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Quatrain Spring Poems | Quatrain Poems About Spring

These Quatrain Spring poems are examples of Quatrain poems about Spring. These are the best examples of Quatrain Spring poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Breath Of Love

I hold my breath, impatiently
anticipating spring
and dress the sky delicately 
in stars your bright eyes bring.
Spring days are flushed with love’s warm glow,
the nights untamed by sparks.
Our rhythmic dance for two bestows
full moon to light the dark. 
I’ll never stammer for excuse
to ask for your soft kiss,
or with my words unkind bemuse. 
Our love means more than this -
the shady oak, the rose’s bloom,    
a waterfall’s cascade.
The beauty of a starling’s plume 
when near you seems to fade.
Your words are all the air I breathe.  
In your embrace, I’m whole;
your love’s a thousand spring blooms wreathed
around my yielding soul.
In summer, winter and in fall,
I’ll seek your rambling heart,
but with a breath of love in spring,
we’ll never be apart. 

Copyright © Rhonda Johnson-Saunders | Year Posted 2015

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Give Me Spring

Take away my static hair,
My thick, wool toque, my glassy eyes.
Take away the chilly air,
The endless clouds, the covered skies.

Give me back my sun-streaked hair,
My floppy hat, my shaded eyes. 
Give me back the sea-salt air,
The fluffy clouds, the crystal skies. 

Take away my dull, dry skin,
My soggy mitts, my booted feet.
Take away the frosty wind,
The icy paths, the slushy streets.

Give me back my sun-tanned skin,
My denim shorts, my flip-flop feet.
Give me back the toasty wind,
The sparkling dunes, the sandy streets.

Take away harsh Winter's sting, 
His gales of hail, his banks of snow.
Give me back my darling Spring,
Her rising sun, her lovely glow.

Copyright © Heather Ober | Year Posted 2013

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Celebration - Winter to Spring

Celebration - Winter to Spring

We celebrate spring equinox
   that day in March, at winter's end,
when spring awakens, resurrects
    with brand new landscape to attend.

Our winter days brought time to rest
   with colder days and pristine snow.
Her barren beauty did present
   that peaceful quiet, subdued glow.

Neath icy ground and bare dry limbs
   our winter was asleep at rest.
But oh, the glory in her womb
   as springtime stirs the winter nest.

Spring season is a magic time;
   from winter's dole new life is born,
and budding leaves on branch and vine
   bring forth new image every morn.

New hope, new promise, spring has come;
   we celebrate this brand new start
with warmer days, green grass, blue sky...
   we feel the rebirth in our heart.

Sandra M. Haight

~3rd Place~
Contest: Celebration
Sponsor: Shadow Hamilton
Judged: 04/03/2016

Copyright © Sandra Haight | Year Posted 2016

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A Poet's Spring

Winter’s snowy mantel is quietly disappearing
Slowly he abdicates  his reign until next year
This year’s queen is putting on her freshest dress
Every day its tender colors blushingly appear …

The heart of every hungry poet gladdens now
The joy of renewal must now be put to pen
What was a dream becoming reality once again
And words flow from that hidden place within….. 

Frantically we write of fields of yellow daffodils
The lamb’s bleat, the new bud upon the branch
Emotions twist and turn about in springtime breezes
And happily we explore the flavors of this year’s romance…


Copyright © Barbara Gorelick | Year Posted 2016

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Each Spring Takes Wing

The crocus first peers from beneath cold earth
Finding warm air and sunshine o’er the snow
Magnificent colors paint hearts with mirth
As in full swing lovers’ great passions grow

Most women associate love with spring
Though young men’s thoughts turn to baseball diamonds
While children fly kites that take gentle wing
As snowbirds return from tropic islands

How blessed we are to breathe that fresh air
One more spring in the calendar of life
When lilacs fill gardens with lavender flare
Vows uttered as man makes woman his wife

Their first child’s birth arrives the next April
Just months after grandma’s been laid to rest
Seasons like ages approach ever graceful
As robins watch offspring fly from the nest

For PD's "Spring" contest

Copyright © Carolyn Devonshire | Year Posted 2011

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Spring Cleaning of the Cluttered Soul

Scrap the smoldering, winsome words
the lovely odd truce made of letters
found carved with the edge of an old pocket knife
on a strap made of metal and leather
Burn off the tarnish on platinum rings
engraved with the infernal: "LOVE"
found pulling limp loyalty up to it's feet
and then giving it a death dealing shove
Trip over shoes which should still be for dancing
and spin them right into the trash
found in the corner of the cluttered dark room
like a pack rat's incurable stash
Blow open windows long stuck closed with paint
Push all the junk to the sill
Unburden your soul of it's hideous secrets
and snatch back your sacred free will...

Copyright © Tatyana Carney | Year Posted 2005

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Talitha Cumi

To all who are deep inside your chambers,
asleep in your homes abroad.
Here comes the sound of drums,
decreeing new orders from God.

To all of you clovers and lillies,
wrapped in your frosty cocoons.
Can you hear the distant drummings;
those imminent thunderous tunes?

To all of you bears and badgers,
waking in your winter dens.
The toms and snares beckon you.
Come in the twenties and in the tens.

To all of you fish in the water,
buried in your icy tombs.
The troubadours announce your resurrection.
Join us, as life resumes.

And what is the source of these drums?
It is the springtime’s thundercloud.
The lightning bolts show their faces.
for the first time in the wintry shroud.

We thank you, Vetr, for your respite.
Now we are alive and brand new.
But none remain asleep forever,
and so, to winter we bid you adieu!

Copyright © Daniel Carter | Year Posted 2016

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Memories On Branches

An old board and a rope had made me a swing,
Sitting there when I was around the age of nine,
I curiously looked up to see the first sign of spring,
Where a robin was building a nest of twigs entwined.

Summer's heat burned my shoulders, so I sought shade,
I climbed up into your strong arms at the age of fourteen,
Along with a book, I relaxed in a solitude no one could invade,
I found myself lost within the pages and the leaves of green.

On a lazy, autumn afternoon, at the age of twenty-three,
I raked the dead leaves that buried my feet into a pile,
Through the orange limbs my black cat peered down at me,
Then leapt from the tree to play among the leaves for awhile.

Now, as I am rapidly approaching the age of thirty-one,
Branches are encased in ice, as winter continues to unfold,
From my window, I see the cardinals and the disappearing sun,
Reminding me that life still survives in the bitter cold.

March, 7th, 2014

Gail Angel Doyle's contest - "Memories On Branches"

Copyright © Kelly Deschler | Year Posted 2014

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Here Comes The Sun

It's been dull and dreary for months on end.
The chill of winter is lingering long,
Invading my bones and disturbing my mind.
How I wish this season would hurry along.

Waking this morning I glanced out my window,
Expecting more snow, more clouds, more gray.
But to my surprise and immense delight,
Golden sunlight is in full display!

Here comes the sun in all of its glory,
To warm up the earth and begin its rebirth.
The ice will soon melt and nature awaken,
With colorful flora sprouting up from the earth.

Here comes the sun, see it rise in the east,
Feel its warmth on your face at midday.
Winter's sojourn is coming to an end.
Hallelujah! Spring is on the way.

Kim Merryman
For Heather Ober's Beatlemania contest

Copyright © Kim Merryman | Year Posted 2013

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A Most Beautiful Spring Day - Quatrain By Letters

~A Most Beautiful Spring Day~ (Quatrain By Letters) The most beautiful day has come again There's so much for us to be thankful for The butterflies & bees fly after the rain There's so many more wonderful things in store. The hummingbirds get fed from flowers The air is so very nice and mild today The spring season can bring lots of showers The children go out and some play all day. Tending the garden a nice thing to do Trees and plants all turn green and grow The sky is clear and so wonderfully blue There's much enchantment in spring and that's so! Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2012 January.25.2015
'Quatrain by Letters' is a style created by Erich J. Goller.

Copyright © Dorian Petersen Potter | Year Posted 2015

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Spring Like the Phoenix

Spring, like the Phoenix, rises from the ash of winter's fire,
when ice and snow from frozen row were logs upon its pyre.
The thaw will trickle moisture to each niche upon the earth.
The liquid flame of water means a season of rebirth.

The Phoenix lived for centuries while the seasons are our place.
Our lives in hastened, fleeting years meets death once, face to face.
So, when the waters grant new life our world takes on the sheen
of bold and brilliant color showing forth so fresh and keen.

Bright summer knows the vigor of each green and living thing:
the creatures, all that walk or crawl, or soar upon the wing.
Bold seasons see the great bird's crest as lustrous, bright and gold,
but as the seasons cool and dry the Phoenix grows so old.

His colors are still vivid for the shortened days of fall,
but slowly piling twigs and leaves he readies for his pall.
The harvest gleaned, cold holds dominion 'oer the late fall air,
a sallow, aging, Phoenix seeks in earnest for his lair.

The long and dormant winter binds all life within its chill.
The once quite vibrant Phoenix lies upon death's pyre, so still.
We long to see the Sun shine bright and wake our frozen earth,
its fire means like the Phoenix we experience rebirth.

                                               Spring, Like the Phoenix
                                               Iambic Heptameter

Copyright © Brian Baumgarn | Year Posted 2015

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Rainbow Blossoms And Fragile Bubbles

Spring labor of  rainbow blossom
As soft, gentle warm breeze pass
A tranquil redolence fragrance
Ballad on carpet grass

Clear,crisp mirrored fragile bubbles
Of purples, pinks, greens, and blend
Float and dance amongst the valley
Rupture with wet descend

My heart caresses a bouquet
Rainbow bubbles and carefree
As the fields blossoms quince for thirst
In memory of thee

Inflorescence spring flowers reborn
Breaths of bubbles gently kiss the morning blossoms

© Eve Roper 4/11/2015

Copyright © Eve Roper | Year Posted 2015

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The Green of Spring

Dressed in various shades of green Mother nature happily gives us spring With delight she paints the meadows And shares the joy that it doth bring.. The moss upon the barren rock And green 'round the daffodil Trees, their bud and tender leaf The pond behind the old grist mill In its glory green speaks of mystery And life that renews this time each year Nature smiles at winter's nodding head With emerald eyes spring again appears

Copyright © Barbara Gorelick | Year Posted 2013

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Spring Blessings

Such lovely things are part of spring, Each greening, borning, blooming thing. A pansy face, a new made nest, In spring God sends his very best. How can one see and yet not know, It's God who makes the springtime show; Yellow chicklings, downy ducklings, All new growings, all new sucklings? Kitten and puppy, foal and lamb, Each one is sent by the great I Am. In the worst of winter's fury, Spring is coming, not to worry. God shows his love to us in spring With all new things to make hearts sing. He fills our needs to keep us whole, Topped off with spring, to feed the soul. Won a 3rd in contest

Copyright © Joyce Johnson | Year Posted 2012

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The Coming of Spring

With winter’s end thankfully imminent
The fresh air of spring soon becoming
Blackbird and the Thrush in noble song
Bumble Bee alone busily humming.

Along avenues of scented Lilacs
Dry stone walls mingle with the dawning
Scattered seeds laze in welcome sunshine
Hosts of yellow heads acclaim the morning.

Pussy Willow caress the embankment
Sweet Bluebells across the valley chime
Fragrant hedgerow vibrate to dawn’s tune
Once more adding to the memoir of time.

Copyright © harry horsman | Year Posted 2011

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Zephyr Of Spring

Spring's yellow-green heart shaped tender leaves blown
Spring's zephyr winds tossed new leaves to and fro
Quickly from hidden laden buds now grown
Absorbing sunlight, spring's green soon to go

Rabbits now from their cozy burrow run
Hop, jump enjoy green tender shoots of grass
While lazily basking in morning sun
Then in late afternoon hide as clouds amass

As the twilight cast its eerie shadow
The sleeping birds roost in their summer nest
Sleepily fawn_doe in lush green meadow
Darkness of night with shadows now brings rest

Copyright © Sara Kendrick | Year Posted 2011

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Farmers Market in Spring

Hanging baskets swing in sunshine.
Troves of lilacs everywhere.
Venders open down the line.
Boiling peanuts permeate fresh air.

Hundreds of flowers revel in beauty.
Some plain but many exotic.
So cheap of price, I feel it my duty.
To buy a few, and do, wouldn’t you know it.

Usually, too many, before I notice
how light my wallet gets, unless I use debit.
Then I’m looking for space in every crevice
of my car, truck or van; by then I’m on credit.

But what’s money.  Usually gone, nothing to show.
Life is too short to not have some pleasure.
We're here for a while, then, too soon we go.
Satisfaction from beauty is the real treasure.

© Jan 2011 For Francine's "Bring on Spring" contest

Copyright © Charles Henderson | Year Posted 2011

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Spring Has Done Sprung

Nothing is more exhilarating Than the first warm day of spring As we shoo away old man winter Listening to the birdies sing Crocuses, daffodils, and tulips Popping up to greet the day Laughter reigns in nature's abode Through the merry month of May It feels like a whole brand new start The world is young once more Filled with joy and great expectations As we knock on summer's door Gayly sailing into the season ahead Let's first enjoy the moment A moment each year of true renewal The joyful season of content © Jack Ellison 2013 A bit premature perhaps?

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2013

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See thaw and flow
As winter goes;
Observe the glow
Spring ritual lo!

See the mood swing
From low to high;
Lunar year springs
As magic sighs.

See colours bright
In flowers' hymn;
Vivid delights
For the spring nymphs!

See myriad births
As death keeps still;
Life springs with mirth
With joys that fill.

See faces smile
As sun brings birth;
Nature re-styles
Good Mother Earth.

See bright glories
In little things;
Warm tapestries
In swirl and swing.

See sun and rain
Create a show;
Metaphors stain
Arch of rainbow.

See so much more
That words can tell;
Sense a pure core
That ever dwells.

See vivid change
Surround and ground;
Wonder meets strange
In range now found.

See soul and heart
In season's mind;
Start to craft art
In hearty finds.

Leon Enriquez
06 February 2015

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2015

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The First Scent Of Spring

Believe I can smell the sweetest smell That first scent of spring in the air To see you standing in the morning sun The wind blowing through your hair Surely it's here after all this waiting And finally upon us once more My favourite season, the season of love With that smell us guys can't ignore Makes me feel like asking each girlie May I kiss and caress you for a while I promise not to touch your naughty bits Answer yes and I'll sport a big smile As strange as it seems, not all will agree To allow me to invade their space Those that do are in for a great big treat The pleasure will show on their face Believe I can smell the sweetest smell That first scent of spring in the air Winter's been cold and disgustingly long Bout time, I think somebody erred © Jack Ellison 2014

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2014

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Full Of Possibilities

Springtime comes with daffodils,
showers and unbridled joy.
And smiles light up the faces,
of every young girl and boy.

Beds of colorful flowers,
mimic a tropical reef.
And wide eyed little toddlers,
stare in total disbelief.

The heart of nature is freed,
from winter hostilities.
For spring is a magic time,
full of possibilities.

Gleaming with beams of sunlight,
dewdrops sparkle like jewels.
And spring-fever’s contagious,
to dreamers and April fools.

Love is carried on the wind,
in tranquility's embrace.
And somehow time seems to pause,
as hope and fate interlace.

Copyright © Emile Pinet | Year Posted 2016

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Peaking from behind the drifting clouds
Sunbeams glisten on the morning dew
The garden gate swings in the breeze
As smiling spring begins its life anew....

The golden sunlight warms the sleepy earth
Green now the color of my lady's gown
Jeweled hummingbirds flit from stem to stem
For waiting hearts the joys of spring abound

Soft showers bathe my blushing cheek....
Prisms for the sunbeams that promise life
A rainbow arches cross the mountain top
Time now to put aside the winter strife.....

Copyright © Barbara Gorelick | Year Posted 2011

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Warmth in the air weather fair
flowers in the glades;
butterflies sip juicy dip
green become arcades.

Cherry blossoms so awesome
Sakura time glee;
each young pair goes waltzing there
spring makes them carefree.


Copyright © Mohan Chutani | Year Posted 2015

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Seasons in Love - Spring

A soil well rested after winter`s sleep of death
Waiting anxiously to receive life`s new breath
Seeds of potentiality sown, laboriously planted 
Not knowing whether fruits to them will be granted

Blind, creative forces of nature flood the earth
Soon, many a wondrous creature will be given birth
Plants and animals themselves faithfully reproduce
But a greater miracle the heavens will also induce

Phoenixes use the souls of men as a nesting ground
Their fiery selves resurrect from their burial mound
A new beginning, birth of warmth and hope in the heart
They slowly boil the blood with their alchemical art 

Copyright © laszlo kecsedi | Year Posted 2013

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Spring Showers

Falling rain, as gentle as a mother's touch On field and flower, the path and pond Drops glistening in first morning light Spilling over the far hills and beyond Showers erase the last of winter's rust Barren ground shows a hint of greening Meandering, delight in this renewing For the troubled heart, new meaning

Copyright © Barbara Gorelick | Year Posted 2012

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Early Christmas morning I glanced outside,
and no snow was falling, and suddenly a vision of a luminous light
with a trembling child appeared in sight...
and could this have been the Infant of prophecy and might?

And He softly said with the sweetest and kindest voice,
"I bring you no snow but endless love...the warmest flame
that makes every forsaken and unhappy heart rejoice;
it's a gift so gladly given to all the believers of this blessed age." 

Struck by that splendid appearance, unafraid,
I ran to thank him for those wonderful words,;
and not having seen any gift under the decorated spruce,
I seemed puzzled, but not fearful or nearly surprised.

There it stood, my gift from that generous child with golden, curly hair: 
a purple spring crocus never seen before, an Alpine flower
which grows in early April in every emerald meadow...
I leaned forward with much gentleness and plucked it from the cold snow.

When I stood up, he was gone and not a trace of him could be found,
and who was that cherub without leave that flower in the bitter cold? 
Wasn't He the Christ Child who was born in a Bethlehem's abandoned stable?
And wasn't hope the meaning of the purple spring crocus so beautiful?  

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2009

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The Season Called Spring

Mother Nature picked her paintbrush up
and stenciled in some hues
soft yellows, purples, reds and pinks
and  pastel  powder blues.

She rose from a snowy slumber
it was now time to ignite
her color wheel to replace
a world still dressed in white.

Ushering in a  tranquil breeze
commanding the sun to smile
casting out remains of winter chill
so in a little while

wild flowers would dot green rolling hills,
songbirds would return to sing
the prelude to sister, Summer,
is the magical season of spring.


Copyright © Liz Labadie-Reilly | Year Posted 2012

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On Day Closer To Spring Tra-La

One day closer to spring tra-la One day closer to spring Wish the days would just fly on by Instead of lingering Who needs winter, nobody I say Time when everything dies Three seasons surely would do us fine We'd be a bunch of happier guys Who do we talk to about our plight A man in charge of complaints Don't usually like to make any waves But for sure I ain't no saint One day closer to spring tra-la Smelling sweet daffodils Hey I can dream, it ain't against the law Dreams are like magic pills © Jack Ellison 2014

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2014

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Early Spring

Ninety days till springtime No more silly hats and mitts Can't wait till robin red breast Sings its happy springtime hit It's by far the sweetest season When that feeling is attained You wake up each day singing That happy spring refrain Could there be a greater feeling Away with that big red nose You feel the warmth all over Right down to your very toes It's how one gets through winter The promise of days ahead Thrilled with the sight of crocuses No winter storms to dread You may say I'm a wee bit early With my ode to springtime fun But ninety days goes by quickly Can almost feel that April sun So hang on just a wee bit longer It'll be here before you know it Probably think I'm a daft old man Or just a silly old poet! © Jack Ellison 2013
One can only dream...

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2013

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Trusting Spring

I don't have time to watch it more 
- the crooked clock of ironed past - 
I don't believe I can feel spring 
Unless I grab your hand and jump 

Together in the blossom maze 
Perhaps we bring ourselves alive 
In poison-free redwoods up north 
And secret Jacaranda wonders. 

If eyes don't open - I understand 
You don't need them to see our Heaven 
But bear with me for falling seconds 
And hope cocoons will burst and open 

I sprout again through solid pavement 
Against the reconstruction site 
And I do know I can bring spring 
Together with your warmth from Heaven.

Copyright © iolanda Scripca | Year Posted 2010