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Quatrain Romantic Poems | Quatrain Poems About Romantic

These Quatrain Romantic poems are examples of Quatrain poems about Romantic. These are the best examples of Quatrain Romantic poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Kiss the Rain

I'm leaving now, but here is a reminder
'Twill bring to you the days we walked through rain
So when you wish to feel my hand in yours
Or stroke your dripping hair-- Then kiss the rain

Though leaving now, I wish I could be with you
So when you feel o'erwhelmed with grief or pain
And long for my caress upon your face,
The rain will touch instead-- So kiss the rain

Whenever you have tho'ts of this sad parting
And salty tears your lovely cheeks do stain
To feel the tears for you I'll surely have
Do this, and I will too-- Go kiss the rain

Whenever you are longing for my presence
And times that we went strolling down the lane
I'll whisper soft endearments on the breeze
So heed the sighing wind-- And kiss the rain

If ever you should pine to hear me speaking
The thunder might burst forth with glorious main*
While drops that fall are sure to be my tears,
To feel them wet your skin-- Just kiss the rain

* Power or Force

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In Your Dreams

Was it all a sweet dream or just reality?,
  I sit and ponder that very thought,
During the daylight and in the nighttime,
  Wondering, were we ever there or not?

A crescent moon smiled down on me,
  Shedding it's white light upon the ground,
I sat amongst the petals, waiting patiently,
  And it was there, that me, you found.

Lavender flower petals I did pluck,
  As I was seated atop the green hillside,
Does he love me, or does he not?,
  My love for you, I could not hide.

I only saw you as a dark silhouette,
  A shadow that walked upon the ground,
Among silver stars and a midnight sky,
  Your gentle voice was the only sound.

My darkened silhouette was no longer alone,
  While yellow fireflies around me dance,
When you came to join me atop that hill,
  In the meadow's softly illuminated romance.

I was embraced within your arms,
  As your most tender kiss met mine,
On that one warm summer's night,
  When our kindred spirits did entwine.

So sad was I when the time came to part,
  As the rising sun shined golden upon my hair,
Although, what a beautiful dream it was,
  When I awoke and found you there.

        Waking Dreams Contest

            April, 4th, 2014

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Cowboy Hoe Down

This long awaited date -
a hoedown it’s to be
shy smiles as we head in
we touch hands nervously

We allemande left and do-si-do
Then both head ladies chain
and breathlessly we meet 
in each other’s arms again

We swirl in sawdust on the floor
to the tune sweet Bye and Bye
Evocative is the patter
as the gold moon rises high

An anticipated moment
as the fiddle fades away
Your denim and my lace
soon lie buried in the hay

Sweet echoes of the evening
fill passion in the soul
Upon the amber straw
we both have lost control

written October 27, 2014 by Rick Parise and Andrea Dietrich
For Shadow Hamilton's Cowboy Hoe Down Contest

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Soon To Join Two

Amidst this greenery and purple heather Azure blue skies grace our naked souls Beneath the Cullins on the Isle of Skye Two in love sharing adventurous goals On our tartan blanket facing each other Noses in touch sharing kisses aplenty Rapid they are in teasingly smother Tongues now fence, complimentary Wandering hands on porcelain skin Gracing, caressing, she sighs as I do Arching her back, her breasts in rise Pert to the air, this soon to join two Slowly in kissing crawl, to her lips I Caressing undulations, blushing she Our eyes meet, for they tell no lies In loving clasp she welcomes me Rhythmic we are in this rustic place Seismic groans of wonderment cry Skin to skin of loving abrasions Two fused astride my manly thighs Gyrating hips in sensuous grind Internal flows await their desire Passionate kisses now frenzied Fusion of two in wanting transpire

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"Playing With Fire"

The heat of the fireplace
enhances the spark,
we know our love
will not fade in the dark.

We kissed amongst
burning candlelight,
your presence alone
brightened my midnight.

Nothing can extinguish
your warming touch,
a lasting impression
that meant so much.

Bound to be burned
As we played with fire,
we could not resist
and gave in to desire.

This kind of scorch
I was lucky to find,
and neither of us
ever seemed to mind.

We were both engulfed
by passion's flame,
and we only have
each other to blame.

November, 20th, 2013

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Ever-Bright Eyes

There you speak an unspoken word
within the laughs and the cries,
and I hear what goes unheard
deep in your ever-bright eyes.

When I notice you winking
there are no hidden lies,
I know what you are thinking
deep in those ever-bright eyes.

When you look right into mine,
so warmly, like the sun's rise,
I can feel them brighter shine
deep in my ever-bright eyes.

Our hearts are forever contained
in a part of us that never dies,
the soul has always remained,
deep in our ever-bright eyes.


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My Heart is Set

My heart is set in love for thee
I sha'nt be satisfied
Until thou come along with me
The swells of life to ride

My heart is set upon thy face
So lovely, so sublime
Could I but drink thy charming grace
'Twould end my earthly time

My heart is fixed on that of thee
I find it ever true
I would thy servant gladly be
If serve I could for you

My heart is fixed upon thy voice
With silver tones and clear
To hear it oft would be my choice
Throughout my ev'ry year

My heart is set upon thy smile
Upon thy sparkling eyes
For thee I'd walk the extra mile
And comfort all thy sighs

In all, my heart is wholly placed
Within thy tender hands
To hold or break as well thou say'st
Upon life's shifting sands


 ~ metre- ABAB rhyme- Iambic rhythm ~

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O Love, My Love

O love, my love…where in this lonesome hour
Can my heart with sweet abandon find you there? 
If chance upon the wind, you do float as lotus flower
Would on my earthen bed you gladly fare? 

I am your silent lover…though cloaked in gentile guise
With lips, mine own affection would I treat you
And in the twilight’s gloaming your embrace there would I prize
If fate would look away while there I greet you.

O suitors, I commend thy will to win her proffered hand
While exile finds me close enough to see
Yet mark this, would be lovers, her hand there you may find
But her gentle heart was offered first to me.

                                           ~Christopher Thor Britt

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The Romantic Past

A true-love gone to tears, As lost-love came to be. Sandy writes her heart out, Through her love of poetry. Her ex and her children, Moved to a different state. When left all alone it caused, Her aching heart to break. With a flood of memories, Of the past and all its’ hurts. She embedded all her pain, In the stanzas of her work. Her heart channeled through, The writings of her pen. Describing the life of love, That she was living in. She had found true-love, But the love did not last. Sandy Schermerhorn loves, Writing the romantic past. ____________________________ Dedicated to Sandy Shermerhorn, for her constant support and her love of romantic poetry.

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Here goes...
she said
it loudly and

l`m a miss
and  l miss 
you inside out

I miss you like
bees really miss
their honey

water for my thirst
food for my hunger
scratch for my itch

want to take
to you like 
duck to water

you draw me
to you like
moth to light 

you are my cake
my cup of goodies
my hot ice-cream

at night my moon
daytime my sun
your love my light

take a seat
I sold that heater
for your heat

you bathe in milk 
l bask in your presence
a sublime quench

what she did not
say is that we`re close
strangers on the net!

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A Daydream

My fingertips lightly travel
down these worn piano keys,
the memories now unravel
as I hear your favorite melodies.

I reminisce within my writing
about a time that used to be,
when your arms were so inviting
and they would hold only me.

The quiet whispers on the breeze
the first kisses that were soft,
we sat underneath the willow trees,
as my heart then sailed aloft.

I can still smell the roses, red
their petals pressed upon the page,
where your old promises lie dead
they have not withered with age.

I am daydreaming of the past
when our love seemed to be true,
a relationship that will not last
but, back then we never knew.

Isaiah Zerbst's contest - "A Daydream"

Based on the painting. "A Daydream" by Sir Edward John Poynter

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Tears In Heaven

Lovebirds sing a duet up in the clouds
tulips pucker up to kiss the butterflies,
I am surrounded here by serene beauty
with the tears of heaven in my eyes.

Where bright rainbows never fade away
and stars twinkle in the moonbeams,
yet, what is all of this beauty worth
if there is no one to share my dreams.

Still, you shall find me there someday
and maybe want to stay for awhile,
making sure that my tears in heaven
accompany only laughter and a smile.

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Taken Hopelessly

It’s twilight time; we’re lying on the sand
Beneath a splendid sky, limbs intertwined.
I only have to close my eyes and then
I’m taken to this place inside my mind.

The scent of you, your breath upon my cheek,
The whisper of your eyelashes on mine;
The long and tender kiss that leaves me weak.
I’m taken to a place that is divine!

But you are far away. . . I don’t know where.
I know my fantasies cannot come true.
yet never have I ceased imagining
Since being taken hopelessly with you.

For Black Eyed Susan's Contest "Taken"

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The Art of Making Love

Tonight we play our favorite duet
 to an audience of celestial stars.
Variations over years; a song we never forget,
 stroking familiar notes within each bar.

Andante: pianissimo: slow caresses as whispers,
 giving attention to those sensitive keys.
Each to the other, a part we deliver;
 Entwined we perform with such ease.

Allegro: increasing our synchronized tempo
 as our chorus delightfully sings through.
Vibrating heartstrings deeply now flow;
 enjoying our art as if new.

Vivo! As the beat of two hearts now race.
Crescendo! Intensively, climax is reached.
Pausing in arc at this euphoric place;
 echos in afterglow; encores in dreams.

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The Castle

As the castle walls loomed up to the side
They met for the first time eyes open wide
Lost on the journey, not knowing what they’d find
But unlike a fairy story, their love was not blind.

They risked all they had for an hour or two
Not knowing what would happen, neither one knew
They shared a drink, and words so easy on the tongue
Not realised those words would be love before long.

Their castle they love and will never forget
The love that they found, they will never regret
The knight on his steed the girl by his side
When he offered her love he didn't take her for a ride.

She took his love; she kept it close to her heart
He suffered with her when they had to part
But they both knew it was a temporary thing
When the time is right she may wear his ring.

He must approach her parents and ask
To climb the walls of the castle what a task
But the castle where they met its doorway he knew
It was via her heart and he just had to walk through.

© ~GG~ 1/02/2013

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Echoes of the Heart

Her eyes are a sparkling dew inspired shade So blue they mist with a passionate side They stare with a loving glace on my face Gorgeous, tender eyes, ones that come and slide She looks at my body, a lustful sight Brings my heart to a boil all sinful like The love we have is our stare together Our passion is smart, two as one alike There’s an alarming feeling of grandeur Kindness is a part of our lives so free Romanticism brings delight to mind Our sweet hearts are bringing intimacy We hold hands together, symbol of love Our kiss is fire, a mission of passion Intrigue finds its way back into our hearts Returning a love which is for certain
Entered into Gail Angel Doyle's "Echoes Of The Heart" contest 3/25/2013

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Diamonds In Your Eyes

Diamonds In Your Eyes

Your eyes like diamonds
Sparkle now at me
Can I take that as a sign
That we two are to be?

Your eyes like diamonds
Their glare blinds my every thought
My strength is draining
This my love has wrought.

Your eyes like diamonds
Is it that you feel the same
A sparkle in your heart
Struck now by Cupid’s aim?

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Portrait of My Lady

A delicate face, soft and white it glows Eyes of passion exist, planted on her She lives with supple pink lips, made to kiss No way would I ever come and suffer She doesn’t have an obvious nose, it’s small Her small hands do run smoothly down her face An influence to my heart is expressed She moves on with a good amount of grace I always desire to kiss those sweet lips My finger runs down these lips of glory Down to the perfectly formed lovely chin Where there are tales of a romance story There are moments when her eyes flash with pride And her hair blends in with her rare beauty The whole package is wonderful and true I will forever love her, my lady
Entered into FRANK H.'s "WORD PORTRAIT" contest 4/16/2013

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To all those reading this, to all those that are awake
Take with you my love, it is there to take
Keep your spirits up; be they topped with a mixer
Raise a glass to all, for love is life’s elixir

May the New Year bring you blessings, blessings all around.
Even if it costs you, pay out for another round
I wish to all the best for you, I pray it will come true
And not only that, I have some plans especially for you.

You know who you are; at least I’d like to think
So raise a glass to us, go and have another drink
It will keep you calm until we meet and knowing I love you
Until we meet again, and watch the flame of love burn true.

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The Aborigine Boy

The aborigine boy, his poor young heart was yearning
For the young raven haired girl, a passion was quickly burning
He was to carve his first boomerang to prove he was a man
If it returned back to him, he would carry out his plan.

He took the mulga branch and checked it was just so
The angle was correct, he couldn’t wait for his first throw
He split the branch and picked the piece that he knew would work
He had learnt from his ancestors, his walkabouts he never did shirk.

The branch he split, he took a stone and carved his mulga with care
He wanted it to fly and return, then win his maiden with raven hair
He inscribed it with his love and painted it with ochre of red
He took it to the outback and threw his first throw with a dread.

The boomerang did spin, it twisted and then dropped
The young aborigine felt his love and life, had suddenly stopped
He tried again he flicked his wrist it spun up heavenward
It spun it’s last spin and once again it was then floored.

His love was slipping away, a man he was not to be
His raven haired love, his bursting heart would never see
He tried and tried and then with a long last flick of his wrist
He had learnt the way he saw; he pounded the air with his fist.

His boomerang started to turn; it started on its first return
He danced as he watched it, and he felt his loins begin to burn
He jumped up and down waiting; he saw a glint of red
He knew he had done it, when it smacked him in the head

He had learnt to make his weapon 
But his plan did not quite hatch
In learning to make the boomerang,
He forgot to learn how it to catch…

© 21/01/2013~GG~
Contest entry:
Inspiration came from Seren Roberts Poem 'Always To Return'

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Once More

I see your name here and there
Suddenly, I can’t get you off my mind
I catch your fragrance on the air
Remembering when your lips touched mine

I feel your presence all around
In the night and the sunshine, warm
I would give all, and all again
To hold you once more in my arms

                       ~Christopher Thor Britt

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silky smooth hair
covers my face
hands on your head
we pick up the pace

tongue rides the groove
that runs down the spine
you moan ever softly
I'm crossing the line

tugging your hair
I kiss the back of your neck
all defenses now gone
what did I expect?

now under the sheets
things start to unwind
as I stroke you so slowly
your hips start to grind

sweat pooled beside us
let's rest for a few
I'll stay here forever
just staring at you...

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A glimpse of you as the sun shines
On your face in the place
Where I envision you sometimes
With me in your embrace

The scent of you the sweet perfume
Love it much when we touch
A melody a sweeter tune
Dance with me it's just us

And as long as we both shall live
We'll have each other's love
To one another freely give
Sent from Heaven above

And I will always care for you
Forever will be nice
The beauty that I see you through
It must be paradise

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The Dawn of Love

As the sun grew brighter each day 
You let your light strike far away 
To let my heart feel the beating 
Of a love that is unending 
I wake up just to see you laugh 
As if I lose all that are tough 
Like a star I fell just for you 
In my days, hug me like I do 
The dark cold night is my distress 
When you are far from my caress 
I long to see your face so bright 
That the world stops at my sight 
Be with me 'till I have no fears 
Until the clouds empty its tears 
The sun goes down but not our love 
Conquer the night, put on our glove 
I have the courage to alter 
Just to save you from another 
Stay for a while in my arms 
I now hold you a pearl in clams 
For me you are exceptional 
Shining among girls in global 
Just be with me till the world ends 
To see how colors of love blends 
Some people say I am insane 
Yes but I take you as my lane 
That refreshes me as I heave 
And hope not to see you leave 
I must embrace you tightly dear 
I long that you will calmly hear 
Words of love that touches my heart 
And pierce me like a flying dart

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free cee ONLY FOR THEE


What sweet song shall your eyes sing to me?
What harmonious music shall your heart bring to me?
What song today will bless the fact that I awoke?
And what rhythm will you urge after the robin spoke?

What angelic sound shall bless my ears?
Music only this man who loves you hears
With every syllable is born a beautiful note
As you make E minor and A major float

What flute like sound shall you induce?
And what harmony shall your lovely voice produce?
What church organ sound will be your choice?
You, my sweet, born with a golden voice

So tell me my sweet, or rather sing me a song
Any song that could never be too long
Sing of happiness, joy and being lonely for me
But please, most of all, sing forever only for me
    © 2013 copyright PHREEPOETREE …..~free cee!~

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Enduring Fantasy

Her words peal through my fatigued brain
They ricochet in epicycle like a torrential rain
My riddled brain cells jostle in appealing fantasy
As they transverse the trance music banging in ecstasy

Her words resonate classical moments, when,
We are in one of those escapades, as we often yen
We are in one of those romantic postures,
And I feel the prickly feeling of pleasures

Her words echo the dreamy moments, when
I feel her caressing hands on my body, then
In deep pleasure for her numerous wanks
My lower tube responds with poignant spanks

At the climax she feels the prickle pleasure
In knowing how obsessed she’s become, for sure,
That, I wield an utmost control over her
And have become her enduring catalyst as a lover.

For Black Eyed Susan contest, In a Hotel Room

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'The Windmiller's Guest'

'The Windmiller's Guest'

I faced him, with my back to love
Above the village street. 
And, told him, 'No', that I thought of
Adventures less concrete. 

This land ship held no hope for me
Of life beyond this place
And, with my answer I could see
The look upon his face. 

His pipe he held unsatisfied,
Still, love his only view,
Like roses past their bloom had died
And lost their fragrant hue. 


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Orb of Night

The dark of the night sky: clear, unlimited space
Lights and a bright white moon, of clouds no trace
The mood suddenly changes, the lights are faded
The vault of heaven is raided, the azure invaded

Realization in a flash, the barren moon stands abashed
Now fainthearted, lily-livered, her quiet joy is crashed
Hide not your face behind clouds the color of yellow dirt
I know your phases, feel your moods, I know you`re hurt

Battered, barren, lonely, evanescent orb of night
From your cursed dance peace you`ll never find
But I`ll be your fire eater, one who devours the sun
Artemis, Luna, Diana, your true name knows none

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Taken by YOU

I’m taken by your beauty
And I’m taken by your smile
I’m taken by your lashes
When they flutter over mine

I’m taken by your full lips
And I’m taken by your eyes
I’m taken by your body
When so close to mine it lies

I’m taken by your fingers
When they’re running through my hair
I’m taken by your embrace
When our bodies are both bare

I’m taken by your whispers
Of words laced with passion sweet
I’m taken by your kisses
Better far than any treat

I was taken by you then
And I’m taken by your now
I’ll be taken to heaven
And I think you know just how!  ;)

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Loving a Woman

Foreplay starts hours before the bedroom.
Leaving a note on your car while you’re working,
As flowers are delivered in bloom.
Later, rubbing your feet to ease the hurting.

Over dinner, listening to your day.
Engaging every detail as your best friend.
Like when we first met, still the same today.
One of the secrets, don’t let the courting end.

Drawing a bath with popping bubbles.
Oils and a couple from the ice cube tray.
Solace for a night from life’s troubles,
Starting down through pleasure’s parfait.

My right hand sliding from your face,
Over the ear to your hair it grasps.
Our lips flowing together in a slow pace,
As my left hand massages your ass with tight clasps.

Laying you down under the light of the moon,
Candle’s flickers dance among our needs.
A cuddle making a fork from a spoon.
Hot wax drips the body’s tense pleads.

My tongue traces each of your curves.
To make them all mine this night.
Each part given what it deserves.
Knowing where and when to bite.

With the right pressure on every button,
Finding and keeping the perfect rhythms.
Loving you French, Greek, and Russian.
In and out of all the positions.

Two finger tricks in love and smut.
Just two inches in, then up.
Making a pea become a walnut.
While your hands hold your legs like stirrups.

Opening that box of our toys.
Black leather with whips and chains.
Clothes lines and collars employs
Us playing Asphyxia’s dangerous games.

From each encounter, perfecting my skill set,
And if your heart ever turns to another,
Your mind and body to never forget,
When once and still I be, your greatest lover.

Contest: Hotsy Totsy
Sponsor: Rachel Firmin
Written: 02.14.15
*Forever grateful to Dr. Ernst Gräfenberg (1881-1957) and every woman I’ve ever known*

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Bathe him in fingertips

Fingertips play upon your skin
An oiled caress of tranquility 
Tea lights dancing like fluted whims
Relieving the days hostility  

Your muscles bound in tensions vice
Neath kneading hands must yield 
Surrender now you braids of strife
By my tempered force to heal

My hands pause in deep listening
Over the landscape of your ravaged terrain 
Anointing oils of clove left glistening
My touch the oasis for your pain

Your body ignored too long for touch
These hands hold a vocabulary of moves
To soften all those hardened edges
When flesh cries out to be smoothed

Like watercolor poetry you melt
With moans to be envied by lovers
Nurturing pleasure and comforts pelt
With emotions yet to discover

Pressing lightly upon your temples
Bathing my fingertips in your hair
I hear you sigh with slightest tremble
The sullen purging of buried cares

Such love is this received 
Unmatched but by its giver
For no rapture given nor ache relieved
Then to love him with the tips of my fingers

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Here I am, compelled again
so powerless to fight…
A captive of intense desire
and needing you tonight…

Resistance just an afterthought
I’m way beyond that now…
Entangled in this fantasy
that captured me somehow…

Your pleasure takes my breath away
Oh please don’t let this end….
An avalanche upon me now
and soon it falls again...

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Drawing You in Purple

I draw purple contours
to capture your shape,
but lines fail to show
the color of your heart.

I ask for interpretations
of what your heart says,
just as Picasso spoke
to his inspiration.

I’ve seen Fall
as a beginning and ending,
and your presence in purple
shadows past visions.

Mere scratches on paper
portray more than lines,
and projections of you
tell more than words we share.

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Your Beauties Glow

To you alone 
My heart is sold
As the days go
Your beauty grows

As time flies by
i have to sigh 
When you walk by
And catch my eye

I cannot think 
Or even blink
As it may seem 
Only a dream

To you alone 
I have to sigh 
And just walk by 
Your beauties glow

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Fictitious Figment

Your dreamy bold curious unstable eyes
Juicy lips mounted with sober plausible sexy ties
Though silent yet propulsive pensive piercing voice
Curly hair, bare shoulder possessing fervid demise
All is enough to drive my sincere soul over flies

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Sleep With You

All I want is to be with you
Baby that is a fact
You know I want to sleep with you
One day we will do that

Until then I am satisfied
With fantasizing 'bout
What it's like to enjoy the ride
Before I turn you out

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Let Me

Let me be the one that you love
And I the one you need
And be there to remind you of
The things that you should heed

Everywhere you need to go
Let me take you there please
Let me the only one you know
Be that which you believe

Let me be the one that loves you
When it's time to look to others
When it's time to sew seeds

Let me be what you desire
And all throughout the day
I will be what could transpire
If you would let me stay

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Scorcher- In the faraway

I walk alongside the seashore crimson,
Reflection of the twilight of sky,
That precedes the raunchy and beamy night,
Moon shines and stars dance around.

Sickle of moon slivers my heart,
Playing hide and seek, discover my soulmate,
Under vastness of expanse and seductive wind,
Cover of colourful leaves, earth amatory.

The twosome go bawdy and carnal,
Holding me in his arms, gets me close,
I feel his breath on my neck,
And his skin next to mine.

Gazing at his face in moonlight,
These moments are special and divine,
Sultry and aphrodisiac, enamoured in love,
As if never to part, till death in unison!!

Composed on 26/11/13
Written for ' In the faraway' contest
Username- Upmasharma
Motif- romantic

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Not like a mother’s life for her child
Nor anything crazy or wild
Just a man’s love for the woman who saved him
And secured the walls before his life caved in

Not like a sister’s love for her brother
But a lover of mine like no other
The warmth of her hand when mine grows cold
A woman worth more to me than platinum or gold

Not like a lover you love and finally leave
Just a woman who makes me believe
I now have a belief that a woman can love me
And doesn’t hold the threat of losing her above me

Just a man who sees a woman whose eyes tell a tale
Her eyes reflect a concern I find reverent and regale
A lady who never wavers when I do something dumb
a woman who forgives my need for drugs and wretched rum

not like a mother, a sister or relative of any kind
just the kind of lady I thought I’d never find
a person to say softened things that put me at ease
and the words “forever” and “love” are my only pleas

© 2013.....copyright PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~

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        Put on the music
put that candle's wick aflame
              turn down the lights
and let's share a romance only you and I can claim

put on a slow song
and take my hand as we stroll to the beat
i'll lead you to the way they dance in Heaven
and the two of us will both feel the heat

lay softly against the rug in front of the fire
    now think of a place of peace where we could go
embrace me and face me so you can see my lips
as we kiss by the fire's glow
    © 2012...copyright PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~

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No More Elementary

I hate going to school 
BUt, I love going to the pool 
I hate when I get worried 
I always start to scurry 
I hate school lunch 
But, I don't mind the brunch 
When I eat the chicken patty 
I act a little bratty.    

                                                              No More Elementary 
                                                                               Jared Houck

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I’ve looked for love for many years
I’ve wondered where love’s been
I’ve longed for love to find me
I’ve wondered if and when

Love must have took a wrong turn
Love must have lost its way
Love seemed it wasn’t coming
My heart grew fainter by the day

There were times I thought love came
But it wasn’t really true
It was the shadow of the sun
It didn’t compare to You

You’ve opened my eyes to see now
The most radiant of light
A love to shame the fairy tales
A King more valiant than any knight

And all that time I looked for love
I needed only look within
Love was with me every moment
Love is found in Him

When He brings my earthly love
He will be strong and true
And he will know that God is love
And he will love me too

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A Chance Encounter

I watched her walk into the light
With hair so long and black like coal
Her  beauty's such a great delight
With breast that look like two young foals

I look her way she gives a smile
The likes of which none can compare
I melt within, while my heart takes flight
There's something about her that is so rare

I walk her way I cannot rest
Until I find out who is this lass
She speaks with words that are undressed
Her eyes peer at my soul as though through glass

We spend all night in a deep embrace
Of words and thoughts til mornings light
She has within her such a grace
This lass I'll love with great delight

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To His Love

I’ll to the Isle and stay awhile
You know, it was just a caprice
to be with you and seek for peace
but now your smile doth me beguile
My sweet, our love can never cease

When I saw you. Epiphany!
come rain or shine you must be mine
Oh now dear love give me a sign
may I enter felicity

My love is not ephemeral
and nor, my love, ethereal
it is my dear ineffable
but  is in fact quite physical

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Soul Discovery

Out of all the amazing beings 
In this infinite universe 
My soul called out to yours 
Ready to immerse

A strangely familiar feeling 
That's something I'll have to get use to 
A once in a lifetime love 
My eternal déjà vu 

I see my destiny in your jade green eyes 
It lucidly paints our forever home 
Surrounded by blue skies 

This all could be said in fewer words 
Or a simpler way to say 
That your soul ignites 
A fire in me that only poetry can convey