
with this thing vital as our daily bread.

It took away the jobs of common men
and gave new jobs to geeks. You now must know
this god of our new world, who loves all sin
as well as good, has nothing it won’t show!

I think “Before Computers” seems a way
to say A.D.  became a new B.C.
Now things have changed so much that I would say
that my own past is ancient history!

Before Computers, life was not so fast,
and even in the 90’s I could keep
abreast of news and make my free time last.
High-tech today both makes me thrill and weep!

More time for family, a slowed down pace,
more time for God; I weep for things we’ve lost.
yet thrilled am I to see the human race
now bonding. But we do it at what cost?

Our children growing lazy, rude, and fat
and less connected, addicts to a phone!
To play outside. . . . Do you remember that?
B.C. meant doing more things on your own.

With jobs, our kids and all our lives at stake,
we now embrace our new computer age,.
Omitting our true God is the mistake
that might well do us in; we must be sage!

Recall the values getting left behind
as into this computer age we cruise.
Look back to decades past and you will find
B.C. had greatness that we must not lose.

For Deb's Contest (B.C. = Before Computers)

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Questions Unanswered

Another day comes
another one goes
and when it will end
no one really knows
time marches faster
with each passing day
as I'm watching life
just slipping away.
The hours tick by
as into the night
hurting and hopeless
devoid of my light
I'm seeking answers
to set my mind free
should I keep trying
or should I still be?
Where am I going
and what should I do
am I a failure
who's washed up and through?
The rest of the days
that I have left here
surely are numbered.
my heart sheds a tear.
So much time wasted
so many dreams killed
I feel my heart quake
another tear's spilled.
The morning draws near
no answers I find
searching these chambers
alone in my mind.
Do I have value
and what is my worth
am I just wasting
my time on this earth?
Answers evade me
as time ticks away
my heart is weeping
as I kneel to pray.
Dear God please tell me
please give me a sign
am I just crazy
by my own design?
Will I be able
to conquer my pain
or will I always
feel like I'm insane?
What is my meaning
where do I fit in
before my life's through
why did it begin?
Questiond unanswered
I notice the sun
another day's over
another's begun.

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A Ripple In Time

An angel kissed a ripple
Onto a glassy sea
And in that very instant
A baby came to be

A hundred times she kissed it
A hundred thousand more
Each time the troubled surface
More troubled than before

The ripples started crossing
And people crossing too
In time made each their ripple
Like as that ocean blue

So here is my petition
Oh Jesus, hear my plea!
That all my parting wavelets
Be marked in time for Thee

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The Old Shoe Box

The Old Shoe Box

A box of old shoes under the stair,
Discarded, unwanted, no matching pair.
No longer needed, pushed out of sight.
Resigned to this box, and a fast fading light.

Soft supple leather with creases to spare, 
Polished and nourished with infinite care,
Deep, deepest red, black cherry hue,
Once, long ago, a fine ladies shoe.

Dirty old canvas all tatty and frayed,
Laces have gone with age they have strayed.
Way back in time in Olympics it shone,
The end of an era, the last race is run.

A crusty old boot with steel in the hide,
Remembers the days the land it would stride,
Helped build this country relished the role,
Undaunted, unbowed, grit in the sole.

A soft velvet slipper its partner long gone,
Lies quiet in the box while the world moves along,
Once in a while a pale silken glove,
Holds it so gently and strokes it with love.

Such a wearisome time in this box of rejects,
What happens now? What happens next?
Each knows the answer. No use debating.
It’s the end of the line, and Heaven is waiting.

Written after a visit to a local nursing home.....
21st January 2010 

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The First Time Ever I Saw Your face

The first time ever I saw your face
It was at the wrong time and in the wrong place
There was no coffee bar but a castle for two
That’s the first time, that I ever saw you.

The look of surprise and of love shone my way
No discomfort no shyness made a wonderful day
The first time ever I saw your face
I never thought it would really take place.

The touch of your hand on my waiting fingers
The spark of love still sits there and it still lingers
The first time ever I saw your face
My eyes closed, I can feel where my fingers did trace.

To learn the lines and the smile that I love so much
To feel the warmth of your heart in every tender touch
The first time ever I saw your face
That now haunts me and fills every single space.

A face that looks my way, although from afar
A face I see next to mine, that shines as a star.
The first time ever I saw your face
Is embedded in my heart and will never be backspaced.

© 1/12/2012~GG~

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A melody from yesteryear 
Plays softly on the wind--
A mix of myrrh and honey,
A wistful sweet and bitter blend.

Fond memories of bygone days,
Of long departed friends.
Of hollyhocks and lilacs,
A reverie that never ends.

A vision of a one-room school
Set in a woodland glade--
Of children playing joyfully
There in a spreading oak tree's shade.

A farmer toiling in his field
Behind a horse and plow.
No air conditioned tractors
As modern farmers do it now.

A rustic, weathered, country church,
A Sunday morning bright
Glows fondly now in memory,
Bathed in nostalgia's hallowed light.

A barefoot boy with fishing pole
Beside a lazy stream.
A song in perfect harmony 
Played in that golden summer dream.

Oh memories, sweet memories
Locked in my soul to stay.
Oh melody, sweet melody,
A haunting song of yesterday. 

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Find My Way

Darkness is killing my will to fight
The way to climb beyond my scope
Searching for a ray of light
In an oasis called hope

Feel like a stranger in my house
Drying inward from the edge
Climbing like a spider
Got stuck in my own web

The clouds in the sky
Add to my tears
The balloons in my hand
Do not bring me cheers

Nothing to push me down from here
I can only jump without fear
I break the balloons, I dare the rain
I splash in my web full of my tears

Here I come, you can push me away
I will find my way to dodge you away
Not everytime can I go astray 
A day will come I will find my way

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Les Paul Strings

There are so many sounds
That are enjoyed by so many
But the sounds i love most
Are by plectrum or penny

Lindsey Buckingham playing "Go Your Own Way"
Even Joe Perry makes "Walk This Way" say
Eric Clapton and his solo on "Cocaine"
Don Felder with "Hotel California" listening time and time again

Peter Green strumming "Man Of The World"
David Gilmour and Pink Floyd's "Time" the best i have ever heard
Jimi Hendrix with the amazing "Hey Joe"
Alex Lifeson axing "Working Man" in Toronto flow

Pete Townsend from the Who "Won't Get Fooled Again"
Neil Young and his anthem "Like A Hurricane"
George Harrison delights with "Here Comes The Sun"
Kerry Livgren from Kansas state "Carry on Wayward Son"

Tom Scholz of Boston with their "A Man I'll Never Be"
Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin as their "Whole Lotta Love" riffs free
Neal Schon on a Journey "Who's Crying Now"
Nancy Wilson Seattle's Heart "Crazy On You" wows

The sounds you read above, are just my ones of many
Whether they are played by a plectrum, or played by a penny
I did mention above, that i loved Pink Floyd's "Time"
But second to it, is Slash's "Sweet Child of Mine"

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As Far As I Can

Sore to the bone
Running on a drop of energy
Just gotta push through
I'll rest eventually

My shoulder has gone numb
But my body feels her weight
As if she's gotten heavy
Since her unconscious state

If I could, I'd stop right now
But who knows how safe it is here
And if I could even start again
I may fall asleep I fear

Soon my body will give up
But I'll make it as far as I can
And hopefully haven isn't too far
And I can put her in helping hands

Walking all day and night
It's hard not to think on past
And any thought I come up with
Has me struggling to hold sobs back

I've kept my ears open
Trying to focus on only sounds
But all I keep on hearing
Is my shoes crunch on foreign grounds

Bang. I hear it softly.
So far but still so near.
Bang. Another gunshot sounds
And I've collapsed in fear.

I close my eyes but another goes off
This time in a memory
And now I'm filled with rage
At how repulsive humans can be

My thoughts turn to my baby
Slipping off of my shoulder
I set her down and examine her
Bloodstained gown and skin colder

My worst nightmare but it can't be true
I listen in for her sweet breath
No. No No. No No. No No.
What's this silence? This isn't death.

This time I don't close my eyes
I see a sight that makes me sob
Memory of the last I saw my wife
And now my baby's with her mom.

Each one of us left covered in crimson
By a monster, a gunshot, a blow
Their death is the death of me.
This is as far as I can go.

May 2010
Inspired by Morris Gleitzman's novel "Once," a historical fiction about a boy in Poland
during the Holocaust.

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The time of day to power a poet's fancy
Is that delay between the day and night
When rosy glows streak in the west horizon;
That lovely interlude we call twilight.

Somewhere between the daylight and the  darkness,
The remnants of the sun still hanging there, 
The twilight chases burdens of the daytime,
And gives us sweet respite from daily care

This mystic time the poets call the gloaming,
A  lingering salute to end of day,
Comes long enough to usher in the nighttime
And welcome in the moon and star display.

This half-light often brings quixotic dreaming,
Lulling noisy birds to join the quietude. 
A gift from God for those of lonely spirit,
Bestowed on them to bless their solitude.

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A Letter to My Son

Your going has left a hole in my heart that time,
The Great Healer, cannot repair.
Your going has left a hole in my existence
That forever and beyond will not heal,
A hole ever expanding from its own nothingness,
A hole through which all the goodness,
All the kindness of you is slipping through.
You were my sounding board.
Trite ideas offered, came back
Enhanced, brilliant and sparkling.
Borrowing intelligence from you, I grew wiser.
Doors opened before me as I strove to be worthy
Of you, my beloved son.
I go on now as you would have me do,
Searching in Nature for the joy 
You found in its wonders.
Hearing bird songs with your ears,
Relating to others with your empathetic instincts.
Striving, ever striving to be the person
And mother that you believed me to be
And never letting your memory grow dim
For those you loved and for whom you sacrificed.

You came into this world with a wisdom
That did not come from me.
I thank God each day for His lending you to me
For the time that I had you near
And I cling to His promise
That I will see you again.

I could not tell from whence you came,
Born with a wisdom that did not come from me,
And I do not know where you have gone,
Part of myself, the better part--into Eternity.

Originally entered as verse


A Letter to my Son

Your going has left a hole in my heart
That Time, that great healer cannot repair.
Your going  left  space in my existence
That forever and more will still be there.

Ever expanding from it nothingness
A hole from which your goodness has slipped through.
The kindnesses you wore as a halo
Have disappeared as well since I lost you.

I used you as a sounding boad to measure
The wisdom and the beauty of the world.
Your ideas were so clear and brilliant,
Through you my own best aptitudes unfurled.

I'm trying to live up to your standards.
I want to be more worthy of you, Son.
You told me once I was the perfect mother,
And with you life was such a lot of fun.

I thank God every day for loan of you.
The time we had was more than worth the pain.
And now I'm clinging tight to his promise
That some day I will see you once again. 

I do not know from whence you came,
Blessed with wisdom  that did not come from me.
Each day I pray I know where you have gone;
Taking my heart into Eternity.

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The Meaning Of Love

The Meaning of Love

Sitting on the water the moon dipping in his toes
Water rippling down, towards the sea it goes.
Making love under the moonlit sky so bright
As one together, on one never-to-be forgotten night.

Ripples of water matched by ripples of fear
Trembling together but not even near
Eons apart but matched in one thought
It cannot be stopped, it cannot be fought.

The moon need not be there, the river may dry up
The stars never seen, the wine they did not sup
Together they can be as one without even a touch
In thought and word only, the passion too much.

To fetch the passion to it’s desired end
Words of love and time one needs to spend
To come and reach the final conclusion
Together as one, it is no illusion.

Happiness can be reached though eons apart
Though time and circumstance tug at the heart
To never be alone in word thought or deed
Always to be there, when the other is in need.

© 22/12/2012 ~GG~

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                                  THE SEASONS OF MY LIFE

In the Spring time I was blossoming,
The world was bright and new.
I learned to laugh annd cry and fight,
For what I knew was true.

That there`s a time to have your fun,
And there`s a time for work,
A time when we must learn to earn,
And value all life`s perks.

In Summer time I learned of life,
Of people and the world.
I learned that life`s a mixture,
Of experience, a whirl,

That sometimes life moves way too fast,
It should be sipped and savored,
Or else it plays out way too soon,
And loses all it`s flavor.

In Fall I learned acceptance,
That what must be will be.
It does no good to fuss and fret,
`Bout what was denied me;

For some it seems are richly blessed,
While others get the crumbs,
Who gets what is up to God,
From Whom all good things come.

Now Winter fast approaches,
And what`s important now,
Is what memories I`ll leave behind,
Who remembers me, --- and how.

                                                   Judy Ball

For At This Age Contest by Nette Onclaud

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Tomorrow is a promise made that was never meant to be
Tomorrow is a dream come true that only we can see
Tomorrow is the time we plan to spread our wings and fly
If we don't take those first steps now, our dreams will pass us by.

Tomorrow is the day  when we start our lives anew
Tomorrow is the time when all the skies turn blue
Tomorrow is the reason that we hang onto our dreams
We need to start today to reach those goals it seems.

Tomorrow is a fleeting moment when our world comes all apart
Tomorrow is a passing glance as we give away our heart
Tomorrow is a triumph as we begin to touch the sky
If we keep waiting for tomorrow we should hang our heads and cry.

Tomorrow is the horizon as the sun sinks into the sea
Tomorrow is the time when all our people will be free
Tomorrow is the day when we come charging from the gate
But tomorrow never comes for those who only sit and wait.

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4 in less than forty


Have to be somewhere in 40 mins
Enough time to write at least one
Fortunately I’m not using and pens
Else I would not be close to done

Of course you see the form I write
One familiar yet still complicated
It should be easy I write every night
Why my poems are often post dated

Halfway there only three minutes gone
Can I write eleven of these in my time
Maybe but could I post them all as well
Not sure, but I wouldn’t even bet a dime

The last I didn’t rhyme of first and third
I will admit I normally will rhyme abab
But in my amount of time that’s absurd
I am trying to finish quickly as you see


I already finished one how about another
The next line already in my head of course
Now you are probably saying o brother
This guy is a distinct body member of a horse

Really it’s just practice and having a bit of fun
I am definitely bored at this very early hour
I’m also texting a friend here and think of pun
I’d tell her what I think, but she might be sour

The last of course was purely a joke my friend
No evil thoughts currently in my head Miss PD
I at present, do not have that emotion to lend
Or maybe it was serious the last stanza hehehe

This is so much fun, a great way to pass time
You should try it, if you would possibly dare
I have said time a million times in my rhyme
Take time reading them, go ahead and stare

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Holy crappola
My hair's thinning out
I'm much too young
It's making me pout

My pride and joy
My whole life through
Can't imagine me bald
Bet neither can you

Given this guy is
So rugged and stylish
Admittedly sometimes
A trifle bit childish

A dapper chappy
But with everything said
My crowning glory
Is up on my head

It defines who I am
No will to carry on
If I wake up one day
And my coiffure is gone

So take a good look
At my profile pic
The thought of me bald
Is making me sick

© Jack Ellison 2012

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Stages of Life

First you learn to crawl around Then give a step a chance Bit by bit you learn to talk And not to wet your pants When it’s time to go to school Get on the bus and go It’s scary to be on your own With kids that you don’t know Then you enter puberty And share that first time kiss A few bouts of puppy love Then a love you can’t resist Wedding bells, a honeymoon A family would be swell Diapers, bibs, a rocking chair Night time stories you will tell Start planning for retirement You’ve got grandkids all around Wrinkles come from nowhere You know you’re slowing down Now you reached the golden years It’s time to just have fun Take a nap, do what you want Your race on earth is done

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The Letter

Dearest Love,
               Please take these words and fill your heart, share my
               pain of being apart. For at this moment time seems
               so cruel, leaving me in this wilderness without your
               arms to share. Darling my dawns are empty and the
               sunsets lack the glow, it is only with the memories
               that love begins to flow. I pick them from those
               treasured times when beating hearts did rhyme, a 
               time that beckoned me to taste those lips divine.
               When arms were forever open, the days and nights
               were long, and upon those cotton sheets our bodies
               sang their song. Those endless nights of holding eyes,
               plucking dreams from the stars. Time bore no heed,
               its significance lost in the deepness of our affection,
               affection that melted heart, body and soul.
               Land and sea divide us my love, but the boundaries
               of love are infinite and my love shall ever be. Sleep
               my dreams my lover, walk the stars with me, and I
               shall keep my promise, and love thee eternally.

                                       Till we meet again


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Enrollment day begins for us
the moment we arrive.
We begin our education
in the University of life.
The subjects taught are vital.
They're stressful and demanding.
They require our full attention,
in our search for understanding.
Lessons are taught over and over,
again and again and again.
And every lesson will be repeated,
until we understand.
No one will ever drop out.
No one will ever fail.
Every lesson will be taught
with intricate detail.
Pride will come to us all
from lessons we have learned.
We'll then walk with confidence,
with the wisdom we have earned.
Choices are what shapes us,
with experience and strife.
Lessons taught are not forgot,
in The University OF Life.

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There are worlds yet to be conquered
Storms to overcome
Face to face with the enemy
Battles to be won

Don't look back, keep raging on
Your time is almost here
You'll find your greatest challenge was
To overcome your fear

The battleground is life itself
A never ending war
Between good and evil, right and wrong
No one keeping score

Once fear is gone, you'll find your way
Your heart will no longer grieve
You'll find there's nothing you can't do
If only you believe

The hardships faced just made you strong
New horizons now in sight
There are times you need to walk away
And times to stand and fight

You were led into this battle
And the consequences large
Now you've beaten down your fears
This time you lead the charge

Now you are the champion
Standing alone, to fight no more
But unless you had faith and love in your life
Then you still have lost the war.

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I could have held you and kept you from falling
I could have been by your side
We had it all, but it wasn't enough
I could have swallowed my pride

There was so much I could have done
There were so many signs
I never took the time to know you 
I never read tween the lines

Now that it's over and we've gone our ways
Now that the knot is untied
I still get up in the middle of my dreams
Don't know how often I've cried

There was a time I put you before
All of my plans and my schemes
Then I gave it up selling my soul
Along with all of my dreams

Now I am here, living alone
I never dreamed we would part
You gave me some of my most cherished memories
I gave you a piece of my heart.

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Young Whipper Snappers

Was self-employed for thirty-five years So when I finally called it quits No big party, no expensive gold watch No well wishers, no funny quips As I quietly sailed off into the sunset I heard this young fellow say “Another piece of deadwood we're rid of! Let's go, it's a brand new day” That's funny, I said the very same thing He's right, it's a brand new day No more stress no ridiculous deadlines Finally time for making hay Young whipper snappers have no idea Their time will come sure as rain “Another piece of deadwood we're rid of!” It'll be they who'll hear that refrain! © Jack Ellison 2013

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A Parallel Universe

Imagine if there was a parallel universe Somewhere out there in space Other humans exactly like us Living in the same time and place This might spook a whole lot of people Not me, I think it'd be great To meet my alter ego in person To ask questions of my parallel mate Find out if he's sad when I'm down Or happy, when I'm over the moon Ask him what he thinks of the world's conflicts Does he nap in the afternoon There's a million questions I'd have for him Like what's all this madness about? Does he have a cure for the ills of the world? Is our time on this planet running out? There must be other forms of life out there They'd probably look strange to us humans Maybe they're still at a primitive stage But we're all still part of the plan © Jack Ellison 2013

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Christmas Time's Around the Bend

The time has come to string the lights and decorate the tree, Fix-up the barn an' house a mite for all the folks to see, Cause Christmas time's around the bend, an' Santa's underway A-makin' toys for girls an' boys, an' gifts to fill his sleigh. The widder Jones, from down the road, her cook-stove's bellerin' smoke, She makes tamales ever year for passin' city-folk. But through the year she cusses 'em for just a-passin' by, An' raisin’ dust she’s gotta to sweep when that ol' road is dry. The school put on their annual play and that turned into fun. They cast my nephew as the babe; he played the Holy Son! The Wise Men never had a chance. They got a real surprise, When baby Jesus tossed his milk an' caught one in the eyes. But ever year I'm still amazed by changes folks can make, Like Mister Groves, a stubborn coot I'd often like to shake. He turns a leaf at Christmas time, an' acts just like a saint, He'll drive to town an' do for folks that's crippled, sick an' cain't. On Christmas Day, the kids in town get stockings filled with loot. For some it's still a mystery but it's that "stubborn coot". I saw him late one Christmas Eve a-tendin' to the chore; For ever kid, in ever house, he left one at the door. It never snows on Christmas Day, it's mostly never missed. No sleighs to ride or sleds to slide, the things could fill a list, But there's no other place on Earth at any time of year That holds a light to what we have, the people livin' here. We've shared our lives an' memories, each dream, desire an' plan. We've touched each other ever way that God designed for man. With all their strengths and weaknesses, we love 'em still the same When Christmas time's around the bend, an' times that have no name.

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The Gift of Time

The Gift of Time The giving of time is a special gift… Can never be wrapped in paper and bows, Always delivered with love of the heart To give and to share wherever one goes. Time is a gift never measured by cost, Just priceless minutes or hours to supply Comfort in sadness, or laughter in joy, To a loved one, a friend, or passerby. Much harder than simply giving a gift Sought for and purchased with value we earn, Time is a jewel, more precious than gold… Something to offer with thought and concern. Be there for one who has lost a dear spouse, A mother, father, or special someone… The gift of our time…to listen, to care… This sacred present cannot be out-done. Be there for a child, a neighbor or pal, Even for joy, give the time to commend, Say well-done, give praise, be happy at heart… This welcomed support wins out in the end. Be it minutes or hours, days, even weeks, Small gifts of time that encourage, console, Cherished by all…immeasurable worth Remembered, treasured by mind, heart and soul. Sandra M. Haight Contest: Small Gifts – Contributing to Other’s Happiness Sponsor: Brian Johnston

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Boy VS Man

There is only so much energy 
Only so much I can expend
I must be wary and save up
For somebody who won’t pretend

I have only so much life force
Only so much that I can spare
I need to use it frugally
For somebody who’ll truly care

All my days on earth are numbered
Soon my precious time will be through
So please tell me, my pretty boy
Am I wasting it all on you?

Are you going to break my heart, boy?
Are you going to make me cry?
If you’re thinking to fool around
Then I’m going to bid you goodbye!

You see there is only so much, dear
My time and love are in demand
I don’t have an endless source, boy
So you had better take your stand!

Decide to be exclusive, boy
For my passion will make you burn
It will add days to your life, boy
You'll forget what it means to yearn

Life will not last a long time, boy
Please tell me that you’ve got a plan
Promise me I’ll never regret
Expending my life for my man!

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The wildflower begins its life as a seed
Within itself it contains all it will need
Along with the rain and the sun to feed
To become something we can't it will succeed

For despite the problems that around them lie
The wildflower stays beautiful as time goes by
Not realizing we no longer stop to see
Or care anymore how fragile they can be

They continue to fill the air with their sweet perfume
But as time goes by we give them less and less room
More concrete and cities in their path now loom
I'm afraid their future could hold some serious gloom

So as down this road of life you race
The next time you happen upon a place
Where wildflowers put a smile on your face
Take the time to stop and pick yourself a vase!

©Donna Jones

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The Autumn Of Our Lives

Autumn of our Years

The black clouds race like a murder of crows
No space between their wings
What’s in store no one knows
We will have to take what life brings.

Leaves fly past at racing pace
The rain slashes down like stair-rods
Summer's gone it never showed it's face
Autumn knock,  trees bow their heads and nod

Another season over a new one to begin
What will autumn bring when the harvest is in.
From time immemorial to a time whenever
Each season follows the last, the circle will end never.

To take joy from each season, can be hard to do 
As we grow with each one, our circle rolls too
“In the autumn of our years” never let anyone say that to me
I’m spending my circles in the summer now and for all eternity…
© ~GG~ 10/09/2012

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a date

let's go out on a date
no one but you and me
nothing very fancy
just dinner and a movie

i'll pick you up at seven
in my shinny car
stop to buy you flowers 
treat you like a star

i'll say your very beautiful
but tonight your much much more
prettier than usual
when you came to the door

i'll open all your doors 
and pull back all your chairs
if that's the kind of gentilman
you'll want me to be

in my conversation 
i'll try to use my ears
to pick up the little things
you've learned through out the years

smiles will just be smiles
as we banter back and forth
and little moments of silence
as time takes it's course

when our time is finished
and we stand at your door
please don't leave me kissless
and invite me back once more

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Chocolate bunnies and Easter eggs,
Fluffy chicks and lambs at play,
The spring of the year is a beautiful time,
And we celebrate as the time draws nigh,

To remember the reason for all our good cheer;
For now is the time The Resurrection draws near.
We celebrate Jesus who conquered the foe,
Of Sin and Death and delivered our souls,

Up from the abyss where we languished in wait,
Beneath the burden of unspeakable hate.
He marched into Hell and in triumph brought out,
All who are His and they came with a shout;

Victory is ours because Jesus lives,
He's salvaged our souls and He's cleansed and forgives,
All who will come to Him, on us He bestows,
A robe of His Righteousnesss as it was foretold!

We honor the Sacrifice made by Father and Son,
And we honor the love that redeemed us as one.
We celebrate the Victory won over our foe.
We celebrate Jesus, our Conquering Hero.

                                                             Judy Ball

                           1Corinthians 15:51-58

For LindaMarie's Easter Inspirations Contest

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A woman in a fairy world, made from human dreams
Goddess fair, conceived and born in the time of love
Bound to a place of whispering breeze and moonbeams
Voice as soft and gentle and the coo of the gray dove...

Came the time of summer  frolic and gay delight
And in her gleeful  wandering she paused to see
Her filmy beauty reflected in a woodland pool
Surrounded by the purple rose and cinnamon tree...

Amazed to see within the pool her quiet twin
Her every motion a study of pure synchronicity
Their fingers touched on one drop of water blue
Ivory wings folded in a moment for pure serenity...

Lovely Astrid tarried there until shadows crept
Entranced by the fluid smile on that shadow face
Finally bound by the magic of that glassy world
She slept, one hand dipped in that watery place....

For Constance's Reflection contest
Barbara Gorelick

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Delicate Flame of Desire

My heart of stone, your love has broken
For many years it has been spent and set
It beats again with a voice now spoken
For it desires the day, to you I jet

My time stands still, never again
This chance anew to relive my life
No longer cast in discarded reft
In saddened state, shredded strife

After the rain, my life's like the sun
Ray after day like the beats in my heart
My love, my love, I'm one breath away
Soon to be with you, my future's to start

Never to look back at her strange behaviour
I'm out of reach we are no longer in rhyme
Your Spanish eyes have captured my heart
Years of despair now's the right time 

I view my love, through my eyes I do see
My delicate flame of desire, awaiting I
Her radiant smile at the airport, we greet
Behind me ashen greys, above now blue sky

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The Kissing Wall

One more chance to glance at you,
one more time to dine with you,
one more chance to share with you,
one more time to walk with you.

Dear to love you, dear to trust you,
dear to run a mile with you,
one more time to stir my emotions,
one more chance to get that promotion.

You have teased me with your mysterious frown,
and dragged me through the busy town,
making me wait for seven days,
and piercing me with your melodic phrase.

Climbing mountains and steep rocks,
glancing at your winding clock,
from the Forbidden City in the Far East,
I came to you on bended knees.

One more chance to listen to you,
One more time to embrace you,
One more chance to hope for you,
One more time to dance with you.

Standing against the kissing wall,
You make me feel very tall,
Oh how I yearn for enjoyment,
my bleeding soul long for contentment.

Long days and sleepless nights,
I wait for you until broad day light,
One more chance to sing with you,
One more time to say I love you.

©2013 Christine Phillips

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Once In A Lifetime

They're once in a lifetime These moments of joy The first time you rattle That colourful new toy Your first day at school With the rest of the kids Your hair all slicked down Bad smells Mom got rid The ultimate joy Of your first tender kiss The shock when she tells you Her period she missed A puff from a cigarette Makes you dizzy and ill The beer in the closet I remember it still The joy of first child The smell of their skin The softness of touch Their sweet tiny grin Your first big promotion The raise that you get The first time you notice A grey hair NO NOT YET! Middle age then follows With a sickening thud It's all over now Your life is pure crud The sixties are next And retirement awaits Where did it go You're in a hell of a state Then someone says wryly You've had a good life 'Whatcha crabbing about?' But it still cuts like a knife These tender sweet moments You experience through time You'll remember them fondly And treasure the climb So hold on to them tightly They won't come again They're once in a lifetime They're to treasure my friend © Jack Ellison 2012

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They say that time heals all
Yet there never seems enough
To say the words, to give your love
A mother always dies too soon

You try to make it linger
As her age increases yearly
You pray that God will spare her
Because you love her dearly

But when the days get tedious
She’s sick, alone and weary
You pray that God may take her
Because you love her dearly

Mother, we will miss you,
Your love, your care and support
You have given us your all
And triumphantly defied life’s challenges

You were so busy caring for others 
That you forgot about yourself
In honour and in gratefulness, we say
Sweet mother, dearest oma*, may you rest in peace

Rest peacefully now your time has come 
May angels guide your way
The time has come...yet 'tis oh so hard
To see you on your way

*Oma is dutch for Grandmother

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The Nutcracker

Bought advance tickets for The Nutcracker About two and a half months ago How was I to know on November 29th We'd get dumped on with a big bunch of snow The weather gods have conspired against me Coz before and after that day Temperatures been so incredibly warm Much like the merry month of May Must have upset those guys back when If so I do hereby apologize Sure felt their wrath, spent three long hours With fire shooting out of my eyes Next time won't buy tickets ahead of time I'll buy them on the day of the event And take my chances that it's not a sellout So my time is much better spent Is my frustration showing as I write this poem? So ticked off, what more can I say Don't want ever to spend that much time again Stopped dead on a freaking highway © Jack Ellison 2012

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In a dark corridor 
I feel along the walls
searching for an open door
to touch a glimmer of hope before humanity falls.

An ancient sound of crowds cheering rings in my ears.
I see the humble scum by society crucified.
They had blindly stumbled over their fears,
not realising the bloodlust as they excitedly cried.

The reality of this world strikes so cruel.
Good leaders don't change apathetic followers,
for they themselves allow their deceitful hearts to rule.
Their minds are conquered by lusts for darker powers.

I have reached the bitter end.
No longer can I go into this unending night,
yet some are the closed door's friend 
while gushing through an open door is the light.

Few find this narrow way.
Many beat their skulls against a closed door
as darkness continues to lead the blind astray
while surrendering warriors find the courage to kneel on the floor.

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A mime in time

Phantom faces rush past,
each towards their own destination.
How many souls in success last?
How many need show their appreciation?

Lives full of heartbreak, empty smiles and fake appearance.
Few have known the desired joy of the self-worth achievement creates.
One seeks contentment in talents,
yet crossing borders is the fear of many fates.

Those who find a talent, 
often stop searching.
Those who never do, lament,
their regret always lurking.

Wasted years, pursuing Vision’s allure:
Stressing, enslaved to a race against time
in a world where there is no place for failure,
yet we fail ourselves, the mirror reflecting not a person, but a mime.

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Listen To Uncle Jack

So all you kiddies, come gather round
Uncle Jack's got a story to tell
If you don't take heed of his sage advice
You'll end up not doing so well

Here's the deal, my good little buddies
Live like there's no tomorrow
No mamby-pamby sitting on the fence
Your time here is only borrowed

Grab the brass ring, hang on for dear life
You only get to go round one time
No second chance to make a first impression
Only you are in charge of the climb

The rewards are many for those who play
This challenging game of life
The payoff is years of good time fun
Without all that nasty old strife

Did you listen to what Uncle Jack had to say
He ain't just blowing it out his ears
Been around the block quite few times
And wishes you a life of good cheer

©Jack Ellison 2012

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It wasn’t too long before the writing of "Yesterday" when I was out daydreaming beneath the 
weathered timbers of some squeaky ol’ windmill on our ranch in West Texas. Then fantasy 
and reality shifted. What once was real in my youth became the fantasy. It was as if my 
childhood dreams and fantasies had gained the upper hand and, in some surrealistic, bizarre 
fashion they placed me in a realm of nightmarish realities. Right became wrong… left 
became right… and war became reality.

When youth had hold of yesterday And time seemed slow to pass away, My thoughts were wings on which I’d fly Through fantasies in my mind's eye. The child matured since on the hill, When wind would blow the squeaky mill, When thoughts would soar the vast unknown, And time just marked the years I’d grown. Now, yesterday’s in dream’s embrace, The fantasy or foreign place, From which I’ve left and come alone, And time’s the trail I'm riding on. The trail has led from peace to war, From all the things I’d known before, To places where I have to deal With hidden terror, dark and real. It’s like I’ve left the world and passed To zones where wretched souls are cast, Where peace is just an idle dream That soothes my mind when fear’s extreme. A moment’s peace, that’s free of fear, Is scarce and guarded near and dear, And every day that I survive, I thank the Lord that I’m alive. I’ve grown so numb, so cold and hard, From people dying, dead and charred. From dreams so real, I wake at night In sudden screams and fists clenched tight. The sun is down, the day has passed, And rain is falling cold and fast. As darkness comes to steal the day, I hang my head and sorely pray. I pray I’ll see the light again And all my friends and countrymen, That none of us will have to die And for a place that’s warm and dry. I pray my dreams are kind to me With bygone scenes from memory; Or just the time to spend at rest, Without those dreams, so death-obsessed. A flash of light! The crack of lead! A zinging sound right by my head! I soiled myself in my alarm And dive to save myself from harm. I'm jolted out of heart-felt prayer To search the night for what’s out there, To mourn the loss of yesterday When time seemed slow to pass away. For yesterday’s in dream’s embrace, The fantasy or foreign place, From which I’ve left and come alone And time’s the trail I'm riding on. ©1972 by Jim Fish

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A Christmas Wish in a Poem

Hey Santa, to tell you the truth, I feel a bit strange
It seems like it’s been eons since I sat upon your lap
I hope you don’t mind as this may cause you some strain!
I’ve been busy playing your role- merely filling in the gap

So you see, I’m really grateful for this time to spend with you
My Christmas wish is for our children; countless, around the world
I wish that they’d be given half the chance, a peaceful life to ensue
And may each, aptly recall that good choices do extol

May it be written upon their hearts that patience saves the day
Tomorrow will come eventually along with its concerns
That honesty and loyalty are virtues to display
Pray God for grace and wisdom, and the knowledge to discern

There may come a time when they may doubt their worth; comparing lives
However, give them assurance, that worth is not measured by monetary gain
That happiness is not for sale; to love your neighbor each must strive
And mistakes will be made, along the way; it’s called ‘growing pains’


For Michael's "A Christmas Wish in A Poem" Contest

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Heart filled with happiness, eyes much merry; cheeks color strawberry,
just running through fields of ripe huckleberry,
keeping away from the buzzing, restless bees...
going to a from their sweet hives hanging from massive apple trees.

More than childhood memories, such are these...
a reflection of youth that removes them from nostalgia; husky peasants
shaking off the husks from the golden corn;
a tasty, hot corn meal for those winter's dinners drooling on my tongue.

And approaching a torrent, I threw pebbles found on its almost barren banks
back into the spattering water that I drank sporadically until I was full,
to indulge in its freshness...squashing tiny daisies
that seemed too afraid to squabble with a giant and fight for their survival.  

The southern landscape with its mild climate, was rich and fragrant,
inviting hands to pluck the delicious, tempting fruits
off their branches, scattering the thrushes engaged in musical tones;
and I tongue-tied hurried along cogitating an instant.  

Would it be too childish to ask for a come-back,
to relive the cheerfulness of the oldest days, ceased by time and age;
to observe a reflection of youth take shape...
and embed, in a secret, a conversation regardless  of present knowledge? 

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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Mystery Crash

Recall a moment on Friday evening
waiting for the bus, I heard a loud bang
a car careened into a pole, debris
scattered, pedestrians stared, bewildered.

What happened? all inquired, much confusion.
various causes considered – drinking
likely, most supposed, the occupants still
inside, stunned, immobile, then one emerged –
unscathed, no injuries apparent.  

Female occupant unstable, impaired
by drink or shock, indeterminate right then
the bus arrived at this juncture - this tale
incomplete – what happened next? – unknown cause. 

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Time's Flight

Another year turns over, people look to see
just what the coming year will mean for you and me.
Tomorrow's worries aren't here, and yesterday's are passed.
Daylight's your new blessing, but it's really burning fast.

The seasons change so quickly, now that we're growing old.
"Seize the day my son", seems I was always told.
You cannot live life over, and you cannot take it back,
so make a first impression, be a leader of the pack.

We hurry every day, never noticing the minutes
flying by so quickly, time has no sense of limits.
Just talking all the while, we have such tales to tell.
If only every now and then we grab a rose to smell.

Take time for those you love, and those who love you, too.
For tomorrow some of them might not be here for you.
Teach your children honesty and show them some good deeds.
Because love will never flourish if we never plant the seeds.

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Hey There Tubby

I get on my bike and I pedal for hours You'd think I'd be skinny by now Ha! Not a chance my belly's still fat I look like an over stuffed sow Pants are so large they could sail a boat As the mast on the big ocean blue People are cruel and say “Hey there Tubby!” “Better stay away from the stew!” Try not to show how much it bothers me Saying, “Your mother dresses you funny!” But deep down inside I've lost all my pride To be skinny I'd give lots of money My scale says, “One at a time please!” I kick it in anger 'cross the room I've no one to blame for getting this way It's the buckets of food I consume So call me a fatty or call me a tub But don't call be late for my chow I'll soon get serious about losing this fat But it's just not the time right now! © Jack Ellison 2012 This was written before I went on a mission and lost 30 pounds!

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Amid disdain of society’s mask That curse of age questioned like it was dearth We hide real image, afraid to be asked Allowing fashion to control our worth. Youth’s potion sells high on retail market Fools we are, wasting hours for vain signs, Defying true beauty to walk the red carpet Instead of giving love to life that shines. So what if few laugh lines are more cherished Age is a treasure relishing more thrills, Exploring new joys ripened to nourish The raw passion raging through seasons’ chills. What's facelifts for when heart can wonder How to fight for a cause and seize new dreams, When bold trials are baked in fire’s hunger Chasing stars at thirty, ready to steam! Nancy Jones' Contest: This is How Life Feels When You Get to Be My Age

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I can't help it but look at the clock, 
It is time for me  to move on for the day, 
And do so many more things around here, 
Because time never stop for me and you. 

Since we wake up till we all go to sleep, 
Time advances silently, and  endlessly, 
And we all need to get our breath,sometimes, 
But time was designed for God, to go on eternally. 

At least,on this earthly sod will end sometimes,we all know, 
But time will go on for others,for sure after we're gone,and in spite 
Of all, and even if life finishes here,still time will go on and on, 
And those left behind will have to deal still, with life and time,thats right! 

Time is ticking in every working clock all the time, 
So take your time for everything you need to do, 
But,please remember to take time for rest to, 
And with family and friends spend some of it too... 

Dorian Petersen Potter 
aka ladydp2000 


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Beware The Doghouse

Valentine's Day is just four months away
Are you ready to show her some love
For that beautiful someone sharing your life
An affair that fits like a glove!

You mustn't forget or ignore this occasion
Most romantic time of the year
To ladies, it's the supreme test of your love
Mess up... it's the doghouse I fear!

You'll feel her wrath for a long time to come
Like winter in the month of May
The calendar will say that spring has arrived
But the frost won't soon go away!

Just a reminder to order those flowers
It's never too early to plan
Or buy her chocolates, that's always good
You'll wind up being DE MAN!

If you mess up, don't come crying to me
I warned you in plenty of time
No, go somewhere else, you can't live here
You've committed the ultimate crime!

© Jack Ellison 2012

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The Castle

As the castle walls loomed up to the side
They met for the first time eyes open wide
Lost on the journey, not knowing what they’d find
But unlike a fairy story, their love was not blind.

They risked all they had for an hour or two
Not knowing what would happen, neither one knew
They shared a drink, and words so easy on the tongue
Not realised those words would be love before long.

Their castle they love and will never forget
The love that they found, they will never regret
The knight on his steed the girl by his side
When he offered her love he didn't take her for a ride.

She took his love; she kept it close to her heart
He suffered with her when they had to part
But they both knew it was a temporary thing
When the time is right she may wear his ring.

He must approach her parents and ask
To climb the walls of the castle what a task
But the castle where they met its doorway he knew
It was via her heart and he just had to walk through.

© ~GG~ 1/02/2013

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Smores and me

I'm sitting here with dad by the fire
Stacking smores higher and higher
This will be me forever
I'll be here with my smores through all weather

This is me 5 years later
Around a bonfire and it's gotten greater
I'm making smores with my friends
Were talking and eating and laughing till night ends

This is me it's 5 years more
I'm in my dorm making a smore
At college I have to use a microwave
But I'll do it here to satisfy my crave

This is me 10 more years
My kids are round the fire with cheers
It's their first time making this treat
I know that they'll like this to eat

This is me 6 years before
I'm sitting with mommy and daddy making a smore
My first time around a fire
Roasting marshmallows as flames climb higher

This is me now
I love you daddy so much I say wow
But these smore will make my memories
These are my favorite activites

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Magical Carpet Ride

Come fly with me to heaven's door On a magical carpet ride We'll explore the mighty universe Reach the mystical worlds on high We can only guess what secrets lie Beyond the heavenly spheres Another world like ours you say? We'll probably never know I fear Travelling through time and outer space Our minds are struck with awe Viewing our planet from worlds afar A shimmering blue and green ball Come fly with me above the stars And view nature's mighty plan Feel the vastness of the heavens above Put it all into place if you can © Jack Ellison 2014

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Whisper In My Ear

I know the end is coming soon
their faces I can see
For them I stood to say goodbye
they gather now for me

For months I’ve felt a disconnect
a longing in my soul
To see the one they took from me
so very long ago

From time to time the spirit world
It opens up a door
But as I try to pass within
the opening… no more

Oh darling whisper in my ear
                 I know you’re here with me                   
Please say those words I long to hear
then set my spirit free

To feel your breath within my ear
and hold you closely too
Is all that I can think of now
please tell me...I love you

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My Rock n Roll Party - In Memory of Mr Tom Bell - Poet

"Roll on tonight my mates are coming round For a few cold beers and some rocking sounds Time is drawing near, as I hear a knock at the door Blimey! at this time of the night, a vacuum salesmen stands before" "Hey pal make it quick, I have a party to host Tell me your pitch, now disappear your a ghost The best place for them is in the lunar craters Sucking on Listerine soaked tissues, singing, "see you later alligator" "Another knock on the door, and I'm pleasantly surprised All my intended buddies on my doorstep, the parties arrived For a night of drifting, ending with earache and pain Entering wormholes of insomnia, no pain no gain" "Our party is going to be like a cool Rock 'n' Roll gig Beers flowing a plenty, this ain't no highland jig We start with Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention Best friends and myself, our schooldays convention" "This is no wine and dine as Dire Straits play The "Sultans of Swing" sounds excellent any day Next we play Deep Purple, listening to Jon Lord's Hammond sounds Music is our medicine in six speaker surround" "In between sounds to the kitchen we head Tid-bits and more beers to keep our gig well fed We sample some Grunge Metal listening to Nuclear Waste But once again Classic Rocks rules, as Grunge is not our taste" "For the next couple of ours it's like The Monsters of Rock AC/DC and UFO, the Rock never stops We air guitar to "Whole Lotta Rosie" Wearing spandex boxer shorts, one of us drumming like Cozy" "We all awake in the morning, some with sore heads But it was never a night that we were ever going to dread It was a bunch of guys who met whilst at school Who released their friendly energy, like fools but really cool" "Tom, I never knew you, but I thank Catie for this Writing this poem, just fills me with bliss I know you will be busy, but if you happen to look down Give our convention a shout, join our Rock n Roll clowns" My tribute to Mr Tom Bell, so many people spoke about him. Reading what they said, I only wish I knew him.

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A New Year

A New Year

Seems like just yesterday
We welcomed in last year
The days and months that followed
With others I did share.

Small steps and better days
I found throughout that time
Found what really mattered
When all was not sublime.

We took ‘one day at a time.’
With effort made a go
And yet time did go quickly
If you really want to know.

So here it is
Start of a new year
With new days
And challenges to bear.

Thankful for my health
And for my state of being
Grateful for my friends
Look forward to just seeing.

It seems as each year passes
We note things we missed before
Life has twists, turns and endings
Of that, I’m really sure.

So pop the cork!
Drink to the New Year!
Good things I wish
For all that you hold dear.

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I Am

I am a frightened spirit
I wait to be set free
I'm a prisoner of the darkness
that has always been with me
a side effect of the disease
in my infected mind
where conflict and self hatred 
are what I so often find

I am weakened by my journey
on a road that's been too long
in futility I've searched
to find where I belong
as the years accumulate
I can so clearly see
that I should have never been
there is no place for me

I am counting down how many beats
I have left in my heart
as I pick up scattered pieces
every time it's torn apart
the pieces grow more ragged
and more difficult to mend
when there is nothing left to fix
so will the carnage end

I am standing at the gravesite
of my dreams which have all died
acknowledging that I have failed
as hard as I have tried
I am slowly drowning
in a river made of tears
as I count the corpses
I've collected through the years

I am a wounded spirit
never wanted in this world
I have been shown my value
with each heartache it's unfurled
I am so much of nothing
and it's all I'll ever be
I'm waiting for the day to come
when death will rescue me

I am praying for that day to come
to hurry on it's way
for where I am not wanted
I do not want to stay
I am a tortured spirit
waiting for my life to cease
waiting for the time to come
when I can rest in peace

I am a summation
of the pain I've always known
a fertile mass of flesh designed
for malice to be sown
I'm a lost and weary victim
trapped in my insanity
I am a frightened spirit
I wait to be set free

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In to the future times, eons from now
My friends and I in newest time machine
We flew to reach a world, enchanting! Wow!
With rose thickets, meadows and lofty pines

No heat; no Sun, in there; a lone full Moon
Was smearing sandalwood balsam on us
Running bunnies and frolicking raccoons
Did run a riot, while bees honey hummed buzz

My friends were filled with joy and flair, new-found
One reined a dinosaur; one chased a hound
One painted white, a crow; one tamed a bear
One dressed a wounded deer and hugged with care

One ran for sweet honeys dripping from trees 
With tongue outstretched and hit a black outcrop
Some climbed the trees and ate the fruits with glee
Some clung and swung to banyan’s hanging props

One raised a bough like a sword; displayed his brawn
And screamed, “I am the king of these realms green”
Adorned his wife with milky quills of swans
Her red headband and preened, “I am the Queen”

Went on and on my peoples’ prank and mirth
Till sounded time machine, “It’s time, it’s time”
We sprinted back to occupy our berths
And left that world of bliss with thoughts sublime

And back in my office; on broken chair
Below my screeching fan, with grim grimace
I sighed aloud and reached the open air
To find my friends drudging in Sun’s furnace

A wrenching feeling rudely swept my mind
“We live in neither future nor in past
To this Present alone we’re firmly chained
And breathe the breeze of this minute and last”

When truth unclothed had streaked before my eyes
Returned I sad and broke my truck of lies

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We Have crossed The Galaxy To Find Dross

~Alien Abduction~ Lying on the sun warmed grass Breaths mingling, hearts as one Condensation clouds painting pictures that make us laugh The change is sudden and not such fun A swirling opens in the sky A force beyond comprehension Lifted from the grass, from my lips escapes a cry Nothing we can do- there is no prevention. Elbows bang, knees are skinned Fear takes a hold on us Sucked up in the air and pinned Far to scared to cuss. We are prodded we are poked Looked at inside and out I think that we are being choked I pray that we pass out. The floor opens a smoked glass room Swirling down, is that the moon? A voice ominous deep with gloom Is this the end is this our doom?
“Be gone you are a waste, consider yourselves tossed We have nothing more from you to learn Even though a galaxy we have crossed.” “You can teach us nought You are nothing but flesh and bone We seek those that we know can be taught You are the dross, across a universe we have flown.” “Go back to counting grass That is what you are fit for We will leave this earthly mass You are not worth our time in war.” “We want a people to command for them to make us their kings Not spending time making love, not thinking of anything… We are warriors of the galaxy we crossed your milky way But you are worse than dust to us and we won’t be back another day.”
©~GG~ 26/07/2012

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As you peel back one layer you will a bit more of me
Each layer defines parts that the naked eye may not see
The outer layer is tough resistant and seems weather proof
Just one more layer down is where you start to find the truth.

Peel off a third one and that’s where my feelings are hidden
Not on the surface to be played with or abused when bidden
Another layer down is where my tears are caught and held back.
Until the hurt of death and squalor, that layer attack

The last layer you may peel from me, I hold on to so tight
 I don’t want you to see my heart naked, in the harsh light.
The layer that covers my heart and keeps it safe from abuse
Life constantly picks at it and it’s not really much use.

I tried so hard to keep that one in place and safe from harm
Then life produces its peeler, which I would like to disarm.
It endlessly peels away at the layers of my protection
Leaving me vulnerable and weak and open to infection.

To fight back at life I have found a small good cure all
And that is what lets me walk on the edge, I totter but not fall.
In times of trouble and death, pain, anger and even love
Look for the silver lining that helps give this life a little shove.

Shove these things aside; they will get dealt with in a while
Knowing that whatever it is, will be behind us - so smile.
The layer that keeps our minds strong and yes even clear
Needs the most attention, it gives us hope, love, and even fear

Good things and bad things all come and go day by day
But we find we always look back on them and so we can say
Another day passed though we never forget the pain
Let me replace that layer now and cover my heart again

A smile helps to build up the layers and keeps me on life’s path
As does love, friendship and forgiveness, and a smile turns back wrath.
When we feel we can never smile ever again in a thousand lifetimes
We will look back and find the memory dims and the sun returns to shine

My layers are there I try to build them and keep them supple and strong
But sometimes they get ripped in a wrench and I think I am wrong
Straight to the point where my heart beats and is exposed to life’s ills
Time to pay the piper, as he comes to collect on life’s bills.

Laughter the best medicine and that I truly believe
But there’s a time to laugh and then there is a time to grieve
Time to think and to fight, love and to perhaps even pray
I hope my layers will keep intact, and get me through another tough day.

© ~GG~ 25/12/2012

My son had to work today, he is a supervisor on a motorway service station. He came home to us at the end of his shift for any comfort we could give him because of a motor accident just past where he works that took the lives of two children and an adult and seriously injured two more. He had to get access for the emergency services and then deal with angry motorists as he had to block them trying to re-enter the motorway, while things were dealt with.  His one thought was how the families would now cope, not only with the losses but that fact that it would taint their Christmas celebrations for the rest of their lives.
Although we do not celebrate Christmas he is so concerned for their feelings he is finding it difficult to cope with. My heart grieves not only for them and their horrendous ordeal, but my son whose heart has been laid open to their pain.

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The Kissing Game Babysitter Kiss

I used to baby-sit a lot, when I was young
I was a well sort after young miss
I get on really well with kids
And they liked the babysitters kiss.

Each small child I put to bed
A story then a quick kiss on the head
I’d settle down to watch TV
And eat the supper they left for me.

Each time they mostly came in late
But always walked me to my gate
Then one night after a fancy dress
The couple came home in a bit of a mess.

Their baby had played up as well
I’d only just settled her and I did tell
Don’t worry we know of the babysitters kiss
It’s all they want from you young miss.

I looked at him in his fancy dress costume
Not sure what flashed out in the gloom
I asked him as we reached our path
He opened his cloak and his thing did flash.

I went as a flasher, I tell you miss
Now it's time to give the babysitter a kiss…
I looked at his thing a flashing light well placed
And told him his battery need to be replaced

He drunkenly tried his hand on this young miss
He wanted to give me, his babysitter, a kiss
I reminded him his daughter would be a young miss
She may be the babysitter a drunk wants to kiss.

© ~GG~ 22/08/2012

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                  Not I, Then Who

Another blood bath. A bubbling bunch of innocence      
Shot down by an ogre, in brutal arrogance;                         
A busy mutter ‘The system is in pits',and done,                   
All sighed, time and again, lost  in deep reverence …                   

By lesser mortals a girl was quelled bestially, a mere decadence.      
Lost her life on board a bus, a public conveyance ;                            
said the folks again,’The system just feeds political hunger.’                       
Once more all sighed, time and again, in wrenching grievance.           

Thus, (we are) reclined in the cradle of excuses in ample luxuriance
Till one day a hurricane pounces, triggers petulance,                             
holds in whirls of life’s misfortunes. No trace of poised elegance.       
No sophisticated statements. No thick and proud prudence.              

No fondling of excuses in hands; Only pangs of helpless despondence.   
No claiming of those laid back excuses over forfeited chances;        
From all angles, volumes of consequences pry in variance 
No systems, no excuses; only victimized throes teem in abundance.     

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Browsing In An Antique Shop

On that laden shelf, perhaps a scratch or two Yet strong and boasting of times gone by A piece of yesterday that we can touch A past gone,but with the present a visible tie I find a certain longing as I putter about To know the stories, secrets that they hold Of men and women whose lives they touched If these pieces had a voice, what stories told Remembering the past a musing for a rainy day As I touch and examine through the afternoon Perhaps to take an old treasure home with me And from time to time with the past commune

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The Poem You Can Never Read

Sometimes fear can catch our tongues
Keeping truths enclosed
Barring words to pass the lips
Words leaving us exposed

And maybe that's what's safer
Than what I'm about to do
But we only get one life to live
And in my life, I want you

You've been inside my heart now
For a long time, but I've been
Afraid that it was just me
Just a dream that I was in

But then you came and touched me
And the feelings came alive
But I've still kept them quiet
Waiting for the perfect time

But time keeps ticking past us
And perfect, time is not
And life goes on without you here
And this isn't what I want

You won't believe how great you are
Well when you're viewed by me
You're really unbelievable
I just wish that you would see

I've seen you become a man
In the years you've been around
I've seen you go through many things
Seen you be up, and then down

I've seen you fight for who you love
I've seen you win and loose
I've seen you go through hard things
I've seen you have to choose

I've seen how you remember
Little silly things each day
That means so much more to me
Than I could even say

I know we come from different worlds, 
But thats alright by me
I know that there are obstacles
Probably more than I could see

I think I'd go a thousand miles
If I could end up in your arms
You see, you broke through my hearts barriers
Leaving me disarmed

As many things as you are
One thing that you're without
Is eyes to see how much I care
I guess I'll have to spell it out

My heart wants to be with you
For us to have our chance at love
And maybe it would work out
To be all we've both dreamed of

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                                                 REMEMBER ME

Remember me in the morning,
Remember me at night,
Remember me throughout your day,
And all will be alright.

As long as you are with me,
As long as I'm with you,
As long as I can hold you close,
And know your love is true,

Though I forget a hundred things,
As time and ties betide,
I won't forget a single thing,
That we've done side by side;

And when our time is over,
And our song is sung,
I will have not one regret,
when all is said and done.

                                      Judy Ball


For Lost And Found Contest by Catie Lindsey  - ( Repost)

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Aging Heart

Time runs fast when we are young,
As fast as human eyes can blink.
Turn away and there it goes,
What youth we have will slowly sink.

It runs with legs that won’t tire
So that your aging heart may sleep.
Close your eyes and let it fall,
The fruits you’ve reaped are yours to keep.

Does the river dry when you
Have passed the rapids of this ride?
Open your eyes so you may see
The world you’re bound to on this tide.

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Summer Contest

Summer Storms

Summer brings floods of feelings to surface An impressive time period done shown Having light shine down completely around Very warm with everything fully grown There’s one piece of the season that shows dark Summer rains, warmly falling on the ground However warm, storms are greatly enforced Nothing seems as dark, the sky is sure found Lightning, bright and fearfully striking down Hurling its mighty electric life force Bringing its painful terror to true light The rain from the clouds, come from its high source I know the storm comes in as a lion June seems to be stormy and rainy time A horrible scary time seems secure Fits into some time of day, like noontime Storm comes in very harshly, all about Direly people scurry to find shelter Summer rain is not the best event here Rain is surely a large storm, a basher I look at times passing, enlightenment Knowing the summer might just be the best Even with summer rain, it’s wonderful Rain might be huge, but the summer has zest
Russell Sivey Entrant into Judy Konos's "Searching For Summer" contest 3/3/2013

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I'm Still In Love With You

So many years have come and gone
I can’t believe it’s true
I find myself still looking back
on days I spent with you

I've followed you throughout the years
albeit from afar
From time to time I’d hear your name
my heart is still ajar

Sometimes a face book photograph
would brighten up my day
A snapshot from another time
with words that you would say

I gathered courage yesterday
and emailed late last night
My dear, I’m still in love with you
was all that I could write

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10 Minutes to Decide

With his back turned he looks away from her He depends on his trusty watch and waits Her response will be today, he knows it He hears them talk behind him, which abates What did she say, what was her sure answer His friend said that you may now turn around He begins to turn then she says no wait And back to their discussion they went down Minutes went by then it came upon ten He said he’ll turn around now and visit The women stopped their chatter together And he turned, what’s her answer, what is it?
Russell Sivey Contest: George Dunlop Leslie Sponsor: Isaiah Zerbst 5/19/2013

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One More Day

As the days grow shorter I feel discontent,
I look at summer and wonder where it went.
I remember in the recent past when days were long,
Only to realize the summer is  now gone.

I still enjoy autumn with its chill in the air,
The skies are still blue and the weather quite fair.
Soon so many colors will be displayed in the trees,
I’m not quite ready for the impending winters freeze.

As I get older I see time does fly,
 I watch as the trees start to die.
 They explode in color in one last stance,
Seeming to invite me for one last dance.

Another summer’s gone the air start to chill,
I view all the beauty from on top of this hill.
I watch and listen but it all seems strange,
Summer becomes autumn Is this new change.

I remember this summer with days that don’t end,
All that I’ve met become those I befriend.
I’m not really sad but wish for more time,
But I can’t help but see the clock just unwind.

The world keeps spinning as this season shall come.
Still time is left for me to stand in the sun.
I’m thankful to greet just one more day,
I still hoped that summer wouldn’t be on its way.

As the chill grows I will wrap my coat around you. 
Together we shall cherish all we’ve been through.
I remember hope and how it helps me survive,
I want this one day and feel so alive.

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We hear so much about the signs,
Of the times we live in;
Some worry what will happen,
While others scoff and give in,

To temptation when and where,
It shall raise it's head,
Believing as so many do,
There's lots of time to shed,

Bad habits they've acquired o'er time,
And don't feel bad about;
And really see no reason,
Why they should do without,

The parties, fun and frolic,
That they enjoy so much,
The men and women that they love,
Forbidden fruits and such;

The prophecies some preach about,
We've heard a hundred years,
And they don't think the time grows short,
They don't believe it's here;

But all too soon the time will come,
They'll sing a different tune.
When the time arrives they'll find they're not,
Prepared to meet the groom;

So fill your lamps with oil now,
And trim your wicks, make ready,
For no one knows when He will come,
The warnings have been plenty.

He's tarried long to give us time,
No longer can He wait.
If when He comes we're not prepared,
Then it will be too late.

We speak, we preach, we prophecy,
You don't believe it's late;
So when He comes don't be surprised,
That you must face your fate.

                                                                                              Matthew 25:1-13

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The Country, Not the Fish

The time for departure has come,
Can you believe it?
It's off to Wales I go,
The country, not the fish!

It'll be 25 hours worth of flying
And layovers... (I too question my sanity)
But what fun it will be
To defy gravity so effortlessly!

I've never flown before
So wish me the best of luck
I hope my debit gets accepted
Because I'm bringing digits not bucks!

My uncle, aunt and cousin will greet me
When I get there,
As I take it all in, at long last breathing,
That European air!

You're probably thinking geez, another rhyme!
What is it with this guy?
But you see I just recently purchased my ticket
So... bye bye!

I've been saving my money
A couple years for this!
So it's off to Wales I go,
The country, not the fish!

NOTE: I'm very happy to say that this is not fictional on my part. I'm actually going to the UK in none other than 5 days!! I'm very excited and wanted to let everyone know that I'll be on this trip for a good three and a half weeks (so I will not have a lot of time to get on P-Soup... but rest assured I have not left the site!)

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With despair I called into the dark
Is anyone there to hear my plea
No indication of the way to go...
Adrift on a black and sullen sea.

From the void a voice cried out
Use your head but follow your heart
The tide will take you home again
Given time the clouds will part

From a time before remembering
My ship safely nudged the shore
The questions that have no answers
Till the end, man will still explore

Boomerrang Contest

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If Only

It's day one of the rest of our lives Beginning as it usually does But this one seems a little bit different The old world is all abuzz It's all abuzz with great excitement Something's about to take place Has this old world finally realized a truth We're destroying the human race Since the very beginning of time it seems Wars have forever been fought Over land, religion and ideologies In a web of destruction we're caught A day of awakening is about to take place We have finally seen the light From this day on wars will be abolished Peace is finally in sight Am I dreaming out loud? Can this be true? Pinch me to make sure I'm awake Let's hope this time it's more than a dream But reality for all our sakes! © Jack Ellison 2013

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The Pause Button

I’m pressing the pause button
So certain it will be fine
I’m not going to rewind
No, not doing that this time

Not going to hit fast forward
I really don’t want to age
And though at times I’m tempted
The stop button I’ll not engage

No….will hit the pause button
I’m going to stretch out this time
Going to savor each moment
In this love hour divine

I’m going to live each second
I’m going to make time stand still
For now I’m omnipotent
I can do it and….. I will

I’m going to press the pause button
Be oblivious to time
I’ll make you forget all else
Except that right now….you’re mine.

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Leaves That Are Green

A young bud sprouts from its parent plant
and blossoms to a lovely rose before long
With time, its beauty fades and it dries up
and the leaves that are green turn to brown

A young sapling takes root and flourishes
Soon a mighty oak stands firm on the ground
With time, it decays to a dried up old tree
and the leaves that are green turn to brown

A baby bird sitting helplessly in its nest
grows into a majestic eagle strong
With time, its glory fades as it ages
and the leaves that are green turn to brown

A defenceless lion cub hidden in its lair
matures into the mightiest beast around
With time, he becomes a decrepit old male
and the leaves that are green turn to brown

A beautiful angelic darling baby girl
becomes a world beauty and wins the crown
With time, wrinkles and old age take their toll
and the leaves that are green turn to brown

Hello to a new life of hope and promise
Goodbye to a life that's now going down
Time marches on irreversibly 
and the leaves that are green turn to brown

All life starts off fresh and beautiful, matures, decays and then passes away in an unavoidable cycle as Time marches on irreversibly.

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Life Is An Adventure

First you learn to crawl around Then give a step a chance Bit by bit you learn to talk And not to wet your pants When it’s time to go to school Get on the bus and go It’s scary to be on your own With kids that you don’t know Then you enter puberty And share that first time kiss A few bouts of puppy love Then a love you can’t resist Wedding bells, a honeymoon A family would be swell Diapers, bibs, a rocking chair Night time stories you will tell Start planning for retirement You’ve got grandkids all around Wrinkles come from nowhere You know you’re slowing down Now you reached the golden years It’s time to just have fun Take a nap, do what you want Your race on earth is done

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Good People Of Earth


Where are we heading
With this mayhem, destruction, and killing
Is this what we call a civilized society
A look to the future can be chilling


I know you're out there
You outnumber these maniacal tyrants
Let's band together, stage our own uprising
Make love a life long commitment


The time has arrived
To rise up with a mighty big roar
Multitudes of us normal law abiding folks
Ain't taking this bull crap no more


Hear what I'm saying
It's time to turn things around
Can't allow this debauchery to continue
Let joy and happiness abound

© Jack Ellison 2012

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All that I know

I think of friends, ones I hold dear,
They live in my heart and always are near.
They provide light on days that are dark,
I search for a place to make my mark.

The sun sets, it’s been a long day,
Not enough time seems to get in my way.
I see what is done with much more to do,
I search for truth, but what is true?

Darkness surrounds yet stars guide me home,
When I think of my friends I don’t feel so alone.
I watch as some of the pieces join together. 
The sky is clear, no change in the weather.

I look up at the sky and begin to dream,
Was today really part of the scheme?
Some things change though many are the same,
I wonder if I’m getting any better at this game.

I watch headlights come and then they go,
The red of tail lights is all that does show.
It reminds me of time as it all disappears
With all that has passed I shed a couple tears.

I wonder what’s up above all the clouds.
Is the gateway to heaven what they shroud?
I think of a place much grander than this,
Where beauty is everywhere surrounded by bliss.

I drift back to earth much like a feather.
I try to keep all my thoughts together.
Inside I feel this calmness just grow,
Then it’s revealed all that I know.

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Embracing my Heart

You entered my dreams once again
As you have done so many times before
Your touch becomes ever so real
Embracing my heart that's been sore

Every time you enter my dreams
You take me to places unknown
It's as if you know where to take me
Embracing my heart that just roams

When you entered my dreams this morning
It's as if you had always been there
A matter of time was all that I needed
Embracing my heart, because you care

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Guilty as sin
Because sin is past tense
The deed has been done
And not far hence

What measure of you now
Have been newly made
To what pleasure did you bow
Where vanity was paid

How shall men see you
For what you have done
Can time someday heal
What was seen by the sun

Or is there someone waiting
Who will remember the truth
Is there someone hating
Who would set your secret loose

Guilt is an emotion
Difficult to explain 
We name those two emotions
Sometimes fear and sometimes shame

Can you desire repentance 
Just for fear of God
Has shame touched your conscious
With feelings that are odd

A soul that runs from justice
Haunted by a past
Always checking your shoulders
Tell the lie told last

Many years may pass
Before the string in your labyrinth is found
Those that matter will find the truth
That your inextricably bound

Will guilt and shame clear your name
Or evil face appear 
When truth and facts finally attach
After so many years

We blame fate for so many things
Especially our human flaws
But still when things really matter
We ignore our own laws

Secrets, we should keep them
For sometimes truth brings death
Because blood is thicker than water
And all that we have left

We may give time all our secrets
And wonder if time will forgive
But time knows all our secrets
And the fateful time to reveal

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Light in Darkness

I lost myself in dense darkness Leading into a quagmire-like place My mind do have shrewdness But this time it's not the case Only fools lead owns self astray In the place of no light Where it's senseless to take flight Place's price you need to pay There is a place of light But why go to the night It shows we are foolish We make our own life hellish Indeed, most of the time we are idiotic But need not to be frantic Because by God light was created So that in darkness we can be guided

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Regret of a Once Young Maiden

Puberty came to me as a young girl,
with more questions answered, than asked.
Be nice, be good, don’t tease or unfurl
true feeling.  Lust, desire, must be masked. 

Tugging at the chastity belt was conformity.
Exploits of peers filled my mind.
As feelings settled in the Vale of Virginity,
seeking what they knew not how to find.

My need grew slowly to obsession,
owning me deeper each day.
My heart, soul, mind and body in possession
of feelings, abstract, leading me astray.

How has it stayed with me this long?
Can’t you see me longing impatiently?
Wearing chastity as the Mocking bird’s song,
I welcome the time when you consume me. 

Take me, ravish me.  I give you my flower.
These thoughts, sitting on tongue in cheek,
dreaming as Alice, of magical power.
Yet, in real time there is no prince to speak.

My flower now faded, withered with age,
while dreaming the dream, hope is cheap.
In the end nothing cheap is the rage.
Excuses pile high, my prince under the heap.

If I could live again, I opine as I stare.
My life would be different, I surely think so.
Wearing my flower, brazenly in my hair,
I would lose it faster than I could say no.

July 10, 2011 cgh  

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Philosophical what does that mean?
Calm in the face of difficulties unseen
Maybe I should philosophise
Discuss in a philosophical manner, what a surprise…

Philosophy, the study of the meaning of life and knowledge on life’s outlook
Nah, not into that I’d rather read a good book
Haven’t got time to philosophise or speak philosophy
Just got time to throw some words out for you to read with me.

Feeling a little glum the weather is depressing
But does the rain really wet you, if no ones out there dressing?
Did the tree make a noise when it fell in down in the wood
Who cares I wasn’t there so it doesn’t do me any good.

Worrying about this or that if you are not around to hear it
Life’s to short my good friend lets live it a little bit
Tress may fall and rain may tumble, but life still goes on
So no more philosophy for the day, it's time I did get on 
© 29/08/2012 ~GG~

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Travel Back In Time

If you could travel back in time
I wonder would you go
A one way ticket guaranteed
but only you would know

A chance to walk a different path
than what you chose before
With wisdom there to be your guide
to know your youth once more

Would you be willing to give up
the life you have right now
Go back to where it all began
and change it then somehow

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Only Love Can Break Your Heart

Yes, only love can break your heart,
 Take your world and tear it apart.
Best to be sure right from the start,
The sun shines as clouds do part.

I try to remember but then I forget,
So many dreams turn into regret.
I reach for something but I’m not there yet,
So much in life seems to ride on a bet.

The sun awakes and shines in my eyes,
With nowhere to hide I lose my disguise.
Love is not something that money can buy,
I watch to see another day pass by.

As time passes I just drift away,
I seem to get lost in things that you say.
I wish for change, perhaps it may,
I was hoping this time some could stay.
It starts to get hot as thoughts melt together,
I get lost in a dream filled with white heather.
They say there might be a change in the weather,
Still I drift away and float much like a feather.

I can’t forget how it was in the start,
Nothing could ever tear us apart.
Sometimes it was like some kind of fine art.
Only to realize that love can break your heart.

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If aliens visited Earth today They'd be shocked and totally saddened That we haven't yet made it past infancy Silly wars we haven't abandoned Still haven't learned the secret As to why we humans exist If we think it's man's inalienable right There's a fact we've totally missed Nobody owes us a thing in this world Up to us to follow the right path With thoughts of love for every being Against wars and its terrible wrath If aliens visited Earth today They'd be saddened and feel such pain Thousands of years we've inhabited Earth The ills that plague us are the same We're the aliens right here on Earth Haven't yet discovered the secret As they fly away you can hear them say We give up, you guys can keep it! ©Jack Ellison 2012

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Baseball Glitter

The sport of ball games is many each summer and each fall. 

Within the Major leagues, and the Minors are many whines. 

The events that are pitted causes Peewees to bawl. 

Excuses like pines and whines, and levying of fines. 

Steroidal abuse accusations prevalent are profuse! 

Is  pretty lady a man, is the handsome man a woman? 

Like  in cases of people’s races, gander chases goose. 

Is the ball player true or a steroid phenomenon. 

Albeit I accept the fate entering stadium gate. 

Was the coupling consensual or change conventional? 

Excitement permeates ball field as contentions dissipate. 

I believe in ball games, rising to fame consensual. 

Mickey Mantle at bat, an all time world ‘Switch hitter! 

Willie Mays ’The say kid Mays’ blessed his days by his phase. 

“Mighty Casey at Bat” illustrates proper glitter, 

as time switches mantle phase of Mickey and Say kid Mays!

For and in Honor of Debbie Guzzi
And Contest: Play Ball

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A Note Left Behind (to a Son)

I was born underwater with lungs oversized,
With gills immature in a world full of smog,
I'm filling petition to be cauterized,
And end other chapter in life’s fragile log.

I was born black and white with extremities gray,
The plaintiff accuses what I might hide,
It's nothing but SOUL constantly at play,
With spoonfuls of turquoise rolling down off life's slide...

Implosion of rainbows will probably be
The cause of my passing unknown and alone.
When thrown overboard and deep into sea
I'll finally return to my home long time gone...

I've moved in a place with no windowless chamber,
Where time has no meaning and waiting is painless,
If I had any hopes, I swear - don't remember...
And don't recognize him, his sorrow is senseless.

I have died underwater, reborn in blue nights,
Don't need oxygen to play with the whales.
Remember when watching those great Northern Lights
That Mother is smiling behind Nature’s veils.

for Constances contest "Mother"

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Survivor (What a Player)

Who’s Texas oil rich, just five-feet-six
and always seems to get out of a fix?
He’s married with four kids, and eyes bright blue -
a guy you love to hate. . . Still need a clue?

He came to  CBS  a year ago
to play the nineteenth season of the show
"Survivor!" Fans tuned in; there on Samoa
we saw him on a tribe called Foa Foa.

A villain on this game show like no other,
he’s one you’d guess could rat out his own mother.
He’s Russell Hantz, a genuine control freak,
and add to that, he’s quite a little sneak!

To cause a stir, he once burned someone’s socks,
feigned innocence, and then had secret talks
with teammates as he filled their minds with doubt
And made his plans of whom to next throw out.

With not one clue, he found immunity.
a “first” in all "Survivor" history,
then saved himself when there came times to vote
with idols he had found. (He loves to gloat!)

If someone were not “pliable,” he’d thrust 
them out, while there were others he would trust.
But by the time the game came to its end,
he’d backstabbed them and didn’t have one friend.

And so he lost that game. We saw him cry
as votes were read, a crazed look in his eye!
A hundred grand he’d give to wear the crown,
but she who rode his coattails turned him down.

Respected by his fans, he’s gone anew
to play this time with villains, none who knew
him from before, and now he’s in a game
with old time favorites who seem really lame!

With blind-sides left and right, they’re falling fast.
I think Hantz might remain there till the last!
He gave an idol up to save a gal
I bet he wishes were more than a pal. . . 

His poor wife has to watch him on TV,
all smiles while making eyes at Parvati.
But win or lose this time, he is the slayer
of those "Survivor" All-Stars.  What a player!

(Watch  for the season finale. It should be coming soon, either Thursday or maybe on a 

For Linda-Marie Bariana's TV Tempations contest

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A blue bird sings,
a raven calls,
how sweet the sound,
how strange the fall.

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FREE CEE i lost my mom and lost my only ally


Chances are I won’t be able to do this well at all
Now that my mother is about to answer God’s final call
The doctor assures us she hasn’t very long to live
And that is grievous because she’s always had so much to give

She was always quick to dispense whatever I might need
And advise me on things with wisdom’s words I usually did not heed
“Don’t do that Son, because you’re tribulations might double”
And true to her admonition I would only gain more in trouble

My mother, my mom, my rock and my salvation
And now her days are too speedily coming to a cessation
If only one morning she didn’t awaken to the dawning of a brand new day
That, for me, would have been a much simpler and speedier way

Easier when compared to the burden I now bear
Complicated by a massive amount of remorse and sheer fear
I understand how much more time she’s had than many others
But she’d have so much more time were I to have my druthers

Well, at least I gave her a grandson and his son to adore
Oh, but if only I could have given her so much more
More honesty, more happiness and so much more joy
But instead I’ve given her heartache since a very young boy

God knows this is a task which I won’t do very well
And I beseech God, “how do I do this, pray tell?”
I know His answer would only add frustration to my fear
Because the Lord also knows that this is a burden I bodily cannot bear
© 2009…..Rita Cohan’s loving son Phreepoetree ~free cee!~
With loving remembrances, hurtful remorse and the kind of love a son can only have for such a special kind of mom

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Four people were walking at four fourty four
Faith Fullen at aft and Phil Fallon at fore
Then Fallon moved aftward and Fullen went fore
Till fullen was first and Phil Fallon was four

~For the Four, For, Fore contest~

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When I say and write this, 
I am screaming at the top, 
Just give me one last kiss, 
Then maybe we can stop. 

I was dreaming, 
The life I was living, 
The time I was saving, 
Now I am leaving, 
Reality is setting. 

I was blinded, 
Being simple minded, 
And maybe Confounded, 
By a promise that was dead. 

Asking for truth and getting lies, 
Getting naive as time flies. 

When you said it was me, 
I thought of how happy we could be. 
Then I got to see, 
I have to set myself free. 

They say you live and you learn, 
But my heart and trust you have to earn. 
And I hope you learned, 
Because the next one might leave you burned.

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I used to harbor lofty dreams 
Of winning wealth and fame.
I vainly dreamed about a time
When the world would know my name.

But time and those rejection slips
Have tempered my wild dreams.
The ceaseless grind of passing years
Has mellowed me, it seems.

So now I breathe, create, and write
Simply because I must.
No longer do I crave those things
For which I used to lust.

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Once In A Lifetime

They're once in a lifetime
These moments of joy
The first time you rattle
That colourful new toy

Your first day at school
With the rest of the kids
Your hair all slicked down
Bad smells Mom got rid

The ultimate joy
Of your first tender kiss
The shock when she tells you
Her period she missed

A puff from a cigarette
Makes you dizzy and ill
The beer in the closet
I remember it still

The joy of first child
The smell of their skin
The softness of touch
Their sweet tiny grin

Your first big promotion
The raise that you get
The first time you notice
A grey hair NO NOT YET!

Middle age then follows
With a sickening thud
It's all over now
Your life is pure crud

The sixties are next
And retirement awaits
Where did it go
You're in a hell of a state

Then someone says wryly
You've had a good life
'Whatcha crabbing about?'
But it still cuts like a knife

These tender sweet moments
You experience through time
You'll remember them fondly
And treasure the climb 

So hold on to them tightly
They won't come again
They're once in a lifetime
They're to treasure my friend

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In the span of a moment

In the span of a moment
A word of caution
Destiny alters
Those fragile components

In a moment a seed 
Comes forth to fruition
Or it dies with no one to grieve
No pause nor slight intermission

In the span of a moment 
Fate awakens 
Mysteries that seemed unimportant
Ones that had rested perfectly dormant

In the grand scheme of life
Those moments seem trivial
A roll of the dice 
But they are really indivisible 

For the human condition 
Is fragile at best
On guard to vague contradiction
In the constant it heeds it's rest

In a moment you can catch
The gleam of an eye
A flash of anger subdued
Or a clarity replaced by confused

The tiniest speck of time
To a life interrupted
Forever can find
A heart too corrupted

To trust in another
Or even ones self
Much more when those moments
Cluster and swell

In an instant your eyes
Can behold perfection
In the passing of time
Reveals a cruel deception

Moment by moment
We fall or we stand
Trying to control every component
Its like holding sand castles with only your hands

Yesterday everything seemed perfectly right
Today my love, he went away
Like ocean waves when tides crest high
The mornings new landscape gives way

I cry with every forsaken moment
The moments by my side he's not here
I've already endured the many moments
All those that turned into years

At times I want to go back
To what was before I met him
The level of empty contained in the past
Was fuller than his presence rescinded 

There is no exaggeration 
That without him I cannot breathe
In this lies the danger
When he became the fabric of me

My true love I gave only
to one other this way
He held it long after he passed away
In truth it paled if portrayed

In moments such as these
I want to scream
No matter to whom be displeased
Cross valley and mountain it's rivers and streams

How long my darling
how many more moments
For something so right
To feel so wrong so alone

For what is lonelier 
Than a moment alone
A timepiece which knows no hour
In the span of a moment unknown



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In the deep recesses of my aging mind Are images of life long ago Joyous images of fun and laughter Of loving hearts all aglow The passage of time is of no consequence Images of youth still remain Halcyon days of laughter and good cheer Peace and happiness reigned A dreamer is what I've often been called But with my advancing years I tend to reminisce a whole lot more Remembering my joys and fears My very first date, my very first kiss A newly discovered love Euphoric feelings my head a-spinning Giving my heart a shove No matter my age sweet memories remain Great days of unbridled youth What would I do if I couldn't recall This time of innocence and truth In the deep recesses of my aging mind Are images of life long ago Joyous images of fun and laughter Of loving hearts all aglow © Jack Ellison 2012

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A Nut Case

What's happened to modern day families
They once were a tight little group
The kids would visit Granny and Gramps
Someone would bring homemade soup

Folks arrived bearing goodies and sweets
And put all their stuff in the fridge
The kids would play their hide and seek games
While the old folks played Euchre or Bridge

Granny didn't mind that the house was askew
Afterwards we sat down for a chat
It sure looked like a big bomb had gone off
It was weeks before they located the cat

Today they email to say they can't make it
It's their time to scrub out the bath
And Susan broke a finger nail last night
She's sulking but I'm sure it won't last

Maybe in June we will find time to visit
We'll slot you into our journal
Between Tommie's first ever baseball game
And Susan's play, "Love Eternal"

©Jack Ellison 2012

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Sunshine River

Hands held together 
brightness shines reflecting on their smiles 
Their eyes seeing more than appearance 
The love they witness last for many miles 

Many walks along that river 
Daytime and night hands held together 
Lips always in sync as with the breaths they take 
This is the chance they risk to be together 

Knowing that time can be an enemy for couples
The only time they seek is the time spent not alone 
Taking each chance to be loved 
And opening their hearts and soul bare beneath the bone 

Seasons change and still they walk the path 
Leaves on the trees to the trees holding nothing 
The winds wrapping them together 
To the lovers holding on to something 

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Your Words

Your words are weapons in disguise
inflicting so much pain
From time to time a truce declared
and then you strike again

The wounds within my soul are deep
you chiseled everyone
No mercy in your character
I'm listless and undone

Words have power...Be careful in what you say to people...Words can give life or bring death

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~ONE TWO THREE IT’S NOT EASY~ One, two, three it’s supposed to be easy… But watching you makes me queasy Four, five, six, don’t even go there I refuse doing it standing on a chair… Seven, eight, nine - no this is not divine. I am fed up with this counting lark No more will there be waiting in the dark I am fed with you and all your ways Its time to have a parting day. When you came into my life No one said it’s like being a wife Get off the chair it’s not going to be I can’t stand you and you can’t stand me. Next time I look in yellow pages For a decorator that won’t take ages I’ll make sure he at least has a ladder And is not creepy like an adder Be gone before I count once more Take you paper and get out through that door Be gone I will not pay you, nothing have you done Except turn off my electricity and sit down on your bum. You tell me it’s an expert - in decorating you are Yet leave me in the dark while you go out for a jar... It took me a while to realise the reason the power is off So I couldn’t see when you pee in my sink now go, yes you p… off They say count to ten before you lose your temper But my blood is hot and its not distemper You leave my house, come back no more Because if I reach ten, you'll find yourself on that floor. © ~GG~ 4/08/2012

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Silly Facts 2

It would take more than 150 years
To drive your car to the sun
At the price of gas you'd need two jobs
A cashier at Walmart could be one

A law on the books in Kentucky states
You must bathe at least once a year
Next time I'm heading down Florida way
It's a state I'll avoid going near

The actual energy of everyone's farts
Immediately upon time of emission
Creates an extremely powerful force
Enough to launch a lunar expedition

Truman Capote's strange middle name
Believe it or not, was Streckfus
His parents shoulda done time in prison
Without dinner, lunch and breakfast

It's said, to have your picture taken
By the first camera ever made
You'd have to sit still for eight long hours
I'd wet my pants I'm afraid

Some of the water that all of us drink
Has at one time already been drunk
By someone else at least once before
Eeew, wish that was a lotta bunk

You would think everybody's eye lids
Would need replacing clearly
Blinking four billion times in a lifetime
Decided to change mine yearly

They say it's impossible to kill yourself
By holding your b-r-e-a-t-h ........

© Jack Ellison 2012

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There comes a time for thiings to change,
A time for certain endings,
A time when Old gives way to New,
A time for new beginnings;

For endings aren't a thing to mourn,
They herald graduation,
A sort of time for stepping out,
Toward new generations;

And if we look ahead with dread,
And cling to customs past,
We'll miss the good that change can bring,
Because of fears amassed,

Until their numbers are so great,
They overcome the will,
To search for treasures yet unseen,
The urge to grow until,

You've finally reached your goal in life,
And found your destination,
That point where you are satisfied,
And happy with your station;

So go ahead and reach out for,
That thing you wish to be,
Don't be afraid to try your hand,
Or then you'll never see,

Your dream take shape and come about,
Your goal is not too high,
Unless, of course, you heed your fears,
And never dare to try.

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For many years my mornings were unnoticed in the rushing blur; with one eye on the speeding clock, the other searching for lost sock. Someone has left his books behind and there’s the sock so hard to find. Mornings when young family grew were busy times of getting through. And then, those years I was employed, morning did not find me overjoyed. I had no time to spare a minute to find a bit of pleasure in it. Retired and children grown, I’ve found When I have the chance to look around to see the glory of the morn, it makes me glad that I was born. No other time of day is new And sparkling with the morning dew. As the sun rises over distant hills it’s then my heart with gladness fills. The colors painted in the sky, unmatched by any mortal’s dye with skill unequaled by mere man, have made of me a morning’s fan. The rest of my day is filled with duty. Morning is the time to savor beauty. By: Joyce Johnson 9/28/11 for nette's contst "In 24 Hours"Won one of several 4ths

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Lack Of Sleep

Lack Of Sleep
When your mind deprives you of sleep
It plays tricks that can be quite neat
You see faces almost everywhere
Some are good, some drive you spare.

Noises of the house in rest
Creaking groaning, night time pests
Whispered words you long to hear
Night time ghosts keep us in fear.

But when the face you see above
Is the face you have grown to love
It sends the ghosts back to the realms of night
From whence they come until it’s light.

The face that never launched a ship
Just launched your heart in a backward flip
Never worry about the lack of sleep
If that’s the company you get to keep.

© 08/01/2013

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God has given Man so much,
The world and all it's wonders,
And only asks we keep in touch,
And He'll heal all our blunders.

First He made the firmament,
Then He made the earth,
Filling it with beauty,
And all things of real worth;

Then from the earth He took some dust,
Enough to fill His hand,
And from the dust, in love and joy,
He fashioned the first man.

From the mouth of God, Almighty,
The man took his first breath,
And God said,"Cleave ye just to Me,
And never know ye death."

God bestowed upon the man,
All kinds of gifts and favors.
All that's good upon the earth,
Were his to have and savor.

Then Satan came onto the scene,
Envying our God,
Not satisfied with his estate,
He wanted to be God.

Throughout the centuries he's labored,
Deceiving all Mankind,
Trying to convince us,
It's time to change our mind.

The only way God can be hurt,
Is to steal the thing He loves,
And so he tries to take the man,
God bought back with His Blood;

For Man did stray a little while,
Deceived by the King of Thieves,
But Jesus came to buy us back,
And He's bringing in the sheaves.

The devil knows the time grows short,
So he's stepped up the pace.
Don't believe his lies this time,
Your life lies in God's Grace.

                                                            Ephesians 6:10-13

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The Wheel Of Life

The wheel of life keeps turning every day
Birth, life and then the subsequent decay
All living things must return whence they came
The pattern always remaining the same

All living things start life's journey at birth
Become adult through the process of growth
They then participate in reproduction
Thus creating the next generation

Life then continues daily in this world
Until old age and illness take their toll
Lastly, all must face death's reality
That brings a final end to life's journey

The wheel goes through a full revolution
With each and every new generation
Whatever is alive will someday die
This will surely happen as time goes by

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College Bound(The Education Game)

Next week I am college bound
 An education is what I seek
Further knowledge to be found
 In my quest I will not be meek.

School days for me has long since passed
 For out of school I became a mother
On my list education became last
 For me the choice was none other.

These are not the days of yesteryear
 No having fun and going to school dances
For failure is what I fear
 So no time for silly romances.

Time to study hard and long
 College professors will take no excuse
For homework being late or how an answer is wrong
It will still be my neck in the noose.

This time around there is no marching band practice
 All my spare time devoted to study
I may seem prickly  like a cactus
 But no time for me to be a buddy.

Time to buckle down and move ahead
 No longer with my high school sweetheart
No more dragging feet full of lead
 Time to give my life a brand new start.

No more jobs...I desire a career
 My heart beats double time
But please do not jeer
 School at my age is not a crime.

Bring on English and Math
 Sorry my dear dear friends
I am following a new path
 Time lost with them... will later make amends.

Time for the thinking cap
 No worries of being a fool
Even though there is a huge time gap
 Since the days of high school.

Knowledge is power
 Education is key
No need to be dour
 Law is the field for me.

For John Loving III Education game...Nara Shevanna you are next dear

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                           The peaks of mountains
              Are wearing the crown of sunrise with grace
                   Bellow the valleys are still struggling
                                 To escape dark night’s

©Demetrios Trifiatis
6 January 2013

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A Toast for New Years Eve

Whilst I lay in my bed, 
And reflect on my past
I remember that I want, 
Certain moments to last.
Like this evening tonight;
On New Years Eve;
We’re having too much fun
With much more to achieve!

For the New Year, is here!
And let it be said
’08 is now gone,
It is totally dead!

So we lift up our glasses!
Way high in the sky!
We’re not going to remember this,
Let’s not even try!

Don’t take a drink!
It’s not yet that time!
You have to let me finish
My cute little rhyme!

Now cheers to our friends,
Both new and old!
Let’s cheers to the stories 
That have yet to be told!

Let’s cheers to the nights 
That we stayed out late
Let’s cheers to you!
For being so wonderful, 
And being so great!

Happy New Year!

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I Guess You'll Never Know

It always starts out so lovely,
Talking all the time - 
“Can’t wait to see you,
I’m so glad you’re mine.”

But time fades the colors,
And makes the petals fall.
What once was so exciting - 
Now seems a little dull.

And I know you’ve had your drama
From people in the past.
They didn’t see what they had in you -
Well, I could’ve fixed that.

I wouldn’t hurt you like she did,
I wouldn’t push you around.
I wouldn’t take you for granted,
I guess you’ll never know now.

I just want you to know this:
My intentions were pure.
And if I’d let myself love you -
It would’ve been for who you were.

I’m learning every fairy tale 
Won’t have a happy end.
‘Cause now I’m sitting here crying,
Missing my friend.

And now we’re looking at a goodbye
Because you just cant seem to see -
Just what you could’ve had
If you’d just picked me.

I wouldn’t hurt you like she did,
I wouldn’t push you around.
I wouldn’t take you for granted,
I guess you’ll never know now.

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Mary Ann Dow Stuart Gardiner

My Mother Mary Ann Dow Gardiner Mary Ann Dow Stuart wis her maiden name, Noo, she wisnae a Scoatish Lass o' fame. Born in nineteen hunner an' five on the fifth o' May. gorgeous she wis' at oany time o' the day. Like aw Mums, she wis a'ways there, nae ither Mum a ken kin 'onestly compare. Noo am no telling yea ivery instance o' her life, An' let's say, tae ma faither Jack she wis the perfict wife. Wan instance in time with you I wid like tae share, aye durin' WWII ma an' me hid quite a scare. It wis a chapter in ma life as a wee wee boy, stull in ma nappies an' playin' wae toys. We lived in a twa roomed tenement flat, six folks an' Bonny wee Tibby the cat. Noo the oanly way tae hiv a bath, wis in a tin wan ,which wis three foot wan inch, an' a half. Noo this bath wis oanly fur this wee lad yea see, an' it wis dragged oot in front o' the windae jist afore tea. Noo tea in oor hoose wis aboot six o'clock at night, an' a luved ma bath an' niver pit up a fight. It wis oan a very dark an' a very quiet winter's night, aye the night Ma an' me hid a terrible blidy fright. Suddenly we were in the middle o' a German air-raid, the smile oan ma ma's face quickly began tae fade. She climbed up oan the bunkers sink tae hiv a look, twa seconds she's up there that's aw it took. Pulled back the blackoot tae see the night sky, oh my god ma ma let oot this fearsum' cry. She heard the whistle o' a German Bomb startin' tae fall, an' she thocht it might jist pay us twa a call. The whistle o' that fearsum bomb got louder then stopped, ma mum fell backwards an' oan tap o' this wee boy did flop. Aye, right oan tap o' this wee naked Body in the said tin bath, wan minit her scream an' that enormous crash. That's why noo I hiv a flat head an' am eternally daft, naw folks a dinny blame yea fur hivin' a laff. It's funny noo but no fur mum at that time, jings droapin' bombs oan wummin an' wee bairns is surely a terrible crime, As fur that Gerry bomb it did land wae a lot of malice, jist up the road in Edinburgh's Holyrood palace. The Auld Yin.

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A Tribute: to Ganel Gibbs Nee Johnson

In case you wonder why time is past and keep going by
Since last we spoke again, it is my way to retain
Some pride of memory, not crumbling the mind's eye
Like old newspaper stained and littering the drain

I would still read your news don,t get me wrong, I'm sure
No history written now can blot that splendid brow
That nurtured me and cure the heart waves on its shore
Restlessly beating to the flow of what we did not know

Each morning fresh I came to your school to help tame
The brute in all the brats and me, we sang the rats
That took cheese and all, flame our love for life's game
Making a child that's contented so, a show of stats

A better man, a better woman held by reins of our letter
And figure in the dust of chalk, and your bright talk
Of praise each while unfetter my heart's invisible teeter 
The sleeping genius that sparked and was embarked

Away from dusty floor to earn the prize of something more
And after all that circling we again return time dizzy  
Washed out and beyond restore from chalk dreams galore
And you on the phone, a glee glints in wheezy memory

Not this my heart to endure, not this on the gritty shore
Still gold and fresh, and yet we with rasping breath
Did not even rip the oar full way. Silence loves you more
For all you gave than wet morns more than we forget.

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The Dawn Of One Summer Day

Before the birds start chirping
And people will begin rushing
Moments for merely breathing
Not far away from the morning

Tranquilized time of dawn of the day
Diligently waiting for the first sun ray
The sky is yet black and dark grey
Will be brightened without delay

Stars have not gone out of sight
Moon is shining still very bright
But it is not the time of night
The most halcyon time to indite

Cold wind defeating the summer
The dew point is ready to occur
Traffic of the city is at its leisure
Usualy crowded, when day’s sizzler

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The Edges Of Time

Sleep evades his presence missed
Her lonely reflection shines back
By windows glass her wine she sips
But liquid comfort cannot acquit

The sentence of her choosing
Where lonesome miles consist
A blind eyes scentless bouquet 
An agony she couldn't predict

Now morning breaks
A ridged winters chill
Another dawn of sorrow wakes
As her bitter tears be spilled

For what love in sincerity arrayed
Could possess someone so young
To betray their continuum of days
For the hope of "The One" delayed

Reason defies the desires of the heart
No cost could be too grave
For all the petulant hours apart
The bond of their souls are enslaved

Walk with me dear on the edges of time
Of these days we sorely lament
The poetess keeps sanity by nature of rhyme
Finding solace in the moments we've spent

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Throughout the day I thought of you
I didn't get much done
Kept drifting off from time to time
strange looks from everyone

My day now gone I'm home alone
I still can't turn you off
I see your face within my mind
what next I'm at loss

I know we both decided that
we needed time alone
But I cant get you off my mind
keep looking at the phone

I've got to make some changes now
I need her in my life
Some things I have to put aside
she has to be my wife

Just as I'm reaching for the phone
a knock upon the door
Familiar face behind the glass
my hopes begin to soar

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Look Before You Leap

What's done can never be undone
Time's clock hands do not backward go
This law applies to everyone
Despite what one's status may show

Heed the words Look before you leap
And Consider before you act
To the future you cannot peep
And no way the past can come back

Minimise your regret and pain
As on life's journey you travel
You will find there's a lot to gain
And life will be enjoyable 

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I love the night from dusk 'til dawn, 
It's the only time to carry on 
with thoughts and dreams still unachieved, 
my whole life plan at night conceived. 

No light's distractions, no buzz of sound, 
my conscious clears while ideas abound. 
Sleep does not come for me with ease, 
Time hypnotic is knowledge less seized. 

What is it that makes me insightful those hours? 
Is a great truth revealed by some higher power? 
I think fate is set when the mind is most clear 
of petty thoughts which by night disappear. 

But as the hours count down to day's early light, 
some find it ironic to be enlightened at night. 
Yet I find strength to arise and start the dead day, 
knowing that night is not far away!

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An Overabundance Of Words - An ADD Anthem

Entice the essence of the word 
A lexicon of value heard 
A luxury of words astute 
With salutation and salute 

Inside this circle, only squares 
And children point with double dares 
A solo singer comes in pairs 
While stepping down to climb the stairs 

I'm sending letters without stamp 
A street light stands without a lamp; 
Deduct the darkness from my bill 
My empty tank too full to fill 

A centimeter is no inch 
Before the punch it's time to flinch 
A baker's dozen has thirteen 
And what you saw you've never seen 

When I get home I've gone away 
I work too hard when I'm at play 
Tomorrow is my yesterday 
My ferrous feet are made of clay 

I win the race when I have lost 
Find out the price but not the cost 
My brand new plane is highway bound 
Square holes I own are in the round 

I guess I've got a problem here 
I ask for wine and got a beer 
I know the words but cannot write 
I have my eyes but have no sight 

I think it's time to go to bed 
But when I do I'm getting up 
I did not say what I just said 
So pour my saucer in my cup 

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I saw her from across the room
she turned to see me too
A subtle smile upon her face
I had to see this through

I walked up to her with a rose
she shared with me her wine
We danced together all night long
and both lost track of time

Delightful perfume and her scent
my senses all ablaze
Our hearts were beating rapidly
into our souls we gazed

So beautiful and delicate
a princess in my arms
From time to time we shared a kiss
she won me with her charms

And then the music went away
we held each other tight
The future now in front of us
our life begins tonight

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This house of mine is getting old;
Its paint is chipped and peeling. 
The roof has leaks, the chimney leans,
And there are cracks across the ceiling.

Foundation's gone, the floor sags
Almost beyond repair.
This house of mine is falling down,
But, somehow, I don't care. 

This house has been subjected to
Abuse in many forms.
It stood the test for years and years,
And has weathered countless storms.

This house of mine is property
On which I can't improve.
This house of mine is getting old,
But, soon, I'm going to move.

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Time is such an illusion,
though we deal with it each day.
But each of us must deal with
time in very different ways.

Some people try to buy time,
and some don't have enough.
Some people have so little time,
and some have way too much.

Some are asked to give the time,
while other have to take it.
Some will have to save some time,
and some find ways to make it.

Sometimes we see time dragging,
sometimes we watch it fly.
Sometimes we try to beat the time,
sometimes it passes by.

Yes time is just an illusion,
and it changes every day.
And each of us will notice
time, in very different ways.

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The moonlight fugitive

Short gasps of air whirl through a burning throat,
still her legs defy the exhaustion in desperation.
Behind her trail phantoms of memories afloat
upon a sea of desertion.

Beneath a canopy of constellation
she finds herself lost in time.
The forest unfolds before her like a revelation.
An apocalyptic bell sounds one chime.

It won’t be long before a mistake is irreversible.
Every turn is just another minute to live.
The last road taken proves an ironic circle. 
Sinking between the waves that created her, rests the moonlight fugitive.

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Time tells us we've not long
Except my time with you
Moments slow down and I hold on
To all my time spent with you

I know we have our ways
That hinder us from letting go
And clinging to just each other
For fear that heartache will show

But baby please understand when I say
You've captured me heart and soul
Your inner strength and emotion send chills down my spine
My affection for you can only grow

I want us to be happy
Consistently day by day
Let's work through any issues
And hear what each other intends to say

Actions speak louder than words
And my actions will prove true
Just give me your trust and devotion
I'll do nothing but respect and honor you

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What is as gentle as a Butterfly? What is it that helps you reach the sky? What is it that makes life a joy to live? What is it that gives, gives, gives? So see and love that gentle one, to be with for all time to come. A blessing to wish for at a time in life, that time, when longing for a loving wife. We worry that when we choose, we make the right choice and do not lose. A single man's freedom of course, is at stake, could it be the largest single mistake? I married a gentle Lass, married to that give, give, giving Lass. This lass lets me reach the sky, forever and forever she will until I die. A Lass that thinks of all around, this Lass's loving will astound. Her heart is cast of solid gold, her beauty is a joy to behold. She is my Golden Bonny Lass, my wife, my lover, now and of all times past. A face of gentle smiles, so soft and quiet, her touch as light as a Butterfly's diet. I remember well that quiet, 'I do' my heart racing, my brain in a steaming stew. 'You may now kiss the bride'. Wow! Helter skelter what a ride :) Now twenty odd years have since gone past, Gillian Lynette is still that gorgeous Bonny Lass. She is that wonder in the sky, that gentle, beautiful, generous Butterfly. The Auld Yin.

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She'll take a tincture of time and teach you
she'll take you to a realm where she'll reach you
she'll take that time and education then mix them
together as one
and won't stop until her mission of mercy is done

warm up a glass of brandy
or open a box of candy
look at an old family picture in brown sienna
and you've got the loveliness and sweetness of Vienna

nay, not the country but Vienna Bombardieri
and her poetry will make you smile or teary
you can bring problems home from work at night
but her words will make the evening bright

when you feel unnecessary or useless as can be
she'll lift your spirits poetically
I can't count the times her countenance has compelled me
and if only, in friendship, could she have held me

this then is Vienna as I know her to be
she dispenses smiles, hopefulness and joy all for free
she's a unique and intelligent woman with whom I love to spar
but to me she's all that and a newly discovered Heaven's star
            © 2012.....copyright PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~

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FREE CEE i dare thee to read words that might blind thee


There was a time of kicked-back comfort and laid-back ease
Times when both butterflies and buttercups were ever blessed by a breeze
Days when wings were anointed and petals pointed to the sky 
Times with the assurance that neither butterflies nor buttercups ever die

It was a time which convinced me that kids such as I could actually fly
Back when all I needed was a set of swings to get me high
But swing sets of steel rust and corrupted metal caustically corrodes
And even innocent and tiny tadpoles turn into poisonous toads

Then came a time when swings didn’t get me quite high enough
So I turned to substances that warned me yet I called their bluff
It was a time akin to aching actualities and wretched realities
When beautiful butterflies and buttercups sustained scathing casualties

It was a time when jumping rope brought hope and childhood’s pure delight
And I never sweated no matter how heated the sun became nor how very bright
I needed not to find shade that made me subservient to laughter’s lovely sound
Laughing was my only prerequisite need when the fact of a fantasy was finally found

Suddenly a sacramental sun became a consistently malicious moon
Malevolent nights and evenings that got even with me arrived too soon
A breeze became a winter’s wind that made ease Mother Nature’s greatest lie
When I discovered that children grow old and buttercups and butterflies do eventually die
 © 2012........PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~

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What For?

Excuse me, my life just became song
Walk with me as I title this tune…
Waking up now feels like noon.
Bright, wow the light is strong
How did I miss its presence, in full bloom?

What for…?
Let opposite this beauty interrupt?
Now revealing all its glory
In creeps dwelling on, before or after.
Truth is keeping only the lessons
Erases anything corrupt

Not paying attention
Or listen, closely to all things standing here before me.
Senses can vary, here we go

What for…?
Choose to ride the waves or coast
Either way, its mine to make
This way you don’t pay for my mistakes.
Since we are here together, let’s us know
Lessons help the present, by not repeating
Riding insane hastily; instead of slowing down.
Having been here before…
Here’s that anxiety again.

What for…?
That is usually when I cannot answer
Why are you holding on to it for?
That time has passed
I don’t have to guess, I am aware
Obstacles overcame to be here.
Doubt instantly erased
Standing here staring it in the face…
Realizing I have no space
For that drama, now…
I’ve seen this mile, a time or two.
Not the same person moving through.
Using wits, knowledge, and faith from within

What for?
Cures every voice.
Any sense brought to attention
Two words end the question
A perfect wake up call before any choice…
Opens many doors

What for?
Chosen intertwined with those lessons.
Turn all, into blessings.
Good, bad, terrifying, joyous
When put together they share a oneness
Leading toward an equal powerful inquiry…
Is this Love?


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Time passes...
Like water from an infinite rain
Rushing quickly down a drain
Swirling in endless spirals

Time passes...
Like a growing weight intensifying the strain
Pressing down with negligent disdain
Slowly increasing the burden

Time Passes...
Like a shadowy, speeding, overnight train
Rushing silently through life's plain
Devouring every moment

Time passes...
Like a cooling balm, numbing the pain
Leaving only an invisible stain
Healing unseen wounds

Time passes...

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Time of Fizz

It is just my rotten luck
With this broken down heap
That I am the one stuck
Taking care of this jeep.

I stand and curse fate
That has made me feel
That at this going rate
I've the worse end of the deal.

Broken down cars
A broken heart
No help from the stars
So where do I start?

How do I get out of this rut?
Can life get any better?
Do I keep getting hit in the gut
Or just keep on my sweater?

It has been one of those weeks
That seems to have no end
All low points and no peaks
And nary a friend.

This too shall pass
As it is what it is
My time of glass
The time of fizz.

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Of Love and Pain (I staked my claim)

I’m a glutton for love you know
Yet I’m a sucker for pain
Heart on my sleeve everywhere I go
Not wanting sustenance of refrain
Red on my palms entwined with another
Parading around like a stalking saint
Spreading the word to innocent lovers
In message of insight and finger-paint
Thrown into the renovation trade
Rushing the blood to cheeks of the pale
Lessening trounce of quake’s tailor made
Damaging ratings on life’s Richter scale
Mourning profusely, smile without sound
Inventing new sketchings on solar graphs
Mending cracks in the walls all around
Stopping leaks from pipe burst hearts
Filling back up the tear of the hollow
Then swiftly moving along to the next
Extending hands with pride left to swallow
While keeping rejection within its context
The irony of this whole situation
Almost so vague it kinda begets me
Knowledge from past and foregone conclusion
Prolonging a word called simplicity
I’ve seen this before, I’ve loved and lost
Not sorry for wanting to share what I feel
If pain means healing or trusting at cost 
At least then I’ll know of feeling surreal
That’s better than not being able to live 
It’s so much better then nothing at all
With bountiful bouquets of love left to give
I listen for rose colored voices to call
The aroma next time around will be such
Allowing mitosis that seeks to enthrall
And stroke the face with a gentle touch
In the aisle to wildflower entrance halls
Reach out the hands forgetful of catching
Pick up the broken shards of metal
Trailing emotions while sympathy snatching
Garden bound barefoot on lying rose petals
Healthy and wholesome food for the soul
A soft patch for landing on feet with grace 
Creation arranged in colorful holes
For the next time we fall into love’s embrace

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                                                 YOU TAUGHT ME

You taught me the difference,
Twixt right and wrong,
And helped me to find,
Where I truly belong.

You taught me that honor,
Love and respect,
Is much more important,
Than casual sex.

You taught me to earn,
The things that I own,
To take pride in a job,
Well done on my own.

You taught me to smile,
When I found no reason;
You taught me to laugh,
In spite of the treason,

That I had experienced,
In life's cold, hard school,
Feeling abused,
And used as a tool.

You gave me confidence,
In a world of confusion,
And though there were times,
I'd resent your intrusion,

I just want to say,
That I'm glad you were there,
Each time that I stumbled,
To show me you care.

                                                      Judy Ball

Even though they don't appreciate it when they're growing up, when they have kids 
of their own they always come back and say thanks.
Mine did.
Thanks to you Sherry for saying it.
It means a lot.

For The Right Time Contest by Michael J. Falotico

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There was a Time

There was a time…
When the world was mine
When everything held wonder
There was reason and rhyme.

There was a time…
When a touch held magic
When a smile was a haven
And only fallen ice cream was tragic.

There was time…
When I felt safe and secure
My dad was a Superhero
With a love that would endure.

There was a time…
When Mother’s love was a light
When MS didn’t control her
When she didn’t give up the fight.

There was a time…
When wonderland was near
I saw it in the snow… the rain
And in faces so dear.

There was a time…
When I didn’t ask why
I knew we’d live forever
No one I loved could die.

There was time…
When ignorance was still bliss
And the pain went away
With a lover’s sweet kiss.

But now is the time…
When I clearly see
There are broken branches
In my family tree.

This is the time…
When I know every story will end
Sickness and betrayal
Might be around the bend.

This is the time…
I see that beauty won’t last
Cause I’m just too scared 
By the sins of my past.

This is the time…
When nothing does surprise
Instead of fresh sweet rain
Bombs fall from the skies

And yet….
The little girl in me
Still believes
That the best of life
Is in this moment….
This time!

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Queens of Noise

This is a piece about five rocking girls
At seventeen years old they rocked my world
I think I first heard of them in Sounds magazine
Five girls next door whom entered my scene

The cover of their Album just blew me away
These five American girls, music their say
Behind bars they were in delightful pose
At seventeen years old the love in me grows

This I had too purchase can't wait to get home
Needle to vinyl in groove rocking roam
All ten tracks played, time and time again
These "Queens of Noise" these five sure do reign

There was Lita, Cherie and Sandy West
No disrespect I liked Sandy the best
Then there was Jackie, and lastly Joan Jett
Five girls my heroes, rocking their set

Next thing I know they are playing "Live in Japan"
This I must buy, cost, 'I don't give a damn'
The glossy pictures melted my heart
Once again in the groove, the needle did start

Just my luck, the line up didn't last
New members arrived that left me aghast
But these things happen in Rock 'n' Roll
Knowing they existed, rocked my soul

I leave this short write to say my thanks yous
My favourite Sandy West, was too young to lose
To the original band including dear Sandy above
At seventeen years old, boy! was I so in love

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The gentle man said words he'd never said to a man before
he spoke as honestly as when a pacifist says “i hate war”
we both came from the north and were exiled to the south
as I listened to the gentle man say words from a heartfelt mouth

we tried to spend as much time together as we could
I, a man not so gentle and he, a man born to be good
he said those words and it touched my heart
and the worst feeling was when he would have to depart

those words emanated from the soul of a heart made of gold
and often he would play his guitar only for me to behold
before him all my friends were junkies and fools
this gentle man followed orders as we fools broke all the rules

he said words he'd saved, I suppose, for someone he knew who cared
and we'd trade stories, some of them embarrassing yet they were bared
I speak to the gentle man as if he were my friend for years
and though we only met recently as he spoke I was loosed from my fears

we were both heterosexual but were made to be brothers
and as I mentioned, he was unlike any others
a true friend who appreciated the time we shared
and by some inexplicable force we somehow were paired

this gentle man spoke words he'd saved for a lucky man like me
and those words flowed from his mouth so easily
in mid-step he stopped as if by cue
and said “i've never said this to any man but brother I really do love you”
      © 2012.....copyright PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~       

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To The Past

If clicking heels worked, I would go back
to that happiest time of all,
when love was young and exciting
and our children exceeding small.

My parents, my brothers, young husband
were still all alive and well.
How happy I’d be to see them again
there aren’t enough words to tell.

My son was a young and happy lad
with no thought of what lay ahead.
I would go back to those fun-filled days
when he and his daddy weren’t dead. 

Don’t you think I have wished all the wishes?
Don’t you think I have tried all the spells?
If  tears could have floated them back to me
I’d have cried enough tears to fill wells.

My grandchildren were still of the future
where they were well contented to be.
It was my time to be nurturing mother
to those children so loved by me.

When they were all here, I loved them.
I’m so happy that I told them so.
For the present is all that we have for sure.
To the past we can never go.

Don’t tease me with thoughts of the might haves.
To taunt me with wishes is rude,
For the past is not a prescription
That can be refilled or renewed.

By: Joyce Johnson for "Close Your Eyes and Click Your Heels" contest

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The Time of ME

I wish I’d never met you
Never looked into your eyes
I wish I’d never tasted
That sweet taste of paradise

I wish I’d never heeded
The deep longing in your voice
I wish I’d barred the entrance
But your love left me no choice

My little life is marked now
Into B.Y. and A.Y.
BEFORE YOU had no meaning
And AFTER YOU made me cry

B.Y. AND A.Y. haunt me
Just a maze of misery
The TIME OF YOU was heaven
A resplendent symphony

A kiss started each evening
The sweet night tasted divine
A caress had a purpose
It nuanced of the sublime

Each moment had me trembling
Nerve endings in overload
Giddy, and, oh, so helpless
I’d give all and not withhold

The time of YOU, sweet moments
T’was a time I felt ALIVE
Now A.Y. is all I have
Tell me, how will I survive?

I need the TIME OF YOU
T.O.Y to take control
I need to feel that rush now
To love body and soul

I know one day you’ll return
For no other can compare
You will want the TIME OF ME
But, darling, I won’t be there

I'll be at home in his eyes
My passion will warm HIS bed
He'll have the time of his life
T.O.M ALL his...instead!

Eileen Manassian

References: To be read as separate syllables

T.O.M- Time of ME
T.O.Y- Time of YOU
B.Y.- Before YOU
A.Y.- After YOU

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My Traveled Approach

I trek the corridor of an easy path
Not because I am lazy or leery.
Just because I want no lingering wrath,
I searched for meaning of life’s query.

Death has its end or a new beginning.
Life has so much joy for you to give.
Each New Year is another inning.
To be played with the spirit to live.

We spend so much time wondering.
What will be received at our end?
That time we end up blundering.
That so much more we could send.

I have settled that what I have learned.
Will be carried onward in some way,
Probably better than what I have yearned.
That each life of past, will continue an array.

I cannot with any doubt, feel there is a beyond.
The road less traveled is not easy or hard you see.
Just spreads out in different lanes that correspond.
To everyone’s path they must follow or foresee.

These trials I have passed on my thoroughfare.
My faults, tribulations, delights, my own making,
My spirit and soul has always been duly aware.
I regret much, but resist spending my end quaking.

Each sin that has passed through me I put to rest.
I struggle not to repeat any again, to my best.
I still ponder much and still continue my quest.
Though I shall not let my living be suppressed.

written for
Sponsor Catie Lindsey 
Contest Name The Road Less Traveled 

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                                       WAY TO DO IT

Chances are I won’t be able to do this well at all
Now that my mother is about to answer God’s final call
The doctor assures us she hasn’t very long to live
And that is grievous because she still has so much more to give

She’s was always quick to dispense whatever I might need
And advise me on things with wisdom I usually did not heed
“Don’t do that Son, because you’re tribulations might double”
And true to her admonition I would only gain more trouble

My mother, my mom, my rock and my salvation
And now her days are too speedily coming to a cessation
If only she could not have woken up at the dawning of a brand new day
That, for me, would have been a much simpler and easier way

Easier when compared to the burden I now bear
Complicated by masses amount of remorse and fear
I understand how much more time she’s had than many others
But she’d have so much more time were I to have my druthers

Well, at least I gave her a grandson and his son to adore
Oh, but if only I could have given her so much more
More honesty, more happiness and so much more joy
But instead I’ve give her heartache since I was a very young boy

God knows this is a task which I won’t do very well
And I beseech God, “how do I do this, pray tell?”
I know His answer would only add frustration to my fear
Because the Lord also knows that this is a burden I bodily cannot bear 
            © 2012…..Rita Cohan’s loving son, Jeffry ~free cee!~ 

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Deep poetry has its own reality Instrumental in setting the mind free From the confinement of this mundane world Transporting us to wondrous realms untold It is manifested in Blake's poetry Which uplifts the mind and sets it free A heaven is seen in a wildflower Eternity is viewed in an hour Khayyam's moving finger writes on time's wall Once written, there's no erasing at all Rumi's beloved is a different kind A manifestation of the divine With Shelley's skylark and Keats nightingale The music of their birdsong tells the tale A world beyond what we normally see The world of deep poetry's reality
REFERENCES: 1) Auguries of Innocence - William Blake To see a World in a Grain of Sand And a Heaven in a Wild Flower, Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand And Eternity in an hour. 2) The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam - Omar Khayyam The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ, Moves on: nor all thy Piety nor Wit Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line, Nor all thy Tears wash out a Word of it. 3) Oh Beloved - Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi Oh Beloved, take me. Liberate my soul. Fill me with your love and release me from the two worlds. If I set my heart on anything but you let fire burn me from inside. Oh Beloved, take away what I want. Take away what I do. Take away what I need. Take away everything that takes me from you. 4) To a Skylark - Percy Byshe Shelley 5) Ode to a Nightingale - John Keats The above-stated poems reflect the world of deep poetry reality that I have mentioned.

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Never Be Jealous Over Someones Overuse of the Net

Working, job search, cleaning, interviews and so much to do,
When does one have time to claim leisure just for you,
Then jealousy clicks in, why do others have so much time?
Then the truth filters in that that their lives became sublime.

They might have leisure time but their homes are in some mess,
They do not go out that often, spend time with friends less and less,
Limited time outdoors for health, exercise or even some clean air,
Just surfing the net, twitter,  facebook and blogging without a care.

So, I let my jealousy go of limited internet fun time for me,
Because my home is clean, I am productive for many others to see,
My kids are out every single day on an outing or fun type of trip,
My life moves forward instead of what I call "the internet life skip"!

**just got over an addiction about four months ago myself,
my house is spotless, I am outdoors daily, and much more productive,
but can admit I miss the time writing...God is great, he cleaned me up
he does not want me internet first I thought why God? Why
can I not do what I enjoy? But the house was beginning to crumble,
and it was not healthy

God loves you when he wants you to have a productive, fulfilling,
and healthy life off the internet, not the other way around

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Then Came the Storm

The last time I saw you I think you knew,
The lines on my face track all I’ve been through.
Your smile seems eternal, it touches my heart,
Holding me together when the world falls apart.

I remember a kinder and gentler time,
Time marches on as the clock unwinds.
I return to a time in the not distant past,
I draw my next breath, hoping it won’t be my last.

I try to have faith and simply believe,
No more tricks are left up my sleeve.
It feels much like a disappearing act,
You have come this far there’s no turning back.

The sun comes up I must be on my way,
Hoping tomorrow shall be better than today.
Clouds moves in and it appears it may rain,
Forgetting all sorrow, erasing all pain.
Suddenly I hear the thunder crack,
I grab some new cards off of the stack.
I put down the ones I can’t use anymore,
I brace myself for the storm in store.

The clouds get dark it looks like night,
Except for the lightning sparking quite bright.
The wind starts to howl sweeping me away,
I come apart as the seams start to fray.

The sunshine burns through the cover of clouds,
A rainbow appears with the hope it allows.
I drift to the calmness after the storm,
The sun shine through, the air it warms.

The last time I saw you the answer was clear,
Someone should grab the wheel to steer.
I don’t know how I got here but this is true,
Life’s not the same since I lost you.

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   This is the date we have chosen,
                        forever, it will stand tall.
   For today, time will be frozen,
   l                     locked in our hearts' enthrall.

   We will remember this date through our lifetime,
                         should six years or sixty pass.
   For today, you agreed to be mine,
                         our hopes and dreams in love here joined at last.

   This date will pass many a year,
                         and I will look at you then as I do now.
   Time will stand still for an instant when this date appears,
                         for us today, it begins with our vow.

   I will remember this date as you walked down the aisle,
                         a lovely vision, dressed in white.
   You will remember me waiting for you with that big smile,
                         knowing how I wanted you with all my might.

   This is the date we will remember together,
                          as "Our Day" and only ours.
   For the love that has brought us hither,
                           today, vaults the highest towers.

   This is the date we have chosen
                           to join us, each to the other in love.
   May we always live with the joy that caused us to be here,
                           as we ask God's blessing from above.

   So bless us on this date, Oh Lord,
                            keep us well and give us your wisdom .
   As we plight our troths before you today,
                            for this is the date we have chosen.

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FREE DUMB i got a bottle of wine because you are so fine

                       TWO JOHNY WALKERS ON THE HOUSE




             (C) 2012......PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~

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Let Me

Let me be the one that you love
And I the one you need
And be there to remind you of
The things that you should heed

Everywhere you need to go
Let me take you there please
Let me the only one you know
Be that which you believe

Let me be the one that loves you
When it's time to look to others
When it's time to sew seeds

Let me be what you desire
And all throughout the day
I will be what could transpire
If you would let me stay

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Conjure me a time when I 
Was happy to believe
‘fore rules and complications
Filled with smog my birthday eve
Set the table ring the bell
For all to take their place
And time machine with me back to
The edge of memories long erased
Serve me up on paper plates
And help the candles blow
Soothe the hunger pains with joyous
Innocence we used to know
Tell of bedtime stories
Grant a blow afar for wishes kissed
Pray a blessing on the ones 
Whose presence we so sorely miss
Whistle in remembrance as
We take our turns to reminisce
Though life is short we take the time
To sympathize oblivious
Eventful is the journey next
Forever onto future realms
Unknown to each and all of us
The light that overwhelms

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Weathered Wall

(A Salute to Robert Frost)

A fence of hand-hewn rock spans miles
of wind-swept road through fields of grain.
Uneven edge of rock, worn smooth
by storm’s hard breath of gust and rain

withstands the force which seeks to bend
or break a monument of time.
It hugs the earth and thumbs its nose
at energy so misaligned.

It boldly stands today as yore,
protects both wheat and corn for miles
and welcomes only human form
to walk beyond its stalwart stiles.

But flush against its weathered brow
there leans a heavy-laden tree
with pungent scent and rose-red glow,
forgotten apples hanging free

for horse or deer or bovine teeth
to reach across unyielding stone
and quench a thirst or hunger keen
with only crunch to thus intone.

May some always so hang, unpicked,
may much escape our stated plan
a fruit or such forgot and left,
to nibble sweetness with no blame.


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4 in less than forty continued read next first

Is that two, in sixteen minutes flat
This one must now have short lines
I usually keep form, also word stat
What rhymes with lines, I know vines

This one is sillier than those before
It’s becoming very obvious to the eye
I think I won’t be able to complete 4
Did I use 4 instead of four, oh this guy

This guy a term often used in a jest
Basically means that I am a clown
I think this is not even funny at best
I may end up giving myself a frown

I am now freestyling, oh it’s so fun
Word say that the f word isn’t a word
I will use it anyway so I can be done
Word gets not a falcon, but a dirty bird

Just when I thought I couldn’t do 4
Haha I was able to use it a second time
I think that’s the 4th time for time now
But I wouldn’t even bet ½ of a plug dime

That’s a nickel written in fraction form
Not really that clever for an american guy
That’s three times for guy, not my norm
I now myself am left to even question why

Well I do not plan on arriving late to my spot
That would defeat the purpose of this test
It would also leave my appointment hot
I would be beaten with a stick at very best

No they wouldn’t literally beat me to a pulp
But they wouldn’t approve of my activity
They would say that I am an ignorant dope
That I  have a real lack any kind of sensitivity

I must close this one with an extra stanza
What the bloody heck rhymes with that
I could make something up, wow bonanza
No that’s not my word, I’m a copy cat

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America's Lament

Slipping gently towards entropy,
Ownership with an apostrophe.
Braid the loose frays of sanity
Till something true finally answers me.

Troops are marching over many lands,
Tagged cornflower blue--a worldwide brand.
Don't speak out or you will be banned,
Towers implode just as they've planned.

Constantine merged Rome's faiths to one
Keeping time and step with Pagans.
Moloch laughs at our dull compassion
While Illuminati goals corrupt conception.

With a punitive eye beneath the skin
Mankind’s been declared the pathogen.
So an age of ignorance was ushered in
With aims to squelch the soul within.

Rotating parties deflect shared shame
Allowing complacency to be blamed.
Splintered populations can be tamed,
And bombs tend to leave bodies maimed.

Thieves steel gold and filch the free press,
Bobble heads working to keep up stress,
Businessmen sponsoring all this mess.
"We've got some pills if you feel depressed..."

We inherently trust their authority
As they outlaw nutrients due to toxicity.
In an effort to organize bioactivity
They count on our enduring apathy.

We protest lies, so they've built some pens.
Peace simply means they'll take our weapons.
"So go buy a widescreen for your den
To watch us start your wars again."

Even the name Bilderberg is a joke.
As they like it they’ve managed to fleece us broke,
Locking humanity into the yoke.
They sold the world lies before they ever spoke.

Crypto-eugenics is a fatal threat,
Academia functioning as a stooge pet.
Look into those eyes; they've got no regret
To kill us all off like they're clearing a debt.

Global control would only serve them well,
Micro chipped souls have no secrets to sell.
Salivate each time you hear their bell
Or they'll call themselves gods chasing you through hell.

Our oppressive puppet liars, they will not quit,
So don't waste breath saying, 'I'll submit.'
Words of our liberty are just and legit,
And truthful self-rule is a righteous fit.

When bureaucrats state dissent is treachery
In truth they've already sold their loyalty,
They still threaten our sovereignty.
Reclaim our human right to be free!

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Owning Forever

When a moment lasts forever
Then the moment isn't real.
When forever lasts a moment
You must search for how you feel.

And if the happiness inside you
Seems to grow light as a feather,
Then you have nothing to worry
For that moment IS forever.

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End This Frenzy!

May we rest, now?  Just for an hour, or two?
Twenty four seven, being busy
Doing the million things we do
And now that you type real fast, we are always dizzy!

While your toes do practically nothing
Except dress up in socks and shoes
Our day has no end and no beginning
We’re always in the groove

Conscious or unconscious
At every beck and call
Aware that your time is precious
So we give it our all

Where would you be without us?
Who would scratch that itch?
Maybe time management would end this fuss
End this frenzy before we ditch! 

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free cee JUST because VIENNA isn't submitting doesn't mean i have to forget what she taught me


Just because your lips don't meet mine
despite the moonlight
doesn't mean the morning will not shine
it only means the time wasn't right

the stars were not adeptly aligned
Venus wasn't where it should have been
but it doesn't mean that I was blind
because i've been knocking at your door but you won't let me in

just because I don't hold your hand
doesn't mean the world will end
it just means we didn't listen to the band
and there were too many octaves we had to mend

just because our shadows aren't shared
on an astral plane or otherwise
doesn't mean I never cared
but sometimes love is birthed until too soon it dies

and so I may never kiss your lips once more
but that doesn't mean I can't still savor the way it tasted
because loving you became a burdensome chore so I walked out the door
and it's only now I regret all the time we wasted
      (c)copy write 2012.....PHREEPOETREE ~free cee~

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Ye Ole Jalopy

Just saw a fancy new jalopy go by At least that's what we used to call 'em Guess the ad men would surely cringe Jalopy wouldn't cut it for them! With all of today's sexy new cars Jalopy is a blast from the past The pace of life was much slower then Less frantic and surely not as fast! Any of you remember “rumble seats”? Wonder why they called them so 1939 was the last time we saw them Gone with those silent movie shows! But the reality is there's no going back We're stuck in this frantic new world One which no longer has time for niceties My mind's in a tizzy and a whirl! I take solace in knowing in coming years Today's technology and texting Will be just as passe as the old jalopy The future will be even more perplexing! ?Just saw a fancy new jalopy go by ?Traveled back to another time and place Enjoyed the much simpler things in life At a slower and less frantic pace! © Jack Ellison 2013

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Halloweens Past


There was a time when flocks of ghouls
Came to my welcoming door
For candy, cakes or popcorn balls;
But  goblins come no more.

My bell won’t ring this Halloween.
I’ll hear no gleeful shout
From voices yelling trick or treat.
No witch or ghost about.

Six children used to live across
This self-same street from me.
They laughed that I could never guess
Whom each disguised could be.

Only adults are living now
Where children used  to play
The neighborhood has changed, its seems;
Growing older every day..

My own grandchildren used to come
To get their favorite treat.
My heart beat faster when I heard 
Their little scurrying feet.

I guess they have forgotten
This once loved time in the fall.
They take my great-grandchildren
Trick or treating at the mall.

Won 4th place

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Lighthouse and the Turbines

Striking beauty reflects from the ocean Lighthouse pours out its light on the water Playing with its powers it shines so bright In the dark, light tends to make things greater Nearby are some turbines collecting wind Some old, some new, of which serve a purpose Beauty of their form brings certain nostalgia Being with the lighthouse is a bonus There comes a time when a storm does arrive And the lighthouse is sure extra special Burning the night sky it pours out its light And during this time the turbines struggle Turbines spin so fast it’s hard to control They still remain together, a strong form The lighthouse is proud, giving off its light Guiding all to be wary of this storm The wind turbines bring the lighthouse its light Beautiful pair is what they have become Both are needed during path of the storm If one falters they’re like worthless poems
Russell Sivey

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A Deep Rooted Doubt

December 21, 2012!  ‘The day our world comes to an end’, is how the rumor flies
A deep-rooted doubt exists, as past predictions have all been so wrong.
Those last days of centuries past have  come and gone, like whistles in the wind
While Father Time just keeps on ticking oblivious to the song!

I imagine how broad is his smile when rumors hit the media scene 
Many worry, and plan for that “final” day, needless to say, hearts weep
Amongst scientists, and well known historians, this time, possibility may exist
But what can I do?  I’m no Amazon, barefoot, at five-feet three 

If by chance, it’s the end, could I possibly save myself?  My “plate’s already full”!
All it’d take to end my world is a strong current and a, three-foot wave
Maybe an unexpected lighting bolt if caught up in a storm. For these, caution will suffice
Out of my control; will not waste time as my life I can not save

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In Retrospect

Formed by mist that grasses adore
Reveries young coat the sky
Mixing life with energized core
Kodak of faces streaking by
I collect vignettes from a rushed earth
Filling cups of grails many by one
With these journeys since my birth
In rainstorms and summers rerun
To recall how wife and I debate
Only to clutch her in tight embrace
But time steals joy, not a dot late
With broken chain, I can't keep pace.

Frank H: I RECALL Contest

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Time Change

Time moves slowly during youth, as if it might last forever.
Such trickery from Nature, deceiving us to believe
That happiness will always be ours in idyllic innocence;
That forever we can be childlike and trusting, ever naïve. 

Then maturity comes stalking, like a panther on the prowl;
It seizes its hapless victims without warning or care,
And we, in our ignorance, flail against Reality's vicious tide,
Caught by the rush of responsibility, caught unaware.

Just when we seem to acclimate to the sudden shift in roles,
Time also decides to change its steady pace
Until the moments are rushing by faster than we can see
And we haven't anymore time to waste. 

How I wish for Time to return to its First Form,
When there was no reason to rush or hurry.
But now I see that will only happen when I pass from this life
And have no more reason to worry.

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Contemplation street

Once more the greeting eyes                                                                                          
to follow perhaps speak                                                                                             
Walking a way’s last goodbye   	                 				      
To stand firm the strong or weak    					
The steps grow yonder wide  		                                                                    
stay at window run to street                                                                                        
crossing path’s one must decide                                                                                  
pocket watch ticks the beat                                                                		
as carriage hooves click rhyme                                                                                   
Echoes of love to keep                                                                                                
new to make beyond the line                                                                                        
a moment of the deep

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A blessing so evil

Oh great restrainer 
By the hour you chime
Infinity rebels 
Against your well crafted line

You offer fractions of fullness 
In each step more refined
In stages you come
Rending hearts we've consigned

A blessing so evil
An oxymoronic design
Sweet treasure and yet so despised 
So impacting so elusive is time

For by time a newborn takes her first breath
And in your sequence lies the paradigm 
Unforgettable pages of life and death
We spend lifetimes attempting to define

The hope for more
The need for less
If it's the one you adore
Or the pain that finds you vexed

We can't turn it back
For those moments we lost
Or keep it on track 
For the dreams we sought

But we can choose
To whom we give our time to
If it's wasted or wisely it's used
And the value by which it is viewed

Whatever you do laugh, love and drink that wine
For in rapid succession times picking up the pace
As a poem turns prayer to that maker of mine
When it comes to time may we walk it in grace


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A Circle of the Globe

Little did I know that
A year ago today
We would end up right back here now
Like you never went away

The scabs have only just left
My skin still pink from scars
Not enough time to forget you
Not enough to stop wishing on stars

And yet you're standing here once more now
On my doorstep wanting in
And believe me I want to let you
But I don't want to hurt again

So I'm faced with the decision
To forget and go on with you
Or to bring the scars to your attention
Tell you what you've put me through

Or be silent and walk away
To wonder what could have been
If this was the one time you had pure intentions
Or if I'd be burned within

But with everything that's happened
I can't pretend to be okay
I can't ignore the lashes to my heart
Given when you walked away

I so wish I could forget it
Because as much as you've hurt me
I would never want to hurt you
I don't want to ignore your plea

The world spinning has changed so much
A circle of the globe
Time seems to move so quickly
But with you, time seems to slow.

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I'm trying to be patient.
It's taken many years.
I've gotten through the toughest part.
I'm all cried out of tears.

I'm waiting for the mother
that is coming back for me.
I'm sure she will come back real soon...
She'll be will see.

I've told her how I need her.
She knows how long it's been.
She walked away 24 years ago
when I was only ten.

Some say 'Give up, it's over! '
That just could never be.
I will wait for her return
as long as there's breath in me.

I've talked to her, she knows me
She'll be back and then we'll sing
Till then I'll just be patient
I'm here..........Still Waiting. 

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How I died

……..he was still behind me
Pursuing me-
Brandishing a dagger
Flaring anger-

I tumbled and fell-
And could tell
From his violent breathe,
That he was close, hot like the hearth….

I was up in a swing
But he was there as if with wings.
“God help me!”
But was death the fee?

And I ran with all mortal speed
But he was there, I felt the heat.
T’was as if there existed a pull-
For he never gave a gap than a bull…

He was there- there and there!
And again I fell..
 But he was fast this time and was 
Untop of me for the worst….

I stared up at his face-
Glistening with sweat at a fast pace-
Decorating a face full of murder-
But I prayed for a heavenly thunder….

His eyes were blood-shot
And his chest pounding hot.
I tried to cry but had no voice-
..and soon his dagger  appeared with no choice…

I watched him with fear
As he raise the dagger like a peer
And watched it brought near-
Near..Near..Near it came without a tear..

Before I could summon my thought,
The very dagger was in my heart’s core.
And at that instant I felt a fatal pain
Where forth all my life was drained.

And so I died –
And here I am still in this light
Telling you the gentle tale
That all the fairies fear to nail.

“But did you die?” one of the children asked me.
I smiled for that was part of me.
“I died but had to return to tell you the story.”
And away they fled leaving me to worry.

And because I was bored,
I returned to hell out of the earth’s pore
And told the devil I was due.
Because at that time life could not be renewed..

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When Its All Been Said and Done

There comes a point of no return
What all’s been said and done
Then you have to walk away
And to step out in the sun

If someone has grieved your soul
And will not make amends
You need to start the healing work
Turn for comfort to your friends

There comes a time when you realize
That all he uttered were lies
You were swept up in the tide
Of passion you saw in his eyes

There comes a time when you realize
Your heart has been broken in two
And none can dress up the wounds
You must do that work for you

Close the page of that book
That brought you only pain
Made you forget your true worth
And made your tears fall like rain

There will come a reckoning
When all must give an account
Of all the hurtful things they’ve done
Be paid back in full amount

So, don’t turn bitter and don’t you fret
Just lock tight the door of your heart
And look forward with renewed hope
For there awaits a fresh new start.

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Panthera tigris altaica

A beauty so rare in it's habitat
Endangered they are by the human brat
Like many others on our planet earth
Our greed devalues their living worth

These Siberian Stripe-rs from the Trans-Caucasus lands
To view it in it's wilds is a feeling of grand
But it's so tragic to believe how few of them remain
Around five hundred and twenty, live in their domain

Three hundred and fifty Kg's, with a one metre tail
Panthera tigris altaica is the size of the male
In China they are being reared to repopulate it's wilds
So generations of our children, will deservedly smile

Will we ever learn that they are entitled to be here
As us humans expand into their expanse year after year
There has to be a time when respect is due to them
Then our time has come to change from man to men

If the above does not happen, we become the last two lines
Another species gone, this most beautiful panthera feline
Imagine the moment when you look into his eyes
There are millions of us, as their last one dies

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When this world races full circle, and I’m no longer mentor,
With no more locks to be keyed or flames to damp, 
I can at last saunter along the radius to the centre  - 
And this is the time I extinguish my lamp.

The only time I feel at ease is falling asleep. 
The daily burden is something I can’t just ignore,
Can’t just say ok someone else will do that  -  it’ll keep. 
My day’s now  circumscribed  --  I can’t make it more.

Check everything, for no one else will : my safety net is me.
When Morpheus reaches from the water and the ripple 
Of his arms enfolds me and I float in, it’s clear to see,
That we are concentric and can relax with the knowledge triple: 

First  -  I rounded it off to my best  -  inadequate, poor 
Maybe  -  but to the maximum  I tried and did it.
Second   -  maybe not perfectly   two   pi   r.
Third  -  but as near as dammit.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

Written   by   Sydney   Peck  for  

Nette Onclaud’s  Contest    “IN 24 HOURS” 
29  September 2011

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A little more grace

I awake this morning with a smile on my face
I have seemed to learn a little more grace
I’m ready to go and jump in the race
I feel  much peace and content in this space.

I have a new fan and I welcome her aboard
There are many treasures locked inside my words
Living is easy with eyes closed
Answers arrive to the questions posed.

I see this new life and wonder why me
How is there so much beauty in all that I see?
I come to realize that it had always been there
Standing in the shadows of what I call nowhere.

I turn the page because it’s time to move on
All of those dear things are all but gone
Sometimes I wonder why I take so long
I always knew the words to this old song.

The sun greets the sky it is time to go
I hope today what I learn shall grow
Just get out there because you don’t know
When you are ready to see it all shall show.

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It's Time to Take Out the Eraser (For Rub It Out Contest Sponsored by: Paula Swanson)

It’s Time to Take Out the Eraser

There once was a boy and his mom
They explored and had fun in their camper.
But the Everglades in June…mosquitoes!
It’s Time to take out the eraser!

There once was an avid fossil collector
Looking for shark's teeth without fear.
A great white swam near; she screamed…oh, dear –
It’s Time to take out the eraser! 

There once was an innocent girl
She fell in love; but he was no bachelor –
So much for studying; “making her way in the world.”
It’s Time to take out the eraser!

There once was a young reckless driver
That used to be a video game winner.
He cut off a big wheeler in one-day…play?
It’s Time to take out the eraser!  

There once were lovers strolling together.
Sweetly holding hands at the arbor. 
Homing pigeons flew above…hundreds!
It’s Time to take out the eraser!

There once was a poet in a contest.
She wrote too many words…not a miser.
Readers of her poem did not laugh.
It’s Time to take out the eraser!

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Pay Attention

Pay close attention...
less you're unaware...

New order on it's way...

The elderly a summons...
work harder every day...

Drive prices even higher...

Grass is greener? Not you see!

For riches will be starving...

Bar codes will be poorer...

...Spending will decrease...

Out the door goes money...
Computers they will cheat...

Holidays four weeks?

No staff (no one to cover)!!!

Less and less go out to play...

...less risk found in their homes...

...So adapt and all get ready...

...Save your money...(every penny)

...Sell the car and buy a bike...

...Avoid the petrol hike...

...Boycott the oil barrel...

...Dinosaurs met with obsolete...

...Stay home curl up with chocolate...

...and watch movies on T.V...

It isn't all doom and gloom...

...But change is on the way...

...Avoid the over spending...
especially if you cannot repay...

Don't be like the greedy...
and crash into a wall...

Pay attention...

Less you're unaware...

...Less jobs, less cash in store...

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"Easy Does It"

We walk up to the building
but don't know what to say.
It seems warm and familiar...
the sign just reads ''AA''.

Dad came here to get sober.
He's trying to get clean.
I know I'm only 7 
but I know what they mean.

He's been here for awhile now.
I've missed him very much.
He couldn't even call us.
''Not Allowed'' to keep in touch.

''Thirty days is nothing! ''
she says into her drink.
''He needs some time away from you! ''
''Some time so he can think.''

When he comes home it's her turn.
He says ''I know she can.''
I'm scared to meet this stranger...
my dad is... not this man.

Now he wants our room clean.
He wants to cook a meal.
I'm not sure what to think of this.
I'm not sure what to feel.

In thirty days she then comes home
to a brand new clean up crew.
We're nervous how she'll treat us...
we don't know what she'll do.

Given a months sobriety
they're at eachothers throats.
There's no more happy dinners.
No more inspiring notes.

They fall off that old wagon
like they've both done before.
Get ready for survival
cause we are bound for war.

The cycle never ended.
They never kept it clean.
They mimicked ''Easy Does It''.
Yet ''easy'' was never seen.

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Invoke in me a sense of wonder
One last time before I leave
Rip this tempered soul asunder
Leave no stone unturned to grieve

In time our hearts grow hard and cold
Disappointment takes its toll
Dreams of grandeur fail and fold
No legacy to bestow

A thousand faces I have seen,
Friends and foes that I have known
Lives full of hope and fervent dreams
Remembered now only in poems

Invoke in me a sense of wonder
Not despair and shattered dreams
One more time to rage in thunder
From the cliffs with valiant screams


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free cee JUST because VIENNA isn't submitting doesn't mean i have to forget what she taught me


Just because your lips don't meet mine
despite the moonlight
doesn't mean the morning will not shine
it only means the time wasn't right

the stars were not adeptly aligned
Venus wasn't where it should have been
but it doesn't mean that I was blind
because i've been knocking at your door but you won't let me in

just because I don't hold your hand
doesn't mean the world will end
it just means we didn't listen to the band
and there were too many octaves we had to mend

just because our shadows aren't shared
on an astral plane or otherwise
doesn't mean I never cared
but sometimes love is birthed until too soon it dies

and so I may never kiss your lips once more
but that doesn't mean I can't still savor the way it tasted
because loving you became a burdensome chore so I walked out the door
and it's only now I regret all the time we wasted
      (c)copy write 2012.....PHREEPOETREE ~free cee~

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The Woes of Limited Time to Write

A writer, a poet or even journalist would understand and know,
You can not wait for the muse to take over and words to just flow,
But life keeps you busy with work and all sorts of things to do,
You have limited time for leisurely things that belong to you.

We fall into habits to strive for that time for our postings to take flight,
Next thing you know you are staying up at all costs through the night,
Tonight, I bid my audience and comrads an early night and an adieu,
I need to rest my head and eyes that I am most surely overdue.

**but I had a glorious day outside..most of the day outside..
and an interview!
should not complain I did that national wildlife week one today
and the animal pictures took forever to find and do

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Never much do birds fly south;
I wonder-
if they have stronger legs now.

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How I Spent Thursday Night

Night’s wings are silent swift, fleeing as Verse 
dresses in red silk, luring away a mind
meant to finish preparations to nurse
literacy in the youth of mankind. 

Mental acrobatics (and good balance)
fail as midnight slips by, stealing away
psychical worksheets unacknowledged chance
to increase children’s prowess in word play.

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FREE CEE starting over midst MERLOT and clover


You ask me if we can start over as if we just met
with all the errant paths i've taken to forget
let the past be forgotten and today become brand new
and all my expectations depend upon you

we can lay in the clover sipping on Merlot wine
me thanking God that i've got time again to make you mine
we can kiss that kiss that never happened and suddenly slipped away
so perhaps we can make this a brand new love kind of day

sometimes I feel as if the world has left me far behind
with too many bad memories pressing on my mind
the reasons I am the way I am have little to do with you
so I wonder if we can make today seem brand new

I understand your anger and festering frustration
I understand how you can be repelled against such aggravation
I know why you seem angry so often and with such intensity
but honey I swear it's due to my hyper-sensitivity

I hurt for the man who hurts and cry for the woman who cries
I ain't got time for no excuses, exclusions or any sudden surprise
I'd like to know what is and isn't true
and if we can make our love today seem brand new

before all the turmoil when my pain and disappointment took control
before the universe stole my verve, excitement and my soul
so I rebelled against my nerves and let my home be a hollow in a tree
and all the problems we've had originate from me

so you ask if we can start over as if yesterday didn't exist
and let the happiness of tomorrow patiently persist
well baby I tell you that I never want to say goodbye
so if you want to start over honey let's both of us give it a try
           2012......PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~

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Our Noon Time Nibblers

With bushy tails and shining eyes
our noon time nibblers come
to sit upon their pole and eat
and give us noon time fun.

They jump and scurry all about
to get what we leave there.
Wee paws, they use so cunningly
to chonk their daily fare.

The peanut shells, they pile up
but we'll always leave them more
to be entertained at lunch time
with their antics we adore.

This is dedicated to Moggie Bonner,
a wonderful women who I had the blessing
to be her aid and companion for the last six years
of her life.  I wrote this for her during my employ.
It was a daily joy for both of us to watch the squirrels
"chonk" which is a phrase she always used. She kept
this on her table and read it everyday.  She passed away
in 2006 at the age of 95.  I miss you Moggie
and I'll always love you. Robin

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For the Sake of You

I’ve done everything you ask
But it’s never good enough
You just keep wanting more
And it makes it so rough

I can’t think of anything else
I’ve done all I possibly can
You still lack the faith
You still don’t act like a man

It’s always something more
Every time I turn around
Nothing can ever suffice
So you run me in the ground

I’m tired of never gaining
This is the last time I do
Anything with my heart
Just for the sake of you

You will never have faith
Then things will only fall apart
Again I won’t win anything
But a lonely broken heart

Sometimes I wonder why I tried
Why I never walked away
To escape the pain and tears
I put myself through day to day

I can no longer give to you
Everything you ever ask
Look inside to find some truth
If you ever want this to last

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I`m damned if I do,
And damned if I don`t,
In questions of will,
And questions of won`t.

Each time I try,
To converse with him,
He misunderstands,
And patience wears thin.

Although I agree,
With his views on most things,
He questions my feelings,
Because I don`t bring,

A host of these matters,
To discuss and debate,
To the table with him,
And sit and relate,

Deep matters of course,
On religion and such,
Political views,
And the law over much,

Because I`m so tired,
Of listening to him,
As he groans and bemoans,
How the future looks grim.

I want to talk,
About happier things,
That don`t cause you worry,
Things that don`t bring,

All manner of problems,
To weigh on your mind,
So your life becomes burdoned,
And time just a grind;

So now I avoid him,
As most others do,
And he can`t understand,
Why his friends are so few,

And even his wife,
Takes her leave to go hide,
Because he`s so tiresome,
She needs to confide,

In someone more easy,
On her poor strained nerves;
No boyfriend or lover,
Just someone who serves,

A someone to lean on,
Just one true friend,
In whom to confide,
When her patience wears thin.

                                        Judy Ball

Some things that aren`t happy are important and need to be discussed but a steady diet of it morning, noon and night is a bit over much.
It starts to weigh on a person`s mind and they need a break from it.
Especially if you talk about it even during dinneer. 
That knots the stomach and you can`t eat let alone digest your food.
A little light conversation is necessary too.

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free cee CLICK CLOCK


I wish not only to kill time
I want to torture it first the way it torments me
I want a way to forever still time
Since time makes no more sense to me

The clock portends pain and so much more
A second hand that crawls only to torture me
To pass the time away is an unpleasant chore
One conceived of by damnation and debauchery

The hands of time are a consequence of depravity
Immediate immorality that never dissipates
My days are empty as a canyon or a cavity
Time that aborts comfort with sorrow which never abates

All I have is spare time and time to care about little
I have concern for no loved one who’s there to fill me
The clocks sees me as speciousness and human spittle
And so I want to slay time the way it yearns to kill me
     © 2012…..copyright PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~ 

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For what reason
must one extraordinary legacy end
and shameful era begin;
opprobrious season.

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The Age of Innocence

The Age of Innocence

The age of innocence now far behind
The levels of love pass slowly by
The elusive joyous one to find
The drive diminishing to even try

Then a voice within cries out
This is not your time to despair
This is what it is all about
The love that teaches you to care

I do not understand this voice
I want, I need, I must receive!
In this there is no choice
I cannot accept this and believe

I am different from the rest
I have special needs to be fulfilled
I must be the one caressed
I must not give in or yield

To any voice that would demand
That I have not the love I desire
To have not these flames fanned
The flesh is what I strongly require

The flesh that will be my addiction
That comforts and elates
The constant need without restriction
To loyalty with mates

I must have these loving creatures
I cannot concern myself with lesser matters
I am not concerned with features
I am not concerned with a heart that shatters

This went on, such a frenzied life
Until the hearts that become the stone
That sharpens the love that cuts like a knife
Left me in pain, bleeding and all alone

The love I was addicted to
So fleeting and unfulfilling
Was not doing what it should do
And slowly I lost all feeling

I now began to look around
Suspended in time and space
Listening to life without a sound
With only myself to face

Then, as I trembled, a light revealed
The way to find love sublime
The many wounds can now be healed
As love flows outward time after time

There is a source to be found
The river of perfect love
That cannot by flesh be bound
The one that can only come from above

This is not my time to despair
This is what it is all about
The love that teaches me to care
And turn my life inside out

I still want the touch of a gentle hand
I desire the love but know
That love given without demand 
Is the true direction of the flow

Now I have love without reservation
As the river washes away the fear
As it passes through me, in observation
I see the Age of Innocence very near.

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I Became a Fish

Texas A and M when I was in school You could only survive, if you were cool Things are so different from when I went there I have some examples I’d like to share An all military college back then Nothing but males were allowed to attend You’re called a “Fish” throughout you’re freshman year Or a “Frog” if at mid-term you appear A “Fish” has only one privilege per man To get away with anything he can If an upper classman treats a Fish wrong “Get-even” time may occur before long A “drown-out” is a favored revenge ploy But it takes two when it’s time to deploy One with the waste basket full of water One to slam /jam the door at the slaughter A “drown out” with plain water’s not so bad There’re other things that can make you so sad Like corn flakes soaked till they get gooey smelly Or slaughter house blood coagulated like jelly Another “get-even” I can recall Affected everyone down that hall Three Thanksgiving turkeys in a dorm room Four days later, a rotten stinky tomb There are so many stories I could tell Some are so bad that they wouldn’t read well Most of the years at college were a ball But my “Fish” year was the best of them all

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what can I say or how can I describe the way I feel about the lady?
I might say I feel as if it's a comfortably mild day and i'm sitting under a tree so shady
then again there's only one thing I really have to say 
and that's a sorrowful goodbye when she has to go away

it's not easy watching my lovely lover walk out the door
although her business has required this many times before
so I watch as she sashays out of my vision
and my moistened eyes have a sudden decision

shall they stay dry or become moist and teary eyed
the last time she left it took my eyes two days to be dried
the last sight of her I saw this time was a sparkle in her eye
and all the while I knew there was a good chance that soon I would cry

her actions are adorable
my love for her is incurable
but it's difficult to reconcile sharing a bed
with a woman who makes her money shooting people in the head
                       © 2012..copyright PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~

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The big picture will show

I think of my writing putting thoughts to a page.
Lately they free me and release my soul from a cage.
I hope that all the changes can continue to be.
For it uproots my perspectives and the way I see.

I start to feel sorrow when I visit the past.
As I hope that these words won’t be the last.
Time flies by me, sometimes too fast.
I step from the shadows that yesterday casts.

Many times I feel my words are misunderstood.
I’d change them around if I thought I that I could.
I never meant any harm, I seek to do good.
The ground is shifting where I once stood.

The sun returned after days of rain
The sunlight erases all of my pain.
I dream of summer when the days were long.
But winter is upon me and the light is gone.

I seem to find strength and just move on.
I’m tired of hearing that same sad song.
I just try to put one foot before the other
Find a shelter where I can take cover.

The winter wind howls yet it’s warm inside.
Change does arrive with the coming tide.
The waves crash down removing the sand.
As time slip by, the time is at hand.

I don’t know the future or where this path leads,
I never get what I want yet find what I need.
I don’t know the answer but don’t have to know,
When it’s time for me to see the big picture will show.

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FREE CEE it is time to say good cry

sometimes it's easy not to cry when you say goodbye because you've taken enought
times when times and time spent together gets too rough 
days that pass by after nights of frustration and wide eyes
sometimes it's easy to smile after a litany of goodbyes

sometimes it's time to say that the time for good times are over
and there are just too many mountains which lead to dried up clover
just close the door to a bore and move on to the next conquest 
because sometimes saying goodbye is undoubtedly what's best

sometimes times mean too much work to stay where you are
so you move on to the next sparkling star
until that star grows dull and falls from the sky
and again it the time to say an easy goodbye

sometimes annoyance is an avoidance one must deal with in the end
and two make too many mistakes for either one to defend
so you stand up with a strengthened spine and get on with what comes next
because i can preach on how to say goodbye easily by chapter and text

so long honey, i wish i could say it's been a gas
but darling sometimes love becomes a test you can't pass
so you look over all the wasted time and years
and say goodbye without shedding any tepid tears
      (c) 2012....PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~

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what do people born blind, never saw a tree, what do they dream about

                  WISE EYES

We all turn and read another page
Through the very eyes of age
Such wisdom  behind brown, green or blue
We all read that same page, even me and you

The eyes of age stare at a face
As we forget each kiss but recall every warming embrace
That face isn’t the one that once hid wanderlust
And now the eyes of age know who and who not to trust

Then to see what we’ve never seen before
And care not to see very much more
For flaccid is now what used to be a rock
And tightly pulled skin has surrendered to that old grandfather clock

There’s no getting around finding time and youth the same
Until time steals youth and only that damned clock is to blame
You’re just about ready to take your final  bow on life’s stage
As we all begin to see through the very eyes of age
              © 2011.…~ Phreepoetree free cee!~

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vehement velvet from vienna


velvet moments are the words she scribes with eloquence and elocution
she writes words with alliteration, laughter, tears and absolution
i read her words daily and realize that true love is not kisses or embraces
it is the ability for one person to transcend another 's trouble one too often faces

i read this lady's words that lift my spirit as clouds send lightening to one another
instand of to the ground they spark the darkness with lightness no twilight can smother
velvet are her words as soft as any fleece that has adorned the sheep as Christ owned and was their guide
and all the sins and transgressions my soul has been forced to abide

sit and read her with softness caressing your eyes and ye shall be relieved
for she writes words without causing the reader to doubt or be deceived
one need only read between the lines as i did Christ's words written by sages
and then thou shalt understand the talent only holy baptism gauges

she writes of darkness that leads one to the light unto their feet
she will keep you warm when it gets cold or allow you to suffer August's heat
this lady is a quilt who quiets and quells the disturbance only nine to five is able to dish out
and at the same time wash away any disturbances and or doubt

i read this lady to guide me through another day of turbulent transgressions
and envision pictures and portraits that embed in me lasting impressions
she is the foundation of which many of my words and beliefs are thusly built
so take the time to read the wisdom, words and quietude of a velvet quilt

 written for an anonymous lady whom i wish didn't feel the need to remain
   (c) 2012.....PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~

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Pools of Sapphire

Pools of Sapphire

It was a moment locked in time
The first time I saw her there
A moment inspiring me to rhyme
As I was lost inside the stare

There inside those pools of mystery
I saw such beauty all around
Never throughout my history
Had such beauty been found

The colors of the ocean
Filled with such exquisite life
So peaceful as we basked in the sun
No pain, no sadness, no strife

We walked the golden beaches
Holding hands, I smile as I see
The look that warmly reaches
Deep down into the soul of me

Each second was as a year
Incredible love we would share
Few words could I hear
In that glorious ten year stare

I was hers forever in just one year
My love gradually grew in year two
Three, the words I longed to hear
In four and evermore, “I love you”

Such joy we shared in year five
So naturally we belonged together
Our love making us glad we were alive
Our hearts light as a feather

Years six through nine were sublime
But it was ten that went so fast
Then I was slowly brought back
Only those few seconds had passed!

As we break the stare I see
The smile upon her sweet lips
I wonder if she was with me
In the land where time slips

In my dreams I see and feel
Those eyes that fill me with desire
To give to her, to yield my will
Floating in pools of sapphire

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Tempus Fugit

They say time flies when you're having fun,
That merely minutes pass between each rising of the Sun.
That quicker than you blink, the sands have all but run,
That faster than you think, the deal is dead and done.

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Swimming deep in the ease inside my bed-
I sift through dreams that drift inside my head-
And kiss the storm that's deep inside my core-
where dancing in the rain is not a metaphor.

Slept through love, and slept through it's collage-
turns out what was real, was a mirage-
And kiss the pain that's deep inside my core-
because where there was a Miss, there is no more.

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i know the moon rules the tides, but who rules the sun and how do they decide


Oftentimes when two worlds collide love blooms from the burst
And good grows from the seeds of the worst 
But sometimes when those same two worlds collide
It’s because one was honest but the other one lied

One can concoct falsehoods to get what they need
And one suffers from the other world’s neediness and greed
One is needy for affection and love everlasting
But when those two worlds collide stand far from the blasting

Dynamite itself can’t damage a soul more than a belove lost
And one world's eye’s redden when the other is double crossed
Liars hide the truth with vows they never mean to keep
And their hardened hearts care not when the other world will weep

“I promise” “I vow” “I swear on everything your world will accept”
While the other world moaned, groaned and woefully wept
Alas the sadness and regret is universally wide
Because that’s sometimes the result when two worlds collide
    © 2011.…Phreepoetree ~free cee!~

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A man who does not know his history
Will never know the path to his future
A man is no better than a beast
If his intelligence does not distinguish him from another creature
One thousand years before Hanno came to Africa
We lived in Tabulas Ras
Our science was not recorded and so was our culture
We cared for very little 
And left to Providence
To determine our future
Doing very little to develop ourselves
We left it for our other brothers
Up north
And still relied on the ideas and science which they bought
History began to creep slowly
Through a chain of events
And occurrences was not preserved
As the events present
History of man
Will enable him learn
His wrong from his right
As imperial entities spread
From the left to the right
As a great power began to spread her imperial wings
Which is now widen spreading wide and thin
Events in history began to spin
Western hegemony dominated the global polity
African contribution is a sad apology
But is not too late for redemption
We can still think
And pay more attention to nature
And the slightest wink

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One night I met an evil eyed woman
Her stare made me think she could care
She saw me coming with her evil eyes
While my eyes of blue saw beauty so rare

Her gaze was able to amaze me
And force me on a course I didn’t know was errant
Evil stared at me with unblinking eyes
But my blue eyes were blind to her disguise
Masked in mystery misery became mine
A sign of what I chose to ignore

Each time she came into view I felt brand new
And was born again to love a lamentable lady
One who would stare at me with unblinking eyes
And disguise what I would come to despise
Hidden by hair of silken heaven
And lovely lashes that became gashes on my soul
Her goal was unbeknownst to me
When evil was evaluated by an evaporated eventuality
And a casualty of casual conversation
As I gazed into eyes that amazed me
And dazed me with delinquent delusions
Illusions of elusive adoration
And the creation of a woman with evil eyes 
With an eye on why I was so blind to an unkind lady
With a mind that mastered the maudlin
And could convince me to shed my better judgment
In favor of a future that was only a fantasy
And a destiny that the deleterious defies
Just to be seen by a woman with evil eyes

It was a time of torment and torture
Devised by a woman no man could ignore
I would come to realize she had evil eyes
When I watched her disappear forevermore
     © 2012...copyright PHREEPOETRE...~free cee!~

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time is short - 'bout three foot two
but that little dude can run circles 'round you
and tie you up tight in a spider-like web
suck your time dry as you fade and ebb

in the blink of an eye your life is soon gone
you look around and wonder, we're you've come from
no time to catch up, it's lost to the past
that short little ol' man knows it don't last

father time watches the days short in supply
relentlessly marching like unconquerable army
hours ticking silently, sol's rays passing by
wasted time passed to regret and feel sorry

like we poured out our water on dry desert sand
the hourglass pours out its sands of time
try as we might we can't make it expand
by begging to give us just a little more time

so here's my advice to heed if you will
to brim fill that cup we call living
waste minutes wisely, don't waste them to kill
they'll be dead 'n' gone, in a past unforgiving

© Goode Guy 2012-07-18

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FREE CEE starting over midst merlot and clover


You ask me if we can start over as if we just met
with all the errant paths i've taken to forget
let the past be forgotten and today become brand new
and all my expectations depend upon you

we can lay in the clover sipping on Merlot wine
me thanking God that i've got time again to make you mine
we can kiss that kiss that never happened and suddenly slipped away
so perhaps we can make this a brand new love kind of day

sometimes I feel as if the world has left me far behind
with too many bad memories pressing on my mind
the reasons I am the way I am have little to do with you
so I wonder if we can make today seem brand new

I understand your anger and festering frustration
I understand how you can be repelled against such aggravation
I know why you seem angry so often and with such intensity
but honey I swear it's due to my hyper-sensitivity

I hurt for the man who hurts and cry for the woman who cries
I ain't got time for no excuses, exclusions or any sudden surprise
I'd like to know what is and isn't true
and if we can make our love today seem brand new

before all the turmoil when my pain and disappointment took control
before the universe stole my verve, excitement and my soul
so I rebelled against my nerves and let my home be a hollow in a tree
and all the problems we've had originate from me

so you ask if we can start over as if yesterday didn't exist
and let the happiness of tomorrow patiently persist
well baby I tell you that I never want to say goodbye
so if you want to start over honey let's both of us give it a try
           2012......PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~

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Had some lonesome soul not wrecked,
and fortune never let preclude,
to disrupt this butterfly effect,
then, in this world I'd not bedeck.

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The Last Day

            The Last Day

The first day is like an unwrapped mystery
Christmas, birthday, holiday present
Oxygen and nitrogen fills the air with freshness
Like news, wet ink from press, unread paper and baby’s breath

The second day is like an unmade bed and breakfast
The sky opens up at high noon for business, middle life
Half time, savory centered, comes with existence, full flavored  
Balance takes on the order of the day, remains, saved 

The last day is like charcoal grays washed away with rain
Colors fade, grains of sand dance out the counted hours  
Doomsday is right around the corner casting shadows
Let’s keep it there, under wraps, under the Christmas trees of past  

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I have miles to go

I’m driving down the road I have miles to go before I sleep
I was standing in still water when it seems it got too deep
The sun goes down as I am pulling in the drive
The daylight is fading, night has arrived.

The stars shine so bright they catch my eye
There are so many I give counting them a try
It seems to take forever as the time passes by
The vastness of the sky so much larger than I.

The moon begins to rise as calm begins to grow
It seems the sky at night is putting on a show
I wonder where I fit and if anybody knows
All of a sudden a cool night breeze blows.

As I sit down to write my heart feels content
I look at the time and wonder where the day went
I receive some replies to intentions I sent
I smile when people understand what I meant.

I still have miles to go but they will be there tomorrow
The joy inside my heart overwhelms all the sorrow
I lay my head down and close my eyes
It’s funny how every day time just flies?

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The miles can never separate,
The hearts of friends held dear,
Nor can they sever bonds of love,
That bind them ever near;

And as the sands of time pass by,
And memories seem to fade,
The visions of a dear one's face,
The years will ne'er erase;

And though it seems so long ago,
That we could laugh and talk,
A time will come when Golden Streets,
Together we will walk.

                                   Judy Ball

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The Dusk of Life

The Dusk of Life

Dusk is the time of life that darkness comes in minds to play.
Memories of yesteryear start knocking at heart’s door. 
Faith once challenged by youthful ways torments those who stray.
Hope recalls truths, childlike faith God loves forevermore.

The days of thickets and briers in life once seized its path.
And fantasies of perfect love failed to come to pass.
At times when evil contemplations eased boiling wrath,
Seething minds forgot Holy God and rolled downhill fast.

Evil tiptoed into souls that had lived righteously.
Sinful whirlwinds ripped their way and took life on a spin.
Victims too soon disengaged, lived sorrows frantically.
Souls roamed through the ills of life wearing a bitter grin. 

Then all around, the eyes could see wickedness relay.
Winding trails off righteous paths disguised as true love born.
The sinking sands pulled faithful hands through unholy days.
Tortured faithlessness grew; scorn was relentlessly worn.

Come now, dusk for it is time to recollect, repent.
Memories of yesteryear know errors of those days.
Light beyond forgotten roads reflects words by God sent.
Faith once challenged by one's youth at last derides the stray.

Sorrows for the errant ways are placed before the Lord. 
The Son of God sends down his love, now and evermore.
Perfections sought and choices changed thrive by Christ adored.
Forgiveness granted by the Lord brings man joy once more.

© Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
    December 24, 2009

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I must close my eyes

I think I find my place and then it’s gone.
I paused for a second, maybe a second too long.
I’ve seen all this before, I know this song.
A bell marks the time with first a ding then a dong.

As the world caves in I make my stand,
The time slips away much like grains of sand.
Things never turn out quite as you plan.
I feel this urgency, the time is at hand.

The bell still tolls on, marking the past.
It feels like time is moving too fast.
The sun starts to set providing contrast.
But the day is over and the chance has passed.

I’m so tired; I’m in need of some sleep.
The water around me still gets deep.
I see another chance so I take the leap.
Only to realize the hill is too steep.

I resign to this fact and just close my eyes.
I still have tomorrow though time flies.
The clouds shall part and the rain will dry.
I welcome the thought, the return of blue sky.

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My time is all I have -
to celebrate each day,
the hours I choose,
to spend them my way...

My time is all I have -
to give the world something new,
the hopes and dreams of all of us,
everyone, not just a chosen few...

My time is all I have -
to share a kind word
with everyone I meet,
pleasantries are all that's heard...

My time is all I have -
to make a smile appear
on the face of a small child,
who then grins ear to ear...

My time is all I have -
to help a lost soul rebuild,
to see the wonderful result
of the newness that's revealed...

My time is all I have -
to love someone fully,
my actions are louder than words,
to never treat anyone cruelly...

My time is all I have -
to live in God's way,
to understand the fullness of life,
and thank Him when I pray.

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My  friend  Lee is a cool guy, sees UFOs in the sky;
And he’s allowed  time at his job in the burger-bar  
To think where the great secrets of science lie.
When flipping patties or mixing secret sauce he sees far.

Lee and  Newton liked to study  falling fruit
But Newt  did it two hundred years before Lee.
Why does he get  credit?  Let’s examine the root:
He’s older than Lee  -  it’s easy to see

That this is reverse ageism.  Lee’s  ignored cos  he’s  young.
We scientists must stick together,  young  and old
Giving equal  credit to heroes as well as heroes-unsung.
And sharing  names and ideas,  complicated and bold.

After all he was no great genius, the old apple-gent.
Took him years to grasp gravity;   took Lee two days.
Ok, Newt  didn’t have a computer or other  equipment
But as Lee said, he’d loads of apples to find gravity’s ways.

Equality demands  that sci-books refer to  Lee’s Laws of Motion;
Telescopes will  be Lee Refractors;  forces  measured in  lees.
And  there’ll  be movie, music  and showbiz  commotion
About Tommy Newton Jones, Newton Marvin, and Jerry Newton Lewis

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FREE CEE please stay planted for me


Oh lady of the sun please don't leave before the spring
the time when Mother Nature shows off what she can bring
mother nature said “flowers shouldn't be for sale”
as brown and dead removed their veil

they shed their masks of coldness and snow
so that the tulips and hydrangeas may grow
flowers shouldn't be for sale but just for show
that lovers may sit in the palette of a garden so please, my dear, don't go

it's almost time for a picnic by that lake
and if it be your will my heart is yours to take
should my voice be stilled and my legs become too weak for me
if I cannot command words let Mother Nature's pride speak for me

stay until the bluebirds return to your yard of grinning green
when the garden demands it the most scintillating scene you've ever seen
please don't leave me now at the springtime's request
when the roses bloom and the soil become their cradle and their nest
   © 2012....copyright PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~


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I've heard there is a one eyed Goddess.
More elusive than the Ignas Fatuus.
A violet cloud of Will o'the Wisp,
with one great eye and two red lips.

Looking for the perfect time
To grasp her heart and make it thine.
But beware her boots and her heart.
Both, severe pain, can impart.

Look for that one, special thing.
That'll Make her laugh, make her sing.
You find it but she will not see.
That one great eye wasn't looking at thee.

Perhaps there is special fate.
Two thousand years, not long to wait.
A lavender sylph, to embrace.
Find love here, or deep in space.

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From the time i could understand words
People have told me how i got everything easy
But the demons in my mind have come in herds
And the thought in my head can be pretty breezy

They say things like how im smart and well mannered
They say that things are supposed to work out for me
They act like i set some sort of high standard
Of which im suppoesed to be the epitome

But i think all this is unfair and not true
Because even if all the things they say appear to be right
Then how come i dont feel it on the inside too
My tunnel is dark and at the end there is no light

Its like im drowning and my lungs are filling with water
But i dont die instead into the deep depths i sink
In my head there is a never ending slaughter
And it's of all the happy thoughts that i think

Gone like wind into the air i breathe so fast
It is the waste of time i have that i fear
They ask me to look for the clues of why in my past
But it's even in their minds that i disappear

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A leopard's a leopard, make no mistake,
He'll always have those black spots;
And if you think for a moment he'll change,
Clear thinking's not something you've got.

A leopard's a creature who seeks tilll he finds,
A good opportunity.
Don't think for a moment 'cause you've scratched his ears,
You've gained some immunity.

He is what he is and always will be,
He'll never be anything else.
Don't turn your back on a leopard, my friend,
His track record speaks for itself.

                                                        Judy Ball

If you catch someone in a lie time after time how can you continue to trust him to 
tell the truth?
If someone says he is FOR something to you and says he is AGAINST it to someone 
else, which do you believe?
If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, makes a noise like a duck and hangs out 
with a bunch of ducks chances are it ain't no swan.

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Into Unknown

Live a little, or leave it all?
A time to run, or time to crawl?
A leap of faith risks falling short,
But when we fail, we grow: we're taught.

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I have a secret about someone very close to me
someone whose advice I am compelled to adhere to
there are rumors, there is innuendo and it's all done in secrecy
as this someone tells me precisely what to do

he's ever present with his wisdom and his wit
an accommodating soul to say the least
he doesn't mind being ridiculed a bit
and the fabric in the tapestry of his life is badly creased

this secret involves intrigue, intelligence and intent
and there are other aspects to a secret unknown
some have heard the secret but no one knew what it meant
and it was time for someone to reap the seeds he had sewn

this is a secret that is hard to describe 
I search for a meaning high and low
it's the cause and affect every time I imbibe
and it's a secret about me which I don't even know
 © 2012.....copyright PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~

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Once it is gone

We always hurt those closest to us.
Say mean things, betraying the trust.
I often wonder how this all does start.
Left here to mend this broken heart.

I can’t ever see where it all goes wrong.
As it plays out that same old sad song.
I open my eyes and try to always see.
I try to be the best I can possibly be.

I try to listen and then understand.
Some things I’m not sure if I can.
It often seems like I fall asleep.
It always happens when I’m in deep.

Why do we wind up hurting those we love?
I see peace fly off on the wings of a dove.
Suddenly it’s dark and I’m all alone.
Searching to find a place to call home.

It seems this does happen time after time.
I don’t know what happens, I miss all the signs.
Why don’t we take the time to just get along?
We only see what we have, once it is gone.

We say we are sorry but always too late.
Only to realize this becomes our fate.
Why can’t we talk and work things out?
What you don’t say becomes what you doubt.

Still, I remain to have so much hope.
The heartbreak I learn, I will just cope.
Next time I resolve that things will be better.
When it gets cold, I shall grab a sweater.

Maybe I just pick people wrong for me.
Love remains blind so you never see.
I pick up the pieces and try to move on.
We only see what we have, once it is gone.

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Natural Cycle

Some people think these recent disasters
Are caused by abuse of the planet
I tend to think they're natural occurrences
The world is just running the gamut

The ebb and flow of changing conditions
Are normal like any time previous
The world has existed for billions of years
Foolish to think we'd be impervious

It's how it's been since the dawn of existence
Today, we're in a technological time frame
To imagine it's the reason for all this mayhem
Is wrong, we shouldn't assume all the blame

There are certainly mistakes man has made
That surely hasn't helped the environment
But to suggest that these are the only reasons
The blame has an unjustified placement

No doubt, we've had some manmade disasters
Without question, can't dispute their effect
Humans certainly are not without culpability
But we've never been thought of as perfect

We are only visiting for a relatively short time
And our challenge is to try our very utmost
To leave it a much better place than we found it
What a great reason for us humans to boast!

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Christmas Time

Christmas time is coming
it will be here very soon
with its' mistletoe and holly
and the carols all in tune.

Christmas lights will twinkle
all around us everyday
as that old time Christmas feeling
warms us in its' special way.

The goodies and the glitter
presents placed around the tree.
Little eyes will sparkle brightly
at the wonders that they see.

Christmas time is coming
you can feel it drawing near
full of sweet dreams and surprises
and that seasons greetings cheer.

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One thousand and seventy one days Is how long we have to wait, you say. I don't have quite enough fingers and toes, But I'm still counting down anyway.

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The Old Jukebox

Uncle Max’s lake house was a big one On a private secluded lake Dad could go fishing there anytime The time we spent there was great Right in the middle of the great room Sat a Wurlitzer jukebox It played without putting in money Turned up, it knocked off your socks Sometimes we spent the whole weekend there My Bro, Mother, and Farther I’d put my ear next to the jukebox Turned it low, not to bother Hank Williams sang the songs I liked best I really did like his stuff “Jambalaya” and “You’re Cheating Heart” I just couldn’t get enough The jukebox had those colored bubbles That would rise up from each side I liked to turn off all of the lights Then sit and watch bubbles rise When the grownups held a party there Move all the furniture back Then start dancing to the old jukebox Sip from a jug in a sack Don’t know what happened to the jukebox After the lake house was sold I do know the time I spent with it Left memories of solid gold

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In an instant  when meet our gazes                                               
I feel that life is new begun. 
Friend  time  my burden  raises,
Weighless  as  a  ray of sun.

A  fresh new world to create :
Plans evolve now  in a moment.
A good idea will procreate
More  ideas  from my river pent.

Her sparkle, her light,   her shine -
Clear silver cloudless  sign.

Tabula rasa now,  the past remote -
It is a cosmic moment found.
Clock tick has ceased to gloat
At speed of light when time slows down

That gaze infuses new  sun,
New cosmos into my form earth-drawn.
Like a weak candle snuffed and gone,
Darkness ends, begins the   dawn.

The flash of her gaze  renews  me,  quidam -
Like a fingertip touch from God to Adam

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I am able to fly

As I soar to new heights my feet touch the ground,
I dream of the sky yet it’s to earth I am bound’
I feel like some pieces of the puzzle have been found,
I’m glad to see you here and you still are around.

I venture into the world yet they can’t see me,
All of the potential I have and what I shall be.
I open up my heart and then I feel free,
With love I can see all I can be.

People just smile yet they don’t understand.
I can’t find the words to tell who I am.
The word flow freely as I make a stand,
I feel like I come from some far away land.

The time is before me as I see what I want.
My needs no longer have a reason to haunt.
I know what I do but can guess at the rest.
I still have some time to clean up the mess.

Everything joins together as I start to believe.
This is my place so there’s no need to leave.
I wish that the answers were clearer to me,
With hope in my heart I guess I shall see.

I see this transition from darkness to light,
I dance in the moon light and soak up the night.
I have so much hope it is as big as the sky,
I just spread my wings and I’m able to fly.

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Skies of Blue

If today is but a minute long,
and tomorrow is on a distant shore,
will I be thankful for the time I had,
or will I be praying for a little more?...

If my time has come to pass,
will I regret the loss of years?
Will all the things I never did
bring me to a river of tears?...

My only regret can be of us,
of our time gone, now that I'm through;
I'm so sorry for the loss of time,
but I'll see you again in the skies of blue...

Until that time does arrive,
I'll be waiting here for you;
I want to hold you forever,
in these skies so very blue.

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Whats in the Box

While working in Seattle for Boeing Had duty in Florida for six weeks Just before it was time to be going Drove from town to town looking at antiques In St. Augustine, day before my flight I was sightseeing the old city’s charm The alligator show was quite a sight Bought a gator, right off the farm In Florida when I boarded the plane Although winter, the temperature was warm A Chicago plane change, was not the same In fact, had to land in a winter storm The alligator was in a shoe box And I carried it with me on the plane The temp in Chicago was such a shock Scratching loud and fast; must have been in pain He warmed up during the layover time Then it came time to board another plane People stared while in the plane’s boarding line Because the loud scratching noise was the same When I sat down, the guy next to me said: “What in the hell do you have in that box?” An alligator that wants to be feed! “Sure you do! But don’t feed me to the crock” “You don’t believe there’s a Gator in there?” “Of course not! I just think you’re full of bull” “OK, stick in your finger if you dare But when he grabs it, you better not pull” “Tell you what, if you’ll buy me a drink I’ll take box lid off so you can see” We’ve got us a deal, he said with a wink I’ll be right back but, first I got to pee He returned, bought my drink, set down and said Now get out your box and take off the lid Then the gator jumped out, bit me and fled And shit, we couldn’t see where he hid He was in the center isle on the move When I grabbed him, I got bit one more time If the stewardess saw him, I’d be removed And I’d probably be charged with a crime So back in my seat, with a bleeding hand And with the gator secure and confined The guy next to me said, “That act was grand, So what’s next”, as he made his seat recline We had a good laugh, I wrapped up my hand And from then on we took turns buying drinks We didn’t stop, we got totally canned “What happens now with the gator you think?” “This trip, he stays in his box! Believe me! There will never be another capture, As a house pet he will roam free, in the Bellevue Home For Beer Drinking Bachelors”

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When he was just a baby
Upon his mama's knee,
He was smaller than an elephant,
And larger than a flea.

And when he was some older,
And had to go to school,
He was duller than a genius,
And sharper than a fool.

Then, when he was a young man,
In the prime years of his life,
He was younger than his mother was,
And older than his wife.

Now that he is middle aged,
He's really very glad
To be older than his grown-up son,
And younger than his dad.

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The Changing Times

What's happened to modern day families
They once were a tight little group
The kids would visit Granny and Gramps
Someone would bring homemade soup

Folks arrived bearing goodies and sweets
And put all their stuff in the fridge
The kids would play their hide and seek games
While the old folks played Euchre or Bridge

Granny didn't mind that the house was askew
Afterwards we sat down for a chat
It sure looked like a big bomb had gone off
It was weeks before they located the cat

Today they email to say they can't make it
It's their time to scrub out the bath
And Susan broke a finger nail last night
She's sulking but I'm sure it won't last

Maybe in June we will find time to visit
We'll slot you into our journal
Between Tommie's first ever baseball game
And Susan's play, "Love Eternal"

©Jack Ellison 2012

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FREE CEE a lot of heads are better than phun

what can I say or how can I describe the way I feel about the lady?
I might say I feel as if it's a comfortably mild day and i'm sitting under a tree so shady
then again there's only one thing I really have to say 
and that's a sorrowful goodbye when she has to go away

it's not easy watching my lovely lover walk out the door
although her business has required this many times before
so I watch as she sashays out of my vision
and my moistened eyes have a sudden decision

shall they stay dry or become moist and teary eyed
the last time she left it took my eyes two days to be dried
the last sight of her I saw this time was a sparkle in her eye
and all the while I knew there was a good chance that soon I would cry

her actions are adorable
my love for her is incurable
but it's difficult to reconcile sharing a bed
with a woman who makes her money shooting people in the head
                       © 2012..copyright PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~

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Study Poem: Unseen Immortality

I’ll stay in the shadows
accruing interest on accolades due
for quietly providing remedies
which combat worldly ails.

Those who seek praise may stumble upon
beneficial consequences of their actions,
but more often they aggravate sores,
hidden by their alacrity.

So it will continue into eternity;
my admonitory words will be forgotten
until the ages of dust which adorn them
solidify; proving my words adamant.

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The Wild West

If it’s possible to close my eyes Then by clicking my heels I could go back in time anywhere The Wild West, that’s my deal Back in time to the gun slinging days A big iron on my hip The beer so cheap it’s almost free A nickel’s a big tip I want to ride a horse named Sugar Meet old Buffalo Bill Walk the streets with Wyatt Earp Stroll around on Boot Hill I want to be at OK corral When the shooting begins Just be there as part of the crowd See if the Earp’s will win I want to belly up to the bar Put my boot on the rail Spit into one of brass spittoons Ask the bar keep for ale Just experience the Wild West life Not sure what lies ahead But when I wake up, I hope to be Nice and safe in my bed "Close your eyes and click your heels" Contest Charles Sides

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Old Age??

My age is getting up there
middle age is knocking on my door
They say I shouldn't worry...
I'm only thirty four.

I'm noticing the wrinkles.
I sense that double chin
is creeping right up on me.
Fight gravity?? I can't win!

I use to feel so youthful.
I thought I'd never age.
Back then I planted flowers.
Today I'm growing sage.

Sometimes I forget my own age.
It's not that I contrive.
Like when I wrote my bio here

Is that a sign of old-age?

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Take New Years Slowly

The year does now approach its end
As months have quickly gone away
What message does time really send,
As we welcome the New Years Day?

Must we hasten or quickly greet
Each day is if it was the last?
Or, quickly say to those we meet
Hurry up or this shall pass?

Grab on now to the second hand
Let time then be within your grip
But appreciate it; the moving sand
Or else then time away, will slip

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In the Cellar

In the cellar, by the stair way, is an old jug of muscadine.
It brings back sweet memories of an old friend of mine.
We used to chat and play chess to fiddle the time away.
It mattered not the undone chore, or the time of day.

Forty three year he lived mostly alone in that house by the stream.
Forty two year he tendered to me as I followed life’s dream.
I’d go back and sit once in a while, spinning that same old line.
He knew!  But he would just fill me a glass of muscadine. 

One of those times he told me a tale worthy of publication.
He married my mom not for love, but to save her reputation.
Mama died when I was born; his health began to decline.
I left home right after school, he was drinking muscadine.

I stayed in touch and tried to visit as often as I could.
We’d sit and talk, play a game, pretend that life was good.
We would walk by the stream, talk of things long benign.
While we tarried ‘long the way, to sip that old jug of muscadine.

© Apr 14 2010

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Break the Chains - song lyrics

(First Verse)
I never should have said, “I Do”
My love was never meant for you
Now is the time to stop these pains
It’s over now, let’s break the chains

I’m not what you want me to be
Break the chains so I can be me
I can’t love you, it’s plain to see
Break the chains so I can be free

(Second Verse)
You treat me like an old door mat
But I’ll no longer stand for that
I’m through with being treated wrong 
When I close the door, I’ll be gone


(Third Verse)
Don’t tell me how sorry you are
Too late now, things have gone too far 
There’s no reason for us to stay
It time we go a separate way


(Fourth Verse)
A love will someday come my way
A love from which I’ll never stray
Set me free to find someone new
Break the chains, I don’t love you 

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Growing Old

Growing old is not for sissies And I know that for a fact Didn’t really become convinced Until now to be exact Remembering my working years And how I’d think to myself I can do whatever I want When this job's on the shelve When you retire, that’s almost true Except it’s not like your plan Instead of “whatever I want” More like “whatever I can” How I hated the alarm clock Always wanted to sleep in Now there’s no alarm going off I’m wide awake before then My high school graduating class Gets e-mails, which were a hit With updates about our classmates Now all I get are obits I used to think that once retired I’d have lots of time to burn How did I have time for a job? I’m short on time now, I’ve learned The Dr. Appointments alone Take up so much of my time Why am I in their waiting room? Actually, I’m feeling fine Yeah, growing old is tough enough I’ve come to this conclusion What you’re expecting it to be Is only an allusion

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Everyone will see one day

Little girl, don't be so low. You're gonna be something someday, don't give up hope, keep hope alive. Even when the road gets rough, remember how much tougher you are than anyone else. I have faith in you, faith that you'll make it through. All the lies that they tell you, all the broken promises they made, won't stop you from becoming someone. You'll be there soon, just let the negative become the positive. when they throw stuff in your face, pick up yourself and see your way out. The bruises and scars only make you who you are, so smile because they're breakin' you is only making you. You will show the world one day what all made you that way, and they'll be asking for you, there's no doubt. So don't sit there and pout, because the day will come when everyone will see what they made you become.

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Time etched itself into my face,
and my body has grown old.
I find comfort now in simple things,
and I'm not near as fast and bold.

My heart somehow eluded age,
and refused the effects of time. 
It didn't grow old like the rest of me,
giving way to cracks and lines.

It's still filled with so much life,
and desires to sing and run.
It's filled with places yet to go,
and songs waiting to be sung.

I wish I could return somehow,
to innocence and youth.
Before my bones and joints did ache,
before so long in  tooth.

Soon I'll be resting in the ground,
after life with me is done.
And it's because my body grew old,
but my heart always stayed young.

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John Heck

Born and raised in Brooklyn, with a poetic heart to write. Anticipated in making friends, all poetic forms bring him delight. With a love for ice skating, at the Franconia Notch Lakes. Inspiration is set to verse, from the photographs he takes. He winds down with opera music, Carmen and Turandot are his fav’s. With a natural love for writing, his poetic words get great raves. Enveloped by English gardens, and spending time in museums. A yearning for reading poetry, led to spending time in athenaeums. His stomach has it‘s craves, and asks for Italian delicacies. Being with family and friends, are his utmost priorities. Ann Sexton & Ogden Nash, are his timeless inspirations. Annie Lennox, a favorite musical, concludes this dedication. With sincere gratitude, and poet-to-poet respect. I chronicled the honest likings, of poet, Mr. John Heck. ________________________ Dedicated to a fellow Souper, John Heck for his support.

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this is for MAGIC CARPET RIDE contenst by jeffry cohan FREE CEE

                   TRAGIC CARPET RIDE

It ain't going to happen my friend
not at least until the end
don't even try to distract thyself with sweet dreams
because you will be disoriented by indiscreet screams

and so Bolden avenue beckoned with a rug and a bitter-sweet tasting drug
after asking a woman where they sell carpets all i got was a shrug
I needed a carpet because I nodded off one night and set my carpet on fire
it was one of those nights but in all honesty i've been even higher

shag, verious piles and pleasing colors but none matched my décor
so I headed out the door
it was right on Pitkin Avenue when I landed at a different kind of store led by an entrepreneur 
and this hunting was some heavy chore

however this suave young salesman wasn't selling rugs
his product was strong and strenuous drugs
the man told me about a shooting gallery down the block
and the last thing that mattered to me was the clock

this shot was more soothing than a  magic carpet ride
when my body definitely became my sinning soul's guide
and devoured, as a vulture would be my pride
while all the time it was for me to decide

with doped up eyes I wandered a crowded street alone
walking over cement and rugged old cobblestone
shooting more than too much of that sh*t for the pain
now I had my carpet and no need for the Orient Express train

i was floating around the clouds white and sky blue pink
and suddenly i was urged to think
it was the universe's time to decide 
wouldst this be my final magic carpet ride?
 © 2012...PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~ (with a lot of help from a little friend)((i wish i could give credit where credit is due, and even though she may like the recognition she certainly doesn't need it, she gets an exponential amount of it in any event....but thanks anyway country's namesake))

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Now And Forever

Running in
But running out
Things we hardly
Talk about

Do we make it
Through this mess
Are we breathing
At the best

What to call
The state we're in
Sometimes love
Sometimes sin

Will it be said
We did our best
Is the table
Ever blessed

Are there those
Who will attest
We ran the race
And passed the test

Now is God's
Time ever giving
Do we stop
And trust the living

Only time
Can say the end
Here and now
I must depend

Run the gambit
Ever hoping
Human race
and God eloping

This the end
Of earthly know
Left behind
No life bestow

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In Good Time

Time can falter, time can drag,
Time: send me to hell and back.
Your mocking hands will brand your face,
For I know love you can’t erase.

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Time Slipped Away

I started reading early
The poetry on this site
I had so much fun 
The day turned into night

I’m not sure when it happened
Or what I can say
I enjoyed myself so much
The time just slipped away

It wasn’t really my plan
To read all day long
But everyone writes so well
The time was just gone

I really love this site
And all that I have read
I am honored to be here
But now I’m heading to bed!

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Why must I be betrayed by people I respect the most?
Everything in my life has become a contradiction
All I hear now are cowards who are quick to boast
And any respect I had for these people turned out to be pure fiction

Why must the people I consider friends treat me with enmity,
When they should be eager to concede to a simple request?
Why do people I consider allies all seem not to care that I deem them the enemy,
And answer to the demonic voice of the devil’s behest?

I have no place to hide as I used to in crowded bars
I have no place to run from people who sold themselves out for a few sheckles more or less 
I am left with a wounded lamb and a body marred by bloody scars
And only sorrow for cowards that this burdened man is left to confess

I used to have a grand design which demanded I fulfill
I used to have an objective which made perfect sense
living life with only time to kill
and trying to sleep when i'm too fu*king tense

i've been betrayed by family and friends
they've all deserted me in my time of need
there were so many beginnings and too many ends
and now I have an ego this confused man must feed
      © 2012...copyright PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~

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I remember when you didn’t remember the time nor the place
I recall how you didn’t recall our first kiss and how it made your heart race
I know you’ve forgotten what you swore you’d never forget
And I know you didn’t know that I’ve loved you since the moment we first met

Simply to help your memory function well and be precise
You opined that if this is what forever is you wanted a slice
Your words spoke softly of romance as well did your heart
And I’m certain you don’t recall promising to give me your all from the start

You can’t envision the first time I came into your vision
Or swearing to every god there is we will never suffer division
You swore we’d be one and never be done making each other’s heart race
Yet I remember our firsts of everything especially our first emphatic and embryonic embrace

You  don’t understand that I still don’t understand why you had to go
I suppose to you our love became obsolete and that’s all I know
It’s sorrowful how fast a first can so easily become a last
And now years later all we are is part of each other’s past
                                © 2011.…Poe free  ~free cee!~

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Planning the Plan

There are so many things about God
that I don't really understand.....
like  why He chose me
to be a part of His band.

I have done nothing at all
to deserve such favor.
But I sincerely thank this God-man
who's love for me does not waiver.

He lavishes on us a love 
that is unconditional and so pure
that no matter what in the world we do,
He won't love us less nor love us more.

Oh sure, there are times that we
may not be found in His favor,
like when we willfully disobey   
or too much of the "world" do we savor.

 In loving fashion God created this world - -
a plush paradise - - co-existing woman and man.
But God knew that man and serpent would ruin the Garden,
so from His infinite wisdom sprouted the perfect plan.

The "Eden Act" and all the scenes that would follow
caused a separation that was deep, but not a divorce.
For God obsessed with our reconciliation
which takes us back to Him and His plan, of course.

This plan sent His only Son, whose name is Jesus,
down to this decrepit,defiled place called Earth.
His entrance onto the scene was unlike that of Superman.....
no crater, no quake,just a manger and a humble birth.

He lived here and loved here for a short time,
revealing what life is really all about....
about sharing and caring....compassion and passion,
not at all about who has the most clout.

He told us time and time again that He
had no agenda that was His own.
It was to strictly do the will of the Father,
nothing more,nothing less, just that alone.

But it was this very will that ultimately
led the "Annointed One" to much despair.
For it was demanded of Him 
the sin of the world to bear.

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A Fathers Loving Arms

Miss him, yes you always will

But pain, he will no longer know.

You'll see his face again, in every passing cloud

But now the time has come for him to go.

In your heart he will forever live.

Try not to shed endless tears.

In your dreams and your thoughts

His voice you'll always hear.

May you find comfort in these words 

For this you should always know.

When its your time to leave us, 

You're fathers loving arms will welcome you home.

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Lines in the sand


I wake this morning, not sure where to start.
I just feel this void that’s inside of my heart.
I must still go on, yet don’t know if I can.
Sometimes I get lost, I don’t know who I am.

The sun comes up and brings forth light.
I feel fortunate to have escaped the night.
The dream keeps playing inside my head.
The signals are changing from green to red.

I know I must dream for them to come true.
Demons still haunt, though night time is through.
I feel like a stranger in some distant land.
As I bend down to draw a line in the sand.

Each time I draw one I say never again.
I see the last time and remember when.
I keep crossing over, yet don’t understand,
The wind blows erasing the line in the sand.

So I try to hold on to what does remain.
Though it's familiar it can’t be the same.
I wonder of life and playing this game.
I grasp for the answers yet know I’m to blame.

I resign to the fact I must be just tired.
I gaze at the clock my time has expired.
Many things don’t turn out as I had planned.
I bend down to draw another line in the sand.

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Best Taxi in Town

The model cub in Tyler, Texas Announced a model contest I saw an event I could enter But it will be a big test I only had one little engine It seemed to run really fine A birthday present given to me An Arden Oh Ninety Nine I’d never had a successful flight Only one event could I try To qualify for Class “A” Beauty Just three level laps to fly I checked out all the Class “A” Kits Mr. Mulligan was picked I built my plane without any help Glue, paper and balsa sticks Fly three level laps to qualify Then the plane is judged on beauty Obviously to have any chance My plane’s had to be a “cutie” So I painted and painted that plane It was finally looking its best I just refused to do a test flight Might crash before the contest Finally the big day came around Two guys signed for my event Before it was time to qualify I went to the judge’s tent They said: “You’ve got it all to yourself, You’re now in a one horse race” One guy had scratched his self from the list And one never showed his face My God, how could I be so lucky? Not competing with those guys Just three level laps and then; Guess what? I walk away with First prize Now it was time to fly those three laps The engine started OK I revved it up, as much as I could Thinking this maybe “my day”! Walked to the center of the circle Handle in hand, gave a nod He turned the plane loose and it went straight It what happened next that’s odd Mr. Mulligan just would not fly On the ground, went round and round Then I could hear the laughs from the crowd Things like: “Best taxi in town” That’s a day I will never forget But it still wasn’t in vain Before I’ll fly a contest again I will be testing my plane

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FREE CEE one impaired father reared by his son


Oh how I wish I’d been a father like him
Rather than a father whose future was duly dark and dim
I raised my son in the starkness of a future filled with fear
 A wondrous young son a frightened father was somehow to rear

Oh if only I had the wherewithal to have known it all
Rather than a father who couldn’t even teach his son how to crawl
I had too many other concerns in my body and mind
While my son had a father who was metaphorically blind

My eyes were incapable of seeing too much
While I reveled in my tiny son’s most tender touch
Otherwise I was numb to my son’s naturalized needs
With a litany of habits to satiate and feed

I saw that father pushing his son on the swings
While I was a dove wounded with withering wings
That father in the park was all I truly wanted to be
But alas, I was a father who was a father like me

I risked my son’s life time and time again
While pretending I could be just like most other men
Men who owned the wherewithal to do something worthwhile
Yet and still my little son always imaged a soothing smile

While he was smiling I was frowning and filled with fright inside
Since the age of seventeen when my self-control died
I was a father wrought and fraught with anxiety and fear
And if only I could have been a dad like that father by the swings over there
© 2012…..PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~

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Before I had a boy's perfect body,
the sharpest mind and a spirit full of energy;
even strangers complimented me
on my selflessness, asking God to bless me! 

Had I known then that youth wasn't eternal, unlikely the indelible seasons
that renew themselves accordingly, I would have had
a different view of how it should have been lived...
with a more purposeful insight, which allowed no time for regrets! 

And that boy's perfect body, carved by loveliness , 
could be seen in photographs belonging to another century;
thick hair and a smooth face defined a neat appearance...
to make plenty of girls stare at me desirously! 

O young years, why didn't you warn me of your hastiness?
I could have made the effort to slow you down,
and enjoyed you more without ever wasting time in idleness!
Beautiful and care-free days, how can I posses youth again?

I am still kind of handsome, much older now,
and ladies adore my good looks, once flashing a sweet image   
in those attractive and radiant smiles of long time ago,
not worried about any wrinkle revealing their true age! 
Before I had a boy's perfect body...
magnificently sculptured like Michelangelo's David;
my adolescence began with my physical beauty,
and ended with that ravishing vanity tossed aside!    

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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Time is obscured

The clock keeps on ticking as time goes by,
I sit here to think yet still wonder why?
As the day passes does it leave me behind?
While the clock is ticking is it time I find?

Darkness approaches as the night begins,
I stand in the dark just me and my sins.
I see what’s before me but there isn’t much light,
There is much more to seeing than just your sight.

Cast among the shadows I still see my way,
The ghosts whisper to me I hear what they say.
Why are they here I thought I left them behind?
Or is the darkness playing tricks with my mind?

They don’t seem unfriendly so I just ask,
Are they still here to help me with my task?
Or are they just a reminder of a life that has passed?
The answers don’t match the all the questions I asked.

The clock keeps on ticking now it is dawn.
The shadows and ghosts appear to be gone.
The sun shines down revealing what to do.
Darkness has passed night time is through.

I think to myself why do the demons come?
Why are they here and where are they from?
I resign to it does matter and bask in the light.
Maybe the demons won’t come back tonight.

The time keeps ticking I feel I’ve wasted the day.
I need to break free and send the past far away.
Suddenly like the light from the brightest star,
I see the distance before me is not all that far.

I find my way back as I see what’s in store.
As this window closes it opens a new door.
What shall happen next I’m really not sure?
I look to the clock but time seems obscure.

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FOR 2 WORLDS COLLIDE CONTEST jeffry cohan FREE CEE outer grace

                      OUTER GRACE

                OUTER GRACE
It was as if two meteors were headed to crash
both to intersect when the time was right
each to become orbiting outer-space trash
but suddenly they were heralded by the night

each stopped short with both tails aglow
both beautifully and bountifully bright
both comets were ordered by the universe to go
but each of them refused because the time was right

one of them was soft and easy to caress 
the other a bit harsher yet just as easy to hold
it was as if two worlds had one universe to bless
a world Da Vinci would have been ordered to mold

two comets and two worlds were in love from the very start
but then one comet found out the other had lied
it didn't actually love the other with all its heart
because that's often how it is when two worlds collide
  © 2012....PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~

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string-along theory

you may not be able to easily relate
what happens to me from time-to-time
a tale quite hard to assimilate
especially if you're so disinclined

I examine my cell phone for incoming 
checking my wait, in vibrate mode
yet I perceive a sensation stunning
my waist vibrates without cell load

I'd swear on a stack of dollar bills
or better yet my Daddy's holy books
my phone vibrated of its own free will
since I'm not carrying, I must'a mistook

what oscillates around my middle
that gets my attention to titillate
the empty space at my belt, a riddle
invisible phone vibrates to stimulate

maybe the physicists are onto something
in regards to sub-atomic energy matters
and have string-along theories forthcoming
as vibrant phantom waisted feelings scatter

© Goode Guy 2011-11-28

I know this never happened to anyone else...yet...

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To know you was to love you.
That's just the way it was.
And I have so many memories,
left from that great love.

Even though you're not still with me,
and you left me in despair.
The memories that I have of you, 
have been worth every tear.

My days are spent remembering,
my nights in blissful dreams.
Of a time when I adored you,
and you spent time adoring me.

I don't know if you think of me,
the way I think of you.
Or if you cherish our memory,
but I'm hoping that you do.

And just one dream I have of you,
makes it oh so clear.
The time we spent together,
was worth every Tear.

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God Gives What You Give

If you give just a little
of yourself from time to time,
You're bound to see the benefits
of being true and kind.

God finds ways to thank us
that we may never see..
like driving in a winter storm
and getting home safely.

So many of the little things
go unnoticed everyday.
I make a point to thank the lord
for the luck that comes my way.

Sometimes I fail to notice
how he helps me when I'm down.
Like how my children make me smile
without making a sound.

If you can take the time to ask
"How are you doing today?"
to someone that is feeling low,
I'm sure you'll be repaid.

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WHY must we wash towels if we ONLY use them when we're clean

                  WISE EYES

We all turn and read another page
Through the very eyes of age
Such wisdom behind brown, green or blue
We all read that same page, even me and you

The very eyes of age stare at a face
As we forget each kiss but recall every warming embrace
That face isn’t the one that once hid wanderlust
And now the eyes of age know who and who not to trust

Then to see what we’ve never seen before
And care not to see very much more
For flaccid iis now what used to be a rock
And tightly pulled skin has surrendered to that old grandfather clock

There’s no getting around finding time and youth the same
Until time steals youth and only that damned clock is to blame
You’re just about ready to take your final  bow on life’s stage
As we all begin to see through the very eyes of age
              © 2011.…~ Phreepoetree free cee!~

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It's that time of year when all the leaves fall
And the colors are brilliant and bold
I remember when I was younger, you see
Boy, the stories that I haven't told
Maybe right now, is the time to reveal
A story that no one else knows
A story about my childhood days
That was not pretty with how the wind blows
I was about ten, I believe, was the time
I got up to see the leaves fall
But, someone interrupted me, for sure
He told me to come stand by the wall
I did as he told me, so scared, as I was
My hands in the clinch of a fist
I saw things I didn't want to see
My eyes were in such a mist
He looked and touched and that wasn't all
He made me do "things" to him
The violation that took place
Was so dirty and nasty and dim
So, when I think about the leaves falling
It takes me back to a childhood time
That doesn't make any sense to me
For there was no reason or rhyme

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Hi mom, it's nice up here
Looking down on you and dad
I see my big brother too
And I'm not feeling so sad

I know our time together
Was so short and not long
But up here with Jesus
That's where I belong

I see grandpa and others
Please don't cry for me
Because up here, it's pretty
And so happy and free

I do miss you all
But please try not to cry
And take good care of Kenyon
But don't ever say good bye

Don't ever forget me
I know the time was short
You did the right thing mom
I'm so glad you didn't abort

So, for now I'll be going
But I will see you again soon
You will see me when you look at the stars
Or whenever you look up at the moon

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It's coming soon
That time of year
For diving deep
And seeing clear
For finding things
You might have lost
From having fun 
At your instructor's cost
It's time again 
for that first Sunday noon
And being sunburned
In the early June
Then trying to find
Some large mouth bass
While taking pictures of
My friend's bare ass
You find your dive buddy
Gasping for air
From laughing so hard
Because you're not there
You want so much
To be on that boat
If only you knew
It would stay afloat
So, if you'd like
To come along
I'm sure with us
We'll make you belong
Come on and bring
Your diving gear
And stay with us
The entire year

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                                RANDOM REMEMBRANCES

Listen to what I am going to talk about
Because I swear there is no doubt
Listen to the following truth I have to say
Us junkies have changed the world in a very profound way

Next time your baby is crying for his pacifier feel the middle 
There’s a hard tube to stop it from squeezing all the way and it wasn’t there when were little
They put it there because junkies were using pacifiers to shoot heroin, cocaine and speed
Junkies required a lot of things back then and an old fashioned pacifier was definitely a need

When we were growing up and you had a really bad cough there was syrup for you to drink 
And now each time I take something for a cold it makes me stop and think
No one did this because they hated addicts or because they were just plain mean
But I remember, back in the days of old when cough medicine came with codeine

And as the nation grew bigger so did the problem at hand
Things were going down only us addicts could understand
We’ve changed these things and if I had more time I’d tell you the rest
Oh yes, us junkies are also responsible for the random piss test
     © 2011.….free cee!

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The Sentence

Words from my head appear on a page
Just like a beast released from its cage
The sentence becomes the thoughts from inside of my head
As all of the signals are turning from green to red. 
The thoughts start to flow I wonder which sentence is next
It becomes much more than just a second guess
A cold wind is blowing, my mind starts to freeze 
The sentence can bring the world down to its knees.

I think of the sentences that people say 
Their lack of focus is what it displays
I think you need caution in the words that you chose 
There’s nothing to gain, yet so much to lose.

I see the sentence much like the sea
Revealing the rhythms inside of me
They reach a peak only to subside
Below the surface the intentions will hide.

The sentence also becomes something that seals my fate
Seconds become hours and then it feels too late
The sentence shall become the consequence you paid
 I find myself wanting to leave, yet I have just stayed.

A sentence is merely words in a row,
The seeds that you plant will be what you sow
As the thought start to blossom and then continue to grow  
This is the time when all the intentions will show.
 I guess we should take the time and believe what we say
Or the words become homeless with nowhere to stay
The words that come out can affect all we see
 The words that we choose determine just who we will be.

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Every Time

Every time the white grave cloths of winter disappears
And seeds in their ressurection rise
To wipe the faith of spring clean from winter's tears
Hope shines a new sun in my eyes.

Every the time the moon grows old, fragmented, and pale
I keep my eyes upon the eastern hills
Where the new moon turns full face on the sorrowing dale
And farm girls laughter from love overspills.

Every time the land grows dry and dust dims the blinded sight
I see the little cracks in the soil
Like vessels set to catch the coming showers with delight
And seed again the farmers' toil.

Every time nature brings changes to strand the tide of faith
I wait patiently the promise
That this mortal shall immortal be, for lessons on the slate
Of hills, sky and seas speak the certainty of this.

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I wonder a lot about getting old
"Have respect for your elders" I was always told
Will they hurt and tease me or maybe call me names
I hope they don't hit me or try to play mind games
Will they let me lay in a puddle or a mess
Will they always neglect me and never confess
Will they show their anger by making me wait
Or tell me they 'forgot' me, despite all their hate
I hope I am treated with tender loving care
If only they'd listen to what I have to share
The memories will be, my last resort
If I have my mind, I'll be able to sort
Sort out my life, all the good and bad
All the good things to come
And all the pleasant times I've had

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Shore of Time

By the shore, the sun now sets.
Here I stand, but time forgets
Standing, looking upon the sea
Will time be my enemy?

Memories flood from way back when
My head now filled of now and then
Some good, some bad, but all are mine
If only now, I had the time.

Whoa, to be able to one day return
Go back to the days for which I yearn
The life of love, I shared back then
Then, all my love, to you I send.

But, here is the now, present and still
No chance to go back, except for the will.
I have that want, so maybe you’ll see
A better tomorrow may come back to me.

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There once was a time when time didn’t seem like so little time
A time serendipitously sublime
There was once a clock that didn’t tick so fast
alas now that’s all part of the past

There once was a time when time took its time
Now it’s been altered into a crime
The sun didn’t dial the numbers as quickly
And sometimes time’s speed leaves me simply sickly

There once was a time when playtime never seemed to end
Time, back then, was still a friend
There once was a time when time wasn’t an enemy of mine
And I’d go backward if there wasn’t a dead-end sign

There once was a time when time could go quickly or slow
A time that, in my maudlin mind, will forever glow
But quickened time has taken it’s time and toll much as it must
Until from your last weakened breath you softly sigh, “dust to dust”
       © 2011.…~free cee!~ Phreepoetree

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FREE CEE an astral WASTE


Just because your lips don't meet mine
despite the moonlight
doesn't mean the morning will not shine
it only means the time wasn't right

the stars were not adeptly aligned
Venus wasn't where it should have been
but it doesn't mean that I was blind
because i've been knocking at your door but you won't let me in

just because I don't hold your hand
doesn't mean the world will end
it just means we didn't listen to the band
and there were too many octaves we had to mend

just because our shadows aren't shared
on an astral plane or otherwise
doesn't mean I never cared
but sometimes love is birthed until too soon it dies

and so I may never kiss your lips once more
but that doesn't mean I can't still savor the way it tasted
because loving you became a burdensome chore so I walked out the door
and it's only now I regret all the time we wasted
      (c)copy write 2012.....PHREEPOETREE ~free cee~

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My Dad

Dad is what you are
You slid into my life like a shooting star
You brought balance and comfort in
You brought me into a land with your grin

For a long time we were alone
For a long time we didn’t have you in our home
I still remember the absence of your presence
I still fill joy from gift of your essence

The way you worked so hard every day
The way you smiled in your loving way
The things you gave me that I never had
The way you walked in and became our dad

Though not borne to you as your own
Still my heart is filled with the love you have shown
My heart knows the love present in your hands
Through each callous and line I understand

You are the father I wanted before I knew
This I know in my heart is true
The man who took us to a humble home
And crafted it into a Palace of Rome

This it might seem to me
You brought us from the straights of poverty
You loved my mother with all your heart
You loved us all from the start

Yes, you are the father I love
The one sent to me by the angels above
I thank god for you each day
I thank god for sending you our way

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I spend more time making amends than I do progress
I have no friends nor family I wish to impress
A  lot of things have my signature as the owner, artist and thief
So I steal big bucks to bring turmoil and grief

I’ve done things most men wouldn’t do on a dare
A lover needed a kidney but I didn’t care
Let her go through dialysis but do not ever deny me 
For It’s been an obligation to disembowel those who try to defy me

I spend more time breaking hearts than the law as I live
Women come and go in and out of my life as a sieve
A colander, a strainer, a kitchen implement to separate the chaff  for the wheat
And when it comes to being a gentleman I am totally indiscreet

My boudoir becomes a brothel when I will it so
And when I tire of their kisses I just tell them to go
I don’t give a s**t about names, faces or being fair from day to day
And honestly I don’t mind living in such a  wayward way
         © 2011.….Phreepoetree ~free cee!~

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which vision is seen clearer, 
the smoke or the mirrors
the believers or the fearers
the far offs or the nearers

we all want to just believe
what is possible to conceive
we stick it out so to retrieve
what back then seemed too naive

yet we're on a one-way street
time marches ne'r to repeat
slicing our hours into discrete
ol' man time we cannot cheat

enjoying now and who we are
hands dip in life's cookie jar
life's blips flash on our radar
accept it's sometimes just bizarre

we may think we're some whomever
our names forgotten after successor
life apart can still be together
we're intertwined in time forever

living in past is not much choice
lessons learned from distant voice
sustain today with grace and poise
life and living we need to rejoice

© Goode Guy 2011-11-23

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The Times Were Changing: The Sixties

It was a time of turbulence and of change
We saw the take-off to the moon
A president shot by man, deranged
The Beatles break-up was coming too soon

King had been to the mountain top
Inspiring the world for a needed turn
Vietnam policing just didn’t stop
With protests requesting the government learn

The days were young, change past due
The sixties arrived with a bang
With riots, protests, the British too
It was a time of which we sang

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Wandering Souls

As we meander through the lifeless days
Escaping true bliss and the heated blaze.
Aimlessly searching for a better goal
We traverse this world as wandering souls.

Most times days are dark as a mystery
Dropping as dead leaves from a sunlit tree.
Wasting our time as though prodigal trolls
We circumnavigate as wandering souls.

Born bad seeds falling through steep cragged cracks
Trying to fill empty holes to get back.
Ogres and gargoyles can't rock but we roll
Destined to ramble on, wandering souls.

Our hell is excursions with nothing said
One can't change agony and lifelong dread.
Always a party filled with laughs,so droll
Not for us vagabond wandering souls.

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Remember The Father

It seems to me we notice
All the little things
Only when he yells
Or his words sadness brings

He isn’t some giant hero
Sent from outer space 
He is just a man
Offering loves embrace

He gave us a smile
Then he gives us all
He is always here
No matter when we call

He reaches out to hold us
Protects us from all harm
He might be harsh at times
He offers open arms

He gives us his attention
Tucks one into bed
Listens to our questions
Kisses our forehead

We never stop to thank him
Expecting him to be there
He is only human
There is no time to spare

Life is to short
To let this slip by
Just call The Father today
Even if you just say “Hi”

Take the time to remember
All he is to you
Remind him that you love him
And that your love is true

Whether it is your father
Or one that you have known
Send out a special greeting
In case they are alone

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One Leaf

Wind takes the first leaf
from a tree and it lets it fall.
Leaves that lie out on ground
and the tree cares not at all

for the loss of two or three
the branch sounds no alarm
plentiful are the leaves
their loss brings it no harm.

When the winter’s chill is gone
the stems will bud again?
Leafs will grow eternally 
trees never see their end.
I have wondered woods of green
through underbrush and leaves
and littered every where it seems
are trunks of old dead trees.

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Slow Down!

It seems that no one takes his or her time anymore,
as if they are always in a race.
Too bad, they will never appreciate the finer things 
if they do not slow down their pace.

Life is hard enough without trying to win 
so stop and take time for yourself today.
You will then realize that the true competitor
was you all along, defeated anyway.

So remember the next time you try to rush through
that no one, against you, will run.
Your life will be better, with time better spent,
as you will have time for some fun!

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Finding Itzhak Perlman

Top hat
Shoe shine
Tywhitt tie
Silk design
Snap heels
Harvest moon
Lowest lights
Fig perfume
Star leash
Driving hence
Toward the view
of recompense
Lights blur
Neon stiff
Leaving us
a sugar kiss
Brow bent
Toward the night
Linking arms
Russian, white.
Ice flesh
Music blood
Well me up
and loose the flood
Night breath
Gracing such
Lit electric
by your touch.
One voice
Stringing eyes
This is where
perfection lies...

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Thank-You Garden

The garden is producing food
as we go about our day.
Without so much as a thank-you
this garden goes away.

While in full swing, we pick it's fruit
and never look back.
We haul it in as if it's loot
that fills our empty sack.

One day I'd like to thank-you
for the goodness you provide.
I hope I'll have the time to
but time passes like the tide.

No matter what you're thinking
I appreciate your care
Maybe you're just a garden,
but I'm sure glad you're there!!

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The Grave Worms Manifesto

Zet-Zime time compressed communication tool:
To: The people of Earth
Date: 2000 -2009
From: The Grand Sovereign of Earth
Date: 2776
Title: Grave worms manifesto
Copy: 11231

No flowers grow in this parcel of time
We have long ago drunk all their waters.
Water it was once but now more it's slime,
Sacrifice flowers for sons and daughters.

This Zet-zime I send through time and place
As our consequence dire and pending.
Our die cast from your greediness waste
Predestined the plight of our human race.
This path you cursed being its ending.

Your primitive thoughts and narrow visions
War schemes ventured to dominate others
Decisions, revisions and constant incisions
Has scared this Earth and killed our mother.

Your technical beam that now burns bright
Will soon be centered by a select few
Whose conscience ream the masses' plight 
Leaving only energy for death's firelight.
And garrote your sky to a repulsive hue

We pray this zime reaches back in time
Before all communication is severed
A warning to common, elite and prime
Grave worms inherit all you endeavored. 

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Self-Destructive Page

I never hold a candle to you
never shine a light
There's no internal force
which keeps me yearning through the night
I'm horrid faced with paperwork
and technically unsound
There are no love notes hidden about
since you're not around
This town is vacuum-packed and rude
with heartstrings cut asunder
I can't help but wonder if you're still strung to me
I wonder, do we still love each other?
Our history is pasted 
on the walls of mind and matter
Electric smiles light up our lips
in glass too thick to shatter
But now my candle's flickering
on the edge of youthful age
I'm a story with no ending
on your self-destructive page.

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Ava and Me in our Rainy Retreat

Amaretto morning
just like the earth to be grey today
Time for the old dog-eared book
all the while begging the rain to stay
I couldn't buy a moment like this
even in Lion's Head Antique store
I couldn't wish for a better excuse
to sink into myself, or to love you more
You grab the pillows and blanket
I'll fill the room with Red Star music
We will tell stories 'till we're laughing out loud
Ions of rain and the pressure diffuses
We are no longer dealing with death
We are no longer frazzled and wild
Just give us the rain on a Tuesday morning
and we become silly, as mother and child...

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Never despair when a loss hits home and you desperately seek
anyone to embrace, to let the tears decrease the unbearable pain,
which persists until you release it to your powerful faith;
only then the dreadful shadow is suddenly lifted by revelation... 

Death may be the only desire you invoke,
words and hugs that impart sympathy, can increase the yoke;
what is needed is more time to mourn by yourself,
sitting alone, meditating and delving into those forgotten images...

It may be an improper time to squeeze sweetness
out of memories that have turned overwhelmingly 
bitter, but out of a tragedy another miracle happens:
life is valued more and lived more fully and deligently...   

Never despair, or let the tears increase the unbearable pain,
that can make your spirit much weaker and delusive; denying it a desired stride
and that certain confidence to count how many tears you have shed,     
and see each one as a dewdrop absorbed by the warmth of the awakening sunrise...

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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The Chocolate Jar

Glazed ceramic, spun with hands
with tender finger prints imbed
somewhere from the hills of Spain
given to us when we wed
Signed in marker on the bottom
brushed in dust and gold
holds our trinkets of disaster
crystal cracked and cold
There's that time we strung each other
ice glass beads on threaded wind
and that time we threw one another
bouncing back and forth again
What about when our eyes were blinded
wandering around in the dark for days
or all the grease we drenched on wheels
to clog up the cogs in a thousand ways
More to be said, just not worth saying
Held in the chocolate jar and sealed
Somewhere in Spain there's a lady still spinning
these jars in ceramic, dynamic, congealed
Ours we will smash in the fire one day
freeing the bruises in smoke to the sky
We will laugh silly and send our disasters
spiraling upward,  toward the heavens they'll fly...

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Showing of Stars

Silence and shooting stars
Icycle wind
Spins me in every way
Beckons me in
Night of the deepest blue
Moon on my face
Air of the mountains
mingled with space
Winter is on the wings
Let's sip the silence
I'm filled with shooting stars
nature's compliance
Pines on the evening watch
Protectors elite
You by my side
makes this moment complete...

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One trip around the sun
And I still haven’t left this place
Burning feeling from my pen
Time from a distant mind

Eight phases of the moon
Eclipsed in a crater of discovery
Sifting through foreign thoughts
And I still haven’t left this place

Wading in a barren strait
Shipwrecked though never at sea
And I still haven’t left this place
Anchored by scribbled dreams

And I still haven’t left this place
And I don’t exactly know why
Trapped between two ears
Until I digress…sometime

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Sunday's Sermon

To use one’s hand to touch a heart
Is to caress one’s inner being
To let them know that you are there
That kindness is never fleeing.

To sing a song, deaf ears can hear
To prepare the food for others to taste
To provide them warmth on bitter days
To allow, not time to waste.

To do these things, not seek reward
Your reward’s found in the giving
Waste not your time and grieve a loss
But focus on the living

It’s now that we all need your touch
Of our lives, please be a part
Reach out your hands to one another
And learn to touch a heart.

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Sit as a Family

The challenge of a dinner
To sit the family
Is one that’s ever going
Worth it though, you see

For if you come together
To have a daily meal
Conversation then comes in
With lives to be revealed

Share in daily banter
To learn about each day
Values will develop
Help children on their way

So take the time to listen
Make the time to speak
Enforce the time to sit and share
Make family strong, not weak

By enforcing conversation
Your children’s values grow
Share with them your days spent
Teach everything you know

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Missing Andrea

When I am in your presence
and our souls are drawn in line
we pale the day in an eccentric way
within the folds of time
When we are separated
our souls demagnetize
We crumble in our delivery
dust to dust and rust inside
I watch the clock impatient
with my fingers tapping your tune
Make ready your feet to be with me complete
under one and the same golden moon
I'm catching the next constellation
to fold and unfold wrinkled time
I'm internally set by the pulse in your wrist
just as you are incumbent with mine...

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Shore of Time

By the shore, the sun now sets.
Here I stand, but time forgets
Standing, looking upon the sea
Will time be my enemy?

Memories flood from way back when
My head now filled of now and then
Some good, some bad, but all are mine
If only now, I had the time.

Whoa, to be able to one day return
Go back to the days for which I yearn
The life of love, I shared back then
Then, all my love, to you I’d send.

But, here is the now, present and still
No chance to go back, except for the will.
I have that want, so maybe you’ll see
A better tomorrow may come back to me.

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Why fear the ghosts of those who passed?
I ask you, were they not family or friend?
If loved ones were to come one day back,
wouldn’t it be good to see them again?
There’s no danger, ever, from those you loved.
They returned just to say a few things.
Don’t run in fear while screaming aloud!
Listen to the message that they bring.
Perhaps they came to shed some light.
Perhaps they came just in order to say,
that they can see you from where they are
and you better just change your ways.
Ghosts are just those memories
that manifest themselves over time.
For, if you believe, I mean really believe,
it isn’t just all in your mind.
I, too, have spoken with those who have passed.
They had come with a message from above.
They told me that I should not ever worry
and just take care of those that we love.
There really is a better place, they said,
that we all can look forward to see.
They will go back and prepare us room.
There would be no better place to be.
The next time a ghost appears before you,
take the time to listen and truly hear.
For will be a message that they will bring,
from a person you once held so dear.

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Luxury of Living Things

Spring is in my steps.
It's tucked behind my ear in orange blossoms.
It shivers me in sun in morning breezes
and stops to coil seeds in soil spun.
It foils all the last attempts of winter
to ice and freeze the sapling green decree
while slipping songs to birds in rectifying
the quiet of the winter's revelry.
Spring is in my smile.
It's braided in my breath of peppermint
It has me waking irises from frozen ground in sleep
and crushing air perfume into their scent
It matches every moon to slip in silver
It breathes the sun and warms the sullen ground
It wakes to dance the prelude into summer
to the luxury of living things abound...

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Love, Long Ago

When wintertime chills the nighttime air
and fireplaces, like candles, glow,
it is your hearth, I long to lay with you by
and reflect on days of long ago.

We were young and frolicked the days away.
We had no thoughts except for the now,
but those days had traveled on so fast
and we lost sight of those days somehow.

We enjoyed those times, those carefree days.
We threw it all to the wind for a chance.
The love we shared was beautiful then,
far greater than any other romance.

Here, in the shadows of the hearth glow,
though time had stolen our days,
age has been kind to you my sweet
and changed our love in so many ways.

Now, when I hold you, a tear I shed
knowing you’ve given your life to me.
Though, beauty surrounds us each and every day
it is only you that I will continue to see.

Those young ones that don’t know what true love can be,
like talking or just holding hands,
will never attain the love that we’ve  shared
and will never appreciate the dance.

That dance, when we first locked in our gaze,
and together, learned to move as one.
Dances like that are left to the past
and for the rest of the world, they’re gone.

Here, as the light of the fire surrounds
with the music that’s played in our hearts,
I still see the young girl I met long ago
and see forever with no endings, just starts.

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Eternity sits on a lazy road
waiting for time to arrive
A basket of seasons spread out on the ground
to be sorted and thrown to the sky
Autumn is gasping at dry burning leaves
trapped under frost every morn
Eternity lowers the clouds down to touch
and the moment of winter is born
The sky lets the wind loose to rattle the eaves
Grey aspirations and snow
Sun is now stuffed in the comfortable pocket
of time and it's infinite flow
Eternity sits on a lazy road
just whittling down time with a knife
Carving out seasons whenever it pleases
Ah, Eternity does have the life...

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Love's Prelude

Sand the hour down to moments
Leave the dust beside the door
Call the taxi rush to honor
Shed emotions to the floor
Skin the listen with decision
Pull the wild trance to sing
Cancel all your past appointments
Leave behind the tears you bring
Kiss the air as if your last
Taste the rain and cut your hair
Show the world your passion laughing
Fleece the silver from your stare
Blow the solid moon a blanket
Find the locket that you lost
Melt your calling, moon is falling
Sell your pain at market cost
Strip the skin to bone endeavors
Lamp light all the stars above
For tonight you're breaking moments
For tonight you'll fall in love.

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Know, that time is constantly moving,
therefore, our time will one day end.
It is, now, that we should be constantly living;
the life is, now, we should defend.
For though tomorrow, there is hope
and even yesterday, it’s now gone.
Today, the day that we all share in,
is the day we should all bask in the sun.
My message is strong, it should be clear now.
Do not forsake the things that you have.
For today is the day you have to enjoy them
before they end up as part of your past.
Remember, now, my friends and family,
there is a life, of which, that we all know
and if, we give it up for tomorrow,
then, within the life we’ll never grow.
We must stand strong, while living today.
We must realize friends and family we have.
We must acknowledge all others around us,
for if not in our present, they’re part of our past.

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Flee the Fire

Hear through ears of turbulent change,
Taste with crackling desire
Feel the room exhale in a sigh
with your senses akin to the fire

Straddle your gait as you pull in the reigns
Footsteps singed black by the floor
Smoke vision cleans you, a soul polish shine
of ashes to dust evermore

Walls aching now and a moment from falling
Pregnant clouds not quick enough in their calling
Sky like the anger of a woman red scorned
Sagging floor licked in it's blisters forlorned

Sap all your strength as you fall to your knees
Heavy air settles your breath
Fly through your life an instant with ease
like the infinite rattle of death

You were just sleeping and dreaming of warmth
engulfed in the yearning to pray
Burst open the door to be instantly cooled
in the arms of your life, a new day...

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Awake the Dead!

Within the hearts of all mankind
Lies a silent lamenting scream
Gives not to day, nor reality
It only gives to nighttime dream

For man, he sleeps his days away
Though conscious, locked in his head
It’s time to awaken from dormancy
It’s time to awaken the dead

Stand up, arise, give to the day
That, you wish for in your heart
Allow yourself a new realm of life
Give to yourself, a new start

Live free, be free, dream out loud
Be not afraid to do what pleases
Work through hardship, past the pain
Give to yourself new releases

For in life, you’re not alive, if asleep
You must live your days without dread
Alas, awaken from your weary slumber
Come now alive! Awake the dead!

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14 Years

Almost 14 years now, to the day,
her lips formed the words, “I do”.
I could not have predicted, ever foreseen,
a love that could withstand and hold true.

With promise to love and promise to care,
together, we walked into tomorrow.
Holding hands, letting go and grabbing again
continues to keep at bay, all sorrows.

With her at my side, this half is now whole;
a perfect completion, bodies now one.
A love more radiant could never be seen
by staring into the rising, nor setting sun.

God, in the heavens, I thank you, I do
for the angel, of whom I had wed.
You sent her to a man who was giving up
and, on love, felt all chances were dead.

On the night that we celebrate the clocks turning hands,
chiming fourteen years since the wedding kiss,
I celebrate love and the time spent with her
and the matrimonial, harmonious bliss.

(We recently celebrated our 15th - How time flies)

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Time On the Run

Tragedy pooled up in your footprints
in oil, in mud and in steel
Far out in front at the edge of the road
it grinded your thoughts at the wheel
Powdered to mist and to dusty debris
tragedy blew with it's lips
All at once time took a turn to the left
and skimmed by your cheek in a kiss
You never reached out and touched time before
with all of it's plodding and pain
Thoughts to the wind and it's over your head
like the refuse of chaff leaving grain
Tragedy temperance, heaving with bite
setting your gait and your eyes
Scattered and shattered with time on the run
to the place where it goes when it flies.

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Time With You

My day’s work, it just never seems to end.
I go home from the office, to things to do.
I never seem to have moments for myself,
Like enjoying a moment, some time with you.

Well, here is a resolution to make this year
I won’t worry about the house, the yard, the chores.
The things will remain broken, unless truly needed,
Because it’s time we all need and I’m giving more.

The money, it’s modest, my work, it’s a bore,
But my life will be better with this, I choose.
I’ll sacrifice money and time spent away
Just to spend so much more time with you.

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Backyard Memoirs

Tangerine shells, hollowed of pulp
left out to dry like pumpkin debris
Surinam cherries, peppered with bite
red juicy flesh, but mostly just seed
Sky line of rain trees, cloud chomping blue
to eat up my dreams and float me to sea
But, mostly there's you, laughing with eyes
that right now resemble the woman in me
I'm not a fool, to live in these dreams
balmy and breathing the salt in the air
I've given up all of my conjuring thoughts
smashing up memories 'till you appeared
Tangerine shells, skin of my skin
now part of the soil at a home that's not ours
Leveled of trees, blown to the ground
Lifetime of growth stripped to earth in but hours
Still, mostly there's you, laughing with eyes
listening strong as I storied my dreams
I'm not a fool, with wisdom defunct
but there's no leveling me by my memory's decree.

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Stirring to Storms

Eye twitch to thunder
Bed stretch to rain
Pod of our house
with tin roof as our skin
Drip of papayas
Moment of green
Every last leaf
with a slick and a sheen
Compass of darkness
Clouds kissing trees
Cumulous whisper
to us on our knees
Noses to windows
Peeping to see
the music which pulled us
from blankets of sleep.

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Let There Be Light

Upon a cold windowsill,
Sits a beautiful dove.
Ruffled feathers from the chill,
And bitter darkness from above.
Pondering the biggest concern,
Will the tick-top ever stop?
Yet the top shall still turn,
And the ball shall still drop.
The pane becomes frost,
Dim light becomes among.
Although the night may be lost,
Sky's moon is still hung.
Channeling to yellow from blue,
Melting clear shivering ice.
The heavens are coming onto,
Undoing the blackness with precise.

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Dear Sis in Law

Dear sis-in-law, you are never older
You are now getting wiser by the year
I hope the knowledge that you acquire
Let’s you meet things head on, without fear

The sun will always rise for every morrow
As will it set, when day turns into night.
Into your future, with the sunrise, may you walk
Towards the sun, so that your face is always in the light.

When evening comes, the moon will then smile
Rising to allow you light, romantic and serene
Let the moon assist you this year and ever after
And let it grant everything you’ve ever dreamed.

So, Kathy, I have to say now, Happy Birthday!
I’m sorry that this poem’s a little late
Forgive me please, time is of the essence
You’re 41 now, with not much time waste. 

Ha Ha Ha!!!

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Birth Right

The evening sky covers the field like a blanket
As the moon appears as a nightlight for all to see
The beauty of the land’s new reflective splendor
Opens to the eyes of those who wish view happily

As the moon appears as a nightlight for all to see
My eyes squint to retrieve the beauty falling before
I smile as my heart sighs with the image bestowed
At this time of the evening, the earth now adorned

The beauty of the land’s new reflective splendor
Is a daily reminder of the many gifts on the earth
I remain thankful for my time and my witnessing
These many gifts granted as a right, from my birth

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No Time Like the Present

There’s no stopping tomorrow from becoming today
So pack up your wishes, just put them away
Now is the time to do all that you’ve dreamed
Start acting on wishes and all of your schemes

Waste not a moment as time goes so fast
Count on each second to make your time last
Be everything you have always wanted to be
Now is the time to make dreams history

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From Out of the Blue (The Morning) Part 2

We arose early the next day, the sun not yet up.
Coffee? Yes, we both had a few.
Without a word for each other, we got ourselves ready,
Knew exactly what we had to do.

The bank would not open until about nine o’clock
She needed money, lots, real fast.
I planned to help her get it and send her on her way, 
But plans change, they never last.

We got to the bank, in fact we were right on time.
He was there with his men in toe.
We noticed the group. They noticed us as well.
We knew that we just had to go.

Quickly we ran through the crowded city streets
With the men, giving us a chase.
We ducked in an alley and then through a door,
Had time to breathe, but no time to waste.

Peering out the window of the clothing store, where we hid,
Looking for those still on the run.
The coast was clear; we bought new clothes and changed.
Somewhere, I had to go for a gun.

We managed to get to a motel in order to lay low,
Compile thoughts, just think.
We planned an escape to get ourselves out of town
Until we, each, had our first drink.

It all came back, like a force of nature upon us
The memories, the lust we shared.
However, we had quite more, a friendship as well.
Lust, now? We just couldn’t dare.

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Pleasure Palace

In a land so very far away
Exists a castle fifty stories high
With a room for every day of the year
I can only wish to get to there before I die

They say each room has a theme
For each theme brings such pleasure
If one’s to take their time in each room
They will certainly find their hearts treasure

A man, there, can feed his every need
His desires, whatever they are, would be met
For there, he would be able to fulfill all his dreams
Giving him grand memories, ones he’d never forget

If you’re ever in that part of the world
You’re looking to have the time of your life
Head to the castle with a years worth of rooms
But consider, first, if you should bring your wife

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My Time

Sitting, patiently, waiting for the catch of a lifetime
My line sits still in the calmness of the lake
My mind, well, it’s someplace other than here
Perhaps on a beauty, of whom I’d partake.

In any case, the time goes slowly by, draining
Me of my energy and of all of my dreaming thoughts
If I don’t catch something real soon to bring home
Then a trip to the store is in need, for fish to be bought.

This time alone, well, it is so very rare, indeed,
But a necessity, I’d say, just to sit and to dream.
I’m thankful still, though nothing is biting today.
It allows me the time to just let off some steam.

Well, wouldn’t you know it, a tug on the line,
Maybe a big ole catfish, one to put up a fight.
I can now leave here knowing, I got what I needed
And I’ll be eating real good sometime later tonight.

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Fred and Ginger

Paper waltz in candy light
flickering and swollen
We belong to yesteryear
in this moment stolen
Dancing 'round the silvered cane
sugared lips a salty kiss
Black and white on tv screens
longing stripped as pure as this
Flowing skirts in see through silk
tapping heels on marble floors
Slipping air into our pockets
makes me want you all the more
Might as well be strung on chords
candy floss from rafters wood
as we dance with swollen looks
spoken not, but understood.

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Kenzie and Ava

One has a sleeping bag
One a knit hat
in pink with a pearly
heart button at that
One loves her poetry
One loves to sing
She hums with maturity
whispered age brings
Both love to dance
(they sure do love to dance)
They hold hands in waltzes
and butterfly prance
They twirl with no music
and laugh twinkle eyes
They tumble in heaps
of their sweetness surprise
Both are identical
Both are unique
Both hold my heart
trapped in moments they keep
One has dark curly hair
One in straight blond
Plastic barrettes 
to the ball and beyond
One loves her somersaults
One loves her art
Both love each other
and never will part...

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The Hourglass

Shaped with curves, forever haunting, teasing,
She beckons me to take my time, not to waste.
I lay amazed at her ever-flowing nature, though
Within her being, I am instructed to make haste.

Her sands of time, with gravity, descends quicker
Leaving me no time at all, for to admire.
I ask of her, please stop your sands from flowing
Therefore, time may slow, allow my demanding fire.

She teases me and says that she will slow down,
However, reality says that she could never be.
The hourglass will always remain constant,
For sand and glass is all that you can see.