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Quatrain Pain Poems | Quatrain Poems About Pain

These Quatrain Pain poems are examples of Quatrain poems about Pain. These are the best examples of Quatrain Pain poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Mirror, Lie to Me

I stare at my mirror
So shocked by what I see
There is a strange woman
Staring right back at me

I must’ve been abducted
This must be a crazy trick
For the reflection that I see
Is making me quite sick

Are those horrid wrinkles?
Is that a double chin?
The neck that was my joy
Is pillar like- not thin!

My eyes have no sparkle
They look listless and glazed
Perhaps it’s hard to focus
When I feel so dazed

Maybe it’s just a dream
From which I will awake
For how could that be me?
I’m sure it’s just a fake

I pinch myself real hard
The mirror woman screams
Oh no, it must be true
Now both of us cry streams

Mirror, you’re a traitor!!!
Mirror, this is a crime!!!
I order you to hide!!!
The tell-tale signs of time!!!

Do me a small favor
Tell me a little lie
Reflect a younger me…
Oh please, give it a try!

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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The Forbidden Fruit

Eve presents the fruit, the forbidden fruit A special unknown fruit from that one tree A fruit that God said one should never eat Then the snake came to shower the fruit free Nothing bad, he says, will come from eating God didn’t want the power to be known The snake explained that they would be as God Satan showed his ploy so well, he has sown We took the fruit and ate it and life changed We now have knowledge, of good and evil Pain and hatred also came along too All that is bad sure did come to reveal God cursed the snake, that of the devil’s tool But we must carry our sin for all time The curse from the first bite that we did eat And it wasn’t worth the pain we aligned God was quite disappointed with humans Hating to give us our just punishment But we were now found walking with figs on Ashamed of not doing God’s commandment To this day we are filled with sin each day Starting right from the first couple’s mistake Now we must wallow inside their bad choice Suffering the punishment we did make
Russell Sivey

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Faith Amidst Grief

This barren night along dim street
where lamp posts hide drops of gold flakes,
and thorny weeds crack at her feet
to sift death's crumbs, throwing keepsakes.
Yesterday's thoughts scream much bolder
alone now, pinned by heart’s lesion
missing groom's compassionate flair;
as anguish sigh in procession.

Fractured mind plays a tortured game
that sorrow drifts without relief,
chasing lost hours in timeless frame
while bleak clouds linger like a thief.

And darkened soul pours acid rain
till beads of moonlight kiss wet eyes,
stars dripping bigger than tears’ stains
to wake faith’s songs, new quests arise.

Grief Contest of Black- Eyed Susan

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Lonely Dreams

I never knew following dreams could be this lonely,
But up on the hill, looking back, thank God I'm not the old me.
If the tears will fall, let them be;
I believe this is God's plan, follow your dreams.

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How stoneblack is the park at will And cool is the twilight That glimmers across an uphill Yet teardrops roll, all decked in white. Your distant gaze flits, nearly bare Like gas lamp on dim coach Windblown by mist; here, everywhere Tells me not to approach. Later, amidst the evening rain When hours drift in repose The pounding lash of time contains A bench without a rose. My heart trickles as dew submits To a quiver that heaves, For your tattered rose now wilts While sullen face of moon retrieves. Oh, cloudbursts know my deep longing While taste of moments are gone; And souvenirs no longer bring The laughter and reason. Rose ( Allegory) Contest: Giorgio V *revised poem, 2012 by: nette onclaud

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Bore after bore fell silent eventually Abhor I do feel through my eyes Gore and sore now abundantly plenty Tore through clouds, wondrous skies Despair in abundance appears all around Where in the world has all our love gone Stare into our abyss, and see it abound There is no tomorrow, there is no dawn <*>

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Love On Solid Ground

On egg shells she walks
Hoping one will not break
For the head games will start
She does not want to partake

He jumps to wrong conclusions
That are farthest from the truth
He always assumes the worst
She needs rational, not uncouth

She's fighting a losing battle
For he never sees her point
She can't head off the fight
Does he enjoy being out of joint

She wants to walk on solid ground
To no longer fear the cracks
She deserves to live happily
Not worrying about his attacks

Finding the courage to walk away
When the heart wants to remain
If only he could change his ways
Love her without causing any pain

She would more than gladly stay 
Embrace living happily ever after
But as important as true love is
Equally vital is trust and laughter


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Sailing These Seas

Sailing these seas, right now the waves are rough.
The ship is hard to steer, and I fear we may sink.
My crew has hope, but they don’t see what I do.
The water’s looking troubled, just like the way I think.

Sailing these seas, the waves have settled down.
The ship is sailing smoothly, I believe we’ll be okay.
My worries are at the back of my head.
I’ll save them for another day.

Sailing these seas, I think we’ve struck something!
My crew is in a panic, and I was not prepared.
Captain, don’t you know you always have to be cautious?
Even the leader sometimes gets scared.

Arriving at the shore, the ship barely intact.
Most of my crew is gone, but a few knew how to live.
They saved me when I needed them.
I want to show thanks, but I have nothing left to give.

*side note*

To me, this poem sort of symbolizes depression, while indirectly talking about it.

The first verse pretty much says
"I am in a bad place, and I have supporting friends/family, but they don't see what I'm going through the way I do."

Second: "Things are getting better and I've decided to stop worrying about bad things happening and try to be happy."

Third: "Whenever I start thinking about good things and have hope, something bad always happens and I should've been prepared for it."

Fourth: "I made it through it, but lost a lot of the people supporting me because they couldn't handle me while I was down, and whatever I went through weakened me so it's hard to show gratitude to the people who stayed."

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All That I Know

I wish I had the knowledge of
lifes most important things
knew how to end lifes problems
and all the pain it brings.

I don't know much of anything
but I do know how pain feels
and I know this life is filled
with too many bad deals.

I always try to understand
what others say and do
because I may not really know
just what they have been through.

I never want to cause more pain
that doesn't have to be
and pray that someone else in turn
will do the same for me.

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Minor Discomfort

Does everybody feel the same as I do?
Lost? Adrift? Disconnected? Confused?
Does anyone know how to ease the hurt of truth
For the accuser, as well as the accused?

I've heard there's bliss
Found somewhere in ignorance
For those who have been stripped
Of their already fleeting innocence

So I continue to move through this life
Practiced smile, that doesn't quite reach my eyes
Which instead reflect the emptiness
That fills me up inside

It hurts to feel so alone and uncertain
Consumed by doubt and fear
Eventually life becomes a burden
Damaged beyond all repair

The temptation to numb all sensation
It more powerful than one might believe
I'll sacrifice the pleasure, to relieve the devastation
As passion gives way to apathy

Say whatever you want
About those who dwell on the past
Go ahead and judge me from your moral soapbox
While you cower behind your mask

The opinions of most matter very little to me
It won't be taken to heart as you intend it to be
First you'd have to practice the words you preach
If you ever do then I promise I'll start listening

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Another Man's Pain

A small grave, and for it's weeds was bare
with only a handmade wooden cross.
Easy to see that a child rest there.
Poor unloved young soul was my first thought.

Well I read this cross, for this child of grief.
"John my young son so frail and fair
my joy, my love, my life I leave
to the arms of your mother and Lord's care."

The back read; "To doctors all my money I gave
I cannot buy even a simple stone
with a borrowed spade, I have dug your grave,
I carve this marker, and am now alone."

That wooden cross, seemed to rise
high above great marble markers.
Thoughts rush my mind as I realized
the pain this poor man's heart had harbored.

Never again his son he will see
knowing his child would rests under cold ground.
As unkempt as this grave seemed to be, 
with it's wooden cross and it’s weeds all around.

I pulled at those weeds with my bare hand
then my flowers I laid at the foot of that cross.
I prayed "Please God, help me understand" 
as I felt the pain of another man's loss.

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Grandma's stealing bread
Just another day on the street
Children need to be fed
Obey the law and they won't eat

In the 'burbs it's just a show
Or something on late night news
For me it's life or death
And the odds are I'm gonna lose

Oh, I've been crying I can't breathe
Daily sirens drown out my shouts
This crisis didn't happen in a day
I'm in a hole with no way out

Do you sense that I'm not alone
There are millions just like me
Poverty's reach is still unknown 
A rising storm out on the sea

Prevention too long ignored
Expect the police to be a cure
Knock that sinner to the floor
Yeah he died but he was impure

Oh, I died crying I can't breathe
Daily sirens drowned out my shouts
This crisis didn't happen in a day
I was in a hole with no way out

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Lifting Me Up

My heart is on Your shoulders,
And You are lifting me up.
With every spoken tender gesture,
I fall a little farther in love.

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Fallen Victim

I have fallen victim so many times
To nobody's fault except only mine.
I will ask for forgiveness and have faith,
Even though I feel like I am not saved.

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Enjoy This Place

Follow your dreams and follow your heart;
God has shown you the path to start.
Never give up and always have faith;
Do what you love and enjoy this place!

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Not The Same Without You

It's not the same without you;
The days are rainy and the nights are blue.
My heart is crying and God is too,
But we are smiling, waiting here for you.

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Lord, I do not know what to do;
Please, lead me by Your side.
Decisions I'm facing are lost and through;
Please, lead me to do what's right.

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Jesus gave His life for me,
So why shouldn't I do the same?
He took our hurt and misery;
Thank You Jesus for burdening my pain.

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The Robbery

Rob me of my purity,
But once again it's all my fault;
Fell into the trap of false promises
Because I pressed play instead of pause.

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Gone But Not Forgotten

I remember it now
Not all, but enough
To understand how
I am afraid to accept love

Because some love hurts
Especially the kind you gave
The kind nobody deserves
The kind that plants the seed of hate

It matters little if you feel remorse
Your guilt could never ease my pain
The damage you did cannot be reversed
I still wear the residue of shame

And you will never have my forgiveness
My hatred will be your only companion
As you lie upon your deathbed
Feeling frightened and abandoned

You still won't even have my pity
Pathetic as you are
All you will ever be is what you did to me
As I will always bear these ugly scars

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Yoda Balboa

Yo, strength flows from lethal fists, these
Coz, am I not, the dark-sided Casanova?
Anger, fear, and pain to they
Who respect me not one iota.

Yet for my first fight, see I not,
The force of that USA flagged toga.
He, yes, knocked this goon about
Almost sending me into a coma.

Yo doc, called I, it hurts so bad,
But it not where it’s suppoda.
Yeah, me it is, don’t you know
Doc?  Me, is it not, Yoda Balboa.

Yo Adrienne, doc said me,
To imbibe, yes, a gallon of soda.
And used force, did I on the poor doc,
So as not to pay what I owe’da.

The pain subside, did it, yes
After gulping gallons, three, of cola.
Never again do I ever fight
Until part II, of Yoda Balboa.

For To Yoda, an Ode contest

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Amazing love  begs perception,
wide the fields' uncertainty,
deep the valleys of depression,
Why me, Lord, why tragedy?

When difficulties we embrace,
is accident on purpose?
Seeds produced by misfortune's grace
lie just below the surface.

Roots of hope with blooms that rally
smother buds of pain and doubt.
These are lilies of the valley
turning breakdowns wrong side out.

Trust becomes our rose of Sharon
that is stayed by sacred sheath.
Watch the maze of weeds turn barren
as raring love springs thru the heath.

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My Pain

I feel the blinding pain inside,
It rips my soul in two;
No matter how I try to hide,
My growing pain from you…

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Black Diamond Night

                      Black Diamond Night

The rapier of light cut through the black velvet night
Two lovers looked up at the first star tonight
Look see, that star light above
But she could not see, the star was her love…

Bodies lying spent under the warm black sky
The rapier of light like a javelin poised high
His body glistening in the extending glare
Her eyes blocked by her lovers breath to share.

He stands and looks up to the gods above
You thought you could take me from this woman I love.
Thor looking down at his son now a mortal
Power he would give to his grandsons  through his portal.

His son once a demi,-god, now a mortal man
He vowed he would help, in any way he can
The light strikes his son from the black velvet sky
His back arched in pain his thoughts wondered why!

His lover lay replete on the damp flattened ground
Unaware of the pain and the light all around
Her lover stands his beauty abounds
In his hand a weight his fingers surround.

His heart is heavy, his father has cast him
As he opens his hand, his breath he does gasp in.
There in the palm of his hand he held tight
The most beautiful diamond from the black velvet night.

His heart is softened, he know it does mean
His father’s not forsaken him, his love he has seen
He takes his lover in arms, holds her tight
As they make sweet love under the black diamond night. 
© ~GG~ 18/08/2012

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Scars Left Behind

In the black of night they come to me.
The hauntings of old have begun.
Memories of hatred and fear
of such evil under the sun.

A tender shoot was I back then.
Blooming in the spring of my years.
I'll never fathom or understand
swimming in a cascade of tears.

Life had dealt me a difficult hand.
Innocence had been ripped to the core.
Shame and misery in my young heart
and I couldn't feel love any more.

Broken and drifting in a haze.
Crushed beneath his weight.
Silently screaming"daddy,stop"
and learning the way of hate.

Children should not have to cry
for safety and peace of mind.
Wee ones needn't have to worry
how love's cruel and so unkind.

These memories of way back when
have left their scars on my soul.
Through grace I somehow made it
though the heartache took it's toll.

written by Deb Wilson for Gail's contest

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Memories of the Dance

I couldn’t believe the truth
We were and I
The world stood by and watched
But they couldn't hear me sigh

My heart was so elated
It seemed a dream come true
I was there in your arms
I was there dancing with you

Our rhythm, simply perfect
Our bodies just seemed to flow
All the dancers stopped and stared
They were basking in our glow

You arms made me start to twirl
When it finished, you were gone
You left me on the dance floor
And all my dreams came undone

The lights and music played on
As I stood there all alone
I couldn't leave the dance floor
My feet had turned to stone

I heard the jeers and whispers
As I stood there in my shame
You had held me to your heart
Had it all just been a game?

You had asked me to the floor
You enticed me with your charm
How was I to ever know...
That my heart would come to harm

I rushed out of the dance hall
My mind in a numbing trance
It’s been a long while and yet
I still cannot bear to dance.

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Somebody Save Me

Somebody save me.

I'm so far down in the shadowy deep,
Please, somebody just drag me to shore,
Right before I take my eternal sleep,
Because I just can't breathe anymore.

Somebody save me.

Suddenly, in goes the cold knife,
With such an unimaginable pain,
Then out flows all the warm life,
Please, don't let this memory remain.

Somebody save me.

I'm standing right in front of you,
So, why is it that you don't see me,
The reaper is coming closer, too,
I need an angel to set me free.

Somebody save me.

Take me someplace safe and warm,
Out of the darkness of the night,
Hold me, shield me from the storm,
Stay here with me until morning's light.

Somebody save me.

This can't be how my life ends,
I will never be able to stop crying,
It is all over before it begins,
Slowly, I can feel my heart dying.

Somebody save me.

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Wounding Words

words that pierce like a sharpened edge
the pen has no regret
old pain incessant we must dredge
if not forgive, forget?

but the power of a simple verse
overlooked by the creator
has made the past in present worse
and lesser pain now greater

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A Knock on the door and 
my eyes awoken
I stared at the ceiling for 
a minute or two
My bones refused to get 
up to open
Louder and louder I think 
it knew this too

Battle in my head I could 
barely think
I walked to the door like I 
was broken
Reached for the 
knob and lungs filled 
matter,heavy and thick
Three shots of tequila 
was all I had taken

I opened the door as if 
on a mission
Nice polished shoes,black 
pants and shirt nicely 
ironed too
Tray in hand,his words of 
concern for my isolation
Danced out of my ear 
with obvious jubilation

One look was all I needed 
to be taken
By those luscious lips and 
charming infectious eyes 
Matter forgotten as I was 
lost in those eyes that 
seemed like heaven
One look and I was 
sold,one look and I was 

For the 'Taken' contest

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The Worst Morning AFter

I awoke the morning after And remembered I must be strong The pain came again like lightning How did it go so very wrong? I am no stranger to discomfort My heart often bruised and torn Today the worst I must endure Of these trials character is born.. I thought to hold you in my arms And kiss your newborn face But away you flew with angel's wings Leaving only a bonnet of pink lace....

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Believing the heart to be true to it's calling, 
While wrapping it safely in caution's warm quilt, 
Flying too close to the flame that entrances, 
Hope's wings have been singed both by trust and by guilt. 

Forging through pain that had sought to destroy her, 
Enveloped in memories she wanders through time, 
Revelling in feelings too distant to waken, 
Provoking the heart to speak freely in rhyme. 

Love can not lend her the courage to fight on, 
Memories can't save her, nor send aid to bear, 
They stand by her helplessly watching and waiting, 
For silence to meet with her cowardice there. 

She stands at the door, and yearns to step through it, 
To the side of the threshold that pain can not touch, 
Her heart beating ardently, longing for refuge, 
But refuge at this point is asking too much. 

Tomorrow may bring the resolve she so yearns for, 
To stand up and walk as though none were aware, 
Of the shame, and remorse she's allowed to enslave her, 
To break free for all time from this prison of care. 



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Adam's Side Kick

I’ve been a pain in your side “Why let me see…”
“You’re made from God but you say I’m made from thee?”
You talk to the animals and to the sky?
As the moon lights the night you talk to my…thigh?

You want to run bare arse all through the woods
We’ll if you keep doing that you won’t have ANY “goods?”
So, you don’t like the fig leaf. It’s a bad choice?
“Well, use your words! Speak up! You got a voice.”

“You work? So you say. Just what do you do?”
All we eat are the fruits and some vegetable stew.
I cry at the sunrise. I’m not used to these eyes.
And I still can remember being inside God’s sigh.

I cry cause the wind blows dust at moon rise
I’m frightened and wonder what’s the next …SURPRISE!
Neighbors? What neighbors? Toss the leave use a peel
what care I for the wonder of what you’ll reveal.

Eden was wonderful, and ignorance bliss
yet so is the delight of a your so human kiss.
I love you, I’ll stay no mater the plight
and raise up our children and handle the fright.

*dedicated to Larry Belt's Adam / A Pain in my Side

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Shutting the Door of my Heart

I’m shutting the door of my heart
To give myself time to heal
I’m entering into silence
I'm numbing myself not to feel

I’m going to stoke the fire
And throw painful memories in
I’m going sit and watch them burn
For what you’ve done to me is sin

I’m going to purge my heart of you
Use the strongest lock on the door
I’m going to survive and move on
Won’t accept the hurt any more 

I’m going to wrap myself in beauty
Will burn incense to the Divine
I’ll pray for the needed wisdom
To bring grace to this heart of mine

I’m going to have a good cry
Unleash the torrent of pain
I’ll wait for cleansing to start
Be purified by salty rain

I’m going to learn the hard lesson
To never mean words that I say
I’ll be my heart and soul’s sentinel
Guarding the entrance night and day

Yes, I am closing my heart’s door
You've demolished and torn the place
I’m going to trash reminders
That make me envision your face

I’m going to make this a fortress
A haven from the storm without
I’m going to make the walls sound proof
So I can rant  and rave and shout

I’m going to endure withdrawal
Live through this madness and pain
I’m going to reclaim my life
I’m going to be well and sane

I'm shutting the door of my heart
But the window's open, you see
How I hope that you will climb in
And make passionate love to me

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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More Agony

My friend I want you to know
 That happy for you I am
As before the coming snow
 You will have a baby in a pram.

Your shower today was nice
 I thought I could handle it.
But my heart is not ice
 For jeaousy I feel this I admit.

I feel like a loon
 My babies gone
No lullabies to croon
 No being woke at dawn.

I thought I could handle this
 Be here for my dear friend
But there is gaping abyss
 And I do not want to offend.

This your day to shine
 And do well to not frown
And to not even let out a whine
 Though in sorrow I drown.

I leave the shower
 My wounds to lick.
In my own space cower
 Pain in my heart does stick.

I am now alone 
 I lay here and cry.
In agony I moan
 And in misery I sigh.

I really am a lousy friend.
 For how can I feel sad?
How can I make amends
 and tell you why I am bad?

No more baby showers for me
 I cannot do this
To much pain for this to be
 For me there is no bliss.

My arms do so ache
 For the babies that are mine.
How much more pain can I take?
 How much longer will I pine?

Can anyone understand
 What I truly am?
A mother in no man's land
 Whose tears have broke the dam.

A mother who misses 
 Her children each day.
I miss thier kisses,
 Their bedlam and fun way.

Why can I not heal?
 Why must agony sear
And my fate and theirs seal
 For this I do fear.

I thought I was doing good
 But as you can see
This pain gets me where I stood
 And still gets the best of me.

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Sandy Hook

Today, it just doesn't seem fair
That we are still able to breathe.
They have given us their air-
Our duty to lead the life they leave.

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Your Words

Your words are weapons in disguise
inflicting so much pain
From time to time a truce declared
and then you strike again

The wounds within my soul are deep
you chiseled everyone
No mercy in your character
I'm listless and undone

Words have power...Be careful in what you say to people...Words can give life or bring death

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restless heart in need of flight
the time is drawing near
future bliss within his sight
in the present lives his fear

what he has and what he needs
inhabit different pages
conscience shamed by guilty deeds
such sin has costly wages

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Take the Stairs

Suffering with a toothache Started on the weekend Appointment on Monday See the Dentist at ten This was no wimpy ache A “King Kong” of a hurt I kept on popping pills Still pain would not avert By that Monday morning Pain spreading through my chin At the end of my rope Somehow this pain must end We were at the building A little before nine We arrived there early Hoping to save some time Office on the third floor I said, “Let’s take the stairs” “No”, said my lovely wife, “Elevator’s right there” Push button number three We started going up Got between two and three When it stopped abrupt I pushed the HELP button Then we heard someone say “Maintenance has been called So help is on its way” “I’m in pain, need relief Just how long might it be?” “Takes them an hour or two At worst it could be three” “Should’ve gone up the stairs But I listened to you” “Here’s another fine mess You’ve gotten me into”

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Dark is the soul of a man who was crazy 
to let a pure love pass on by, 
his fear of commitment, his immature ways 
brought regret, and a tear to his eye. 

She was the perfect one, destined to flavour 
his days with a grace rarely seen, 
they were as soul mates with nothing but sunshine 
to savour, and dreams to convene. 

A lifetime of fantasies, nothing was real 
for this man disinclined to know love, 
he postured and played, he pretended, he posed, 
he was scared of this gift from above. 

The lesson he thought he had mastered so well 
came to nothing, it went up in smoke, 
he courted her, loved it when he made her laugh, 
yet this man was the butt of the joke. 

Now he's lonely again and he thinks he'll be fine, 
but he's stuck with the same old despair, 
will he ever be worthy of this woman's love, 
will he find the prescription to care? 

He still remembers her beautiful voice 
and the way she made light of his woes, 
he hopes she'll forgive him, tell him he's a fool, 
another chance? only she knows. 

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Scars Left Behind

I loved her so much, at least for awhile We were engaged to get married one day Our hearts were as one, as forever whole I wanted to be her husband, to stay But one day, when everyone else was gone We thought we would just kiss and fool around I, one, wanted to wait until marriage To make love, I was surely heaven bound She had other plans, we kissed for awhile Clothes came off, I wasn’t comfortable Then she grabbed me, she was stronger than me I pulled, but her strength, I wasn’t able I tried to get away, to run on out I didn’t like what’s going to happen She really beat me up with her fists Bleeding and bruised she had used her weapon She threw me down onto the bed quite hard And started to perform acts of horror I tried to get lose but her knee’s on me I was feeling weird, I saw great terror Then I was pained, unwantedly ready I felt her on me, as my eyes were shut Then it happened, I was deep inside her And I cried, didn’t want to feel my gut As she’s performing the unspeakable I’m still crying with each terrible stroke I wanted her dead, terror in my head I feel my innocence lost, my love...broke When she was finished, she did one last thing My seed exploded and she yelped with glee I hated her now, she did laugh at me I couldn’t move right then, I couldn’t see She got dressed and I heard her leave the house I hated her for what she did to me Pain was with me, I hurt more in my soul I got up, got dressed, and tried to empty To rid of my thoughts would take many years I never told anyone for decades But now it’s over and gone I can share It helps my soul to display these old shades
Russell Sivey Entrant into Gail Angel Doyle's "Scars Left Behind" contest 1/30/2013

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Look Before You Leap

What's done can never be undone
Time's clock hands do not backward go
This law applies to everyone
Despite what one's status may show

Heed the words Look before you leap
And Consider before you act
To the future you cannot peep
And no way the past can come back

Minimise your regret and pain
As on life's journey you travel
You will find there's a lot to gain
And life will be enjoyable 

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Rising From The Ashes

The wear and tear of my past experience
has ravaged my spirit, body and soul
Now my life is a mere shallow existence
with a deep longing to be made whole

I was caught in the beauty of your charm
and savouring its full pleasure was my goal
Now I experience a deep sense of alarm
at the loss of my feeling of control

But with my own inner resolve and firmness
and the strength I can get from other avenues
I must overcome this sense of helplessness
and move on to live my life as I choose

The phoenix bird burns itself to ashes
whenever it becomes worn out with age
And from those ashes a new phoenix arises
and starts a fresh life cycle on a new page

Scorched and burned by my actions of the past
and having learned from the anguish and pain 
I also will rise from those ashes at last
and move on afresh with my own life again

(To those dealing with addiction – drugs, alcohol, etc., 
and also a broken heart)

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The moonlight fugitive

Short gasps of air whirl through a burning throat,
still her legs defy the exhaustion in desperation.
Behind her trail phantoms of memories afloat
upon a sea of desertion.

Beneath a canopy of constellation
she finds herself lost in time.
The forest unfolds before her like a revelation.
An apocalyptic bell sounds one chime.

It won’t be long before a mistake is irreversible.
Every turn is just another minute to live.
The last road taken proves an ironic circle. 
Sinking between the waves that created her, rests the moonlight fugitive.

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Blunt Abuse

She pours out her soul in the hopes of not To be beaten just like the night before Fear envelopes deep within her thin bones She prays for rain knowing she will be sore But often she takes the blunt of the force To keep her children safe from any harm There are quiet nights of peace when he’s not drunk There was a time when she fell for his charm Now she just hopes her husband isn’t mad For she knows who will suffer from his pain She carries the heartache and tearfulness That is why she always hopes for the rain There will be a day when she will leave him She’ll get up the nerve to leave him behind She will be safe and secure once again And there will be a sweet man that she’ll find
Contest: "abuse" Sponsor: Black Eyed Susan 5/7/2013

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Mine Anger 2K12

Good morrow anger! Found am I not less
Angered more so; Pray thee hinder not more.
Kindred stolen of murder; Most senseless!
O murderer, locked are frigid doors; Naught honor.

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Air Breathed In, Thick With Sorrow

Air breathed in, thick with sorrow,
The night too dense with pain,
This sunrise barely compensates,
For battles fought in vain.
Care has taken up its place,
Behind her weary brow,
Drowning out the happy sound,
Of friendly laughter now.
The pain that racks her weary form,
Mere words could ill express,
The toll it takes upon her heart,
Her lips must now confess.
Perhaps the bruises left by hate,
Should not have been revealed,
To those who turn their heads away;
From the elect concealed.
She dares not hope this pain will pass,
The scars, and nightmares fade,
Will time succeed in killing off,
What greed and anger made? 

And when it's all been said and done
The final word it's tongue shall leave,
Will that word be filled with hate,
Or will it love conceive?


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eating the lotus

Mr. Eli is such a nice guy, 
his skin's a pretty Lilly white
'times when my placebo ain't workin'
my personal pill prescribing plight

generically i'm very uncommon
as i always fill the proprietary
Mr. Merck is the plan's official shaman
Sista Pfizer fills caps as secondary

my apathy ain't getting any better
but 'least now, i don't much care
linkin' addiction's such a fetter
pharmacologically way beyond compare

Paxil's take leaves us all depressed
patently dubious claims to prescribe
diseases mongering male pattern baldness
script me a cure for my hypochondria vibe

my Doc gets me a thirty day supply
and even calls my pusher's service
they'd never leave me high-'n'-dry
we'd all be sweatin', anxiously nervous

'cause ya see - they're just as hooked
on the green that passes in between
we both rely that the tablet's cooked
can't live without it and start to wean

now ya know why i'm a lotus eater
gonna be one for the rest of my life
claimin' health plan's deductible sweeter
gonna heal myself with ignorant blithe

the mix is extracted from the lotus
ground fine and refined to my creed
we all need a little somthin' for impetus
got my catharsis - my narcotic - my need

© Goode Guy 2013-01-16

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The Tome

There are books that come from many genre Some that create sorrow and painful scars Yet others where the author spells out love Where love is surely written in the stars There is a tome of emotions prepared Written by some great poets of the heart Each poem shows a certain eloquence A piece of feelings that’s sure to impart Some passages are of sadness and pain Others carries some lines of compassion All of these put inside a single book From the greatest of love to full passion This is an example of what exists A beautiful book that’s enjoyable Poets that write directly from the heart All of which is pure and sure loveable
Russell Sivey

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Breath of Love

The life that breathes in me would be no more
If the breath of love would not have been shown to me
Life did push me to my knees, living did become sore
But that spark of love did revive my soul willingly

I did not ask for it
I expected not to be given such a treat
I did choose the worst
Hoping it would quench my soul's thirst

But when love shone, I melted away
Caring not whether the skies remained blue or grey
For love of such kind is given to few
Love of such kind is the only kind of love that is true

Armed with it, I now can smile once again
For its breath did blow away my pain
Life is now made of sweetness
That Love did wash away its bitterness!

Love, love, love, being the cause of everything
Love, being so true, so fulfilling
To my beloved I shall say thus, thank you for your breath
If not for it, I would have indeed already met with my death!

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Let Sorrow Sleep

Eyes too tired to cry
Voice to weak to scream
Fire to dim to die
Soul too dark to dream

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Playing it safe with pain

Imagine now no more pain to be found
It's possible though rare to achieve
Now this topic I'm sure will astound
A mosaic of life to perceive 

For love so deep we fear of losing
We guard and protect at our core
There's no greater thing more worthy of pursuing 
For this we live and give our lives in war

To love and be loved
To need and be needed
It's the heart of every pain at its sum
In absence of love you can't be defeated

With nothing to lose your just numb
So what's the use of playing safe with pain
Dare it to defy you when love comes
For your angle of perception makes those losses your gain

Your blessed if your not the one who must say...
"Do what you will for they can do nothing to hurt me
There's no one left in my life for to take
Worse still... Of me, there's no one who needs."

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The Fortress

This fortress is coming down;
It's been a long time in the making.
This bastion can't hold its own;
All these walls are shaking.

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Stubborn Strength

Gritting my teeth
Swing low, swinging high.
I've come too far to break
not again, not this time.

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A Lonely Path

A lonely path, in the dark it moves on It meanders within the deep, dense fog Along the way there are many roses Some of which lay on an old decayed log Twenty-seven in all, each an angel All of which had their life cut way too short An ending that was abrupt and so quick Tears run down my face I sadly report No more is there any children’s laughter The families weep while in such great pain It seems that when things like this do happen The days are always darkest in the rain May we can console them as best we can Light a candle in honor of these few If we could all band together as one And show our love, this is all we can do
Russell Sivey Dedicated to all the victims of the Newtown tragedy! Entrant into SKAT- AB SIN THE-'s "In Memory of the 20 + 7 new angles of heaven~ "our own little poetry soup VIGIL"" contest 12/19/2012

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there is no way
nothing i can say
but to say i ache
at nature's mistake

someone like this lady should never be ill
and to hear of it is a putrid pill
it's difficult to swallow why she'd be in pain
when i can't figure out who has what to gain

i felt her discomfort as she typed a note
and believe me i know pain by rote
but that's just my pain and her's hurts more
because her kindness and talent are imossible to ignore

she doesn't know this but the lady taught me about sympathy
and made me understand the difference between that and empathy
so now all i'm left to do is pray to the universe and/or the moon
that this lovely lady feel better soon
         this doesn't need to be copywrited    it's just a sincere homage 
              to a really nice lady   ~free!~

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Dontcha Just Love Em

Think today's gonna be a good one Not really feeling all that bad Except for a pain in my right leg And my back aches just a tad Oh forgot to mention my sinuses They've been acting up of late My eyesight isn't what it used to be And lately my hearing's not great I try to ignore the pains in my knees All my joints are starting to squeak Recently lost feeling in my fingers Been constipated for about a week I've developed a boil on my buttocks That bothers me a lot when I sit Have a little problem with my teeth They're false but they're not a great fit Aside from that, I'm feeling quite fine Of course I have this mental problem Must keep taking my meds each day The Golden Years, dontcha just love 'em! © Jack Ellison 2012

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Dreams And A Splintered Heart

Memories play in my mind
faded black and blue
remembering mistakes
that I cannot undo
picking up the splinters
of this damaged heart
tired of trying to mend
what always falls apart
sinking broken dreams
of my yesterday
I can't hold on to things
that want to fly away
I'm trying to let go
of what's come to an end
hoping that maybe someday
these wounds will truly mend

By Morgan Mise
Written December 6, 2012)

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                                             GUESS I'M GETTING OLD

Woke up this morning,
And can't turn over,
Because of the pain,
In my hip and my shoulder.

Finally drag myself,
Out of the bed,
Limp into the bathroom,
This head fog to shed.

Soak out the pain,
In a nice warm bath,
Dry my hair and shake off,
Last night's aftermath.

There's someone in my mirror,
That can't be me,
She's wrinkled and old,
And can hardly see.

Ignore her and maybe,
She'll just go away,
But I'm kidding myself,
That old bat's here to stay.

Now I'm dressed and I'm ready,
To begin my day,
Feed the cat, walk the dog,
Run some errands and play.

By the end of the day,
I'm limping again,
It's the price I must pay,
For a life fillled with sin.

My leg hurts, my neck hurts,
There's pain in my head,
But pain can be good,
'Cause it means I'm not dead;


                                               Judy Ball

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Well, here-s another nice mess you-ve gotten me into

Suffering with a toothache
Started on the weekend
Appointment on Monday
See the Dentist at ten

This was no wimpy ache
A “King Kong” of a hurt
I kept on popping pills
Still pain would not avert

By that Monday morning 
Pain spreading through my chin
At the end of my rope
Somehow this pain must end

We were at the building
A little before nine
We arrived there early
Hoping to save some time

Office on the third floor
I said, “Let’s take the stairs”
“No”, said my lovely wife,
“Elevator’s right there”

Push button number three
We started going up
Got between two and three
When it stopped abrupt

I pushed the HELP button
Then we heard someone say
“Maintenance has been called
So help is on its way”

“I’m in pain, need relief
Just how long might it be?”
“Takes them an hour or two
At worst it could be three”

“Should’ve gone up the stairs
But I listened to you”
“Here’s another fine mess
You’ve gotten me into”


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I’ve tilled the tired soil on which a torn man toils
I’ve tread the fettered flag on which an aspiring asp coils
I’ve stared into the face of ghosts, goblins and gargoyles
I’ve eaten slop from troughs of rot that time finally spoils
I’ve sworn on The Bible the sordidness of sin sometimes soils
I’ve done all this but done it all in vain
And I’ve suffered rain that stains the Painted Desert while traveling on in pain

I’ve re-read the sad ending to the same tale a hundred thousand times
I’ve heard the meaning in the meter to a million too many rhymes
I’ve lived the life of a maniacal man and the malice of his countless crimes
I’ve seen sodden sorrow in the silence of a well-trained troupe of mimes
And I’ve been stranded at the apex of a mountain only a fool so foolishly climbs

I’ve been blessed by the best and suffered at the hands of the worst of times
And yet the tale gets no less sorrowful after it’s been rehearsed a hundred thousand times
The soil I’ve tilled is no less arid even after a biblical flood
And I’ve irrigated this field with both my sweat and my body’s blood
I’ve never been vindicated and vilified by violence and sadly it’s all been done in vain
And to a sinner such as myself the Painted Desert’s dryness just means further pain

So if you are like me do not expect vindication from a sanctified and sanctioned rain
Because in the end the frustration of fruitlessness by fallowness is made perfectly plain
Alas, both my field and the desert will never grant nor grow any life sustaining grain
Yet I will trod further upon the soil in vehement vain and through rampaging and rampant rain
But take note that I will be doing it as I suffer the wrath of patently persistent pain 
    © 2012…copyright..PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~

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Wicker Park

In desperation of solitude,
Sanity struggles to stay afloat.
Dark clouds descend on paradise lost,
Escape disappears, madness provoked.

Shadows dancing under the pale moon,
Mischievous silhouettes on the walls.
In the company of misery,
An unsympathetic world revolves.

Tragedy collects inside her quill,
Trembling in her delicate hand.
Tears streaming onto crumpled pages,
Unseen words bleed onto her nightstand.

Child of darkness, product of sorrow,
A fallen star abandoned by Hope.
Haunted by the desecrated ghosts,
Past secrets sealed in an envelope.

Despair magnified by cold silence,
Stories untold, forgotten memoirs.
Drawn towards the pale light of the moon,
Alone she rides, shepard of the stars.

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Unmendable Sorrows

Sometimes I wonder if I'm living a lie,
you tell me one thing and do another,
'cuz here I am thinking you held to your morals,
yet you slept with 4 guys in a month.

It took us 6 months to go that far,
I was still pure and innocent.
I wanted the change and you seemed
to think it was the right time.

Did you think that the whole time?
Did you lie to me when you said
that you didn't want to,
early in our relationship?

I've always taken to honesty,
yet sometimes your word means nothing to me,
you've broken it so many times.
Sometimes I wonder if it's worth it.

I trust you, sometimes too much,
what am I supposed to do?
I feel so unwanted.

Sometimes it seems
like all you want is sex and kisses
then you turn around and say no to me
when you say yes to them.

It's like im not good enough,
I'm amateur and they're veteran.
I'm your amateur but you didn't care,
you thought only of you.

You slept with a guy in 3 weeks of dating,
and another you hadn't dated in 6 years,
and with me it's 6 months?
and I was first.

It's like you got a taste,
and wanted momre.
and you left me in the dirt.
You really hurt me.

And even though it was months ago,
it still hurts,
I still wonder if you're worth it,
and I don't know if it'll ever mend.

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right to happiness

A right to happiness
Have I forfeited?
Taken by the gloominess
Searing pain and hatred

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Jeffrey, Interrupted

You picked a path when met with fork
And trod it bare so oft you walked
Into a tunnel so wretched and corrupted 
You slipped away, Jeffrey interrupted

Wednesday’s child is full of woe
But my May child has far to go
A decade times two your sacrifice
Fool’s gold for that roll of dice

Your values anorexic, almost starved to death
In the winter of your soul I cannot see your breath
Countless earnest declarations to all that you are well
But still you keep on walking through the raging gates of hell

Mephistopheles offered you a bargain so appealing
It mattered not to you to know that he’d be double-dealing
His sly smile belied the fingers crossed behind his crooked tail
You’re at a losing table, out of chips, and you’re no whale

Your dreams were long forgotten, and sadly never stoked
If I hadn’t watched this happen I would have thought it a sick joke
Something else seduced you and it surely did beguile
Enough to make you believe that your life was not worthwhile

You saw yourself in visions, amber glass contained your poison
False idols tempt with silent gestures - like a sailor lured by sirens
You go through good intentions like a sieve, like sand through glass
Earnest promises, years gone by, crises survived, but more forecast

For years I have done so many things to save you from yourself, my Jeff
I’ve run out of ideas to keep you whole, I’ve really nothing left
Like any loving mother I do not wish to see you in a tomb
And if I could, I would place you back into the safety of my womb

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Fire Ants

Worked on the “Apollo/Saturn” project Took me to New Orleans for nine plus years An ant invaded there, couldn’t be checked Learned that a Fire Ant is one to be feared In the thirty’s they entered the US From South America, their native home In the soil from a ship’s ballast, they guess Colonies thrive where ever they roam Small animals are killed by their attack Most ants bite and spray acid on the wound They bite and inject venom from a sack The pain doesn’t stop hurting very soon They just seemed to show up over night Found them when I heard my daughter scream She must have had twenty different bites For over an hour, pain was extreme Looks like they’re going to spread everywhere Haven’t found a way to eradicate If they’re in your area, be aware If you don’t want bad pain to be your fate

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                                                     MY OPERATION

I had an operation,
'Cause my knee was shot it seems.
They said though it was major,
It really was routine.

They told me not to worry,
For many'd gone before,
And they were all just fine, in fact,
Were better than before.

They said at first there'd be some pain,
But that's to be expected,
With pills and drugs I'd be just fine,
Just don't get it infected.

When I awoke the pain was great,
They gave me Morphine drip,
My body said,"Oh no you don't!",
And then it threw a fit.

So then they gave me Percocet,
When nausea abated,
The room just spun around and 'round,
I could not stand unaided.

They tried a different drug again,
Tried two or three or four,
My stomach said,"Oh not in here!",
I threw up on the floor.

They mixed Tylenol with Codiene,
And said,"Just one more time.",
Gave it to me with Gravol,
It seemed to work just fine.

I still threw up most every day,
For two weeks straight I did that.
The pain and medication,
Just seemed to lay me flat.

It's been two months and seems to me,
That I'm now on the mend.
I only take the medicine,
When pain comes back again.

It's been a long rough row to hoe,
My therapist's a sadist,
But I must heal at my own rate,
The way for me that's safest.

I told her it won't bend that far,
She said we'd have to force it.
I decided then and there,
I must try other sources.

Now I excercise at home,
And do some gentle stretching.
I'm better now, the swelling's down,
And I spend less time retching.

No pain, no gain, they said to me.
My knee was just inflamed.
I guess they didn't know about,
My allergy to pain.

                               Judy Ball

I had full knee replacement surgery. Feb. 23,2011
It was awful but am doing much better.

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The troubled soul seeks out to mend
The wound it carries everyday.
But hope remains its only friend
When fear cannot be cast away.

The future once a vivid truth.
The past a simple loss in time.
My flesh and blood burned hot in youth
No grade or slope to high to climb.

The fever found in vision's quest
Eclipses temporary pain.
But souls must find a place to rest
Before the pain begins to reign.

Our frantic lives in frenzy find 
(It is the nature of the beast)
The loss of love destroys the mind
To interupt life's simple feast.

So let the soul be still
Give it a chance to heal
Release the iron will
Reclaim the willow's zeal

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The Past

Alone, inside my wounded mind
seeking answers I must find
the past, it rears its ugly head
to keep me filled with pain and dread
always wanting me to bleed
to fill a dark and vile need.

Too many years it's kept its hold
and left me lost in dark so cold.
In desperate tones I plead and pray
I beg it "please, just go away"!
Within my weary soul I grieve
fearing it may never leave.

I've fought so hard to be set free
from pain trapped deep inside of me
with no parole, sentenced for life
with pain that cuts with razor knife.
Still to this very day I fight
to kill the dark and keep the light.

Though tears flow from this womans eyes
it's still the little girl who cries.
Again, she sings the same sad song
feeling what she feels is wrong.
Always regretting to reveal
to the world the pain I feel.

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lost and know iam found

looking behind my window wit no where to turn to. 

why  do i feel so hurt and sad the only thing i can do is cry my heart and tear out . 

the tear that reach my face is the ones fill with pain and hurt from the pasted and love that run away from u 

looking in sky wishing every day will be a hole new world full with love and peace that life can change for the good .

looking deep in your eyes reading the past that give you the name cold heart harded bitch wit no joy and laughter why do you follow mw and keep me under your every move not this time im breaking free from 

the hurt and pain  the love you shown  me was lie to turn me like you i want to be me and only me  known im found look at me known