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Suicide Quatrain Poems | Quatrain Poems About Suicide

These Suicide Quatrain poems are examples of Quatrain poems about Suicide. These are the best examples of Suicide Quatrain poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Forever Blue

I am forever blue,
Just like the sky,
All the rain that falls on you,
Is how I feel when I cry.

I am deep blue like the sea,
Barely breathing beneath the waves,
How lonely can one be?,
There's nothing left here to save.

This feeling is not once in a blue moon,
It lasts all day and night,
It's as deep as a blue lagoon,
With no end in sight.

The frosty air is so cold,
On this blue December night,
Here is what my future holds,
And I know it isn't right.

My whole life has been so blue,
With so many turns like a river,
The water is so cold now, too,
It makes me really shiver.

My future is so blue,
And this is my only end,
I want to tell you, I love you,
Because you're my only friend.

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I'm Sick to the Core

I’m sick of this world
Sick to the core
And I can’t forgive
Or pretend anymore

I smile but I’m crying
I am through being kind
I hate people playing
Around with my mind

I know I’m naive
I know I’m a fool
But it’s hard to see
How you can be cruel

You just carry on
Pretend I’m ok
When all that I want
Is to end this day

I just want to hide
I want to break free
From all who torment
And who torture me

I’ve just had enough
Enough of these tears
Enough of this life
Enough of these fears

It’s just too damn hard
To get it all right
To deal with this hurt
To sleep through the night

My heart is broken
This isn't a joke
I guess it happened
From all that you spoke

You didn't say sorry
You just walked away
You think I’m a stone…
Or some game to play

I’m heaving with sobs
I struggle, and cry
Try to understand
Your sick reason why

Want to crawl in bed
And lock myself in
What you’ve done to me
Is surely a sin

I’m sick, I’m alone
You’ve gouged out my heart
Go and now and sleep tight
While I fall apart.

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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What was going through your head
When you decided to end your life
Did you consider your love ones at all 
Leaving behind your sons and wife

Failing to show up for work on Monday
Not calling or coming home that night
Leaving your family frantic and scared
So cruel of you to leave them in this plight

You were reported missing to the police
Your car found on Tuesday near Niagara Falls
Witnesses seen you jump in the icy waters
Just thinking about skin crawls
Three weeks later, your body still not found
Your wife is still struggling to stay strong
Posting pictures of you in happier times
Sorrow you left behind will be lifelong
Now your boys will grow up fatherless
Never understanding the reason why
Damage done to them emotionally
Tears of confusion and anguish as they cry

A small community remains shell shocked 
The awfulness of it all is so hard to digest
The reasons why we'll never truly know
May your tormented soul now be at rest

12/ 09/ 2013
*A sad and true story, his children are in my son's school.

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                THE‘MORROW’S MAJESTY

Tomorrow might mean angel day
To be followed by one angelic night
Tomorrow I may view an angel’s display
A dais of delectable delight 

I can never be certain when she will alight
One of Heaven’s most hallowed sights
For forever I will fear her final flight
No more love, laughter nor luminescent light

My ‘morrow might mean angel’s wings
And a soul of sublimation
A heavenly body to which this man clings
And I’ve clung so long to the finery of fascination

Tomorrow’s sun to shine on mine
Mine angel who was weaned on wonder and sacramental wine
A lady who is afar far too often for me
She who opens an enchanting door for me

Tomorrow’s moon might mean wings away
Oh if ever my angel couldst ever stay
No more to bear an angel’s softly sighed fare well
An angel at the ready with a seraphim's spell

                            ©2012…PHREEPOETREE..~free cee!~

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White Lies

The lazy look upon her eyes,
Revealed the essence of little white lies;
Giving a grin and swimming in sin,
She cannot hide what's deep inside.

Silently sealed beneath the surface,
Lies held hostage with no purpose;
The price of deception won't cost any less,
Sadly she suffers stressed and depressed. 

Tormented by her inner demons,
For tales she told with no clear reason;
Stuck standing in a pitiful place,
With nowhere to go, she's lost the race.

The lies unfold when she did not care,
To bear the burden of her secret affair;
Filled with deep anguish, from her loss of love,
She laid in the tub, in a bath of blood.